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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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#chibi art

Chibi Anti & JJ for birthday question event, for kjinator0903 on Instagram 🖤💜

“Fav JSE ego to draw?”

Honestly it’s probably Anti because I think he’s pretty simple to draw so it doesn’t take very long to draw or color him. But JJ and Robbie are my fav to draw interacting with others or things.

(Pretty Please Reblog 💕 Do not Repost)

Chibi requests are Open 💌

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(Spanish Post :P)

Que onda My dudes? Todo bien todo correcto? Y yo que me alegro😎👌

Aquí he llegao’ con estos diseños de personaje / ginjikas 😌

Y si, como ya predijeron son personajes basados en la baraja Española con sus 4 palos, osea: oro, basto, espada y copa ✨


Also, me inspire mucho en las clases que hay en los juegos de rol de D&D

Sus clases en orden serian: oro bardo; basto guerrero; espada brujo; copa clérigo. 😎✨

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[Part 2 of my bnha OCs]

This the rest of my current bnha OCs (though I do have ideas for two more villain characters). Again I’ll list the characters’ names and quirks starting with the top left character.

1. Tomoko Koga : Weight manipulation

2. Katsuo Hirasi : Perfect aim

3. Shouhei Kuroki : Barrier

4. Kaori Sakurai : Jackalope

5. Akami Yamazaki : Oni

6. Kaito Takemura : Light manipulation

7. Misaki Katsu(Pro hero) : Blades

8. Takeshi Ashia(Villain) : Strings

9. Yukihime Otani(Villain) : Wight

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