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When someone misunderstood and says “I see, you finally confess to Y/n”
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS: Tokyo Manji Gang
WARNING/S: none I think :>
Tumblr media
Mikey would laugh loudly while patting the other person on the back rather strongly, playing it cooly but it was painfully obvious the statement had thrown him off, the other person immediately get the idea and awkwardly played it off but the damage had already been done as you immediately get the idea of what's happening, so when you chuckled and said it's too bad you were actually planning to say yes, Mikey would stop for a few second before pouting and bugging you the whole day.
Draken would calmly stare at the other person, before landing a kick straight to his abdomen letting him slump into the ground clutching his stomach, and then leading you away at the scene as nothing had happened, but the red tinge on the tips of his ears was obvious to everyone. when you ask him about what the other person meant he'll grumble under his breath and reluctantly confess after you didn't leave him alone.
Baji would curse the other person for revealing his secret, grabbing him on the collar out of instinct and spluttering nonsense about his feelings and how he plans to confess not realizing he had just confessed right in front of you, not until the other person clears their throat after a long moment of awkward silence.
Chifuyu immediately gets flustered his face full-blown red but would play it cool by thinking of a witty response but his brain had already overloaded so he fails to do one and ended up just standing there, blinking at the other person, so you had to step in and play along with the other person after putting the pieces together. and he swore he almost got a heart attack.
Kazutora's eyes would immediately flicker to your reaction, a dust of pink covering his face as you look back at him with wide eyes and he wishes nothing more than the ground to eat him right then but when you smiled and link your arms with him and agree with the other person he immediately wants nothing than to undo his wish.
Mitsuya would calmly respond to the other person and then make various excuses to you on what the other person meant. you didn't believe any of it but decided to play along but when the other person confusedly denied everything he said and straightly tell about his secret feelings to you, Mitsuya can only groan while covering his red face with both hands.
Hakkai would freeze on the spot, he can just barely talk to you now he found another reason not to talk. but when you chuckled and played along to the other person to save him from the embarrassment, he can’t help but like you even more. but after the other person leaves, he can’t look you in the any anymore.
Smiley would cooly turn to you, muttering about how the cat's already out of the bag and straight-up ask you out in front of the other person. his smile only widens when you agree and takes you out on the date right then, leaving the other person feeling proud about himself.
Angry would loudly grumble under his breath, giving a subtle glare to the other person for blurting out his feelings for you. seeing there was no other way, much like his brother he would just confess about it after dragging you away from the other person. his almost permanent frown disappeared when you answered you already know and were just waiting for him to ask you out.
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Hii! Can I request gn!reader with Mikey, Chifuyu, mitsuki, smily (separated) the reader have a very protective dog and they love them to death so they want to introduce them to their boyfriends.
Heyy love! Thank you so much for requesting! I love seeing stories about protective dogs and I’m actually really happy I was able to write it myself💘
Also, sorry for taking a while! As I mentioned before, I was an Idiot and forgot my laptop at a friends, so writing this took pretty damn long
Tumblr media
When the Tokyo rev boys meet your protective dog!
Tumblr media
reader is gender neutral (as the request says)!
word count: 1.4k+
characters: mikey, chifuyu, mitsuya, and smiley
tw: occasional cursing
Tumblr media
 Mikey is the type of person who loves animals, but animals DO NOT love him
 In fact, animals hate him
 And that, includes your sweet, protective dog....who practically hated him from the moment he met him
 You see, they first met and hell began on a random Friday night
 As usual, Mikey was out beating up people with Toman, when he randomly texted you telling you he was coming over to watch movies with you
 You, were a little startled by this but, happy your boyfriend was finally coming over, especially because this meant you finally got the chance to introduce him to your dog
 Your dog was sweet. He loved you and always gave you the affection you needed, and you of course did the same in return. Because of that, you had a sweet, special connection with your pooch
 Is was also that reason that you really wanted your dog, whom you loved very much, to meet your boyfriend, whom you also love very much
 You had been hoping they would meet soon, and now that Mikey was coming over, they could finally do just that, which you were ecstatic about
 Unfortunately, the fact that your dog was....little protective exited your mind and you had forgotten he could be extravagant
 Well, you sure remembered that when Mikey finally came over
 The moment Mikey walked through the door, your dog FREAKED out
 He barked and growled at Mikey who, at first, was fine with it and ultimately ignored him
 Unfortunately, when your dog did it non-stop, Mikey got a little freaked out...
 "Y/n-chin? What do I do?! Your dog hates me!”
 "He doesn't hate you! He's just a little protective"
 "He's gonna kill me"
 "Mikey! He's not gonna kill you. Just pet him a bit, and he'll start calming down"
 Per your request, Mikey started to pet him
 Your dog was hesitant and frankly confused at first, but after a bit, he relaxed, and warmed up to Mikey
 Mikey on the other hand, did not warm up to him
 As strong and brave as Mikey is, protective dogs who could hurt him, still freaked him out a bit
 After all, it's not like he could fight the dog, and, it was without a doubt stronger than him
 That made him uneasy, and despite your dog warming up to him, he was still shaking, especially when he came and rested his head in Mikey's lap
 "Y-y/n-chin.....your dog" he muttered, looking at you.
 "Aww, he loves you!"
 "...he does?"
 "Yup, you guys are best friends now!"
 Needless to say, Mikey was stuck with your dog, and let's just say...it took him awhile to not shit his pants around him
 As we all know, Chifuyu is a cat person
 He has a cat, he loves cats, and pretty much has a personality of a cat
 Not to say that he doesn't like dogs, he just prefers cats more
 Well, unfortunately for him, you were a dog person...and well, he was now stuck with a dog
 You, being a dog person, of course meant you had a dog
 Your dog was amazing and loving with you, but could be a little protective when it came to other people
 He often growled and barked when new, possibly dangerous people came around, and when strange people tried to hurt you, he would naturally bite them
 This of course, was almost comforting to you, especially since he only took action when someone tried to hurt you, and never really went to far. You really loved him for that
 Of course, your love for your dog, led you to invite Chifuyu over so he could meet him and be close to him too
 Chifuyu was hesitant, but heard how excited you were and ultimately, gave in
 When the two met, your dog was, of course protective and growled at Chifuyu
 But, eventually after a bit of time, he warmed up to your boyfriend and sweetly curled up next to the blonde boy
 Though, even after that, Chifuyu had problems with your poor pooch
 He didn't hate your dog, he just was a little uncomfortable with him and maybe, possibly wished you had a cat
 Unfortunately for him, you didn't, and he had to get used to the dog
 He wasn't very fond of that, but you pushed him to be better with your dog, and after a while, he finally warmed up to him
 Now, they're best friends and your dog loves him more than he loves you
 Mitsuya over here is loved by all
 Kids love him, animals love him, older people love him, people love him, etc.
 He's pretty much loved and appreciated by everyone. Because of that , he never really had to experience something having hatred towards him
 Well, not until now
 You see, your sweet little protective dog that you loved oh so much, and that love you so much were very close
 Of course, you were also close with your boyfriend, and being close to your dog and your boyfriend meant you wanted the two to meet and be as close as you were
 As a result, when Mitsuya had a free day, you invited him over and had him meet your puppy
 Unfortunately, things didn't go a planned....
 You see, the exact moment Mitsuya casually walked through the door, your dog flipped out
 She started barking, growling, running at him, and even tried to fake nip him
 Mitsuya was, naturally, a little startled, but after realizing that she wasn't actually going to hurt him, he calmed down and tried to become friends with her
 He knelt down, slowly reached his hand out for the dog to smell it, and then proceeded to pet her
 Unfortunately, your dog wasn't a fan, and ultimately jerked away before barking again
 Mitsuya ultimately sighed, greeted you, and then sat next to you before talking to you a bit
 "Your dear dog doesn't seem to be very fond of me..." he sighed
 "Don't worry too much about it, she'll warm up to you eventually"
 She didn't
 Your dog didn't really ever warm up to your poor boyfriend
 The only the she did was quite down, but other than that, things never got better between her and Mitsuya
 She wouldn't let him touch, pet, or even get close to her unless he had treats
 Not matter what he did, your dog just never let Mitsuya become friends with her
 After a while of this,  Mitsuya just gave up and accepted that your dog didn't like him, and never would
   And they sadly, never became friends
 Smiley over here is a.... terrifying guy to say the least
 He's brutal, scary, and possibly a little bit crazy
 You weren't sure how you ended up with someone like that, but you did, and frankly, you couldn't be happier
 Unfortunately, your sweet protective dog, who was also your partner in crime, seemed to have sensed Smiley's.... odd possibly semi-crazy presence
 And boy was she unhappy
 You see, you always wanted your boyfriend to meet your dog
 You loved both unconditionally, so the idea of them meeting and getting close themselves made you really excited
 This, of course, led you to bringing Smiley home after school one day, in order to meet your lovely pooch
 Unfortunately, that little dream of yours immediately went to hell in an instant
 You see, moment Smiley walked through the door, your dog pretty much hated him
 She constantly barked and growled at him nonstop, and even tried to nip him once or twice
 Smiley was fine with it for a bit, especially since he was used to animals not liking him
 Unfortunately, he got a little angry after constant barking over the next few hours, and ultimately decided to give your dog a little scare to help keep her quite
 Unfortunately, that didn't go as planned
 The moment Smiley did the scare, your dog squealed, before she ran away absolutely terrified
 And after that traumatizing moment, your adorable puppy practically pissed herself when she saw Smiley
 She was absolutely terrified of him
    She refused to stay in the same room as him, and even whimpered whenever Smiley even walked in her direction
 Needless to say, the dog was terrified of your boyfriend and never recovered from that one scare
 You pretty much realized that Smiley was not one to deal with animals, and you decided you wouldn't have pets with the scary guy
 After all, he might just give a poor dog a heart attack (Smiley thought otherwise)
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kryannoy · a day ago
tokrev boys walking in on you changing
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
characters: mikey, draken, chifuyu, baji, kazutora, mitsuya
Tumblr media
“y/n! what’s taking you so long? i thought you were gonna show me your new outfit”
when you didn’t answer him back, he was a little worried if something happened to you
so, he went to check
he opened the door to see you half-naked, in your panties and bra
he blushed so hard that he’d probably get a nosebleed
stood there for a moment with a blank mind whether to leave and give you privacy or stay and stare more
but when you sounded him, that’s when he snapped out of his trance
“ah! right! i’m sorry, love! i swear i didn’t mean to!”
he frantically tries to explain so you don’t get the wrong idea while he closed the door
Tumblr media
he acts like nothing happened but after closing that door, the only thing on his mind is you
“are you done?”
when it felt like an eternity, he really thought you’ve finished changing and so he went to check
cause he don’t got all day
the door flung open revealing you in only your underwear
he stared at you for a moment before realizing that he should give you privacy
“it’s been awhile and you still haven’t changed?” he says before closing the door
it’s just that he’s used to seeing women in underwear at where he lives
but with you, it’s wayyyy different
after the door closed, he was blushing as the image of you can’t be faded in his mind
he just wanted to act cool and not make you feel ten times more embarrassed that’s all
Tumblr media
he was sooo embarrassed he could die!!
he was more embarrassed than you
when you haven’t gotten out of your room for awhile, he was worried that you might’ve fallen sick and suddenly fainted or something
“y/n? you alright in there?”
he did softly knock on the door but you didn’t hear it so you didn’t reply, and so he opened the door to see you half-naked
his eyes widen and his face went red like a tomato
“i-i’m sorry! i didn’t see anything, i swear!”
yeah, he said he didn’t see anything while he was obviously staring at you with his hands frantically waving around
made you a hot chocolate as an apology afterwards with hugs and kisses, he really felt guilty about it even though you said it was nothing
Tumblr media
he’s an asshole about it
he genuinely accidentally walked in your room when you were changing
he apologised to you many times as he leaves the room
however! he spied on you through the crack of your door that he left open purposely
when you noticed his stupid long black hair, your first thought was a ghost but then you screamed his name as you throw a pillow at the door
“ah haha! okay! okay! i’m sorry! i won’t be a peeping tom”
will laugh it off and tease you afterwards
Tumblr media
very shy about it too
he may love to see women in bikinis at the beach but seeing in underwear is just—🤤
it’s just he never saw you in a bikini so when he saw you in underwear, he was blushing so hard
“hey, y/n! what do you want to eat—oh god! i’m sorry, i’m sorry! i didn’t mean to walk in! i’m sorry i didn’t knock!”
but he wasn’t complaining the view though
however he did get a nosebleed and tried to act like nothing happened
after you’re done changing, you had to tend to his nose
but during the whole time, he can’t stop thinking about your image every time he sees you
Tumblr media
he made you a whole new cute outfit
so he was excited to see you wearing it
“but if you don’t want to do it now, it’s okay”
he was being very sweet to not disturb you if you’re busy at the moment
though you were also excited of his outfit for you that you grabbed the clothes and immediately went to your room to change
at about ten minutes later, you still haven’t come out to show it off
he got worried if anything happened to you but it was a habit of him to knock and immediately open it
“is everything alright, love? you haven’t come out—eh?! ah! i’m sorry!”
his heart panicked but his whole being is trying to keep calm and act normal so you won’t feel embarrassed
when you come out and show him the outfit he made, his mind is still stuck with your previous image
so he came to hug you to bury his blushing face in your shoulder
Tumblr media
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kiluvent · a day ago
✧ what video games i think tr characters would like ✧
ft. mikey, chifuyu, draken, kazutora, baji
[fluff, crack, low key baji slander because i find it funny lmao] a/n: omori + sally face fans wya????
Tumblr media
♡ mikey ♡
sally face
- likes the spooky, dreary aesthetic. also absolutely loves each chapter- like, literally waited in horrible anticipation for each chapter to finally release. also probably kins sal or larry....
Tumblr media
♡ chifuyu ♡
animal crossing
- into the relaxing, adorable, "take it at your own pace and do what you want" vibe. his island consists of ONLY cats, his favorite villager is probably lolly
Tumblr media
♡ draken ♡
cookie run kingdom 💀
- okay, okay, okay, i know what you're thinking- "WHAT?? DRAKEN WOULD NEVER PLAY SUCH A CUTESY GAME" normally he wouldn't, but mikey was playing it for a bit, so he decided to try it out and now he has a gacha addiction,,, rip draken
Tumblr media
♡ kazutora ♡
- idk, i feel like he would love indie horror games, so omori was right up his alley. probably kins sunny and/or aubrey,,,,
Tumblr media
♡ baji ♡
- need i more???? this guys like, what, 14 canonically??? middle school guys + fortnite = classic mix.
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softbajis · a day ago
I feel like a lot of people kind of get it wrong. Chifuyu didn't "become soft" after meeting baji. In fact I think the reason why chifuyu appears less volatile is not because he became soft (I mean this is the same man who said anyone who disagreed with baji was stripped down and beaten) but rather that baji involuntarily gave chifuyu a direction to project onto.
Before that he was a wayward delinquent looking for some place to settle his anger towards, he meets a man who is sort of like minded. Now he has a direction, a focus. He's not some cute little soft innocent boy who immediately snuffed out his own fire because he met baji. In fact they became more fucking powerful because they were both angry and strong and badass. Baji just gave chifuyu a direction to focus his strength on, a place to settle where his skills could be used properly.
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lukieli · a day ago
falling out of love
writer's block, sorry :). also not orig. kinda bad or idk-
warning(s): falling out of love. cringe. spelling mistakes. baji yelling lol. break up over text. unreq love. break up.
character(s): mikey. draken. baji. chifuyu.
Tumblr media
I. Manjiro "Mikey" Sano
Mikey never knew this day would come.
Losing his siblings and childhood friend had hit him hard enough to feel numb.
Though, he felt guilt, seeing how much you tolerated him. Your kisses, hugs, and cuddles never felt the same as before, it didn't make him feel loved, nor did he feel like someone was there for him.
"Mikey, are you okay?" You ask, as you see him sitting on the other end of the bed. "Mikey..?" You tap his back, sending a shiver down his spine.
"Y/n-chan." He suddenly calls. "You should go back to sleep." He turns around, with a forced smile.
You sigh, "Mikey.. you can tell me what's bothering you." Moving closer to him, you wrap your arms around his waist.
Guilt tugged his heart. "I'm really good, you don't have to worry." He places his hand on top of your arms, pulling them apart.
You frown at his actions. "Mikey. Come on, talk to me. I'm your girlfriend." The softness of your voice made Mikey's heart beat fast, he felt so confused about his feelings for you now.
Does he still love you, or not? He feels it sometimes.
Mikey gives in, he can't keep this a secret forever. "y/n.. how do you know if you.." he contemplates whether or not to tell you. The softness and worriedness in your eyes eat Mikey, bit by bit.
Mikey couldn't comprehend how many years you've stayed by his side, whether he wasn't feeling well or he looked like a complete mess.
Mikey takes a big sigh, collecting a bit of courage to ask you a heartbreaking question. He turns around you, meeting your gaze for a split second before shifting it to another place.
he could never look at those eyes of yours. Never.
"How do you know if you've fallen out of love..?" He asks.
You were curious as to why Mikey was asking this. And you were hopeful that it wasn't about your relationship with Mikey. "Mikey.. where is this coming from?" you put your hand on his cheek.
"y/n... I don't know if my feelings for you remain the same after all these- these things that happened." Mikey doesn't face you.
You stare at Mikey, completely still; surprised to hear what he had just said.
"i don't.. love you anymore..." Tears pricked Mikey's eyes, after all, he felt guilty. "y-y'know, I'm sorry," Mikey wipes away his tears.
"Huh..?" Tears dribbled down your face, as you widen your eyes to stop tears from flowing down. "what do you mean, Mikey..?" you ask, reaching out your hand to touch his face, but he slaps away your hand.
"I said I don't love you anymore.." He stands up to leave the room.
Ah, Mikey had left you alone. Leaving you heartbroken, bitter feelings were in your chest; pulling you down.
You released your broken cries, echoing in the house. Mikey stands behind the door, pitying you.
Tumblr media
II. Ken "Draken" Ryuguji
Draken noticed something was off.
He felt really uncomfortable when you gave him affection, it felt sickening to him. It felt weird whenever you called him the sweet nicknames you call him when the two of you started dating.
the two of you rarely go on dates, planning only a single date once a month, or not even going out on a date. the two of you never felt close anymore; at least not like before.
draken picks up his phone and dials your number, walking around his room waiting for you to pick up.
a ding was heard, meaning that you had accepted his phone call. he clears his throat and proceeds to talk, "hey, Y/n, can we meet up at the cafe?" he asks.
you were surprised for draken to ask such a question. "uhm, sure!.. be there at 2 pm." you agree.
the cold breeze kissed your skin as you walk your way to the cafe you and draken were supposed to meet.
the leather boots you were wearing made noises of crunching when stepping on the snow of december, it felt calming.
the joy feeling you felt as you finally reached your destination, opening the door of the cafe with slight effort. you were met with a warm atmosphere. taking off your coat and hanging it on your arm.
your head looked around, searching for draken. soon enough, meeting his gaze from a few meters away. "draken, there you are!" you waved at him, and he replies with a brief smile.
"how are you doing?" you ask, pulling the chair back so you could sit on it. "i'm doing well, how about you? how are you doing this time?" he looks at you directly at your eyes.
"doing well I guess." you press your lips into a thin line. The two of you were awkwardly quiet.
You sigh, "so, why did you call me today?" the question you asked draken made his heart tighten.
"well, I hoped for a healthy break up." he says. the answer confused you, furrowing your eyebrows to signal draken that you didn't understand what he meant.
"listen, Y/n, you're very important to me; i trust you more than anyone, and I care about you.. but this relationship doesn't feel right anymore.." the last words of his sentence lowers. "so.. you get the gist..?" he sighs, nervous at how you would respond.
"ahh, you're... asking for a break up.." you went quiet, real quiet. It was unusual and weird, though you did feel the same, you still felt hurt hearing this.
"I understand as well." you forced a big smile to reassure draken that it was no worries! and he shouldn't be guilty.
"uhm, so the feelings are mutual?" draken looks at you to confirm.
you nod, "yep.. the feelings mutual." how would you know that later when you go back home, you'd find yourself crying in the bathroom?
Tumblr media
III. Keisuke Baji
Baji didn't want anything to do with you anymore.
He was busy with the gang life he was in, so his relationship with you was definitely rocky, or you could say, a rollercoaster.
The two of you rarely went on dates, since it was all about arguing and fighting. Sometimes Baji would storm out of your apartment due to his anger and he'd rather go on a sleep over with chifuyu instead of being with you. sus.
Though Baji would still come back to you after a gang fight. You'd clean his wounds and tell him how much you love him, bringing him into a hug.
Baji thought you were annoying, always nagging him all the time. "Baji, take care of yourself next time! I don't want you to get hurt!" You yell across the living room.
"I'm in a gang Y/n, a fucking GANG! d'you expect me to come home clean? Hell you'd be stupid." Baji growls at you.
You'd cry yourself to sleep, remembering the sweet old Keisuke you knew when you were both 13. How Baji would try to impress you, bring you flowers and chocolates every time. How he would genuinely smile in front of you. Where was that old Keisuke? Gone.
It was late at night, you were cooking dinner for Baji, who hasn't come home yet.
You sigh looking at the clock. It was already 12 midnight, it was beginning to worry you that your boyfriend wasn't home yet, all kinds of thoughts rushed into your brain, scaring you.
You rushed to the coffee table, grabbing your phone to call Baji. The number you had dialed cannot be reached, please try again later. It would repeat. "Damn it Baji."
"Anyways, Baji, how're you and y/n?" Mikey asks his wasted friend. "Oh, me and Y/n? well, we're not doing so well. Y/n is so damn annoying! Always nagging me and shit, beginning to hate em as well." Baji laughs, so does his friends.
"To Baji, and his terrible relationship with his girlfriend!" Mikey raises a shot, following his other friends. "To my terrible relationship!" baji yells.
The fun was over, most of his friends had gone home. He walks out of the bar, checking his phone to see tons of missed calls and messages from you.
Baji thought it would be funny, if he just... breaks up with you over message. the keyboard of his nokia clicking every time he types a word.
'oi, y/n, don't love you anymore, we're breaking up.' he laughs at the message he sent.. boy oh boy.
You lay your head on the couch, waiting for a message or call from your boyfriend. Ding! your phone lights up to see a message from baji.
hurriedly opening to what he has to say for himself, you read a break up message instead. "what.." confusion fills your eyes, this has got to be a joke right? a dream maybe.
you tap the call button multiple times, panic was filling you up. those attempts were a fail, finding yourself in the bedroom;
mascara running down your face. hiccups coming out of your mouth.
you hear the door open and close through the bathroom, you wondered who could it be.
you wipe your tears away, not trying too hard to even remove the evidences of mascara.
turning to the right, there stood a wasted baji keisuke. "oh hi." he forms a toothy grin
your eyes widen, confused. why the hell was baji back here? didnt he just break up with you. "what.. what are you doing here baji.." you ask, your eyes narrowed almost filled up with anger.
you walk to your shared bedroom with baji, taking a luggage. you open the closet and pull out all the clothes that baji owns and punched it down inside the luggage.
he runs to the room. "hey y/n what are you doing?!" he exclaims, pushing away your hands from his clothes and luggage.
you breath aggressively as you sit down on the ground. "what am i doing baji?! im kicking you out!" you stand up, pointing at the door that leads out the apartment.
"y/n im not going anywhere-" he looks at you weirdly. "get the fuck out baji." you growl. you glare at him, as he stays static on the same position.
"GET OUT!" you scream as if you were losing your mind.
"damn you're unbelievable." he mutters, "JEEZ OKAY FINE." he aggressively takes the luggage and leaves the apartment.
baji was.. shameless. he became shameless.
Tumblr media
X. Chifuyu Matsuno
Chifuyu didn't want this to happen.
it's only been 3 months since you and chifuyu had started dating, yet chifuyu was unsure of his feelings.
when you confessed, he felt like the most luckiest guy in the world. it was like a fairytale.
he'd be sending you good morning and good night and ilys all the time! it was great, though, he was debating his feelings for you.
was this puppy love? was he just dating a girl he crushed on for a while? those thoughts ran around chifuyu's head.
he felt cold. no more ilys or greetings everyday, which led you to being worried. everytime.
chifuyu would start constantly asking for a break in your relationships and then would confess to you that he likes you, which you would always accept, because of your love for him.
you thought that he just needed a little push.
a week has passed, he started dating you again. though, he was still thinking about his feelings for you and get distracted.
"im sure i dont like her anymore." he chanted quietly, not wanting you to hear. "no! you like her. you like her. she makes your heart beat right?" no.
he sighs. he knew he was giving you trouble. he takes out his phone and he dials your number, to which you pick up almost immediately. "what is it fuyu-kun?" your joyful voice put guilt in chifuyu.
"uh, y/n, are you free?" he asks.
"uhmm.." you check your calendar and schedule. "nuh-uh, im free as a pigeon!" your enthusiasm could make chifuyu happy and motivated.. but it wasn't enough to make his heart beat and fall for you.
when you and him finally meet, you smile, while he forced his. "hey fuyu-kun!" you greet him.
"wait! let's feed the ducks!" you suggest an idea for a meet up you thought would be called 'date'.
"wait- y/n-.." chifuyu didn't have enough time to explain anything, but he complied anyway.
you two sit on the bench, throwing some pieces of bread in front of the lake. you stand up, to get more close to the ducks, happily jumping when they eat the bread crumbs you threw.
"y/n. let's break up. i dont love you anymore." he rushed to say, blatantly. it was like he was being proud of doing it.
you drop your bag of bread crumbs, looking back at what chifuyu just said. you knew he already did this tons of times, but each time he did it.. it felt so new.
he stands up, walking towards you. "you heard me right? i dont lo--" you cut him off with a slap.
his eyes widen of surprise because of the action you did. "dont. say that.." you bit your lips to stifle your cry. you cried every time he says this. always.
"fuyu-kun.. dont say that."
"y/n.. i said i dont love you anymore. didn't you get the signal when i broke up with you multiple times?!" he exclaims, shaking your figure slightly.
you breathe deeply, your eyes watering. "y/n.. im so sorry, but we're just not.. for eacho--" you cut him off with another slap.
"you player! you user! i hate you so much!" you scream insults at him, retaliating him with all your strength and anger. "stupid! jerk! asshole!"
you beat him to the ground. his thoughts were.. "damn takemitchy.. this is what you felt, huh.." except.. he didn't cry. he didnt love you did he?
he never did, to you he thought you were just a mere crush.
{{ help i think i insulted you.. IM SO SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO- i uhm- put the things the character feels about you or think about you. sorry. you're not annoying or unloved. or anything insulting in this thing i made. you're pretty and sexc asf, how do ik? bc i hacjed into ur system <3
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theringedhero · 2 days ago
an impression of peke j: part 1
chifuyu: today, you’ll be doing a contest to see who can do the best impression of peke j.
chifuyu: you will be judged on voice, body language, and overall lack of flair.
chifuyu: let the contest begin!
baji, monotone: i live with an annoying ass named matsuno chifuyu.
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animekingfans · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers Animate Fair in 2022 Spring
Tumblr media
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chifuyuslilkitten · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
➟ baji?!?!
the meet | masterlist | matsuno-kun pt. 1
a/n: let’s assume that baji is always up to no good and this time his victims are y/n and chifuyu
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
zoom! taglist: @kennyb0y | @chaoticyuna | @rinsie | @eraser-baby | @leosbad | @xbabybajix | @gabytodd | @buns-inhiding | @bontens-whore | @sassyglassesbunny | @softtashoney | @undertale-is-sansational | (12/50)
TR taglist: @spookykoko | @kazusplaything | @katsulovee | @portfolio-of-dreams | @bxnten | @crybabylisa | @hanmasangrysmoosh | @blkladyelle | (8/50)
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ・゚: *✧・゚:* εїз *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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wearepurplejackets · a day ago
Tokyo Revengers ch. 239
So... Draken suffering on earth after losing Emma to the left.
Tumblr media
And Draken finally ascending to heaven with Emma to the right.
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chifuyuangry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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marrymemanjiro · 16 hours ago
Takemichi: Why are Baji and Chifuyu sitting with their backs to each other?
Mikey: They had a fight
Takemichi: Then why are they holding hands?
Mikey: They get sad when they fight
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gennabi · a day ago
one second
seatmate!chifuyu x reader (no prns) • 0.4k
platonic; angst, comfort
[ anime s1 ep20 spoiler warning , reader being a very good friend for fuyu :( ]
gennabi's masterlist
Tumblr media
it is an understatement to say that chifuyu looks like trash that day. he looks way worse. peering over your shoulder, you catch a glimpse of his swollen eyes. you figured what happened, words travel fast regarding the news of his best friend.
his hair is all disheveled, the first time you ever see him in such a state, as your seatmate usually do care about his appearance. but you can't blame him. you yourself wouldn't know how you'll react to such a thing. your bestfriend dying in your arms is a way too cruel of an experience.
today, matsuno chifuyu is silent.
you ponder over the many options you could do to cheer him up. deep down, you know nothing is going to stop him from thinking about keisuke baji every single moment of his life. but if it would make him even a second happy, maybe that's all that matters. maybe.. one second of joy is all he needs to go on with life, then you'll do it.
when the school bell rings to signal the end of the classes for the day, you scoot closer to chifuyu. your question then comes in a whisper, "fuyu, do you want a hug?". he stops his movement and slowly turns to you as you explain, "it's not much but i think it might help..." you trail off and your voice gets softer at his lack of response, "only if you want, of course"
there's barely a change in his expressions but he takes a step forward, letting himself falls into your embrace.
Tumblr media
the next morning, he finds a yellow hairtie on his desk.
lifting his head up to scan the class for the sender, you beat him to it, "it's probably not even the same one as baji's, but i figured it would make you feel more connected to him in a way"
chifuyu eyes back the hairtie and reaches for it, tying his hair up into a tiny pony tail. you quickly add, "sorry fuyu.. i know it's not.. enough an-"
he cuts you off with a chuckle, "no, this is perfect", and his gaze softens, "thank you so much y/n"
just one second.
Tumblr media
a/n: me sad.
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chosofty · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
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kattszuki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
chifuyu <3
[reblogs are greatly appreciated!]
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baji-san · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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astroprinceps · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
here comes the boy 
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poemsforay · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
original art here, pls support the artist
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animekingfans · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers “Tokyo Nyanjikai" Illustration
Tumblr media
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violetarks · 2 months ago
pretending to be their girlfriend
anime: tokyo revengers
characters: sano 'mikey' manjiro, baji keisuke, matsuno chifuyu, mitsuya takashi
warnings: afab! reader, use of she/her pronouns
Tumblr media
Sano 'Mikey' Manjiro:
"Ugh, I hear so much about Emma from you..." Mikey groans, waving his hand at his best friend, who squints at him.
"Maybe you'd understand if you got yourself a girlfriend." Draken claims, crossing his arms over his chest as he sat back in his seat. He watches as Mikey rolls his eyes at that. "And maybe you'd have a girlfriend if you weren't so overbearing."
The other blonde makes a face at the insult before shaking his head at his friend. "Wow, I am not overbearing! I'm a fucking catch!" He exclaims, facing away from Draken, "You just always wanna' see my sister, kinda' hurts when you ignore me."
Draken glares at the pout on his Commander's lips. He rolls his eyes at it and tilts his head. "You're such an attention-seeker, Mikey." He groans out, "I bet all the girls are either scared of you or annoyed by you."
Before Mikey can refute that statement, he gets interrupted by the call of his name. He looks over to see the barista holding his hot chocolate. He turns to Draken expectantly, who drinks his own coffee with a raised brow.
"I'm not gettin' that for you, Mikey, you fucking catch." Draken calls out, rolling his eyes once more.
Mikey glares back at Draken before standing up and walking to the counter. He makes eye contact with the barista, who seems to be around the same age as him. She's really pretty, and is looking about cluelessly, trying to figure out who this 'Mikey' is.
He smiles gently, standing at the counter. "That would be me." He says, taking the cup from her, "Um... I have a little situation."
He's nervous, trying hard just to prove Draken wrong. Because Mikey is fucking great. He's cool and he's attractive. What's not to love?
Maybe the fact he's Toman's leader. Hm.
"Is something wrong with your order, sir?" She asks, tilting her head.
Mikey shakes his head. "Ah, no, no." He chuckles out, looking over his shoulder to Draken. His friend is raising a brow, seeming to be suspicious of the blonde. He reads the barista's name tag. "Actually, Y/N, my friend is trashing me for being single, and I don't believe I'm that bad, really."
Y/N blinks at him. She rubs the side of her neck with an awkward smile. "I'm guessing you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend?" She questions, getting a nod of his head. She looks to her coworker, who has been eavesdropping. He just shrugs his shoulders and prepares the next order.
"Go ahead. Tell me what happens later." He laughs back, taking her spot as she rounds the counter, giving her friend a smile.
Mikey sips his hot chocolate and whispers to her, walking slowly to Draken. "Okay, we've been dating for a month, we met the convenience store, I was getting dorayaki." He informs her, making Y/N blink and memorise it all, "I never introduced you because I'm a part of Toman, which is actually true—"
"What?" Y/N murmurs, feeling Mikey slip his hand into hers.
"And you have to pretend not to know me because of that. Call me 'Manjiro', if you want. Maybe." Mikey says, dismissing her adlib, "Got it, beautiful?"
She gulps at that before humming out, "Uh, yeah... h—handsome."
He chuckles at that, squeezing her hand tightly, "Speak like that, beautiful, and I might actually ask you out."
Draken leans back and raises his brows. He clears his throat, "Oh, hello. Who's this friend you brought back with you, Mikey?"
"Y/N." He responds, tilting his head up with pride as Draken squints, "My girlfriend, so be nice, Kenny."
But instead, Draken laughs, tears nearly pouring out of his eyes at the implication, "Oh, shut up! That's just some girl you convinced to play 'family' with you." He looks back to Y/N, who looks down at her shoes, face burning up. "Sorry about his idiocy, miss. You can go back to your job."
Mikey feels his plan go to Hell as he sits down, letting go of Y/N's hand and holding his chin in his palm.
"Um, excuse me...!" Y/N says abruptly, lifting her shoulders at Draken, "But Manjiro is telling the truth. I'm really dating him, albeit only for a few weeks. He just didn't want to tell people to keep me safe."
Draken raises a brow, scanning Y/N as she stands with her hands at her side. He wants to ask on about it, but she then wraps her arms around Mikey's neck, setting herself down beside him.
She huffs, "I'm sorry for not saying 'hello' when you came to the counter, I really wanted to. Which is why I asked Mikey to introduce me now." She sees how Draken switches his gaze from Mikey to her. He looks to be buying it, maybe only a little. She gives a small grin. "But it is really nice to meet you!"
He decides not to say anything, only nodding his head at this situation. "Well, whatever this shit is, it's good to meet you too, Y/N." He says, seeing Y/N loosen her grip on Mikey and just sitting down beside him politely. She has a wide smile on her face. "Name's Draken."
She blinks. "'Draken'?" She mumbles, furrowing her brows, "Shit—We went to the same Middle School! How could I forget that tattoo?"
Mikey feels his hope drop at that. No, no, not someone else who will not pay attention to him.
"What's your last name?" Draken questions.
"L/N." She responds.
"We were in the same class!" Draken laughs out, leaning forward with a surprised look, "Shit, I can't believe that... Mikey, your girl and I were friends until we split in high school. I got a lot of stories for you, Y/N, about your dear baby boy."
Mikey is now pouting, just as he was before. He watches as Draken and Y/N begin to talk about old memories and such. He then lays his head on her shoulder, wrapping his arms around Y/N's and tugging tightly.
"You're supposed to be my girlfriend..." He grumbles out, making her furrow her brows.
She chuckles, "We can figure that out after my shift, Mikey."
Draken only sips from his cup, a knowing smirk on his lips. "Fucking knew it."
Baji Keisuke:
"Kei, do you really not understand this or are you just wanting to hang out with me?" Y/N huffs, furrowing her brows at her best friend beside her.
Baji pouts at that, looking away from Y/N as she sips her drink. He scoffs, "Excuse me, Y/N, I can hang out with you whenever I want!"
She laughs at that, bumping her hip with his as they near to his street, "That's a whole ass lie and you know it, Keisuke! Your mother won't let you out of the house unless it's school-related, all the other times, you sneak out." She rolls her eyes as Baji crosses his arms over his chest. "But don't worry, we'll be able to go out places after you get your grades up."
He gives her a hopeful glance as he opens his door for her.
Y/N was a great tutor, having been at the top of her class for ages and always being friendly towards her 'students'. Baji was an exception; they were best friends and he purposely put her off task whenever he could. She had to keep him in place whenever they studied together. Next month, there would be a test worth about 40% of their final grade.
She takes off her shoes at the front, taking the slippers from Baji as he slid on his own. He calls, "I'm home, Y/N is over too."
Before Y/N can greet her, Baji's mother comes to the entrance, smiling sweetly at the girl. "Y/N, it's great to see you again, it's been a while." She speaks, then turning to her son, "Honey, do you two have something planned?"
He can feel his cheeks burn at that. Of course he loved his mother, so he told her everything. Well, most. Y/N was one of those things that she knew about.
Y/N blinks and then begins to speak, "Oh, me and Keisuke are going to study—"
"We're going upstairs!" Baji interrupts, speaking over her. He waves his arms in front of Y/N, covering her from his mother's view, "Gonna', um, go to my... my room."
He couldn't tell his mother that he was getting tutored. He said he was doing so good in class and that he was caught up on everything. If she knew what Y/N was really here to do, then he'd be so embarrassed and afraid.
The two girls in the room widen their eyes. Y/N's face begins to heat up at that, looking over Baji's shoulder. "Actually, that sounds really—" She says, voice in a higher tone in anxiousness.
"Oh? Did you finally ask her out, Keisuke?" His mother gasps, placing hands on Baji's shoulders. He nervously nods his head. "Oh, that's great! I'll let you two go now, please stay for dinner, Y/N."
She blinks, clearly about to space out. She then nods at his mother. "Uh... right, thank you for having me over." She says, smiling as much as she could, "Your son is a really good person."
"Only because you help him to be, Y/N." The parent retorts, tilting her head, "You're both adorable together."
Baji feels Y/N hold onto the back of his shirt, making him shiver. She giggles out, "I'm sorry we didn't tell you sooner, we wanted to wait a few weeks before speaking out about it."
This is the point where he knows she's caught on. Thank goodness, that could've gone so bad.
His mother is already holding onto Y/N's hands, swaying them a little as they spoke. "So how did he do it? Keisuke said he had tons of ideas!" She informs Y/N.
Baji's best friend widens her eyes a little before explaining, holding his mother's hands just as tightly, "Well, he was super romantic about it, all cheesy and all!" Baji gasps, reaching forward to stop the fake memory. "He asked me out on the rooftop at school, gave me these chocolates and flowers, oh Keisuke even cried!"
"Okay! That's enough!" Baji exclaims, pulling Y/N away from his parents and wrapping arms around her shoulders. He covers her mouth, making Y/N grab his wrists and laugh silently. "We should get going!"
"Right, right! Don't worry about me, I'm staying downstairs." His mother says, nodding her head.
"And thank you for raising him so well." Y/N says, wrapping an arm around his after getting free from his hold. Baji freezes. "He's really amazing. We're both very lucky people to have him in our lives."
He can see the way his mother's eyes light up. She's so proud of Baji. "Ah, you're wonderful, Y/N." She sighs out with a wide smile, "You treat her right, Keisuke."
Baji nods his head at that and begins to drag her upstairs, trying to get to his room as quickly as possible. He can feel the sweat drip down from his neck, only stopping when he closes the door behind them. A sigh leaves his lips, looking more relaxed now.
Y/N sits on his bed, tilting her head with a large smirk. "So, what was that about?" She questions.
"Mm... don't wanna' tell her about tutoring..." Baji explains, twiddling his thumbs as he stands in front of her, "Sorry about that, Y/N."
"Not that, Kei." She chuckles out, standing up and lifting her chin up, "I mean about you 'finally asking me out'? Hm...?"
Baji is blushing profusely, looking away. He really does not know what to do. "Do... you want to go out with me?" He questions, knitting his brows at her.
"I suppose, if it means we can hang out more." She jokes, shrugging her shoulders at Baji. He pouts, leaning down towards her. He looks disappointed. "I'm kidding, Keisuke! Yes, I'll go out with you."
He smiles widely at that before gaining his composure, giving a sharp exhale. He holds her hands tightly in hers, looking as determined as always. "That's... good! I promise I'll take good care of you!" He states, bringing her closer into his chest. She blinks before closing her eyes. "So... we should probably pretend until I take you on a real date."
She can't help but laugh, wrapping her arms around his mid-section, "I suppose so. But I guess I won't mind playing along."
Matsuno Chifuyu:
"You've got really pretty eyes, you know that?" The girl in front of Chifuyu claims, looking dreamily at him.
He shifts in his spot, placing the cat food on the counter. "Uh... thank you, I guess." He murmurs out, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, "Just this, thank you."
The girl then grins, winking at him as she slowly takes the food from the counter in front of her. She sighs out, "I wish someone as cute as you went to my school." Chifuyu already wants to leave. "It's sucks having these dudes ask you out, and they don't even like you that much, just how you look."
'The same could be said for you', Chifuyu says in his head.
Originally, he was supposed to be back by dinner. Peke J had run out of food from lunch and Chifuyu made it his mission to get some more for his friend. This was the nearest store, and usually Baji picked up the food along with his own for that stray that comes in and out of his room.
But at this point, he'd be late to Peke J. This girl needed to pick up the pace or else Chifuyu would start getting antsy.
He huffs out, "I'm in quite a hurry, actually..." She blinks at him, tilting her head with a small smile. He looks away, uninterested. "Do you mind speeding it up a little? Sorry, I just—"
Her giggle interrupts Chifuyu. And he can't help but wonder why this random cashier won't leave him alone. Is it her job to speak to every customer like that?
"You're just adorable! Do you hear that often? Or am I the only one confident enough to tell it to you straight?" She calls out, voice filling the store at that point. Chifuyu ducks his head, looking around just in case he'd be embarrassed. But he was anyway, this girl was making such a big deal out of literally nothing. "Hey, my shift ends in 10 minutes. We can go to that cafe around the corner and get to know each other."
She puts the cat food down before scanning it, making Chifuyu close his eyes and give a loud sigh. She only winks at him again, leaning her chin in her palm over the counter. She looks up to him suggestively.
"I'll let you know everything about me, hot stuff." She says lowly, watching Chifuyu with lidded eye.
Damn, was she not taking the hint?
He opens his mouth, his temper getting the best of him, to say something to the girl who should be doing her job. But he feels someone bump into his side, arms wrapping around his.
She has a cute little frog hat and a bell collar in her hands, presenting it to the boy. "You think that Berry will like these? He loved wearing the last hat we bought for him, wore it around the house the whole time." t was very obvious that she meant to be talking to Chifuyu himself. "Look at what I found!"
She has a cute little frog hat and a bell collar in her hands, presenting it to the boy. "You think that Berry will like these? He loved wearing the last hat we bought for him, wore it around the house the whole time." She hums out, leaning her head slightly against Chifuyu's shoulder, "I wanna' take some more pictures with you and Berry in his new accessories. You looked so cute in the last ones!"
The smiles she gives him make Chifuyu not argue with the idea. Or the implication that they were a couple. He only looks away with a blush forming on his cheeks and nose. "I thought you deleted those." He clears his throat, playing along.
She giggles at that, thanking him that he wasn't stupid enough to ask who she was, "I may have kept some. I won't tell your sister, I promise." She holds her finger to her lips, as if it wasn't that secret that wouldn't be told.
Chifuyu is sure that if he did have a sister that this girl would be showing these photos to, that would be the least of his worries at the moment.
He blinks, not knowing what to say. When she hears the silence, the mystery girl glances at the cashier — who looks ultimately pissed by her presence — and at the cat food on the counter. She then smiles widely, placing her items on top of them.
"Ah, thanks, I needed to get those for Berry. How sweet of you to remember, I'm always the forgetful one out of the couple of us." She claims, pulling out her wallet. She looks at the cashier expectantly. "Oh? Is this someone you know, babe?"
Chifuyu only shrugs his shoulders, feeling his cheeks heat up at the nicknames. He's never had anyone call him those things before. It was very... cute, coming from someone who sounded and acted like her. So casual.
She holds out a hand to the worker. "I'm L/N Y/N, his girlfriend. It's so good to meet you." She says, getting a lame shake of her hand in return, "And you are?"
The cashier glares slightly at her before scanning the items. Instead of answering, she tells them the price and the mystery girl hands the money before Chifuyu can react. The things are placed in a bag before the worker waves them off.
Chifuyu exits the store, holding the bag in one hand and having his other being held by the saviour beside him. When they round the block, she lets go, making Chifuyu raise his brows.
"Sorry about being abrupt and making you uncomfortable." She says, stepping away, hands behind her back, "That girl just seemed to be too pushy and you weren't having it, so I had to step in."
Chifuyu grins at her voice. The same as before. So she wasn't just playing pretend in another way. He retorts, tilting his head down a little, "No, I wasn't uncomfortable. Thank you by the way, L/N. I'm Matsuno Chifuyu, but you can just call me 'Chifuyu'."
Y/N can't stop the smile taking over her face. She nods her head and continues to walk with him. "Well, you can call me 'Y/N'. It's good to meet you, Chifuyu." She states, noticing the bag in his hands, "Ah, you can keep those. I was in there to apply for a job, but I don't really want to work with someone like her anymore."
Chifuyu chuckles at that, nudging her side, "That's good. And, uh, if you're a fan of cats, I could take you to see the one this food is for." She raises her brows, really wondering if that was okay. They had just met. "My cat's been needing a new collar, actually, the other is getting too tight. And the hat is really cute, I'm sure Peke J will look cute in it."
He watches as Y/N brightens up. "That'd be cool!" She claims, bumping arms against Chifuyu's. He smiles at the contact.
Maybe he could get to know her better. At least pretending to be dating her didn't sound half bad.
Mitsuya Takashi:
"I'm sorry...?" Mitsuya says, finding himself puzzled by what the manager just said to him. He stands in front of a rack of fabrics, the particular ones he required for the newest project of the Home Economics Club. "I don't understand..."
The manager doesn't let up, crossing her arms over her chest with her heels clicking the floor as she stepped towards the rack. She puts her hand against the materials.
"You see, kid, these are reserved for my regular, high-paying customers." She claims, raising a brow at Mitsuya's school attire. He had come here straight from last period. "I don't believe you could handle the prices I have these situated at."
His classmate had suggested this shop since it was always on magazines and had really good quality fabric. All kinds, you could find there. Mitsuya was excited, until he talked to the manager about which fabrics he wanted to buy. Of course, he knew it wouldn't be cheap so he had the money saved for months.
But this woman just didn't want to give it to him. No matter what money Mitsuya had.
"Tell me the price, I'm sure I can manage." Mitsuya challenges, tilting his head up with a confident smile. His headphones lay on his shoulders, hands in his pockets as he puffed out his chests.
The woman raises a brow at him. She glances to the price tag and retorts, "It comes to ¥62616.950." She watches as Mitsuya's widen ever so slightly, making her smile a little. "That is the lowest price we have, for this fabric."
The manager lifts her chin as if she's won. "Well, if that is all, I will have to greet my other customers." She claims, beginning to walk off. Mitsuya stands there in silence, looking at the fabric. He could've done so well with them...
He's about to turn around to the exit when he hears a call.
"Oh! You're already here!" Someone says, catching Mitsuya's attention.
He turns his head to see a girl walking towards him in a slight skip, all smiley and such. It seems that she emerged from the back room. He goes to step out of the way for her, wanting to be polite in his sour mood, but she stops in front of him. Mitsuya raised a brow before she jumped into his arms, wrapping hers around his neck tightly.
"Um, miss, I don—" He begins to say, but she only hugs him closer, making him lean down so she could talk to her silently.
"What's your name?" She whispers, making him get shivers up his spine.
"M—Mitsuya Takashi, miss." He responds, awkwardly placing his hands to ghost over her hips. He felt his cheeks heat up.
"I'm going to call you 'Takashi' and some cheesy nicknames, okay?" She says, earning a confused nod from him, "Call me 'Y/N'."
He doesn't get time to respond before they're interrupted. "Excuse me." The manager of the shop interrupts, standing in front of them with her hand on her hips. She raises a brow at them. "Do you know this boy, Miss L/N?"
Y/N pulls away from Mitsuya, hands hovering ever so slightly over his chest as she turns to the owner. A reassuring smile on her face tells the owner that there's nothing to worry about. "Hm? Of course!" Y/N calls out, lifting her shoulders a little, "This is my boyfriend, Takashi, I've been waiting for him to show up to your shop all afternoon."
The manager seems taken aback by this revelation. She tilts her head to the side with furrowed brows, watching the two 'lovebirds'. Y/N slides her hand into Mitsuya, squeezing a bit to tell him it was okay. She claims, "He said he needed something for a new dress he's making, so I told him to come over so we could sort things out. Is that alright? I only want him to use the best in town!"
Mitsuya can't help but chuckle at the way the owner is suddenly regretting her decision. He leans against Y/N a little more, only adding more salt to the wound. He claims, "Sorry, sweetheart, I didn't know you were already here."
His eyes trace Y/N's expression as she holds her breath for a moment, looking a little affected by the nickname. He would almost regret it, if it weren't for that cute reaction.
"My apologies, I didn't know you were... an acquaintance of the L/N's." The manager says, bowing her head in shame. She turns to the fabrics. "I'll be happy to give him the discount your family has, Miss L/N."
Y/N grins, nodding her head. "Yep, that'll be fine!" She states, looking over to Mitsuya. He looks a little confused. She then tugs his shirt shoulder and points to the material. "You'll only have to pay a third of the original amount on the ones you want. Is that alright?"
He widens his eyes at the statement before wordlessly nodding his head. He quickly takes the ones he wants and goes to pay for them, the manager doing the transactions. She again apologises for her behaviour before allowing the two to leave.
Outside the store, Mitsuya grins widely at Y/N. "Thank you so much, Y/N. You've helped me so much today, I'm sorry for all the trouble." He says, bowing down a little at her. She stands there, hands in front of her with a grin. "And if you don't mind me asking, what was that all about? That woman changed her whole demeanour as soon as your swooped in and helped me."
Y/N waves her hands, buying a drink from a nearby vending machine and handing him a soda. "Oh, uh, my parents actually own that franchise." She claims, making Mitsuya's jaw drop, but she acts cool. As if she wasn't the daughter of a well-known clothing materials shop. "I stop by to help sort out sales and shit. Got bored and saw the store manager treating you how she did. You seemed really nice, so I decided to help you out the only way I knew I could."
Mitsuya drinks from his can and raises his brow. "By pretending I was your boyfriend?" He hums, making Y/N roll her eyes.
"Oh trust me, it was either that or saying that you were my cousin or something. I doubt she'd believe that." She explains, shrugging her shoulders as they sit down on a park bench, "Plus, if she tells my parents, I'll just say it's something new. No biggie."
She's very kind. Mitsuya really liked that, how she was genuine. Not looking for anything in return. She just wanted to help.
He clears his throat, placing the bag beside him, "Well I want to repay you. Do you mind if I take out on a real date?"
"Oh? You want to go somewhere with me?" She says in a slight chuckle, glancing over to the boy, "So you can get more discounts?"
Mitsuya shakes his head at that. Of course not, the both of you knew that it was anything but that. He hums out, beaming at her, "Just want to do something nice. And maybe get to know you better."
She nods her head at that. "Sure, I'd love to get to know you better too, Takashi."
He squints at that before bringing the can to his lips. "Alright. Meet here tomorrow at 3, sweetheart." He tells her. And he can't help but laugh at the way she looks from him and says that it was unfair.
'Thank God for overpriced clothing materials', he tells himself.
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