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🎨Children Illustrations on Instagram: “🍀Illustration by @delphine.durand🍀 *************** #illustrator #illustrations #photoshop #illustration #paint #childrenillustration #art…”
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Check out more of my work by clicking the link below or by following me on Instagram. I love to paint and be creative so you will find that I paint a lot of different kind of artwork. I have a few different art styles and I can’t seem to decide which one I like the most, hmmm, perhaps I’m not suppose to have a fav style :)

For more of my artwork and what I’ve been up to you can connect with me via the link below or you can follow me on my other social media platforms such as Instagram :) 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇


These girls are so cute! I drew them in my acrylic sketchbook. They were painted using gouache paint.

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just an average day in Vierves 

So this was for a small assignment where we had to go to Vierves, talk to people and make a character out of one of the people, after that we drew a name out of a bag and that was our second character that our had to ‘meet’ 

I was kinda relieved that the other character had dogs too :,) 

I still have to find a way to draw trees beter :/ but eh I do like the results, the text will be in dutch that’s why I’m uplauding the blank version here 

I’m so nervous cause a rather big Belgian comic artist is gonna see this ;A; aaaaaah

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#flora #leaf #illustration #nature #desktop #flower #vector #floral #disjunct #design #husk #garden #growth #decoration #pot #summer #graphic #tree #art #symbol

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ehy guys my first illustrated e-book is out, please go take a look it could be a nice gift and if we arrive to  9 reviews i could be hire for a new job!!

click here for the book


Thank you so much <3<3

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