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torao-d-water-ya · 2 days ago
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One Piece Episode 312
Just Luffy and Chopper being the most precious dumbasses in the world and Usopp ruthlessly taking advantage of his sole possession of the single braincell and Sanji the softie being unable to stay out of it and Robin finally, finally feeling safe and warm and happy and loved among these absolute children
And that little pout near the end.
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ohmygodwerebackagain · 12 days ago
9-1-1verse Locations
Hi all! I wanted to compile what we know of the locations frequented in 9-1-1 in a visual manner to give us a better sense of where characters live in relation to each other and the firehouse (more on that later). 
First and foremost, I could not have done this without @monsterfuckerdiaz and @liesoverthec - their invaluable research made this possible.
Here is a visual snapshot of where Chim/Maddie, Eddie, Bobby/Athena, and Buck reside:
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: Some distances and times are approximations (~) based on neighborhood and traffic. This is LA so a mile can take 30 minutes depending on time of day or location (side eyeing Buck’s loft in Downtown LA).
Observations and analysis under the cut.
Hen/Karen - As you can see there is no discernable address for them, so using my powers of deduction, I’ve concluded that their house must be in the pink quadrant highlighted on the map. They obviously live in a residential area and more likely than not, near Athena. 
Station 118 - This address was another shot at my powers of deduction. Based on everyone’s locations + calls they take (typically residential, but also in downtown LA) it seems this location fits the bill. In real life, this is Station 26 - 2009 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018 and when you look at pictures from the outside, could be Station 118 was modeled after it. 
Chimney/Maddie - Their address is: 2385 S Orlando Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90035, Apt. 2B. There is a North Orlando and a South, but based off what we saw of the outside in 5x04, South Orlando seems like the more plausible address. 
Madney live 20-25 minutes from the Firehouse [ 4.5 miles ]. There is another station closer to their apartment (about 10 minutes) but it makes sense it is not the 118, because in Breaking Point when considering a home birth, Chim mentions the closest firehouse but doesn’t address it as the 118. 
In relation to everyone else, Madney live:
8-10 minutes from Eddie [ 1.8 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Bathena [ ~3.3 miles ]
~30-35 minutes from Buck [ ~6.1 miles ]
Bobby/Athena - Their neighborhood is on: Fallsgrove St, Los Angeles, CA 90016. This is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. What is interesting is that it’s just west of Crenshaw, which Athena has referenced as being familiar with in 2x01. 
Bobby lives 20-25 minutes from the Firehouse [ ~4.6 miles ]. We don’t really have an address of where he lived before, but since he moved in with Athena, my guess is that it put him further away. To put it in perspective, it seems like the Police Station Athena would work at is 6 minutes away, unless she works at the LAPD Headquarters which is in Downtown LA, about 30 minutes away. 
In relation to everyone else, Bathena live:
~10-15 minutes from Eddie [ ~2.2 miles ]
~15-20 minutes from Madney [ ~3.3 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Buck [ ~7.4 miles]
Eddie - Based on the show his address is: 4995 S Bedford St, Los Angeles, CA 90034, Apt.403. I say based on the show, because when looking at street view on Google Maps, S Bedford makes sense, but not the house number. They probably just changed it for the show. Reyneir Park is right down the street from his house.
Eddie lives about 15-20 minutes from the Firehouse [ 5.2 miles ]. The same firehouse I referenced for Chimney is 10-15 minutes away from Eddie. Not sure if we can assume this would be the infamous Station 6 or, Station 126 since they are the closest to the Santa Monica Pier and would’ve responded to the emergency prior to the Tsunami in 3x02. 
In relation to everyone else, Eddie lives:
8-10 minutes from Madney [ 1.8 miles ]
~10-15 minutes from Bathena [ ~2.4 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Buck [ ~7.2 miles ]
Buck - The neighborhood we have for Buck is on: W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA. This obviously puts Buck’s loft downtown in Westlake and based off the overview we saw in 5x04, the point on the map best represents that. A couple of observations specifically for Buck:
He lives the furthest away from everyone. It’s heartbreaking to think, when seen visually, that his distance is a representation of how he feels like he’s not a part of a family. Of course, he could’ve just picked a bachelor pad in Downtown for aesthetics sake, but considering when he rented it - midway through season 2 while with Ali - I think it best represents where he was mentally in relation to the rest of the Firefam. Or, he may have wanted to just be near the only family that he had, which is Maddie. 
Brings me to my next point, prior to Maddie moving in with Chim, she could’ve lived closer to Buck considering the Dispatch Center is in Glendale and about 20 minutes from that general area. At the moment, where she lives, she has the longest commute out of everyone, about 45 minutes. 
Buck lives about 10-15 minutes from the Firehouse [ ~3.4 miles ]
In relation to everyone else, Buck lives: 
~20-25 minutes from Eddie [ ~7.5 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Bathena [ ~7.2 miles]
~30-35 minutes from Madney [ ~6.1 miles ]
So there you have it! If we ever find Hen and Karen’s house/neighborhood, I’ll come back and update this. For now though, I hope this proves helpful. 
@iamcatchingteardropsinmyhands @hmslusitania @kitkatpancakestack @evaneddie @evcndiaz @translucent-bisexual @eddiediaz-buckley @diazchristopher @ghostdiaz @werewolfdiaz @whattarush @ktinaj @monsterfuckerdiaz​ @liesoverthec​ @reallysmartladymariecurie​
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vintagehomecollection · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The cottage has little ornamentation save an impressive front door, a sign of its nineteenth-century roots.
House Beautiful Weekend Homes, 1990
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lindzhatesithere · 21 days ago
i strongly dislike the way that they did maddie’s exit. i know that JLH had to leave because of maternity leave, but they could’ve done her exit so much better.
like she could’ve checked herself in somewhere, she could’ve had a conversation with her partner and told chimney that she needed some time off. she could’ve gone to Buck and told him that she’s not okay. but no, let’s just have her drop jee-yun off at the fire station like she’s abandoning her fucking child and then just give a video and feel like it’s normal and fine for her to do this.
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translucent-bisexual · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m glad they could get their food 🤦🏻‍♀️
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spasticbookworm · 20 days ago
Hen and Chimney meet in a utility closet to compare notes on Buddie at least once every shift.
They have notebooks and highlighters.
Hen claims she's gone through 3 notebooks already.
Chim has used up every yellow highlighter in the station and stole Maddie's pink one from home that morning.
"When they finally get together we're getting all this bound into a book," Hen says, starting her 4th notebook.
"It's too hot to be in this closet," Chim says and points out how Buck gave Eddie extra time on the charger all the time during the blackout.
"We're gonna get caught eventually. Why cant we meet on the roof?" Hen shows Chim her timeline of Eddie Smiling At Buck from lunch.
"Cap put a moratorium on the roof unless theres an emergency," Chim replies. He fans himself with Hens notebook before handing it back.
"It is an emergency if I have to stay in this closet breathing these fumes for much longer. When did we get so much cleaning supplies?"
"B shift decided storing the regular cleaning supplies with the truck cleaning supplies was better space management."
"They hugged twice, not once. Eddie brought Buck coffee this morning. You were half asleep in your own and didn't notice." Hen points to her Chart of Hugs for the day. They're actually averaging less then usual the last few shifts. Probably the heat. "So what's in the upstairs closet then?"
"Seriously? I brought him baby pictures and all I got was a shoulder slap. Cap turned it into a pantry I think."
"Do you want more Buck hugs?" Hen asks. She closes her notebook and tucks the pen in the spiral.
"I mean the man gives amazing hugs so I wouldn't say no," Chim says. He finishes highlighting the seating placement of both men for breakfast and lunch.
"Fair point, I-" The door opens. Ravi stares at them. They stare back.
"I just needed a clean rag?" His eyes drop to the notebook in Chims hand.
"Nothing to see here probie!" Chim says and Ravi's eyes widen, catching on Buck and Eddie's names.
"Is this about them falling asleep in the same bunk the other night?"
Hen and Chim stare. As one the each grab and arm and pull him into the closet.
"When was this and tell us exactly what you saw!" Chim exclaims, readying his pen.
"This closet is too damn small and hot for three people. We need to find a better meeting place," Hen says. But she opens her notebook back up and writes down everything Ravi says.
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daily911 · 5 months ago
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You made it. Congratulations!
Image ID: gifset from 911 season 4 episode 14 Survivors
gif 1: A firefighter takes off their gear and it is revealed to be Albert.
gif 2: The 118 cheer him on after he passes his firefighter test.
gif 3: Albert shakes the instructors hand.
gif 4: Albert holds his hands out for a hug. Chimney pats Albert on the back while hugging.
gif 5: Albert celebrates with the others and hugs Hen.
gif 6: Chim and Albert fist bump while surrounded by the 118.
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buckbuckley · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Man, I was right there. You know, all he had to do was reach up and grab my hand.” “People do funny thing at times like that. Sometimes they just freeze up.”
s01e02 | s04e13
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911dawnstar · 4 days ago
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Anon asked: Bobby & Chimney or Hen & Chimney?
Join my 1k follower celebration!
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