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#childe x reader
xiaosmoon · a day ago
𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐬 + 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐧
Tumblr media
childe: his hands can be found on your thighs. sitting next to him? it's no doubt his hand will be gently squeezing and rubbing your thigh. if you don't stop his actions, he might get a little cheeky and scoot his palm a little too high.
diluc: his warm hands typically rest on both of your shoulders. he'll come up behind you and rub your shoulders as a greeting before pressing a kiss to your neck. you can't even deny how nice it feels to have him massage your shoulders– what a miracle worker he is.
kaeya: his sly hands are always wrapped around your waist. when walking down the bustling streets of mondstadt, the captain always keeps this arms snaked around your waist. not only to make sure you don't get lost, but to scream at everyone else that you're his.
thoma: on your head. he loves to ruffle your hair every time he greets you! no matter how many times you tell the blonde to stop, he just keeps messing up your perfect hair. you've secretly grown to love it.
kazuha: typically intertwined with your own. he's made it a habit to take ahold of your hand when he has something to show you. sometimes he'll even do it just because. holding your hand makes him feel secure. it lets him know that you're right beside him, not disappearing anytime soon.
xiao: cupping your face. often you'll ramble a little too much for xiao to keep up with, so he'll just gently take ahold of your face, telling you to slow down. the first time he did it your cheeks were ablaze. now, you've gotten used to the gesture; welcomed it even.
zhongli: on your lower back. whenever you take walks with zhongli, he'll always have a protective hand resting respectively on your lower back. it's a romantic and sweet gesture coming from the old soul.
albedo: his hands are constantly roaming your body. everywhere. your lips, arms, torso, leg — you name it. albedo finds you fascinating and quite beautiful. so it's only natural of him to feel every inch of your perfect little body.
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leos-caramia · 2 days ago
Asking to Put Accessories in Their Hair
Characters: Zhongli, Childe, Kaeya, Diluc, Albedo, Thoma, Baizhu, Scaramouche and of course our dear reader <33
Reader: gender neutral!
Special character appearances: Klee, Qiqi, Ayaka, and Hu Tao
Notes: so I came across this TikTok and like immediately got an idea for Albedo and as I began to type more ideas were presented and I was just skipping a round to different characters writing what came to mind LMAO
Inspo from this Tiktok! Here
More in “Read more”
“Can I accessorize your hair?” (Maybe restyle it to if they have long hair)
“Dearest, you don’t need to ask. I’m more then happy to cooperate.”
You felt as if you were near faint. The way he said that was just so IDK BUT ITS ZHONGLI OKAY like luscious and reassuring that it made your heart swoon.
“See I told you he’d agree!” Hu Tao chimed in, suddenly entering his office.
You quickly thanked Hu Tao and made your way to Zhongli.
“I’m sorry if a sudden tug or so hurts.” You quickly apologized.
“I’ll be okay, dearest. You won’t hurt me, so please don’t be so nervous.” He reassured, giving you a gentle smile.
Happy that he trusts you like this, you quickly but gently got to work. Careful not to tangle his hair and such.
“How was your day today?” He asked out of the blue.
“Hm, it was okay. I ran into Childe today so he took me out for lunch.” You responded.
“May I ask how you got these clips?” He questioned you.
“Oh! Um Hu Tao gave them to me! They were really pretty so I thought you’d look really um pretty with them in your hair!” You said, visibly happy.
He laughed a bit, you were honestly so readable in his opinion but even if you were readable, you weren’t very predictable.
You always took him by surprise with your actions rather then what he could in take from your facial expressions.
Nonetheless it made him happy that you wanted to spend time with him like this.
He was incredibly lost in thought, that he didn’t notice you had finished.
“Zhongli? I’m… done! Hello?” You began waving at his face.
“Ah, apologies dearest. What did you say?” He asked, “Oh! I said I’m done!” You cheered.
“Then excuse me, I would like to see what you did.” He excused himself as he exited the room.
When he came back, he wore quite a big smile and hugged you ever so tight.
“It looks marvelous, my beloved. You did a remarkable job.” He expressed, giving you a kiss to your forehead.
He invited you to stay with him for the rest of the day, as the day was almost over.
You happily agreed and kept him company for the rest of the day.
A little too excited about this.
You had been sitting in your shared bedroom, going through some things and you came across a bag of hair clips Qiqi had given you.
Quickly getting an idea, you sprinted to where your boyfriend sat and sprung the idea onto him.
On one hand he was taken by surprise, he thought something had been wrong. On the other hand, he was ecstatic when he heard your question.
He absolutely loved when you played with his hair, so it’s to no surprise that he almost immediately invited you to sit down.
“My, my, aren’t you excited for this.” You laughed.
“Of course! Who wouldn’t be? I love the feeling of you playing with my hair!” He said, shamelessly.
He looked like a huge puppy rather then your boyfriend. You swore you could almost see a tail wagging.
As you sat down, you got busy right away. Small talk was something that was quite common during this.
Childe enjoyed this, so he was mainly just silent during this, throwing in a few questions here and there. He seemed to hum happily when he could feel your hand nestled in his hair.
It was only a few clips, but you were terribly indecisive of where they should go (which is why it took awhile)
Once you had finished, you pulled his face close to yours and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He looked adorable with clips in his hair.
“Can I look now? Can I, babe? Please, can I look now?” He persistently asked, causing you to laugh a bit before nodding.
He sprinted to the nearest mirror and cheered super loudly.
“I love it! I love you! Thank you so much! It looks amazing!” Literally pulling out every complement he could think of.
He gave you the biggest hug and stayed there. Yeah you weren’t going anywhere for awhile lol.
“Pfff… babe, I said you didn’t have to ask when it came to my hair.” (besides cutting it, that’s a big no.)
He laughed at your semi flustered face.
You had only decided to stop by his office due to the fun clips and flowers you found.
You did not expect to be teased for something like this, you wanted to get his permission even if he has said it’s okay.
“You look so cute when you pout, I couldn’t help myself!” He defended his actions, earning a slight glare his way.
“Mr. Calvary Captain, don’t you have work to do?”, you sneered, “I wanna play with your hair, but I don’t want you to be distracted from work.”
“Fine fine, I promise I’ll finish my work…” he said, bringing his attention back to the stack of papers with a sigh.
As you make your way towards him, he suddenly pulled you into a kiss.
“Still so very flustered, babe.” He laughed, kissing your forehead once more.
You scurried to hide your face from his view point by staying behind his chair. Quickly distracting your mind from what he just did, you began untying his hair and brushing it.
The office was filled with a comforting silence, as all that could be heard was either the sound of paper, the writing of his pen, or the clips you had put in his hair.
After awhile, he finally gave up.
“This stack of papers seems endless… [name] I don’t wanna work anymore!” He complained.
You hugged him from behind and comforted him. You did laugh a bit because this was normal.
“Kaeya… this work is important. You know it is, so keep going! You got this!” You encouraged him.
Giving him a quick cheek kiss, seemed to help his motivation as he almost immediately got back into it.
He looked more focus then before, giving you the chance to put the finishing touches on. He knew when you had finished as you silently cheered at your creation.
As to not cause him anymore distractions, you rushed out of his office. Saying a quick and quiet “Love you. Good bye!” Before actually leaving.
He couldn’t help but chuckle a bit, before he decided to go to the bathroom to see your creation.
He made sure to make a mental note on thanking you somehow.
He doesn’t get it. He really doesn’t. Where did this urge come from? He was busy working and you just waltz in with a bunch of little clips and flowers.
After awhile, he begins to ponder at what your doing and why you’ve been quiet. Leaving his study to go find you, he passes one of the Winery’s maids whose hair was adorned with colorful flowers.
“… I have a feeling I know who gave her those…” he mutters, slowly leaving the winery.
Outside you sat with the maids on break, carefully and quickly decorating their hair with clips and flowers.
Laughter filled the air as you chatted with the maids, they filled you in on a lot of stuff while you styled their hair.
Seeing you smile so happily, Diluc couldn’t help but smile as well.
“Is there room for one more?” He interjected.
Which startled you, as you had been in your own little world, so drawn into decorating maid’s hair.
“There’s always room for you!” You cheered, patting the ground next to you.
Diluc took your invitation and sat down next to you, admiring you whilst you worked diligently. The sun was at its highest point, which alerted the maids that it’s time for work!
As the maids all thanked you and left, you let out a sad sigh. Diluc leaned on your shoulder a bit before speaking.
“Love, would you like to play with my hair? I’ve finished everything I needed to, so I’m plenty free.” He explained.
Immediately, your spirits were lifted as you began dragging him into the winery with the biggest smile on your face.
He was happy and content when he saw your smile.
“Go right ahead, love.”
He’s prolly used to this question because of Klee. But he definitely was curious as to where this urge arose from.
“Did Klee approach you with idea?” and as if on cue, Klee comes bursting through the office door with a bag full of clips, bows, extra hair ties, you name it!
“Klee came with materials! Did Mr. Albedo say yes?”, she asked, to which you nodded causing her to jump up and down.
Albedo laughed at the adorable scene that played before him. Nothing warmed his heart more then when you and Klee got along comfortable.
“Mr. Albedo, Klee needs you to sit on the floor, so [name] and Klee can start decorating!” the young girl instructed.
Albedo quickly got seated and comfortable on the floor, as you and Klee quickly got to work on his hair.
“Klee you brought a hair brush right?” “Yep! Klee has it in her bag!” she exclaimed, quickly rummaging through the bag and pulling out the small hairbrush.
As you brushed his hair, Klee started sorting out the clips and bows she had. Excitedly, she ran into Albedo’s view and asked him what he thought was best.
“How about we go with some simple colors today, Klee? Purple and… blue?” he answered, Klee agreed almost immediately and began searching for blue and purple clips.
After brushing out all the tangles, you and Klee spent the rest of the afternoon decorating Albedo’s hair with tons of clips and ribbons.
He wore them proudly to work the next day (let’s say y’all had a mini sleepover in his office)
“Of course you can, babe!”
More then happy that you wanted to do this. He definitely likes the affection you give and this just felt like another affectionate moment to him.
His face was giddy with excitement as he sat down to give you easier access to his hair.
As you were in the middle of braiding his hair, Ayaka walked into the teahouse and quickly approached the room you two were seated in. Her sudden appearance made you both jump.
“Thoma? [name]? Where- oh! My apologies for not making my presence known!”
You both assured her that it was okay and continued what you were doing before she had arrived.
“Milady(Ayaka)? What is it that you are doing here?”, Thoma asked as Ayaka quickly sat down at the table in the room.
“Right! I just wanted to spend some time away from the house (I forgot what the place she lives at is called lmao) and decided to look for you two! Don’t mind me, it’s just nicer to be able to take a breather here.” she said, letting out a gentle laugh.
As the three of you conversed for awhile, you finally cheering at your finished product. Ayaka chimed in, complementing that you did a really good job.
“I’m so gonna wear this for as long as I can. I love it!” Thoma cheered
He quickly pulled you into an embrace and gave you a peck on the cheek, before running out of the teahouse.
He left you and Ayaka there, so you two decided to have a normal hot pot for dinner (bestie vibes, gotta love em)
“Hm… I don’t see why not. Though I must ask, is this why Qiqi disappeared for some time, dear?” he asked, peering at the little girl who was holding a ton of Violetgrass and Qingxins.
“Perhaps… but we did go get some coconut milk, so she was more then happy to help!”
He laughed a bit at your sentence, before taking a seat to allow you both easier access to his hair.
“[name], Qiqi wants more cocogoat milk.”, she stated, making full eye contact with you.
“How about we finish Baizhu’s hair first and then we get some more cocogoat milk, okay?”, you asked to which the young girl quickly nodded her head.
You quickly helped Qiqi on a stool and you both quickly began decorating his hair with flowers and some spare clips you found.
After you both finished with your masterpiece, he thanked you both and wore it for the rest of the work day.
And you left to take Qiqi on another coconut milk run cause she wants her coconut milk ヾ(≧O≦)〃
(You definitely had to help him take them all out when you both got home lmfao)
“What made you think that I’d say yes?” he scoffed.
Yeah that’s it. End of Scaramouche’s I guess.
I’m kidding! After he made it clear his answer was a no, he left the room.
After awhile, he did come back to see if you were still sitting there and of course… you were.
You didn’t have much to do that day so you sat there organizing the stuff you had.
You stumbled upon a clip that you immediately thought would suit Scaramouche, so you put it in a separate pile.
Yeah that did it for him. That was his last reason to let you. He bursts into the room you were in and speaks.
“Because you looked so sulky, I guess you can play with my hair. But just this once okay?!” He suddenly agreed to your question from awhile ago, which surprised you.
Happy and content that he agreed, you quickly got to work knowing he probably had some meeting to go to soon.
After putting on the final piece you cheered happily.
“You look so cute! Thank you for letting me do this Scara!” You thanked, quickly pulling him towards you for a peck on the cheek before you quickly ran out of the room.
He wanted to chase after you for that, but he was too taken aback by your kiss that he froze LMFAO.
He wore the stuff you put in his hair, for the whole day.
Notes: okay this is like one of my biggest ones yet-
Omg it felt so different writing for so many other characters! I may do more of these in the future and I hope they weren’t to ooc (Scara’s was prolly the hardest since I don’t really know how to write him lollll)
Okay that’s it lol
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sohyuki · 2 days ago
the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up and the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
Tumblr media
the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up; xiao, kaeya, albedo 
XIAO; he does this to reassure you — because he’s lost on how else to stop your rambling and overthinking. it’s a soft but firm kiss and he leaves a sweet peck on your forehead after whispering your name. his hands will intertwine with your own and that’s how you know everything is going to be alright. 
KAEYA; just because. he takes pleasure in the way your voice falters and the way your words seem to trail off against his lips. but most of all, he loves it when you recover from the initial surprise, only for a smile to settle on your face before deepening the kiss, not letting go even as he tries to pull away. it always ends with breathless laughter filling in the silence as the two of you gaze at each other. 
ALBEDO; he does it when the nights seem colder than usual. when the heat of the argument has cooled over into a chilly balm and you both know you’re sorry. he knows you’re about to tell him that when he pulls you in and his lips meet yours. and he knows you’re aware of the apologies in his touch. when he pulls away, albedo smiles, his thumb tracing the curve of your lips lightly, and says, “me too.” 
the ones you’d kiss to shut them up; thoma, gorou, childe
GOROU; you do so because he’s clearly an idiot for not realising you’ve been waiting for a kiss for a while now. when you lean in abruptly while he reviews a map to you, he’s unfazed at your sudden movements. pressing a finger to your lips as a playful smile settles across his face, “were you even listening, angel?” he has barely finished his sentence when your lips find his.
THOMA; because thoma has a habit of singing while he works, especially in the mornings when it’s his turn to clean the courtyard of the kamisato estate. when you tell him to shut up playfully from the veranda, he smirks and gets in your face daringly, saying something about coming over and making him shut up. thoma barely lets out a laugh when it’s cut short by your lips on his. he freezes for a moment, eyes wide open as he tries to process how the situation went from playful banter to you gripping his jacket, before pulling you close to deepen the kiss. 
CHILDE; he hasn’t said a word other than your name for the past ten minutes. because, clearly, childe knows you’re aware that the only way to shut him up is if it’s your lips on his. when you finally give in, he welcomes you with a smile (one you’re certain is much too pleased with his persistence). he melts into the kiss, cupping your cheeks in his hands, and when you pull away abruptly and say, “now shut up, i’m trying to work,” he can only pout at your smile before leaving little pecks on your face. 
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catcze · 2 days ago
⠀Receiving gifts from their s/o (hcs)⠀❦⠀Thoma, Kazuha, Gorou, Sara, Beidou, Childe
Reblogs are greatly appreciated!! ♥︎
⠀Really quick hcs because I can lmao
⠀✔︎ Feat: Fluff + My shit writing = an unedited mess. Gn! Reader <3
⠀Navigation & Carrd
Tumblr media
⠀✔︎ Thoma
He literally gets so excited when you give him something !!
Might not believe that it’s for him at first (too good to be true) and offers to take it to Ayaka for you, but when you tell him its for him, get gets all blushy and cute <3
He will gasp if you do some kind of dramatic reveal, and his eyes will shine w/ excitement and anticipation. 
If Thoma really likes it, you’ll know bc his mouth will just fall open and tears might even well up in his eyes lmao
Whatever it is, be it an accessory, a snack, some sort of memorabilia or another thing, he treasures it very much.
He won’t tell you, but he vows to get you something that makes you just as happy as you made him, and he won’t stop until he has the perfect gift to give you in return. ⠀
⠀✔︎ Kazuha
Has the prettiest smile when you give him his gift! He holds it very gently, too, and is incredibly careful to not drop it.
Kazuha becomes so smiley after receiving your gift, honestly. You’d hear from the rest of the crew that Kazuha was found merely smiling to himself or reciting poetry for the rest of the day–– it’s adorable.
If Beidou comes up to him and talks to him about your gift, he doesn’t get embarrassed in the least.
Although Kazuha may be a bit flushed from the nature of the conversation, he holds your gift proudly and responds to Beidou’s “They really love you,” with a soft, “I know.”
If he can, he keeps it on his person at all times. Tucked in one of his pockets, he fiddles or holds it whenever he misses you.
If your gift has some sort of sentimental value to it, Kazuha will absolutely melt on the spot.
⠀✔︎ Gorou
Also gets kinda blushy and awestruck when you tell him you got him something, But!! If you chuckle at it, he immediately starts trying to play it cool lmao
The wagging of his tail speaks otherwise tho!! Don’t be fooled by Gorou using his ‘General Voice’ or with his crossed arms.
His heart is practically hammering inside his chest from excitement, and if he had any less self control he’d blush.
Gorou’s tail just goes even faster when you actually give him his gift. No matter what you get him, he’ll love it–– i guarantee you.
The reason why he loves any gift from you is because you had gotten it with him in mind. There had been a time when you were without him and saw this, and had thought that it’s something that he would like, and that’s so sweet to him.
 He’ll never shut up about his gift–– any time he can, he talks to his troops about what an amazing and caring partner you are, and how lovely you were to get him a gift <3 His soldiers are so sick of him at this point lmao ⠀
⠀✔︎ Sara
Sara gets really clueless and surprised when you give her something. Idk Sara strikes me as someone who didn’t receive a lot of heartfelt gifts growing up, considering her early-life experiences.
Probably questions you a bit, like why you got her something, what it is, stuff like that. 
When you explain your gift and that you’re giving it to her because you thought it would make her smile, Sara almost loses her composure with how soft she feels because of you.
But she thanks you formally, carefully taking your gift, but there’s a rampant blush growing on her face and the smile you hoped to see was beginning to form.
For the rest of the day, she stares at it when she has free time, remembering how you told her you were thinking about her, and she always feels so happy.
She’s a little clueless herself when it comes to giving gifts, and she’s not particularly close enough to anyone to seek advice, but she tries her best to get something that you like, too. And if you show your appreciation and gratitude, her smile becomes so dazzling. ⠀
⠀✔︎ Beidou
Grins really wide when you get her something!! Probably laughs, too. Might even give you a hug or spin you around in her joy <3
If you get embarrassed, Beidou’s so quick to show how hyped and excited she is to see it. Probably says things like, “Well, let’s see it! I’m sure it’s amazing, if it’s coming from you.” to assure you !!
Is literally so grateful for anything you get her, too! She’ll sing your praises for the whole day, and doesn’t hesitate to brag to her crew about how you got her something.
Would literally yell about how you got her a gift from the prow of the Alcor, if you let her tbh
Keeps you close to her for the entire day bc she’s so happy with your gift and she wants you to know how grateful she is <3
Beidou offers to let you captain the Alcor for the entire day. Or, if you prefer, anywhere you wanna go, whether it be somewhere out at sea or a place more inland, if you wanna go, she’ll take you. Anything to give you a even a fraction of the happiness you’ve given her.  ⠀
⠀✔︎ Childe
The moment he sees you toting something around in hand, Childe probably comes up to you asking, “For me?” jokingly, wanting to fluster you. Uno reverse tho!! Bc when you say “Yeah, actually. I hope you like it.” Childe’s brain practically malfunctions.
Tries to laugh and play into the joke, tells you how funny you are, but when you raise a brow and offer it to him, he’s so surprised and he goes all wait really?
Blushes! And looks super cute while he does it too. Probably stares at the gift itself for a bit too long, still processing that this is something you’ve gotten specifically for him. Because you wanted to give him something.
If it has some sort of wrapper around it, he picks it apart so heart-wrenchingly carefully, not to rip any of the wrapping. 
Childe’s so quiet that you think you did something wrong, but in truth the lad is just trying to keep his emotions in check because oh my god he’s about to cry. When he’s not on the verge of tears tho, he’s sure to assure you that he loves the gift and he loves you.
Presses a really soft n tender kiss to your forehead in thanks and looks at you with the softest gaze and the sweetest smile. Be prepared to go out to your favorite restaurant soon or to receive a gift under his name. No, price point is not something Childe is gonna care about. Not if he can give you something you like in return. ⠀
Tumblr media
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abyssheart · 2 days ago
his laugh [gn!reader]
pairings: Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Scaramouche, Xiao, Zhongli x GN!Reader word count: 0.7k cw/tw: spoilers for Scaramouche's real name a/n: I combined this post with an old post so if you find some of these familiar yeah :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Despite his warm and amicable nature, Albedo rarely laughs. Perhaps he cracks a smile at light jokes, and if you’re lucky, a little huff of laughter. This is not a product of his restraint; rather, it’s merely in his nature.
But around you, his laugh extends beyond just that. It’s heartier, warmer, brighter. Enchanting, as you get lost in the sounds of his bliss, your eyes locked onto the little puffs of condensed breath in the air of Dragonspine.
Tumblr media
Obnoxious, loud, borderline disrespectful to those who surround him. “This will be interesting,” he says lowly, and he dives into battle. Sharp barks of laughter pierce his enemies, as quick as his weapons. Tartaglia never stays in one position for more than half a second.
But other times, bubbling mirth, blissful tinkling, joyful ripples of music. Childe’s laughter as you are fooled by little Qiqi into retrieving “cocogoat milk”. Though your gaze is seemingly unimpressed, it still holds affection for the man.
Tumblr media
Diluc does not often laugh; he scoffs instead. At drunken patrons, at the taste of wine, at his sworn brother's antics.
"Hey, Diluc," you say one day, a joke tingling on your tongue, eager to present itself. "Do you know Sea of Thieves?"
"No," he replies, looking up from the glass he's polishing. "What is that? Is it a book?"
The corners of your lips curl upwards, jaw clenched to suppress laughter. "No. Sea of Thieves nuts can fit in your mouth."
For half a second, the empty bar is silent. Then, a foreign chuckle, quickly escalating into a hearty laugh you don't recognize, but whose voice you are so familiar with. His head is thrown back, expression frozen with laughter. You can't help but want to experience this again.
Tumblr media
Kaeya's laugh is frequent, but ingenuine. Every move of his, every word, every lilt in his voice, it's all carefully calculated, just another joining of viscid threads in a massive web of lies.
Every once in a while your ears will glimpse his true laugh-- a quiet huff, a little hum, a small smile on his lips.
He looks at you, eyes gleaming with quiet mirth, body relaxed and mind untroubled. He is a vulnerable man, and you have him in the palm of your hand.
Tumblr media
A sinister bubbling, perhaps like that of the bubbles in a pot of a witch’s broth. The Balladeer is not known for being well-liked or affable, yet this laugh of his is widely recognized.
A gentle, “Kunikuzushi,” from you is all it takes for his belligerent side to die down. He turns his head to look at you, and for a moment, you think you see innocence in his eyes, remnant of the moments from his birth, childelike adoration for his darling lover.
Tumblr media
Similarly to Diluc, Xiao does not often laugh. In fact, his golden eyes never show traces of bubbling happiness or amusement, always tense and serious. His intense gaze relaxes, however, just in the slightest when eating his favorite dish.
That is, of course, until your arrival.
His gaze softens around you, a smile so small it's insignificant tugging at his lips, his heart content.
Just thinking about you makes him want to cry out his laughter, like the morning bird right at sunrise.
Tumblr media
Deep, rumbling thunder. His voice rocked the heavens and shattered the land. His spears rained from above, cratering the earth, slaughtering thousands. The God of War had no laugh.
The mellow rumble of light thunder. His voice floats before you, dripping from his lips, gentle wisps reaching your ears. You stretch out, muscles relaxing and bones cracking, and drape an arm around your lover’s waist, hiding in his embrace. Rumbling, a deep purring, sounding of contentment. The mortal man Zhongli chuckling lightly.
Tumblr media
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jayeeintheclouds · 2 days ago
the little things they do that make your heart race
a/n: lazy to put in masterlist now or tag ebg players
characters: diluc, kaeya, childe, zhongli, xiao, thoma, scaramouche, skeleton that is dead as hell
diluc knows exactly what to do at any given time. he knows when is best to hold your hand, when is best to hug you, when is best to make your comfort food, or when is best to just be there for you.
kaeya finds a way to include you in any conversation. he does not want you to feel left out or replaced, which is why you'll always hear him say "anyway, this is my s/o!" in the middle of a conversation.
zhongli's first thought in the morning is you. the moment he wakes up, he thinks: did y/n have a good sleep? are they comfortable? what if they had a nightmare? and thus you wake up to a cuddly zhongli.
childe talks about you to his siblings. once, you secretly read a letter from his siblings and oh-? "so how is big sibling y/n doing? are you two dating yet? have you kissed yet??? please get married soon!!"
xiao lets you touch the mark on his forehead. if he trusts you enough, he'll (reluctantly, as he claims) guide your hand to touch the peculiar mark - and gasps when you kiss it or caress it. it makes him melt.
thoma always finds a way to include your favourite snack in hotpot games. even if it gives him an upset stomach, he says it’s all worth it. besides, he always gets to see your beautiful laughing face.
scaramouche shows you off. it truly is an honor when the scariest harbinger puts his arm around your waist or rest his hand on your cheek in public - after all, he only wants to mark what's his and his alone.
tomo loves to press his palm to yours and compare the sizes of your hands. he says it’s just for fun, but you think otherwise when he slyly intertwines his fingers with yours, sometimes even kissing them.
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wisteria-writings · a day ago
genshin kink hcs pt. 2
part 2 of part 1, linked here
Tumblr media
warnings: nsfw, smut, filth...
minors dni
heh- just let me show you~
Sweet words pour down from his lips, heavily contradicting the rough pace of his hips, his dick all but abusing your poor, tender cunt and sensitive nerves.
"What a good girl," he purrs, slithering an arm around your stomach to feel the slight tummy bulge. "You're taking me so well~"
You can hardly think, your entire mind ensnared in the onslaught of pleasure he's subjecting you to.
He loves loves loves to press down on your belly; loves to feel the way his cock makes such a pretty little imprint in your skin, loves the way your eyes roll back and the way a throaty moan tumbles from your lips when he traces the bulge.
He also likes to lick. Whether he's behind you or in front of you or whatever, he'll lean forward and lick the sweat from your shoulders/collarbones/wherever he can reach. You just taste so fucking delectable...
"Such an obedient little girl, all for me, hmm?"
Kazuha's so into facesitting you don't even know-
The moment both of you are in the bedroom he's already on the bed, urging you to take your clothes off and come sit on his face already.
He'll grip your thighs tight, loving the way they tremble around his head. He also loves the view of your breasts bouncing as you grind on him, loves the way your face goes slack when he rolls your clit just right.
And the taste of you- Celestia- he could get drunk off your taste. He'd drink it all day if he could, loves the somewhat bitter taste that's so wholly you.
He can cum (untouched) just from you sitting on his face. But even after he comes, he'll still be hot and bothered, like a bunny as he arranges your boneless body on the bed so he can take care of you like you deserve.
"You taste so good, Y/N. You can give me more, can't you?"
Ningguang is all about control.
She'll have a strap deep within you. It's one she crafted herself, made of the finest jade and stone.
And while the strap is moving within you, she'll manipulate the rock with her Geo abilities, cooing over how cute you look drooling all over the blankets.
loves to pry your legs or ass open to watch the way her strap slides in and out of you.
She'll also keep her gloves on sometimes, dragging the pointed nails over your body and nipples to watch your shudder and jolt.
She knows how to play your body like an instrument, and archons does she do it well.
"Louder, darling. I can't quite hear you~"
Albedo will ask you to run a few experiments with him, and you'll know instantly what he means.
He wants to tie you up and push you to your very limits.
He'll lap at your weeping cunt, press vibrator after vibrator over your erogenous spots, explore every inch of your body with an intense scrutiny to see if he can discover any new ones.
He'll stretch you out to see how far you can go, play with only your nipples for hours on end to see if you can cum just from that- and if so, how many times you can cum before you start to blubber and beg and sob for him to stop.
And through it all, he'll be asking you questions about the experiment, asking you exactly how you feel when he does this?
And, well, if you can't answer, he has no choice but to redo the trial, right?
"You don't know? Well then, we'll simply have to redo it. Pay attention this time."
Childe is a sucker for pain. Slap him around and call him a filthy little slut and he's a wide eyed whimpering mess.
Be as rough as you want. He can take it. Pull his hair hard, bite him all over, leave angry red scratches over his body and nipples, tug on his cock, slap his sensitive thighs...
He loves the way you treat him, can't help the curl of arousal in his gut when you glare at him with that disgust in your eyes.
He knows, also, that if that pretty little word falls from his bruised lips, you'll stop immediately. You'll take his bonds away, soothe his burning skin, massage his sore muscles, kiss his tears away and praise him for being a good boy.
That's why he lets you do it. Because he trusts you, and that's just so hot to him.
"P-please! Y/N! M-more! Ngh- I- I can take it!"
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yeonkiminfan · 2 days ago
Mind doing nsfw headcanon of diluc, kaeya, childe and zhongli with an s/o who starts crying when they degrade her since it brings bad memories??
Tumblr media
Headcanons with the ask above! FEM!Reader
Diluc, Kaeya, Childe and Zhongli
Warnings: Slight degradation mentions, Grammar and spelling mistakes might occur
♤ DILUC ||
Diluc will rarely degrade you during sex, He only does it when he's feeling stressed
So Diluc immediately panics when you started to cry, He's very worried that he was too rough. So when you did talk about how degrading gave you bad memories.
He understands and will stop degrading you, Diluc wants you to be comfortable and feel pleasure during sex not the other way around.
"Im sorry for calling you a whore darling, I promise I won't ever do it again
Diluc shows a rare smile and cups your cheek with his hands "I promise"
♤ KAEYA ||
Kaeya will let it out during sex accidentally even though its like your second time to do sex with him.
Once he sees you crying, Kaeya will feel pretty bad... HE REALLY DIDNT MEAN IT
Since he isn't that good with comforting someone by words, Kaeya instead tries to coo and kiss your tears away while muttering a bunch of small sorrys
"Im so sorry baby, I should've asked what were things you disliked in sex" Kaeya sighs and lays your head on his chest.
"It's ok...You didn't know... just make sure it doesnt happen next time"
Kaeya smiles and nods his head, "Of course [name]"
Like Kaeya, He accidentally slipped it out during sex and will stop thrusting immediately.
He's extremely worried, Did he went too rough on you? So when you said that him degrading you brought bad memories. Childe felt bad and his first thought in mind is aftercare.
Will overwhelm you with compliments and affirmation, Childe WILL kiss your face all around while putting some cheesy nickname each peck
The harbinger is going around the house looking for water, and some snacks you can eat while he prepares the bathtub for you
"I'll keep that in mind princess, I won't ever hurt you"
Childe pecks your forehead as he continues praising you of how you did so well for him.
Zhongli degrading you? I don't think he would degrade during your normal sex together.
He accidentally let it out slip in his mouth when he was very stressed with work.
Of course, Zhongli will immediately comfort you saying that it's his fault for making you remember such bad memories.
He will make you breakfast in bed next morning as an apology, and since he has work he put a little note beside it
"Dearest, Im sorry for calling you such degrading names last night, I hope you like this food. Its very refreshing for the body, Take a rest and take care of your body. I must go to work however, I shall bring back the finest herbs to make sure you're all ok
-Love, Zhongli"
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kxxaeya · 2 days ago
Their reaction to you asking them out.
Tumblr media
“oh? You wish to take me out? Well, I suppose I’m free later on if you wish to accompany me to the tavern. Just don’t be late though, you should know how much I don’t like waiting.”
Winkie face, definitely kisses your cheek before walking away like a total badass 😎 greeting you with a small side hug when you meet up at the tavern. Would pay as well.
Tumblr media
“Isn’t it me whose supposed to be the person to ask you out? Y’know.. since I’m the manly one here? Whatever. sure, I’d love to treat you tonight… oh? You were going to pay? Heh, not while I’m around you aren’t.”
Does the thing where you reach to pull out your mora, he hands the waiter a bag before you can even pay.
Tumblr media
“oh! Of course I’ll go out with you… as long as you’re paying, hehe you did ask me after all, now you definitely have to treat me. What do you say we go out for drinks! Diluc’s tavern is still open now.”
Probably would order more considering you’re the one who’s paying, going all out on the menu while he tries all different drinks he couldn’t afford before.
Tumblr media
“you wish to take me out? Oh.. sure, where would you like to go? There is this nice rest- hm? A walk up to dragonspine? Well I suppose since I’m here, I’ll be able to protect you from any harm. Do you have a jacket by chance? It does get quite cold there.”
Forgot your jacket? No problem cause he’s gonna give you his ☺️ holding you hand protectively while he shows you all the harmless nature up in the deathly mountains.
Tumblr media
“Why are you dressed so fancy? Huh.. you’re going out? Where. Wha- with me? What do you mean? You’re taking me out, well… I suppose I could accompany you, just so you don’t get in any danger, that’s all.”
Would follow you around like a lost puppy while you explore liyue’s local locations. Making sure you don’t get into any trouble, it’s not like he wanted to go out with you! He just….
Tumblr media
“Yeah! I was actually going to ask you out myself but it looks like you beat me too it huh. Well if you don’t have some place in mind, I do! I know this secret lake we can go to, just the two of us.”
So precious omg, would prepare like some sort of picnic date for the both of you. Prepping all different foods and what not, all your favourites of course.
Tumblr media
“Of course, I’d be delighted to accompany you. Just a little question I have to ask.. will you be paying? It seems I have forgotten all my mora at home. You will? Marvellous, well, where should we head next?”
Would talk to you about his stories while on the date, while dropping you home after said date. And then would stand at your front door while finishing his story off, offering to take you out again even though you took him out 😒
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jade-parcels · 2 days ago
A Genshin Bunny Boy Cafe (pt.2)
Pt 1 here
This fine establishment allows (adult) customers to experience being waited on by hot men in bunny suits. And maybe, after dark, the bunnies can be of service to premium customers…
👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕 👯‍♂️💕
- NOTSFW!! Minors don’t interact with this post! -
👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕 👯‍♂️💕
“Celestia’s Bunny Cafe has been a hit with locals and tourists alike in downtown Teyvat. Just two streets from the hustle and bustle of Little Liyue sits a pink, two story cafe! The top floor is not accessible to the public, just the main floor and the basement. Everyday patrons have no idea the basement exists, only a select few do: Premium Members. For $150 per month (in addition to a plethora of other fees), guests can wave their iridescent pink card in order to be treated just a bit more like royalty by the bunny waiters. They have all kinds of perks such as being invited to special events, getting one of a kind treats made for them and getting to have some alone time with a bunny (or bunnies) of their choice. The basement serves as a sex dungeon of sorts. When you pass by the bar, heading towards the restroom, if you were to continue further down the hall you’d hit a security desk with a dark staircase behind it. In that basement, there are 9 rooms where guests and their bunnies can engage in ‘adult activities’. If this entices you, don’t be afraid to purchase a premium pass for yourself and get to know some bunnies because this kind of privilege is not for ‘regular folks’” - @.userkhanrya, www.teyvatsmansluts.comm
Reply to: @.userkhanrya “The experience I had in that basement was insane, probably the best sex I’ve had in my life. Tbh, I have very shitty taste in men so that’s probably why but we don’t have time to unpack all of that rn. I brought Angel down to the basement with me and let me tell you, it was worth every penny. He knows his way around others’ bodies, he was gentle in the beginning and rough when it mattered. He fucked the life out of me then we actually cuddled afterwards which was a nice touch. I haven’t seen him since, I’m out of town but I can’t wait to get back there to see him again!! If you’re considering getting the premium pass, do it. Just do it. You literally will NOT regret it” - @.userjadeprcls, www.teyvatsmansluts.comm
👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️ 💕 👯‍♂️
Some background on the basement and what it entails:
‘The basement’ is a hallway with 10 rooms. 9 bedrooms and 1 security kiosk (for the bunnies’ safety). Each room is themed differently, one is regal, one is 80s, one is just a mattress in the middle of the floor, others have poles, it depends on what you request and what bunny you have with you
Each bedroom has a small bathroom attached for your convenience. Each room is able to lock from the inside but the security can open the doors if need be. At the same time, every room has a button that your bunny can press if he’s uncomfortable, unsafe or just needs to have you removed (I know you wouldn’t ever do something to make them uncomfortable or unsafe, this is just a precaution)
The basement has rules about what is not allowed. Piss, shit and blood are not allowed because no one wants to clean that up. Condoms must always be worn for penetrative and oral sex. We don’t want any surprise babies!!! That ain’t good for business!!!
Each room has a big, pink bucket full of condoms. Only safe sex here!! There’s plenty to choose from. Flavored, ribbed, normal, whatever you want! (The green apple flavored ones seem to be a fan favorite in the basement!)
Each bunny has a list of what they’re comfortable with as well as who they’re comfortable being sexual with. We’ll use Zhongli as an example: he’s comfortable with most things except being choked or blindfolded. He is comfortable being intimate with all of his coworkers except Xiao, Albedo and Scaramouche. You two will meet up beforehand in order to discuss his limits and yours as well. Then you’ll sign a contract to show that you understand the basement’s rules as well as your bunny’s limits. Then you’re free to go have fun
The max number of bunnies you can bring with you to the basement is 2! You can’t bring everyone!! Usually there’s only 5-7 working at one given time so bringing more than 2 would offset the balance upstairs. You can request that they fuck while you watch, have them both fuck you, whatever combo you want. Or you can just have one bunny to yourself <3
If you need to stop at any point, they will stop whatever they’re doing immediately, no questions asked
👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕👯‍♂️💕 👯‍♂️💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The bunnies in the basement…
Oh man, Diluc is a service dom through and through. He gets off on pleasing others, on knowing that he is making you feel so good, that his touch alone can make you unravel while looking so gorgeous fuck-
He’s pretty flexible with what he’s willing to do. He’ll give you a lap dance, fuck your thighs- please let him fuck your thighs he’s so into that omg the way his eyes roll up into his head and his mouth hangs open as you clench your thighs around him…mmm. There’s a lot that he’ll do for you, some things will take a bit more convincing than others but for the most part, he’s kinda down for anything that isn’t messy
There is one messy activity he’ll allow and thats oral. Please sit on his face, suffocate him with your thighs and let him bring you to completion over and over again. He’ll come in his pants totally untouched too, moaning against your hole as you grip his hair
Diluc is a big, strong man. I’ll say this every time I write for him but he’s BUFF and BIG!!! He really will fuck you into the mattress, he’ll thrust into you so hard that you won’t be able to think about anything other than his thick cock and his mouth at your neck. He’ll fold you in half, fuck you against the wall, whatever you want! You’re letting him let loose, you’re wanting him to please you so he will
He will cuddle you afterwards. For your sake and his own. Tbh, if he doesn’t get that sweet few moments of hugging and cozying up under sticky sheets, he kinda won’t get closure from the session lol. He’s a romantic…he wants to cuddle just for a few minutes afterwards :’)
Coworkers he’ll get with: Dain, Zhongli, Dottore
What he’s into: giving pleasure, oral, hair pulling, size difference, thigh fucking, overstimulation(giving), squirting
Kaeya’s in the basement all the time, both for personal use (aka fuckin with his friends) and for use at work
Shamelessly flirts upstairs all the time and isn’t much different in the bedroom. He has no filter and will just say anything he wants regardless of how naughty it is
He knows he’s a whore and he’ll let you degrade him if that’s what you want but…psst…he doesn’t actually like that :’) he wants you to tell him he’s pretty. He thrives off of affection, even from strangers, you’ll see his demeanor change drastically when you go from ‘such a slut just for me’ to ‘you feel so good, baby, yes! just like that!’
((He does enjoy degradation from certain people though…you could be one of those people if you come see him a lot))
Kaeya’s a switch for sure. He’ll bottom for you, whining as he bucks up into your hands, begging you to please please please let him come!! Or he’ll dominate you, shoving you down against the pillows and spitting on you, spreading your legs with a cocky grin. He’s very versatile, he can be anything you want. He doesn’t mind being used or using you. It’s part of his job
His guilty pleasure is just…taking it slow. Mutual praise, hand holding, body worship, gentle kisses and shared orgasms. I mean…he is a whore but he is a romantic ;-; he does like lovey-dovey stuff every once in awhile
Don’t even get me started on how he is when he has a coworker in the room too. Kaeya loves persuading customers to spend some extra cash in order to bring another bunny down with him. Dain is the usual victim of this ploy, Kaeya even goes to retrieve him personally! Even if he isn’t technically on duty and is just watching the security cameras upstairs, Kaeya will saunter on up there to get him, not without shoving a hand down the blonde’s pants to stroke him, kiss him and moan in his ear for a few minutes first, making the poor guy walk down 2 flights of stairs with a boner
Coworkers he’ll get with: Dain, Ajax, Zhongli, Albedo
What he’s into: Praise, threesomes, body worship, biting, dirty talk, nipple play
Basic frat boy who was actually kicked out of a frat for being a menace. Now he’s just a bit of a douche who’s on the swim team at his uni. So he has all of the arrogance and strength he needs to put you in your place
Very condescending, likes to tease and torment, making you squirm beneath him in the sheets. He’ll thrust into you with little to no preparation, grunting as he does “Fuuuck, so tight just for me” he’ll abuse your sweet spot, pulling out of you when you look like you’re getting close. He just can’t get enough of those broken moans or the pretty tears on your cheeks as he ruins yet another orgasm for you
Always feels a sense of pride when he makes you come. He did that to you, he made you quiver and gasp out his name, he made you rake your nails down his back while screaming so beautifully
However, he can’t take what he gave you. Three minutes of teasing and he’ll be whining so pitifully, throwing his head back, legs shaking. He’s so cocky, so arrogant! Just until you wrestle him beneath you and force him to submit
He prefers to be on top but…this is nice…He does like being on the receiving end once in awhile
Does really like food play even though it kinda goes against the ‘don’t make a mess in the basement’ rules. He’ll steal a can of whipped cream from the kitchen so he can lick it from your chest and thighs, sharing sweet, sugary kisses as he’s catching his breath. Would also love if you returned the favor, sucking sweet cream from his aching cock
Coworkers he’ll get with: Kaeya, Dain, Zhongli, Dottore (maybe), Diluc
What he’s into: food play, size difference, overstimulation(giving), multiple orgasms, manhandling, crying
Albedo is severely repressed and touch starved. Like a few other bunnies, he’s picky about who he goes downstairs with. He’s gotta like you a lot
It’s hard to read him sometimes since he doesn’t really emote and he isn’t very vocal. But once his eyes start fluttering closed, his hands grip the sheets and his face flushes, that’s how you know he’s having a good time
Loves experimental touches, just trying stuff out to see how you like it. Especially would love if you brought clean toys from home for you two to use. He’ll most likely decline having them used on him but he’ll be happy to use them on you!!
Pleaseeee yank on his hair, boss him around! Most of the time, he’s eager to please!! Other times…He’ll pin you down and tease you with his soft hands/slender fingers, bringing you to the verge of release only to pull away, doing this over and over until you’re a quivering mess beneath him. Only then will you see that handsome, cruel smirk of his 0-0
He’s leaning towards the ‘inexperienced’ side! He’ll suggest bringing Dain or Kaeya down with him just cause those two know how to switch things up! He also just feels more confident having a friend down there too
Coworkers he’ll get with: Kaeya, Dain, Diluc
What he’s into: threesomes, experimenting with new things, teasing, dirty talk, multiple orgasms(giving)
A sophisticated gentleman who hides his lust well in front of others. Now is his time to let go ;)
He isn’t rough in the bedroom but he is firm, he’ll maneuver you around until you’re in a position he likes, he pushes on your back to make you arch for him and watches with hungry eyes as he sinks into your greedy hole
Very talkative during sex, he’ll narrate what he’s doing, praise/degrade you (whichever you prefer of course), he’ll talk to you about his day even. “I’ve had the worst day today, you would not even begin to understand how frustrating my other job is sometimes-“
Bunnies are supposed to refer to customers as ‘master’ while on the cafe floor, just to make the experience personal and whatever. Zhongli will call you that in the basement too but it’ll be used in more of a mocking way as he fucks you
If you’re into size differences, Zhongli is perfect for you. He’s huge and he knows it. Sometimes he’ll take his time, working you open with skilled fingers and slowly pushing into you, trying to minimize the pain
Or he’ll simply grab you and force you on his dick, pulling you close to moan in your ear about how good you feel clenching around him like that. Sometimes he’ll pull away in order to watch his cock thrust in and out of you, smirking at how your greedy hole swallows him in
He usually won’t bottom but can be persuaded to do so if he likes you
Really loves when customers wear lingerie for him, he loves running his hands over silk or lace, knowing that you went through all this effort just to be ruined by him <3
Coworkers he’ll get with: Baizhu, Kaeya, Ajax, Dottore, Diluc
What he’s into: Size differences, lingerie, mild degradation(giving)
Very very easy to rile up. He’s fun as a top but if/when you get him pinned down and start having your way with his body, he’s quick to give in and get vocal
The way he throws his head back, bunny ears flopping, gripping the sheets as you work his dripping cock with your hands is just delicious
Super obedient and eager to please! It doesn’t take much to get him to beg either, he isn’t embarrassed at all when it comes to begging, he’ll be as loud as you want. He won’t waste time disobeying or being a brat, he’s kinda a glutton for pleasure
He’s just so sensitive pls pls pls touch him, he wants it so badly
It goes both ways though, he’s pretty good on top too. Sweetie’s got some good stamina so he can go a few rounds no problem. And when everything is done, he’ll cuddle with his client until they’re both recovered
This part is just a scenario I thought of: if you’re dating, you can come in through the rear exit and go upstairs to sit with him while he’s watching the security cams and chatting with the other security guards through his headset
I cant get the idea of slipping under the desk and sucking him off while he’s working out of my head. He’d love it so much! He’d turn off his mic and struggle to keep his eyes on the monitors, resting a hand on the back of your head…mmm…
Coworkers he’ll get with: Kaeya, Dottore, Diluc
What he’s into: Orgasm denial, being dominated, pet play(kinda picky about it though), praise(giving receiving), big fan of tits as well
Xiao is a bit shy about going downstairs, he was the only one who wouldn’t go for a very long time
Very particular about who he’ll go with so think of it as a compliment if he goes down with you 0-0 that means he likes you a lot <3
Doesnt want you moaning out ‘tofu’ cause that’s weird so he’ll let you call him something else. Not his real name but you can pick a pet name or something to call him, he’d like that a lot
Loves to bite and leave all kinds of marks on his customers. To him, it’s super satisfying to see bruises, hickies and teeth marks in their skin when he’s done with them
He may be a bit inexperienced, he isn’t really good at foreplay, but he’s got energy! And he’s quick to pick up on what you do and don’t like!!
Like Dain, Xiao’s pretty sensitive. Very responsive to any kind of contact you give him. Loves to have you between his legs, kissing the tip of his cock. Xiao has… multiple dick piercings. Do whatever you want with that info 0-0
If he really really likes you, he’ll kinda feel possessive over you. If he sees you going downstairs with another bunny, he’ll feel…kinda jealous! He’ll keep working upstairs until he sees you come back up only to take you back downstairs himself in order to show you who you really belong to (with consent ofc)
Coworkers he’ll get with: Usually no one. If he’s feeling it, maybe Albedo or Scaramouche
What he’s into: piercing play, biting, fucking up against the wall
If he’s working a night shift, it’s safe to assume that he’s horny 0-0 he’s a busy guy, he wants to let off some steam
Baizhu’s a pharmacist, not that he’ll disclose that to you, and thanks to medical school he knows his way around the human body. Foreplay with him is heavenly, he’ll run his soft hands all over your body, stretch you open with his pretty fingers, suck marks onto your hot skin and whisper the filthiest things into your ear as he does
Baizhu does noooot want to exert himself too much cause he is kinda fragile…be careful with him otherwise he’ll get grumpy and lose interest. Especially if you’re yanking his hair, he’ll lose his patience pretty quickly, snatching your hands while yelling at you to knock it off. He isn’t fun when he’s mad, he’s just kinda scary 0-0
Since he doesn’t want to exert himself he prefers to be on the bottom, he can be dominant or submissive for you either way but he’d rather be the one laying down. That way he won’t exhaust himself after just one round…and if he does he won’t need TOO much time to recover…just…let him catch his breath
He has such a nice voice, he’s very talkative and knows just way to say. Baizhu can study people easily, it won’t take long at all for him to figure out what kind of things you like to hear. Compliments, light teasing, degrading, wanton moaning, he can do it all and sound hot as fuck doing it
He’s kinda particular about what he likes, he’ll guide your hands to where he wants you to touch. His neck, his thighs and his cock of course
Really really wants you to tell him how smart and handsome he is :) like Kaeya, he’s an attention whore but isn’t as obvious about it yes he is
Baizhu and Zhongli are frequent partners in the basement, both for work and for personal ‘romps in the hay’, they have a very good dynamic going, they kinda can’t get enough of each other.
Coworkers he’ll get with: Zhongli, Dottore
What he’s into: Praise(giving and receiving), just kinda has a voice kink in general, hand kink
Dottore(I use the name Alain for him!)/‘Doc’
One meaaaan bunny, he requires a safe word when you take him to the basement. Not for him, for your sake cause hooooo lordie he isn’t gentle
He’s big on punishment. Likes tying clients up so he can spank them or roughly teasing until they’re a sobbing mess, begging him for release
Overstimulation is common with him, Alain loves how his dearest little clients cry and try to pull away as he forces another orgasm out of them, then another, costing his gloved hand in their release “Please! No more- I can’t! I can’t come again!!” “You can and you will. Give me what I want, you whore”
If you’re not into being degraded, he’s a bunny you’ll wanna avoid. He won’t call you his beautiful sweet darling, he’ll call you his useless slut, his dumb lil doll. Then he’ll spit on you and you’ll get another thwack with the love paddle
Loves when he’s got customers who seem serious or cold, he loves seeing them let go and lose themselves, allowing themselves to cry and beg for him
Lowkey enjoys teaming up with Scaramouche. They don’t like each other that much but when they work together in the basement, they can create some pretty fun scenes! Watch out if you bring them both downstairs for the night…you’ll be walking funny for a few days when they’re done with you
Coworkers he’ll get with: Dainsleif, Baizhu, Kaeya, Diluc, Zhongli
What he’s into: Impact play(giving), crying, degradation, dumbification, medical play/scenes, overstimulation(giving)
Surprisingly, he doesn’t often go down to the basement. He prefers to have more of a connection with whoever he fucks, he doesn’t wanna fuck strangers all the time. He’d prefer to fuck a regular who he sees on occasion. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t wanna be friends yes he does
Very bossy, hence the nickname, wants you to follow his orders blindly in the bedroom. ‘Yes sir’ ‘thank you, sir’ ‘please sir!’
He is really into orgasm control, he loves watching your face as you get so so close to release finally!! And then he pulls away to laugh at the way you cry out for him
If you’ll let him, he’ll take the time to tie you up, making sure each intricate knot is nice and tight, standing back to admire how that black rope looks hugging your skin, how you flush under his hungry gaze
He’ll see how well those knots can withstand the way he manhandles you, maneuvering you around to get the angle he wants as he fucks you ruthlessly
Will not bottom with you unless you’ve fucked a few times. And even then, he’ll be hesitant to really let go and enjoy it. You gotta encourage him, let his sweet side come out. He has a sweet side, it doesn’t see the light of day often though lmao
Coworkers he’ll get with: Dottore(depends on the situation), Ajax, Xiao
What he’s into: Orgasm denial/control, shibari, control in general
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yandere-daydreams · a day ago
hello hello!!! congratulations on the milestone, 20k is insane. so many sinners at your disposal. for your events, how about knifepoint and justify for childe from genshin? 👀❤️
Prompt: K for Knifepoint + J for Justify.
Pairing: Yandere!Childe x Reader (Genshin Impact).
TW: Unhealthy Relationships, Kidnapping, Threats of Death/Violence, Mentions of Forced Marriage, Slight Infantilization.
Tumblr media
You were lucky it was dark, tonight.
You hadn't planned it, timed it out, waited until the stars were at their dimmest and the moon was barely a silhouette in the sky, any light it might've offered too insignificant to reach the dark shadows that hung over the harbor, but you were thankful for it. That was probably why you'd been able to get as far as you did, past the guards that hovered around you constantly, through the winding alleyways clustered around the Northern Bank, all the way to the docks, or the warehouses that surrounded them, at least. It meant you were more difficult to spot, more difficult to catch, if any of his soldiers had been able to recognize you. It meant you'd been able to get away, if only for a few hours, a few minutes.
It meant no one else could see Childe, or rather, no one could make out the knife in his hand, its blade pressed against the curve of your throat.
It was translucent, swirling, only kept solid by his elemental power. To anyone passing by, it might've looked like the two of you were drunken lovers, wrapped in each other's arms, unable to do anything more than embrace and watch the sailors carry out their nightly responsibilities. They wouldn't be able to see the hand at your hip, nails curled against your skin in warning, or the angle of his blade, slanted downward, poised to maim and inhibit rather than kill, or the grin pressed against the back of your shoulder, all teeth, all fangs, as were being hunted by some lumbering, drooling predator, not one of the Fatui's best, not a man who claimed he would be your husband, one day. If you didn't know better, you might've thought it was an imposter, a replacement sent to retrieve you before the original could return, but the way he held you was beyond replication, all possessive touches and harsh, unforgiving tangents.
As was his voice, when he finally saw fit to announce himself.
"You caught me off-guard." You could feel his breath against the side of your neck, his eyes on the point where his blade met your skin. "Thought you'd go to the Millelith, or skip town altogether. Didn't take you for the stow-away type."
That'd been your first plan, but it was predictable, the most obvious course of action, and you doubted there was anyone in Liyue who could protect you from Childe for very long. If you'd actually made it onto one of the merchant vessels waiting to disembark at sunrise, hidden yourself away among the cargo or begged for a place among the crew, you would've been untraceable, lost to the sea for however long it took to return to land. The destination was unimportant. Anywhere would be better than here, so close to Childe's overwhelming bloodlust. "I wasn't going to..." You started, but trailed off quickly, succumbing to your own agitation. "I didn't want to--"
You felt an apology begin to form on you tongue, something sweet, something to cool his rage, but you steeled yourself, instead, locking your jaw into place. He'd only get worse, if you let him threaten you into submission, now. "You wouldn't."
"Watch your tone." A slight shift, a tilted blade, drawing the thinnest red line across the length of your throat. "You tried to run away. You threw one of your little temper tantrums, stormed off, and gave my men a reason to believe I can't keep track of what belongs to me." Warm blood, dripping onto your chest, pooling at your collarbone. You went completely still, but Childe only laughed. "I have every right to leave you with something worse than a little cut."
A short pause. Brief, but no less unbearable for its brevity.
Then, another long, airy chuckle, and a soft kiss to your temple.
"You're right. Killing you here just wouldn't be any fun." You sighed, some of the tension leaving your form, but Childe didn't move, only lowering his knife, letting it shrink and sap and fall away until he was holding a dagger, instead, small and pointed outward, directed towards the sailors still milling through the docks. "But, if I let you slip away now, there'd be so many witnesses. Word might get out about how soft I've gotten, and there are a lot of people looking for something to leverage against me. It just wouldn't be safe for my precious little escapee. You understand, don't you?"
You didn't respond. He only took it as a sign to go on.
"It'll be real quick. I'll take care of the bodies and everything, barely leave a stain." He let out a low, drawn-out whistle. "Such a shame, too. You picked such a crowded spot. Some of 'em are bound to have families, right? Husbands and wives? A few kids, running around, asking when mommy and daddy are going to come back from--"
"Fine." It came out whiney, exasperated, moreso than you meant for it to be. You tried to grab his dagger, but it was gone in the blink of an eye, turning into little more than plain, shapeless water as soon as you made contact. You doubted he had another weapon, but the threat was no less substantial, no less present. That was the worst thing about Childe, the worst part about being Childe's. You knew he'd tear you apart with his own claws, if he had to. If it seemed fun to him, in the moment. "Fine. I don't care, anymore. I'll come back to the Northern Bank. Just..." You latched onto his wrist, instead, squeezing it as tightly as you could. Seeking any form of resistance he was willing to let you get away with. "Just don't hurt anyone else."
"That's not going to cut it."
You pulled away from him, curling your fingers into your palm. "What?"
"You've got me all riled up, now. You got me excited. I can't just take you home, not so soon, not so easily. I think I should get to have a little fun, too." He let go of you, but you didn't move. You felt his fangs, again, pointed and straight, nipping at the corner of your jaw, the tip of your ear. "C'mon, sweetheart."
His hand on the small of your back, shoving you back into the alleyway. Back into the darkness.
"Run for me."
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bumbleklee · 13 hours ago
how genshin men drive
i keep saying these are jokes but they’re lowkey fun so idk anymore (@xiaosmoon​ this is what i came up with suddenly on tt asdfghj)
drives surprisingly good. he follows the speed limit, makes everyone wear their seatbelts and even lets his passengers control the music always
childe, kazuha, razor, gorou, aether
drives super erratic. like 20 mph over the speed limit and you seriously think you’re going to die when you get into a car with him. plays loud music because it “feels like mario kart” 
venti, xinqiu, bennett
drives with one hand gripping the bottom of the steering wheel. speeds a little but nothing like above. sometimes he’ll put his free hand on your leg/knee
kaeya, thoma, albedo
drives so slow. he drives like an elderly person for no reason at all and you get so internally angry when you’re driving with him
diluc, zhongli, chongyun, 
suffers from serious road rage and once again, you’re horrified to be driving in a car with him. almost crashes the car everytime he drives out of anger
xiao </3 
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childeluv · a day ago
ooo requests are open! huhu let’s go back to the classics: how would xiao, childe, and thoma react to having to share a bed with you?
Tumblr media
A/N; :,)
Would be confused at first. He thought that there would at least be two beds. But here you guys were, having no choice but to share a bed. Of course he had offered to sleep on the floor but you told him it’s fine that you would do it. Both of you didn’t want to sleep on the floor. So you’d both end up sharing a bed. At first you agreed to stay on one side and he stay on the other, but that didn’t happen because by morning, Xiao already had his head buried into your back for warmth. And moving around would only cause him to wake up. So you ended up lying their flustered and everything.
Would continue to persistent sleeping on the floor but even after minutes of him trying, he decided to just sleep besides you. The night started off fine, since you guys kept your distance. If anything, not much had happened but by morning, you awakened with his face not to far from yours. You knew he probably was so close since you hogged the pillow for the night. But it still made you blush red.
Tease you about it, but by the time you guys actually fall asleep he is the one clinging onto you by morning. Hands and arms around your waist and everything, and you’ll find him sleeping with his head nuzzled into your hair. Sound asleep with his chest heaving up and down, feeling his breathe. Such a tired man he was you guessed.
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teyvat-imagines · a day ago
That hurt!! Coming back to tell them and they !! They yeah !! Anyways let’s have them try crawling back to you after they see you and your Ɛ> though i ask to leave it to the reader if they want to take them back ^^
Ahh ;w; I hope it was a good hurt(?) XD Thanks for the request, sorry for the wait time! ;w; Hope you enjoy ^w^
Original Post
TW: Cheating, Reader was cheated on
Part 2: They Come Crawling Back
Tumblr media
○ Diluc of course immediately cut ties with Donna. He knew if he had any hope of getting to be part of your life again, he couldn't keep this up. And it was something he should had done so long ago.
○ She tried to threaten you once, blaming you for her relationship with Diluc falling apart, and it took every ounce of your strength not to end her on the spot for her audacity. She was the one who had ruined things for you, not the other way around!
○ When Diluc heard what Donna had said, he cornered her on the streets of Mondstadt and set the record straight. She looked up at him with her usual lovestruck gaze, pleased to see him approaching and so certain he would sweep her off her feet again. When he spoke, he shattered every last delusional dream she'd had.
"Do not misunderstand, (Y/N) did not 'ruin our relationship' Donna. We didn't have a relationship. You were a temporary lapse of judgement. And one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. I'm sorry if I ever led you to believe that it would be anything more than what it was. Find someone who can truly devote their heart to you, because I cannot."
○ Diluc knew you could have handled her yourself. You were strong, strong enough to keep going with your head held high, but he still wanted to step in. It was his fault after all that this mess had even happened.
○ Things were naturally tense between the two of you now. He had hurt you and more than that Diluc had absolutely betrayed your trust. There was no way things could ever go back to the way they were.
○ Despite this, Diluc still tried to make every effort to make it up to you. He offered constantly to help you through the pregnancy - if you still wanted to go through with it of course! And even more so, he wanted to be part of your child's life.
"Even if it's not with you... I... I want to be a good father to my child. We don't have to get back together if you don't want to (Y/N), but could I still be part of their life...?"
○ He felt utterly pathetic in his pleas. And he knew he had no right to ask of such a thing. Despite his actions, you were at least somewhat pleased to know he wanted to be there for his child. It wouldn't sway your decision either way, but at least he was man enough to still try.
"I... Look, I'll think about it. But I'm not promising anything, understand? Just, give me some time Diluc."
Tumblr media
○ You made every effort to make sure you would never run into Childe again after what he had done. He didn't deserve to be anywhere in your life anymore. And for a while, you thought you'd succeeded. You moved away to Mondstadt, and the Harbinger was nowhere to be seen.
○ One fateful day, your luck ran out. Out on a morning shopping trip, you bumped into the man you had sworn to yourself you would never see again.
"Comrade! Good to see you again! I've missed you; you know. How have you been? Keeping well I hope!"
○ Childe's tone was chipper and very friendly, a stupid smile on his face as he waved at you. You could feel rage building in your chest. Did he really think he could just waltz back into your life? Really?
○ Honestly though, Childe knew he was going to have to put in effort if he wanted you to take him back. He just didn't know where to start or how to act. It had been so long, could he really apologise for it now? The Harbinger may have been smiling, but the nerves inside were killing him, his heart pounding so loudly he was almost certain you could hear it.
○ Your eyes narrowed, and he took it as a sign to stop his approach. There was a tension in the air anyone could feel, and a couple of onlookers were starting to whisper. Murmurs about the Fatui approaching you and were you in trouble, should they get the knights. It was all attention you didn't want, so you told him to say what he wanted to say and leave.
"I... Okay, thank you for hearing me out (Y/N). Look, I made a mistake. Well, that doesn't quite cover it... More like, I made the wrong decision. It's too late for me to say this I'm sure, but I'm sorry. I don't think I can ask for you to take me back, as much as I'd love to be yours again, but... Well, if it's not too much to ask... (Y/N), can I at least be there for our child?"
○ There was a fear in his eyes you had never seen before. This was Childe. Tartaglia. Number 11 of the Fatui Harbingers. He had faced countless opponents without so much of a flinch. Childe had stared death in the eyes and laughed. Yet here and now he was actually afraid.
○ Internally, you prepared yourself. It was nice to see he clearly meant what he said, but that doesn't take back what he did or how badly he hurt you. Honestly, you needed time to think it through. You weren't really sure what you were going to do there and then, but at least you gave him a small answer for the time being.
"Let me think about it, Childe. It's a lot right now, so give me some time. This isn't a yes mind you, so don't get your hopes up. I'll see you around I guess."
Tumblr media
○ Kaeya tossed and turned, restless energy keeping him awake. Barbatos knows how many nights he'd been awake now. Every time he closed his eyes, you came to mind. The pain in your eyes, even as you shut down your emotions and hid them behind a mask. The slight tremble in your voice as you told him the news. The way you'd called him Captain...
○ He'd never thought he could have gotten this attached to someone. Even more so, that he would have ruined it so swiftly. You had actually cared about him, have given him your heart. And he'd taken it from you and tossed it aside. But could he really leave things like this? No. He couldn't. Kaeya took his time to gather courage. Real courage, not the liquid kind that the barkeeps of Mondstadt poured. No, if he was going to approach you, he was going to do it sober. Really open up for once.
"(Y/N)! Sorry to corner you like this, little snowflake, but I need to talk with you. Please, hear me out?"
○ When he cornered you just outside the city gates, you felt a hot rage flare up in you. Wasn't it enough that he cheated? Betrayed your trust and hurt you so deeply. Did he really have to insult your intelligence too? Because surely unless he thought you were an idiot, there was no way he would think he could catch you like this.
○ Despite the anger searing in your chest, you decided to hear him out. Against your better judgement perhaps, but that remains to be seen. You could practically see the relief in his eye, tension leaving his body. You told him to make it quick.
"Of course. Just, one moment. If I'm going to open up, I should do this properly after all."
○ You wondered what on Teyvat he was talking about, when Kaeya raised his hand up to his eyepatch and swiftly removed it. Just that simple action alone stunned you into silence. Never in the time you two had been together had he ever taken his eyepatch off. Or at least, certainly not when you were there to see it.
"That's better. Sorry (Y/N), I just thought... I'm done lying to you. I want to tell you everything there is to know, if you would spare me the time to listen. I want to be part of your life. Even if that would only be as your fellow knight. Honestly, after the way I acted I could see if you didn't even want me around like that. I'll respect your wishes, no matter the decision of course."
○ You were still completely stunned, honestly. His words were sinking in, little by little. He was actually sorry for what he'd done. Wanted to help with the child. Wanted to be part of your life again. You weren't sure whether to laugh or cry at this point. Everything was just too much, so you held up your hand to halt him. He said he would respect your decision so...
"Kaeya. I hope to the Archons above you don't think taking off your eyepatch was enough to make me forgive you. I'll admit, I'll think about it. But that's all I'm willing to agree to at this point, understand?"
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tremmblingbling · a day ago
Headcanon :
The boys wearing your scrunchie at school 🦋
Ft. Highschool!Au
Diluc/ Childe/ Kazuha/ Xiao x reader
▻genre: fluff
▻warning: basic English grammar
▻a/n: scrunchies and stuffs might be a really old trend, but it's still cuteee right? :3
Tumblr media
He opposes it at the beginning
Meh, but don't worry. Just rambling things like he doesn't love you anymore or something like that.
And yeah he accepts his fate and wears it all day ( under his long-sleeved blazer tho sob:( )
But don't underestimate him! He doesn't hate it AT ALL. It's just the job as the head of the student council stop him from doing so.
Boy is embarrassed. Face bright red whenever you pull on the scrunchie under his sleeve and smirk.
Secretly love it when he finds out it's to show off that he's yours.
Possessive 10/10
Sometimes play with it while no one is around and when he's in the student's council class.
" You love me... You love me not... You love me... You love me not " ( with dramatic sigh ).
" ... Okay, I guess I'll wear it. But please keep in mind that I can't show it to everyone "
" Awww sure thing sugar "
" Gosh, I can never defeat you, you know that? ", patting your head.
Of course he really loves you ❤
This guy... Is literally grinning from ear to ear.
Might be the first one to suggest it although you guys already had some matching couple accessories.
But if it's you who suggest it first.
Let's just say, he tries so hard to keep his smirk down to put on a serious face.
Telling you that it's gonna make him feel itchy the whole day.
Now you're angry.
You almost decided to ignore him the whole day until he pulled you into his embrace.
Wear all of your scrunchies on both of his arms.
That's his first thought, in the end he only gets to wear each one on both of his wrists
Feeling proud as if you have marked him as yours
Social boy proudly tells everyone who asks him about it.
Nice accessories, really fit him when he wear archery club's clothes.
" It's gonna be QUITE itchy, you know? "
" ... If you despise it, just say so "
Before you can stomp away, he hold you back and whisper
" I'm just kidding~ Babe don't get mad, I can wear all of your scrunchies if you ever want to "
" Hmph, you are lucky that you are my lover :) "
" Mmmm hmmm and I love you too <3 "
Agree immediately ( now that's our sweet boy )
Tease you for being possessive and that he'll forever be yours.
Snuggling against the scrunchie whenever you aren't around.
Might even consider having one at his home just to put it in his " Highschool Sweetheart Memories <3 " box.
Write haikus for you the other days as a trading gift.
Tie it into his wood sword while practicing in Kendo Club.
" Of course, my dove. Everything for you "
He pecks you on the cheeks then turn back to practice in the Kendo club.
Smiling slightly when he see it on his wood sword.
When you find out about this.
Feeling so proud for having such a loving boyfriend <333
Thinking for a moment because he doesn't really understand what's that for.
Boy he's blushing madly when you tell him this is to make him yours and let everyone knows about it.
It's visible for everyone to see, even he can't find himself take his eyes off it.
Look at it and blush profusely every-single-time.
Wonder why he agrees in the first place but noooo he doesn't regret it.
He does care if the other students notice the scrunchie. But he won't take it off as long as it makes you happy.
A handsome emo, cool boy in the music club but uh... With a tinty cutie scrunchie on his wrist.
Just imagine that omg
Will offer you his necklace in exchange.
After that, he might buy matching couple rings for you because he just notices that you guys don't have matching things :(
Since that moment, he feels like a bad boyfriend for making you feel insecure in your relationship, enough to give him your scrunchie just to let everyone know you guys are dating.
*Confused face* and ask you what's it for
After explaining to him.
He feels so so so bad for not making your relationship visible enough.
He tells you to turn around to put his necklace on you.
" I... am sorry for making you feel insecure. I hope you don't underestimate my love because of my lack of knowledge in— love area "
Hug him. Please. He needs comfort.
" I'm sorry, bae. I think you got it the wrong way. I do and will forever have trust in our relationship. Please do not worry about this :( "
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willwrite4mora · 2 days ago
Childe and Dainsleif when they get caught doing the dirty with their SO
Warning: sexual content
You were visiting Childe's family home together in Snezhnaya while he had some time off from his work for the Fatui. You already knew Teucer, but you got to meet the rest of his siblings this time as well. They all seemed to like you a lot, which was very reassuring, but it also meant that they would not leave you and Childe alone at all.
Only one night did you actually have a chance to have some alone time while his younger siblings were asleep. You had to stay quiet, though, which was hard whenever Childe had his way with you.
The next day, you took Teucer to the zoo. Teucer was kind of your favorite, so you've been looking forward to spending time with him and your boyfriend. You were looking at the monkeys when suddenly...
Teucer was pointing at it before you could notice it yourself. One monkey was taking the other from behind, having sex in open view.
"What are they doing, Y/N?" Teucer asked innocently.
"Nothing important!" you were able to stutter out. You were not going to explain this to a little kid.
"Are they in love?" he asked. You looked at him confused and he continued, "I saw you and big brother do that last night and you are in love. Are the monkeys also in love?"
You were completely red in the face. Teucer had seen you and Childe getting it on last night? This was so extremely embarrassing. You looked up at your boyfriend for reassurance. He had his hand on his mouth trying to hold back a laugh, but once he saw how embarrassed you were, he couldn't keep it in any longer. Apparently, he found this all very funny.
You don't really know how you got underneath Dainsleif while looking for clues on the Abyss Order. You were looking around in Stormterror's lair, beating a few Abyss Mages for information. At some point you both got tired and decided to rest for a bit by a fire and cook up something to eat. After the sun set and you had your dinner, you found yourself on Dainsleif's lap, kissing him. One thing led to the other and then your clothes were off and you were now having sex with him in the open.
It all felt too amazing. You were not afraid of anyone walking in on you. This place was too dangerous for anyone to come here. Only a few slimes in the distance might have been enjoying the show.
Then you heard some weird high pitched voices whispering near you.
"I know this would be a great time to attack, but isn't this kind of awkward?"
"What do you want to do? Stay here until they finish?"
You knew the sound too well. Those were Abyss Mages. Were they seriously watching you get boned by Dainsleif at the moment? The nerve of these creatures.
When Dain noticed your attention going somewhere else than him, he looked away from you and spotted the Abyss Mages. Once the mages locked eyes with Dain, they screeched out in horror. He got up, grabbed a sword and ran in their direction.
"Y/N, hurry! Don't let them get away!" he said.
You grabbed his coat from off the ground and wrapped it around yourself, getting up as well. Yeah, he was running after enemies butt naked and you didn't know how to feel about his determination.
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catcze · 12 hours ago
Pspsps roommates to lovers w tortilla (childe) if you want
OOOH gotchu <3
Tumblr media
“Stop hogging the stupid blanket,” you growl, giving said blanket a forceful tug. In return, Childe lets out the most annoying whine, holding it fast against his chest.
“But it’s cold!” He says, sticking out a tongue. He’s such a little shit, you think, rolling your eyes.
“Get your own blanket!”
“Yours is the warmest in the apartment!” He argues, continuing the tug of war you two were childishly having.
There’s a grin hidden under your scowl, though— as annoying as he can be, Childe is fun to be around. After a bit more tugging and arguing, you finally sigh, and Childe perks up, thinking he had won.
“You know what?” You ask, raising the blanket and shifting around on the couch, enough to make space for him right up beside you. “Just shut it and lets share— it’ll be warmer anyway.”
With an all-too charming smile that makes your face warm, Childe easily slips into place beside you, holding you close with an arm around your shoulders. He tucks the two of you snugly into the blanket, humming when you thank him.
After a while, you both decide to turn on some random movie on the TV, though neither of you give it your full attention. Still, as it drones on and on, and as you both are consumed by the heat of the blanket and the warmth of the other person, your eyes begin to droop. Childe’s head, actually, comes to rest on your shoulder, pressing his face into the juncture of your neck. His breathing is so calm and he seems so comfortable, you don’t have the heart to push him away. Not like you’d want to, anyway.
On the contrary, you raise a hand to tangle in his hair, brushing and untangling, and Childe hums his thanks sleepily. His arm —which had relocated around your middle sometime during the movie— holds you closer.
“You know,” he mumbles sleepily, and you shiver when you feel his lips graze your skin. “I actually really like you.”
It’s a surprising enough confession that you freeze, your hand stilling in his hair. But Childe is likely so tired that he doesn’t notice. “You’re nice and you’re funny, and you put up with me,” he continues, voice growing lower and lower as he succumbs to sleep. “You make me really cute lunches if you know I’m stressed, and when I help you with your schoolwork—” he yawns. “—you always get so happy and grateful, and I think it’s precious. I... get really happy, being around you”
He pauses, like he’s thinking. Then, quietly, “I think I’m in love with you.”
Then he’s out like a light, burying his face into your skin and snoring softly.
You swallow, taking a moment to process everything you’ve just heard, and to reign in the wild, flustered beat of your heart. The hand in his hair starts up again after a time, carding through the strands more gently now.
Slowly, you lean in to press a small, soft kiss to Childe’s forehead, chest warming when he smiles in his sleep.
“You know,” you say, “I think I’m in love with you, too.”
Tumblr media
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chichikoi · 9 hours ago
Just random things that popped into mind <3 no warnings just a LOT of fluff
when you fall asleep on the couch, DILUC would carry you back to the bed and sit beside you, start working on his computer and caress your head when you turn around in your sleep <3 (*incoherent screaming*)
KAEYA would cover you with a blanket and set a cup of coffee/drink of choice beside you for when you wake up <3
and CHILDE would wake you up just to cuddle with you and watch a movie :))
when you are overworking yourself, SCARAMOUCHE would help you get the work done, and would whine because you're "forcing" him to help you. (he just want cuddles, why aren't you giving the man what he wants.)
GOROU would put your laptop/work material away and walk you to the bedroom. he would lay his head on your lap and demand that you give him attention <3
THOMA would give you your drink of choice and a small healthy snack, and ask you to take a break, but you will end up sleeping on the dinner table because of his amazing shoulder and neck massages (shh that was his plan all along shhh-)
when you sleep on his shoulder, DILUC tenses up, but removes your head from his shoulder and lays your head back (no neck cramps, please and thank you <3)
ZHONGLI would run his fingers through your hair while he reads his documents, but at the end he would give the paperwork to Hu tao (who calls him adorable for caring about you so much) and rests his head against yours and falls asleep
and SCARAMOUCHE would push you off and walk away.
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xiaosmoon · 13 hours ago
𝐨𝐧 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐜𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩
Tumblr media
zhongli: he will be as kind to bring you a warm cup of lavender tea to help you distress. he'll sit with you for as long as you need, occupying your mind with soft conversation. somehow, his velvet voice helps soothe you into a restful slumber.
kazuha: he will recite you a few of his short and sweet haikus about beautiful scenery. he tells you to imagine that you're in his haiku. as he whispers about beautiful sakura trees and soft grass underneath your bare feet, you seem to start dreaming about those euphoric places where it's just you and him.
childe: he would gently stroke you hair, allowing you to fall into a hypnotic daze. he'll place a few light kisses on your forehead, claiming they'll grant you sweet dreams. the feel of childe's protecting touch was enough to let your body rest, knowing you were next to someone you love.
thoma: he would gently hold you, while humming a lullaby. you thought it was quite childish at first. but listening to thoma's humming was relaxing. it allowed all of your minds worries to simply disappear. you rested your head on his chest to feel the vibrations from his humming; and before you knew it, you were fast asleep like a baby.
xiao: for someone who doesn't sleep, he isn't sure how to help you get rest. xiao with lay down with you, promising to protect you from any threats that may dare to attack you in such a vulnerable state. after assuring xiao that you weren't worried about possible attacks, he was confused. insomnia was something xiao had very little knowledge on. so, he would simply hold your hand, waiting for sleep to overtake you.
albedo: he would brew you up some sort of sleeping concoction. he would add a strawberry flavor to the supplement, just for you. if you ask him to spend the rest of the night with you, he'll spoon you and press soft kisses to the nape of your neck until you're passed out.
diluc: he's a night owl himself, so diluc is very familiar with restless nights himself. he would be a little selfish and indulge you in late night talks when he know that you both should be resting. you guys end up laughing and talking for hours until you slowly feel your eyelids get heavy. diluc would smile at your tired state and wouldn't mind carrying you up to your shared bed.
kaeya: he would take you out for a late night walk. he's sure the cold wind and using your legs a bit with tire you out. on the walk, kaeya would slide in a few of his flirtatious comments and would sneak a few kisses here and there. you both would stop to dance under a lamppost, looking like lovesick idiots. and sooner than you'd like to admit, sleep was beginning to consume you.
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kxxaeya · a day ago
How they’d ask you out.
Tumblr media
“As busy as the great Calvary captain must be, I’d gladly make time for you. So, what do you say me and you… go out for drinks tonight? I’m sure Master Diluc would be delighted to treat us to some delicious wine.”
Don’t say no, please. That would be so embarrassing 💀, butttt If you do agree I’m sure you’re in for a good night, paying for your drinks and treating you like absolute royalty. Andddd if you happen to get kicked out of the tavern by an angry red head, he’ll gladly accompany you home with a sweet kiss to the forehead.
Tumblr media
“Hey! You! I haven’t seen you in a while, how have you been? Good? that’s good to hear! Hey whatdya’ say we go out and talk over a nice cold drink? I could also play you a song! Free of charge of course, hehe!”
How could you say no to him fr 😡, he’d treat you really good if you accept. Humming you a song while he plays you a tune on his lyre. Since his hands are preoccupied, why don’t you grab onto his arm! Just so you could stay as close as you can on your walk.
Tumblr media
“I’ve got some business to attend to, you could either stay here by yourself, or join me. Oh? You’re going to come? good, it will at least give me some leisure with you not being guarded by those dumb fatui scum.”
Dose not trust those pathetic wannabe ‘fatui’ agent’s to be around you. Therefore, you will remain by his side while he does his errands. Just don’t get too close.. it’s not like it’s a date or anything!
Tumblr media
“It is such a fine day today, it would be such a waste to let it pass by.. so, how about we go enjoy It together? We could go and venture some of the coast lines, nothing but the waves to interrupt us, my dear.”
Would pull your hand softly while walk done to the beach, talking about whatever comes to mind. He could do that with you, let loose of his emotions and express what he was feeling. You had that effect on him, and he couldn’t be more happier.
Tumblr media
“Hey! I know i know, I’ve been busy lately, I apologise for that but… I’ll gladly make it up to you though! I’m actually free as of now if you would like for me to take you out! We could do anything your heart desires.”
Must of planned it out beforehand considering he had a basket full of foods and activities, did he not think? What if you said no? All this food would go to waste… anyways, takes you too a nice place to enjoy the scenery. Would feed you while you lean your head on his shoulder. 10/10 would go out with him.
Tumblr media
“Hello, I’ve come to request some of your time. See it as some sort of apology for my busy schedule lately, I would like for you to join me in a nice walk. I have some new creations I wish to share with you, if you’ll join, of course.”
Saying no? Not an option, sorry 😍, although most of his ‘interesting topic’ can be somewhat boring, he’d make sure to pick ones he’d think you’d like. Maybe bringing up some of your favourite animals and food. But if anything, he would just like to see you smile, it being because of him would just be a bonus.
Tumblr media
“You look… unamused. Why?… you’re bored? Well, I suppose we could go for a walk… Here, take this coat, the weather is not that pleasant outside today. What? Well uhm, I guess you can hold my hand, just.. for protection, see it as nothing but such.”
😏 okay whatever you say xiao, walk ahead of him though, just so he can keep you from harm that may strike from behind. also, smile. Please don’t make him think he’s boring you out! He may not be the best with human emotions, but he’ll try.. for you.
Tumblr media
“Greetings comrade! The weather is fine for a nice adventure today, don’t you think? So.. will you join me? I could travel all across Liyue if I had you by my side… hey, that doesn’t sound so bad! Come on, let’s get going shall we.”
Just be prepared for him to stop and battle some enemies on the way… oh look a whopper flow- you’d feel his hand leave yours while he runs up to attack it. But the cheeky smile he sends you back makes it all worth it.
Tumblr media
“Hello, love. You look well, I have just come to ask you a question. Would you be willing to join me for a stroll? I have some things I’d like to teach you of this world. You will? Great, let’s head off then.”
Pulling you softly by your upper arm, he would enlighten you off things you walk past while on your stroll. That rock over there? It’s many years old, fascinating right? No zhongli pls show me titties he would tell you facts about all the things he’s learned over the years. All so he could see you happy.
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