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#chihiro fujisaki
jolee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🐰 her tbh
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THH cast goes wedding dress shopping bc why not
Sayaka: "which one of these would look nice for my next concert?" *holds up a pink dress and a blue dress*
Kyoko: "that's a wedding dress, Maizono"
Sayaka: "yeah, and?"
Sakura: *walks out of the changing room in a dress*
Aoi, Mukuro, and Makoto: *hyping her up*
Celeste: *looking at all the black dresses*
Byakuya: "its a wedding, not a funeral"
Chihiro: "should I get a dress or a suit?"
Mondo: "get whatever makes you feel comfortable dude"
Taka: "we'll support you no matter what you choose Chihiro!"
Chihiro: *happy noises*
Yasuhiro: "hey Leon you should put this one on"
Toko: "oh my god yes do it"
Leon: "absolutely not"
Hifumi: "why not?"
Junko: "come on dude"
Leon: "no I'd look stupid"
Monokuma: "that's why you should wear it"
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glow-maeda · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🎉 200 Follower Event Special Order!
Chihiro Fujisaki in the outfit pictured above.
💜 (credit if used) requested by @paigeyintheclouds
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moodorbs · a day ago
mx orbs do you have any Chihiro thoughts
yes ofc i do
i think she uses mondo as a rubber ducky constantly <3 he doesn't know half of what she's saying but he knows to just be quiet and let her work through her code on her own pace and she'll figure it out and thank him GKDKDGS
also this may be a hot take but she for sure has the highest caffeine tolerance of her entire class, probably even the school. like it's genuinely impressive. she regularly chugs her Special Brew which is just several flavors of bang combined with a dissolvable energy shot. it's horrifying. kazuichi took a sip once on a dare and his eyes literally crossed. like it's awful but she just drinks it every day like it's nothing.
ALSO ALSO . points at her. she absolutely curses. like usually she doesn't but when she's DEEP INTO A PROJECT and you interrupt her....yeah <3
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shsl-box-split · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Price per pin: 8 USD + shipping
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Chihiro Fujisaki:
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t4tronpa · 10 hours ago
A1 chihiro....
Tumblr media
mondo voice chihiro what the fuck
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mickules · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What will you do?
Pokémon crossovers are never NOT fun, so I tried my own hand at some Dangan-Poké trainers!
The original angular designs are classic, but I have to admit I love the looser styles coming out of the newest games and anime. What I didn't anticipate is how hard it is to get those perfectly calculated 'cute' proportions right, pokémon artists have the ratios down to a SCIENCE. I planned to get this out around my birthday, but missed it by a week! XD
Since my main goal here was translating the danganronpa designs into bona fide pokémon trainer types; I'll admit I didn't think too hard about their pokémon partners. I only actually played the first few games so my expertise is kinda relegated to the original 151/251, with my knowledge of more recent generations lacking, so my bro helped me out with a few suggestions.
but for what it's worth - here's my logic:
Kyoko Initially this one was mostly aesthetics, but Absol does have uncanny observational skills coupled with a solitary nature. Makoto Lucky egg boy gets the lucky egg pokémon, but I also wanted the supposed 'pushover' to have a powerhouse, and Tyranitar needs a lot of attention to evolve. (geeze Makoto, how come you get to have 2 pokémon?) Taka What can I say, it's everyone's fave '''legendary''' police dog! (I'll come clean, I totally cribbed this from Chasml after reading 'My Real Test'; I cannot imagine Taka without an Arcanine) Mondo My bro calls Pangoro 'delinquent bear' so it fits Mondo well, but the idea Pancham refuses to evolve cos he knows Mondo loves the cute pre-evolutions is hilarious to me. Sayaka Primarina is an all singing, all dancing diva, just like the idol herself. Leon Zebstrika . . .zebSTRIKA . . .zebSTRIKA . . . STRIKE like in BASEBALL GEDDIT??? But also - ill tempered, physically talented with a punky aesthetic? Sounds like Leon. Celeste A stocky, grey, spoiled feline? That's not Purugly, that's Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg Hifumi When I saw the similarities between Blissey and Princess Piggles I couldn't unsee it. Hina Cute, bubbly and an excellent swimmer? Describes Marill to a T. Sakura Whilst she definitely has fighter type pokémon on her team - Alolan Ninetales' style, grace and calm demeanour just reminded me of Sakura. Toko Although insect/bug types would suit her well; I think a lot of them are still too 'cute' - 'unpleasant' pokémon like Grimer or Trubbish mirror her extreme self-image issues. Byakuya I know Ditto suits TWOgami better, but a bit of meta here - a foreign language Ditto is the best way to breed Shinys which seems right up Byakuya's alley; with the obligatory 'Rich Guy Persian' for good measure. Chihiro What self-respecting computer whizz wouldn't dream of a constant portable power supply? Helps that Charjabug is also adorable. Hiro Unpredictably psychic, undefinable intelligence and contentious usefulness, am I talking about Hiro or the Psyduck? Junko Gothorita is called both "the Manipulate pokémon" and "The Witch of Punishment" in its pokédex entries . . . (plus, clearly a fashion icon to boot) Mukuro Pawniard will follow a Bisharp's orders with no mind to its own wellbeing, a perfect pawn if you will.
Tumblr media
(and my favourite still continues to be this stupid fat rat, so there's no accounting for taste)
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jolee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Girl to girl
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Character interactions I better aee in the danganronpa summer camp game
Grr bark bark
Hajime: I have no talent
Ryoma: I have no will to live
Tenko, Sakura, Akane, Hina: *powerful woman club*
Hifumi: omg you're so cool
Kiibo: thanks
Kazuichi, Miu, Chihiro: *running up to kiibo to work on him*
Gundham: *talks about like Satan and dark magic and stuff*
Angie: atua said to shut up lol
Himiko: no let him keep going this is interesting
Sayaka: gaslight
Sonia: gatekeep
Maki: girlboss
*the 3 of them proceed to beat up monokuma*
Mondo: for the last time kid you can't play on my bike you could get hurt
Masaru: *on his motorbike*
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crystallizedtwilight · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AU where Chihiro asks Sakura for strength training instead!
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