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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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→I am a typical hard-working Chinese.

→I have my own job, and I am doing it very well.

→I’ve been in exporting for over 10 years with wealth experiences.

→I live in Guangzhou, one of the most productive city in China, with millions of all kinds of factories.

→I have my friends with both great knowledge and ability, decent job & in good consuming capacity.

→I am open to every win-win opportunity.

→I can do works like products sourcing, goods inspection, shipping, customs stuff, payment controlling, project following, helping to open office in China, etc,

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Harbin Today 2020.11.26

#karus_china #harbin_online

#karus_china #harbin #harbin_online #china #китай #харбин #лечениевкитае #китайскаямедицина #аутизмхабаровск #дцпхабаровск (at Harbin, China)

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