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#chicago fire
stellaerides · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— “i love you brother”
im gonna miss this duo a lot </3
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sylviebrettsey · 15 hours ago
If Jesse and Derek Haas both knew Jesse was going to leave for a while now like they say, then they never should’ve made Brettsey canon.
Sure, they gave us all of these sweet scenes we’ve been wanting for so long but to give it to us only to rip it away so soon after? That’s so much more cruel. This actually has me sick the way they did this…
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roberttchase · 16 hours ago
Everyone needs to fully read that interview. Because he’s not just gone completely. He’s going to be mentioned. Haas has said we’ll hear his voice on the phone with Brett. And yeah, it sucks that they’re going to most likely be done.
But that article had Jesse saying he has a family he needs to take care of, and that he’s been on network television for 18 years. It’s obvious he’s getting burnt out.
You can be upset all you want, but just remember Jesse himself literally has said it was a hard decision, that he might be back, and he’s just taking a step back for now. He’s still in Chicago. He’s still friends with everyone.
They said he could have just said he was done and not come back, but Jesse was happy to do the last five episodes. That’s something someone does when they’re open to coming back.
It’s a sad day friends, but don’t give up all hope, and please, PLEASE do not tweet or post hate at him.
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resanoona · 5 hours ago
could have been avoided
Pairing: Matt Casey x Halstead!Reader
Requested: No
Summary: When Y/N clashes with the acting squad lieutenant who’s covering Kelly, things get just a little out of hand.
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1,809
Warnings: self-indulgent fic, mention of injury
A/N: This is an extremely self-indulgent fic that I wrote a few days ago, kind of inspired by 4x06 I guess, so it’s set earlier. I wasn’t going to post it but @fighterkimburgess​ was having none of that. So if this isn’t any good, it’s cos I wasn’t initially planning to let it see the light of day lol.
Tumblr media
“When’s Kelly coming back?” You asked, staring up at the ceiling of Matt’s office as you lay in his bed.
Matt turned slightly to look at you before smiling a little. “You miss him?”
You sat up. “Whatever gets that out of this firehouse.” You motioned your head outside where the acting lieutenant had just walked in.
Matt spun his chair around to look at you, turning his back on the paperwork he’d been working on. “Not going well?”
You shrugged.
Kelly had taken a furlough of two weeks, and to make matters worse the acting lieutenant that was covering him was nothing like him. He was mean, overly sensitive about his position and worst of all you were sure that he looked down on female firefighters.
“I mean I’m used to guys shitting all over female firefighters but this is ridiculous. You should hear the things he says.” You complained.
Matt got up from his chair, coming over to press his lips over yours. “Maybe this will make you feel better.”
You smiled up at him. “I don’t know, that was too short for me to really feel it.”
Matt gave you a look as the bells rang.
Squad 3, Truck 81, Ambulance 61, Multi Vehicle Accident
“Let’s go.” Matt said, both of you forgetting everything and jumping right into firefighter mode the moment the bells had rung.
Tumblr media
When Tony pulled the squad to a stop, you could already see a commotion in front. Truck was already here, Matt already at one of the cars with Mouch.
You headed straight for another car, among the loud voices of “He crashed into everyone, he’s a freaking madman!”
You glanced back at the commotion, noting that Chief was right there handling it and turned your attention back to the man sitting in his car. Even an idiot could tell he was the one who’d caused the accident and plowed through the other cars, but you still had to do your job.
“Halstead, we’re going to peel the roof back.”
You paused, your eyes darting to the crowd that was getting rowdier.
“I think we need to get him out of his car before things get uglier. Maybe I can slide in and…”
He put up a hand. “I think I’m the Lieutenant in charge.”
Your eyes widened just slightly. “I gave you an order, now go.” He snapped.
You resisted the very real urge to roll your eyes or tell him that Lieutenant Severide would have listened and considered your suggestion.
“Yes, sir.” You responded coldly before heading around to work on the passenger door.
You could hear it get more and more rowdy, before the guy in the car spoke. “You crazy people should have gotten out of the way.”
It wasn’t missed by everyone there.
Damn it.
You’d barely turned before all hell was breaking loose.
“Capp! Cruz!” You yelled, but Capp was already diving into the car to put a c-collar around the guy’s neck. One of the guys in the crowd lifted a motorcycle helmet he had been holding and swung. You ducked but he swept your helmet clean off your head.
“Hey, calm down!” You yelled, fending off one of the guys that was already trying to reach for the guy in the car behind you. “Stay back!”
“He’s a maniac! That’s my wife in the other car, you son of a bitch!” A guy yelled. As if that was all the encouragement they needed, the crowd swelled, pushing firefighters out of the way. The guy with the helmet rushed at you again but this time you barely saw him coming. Someone shoved you, you felt the helmet hit you square in your chest before you were on the ground, the back of your head colliding with the tar road.
You heard a ding, a ringing in your ears, mixed with the sound of the police sirens.
“Y/N!” You could hear Matt’s voice before you felt his hands, feeling around the back of your head.
“Baby, look at me.”
Your vision was shaky, as if your head hadn’t stopped shaking from the impact. “Matt, I’m okay.” You managed to get out.
Matt held you against him, glad at least that you weren’t bleeding. “Where’s your helmet?”
“Someone… someone hit me and it flew… I don’t know.”
Matt nodded, “Alright, it’s okay. We’re going to get you to Med, alright?” Matt shot Lloyd a dirty look before he helped you up.
“I’m okay.” You repeated.
“Yeah, tell me that after I have to explain to Will what happened.” Matt responded, his hands tightening around your shoulders.
Tumblr media
Matt watched Will’s face change as you where wheeled in, Connor taking you into a room immediately to check you out.
He spoke to Will in a low voice, filling him in on what had happened as much as possible before Will excused himself, Jay swooping in all of ten minutes later.
“Where is she?”
Matt nodded towards the closed treatment room.
“She was conscious, and there was no bleeding. But she definitely hit her head, I just wanted to make sure…”
Jay nodded at Matt. “Thanks, Casey. Seriously.”
Matt nodded, turning a worried glance towards the room. “I gotta talk to Chief, alright? This shouldn’t have even happened.”
Jay frowned. “What do you mean?”
Matt paused. “I’ll explain later. I’m just going to make a call.”
Tumblr media
“I’m fine, Matt.” You reassured, but you weren’t sure Matt was listening as he held you close to him.
You weren’t going to complain. You never said no to some physical contact with Matt and you knew he was really worried. You let him hold you close to his chest, as close as he could where he stood next to the bed you were sitting on.
Your tests had come back clear to the relief of your brothers and boyfriend. You’d suffered a mild concussion, and Connor had given you the standard “if you feel nausea or your headaches don’t go away, come back in” talk, one you knew all too well.
“Did anyone else get hurt?” You twisted a little to look up at Matt.
Matt sighed, pulling away just slightly before he shook his head. “Just you.”
“Great, more excuse for Lloyd to be up my ass.” You whined.
Matt growled. “Maybe he’ll be hurt when I’m done with him.”
You laughed. Matt was cute when he was all protective.
You smiled, as Jay walked in, followed closely by Will and Matt stepped backwards to give them room.
“Hey, you okay?”
You nodded, smiling as your brothers took turns to give you hugs. “I thought you told me to stay out of the hospital.” Jay asked, accusingly.
You smiled. “Good job at holding up your end.”
“Not funny.” Jay rolled his eyes. “I almost had a heart attack when I got the call.”
“Sorry.” You said, turning to look at Will too.
Will sighed. “God, Y/N, stop making me watch you get wheeled in.” He paused. “Actually, that applies to the both of you.”
You exchanged a look with Jay and grinned.
“Can I get out of here?”
Before Will could respond, there was a knock at the door.
You raised an eyebrow as you stared back at Lloyd. “Halstead, can I have a word?”
“Now?” You asked incredulously.
“Yes, now.”
You glanced at Matt, who had moved closer to you instinctively. “Respectfully, sir,” you paused. “As you can see, I’m on Medical.”
Jay glanced back at Matt, like he was asking a silent question and Matt nodded. You had no idea what the question was but you knew Jay had gotten a confirmation and now, he was pissed.
“So you’re not going to talk to me?” He asked, almost challenging.
You gave Matt a “is he an idiot” look, which Matt returned incredulously.
Will and Jay hadn’t said anything, and Lloyd was pushing his luck. “All due respect, Lieutenant, read the room.”
He irritated the hell out of you but you still had to tolerate him for at least another shift before Kelly was back and you really didn’t relish either of your brothers punching him in the middle of Chicago Med.
Lloyd turned to Will in the pompous way he’d been carrying himself since he’d come to fill in for Kelly and asked, “I mean she looks fine, I’m sure she’s cleared, right, Dr…?”
You bit the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from smiling. He was really an idiot.
“She has a concussion.” Will said, and it was the coldest you’d heard his voice in a while. “And it’s Halstead.”
Lloyd nodded. “Yeah, I’m Halstead’s superior officer. I meant, how do I address you?”
“Halstead.” Will answered back in a deadpan voice. “Dr Will Halstead.”
You swore the color drained from Lloyd’ face, just a little.
Jay jumped at the opportunity to introduce himself. “Detective Jay Halstead.”
You turned your head into Matt’s embrace so that Lloyd wouldn’t be able to see you smiling and Matt just naturally put an arm around you, a little protectively.
“Lloyd, we can talk back at the house. Y/N isn’t going to be around for the rest of shift.” You pulled yourself backwards to look at Matt and smiled.
Matt bent down to trace your jaw with his fingers lightly and you knew he was enjoying annoying Lloyd a little too much, especially when Lloyd had made it known he didn’t approve of in-house relationships. Not that his opinion mattered.
You loved it more because you’d been with Matt long enough that your brothers were past protecting you from Matt and were more into protecting you with Matt.
Matt pressed his lips gently on yours as Will and Jay made gagging noises the way only older brothers would.
You laughed against Matt’s touch. “I’ll see you after shift, alright?”
You nodded. “Give him hell.” You whispered, low enough only Matt could hear.
Matt smiled and nodded. “As you wish.”
“See you later, Lieutenant.” You answered, looking directly at Matt.
Jay patted Matt on the shoulder. “Don’t worry.” Jay reassured him as Matt walked out the door bringing Lloyd with him.
Jay turned to look at you. “You know if you need me to give him a talking-to…”
You rolled your eyes. “I’m not five, Jay.” You paused, smiling at your brother, who you were sure would be protective of you right until you had gray hair. “But I appreciate the sentiment. Thanks.”
“Alright, come on. I’ll take you home.” Jay said and you grinned, Will shaking his head with a smile.
“I’m texting Kelly to get his ass back here.” You commented, as Jay steered you out of the room.
Jay smiled. “Didn’t Casey say he was going to be back the following shift?”
You gave Jay a look. Even next shift wouldn’t be fast enough.
Tumblr media
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broken-butterfliesx · 16 hours ago
First off I want to say Casey’s ending imo was kinda not done well but it does make sense, and I also 100% support Jesse leaving the show. My man has CARRIED House and Chicago Fire for 18 years almost. I wish nothing but the best to Jesse and I will support him no matter what, and respect him for leaving.
My problem is with Derek.
In this interview ( it looks like Derek knew of Jesse leaving probably at the beginning of S10, or maybe even towards the end of S9. With that being said, if he knew in advance, why even get Brettsey together? He baited us. And that’s just facts. They teased Brettsey for so long and we get like five episodes with them together? Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna watch & treasure those Brettsey scenes w my life… but MAN it HURTS. Idk it just feels like they strung us along. Not to mention the HATE Kara got when Brettsey got together & for what? FOR NOTHING really.
Like I understand Jesse wanting to leave and how Derek might have written Brettsey w the knowledge that Jesse was going to be on the show until it ended or whatever, but honestly having them be in a long distance relationship is such a disservice to the fans. I would’ve preferred them to break up so Sylvie can have the storyline she deserves.
Sylvie has been through so much and she deserves a happy ending. And I’m sorry this long distance thing, how is it going to play out? What happens if this show has another three years? How are they going to make it work? It just sucks for Sylvie because that character DESERVES to have a wedding & all that stuff and that will never happen if they’re in a long distance cause Jesse might come back for an episode but that won’t work.
!!!Sylvie’s character deserves better than her being in a long distance relationship!!!!
I still love the show and will still watch it but it won’t be the same and it truly feels like Derek led us fans on. Like if you knew towards the end of s9 Jesse was going to leave… why have them get together? Ugh. I might add more to this later when im not so emotional but y’all im PISSED at Derek & the writers. Lol.
Also what kind of goodbye scene w Brettsey was that? We should of had more than four minutes worth of scenes in the 200th episode.
(On an unrelated note, props for Sylvie for standing up to herself and mentioning her past relationships!! And also Kara deserves better. From the fans AND Derek)
Okay im done for now
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wild-flowerheart · 11 hours ago
Not going to forget that she greeted him by saying “hi baby” 😭☺️
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sylviebrettsey · 17 hours ago
We finally got a “I love you man”, we finally got to hear Kelly say he loves Matt but I can’t even enjoy it because of the heartache!! 😩😭
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gins-potter · 15 hours ago
also it must be said, even though i will still be watching, i do not blame nor will i judge anyone who decides to stop watching after this.  and no one should be blaming or judging either.  people watch tv for all different kinds of reasons, sometimes it’s for one character or ship, sometimes it’s for the whole show in general.  you might have deal-breaker characters or ships on some shows but not on others.  and that’s totally okay!
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sylvies-casey · 14 hours ago
just wanted to say: matt casey i will love u forever and you will forever be my favourite.
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kiddstellas · 9 hours ago
I just want to say, everyone is entitled to grieve a character/ship and even stop watching a show if it no longer resonates with them. But if you're already cooking up some bullshit theory to hate on miranda, a woman of colour, who hasn't even been on the last couple of episodes, to justify an actor's leaving, you should definitely stop watching the show and GO OUTSIDE MORE!
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sylviebrettisaswiftie · 16 hours ago
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sylviebrettsey · 17 hours ago
Brian Leon, it’s a name that honors both of Joe’s brothers 🥺
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gins-potter · 16 hours ago
Look I don’t actually hate this exit for Casey, it does make sense and it does feel like a full circle moment for him, but I wish they hadn’t built Brettsey up like they had with the drawer and everything and then making it seem like the boys could be coming to Chicago. Idk. I like this storyline but at the same time I don’t. Because it also leaves Kara/Sylvie in a perpetual state of limbo.
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