obstinaterixatrix · 4 days ago
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the thing is my problem with kneading bread is that I hate doing it and will look for any opportunity to go like “well that’s probably good enough” and then I end up with shitty bread
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Happy hatchday Appa! Wishing you all the best from maple land! Eat your favorite foods as a gift to yourself! 💖💚💖
Thank you!! 💜😊💜 I ate some blueberry pie I baked yesterday! 😋
A random gif to celebrate:
Tumblr media
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mythical-aizawa · a year ago
If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! Let's get to know the person behind the blog ❤️
Thank you for sending me this, i love doing these!
1 -My favourite season is Autumn and Winter.
2 - When I was a teenager I did work experience at a local university doing Archaeology I even helped with a local dig. (It was so cool)
3 - I have a passion for photography and love taking landscape photographs whenever I can. 
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summer-mclaughlin · a year ago
I'm absolutely late! But happy belated birthday! I hope you had loads of fun and good food and cozy clothing! 💚💖
No worries friend! Thank you so much for your wishes. Yes, my birthday was great and included all of these things :)
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bleakcreek · 2 years ago
Cute Rhink Shit(thought up on the spot): Going shopping for literally anything important when Rhett sees some cute dog item. A cute collar, a cool toy, cute accessories, you know the drill. And he just *has* to get it for his precious little lady Barbara. And Link has to try and dissuade him, but he knows it's not going to work, so Link just smiles fondly as Rhett grabs the item. Then his heart absolutely melts when Rhett grabs a matching item for Jade. (I may write a small fic for you in a bit)
aaaaah this so so cute! 🥰🥰🥰 i’m so soft for anything with them and their dogs, especially rhett and barbara. rhett loves that dog so much.
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vazgorhett · 2 years ago
So I see you're trying to learn to cook. Do you have any other creative hobbies? I'm interested to know what you might like to do. Or if Link suggested anything for you to do.
hmm i didn’t know cooking was considered creative, chibitabathasloves
this ain’t relevant to what you asked, but i think it’s worth noting that creativity is a uniquely human experience. i try my best, but it’s much harder than you all think it is. free expression... i think y’all largely take it for granted
link’s good at that stuff. y’know? always trying to get me in on the whole “humans are good, not all of us are like your past tethers” thing, showing me videos of strangers dancing to music in train stations together and painting things on each other’s skin for fun
dumb as it makes me feel, “creativity” is easier for me when i have guidelines. cooking has recipes. fashion, i can just steal someone else’s outfit plans. link keeps saying that if i just keep practicing being open about it, i’ll be able to paint or draw or play music someday or something
but until then i’ll keep knitting and coloring in my coloring books
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mythicalpurgatory · 2 years ago
You had to ask me a hard question. I'm gonna answer it soon. But dude. DUDE. it's hard. No one's ever asked that before. Also if I can find my nightmare cat I'll send you pictures of her to try and help you feel better ♡♡♡
I like asking hard questions :) thank you for the picture of your “nightmare cat” she looked quite angelic. I feel much better now, I’m watching a movie and took a long hot shower
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its-mike-kapufty · 2 years ago
*kicks down door* Hey it's your pal Chibi here! I bring hot beverages and blankets. I also just wanted to tell you I love you and please take care of yourself friend. I would hate for you to feel pressured by anyone or feel like you're not giving yourself enough breathing room. I'm here to smoother you in love. And if it's too much I'll put the door back up and radiate my love through the door at you. ♡♡♡💚💚💚💖💖💖
CHIBI ❤❤❤ I love you too, this is so sweet!! Thank you, I think need to hear this from time to time more than I’d like to admit (especially in the summer? can’t wait for September to roll around so this mental slump goes away re: seasonal affective disorder). 
😭💕 also I will gladly deal with the door damage don’t worry about that, you gem of a peach!!
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inthenameoflovefic · 2 years ago
Not serious question: can I marry Mr. Champion? Serious question: You guys never write about Mrs. Champion, is Drew a single parent, looking after his little girls? Does he 'time-share' the kids if they're divorced? Maybe I missed something somewhere or my love for the character blinded me, but I just gotta know.
Drew Says: Hi there. Sorry for the delayed answer; it took us forever to get the girls down to sleep. Regretfully, no, you can’t marry me. I’m already spoken for by my lovely wife, Sasha!  
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buddeysystem · 2 years ago
62, 92, 95
62. seven characters you relate to?
stiles stilinski, jake peralta, uhhhh oh god nick miller, peter b parker, chidi and elanor from the good place, god fuck it hamlet bc hes an idiot and i love him
92. lamps, overhead lights, sunlight or fairy lights?
ooh depends on the day but normally overhead lights/fairy lights
95. favorite app on your phone?
spotify or spider solitaire 
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aro-positivity · 3 years ago
I really want to meet other aros, but I don't really know where to look. A friend suggested ace dating sites but after looking at a handful of profiles of people who wanted to be 'romantic pals' I've been kinda bummed. Is there anywhere I can actually go to meet others like us?
honestly, i’m not too sure. i’ve met a fair few aromantic people on tumblr, but not a lot of other places. 
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obstinaterixatrix · a year ago
Tumblr media
easy fix. the artist can simply draw them in the same room. bam. problem solved.
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1 and 10?
(fanfic asks)
1. What is the strangest fact you’ve learned from reading fic?
I tried to go scroll through my Ao3 history to see if something would jump to me but I’ve read so much fic... I’m sure there is something strange, I just can’t remember it right now.
(I’ve learned that nearly anything can be hot if the writer is good.)
10. What’s the best insult you’ve written in a fic?
Not actually an insult, I’m gonna cheat a little bit, but the only thing that comes to my mind is Link’s clap back to Catherine in Apartment 69′s chapter 14:
“Go fuck yourself,” Catherine muttered and turned to march towards the door.
“Already did, thank you!” Link called sweetly after her.
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drarrygirl27 · a year ago
17 and 24!
17. One that I can think of off the top of my head is "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba. That song is awesome! Fun to dance to and to sing too as well.
24. Hmmm... Interesting. There is a tie between two songs that I can think of that I would listen to while on a long drive to somewhere new to start a new life. They're called "Sultans of Swing" and "Far Away" by Dire Straits. Both fantastic songs! They're both calming and soothing, but they also rock hard as well. Perfect driving music in my opinion. Thank you very much for the asks @chibitabathasloves ! You're an awesome person! Here are some good vibes for you and yours: 😃💖✊️✌️ Rock on! 🎸
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vazgorhett · 2 years ago
Just wanted to ask you about your demon pals, any of them like dicking around with mortals shit? For example, fiddling with a balloon out of the corner of their eye if they've been ignored for a week? I call him Jerry but I dont know much about him other than he is a pain in my neck. Touching my shit. Fucking up my YouTube videos. Leaving hair elastics where I can find them which is the only nice thing. Jerry is a pain in my neck. Help me
aside from my denmates, i’m not that close with many demons. 
but 100%, this is a demon. jerry sounds like my kinda fucker. 
i will not help you.
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mythicalpurgatory · 2 years ago
Happy Hatch Day V! Hope it's a good one! 💚💖💚
Update: Chibi has cracked it, i was indeed hatched (Illuminati what what) it’s been very good so far!!! Thank you my dear
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its-mike-kapufty · 2 years ago
I'm here to demand my hug good friend. My emotions are just falling all over themselves and even me writing fluff isn't helping. Its hug time now.
Tumblr media
yes hello chibi i have taken the liberty of upgrading u from the hug comfort package to the cheeky kis package at no extra charge (it still comes with a hug but now u get cheek kis as well)
i love you and your emotions are valid ❤
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grahams-game · a month ago
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to @chibitabathasloves from @dragonxiii-gaming-blog: "Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Please don't break my kneecaps"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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drenched-in-sunlight · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
i participated in the @beyondthecontinent event and got to team up with the wonderful @chibitabathasloves, who writes a lovely fic for this Yen and Pavetta piece!
thank you for this amazing opportunity  (´ ∀ ` *)
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mythicalsecretsanta · a month ago
The Mythical Secret Santa 2021 Wrap-Up
Tumblr media
It was as much of a joy as ever bringing this event to you, and we hope it brought you as much holiday cheer as it did for us. In these last couple of years, it really has gone a long way.
As we tie a ribbon on the year that was, we want to thank everyone one last time! Thank you for every bit of excitement and talent shared - we get to see everything roll in, and we are blown away every single time. You all are the reason this event continues to happen and the very reason why it's always a good time.
Now… drum roll please!
You can catch up on all the magic created for this year’s MSS under the Read More below!
Don’t see yours? See an error? Please contact us via this blog, our personal blogs (@afangirlsplaylist​ and @loudspeakr​), or via email so we can correct it. Thanks to the beauty of Read More links, any additions and edits we might make will be viewable on reblogs! This is done deliberately to make sure no one misses your wonderful gift.
Thank you for being your Mythical best, we hope you enjoy this year's haul of gifts, and for the last time in 2021, we both wish you all a happy, safe, and peaceful holiday season. See you next year!
— Ren and Sims
This Little Light of Ours (G) by @nickelsandcoatseats
The Gift that really Gave (E) by @silverloveless
How it was and how it will be (G) by @malienessan
Something Special (E) by @lovelyrhink
Holiday Traditions (E) by @memzhay
Starry Night (G) by @ssadumba55
Five times Link read a Cheesy Pun, and One Time Rhett read his Own (T) by @silverloveless
Letter Exchange (G) by @chibitabathasloves
I told myself, don't get attached... (T) by @mythicalrobyn118
Is it real? (G) by @twistedboxy
Merry Christmas, I Love You (T) by @youre-platinum-pussycat
Can I Have This Dance? (or 5 Times Larnold Wanted to Kiss Rusty +1 Time He Finally Did (T) by @lallyloo
Clean the Mirror (E) by @harper44
Palabreria (T) by @thinklink
The Yule Vlog (G) with photoset by @mythicalamity
give you every second I can find (T) by @becausethathappens
The Leader (E) by @mythical-ross
Home For Christmas (E) by @apparentlynotreallyfinnish
The One Where Link Takes Damnyell Ice Skating (G) by @outofnowhere82
a dog named merle (G) by @fotheringhay
Colors (E) by @cellard0ors
Audio/Visual gifts:
This musical moment captured in sketch by @rhettroedits
This stunning coffee shop comic by @erry
This romantic starry night moment by @thinkanddoodle-rhink
This adorable outdoorsy moment by @ducky303
Physical gifts:
This amazing festive pillow by @greenyjess
This golden t-shirt moment by @lerumstessan
A beautiful art piece and key chain surprise by @tragica
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