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#child neglect cw
dathen · a year ago
I think most of the visceral anguish Jon felt while traveling through the realm of the Dark was over the children, but I can’t help but wonder if it was hitting the nerve of his own childhood: being bullied so much he dismisses it as routine, and so many long nights for so many long years catching glimpses of long, hairy legs in the shadowy crack of a door or reaching from beneath his bed.
“They want to be alone. They don’t want any children around at all.”
Jon:  I ended up living with my grandmother, a kind enough woman, but she had already raised her children, and the resentment she felt at having to raise another was never something she completely managed to hide from me. (TMA 81)
“They tell Jack it is after his bedtime, and put him in another dark room where he cannot run."
Jon:  By the time I was eight, the police had had to return me from my explorations at least three times, and my grandmother swore that if it happened again she would begin locking me inside the house. And I fully believed her.  (TMA 81)
“Is it because he is brave enough to fight the monsters? No. Jack is scared all the time. The world is so big and the night is so long, and the monsters are waiting under the bed and in the closet and down the hallway and in the street and round the corner and behind him.”
Jon:  I am not a brave man. I believe I am starting to come to terms with that fact, but I am, in certain circumstances, a very stubborn one.  (TMA 41)
He never told his grandmother about Mr. Spider.  He never told anyone.  He was so young and carried that with him all his life.  He ran from one monster, scarred badly by the fear, only to run towards another and another and another.  
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theslowesthnery · 6 months ago
expanding on my tags on the other post about asterius and his mama
pasiphaë can hear the baby crying constantly and non-stop. she goes to see what the problem is, not because she cares about the baby - she doesn’t - but because she can’t bear listening to its cries any longer, especially because it sounds so much like a human baby instead of the beast it is, as if to rub in just how terrible the entire situation is.
when she arrives at the nursery, she sees the maids and the wet nurse huddled at the door outside the room, talking in hushed voices and gawking at the wailing thing in the room. pasiphaë demands to know what they’re doing, and why all of them are just listening to the baby’s cries instead of doing their jobs and tending to it. the maids and the wet nurse all say that they’re too scared to even enter the “monster’s” room, the wet nurse claiming that the beast will surely tear off her breast with its teeth. pasiphaë can barely believe her ears: the child is certainly a monstrous abomination, but it is still just an infant and as such poses no harm to anyone. she orders the maids and the wet nurse to do their jobs or be punished, but they beg on their knees for her to not make them go near the monster.
fed up and outraged at the servants’ cowardice, she strides into the room and sees to her shock that the baby isn’t even in one of the cribs her previous royal children had slept in, but in just a plain basket set on a table. it shouldn’t shock her, and it certainly shouldn’t anger her, and yet it does.
peering into the basket, she looks at the baby - the monster - properly for the first time since she gave birth to it. it’s so small, just like a human infant, with tiny, flailing hands and feet identical to those of a human baby except for the thin, delicate fur covering them. its face, while bovine rather than human and covered in the same dark fur as the rest of its body, is scrunched up in an unmistakably distressed way as it wails, its protruding calf’s ears flattened against the sides of its head.
how could the servants find it so frightening they would not dare to do their jobs even when ordered - even when threatened? how laughable, she thinks.
she picks the creature up from its basket and slips her chiton off her shoulder, baring her breast, and holds the baby up to it. it doesn’t take long for the thing to latch onto her nipple with its small, soft mouth - no teeth, she thinks, scoffing to herself at the wet nurse’s cowardice - and start eagerly suckling, ceasing its crying.
“there you go”, she finds herself saying, and gently untangles the black, longer curls sprouting from the top of the baby’s head. it looks up at her then with its beady little eyes, dark and wet, with lashes longer than she’s seen on any human baby, as its little bovine ears contently twitch in rhythm with its sucks. it rests its tiny hand on her breast, and she absentmindedly reaches up with her free hand to pet the dark fur on it with a single finger. in response, the tiny fist uncurls and the baby wraps its impossibly small fingers around her finger.
pasiphaë smiles then, and something inside her shifts. this creature - this baby - was blameless for everything that had happened: for the king’s hubris and foolishness, for the ocean god’s curse, for everything that followed. it could not choose its parents, or the circumstances of its conception or birth. despite everything, it was just a baby, as powerless and innocent as any human infant, and it did not deserve mistreatment over all that had led to its birth.
it - he - is her child, her little baby, and she will not allow any harm to come to him.
once his hunger has been sated, she gently bounces him over her shoulder until he lets out a little burp. she pulls her chiton back up onto her shoulder and, with her baby still in her arms, moves to leave the room. the maids and wet nurse, she discovers, are still huddled at the doorway, eyes wide in shock and alarm as if they can’t believe she’s still alive.
“have a crib brought to my room”, she orders. they might as well make themselves useful. “since clearly none of you can be trusted to take care of my son, i will care for him by myself.”
Tumblr media
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 10 months ago
Dave: bold of you to assume i was held
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snarp · 8 months ago
Artemis and Apollo Duo Boon text:
ARTEMIS: Hey, remember that time Dad dipped baby onions in honey and gave them to us like they were candy? And you just, actually thought it was good?
APOLLO: I thought I started choking...? No, I guess that was you! ‘cause I had to invent the Heimlich Maneuver on the spot, in my capacity as the infant God of Medicine, haha. Yeah - *classic Dad Story.*
ARTEMIS: Right, and he and Uncle Poseidon were cracking up, but you were just crying, ‘cause you thought I almost died... uh, Zagreus isn’t laughing, I don’t think. Is that, like... a *funny* story?
APOLLO: ...I don’t know...? I told Admetus one time, and I’m pretty sure *he* did not laugh. Like, at all...? Was not a fan.
ARTEMIS: Yeah, I guess Callisto never liked it, either... let’s retire that one.
APOLLO: Yeah, we are, um, we’re retiring that Dad Story.
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hauntedtapez · 22 days ago
I may be a little late lol but ❤️? :^]
Tumblr media
Hank was a loner, reserved and very anti-social—He spent most of his time working on robotics in his workshop which unfortunately leads to him ignoring his family, mostly his wife.
Speaking of his wife, he and Andrina were never really in love —Not to say their relationship was completely hollow as at first they did kinda like each other, but over the years any love they had dispersed.
Their relationship got even worse after she later found out he’d been cheating on her. She decided to stay with him as she knew he’d get almost completely custody of the twins.
After lottie went missing and was found dead, Hank was with filed parental neglect and Andrina divorced him. She was able to get almost completely custody of Samantha.
Tragedy ended up striking once again: On one of the few day’s Hank got to be with Sammy, he took her to Freddy’s but unfortunately he was drinking and didn’t notice a group of kids throwing her outside.. Her body was found quickly.
As for themselves, the twins were sweet kids! Samantha was bright and cheerful, while Lottie was a bit quieter and more reserved. The two inseparable and did almost everything together.
They’re both dressed very similarly as Hank never felt the need to buy new clothes and simply gave them his old clothes from when he was kid. Most of the accessories they have were bought by their mom.
Despite looking almost identical, they aren’t actually identical twins but instead fraternal twins.
Also! Samantha was amab but stared transitioning when she was 3 and Lottie was afab, uses She/He pronouns and is bigender (although it took 40 years of being a ghost to realized)
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bravobeavo · 6 months ago
“Hush little baby don’t say a word, mummy has a headache and your crying hurts.” baby mic angst please >:)c
(For this ask prompt list)
Coming straight for the angst huh? I can appreciate that. Oh man oh boy okay here we go- mind the tags on this one, folks.
“Hush little baby don’t say a word, Mummy has a headache and your crying hurts-“
Yamada Mikoto’s melodic pleading was cut off by another shrill, ear-splitting screech as the blonde-haired baby in her arms wailed, green eyes spilling fat tears down his cheeks.
She groaned as she set Hizashi down onto the floor in front of her crossed legs and covered her ears, squeezing her eyes shut as her head pounded.
“Hizashiiii- please!” She raised her voice of his shrill screech as his quirk activated at a low level. 
When he didn’t stop wailing, she curled her hands into fists over her ears until she could feel her nails digging into the skin on her scalp. She growled under her breath as she felt herself reaching her wit’s end, frustration mounting. 
“What the hell is all that screaming about?!” Her husband shouted angrily as he entered the room, eyes already narrowed into a glare. 
He first looked at his seated wife then his crying son, eyebrows furrowing further as an angry wrinkle formed on his brow.
Mikoto squinted her eyes open at him and grimaced, “He’s teething!” 
“I don’t give a damn if he was dying!” Her husband snapped as he marched across the room, “Get the boy to shut the hell up!”
“I can’t!” Mikoto threw her hands up uselessly as Hizashi continued to cry, “I’ve tried everything!” 
Her husband came to a stop in front of the wailing child, stopping his foot onto the floor loud enough to startle the blonde boy whose shrill cries tapered off into confused whimpers. 
He glared as he leaned down and pointed a calloused finger into the young boy’s face, “You listen to me, you little brat! You’ve got the worst quirk in the history of quirks!”
Wide, bloodshot green eyes stared up at the red-faced man, the boy’s lower lip wobbling as snot dripped down his chin. 
The man glowered at him, “And you need to learn to control it or else next time, I’ll come in here with duct tape, you understand?!” 
Hizashi jolted up in bed, words ringing in his ears as he heaved in a deep breath. A knot was lodged in his throat, panicked fear crawling up his chest as he bit down on the cry that he could feel building up in his belly.
So annoying, he was the worst, everyone hated him, he was such a failure-
He fought the urge to hyperventilate as he shoved the heavy blankets off of his legs, swinging them over the side of the bed and shooting a sidelong glance back at his friends.
They were having a sleepover at Oboro’s house tonight, their first weekend together since summer break had begun.
Shouta was curled onto his side and clutching a pillow close to his chest, face peaceful and calm as he breathed softly. Oboro was sprawled in the center of the bed, limbs akimbo as he snored softly through his slack jaw.
Hizashi felt his breathing slow as he watched his best friends rest, swallowing as he chewed nervously at his lip and let the panic spurred by the nightmare ebb away.
He turned and quietly opened the blue-haired boy’s bedroom window, crawling out onto the roof as he’d done dozens of times in the past with the other two boys.
The night was comfortingly silent, the kind that settled over Hizashi like a blanket muting the pangs of sorrow in his chest.
Oboro and Shouta never called him loud or annoying... they never told him he was too much or doing anything wrong. Were they just being nice?
Shouta was brutally honest, there was no way he would put on an act about enjoying Hizashi’s company.
And Oboro was adorably candid - honest almost to a fault and, more often than not, matching the voice user’s energy.
Screw his birth parents.
They’d abandoned him anyways not long after that night - put him up for adoption and never looked back.
He was better off without them.
A/N: You know I had to put in a wittle bit of comfort in the end 💜 Also I posted this in a hurry so please excuse errors/autocorrects. 
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mrslittletall · 3 months ago
Title: Memory Lane Fandom: Bloodborne Characters: Micolash Host of the Nightmare, Laurence the first Vicar Word Count: 4.384 AO3-Link:
Summary: Micolash travels home from Byrgenwerth for summer vacation, but during the trip, he thinks about why he doesn't want to go back...
(Author's note: That actually is part of a trade for @popskipandajump @sketchygabz on tumblr. She wanted a story of Micolash's past of my version, which isn't a happy one...
Warnings for child abuse and child neglect. Also, Laurence is tagged there, but he isn't in this fic much, sorry Laurence!)
“Aren't you travelling home for the vacation, Laurence?”, Micolash asked his friend, a bit confused about why he wasn't entering one of the carriages that carted off students to the various places around Byrgenwerth since summer vacation had started this morning.
“My parents are dead, remember.”, Laurence replied, crossing his arms. “And I don't have any other relatives. Master Willem took me in, so I have to stay at the school. Don't you worry though, Gehrman promised to me that we would explore the woods together and play in the lake on hot days. Don't forget to write though, I will make sure to reply once I have your home address.”
Micolash smiled at Laurence as he entered the carriage. “I won't.”, he promised. Micolash waved to Laurence and sat down in the carriage, waiting for the other passengers to enter so that it could take off. Looking out of the window, he could still see Laurence standing there, waving to him. Micolash waved back, sighing as he thought that he would prefer to stay with Laurence and Gehrman for the summer. In truth, Micolash didn't want to go home.
It was something that Micolash hadn't told his now two close friends. Both Laurence and Gehrman always spoke so fondly about their parents, so he never had brought the subject of his own parents up... and he planned to keep it that way, this was something they didn't need to know.
Micolash stopped looking out of the window when Laurence decided to leave to make room for a few more passengers wanting to enter and looked at them instead. A small family entered last, a typical family, a mother, a father and a small child, maybe five or six years old.
The child happily sat themselves on their mother's lap once the family had settled in and Micolash could see how she carefully stroked over the hair of her child. As the carriage started to move, for they were the last passengers, Micolash asked himself if that was how Laurence' mother had treated him. Laurence always spoke with such great fondness of her...
Micolash's own mother on the other hand...
Micolash barely remembered his mother. He was aware that at some point during his life, a mother had been present. He remembered faint things, feelings, impressions. Like soft hands picking him up and gently rocking him, a voice singing to him, being hugged and comforted when he was upset.
What he couldn't remember was a face to the woman who must have been his mother. There was only one thing he remembered very clearly. The last words she ever spoke to him before vanishing forever.
“I can't take this anymore... Mico... I am so sorry... Please forgive me...”
The next thing that Micolash remembered was the shutting of a door and him having waddled over, confused about what just happened. He must have been only three or four back then, far too young to connect the dots, even younger than the child opposite of him, currently sitting on their mother's lap, not having a worry in the world. He did need a long time to understand what had happened. His mother had abandoned him, had left him alone, to never come back, and, Micolash had to admit this to himself, he didn't feel like forgiving her for it.
His gaze went from the child to the man who must be the father of the small family. He looked gentle and his gaze was full of fondness for his wife and child. It reminded Micolash of Gehrman's father, who, while a strict man who made sure that Gehrman didn't slack on his duties, always was there when his son needed him.
Micolash's own father on the other hand? Micolash couldn't remember a single day in his life where his father hadn't been drunk. Being drunk was pretty much his normal state. He always had some kind of bottle with him and would drink out of it, swaying from side to side, reeking of wine. He often ignored Micolash in his drunken state, though the days in which Micolash remained ignored could be considered the good days.
The days in which his father was hyper aware of Micolash's presence... were the worst ones...
On those days, Micolash couldn't even make a single peep without upsetting his father. Even when he just shifted around or went to fetch something and the gods forbid that Micolash dropped something or forgot to avoid the creaky floorboards on his way outside.
His father would be in front of him with such a speed that it frightened Micolash. When Micolash was lucky, he would simply get screamed at. That he shouldn't make such noise, that he should be lucky that he had a roof over his head and that he was allowed to go to school instead of dying outside in some ditch. Micolash was used to this kind of words. Sure, they stung, but it was nothing that he couldn't endure.
It hurt a lot more when his father decided to put his mother into the mix and told him that she didn't ever bother to take him with her and that meant how much she hated him and that he never had been loved by her, only having been bothered by his very existence and that it was him and his constant screaming and being fuzzy when he still had been a baby that drove her out. Micolash always had to suppress his tears when his father started with it... he even almost started to believe that he was at fault for his mother leaving.
However, simply being screamed at, even though it hurt a lot inside of him, was still better as when his father decided that he had enough of him making so much noise and silenced him with his fist.
The first time it had happened, Micolash had barely registered it. He just stared with wide eyes at his father, raising a hand to notice that his nose bled and then starting to sob uncontrollably, not understanding why it had happened or what he did wrong to get such a reaction, which had made... everything worse...
For when Micolash didn't want to calm down, his father dealt with him by shutting him into the closet. It was dark in there, narrow, far too warm and it smelled horrible, mostly of alcohol and vomit, and Micolash was sure he would have been able to see stains of dried up puke on the clothes if it wouldn't have been so dark.. and if he wouldn't have been so terrified of being locked in there.
Locking Micolash into the closet was his father's usual method when Micolash annoyed him, which was far more often than Micolash liked, and Micolash started to dread the closet so much. He was left in there for hours, sometimes his father even left their home without releasing him and Micolash had to sit in there, waiting, panicking, hoping that he would come back, hoping that he would get out before he would starve, trying his best to avoid making a mess when he was left in their for hours, only to be punished when it happened regardless, making the situation into nothing more but a vicious cycle for Micolash.
“Oh dear, are you feeling alright? You are awfully pale.”
Micolash got snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a hand on his arm and when he looked to his right, aware of how laboured his breathing had become, he spotted the face of an elderly woman, a kind smile, with her greyish hair being put into a bun on heir head, wearing a checkered dress. He didn't reply right away, because the sight in front of him stirred another memory and for a second he felt like had seen a ghost.
“Are you about to get sick maybe? Do you need for the carriage to stop?”
Micolash slowly shook his head, trying to force his face into a smile, which felt extremely difficult. He hoped he looked at least half convincing, though he knew his face wasn't exactly pretty (Laurence even called him a gremlin sometimes and Micolash couldn't deny it), though he hoped that he didn't look anymore like he was about to throw up.
“No, I am fine.”, he finally answered. “Just thought about... something unpleasant.”
“Well then, but don't hesitate to say something should you feel unwell.”, the old woman said and Micolash was aware that the rest of the passengers stared at him as well, he must have looked a lot more uncomfortable than he thought.
“I will. Sorry for worrying you.”, he said and felt how the old woman let go of his arm, but he still felt his gaze on her. Micolash decided to stop looking at the passengers from which a few still were staring at him and out of the window again.
The elderly woman sitting next to him... at first glance, she looked like the striking image of Micolash's neighbour. Micolash and his father lived in a small shack at the border of Hemwick Chapel Lane and this elderly woman had lived there too. Apparently, she was alone, either she never had married or her husband had died and her children and grandchildren were out of the house. It wasn't something Micolash bothered a lot with.
This woman had been a big reason why Micolash had survived after his mother had left.
“Mooom, I am hungry!”, the small child of the family suddenly complained, breaking Micolash briefly out of his thoughts when he saw their mother soothe them and find something for them to eat, which they eagerly took.
Food was something that wasn't a constant in Micolash's life and the reason why his elderly neighbour had been so important for him plus the fact that he could escape his father when he stayed at her place.
Micolash's father didn't have a steady job. No wonder, the drunkard he was. He worked wherever he would be needed and whoever found enough pity in themselves to employ him. Micolash's father probably thought that his son didn't know about this, but Micolash always listened when he walked through the village, he heard the rumours, the facts, he knew how disliked his father was in the village. He also heard the rumours about himself. That a child with such a father couldn't get right, that it was no wonder that his mother had left and that they feared the day when Micolash would grow up into a copy of his father. It didn't surprise him that the other children avoided him, sometimes even thought about bullying him. Micolash didn't bother, they got bored when he ignored them and his father did far more worse things than their words could do to him and their mean spirited pranks didn't hurt as much as being shut in the closet or being beaten until he bled.
But Micolash loathed it when he was compared to his father. He even loathed himself then. He never would become like his father, he swore to himself, though deep down inside of him, he very much feared that it would still happen...
Because of his many odd jobs, Micolash's father generally didn't bring a lot of coins home, and the coins he brought home, he normally used to buy more alcohol. It was rare that his father brought food home and if, then it often was just some old bread or leftovers, probably from a meal he had bought for himself and then brought back home some scraps when he remembered that Micolash existed and people probably would start to ask questions if they boy wouldn't be seen in the village or at school anymore.
During this time, the elderly neighbour took care of Micolash once she realized that he got thinner and thinner from malnourishment. Even though she didn't have much, she gladly shared the bit she had with him, pretty much saving Micolash from starvation. It had been shortly after his mother had left, when Micolash was still far too small to take care of himself. He couldn't remember too much, but he remembered how much more drunk his father had gotten after his mother left, and Micolash went largely ignored during that time... but in the bad way, in the way that he was basically non-existent for his father...
If not for his elderly neighbour having invited him into her shack and giving him food, Micolash probably would have died there sooner or later, for the bit of food that his father sometimes remembered to bring along, barely did anything to quell his hunger...
Micolash liked being at her house. She gave him food, she didn't get mad at him when he was a bit noisier while playing and he didn't have to fear getting punished when he messed up. He only could stay there though when his father was absent, because his father was very much against him staying at some random stranger's house and always would get him and get into a fight with his neighbour when Micolash wouldn't be back on time.
When Micolash was around six years old, his neighbour decided to teach him to prepare his own food. She started with raw food first, showing Micolash how to prepare a sandwich or a fruit bowl or a salad. However, Micolash was clever enough to figure out how the stove worked, so she switched over to teach him how to cook. They were all rather simple recipes, but it meant that Micolash didn't have to rely so much on his neighbour anymore and could prepare food in his own home... and sometimes it even put him into the favour of his father, when he came home and Micolash had prepared some food he enjoyed. Those were good days, where nothing bad happened to him... should Micolash fail the food however... He shuddered at the memory.
However, for a child of six years it was awfully difficult to chop firewood, so Micolash couldn't prepare cooked food too often. He was forbidden from taking any of the firewood his father might have chopped, probably because it was needed for the winter and his father would just chop enough that they would not freeze. Micolash was pretty sure that his father never had used the stove himself, in fact, he needed to clean the whole thing out when he started to use it. Without proper firewood, he couldn't use it very well though, so Micolash was often collecting branches and dry leaves to at least have something to burn and cook a warm meal once in a while.
While he heard of a fancy thing called a gas stove which they had in cities like Yharnam, Micolash was sure that they never would get it, especially because they never would have enough coins to pay for that gas that they needed for such a stove to function. He still was interested in how such a stove would function and secretly wished that one day he could try out a stove that didn't need to be fuelled with wood.
The coins they had, or more, the coins his father gave him once he realized that Micolash would cook for him, were barely enough to even organize the food. His father still put most of his coins into buying more wine and while the coins would be enough for food for one person, Micolash had to cook for himself too. He would have preferred not having to share the little bit of food he had at all, but he knew he had to give his father the bigger serving or he would get punished, and Micolash didn't want to get locked into the closet again...
That is why the elderly neighbour started to show Micolash how to scavenge for food as well as grow his own food. She had a little garden and showed him how to plow the ground, sow the seeds and raise vegetables on his own. There wasn't that much growing in Hemwick, but Micolash managed to grow a few vegetables, like carrots, cabbage and turnips.
Micolash also got shown how to gather wild herbs and mushrooms. He had to learn a lot, because a lot of these wild plants weren't edible, downright poisonous. Micolash documented them all on the blank pages of his school books, not having enough coins to buy a notebook for his own. His teacher once wanted to scold him for scribbling in his books, but didn't say anything when she saw what Micolash had written down.
He also got taught how to fish and how to set traps to catch small animals. Fishing often wasn't successful, for Micolash didn't have a good fishing rod and always had to craft one himself. At least looking for earthworms to use as bait was kind of entertaining, he kind of liked digging in the mud, even though it left him dirty and when he would make the shack dirty... Micolash often had to clean himself in the river before getting home.
Traps were a bit more effective, but it was hard for Micolash when he had his first catch and then had to realize that meat meant having to kill a small little animal. He pretty much refused to do it the first time and only slowly took to it... up until to a point where it became so natural for him that he didn't even think about it anymore. Everything he caught meant that he didn't have to go to bed without a full belly and also that he could get his father into a somewhat good mood.
During this time, his life managed to get almost pleasant... until his elderly neighbour died when he was eight years old.
From one day to the other, Micolash had lost his safe place. Now he had to spend all his time at home or wandering the village, which wasn't possible when it rained or snowed, and because the elderly neighbour had taught Micolash how to do household chores, and Micolash had started to clean around the shack, his father now had extraordinary high expectations of him.
If the shack wasn't clean enough, he would get mad. If a dish wasn't to his liking, he would get mad. If he didn't have any clean laundry, he would get mad. Micolash actually asked himself why he was allowed to go to school when all his free time was spent with household chores anyway. Because of that, Micolash would often stay up beyond bedtime and learn for school, for he vowed to himself that he would never end up like his father and learn something good. Luckily, learning came easily to him, very easily. He didn't need long to understand how something worked and managed to pass all his tests with flying colours.
One day Micolash figured that his father would always have something to criticize, so he stopped giving a damn. He would end up in the closet or with a black eye one way or another, so he decided to use his extra time for learning for school and food scavenging, for he hoped he could save a bit of coins to one day leave this place, when he grew up.
Unfortunately, his father found out that Micolash mostly scavenged for food and stopped giving him coins, leaving Micolash with his very small savings that were nowhere enough to get him anywhere. Micolash used his little stash to buy something that he never had dared to try before, for how expensive it was. It was a sweet, something called a chocolate bar and he had never tried something so exquisite and tasty. When he sat at the river, enjoying it, tears ran down his face when he thought that other children could enjoy this treat every single day.
Micolash's life pretty much continued like this and he almost came to terms with that he would either be forever stuck in Hemwick until his father died or had to run away with no coins whatsoever, when his teacher one day talked to him. His grades were so good, she wanted to recommend him to a school named Byrgenwerth, a school in which children and young adults with his skills could study. The best thing about it... the school was a bit off the road, in the middle of a forest, so that the students would stay there for the duration of the school year.
Micolash's face only fell when he heard about the sum he would have to pay to enter. That was impossible for him, especially because he barely got any coins anymore. He knew Father would never pay the tuition, for all their coins were used up for the wine he drank everyday.
That was when Micolash's teacher told him about a stipend. He would have to pass a certain test and then someone else would cover the tuition for him. Micolash, more than eager to get away from this place, as well as wanting to learn even more, accepted and managed to pass the test.
On the day he left, he didn't even tell his father about it. He wrote a letter and slipped it under the door when he went to sleep, then he quietly packed the few things he possessed and left for the carriage. Back then, he hadn't thought about ever going back. He hadn't taken into account that he would get sent home for vacation.
And now he was sitting in the carriage. The carriage that was getting him home. Where he had to face his father and explain to him where he went. Where he probably would get locked into the closet for three days if he was lucky. Micolash hadn't even noticed how he had started shuddering. He didn't, no, he couldn't get back to this place. He had worked so hard to get out of it, it wasn't fair that he had to go back, to this man that never loved him, to that shack that never had been a home, to a place where the only person helping him was long dead.
“Hemwick Chapel Lane. Everyone who wants to get off, please exit.” Micolash jerked up when he heard the name of his stop and got up in an instant, walking to the exit as if he was in a trance. He could feel the gazes of all the passengers on him, only now realizing how much he was shaking. If he would get out there... then his father would have control over him again, and Micolash didn't know if he had the strength to leave another time.
“What's the matter? Is this your station or not?”, the carriage driver asked as Micolash still didn't move.
“No, it isn't.”, Micolash finally said and sat back down. “I am sorry, I want to leave at Byrgenwerth Forest station.”
The carriage driver just gave him a deep look, for that was the station where Micolash had entered, but then shrugged. Micolash took a deep breath when he noticed all the other passengers staring at him, even the small child that had been the start of his trip down memory lane.
“Are you feeling alright?”, the mother of the family asked. “Aren't you a student of Byrgenwerth? Is there a place where you can... stay?”
Micolash didn't reply right away. He would even sleep in the woods if he had to, but... he would go back to Byrgenwerth and ask if he could stay there for the vacation. Laurence and Gehrman were also there, he wouldn't count much, and he could offer to cook. He just hoped that Master Willem didn't have a reason to send him away...
“I'll figure something out.”, he instead replied and the parents shared a look before getting their attention demanded by their offspring. Next to him, the old woman that reminded him so much of his elderly neighbour gave him a pat and said.
“There's no reason to stay at a place you feel unhappy in. Walking away was the best thing that ever happened to me... and I hope you find your place to stay as well.”
Micolash gave her a smile and then looked out of the window.
“Never again.”, he decided as the carriage started moving and left Hemwick Chapel Lane behind him. Never again would Micolash return to this place, from now on, he would build his own life. One day, he might have friends and even subordinates that would research with him and should he make enemies.. well, he would make sure to show them that they couldn't mess with him.
On the way back, Micolash relaxed gradually. The sun was already starting to set when the carriage was back at Byrgenwerth Forest, but Micolash didn't mind, crossing the forest to the school before it set completely and setting foot in the common room, where a pretty confused Laurence got up from the couch, abandoning the book he had read and came over to him.
“Micolash? Didn't you want to go home for the vacations?”, he asked.
“Laurence...”, Micolash said. “There's something I have to tell you...”
Micolash then confessed the whole deal about his upbringing to Laurence and once he was done, breathing heavily and tears staining his eyes, Laurence never once having left his side, laying a reassuring hand on his shoulder, his friend said: “Let's go speak to Master Willem.”
Micolash was allowed to stay in the school during the vacations from now on, only sometimes having to leave to take a new test for his stipend, which Master Willem organized in Yharnam though, Laurence' hometown, so that Micolash didn't had to get back to Hemwick Chapel Lane anymore.
Micolash never went back to this place, instead, he started his own life, and his own school. And even though he broke ties with his old friends eventually, he never regretted his decision.
For in the Nightmare of Mensis was all the knowledge of the Great Ones and why should he ever want to leave the home he made for himself?
(Author's note: Not gonna lie, this feels a bit clunky to me. I practically rewrote the entire thing also from the first draft and only left like the last few paragraphs. I didn't give any names to the characters outside of Micolash and Laurence, because I didn't want to flesh them out too much.
I hope you enjoyed it and tell me what you thought in the comments.)
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kidhawks · 7 months ago
"rundown shack from hell" oh boy is that an accurate description if I've ever heard one. there is no way Keigo had a bed to sleep in, there's no room for anything, there's exactly one clothing hanger on the wall because even his mom doesn't own many pairs of clothes, they can't afford mutant-clothling, and beds are expensive. they've got a T.V that doesn't work and a fridge for Takami, probably furnished with what they want instead of what Keigo needs. His mom probs just passes out too anywhere.
(Part 2) I bet the microwave doesn't work either. As if there's suitable electricity in that house to plug it in, and if microwaves don't have plugs, well its probably old and run down too. There might be blankets off screen, but they're not laundry cleaned often and might be moth bitten. Gonna be real sad if he had to sleep next to smelly trash bags with bugs in his wings or fleas like a farm animal. Bet when the HPSC gave him clean clothes and a bed he cried like Kayo in Erased.
(Part 3) While we're talking about that, in 267 if that flashback takes place right after they picked him up, off-screen Keigo probably thanked them so much for the new clothes while also feeling guilt about being given them for free and not being able to pay for it and what about his mom? So they reassure him some of their staff is helping her and she'll also get the nice things.
why are we put on this earth? just to suffer?
hawks was literally patching up the walls himself!! there were holes in the thing! how do they prevent rain getting in? what’s stopping bugs and rats? that was hawks’ entire world until he was at least six.. :((
i’m so curious how often hawks got to see tomie. i’m betting on not much if ever. in the flashback where he’s renamed, it looks like he’s alone with the commission agents... was he already separated from his mom? i don’t want to imagine him being led away from her and her not even looking at him one last time but i’m doing it, it’s happening. his little baby voice going “mom, we’ll see each other soon alright?” like he’s reassuring her instead of her to him because he already feels like it’s his responsibility to look after her and i uHHhh pain
a few weeks later a meet up is scheduled but tomie doesn’t show—you decide whether it was her own choice or if the hpsc influenced her away from coming, because it’s best hawks cuts unnecessary ties now. his little heart breaks but somehow he didn’t see it going any other way. he throws himself into his training and internalises everything he’s told about sentimentality being a weakness—he never wants to feel pain like that again, so he just... won’t get attached and there’ll be no heart to break
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dekusbrokenarms · 6 months ago
Recently I’ve been seeing people arguing if Endeavor’s character arc is a redemption arc or an atonement arc and I think there’s this huge blind spot for a lot of people discussing it.
So mostly these conversations  come to the conclusion that they’re okay with Endeavor trying to atone for what he’s done, but they don’t support him getting fully redeemed.
Which is fair. I don’t suspect he’ll get a fully realized redemption arc, but this is a redemption arc any way you cut it.
Atonement is by definition reparations for a wrong or injury. It becomes redemption when the victim of that wrong or injury accepts this reparation and forgives them for their actions.
Fuyumi is one of Endeavor’s victims. We have to stop ignoring that she also suffered neglect at his hands. Fuyumi has chosen to forgive her father for that neglect. That means Endeavor is having a redemption arc whether Fuyumi is the only person who forgives him or if they all do (which, they all won’t). 
I think ignoring Fuyumi’s feelings in these discussions sends the message that there is a wrong and a right way to feel. Fuyumi’s choice to forgive her father is just as radical and powerful as Touya’s choice to hate him. It’s just as bold and brave as Natsuo’s choice to cut him out of his life. It’s just as complex and meaningful as Shouto’s mixed feelings and struggle. 
Fuyumi wanting to have a normal family is a very real way people react to abuse. Wanting to just leave it all in the past and heal is a very real way people feel. She’s no less developed than Natsuo as character and yet his feelings are given more weight than hers by a lot of people in this fandom. 
Endeavor is redeeming himself in Fuyumi’s eyes. This is a partial redemption arc. Let’s call it what it is whether you like that it’s happening or not. 
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fictionkinfessions · 11 days ago
This shift makes me wish I was smarter. All of my life I've always been treated like I'm stupid, to the point that even as an adult my parents won't let me use the oven or an iron, much less teach me to drive, because apparently "I wouldn't be able to handle it". I want to be independent! I want to grow! I'm tired of being stifled and yet! Yet!
It just really sucks that I'm not the genius I was before. Back then, my parents respected my intelligence and they had faith that, at the very least, I'd be able to take care of myself. My parents in this life, though? Probably don't think I could ever live on my own.
And, to add insult to the injury, I also have a younger brother in this life who isn't treated like this!!! Hell, they say that he's brilliant. That he's talented and that they have big expectations for him. I hate it here - Saiki Kusuke.
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snipesaw-archive · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one of the things billy learned from a young age ( lets say around seven or eight ) was that whilst stealing was bad / and against the law , sometimes it was necessary. for billy it was food, it was getting to the next day. food was often withheld as punishment in some of the homes ( so no dinner if you misbehaved etc ). It was unfortunately something that didn’t really change as he got older. school lunches ( on the occasions he qualified for free meals ) were the most consistent meals he got. He learned to sneak extra fruit into his bag when no one was looking , just so he’d have something to eat on the weekends. the few times he got caught for this - no one bothered to ask why , only punish him. he was given detention and humiliated in front of the lunch line and at the home? he was given no dinner that night. this was very much the reality that billy lived through right up until he was sixteen, and managed to get a part time job - hiding it from everyone else as much as he could and using the money from that , to eat. 
this was another reason the military was appealing. a structured life was being offered - a chance to belong someone , to be fed regularly. basic human needs being met. growing up , billy never had new clothes , always hand me downs from the other kids , which , clothes are clothes but they often didn’t fit him. He was skinny , growing up ( he was underfed as stated above ) and his clothes often hung off him, the shoes were sometimes either too small and rubbed his feet red raw or were too big.  in billy’s eyes , joining the marines would give him some control over his own life. a control he hadn’t had previously and krista’s notes reflect that in season two. ‘The marines gave him structure’. Yes. Structure he hadn’t been provided as a kid because he either went unnoticed , or was publicly embarrassed by grown men and women , for being hungry. he was taught by adults that he was less than them because he was poor. the people who should have been helping him were already dividing him from everywhere else. billy didn’t have the resources to pay for his school meals , or his own food until he got his first job. so yeah , he had to learn to be resourceful. he had to steal in the lunch line or steal from shops when he knew he could get away with it. he didn’t have many friends growing up because he didn’t trust anyone. there were a few teachers who took pity on him , one who for a whole year would make billy a lunch and let him eat it in the classroom during lunch, until that leacher eventually left.  billy grew up fending for himself and very rarely , relying on the kindness of strangers. those group homes were four walls and a bed , more than anything else , they were never a real home and he couldn’t wait to escape them once he turned eighteen.
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honeysuckle-venom · 4 months ago
My brother and I have both been neglected in such different ways.
He’s 12, he’ll be 13 in September. At his age I was making 90% of my own food, I was in charge of most of my own transportation/was starting to take the subway by myself, I did grocery shopping for the family, I took care of my brother, I walked the dog, I dealt with all of my school responsibilities and coordinated my schedule, I was basically completely independent except for like money and doctor’s appointments.
My brother, on the other hand, literally does not know how to make himself food. He cannot boil water and make pasta from a box. He cannot open a can to make soup. My mom makes literally every single meal for him and has not bothered to teach him essential life skills and he cannot take care of himself. He mentioned how the other day he didn’t have breakfast or lunch bc mom was busy and he was really hungry at 1:30 but he didn’t make himself food because he literally doesn’t know how. I mean he could have grabbed some crackers or cereal I guess, but I don’t think that even occurred to him because he NEVER gets his own food.
Neither approach to parenting is healthy. At 12 I absolutely should not have been completely running my own life and expected to take care of several household responsibilities while my mom (who was a stay at home mother) lay in bed all day. But she has done just as much of a disservice to my brother by doing everything for him and not teaching him essential skills that all kids need to learn at some point. I’m just so frustrated with her. How has she managed to find two completely opposite unhealthy ways to parent her children???
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snipesaw · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
HEADCANON + CAS.TLE MURDERS : THE CHILDRE/N billy did know rawlins was coming for frank , however , he had no idea that the man planned to execute the entire family and if he had , he would have warned frank regardless of what he stood to lose. see , billy’s got this thing about people hurting little kids. he despises it. it’s cowardly - it’s disgusting. if you hurt a child , billy won’t hesitate to stick you with one of his many knives , or shoot you between the eyes. he does not care who the fuck you are.
if he had known lisa and frankie jr were going to be killed - there’s no way in hell he would have turned his back on that.  there was a difference between turning a blind eye ( even to frank , a man he was most definitely in love with : obviously this can be talked about and doesn’t have to be reciprocated ) to the murder of his best friend and the murder of kids. billy’s view here stems from his own childhood which is a jigsaw puzzle of abuse , bullying , child neglect etc. what rawlin’s had done wasn’t a clean end - it wasn’t merciful ( not that billy would have been able to pull the trigger where the kids were concerned ) and it’s one of the reasons billy takes flowers to graveyard every week. 
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copiesofme · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“  i like seeing you smile.  ” - anne to mélie REMEMBER SAFE HAVEN PART 2? YES  /  @copiesofher​
        She likes Anne so far. Amelie likes to think that if their mother were here that she would be as kind and sharp witted as the red head that occupied the spot next to her. She liked John too, he was not as loud and as angry as daddy was. Melie looks down as she stirs the spoon around in her bowl, mixing up the ice cream inside of it to make a good smooth consistency before she lifts the utensil back up and scoops the minty green into her mouth. Kicking her feet as they hung off the edge of the pier over looking the lake that Anne and her own children fished off of often.
Tumblr media
          They had just left the hospital, the doctors had looked at her face and decided that whatever damage that heir father had done to her face would heal in time. There had been no concussions and no dangerous damage to be seen; they had only told Anne that Melie would carry the scar of the incident for a long time. And so with their compliance, Anne had promised ice cream. She couldn’t wait for Arthur to come with his own when they were done. John said he would bring him when the doctor had been done looking at his arm. 
         She had almost been caught up too far into her head when Anne pokes her nose and makes Melie scrunch her face, and then she giggles when its followed up with a playful nudge of her elbow. In truth the worry she had over their father finding them again had almost disappeared, and she was quickly finding that she hoped Anne would keep them as a mother would a son and daughter.
         Melie takes one more bite of her ice cream and looks Anne up and down, looking at the pipe balanced in her palm before speaking and pointing at the object of question, 
          “Can I try?”
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rslashrats · 22 days ago
your video posts perfectly encapsulate the vibe of the naruto meme compilations i used to watch on my ipad when i was 9 while my father was drunk at 10:00 am and not feeding us
oh <:( are you okay anon ? i'm sorry you went through that
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enjoloras · 8 months ago
Man, Eugene is shit but looking at his childhood as I mapped it out, it fucking sucked for that kid.
He was a perfectly normal, in fact rather sensitive little boy who loved his mother, and his father was like 'idk seems like a pussy to me. I better criticize him for not performing masculinity the way I see fit'.
And then his mother died and his father didn't even let him say goodbye to her.
And THEN his father married his longtime mistress and had a baby with her who he doted on completely whilst Eugene was being completely ignored, unless he was getting caned on the back of his hands or legs for spelling words wrong or something.
And THEN his father was like 'I don't like this kid I want to send him away to a foreign boarding school where I never have to think about him again', until his wife, who felt sorry for little Eugene, talked him out of it.
And THEN, on top of it all, on top of years of calling him a failure, his father calls Eugene to his side when he's on his deathbed to be like 'you're an absolute disappointment to me and I wish you'd never been born so I could make your half-sister my heir instead.'
Like damn. I wanna kill Eugene, but I'd also like to go back in time and slap his father.
(I always feel like I gotta end any post that remotely sympathizes with child!Eugene with a disclaimer that he's still an irredeemable monster who deserved to die horribly bc Tumblr lacks nuance, so here's the disclaimer)
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carbonateddelusion · a month ago
1 So, let's start with young girl Sylvia (1/3)! It's safe to say that normal Edgar'd be a literal GOD in her eyes. He's the kind, loving figure missing from that part of her life. His "dad" refused to acknowledge her presence after the paternity test confirmed his suspicions and her much older brother was occupied with his own teenage drama. They left and her mother were constantly giving her cold shoulder, so naturally she was a very love-hungry person: she latched onto every ounce of affection
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What a sweet baby, poor thing...
I can see normal Eddie really latching on to her, honestly. She'd remind him of him while he was still growing up- aggressively trying to manage his younger siblings while dealing with shitty parents- albiet she doesn't have any of the extra staff help that he did. Child Sylvia would also remind him very much of some of the ghost kiddos, primarily Beth and Olivia, two big sweethearts in their own right. And he'd quickly grow hyper-paranoid about this little girl and her safety. Edgar isn't a very well-liked person in his community for several reasons (some of which ARE indirectly his fault), so he'd try to tread the line between "overly friendly suspicious man" and "kind stranger" very carefully, not wanting to come off as any sort of predatory but still wanting to help as much as possible. He'd also probably get into a fight with Jack about the girl; Jack being the jealous person he is and all. Young would also recognize her as an extremely easy target and remind Eddie of the fact to keep him on his toes. He'd try to take direct action to protect her eventually, whether it be contacting CPS for her neglectful upbringing or killing Jack in a panic over her potentially being a victim of his. (He'd want to try and help baby Aaron too, all of this also applies to him)
80s Jack would do exactly as you described. Lure the kid away, get her somewhere he can attack, and beat her to death. Or drown her. Or throw a mix of cleaning chemicals on to her. Or.. you get the point. And then he'd burn her body, maybe dump whatever couldn't be fully burned into a trashbin or a lake, and then he'd completely forget everything about her. God forbid if he found Aaron.
M.Eddie would either recognize her, like Jack, as a potential victim to break, or just ignore her. If you aren't of some kind of useful to him, he doesn't care about you to any extent. If he WERE to pick her as a victim, he'd make an effort to gain her trust over the course of several months, emphasizing that "this is a secret you can't tell okay?" so he wouldn't have to worry about people finding out that he's kidnapped her, and then drag her away into his basement to build her up and tear her down mentally over and over again until he feels that he can gain no more information from her.
Sane Jack's pretty similar to normal Edgar. He's fiercely protective of people in any sort of terrible/abusive circumstance, ESPECIALLY childen or people like his mama, so he'd instantly get attached to the kid. It would take an extreme amount of restraint for him to not off her folks for being so standoffish to Sylvia and Aaron. He'd insist on giving her new shiny things, new clothing, making sure she and her little brother were taken care of, etc. Jack would most likely try and get her to agree to staying (or at least frequently visiting) his mother, Sarah, a very sweet and very fragile woman. And Sarah would take care of the rest. But he'd still hover over her, though he'd deny feeling any of that "mushy stuff" for her or Aaron. He wouldn't rest until he was SURE that they were in good hands.
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blog4snape · 9 months ago
16 from the Specific Asks?👀🙌💚
ooooo!! i’m excited for this one (i think about it A LOT) ... buckle up this will be another longwinded answer with WAY MORE than you asked for lol. i added a TLDR at the end, and a cut because i just,,, i had to go off and tell you my headcanons about their life. i still have more if you want  👀
💚💚💚 thank you for the ask lovely! i didn’t realize how far my headcanons went until i started writing and had more like 5K characters omg
I think Severus really looked up to his mother. He wanted to be just like her, a Prince, a Slytherin. He wanted to excel in potions and dark arts, but at the same time, he was himself. He was a healer first and foremost and had a great big caring heart. Maybe he got it from his mother? Who knows. Maybe he got it from Tobias? It was rather heartbreaking for him to grow up and realize how little Eileen had regarded him throughout the years. Years went by and no holiday letters as he watched his other housemates get showered with gifts and letters. I don’t think it was really Eileen’s fault though. I headcanon her to have been a spoiled pureblood who rebelled against the rich and quiet lifestyle.  Maybe her night of rebellion was going to a muggle city and finding Tobias. After a whirlwind of new experiences and cultures, she fell madly in love with him and him, her. She didn’t want to be a snooty pureblood witch that had to sit and look pretty and Tobias liked that. They got together and had Severus shortly after. The two of them tried their best but Tobias had no money and Eileen had been disowned. The three of them lived in poverty and Eileen had postpartum depression. Eileen’s depression only worsened and she continued to neglect Severus until it was second nature. Tobias had to take care of Severus alone and began to resent Eileen. He knew nothing about kids, especially magic kids. But Severus, too young to show any magic ability, Tobias basically regarded him as any other normal kid. Tobias really liked Severus. It wasn’t until they all got a bit older, that Severus began to show magic abilities that Tobias began to remember who he married and what his son really was. Then Eileen saw herself in Severus. She finally began to learn more about her son and showed him all her old potion and dark arts books. Young Sev really enjoyed the attention and the new knowledge, and really began to look up to his mother and tried to be more like her. Tobias began to resent it. He was the primary caregiver and now Eileen shows up and turns his kid into some magic freak? He was sick of it. Although it hurt then and it still hurt now, he got used to Eileen ignoring him and thinking of him as less than. Now his own boy, Severus, was doing so, too? Anyway it was the 60s and there were no good coping mechanisms that Tobias knew of, so he would be bitter and rude and drink a lot. It got to the point that Eileen began to feel rather afraid. She didn’t have anywhere else to take Severus and go, or any desire to go anywhere. She still loved Tobias and Severus, but she was paralyzed with fear and then it ate at her and she felt hopeless and fell into depression again, which only got worse when Severus left for Hogwarts.  Their marriage only continued to get worse. Sometimes Tobias wouldn’t come home until late at night, drunk and screaming, or stumbling home the next day, hickeys on his neck and new scratches on his back. Severus resented him for that. But Eileen never wanted to leave him, and Severus felt confused about that. Despite the infidelity, one-sided arguing, and substance abuse... Eileen and Tobias still had their moments of passion. Followed by resentment. And then passion again. Severus didn’t really know what to think about the neverending cycle of his parents being okay and then not being okay. When things were okay, Tobias was... odd. He was lighthearted, he would whistle, he was home on time. He would ruffle Severus’ hair and give him something that he found that reminded him of Sev- like a weird looking plant growing in the cracks of the cobblestone at spinner’s end. 
“Maybe you could find some use for it?” Tobias would drawl, softly punching Sev’s shoulder. Severus would still hold his own arm anyway. The reflexive action reminded him of the pain that those punches would inflict at other times. 
Severus would never know what to think of it. He didn’t want to get used to it, because he knew soon enough he’d have to hide in his room again while the sound of slurring words would echo across downstairs and his mother would lock herself in her room again. But it’s those rare good times and the warm times from before, when he’d gladly wear his father’s shirt as a nightshirt and wait for him to come home from the factory. As the front door opened, young Severus would be picked up and swung around, as cheerful giggles echoed throughout the living room. After the giggles died down, his father would carry him up the creaky stairs of their home at Spinner’s End, before tucking Severus into bed and ruffling his hair, leaving the door open just a crack as his father would exit the room and give his mother a kiss on the cheek. 
It’s those same nights that Severus would think about when night falls on Spinner’s End and he is reading a book in front of the fire that his parents had left for him.  .
. TLDR: I think Severus had a complicated relationship with both of his parents. First he preferred Tobias, then he preferred Eileen in his later years. Now that they are both gone, who knows? He’s feeling very conflicted over all of it.
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
While I miss most people that were in my life as Izuku, sometimes I can't help but feel so bitter remembering the way they often pushed me aside or ignored my issues.
The way my mom never tried to distance me or change my school even when I would come home with burns from how bad I was bullied. The way my teachers would turn a blind eye whenever I got hurt, pretending they didn't see anything or that it was an accident. The way me getting injured myself indiscriminately when I first got One for All, because I didn't care about my wellbeing, was never addressed beyond "don't do that or you'll lose your arm" because nobody cared to fix the core issue of extreme self sacrifice. The way even those I loved (and still love) didn't ever feel truly safe, because Aizawa might be fatherly and All Might kind and Todoroki sweet, but in the back of my head I knew they could always fail me. I knew Aizawa could always walk away like my real dad did. I knew All Might could look away if I was abused just like my mom did. I knew Todoroki could hurt me if he wanted to, just like Bakugou did.
I still love all of you. I'm sorry for blaming you. I don't want to feel this way, you don't deserve it. But I never stopped being afraid. Even at my strongest, I was still nothing more than a terrified child, and I'll always hate myself for it - Izuku Midoriya
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dekusbrokenarms · 6 months ago
In your fuyumi and endeavor post, I also want to mention something a lot of people forget. While it's true that horijoshi is not always great at writing women, I think a lot of people overlook that, due to her role as peacemaker in the family (which was a specifically feminine role in the todoroki family; i wrote a long ass post about it on my blog somewhere) that influences how she acts around endeavor. She had a role in the abusive dynamic just like shouto, natsuo, and touya did--not as an abuser, like endeavor (and in some interpretations, rei). That role is influencing how she is reacting to endeavor trying to make amends, just like how natsuo, touya, and shoutos roles are influencing how they react to endeavor trying to make amends. Now you could make the argument that hori is stereotyping "good" vs "bad" victims or "feminine" vs "masculine" victims, but at least for the todorokis, I think the women acting a certain way while men act a different way is a well written choice (again, the post where I explain is on my blog somewhere but tldr, the todoroki family dynamic is heavily gendered, with the women playing passive support roles that do not allow for feelings, while the men play assertive active roles where they are allowed to express themselves, often violently. The women in fuyumis life have been either her mother (who is submissive to endeavor for obvious reasons) or servants (who are submissive to endeavor for obvious reasons); meanwhile, her brothers had their father, who is loud, assertive, and demands that everyone cater to his emotions, so they were able to learn to express themselves is ways that fuyumi did not)
Basically, you are so right and fuyumi should not be shamed or trashed for her choice to forgive endeavor. Just like touya and natsuo are allowed to hate him for how they were treated, fuyumi and shouto are allowed to forgive him for how they were treated
Thank you! This tl;dr explanation for why Fuyumi takes this passive role is also great and I appreciate it!
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