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summary: The last match Ben played went bad and his team lost. Now, people start to post bad things about him on social media, which makes him feel bad. You comfort him and try to distract him to make him feel better.

“Ben, where are you?” You walk through the apartment, continuing to call him, but he won’t answer. Starting to worry, you rush into your bedroom to find him sitting on the edge of the bed, with his face buried in his hands. “Honey, is everything ok?” You slowly walk up to him and kneel in front of him. “Y/N, I am sorry, I don’t feel so good.” He says with a rough voice.

“What happened?” You ask softly. He hands you his phone. You see tweets made about him, calling him names and saying he shouldn’t be playing in the first place. You try to say anything but you don’t know what to say. “Just saw these, and I know I shouldn’t let them get to me, but.” He mutters into his hands so you can barely understand him. 

Just for a moment, you are overwhelmed by your feelings. Anger, towards those people who tweet those things, and sadness, for how it makes him feel bad. ”Hey, please look at me.” You say, taking his hands slowly away from his face. He looks at you and can see how much it hurt him. “Those people are just asshats.” For a second, his mouth formed a smile, but it faded away quickly. “They don’t know anything about you, everyone loses, it’s sadly part of the game.” He nods, throwing the phone over his shoulder onto the bed.

“I know, but it still sucks.” He grunts, shaking his head. You put a hand on his lap and kiss him. This makes him smile a little longer. “Come, let’s do something to clear your head.” He lets himself fall backward on to the bed and sighs. You jump on the bed, landing next to him. “Wanna play video games? or watch a movie?” You see his face turn into a grimace.  “Ehhh, not in the mood honestly.”

He rolls to your side and starts playing with your hair. You are thinking about what else to do when you see the sun shining in from outside. “Okay, let us take a walk.” He sighs again. “Come on.” You grab his hands and pull him from the bed. 

He starts laughing and grabs his jacket. You leave the apartment and walk to a nearby park. Hand in hand, you stroll through the beautiful gardens. You see Ben’s mood lighten up immediately.

Suddenly, a kid starts running towards you and stops in front of Ben. “Uhm, can I have an autograph, please?” The little kid stutters and hands him a Leicester city wristband. Ben starts to smile brightly. “Of course!” He signs it and the kid starts giggling. “Thank you so much!” The boy says and runs back to his father. Ben turns to you, still smiling. “See, not everything is bad.” He hugs you. “Thank you.”

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summary: You’ve been studying abroad for a couple of months. Now you finally managed to get a ticket to visit your boyfriend Ben again. You’ll arrive at the main station, where he is going to pick you up to spend some time with you. 

It’s late in the afternoon when you finally arrive in Leicester. You take your back and walk towards the main entrance. You’re about to meet up with Ben in the parking lot. He is already there, sending you longing texts. You walk through the door and spot him, leaning onto the hood of his car casually, looking down to his phone. He is wearing a dark cap, a printed sweater, and mismatching checkered red trousers.

He looks up and his face instantly starts to shine brightly. You skip the last few meters, throwing your bag to the side, and jump into his arms. He spins around, your arms clinging tightly to him. He softly puts you on to the hood of his car, his face close to yours, and kisses you passionately. It seems like he doesn’t want to let you breathe, but you don’t mind it at all until he needs to catch some air himself.

“Hello, handsome.” You say stroking his back. “Hi.” He says softly. “I’ve missed you.” The wind blows and messes with your hair. You try to tuck it behind your ear, but fail. “He smiles until you snatch his cap and put it on yourself, exposing his untidy hair. “Excuse me, I need that.” You say, playfully. He runs his hands through his hair, trying to fix it. This works just a little. You guide his hand and help him. “I missed you too, Ben.” You say, turning the cap backward.

He pulls you closer to him kissing you again. He takes your hand and you jump off the hood. “We should get going. We don’t wanna miss it.” He says and opens his car. “Miss what?” You say curiously., but he just smirks and gets into the car. During the car ride, you try to get more information out of him, but he won’t say a thing. The sun sets when you arrive at the Leicester stadium. 

“What are we doing here, Chilly?” You look at him confused. “Look.” He points towards the entrance. Several spotlights are pointed at the wall, brighten the wall in dozen colors. Then Ben starts to play your song through the radio, as ‘welcome home Y/N’ is written on the walls.

“Ben, how did you?” He starts to laugh. “I’ve pulled some strings, it took weeks to plan this and now I owe madders.” You lean against his shoulder. “This is beautiful, thank you.” He puts an arm around you. “Welcome home.”

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