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#childe fluff
madamepingmain · 2 days ago
Omg hi bubs! can I request a prompt "Are you guys dating or just talking" with Kaeya, Zhongli, Childe and Thoma? ~3~ thank you!
(I was so whipped when I found out you have a genshin blog T~T)
 “are you two dating or just talking”
Tumblr media
feat. Kaeya, Zhongli, Childe, Thoma
♡ warning: mentions of alcohol
♡ a/n: i was gonna make y/n the jealous one but i’ve made a jealous reader prompt before so uhhh i’m gonna make the boys the target of it hehe
Tumblr media
Even though he was at the tavern, enjoying his time with you and some of his friends, Kaeya remained sharp as ever. And one of the things the calvary captain didn’t miss was the way some guy across the tavern was eyeing you.
Although could he blame them? You were clearly stunning, so Kaeya wasn’t that surprised you managed to steal glances. As such, Kaeya tried to ignore the man and go back to hear Eula bicker with Rosaria about ‘vengeance’.
But as the man stood up and started walking over to the table, Kaeya snaked his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.
When the man approached the head of the table, he knocked on the wood, gaining everyone’s attention. You felt slightly uneasy when you saw that this man’s gaze was fixated on only you.
“Are you two actually dating or just talkingl” the man asks.
You grimace are his words, scooting closer to your boyfriend.
“We are dating so please leave us-” Kaeya’s words are quickly interrupted.
“Well I could treat you far better than he ever can” the man’s words slur, his confidence skyrocketing in part due to the amount of alcohol consumed.
Kaeya takes a deep breath, calming himself down. The last thing he wants is to cause an outburst in public. He stands from the table so he can be eye to eye with the man.
“Oh this should be good” Rosaria murmurs, taking in the scene before her.
“I gave you a chance to back down before, and normally that would be it. But I’m feeling awfully generous tonight. I’ll give you one more opportunity to leave us all alone. You wouldn’t want to get into trouble for harassing a citizen of Mondstadt in front of one of the captains of the Knights of Favonius, would you?” Kaeya leers at the man.
“Make that two captains!!” Eula adds. She’s quite in a drunken stupor but she’s as serious as ever.
The man starts sputtering apologies before stumbling his way out of the tavern to avoid trouble. As soon as he exits the doors, Kaeya sits back down next to you, wrapping his arm around you once again.
He personally couldn’t care less what a stranger says about him. But because you were put an uncomfortable position, Kaeya knew he had to speak up. He would go to great lengths to make sure you were alright.
And he would continue to do so, he swears on it.
Your boyfriend loved to talk. You knew this from the moment you met him. And you absolutely adored how knowledgeable he was on a vast array of topics and how he talked endlessly about them.
Zhongli sat across from you at the tea house, passing time by telling you the history of some event that occurred long ago. To anyone passing by- it was as if he was a history professor enraptured in a lecture. No one would have guessed it was him recounting his past experiences.
From the corner of your eye, you saw a man from the next table over staring at your table. But you ignored him- he was probably just looking in this general direction. It wasn’t until the man walked over to your table, pulling a chair to sit right next to you.
“So you two are just talking right? There’s no way you could actually be dating this walking encyclopedia” the man asks, ignoring Zhongli’s presence entirely.
“This guy you’re with? So boring. I’m surprised you didn’t leave after the first minute of hearing him talk. How about you and I go on a date, what do you say?” the man slides his hand over yours. In a panic, you splash your cup of tea onto him, pulling your hand away quickly.
The man springs to his feet, helping in pain.
“Why you little-” he raises his hand to hit you, and you squeeze your eyes shut, waiting for the impact that never comes.
When you open your eyes again, you see Zhongli, also standing. His hands were gripped around the wrist of the strange man. Zhongli’s eyes no longer had the same soft look you were so used to. No, anyone could tell that his gaze was angry- one that could frighten anyone at a glance.
“Let go of my wrist or I’m going to call the owner!” the man shouts in Zhongli’s face, spewing colorful insults towards you and your boyfriend.
“You may think that you’re the victim here- but allow me to assure you that when the owner comes to assess the situation, it’s our words against yours. And I don’t know about you, but this walking encyclopedia is more reputable than you will ever be.” Zhongli warns, squeezing the wrist just a bit tighter. The man’s wrist is finally released, and you watch as he quickly scampers away, not bothering to apologize to either of you.
Zhongli takes the seat next to you, and he immediately begins fussing around to make sure you’re okay and not hurt in any way.
“Please, I’m fine- I really am. Now would you please stop worrying about me and just finish your story?” you tell him, resting your hand on top of his. Zhongli smiles, he knows how earnest your words are- and it makes his heart flutter.
Perhaps next time he could go on a long ramble on how much he adores you.
It wasn’t often that you and Childe had a chance to go out and have a proper date. With how busy he was with the Fatui at the moment, as well as your own personal affairs, you two relished whenever you were able to spend a full day together without any interruption from your work lives.
Never did you ever expect your date to be bothered by some extraneous variable- in this case, some strange man. As you and Childe walked around Inazuma for a little day trip, you kept noticing this man out of the corner of your eye. But you shook it off, thinking that your mind was playing tricks on you.
Unfortunately for you, your occasional glances were perceived to be an invitation for him to approach you. He did notice your boyfriend by your side, but that meant absolutely nothing to the stranger. You instantly stiffen, the gaze the man had on you made you uncomfortable and instinctually you reach out to hold Childe’s hand for comfort.
“So are you two dating or just talking?” the guy asks you, paying no attention to Childe whatsoever.
“Yeah, we are actually. Anyways nice chat, we gotta go now-” you answer back, turning away from him. But as you do so, the man’s arm lunges out, grabbing your shoulder in an attempt to talk to you more.
Childe immediately reacts to seeing this man touch you. It happens all too fast for you to process. Your boyfriend grabs the man’s hand, shoving it back to the man before kicking him straight in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Bystanders hear the commotion, and their heads turn in curiosity as they walk past you three. 
You watch in shock as Childe stands over the guy, arms cross to intimidate him further.
“Alright buddy, get up. We’re gonna fight.” Childe says, not even giving the guy space to get up.
“I- wait what” the guys stutters, scooting a bit back so he could get back on his feet.
“It’s only fair. You put your hands on my s/o so let me return the favor by putting my hands on you!” Childe shrugs, pushing back the sleeves of his jacket.
And before Childe could absolutely curb stomp the stranger, you grab onto his arm, tugging him away. You didn’t mind what your boyfriend did- he’s certainly done worse. But today you didn’t want any time to be wasted, and Chile knew this too.
“Hey now, I don’t interrupt you when you’re having fun with your hobbies” Childe jokingly whines, shooting the man one last glare before taking off with you. Perhaps another time he’d beat that man up- but not today.
Thoma just wanted to have a nice date with you around town. Sure, the date was mostly him running errands, but it was wonderful to spend time with you regardless. But luck would not be in Thoma’s favor today as a few strangers had begun tagging along with the two of you with the sole intent of flirting with you.
You tried to keep your distance and remain friendly, but when the men refused to get the hint you frantically grabbed onto Thoma’s arm. This action took the men by slight surprise- but not enough to end their chase.
“Wait you’re not actually dating the Kamisato housekeeper right?” one guy said, inciting laughter amongst his friends.
“I heard he’s actually from Mondstadt. Says a lot about him, huh?” one of his friends points out.
You blink at the group, completely confused. Since when did someone’s birthplace dictate the type of person they were? But before you could even question them, one of the men reaches out to grab your arm.
“C’mon, wouldn’t you want to hang out with guys like us over this sorry excuse of a man” he says, flashing you a smile that sent chills down your spine.
Thoma shields you from the man by wrapping his arms around you. You look up in shock, only to see his eyes glaring straight at the group of men.
“I know you all see me as some housekeeper, and that’s fair. It’s my job. Doesn’t seem like anything too threatening. But I swear to all of the gods in Teyvat that if you bother Y/n one more time I will make sure that the Kamisato clan covers up for whatever the hell I do to you guys.” Thoma says, his usual jovial voice gone.
And before the men could even stammer out an apology, Thoma drags you away from the group. As soon as the two of you are out of sight, he lets out a big sigh.
“Ah I hated that” he shakes his head in disbelief before burying his face into the crook of your neck. He’s no stranger to confrontation of course, but not on such a drastic level.
“It was still quite entertaining to see you threaten them like that!” you chuckle as Thoma lifts his head from your shoulder.
“I honestly don’t know how much weight my words hold. I’d like to think that the Kamisato siblings have my back....” Thoma muses, his hand finding yours as the two of you continue your date.
You’re not sure if you’d want Thoma to test his theory out- but for now it’s best not to think about that.
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almondoufu · a day ago
genshin boys as things my crush does
pairing gn!reader x childe, kaeya, thoma, xiao
genre fluff
warnings none
a/n okay okay, more self-indulgence but hey this was fun to do even though the actual writing is so short anyways heart eyes for him <3
Tumblr media
literally just childhood friends to lovers
offers you his sweater and steals your stuff (he always steals my scrunchies off my wrist and keeps them for the entire day)
remember when you used to be in band together back when you were eleven years old? funny how you both quit to go to choir a few years ago
he talks way too loud. shamelessly loud. he'll yell your name from across the room or across the hall and just come talk to you while your friends are around
gives you puppy dog eyes when he wants something... like if he wants you to stay in class with him or sit next to him or give him some of your food. like how he steals my grapes and pocky every single day since seventh grade
an annoying mf
he'll piss you off on purpose and then do or say something really nice afterwards so you just roll your eyes, laugh it off and forget about it
notices when something's up and always asks you what's wrong before anything
family friends who invite you over for thanksgiving dinners and things like that
what a shameless flirt
but you can't tell if he's really flirting with you because he's just... so friendly to everyone else as well
does that stupid stuff like fist bump you whenever you see each other
looks so good in formal clothes let me just tell you that
most people at school avoid having a crush on him because they think he'll never like them- he talks to too many people
how did i even think it was a good idea to like him; anyways
extremely charismatic and a smooth talker like damn he always knows what to say, no matter who it is you won't feel awkward if he's there
will definitely be the type to order food for you or go talk to someone on your behalf if you're too scared to (after teasing, of course)
holds your hand lightly and draws little smiley faces and dots on it
lets you do the same for him too (more like he asks you to)
he's so dense and clueless when it comes to feelings and how people perceive his demeanour it makes you laugh because it's so amusing
the face he makes when he's confused...
will get super nervous whenever you have a performance or something of the sort together- will mumble the things he has to remember under his breath and take you by the shoulders and squeeze lightly
actually admits he's anxious and you'll have to comfort him
very very touchy, unintentionally or not you can't really tell
ruffles your hair affectionately a lot
will always find a way to make you smile or laugh, no matter how terrible of a day you're having
lowkey acts tsundere sometimes... will offer to do something nice for you then instantly retract what he says when you catch on
catching eyes from across the room during rehearsal but neither of you dare to say anything, pretending you never noticed
skateboarding. standing on a skateboard together facing each other, you're gripping onto the front of his sweater because you don't want to fall off but he's oddly calm as he holds onto your waist
takes a long time to open up. he'll always comfort you, but as soon as you ask him something personal he shuts up like a clam
always makes dumb excuses to get out of conversations or avoid certain topics like "i'm too tired to think about that"
you can tell he's hiding something or deep in thought but you also know he'll never tell you even if you keep trying- so you let time do its thing
a very acts-of-service kind of person, he'll offer to hold your things or tie your shoelaces or accompany you anywhere you want
Tumblr media
taglist (open): @chichikoi, @noirkkat, @starglitterz, @urujiako, @abyssheart, @keokomi, @mikachuchu, @shxnosuke, @stupidbirdcentral, @icecappa, @ayra2452008, @luceyluce, @masterofbrioches, @ariesreii, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst, @alberivh, @rganvindr @mayple, @bookuya, @venti-le-bard, @melkxsh, @mityas-temptation, @tsubaki3192, @ventirain, @severedftaes, @simplyxsinned, @liqhtiny, @booksandhoneymilktea, @hushyouu, @solaaresque, @nyctophilia108, @mc-park, @hellokittykuroo, @xoxovictoriaa, @zhongchi14, @yuezhong, @cruxdou, @nonniechan, @crapimahuman, @genshiningg, @van-chii, @irethepotato, @favonius-captain, @sohyuki, @kxllmelia, @aqualesha, @leekfl
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hazelsinteyvat · a day ago
what about reader sneakily wearing childes mask and making silly impressions of him in front of the mirror and childe catching them?
He’s gonna know …
He’s not gonna know …
How would he even know …
You contemplated over and over again, feet dragging you around the room until it made you dizzy but the temptation was right there, it was so close you could taste it and, I guess, if you really wanted to do just that there wasn’t anything stopping you.
“He’s not gonna know.” You landed on the decision with a definitive chop of your hand against your other palm and turned heel toward the prize waiting for you on the table. Carefully, eyes trailed on the bathroom door, the sound of the water running filling the quiet of the room but soon the knowing patter of your feet mixed with the splashing until you and the table were both cleared.
“Hey ther -ahem- Hey there, comrade!” You imitated, testing out your tone over and over again until it sounded right. When you reached the hallway mirror you got straight to work or, tried to, but no matter how hard you adjusted, moved, pushed the mask against your head nothing seemed to work. “Now, just how is this thing supposed to stay on?”
Flipping it over gave you nothing and time was wearing short. Even if he did take long showers, you knew he’d eventually find you and you weren’t sure how he’d feel if his items were being used for fun rather than business. Sighing, you reserved yourself to holding it at the bottom, thumb pressing into the the back while your index and middle finger pinched it steady. Moving it until it was in front of your face, you began to test out your voice.
“Hah, bring it on!” You exclaimed, glancing back toward the bedroom door just in case. When he didn’t appear, you turned your attention back to the mirror and dove into character.
“You can run, but you can’t hide.” You kept the mask tracked on your every move, when your chin lifted in a taunt the mask followed, when you turned your head only to pull a fake and laugh in the mirror, the mask went with you, well at least at the assistance of your fingers. “Riptide!”
Faking the pulling back of a bow string, you let go of the imaginary arrow and cheered when it landed on your target. The mirror was just the beginning, now that you felt in ‘character’ you made your way around the living room doing your best to see through the slots in the mask designated for his eyes.
“No time to lose!” You said as you burst into a dash, a short one of course since there was barely any room for you to really run. Sliding to a stop, you bounced just enough to catch yourself before staring a fake fight with an imaginary foe and, just as expected, you were triumphant in the end. “Who’s next?” You pushed your fist into your hip and nodded at the success of your victory.
“How about me, comrade?”
“CHILDE?!” Turning on your heels, you lost your balance but were luckily caught in the capable grip of your partner. His hand pressed into your lower back, leg pushed into yours to offer extra support but when his fingers coiled around your wrist and pulled the red Fatui mask from your face, the smile you gave him screamed, ‘little ol me didn’t do anything.’
“What an interesting item you have here.” His hair was still wet and you could smell the fresh scent of his shampoo wafting around you. It was overwhelming but when was Childe not overwhelming. He assisted you to your feet but kept his fingers around your wrist.
“Yeaaa, sorry. I wanted to try it on but … I couldn’t figure out how you wear it so …” You watched him take the mask without any resistance on your part. It was his, technically, and you didn’t ask to use it but you were having fun so were a bit sad to see it go.
“Want me to show you?” He grinned, eyes playful.
It was easier than you imagined, but only if you knew where to look. On either side of the pointed edges, there was a small lip you would only have noticed if you knew it was there. It didn’t take long for Childe to fix it in your hair and you were glad because the distance he made between the two of you as he adjusted it was hardly longer than the span of a hummingbirds wing.
“There, check it out.” You skipped toward the mirror and admired the work. Turning your head, jostling it to the side like you had water in your ear, nodding your head feverishly, nothing made it fall - if only other accessories were this steadfast.
“How do I look?” You asked, catching his figure in the reflection of the mirror and spinning to greet him when he was directly behind you.
“Pretty good, but it really suits me better.”
“Bah, yeah yeah.” You glanced back at the mirror but shifted your eyes when you saw him moved closer to you and felt his breath against your ear.
“You know, I have another mask if you want to try that on too?” Lifting your hand to the mask he fixed to your hair, you weren’t really sure you followed his comment. What other mask … you’d never seen it … had you.
“What other mask?”
“It’s quiet foul, you’d remember …” His nose brushed over your jaw and that’s when it clicked. You faced him, felt his arms cage you in and your breathing picked up at the understanding.
“I … don’t think … uh …” Panicking, you dipped out from between his arm and made a mad dash the opposite way but, and you should have know, there wasn’t any escape from the famous 11th Harbinger.
He knew, he always knew and one of these days you would know too …
Your body was jolted backward, muscular arms wrapped around your waist and hoisted you from the ground. You shouted in surprise, hands gripping and pushing against the arms that held you but your entire mind went blank when a devilish voice whispered in your ear, “You’re mine.”
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sidemariana · 15 hours ago
• Patching them up after an injury •
Pairings: Childe, Diluc, Xiao, Kaeya (separately) x GN!Reader
Warnings: Well, it has wounds related things. If this is a sensitive topic for you, please don't read. Besides that, those are just fluff scenarios.
Art: Though it's not mine, I don't know the Manga's name, sorry :( If you know, do tell me, please.
Tumblr media
Also, my requests are open (NSFW/SFW) \o/
Childe 🌊
"Did you get into a fight again?" You asked with concern while you cleaned the wound on his forehead with a gauze.
"They were saying stupid things about my nation. I only put them on their place" You sprayed an antiseptic liquid above the hurt skin, gaining a curse from your boyfriend. "Geez, slow down, doll"
"Well, if you didn't get the urge to fight with every alive thing out there, you wouldn't have to face this pain"
"They deserved it"
"Thankfully you won't need stitches since the cut wasn't too deep. But you'll have to take care of this injury in order to heal properly. Here, let me make a bandage to protect the skin"
"Aw, man... My hair won't look so good with this thing here... But thank you, babe. You always worry so much about me it's cute"
"You're welcome, but... Promise me that you'll stop getting into fights?"
"Um... That's asking me to ignore great part of my personality, but I can think twice before trying to knock people out there out :)"
Diluc 🦉
Your lover arrived the Dawn Winery cursing in pain.
"Archons... This hurts so much"
"Diluc... Diluc!" You helped him to sit on an armchair since he almost feel to his knees.
"(Name)... I'm sorry for bothering you"
"Uh? Bothering? You never bother me, Diluc. I'm your partner. But what did happen?"
"This..." He took off his coat just for you too see his white formal shirt covered in blood.
"Baby, please, let me help you..." Unbuttoning the shirt with shivering fingers, you saw the wound on his stomach that was making him feel weak. "You lost some blood, Diluc, that's why you're feeling so off... Thankfully it wasn't too much and I can help you with my healing skills" Your hands glowed with your powers while you touched his deep wound, closing the injury and healing the skin.
"Argh... This feels uncomfortable-" He mumbled, moody.
"Shush, I know love, but it's a necessary evil" Finishing the first part of your job, you soon offered some painkillers for him, as well prepared a bath to clean his sweaty body. 
Diluc was already in bed, with you still checking his scar, to see if everything else was fine.
"I'm fine now, (Name). Thank you, you didn't owe me anything" You kissed his forehead with love.
"You'll still feel some pain for some days, but the pills will help you. Um, if you allow me asking, how did you get hurt?"
"I was distracted... I didn't saw the ruin guard that aimed me"
"Diluc Ragnvindr distracted...? That's new"
"I'll let this pass because I love you. And I'm way too tired to argue with you"
"Sheesh, okay, sir... Sleep a little. I'll be still here once you wake up"
Xiao 🎆
"Hey... Babe, what happened?" You asked worried when you say the adeptus entering your window with a bleeding arm.
"Tsc. What happened? As you can see, my arm is screwed up"
"Come here Xiao, let me help you" You looked for clean water and first aid supplies.
"I don't need your help. I can deal with this alone... Argh, shit, this thing hurt-"
"Mhmm, Adeptus Xiao... Now sit here and let me clean that wound, unless you want to get an infection"
Xiao obeyed you for the first time since you've met him, perhaps it was due your angry and demanding voice tone. He looked incredibly comfortable with you touching his hurt arm, only making some sounds whenever you put more pressure onto the skin to stop the bleeding.
After cleaning the skin, applying some ointment and bandaging his arm, you kissed the bandages.
"There, my kiss will help you cure faster, even though you're an adeptus"
His cheek was burning with embarrassment, but he mumbled a 'thank you' to you, before pulling you to a soft kiss on the lips.
Kaeya ❄
The Calvary Captain arrived your house limping and that sight made you sick to your stomach.
"Kaeya...? Are you alright?"
"Yeah, babe... It's just perhaps today isn't my day of luck. I feel from the stairs of the main plaza of Monstad" It was when you saw his bruises.
"Oh Gods... Your cheek and lips are bleeding, Kaeya! Come here, I'll try to help you"
"Nah, it's bullshit. I can handle this alone"
"Stop flattering yourself for once and let me patch you up"
"Archons... I was just messing with you"
"Sit down and be quiet"
Carefully to not hurt him any longer, you cleaned his scratches, using a patch to prevent the skin of his cheek of being exposed and some ointment on his lips.
Kaeya stole a kiss from you, making you gasp with the taste of the product afterwards.
"We're in this together, right? Nothing more fair than letting you taste this damn thing"
"It's not a 'damn thing', Captain. It's for your own good. Anyways, your scratches will probably itch in some days, but that means they're healing"
"Sure thing, baby. What do you think of giving me some kisses so I can heal quicker? 😼"
"Gods, stop with this flirting of yours for once, will you?"
"You started dating with me because of this personality trait, am I right, dollface?"
"K-Kaeya!" You cheeks were pink in shyness, making your boyfriend chuckle.
"Aren't you the cutest thing out there?"
A/N: Yahoo~ This was a somewhat silly idea, but I hope someone out there enjoy these texts :v
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flavorita · 10 hours ago
It's the Slime's Fault
Includes: Venti, Childe, Zhongli
Fluff with a G/N reader
A/N: Uhm slime violence, the boys save you and then laugh at you ;-;
Tumblr media
You were exiting the city of Mondstat to hunt Anemo slimes for a commision and had just entered the forest when you heard a voice call out to you.
"Going somewhere, Traveler?" Asked the voice and as you looked up, you were met with none other than Venti who was sitting on a tree branch with his lyre in hand. You told him about your commission and, being the mischevious person he is, he offered to come along with you.
"Two is better than one, right Traveler? Plus, I can sense Anemo slimes from a mile away." With a wink and a giggle, Venti began to lead the way to where there were supposedly Anemo slimes.
After half an hour or so, true to his word, two of the biggest Anemo slimes you had ever seen were floating off of the ground, circling a tree in a clearing.
"See Traveler, I told you I knew where I was going." With a huff, Venti crossed his arms and gave a triumphant smirk but you merely ignored him and charged at the slimes.
"Hey, wait! Traveler! Those slimes they're-" Venti tried to reach for you but you had already gone too far from him but too close to the slimes.
You charged at the first slime with your weapon and it exploded. It actually exploded. Slime concentrate covered you from head to toe. An arrow hit the second one and you flinched as more slime concentrate rained upon you.
You heard laughter coming from above you and looked up to see Venti in tears over your current condition. "I told you to wait, didn't I? But don't worry, it's the slimes' fault for having so much concentrate, right Traveler?"
Tumblr media
You had been walking through the wilderness of Liyue when, all of a sudden, you had been surrounded by Hydro slimes.
"Traveler, watch out!" Was all you heard before you saw an arrow land in one of the slimes surrounding you. It exploded and left you absolutely drenched. More arrows began to fly past you and pop all the slimes one by one. After they were all dealt with, you heard hurried footsteps approach behind you , "Hey Traveler, are you okay? You look-"
You turned around to see none other than Childe who had stopped talking upon seeing your wet form. A smile appeared on his face. "Oh Traveler, if you could see what you looked like right now," and erupted into fits of laughter.
You began to walk away as he followed you all the way back to the city, trying to sway your mood.
"Traveler, don't be like that. You know it's not my fault that those slimes exploded, right? And I'm very, very, very sorry for laughing at you. So now, won't you please forgive your savior?"
Tumblr media
"I'm quite free right now and can accompany you if you'd like."
Zhongli had offered his assistance in your pursuit of finding some Cor Lapis, after all, who wouldn't want to bring Liyue's geology expert with them on a rock hunting trip.
You two had stumbled upon a cave and had found quite the exquisite pieces of Cor Lapis and Noctilucous Jade and had become captivated by them. In all your awe, you had forgotten one thing: ores in caves tend to attract geo slimes.
Zhongli was quite a distance from you so you didn't really hear him shout "Y/N!" as you did feel the rock that had hit your spine. You yelped as you fell onto the cave floor in a mess of dust and dirt. You turned around to see an extremely large geo slime angrily looking at you and getting ready to spit another rock at you. Before you could even reach for your weapon, you see Zhongli approach the slime from behind and drive his spear right through the center. It exploded.
Bits of slime concentrate and rubble flew at both of you which resulted in you and Zhongli looking like you had both just crawled out of the ground. Zhongli merely patted his clothes down and put his spear away as he walked over to you, and extended his hand, "Y/N, are you alright?"
You held onto his hand and proceeded to stand up. However, the slime concentrate caused you to slip and land on Zhongli's chest with a supriser gasp as he encased his arms around your physique. You felt Zhongli's chest rumble with laughter as your face began to darken in color from sheer embarassment.
After having a laugh at your expense, Zhongli helped you upright yourself while keeping a firm grip on your hand and waist, only letting go when he believed you had fully steadied yourself. "Forgive me for not coming to your aid sooner, Traveler. From now on, I believe you should stay closer to me, don't you think?"
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evelxtus · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠‧₊› diluc, kaeya, childe, xiao x gn reader (separately).
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲‧₊› they fall asleep/relax on your chest.
𝐒𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞‧₊› fluff scenarios.
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬‧₊› suggestive (kaeya), petnames (xiao), a ton of wholesome fluff. :]
𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞‧₊› a self-indulgent writing, because why not. i felt like it, and i'm proud of the result. also thank yall for +750 followers, i still don't understand how so many people read my things hshs. anyway, it means a lot to me. <3 btw my requests are open! :] hope you enjoy it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In the first place, Diluc doesn't even remember how he ended up in that situation, but his fatigue after a hard day working in the tavern seemed to fade every time he heard your heartbeat, which caused his eyes to slowly close as he told you about his day with his head resting on your chest.
His words turned into barely audible murmurs until he was completely asleep, his breathing deepening and calming. He had his cheek against your chest, and one of his hands was weakly gripping your right arm.
You caressed his hair until the moment he woke up, an hour later. With a confused grunt his hand moved up your arm, giving it a little squeeze. When Diluc realized his position, the blood rushed to his cheeks, and his own body heat rose even higher.
“Oh, welcome back. Were you comfortable?” You teased him a bit when you saw how his face was flushed. His eyes widened as he pushed himself back. “I... I'm sorry, fatigue got the better of me.” he uttered nervously, and then cleared his throat, trying to regain his composure, though he still looked sleepy.
You couldn't help but giggle. “It's the cutest thing you've done so far.” You insisted. He withdrew his gaze with a slight frown. “Please, let's not talk about this again...”
But deep down, his heart wouldn't stop beating fast. And yes, Diluc did find it comfortable to sleep there. And you know what? If you offer to repeat this some other day, he will accept, but he will also try not to get used to that. After all, Diluc doesn't want to depend on you for the best quality of sleep. Just keep insisting that you will always be there for him and for whatever he needs, he fully trusts you. <3
In addition, he will also allow you to lean on his chest to sleep while he whispers sweet nothings between the threshold of sleep and the lucidity of your mind.
Tumblr media
What a beautiful feeling it is for the cavalry captain to relax with his head on your chest, listening to your heartbeat and your calm breathing. There is nothing better after a day of work with all the paperwork ready for the next day to hand it over to Jean than to end up with you on bed on a cuddling session.
But this boy is not going to just stay like that, he loves to tease you a little with his hands while you are in that defenceless position. One of his gloved hands will always end up on one of your legs, touching with the bare tips of his fingers your skin, and stroking from top to bottom slowly. You always have goose bumps when Kaeya touches you like this, and he knows very well what it does to you.
“Aren't we relaxing? Why is your heart beating faster now, hm?” He cooes, snuggling his cheek against your chest. “Shut up, you know exactly what you're doing...” you reply in an irritated tone, but that doesn't mean you're not enjoying the moment. “Oh, do I? If I tried hard, right now you'd be squirming under my hands with tears rolling down your beautiful cheeks. Be thankful, y/n~” a sly smile is drawn on his face, but you cannot see it.
And so are your sessions of "relaxation and cuddling", until finally he does end up asleep in the tranquility of your chest. When Kaeya wakes up, the first thing he will do is give you a few playful taps on your knee and then sit between your legs using one of his arms as support. He'll put a quick little kiss on your lips — which always makes you blush, but he doesn't save himself from a little redness on his cheeks — and he'll say goodbye to do more of his work, already missing you the moment he stands up.
Tumblr media
It's not something Childe's proud of, but he loves to lay his head on your chest, close his eyes, and just relax after a training session, or even after a mission. The first thing the fatui will do is look for you, and only by glancing at you his body will once again recover the pleasant warmth that your presence produces to him. It's something that makes him vulnerable, but it's an intoxicating feeling. As long as it's you.
You caress his head slowly, your fingers immersed in the strands of his messy hair, the boy is so comfortable he could purr like a spoiled cat. His eyes are closed, although they immediately open when your caresses stop. He lifts his gaze, trying to meet your eyes.
“Why'd you stop?” his tone is lower than normal, and almost sounds like a whimper. A smile appears on your face at how needy he is for your loving touch. “Okay, okay. I will continue a little more.” your fingers begin with their gentle movements on his hair, this caused the boy to start to get sleepy.
But no, no way. He wasn't going to sleep, at least not before you. When your fingers stop again, this time it's because you fell asleep. Childe takes the opportunity to intertwine your fingers, caressing them with his, as if returning the favor you had done even if you weren't noticing anything.
Finally he also falls asleep, and when he wakes up you are still there, with your hands together. Childe has a slight blush that has not left him at any time since he is with you in this position, basically, this is the most wholesome thing that he can experience in his day to day, and what he looks for the most when he finishes his duty. All he wants is for moments like this to never end.
Tumblr media
Very, very difficult, almost impossible for this situation to occur, at least at the beginning of your relationship. Little by little, he will gain the confidence to try this. “Xiao, come here.” you extend your arms inviting him to settle down on your chest. The boy seems hesitant, reluctant even, but finally puts his weapon on the ground and kneels between your legs to finally lie down, his head on your chest.
The boy has reddish cheeks, quite ashamed of what he is doing. Oh archons, he is an adepti, why has he allowed himself to be handled like this? Maybe deep down, he did want to be physically closer to you. “I told you, y/n. This is totally...” the boy seems to swallow his words suddenly.
Xiao opens his eyes and partes his lips slightly, an indescribable expression on his face. What was it that he heard so closely? It was your heartbeat. But why did this sound convey so much harmony? The anxieties of a deity, mitigated by the beating of a human heart. Rather the heart of his angel, y/n.
“Do you like how it feels, love?” you whisper, trying not to disturb his quietude state too much. He doesn't respond in words, but he nods his head slightly. “I knew you would find it nice. But don't worry, we can stop whenever you want.” you put a hand on the ground with the intention of getting up, but Xiao positioned his hand on yours, stopping your action. “Hmm?”
“Wait. Let me stay like this a little longer... please.” he whispers as he snuggles against your chest and closes his eyes, simply melting into the sound of his angel's life
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bookuya · a month ago
taking a bubble bath with them
Tumblr media
completely sfw headcanons of taking a bubble bath with some genshin characters after having a bad day :)
pairings: childe, scaramouche, xiao with gender neutral reader
cautions: mentions of scars in childe's part, but other than that just comfort fluff :) can be seen as normal or modern au, but it is mentioned that xiao is an adeptus
Tumblr media
childe ×
childe doesn't mind bubble baths, it's just that he's busy all the time and not at home because of his job. however, if he hears that you're having a bad day and in need of a self-care bubble bath, he's there at your service right away!
... but it's chaotic, that's for sure
there's no promise that you won't get soap in your eyes, and the water may or may not splash out of the bath tub, but childe's laughter and cheeriness makes up for everything
he tries anything he can to bring a smile to your face: giving himself a beard with soapy bubbles (and pouting when you say he can't grown one of his own), jokingly shaking the water droplets out of his hair everywhere to make you yelp in surprise, and taking some bubbles and putting it on the tip of your nose to call you rudolph. (yk, the red nose reindeer)
he will keep talking if you want something to fill in the silence. his whole goal is to distract you from any negativity and cheer you up in the meantime anyway (he also attempts to make animals shapes out of bubbles to impress you, but ends up failing every time)
if you let him, childe would love to hold your elbows in the palms of his hands to see if you have any scars on your arms. if you don't have any, he ends up just putting bubbles all over your arms and drawing random things out of them. if you do have scars on your arms, however, he kisses them all even if there are bubbles on them and just gives you a sweet goofy smile afterwards :'(
throws bubbles onto the bathroom wall to be a nuisance and to make you lightly scold him; seeing you sad makes him sad too, so just hearing you raise your voice a little bit in a not serious scold makes him happy! (even if that sounds weird in a way)
childe definitely steps out of the bathtub first to hold out your towel and give you big warm hug when you step into his embrace
he also demands offers to dry your hair and/or just yourself in general, and rushes to prepare all your clothes for you if it wasn't prepared already
but he also says that you guys don't have to dry yourselves off and just get a cold the next day... then he'll get to skip work and stay at home with you all day, right?
his joke earns him a playful flick to the forehead (well, if you can reach it)
all in all, the best person to take a bubble bath with after having a stressful day cause you really can't help the smile that makes its way to your face :)
scaramouche ×
are... are you sure you want to take a bubble bath with him??
scara doesn't take baths often (usually showers), but if he does take a bath it's probably a result of a stressful day with a need of a relaxful evening.
however... if he hears that you had a bad day? he goes straight home after work to get hot water running in the bath tub. (he tries to tell you to take a bath with him but in the end it just sounds like he's ordering you to hop in and wash up, you still get the message though TT)
he'll glare if he sees water go over the edge of the tub and onto the floor, but he doesn't do anything about it. he just sits in your presence and secretly hopes that will cheer you up (spoiler: it kinda does, soft scaramouche is really sweet)
he doesn't talk much, but the things he says are all related to asking if you're okay with things. for example, things like "is the water warm enough?" or "do you want to sit here instead?" or even " you want me to massage your shoulders?"
if you tease him for suddenly being nice, he just closes his mouth and glares at the wall for the rest of the bath time duration (but really, he wants to help you but doesn't really know how)
scaramouche just sits there and lets you do what you please, like decorating him in bubbles or attempting to shape his wet hair. it definitely cheers you up to see him not angry and just calm for once, his eyes closed from relaxing into your touch.
if he's really, really touched starved, he'll just reach over without a word and pull you into a back hug and hide his face in your hair (even if it's wet)
like childe, he steps out of the bath tub before you do. unlike childe, he grabs the towel without hesitation and (a bit roughly) picks you up and wraps you in it. he just claims that it wouldn't be good if you have gotten a cold, so you "better dry up or else"
xiao ×
in all honesty, he doesn't know how to cheer you up. xiao might be an adeptus that has lived around mortals for a long time, but you're the only mortal that makes confusing feelings thrive throughout his body fast and make his heart pound even faster.
he can be clueless, but he's definitely at least smart. he figures something relaxing should be able to bring your mood up, right? (he does doubt himself though)
the moment you return to your shared residence with xiao, you can hear the water running and him calling your name from the bathroom (how ironic since you're the one usually calling his name..)
he doesn't actually sit in the bath with you; instead, he sits outside the tub with your back facing to him from inside it. he also doesn't talk much with the belief that you'll need your own time and silence to heal.
xiao offers to wash your hair and when he does, he takes his time and tends to you with gentle hands. the feeling of his fingers carding through your hair and lightly massaging your scalp unsurprisingly soothes all your nerves, and it's difficult not to just melt into his touch. if the water gets too cold, he quickly drains it and replaces it with warmer water/any water at the temperature you want (but obviously he doesn't do it too much and wastes water)
not only that, he puts his hand against your forehead so none of the soap gets in your eyes while he soaks your hair with water to get out all the bubbles. xiao also silently offers to massage your shoulders by doing it once and looking over your shoulder to check your reaction, and his calloused hands still feel so relaxing rolling out all the tension off your back and neck
kisses the back of your head before getting up to get you a big towel to dry you off :( <3
he one-hundred percent asks if you're feeling better afterwards, even if there is hesitance evident in his voice. xiao hasn't been intimate with anyone else, especially mortals, so he wants to know if he can be a partner of yours that you're comfortable and happy with. he might need that a lot of reassurance from you that he is, but all in all also someone who will drop everything to go over to you and cheer you up :)
Tumblr media
tags: @noirkkat, @tiny-aroace, @yunaholics, @abyssheart, @starglitterz, @blisschi, @heavensbeloved, @mystic-helena, @xmellows, @rim0na, @glazelilyy, @yanbub, @urujiako, @zaultar, @seerie, @blossomiich, @mikachuchu, @bluexiao, @akinokisetsu, @childe-support, @ariesreii, @storytravelled, @aelatus, @give-xiao-almond-tofu, @afchicken, @almondoufu, @chichikoi
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simplyxsinned · a month ago
Tumblr media
Things they do when they're madly in love
Tumblr media
a/n; there might be a part 2 later on~
! genre; fluffy heart melting fluff
! characters; Childe, Kaeya, Diluc, Ayato, Venti, Zhongli, Thoma, Kazuha x gn!reader
Reblogs are highly appreciated!! ^-^
Tumblr media
CHILDE- likes hugging you from behind, mostly times when you're not paying attention to him. He lives off to see the surprised face your make every time he does it. >.<
KAEYA- gives you the most comforting cuddles in Teyvat. When you're having a bad day, he doesn't hesitate to have you wrapped around his arms. It works every single time like magic. poof! you're back to your usual self
AYATO- loves teasing you, anytime anywhere! He makes you laugh a lot too! The sound of your laugh lights up his day instantly, the picture of your smile makes him smile like an idiot madly in love.
rest utc!
DILUC- sure is a busy man, but he will never forget to make time for his dearest. Having his chin plopped right on your head while he does paperwork, resisting the urge to grab your chin and aggressively make out with you ///-///
VENTI- gives you headpats everytime you guys meet up, ruffling your hair and messing it up is included. He also chuckles when you smack his arm playfully. Hopefully you're not too mad at him :T
ZHONGLI- is a gentleman, he opens doors for you to enter first. And he lets you do his daily hair! Braid it or whatever he doesn't care, as long as it's made by you...he loves it.
THOMA- cooks breakfast in bed for you, he knows all your favorite dishes. If you ever overworked yourself, he'd scold you like a mom does. Don't worry, he's not angry just a little worried, he loves you too much to be mad at you. <33
KAZUHA- is cheesy as hell, he kisses the back of your hands. Showers you with sweet compliments too. By the end of your day together, you'll be as red as a thomato (haha get it?)
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading! <3
Tumblr media
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jueyunsnow · 7 days ago
waking up next to you for the first time!
Tumblr media
ft. a lot of characters cw: fluff! established relationship:)
a/n: this was so snicking adorable
they can't help but laugh in joy, throwing their arms around you and hugging you tight. seeing your face first thing in the morning just made their day, and they can't believe they're lucky enough to relive this moment for all the days to come<3: > beidou, kaeya, childe, gorou, yoimiya
their face lights up in an uncontainable joy, letting their hand brush over your cheek. they fall in love with you all over again, hearts bursting with love and happiness as they press a kiss against your forehead: > kazuha, venti, jean, kaeya
they cup your face in their hands, cooing softly over how adorable you are, and how much they love you. you're kissed awake, their lips brushing over every part of your face they can reach. > ningguang, lisa, kazuha, ayaka
they feel a sense of relief that you hadn't slipped away in the night. they reach for your hand and kiss the back of it, hugging you close and whispering a, "thank you" into your hair. > diluc, zhongli, xiao, ayaka
they think they're absolutely blessed, nudging themselves closer until their forehead presses against yours. they let their hands caress your face, memorizing every dip and valley, committing it to memory. > eula, ei, ganyu, lisa
they smile and can't think of anything besides the fact that they just love you so much. > albedo, diluc, ganyu, kokomi
they get out of bed after a few minutes of admiring you. they whip up a quick breakfast and bring it back to bed, nudging you softly awake to the scent of food and the sight of them, alight and soft with love. > thoma, childe
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ikaroux · 2 months ago
Hello, I am feeling a bit sick tonight and so I figured I would try requesting something. How would Kaeya, Venti, and Diluc comfort their close friend or s/o after having an upset stomach because of anxiety? Feel free to ignore if this breaks any rules or is triggering ;;
Hey, I hope you're feeling better? I understand how you feel, I've had a rough week myself and this request has made me feel a lot better. I hope it helps ease your mind a bit <3
Tumblr media
Synopsis: You've had a bad day, stress and fatigue are getting to you and you find yourself with a stomachache. Your boyfriend comes to comfort you in the most adorable way.
Style: Cute, fluffy, f!reader.
Alert: None
Characters: Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya, Xiao, Venti, Albedo, Kazuha, Tartaglia/Childe, Razor, Scaramouche, Dainsleif.
Note: In the end I find myself once again doing all the characters, I can't take it anymore... I can't help it, I love them too much!
For the french people who pass by, I also post on wattpad !
Projects in progress and to come
Tumblr media
You had been doing back-to-back adventurer's guild requests for several days in a row, each time coming home a little later than the day before. You were so tired, your week had been terrible and the stress was more present than ever. Everything you had accumulated during that week was eating away at your stomach, forming a painful knot inside. You wanted to go home to your lover. You wanted to be in his arms, to feel the warmth of his embrace. You wanted to hear his voice to soothe your soul. You wanted to cry, hoping that your tears would not disappoint him...
The faint glow of dusk barely illuminated the vines surrounding the Domaine. Still, Diluc stood outside, examining each cluster, waiting for you to return. He missed you terribly. He was so worried about you, he hadn't heard from you in several days now. He knew that your missions were difficult and knowing you, they must have left you in a state of stress that was almost unbearable.
Diluc sighed silently, staring at the bunch of grapes in his hand. Tonight Diluc had made sure to get home early to spend as much time with you as possible. He had prepared a dinner for you, which had long since gone cold.
Worry was pressing on him.
He offered to help you, but you refused categorically, saying that he was already overworked between his inn, his business transactions and his nightly activities. You were not entirely wrong, he knew it, but he still regretted not having insisted more.
Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps followed by the slamming of the Domaine's front door alerted him. It was you, he was sure! Diluc quickly left the vineyard to join you, climbing the stairs two at a time. He looked for you in his office, in the library, before arriving at his bedroom door. Slowly, he turned the door handle, letting the sound of your sobs escape the room.
Diluc frowned with concern, hearing and seeing you crying was tearing at his heart. Without further thought, he entered the dark room, moving without hesitation to the bed where you were lying. Diluc had good vision, even in the dark, so he could see your body in the fetal position without any difficulty, clutching the pillow Diluc used to sleep on.
He inhaled sharply, his breath shaking slightly. He wanted so much to be your pillar, the one you would lean on in this kind of situation. So he lay down gently beside you, caressing your bare arm. You barely glanced at him, but he didn't take offense. You've often told him that you don't want to show your weaknesses or cry in front of him for fear of disappointing him. But that would never be the case. How could you disappoint him? He loved you so much, and just as you had accepted his qualities and flaws, he happily accepted yours.
"Come into my arms." - He had whispered affectionately to you.
You didn't immediately respond. He continued to caress your arm, hoping to encourage you with this gesture, and when another sob escaped you, you turned to bury yourself in Diluc's reassuring arms. Your legs entangled together, you could feel each other even closer.
Your face was buried in his chest and one of your hands dropped from his pillow to clutch his shirt. He was holding you so tightly to him, Diluc wished he could suck your pain away... The kisses he planted on the top of your head were so warm, you wanted to return all the affection he gave you, but not like this, not in this state.
His hands began to massage your tense shoulder blades before moving up to your neck. His hands were warm and soothing, you felt a part of you relax a little.
"It's going to be okay my love. I'm here..."
You slowly nodded, focusing all your attention on his voice. Diluc continued to whisper soft words to you until you felt your shoulders relax. His right hand came to rest under your chin, moving up your face to kiss it lovingly.
"Does your stomach hurt?" - You with nodded again. Diluc was a good observer, in fact, he had noticed that you were pressing his pillow against your stomach in the hope of easing some of the cramping that was shaking you. "Lie on your back, I'll give you a massage."
A little embarrassed, you still followed his instructions. Diluc kept his left arm wrapped around you as he began to lightly pull up your tank top and massage your stomach. His unoccupied hand stroked your hair. Throughout the process, he never stopped kissing your face or looking at you adoringly.
The pain in your stomach eventually faded away, your muscles relaxed. All the stress you had built up during the week seemed to be gone thanks to Diluc's care.
"Are you feeling better? Do you need a glass of water? I cooked something if you're hungry." - You shook your head, whispering to him that you only needed him near you. Your hand, already clutching his shirt, tightened its grip on him. You could hear his heartbeat, a heart that belonged to you. Diluc blushed with affection at your words and gestures. He adjusted his embrace on you to have you closer to him.
"I missed you Diluc..." - He smiled tenderly at you.
"I missed you too (y/n)... What do you say we take a little time for ourselves tomorrow? Just... you and me?" - You nodded with a tired smile. Relieved, Diluc continued his caresses and kisses until you fell asleep in his arms, and even so, he continued to whisper sweet nothings in your ear... He would not let you leave his arms tonight, and even tomorrow he would keep you close to him.
Zhongli knew that you had to return tonight from your missions. It was the first time you and he had been apart for so long, and although Zhongli kept a calm and serene facade, deep down his heart was longing for you. He would wait for you in your living room, sitting on the couch while reading one of the novels you had given him. Often, his gaze would turn to the clock that adorned the room. The clock was ticking and you were still not home...
The clatter of the door sounded in the house. Zhongli raised his smiling face to the hallway that connected the entrance to the living room. He carefully placed his book on the coffee table and prepared to join you... Until your blank stare froze him in his action. He slowly sat back down on the couch mattress without taking his eyes off you, holding out his hand to invite you to join him. You looked so tired, the pallor on your face worried him enormously. The trembling of your limbs did not escape him, Zhongli knew you well enough to know that your body was reacting to an intense accumulation of stress and exhaustion. He settled you on his legs, wrapping his arms around you and cradling you tenderly. His hand massaged your belly, relieving stomach cramps from your anxiety. He knew you were prone to pain when you were in this state.
He pulled you closer to him with his hand on your hip. You were safe in his arms now, your head resting heavily on his shoulder, close to his neck. Your hand clung to his strong chest as tears began to sting your eyes. You were so tired and restless, how could you not be after such a terrible week? Zhongli's lips were kissing your forehead, your nose. He whispered sweet nothings to you, reassured you. The spasms that shook your stomach began to calm down thanks to the tenderness of your lover.
"Tell me about your week, my love." - You had missed his deep, gravelly voice so much.
"Terrible. The adventurers' guild sent me all over Teyvat. There were so many problems, so many unexpected things... I thought I was never going to get home... I was so anxious to see you again Zhongli." - Your tears finally flowed. Your hands trembled as your nerves relaxed. Zhongli lifted your chin to gently kiss your lips, he was so gentle, so warm with you. He did not judge you. He didn't scold you. He was whispering softly in your ear, telling you that he missed you terribly too, and that he was happy to see you come home safely.
"Rest, my love. I will take care of you now." - Relieved by his words, you drifted off to sleep. Zhongli kept you in his arms for a few more minutes, basking in your presence. He would kiss your forehead before resting his cheek on it. Sometimes he would close his eyes just to smell you better. Seeing you in this state always made him feel very distressed and he was happy that his presence was enough to calm you down.
He eventually gently lifted your sleeping form in his arms to bring you back to your bed. Lying across from you, his fingers caressed your face, occasionally removing a few strands of hair.
"I love you (y/n)."
He kissed your forehead one last time before holding you close, resting his chin above your head. He would keep you like this until daybreak and more if necessary...
Kaeya was waiting for you at the entrance to the city, watching for any distant movement he could perceive. His patience was wearing thin, and if he didn't see you arrive in the next few minutes, he vowed to join you on the path that would take you back to Mondstadt. Your absence had been a real torment to him. He could not do without your presence, your love. He had only one thing to look forward to: finding you in his daily life.
His anticipation was rewarded by the sight of your silhouette approaching in the distance. Kaeya knew immediately that something was wrong. Your head was down and you were holding your stomach with your hand. Were you hurt?
Alerted, he ran towards you at full speed. He stopped abruptly in front of you, out of breath and worried.
"Are you hurt? Show me..." - Your hands were shaking and the area around your eyes was blackened with dark circles. Removing your hand, he saw no injury, which partially reassured him.
"Kaeya I... I'm not hurt, it's just... my stomach hurts... and I..." - your tears were starting to fall - "Sorry, I'm sorry... don't look at me please." - your nerves were giving out on you, intensifying the painful knot in your stomach.
Kaeya was looking at you with deep concern, he had never seen you in this state. You had told him before that stress could make you sick, but he had never imagined how much... Your hands hid your face as you crouched down in front of him. Kaeya reached down to your level, gently removing your hands from your face.
"Come (y/n), let's go sit down..." - He gently pulled you by the wrist to take you under the shade of a tree, sitting against the trunk first before settling you between his legs, your back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around you, his head resting on your shoulder. - "Calm down princess, you're home now..."
His hands gently rubbed your arms as his lips kissed your neck. He wiped your tears with his thumb. His hands never stopped caressing you until you stopped crying. Once you calmed down, Kaeya gently took your chin so that you could look into his eyes. A tender smile lit up his face.
"Let's go home. I'll run you a bath. What do you say?" - You smiled at the offer, rubbing your tear-swollen eyes.
"Only if you come inside with me..." - Your smile warmed his heart.
"Your wish is my command, ma'am." - You let out a soft laugh.
He helped you to your feet. He intertwined his fingers with yours, his thumb lovingly stroking you. He never let go of your hand, keeping it warmly in his until he reached the threshold of your apartment.
As promised, he ran you a hot bath. Kaeya helped you remove your dirty clothes before taking off his. Once both of you were naked, he entered the hot water first and as soon as he was comfortable, he held out his hand to invite you to join him. He placed you between his legs, massaging your shoulders and kissing your skin. He wanted to cherish you, to help you relax, which he did wonderfully. You fell asleep against him, your head resting against his chest. Kaeya looked at you adoringly, continuing his caresses on your water-warmed skin. He couldn't help but admire you, he thought you were so brave despite your tears. He was so proud to have you by his side that he couldn't help but whisper tender words in your ear.
"I love you, sunshine. Sweet dreams."
Xiao was sitting on the roof of the Wangshu Inn, patiently waiting for you to come. A week without seeing you had been such a torture for him, although he would never admit it to you. How could he have become so attached to such a stubborn mortal? He had offered to accompany you on your missions, but you had refused, reminding him that his obligations to Liyue did not allow him to be away for a whole week. Xiao knew that you were right and that was what made him even angrier.
You were late, which had a way of annoying the Yaksha even more, though the annoyance was more due to his concern than your lateness itself.
Xiao gasped, listening more carefully to where the call for help was coming from.
He recognized your voice. Xiao disappeared, leaving behind a violent gust of wind.
He had appeared in front of you. His eyes were filled with concern when he saw you sitting against a rock, painfully holding your stomach. He quickly approached you, looking for any small injury. Your tired gaze met his amber eyes. He could see the tremors that shook your body. You slowly raised your hand to his face, gently caressing his cheek.
"Xiao, I'm... sorry. Can you... can you take me home please?"
Without saying a word, he grabbed your wrist to place a quick kiss on it before lifting you into his arms. He used his vision again to bring you both back to the room at the inn. He helped you sit in a chair before quickly fetching you a glass of water. He stayed by your side, caressing the exhausted features of your face.
"Are you in pain somewhere?" - You simply nodded, pressing your hand to your stomach. - "Are you sick? I'll go get you a healer..." - Xiao was already heading for the door when you stopped him by grabbing his hand.
"I'm not sick, I'm... just having trouble dealing with my stress. I'm sorry to bother you Xiao, please stay close to me... I missed you." - You started to sob. Your tears were Xiao's weakness and he couldn't resist hugging you anymore.
"I... missed you too (y/n)."
He had crouched down in front of you, intertwining his fingers with yours. He pressed his forehead against you, closing his eyes at the sensation. His thumbs tenderly caressed the backs of your hands, waiting patiently for your sobs to subside. He wanted to see your smile, he wanted to know you were happy and rested. The pain in your belly was fading until it disappeared completely. Xiao's presence and kindness had been a real remedy for you.
"Thank you Xiao."
"Why are you thanking me? I didn't do anything special." - You smiled tenderly at him. He didn't realize that his presence alone was enough to take the weight off your shoulders.
"Thank you." - Xiao blushed slightly, averting his gaze from yours.
"I really don't understand mortals..." - You wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing his lips to silence him. Xiao lifted you up in his arms to lay you down in the bed, continuing to tenderly kiss your lips and face. He didn't stop, even when you fell asleep in his arms. He wanted your sleep to be peaceful... making sure that no nightmares disturbed you.
Venti was pacing the streets of Mondstadt. He was waiting for you impatiently, watching the entrance to the city every minute. He couldn't stand your absence, he needed to hear your voice, to feel your embrace. You were his love, his muse, and the current source of all his anguish! By the seven, why were you so late?! Venti couldn't take it anymore, he went to the gates of the city to look for you, but he was quickly stopped in his momentum. He collided violently with your exhausted body, making you fall heavily to the ground.
"Haa! (y/n) Sorry! I didn't... see you..." - Venti had knelt down beside you. He immediately noticed from your pale complexion and dull eyes that something was wrong. His fingers found your hair, tucking a few strands behind your ear. Without asking, he helped you up and dragged you through the streets of the city. He stopped for a few moments in front of a bakery, buying some pastries before heading back to the lake surrounding Mondstadt.
"Wait Venti... please..." - He turned his gaze to you for a few moments, slowing his pace slightly. When he saw your eyes glistening with tears, he instantly stopped walking. He drew you into his arms, his hands caressing your back reassuringly. - "I'm tired, my stomach hurts, I can't take it anymore and... I missed you..." - He smiled into your neck.
"I missed you too my beautiful flower." - Venti straightened up to face you. He stroked your cheek with his thumb before kissing your trembling lips. - "Come on, just a little more effort and you can rest!"
You nodded, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand. You grabbed the one Venti was holding out to you to continue on your way leading you to the lake. He led you near an apple tree, where the shade would protect you both from the sun. Once comfortably seated on the grass, Venti invited you with a gentle smile to rest your head on his thighs. You were already feeling better, the warmth of the archon was energizing you and his fingers stroking your hair was soothing the lump that had once formed in your belly. Venti knew that when he stroked your hair, you relaxed instantly.
Your eyes closed on their own as your ears enjoyed the archon's song. You felt so calm, so serene, as if this week had never happened, and in a final whisper, you told him:
"I love you Venti..." - His cheeks flushed. She had missed hearing those words so much.
Despite his happy face, Venti hated to see you in such pain. He would have done anything to get rid of all the burdens that were weighing you down. He had bought you your favorite pastries with the moras he had saved for his own use. He let you sleep quietly on him, continuing without interruption his caresses in your hair and singing some tunes that you had inspired him. When you woke up, he would offer you something to cheer you up. In the meantime, his loving gaze would not leave you for a single moment...
"I love you more (y/n)."
Your absence had been harder to bear than he thought. Albedo had had the idea of going to Dragonspine Mountain during your absence to better cope with the separation, but even so, he couldn't stop his mind from wandering. How many times had he taken out his sketchbook to draw a sketch of you? He had stopped counting long ago.
When the day of your return arrived, Albedo had come down from the mountain very early in the morning to welcome you home. Since he had your spare keys, he was able to enter your apartment with the groceries in hand to prepare your favorite dish. Since he had not taken the time to return home, his belongings had been placed nonchalantly on the shoe cabinet at your entrance. Even though it was strange for him, he couldn't deny his need to see you again soon. He missed you, terribly...
He kept looking at the wall clock in your kitchen, constantly wondering what could be keeping you waiting. But he was instantly reassured when he heard the sound of your keys in the lock.
You dropped your belongings heavily to the floor, sighing with fatigue at the loss of the weight that encumbered you. Your head hurt and your stomach hurt. Once in the quiet of your home, you couldn't help but replay the week in your head. You were sick to your stomach just thinking about it, your nerves were on edge and you were still wondering how you didn't snap. You put your keys on the shoe cabinet, noticing Albedo's bag and sketchbook a little late. You couldn't help but open it to look at his sketches. As you looked through it, tears came to your eyes, there were only drawings of you. You then put the notebook down in its place to run and find your lover.
"Albedo! Albedo!" - Your voice trembled with emotion and fatigue. You wanted to see him, you needed to see him. A succulent smell coming from the kitchen indicated to you the position of Albedo, who was already rushing out of the kitchen to meet you. You jumped at his neck, taking him by surprise.
"(y/n), what's wrong? Did your assignments go badly?" - You shook your head. The concern in his voice touched you deeply.
Albedo hugged your waist, immediately noticing your tense muscles. He then lifted you in his arms back into the living room chair. You were sitting on his lap, your legs on either side of his hips. One of his hands was resting behind your neck to keep you against his neck while the other clung to your back, rubbing it up and down. He didn't really know what he should do to help you relax, so he continued his caresses, sometimes drawing random shapes on your skin and occasionally placing hesitant kisses on your temple. He had never seen you in such a state of anxiety, your body was shaking and your muscles were tense to the extreme. Albedo knew the human anatomy, he suspected that the state you were in must have caused you some muscle pain and maybe even a stomach ache.
"Do you have any pain? I can make you a potion to ease the pain." - You pulled your face away from his neck to look into his eyes.
"It's better now that you're here..." - A strong blush painted his cheeks. It was his turn to plunge his face in the hollow of your neck, his arms tightening their embrace around you. You stayed in his arms for a few more minutes, each filling the void left by the other's absence, until Albedo suggested you go and eat the dish he had prepared for you.
He would end up massaging your body muscles with oils he had concocted himself until you fell asleep...
Kazuha was on the Crux fleet when you left for your missions. Beidou had pledged to bring him back for your return, which added to the list of things Kazuha owed him. He had left before you did, extending your separation by another week. Your farewell had been hard on both of you, two weeks without seeing you, without talking to you had inflicted more sadness on him than he could have imagined. He had held you in his arms for fifteen minutes on the pontoon that was connected to the Crux, kissing your neck, your lips, your eyes. When he was called by the crew, his heart sank, and when he parted from you, his hand only let go at the very end.
He knew you were stressed from the week's work ahead, he could tell by your pallor and squirming. Your stomach was already in knots when he left, Kazuha was afraid you would end up getting sick.
He was waiting for you at the northern entrance of Liyue Port, sitting on a rock, a tree leaf pinched between his lips. He played an Inazuma tune to wait until he saw your figure in the distance.
You looked more tired than when he left, barely paying attention to what was in front of you. You hadn't even noticed him yet...
Rather than waiting for you, Kazuha came to meet you, raising your face to him when he was in front of you. You were even paler than the day he left you. Your face was tired and you were trembling, showing a strong nervousness. You were not well and he knew it, which made him even more upset.
At first surprised by his sudden presence, you quickly recovered from your emotions and silently wrapped yourself in his arms. Kazuha was not surprised, he needed your physical contact as much as you did. It was the best way for both of you to forget all your anxieties and problems.
He cuddled you gently at first, before tightening his embrace as you did with him.
"It's okay (y/n), you can relax now..." - His voice was soft and soothing. It had an immediate effect on your nerves.- "Breathe slowly, first through your nose and then through your mouth... there you go, listen to my breathing, follow the rhythm of my chest."- You listened to his instructions, following his rhythm. Very quickly, you felt calmer, more relaxed. - "Let's go home for..."
"Just a little longer please." - He smiles into your neck.
"Whatever you want sweetheart."
And as promised, he held you in his arms for as long as you needed. He only broke away from you when you placed a kiss on his neck. His cheeks were slightly rosy and he kissed you on the lips in return. He was so happy to see you again. So happy to be back home.
Childe didn't know which of you would be more stressed. He, who couldn't stand a week without you, imagining you facing all the dangers? Or you, who would spend a week doing one mission after another for the guild, far from home, far from him?
Childe sighed, he thought he was immature sometimes.
He was well aware of the look on your face when you left, which showed a growing nervousness in you. He would have loved to come with you, but the Tsaritsa had ordered him to stay in Liyue until further notice. Childe knew how difficult it was for you to deal with stress, he had seen you bend over in pain after a particularly complicated mission. You would easily get teary-eyed when the weight on your shoulders became too much and the harbinger was the only one who knew how to calm you down.
The week passed slowly without you, and when the long-awaited day of your return arrived, Childe was waiting for you at home, pacing around your living room. He had sent all his subordinates packing, telling them not to come and disturb him or face his wrath. He wanted to spend this day with you, and only you. He was nervous himself, he didn't know in what state he would get you back. To calm down, he had to go out into your garden, sword in each hand to start a training session. He was going through the motions, both fast and agile, he did not hear the sound of your footsteps approaching him.
He stopped all his movements to turn hastily to the source of the noise. You were sitting on the stairs leading to your garden, your arms wrapped around your stomach. Childe dropped the weapons he was holding to rush to you. His hands went to either side of your cheeks, cupping your face as his eyes searched you up and down for any injury. Reassured to find none, he kissed your lips before coming to sit behind you. His hands went first to your shoulders. He could feel how tense they were, so he quickly massaged them before wrapping his protective arms around you.
"It's okay, honey, close your eyes..."
Your eyes closed under his instruction. You felt his hands move over your eyes as his lips brushed the skin of your ear.
"Relax, just imagine that you are sitting on a beach. The sea in front of you is a beautiful azure color. The cry of the seagulls blends perfectly with the sounds of the waves..."
You listened intently to Childe's voice, imagining everything he was telling you until you forgot your pain and anguish. He guided you perfectly, his voice was full of love for you, it hypnotized you, captivated you. When he felt the calmness take hold of you, his arms came back to embrace you.
"There you go my beautiful. Now tell me about your week..."
Tumblr media
Razor was waiting for you at the edge of the forest, sitting quietly on the trunk of a tree. A few wolves were lying around him, comforting the young man in need of you with their presence. He was focused on the noises, the smells that penetrated the place, hoping with each new sound, each new flagrance that it was you who was coming back from your mission. His gaze went to the starry sky, the moon shining high in the sky. It was already late... You had told him you were coming back today and he was waiting for you, again and again, getting sadder and sadder with every minute you were gone.
Razor closed his eyes and sighed loudly. A part of him was uncomfortable and he was now able to put a word to what he was feeling: worry. Yes, he was worried about you and even more so when he finally smelled your scent, which was slightly different than usual. It didn't seem as sweet... he didn't smell blood, just... a smell that reminded him a bit of wolves when they were scared or anxious. Razor rose from his makeshift seat to join you.
You walked slowly along the forest path, gently massaging your aching belly. Your week had been particularly rough and stressful and now that you were back home, all your negative feelings seemed to be focused on your stomach, making you feel almost unbearably nauseous.
The sound of a broken twig made you jump violently. Turning your head sharply toward the source of the sound, you opened your eyes wide at the sight of Razor, perched on top of a small cliff along the path. When he saw you, his eyes were lit with sudden joy. He jumped from his perch to run to you. Without warning, he took you in his arms, hugging your exhausted body a little too tightly.
"(y/n) Finally home, Razor was worried!" - a sigh of relief escaped you as you were finally in Razor's arms.
"Sorry I'm late..."
You felt him sniff your skin, making you blush with embarrassment. He moved away from you to get a better look at you, stroking the top of your head as if to reassure you.
"Lupical needs to rest. Razor senses that Lupical is not feeling well. I'll take care of you." - You smiled tenderly.
"Thanks wolf." - This time it was the young man's turn to blush. He didn't know why, but he loved being called that by you. You drew him to you, caressing his lips with yours in a soft kiss before taking him in your arms. He wasn't used to the typical human affection yet, but he loved it. He stroked your back as you sometimes did with him when he was sad, he even dared to place a small kiss on your neck.
Razor was so adorable, how could you not relax when you were in his arms?
Tumblr media
"Who gave me a bunch of good-for-nothing, unable to follow my instructions? Get up!"
Scaramouche stared hatefully at his kneeling underlings on the ground, exhausted after inhuman training imposed by the harbinger. He was angry and frustrated, and that much anyone could tell by his frozen expression and haughty eyes.
"Please sir, just give us a few moments to recover..."
Scaramouche's eye jumped. He was boiling inside, he wanted to hit something, someone. Maybe that fool who had just begged him to rest, thus challenging his authority?
He kept thinking about you. You were late for a whole day! How dare you keep him waiting!
"Shut up. I didn't tell you to rest. Go on. I want to see you spit blood if I have to."
Dismayed, his henchmen struggled to their feet before picking up their weapons again. One of them looked hopefully behind the young man.
"What?!" - Gunner Fatui pointed at a few things behind Scaramouche, who turned around with a sigh of boredom before flinching at the sudden assault of your arms around his neck.
You hid your exhausted face in his neck, rubbing your nose against it. Scaramouche didn't know what to do, his arms were frozen at his sides and his eyes looked at you in horror, darting between you and his minions.
"What are you looking at? Go away!"
He didn't have to say it twice. The two of you were soon alone, allowing Scaramouche to relax his arms and wrap them around you.
"You are so embarrassing..." - The sound of your sobs reached his ears. He hated to see you cry. He sighed, adjusting his grip on you.- "Don't cry..."- He could feel your body shaking, at the end of his nerves. Scaramouche felt that anger rise in him again. What could have put you in such a state of stress? Unconsciously or not, his fingers got tangled in your hair, massaging your scalp while his other hand tended to your neck. Despite his harsh words, he was still loving and kind to you. You were special, unique to him, and seeing you in such pain upset him more than he could imagine. He didn't know what to say to you, in fact... he preferred to keep his mouth shut for fear of hurting you. He thought he couldn't soothe someone because of his... twisted nature?
When you stopped crying, you moved away from his chest, looking him straight in the eye. You stroked his cheek before placing a tender kiss on his lips, causing a faint blush to form on his cheekbones.
"I'm home..."
"Tch, you're late..." - you smiled softly, linking your lips with his again. His hands clutched at your clothes with passion. You were so... Awkward, yes so... adorably awkward.
Tumblr media
Dainsleif was naturally calm and thoughtful. His presence alone was usually enough to calm you down when you felt anxiety creeping up your gullet. His deep voice hypnotized you and his eyes made you sink into a silent and serene ocean. You needed him, you needed his presence. So why did your legs refuse to move? Your meeting place was not far away, you were about to see him again!
Your stomach twisted with pain with every movement, fatigue weighed on your body, stress prevented you from thinking properly. You felt so bad... so bad... that your eyes closed on their own.
When you woke up, the light of a campfire partially blinded you, forcing you to hurriedly close your eyes with a low groan.
"It's all right (y/n). Open your eyes slowly." - That voice? Dain?
As he advised you, you cautiously opened your eyes, slowly letting them adjust to the light. Before you sat cross-legged Dainsleif. He was affectionately stroking your hair, his concerned gaze never leaving your face.
"There, that's good. Drink this." - He handed you a wooden cup filled with a purple substance. You didn't know what it was and the smell of it didn't make you want to know. - "I know, the smell is not pleasant, but this potion will calm your tummy talk." - You winced as you took the cup from his hand. Your eyes lingered on his before you swallowed the foul-smelling liquid in one gulp. The taste was like the smell, disgusting.- "That's good my love, you were brave."
"Dain... how... I think I passed out... and... how did I end up here?" - He gently stroked your forehead, wiping away the few droplets of sweat that beaded on your skin.
"I was worried that you wouldn't show up. I looked everywhere for you, until I found you lying along the path. I'm the one who brought you back here."
You slowly straightened up, staring at the ground with a blank stare.
"I'm sorry I worried you Dain... I can't control my anxiety, it's like it's eating me up inside. I feel... so weak... I'm probably not made for this."
You felt a hand grab your head, pulling you closer to Dainsleif's broad chest. His arms wrapped around you, he cuddled you with love and tenderness.
"You are not weak. You never were. You're just human and it's normal for humans to succumb to their emotions sometimes. (y/n)'re so human, that's why I love you so much."
A sudden warmth had invaded your cheeks. Tears came to your eyes, Dain was such a gentle man, so tender. The wisdom of his words brought you back to reality. You were human and therefore not infallible. Dainsleif accepted you completely.
You settled better in his arms, lifting your head to claim a kiss on your lips, which he gladly gave you.
"I love you my love. Rest, I will be by your side when you wake up."
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oceanbleu · 13 days ago
warnings: none
synopsis: how i think the aforementioned genshin characters would hold your hand :]
writer's note: again the bias with tartaglia in this one is so evident but i am shameless, speaking of my favorite stay tuned for a longfic with tartaglia himself on.. soulmates
**edit: no longer about soulmates oh boy here we go
content under the cut!
Tumblr media
his grasp is firm, yet gentle. his hands are cold, but it isn't anything alike to the biting frost of snezhnaya. his hands are much more of a soothing, cool feeling and if you held them long enough, they'd emit a soft warmth with enough time.
he usually has his gloves on. if it's a lazy day and he doesn't have to do much other than sign papers, he'll keep them off. trace the little cuts and he'll give you a small smile and a shake of his head when you ask if it hurts.
his palms are rough and calloused, a result of mastering the art of different weapons. scars litter the back of his palms.
there was once when he babbled on about how much training he had to endure to master wielding all the different variety of weapons. excitedly expressing how he's finally so happy that he's getting so close with his signature bow. upon you mentioning how he has yet to "master wielding" your hand, he found his face heating up, before cockily pointing out how lucky he was it'll be something only he alone can "wield."
when he lets go, whether or not because something came up or just to leave to run an errand-- his fingers linger longer for yours. he doesn't want to leave you just yet. before he lets go, he already finds himself missing the familiar affection in his palm.
pinkie promise him you'll hold his hand plenty when he comes back for dinner, won't you?
warm; oh so very warm! if it's winter or even on a particularly chilly day and you find your hands getting the slightest bit cold, slip your hand flat against his.
he welcomes you with open arms (fingers..?)! he insists the red on his face is from the cold, not from the contact; laughing bashfully as you interlock your fingers, bringing your hand up to his mouth to plant kisses upon your knuckles.
his hands aren't exactly as rough as you'd think with all the chores he has to do all day, but they aren't particularly the softest thing in the world. his hands are pleasing to look at as well, they cream color always seems to emit a captivating glow in the sunlight.
say this to him and he'll stop whatever he's doing-- be it chopping carrots or folding laundry-- just to stare at you with an unbelievably soft gaze, lips drawn in a tight line as he wonders just what in celestia he did to get so lucky with you.
that's before he comes up with something he deems even cheesier to say back at you of course.
you usually interlock arms, as he deems it more convenient. his hands are occupied most of the time, be it holding a cup of tea or reading a book. not only that, but he finds interlocking fingers or holding your hands as you walk quite awkward. do his gloves really feel that nice?
but that isn't to say it's a bad thing! on the rare occasion you do hold hands, it's usually sitting across from each other or somewhere private.
when you two are in bed, you often find yourself playing with his gloveless hand. like the element he commands, sturdy and protective. his hands are no different.
if you look close enough, you can see that the veins coursing through them glow with a pale, faint golden yellow. if you plant kisses upon them, he'll let out a pleased hum before reaching for your palm to do the same.
given he's a pleaser if anything, it just doesn't feel right if he doesn't reciprocate.
to be honest, you won't find yourself holding his hand a lot.
sharing affections with the busy man are usually on a more intimate scale, examples including eskimo kisses as he leaves the manor or even welcoming hugs when he comes back.
but the closest thing you'll get to hand holding with diluc ragnvindr would be having his hand laid atop yours while you two are either sleeping or reading a book by the fire.
they have calluses from his duty of protecting mondstadt, but his hands have a lot of care put into them. you can tell when you bring them up to your eyes. they're perfectly trimmed, clean nails, healthy nail beds, you get the gist. diluc values his hygiene plenty and seeing as he handle people's drinks, he finds it all the more a reason to take care of them.
he loves to cup your face in his hands, thumbs rubbing at the soft shape of your cheekbones as he leans down to take a kiss from you.
if you're looking for full blown interlaced fingers and the soft caress of a thumb against the back of your palm with this adeptus-- please look elsewhere.
he isn't familiar with such complicated contact like that, much less with the people he deems close to him. not only that, but he finds the prospect of hand holding a bit unnecessary. what if he needs his hands to protect you in case something comes up? not only that, but why are you going to him if your hands are cold? there's plenty of safe heat sources in wangshuu inn, do you see him as your personal heater?
but something he doesn't mind is hooking his pinkie with yours. of course, only when he has absolutely nothing to do and is completely free.
when he sits atop the balcony in wangshuu inn, you're given every greenlight to stride up to him, sit besides him, and lock pinkies. he'll get a bit warm in the face and try to shy away from you if you were to have a sentiment moment with him before this.
he silently begs for one thing-- don't tease him. at least not too much, he's trying his best for you, okay?
her hands are supple, soft.
she likes the contact! if anything she finds it endearing that you've gone out of your way to ask her for her permission to do this in the first place.
she remembers clear as day when you had first asked, flusteredly waving your arms around. saying how you didn't want to provide her any discomfort. with a small amused smile, she waved off your concerns and took your hand in hers, effectively shutting you up.
ei finds that her favorite way of browsing through the streets of inazuma city is with you, cupping her hand with yours as the two of you walk together. she adores the look on your face when you lead her through the stalls and go up to one asking for dango milk for the both of you.
it never fails to touch her heart that you remember her personal preference for the simplest things (at least in her mind) like food.
being a musician, his hands are more firmer than you'd think.
hours spent plucking away at the strings of the harp had made his fingertips more solid than yours, but it suits him plenty, only adding to the infinite charm that the bard exudes.
he loves holding your hand! the type to swing your arms as he hums an aimless tune while the both of you walk around windrise finding a nice place to sit down. i believe that he out of everyone i've written for here, he would rub his thumb against the back of your palm the most. he finds it comforting when you do the same back to him.
bonus* he absolutely adores holding your hands in his while he teaches you some fun tips about playing with his harp. guiding your hands into the correct position to pluck at it so it would cause the least amount of discomfort, that type of stuff just warms his heart since you're so interested in his hobby-job!
when you're holding his bandaged hand, be gentle.
there are times when the bandage frays away and becomes loose. when this happens you usually tie a comfortable knot for him so he can keep it on until the both of you get home to re-bandage him.
he's not a fan of interlacing fingers either, he finds cupping your hands more intimate and prefers the spread out contact more.
his most favorite form of hand holding with you has to be on top of a hill of some sorts while the two of you have your hands on top of each other. kazuha adores taking you outside with him on walks, which allows for intimate moments like these to happen plenty.
put your head on his shoulder and he's doing the same back to you with a small, content smile on his face.
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madamepingmain · a month ago
how they goofed up their confessions
Tumblr media
feat. Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Childe
♡ warning: mentions of alcohol!!!
♡ a/n: wowowow first headcanon post hehe
♡ part two
Tumblr media
listen, Thoma may be the charismatic guy we all love, but around you, he’s definitely a bit afraid to get his feelings across
so what does he do except silently pine after you and let your relationship fall into the weird middle ground of ‘not officially dating but it’s clear that you’re just not friends’
he complains to Ayaka- a lot
“Y/N IS JUST SO CUTE. We went to go pick lavender melons today and- ksdfjanljkfs”
Ayaka just blinks at him and is like, “Thoma.. how did you say all those letters”
but this leads to Ayaka deciding to play wingwoman for the two of you, hoping she can get her two best friends to start dating
and what better plan to have the two of you attend a festival together?
she plays it off well, suggesting that the three of you go together, but then backs out at the last minute so the two of you will be alone (a move she learned from a romance novel)
so whether he likes it or not, Thoma is forced onto this impromptu date with you
and he is simultaneously freaking out and enjoying his time with you
Thoma buys you matching masks, and you pay for the food (even though he insisted he would pay for everything)
the more the ‘date’ continues, the most Thoma’s feelings begin to overflow- he has to confess. and he plans on doing so during the fireworks display
shortly before the fireworks begin, the two of you climb to the top of a hill and sit, fingers barely grazing one another
and once the fireworks begin, you stare in awe at Yoimiya’s wondrous works
Thoma is too distracted by how lovely you look, he nearly forgets his plan to confess, but fortunately he snaps out of it.
“hey Y/n.. I have something to tell you...” he softly says, but he watches as your eyes, still fixated on the sky, widen. so he turns his head to see what captured your attention so much
and there he watched in horror, as a firework exploded out came the message
Thoma got teased a lot after this incident, but he got to finally go out with you so an overall net positive
Venti has his doubts when it comes to his feelings for you
don’t get him wrong, he’s absolutely certain that he has a crush on you
but he’s wary about his reputation in Mondstadt as the town’s alcoholic bard- and he’s certain you only see him like that too
so Venti seals away his feelings for you, never intending for anyone to ever know
except for the fact that once Venti gets drunk, he’s clamoring on and on about you
“Master Diluc, have you seen how cute Y/n is?” the bard slurs his words, taking another sip of wine
“I-” before Diluc could even say a word, Venti’s already speaking again
“Actually, please don’t answer that. If you also think Y/n is cute… then that means you are competition” Venti points out, thinking he’s solved a problem that never existed in the first place
still, Venti sighs as he places down his wine cup, resting his head on the bar
“It’s not fair that Y/n gets to do this to my heart. Everytime I see them, they shine so brightly in my eyes that sometimes I forget the existence of the sun. Their laughter is more melodious than any song I could ever play on my lyre” Venti muses, frustrated that someone as perfect as you could even exist
“hey Venti, I-” Diluc is once again interrupted by the bard
“You know it’s not just that! Y/n’s so incredibly sweet and makes my day so much better. You have no idea how much I want to ask them out” Venti sits up, picking up his glass to take a sip before slamming it back down on the counter
“if you really mean all that… then tell me when you’re sober” a familiar voice rings out
Venti slowly turns in his seat, only to see you standing in the doorway of Angel’s Share
his face is red- although you can’t be sure if that’s from him blushing or the alcohol. regardless, Venti is thoroughly embarrassed that you just heard him gush about you like that
but still, that fact that you told him to repeat his little confessions when he wasn’t so drunk warmed his heart up- in fact it gave him hope that maybe asking you out wouldn’t be so bad
perhaps this calls for a pre-celebratory drink??
normally if Xiao wanted to know about how mortals lived, he’d consult you
but this time he finds himself in front of Ganyu, hoping that she could provide some insight regarding his growing feelings for you
he was unfamiliar with how these sorts of relationships worked, and he wanted to make sure he wouldn’t do anything that would cause you discomfort
basically he wanted to know how to confess to you properly
and Ganyu’s half human so... she should know, right?
“to be honest Xiao... I spend all of my time working.... I’m not entirely sure why you would ask me for help” Ganyu says
“..are you not dating the Yuheng yourself?” Xiao asks back, watching as Ganyu turn a bright shade of red
“I am not! Anyways, I must take my leave. I apologize for not being much help!” she exclaims, quickly taking off
Xiao buries his face into his hands, seemingly defeated and absolutely clueless that you had just bumped into Ganyu as she ran off
and when he looks back up, he sees you quickly approaching him, a small smile adorning your face
“hey I just saw Ganyu take off just now, everything alright?” you ask, looking over your shoulder to see if you could still spot her
“ah.. yeah I had asked her for some help with some…. mortal advice” he mumbles, feeling embarrassed about how he had to go around for help
you frown slightly, “oh, is there a reason why you didn’t go up to me? not that you have to always approach me of course! I’m just curious…” your eyes dart to the ground
“Well it involves you” Xiao answered so curtly, you would have thought that Xiao was upset with you
but before you could answer, a third voice called out your names
“hi Madame Ping!” you grinned, trying to hide the awkward atmosphere still looming about
“hello dear” she nods at you before turning to Xiao
“Xiao, I heard from Ganyu that you needed help with a confession! But I see that you don’t need my advice, so I’ll leave you be” she smiles at the fellow adeptus before turning on her heel and leaving
you slowly turn back to Xiao, the blush on his face standing out more thanks to the teal in his hair
but as flustered as you were, you lightly chuckled, taking Xiao’s hands with yours
“is this the thing that involves me?” you teasingly ask, smiling even more when you see him nod
Xiao still wasn’t sure what the right protocol was for a confession- but regardless he had no choice but to try his best and hope his words wouldn’t fail him here
but by the look on your face, he might not have anything to worry about
being Childe’s best friend meant that he would shamelessly have you over in his office while he worked on administrative things
at first there were concerns about safety but Childe simply addressed them by saying, “??? I can fight though”
so now you’re a frequent guest at their headquarters
you were helping Childe sort out the mass amounts of paperwork at his desk that was left there when he was away
“oh hey I found a letter from Teucer!!” you call out to him, smiling at the small envelope in your hands
“do you mind opening it and reading it for me Y/n?” Childe calls out from behind his comically large stack of papers
“you sure? What if there’s some secret stuff I shouldn’t know about?” you tease, opening the envelope anyways
“what big secret could my little brother be writing about dummy” Childe chuckles back, resting his chin on his palm so he could hear you read out the letter
you clear your throat as you fold open the neatly folded letter inside and began reading
most of it was just the adoration of a younger sibling to his older brother alongside mentions of what new things were occurring back home
you were reading non stop, not missing a single word as your eyes scanned the letter
and Childe could listen to your voice for hours. it was very soothing to him hearing you read about his family and-
“by the way big brother, have you asked out Y/n yet-”
you didn’t even get a chance to blink- Childe immediately jumps from his seat, nearly tackling you to grab the letter out of your hands
and when you look up, your eyes meet Childe’s and with one quick scan of his face you’re able to see his cheeks becoming rosier
“ Teucer has no big secrets huh....” you begin to tease Childe, finding enjoyment in watching his blush grow
“aren’t you going to send a letter back to him with your answer Childe~” you coo, hoping that the more you could make him blush meant that he wouldn’t notice how you’re also growing more flustered
Childe quickly makes his way back to his desk, searching for a paper and something to write with. and when he has both he begins writing to his brother- except his eyes don’t break contact with you
“Dear Teucer, no I have not asked out Y/n yet. But as soon as I finish writing this letter I will. Send the family all of my love, Ajax”
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almondoufu · 2 months ago
how they say "i love you" 1
pairing gn!reader x albedo, childe, kaeya, kazuha, xiao, scaramouche / part 2 here
genre fluff
warnings none
Tumblr media
albedo thinks you're indisputably the most fascinating being he's ever met. but no matter how much he studies, there's something about you he can't quite figure out. maybe it's the way you make his chest flutter, his cheeks flush, or the way he can't quite get enough, even when you've spent the whole day snuggled up against his body in the cold. albedo believes he thrives in isolation, left alone only with the curious specimens of this world to inspire him and the whirring gears of his mind. yet in silences which he used to find solace, he now finds an empty solitude, a void which cannot be quelled by anything other than you. and when his sketchbooks and notebooks run out of space, albedo suddenly realises that each and every page is filled with you. your likes, your hobbies, the little habits you have he finds so endearing; your eyes that catch the light in the afternoon sun, or your fingers that comb through his hair when he's overworked himself yet again. and so he says i love you quietly, that book you were dying to read suddenly appears on your bedside table and an absentminded hand in yours while he works away. albedo lets you sit on his lap, and if you're quick enough, you may catch his eyes wandering from his experiments every so often. his kisses land on the back of your neck, warm blankets and a gentle arm around your body amidst the frigid depths of dragonspine's eternal winter.
childe knows you're the one he always wants to come home to, whether he's bearing gifts or bruised and battered from another reckless fight. childe is unafraid. demons and deities alike do not scare him, yet the thought of being without you sends him spiraling into panic. he wants to run home, grab you and kiss you like there's no tomorrow, because some days he doubts whether or not you'll still be there at the front door, eyes filled with concern and compassion, hands that move to steady yourself as you barrel into his body and leap into the embrace. but each time he returns, sheepish smile and all, he proves his own foolish fears wrong. childe knows he doesn't deserve you. patience, empathy, selflessness. your tender fingers that bandage his wounds and wipe away his tears should have long given up by now in search of a better person to call home. yet he craves you, selfish desires filling his prayers to any archon willing to listen for you to never, ever leave. and so he says i love you at every opportunity he has; he says it as if it's his last. heartfelt screams across the harbor, he ignores all the strange looks and hushed whispers; all he can see is that bright smile he's grown to adore so painfully much. his lungs burn and he knows he's going to get an earful from signora later, but he couldn't care less. you know that he'll miss you, right?
kaeya feels as if you can see right through him, despite his efforts to hide all the parts of himself that he is ashamed of. all he has ever known is ulterior motives and lies; smooth words that drip from his lips, a featherlight touch is almost perfectly refined, azure eyes that glint with mischief and mirth. all a front he puts on to lock away who he truly is within. so for the first time, kaeya finds himself in trouble when you laugh his advancements off, and he knows his compliments sound flirtatious and empty. he finds himself hopelessly trying to convince you in all the ways he knows that he's absolutely enamored with you, everything about you. you'll call him insufferable, and yet you still stay; lips softly pressing to the scars he's tried so hard to forget about, gentle words coaxing out the most broken parts of him, the parts of him he hates the most. it's strange, he thinks, how you adore everything he despises about himself. kaeya may not devote himself to much, but to you he commits his whole heart. and so he says i love you selflessly, with every phrase he can possibly muster. sweetheart, darling, buttercup. kaeya cups your face and looks you in the eye, and he hopes you can hear the sincerity of his voice when he says you are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.
kazuha wonders if his wandering has become less aimless recently. perhaps his the winds are bringing him back to you. everything is fleeting, and the tide of the times can change without warning. so the samurai drifts alone, convinced that his heart seemingly can be attached to nothing and everything at the same time, an all-encompassing void of life. kazuha has a curious adoration for this world he cannot explain. the sky, the sea, the sweet blossoming of the seasons. yet he is wary; an ocean of mesmerising beauty often comes the risk of drowning in its very waters, the push and pull of the currents akin to the way you tug at his heartstrings. you are at his very fingertips, yet when his fist finally closes to grasp onto anything tangible, you seem to seep through his fingers; before he knows it he is floating yet again on the endless ocean. except this time he feels lost without your warmth, after having grown so used to being buried in your presence, embraced by the affectionate security the shores have to offer. and so he says i love you like the breeze carrying a harmony to your ears, sunrises together in the crow's nest while the ocean swirls around the hull, impromptu poetry and melodious tunes only played for you to hear. his voice gentle and touches soft, kazuha makes a home out of wherever fate brings you, together.
xiao finds the virtue of forgiveness, buried somewhere deep within the clutter of his heart, and his never-ending search for freedom finally glimmers with your hope. you, so pure and untouched, are like nothing his tainted hands have ever held before. xiao is used to demons; in this world or in his mind, it makes no difference. yet now it is you that fills his thoughts, lighthearted giggles and calls of his name ringing in his ears long after you've gone. doubtful spirits are laid to rest in your merciful presence, coaxing words and gentle touches never crumpling the blanket of newfound peace. he has long convinced himself of his devotion to eternal independence. his demons scream that none could even begin to understand the anguish of a yaksha; you are a liar, cruel to ever have thought you were worthy enough to be in his presence. but for once xiao easily finds the courage to silence the voices, for even if he is unsure of all else in his life, he is sure of you. your patient smile, comforting fingers against his searing skin, whispered murmurs as you softly rock him back and forth in the dead of night, sparkling eyes that mirror the universe of stars he's desperately searched far too many times. and so he says i love you as an eternal promise, a promise to trust and give and break himself free from the bindings of karmic debt until time ceases to flow. he allows you to cradle his tarnished heart, faithfully believing that you are the lost star he's been missing this entire time.
scaramouche would never allow the harsh words of this world get to you. you're idiotic, he tries to convince himself, you're nothing but distraction to his ambitions, you're nothing but useless when it comes to his own benefit. he's selfish, he thinks, too self-centered to ever let you into his life. you come crashing in anyways, and scaramouche finds it hard to understand. you're peculiar; your grin, your giggle, and especially the way you simply stare lovingly at him as he screams and threatens you with tears in his eyes. his words are sharp and angry and he knows they hurt like the slash of a knife, and yet you come closer. and with each mark of your fingerprints on his skin, he feels himself break. but amidst his eternal tempest you are his peace, his strength, his distant hope for a rainbow. and so he says i love you apologetically, violet irises never leaving your own, hands heartbreakingly gentle against your skin. he holds you higher than he holds himself, guarding you like a precious treasure. he knows he doesn't deserve you; and so he stubbornly attempts to shelter you from all but the beautiful experiences of this world. a fluttering kiss, a moonlit night where there are no eyes on you but his own. your commitment is proof of his repentance, and all scaramouche hopes for is that when the day comes for you to discover the twisted soul he truly is, you do not become afraid like the rest of them.
Tumblr media
taglist (open): @chichikoi, @noirkkat, @azumira-404, @starglitterz, @urujiako, @abyssheart, @sincerely-mai, @zierx, @dragon-void, @mikachuchu, @eternism, @shxnosuke, @stupidbirdcentral, @icecappa, @ayra2452008, @luceyluce, @masterofbrioches, @upsetpotatoo, @ariesreii
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polluxminor · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
── [ 🎞 ] childe wrapping his scarf around you drabble <3
📍: no this isn’t another of my crack posts I just hate him so much I love him I need to write something while I have the thought fresh in my mind
Tumblr media
With you not used to the cold, Ajax laughs with that stupid smile you love. “I did say it was freezing, no?”
“You wore the clothes you always wear! I thought you were being dramatic.”
“Probably because I grew up in the cold,” he explains as he takes off his gloves, rubbing scarred hand against scarred hand to create friction to warm your hands. “ though I forgot the cold of my hometown, maybe I should’ve packed you some clothes..” His hands felt warm on yours as he clasped it around yours, breath looking like steam as he blew on your hands.
You scoffed. “Yeah, no wonder you’re so pasty— hey, that’s gross!” In response to your remark, he licked your palm. Weirdo.
“It’s not gross, I’m helping you stay warm!” he laughed, trying to pull you into his arms as you kept trying to pull away. Ajax whined at your rejection. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Here, for real..”
He took his tattered out scarf and quickly wrapped you in it, his smell sending your senses into an overdrive crazy in a good way. Wrapping it around your neck, you sunk your face and hid behind the fabric as Ajax tied it.
He couldn’t wait to wrap your ring finger soon.
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bedos-blossom · 21 days ago
Genshin Dating Headcanons
Pairings: Kaeya, Diluc, Zhongli, Childe, and Albedo x gn!reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: none
A/N: I’ve had these hcs in my head for a while but got stuck on them, finally managed to get it done (Xiao was still new when I began this lmao) but I hope you enjoy! I’m also working on a NSFW version with these five which I’ll link here when it’s done. Enjoy!
He will tease you endlessly
Loves flustering you and making you blush   
Steals kisses from you anytime and anywhere, literally does not care who is around 
So fucking extra that he climbs up the wall and knocks on your balcony door instead of ringing the doorbell like a normal person
There are times you wake up with him just….in your bed and he definitely wasn’t there when you fell asleep
You get used to it very fast, plus it’s nice to wake up his scent and his arm wrapped around you
(though one time you did elbow him in the nose because your sleep brain didn’t connect the dots fast enough)
If things get very hectic at the Knights’ HQ and he can’t see you for a while, he will send some flowers over every once in a while with a cheeky lil comment written on the card that comes with them
If you’re at the tavern with him, you have a permanent spot in his lap
One of his hands resting on your thigh, the other holding the glass his Death After Noon is in
Doesn’t get jealous of others checking you out, in fact, it just makes him even more smug about the fact you’re his
He will pull you even closer to him, eyeing whoever is watching you as he leans in and places a soft kiss behind your ear
(As if anyone would try to hit on you knowing you’re Kaeya’s partner)
He’s well aware he broke the hearts of many single people in Mondstadt by becoming yours 
He doesn’t give a fuck tho
Not big on PDA but he'll let you get away with a kiss or two in front of others 
A shower more than a teller 
Sometimes you'll come by the tavern and he has a bottle of that wine you really like stowed away for you 
Or you're sick and he decides to not man the bar that night and instead lay down with you and do whatever you want
He’s a busy man, so he cherishes any free time he can get with you 
His favorite thing is when you stay after Angel’s Share has closed down 
All the distractions that come with running a tavern are gone 
No more drunkards, no yelling, no music, no one calling his attention for a refill 
Just you and him behind the bar and cleaning up
Sometimes when you see he’s had a really rough night and he’s incredibly tense you’ll sit on the bar top and call Diluc over 
He doesn’t fight as you pull him into your arms and gently slip his hair tie out of his hair 
He just sighs and finally lets the tension leave his shoulders as you lightly massage his scalp and kiss his head
he may be an ex archon who has fought and killed many but you wouldn't think so with the way he treats you 
so gentle???? he treats you like fine china and isn't afraid to step in for you if he feels like someone is being a bit too forward 
loves touching you
he is holding ur hand, he will put you in his lap, he will wrap his arms around you, he will runs his fingers gently down your spine while telling u how much he loves you
while he usually goes on and on with history and his past and tells story after story, he's actually quite content with listening to you speak for hours instead
It brings him joy to see how lively you get when talking about how good a day you had or what you were up to before you came to Liyue
Will happily let you put his eyeliner on for him every morning (if you want to)
Hopefully you’ll be able to keep a steady hand while he gently holds yours hips and rubs circles into your skin
Lets you trace the gold streaks aligning his umber arms whenever you cuddle
Becomes your personal nightlight by letting those gold streaks give off a soft comforting glow while you’re falling asleep
let’s face it, he's a puppy 
face brightens so quickly when he sees you 
pet names galore, he will call u so many pet names that its a shock if he ever calls you your actual name 
you might as well close your eyes while walking through shops because if you stare at anything for even slightly longer than usual, he is buying it for you 
no you can't stop him, yes he has already paid for it by the time you turn around, no you can't return it or else he will pout all day 
will proudly claim you as his s/o in front of everyone as if he is daring someone to try him 
purposely leaves marks on you where everyone can see them (because he's an ass but he's your ass)
If you express an interest in fighting he will jump at the chance to be your teacher
(just be ready to handle him afterwards, he can get very excited)
(you know exactly what I mean)
he usually finds emotional connections quite trivial, but he's feels something different with you and his curious mind wouldn't let it go 
he's not really used to this "love" thing but you can tell he cares in the way he regards you 
his indifference to anything non-alchemy related is always evident but if you become the topic his dead eyes suddenly have more life in them and a small smile appears on his face 
you have to be super upfront if you want affection because he will not get it if you're vague 
on the plus side he will kiss or hug you whenever you ask 
will talk about all types of theories with you even if you don't get it at all, he's just happy you listen to him 
Loves when you volunteer to be his assistant for experiments
Your readiness to be his guinea pig sets his heart aflutter
Also the underlying trust you have to allow him to test things with/on you (though you did have to deal with having bunny ears for a week that one time) means the world to him
will ask u randomly if you're happy with him and when you say yes you see that small, warm smile that makes your heart flutter again show up again
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teyvatdreams · a month ago
hi! can i request xiao, childe, and kazuha taking care of reader while they're sick? not like. anything horrible maybe just a fever and they're super tired ^^; thank you!
them taking care of you while you’re sick
includes: xiao, childe, and kazuha
Tumblr media
tbh you didn’t expect xiao to make such a big deal out of you being sick
but once you told him
he did not leave you alone
he swiftly tucked you into bed and told you to rest up, staying by your bed so he was right there if you needed anything
he’d bring you water whenever you ran out and gently put the back of his hand against your forehead while you slept to make sure you weren’t burning up too badly
“hmm, xiao… i’m not that sick, i should probably get up,” you say sleepily, beginning to sit up
but xiao will gently grab your shoulders and set you back down on your pillow
“no. you aren’t feeling well, so you should rest. it’ll only be worse if you get up.”
at some point you’ll start to worry about him, it’s been a whole day and he hasn’t slept because he was so focused on taking care of you
it takes a few promises to convince him that you really did feel better, so he finally becomes okay with letting you go on with your day
Tumblr media
listen. childe knows how to take care of people
he’s a family man what can i say
he probably knows you’re sick before you do
“hey, you feeling okay? you look a bit… sick.”
you’ll playfully hit him at first bc how dare he point out the obvious
but after some time the overwhelming exhaustion and typical fever symptoms become too much to handle and suddenly you’re bedridden, childe by your side
he’ll get a cool rag on your forehead to cool your fever down, he’ll get medicine for you to take, he’ll make you some soup and you will be staying in that bed to rest, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.
he’ll stay by your side for the whole day, and will insist that it’s okay to cuddle you because “he’s probably immune” and “you’re like a personal heater”
but your fever makes it impossible for you to get comfortable
and you don’t need to be getting him sick so he just sulks next to your bed (while asking you if you’re okay every 10 minutes)
Tumblr media
he could tell you weren’t feeling the best when he noticed you were trailing behind him, eyes filled with sleepiness
“are you feeling okay, darling?”
“yeah… i’m just tired.”
meanwhile you were trying to telepathically tell him you quite honestly felt absolutely horrible
but he already knew your response was a coverup
so he looked for a place where you could rest comfortably for the remainder of the day
“are you sure?” you’d ask, not wanting to set kazuha back on his travels
he nods. “health comes first. there’s no point in traveling if you’re feeling unwell.”
he’ll help you get as comfortable as possible and then sets out to find some ingredients to make you some medicine
he stays by your side and checks on your temperature regularly, giving you more water you were still hot
and as the sun sets, he’ll softly play his zither to try and lure you to sleep so you can get some needed rest
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alberivh · 20 days ago
the thoughts of their lover
headcannon of characters voicelines about their lovers
kaeya, childe, diluc, zhongli x gn!reader
slight comfort/hurt , pure fluff all the way (includes kaeya literall blunt confession about you and uh…just kaeya being a lovely being he is)
a/n ; i’m bad at expressing emotion, though i’m pretty sure i’m good at writing it’s feelings. So i decided to practice it again with this so i hope this make sense
Tumblr media
Kaeya , About : Relationship
“relationship huh? Never really though the honorary knight would like to know my relationship…after all, it’s quiet boring to say that the cavalry captain also fall in love, no? ..but if you insist to know. I guess i can’t refuse this opportunity..i view (name) as my lover and also partner in crime, they might be a little bit stuffed sometimes but that doesn’t mean they’re not interesting enough in my eyes. how they treat one another is something i crave and maybe, i enjoy that more., other than the deliberate heavy taste of the “Death After The noon”. they might be a bit of an odd i should say..visionless but has a big determination; the archons are too blind to even see their trueself. but like a sinner i am…maybe i wasn’t that blind to see them wholeheartedly. I love them, though, this might be the first and last time i would love another again..and i love the idea of them being the first and also the last.”
when he realized he’s oversharing something, kaeya either hide himself between his arms or just took the conversation forward to another. That happens twice in a year, though it seems he broke the record of third times in one year to overshare something..and all that was just about you and you only. So would that means the mighty cavalry captain has fallen deeply..?
Diluc, About : Responsibilities and Troubles
“my responsibilities are bothersome to be discuss..the industries,the abyssal issues, and relationships. For the abyssal issues, i just need to patrol on nights if those ’knights’ kept on drunk every theres no need to trouble you or the others to look after me. And for the industries itself, i doubt you understand the economics conduct from it, so no need to trouble yourself from that. though, for relationships…I’m not good with showing those i love a certain affection nor do i know how to tell them i love them. Specifically speaking, my partner, as you probably know..(name). they’re quiet different from me. I adore their cheerful senses, their observation, and perspective, but it’s just i couldn’t explain how words define how i feel so, the only thing i could do are just go along with those nature of theirs..i like those part of them. I truly do! ..why wouldn’t i afterall..isn’t that the main reason why people love their partner anyways..?”
he got to blunt with his troubles and his lover’s nature. It obviously make the traveler the mighty darknight hero of monstadt have a soft spot for the people he loved? this just a blatant tale of diluc’s love? Ah they obviously never know, after-all, he’s just an ordinary man who live out of people’s perceptions.
Childe, About ; Partners
“as much as i do love to spar with you traveler..i have things to attend with my partner and i believe it’s almost the time to meet them..w-wait, are you doubting the fact i have a partner too? well, you might don’t acknowledge them right away since they’re not that in edge like me, but they’re a very interesting one! I promised you both would have so much fun together when you both know another! I like to introduce them to you if we both had the chance to do’ll need to wait for another sunset if you want me to talk about them, after-all (name) is way too..much for me but i love them right away haha! they’re everything to me so don’t dare to try to steal them away, so note that traveler!”
has an oblivious down bad syndrome. And yes as he promises, he drags the traveler to listen to his rambles about you. He spend for about 4 hours just talking about you, your habbits, your strength and your constellations, while sparring with the traveler. even paimon count how many times he complimented you…this makes the once feared harbinger, look like a no one but a simple man with lover to prioritize.
Zhongli, Things to Share
“I do have an odd contract. it’s a simple contract, yet it feels quiet outstanding from the others i have perceived. It’s from my love ones, i don’t think it’s necessary to be read fully from it’s implication or so, but the matters in the contract are about their feelings and their..wishes. I can’t comprehend at first what are they wishing for since mortal couldn’t age for so long..but now, i think i understand what are they trying to say. “To live Forever and to accompany you to another purpose of life, as a matter of love, well-being, or just the priorities of this relationship. I wish it was immortal enough, for the sake of us both.” It’s detailed, very detailed in fact. It does represent (name) stubbornness and gentle heart..eternity wasn’t a thing i like to treasured, but maybe..with them. I would like to learn the purpose of it’s existential from their contracts.”
actually? Zhongli doesn’t react much while explaining his sincerity to you. he might sounds more passionate and gentle while talking about you and your oddly written contracts.
he realized how you made him learnt some true feelings of the mortals complexity, zhongli couldn’t help but feel a little tense. Melancholy of past memories would hit him and at those seconds, he could only share his memory with you. but now that he remembered the present times will not be related to the present, Zhongli have the courage to start over his dreams again.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : @mikachuchu , @luvajax @urujiako , @chichikoi , @noirkkat , @aphrodicts-imagination , @icecappa , @abyssheart , @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst , @almondoufu @shxnosuke , @aweebstuff , @cozykaii , @smoochi-modest
(if your @ is on bold, it’s because i couldn’t tag you)
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bookuya · 2 months ago
how it feels when they kiss you for the first time┊male version
Tumblr media
as albedo's hand moves towards the back of your neck to gently pull you in for more, he feels as if he doesn't deserve it. he feels as if he doesn't deserve you or your time, or to feel the feeling of you smiling against his lips. he then feels bad for wanting more than just a kiss, wanting you both to be chest to chest and have hands tangled together instead of only your lips meeting. you have to be the one to pull away first, breathless but starstruck from the moment. albedo asks softly "may i?" and waits for you to nod to lean in for more.
he's thankful. thankful for you being here, thanful for you both having this moment. childe's hands are loosely wrapped around your elbows to keep you close as he keeps the kiss going. he almost starts to treat it as competition to see who will pull away first while out of breath. and surprisingly, it's him, moving away after being so caught up in the moment with happy eyes and red cheeks. his fingertips move to trace the side of your face down to your jaw, holding your chin gently to keep you still as he goes in for another sweet kiss.
he feels absolutely baffled... yet oddly satisfied. you haven't filled in the void in his life after his father, but more like you added a sprinkle of joy and wonder to it. diluc feels like he is in a dream when you step forward for more into the kiss, your hands winding up in his hair and brushing through his vibrant locks. when you both do pull away, he admires the aware look in your eyes as you glance at him, looking for consent to continue. before you can be the one to keep it going, his arms quickly wrap around your waist, bringing you back to him as he places a tender peck to your forehead. you smile back when he leans down to proceed with putting his lips against yours.
he feels like he needs to hide; to not exist. kaeya thinks he doesn't need nor deserve any of the warmth you provide, yet he recieves it when you put your thumb on his chin and pull him in for a warm kiss. he lets out of a noise of surprise but tries to hide his look when you pull away with a flustered face, telling him you'll see him later after you finish your work. all kaeya can do is smile and wave as you leave but once you're out of his sight, he has to hide his face in his hands in a way that says "oh my god. that just happened." yeah, you got him right where you want him.
his eyes are wide but gradually, kazuha's eyelids shut as he moves closer to you into the kiss. his cheeks feel like they're burning, even more so when you hum into the kiss and reach for his wrist, rubbing circles into his palm as a sign for more. he even feels a slight twinge of greed in his heart, wanting you to stay like this with him forever and ever. the sunlight running past you both, the sound of waves in the distance, the small cheers of crew members on beidou's ship watching as you earlier ran to kazuha after he arrived to liyue harbor after you missed him for so long. it was a spur-of-the-moment type of thing but none of you guys regret it at all. not one bit.
both of your actions fluster each other. everything feels unreal to xiao, his eyes still open in surprise despite the slow kiss. yet this way he gets to admire your features without you catching him, like other times where you see him staring at you on the balcony. you force yourself to stay still even as you feel xiao's warm fingertips grazing against your arm, rolling up your sleeves just a little bit before going back to hold your wrists in his hands again. it all feels unimaginable, like it's a dream, a good dream for once to xiao. he knows one day you'll be gone and he'll be alone again but for now, his heart beats for you as you both live happily in the moment.
Tumblr media
tags: @noirkkat, @tiny-aroace, @ben6ett, @abyssheart, @starglitterz, @blisschi, @heavensbeloved, @mystic-helena, @kachuuha-deactivated20210720, @xmellows, @rim0na, @glazelilyy, @yanbub, @urujiako, @zaultar, @seerie, @blossomiich, @mikachuchu, @bluexiao, @akinokisetsu, @childe-support, @ariesreii, @storytravelled, @aelatus , @give-xiao-almond-tofu, @afchicken, @almondto-fu
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chilumi-shipper · 17 days ago
Hi, I hope you're having a nice day! Congrats on 500 btw, can I request the “Can we finally go to that place I was talking about?” / “I’m busy.” / “Yeah… you always are.” Angst/Fluff prompt if its okay? Could have childe in there ahem ahem... childe simp right here, but the others (If you want it multiple characters, its up to you) (IM SORRY IF IM AWKWARD THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IVE DONE THIS)
Maybe Next Time
Childe x Insecure!GN!Reader (Modern AU)
Summary: For the past month, you had tried to plan something for you and Childe to do together, but he's busy, as always. You were hurt that he wasn't giving even just a portion of his time for you. Too scared to confront him, you just chose to find solace in another person.
(Also, Childe fighting hard for your attention after, hehehe ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ)
Prompt: "Can we finally go to that place I was talking about?" / "I'm busy." / "Yeah... you always are."
You looked at the face of your lover sitting on your bed, his expression serious as his eyes were glued to his laptop screen.
"Sooo... When will you be free?" You asked him, hoping that this time, you'll finally be able to spend time with him outside of your home. Childe sighs as he stops typing to look at you.
"Not for another month." You visibly frowned at his answer.
'You said that last month...' That was what circled in your mind, but it was something that you refused to say to him, scared that it may do more harm than good.
"Maybe on your day-off... we could finally go to that place I was talking about...?" You discreetly suggested, his eyes missing the hopeful gleam of your own. The man beside you looked back at hos laptop screen.
"Sorry, I've been so tired lately, I'm not getting enough sleep... But maybe, if I have the energy." Well, at least it was a maybe and not a no. You lied down, getting comfortable in your shared bed as the thick blanket covered your body.
"You should get some rest too, Childe." You said to him, but he didn't answer. "Night..." You whispered to the air, knowing he wouldn't answer you anymore.
"What about tomorrow? You said that a lot have finally been off your shoulders since last month." You tried again, you always kept trying.
Too bad you always seem to fail.
"What...?" The ginger had questioned you, unsure of what you're trying to suggest.
"...The amusement park I was talking about, I thought maybe we could go tomorrow?" You finally clarified, hoping that he'll finally say yes.
As you were both sitting on the couch, his work papers in his hands again, "Uh-huh." Your eyes lit up at what he said.
"So we'll go, what time do you want to go?" You asked in excitement, clapping a bit.
"Okay..." Your eyebrows knit together in confusion, but seeing that his eyes have not even left the paper in his hand, you can only sigh.
"Childe?" You called for him, and the man finally looked at you. "Are you listening to me?" You feel hurt as you look at his speechless expression, knowing full well that he didn't listen.
"Oh... Uhh, amusement park, right?" Childe had scratched the back of his head in nervousness. "Can't really go right now, there's a new project coming up for our department and..." He trailed off, smiling apologetically. "I'll be very busy again."
You just smiled at him, despite your hopes being crushed again, you understand, he needs to work hard for both of you... maybe that's why you're scared to confront him about how you really feel for the past months.
You just nodded, standing up to head to your bedroom. As you walked up the stairs, there was something you wanted to say so badly.
"Yeah... you're always busy..."
"Something on your mind?" You hear Zhongli deep voice behind you, as you looked around the amusement park that you've been wanting to go to for so long.
You looked back at him, smiling as he offered you one of the two ice creams he bought for both of you before taking it with a thank you. "Nothing in particular, just looking around." That was a lie and you knew that within yourself.
You had so much fun! Going on rides that made even the ever so composed man with you scream in absolute horror, eating the tastiest and probably the most unhealthy food ever, winning small prizes like the hat with kitty ears you're wearing right now and even a little fluffy puppy keychain... yeah, you two weren't that good with the games, but it was still a lot of fun!
You just wished that you could actually share such a happy moment with your boyfriend, yet he's probably busy drowning himself in work, as always.
Zhongli was a nice company, a good person to be around with. But the man with you right now is just so undeniably different from the man you wanted to be here with you right now.
"Well, what do you want to do next?" You asked him as both of you started walking around, looking for other stuff to do.
You hear the man beside you chuckle. "Despite my distaste for very crowed places such as these, you've shown me such a good time tonight, Y/N. Thank you." Zhongli had told you, sounding very genuine and thankful.
You giggled, "No problem, Zhongli. I had a great time to! Even more than I thought I would." As you said that, your ears perked up as you heard a faint yell of someone... someone that seemed like they were calling out your name.
You looked around, as did the man with you, he did also hear someone call for you. Just then, you see a man with familiar orange hair run up to you the moment his eyes landed on your figure.
"Y/N!" You look at the direction of where the yell came from...
"Childe...?" Your lover had smiled at you after he had reached your point. "What... what are you doing here?" You asked, in somewhat disbelief and excitement.
He pouted at you, "I just saw your text to me today, you said you'll be here. Is there something wrong with me wanting to join you?" He had asked in a jokingly pained voice, making you laugh. As Childe's eyes landed on the man beside you, however, his smile tightens. "You know, cause I'm your boyfriend and all."
"You're off work early tonight. What happened?" You asked him, concerned a bit. His hand landing on your head, ruffling your hair slightly.
"Just asked to leave early today, I thought that maybe I could join you. Need a little bit of a break to be honest." Childe had answered, making your heart leap in happiness.
Your smile widened, he's finally getting a bit more time off, to spend time with you. It made you really happy.
"Let's go see what other stuff we can do!" You said excitedly, making Childe chucklem
Zhongli knew exactly what the younger man in front of him was on about, yet his expression stayed composed. He must say that he is a bit amused, your boyfriend only coming here once he found out that your hanging out with another man.
Throughout the entire day, you would briefly bring up Childe everytime you two would do something that reminded you of him.
"Oh, Childe would hate this ride. If he's too dizzy he's gonna puke."
"Childe really likes curly fries, extra spicy. Sometimes, even the smell would make me cry." That's what you said whilst you two were in line for snacks.
"Childe's really bad at shooting. Once, we had a bet that whoever could throw a dart closest to bullseye can make the loser do whatever they want. He didn't even hit the board." You laughed as you told him that story.
As you two were eating, you told him a bit about your troubles too, the whole not being able to tell your lover that you wanted a bit more of his time, because you're scared that he think you're too clingy or insensitive when he's already flooded by work.
Zhongli felt amused about everything, as you were leading them to another mini game, he felt Childe's attitude so soft and warm towards you, but so murderously looking at the man behind both of you.
"Hey, I wanna play that!" You exclaimed, the two men looked at what you're pointing at, seeing a game with water guns attached to a table and a target mounted on a wall a few feet away from the water guns.
"Come on!" You grabbed them both by the wrists, jogging up to the stand. As you were about to ask the person behind the table for a go, you feel Childe's hand on your shoulder.
"How about a friendly competition between me and your friend over there?" Childe tilted his head to the brown haired man, who just smiles at you as you looked back at him.
You look at your boyfriend confused. "But... you're not good at aiming."
Zhongli had to keep his laugh in when you said that.
"It's fine, love. I'm still gonna kick his ass." You raised an eyebrow at him, unamused.
"If you say so." You look at Zhongli again. "What do you say, Zhongli?"
The man walks closer to both of you, "I'll try my best."
As it turns out, "Zhongli's best" is another term for "winning everytime". At their fourteenth round, with the worker just absolutely done with them, Childe had to finally throw in the towel.
"Y/N, you can choose anything from the prizes I won." Zhongli showed you an entire bag of stuffed animals he go from winning all those rounds.
As Childe was grumbling behind you, you pick up a little brown dragon, golden spikes decorating its form. "Aww, I want this one! Reminds me of you." You said to him, bringing the stuffed dragon to your chest.
"Oh please, it looks like a turd with gold flakes." Childe had dissed the cute dragon, making you slap his shoulder with the stuffed toy.
"He does not!"
The ginger laughed, taking your hand in his, "Fine, come on, let's get you something that reminds you of me." You nodded smiling, scouting out for another game to play.
Meanwhile, Childe had slipped beside the brown-haired man. "Just so you know, I was just going easy on you."
Zhongli took a whale plushie out of his bag of stuffed toys, offering it to the man beside him. "Between you and me, I don't think you'll be winning anything for Y/N with all the rigged games in this place."
Childe was just about to spit back an insult when you called out for him. "Childe! Let's go over there. There's a whole line of games."
And true to the older man's words, Childe did not win anything. After that, you went on more rides!
You were buzzing with happiness on your drive back, the dragon plushie and the whale plushie on your lap as Childe drove back home.
Oh yeah, the whale plushie... Zhongli gave it to you and said that Childe had won it while you weren't looking, ignoring the death glare of the ginger behind you.
"I really had fun today, especially after you showed up." You looked at him smiling, despite his eyes fixed on the road.
He smiled as well, "Yeah... me too. I'd go with you sooner if I knew that it would be so nice." You sighed in content, melting into your seat and closing your eyes. "It made me realize something too." Your ears perk up at that.
"We hadn't done something like that in such a long time, have we?" Childe asked, his voice seemed to turn a bit sad. You just nodded, him seeing your gesture on his peripherals.
"You've been busy..."
"I know." Your lover sighs deeply. "Today made me realize that... it wouldn't hurt to just share my workload with my co-workers, so I could..." He drifted off, hoping that you would get what he's saying.
"Spend more time with me?" You guessed, eyes glimmering at what he just said. His smile widened, nodding at your question.
"...Thank you." You leaned to him a little, kissing his cheek, before sitting back properly.
Childe can't believe that he might have to thank that old man you called a friend.
"Y/N told me a lot about you." Zhongli said whilst you were away getting some cotton candy.
Childe didn't answer, just looking at your figure near the cotton candy stand, looking in awe as the worker forms the rainbow cotton candy into the shape of a flower.
"They said you're a very busy person, never had time to go with them here." Zhongli wasn't really trying to make conversation, just trying to make the younger man understand what you felt, since you were too insecure to tell him yourself. "That's why they invited me."
Childe will just let that be his little secret. Like he's gonna let another man one up him in your heart.
So this is more just fluff rather than angst to fluff, but I hope you liked it. Plus, I really liked writing jealous Tartaglia, hehehe. Thank you for requesting!!!
Also don't worry, clxevr you weren't awkward, you're cute uwu~
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evelxtus · 25 days ago
Oooh, fluff you say 👀👀 I think I have one fluffy scenario if you don't mind it hehehe 💚 how about some hcs with scara, childe, albedo, zhongli and xiao (i love this men sm 😭😭💕) when they overheard their crush gushing to others about how amazing they are? 🤭 thank you so much and please take care 💚💚💚
- 🐦 anon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— ❛ 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗐𝖾𝗋𝖾𝗇'𝗍 𝗌𝗎𝗉𝗉𝗈𝗌𝖾𝖽 𝗍𝗈 𝗁𝖾𝖺𝗋 𝗍𝗁𝖺𝗍 ! ♡
pairing. . . . . . scaramouche, childe, albedo, zhongli, xiao x gn! reader.
warnings. . . . a bit manipulative scaramouche (forgive meee i can't see him any other way but he loves you i swear)
genre. . . . . . . fluff.
notes. . . . . . . i hope you like this!! <3 please take care you too, is always nice seeing your requests jsjsj.
Tumblr media
when luckily he hears you say all those things about him, he literally stops to listen to everything you think of him. this boy will hide somewhere where you don't see him but he can hear you perfectly, and at the same time he'll act totally disinterested.
the only thing that scara thinks now is… “i'll use everything you say in my favor. yeah, i'll gain your trust more easily. you'll be in my hands in no time, y/n.”
oh, do you say you like the way he occasionally looks at you from afar? well then, his eyes will be following your figure almost whenever he has the chance. he'll even give you a smug smile, just for you, capable of accelerate your heart beats with a single grin. oh man, this little brat knows very well what he is doing.
do you like the way he expresses himself, or when he starts teasing his comrades for his own amusement? he will do it again, but making sure that you are in front of the scene.
and when you talk with him, expect a lot, lot of teasing on his part as well. you speak wonders of him, that just means you're crazy about him, aren't you? that's what his narcissism says at least.
if you want him to be softer with you, he will be. scara will act like a good boy, but only with you. his true intentions will remain hidden, but the longer he keeps them inside, the higher his desire to corrupt you is.
he wants you so, so bad. and this situation has only caused him to want you to himself even more.
he'll be at first like... “wait, who is y/n talking about? do i have competition?” but when his name comes out from your lips, he opened his eyes in surprise. man couldn't be happier.
don't doubt that childe will show himself in the middle of your passionate talk about him. has nothing in mind, just let you know that he has heard it all. to tease a little bit.
“did y'all hear that? y/n is talking about me!” he'll say without any shame, impossible for him hide his pride.
then, ignoring the presence of other people in front of you both, he'll address only you. “i didn't know you thought all that about me. you shouldn't keep those things to yourself, you know?” childe's voice is now softer. he's being serious about that. you're his soft spot, can't help it!
that only makes you blush. he really caught you at the worst time. you don't usually talk about him, and just now that you're dedicating the best words to this boy, he appears!
but that gave childe a great boost of motivation. your words were worth more than anyone else's, sometimes more than his own.
so next time, say it directly to him. you don't know the impact you have on him, positively speaking, of course. a praise from you, and childe can find himself smiling for the rest of the day.
oh, so are you talking about albedo? what a coincidence that he just unintentionally overheard it all.
a mix of various emotions disconcert this boy, he's quite confused by how he really feels about your words.
shame, joy, satisfaction... although all this was expressed with a small smile, while pretending to do something else and that he wasn't listening.
what you were saying was much more interesting to him. hence from time to time he could find himself static, simply using his sense of hearing. when he realizes it, he shakes his head to focus again and get on with his stuff.
he doesn't plan to tell you anything about what he heard. at least not if it's not necessary, but he may drop little clues during your talk, to make you think a bit or leave you wondering if he really caught you talking about him or not.
“if you want, you can come and do some research with me. i think you could be of help to me in the future, also... i'm pretty sure you are quite interested in the way i work, correct?”
so he can spend more time with you and enjoy your company. you don't know, but he's thanking all the archons for having heard everything you said about him. now he's more confident while having you around. so just stay by his side, alright?
zhongli heard everything he had to heard. a smile appeared on his face as he watched you silently, just paying attention to your words as the other sounds around him became secondary.
then one of the people accompanying you whispered something in your ear, and you immediately turned around, making eye contact with zhongli for a few seconds, before turning back flustered and flushed.
the man chuckled, also somewhat blushed and left without saying a word. maybe if he wasn't there anymore, you'd calm down faster, or so he thought.
but no way zhongli's gonna leave that matter unfinished! he also has several things to tell you and will find some time to invite you to go somewhere — he won't care too much which place, he just wants to enjoy your presence alone.
“you always manage to pleasantly surprise me when i least expect it. maybe i should start doing the same with you...”
expect a lot of nice words from this man, and all of course, 100% honest from his point of view. you are perfect to him and the fact that you think so highly of him as well will only make him want to declare his love for you a lot sooner than expected. he can't wait to tell you his feelings and show you the affection you deserve.
xiao will disappear as soon as he realizes that you are talking about him. i mean, you're not even going to have time to know that he has heard everything.
xiao will be so embarrassed and will think TOO MUCH about what you said. do you really think that of me? how can you see all that in someone like... me?
the next time you make eye contact, he will blush and look away as fast as he can, releasing a slight “tsk”, and mentally scolding himself. “i should stop looking at you. why can't i? control yourself, damn it. it was just a few simple words.”
as much as he tries to downplay it, those 'simple words' of yours hit differently for him. the only thing he can feel is helplessness for not being able to do anything about it.
it's possible that he won't speak to you in a while and you have to be the one who speaks to him first. the only thing he will say to you is “call my name if you ever need me.”
nothing out of the ordinary, he doesn't want you to know that you have such a great effect on him. he'd feel so vulnerable in your presence if you knew how he feels about you.
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