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#personal#cheyrants#if u wanna know why im so...negative these days... here's why hahah#so my mum keeps telling me to go out and have a social life#(covid isnt that bad here)#but every single plan ive made this month i have cancelled#because i just am not in the right state of mind to meet anyone#and that is thanks to my brother who is constantly belittling my authority and being rude and whatnot#it's just...his behaviors....he would be in prison if he wasn't 13#but yeah it's my term break and instead of having that social life#I'm stuck at home supervising my brother then getting angry and instead of going out to relieve stress#i am just overwhelmed and cancel every plan and hide in my room and i am just spiralling into darkness rn#that's also why i am so tired to gif or edit anything anymore cuz suddenly nothing in life is worth it#it's so very tiring trying to tell someone to do their daily basic responsibilities while also keeping secrets for them because of guilt#like rn im keeping my bro's phone a secret from my mum because if i tell her he's gonna get sent to juve#and idk if I'll be able to live with that. i know it's for a good cause. i know it will reform him. but i also know he will hate me forever#i am so conflicted and idk what to do and I'm sick of crying every single day and having everything be my fault and I'm just so so tired#so yeah sorry for the rant#i know you guys followed for content so...enjoy another dumb cd edit i have in my drafts i guess#if it's getting boring just feel free to unfollow i guess... i have zero energy to fight anymore
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What do you post when school hasn’t started and your daily routine consists of filling up forms and creating spreadsheets to fill up with numbers? Help!

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…im so tired :( academics are really hard to balance with extracurriculars and i am so horribly S W A M P E D and my brain is mush and everything sucks and i wont even get to watch endgame anymore due to school commitment……..hate this urgh

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you know what sucks? that feeling you get, in the pit of your stomach when you know after everything you have done for someone and the sacrifices you have made for them, will never be returned and then you are left with constant confusion.. wondering why they won’t do the same for you but will do it for someone else

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