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#childe x you
kr3idz · a day ago
someone mistakes you two for a married couple
Tumblr media
[note: this is includes f!reader]
Tumblr media
childe (tartaglia)
“ah, you and your husband are so adorable!” the old woman exclaimed, as she glanced from you to childe with stars in her eyes. “you remind me of my husband and i during our younger years!”
while you remained silent, too stunned to speak after she mistook you and your lover for a married couple. childe ate her comment up like it was the last supper. he cherished every single thing happening at the moment. from the way you flushed red and refused to make eye contact with him, to the old woman, who continued to babble about how you two were the perfect picture of marital bliss—it was heavenly, divine even
before you could utter a reply, he swooped in with a chuckle, “why, thank you!” before delving into a friendly, light conversation with the old woman like the annoyingly charming man he was
in case you weren’t aware, domesticity was a word he was very much fond of… especially after he brought you to his hometown and introduced you to his family! needless to say, he wore the biggest smile on his face throughout your stay at his childhood home
maybe it was the air, but something struck him as he watched you indulge in his younger siblings’ wishes to play tag that cold evening. staring at the scene, he pondered for a second if this was a sight he’d be greeted with often when decides to finally tie the knot and start a family with you
there won’t be a day after this where he won’t mention this occurrence with glee. in fact, he brought it up so often that everyone and their mother probably knew the story by now! he spoke about it so much that even zhongli, the most vocal person in liyue, went silent every time childe re-told the event
“do you remember that old woman at the harbor who told us we looked like a married couple?”
you playfully rolled your eyes at the sappy look on his face as he watched you prepare your meals that morning. “i do. how can i not? this is your second time asking me.”
“hm,” childe hummed, barely acknowledging a word you said, “what do you say i invite teucer to come here tomorrow and we take a nice stroll around the harbor?”
you narrowed your eyes at him. “don’t think i don’t know what you’re up to, mister. you just want to scare that poor old woman by making it appear he was our child!”
Tumblr media
thoma (トーマ)
in spite of not living in the nation that long, mondstadt still held a spot in his heart. for that reason alone, he didn’t hesitate to see if you’d accompany him to visit! in his head, it only made sense to bring his special girl to his special place
his heart nearly leaped out of his chest when you said yes. he began to prepare the luggage and the cost needed for your stay even though you weren’t set to leave until months later. although having no issues during your travel, you felt a bit uneasy after stepping foot into the city due to the stares you were receiving
at first you brushed it off as shock to see your lover finally back in the area, but then you noticed how their gazes were mainly fixated on the promise rings on your fingers. it wasn’t until one of his childhood friends greeted you both did thoma start catching on to what was happening
“…woah! thoma, you bastard!” kaeya approached him wearing a teasing smirk on his lips. behind him, you saw a blonde woman—whom you guessed was jean—follow in suit
thoma yelped, “eh?!”
“congratulations! we apologize for not attending the ceremony… but we had no idea there was going to be a ceremony to begin with,” jean explained, earning a raised brow from thoma. neither one of them addressed the clear confusion on his face, and it frustrated and perplexed him
the cavalry captain noticed how silent he became, then joked, “my, don’t get shy on us now, thoma. tell us how you and your wife met! it’s the least you can do for not inviting us to the ceremony.”
“m-my wife!?” with eyes wide like saucers, he stuttered, “her? …y/n isn’t my wife! a-and there’s no ceremony because we aren’t married!”
“you aren’t?”
“no…” thoma answered, crossing his arms. kaeya, who noted the slight waver in his voice, kept his stare and nearly busted down laughing when he added, “not… yet.”
Tumblr media
do not plagiarize ; reblogs are appreciated
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luvajax · a day ago
• Characters: Ayato, Childe, Diluc, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha + Scaramouche & Zhongli
Author’s Note: Rewrote it, these are short but whatever.
Content Warnings; Mild - Nsfw + Neck Kisses
Tumblr media
Ayato, a man who would always praise you. He likes it when you kiss his neck, yet you barely experience the joy of his moans. But what gets literally addicted to your kisses is when you gently tug at his hair. You’ll find his arms and hands clinging onto you in no time.
He likes it when you kiss his neck, and he’s very vocal when you do it to. Childe always pants heavily or moans next to your ear just so you can hear him. The way you pecked his neck softly before decorating it in bruises really does make him want you more. He’d hate for you to stop.
He’s shy and always tries to cover up his moans with his hands, but always fails when you pull them down. When you’re kissing Diluc’s neck low groans escape you and he can only readjust you on his lap and pull you closer. He’ll never admit how much he likes it when you pecker his neck softly.
He always enjoys it when you kiss his neck. His grip on your ass or waist o my tightens when you kiss his neck and he lets out moans from his mouth. Especially when you leave deep bruises on him, he only feels the need to do the same. Itto adores your kisses, always does.
He loves it when you kiss his neck. You always do it when your bored and you’re sitting in between his legs. But what can piss him off is when you suddenly stop to let him finish his work, he’ll grab you again and back into his embrace. Asking why you had stopped. Kaeya loves your kisses too much for you too stop.
Kazuha tends to try and shed away his moans along with the blush on his face but it never works nor happens. He likes it when you pecker his neck softly with your soft lips. He thinks it’s a very romantic gesture he has earned from you and wouldn’t ever want you to stop.
He’s a bit mean and bratty, and would ask you not to leave deep bruises. But you gotta tease Scara anyways. Besides his moans says different and especially when he cocky his head into the other direction. You were too cute kissing his neck like that and blush splatters his face quickly.
Zhongli adores it when you kiss his neck. He always adjusts you in his lap with his hands in your waist. And the small moans and groans that leaves his voice is like music to your ears. Sometimes his moans are right by your ear and your ears would grow hot quickly. While his neck is covered in red marks.
© luvajax content. Don’t steal or plagiarize my writing. Don’t repost in different language either.
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coophi · 15 hours ago
because (the way i love you) is ageless
modern au (because that’s the chelsea brand), WARNINGS: venti’s is alcohol/bar/drinking, diluc’s is implied sex. tbh no theme, only hot girls stick to consistent plots. includes childe, kazuha, kaeya, albedo, itto, venti, diluc, xiao, zhongli
CHILDHOOD - CHILDE He’s the raw cookie batter your mother warned you about eating, the one who messes up the braids in your hair and proposes that you should come over for Tonia to fix the knots (as he does what’s tangible to fix your broken heart). He’s the boy who searches to see your Facebook relationship status, cries in heartbreak when there’s a picture of you hugging a boy, and flushes when discovering that it might have been your cousin. And sure, he might be a liar about “knowing” how to write in cursive, but Childe’s already paid Zhongli to teach him calligraphy if it means writing yours with twirls on confession letters. And maybe also ignore the way you can hear his chair screech after the teacher assigns groups because Childe’s already grabbed his wallet and attempted to slide a twenty dollar bill as bribery to switch it around (so your GPA won’t fall when you should only be falling for him). Because, even if you regret the way he tastes like sweat, dirt, and innocence, you don’t regret the way he looks at you like a bedtime story (a tale to repeat, to remember even if he’s memorized every scar on your knees).
you’re someone who gets kazuha, who gets it, who gets on all his nerves and knows how to stop all of them in a heartbeat. it’s not normal—to have this person who makes him so frustrated yet fond of the way you brush his hands, kiss his temples, and make him still dream, hope that there’s something out there. you’re a bit like the moon in his life—controlling each wave of emotion, framing the sky so it’s a bit brighter every dark night, and are something that says the moon has always been beautiful. and maybe it’s because you’re both young, naive and a bit neurotic. maybe it’s because kazuha likes you a lot that even he sweats in the cold of night, or maybe it’s because people like you. you’re the light of a lot of people’s lives, and you deserve someone better—someone more stable, someone kinder, someone more handsome, someone who can actually protect you. someone who makes you think the nights aren’t so lonely and doesn’t constantly say, “the moon is beautiful tonight.” you always say he’s that someone, that he’s the one who’s opening the curtains and moving mountains, but kazuha only thinks that you should be aware on how pretty you are and how many people you need to reject this week (including him).
PUBERTY - KAEYA You decide that Kaeya smells like sharpies; he smells from the habit of writing on skin (because Kaeya really yearns to remember if your favorite bread is on sale at the market again, if he thinks you’d like a pick up line he spent hours searching, if he can perfect doodles of your smile). He’s the boy who only does follow for follows to see if you’ll come by his Instagram, the lad who screams in pillows when you text back, and the gentleman who takes a couple Zodiac compatibility tests even if he can’t look you straight in the eyes without an over consuming blush just yet. And you (should) ignore the way he drops his voice an octave lower to impress you in hallways, how he gets offended when placed as a tenor, and squeaks in excitement when you’re paired together. Because when you get a notification, it’s his sweaty hands that offer you his address, that hold yours and make you wonder if he might be hotter than summer. And even if you spill soda every week on his carpet, he doesn’t mind (because each mark is a tribute to you and the way you have begun to stain his mind). Because even if you drool on his jacket when napping in another lecture or even steal more of his scarf to hide the hickey on your neck, his heart isn’t so off tune when it’s with you (because it’s dynamic enough to shout, to be loud and confess again in another 10 ways).
TEENAGERS - ALBEDO Klee says he can’t drive, but Albedo protests that he can drive (if you’re not in or near the car). Funny problem is: you’re the neighbor who offered some help (and pity) on Albedo’s inability to drive straight (unless it’s to you). But, so what — he shouldn’t even like you that much to be frank. Sure, you might be a year older, make his heart run past any mileage, fuel his heated cheeks everytime you laugh, make him glance at mirrors to watch if he can bump into you — there’s a lot of levers that you can pull to make Albedo forget which pedal to press. But Albedo shouldn’t (be only practicing when he can hear the blasting of his Spotify playlist made for his infatuation with you). And maybe he purposefully gave himself a flat tire as an excuse to ask for your assistance, for your hands to wrap over his. But Albedo’s smart (enough to ask you if there’s any advice to offer about parallel parking, to ask Klee about what kind of sunglasses would make him look best in your eyes). He’s smart (enough to know that Albedo wants to be the one you call when it’s a 2 AM drive to the conscience store, to be the arms who carry you, to be the one who watches you snore, to be the one who annoys you with Christmas carol songs in June).
itto is a big guy with big shows of love, big heart and makes even bigger mistakes. and his big routine for exercising each day --- it’s you who makes his heart race like palpitations are normal. and he doesn’t have a big enough bank account to account for all these “emergencies” when you’re around (from all the bandages he buys from cutting off thorns on roses and paper cuts from remade cards); all he does is have a big head filled with nothing but the ways you smile. you first like to hide it, maybe with your hand or pretending to sneeze for a while. next, you raise your eyebrows and kick his legs on how stupid he sounds. and, if he’s really lucky, you’ll slap his arm, snort, say he’s a goner, ask if he’s really real, and look at him with so much glimmer, understanding, love, happiness. it steals everything---his big hands that are kept holding your smiles, his big shoes that you step on and make dusty, his big eyes that are just spent staring at you, watching the way you are, who you are, and who he needs to be, so you’ll make bigger room for him in your heart.
He’s the whisky in the bar, the one who makes you contemplate on if you should be changing your major to Music History after your mom forced down 8 years of piano theory and recitals. He thinks it’s pretty to wash your hair in the shower after Venti’s spilled his guts on the floor from a hangover, confesses through singing at a bar when it’s only two hours 'till midnight, and the ringing in your head being overpowered by the doorbell after he’s stolen flowers (a gift to you) from your neighbor’s yawn. You slow dance (because every moment he’s out of your arms means he’s running, racing against the cops to not be caught after hanging up a portrait he drew of you in the student museum despite them rejecting it). Flashy jean jackets drenched in sweat, textbooks forgotten in favor of learning your anatomy as the perfect way to string a G Minor scale, and Victoria Secret cologne ring with the last of your youth. Maybe he’s the tangles in your hair, maybe he’s the one who picks out the dandruff---it’s the question of if you were drunk enough you were to forget the way his breath tastes like mints.
EARLY 30’s - DILUC Diona says that he can’t find love, but Diluc protests that Wikihow articles (and you) exist for a reason. “Go to your college reunions”, slow dance with old sweethearts, miss kisses on the cheek for your lips, ask if someone spiked the punch, and hide tinges of regret when you’re in his bed again. But you’ve already remembered the sight of his bed hair, laugh at alarms for old anniversaries that don’t really matter anymore, and kiss the space between his eyebrows (in the hopes that he’ll forget when you overcharged a box of beer and booze). And perhaps Diluc pretends to sleep from morning hangovers, pretends he doesn’t see you wearing his button down, and pretends to act like Diona doesn’t favor you more than him. Perhaps Diluc pretends to not know the stock market when the crash was his thesis from years ago because he wants to hear your voice, and maybe Diluc still let’s Diona kick his chair (when he’s staring at you, when he’s supposed to be working). Because people (well, only Kaeya really) say Diluc’s not meant for love; Diluc’s meant to see Daddy’s money crumble for pictures of you again in old yearbooks. And Diluc knows, listens enough times to accept he’s not meant for love (until you ask for him to stay in bed with pjs on, until he’s catching himself making private playlists for the words he’s not entirely ready to say without a stutter).
MIDLIFE - XIAO He’s not our moment of self discovery, nor is he the journey you’ve always been yearning for. All Xiao is—all that he can be is the one who searches Costco coupons with you in stacks of newspapers. He’s your ride to Yourgurtland, the one you call if you need to hide the stray kitten on the street from your boss. Xiao’s the one who pulls up Wikipedia when trying to buy flowers (because he wants to seek the one that tells you “I love you” just right), mistakes a stranger as your nephew, and leaves the grocery list in foggy bathroom mirrors. You think he can’t smile at cameras (unless you’re holding the phone), and you know he can’t dance (around his feelings for you). It’s recording his snores to embarrass him later, making mini-pillow forts that ask for you to chase youth once more, and convincing him that you’re too old to get sick when waltzing in pouring rain. It’s your younger brother asking why Xiao can’t grow a beard, your older sister asking why Xiao even should grow a beard. It’s the inside jokes birthed from reluctance and anxiety, convincing him to watch Mean Girls so you both can create a burn book. It’s everything you never asked for, yet he’s everything you ever smile at. (Perhaps both of you were mistakes for marrying young, but today your mistake was letting him walk to work with your lipstick on his neck.)
SENIORITY - ZHONGLI You don’t like Zhongli at first sight (because he’s a sign of the past, the sign of your connection, contracts, and ties to your parent’s approved arrangement). He’s the aged wine in your closet that your parents gifted to you in the hopes of making amends, the history of what your parents expected you to have for their old cries of a legacy. And you’re determined to step on his shoes when you slow dance, determined to mess up the power hiding any blemishes on his cheeks if the red on your lipstick creates more wordless stares (of diguest from your parents, of shock from Zhongli’s own racing heart). You’re rebellious (when he’s the old soul who kisses you like those fairytales that you ingrained into your memory when life was never a thrill). You’re hotheaded (but he’s the one who brings the cooler to picnic dates with your friends). You’re laughter that consumes (and he’s the one who hushes your smiles, steals your breath with each kiss). Because (no matter how much you dislike the way he knows your favorite song to hum before bed, no matter how much you dislike yourself for wanting him to raise his arms when changing the clock so you can see his muscles again) you like the way he smells of lavender. He tastes as terribly as the icecream your brother tried to make, but this time you don’t mind vanilla (even if it’s safe or boring). He is the history, the past (of all your regrets and mistakes) yet also your future.
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azucanela · 2 days ago
Genshin requests you say, how about "I'm not gonna hurt you... Not again" with Tartaglia (in the mood for some good angst thanks TT-TT)
Tumblr media
“I’m not gonna hurt you... Not again.” + Tartaglia  [Spoilers for Liyue Quests, Mentions of violence/blood, Angst]
Tumblr media
It was funny, really. 
When they’d met, Y/N had been going about their usual day, fixing around their bookstore in Liyue Harbor, doing inventory and such. Childe on the other hand, had been on the run from Milileth who weren’t necessarily happy a Fatui Harbringer was among them. And of course, his chosen course of action was to run into the nearest store.
Which happened to be Y/N’s store. 
Y/N doesn't have time to react as a man dashes into their store, eyes scanning the room before he decides to jump over the counter they stood behind with the register, offering only a sheepish smile as he ducks underneath it to hide his head. Likely from the frazzled Milileth that entered shortly after."Excuse me!" One called out, while the other surveyed the store skeptically, "have you seen a tall man. Reddish-brown hair, grey clothing." 
At this moment, Y/N's eyes flicker to the man now seated by their legs, who only meets her gaze with pleading eyes. 
With a sigh, Y/N looks up to them with a bright smile and— and albeit fake— pensive look, "no, I'm afraid not." The Milileth deflate at this, "though I did see a man running past my store window rather quickly in..." Y/N points towards the pavilion, a large crowd in that area, "that direction."
The pair nods rapidly, thanking them for their time, before dashing out the door and running off in the direction they'd just pointed them in.
Once they were out of sight, Y/N inhales deeply before grabbing the man behind the counter rather aggressively, yanking him upwards and slamming him against the counter with a glare. A nervous laugh escapes him, "thanks for the assistance I'll just be—"
"You are very lucky I didn't want a fight in my store." They exclaim, shoving a finger against his chest.
This is how Y/N L/N and Tartaglia of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers met. And somehow, Childe found himself entertained by their shamelessness in insulting a Harbringer. It was almost refreshing, a challenge in it’s own right. So, he found himself coming around more and more often. All for a taste of the shopkeeper who never held back.
Though Y/N initially met his constant presence with annoyance, over time they came to appreciate the company of a constant, rich, customer. And of course a good friend. The pair would head out for dinner, they’d go on walks throughout the city and beyond the borders of into the arid terrain of Liyue. They shared late night conversations shared under the moon and the lanterns that lined the streets, words said only for the two of them to hear.
At some point, their relationship became something more than friendship but less than a romance. 
He was a Harbringer. Y/N knew that. It was inevitable that he’d hurt them. And yet they couldn’t help but stick around. And while Childe swore he would never hurt them, the same didn’t go for the rest of the city. He still had a job to do. 
When Y/N spots Fatui Agents outside their door one morning, they wonder if perhaps Childe has grown tired of them, decided they’d outlived their use as entertainment or something. As they try to leave their home only to be forced back inside, confusion bombards their mind. 
Until a god that had long since died rose from the seas and the Liyue Qixing were forced to work alongside the Adepti, all the while Y/N sat, stuck in their home, with the protection of the very Fatui that had brought near-devastation to Liyue. 
They should’ve known better, really. They knew his job, they knew that he was in Liyue for some reason, one that likely wouldn’t end well for the city. Yet it isn’t until destruction rains down upon the land that it truly hits them. The feeling of betrayal, anger, sadness, disappointment. Emotions flood their mind but Y/N can’t help the frustration that comes with it. With the fact that they can’t truly be mad at Childe, not after everything. 
And then he enters their home. Covered in blood. Some of it is probably his, but most of it isn’t. There’s almost an apologetic look on his face. But Childe has few regrets.
“Honey, I’m home.” He says the words weakly, an attempt at a joke despite the circumstances.
All Y/N can do is stare. Their eyes flicker over his injuries, and if it had been any other day, they would’ve helped him tend to them, a part of their mind still wants to but they resist that urge. Instead offering the man a steely glare, “what the hell?”
He almost winces at the venom in their words, “that’s quite the greeting.”
“You sent your stupid lackeys to keep me locked up in my home while you destroyed my city!” Y/N cries out, hands gesturing wildly. “Did you expect a kiss hello after all that?” 
Childe huffs, “this isn’t how I wanted things to play out, but I had no other choice—”
“No other choice?!” Y/N scoffs at his words, “I’m sure you had plenty of other options. But you just had to pick the most violent one. Didn’t you?”
The words are a low blow. They know that. And they can see the way his facade begins to crumble. It’s not until Childe takes a step forward just for them to take a step back that the hurt on his face truly begins to show. Perhaps they saw him as the monster he was now, perhaps Y/N L/N now feared him. 
“I’m not gonna hurt you... Not again.” There’s a pleading look in his eyes, “I promise.” He can only watch in an attempt to gauge their reaction, their reaction to his selfishness. It’s cruel of him to even insinuate that they would continue to be as they were, friends or lovers or whatever it was that was in between that. But that was in Childe’s nature, selfishness. 
Y/N only nods slowly, “no. You’re not.” They inhale deeply, “because we’re not gonna see each other again, Tartaglia.”
He didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter though.
“Get out.” 
And he really shouldn’t be shocked. He shouldn’t have expected this to end well for him. He should’ve known better.
“Please. Please just... get out.” 
It was funny, really. 
Tumblr media
Send a Genshin Character + Word/Phrase/Dialogue
Tumblr media
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sucrosia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fatui harbingers edition
scaramouche, childe, la signora
Tumblr media
SCARAMOUCHE and christmas? are you deranged? have you seen this man? he does not look nor act as if he is a christmas yet alone a holiday person but don’t let that deceive you. SCARAMOUCHE is a young child at heart and absolutely adores christmas. you two were decorating the tree, putting up decoration, making silly little gifts for each other, and baking cookies.
you and CHILDE spent christmas with both of your families at a hotel which CHILDE paid for as a courtesy and as a “merry christmas bitches!” type of thing. all of you were talking and getting along, and your family’s traditions were mixed with his traditions and suddenly, boom, a new tradition was born (also childe got ur whole family ugly christmas sweaters bc i said so)
you and LA SIGNORA were adorning the tree with jeweled, expensive ornaments with a glittered star at the top of it, micheal bublè christmas cover songs played in the background cause LA SIGNORA 100% would listen to his covers/songs
Tumblr media
after notes... say ornaments but remove aments and add a p at the beginning
taglist... @darlingxannie , @cxlrose
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lavenprinz · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing: childe x fem reader (it can be gender neutral if you ignore the use of she pronouns like once or twice! i can edit it to a gn or male version if wanted)
warnings: major character death, suicide, yandere themes, reader was kidnapped by childe, angst is the vibe #enjoy if u cry lmk <3
word count: 1.7k (not fully edited because we die like real men)
when childe joins the tsarita at the front lines to rebel against celestia, you had no worries at all. though you were kidnapped long ago by the man, your days were filled with nothing but peace and adoration from the once intimidating man who now is more like an overgrown puppy in love to you. he even gave you an affectionate nickname that had made your heart flutter, being his солнышко. you had even placed a gentle goodbye kiss to his cheek of your own will as he left the front door of your estate, spending your free time alone and missing him with fondness in your mind. there were days in the past where you were afraid of your situation, calling him a kidnapper, a fiend who had taken you from your life! though now you knew, he had freed you from a life of working to relaxing in his arms, being spoilt with countless gifts and genuine love from childe. it had been a stark contrast from your life without others to share it with, always afraid that they would be gone due to the ongoing tensions in teyvat.
so when your maidservant delivered the most shocking news of your life, it had basically killed you.
"lord harbringer is dead."
it should’ve brought you joy as his captive but all you felt was dread. he’s dead? childe and dead don't belong in a sentence, you scoffed to yourself. though the serious look from your maidservant didn't disappear from her face and you felt your heart wrench against your will as your eyes begin to fill with tears. "no! that's impossible, he wouldn't have died, he- he can't." a hiccup broke through your arising heaving sobs as you mumbled incoherently, "he promised me, he wouldn't leave me here alone." you found yourself, collapsed against your bed like a war widow, sobbing into the sheets in fear and heart break, it felt as if your world was ending. you weren't even scared as your captor had left to rebel against celestia but now? the sky had decided to fall upon you and leave you to die without childe's hand to hold.
the days moved on without you knowing as you sat blankly on your bed, watching the sunrise to no news and sunset with lonesome emptiness. if not for your maidservant, you would've remained immobile, sat at your window sill as if waiting, for childe to appear and smile with boyish cheer, letting you know that it was all a silly joke. when you felt your memory of his face begin to slip, you'd walk to the room with the giant portrait of you two, seemingly in love. nobody knows the truth behind the painting beyond the artist, childe and your gone self who had struggled as childe kept you beside him. "i don't want a painting with my kidnapper!" "oh baby, what will we show our kids one day?" "you're sick! i'm never having kids with you, ever!" how you regretted those words as you missed that very man every moment since the news of his sudden passing.
though you desired so desperately to be with him, the estate was always escape and death proofed, just specially for you. back in the times when, when childe had still been around and afraid that you would strike out against him. as if you could've, falling for the man with his sly words and broken promises before you could've even tried to leave. hell, if childe had offered you a way out like his death, you didn't even want to take it.
so on your birthday, it hurts your heart to sit by the dining table alone, a grand feast in front of you but missing the greatest present of all you could've wished for this year. childe, alive, goofily feeding you a plate and joking of a future with your children or you loving him. tears fell from your face as you chose a dish from the spread, taking his favourite seafood soup that didn't taste the same without him. to your surprise however, you noticed that the cutlery included a knife for once. it had been a long time since anything like a weapon was near you and it almost seemed too opportune. what else could you possible as for this year other than to join childe by dying? nobody could stop you, after all, you were practically all alone and hysterical in the estate without him! just why, why did he have to leave you alone until you had to choose this method to finally join him? you've missed him so much that stabbing yourself in the heart doesn't even hurt as much as the knowledge that he had left long before you and now finally, as your tears fall down your face from the pain and heartache, you can reunite with him.
unbeknownst to you and the staff of the mansion childe had constructed just for you, your daily activities were recorded in case of his death and sent to none other than the tsarita. yes, he was reportedly dead. but only to a select few, he was alive and recovering. childe had kept away from you, observing you instead with love in his heart. he had missed you the entire battle though he knew, since teyvat was no longer the same, you may had wanted to leave. so he let them know that he was gone, so you could choose while he recovered. it surprised him when you had instead stayed, apparently writing long letters addressed to him daily and wait for him by the expansive windows he had installed just for you. childe found it so sweet, his солнышко, waiting for him though he was currently needing archon treatment for the aftermath of his delusion usage. he had planned a joyous return as a gift, a present for your birthday. when he strided into the estate, announcing cheerily, "i'm home солнышко!" only to be met with silence, had an eerie atmosphere and the sight that greeted the man made his heart stop.
like a sick version of romeo and juliet, you lay dead, heart pierced for his eyes to feast upon. though he had seen carnage of battle fields and sights that demons would shrink in fear towards, only this struck him with pure terror, his mind filled with alarms and heart racing as he ran towards your limp form to find no heartbeat.
“no no no no, this can’t be happening. солнышко, wake up, this isn’t some joke. i’m home, love, please, look at me! look at me god damn it!” he’d sit the stiff body up only to look into your lifeless eyes, face drained of colour and clearly unwell. his heart ached as he sank to the floor, head buried in his hands from denial. “why? it’s your birthday dear… i came home. why are you dead?” the guttural yell of agony could be heard across the estate, causing your maid servant to hurry into the parlor only to see an impossible sight of the lord harbringer on his knees as you sat like a skeleton above him, unmoving like you were less than an hour ago. "tell me! why is she dead? what happened here!" the rage in his voice told the agent that their next words would cost them their lives if the answer was unsatisfactory though the emotions coursing through childe's body only had one outlet at the moment now that you were gone. to kill. "my lord.. i had left her to eat not even an hour ago to let her meet you privately when you returned. this situation- had never occurred to me would happen."
childe, rightfully out of his mind, felt the impulse to throw a dagger at the maidservant's throat though was stopped by his thought of you, who would've plead for their safety and to not stain the dinner table with blood. his heart twisted at the very imagination of you, pained that you were now unreachable, body decomposing by his very face. "i came home too late didn't i солнышко? i'm sorry." with his pride abandoned by the loss of you, childe stood up shakily to scoop up your cold body in a gentle carry while walking towards your bedroom. "i'll.. help you sleep. for as long as you need, my love." the world had been robbed of light for childe as you departed, his colourful spring that had finally come because of you, returned to the black and white desolate winds of winter that reminded him of the abyss. the underlings of tartaglia could observe over the next weeks his deteriorating health, haunted by visions of you everywhere he went. the estate was sealed up, visitors forbidden and business terminated as the harbringer spent his time alternating your favourite spots, his study filled with secretly commissioned paintings of you full of life unlike his stark reality devoid of your existence, and lastly your grave in a glass greenhouse filled with eternally blooming gardens.
one agent recounts to others in a mournful tone of his experience on guarding the estate at night shift, spooked by the sounds of sorrowful cries echoing the halls and seeking out the source, only to find the lord harbringer in tears in front of a dimly lit portrait of his deceased lover in his arms. another underling speaks of the long hours their master spends sitting by your grave, as if entranced by something that eyes cannot see.
they don't know that childe is plagued with visions that he had imagined to himself with cheer in the past as he read the reports on your activity, only to see you miserable in the places you were in the distant past. you always seemed to plead to yourself for death, so you could be with childe. the words haunted him constantly, through every waking moment until finally childe reached a stage of grief he couldn't stand anymore. "if you wished so dearly to be dead so you could be with me, so do i солнышко." in the hours without the sun, the lord harbringer childe's life was ended by his own hands to join his deceased lover, reunited by death under the crestfallen moon.
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z-h0ngl1 · 4 hours ago
Okay but foxboy Childe who tries to act all cool and dominant and in control but his ears and tail are so twitchy that he can't help but give himself away when he feels good. It's not his fault you make him feel like that
GENSHIN IMPACT || childe nsfw
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: someone had decided to pull a prank on childe. when you had both ordered food, seems like his drink had a special twist.
༒ 𝗳𝗲𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴: childe
☦︎︎ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛs/ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: sub and dom childe (mostly sub) + tinkered drink (a prank nothing intoxicating) + face fucking + overstim + tail tugging + overall teasing + bl0wj0b + h4ndj0b + and i think that’s it?
♊︎ ᴀ/ɴ: i apologise for answering to this request so late but i hope u enjoy! ‼️ also modern au ‼️
Tumblr media
it was a peaceful night in your shared bedroom, you had sat down and read a book, to waste time of course. your s/o had claimed he’d be gone to work for a while, so you wouldn’t expect to see him early until a tall gingered man fumbled into the room. it was childe but…now he has fox ears and a tail?
when you’d ask him about it he’d only shy away and mumble, “just some stupid people at work goofing around”, and soon his shy act ends and he pounces on top of you, the sudden change of action making you gasp. the deep kisses and lustful hickeys making your legs shake and quiver, you’d taken a note the slight twitch so you’d spoke up.
“hey childe do those ears and tail not make you feel different? perhaps more sensitive?”
and it was that very same question that led to this.
childes thighs wrapping around your head and you push another orgasm out for nth time, the tail you’ve continuously been pulling cause his eyes to roll back and tongue to loll out, the needy grip on your tightening as he paints your mouth white once again. “nonono stop c—c-Ahng~! cant cum again p-please hhngh ah!” and yet he does so again very soon with yet another tug his ever so soft tail. he doesn’t know how he winded up in a situation like this but god does he love it.
Tumblr media
♊︎ sᴜʙ ᴄʜɪʟᴅᴇ ɪs ᴘʀᴇᴛᴛʏ
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euphoric-author · 2 days ago
Imagine a mall date with Childe.
He'll be spoiling you with everything you want! From a outfit you found cute to some of your favorite food. No matter how expensive, he can afford it no worries.
Oh and if you get tired from walking? He'll carry you on his back 💕💕 Well, he might attempt to. He may or may not succeed but at least he tried.
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coco-goat-milk · a month ago
Things they did that made you question your entire relationship
Tumblr media
Warning: Ass slapping, farting, crusty lips, drop kicking, barking, piece of shit, Ch*ld(e), fuckboy faces, moaning.
Characters: Venti, Beidou, Keqing, Childe, Mona, Kazuha, Hu tao, Kaeya, Scaramouche
Tumblr media
Beidou: Slapped your ass so hard that you flew off her boat, and she had to jump after you to save you.
Venti: The moment you tugged on his braids because he was being annoying, he looked you dead in the eyes and moaned so loudly. You were outside, and people were looking.
Keqing: Drop Kicked you in public when you told her you loved her- she does love you but she couldn't handle it when people are watching. (nobody was watching)
Childe: He breathed. Nah this mf tried to kiss you but he had crusty lips, after he parted from your lips you could feel the crusty flakes from his lips in your mouth.
Mona: Farted a wet fart in public and blamed it on you.
Kazuha: Nothing, he is perfect. *drools and heart eyes*
Hu tao: Pranked you by placing a fake piece of shit on your head, you didn't know what she did and walked with it the entire day until some random person pointed it out.
Kaeya: Does the fuckboy face whenever he sees you, people look at him and you very weirdly.
Scaramouche: Barked at you when you tried to kiss him. He legit went: BARK BARK ARF GRRR GROWL BARK RUF. Even though you two were together and everyone knew that.
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xiaosmoon · 2 months ago
reacting to you wearing revealing clothes
tries really hard to keep eye contact with you, refusing to glance down: zhongli, xiao, diluc, & thoma
sneaks a peak when he thinks you aren't looking: childe, kaeya, thoma, albedo, & kazuha
makes a comment about your ravishing appearance: childe, kaeya, zhongli, & albedo
shamelessly looks & gets a little handsy: childe & kaeya
throws a/his jacket over you, claiming you'll get cold (secretly he just doesn't want anyone else to see you like this): xiao, childe, diluc, kazuha, & zhongli
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mikachuchu · a month ago
Rivals to Lovers..?
Tumblr media
ーBeing the genshin boys' rival but they're head over heels for you
ーChilde, Diluc, and Albedo (separately) x gender neutral reader
ーFormat: headcannons
ーWarning: slightly suggestive in Childe's part, no beta we die like men
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•I pray for you
•Both of you are harbingers and even before growing fond towards you, he would constantly ask you for a fight since you're a higher rank than him. Extra points if you beat him almost effortlessly
•Lowkey insults you in a roundabout way every now and then just to get under your skin. He likes seeing your angry expression more than he would like to admit (masochist muchー)
•You guys probably are partnered up quite a lot for him to start liking you. Might even barge into your own mission or somehow insert himself into your everyday life
•His mouth: "Comrade, your form is great but if you'd want to keep beating me then you'll have to do some work~"
•His mind: "ohmygodpleasechokemewiththosethighs"
•He really started liking you because one of the times you were paired together for a mission, you two encountered a lost child. He saw that you were patient and kind towards the child which is basic human decency but nevertheless, he thought it was sweet.
•You better get ready for a small child who looks just like your irritating partner but more innocent to run up to you asking if you're the person his brother has been talking about in his letters.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•I was originally planning to make you a business competitor but that was a bit boring
•Instead, you're another hero in the shadows who protects Mondstadt when the sun goes down. (Batman 2.0)
•Many people gossip about you and the dark knight hero, always asking questions they will never have answers to. Who are they? Do they act together? Are they the same person?
•You first appeared around the time Stormterror first appeared along with a bunch of more hilichurls. Generally just when Mondstadt was in need of more strong helpers and there just so happened to be one, you.
•Diluc didn't really mind another person protecting Mondstandt, but he needed to know their motive. But somehow you slip out whenever he gets a chance to even glance at you
•Diluc was a bit more exhausted than usual one day because of overworking himself (tsk tsk)
•An abyss mage got him in the right moment and injured his leg. 
•Of course, you come out at the perfect moment and finish off the abyss mage and carried him to safety
•Ever since then, he not only focused on protecting Mondstandt, he also focuses on finding out your identity 
•Whether it's to give his thanks or just his curiosity, he wishes to be able to have contact with you again. After all, he needs to know who his "partner in crime" is. (It's totally not because he thinks it's attractive how strong you are oh no no noー)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•OKAY the thing is. I don't see him as someone who really gets competitive regarding his alchemy or art, he just gets curious about whoever this new person is
•He slowly noticed Klee started visiting him less and less. It didn't really bother him at first, she must've got into trouble and was in solitary confinement
•Until she started talking about a friend she has who has been very nice to her and how she loved fish blastin' with them!
•Although he doesn't admit it, he enjoys Klee's company and does not want to meet you, Klee says otherwise.
•It's okay, you must be a good person since Klee likes you and I need to make a good first impression so Klee won't be upsetー
•"Aww, are you afraid I'll steal your little sister?"
•Challenge accepted. 
•You somehow have a competition on who Klee likes more?
•Now he's being extra affectionate by giving Klee headpats, candy and even going fish blastin' with her! At first it wasn't that big of a deal until his affection started moving to you.
•He started instinctively being affectionate towards you, it might have embarrassed him but he somehow couldn't stop? He was just as confused as you (Klee in the background somehow just knows)
•Over time you stopped fighting over the title "Klee's big sibling" and just became Klee's big siblings.
•You went from bothering him during his experiments so that he'll mess up to visiting him during his experiments to check up on him. He went from drawing you in three strokes to being able to spend an entire day drawing you
•In conclusion, Klee has another big sibling
Tumblr media
《General Masterlist》
Tumblr media
Taglist: @urujiako , @simplyxsinned , @starglitterz , @alberivh , @noirkkat , @chichikoi , @oreoz-unfortunately , @bookuya , @shxnosuke , @abyssheart , @almond-adeptus , @masterofbrioches , @almondoufu , @thomaghosty , @tsu-simps-for-pretty-bois , @spottyspatula , @icecappa , @mayple , @fiona782 , @cozykaii
Send an ask if you want to be added!
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yeonkiminfan · 2 months ago
hi! I noticed that you're requests were open, so I wanted to make a nsfw request. it's been on my mind for a few days and you can pick whoever you want for this headcanon, but how would genshin characters react of their s/o never experienced aftercare? or anything other than the deed itself? just a thought I had.
Tumblr media
A S/o who hasn't experienced aftercare? GN!reader
Thoma, Childe, Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya
Note: hello anon! I have posted a virgin S/o with the genshin boys before! This is part 1 and this is part 2!
Warnings: This isn't really NSFW that much! Its more fluffy because reader deserves much love and affection ( o v o )/, Mentions of sexual acts, Cursing
♤ THOMA ||
He's actually quite a bit sad, when you mentioned that you weren't used to aftercare after sex :(
Wants the best for you and will show you how aftercare really is!
"What kind of asshole did you date before? [Name]..." He frowns as he pecks your forehead while carresing your shaking thighs.
"Don't answer that- I'll get mad anyways- I'll show you what aftercare really is!" He smiles fondly at you with eyes filled with love.
He does a lot of things for you! Making sure your all cleaned up after sex like putting scents that smells good in the bath!
Thoma massages your bum whenever you complain that it hurts, He doesnt want his partner to be hurt.
Malewife Thoma? Yes. He will cook for you in the morning and bring it to your bed!
He honestly is mad at the guy who dated you and didnt even bother giving aftercare when you both finished smh.
He's really pissed, Childe might be rough on you despite your first time with him as new lovers but he does take care of you so much after!
Childe would kill the guy if he ever met him <3 Afterall you deserve love and affection.
"Talking about that guy makes me on a bad mood, Well Im here to show you what aftercare is really like!" He giggles and pecks your lips.
Whatever size you are he can still carry you, Childe isn't a harbinger for nothing <3
He honestly is so sweet during aftercare because he himself knows that he goes rough at times.
Will whisper such sweet words like "You did so well for me baby", "I love you so much you know?"
Like Thoma, He will cook for you and even if he has to leave for harbinger duties that day, Childe will put a little sweet note beside it saying you should take a break once in a while
He's visibly concered- What kind of lover is your past partner-
Zhongli himself is very big down there, So he knows how much he had stretched you out. There are days when he doesn't put his cock in, But he still does aftercare!
"How rude of them to do that to you, Dont worry my dearest, I shall treat you better him" He smiles at you and caresess your cheeks with his fingers.
"Then shall we take a bath together? We both are covered in sweat and cum" Zhongli's deep laugh rang in your ears as you hide your flustered face on his naked chest.
Zhongli massages everything that you complained about being painful, He's really great at massaging! After your bath it wont hurt that much anymore but you are still numb!
If you're having trouble in falling asleep, He whispers a lot of stories he has within the 6000 years he had lived.
That voice of his can make anyone asleep at how warm and comforting it is (it can make you cream too/j)
♤ DILUC ||
He's kinda concerned and will make sure to give you a lot of aftercare. Diluc will bathe himself first since he wants you to calm down.
Honestly he looks so attractive with his hair tied up while hes patting wet clean towels on your skin so you dont bother standing up.
Diluc puts on music as he pats your body with absolute care, Treating you like fragile glass.
He hums with the song and made sure to clean the sheets himself when you both are finished cleaning up yourselves, He doesnt wanna bother the maids with his and yours mess afterall...
Diluc isnt that good with words so when he hugs you to sleep, Its very comforting and very warm.
His hugs feels very safe so you can trust Diluc no matter how hard he goes onto fucking you, Your comfort after sex with him is his absolute priority.
♤ KAEYA ||
He's honestly so pissed at the guy, But nonetheless lets it go and will show you how better he is than that dude 🙄
Kaeya likes overstimulating you often so he does have a lot of water bottles on the ground when youre feeling thirsty during or after sex.
"Do you wanna drink some water baby? Are you too tired to continue? Just say it to me and I'll stop" Kaeya pecks your lips.
"No no...You can continue..." He smiles and continues what he was doing.
He likes to tell you that he geniunely loves you and that you did so well.
Kaeya also teases you a lot if you both wake up at the morning when you cant walk, "Im that good huh" You had to slap that cocky smile out of his face smh
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luvajax · 17 days ago
Author’s Notes; This is just sleeping with them like actually bed time sleeping!
• Characters: Albedo, Ayato, Childe, Diluc, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha Kaedehara, Scaramouche, Xiao, + Zhongli
Tumblr media
It’s not often you both fall asleep at the same time. He’s usually trying to finish an experiment with Sucrose that he doesn’t want push off until tomorrow. So he’ll come and join you in bed a couple hours later. Albedo tends to make some noise when he sneaks and slips himself under the covers with you. Every time he does he always levels himself, so that he can view your face. Usually you sleep turned to him, but if you don’t he’ll hug you from behind and use you as his pillow. If you are sleeping, he’ll caress your cheek very gently, before falling asleep. On other occasions he might stare at your eyes if you’re awake.
He’s gentle, and it’s rare to be awaken by his presence when he climbs into bed with you. A majority of the time he goes to bed quickly after you, only to cuddle with you before he sleeps. He knows you get cold and prefer his embrace much more. Ayato always makes sure you’re more comfortable than he is in bed. You’ll always find yourself nuzzling your head into his chest while he fall asleep just from your warmth. Brings you both a shared amount of comfort. And his arms wrapped around you is like a cherry on top. He’s a very quiet sleeper and every once in a while, you can feel his breath on your cheek.
Tired man, despite how energetic his personality is. Childe comes in at home very late, so he has managed to gain a rookie skill of not waking or disturbing you. He always tends to sleep with a shirt off usually from battling and coming home to take a hot shower. Makes him sweat. When he joins you in bed, he always makes sure you’re in his sweaty arms somehow. It’s the only way to make him fall asleep, and he acted like a childish baby if you weren’t in his arms. He always fell asleep in your hair too.
Diluc is a cunning, gentle man. Always being careful in making too much noise. He always and successfully manages to never wake you up, whether he goes into bed after you or he wakes up before you. He’s gentle and lets you sleep on his back or chest if you wish. Doesn’t fully have you in his arms but likes it when you have your back to his chest, as he caresses your cheeks very carefully. Seeing you sleep so peacefully besides him, makes him fall asleep as well. He might snore slightly, but it never bothers you’re sleep.
Itto is a very playful guy, and without fail, always can manage to wake you. Whether you go in before him or after him. He’s an energetic man too, and tends to talk a lot. His snoring can be loud, but you’ll get used to it eventually. He likes it and prefer if you use his body as a bed. Because that way he is sere and knows that you are better off protected in his arms like that. He is a heavy sleeper and it’s hard to make him wake up in the morning. But at least he doesn’t take up most of the blankets.
He’s a sly man, and surprisingly takes up more of the blanket. He’s cold and always teases you saying you have him to use as a heater. But it’s only a mild joke. Kaeya will always want to make sure you’re more comfortable than him. He tries not to wake you up, and falls asleep much faster when you’re in his arms. He whispers endearing things into your ears watching you fall asleep to them. And he’ll end up falling asleep into the crook of your neck for comfort. Waking up is a blessing since he is always so warm and gentle in the mornings.
Kazuha is a gentle guy. He always sleeps besides you, and prefers it a bit more when you hold him sometimes. He has no problem with you using him a pillow or for more comfort and warmth. He goes to bed the same time you do, so that way he doesn’t worry about you getting hurt or anything. He adores sleeping with you, and he’ll always read you his poetry to help you fall asleep despite the fights you might have shared with him that day. He’ll always kiss your cheek right before he goes to bed and falls asleep, as well.
Scaramouche, a diffcult guy. He is very picky when it comes to sharing the blanket, and always complains if it is too cold or too hot in the room on the nights. Though he somehow manages to always seek you for comfort every time by the end of the night. Whether that is placing his head on your back or just forcing himself to squeeze himself between your arms. If he’s jealous or needy he’ll have you linger in his arms for the night. You’ll sometimes hear him swear in his sleep and it can be the cutest yet scariest thing ever.
Xiao, not a loud one to disturb you in his sleep. He likes it when you rest your head on his chest whether it’s bare or not, and he can play with the strands of your hair before falling asleep. He always likes to press kisses to your head to make you fall asleep faster. Sometimes he’ll fall asleep before you and forgot to play with your hair a bit. Other nights he might wake up during his sleep. He makes sure not to wake you up though. During the early mornings when it’s still dark outside he never bothers to move an itch if he is already awake. He’d never want his darling to wake up too, in discomfort.
Lastly, Zhongli is a man of gentle nature. He always knows what you like best for your sleep. And he tries not to be too loud while he sleeps besides you. Always offering you tea before you go to bed, and softly yet calmly whispering stories to you. Either in whispers or a soft spoken voice. He’ll make sure you fall asleep before him, and he’ll shortly fall asleep after. He has no problem with you laying your head against his chest, as it gives him a little feeling of safety, knowing that you were safe with him.
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blubagel · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one of my personal favorites 🤤 zhongli and Childe eating you out and running their tongue all over your pussy
🔞 eating out, degrading kink, choking, suffocating, heavy smut, porn without plot, female reader (not proofread)
Zhongli, Childe
Tumblr media
Zhongli -
He probably never experienced something like this before. So your going to have to guide him and show him how great you taste.
Grinding on his face while he hold out his tongue against your wet cunt as he’s being suffocated between your thighs.
His tongue made you feel so good, that you ever wondered what his cock can do for you
“Mmm just like that…” Zhongli was laying his back on the sheets as his veiny hands roughly held onto your legs. Muffled noises were heard from him as he couldn’t speak because of your pussy in his face.
“D-Doing so well, are you sure you haven’t done this before?”
You spoke while playing with his brown and yellow strands giving him the praise he deserves for doing so well for his first time. You tangled your fingers in his hair while slightly moving your hips from side to side which earned some shaky breathes from you. His mouth had opened wider to lick more areas of your clit while one of his arms are reaching for the huge bulge in his pants. Your shaky breaths eventually turned to moans as your head fell back to look at the ceiling paint.
You decided to grind your cunt on his mouth to cause some friction for you, which made you loudly groan. Your hips bucked forward slowly and started going faster while feeling his warm wet tongue slide forward and back and in between your folds. His hand was already in his pants, fisting and pumping his own cock. Grabbing the base and wiping off the precum that left a damp spot in his dark pants.
“hah-ah— fuck—“ You cursed. “nghmm! Faster!” You pushed your hips forward a few times but extra quickly. If someone were to look at your face right now, they could easily see the whites of your eyes, your tongue out, and your swollen lip from the harsh biting.
Zhongli made you so dumb on just his tongue, you honestly wondered what it would feel like to have his cock stretching you out. Jumping on his dick like a little whore. Feeling him hitting your cervix with ever thrust, and him cumming inside you. Fantasizing about his cock got you turned on more.
Pushing your hips forward again, you sat up to give him some space to breathe. You both were a panting and moaning mess. Even you sitting up, Zhongli’s hand never left his cock, still moving it from the base to the tip. You were too dumb to count as many times you’ve orgasmed. His face was covered with cum and his face was coated with red blush.
“You seem to be enjoying this?” He nodded his head slowly. You sat on his face again but you tried to go as faster then before. You used your knees to keep your cunt on his face and your hands on his hair to pull him forward. Slightly jumping making him kiss your clit every time you sat down. Your ass was slapping on his chest as he gripped your thigh so hard it left marks that’ll stay for hours. whining and moaning as a reaction to this amazing feeling. “Mm.”
You grabbed your breasts and started flicking your nipples, and started coating them with saliva and rubbing them softly. Wet skin slapping noises could be heard around the room while you shook his head with your thighs suffocating him and forced out your final pant as you hear him gulp your load in his mouth.
Your finally off of him as you placed a soft kiss on his jaw while slightly tasting yourself. You backed away and held his cock while sliding it through your folds.
“Mm, I want to ride you, I wanna bounce on your cock so bad.”
Childe -
He knows what to do. He would know what gets you turned on and how you like to be fucked
When eating you out though- he prefers you to sit on your back and let you take in all the pleasure he gives you.
He’s the performer, while you’re his audience and he likes it that way
Childe is obsessed with the way you taste. Running his tongue over your cunt while using his hand to rub circles once in a while. “More Childe~” you would cry. That itself would turn him on more and make him smirk.
Your head was tilted to the side while heavy sighs and moans would escape your lips. You were stripped of all clothing, while he didn’t think of even taking his pants off. Childe pulled you closer to him and started teasing your clit with his tongue. “Mm, I make you feel good don’t I?” He said quietly automatically sending vibrations to your wet coated cunt. He tightly gripped your inner thighs and pushed your legs above your chest.
“Keep them there.” Childe smiled. He slapped your ass which resulted in you groaning and caressing the place he slapped you.
He spread you legs even further then used both his ring finger and index to spread your walls and pushed his tongue deeper into you. Even with just his pants on, his cock is rock hard. He would love to just pound his deep thrusts into you until you forgot where you are. His eyes were lust crazy as he looked at you satisfyingly.
“I should do this more often you look adorable like this..” He chuckled when he saw you balled the white clothed sheets with your fists. He couldn’t take it anymore
“Unfortunately, I’m now getting impatient.” The belt on his pants had been removed as he pulled down the front of his hands revealing his large veiny and erect cock.
“I just know I’d be able to make you feel good with my cock buried in that wet pussy of yours”
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scaramoon · 6 months ago
calling him by the wrong name prank
Tumblr media
genre/warnings: fluff(?), a little jealousy, mentions of cheating (though it never actually happens), mild swearing in zhongli and childe’s.
notes: reblogs help me tons, pls n ty :3 ack and i apologize, kaeya’s is a bit shorter than i’d like
Tumblr media
━━ diluc;
“hey, kaeya?”
diluc lifted his head and looked around the tavern for the cryo wielder. angel’s share wasn’t open yet, so he wasn’t really sure how kaeya had gotten in.
that is until diluc noticed you were looking at him and not at kaeya.
“come again, love?”
“oh! i meant diluc, sorry.” you said, even though there were only faint traces of sincerity. “anyway, do you think that we can-”
diluc’s stare was cold and unfeeling. you supposed that he was never overly kind to anyone, but then again he looked a lot more intimidating now than he usually was. he never broke eye contact, and even when you slouched and looked down, his eyes bore into you.
“why did you call me that?”
when you looked back up at him, you found that his jaw was set and he was white-knuckling the cloth he used to clean glasses.
“diluc, it was just a prank,” you laughed. “kaeya did put me up to it though.”
“i’ll kill him.” diluc said, a soft smile reaching his lips. the tension in his shoulders visibly dissipated.
you just laughed at diluc, knowing that he was joking. he gave you a fond smile from across the counter, though you didn’t see it.
venti had walked in a few moments before diluc’s last comment, quiet in order to not interrupt the both of you. the door made a small sound as it closed, but other than that, the bard was quiet as he observed.
you knew a lot of things about diluc, probably more than most others he was close with, but yet there was still one thing you hadn’t noticed. one thing that seemingly everyone else had.
the way he looked at you whenever you weren’t looking at him was... well, venti could write thousands of limericks that could never describe the emotion held in the diluc’s eyes, paired with the seemingly unconscious smile on his lips.
venti supposes that a more diluted version of it would be “love”.
━━ kaeya;
“oh, diluc, i’ve been meaning to-”
kaeya didn’t miss a beat. just as quickly as his heart had sunk, he was speaking, “you know that i’m kaeya, right? your lover?”
you gave him a smile. it seemed innocent of course, as though you hadn’t just been the cause of the pain in his chest and the lump in his throat.
“yeah, thats-”
“your only lover, right?”
you frowned at that, and you began to regret saying it. studying his face, you found his eyebrows pinned in worry — or was it fear? — and glassy eyes.
“of course, kaeya. i was just kidding, actually it was diluc’s idea. you know that i would never do... that to you.”
he nodded and stepped towards you, then wrapped his arms around you. he held you close to his chest as he pressed a kiss to your head.
“i know. i love you.”
“i love you too, kaeya.”
“of course you do, dove. c’mon, let’s see if we can go home early tonight, how’s that?” kaeya said, smiling at you.
you smiled at him and nodded, taking his hand as you walked home.
━━ xiao;
“zhongli!” you cheered happily, making your way over to xiao. “i found... what?”
xiao normally looked tense whenever he wasn’t tucked away and hiding from humans, and sometimes even when it was just him he was on edge. but you swear you see his body freeze.
it reminded you of a dog raising it’s hackles, as though you could see xiao building his walls back up again.
you regretted your choice to play this prank on him. however, before you could explain yourself he was gone.
from the top of wangshu inn, xiao was replaying the short conversation in his mind. verr goldet had mentioned to him before about how protective he could be of you, though he couldn’t be sure if he was over reacting.
much worse thoughts were running through his mind, but tried to convince himself that it was just how much time you’d spent with zhongli lately... right? even then, could you really get your lover and your friend mixed up so easily?
you knew xiao. you knew where he would be. though tedious and painstakingly slow, you were climbing on the roof of wangshu inn.
until you weren’t.
“you’re going to get hurt like that. you’ll fall.” xiao said, his voice was stern but he wouldn’t make eye contact with you.
it took you a few moments to register that xiao was the reason you were now suddenly in the kitchen. no one was here to see him, and yet you could see how on edge he looked.
“i didn’t... it was supposed to be a prank, you know i’m not like that.” you said it as though you were testing your waters, a little unsure of yourself.
he swallowed thickly and cleared his throat. “then... you...” xiao always seemed confident when he spoke. he always used a tone that showed he was sure of himself. this time, however, he sounded lost. “are you sure?”
“of course i am, i promise. i love you, xiao.”
he narrowed his eyes as though he was trying to decipher something. “i... i love you too.”
━━ zhongli;
“oh, childe, do- I mean, zhongli, do you think i should get this?” you asked, holding some sort of elixir neither of you could identify.
childe and you had been spending more and more time with each other as of late due to something you were supposed to be investigating, but somehow you’d managed to befriend the harbinger.
and of course childe had given you the idea, telling you it would be funny to watch the archon get jealous.
you looked over to zhongli to see if he’d caught the mistake. his eyebrows knitted in confusion, but he didn’t say anything about it.
“uhm,” he cleared his throat and adverted his gaze to another curious item. “if you wish to. but don’t use it without knowing what it does, it might be a poison of some sort.”
you found that strange. a part of you wondered if he’d heard you, and another part of you wondered if he even cared... he did, right?
you got your answer later that night as you walked along the harbor. the sound of childe’s laughter filled your ears, followed by zhongli’s voice.
“this isn’t funny.” his voice was stern, frustrated even. “you expect me-”
“listen,” childe started, though it was clear from his tone that he was trying not to laugh. “i swear i don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”
“there is no reason that you need to be around them so much. i thought you to be an honorable man, but-”
so that’s what he was talking about.
“zhongli?” you asked, and his face flushed whenever he turned to look at you. “love, thats not- it was just a joke that childe told me to pull. you know i would never hurt you like that.”
zhongli’s eyes turned back to childe, who was still trying his hardest to hold back laughter. and then he was walking over to you, interlacing his own fingers with yours, and leading you away.
“i know that, love,” zhongli said softly. “but still i worry. i apologize for that, i usually have a lot more rationale.”
“i’m the one that should be apologizing, i really didn’t know you’d think about it that much.”
he squeezed your hand lightly. “it’s alright. perhaps as a bit of payback you could stay with me tomorrow, hm? i’m sure childe can manage a single day without your help.”
━━ childe;
“zhongli! look, there’s a-”
“zhongli isn’t here, y/n.” childe said, eyeing you curiously. the way his body tensed and seemed to freeze caught your attention.
a more mature side of you knew you shouldn’t do this, but childe had begun playing tricks lately and after his most recent one you decided to get him back. he’s said your name though; pet names were almost the only thing he called you by, but he’d used your name, so you could tell he was getting bothered.
“yeah, i know. i said ‘childe’.” you responded.
he huffed and rolled his eyes away from you, growing agitated. he knew that he could trust you and he was fairly sure he could trust zhongli. then again, childe had always worried about his relationship with you — his job called for him to leave with almost no warning, and he never knew how long he’d be gone.
so of course he worried about you getting bored of that, of him, but he always brushed it off. it was unfounded... wasn’t it?
“i’m not dense. it’s not the first time you’ve said it, either. if... if you really don’t want...” fuck, was he really about to cry right now of all times? “i mean, you know i don’t wanna choose between my job and my partner, but maybe i can work something out with the other-”
“no, no,” you interrupted him, feeling your heart clench. “i was just kidding, baby. thought it was payback for your prank the other day, remember?”
he pouted almost dramatically, but you could see the tension release and his expression become more relaxed. childe pulled your close to his chest, burying his face into your neck.
“alright, but no more pranks. and i won’t either, promise... seriously though, i think if i talk to-”
“shut up.” you said, playfully hitting him. “if i do something like that just because you aren’t home, you shouldn’t be with me anyway.”
you felt him smile as he pressed a kiss to your neck. “i love you.”
“i love you too.”
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paradise-creator · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
That wasn't meant to happen!
Prompt: For your safety, they never showed you on their streams before. But accidents can happen, and well, at least they don't have to hide you anymore.
Queen's notes: I was supposed to add Dainsleif and Kazuha but I'll put them in another part if I ever get ideas! This piece is for @genshin-scenarios 's collab! So please check them out.
Tumblr media
Childe, Tartaglia
➤ Childe had always mentioned he had a lover but for your safety and privacy, he never showed you on cam.
➤ He decided to do a 15 hour stream one day. And it included a variety of games
➤ Since he was tired, he didn't notice that he forgot to end his stream
➤ And well, finally his fans get to see who had captured Tartaglia's heart.
"Thanks for coming to my stream, comrade! Phew, that was quite a journey no?" Tartaglia said as he waved at the camera. A series of goodbyes and take cares were sent in the chat, signally for him to go rest. "Till next time my friends," He added. With a smile, he "ended" the stream.
With a long sigh, he rubbed his eye. An 15 hour long stream was more tiring than he thought. He didn't notice that his stream was still running. And since the notifications and chat sounds were on mute, he couldn't hear the chat at all. And with his vision slightly blurry from no rest, he couldn't see it either.
"Babe~" he whined. He pushed his chair back and turned it towards the door. He didn't want to move, he was too tired. "Babe! I'm done streaming! Come cuddle me~~" He added even louder. Footsteps can be heard and a soft chuckle too. "Now now, what's got you so clingy?" the fans heard a voice said.
And from out of the frame, they saw Tartaglia's lover. They were surprised to see his lover. They didn't really think this would be the reveal. Tartaglia smiled and pulled you on towards him. With you standing up, he squished his face against you. Nuzzling himself in your warmth. "Can we get take out later?" He asked. He looked up at you with a pout and all you could do was sigh. "Fine,"
He smiled and stood up. He then leaned in and kissed you softly. He held your waist and pulled you closer. Once he pulled away, he buried his head on your shoulder. "I'm tired~" He whined. You patted his head. "Well let's turn off your pc now," You then said. You turned to the computer and froze. Feeling your movement, he looked at you. He blinked for a few moments before turning to the computer too.
"Oh, hello!" Childe then said waving, realizing he hasn't stopped it yet. "You told me it was done!" You responded. The ginger can merely chuckle in dismay. What's done is done I suppose.
Diluc's part UTC!
Tumblr media
Diluc, Dark knight
➤ Diluc is a secretive type of streamer. He doesn't share about his life but they do know he has a lover.
➤ It was Fan games Friday when it happened. Diluc was playing a horror game suggested by his fans.
➤ The usual stoic man was a little frightened by the game itself so much so that when he flinched something fell of his car
➤ This led to you bursting into his room, checking if he is okay
Diluc was sitting on his chair nervous. He was getting ready for the jumpscare. He was playing a horror game after all. His fans enjoyed seeing the usually calm man so panicked. It was a nice change of demeanor. But as the jumpscare approached, it came out earlier than he expected. Diluc flinched, his hand hitting the table which caused his closed water bottle to topple over. But it hit one of the standby speakers and it fell, along with a few items too.
It made a huge thud! Even the fans were concerned over what fell. Suddenly, they hear a door open. Diluc turned to the open door, just making sure it wasn't a ghost. And once he saw you he calmed down. You, however;
"Oh my, are you okay?"
Your worried voice can be heard. Then they saw you check up on the red head. Making sure that he was not injured and was safe. He nuzzle into you as a sign that he's okay. Taking your hand he kissed it and smiled. "I am alright my love. My equipment, however," He then said looking at the broken speakers and items on the ground.
Diluc then turned to the camera. "I apologize for the commotion, it seems as I hit the table a little too hard," He then added pushing his chair and hinself back into place. He then started to read the chat, smiling softly at all the cute comments. He motioned for you to sit on the chair with him. Whether you are on his lap or on the chair, or heck even on another chair completely. He'll kiss your forehead and non-chanlantly continues his game.
He does occasionally bury his face on you, shielding his eyes from the screen.
Tumblr media
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seakicker · 6 days ago
foul legacy tounge fucking you with his long monster tounge *giggles*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i just wanna say i am SO glad all four of us are on the same page when it comes to "foul legacy childe having a very long tongue" because god... all i'm able to think about sometimes with foul legacy childe is how he must have the biggest, pointiest, sharpest teeth and the longest, slimiest, thickest tongue under that mask yknow... boy what that mouf do!!!
also side note, i think i describe foul legacy childe to be bigger than he already is in canon (in terms of height, hand size, etc.) but you know what? good for me. it's what we deserve. massive foul legacy childe is what we all deserve. <3
Tumblr media
well, aren't you just adorable like this? look at you, your body's so small compared to his while he's in this form... he can cradle your body effortlessly in one hand, supporting the weight of your entire frame with just one of his hands. you're like a little doll, lying limp in his palm as he toys with you however he pleases. he thinks it's fun to toy with you, prod you, and play with you like this— poking a long, clawed finger at your breasts, lifting you up off the ground and holding you in his big, strong arms, and, most importantly of all, effortlessly overstimulating you as you squirm in his hold and weakly beg for mercy.
he had torn your tights and your panties right down the center with one of his claws, leaving your pussy bare and exposed for him and him alone— he would never let anyone else get the pleasure of experiencing you when you're like this. you don't even care about him ruining yet another pair of tights and yet another pair of panties (he kinda has a thing for just ripping your clothes to shreds in this form rather than allowing you to strip yourself; it's an easy display of power for him that really gets you and him going), all you can care about is the feeling of his long, almost reptilian tongue licking up one of your thighs, swirling over your pubic bone, and ultimately tracing down to lap a stripe over your pussy.
there's a low, echoing chuckle that rumbles from childe's chest when you squirm in his grasp, letting out a tiny whine of his name as he flicks his tongue back and forth over the lips of your cunt and your swollen clit, teasing you endlessly until you're all but begging for him to fuck you with his tongue the way he knows you like. you're shivering and squirming helplessly as he just continues to tease you— there's nothing he loves more than rendering you a whiny, pliant, desperate mess— and he's amused by just how wet you're already getting for him; he can see your wetness shimmering on your inner thighs as he continues to tease you.
before he indulges you, he'll humiliate you a little more just because it's fun. being able to play with his darling little lover like they're little more than a doll is way too fun for him for cut back on— he wants to work you up until you're crying and begging to be fucked by him. childe hunches over, his mask splits open, and he's revealing those two rows of sharp, jagged fangs and that long, slimy tongue you love so much. he intimidates you in just the right way— he never scares you, as he's still soft for you even while he's humiliating you and working you up to the point of tears. his overwhelming size, stature, and presence intimidate you in the way that arouses you; you like feeling small and helpless before him like this. childe will give your cheek a long lick with his tongue just like a beast, prodding at your skin with the tip of his tongue as he brings his other hand up to rub against your bare pussy. you moan when he commands you to open your mouth with that deep, rumbling voice of his and you obey, shyly opening your mouth and wincing when some of the saliva dripping off of his tongue lands onto your tongue. he chuckles and requests that you just hold his saliva on your tongue in a pool for a moment before he allows you to swallow, and you're so embarrassed you could just melt, but you obey. you always obey him.
once he's had enough of teasing you and once he's decided that you've begged enough, he'll prod at your pussy once more with the tip of his tongue, and you don't realize how wound up you are until that simple alone gesture elicits a harsh, depraved whine from your throat. your boyfriend laughs again and swirls his tongue around your clit a few times for good measure, your back arching up off of the palm he's cradling your body in as you offer him one more "please". childe finally, finally gives in, sliding his tongue into you and, quite literally, fucking you with his tongue. it's not like when he's eating you out outside of his foul legacy form; when he's like this, he can literally fuck you with his tongue— it's certainly long enough and thick enough to fuck you with. he can reach your cervix with the tip of his tongue, lapping at the deepest part of your pussy as you squirm and writhe from the overwhelming sensation. there's absolutely nothing else in the world that compares to this feeling, and it comes as no surprise that childe's able to effortlessly pull orgasm after orgasm out of you like this.
by the time he finally pulls his tongue out of your pussy, you're so spent you can hardly tell up from down or left from right. your face is an absolute mess of tears and drool, your inner thighs a mess with your own release and his saliva. he'll be sure to tease you for making such a mess all over him; you've squirted onto his tongue and his arm, and his degrading, teasing remarks strike you as deeply as his tongue does. before you even have an opportunity to catch your breath, he's licking a line back up your thigh so he can overstimulate you all over again.
Tumblr media
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zomblez · 2 months ago
. ˚◞♡ ⃗ 🎐*ೃ༄ Things That Make The Genshin Boys Flustered . ˚◞♡ ⃗ 🎐*ೃ༄
If there’s any you’d like me to add let me know and I will ! <3 Make sure to follow and share so I stay motivated to make more !! Send in your requests as well :)
characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Venti, Kazuha, Albedo, and more if you request them !!
when you pay that little extra attention to him
like if you’re at the bar on the barstools watching Venti preform while Diluc washes some cups and someone slips and falls and you look over at him to make sure he saw what you saw he thinks that’s so cute
or if you’re having a conversation with someone even if it’s across the room and you turn and ask about his opinion on it he finds it very endearing
he knows he can be a bit awkward to make small talk with but once he gets comfortable with you he’ll start giving you a little extra conversation too and try to make more eye contact with you ( even though that makes him kinda nervous doing it to you )
when you’re wearing little details that he loves
Kaeya is actually very observant so if he sees you wear a type of sweater or earrings when you’re very excited to go somewhere he’ll take note and get excited too when seeing you wear it again
if you have a signature outfit or something you only wear on very special occasions he will go on and on about you to everyone when you’re out wearing them
“Oh look they got their little gloves on today,,” “haha look how cute they are walking around town right now”
but of course this is only when he’s admiring you from afar, if you’re in close contact he’ll probably tease you about it
this being said however, if you wear some thigh-highs or some slightly revealing clothing he will notice immediately and will have to put everything into what he has to control himself
your laugh I stg
he loves your laugh so much and will try to do anything in his power to make you laugh all the time
sometimes if you’re laughing really hard he’ll stop his own laughing to watch you and take it all in because it’s so cute
he probably will remember your laugh at random times of the day and start smiling so much
it keeps him light hearted and he swears that your laughter could probably fix anything
if you ever apologize for your laugh being too weird or loud he would probably sit you down and lecture you until you give in
if you still refuse his sweet talking he’ll probably wrestle you till you give up lol
making eye contact tbh
if he’s a little spaced out from a long night and doesn’t even realize he’s been staring at you and you look over and give him a soft smile his heart would probably die
this probably happens a lot considering he likes to look over at you to see how you’re holding up or to see your reaction to something someone said or did
if he ever looks over and you’re already smiling at him and looking into his eyes he’ll probably turn away very quickly and scoff but his face is probably a whole new shade of red
he likes it especially if you’re talking to someone maybe in the Inn and you brag about him just a little bit and look over at him
“oh yeah for sure, Xiao is especially strong :)”
Holding on to his shirt <3
When he’s taking you through crowds or whenever you get nervous and you reach up and grab onto his sleeve or bottom of his shirt :)
It makes him feel important and he wants to protect you and be strong for you so this makes him very happy
he’ll try to play it off but he’s probably got the biggest smile and his face will be turning red
may archons have mercy if he gets out of the arranged napping spot like the Windrise tree or on a couch and you sleepily tug on the end of his shirt
he’ll get back down and watch your sleeping face so carefully thinking only the sweetest things about you
feeling your presence really close
if he’s working on something and he feels you slightly looming over his shoulder he’ll get to nervous and will make a mistake somehow
he’d try to play it off and sound composed by saying something like “Hello Y/n.” but as soon as you say “Hello Albedo.” so so close to him he’ll have to stop what he’s doing
when he feels you watching him paint and you complement him on it and sound so genuine and really try to convince him it’s the best you’ve ever seen it makes him put his face in his hands
“Albedo that’s so good. No I’m serious! It’s actually so so good!”
seeing him worked up as you’re getting to him makes you smile real big and your smile just pushes him over the edge
subtle hand contact
picking something up he dropped and placing it into his hands that are perfectly bigger than yours and feeling your fingertips brush against his hand makes him so nervous
if you’re trying to see something over a crowd or from wherever he’s looking and you put your hand on his shoulder to support you as you go on your tiptoes he’ll have to turn his head a bit away from you :,)
if you really want to make his heart explode grasp his hand in both of yours when talking about something you’re passionate about or when complementing him, this will make him have to face you >:)
if he can, he’ll try to interlock pinkies with you in moments <3
If there’s any you’d like me to add let me know and I will ! <3 Make sure to follow and share so I stay motivated to make more !! Send in your requests as well :)
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albakore · 3 months ago
Away From Home
Characters: Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Thoma/Tohma (fem!reader) (fic)
Synopsis: (office!au) Even your boss Zhongli has moments where self control goes out the window to make way for carnal desires.
Warnings: not sfw (18+) reverse harem, (an orgie?), semi public sex again, creampie, oral (giving), petnames (angel, princess, gem), squirting, umm? did i miss anything?, not proofread because im lazy if you catch any errors feel free to shoot me an ask,
A/N: This is a part two to Office Adventures but t's not necessary that you read it before this. I don't know if people were expecting a direct continuation of the last one but I took some creative liberty because I felt like that would be boring and instead created a whole new scenario, I hope you all enjoy it just the same!
⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⊰⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅∙∘☽༓☾∘•⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅ ⊰ ⋅•⋅
The sexual tension in the office since that (ahem) eventful meeting had been nothing short of palpable, as Lisa had been ever so kind to point out. Even Jean and Eula were starting to grow frustrated with the way Childe and Kaeya made it painstakingly obvious their lust for you, and as you explained to Jean apologetically, they just wouldn't seem to take your request to tone it down seriously. Though you couldn't deny that even you often found your mind wandering as you sat alone in your office, frequently coming to remember the way you wobbled out of the meeting room that day, cunt quivering and leaking cum.
Luck seemed to be on Jean's side however, because this week you found yourself away from the office on an important regional business conference accompanied by none other than the men themselves, leaving her alone in charge of the office for a few days. The adventure of being in a new place was always exciting; there was light in your eyes as your plane touched down just outside the city, the skyline stood shimmering off in the distance. Though, as Diluc so gracefully reminded you, this was not a vacation but a business trip and most of your time would be consumed by meetings and other work-related affairs.
"(Name)!" You heard someone call from behind you. You were walking back to the hotel after another boring day of drifting in and out of meetings with people you hardly knew and topics you hardly cared about.
"Hm?" Your head turned to see three familiar figures waving at you as they approached.
"Care to join us for dinner? It'll be our treat." Childe asked once they had caught up to you, falling into step beside you.
"Where are you guys going?" You asked. You silently took in the appearance of the boys beside you. You hadn't gotten a chance to see them all day since you greeted them at the complimentary hotel breakfast bar this morning, and you had to admit they cleaned up nicely. You admired the three's formal dress, remembering the way Zhongli had specifically lectured them on the importance of appearance at an event like this. You notes Thoma's expensive looking watch and Kaeya's tailored button-up shirt that was, of course, unbuttoned halfway now that the workday was over. Childe had his suit jacket thrown over his shoulder, one hand holding the jacket the other shoved in his pocket.
"Mr. Zhongli found this fancy looking French restaurant a few blocks away, he wanted us to get there before we missed our reservation time." Thoma answered.
"Where is he?" You asked, taking note of his and Diluc's absence from the group.
"He and Diluc got caught up in some last minute business they had to attend to. It's times like these I don't envy the higher up positions of our company's cofounders." Kaeya answered you this time. "No matter how attractive the pay increase may seem, I can only handle so much overtime."
"You can say that again." Childe chuckled in agreeance, "I can't tell you how many times I've left the office only to come back in the morning and find Zhongli still hunched over some paperwork."
"Hey, guys, I think this is the place." Thoma motioned to the building you were approaching, and you immediately realized that 'fancy looking' was an understatement. "Will you be joining us, Lady (Name)?" Thoma questioned, extending his hand as an invitation to you.
"I don't see why not." You flashed him a smile before placing your hand in his, allowing him to tug you along. Kaeya opened the door for you, gesturing to allow you to step inside first. You were awestruck by the inside -- if you thought ‘fancy looking’ was an understatement for the outside, then the inside could be described as nothing short of grandiose. There were round tables covered in white cloth and fancy silverware, a fountain sat in the middle of the room behind the hostess desk and elegant trimmings lining the staircase off on the far side of the room. You quickly quelled your shocked expression as the hostess approached you.
"We have a reservation for six under the name Zhongli." Childe told her. "We'll have two more joining us later."
She checked her ledger and quickly crossed off the name. "Right this way, sir." She said to Childe with a polite smile. She led your group away from the main room, opening the door to a nicely decorated single-table room with a pleasant and romantic vibe, most likely accredited to the soft lighting.
“Thank you.” Childe told her as you four took your seats. One side of the table had booth-style seating and the other side had individual chairs. She closed the door with a click, and before you knew it you were sat in between Kaeya and Childe on the booth side, with Thoma directly across from you. You picked up a menu and began flipping through it to get a feel for what items might interest you. Before long, Childe’s hand had found its way onto your thigh. You looked down at it before looking back at him, a silent prompt for an explanation. “What?” He inquired mischievously, thumb rubbing your skin gently.
You opened your mouth to respond, but before you could your server opened the door with a brief knock. Childe’s hand stayed firmly in place as the server introduced themselves before asking if they could get you guys anything to drink. Thoma and Childe ordered regular fountain drinks, and requested two extra waters be brought out preemptively for Diluc and Zhongli whenever they should arrive.
“Ah yes may I have a glass of your finest red wine.” Kaeya asked with a smile once it came his time to order, earning a look from you. “What? It’s coming out of Diluc’s pocket not mine, might as well make good use of it.”
"And I'll have a..." You started, feeling Childe's hand inch upwards as the servers gaze remained fixed on you. "Just a r-regular glass of water please." You managed to force out while trying to ignore the growing feeling of need that Childe's attention was causing you. You smiled at the server as they stated that they'd be right back with your drinks.
Moments after the server left, Thoma's phone started buzzing. He answered it and paused for a few moments before he stepped away saying something about needing to meet Diluc and Zhongli in the lobby. That left you alone trapped in a booth with two mischievous gazes focused on you. "I must say, (Name)," Childe started, "you look absolutely stunning tonight. You really took Zhongli's 'Dress to Impress' speech to heart it seems." His flirty demeanor was predictable, earning a chuckle and an eye roll from you. His fingers were tracing patterns into the flesh of your inner thigh, head resting in his other hand as he studied you. You felt Kaeya's arm snake around your torso, hand coming to rest on your hip.
"He's right, you should wear this outfit more often." Kaeya whispered into your ear.
“You know, typically you’re supposed to wine and dine me before you-“ A knock resonated from the door, cutting you off and causing Kaeya to pull away from you but neither him nor Childe made any effort to remove their hands from where they were situated. The server entered with the table’s drinks on a tray, dishing them out to their respective spots on the table before asking if anybody was ready to order. Kaeya told them politely that we would wait for the rest of the group to join us first, and with that they turned and exited the room again.
You watched as Kaeya reached for his no doubt expensive wine, taking a sip and letting out a satisfied hum. "This wine is absolutely divine, it's not often I get the chance to indulge in such luxury. Would you like to try some, angel?" Kaeya asked you while his fingertips traced your hips.
"Sure." You hummed back, reaching out to grab the glass but Kaeya stopped your hand. You looked at him quizzically, watching as he dipped two fingers into the glass and let the crimson liquid pool at his fingertips. He brought his fingers to your lips, waiting for you to part them. You did, but only ever so slightly, letting your tongue drag along his slender fingers with a hum of delight as you maintained eye contact with him. Once upon a time you may have been flustered by his actions, but ever since the incident in the meeting room you have become no stranger to these types of occurrences. You pulled away before pressing a kiss to the pads at the tip of his finger.
"Divine indeed, captain." You added teasingly, the nickname a reference to a costume he wore to a halloween party last year that had caught on and stuck around even months after. You watched his unreadable expression closely as you awaited his response. He grabbed your face, tugging you toward him so he could plant a firm kiss on your lips while he caressed your cheek gently. You felt Childe's hand inch upward yet again further and further before finally reaching your clothed sex. Your breath hitched as Kaeya deepened the kiss, Childe rubbing you through thin material at a teasingly slow pace. You shifted your hips, trying to gain more friction from his fingers.
Kaeya pulled back from the kiss to let you catch your breath. "You know, there is one thing that would make this wine taste better." He kissed along your jaw and down your neck, breath fanning your skin as he continued. "If I could pour it over your chest and lick it off of you, slowly, inch by inch while you squirmed under my touch. That would make this experience undeniably perfect." You felt a shiver run down your spine, hand intertwining with his hair. As if working in tandem with Kaeya, Childe took this opportunity to slip his fingers past the barrier of fabric, your slick making his fingers run smoothly over your folds. Your free hand extended over to Childe's lap so you could palm him through his pants, thumb caressing the imprint of his erection. He let a breathy moan right next to your ear, fingers slipping into your heat.
"This is our reserved room, correct?" Zhongli’s voice resonated from just outside the door before the door swung open. He stepped in, followed by Diluc and Thoma. Your eyes met with Zhongli's as you tried futilely to push the lustful duo off of you. You filled with embarrassment when you thought about how sleazy you must look with Kaeya's lips attached to your neck and Childe's fingers squelching in and out of you. "Thoma, switch with (name), please. Evidently these two are incapable of practicing self control."
"W-what?" You protested, stomach sinking at the thought of disappointing your boss.
"Seriously, you two wouldn't know good timing if it hit you in the face. Your hotel rooms are literally a few yards away from each other." Diluc scoffed, tossing his suit coat over the back of his chair before pulling it out and sitting in it.
Childe pulled away from you, frowning at Diluc's words. "If I'm not mistaken, it was you who was moaning her name last night while you were alone in the shower, no?"
"And if I'm not mistaken, I'm still your boss. Watch how you talk to me." Diluc shot back immediately, crossing his arms over his chest. You scooted out of the booth, over Childe's lap, effectively pulling away from the two.
"Sorry.." You fiddled nervously with the hem of your skirt, still trying to recover from the embarrassment.
"You misunderstand me, gem, I'm not upset at you in the slightest." Zhongli smoothed over some of your hair comfortingly. "I specifically had a talk with these two about keeping things professional on this trip. This has nothing to do with you or your actions." You stared at him for a second before nodding. You took your place in between Zhongli and Diluc, directly across from where you had been previously sitting.
"How did your meetings go?" Zhongli asked you, tone much softer than the one he had just taken with Childe and Kaeya.
"They were boring for the most part, I managed to make a few connections though so that's good. What about you?" You responded, tuning out Diluc and Childe's bickering in the background.
"Stressful, I had many presentations to give, and only few bode over well."
"That's just how it goes." Thoma chimed in. "Tomorrow is a new day filled with new opportunity, I'm sure you'll do better."
"Stressful, eh? Fortunately for you, I know of the perfect way to relieve stress." Kaeya, ever the troublemaker, fixed his gaze on you pointedly for a few seconds to allow his point to get across. He just couldn't help himself when the ball was set up fo perfectly for him to spike it. You studied Zhongli's expression, his face remaining stoic as he processed Kaeya's innuendo.
"Unfortunately, the rules I set for you two apply to me as well. It would be wholly unfair to not hold myself to the same standard I hold my staff." Zhongli answered effortlessly. Seems like all these years of press conferences seemed to have really sharped his ability to form charismatic responses. Wait, 'unfortunately'?
"C'mon, Zhongli, (name)'s had eyes for us just as much as we've had eyes for them. You should see the look they get on their face when they're alone in their office." Childe laughed after ending his bickering session with Diluc. Your eyes went wide at that, having whole-heartedly believed you were being careful about when to indulge in your fantasies. "Besides, doesn't fucking them senseless sound like the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of meetings."
Zhongli seemed like he was still struggling to process his comment, resolve chipping with every second. He couldn't deny the nights he spent replaying the image of you bent over that table while he pleasured himself, and tonight was shaping up to be no different -- well, that would have been the case had he not attended this dinner. His eyes shifted over to you, inner turmoil apparent in them. Evidently, your response would be the deciding factor that pushed Zhongli to either side of the fence.
"He's not wrong." You shrugged, offering Zhongli a small smile. It was a simple sentence, only three words and yet… You watched his expression darken in that moment, his half hard erection already apparent in his pants.
"Thoma," you immediately noted the way his voice seemed to have dropped an octave. His gaze never once left yours.
"Yes boss?" Thoma responded almost instantly.
"Lock the door." Zhongli growled. Your heart skipped a beat, you felt heat rush straight to your core. The way Zhongli was looking at you made you feel bare even though not a single article of clothing had been removed from your form, at least not yet.
"The waitress is going to come back to place our order though." Diluc seemed to be the only voice of reason in this scenario. Thoma returned, scooting back into his spot in the booth, forcing Childe to be the one trapped in the middle this time. "That's gonna look awfully suspicious."
"Frankly, I can't seem to bring myself to care about that right now." Zhongli stood from his seat. He turned toward you, motioning for you to stand as well. "We'll tell them I had an important announcement that I didn't want getting interrupted or something." He lifted you at the hips and set you down on the table, placing himself in between your legs and pulling your core to meet his crotch. His lips caught yours, deep and breathtaking, as his hands roamed over your body. He tugged your shirt to untuck it until his fingers came into contact with the hem. He pulled it up, breaking the kiss to allow him to discard your shirt.
You found yourself rocking against him as his lips worked down your neck and chest. A new pair of hands hooked themselves under your bra clasp. You looked back to see Childe's arm extended. He pushed the straps off your arms, allowing the bra to fall away and expose your breasts. The cool air made your nipple perk instantly. You felt Childe's hands tug you down gently, allowing your back to lay against the cool cloth. You looked over to see Diluc's hands full of your table's drinks as he set them off to the side to avoid any accidents. Thoma eagerly took one of your nipples into his mouth while Kaeya's cold hand cupped the other.
Childe scooted the table away from him to provide him with the room to stand up. Your cheeks burned as you found yourself face to face with his still clothed erection. He chuckled at your expression, fingers caressing your cheek. He let his pointer finger trail delicately down your jaw to your chin, and then from your chin down your exposed neck. You shivered slightly at the way it tickled.
You felt someone tug down your skirt and your underwear, cool air rushing over your core. Zhongli had managed to free his member from his pants and was pumping himself outside of your field of vision. His other hand was pressed to your hip. He admired the way your chest heaved. Thoma and Kaeya littered your skin with bite marks and kisses. You watched intently as Childe followed in Zhongli's lead, freeing himself from his pants. Your lips parted slightly in anticipation, breath fanning the tip of Childe's dick with every exhale. Zhongli lined himself up with your entrance, you clenched your fists when you felt his tip push in. He sunk the rest of the way into you, a sigh of relief falling from his lips. He silently thanked Kaeya and Childe for prepping you so well before he had even arrived. Childe repeated this same process with your lips, slowly sinking into your mouth and relishing the feeling of your warm tongue wrapping around him.
The men both started thrusting at the same time but at very different paces. Childe was eager and less restrained, holding you steady while he fucked your face. He was also louder, not seeming to care if the staff or other patrons heard how good you were making him feel. Zhongli on the other hand was slower, drawing all the way out of you before slamming back into you. Though, after a few moments he seemed to compromise with himself and picked up the pace slightly, only drawing partially out of you, but still enough to let you feel his tip hit deep inside of you with each powerful thrust. You felt Diluc's familiar fingers come into contact with your clit, rubbing you in just the right way to make you clench around Zhongli and moan around Childe. Diluc left kisses all over your lower half, his long hair spilling over his shoulder and tickling your stomach.
The lewd sounds of slapping and kissing and sucking were all that could be heard in the room, along with Childe’s occasional unrestrained noises of pleasure. He moaned your name, head thrown back and mouth agape. His cheeks were flushed bright pink, and they only seemed to glow brighter the closer he got to cumming. Childe's pace became sloppy and erratic as he drew near to his own orgasm, thrusts becoming shallow as he chased euphoria. He pulled out right as he hit his high point so he could paint your chest with his cum. He moaned your name particularly loudly as he did, using his own hand to slowly lower himself down from his peak.
Kaeya pulled back and marveled at the marks he left on your skin, the imprints of his teeth visible in several spots. "My turn already?" He hummed, fingers tracing over the splotches and bruises on your skin. "A shame, I wasn't finished with my work of art yet." He stood up nonetheless as Childe fell back on the seat behind him, still trying to catch his breath. Kaeya quickly took his place, much to Thoma's disappointment. Kaeya's signature smirk hadn't left his face once while he admired the way your breasts glistened with a mixture of sweat and cum. He slowly undid the button to his pants, pushing them partially down his legs before moving to his underwear. You swear his cock bounced when it sprang free, tip flushed and absolutely beautiful. It seems this man truly didn't have an ugly bone in his body.
You felt Zhongli slowly coming undone inside you too, his cock twitching more and more every time he pushed himself into your smooth walls, even more so whenever Diluc's added stimulation made you clench around him. You felt yourself rock against his fingers, your own climax on the horizon. Zhongli gave one final thrust into you before you felt him spill his hot seed into you, his fingers digging into your hips in an attempt to ground himself. You moaned at the feeling of your walls being coated white. Kaeya took this as an opportunity to muffle you with his cock. He stuffed your mouth full of him, watching in a sort of satisfied sadistic fashion as you choked slightly on his length.
Zhongli pulled out of you after he finished cumming, panting heavily. You whined around Kaeya's cock at the loss of contact, hole clenching desperately around nothing. You squirmed your hips and mewled, hoping someone would get your wordless plea for some form of stimulation. Diluc, ever so observant, was the first one to pick up on your discomfort. "Aw, does my little princess want to be filled up again?" He asked tauntingly. "Do you want my cock inside of you?" His fingers continued to push you toward your orgasm. He chuckled at the way you jerked your hips into his touch, whines becoming louder still even with your mouth full of Kaeya's erection. As he felt your body start to tense, he withdrew his hand from your clit before you could cum. You pressed your thighs together while a groan left your lips, feeling frustrated tears well up in your eyes.
Diluc switched spots with Zhongli and unzipped his pants loud enough to get the anticipation in your stomach building rapidly. You heard fabric bunching and shuffling, and in turn took advantage of the adrenaline rush you were getting to eagerly please Kaeya. You hollowed your cheeks and allowed your tongue to work over him, lewd sucking noises escaping your lips. Kaeya groaned in response, his grip on your head tightening still as he bucked his hips into you frantically. You felt Zhongli's rough hands run over the skin of your breasts, centering on the nipples. You felt him wipe some of Childe's cum off you, and moments later the feeling of his fingers got replaced with his tongue as he sucked slightly on the soft flesh.
You sucked in a sharp breath when you felt Diluc's tip at your entrance, face contorting as you prepared for him to stretch you out just like Zhongli had. You paused as he pushed in -- not all the way, just an inch or so -- to truly revel in the feeling the he was providing you. He sunk in a little bit more to let you get used to the feeling of him in your tight sex, he was a little more girthy than Zhongli. Finally, he pushed into you until he bottomed out, filling your cunt to the brim with his member. A quiet groan escaping his lips; you would give anything to see the blissful look on his face right now.
You squirmed as he started to move. He went slowly at first, letting himself become coated in your slick to make his job easier. He took a few moments to find a good rhythm, one that was much different from Zhongli's. He was steady and consistent, pulling out an inch or two only to push back into you. He lifted one of your legs to give him a better angle, you let out a muffled moan as his tip kissed your sweet spot. Kaeya groaned again at the vibration of your voice. You felt Kaeya’s thumb press slightly against the center of your throat where he could feel himself thrusting in and out of you. You swallowed around him as he gave his last few thrusts before he was sent over the edge, cumming in spurts over your tongue. He let out a long moan that you wanted to keep on repeat forever.
You caught sight of Thoma eagerly awaiting his chance to feel your mouth around him. Kaeya pulled out slowly, stepping to the side (albeit a little bit grudgingly) to let Thoma have his turn. Thoma has already freed himself, precum leaking from the tip. He seemed a little nervous as he found himself finally aligned with your awaiting mouth. “Are you sure this is alright?” He asked, closely watching your face for signs of discomfort. His gentleness was refreshing after the way Kaeya and Childe so unceremoniously face-fucked you.
You giggled, kissing his tip causing his ears to flush red. “Mhm, of course. You’re so good for me~” His eyes went wide at your praise. You let your mouth hang open as an invitation for him to enter you, a high pitched whine escaping him almost immediately after sinking into you. He cupped your head gently, pulling out of you slowly before pushing back into you, truly appreciating the stimulation you were giving him.
Kaeya truly could never sit still with an opportunity so grand in front of him. His fingers found their way to toy with your clit, his cold fingers making you squirm under his touch. Childe, who was still on the couch, had gotten hard again and was pumping himself as he watch you slowly get your holes stuff full of cum. You moaned as Diluc’s dick hit your sweet spot again and again, Kaeya’s cold fingers causing your head to spin. You could feel your orgasm coming fast, and it felt like it was going to be an intense one. You arched your back off the table, whines becoming increasingly more frequent the more pressure built up. Diluc also seemed to be nearing his release, you could always tell by the way he moaned your name. A few more thrusts into you was all it took for you to come undone. You cried out, thighs quivering as you squirted all over Kaeya’s fingers and Diluc’s cock alike. Diluc followed a few seconds after, burying himself inside of you as he came hard, eyes intently watching the sight of you during and after your orgasm.
Thoma’s cock twitched as he watched you make a mess over Diluc’s cock, his breathy moans of your name getting louder and louder. He knew it wouldn’t take long for him to finish, not with the way your tongue traced his veins and your hand assisting him with whatever he couldn’t fit in your mouth. You felt the knot come undone and Thoma’s sweet cum flooded your mouth. He pulled out, gently wiping the spit from your face.
The room was filled with nothing but the sound of heavy breathing as everyone came down from their highs. Zhongli was even nice enough to grab your water from where Diluc had set them off to the side and offer you some as he dabbed away some of your sweat with a napkin. Diluc finally pulled his now softened member out of you, admiring the way your cum-filled hole leaked. He had to fight the urge to fuck every last drop back into you.
A knock resonated from the door, causing everyone in the room to freeze. “Um, sorry to interrupt,” the servers voice sounded meekly from outside the door, “you guys reservation time is up…” You cringed at the idea of having to walk back to your hotel room in this state, legs still wobbly and cum all over you.
“I supposed to ‘important announcement’ excuse won’t work now..” If you didn’t know any better, you’d say Zhongli sounded amused. “No need to fret, I’ll just pay them a generous tip to overlook this little.. endeavor.”
“You mean I’ll pay the tip.” Diluc cut in flatly. You all were lucky the company had the money to be avoiding scandals like this or else you’d all be done for. Maybe he could convince you to, uh, thank him for it later…
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polluxminor · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
── [ 🎞 ] childe wrapping his scarf around you drabble <3
📍: no this isn’t another of my crack posts I just hate him so much I love him I need to write something while I have the thought fresh in my mind
Tumblr media
With you not used to the cold, Ajax laughs with that stupid smile you love. “I did say it was freezing, no?”
“You wore the clothes you always wear! I thought you were being dramatic.”
“Probably because I grew up in the cold,” he explains as he takes off his gloves, rubbing scarred hand against scarred hand to create friction to warm your hands. “ though I forgot the cold of my hometown, maybe I should’ve packed you some clothes..” His hands felt warm on yours as he clasped it around yours, breath looking like steam as he blew on your hands.
You scoffed. “Yeah, no wonder you’re so pasty— hey, that’s gross!” In response to your remark, he licked your palm. Weirdo.
“It’s not gross, I’m helping you stay warm!” he laughed, trying to pull you into his arms as you kept trying to pull away. Ajax whined at your rejection. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Here, for real..”
He took his tattered out scarf and quickly wrapped you in it, his smell sending your senses into an overdrive crazy in a good way. Wrapping it around your neck, you sunk your face and hid behind the fabric as Ajax tied it.
He couldn’t wait to wrap your ring finger soon.
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