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Oh, so I don’t know what’s this but you can use this base. Or modify to do any pose.

Feel free to hug/do anything for this poor Kyky. I released him uwu. Don’t forget to tag me if you use lol.

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Thorn and Roses~

tbh I have been really avoiding internet past days due to wanting to avoid all of the drama that has been going on social media, although I feel pretty bad as to what has been happening recently, it tires me out a lot having to hear the same thing over and over.
so instead I’ve been doing other things beside going on the computer and work on the things I was supposed to work on. 
So have this little chibi of my edgy mesprit character Arash and his happy go lucky flowery mesprit friend Marianne ( who is owned by a friend of mine)

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Sheev & Rey #2: Homework

Rey and The Child / Baby not-Yoda are playing Battlefront 2. Grandpa Sheev comes in and asks Rey if she’s done her homework, which she hasn’t.

Try and guess which side Rey and The Child are playing.

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