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I misunderstood that, my apologies. I don’t keep up with memes

And the body types can be realistic and also attractive. I don’t see why that’s even being brought up honestly? The mangaka likes seeing attractive women and drew that, so that’s what she drew. And there are petite women in the show also so like ??? Confusion is highly effective

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Thursday 28th May,

Well, I’ve ordered my treats and maybe spent a little too much money! Haha! But I suppose I have done over 200k steps this month so I guess I deserve a treat, even if I did feel sick spending a little too much money!

Another good walk today just over 10k steps, still listening to the Harry Potter audiobook only got about five hours left of book one, I suppose that’s only 5 more walks to finish the book? Haha!

Time for a chilled night in watching YouTube and Netflix ready for some Xbox with the best friend tomorrow. She knows I’m always there for her…

Another update tomorrow,

Stay home, stay safe.

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Fall Safe.
Out now.
Link in bio.
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