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hyungkyun 🍷 chillax photoshoot
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Hang in there, finals is almost over
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Bébé chubby
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Everybody loves rainy days right?
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Hey there new followers 🙋🏻‍♀️
Follow me & I will follow back. I'm with it 👍🏻✅
Sketchy/Spam= Byeee 👋🏻✌🏻
Overly/Obnoxiously Sexual= Adiósss 🚮🚪
Thank you !
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These are all the new LOL OMG dollies I got myself for my birthday (with the exception of the first two anyway, I got those a couple weeks before 😏) 🎂
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imbuckysbucket · 8 months ago
stony incorrect quote
Tony: Steve, chillax!
Steve: That's not even a word!
Tony: Sometimes, the people who deny that chillax isn't a word, are the ones that need to chillax the most.
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Tumblr-verse, you know what time it is 😍 🛀
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I heard once, on an NPR program, that listening to classical music for at least 15 minutes a day, resets the brain. Much like meditation I’d think. So I have a classicalesque-jazz playlist I made, without or with minimal vocals, and I have it in ear buds, and even the blow dryer on in the background, so that even if someone is crying outside the door, I more than likely won’t hear it.
It’s been a busy weekend culminating in some relaxing down time this afternoon and hopefully something fresh air indusive tomorrow.
A co-worker/friend asked to park her car at our place this weekend while she is traveling. Being close to the airport, this happens often enough. Happy to do it and offered to give her a ride to the airport - which she had to be there at 5 am Saturday - oh I wasn’t loving that. It happened, once I was up, it felt a waste to lay back down, plus everyone was still asleep, so I started some laundry, did a Pilates routine as well as some functional strength training. It felt good to do something for myself and my body. It’s really something, that no matter how I try to make it fit, being back at work full time in person, and the closures for Covid/weather, other obligations, has sorely taken a back seat.
I literally cannot remember the last time I went for a run. I do make it to yoga at least 2 times a week and a few during work break walks. Maybe a 10 minute HIIT or light weights a time or so, but dedicated work out time has been limited or at best distracted with aide from Lilith, Jamis or both wanting to talk, work out ‘with me’ - and while it’s sweet, it prevents deeper and harder and longer sessions.
I’ve been snacking more with things that aren’t good for me - and that is not judgement or a whoa is me I’ve gained some pounds. There are certain foods, that I have learned cause old injuries to become inflamed and irritated - a wrist sprain from gymnastics, knee bang up, low back. I stumbled onto the inflammatory ‘diet’ (I hate that word), and it identifies food groups that are often a cause of inflammation, migraines, trigger other things, and for me, I dialed in that red meat and processed sugar really lay on a whammy for my poor ole abused self.
With the snow-ins, the Covid-ins, there have been too many gummy bear treats, amongst other things, and if nothing else would convince me of the err of my ways? I cannot hardly put pressure on my left wrist without pretty intense shooting pains. You would think, that would be enough to avoid them forever? Not so far, I’m working on it though.
The rest of Saturday we spent under the house, jacking up the foundation beams in places. Our house was built in 1961, and while it’s been maintained well, there’s some TLC it needs from time to time. While hubs and his dad were working on that, I decided to try out a razor blade on the glass top of our stove. I had seen that on Instagram, and ladies and gents…. It looks brand new. So then I thought I’d try cleaning the window that looks into the oven…. I rubbed it down with lime pulp and rinds, and warm vinegar, then razored off the grime there that nothing else would touch. It was AMAZING. If you already know this trick, shame on you for not sharing with the world!!! If you didn’t - step into my office.
I put up laundry, that had been folded and in a basket sitting in the floor for 2 weeks - a test to see if anyone else in the house is aware of laundry. Turns out they aren’t. I then did all the sheets and kids and our clothes, the dishes, cooked, and it felt so fulfilling. I’ve been really anxious and the opposite of mellow - maybe high-strung? - and I couldn’t figure out what more I could do (aside from needing to workout, which is damn near impossible unless everyone is asleep or I’m not here), turns out, I just needed some down time. At the house. Doing everyday things.
Today I drove to my yoga studio, only to find my class was cancelled due to some potential weather -
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We did get a dusting. So I ran to the grocery. Then we had snacks and caught up on Boba Fett.
The kids and Chris all took a long nap after that. And while they dozed, I sat listening to a podcast, working a crossword, and it was like this stollen hour. This golden moment. Where I was in this limbo, with nothing to worry about, or even think on. It was so peaceful. I cannot express the joy of that short window. It was as if I was a teen again with only my own whims and desires to focus on if I chose too. It was so freeing. I felt light and very content, it’s hard to describe.
I did a facial. Sat there without saying anything. Slathered a deep hair conditioner, and while everyone is up now, and I made dinner, that peace and calm is still with me.
Here’s some pics of the past week -
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wishing everyone a slice of this chill pie xx
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aiah-son · 6 months ago
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softhyungkyun · 9 months ago
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hyungwon, changkyun, shownu 🍎 chillax chapter 1: wake up
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roseymess · 5 months ago
Ne because my friend did this edit and we look good🥺first time my candid looks good
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frizzy-frizz-frizz · 2 months ago
shoutout to my grade 10 bio teacher who couldn't say penis and so instead very awkwardly, very reluctantly said "pen*s".
and I'm here watching tiktokers censor shit like, holy shit my old bio teacher can be tiktok famous #diditbeforeitwascool. She definitely has the crazy family stories to do it lmao.
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leighlew3 · a month ago
Some people exist at a permanent 17 on a 1-10 scale of energy level. But I'm about a 4 -- max 6 on caffeine, so I'm gonna need y'all to take it down a notch. 
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latenightsushi · 10 months ago
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More treats 💕
instagram: @latenitesushi / twitter: @latenightsushi
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Going on.
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Jerjerrod: Chillax!
Piett: That’s not a word.
Jerjerrod: Sometimes those who deny “chillax” are the ones who need to chillax the most.
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