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Hello! I don’t have a request but I wanted to say I absolutely love your latest story and I can’t wait for the next part!! (You better me making it or I’ll- /j) But anyways you’re awesome 😎
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part one
Part two
Also @shaddow-darkcloud , @citruscirrus , @idontneedsleep671 , @crea8ive-traveler91 you wanted to be added.
TW: Tears, lying, hiding the reader from authorities, implications of readers parents death, Angst with a happy end, comfort, fluff
>>The Lost Child<<
The clock is ticking on the wall, it´s such an unbearable loud sound. You don´t know what was going on. There are many noises outside the door. They left you alone in Freddy's room, sitting on the red couch with the giant plushie of the Bear Animatronic next to you. It was offering you a little bit of comfort but the loud voices just outside the door made you feel nervous.
While you were playing nervously with your fingers there was a turmoil right in front of Freddy's room. Your mind couldn´t grasp the situation, not even as you walked to the giant window and pushed the curtain to the side to glance outside on the floor. The flour Glamrock Animatronics stood very close to one another. You could see Vanessa along with people in strange uniforms in the background. You press your ear against the glass and try to understand something, anything.
,,Do you even know what happens if we let them take them? They have no one left." The voice of Montgomery is unusually low and soft. ,,They are going to be put in an orphanage."
Panic spreads through your little form at hearing this sentence faintly in the background. The next words of the others are too silent for you to understand but what you heard was enough. Something inside of you knows that you will never see your parent again, causing tears to dwell up in your eyes and a burning feeling to spread into your throat.
Just as you were about to tear up heavy steps come closer and the door opens. Freddy and your view meet and before you know it the giant bear kneeled in front of you and stretches out his arms towards you. With a loud sob, you throw yourself into his arms. He hushes you while stroking over your little back.
He seems to hesitate to speak out his next words and you can hear the uncertainty in his voice like he isn´t sure himself what he is about to do.
,,Listen little one, we do not have much time... Do you trust me?"
,,Do...you want to stay with us?"
,,O-Of c-c-course."
You cling onto him like your life would depend on it. Another moment of hesitation from Freddys side pass before he softly pulls you backward. He looks all over your little form before raising upward with you. ,,Press this button for me Superstar." You do as he´s told and watch how that other door opens due to the press of the button. ,,Wonderfully done, _____."
His soothing voice gives you a sense of security. ,,I...am sorry but I will have to ask something of you which might be a bit scary." You swear you heard a sigh escape him as he gives you a view that is so full of affection. To your surprise his chest cavity suddenly opens, leaving you startled but only for a second.
,,I need you to climb inside of my chest and you must be utterly silent until I pull you out again... do you think you can do that for me, my dear little one?"
Now it´s your turn to hesitate but then you nod and slowly climb into his chest, which promptly closes again, leaving you into darkness. You take a deep breath and somehow the warmth Freddys system emanates makes it easier for you to stay calm. Before you know it the big Animatronic starts to move, causing you to bounce a little inside of him, yet you soon found a stable grip inside of him.
,,Officer Vanessa! Officer Vanessa! They...They escaped...!"
,,I wanted to say goodbye to them...but seemingly this all was too much for them and they suddenly opened the other door and ran-"
You listen confused to the lie the big bear is telling Vanessa. While you still didn´t quite understand what exactly is going on, you simply knew that he was doing this to protect you.
Many more voices echo around you but you can´t really find the strength to focus on any of them in particular. At least not until many footsteps become more and more distant and Freddy speaks once more.
,,Shall we help to search for them?"
,,Oh no! You did more than enough already! Just...stay out of my way!"
There was a long silence until you felt Freddy move again and whispering voices becoming louder. Before you know it the chest cavity open and you had to blink several times to adapt to the light. You are carefully pulled out of the darkness in a green room.
,,Hello again, dearest. How do you feel...?" You turn around as you hear Chicas caring voice. Once more you are faced with the four Animatronics who look all down at you.
,,I...I don´t know." You choke out. ,,W-what is going to happen to me now? Mommy/Daddy isn´t coming b-back are th-they...?"
They give each other a view you cannot define before addressing you. Roxy is the first one to break the silence as she wipes a tear off your little cheek. ,,...Sadly they aren´t."
You don´t even have time to react as Chica knees down in front of you and cup the top of your head immediately. ,,But we can be your family now if you wish."
,,B-But...are...aren´t they looking for...m-me...? I-I...don...don´t wanna cause any trouble...!" You hiccup, raising your arms to wipe the incoming tears from your eyes. Soon enough your whole body starts to tremble at this is all too much for you. Two large hands slide around your form and you are raised upward. As you struggle to look through your tears at Freddy this one frowns full of worry.
,,We want you to stay here. I... we will protect you. We will find a way to make this work. If this is what you want...? If you want to stay here with us?"
,,I-I thought I already agreed to that..."
You speaking this out with a weak giggle. Somehow you still found the strength to say this little joke. This causes Freddy to smile gently. He presses his forehead carefully against your little forehead, letting out an audible sigh.
,,You won´t regret it little one..."
While you close your eyes Monty was slowly walking towards the door. Your little hands came to rest on Freddy's giant cheeks while you actually smile at the warmth and comfort his presence gives you.
,,Monty, where are you going?" Roxy raise her eyebrow and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Monty only shot her a glance over his shoulder while fixing his glasses.
,,Getting someone who can manipulate the security footage."
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W.I.P Day?? Sundrop/Moondrop x Child!Reader
Honestly this is taking a while and decided to give y'all this whilst 'm writing it!
Sun and Moon's pronouns change since I wasn't fully sure! and the pov's change as well since it's been awhile since I've written a story and tested to see how I write different pov's
Ask: May I request something with Sunny and Moony with a new to the daycare child reader where the kid is pretty well behaved and quiet, cleans up after themselves, just seems like a great kid, then when first meeting moon and moon spooks them, they shriek as expected of pretty much all the kids who are scared of him but then start laughing immediately afterwards instead of trying to escape, kid likes getting spooked and is very cooperative about Naptime.
A bit later when coloring after another child suggested they all draw their favorite animatronics at the pizza place when reader is asked who they chose they just walk right up to Sundrop with two drawings hands him one of him "this one is for you" hands him the other "and can you give this one to the pretty moon man if you see him? We were drawing our favorite but I couldn't chose so I drew both my favorites!" The drawing is of Moondrop. On the drawing of Sundrop they wrote for Funny Sunny and the one of Moondrop had what child reader called him saying for Pretty Moon Man.
How do you think those two would handle that situation with child reader and having this nice child chose them both as favorites, and the kid not being scared of Moon and calling Moon pretty?
Fandom/s: FNAF: Security Breach
Request (Yes or No): Yes
Gender: GN!Reader
Pronouns: They/Them
TW/s: None (It might change as I write it though)
As the parents left the daycare to go elsewhere Reader was a bit confused as to where they were, but decided to explore around till they find something they like or find interesting. They walked around in curiosity trying to figure out as to where they were in the daycare, until they saw an animatronic near the other children sitting down and drawing along with them? Reader wasn’t fully sure since they were quite far so they decided to walk closer slowly since they were quite confused of the animatronic as they got nearer.
They took a chair and sat down slowly so as to not make any noise to disturb the other children in the daycare and to not draw attention to themself. They took a piece of paper and looked at the animatronic in amazement as they decided to draw them until they heard a tiny bang. They looked up with a tad bit of panic in their eyes till they saw it was only one of the toys in the daycare that fell, they wanted to continue drawing, but decided otherwise and stood up to help the animatronic who was currently panicking with the stacking toy (?). They took the first circle block and placed it up as Sundrop looked a bit confused as to what reader was doing since children usually made things messy and didn’t help clean up. Sundrop looked excited as he carried you like Simba (Lion King) and said “New Friend!!! New Friend!!”.
2nd Person POV
You were frazzled by what’s currently happening, which is one: you’re being carried by a robot?? Animatronic?? You weren’t really sure at this point.. Second: you were getting really dizzy and third: you don’t really like getting carried. You looked at them with confusion and dizziness in your eyes as you asked him politely to put you down as they tilted his head at you till they nodded and let you down softly, as Sundrop put you down you continued to help him clean up everything the other kids messed up (as you can tell I don’t like kids much-) even though they said you didn’t need to and that he could do it you could tell from a moment ago that they seemed like he was about to cry from the mess made from that one kid that was running around.
Sun’s POV (‘m testing around with pov’s so it might change from time to time)
He smiled even more (as much as he could atleast..) as he looked at the young child cleaning up silently. Moon was happy and quietly celebrating with him as well, considering it was one of the few times they met a child who isn’t messy and helps with simple things such as cleaning up.
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Can I request Platonic madrigal family with a child who always brings/gives them gifts? Like candy, flowers, or cards(or anything else) that just explains how much the child loves them?
Thank you!
Have a good day/night
Madrigal Adults reacting to child!reader giving them gifts
Note: Thank you for this adorable request!
Pairs: Madrigal Adults x child!reader (Platonic)
Type:Fluff, Platonic and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Julieta and Agustín Madrigal
Tumblr media
I know they would be like "For me?" when you give them a gift!
You want to give them gifts to appreciate them for helping the Encanto.
Julieta will be so happy and give you a candy.
Agustín will be absolutely ecstatic and pat you on the head and say "Gracias niña"
Tumblr media
Pepa and Félix Madrigal
Tumblr media
Pepa absolutely had a rainbow over her head when you gave her a flower.
She loves you, in a platonic way of course!
You gave Félix a basket of berries he was so happy and adored by you!
Pepa and Félix introduces you to their youngest son: Antonio
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal
Tumblr media
He will be very surprised since many kids look away from him.
He will ask if it was for him and you nod.
Bruno starts treating you as his own daughter even though you had parents of your own.
He would look into the future and see that you grow up into a beautiful young woman.
Tumblr media
Alma Madrigal
Tumblr media
Like her son, she would also be surprised since she thought that a few kids didn’t like her after how she treated her family.
She will thank you and put the flowers in her bedroom.
She will give you some flowers too and when you are happy, brings a smile to her face.
She treats you as if you are her granddaughter.
Sometimes you two would play and throw flower petals at each other.
Thank you for reading!
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okay so!! chocolate milk+ comfortingly sweet envy flavor + syrup with a flowery aroma + to any archon of your choosing(because i cant pick), from child reader + "how can i grow to love this world?"
An order for the 900+ Follower event
Coming right up!
You want a chocolate milk (Headcannons) with comfortingly sweet envy flavor (puppet au), added syrup with a flowery aroma (Flower tag). I'll send it to Ei, "How can I grow to love this world?" From Child reader.
*~Synopsis: Child!reader finds a hidden dungeon in Tenshukaku... with a familiar person in there.
*~Notes: Ei supremacy. Also! puppet au + child reader is such an odd combination I hadn't even thought of while making the event, thank you! I hope I did this to your liking!
*~Warnings: Slightly angsty?? Imprisonment, cult behaviors, toxic relationships/mindsets, a child (under 10) is considered god
You were too young to understand the concept of your godhood, much less the thought of someone impersonating you.
So the "imposter" was meant to be kept a secret from you, held in Tenshukaku for no one but the archons to see.
Nobody was sure how you did it, one moment they were rushing to get you an adequate snack (Ei pouting because she wanted to help but Yae Miko threatened her when she tried to), the next you were gone.
They searched the entirety of Tenshukaku looking for you, the last place they thought you'd be was underneath the building. In the dungeons, staring face-to-face with the "imposter".
Your wide, child eyes stared at the figure through the bars. Their skin was dirty, eyes hollow, breath shallow, but an invisible string tugged you towards them.
Something, a word you didn't know, was on the tip of your tongue. You reached your hand out to the unresponsive figure, "Hey," Your high-pitched voice caused their ears to prick up and eyes to widen, "Are you okay?"
Your fingers reached within the bars, the invisible string urging you to touch their beaten and battered form.
Two pairs of the same colored eyes met and the figure's breathing stopped as they stared at you.
You paused as well, your undeveloped brain taking a moment to process their appearance.
They looked like you, exactly like you, but older. Not by much though, they looked to be a teenager or young adult.
You opened your mouth to comment on their appearance, to ask them to come closer so you could see them and touch them, to see if they were real, but they beat you to it.
Their eyes lit up with life once more and they whispered in a voice similar to your own, simply more mature, "Your grace."
Your hand stuttered and retracted back towards your body, almost as though you were stung, "Ah, you're just like them then..." You said, mostly to yourself, "Why do you look so similar to me?" You tilted your head, the string still urging - begging - for you to get closer to the figure.
Their eyes, the same color as yours, shattered. They seemed as though they were about to burst into tears at any moment, their hands shaking and bottom lip quivering.
"Y-you... don't remember?" They whimpered, looking away from you.
You tilted your head, "Remember... what?" You furrowed your brows and frowned. Your chest ached at seeing them so distraught.
"You'd..." They sighed, "No, it's far too much to explain now. Not when you're so young."
"You can tell me!" You exclaimed, pushing your face against the bars to get closer to their figure, chained up with metal and dry vines. As though they'd been there for a long time, "I'm very good with adult stuff! I'm Teyvat's creator after all!"
They looked up at your face, smushed against the bars, a determined crease in your brows, and giggled. It was miniscule, but it was genuine and freeing.
It caused you to smile in turn, a happiness bubbling in your chest as they smiled for the first time in who knows how long.
Ei barged into the room, lightning causing your hair to stick up.
You whipped your head around towards her and grinned. Your young and sheltered mind didn't perceive the danger she possessed, after all she was only ever nice to you. She couldn't hurt people in your mind
"Ei!" You grinned and ran over to her, clutching at her clothes with a wide and goofy grin, "Look at them! They look just like me! I think we're family or something, they feel like my... uh..." While still holding onto the electro archon's robes, you turned back to the figure in the cell. They were curled in on themselves, though their eyes were alight with passion as they stared at you. "They feel like my kid." You concluded with a self-assuring nod.
Ei bundled your small form up in her arms and lifted you up, resting you on her hip.
She ruffled the hair on your head affectionately, though a smile did not grace her face, "Your grace, what are you doing down here?" She frowned, and your shoulders slumped at the disappointment (and near fear) in her eyes.
"I felt like it." You stated simply, pointing to the person in the cell, the shriveled vines almost cradling their form, "They're very nice. I can tell."
Ei frowned, "Your grace, they're not that nice... They're down here for a reason." She rubbed some stray grime off of your face, worry creasing her brows.
You tilted your head, “Why’re they down here?”
A whine built up in the back of her throat. She couldn’t just refuse you, you were her god, but you were so young. She didn’t want to tell you too much but she couldn’t just refuse you.
“It’s because we’re exactly the same. The only difference is our apparent age.” The figure croaked out meekly.
Lightning tickled the air and your heart ached, “What’s so wrong with looking like me?” You pouted.
Ei shook her head frantically, “No, no, there’s nothing wrong with it! It’s just that they were...” she sighed, “it’s hard to explain to you because you’re so young.”
You whined, “I can handle it! Let them out! They’re nice! I can tell!”
You tugged at her clothes with a pout, giving the best puppy dog eyes you could.
Eventually, after glancing between you, the imposter, you, the imposter, back and forth, she sighed. (Your incessant whining might've also had something to do with it.)
"Fine. I'll trust you, your grace. But they cannot leave the cell and I will be right beside you, okay?" She said sternly, but her hand softly held your face with worry.
You nodded eagerly, grinning ear-to-ear, your tears drying up immediately.
Ei huffed but a small smile still tugged up at her lips. She held onto you as she opened up the cell with... some type of power. You weren't entirely sure what she did but all she had to do was hold up her hand to the lock and it opened without struggle.
The entire time she glared down at them as though they'd jump at you like a wild animal. Meanwhile, you wiggled out of her arms and ran towards them.
"Your grace!" Ei called out in almost a whine as you went face to face with the "imposter".
Ei held onto the back of your clothes, the multitude of visions on your form jingled as you stared into the identical eyes of the person.
They smiled and their hand began to reach out for you, but paused. You reached your hand out instead, not even sure what you were doing, until you placed your hand gently on their head.
You breathed out a laugh, and something fell into place, "It's been a while."
Flowers bloomed on their head and the vines, stars twinkled in their eyes, "That is has, your grace. Though, last time, I believe you were taller."
You giggled, memories tickled at your brain but you couldn't quite recall anything.
The only thing you did know was that they were family. Like Eula, misunderstood and hated by the world, but you loved them all the same.
"Your grace..?" Ei whispered.
You looked back to her, smiling but your eyes were sad, "There's nothing wrong with looking like me... Ei..." You couldn't pretend to smile anymore as your lips tugged down to a distressed frown, tears flooding your eyes, "Why did you hurt them?"
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I’ve seen the massive influx of Angst and I’ve come to encourage it with a angst to a floof! Imagine if you will: the reader is a piglin similar to Techno but more hybrid looking yet has more human instincts. Now imagine Techno finding said child, (mayhaps after escaping Dream who’s trying to use them, as he does.) and the child is terrified and just uses their one Piglin instinct: give gold. So they just kinda throw little gold nuggets at Techno. Maybe a mentor relationship or like brotherly? Sorry it’s just an idea and feel perfectly free to change it around and mix it up! You’re definitely a better writer than me- If you leave this unanswered I perfectly understand :D
🐷 Anon
Striking Back - DreamSMP
c!Techno x child piglin hybrid gn!Reader
Fluff to Angst - Platonic
Requested: Yes
[Word Count: 1,528]
CW: character death
Techno found you, a piglin hybrid, lost in the Nether after narrowly escaping the destruction of your town. He takes you in and raises you as your new big brother.
- I'M SO SORRY I CAN'T WRITE ANYTHING WITHOUT ANGST. I TRIED SO HARD ON THIS ONE I SWEAR. I'll make another part that's fluffy I promise! -
Techno was just wandering the Nether one day when he heard crying from behind a pile of Netherite, high pitched enough for it to sound like it was coming from a child
Even though he knew he shouldn’t stray from his path home, he couldn’t help but follow the cries
Only a few paces off of his road, Techno rounded a corner and found a small piglin, curled up with tears streaming down your face
At the time, Techno was still known as the Blood God - a vicious murderer not yet in retriement
But something about seeing that child there broke through the barrier he had been putting up for as long as he could remember
He stepped closer to your tiny form with as quiet of steps as he could manage
Slowly, he lifted you into his arms with gentle hands, staring down at you
Remarkably, you stopped crying, instead staring up at him with wide, teary eyes
It doesn’t take much debating for Techno to decide to take this child back home with him
Just until I find out where their parents are, he tells himself
Right before Techno reached his home, however, he felt a small rock strike his jaw. Looking down, he saw you looking up at him still with an innocent expression
He brushed it off as nothing and continued on, but only a few steps later he felt it again
This time he snapped his head down in time to see you retracting your hand
Looking down past you, Techno saw a small hole in the snow that didn’t look natural
Inside rested a little golden nugget, small enough for a baby to hold
Turning his attention back to the piglin, he saw a similar gold nugget in your hand, but this time you calmly handed the gold piece to him
Techno couldn’t resist a smile, taking the gold into his palm with a “thank you,” earning a toothy grin that revealed tusks yet to develop
The next six months would go by before Techno learned of what happened to your village
It was unfortunate enough to have been constructed by a Nether fortress, and according to Phil it only took the Blazes to have one bad day before the whole thing went up in flames
Techno decided that night that there was no other choice. He looked over at the one thing he swore he never wanted to have in his house and felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time
Like he was staring at a younger sibling of his own, abandoned and waiting for him to teach them the ways of life
Techno had to protect you, even if that meant keeping you in his own house
And so it began
Five years later, you are a healthy young piglin, free to roam the new world as you learn how it works
Raised by Techno and Phil - the latter of which being more of a father figure - you were raised on morals, mostly taught how to differentiate between right and wrong
Another five years pass, and you’re about the size of the average 13-year-old, considering piglins grow to be taller than humans
You are no longer a secret to the SMP, and you are frequently visited by Tommy and Tubbo, both seeing you as a little sibling as well
One of the SMP members you’re closest to is Wilbur, who acts as an older brother alongside Techno. Wilbur certainly acts more like an older brother than Techno, however, constantly teasing and playing around with you until Phil tells you two to stop because “You’re gonna break something”
Techno has remained protective but lets you explore, similarly to the way he was brought up
You learn the basics of self-defense, but Techno refuses to teach you aggressive combat at such a young age. He knows how that can turn out and doesn’t want your life to be a replica of his
Despite his refusal, you pester Techno almost every day, waiting for when he’ll break and teach you how to fight like you see the adults do in the front yard when you’re supposed to be hiding
In the meantime, you spend most of your days in the nearest woods, befriending the wildlife and teaching yourself how to be self-sustainable
As a piglin, the temperature is something you have to get used to, so you try and spend as much time in the cold as possible
Though, it’s always nice to return to Phil’s warm fireplace
By the time that you’re seventeen, (in human years) you have witnessed the first fall of L’Manburg with your own eyes. You watched Wilbur get stabbed by one of the men that you were raised with with tears in your eyes
That night, you didn’t return home, instead slipping into a familiar cave in the backwoods. Inside the cave lived a family of white-coated foxes, all familiar with you from your years growing up alongside them
You can’t stop yourself from crying, lying on your side and tucking your knees up into your chest. If Techno had seen you then, he would have thought of nothing but that night he found you, lost and alone
But it wasn’t Techno that found you. It was Dream
“Are you lost?” He had said. His voice echoed throughout the cave, making it sound like he was everywhere around you. The foxes bared their fangs and backed into the shadows, hair raised and poised to attack. You sniffed, trying to compose yourself, only managing a brisk nod. “I’m Dream.”
“I know who you are,” you snapped. Everyone knew who Dream was, how could they not? You had been warned of him many times in the past, but you still don’t know why you didn’t run away, or fight him off. Maybe you felt too vulnerable to even try. Maybe you secretly wanted him there.
Dream sat down beside you, not moving any closer when you hurried away, keeping a 3-foot distance. “I know what happened to Wilbur today,” he whispered. You flinched, not wanting to remember, but Dream continued on. “Yeah, I saw it all. Phil never should have done that, you know.”
“He said it’s what Wilbur wanted him to do,” you muttered into your arms. You were surprised that Dream could even hear you.
But he did, and he laughed. It sounded like that of a hyena, loud and mocking. “Oh, of course he did! He knew how close you were to Wilbur.”
You turn your head to him, barely silhouetted in what little of the moon’s light brightened the cave. “How do you know I was close to Wilbur?”
Dream tilted his head just slightly, but it didn’t look curious. It looked condescending. “I know everything, Y/N. Everything that happens around comes straight back to me.”
“How do you know my na-”
“Plus, why would Phil want you on his bad side?” Dream interrupted. “I mean, you’re a piglin! A dangerous creature, wouldn’t you say?” You didn’t respond, not wanting him to hear how stung you were. Something told you that he knew, anyway. “No one wants a piglin on their bad side, Y/N. Including me.”
“What are you talking about?” You’re lucky for the monotone voice you picked up from Techno, fearing that too much inflection would give away just how scared and curious you were.
Dream leaned in closer, and this time you didn’t move away, but you didn’t look at him either. His voice felt like a snake in your ear, whispering to you about how you should just try one bite of the apple. How it knows that you’ll like the taste. “I want you on my side, Y/N. I think that we could be a great team, you and I. Together, we would show Phil and Techno just what their decisions lead to, hm?”
You take a second to process this. Phil and Techno raised you from nothing, you would have died if it weren’t for them. But Wilbur did die because of Phil. And there wasn’t a thing you could do about it, because Techno never taught you how to engage in proper combat. This was a setup from the beginning, wasn’t it? They wanted you on their side because Dream was right, you are a powerful asset. Is that it? You’re nothing more than an asset in the eyes of the men that kept you alive for all these years?
How long had they been waiting for the right moment to strike? After Wilbur, who knows who’s next? Tommy? Tubbo? Yourself? If Dream hadn’t come to you that night, what if you were to be their next victim? In that case, Dream had saved you from a fate you never would have seen coming. He saved my life.
You start to nod your head, slowly at first, and then more seriously as you grow more sure of your answer. You turn to him, the moonlight reflecting off of your tusks, visible from your snarl-like smile. “I’m in.”
Dream’s mask smiles for him, but you can sense the animalistic grin behind that facade. “Perfect.”
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writing-fanics · a month ago
I can imagine Bruno’s child getting very close to Maribel (especially if their mother isn’t in the picture either) but imagine if when she was looking for him, the child wanted to go with but was told no because it might not be safe. So instead they give maribel a drawing/letter to give to bruno about how they love and miss him.
Tumblr media
“But Prima Mira! I wanna come find mi papá!” Abigail pleaded, Mirabel turned sadly towards the child. Kneeling down placing her hands on the child’s shoulders.
“I’m sorry, but it’s too dangerous and I’d never forgive myself if you get hurt.” Mirabel said, and Abigail folded her arms.
“But he’s mi papá!” Abigail cried, throwing her arms in the air. Mirabel hugged her, “I’m sorry but it’s too dangerous.” Mirabel said, placing a kiss on their forehead.
Mirabel was the closest thing Abigail had to a sister, and mother. Mirabel’s been looking out for her ever since her father left when she was born. “Okay.” Abigail frowned, but then a lightbulb lit up in her head.
She rushed into the nursery since, also Abigail didn’t get a gift. Quickly grabbing the picture she drew of her father days ago, running back towards Mirabel. “Give this to mi papá when you find him okay.” She asked, and Mirabel looked at the picture.
She nodded, “And, tell him I love him and I miss him.” She said, Mirabel hugged Abigail. Placing the drawing into her satchel.
“Oh, tío Bruno. Here Abigail made this.” Mirabel said, taking out the drawing and handing it to her uncle. He smiled softly looking down at the drawing, of him and his daughter holding hands.
“She also said that, ‘She loves and misses you.’” She said, Bruno stared at the picture in awe, smiling softly fighting back the tears brimming his eyes.
“Thanks,” He said, before entering the secret doorway behind the wall. “Knock, knock, on wood.” He said, then crossed his fingers closing his eyes, and going back behind the wall.
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jacketbones · 5 months ago
Undyne: I'm a lesbian!
Child! Y/n: I thought you were a monster??
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genshindreamer · 3 months ago
Those Child!Readers are so cute 🥺🥺 can you maybe do one with the reader getting kidnapped and then the dads having to go rescue them? Can you do it with Childe, Scara, Gorou, Zhongli, and anyone else you’d like to add. You can just ignore if it’s too dark but I’d like to see how they’d react to it. You wrote them so well I love it! Thank youuu ❤️
Oh absolutely I can. And don't worry, my definition of "dark" would be like..yandere stuff (I watched way too much YanSim as wee thing and now I try to avoid anything like it lol). All Genshin Family stories will feature all the boys, sometimes in one part, 2 sometimes.
Also, if I were to put these all in one place, would you prefer AO3 or Wattpad?
Genshin Men x Child!Reader: You get kidnapped
Characters: Childe, Scaramouche, Gorou, Zhongli, Kaeya, Diluc, Albedo
Warnings: Kidnapping, mild violence, Near death experiences in Scaramouche's and also he's very violent. Mild Gore maybe?? Pregnancy mention in Gorou. Again, presence of a mother and they actually have lines. Same rules apply here as in my others.
Reader is about 6-7
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
It was the one thing he feared, his family being kidnapped. He was out on a mission in Fontaine and when he returned, he could feel a sinking feeling in his gut.
Shaking his head, he pressed onward. He entered the house. "Babe? (Name)?" He called out after he didn't see either of you. Normally you'd come running out and his partner would kiss him, but neither of those things happened.
He stepped in, the sinking feeling rising. "Babe! (Name)!" He called out, running before finding a note on the kitchen table.
He picked it up.
We have your Spouse and kid. If you want to see them again, bring 100million Mora to the address below.
He growled and slammed the note down. "Bullshit." He glanced down at the address and grabbed a polarm. He didn't feel like fucking around with a bow. A polearm was his best weapon and right now, he wanted murder.
He walked off, his eyes dark. He knew the address well, having destroyed a gang of treasure haorders or two with the traveller. Ah...good times.
He shook his head and barged in. He growled lowly and twirled his polearm.
You and your mother were tied back to back in chairs.
They turned to you and rested their head on yours. "You doing okay?"
You nodded a bit. "I-I think so..."
They hum. "It's okay. Daddy's going to get us."
You nod before heading the sounds of conflict.
Childe stabbed one through the neck and threw him aside, swinging his polarm and kicking another in the face, lifting his polarm and stabbing him in the chest.
"Tell me where they are." He said, his voice low and stepped on the guys neck. "Or I can stomp right here."
"P-please...." The hoarder wheezed.
"Start talking." Childe ordered. His eyes glistened with insanity.
"They *choke* They are....in there..." He pointed to the door to the far end of the hall.
"Thank you for your cooperation." Childe said, stabbing the man's neck and stepping away. He turned and saw his boots leaving bloody prints on the ground.
He put his staff on his back and opened the door, relaxing as he found his spouse and Child. He was also relieved you were facing away from him so you didn't see his blood soaked form.
He kissed his spouse and untied them and then you.
"You okay?" He asked you gently.
You nodded shakily. You had never seen him literally drenched in blood before, it should have scared you, but it didn't because it was your dad!
You hugged him and let him pick you up bridal style (you sadly were too big for him to carry like a toddler anymore, he had cried that day).
He wrapped his arm around his spouses waist and held you in his other arm.
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
First of all....who the hell decided kidnapping Scaramouche's child was a good idea??
Well, it didn't matter who because they were going to die soon anyways :D
Scaramouche had a feeling something was wrong all day. And it wasn't just that Childe was being more annoying than usual, or that the recruits were bigger dumbasses than normal. No.
While Scaramouche was...a little parinoid, he never felt it this badly. He got out of his office and went home, making sure none followed him before he stumbled, seeing blood trailing out his house. It used to be a common sight, admitably, but since he had tried to separate work from home after your birth, he hadn't seen it in years. He stepped in, looking around.
He went to your room, wondering if perhaps you were sick or something, but no. In fact, he saw something worse. Blood, lots of it, from your bed and trails out the house.
His vision went dark. He followed the blood like a feral wolf stalking it's prey. How dare they hurt you?!
He followed the blood to an old werehouse and kicked the door open, pinning the dumbass against the wall, slamming his head into the wall. "Where the fuck are they?"
The thug didn't say anything and Scara slammed his head into the wall again, not minding the blood that splatterd. "I'll ask you again, where the fuck are they?"
He got no response and he growled, throwing the useless man aside and deciding to track you the old fashioned way.
He killed more and more, splattering more and more blood on his clothes.
He slammed a door open and that was when he found you and his spouse, who was holding onto a stab wound on your side.
"D-daddy..." You whimpered out. "I-It hurts..."
His face softened. "I know. I know." He said gently. "I'm going to wrap something tightly around you, okay?"
He hated how fast your warm blood was seeping through his clothes, and just how pale you were getting. He removed one of the belt on his outfit and wrapped it around your torso where the stab was. He carefully took you into his arms, letting his spouse get up before walking with you out and towards a hospital. Well, the Fatui hospital.
He laid you on the bed and begrudgingly went to stand outside with his spouse (who to their credit, did their best to comfort the irate man)
He let his face soften and pulled them close, kissing their neck gently before going into your room and holding your little hand in his. You would likely be out cold for a couple hours.
He kissed your forehead and for once, dropped his gaurd as the door closed, leaving his little family inside with him.
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Gorou knew his allegences left himself in danger, and when he started to get close to his spouse, he knew it would put them in danger as well. Then, they fell pregnant with (Name) and Gorou had asked her excellency for a safe house and she agreed, hiding you and your mother away from prying eyes.
But even then, you weren't immune.
Some of the shoguns more...daring men came into your house and dragged you and your mother far away to their little base, demanding to know your father's whereabouts.
"No." You said firmly at the man, your ears twitching.
He narrowed his eyes and slapped you. "I'm not asking."
You whimpered.
Gorou came home, friending at the unfamialr scents. Normally his spouse would tell him if they had company. He then smelled....distress?
He ran around the house, growling as he didn't find either of you. He then decided to embrace his dog side and sniffed one of your clothes to pick up you scent and began to follow it.
Anyone who saw the normally composed man/dog hybrid were very confused when they saw him on all fours with a feral look.
He went to the military base, fighting his way through the maze like halls, using your scent as a guide. He then found where you two were kept and jumped down, landing on all four and got up, opening the ropes. He heard the doors open and he growled, his ears and tail puffing in display. He growled loudly, exposing his sharp canines.
He let loose a series of arrows, killing the men in the room.
After checking you weren't hurt, he let you climb onto his back and he carried you piggy back style out of the base, holding his partners waist.
*✧・゚:✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Zhongli had made more foe than friend in his lifetime as Morax. He wasn't proud of some of his actions, but he had grown used to the feeling.
When he met his spouse, he was happy to finally find someone who'd didn't care about his god status or the things he done. He treasured them, so when (Name) came into his life, he was delighted.
He hummed as he went home, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. He expected you to come running into his arms and for his spouse to greet him with a warm kiss.
Only those things didn't happen.
"Darling? (Name)?" He asked.
He hummed and saw a note written in a language long forgotten.
"Osial..." He glared. He would try to figure out how he got out later, and it didn't really matter in that moment. Osial would never step out again by the time Zhongli was done with him.
He walked with his spear in hand as he began to track you down.
He arrived in the old Lair of Osial. Of course...Zhongli had spent many a night here in his relative youth. In fact, he and Osial had had a thing for several hundred years, but then he-
Zhongli shook the thought away. "Osial?"
"Ah Zhongli, you made it." Osial grinned.
"Osial...let them go." He demanded gently. He didn't want to fight.
"Oh? The great Morax appears to have a weakness now." Osial grinned, pulling you in front of him with a knife to your throat.
"L-let them go..." Zhongli swallowed thickly.
"Hmm....I don't think I want to." Osial grinned.
You whimpered and looked at Zhongli.
He turned to you. "Close your eyes, darling." He said simply.
You heard much banging, clashing, curses, but then they stopped and Baba (Daddy) scooped you into his arms and carried you.
You kept your eyes closed, accidentally falling asleep on the way home.
*✧・゚:✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Kaeya hummed softly as he returned home, flowers in one hand and a toy for you in the other.
"I'm home." He called out, looking around. "Babe? Kiddo?" He arched a brow and stepped further in, wondering where you two were.
"Are we playing hide and seek today?" He asked hismelf, amused. It was something that happened occasionally, granted, it was usually just (Name) who played this game.
He searched in all the hiding spots he could think of, and began to get more stressed out when he couldn't find you two. "Babe! (Name)!"
He searched around before seeing footsteps leaving his house that didn't seem familiar. He growled and started to follow them to a ring he was All too familiar with, both as a knight, and it was one of his....sources.
He clenched his sword and searched around, following pure instinct, finding it suspicious how quiet it was.
It wasn until he stepped inside the room you two were in when he got pinned against a wall. He growled and fought against his captors that seemed to be speaking in a language you couldn't understand (Fontaine maybe? Hillichurl? You had no clue).
He was turning to swing his sword at one of the men when suddenly a sword pierced through his torso.
"Kaeya!"/"Dad!" You both cried out.
He fought off the men and held his side tightly. He untied you two with one arm.
"Kaeya..." His spouse fussed.
"I'm fine." He grunted. "I just need to get back..."
Your mother nodded and picked you up, trying to calm you down even though you both were freaking out about Kaeya.
"I'm going to be fine." He said, petting your hair with his non-bloody hand. "I'm okay."
You nodded after a second.
He tried to ignore how tired he felt. He couldn't close his eyes...just couldn't...
But if you were two were safe, that's what mattered....
Why did his feet feel light?
When did his vision blur????
"Kaeya!" Your mother yells being the last thing Kaeya heard before his world faded to black.
*✧・゚:✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Of course, being a nobile family in Mondstat had left a target on Dilucs head since he had been born, and when his spouse married him, a target in their head, and finally yours when you'd been born.
Diluc did his best to keep you safe, but the abyss was a dangerous enemy, so when he arrived home and found his two favorite people missing, he isntantly found Dainslief who was one of the few people Diluc trusted to help.
The two men searched and entered the Abyss heralds lair. He looked up and found you and his spouse in separate cages. He growled and turned to the herald.
The two clashed in a heated battle and Dain went up and got the two of you out.
"Hey baby," your mother whispered. "How about we play the quiet game, hm? See can take the quietest steps and not talk."
You nodded and held their hand, letting them and Dain lead you outside and to the winery.
Diluc came home a few hours later and groaned.
"Daddy okay?" You asked.
"Yeah. Just a little sore."
You hugged him and he picked you up. "Now, how about I let you have some of that juice you like?"
*✧・゚:✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
He knew he wasn't always around to pay attention to you two. He still had work to do in Dragonspine and other places around Tevyat.
A part of him feared one day you'd forget all about him and his spouse would leave with you in the night.
So when he came home and found you two missing, his mind assumed his fears came true.
Until he found a note on the kitchen Table written in ancient runes. He growled and got up, his harbinger of dawn glistening.
He arrived at the location the runes described and growled at how familar it was. It was where he was born.
He kicked the door open and quickly dispatched the abyss Mages, a dark shadow surrounding him.
"I have no times for your games, master." He said, his voice having a slight reverb to it. His hair moved as if being swayed by a shaking breeze that no one else could feel.
"Congrats, Albedo. Your mission is complete. You have created life from nothing." A familar voice said. A figure dragged you out.
"Daddy...." You whimpered.
"Let them go." Albedo ordered.
"Giving orders now?"
"I do when my child is involved." He glared. "Close your eyes."
You nodded obediently, and next you knew, you and your mother were back in Mondstat.
"He'll be along." Your mother promised, not wanting to voice their concerns.
*✧・゚:✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Hello Anon! Hope you enjoyed! I tried to add the full gang but I ran out of steam, so maybe one day I'll write something for them but this has been waiting long enough!
As always, feel free to request!
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twstddream · 3 months ago
To post about injured mc: prefect turns into a baby, but during the vdc. all is well, yuu acts like the world's sweetest and calmest child, quietly hugs each members, holds epel's face with his little hands and calls him "pretty", plays house with calim, runs from rook like a rabbit, helps jamil with household chores and brushes his grimm's hair. but one time, playing tag with adeuce, they accidentally knock expensive shadow palettes of vil off his toilet mirror and break them. naturally, vil is annoyed, if not angry, and raises his voice at adeuce (because vil is adequate and would not shout at a child). in the middle of his tirade he feels something tug him by his pant leg, and when he turns around, sees yuu in tears holding out a large stone to him. "- why do i need a rock, potato? it will not replace a spoiled thing for me" "- when my daddy got mad about me being a bad kid, he told me to find a belt or a branch so he could punish me. but there was no belt in my room, and i couldn't find a branch in the backyard. so you can throw this rock at me to stop being mad". I'm guessing that after that, rock is tossed into the deepest river, and Yuu gets a well-deserved loving hug for at least 4 hours
 Vil knows he shouldn’t have yelled at you, you were a child and it was an honest mistake. Besides, he could just get another one of those palettes, he could pull a few strings to get a brand new one. And you didn’t even break his vanity mirror, so he can’t really be angry. I mean, what would he rather have, a limited-edition eyeshadow palette, or your friendship? The answer was obvious.
 He was ugly. He yelled at a child for something so trivial. Of course he’d lose to Neige, Neige would never do what he did. He was nothing but a disgusting-
 A sharp tug on his dorm uniform disturbs his thoughts as he looks down to see you, teary-eyed and extending a large rock out for him to grab.
“Dove, why are you offering me a rock? A rock will not replace what is broken, if you were going to offer me something at least have it be of value.”
“... Well... Whenever my dad got angry he would tell me to fetch him his belt, but I couldn’t find one and I’m really sorry for being bad a breaking your stuff and for bothering you all and, and...” Their voice trailed off into nothing.
Oh how pitiful.
“No, there will be none of that.”
Vil quickly grabbed the rock and tossed it behind him, Nothing will ever harm this child, least of all him.
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rulaineyu · 7 months ago
Can I request some (platonic) xiao,childe and kaeya taking care of child reader who has random burst of energy and just mess up stuff or get into trouble? Please and thank you! -owie anon-
this idea is so cute, thanks so much owie anon! <3
Xiao, Childe, and Kaeya Babysitting an Energetic Child Reader
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Xiao, Childe, Kaeya, child!Reader
Type/Genre: Bulleted headcanons, fluff
Warnings: None
Who let this man have babysitting duty
Has no clue how to interact with you. The only thing he knows is how to kill, and even someone as clueless of children as him knows that that’s not an appropriate topic of discussion
Probably ends up dumping you on Verr Goldet or the traveler tbh. Xiao’s not a good influence on you and he knows it.
If he’s stuck with you, though, he’ll probably ask you what you want to do
Has you sit in a chair, playing with some silk flowers and qingxin he picked.
He’ll take his eyes off of you for one minute, and the next thing he knows you’re gone.
Panics as he turns the inn upside down looking for you
Finally finds you under the table in the kitchen, laughing as if the two of you were playing a game of hide and seek.
Resists the urge to yell and scold you
Won’t let you further than arm’s length now. Pulls out the child leash
Settles you down by feeding you some tofu, giving both of you a moment of peace.
“Is it normal for human children to have this much energy?”
Absolutely adores you. You were just like him when he was a child, so he’ll be super excited to babysit you.
Shows you + lets you do all the stuff that he thought was cool when he was little—pushing you down the staircase in a sled, having a water gun fight, even lets you play around with his bow (since it’s not as sharp as his other weapons)
He’ll have just as much fun as you do
Thinks you’ll be exhausted after a full day of activities. In fact, even he’s feeling a bit worn out.
Smiles when he sees you nodding off, getting up to carry you to bed and tuck you in for a nap.
Suddenly, you straighten up, wide awake.
He’s surprised but also admires how you still have so much energy.
Rolls up his sleeves, takes this as a challenge to tire you out before your parents come to pick you up.
He loses. He’s the one that gets exhausted instead
“Whew...to be able to tire out a Fatui Harbinger...you’re really something, aren’t you, kid?”
Who let this man have babysitting duty part 2
He’s like...the worst qualities of Xiao and Childe combined into one man. The ultimate chaotic babysitter
He knows he’s probably a bad influence on you, and that you can get super active which may cause trouble.
Not a problem. In fact, he’ll even harness your energy and troublemaking antics to his advantage.
Since you’re tagging along with him for the day, he allows you to join him in a meeting with some of the Knights.
Promises you a cookie if you act extra annoying during the meeting, interrupting whoever is talking and complaining that you’re bored.
Jean isn’t even able to get out a whole thought without you chiming in about something irrelevant.
In the end, the two of you are kicked out of the meeting, much to both of your delight. Kaeya got to skip work, and you got a cookie and a head pat. Win-win situation.
Proceeds to teach you a bunch of other bad habits like tax evasion
“You did great! Now I’m going to teach you how to get Master Diluc to give you free apple juice.”
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romanoffscottage · 2 months ago
I want to be you
Tumblr media
a/n: flufftober day 31 - trick or treat , this is the last day of flufftober and I just wanted to say thank you for all the support of my fics and blurbs this month!
warnings: none
pairing: mom!natasha romanoff x child!reader
summary: the reader wants to dress up as black widow for halloween 
words: 469 | natasha blurbs masterlist | navigation post
Nat was sitting in the carpool line at your school when she saw you running toward her car with the biggest smile plastered on your face. You opened the car door and immediately jumped into your seat, “Mom I know what I want to be for Halloween!”
“What do you want to be baby?”
“I’m going to dress up as you Mom!” Nat looked at you puzzled, “What do you mean baby?”
“I’m going to be the black widow mom! That's you silly!” Your mother's eyes widened, “Really? That's what you want to be for Halloween?” You pouted thinking your mom didn’t like your idea, “Yes! I want to be you, mommy, you're my hero.” Natasha’s heart warmed at your words and decided if that's what you really wanted then she would make it happen.
Over the next few weeks, our mom constantly asked you if you still wanted to be the black widow for Halloween. Every time she asked she was met with an “of course I do” or a “yes mommy.”
When Nat realized you were dead set on being her, she had Tony make a costume for you as a surprise. “Y/N come here I have a surprise for you!” You started jumping in the air out of excitement, your mom's surprises were always the best. Nat handed you a large box and motioned for you to open it. The moment you opened the box and saw the small suit you jumped onto your mother, “Thank you!” Your mom pressed a kiss onto your head, “Of course baby.” You unfolded the suit and saw that it was almost an exact copy of your mom's, “Your Uncle Tony made it just like mine.” Your mouth was wide open in shock of how amazing it looked. “Mom, will you be the black widow with me on Halloween? We can be twins!” Your smile was so big Nat could not possibly have said no, “Of course!”
When Halloween finally came you and your mother dressed up in your matching suits. Pepper, Tony, and Morgan were joining you for trick or treating this year so, so you and your mom waiting for them to arrive so you could head out. When the doorbell rang, you ran to the door to meet your friend. “Morgan, you dressed up as your dad!”
“Y/N you dressed up as your mom!”
“Uncle Tony you're wearing the suit, moms wearing hers too!” Tony made a surprise face at you, “Wow you convinced your mom to wear her suit out.”
“Shut it, Tony.”
“Yeah shut it, Uncle Tony,” Nat giggled at your imitation of her.
“They really are a mini Romanoff,” Tony said to Pepper.
“Yeah they are my perfect little mini-me, now come on we don’t want to miss trick or treating now do we!”
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aroseinasnowstorm · 6 days ago
May I request platonic child reader (like 5 years) with the Glamrocks (mainly Freddy) oneshot coming to the Plex with their mom but end up separated making their anxiety skyrocket as they go around looking for mom, unfortunately the Glamrocks' heavy steps are terrifying and kicks them into panic as they bolt without looking back causing an unintentional goose chase even tho they get caught eventually but by then are a crying terrified mess, needing comfort before being reunited with their mom?
TW: Reader is scared, crying, and got lost! Freddy is going to care for them though.
Freddy and Child!Reader
Hot tears stream down your cheeks. The Pizzaplex was giant, bright, and way too loud. People pass you by like they were a giant wave, threatening to devour you whole. The soothing hand of your parent is long gone as you got distracted by a shop selling adorable plushies of your favorite Galmrock Animatronics.
It seems that not only did you get distracted by this. The second you could tear your eyes off the merch, you were alone. Not quite alone in that sense but without your guardian. Panic crept up in your little body and you felt like you were going to collapse.
Of course, your parent taught you to stay in the same spot and wait for them to return if you ever got lost, but this was too much for you. You were afraid and suddenly the giant building wasn´t as appealing nor fun-looking anymore like at the beginning. Suddenly everything was overwhelming and seemed to be a danger to you.
You started to run, blindly through the mass, as fast as your little legs could carry you. All you thought about was finding your parent again. You didn´t watch at all where you were headed. The fact you ran straight into a closed-off area was nothing you would realize or care about right now.
All you understood was that it was calmer here than in the main area. No one was walking around. It caused your mind to get more in shock though as the fact of being alone buried itself deep inside of your little brain.
You wept for a long while until you could feel the ground shaking and a voice saying something to you. There was a little voice in your mind which screamed at you to run and so you did. You didn´t even hear what the panicked voice tried to tell you as you sprinted off. Everything was so much scarier when you weren´t with your loving parent.
Whoever was after you were getting dangerously close to you, so you hid away. For a second you thought you were safe, ducked behind a bench but then the shaking returned, and before you could react two giant hands slid around your form. You screamed and trashed around while throwing your hands all around you, the fear getting the best of you.
,,L-Little one! I mean no harm! Please..."
The oddly familiar voice causes you to open up your eyes you closed so desperately tightly before. A loud gasp escapes your mouth as you come eye-to-eye with Freddy himself. The Animatronic looks worried down at you, as far as his limited facial expression allows him to.
,,Small one... I am sorry if I scared you..."
The twitch of his ears as you sniff out his name causes you to smile actually. He has always been your favorite and your previous fear is long gone as you relax into his big hands holding you so easily.
,,That´s my name indeed, Superstar! And what is your name, mh? Also, where are your parents?"
,,I...I do not know... I...I got...lost..."
You hiccuped and the tears in your eyes threatened to spill again. At this, the big bear pulls you against his chest, so you sit onto his arm. He uses his free hand meanwhile to pat the top of your head oh so gently.
,,You are a brave one, aren´t you? Finding your way up here without any parent! Do not worry, we will find your parent, I promise you! There is nothing to be afraid of, you are safe here."
,,W-Will you protect me, Freddy?"
,,Of course."
The reassurance of the giant Animatronic causes you to calm down a little. Your eyes close soon enough as you rest your small cheek against his warm chest plate. The constant patting over your tiny frame actually caused you to drift away, into a deep sleep, despite the occasional flinch of your body whenever Freddy would move in a very rough demeanor. All the fear, the stress, and the exhaustion from running away made you so very tired.
There is no way of telling how long you slept. A bunch of voices whispering more or less gently in the background pulled you out of your slumber. You were placed on the couch of Freddy's room, a plushie used as a pillow for your little head and a cover wrapped carefully around your body.
The Animatronics in the near did not even notice you being awake at first. You heard them discussing your current situation.
,,We told the security staff, we can´t do more than that, or do you want to run around and ask every single person if they are their parent?" Roxy seemed a bit annoyed with Freddys worry for you, believing it´s simply not necessary to worry that much. Of course, Monty couldn´t ignore the chance to add his own opinion to the whole situation. ,,Yeah, is there a special reason why you are so fond of the pipsqueak?"
You stared silently between the four Animatronics, talking to one another until Chica noticed you were awake. She immediately makes her way towards you and bows over you, her voice gently. ,,Well hello you adorable little one! I got you something!"
She drops a bag onto her lap which is filled with different kinds of snacks and sweets. Your little heart skips a beat out of happiness and you dig right in. While you stuff your face full of food the Gator knees in front of you too. He tilts his head to the side before letting out a huff.
,,Mhh...they are cute after all." Before you know it all of the Animatronics are in front of you, either kneeling or bowing over you like you would be a rare and gorgeous little flower. Your big eyes can´t even choose which one to focus on until Freddy speaks to you.
,,We informed the staff about your...situation. We will find your parent, please don´t worry. Until we find them... you can stay here, alright, superstar?"
Your answer was a nod, followed by you raising on your feet to wrap your arms around Freddy's neck as he bowed so close to you. As you do this and he picks you up you can hear a soft chuckle escaping Chica. ,,They really seem to like you, Freddy."
Suddenly feeling shy you hide your face into Freddys neck, causing the Animatronics to react even more to your cuteness. Monty laughed and Roxy asked, half-joking and half-seriously.
,,You sure we can´t keep them?"
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v0idl1nq · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
General headcanons of Yandere!Sundrop (with some Moondrop)
Requested: Yes || No
Request: Hi!!! Could I be able to request yandere sundrop basic headcannon? thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a good day/ night!
Gender: Gender-Neutral
Type of Post: Headcanons
Fandom: FNAF: Security Breach
TW/s: Mentions of Murder, killing, and manipulation
We all know how clingy Sundrop is even when he isn't infatuated with you now imagine that times fifty, Sundrop is more of a delusional, clingy, and worship type of yandere.
Moondrop, though.. he gets worse as he gets more infatuated with you. His yandere types would most likely be: controlling, monopoly, and manipulative since these fit his description and personality the most.
Of course, since Moondrop is part of Sundrop it also means they talk about decisions they make. I personally headcanon that they have little debates with each other with one inside the mind and the other in front of the mirror.
Sundrop ends up being manipulating you in the way of saying he'll be lonely or he'll cry if you leave which is why you shouldn't go anywhere!!
It's unlikely he would kill someone for you compared to Moon which is why he leaves most of the killing to Moon.
all in all wouldn't really suggest it- cause Sundrop is there to make you feel bad and force you to stay whilst Moondrop is there to keep you in line and discipline you!
Notes: I feel like I could have done better sadly but this was rushed so I hope y'all still like it-
Tumblr media
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camilosnovia · 3 days ago
helloo, how are you??? could you do a scenario with child and sibling!reader where madrigal family discovers that the reader suffers from anxiety, please??? thank you so much and feel free to reject if you don't feel comfortable or don't have time :))
Dolores, Mirabel and Luisa reacting to their sister suffering from anxiety
Note: Hello! Thank you for this request, I am not someone who suffers from anxiety so I hope you like this.
Also! Sorry I was gone, I was on a break and I have a math test coming up tomorrow and I’m sick.
Pairs: Dolores Madrigal x Little sister!Reader, Mirabel Madrigal x Little sister!Reader and Luisa Madrigal x Little sister!Reader (Platonic!)
Type: Comfort, Platonic and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
When Dolores discovered you were suffering from anxiety, she was very surprised since you look so happy and cheerful all the time.
Dolores is the only one in the family who knows about your symptom so she always stands close to you.
If you get an anxiety attack, Dolores will hold your hand and tell you to take deep breaths.
It is Dolores’s duty to take care of her siblings as the oldest child of Pepa’s side of the Madrigals.
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Tumblr media
Mirabel would definitely be the first one to know you have anxiety.
She would look after you 24/7.
When you get a anxiety attack she will tell you to calm down your breathing.
She will caress your face while she’s embracing you to the side.
She will always look out for her family.
Tumblr media
Luisa Madrigal
Tumblr media
She thinks it is her job as the strongest Madrigal in the family to take care of them.
Whether you like it or not she will hug you, not instantly crush you but a gentle hug because you are the second youngest in the Madrigal family.
Luisa will be there for you, always.
She will check up on you all the time.
Thank you for reading!
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waywardangelwrites · 3 months ago
mm~ child reader gets lost and stumbles across bbh ? (masc or neutral pronouns please!)
Series: Dream SMP
Character(s): c!BadBoyHalo
Genre: Fluff, Platonic
Prompt: GN!Child!Reader gets lost and stumbles across BBH
TW: None :)
Requests Open!!
Bad hummed to himself as he moseyed along the forest path, a basket half-filled with berries swinging from his side.
The song wasn’t necessarily anything of substance, just a little tune to distract him as he walked.
Apparently, it distracted him too well.
He slowed his gate to a stop as his pointed ears twitched to the noise of footsteps behind him. They were light, light enough that he hadn’t noticed them before.
Anxiety pulsed through him. Was Skeppy nearby? Was this a prank?
He slowly turned around and all anxiety left him at the sight.
You, a child, no more than six, were staring at him starry-eyed, a quiet awe around you.
“Oh! Hiya sweetheart!” Bad’s voice jumped an octave like he was talking to his dog and he crouched down- not that it did much help to get to your level, as he continued to tower over your small form.
He glanced around, quickly noticing the lack of parental figures. He frowned. “What’re you doing out here all alone?”
You shrugged shyly, but Bad astutely noted your matted hair, dirty clothes, and hungry eyes eyeing his basket of berries.
“Oh! Uh, you want some?” He grabbed a handful, careful to retract his claws, and extended his hands to you.
Your eyes lit up and you accepted the offering without question, taking fistfuls of the sweet fruit and shoving them into your mouth.
Bad couldn’t help but giggle at the sight, and you giggled too. You definitely liked the tall funny looking hooded man and couldn’t help but laugh when he did.
You quickly finished off the berries, and sighed, your eyes drooping tiredly. Bad smiled slightly, extending his hand to you once more.
“C’mon, sweetheart, let’s get you somewhere nice to stay.”
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0darkonyx0 · 3 months ago
Are you my Dad?
Tumblr media
A/N: I'll probably write more in this universe but it wont be as lengthy cause this ideas was just very cute and I still have ideas. This also was BARELY proofread
Summary: When Techno was going to search that abandoned fallout shelter he did not expect much but what he wasn't expecting was a child
(Nuclear Apocalypse/Fallout AU)
Platonic! Technoblade x Child! reader
Word count:1.8k
Warnings: apocalyptic themes?
This kind of apocalypse is based off the fallout games also TECHNODAD
To be fair, Technoblade didn't think this would happen. He had been on his way back from a job when discovered this old abandoned  fallout shelter.  He decided to go and search it for any supplies it had. Techno hadn't really expected much knowing that raiders most likely got to it before he had. But what he wasn't expecting was a seemingly alive child inside a cryogenic chamber.
‘Child pog...ORPHAN..Blood for the Blood god...take them… BLOOD.. ’ 
Techno tuned out the voices as they badgered on and on. He then scanned over the rest of the room. There were about a dozen chambers and the data tablets all showed them to be flatlined except the one with the kid. They looked no older than 4 years old from what he could tell. He didn't bother with it so he proceeded to go back to searching for anything useful and was about to exit the room until he heard a mechanical hissing sound from behind him. Alarm bells rang as his instincts went off, and he pulled out his pistol, turned around and aimed only to see the child that was once in the cryo chamber out in the open air staring up at him with unaware doe eyes. Techno realizing that there was no danger, slowly put down his weapon as he watched as the kid stumbled on their feet like a newborn deer due to them only coming unfrozen not even a minute ago. Once the kid got stable footing, they walked over to Techno and gazed up at him in curiosity. “Hullo” muttered Techno, looking down at them. The kid continued to blink up at him in curiosity, head tilted as he continued “What are you looking at?” He then crouched down to the kids level and tilted his head back at the kid. The kid proceeded to stare at him in curiosity until unexpectedly, the kid reached out and touched their hands to his face, gripping onto his tusks and touching his mutated features confused since they were different from their own. He almost thought he felt his heart squeeze a little at the kid's small hand curiously felt his face. He gently moves and pries the kids hands from his tusks  and face and stands back up.
 ‘Little baby…. SO SMALL…. ADOPT….E...EW ORPHAN…PROTECT..’ 
As the voices cooed , Techno huffs and  goes on his way to the door and exits the room. He held his weapon out at the ready since creatures tended to wander around fallout shelters especially abandoned ones. As he walked through halls, he could hear the tapping of small feet following him, very different sounding from his own hooved feet. Looking over his shoulder he saw the curious eyes from earlier peeking out from a corner. This proceeded to happen several times and with each time it amused him more and more. The kid followed him around like a duckling would  as he searched through the room in the vault. He had been in the medical bay, looking around when he heard a small yelp of fear behind him. He turned in urgency and saw the child, cornered by a adroach  with it trying to bite them. In urgency he pulled out his modified bat and killed it. The kid was clearly terrified, with tears streaming down their face. Once they noticed it was dead they ran over to him hiding their face into Techno’s body, clinging to him. Techno went still, not knowing what to do. He slowly patted their back in an attempt of comfort. “..It's okay…?” Techno said, unsure if that would be any help to console the child that was currently clinging to him. It seemed to work because slowly the kid stopped crying ‘TECHNOSOFT…..PROTECT…..BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD...TECHNOPROTECT…’
 When the kid was calmed down enough techno tried to pry his shirt from the kids tight grip but they wouldn't budge. He had almost had the kid pried off of him but the kid looked as if they were about to cry again and decided not to try anymore. Techno signed and looked down at the clinging child and said reluctantly “Seems like you’ll be traveling with me for now, since you obviously can't take care of yourself..” ”The name is Technoblade.. You got a name?” he asked. “(y/n)...” the kid muttered out , it being muffled due to their face still being pushed into his pants. Technoblade didn't see the point of searching anymore due to the addition to his party and for the fact that there wasn't much of anything. “C’mon kid.. You need to let go. I can't move properly with you clinging to my leg like that” Techno told the kid. The kid looked reluctant but did so now only holding Techno’s wrist. He let the kid do it.  Pulling the kid along he navigated his way with the help of his modified Pip Boy to the entrance he came in which happened to be the vault door that is in mangled bits. He gently pulled the kid along to the opening where they both could see a dirt tunnel with sunlight at the end. “Let's get going, kid” Techno ushered them along the path to the dirt tunnel until they exited. Techno shielded his eye from the sun with his hand. It didn't affect him much since he only was down there for a couple of hours but it affected (y/n) the worst since they were hiding their face into Techno’s body. Once their eyes got used to the brightness of the sunlight they slowly peeked out and removed their face from techno’s body. Checking his surroundings  he looks down at his Pip Boy’s map to see how long it would take to get to the nearest town. His main mission was to get back to L’Manburg so he could get his payment for the job he took. The closest town was a few hours on foot and L’Manburg was even longer, being a couple of days away. He sighed looking down at the kid, the kid looked back up at him. “You ready?” Techno asks and the kid nods their head aggressively giving Techno a toothy bright smile. ‘I'm so done for’ Techno thought, feeling his heart squeeze tighter than before.
 It was 2 and a half hours into the walk when (y/n) started to slow down tiredly. Their eyes drooped tiredly, not wanting to walk anymore they tugged on Techno’s sleeve. Techno stopped and looked down at them. “What?” Techno asked. (y/n) looked up and made a grabbing motion upward, signaling they wanted up. “mm..sleepy..Teh-no bade..” they muttered tiredly and pouted. Internally he totally wouldn't admit his heart absolutely melted at the kid's  sleepy actions and how they said his name. He almost didn't pick up the kid but he fought against that thought and picked them up in his arms ,holding them with one. Once in his arms the kid nuzzles into his neck.
His heart almost certainly exploded. ”It’s pronounced Tech-no-blade” He quietly corrected, smiling slightly down at the kid that was slowly falling into slumber. For the short amount he has spent with this kid he just knew he wouldn't be able to leave them, no matter how hard he would try. He’d protect and care for them until he couldn't anymore.
The trip was quite chaotic but they finally made it to L’Manberg. He comes to find out on this trip that once (y/n) got more comfortable with him they seemed to be more talkative and even more curious than before.  They were quite the chatterbox, babbling about anything and constantly asking questions about anything and everything even if they aren't the best at speaking. Usually the senseless talking would annoy him since he had grown up with Tommy but he found it endearing in a way. It grew to be the same thing with Tommy as well. Now that they are at the destination he can get his payment for the job ,maybe buy some things for the youngling and pick up some more bounties and jobs. Currently the kid is perched on his shoulders having the time of their life, them having never been up so high. They were giggling lots, gripping onto his dull pink hair to stay upright. They were quite the duo as they were gaining a ton of stairs. A little human getting a shoulder ride from a 7’8 mutated half pigman that is known as the Blood God. Techno could care less since he can just give a small glare and they would run away due to his status around here. He needed to get his payment jobs from the broker at the Las Nevadas bar so he could get back on his way but he first needed to drop off the kid at his home.  Techno proceeded to change course to his residence. He started to walk off in the direction of his house. The little one on his shoulders had long since gone quiet until they piped up with a question. 
“Where are we?”
“We’re going to my house”
Once his eyes caught the sight of the door to his home he lifted the kid off his shoulders and set them down on the ground. Pulling the keys out to the lock, he opens the door and guides (y/n) in. Once he closed the door behind them (y/n) let go of his hand and ran off to explore their new environment. Not long after he soon heard the tapping of claws on wood coming rapidly towards him. The thing that had been  making all the running towards him had come into sight as his dog Floof came barreling towards him.  Crouching down with a small smile, he meets the dog on the floor and gives him all the pets he couldn't give him when he was out. Once he looked up he noticed the kid tugging at his sleeve while looking at Floof in curiosity and slight apprehension. “..What's dat?” they asked, still looking at Floof. “This is Floof, my dog” “Oh” they nod in understanding. “He won't bite, don't worry. ”He reassures them. The apprehension from before completely disappears and courage is shown as they bend down and pet the dog the same as how they saw Techno do it.  Techno looks at them in straight fondness unexpectedly. Honestly he thought he didn't really like children all that much but when he met the little one somewhere deep inside instantly would kill for the kid and it got attached. ”I'm going to go out for a bit, be good both of you and stay here, ok?” He tells them. (y/n) and pulls their attention back to Floof and gives it all their attention. His mouth upturns slightly and he proceeds to leave his home to get his money for his bounty.
Taglist: @strawberrymilkgeorge​ @struggling-with-time @bugsinmycoldsoup
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thirsting4slashers · 5 months ago
Okay i just read your abused kid being adopted by the sinclair bros and i loved it so much 😭😭
I just had a thought tho; Vincent is worried about kid playin in the dirt and whatnot and Bos like "i heard dirts good for kids,builds up their immune system" then you just hear in the background "look uncle les i made a bone charm!!" While holding up bones bracelet. 😭 oh thatd be so cute.
GOD THIS WAS SO CUTE WHAT THE HELL??? I had to make a little drabble for it :,)
based off of this fic of mine
WARNINGS: fluff, domestic shit, vincent bo and lester are good parental figures
Vincent glances at the calendar taped to the wall and grins. The date was circled in red, three exclamation points inside; it was the anniversary of when they had gotten you. He finishes washing his hands, drying them on the mostly-clean hand towel before opening the fridge and pulling out a plate of brownies.
He had made them yesterday with your help and had practically guarded the fridge through the night to make sure Bo didn’t sneak some. Jonesy walks through the kitchen, kissing Vincent’s cheek as he bends down to pet her. He laughs, something he’s been doing more over this last year.
“Vince? Kid’s been asking for ‘ya.” Bo’s voice drifts in from the living room and Jonsey bounds off towards him, her tail wagging. “Hiya, girl. Your daddy out there?” Bo walks into the kitchen, his hat in his hand and a grin on his face.
“Hey. You look happy.” Vincent signs, smiling at the sight. He was mask less, per your request, and something about seeing his brother be a tad bit more comfortable in his skin gave Bo another reason to smile. Vincent puts the brownies on the table, swatting at Bo’s hand when he reaches for one. “No! They get first dibs and you need to wash your hands.”
Bo groans, throwing his head back like a child. Vincent rolls his eyes, throwing his arm over his brother's shoulder and leading him out of the kitchen. “Stupid damn rule. The kids covered in dirt.” One look out the front door confirms this. You and Lester were sitting in the road, dirt covering your clothes and hands as you sifted through a collection of rocks, bones, and other random bits that Lester had found.
“This ones so cool Uncle Lester! It looks like a shark's tooth!” Vincent doesn't even attempt to fight back his smile. You hold up a piece of bone that really did look like a shark's tooth and Lester nods his head, grabbing a matching rock.
Vincent never thought something like this could happen. The thought of him raising a kid alone, let alone with his brothers, had never seemed plausible. And yet here you were, a year with them, turning into a pretty damn cool kid. A well rounded one, who loved baking and drawing with Vincent, cooking and working on cars with Bo, and going on drives and whittling with Lester.
“Look, guys! I can carve this into a charm and add them to the necklace,” You say, showing the three men a handful of small bones, each with a distinct shape. Bo lets out a soft laugh, leaning against the doorframe.
“You and that damn necklace eh?” Bo says and you grin, sticking your tongue out at him. Lester lets out an ‘oooh’ as Bo gasps loudly, stomping over to you and putting you into a (gentle) headlock. You were squealing with laughter, swinging your arms wildly to get him off of you when Lester grabs Bo’s arms and pins them behind his back.
Bo grunts as Lester twists his arm slightly. “Go! Get inside, I’ll hold him off!” Lester calls and you listen, sprinting into the house, barely giving Vincent a ‘hi.’ Bo gets out of Lester’s grasp fairly easily, pushing the younger man flat on his ass before running into the house behind you. He was laughing hard, a sound Vincent was really beginning to enjoy.
Lester recovers quickly and runs in, Vincent trailing behind him, and he lets out a laugh at the sight. Bo had caught you and was holding you upside down by your feet, shaking and holding you over the couch. “Apologize for being a bully!” He yelled, one hand coming down to tickle your sides.
You erupt into giggles, squirming under his grip to try and get away. Eventually you let out a giggly ‘sorry, Uncle Bo!’ and he drops you onto the couch. “Alright, alright, everyone go get cleaned up. Dinners done and I’m letting you guys have a brownie before because I’m nice.”
“Thanks Uncle Vincent!” You yell, jumping up off of the couch and wrapping your arms around his waist, giving him a big hug before running off upstairs towards the bathroom. The men stay silent until they hear you close the door behind you. Bo turns around, grinning at Vincent.
“Yeah, thanks Uncle Vincent!” Lester snickers, going into the kitchen to wash up. Vincent gives him a forced smile, flipping him off which earns a snort.
“No brownie for you, then, asshole.”
“Oh come on! I was kidding!”
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im-in-love-with-pizza-bites · 8 months ago
For your summer themed prompt event, would you mind doing a Bucky Barnes x child reader? Maybe reader is around 12/13 years old and lives with the avengers using prompt 18?
Water gun fights and The Arcade
Bucky Barnes X Child!Fem!Reader, Avengers X Child!Reader
Summary: You have a choice between shooting Bucky with a water gun or going to the arcade.
Warnings: mentions guns and shooting but I mean a water gun.
Reader's age: 12
Prompt: #18. "If you shoot me I'm not taking you to the arcade tomorrow."
A/n: This is one of the prompts I've been looking forward to writing! Here you go
Find the 300 follower event: Here
Tumblr media
You are quite literally the youngest avenger but not really. You were what they liked to call, a baby avenger. You were being trained to be an avenger and being protected by them from hydra. You didn't have crazy powers, you had a version of the super-soldier serum and were going to be turned into a new Winter Soldier but Bucky escaped and brought you with him during your first mission. Now he's an avenger.
Now of course since your training with the avengers you have weapons training. They aren't going to give you a real gun or a real knife. So Natasha gave you a water gun so you can practice your aim. But that's not the only thing you use it for. According to Tony, it was the biggest mistake to let a 12 year old into the compound, yeah you shot him with the water gun
"Where's bucky?" You asked Steve smiling.
"He's in his room why?" You smirked lifting the water gun. "I don't recommend that but run along."
You smiling heading to his room. Your rooms were conveniently placed right next to each other because you were scared to leave his side. It's gotten better now though.
"Bucky! Can I come in!" You asked him. He could hear the mischief in your voice but decided to let you in anyway.
"Sure Doll come on in!" He shouted. You opened the door and lifted the water gun up at him. "Y/n." He warned.
"Put your hands up!" You giggled. He did so watching you carefully. You moved your finger to the trigger ready to shoot him.
"If you shoot me I'm not taking you to the arcade tomorrow." Bucky warned you standing up. You thought for a second before shooting. "Ah!" He exclaimed.
"Aw shoot!" You exclaimed when you ran out of water. "Uh... Bye!" You said running away after seeing him glaring at you.
"Y/n!" He shouted before following after you. Steve watched as you ran into the common still carrying the water gun but now you and a frightened look on your face.
"Hide me!" You said dropping your water gun and kicking it under the kitchen table in an attempt to hide it.
"What did you do?" Sam asked you chuckling.
"Y/n! Where are you!" Bucky taunted from down the hall?
"Not enough time! Hide me!" You said.
"You can hide in my room. I'll stall him." Steve assured you. You smiled and ran off.
"Have you guys seen y/n?" A soaked bucky asked walking in.
"She's in my room." Steve said.
"Okay!" Bucky ran off the same direction as you, but not after grabbing the water gun from under the table.
"Thought you were on her side?" Sam asked Steve.
"I warned her." Steve shrugged.
"Doll? I'm not mad come out from your hiding spot." You watched him from under Steve's bed. "Where are you sweetheart?"
You stayed silent watching him looking around the room. A hand clamped over your mouth to keep from giggling.
"Hey." He peaked down looking at you. "So no arcade tomorrow, and-" he pulled your out and hugged you making you all wet.
"Ahh! Stop!" You whined pushing at him.
"Sorry doll no can do." He laughed lifting you off the floor and carrying you back into the common room.
"Your a traitor!" You said pointing at Steve. He just laughed. "I trusted you!"
"Doll go dry off." Bucky sat you down.
"Can you still take me to the arcade tomorrow? I'm sorry." You gave him puppy dog eyes.
"If you spray Sam I'll take you." He whispered in your ear. You smiled crawling under the table and grabbing the empty water gun quickly running to the sink go fill it. Bucky smirked looking at Sam.
"What did you tell her?"
Yeah, Sam was not happy but you got to go to the arcade and you won a blown up sword. Which Tony popped after you smacked him a bunch. You cried and Bucky got mad at tony but all was fine because bucky replaced it with a foam sword.
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b1sbee · 8 months ago
requested?: yes/no by @starjane312 warnings: no
Thank you for requesting firespark!<3
Tumblr media
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Tumblr media
your shoulders shake severely as you trudge through the cold tundra Technoblade called home. It had to have been hours no- days since you began walking. Running out of food and going off of the little water you happened to have on you, your demise felt as if it was growing closer and closer. Pulling the wool sweater across your body tighter, you look behind you as deep boot tracks follow your every step. From what you could see, the trail went on for miles.
You shudder as your esophagus becomes tight, you gasp lightly as you struggle to unscrew the cap of the metal canister that contained your water. Hastily you drop all the items into the ankle deep snow and frantically open the container to reveal that there was but a single drop of water left.
"Dang it." you hoarsely utter moving to pick up the items to sling them across your back. "I need more water, the food isn't as improtant right now. If I dont get water that will stop me from continuing on. I dont want to die alone." But how? How will I get water. After looking around for a moment you take in the white surroundings. Everything within a 10 mile radius is dead and all of what had been the ponds were all frozen up.
You look down at your feet, the snow started melting around the heat of your shoes. Wait...melting...melting....MELTING!. When snow melts it turns into water! Thats perfect!
You bend down sideways and scoop as much of the snow you could get into the canister. Once you got that fresh colored snow into the bottle it started melting within a few minutes. This should last you awhile until you get to your destination...
Technoblades house.
Technoblade had just finished fixing mutton broth for his dinner when he heard a weak knock on his door. He stops moving and listens closely, careful to not make any sound. He gently puts the giant rusted pot back onto the oven top to reach behind him and grab his netherite sword, but, he doesn't take it out. Instead he keeps a hand on the grip and another on the scabbard. Theres another knock followed by a weak 'hello?'. Technoblade lightly tip toes to the door. He opens the peep hole to see a small child, with lips blue and skin pale trying their best to keep warm in this arctic weather.
'They couldnt hurt me, ill see what they want and if they mean harm ill retaliate' He opens the door just a tad. Enough for you to look up and see the icy stare of the one and only Technoblade. But thats not makes you back up. When you look down you see that his sword is merely inches away from your neck.
you put your shaking hands up in defense. "H-heyy Technoblade, long time no..talk, amiright?"
"Who are you?"
you scoff "you dont know who I am? Surely my fathers have talked to you about me right?"
Technoblade backs up and opens the door wider, his eyebrows are at a hunch. From what you could see from behind his big build, he was just getting ready for dinner..."are you...Michael?"
this makes you scoff harder, tears began to build up in your eyes, "no. Im the other child, but I guess you wouldn't know who that is." you shake your head and put out your hand. "Hello Technobalde, I'm Y/n Boo, The first child of Ranboo and Tubbo. Nice to finally meet you."
When you first came in he was skeptical, he didnt know if you were with the butchers gang trying to kill him. So, he asked Philza to conform if you were what you said you were and of course Philza said you weren't lying, why would you? So, he sat you down with a nice bowl of the mutton broth he had prepared before and gave you multiple bowls and many cups of water. He had said it was because 'He didnt want to have a child die somewhere it was not his hands." Okay, technobalde.
After that Techno allows you to stay at his home. Of course without explaining why you were there in the freezing cold with barely anything on you. You told him your story, you told him everything that had lead you up to this point. You expressed and explained how heart broken you were that your fathers no longer loved you. And he listened, he listened for hours on end as you sobbed your heart out. There were many tears, many unwanted hugs and soothing words.
In all honesty Techno saw himself in you. He had felt what you felt. The feeling of being unwanted and unloved in somewhere he grew up in his whole life. To him, that was the only reason he let you stay. Or is it?
It had been a couple of weeks of you living at his house when there was knock of his door.
"Please dont let this be another runaway." he comments throwing a towel over his shoulder to wipe his hands off. Prior to the knock, You and him had been washing the dishes from the night before.
"Hey! I heard that!" You yell from the kitchen throwing a small amount of water to the pig hybrids way.
He lets out a small laugh. Walking up to the door he felt a sense of deja vu when looking out of the peephole. But, it wasn't a good sense.
Out stood there in the freezing cold was the three people he hadn't wish to see since you came.
"Technoblade! Nice to see you, we are looking for our child..have you seen them." A photo of you and the two fathers came into his vision...
Tumblr media
tag list<3
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sky-rider-shura-simp · 25 days ago
A/N: This is exteremly self indulgent platonic fluff, I just think their neat and I need some more content of my boy buggy, just look at this doofus:
Tumblr media
I love this screenshot of him, he looks so dumb ^
Warnings: None,
Buggy and Shanks crew x child!reader
Shank's crew:
He would defintley take the child to the pub, hook you up with sugar and then let you loose on whatever poor marine was chasing after them,
Drags you to the dancefloor usually, all of the attention is shifted to him because of how bad of a dancer he is, man cannot help embarassing himself,
Benn is usually the more responsable one with you, actually looking after you and making sure you were alright,
Shanks cried when you had drawn a replica of his scar on yourself, you were so adament that it was cool and honestly helped the mans secret insecurities that he hid, you were adorable hiding your right arm and making it look like you had lost it,
The crew were concerned on why out of everyone you had picked the least responsible of everyone, and i mean everyone, hell you could have picked Yassop and theyd be less concerned,
Lucky Roo always made sure you ate whenever you were babysat, he would teach you how to use a gun and other useful tips and tricks,
Shanks decided it would be a good idea to give a child alcohol, thankfully Benn was there to stop him,
You had managed to get a hold of Benns cloak and it was wayy to big on you,
Buggy Pirates:
Buggy hated the idea of looking after any child, but for some reason when he saw you, he immediately decided you were now part of his crew,
Cabaji entertained you at first with his acrobatic skills, he found it adorable the way that you interacted with his tricks and acrobatics,
When you did your first card trick, this man had to stop himself from having a heart attack, you did so well and he only had to teach you once,
Buggy was unsure at first when you were looking intently at the makeup on his desk, "oh this? This is my flashy warpaint! It strikes fear into everyone that sees me, my bounty is so flashy because of how flashily i intimidate people", his overconfidence made your eyes sparkle as you got an idea,
You asked if you could paint his "warpaint", he agreed hesitantly, dreading the worst however you had managed to create his new "flashy" look, he went around showing every person in his crew, he would never admit that though,
On quiet nights, you would usually curl up on Richie, the lions fur was so soft and you couldnt resist, Richie became extremely protective of you due to these nights,
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