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#child abuse
magicklore · 23 days ago
It has come to my attention that there are people that don't know about the horrors of residential schools and why we're canceling the fourth of july so I'll explain to the best of my ability.
Residential schools were institutions in which native children were held captive under the guise of educating them. These children were stolen away from their families and the goal was to "kill the indian, save the man" by eradicating native culture from these children's lives. They were forced to cut their hair, they were not allowed to speak in their native tongue nor leave to see their families. They were kept in poor living conditions conducive to illness and were punished harshly. Many children died at residential schools and their culture was stolen from them. It wasn't until 1996 when the last residential school was closed.
Tumblr media
Earlier this year a mass grave was found on the grounds of kamloops residential school, 215 bodies were discovered, some of the children as young as three. These children were stolen from their homes and never returned. There has been a call for residential schools to be searched and the children lost to residential schools to be mourned. This is happening in both canada and the united states and protests will be held on canada day and the fourth of july. To show your support you can wear orange and spread awareness.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you can, find a protest near you and let these children's voices be heard. Thousands of innocent children were kidnapped and killed then thrown into unmarked graves. Their lives must be honored and mourned.
Remember that the fourth of july did not mark freedom for everyone.
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traumaticchild · 2 years ago
“what happened to you made you stronger” 
i was a child. i didn't need to be strong i needed to be safe
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How do you protect yourself from being stalked online by your parents?
I often get messages from teens living with their abusive parents telling me about how terrifying it is for them to even look at my blog in case their parent finds out. I was a teenager before social networking on the internet. Honestly, when I was a teenager there was barely an internet yet. So, I don't know how people protect themselves but I feel like probably there are ways. If you know please do share! A lot of people would find it helpful.
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mintcraft · a year ago
yall gotta stop joking about non vaccinated kids like theyre not victims of a specific form of child abuse.
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furiousgoldfish · 2 years ago
abusive parents will go off about how expensive it is to keep you around and how they have no money and what a fucking burden you are and they don't see the irony?
dude. you MADE me. what the fuck were you thinking. stupid idiot loser. go back to that moment and don't have sex. problem fucking solved. what the fuck do you expect me to do, die now that you decided having kids is inconvenient? wow. maybe you should have thought this thru.
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the-unlucky-thirteen · 2 years ago
Being raised without stability really fucks with your head, you’re forever trying to figure out a person’s “pattern“ to see how you have to approach them, whether they’re in a good mood and it’s safe, or if they’re in a bad mood and you have to be careful or maybe avoid them altogether, just because those who raised you could never keep a consistent emotional reaction
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notsafevorework · 2 years ago
you know what i hate about some abusive parents in media? when they get a humanizing moment and its like “i treat you like this because my parents treated me worse so i never learned what a good parent is” like cool karen maybe take a class? read a book? treat your kid like you would have wanted to have been treated? the basics
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bludragongal · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The Dancing Tree, A Cautionary Tale for Parents
This is another nightmare I had that I’d completely forgotten about, until I found this unfinished comic buried in my hard drive today.
In the dream, I was the tree.
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Tumblr media
@john-paul-jonesing-for-liberty your Facebook viral screenshot is making the rounds again!
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furiousgoldfish · a year ago
Recognizing Abuse Masterlist
Signs that you’re living in abuse:
Behavioral patterns of living in abuse
Was I abused? Checklist
Not knowing you are a victim
Signs your family is abusive
Making excuses for your abusive parents
Experience of living in secrecy
What they taught you was abuse
Emotional experiences of living in abuse
Shame and guilt: how abused children feel
What makes parents abusers (actions)
Have I been manipulated into believing abuse was my fault? Checklist
Am I being held hostage by abusers? Checklist
You are not allowed to mention the past
Why you still love abusive parents
Parental behaviour that isn’t normal
Shit parents aren’t supposed to say to you
Experience of “not belonging anywhere”
Red flags for abusive parents
Healthy vs Abusive Chores
Was my childhood abusive or just had some bad parts?
Rules always change (unpredictable environment is abusive)
Breakdown of abusive parent’s behaviour:
“This is my house” rule
Start living in the real life!
Why all the children aren’t abused equally in an abusive home
Common abuser hypocrisies
Do your parents want you to be happy or look happy?
Why do they try to convince you that you’re worthless
Why do they pretend you’re a burden? Controlling behaviour
Why your abusers are not good people
Abusive parents are keeping you in false hope they’ll change
Are your parents preventing you from succeeding?
Abusive parents pretending “it wasn’t that bad”
Double Bind (why every choice you make ends wrong)
Incorporating trauma in raising children
Abusers will not allow you to call them out on abuse
Signs your parents are narcissistic:
Stuff delusional narcissists say
Shit narcissistis parents say
Tactics of narcissistic abuse
Recognizing emotional immaturity of narcissistic parents
Examples of narcissistic behaviours
Being punished for growing up by narcissistic parents
What children of narcissists go thru
Signs you’ve been thru sexual abuse:
CSA (Childhood Sexual Abuse) Symptoms
Signs you might have endured CSA
Was I sexually abused by adults as a child? Checklist
Signs of abusive friendship/relationship:
How to tell if a friend is not a friend
Am I in an abusive relationship/friendship? Checklist
Manufacturing insecurities
Red flags for abusers
Have I been thru social abuse? Checklist
You can recognize abusers by how they make you feel
How abusive childhood teaches you to stay in abusive relationships
Recognizing abusive friendship
Signs you’re struggling with trauma
Trauma processing information
Experiences of traumatized children
Signs you’re recovering from long term abuse
Things abuse survivors think/say
Thoughts of victims of child abuse
Your brain on trauma
How long term childhood abuse develops into complex trauma (comic)
Ups and downs of trauma
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the-unlucky-thirteen · 2 years ago
A way my therapist has told me to approach childhood trauma is thinking about the child who went through the traumatising ordeal. You may resent yourself for not fighting back, not doing enough, or not running away, but you need to see the young child who was there, the one who needed protection, not persecution
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mrspider · a year ago
i think there is something about people who were abused/neglected as kids that makes us embrace things that others consider monstrous. i dont think its a coincidence most of us like “creepy” animals like rats and crows. i dont think its a coincidence that we are the first to jump to the defense of “worthless” plants like dandelions. its why we get so attached to old toys and broken things. when you spend your whole life believing you’re not wanted, it turns you into a defender of the other unwanted things in the world. and you’re not just protecting them - you’re protecting the part of yourself that still believes you deserve to exist. just like they do. just like we all do.
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