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Family Home Activities • Family Cleanup Day • This has always been the most fun activity for me since I was a kid and I brought this family tradition to my own family too. Once a week we spend most of the day cleaning the house and doing cooking and some art activities on the side as well. Elisa was so excited to be given responsibility to create a clean and healthy home environment for herself and her family. The Quotation that she memorized in her #Bahai #ChildrensClass supported and reinforced this service activity, “…be the essence of cleanliness and refinement”
#australia #melbourne #wholebynoora #art #craft #cleanliness #healthy #family #home #fun #joy #children #kids #isolation #quarantine #coronavirus #covid19

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Okay, I have a question for I guess mothers and daycare workers.

My toddler has bite marks from a child clearly older than her. Is there something I should be doing? Why do children bite other children? The child I believe bit the aforementioned toddler is some six years of age, so I would think she was past the biting age?

Anywho, any and all answers are appreciated, as I am quite confused. Thanks. :)

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And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.
Deuteronomy 6:6-7 | New King James Version (NKJV)
The Holy Bible; New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved.

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I’ve sheltered in place now for a little over two weeks.  It’s hard to do so even in a three bedroom, two car garage house.  Now imagine all those families with small children living in an apartment.  As a parent you try so hard to bring a sense of normalcy, but at the same time you must work from home, if you are so lucky to still have a job.  Add to this the hour long wait just to get into your local grocery store, only to find half empty shelves.  I’ve heard of parents going to six different stores over multiple days just to get a box of diapers.  And let us not forget the families with special needs children, children with learning disabilities, physical handicaps, or medical conditions.  After two weeks of staying home and over 2,000 casualties in the United States, most of us are four days away from paying the rent or mortgage.   As a parent, the struggle and stress to keep things as normal as possible for the children will soon start to take its toll.

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18/23/27 Tomione please!!

What are their dates like? How long do/did they date? Do they ever feel the need to take a break from each other?

Their dates are kind of typical and boring, to be honest. Lots of dinners out with one another. They have tried plays and operas, but it’s too difficult an ask to not spend the whole night talking, so they don’t really go back. Instead, they like to go to restaurants and spend the whole evening talking until five hours have passed and they are closing down the place, debating politics and finishing their second bottle of wine.

They date for kind of a long time actually, mostly because Tom never saw himself taking the next step and Hermione loves him too much to give ultimatums. She is too afraid that he won’t pick her.

How do they hug? Kiss? Tease? Flirt? Comfort?

They do hug, but only when people can’t see them. There is something so relaxing about wrapping up in one another’s arms. They could spend hours kissing, but they pass in the blink of an eye. Hermione and Tom each try to outdo the other so it’s quite a pleasurable experience. Their flirting is basically arguing — sometimes Tom will be contrary just because he loves how passionate their debates get.

Tom has trouble giving and accepting comfort. He’d rather hole up alone and just will his sadness or anger away. Hermione is very emotional and it makes him uncomfortable, but he will be her shoulder to cry on, all the while cataloguing names of whoever hurt her. She never needs to know about the retribution but it makes him feel better.

Do they have kids? Grow old together? Split up?

The only time they split up is when Tom grows scared of how much he cares about Hermione, and tries to break things off to prove that he doesn’t need her. He does need her, and it begging for her to come back in less than two weeks. After sufficient groveling, Hermione does return.

Once they are married, there is no question that they don’t grow old with one another. They love, want, and need each other too much for there to be any other option.

They have two children — a boy and a girl. Both being only children, they initially wanted only one child, but after their son was born things changed. They are blown away by just how much they love him and how quickly they take to parenthood. Having a second baby couldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong — their daughter tests them every day. She is a hellion, but they wouldn’t trade her for the world.

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Hi! There was a fic a long time ago where Hermione & Draco had a secret relationship at Hogwarts during the war.. AU.. Draco played an important/heroic part in the final battle but died. Then Hermione met Narcissa at his grave a few years later & surprised her with a little blonde boy that's his son.. She didn't know she was pregnant during the battle so Draco never knew 😢


Edit: Thanks!

youarelovelytoo: I don’t remember the plot 100% but I feel like this is Playing with a Dragon’s Fire by LaFeeMechante. She deleted all her fics in like 2010 but there’s PDF copies on the internet!

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Knowing that you were your parents mistake is actually quite comfortable, like you are disappointment and no one really wanted you anyway, imagine how it would be if your parents idk actually bought one of those donated eggs or something and you turn out to be a very, very expensive disappointment

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told my family i had a video call planned and when my mom asked “with who?” i said “with people” to which my 9-year-old brother responded: “which people? rich people, poor people or gamers?”

i propose a new gender trinary

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Happy Saturday Morning
This is very cute -😘😘😘😘
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