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#chimney x maddie
buckleys-diaz · 19 days ago
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I’m sure that you are confused, hurt, and, uh… probably really scared. I don’t know what to say. You don’t need to go to the police or come looking for me. I’m not in any danger, and no one is making me do this. But Jee is not safe with me. Not now, and maybe…
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incorrectbuddie · a month ago
Eddie: *sighing happily and putting away Buck's clothes*
Chimney: What's his problem?
Maddie: Last night Buck got so drunk he couldn't recognize Eddie.
Maddie: Eddie tried to take off his shirt to get him changed, but Buck just kept slapping his hand away and saying, "Stop! I have a boyfriend!"
Chimney: Those losers are made for each other.
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daily911 · 6 months ago
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Word of advice?
A gifset paralleling two scenes in season four, episode 9
gif 1: Athena is in uniform at the hospital with Chimney after finding out that Maddie is in labor. Athena points to Chimney and says, “Word of advice? If she tells you to shut up, shut up.”
gif 2: Chimney is standing in the elevator with the doors closing replies, “Copy that.”
gif 3: Maddie is in labor and wearing a hospital gown. She glances at Chimney several times annoyed and with tears in her eyes before finally saying, “Shut up.”
gif 4: Chimney wearing a blue hospital gown says, “Copy that” and starts drying the sweat from Maddie’s forehead with a cloth.
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octaviaabadassblakee · 5 months ago
We're not talking enough about how incredible it was that Maddie asked for help. Postpartum depression is life threatening. It kills. And so often in media, we see the worst outcome for characters whose mental health isn't great. Maddie asking for help is HUGE and I'm so fricken proud of her. Jennifer Love Hewitt is incredible and Maddie's pain could be felt through the screen. I'm hoping we see her journey next season and that she's in the forefront so her story can be prioritized and show new parents that they're not alone, and there is a way out of that darkness.
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hollywooddiaz · 10 days ago
id personally like to address a few things ive been seeing in response to monday's episode because i like putting my personal opinion into places people don't want it :)
first off, need i remind some of you that Maddie has a mental illness? mental illness isn't rational. to her it seems like she's doing the best she can in order to protect her daughter. while we are aware that this is not true and that'd she'd never purposefully hurt her daughter, Maddie doesn't see it this way. some of you Maddie antis are using this to prove that she's a bad person or a bad sister to buck and it is really fucking annoying. buck is a grown ass adult. he doesn't need his sister to rely on so that he can have stable mental health. i get that he loves her and hates seeing her hurt because everyone with a relationship with their sibling gets it, but buck will be fine. can we, for this one, just focus on Maddie and hope that she gets home and she gets better instead of focusing on how bucks dealing with it? this is not to say that buck isn't going through it and that buck doesn't have a right to be sad, i just wish we could take the time to acknowledge Maddie is not a bad sister and that she does love buck, but she for this once needs to take time for herself.
second. read this very slow so you'll understand what im saying. eddie would never, EVER threaten anyone. this one's specifically for you fanfiction writers. a lot of you take Eddie's overprotective behavior towards buck and you think he'd literally kill a man for buck. while it is true that Eddie will do anything he can to protect buck, he would never go to chim and threaten to hurt him if he "ever touched buck again." like i said before, buck is a grown ass man. he knows how to figure out his own shit. Eddie loves his team, they're his family, he's protective over all of them. sure there might be slight preference towards buck simply because of how close they are, but he would never go up to chim and threaten to hurt him over a split second mistake. you all took Eddie's Street fighting arc and just ran with it, making him out to be a violent person. when Eddie was street fighting, he was going through a lot of things that he didn't know how to handle. fighting was just a way to get out everything he was feeling, albeit in an unhealthy way, but he didn't know how else to do it. he's grown since then. he's realized he can deal with his emotions in some other way. that whole POINT of him going to therapy was so be could work through this issues without violence. and and regardless, if there was anyone would understand what chim is going through, it's eddie. he too has been left by his child's mother before. he understand the emotional termoil that comes with becoming a single father out of nowhere. he understands chim. he'd never hurt him.
third and finally, i do not in anyway blame chim for punching buck. i really don't. while everyone has no doubt been going through it since Maddie left, chim has really really been going through it. he's been left alone with his daughter and his girlfriend could literally be anywhere. a situation like that is understandably emotionally taxing. he's going through a lot right now with almost no way to regulate his emotions. he's angry at himself, he's sad no doubt, and he's scared with no way to regulate this emotions properly. of course he was going to snap eventually. so when he found out that buck had been talked to Maddie, every emotion he was feeling bubbled to surface just exploded. of course, violence is never the answer and chim did make a mistake but i understand why he did what he did. and most importantly, he will apologize. once he's realized what he did and how he hurt buck, he will apologize, because chim understands and grows from his mistakes. you people just have to give him some time jc.
also to the fanfiction writer i saw saying that when Maddie came back that she should be mad at chimney "for not looking for her" a giant sincere, fuck you. chimney has literally been working himself to the bone in order to find her specifically as she said NOT to. Maddie might be slightly upset about went on between chim and buck but she would never be mad at chim for not looking for her. jesus christ y'all, i fr sometimes think im not watching the same show as everyone else.
anyways, feel how you feel about the latest episode, just make sure you take into account what is going on around theses characters and their actual personality traits. shit is happening and they're all going through it. and that mine friends, is the second installment of opinions no one asked for
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hamletsshadow · 4 months ago
Bobby: Alright i have this box, and we are going to put what we love in this box.
Eddie: *raises his hand*
Bobby: no, you can not but Buck in the box
Eddie: *lowers hand while pouting*
Chimney: *raises hand*
Bobby: no Maddie either.
Chimney: *lowers hand while glaring at the floor*
Bobby: no Buckleys in the box!
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incorrectbuddie · 2 months ago
Chimney: [sitting on Maddie's lap]
Eddie: Why don’t we ever do stuff like that?
Buck, pulling Eddie onto his lap: Happy?
Eddie: Do you seriously have a boner right now?
Buck: You wanted this.
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daily911 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2.06 Dosed // 4.09 Blindsided for @maddieandchimney
gifset paralleling two scenes, one from season 2, episode 6 Dosed and the other from season 4 episode 9 Blindsided.
gif 1: Eddie and Chimney, who are there helping Maddie move into her new place have just walked off screen. Maddie is talking to Buck who is also off screen. She looks confused and asks, “Wait, Chimney has a kid”?
gif 2: Chimney and Buck are in a hospital hallway. Chimney looks away from Buck towards Maddie and Jee-Yun. He shakes his head and says, “My girls are both doing great.”
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chitownwolf · 5 months ago
It’s always SOMETHING with Maddie...I’m sick of her woe is me attitude
First off; she doesn’t have a “woe is me” attitude. She’s been through a lot
Second: it isn’t an attitude, PPD is a very serious issue that affects women today. And the fact that Jee-Yun has colic may amplify her feelings. I really hope she gets the help she needs. And I’m so glad they are talking about it
Side note: I hope the “life decision” isn’t her leaving Chim and Jee-Yun, I hope it’s she gets some help.
More info⬇️
PPD HOTLINE (call or text)
English: 1-800-944-4773 (4PPD)
Spanish: 1-971-203-7773
Need professional help? Search for a trained professional using the PSI directory:
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zeethebooknerd · 12 days ago
okay there’s just something personal about the way buck is a fixer, and eddie puts into perspective for him that he can’t fix everything, and some things aren’t for him to “fix.” and he’s right about all of it. and eddie has this calm way about him when he explains things to buck that just makes him listen, and he’s so right about the fact that buck sees maddie as someone who’s taken care of him when he was little, who picks him up when he’s down, but chimney...chimney sees maddie as his equal - his partner.
the thing i like the most about maddie’s dynamic with the two men in her life is that they’re both wildly different relationships, where chim’s ready to take some of her burden and she’ll let him, where she won’t do that with buck. and where buck can take care of his sister in other ways, chimney has completely different ways to soothe the jagged edges, just by the nature of their relationship
obviously, i wasn’t expecting that chim was gonna swing at buck, and im not even going to touch that one right now, but this entire episode, we see chim going the type of insane that we normally see buck going when someone he loves is in danger. we saw it in 2x13 (granted chimney was unconscious but still) with maddie, and we saw it in 4x14 with eddie (just two examples out of many). 
and then to have chimney, who’s usually so levelheaded, be absolutely determined to get to the bottom of this in a way that makes him act out in his i don’t know, there’s just a lot of thoughts about him splintering apart in his quest to find maddie, and then to be the one to not let maddie turn away from them, especially in a situation where no one can be 100% sure that she’s safe through it.
i still haven’t worked out how exactly i feel about this, and i don’t want to do that right now, because this storyline is still going on, but so far...i think there’s going to be a lot of layers that im excited about hehe
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idealuk · 4 months ago
Maddie: The Powers That Be say that I have to be with Eddie.
Buck: Nah, it’s okay, you can get with Chim. I’ll marry Eddie.
Maddie: ... You don’t have to go that far.
Buck: No, I was going to, any way.
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