novazentryx · 2 days ago
random wild kratts episode ideas :) these are just for fun, not any sort of expectations
(if these have already been done then oops, i haven’t gotten to all the episodes yet!!)
Snail Trail
- Donita is the main villain this episode. Snails are good for your skin, or so she hears, so she’d use them cosmetically. She’s trying to sell of this cool new beauty hack with her brand of snails. Posed snails to be dabbed on like a beauty blender.
- Donita’s whole mindset is Go Big or Go Home. So she steals a bunch of Giant African Snails, and starts to travel across the world, eventually ending up in North America, where those snails are considered very invasive!!
- Or maybe she also steals Cone Snails, incredibly poisonous snails, without realizing that “hey maybe this thing is dangerous”. So the crew also has to save Donita in the process of saving the snails.
- It’s up to the team to make sure these snails go back to their homes, and don’t invade other ecosystems.
- They also have a teaching moment where they show the difference between snails and slugs. And why you can’t just take a shell off a snail.
Hedgehogs in a Hurry
@krazykratts for helping with this one
- basically a sonic reference for fun, because Martin in a hedgehog suit would be a blue hedgehog. and who’s the most famous blue hedgehog?
- suit malfunctions and causes Martin to move incredibly fast. he finds it cool at first but he finds himself getting increasingly more exhausted by the passing second.
- he takes the fattest nap after the crew manages to catch the fast acting suit
Chinny Chin Chinchilla
- A Chinchilla episode! A rare team up between Donita and Gourmand only. This whole creature hunt of the day is Gournand’s idea, and he offers he’ll give the pelts to Donita after he cooks the meal.
- Chinchilla’s have one of the softest coats of fur in the animal kingdom. And thus, got subjected to the fur trade industry and were almost hunted to extinction. So they are on the endangered animal list as of current times.
- There’s not many left in the wild. It states that about almost 5,350 are left. But they live among mountainous regions, Andes Mountains to be exact from South America, which is probably why they’re such bounce-y creatures. However, these creatures don’t sweat, so you must have an AC Unit within a room if you have them as pets. Because they like cool environments, and since South America is a much hotter place, that’s why they move up into the mountains wheres it’s much cooler due to elevation.
- The suits powers this episode include the special hop. One thing they’ll have to edit on the suit is make it breathable, since Chinchilla’s don’t sweat and that got programmed in. One bro argues it keeps the suit accurate and authentic while the other is like “dude i can’t breathe and i’m burning up, let’s please just make it breathable”. Also their suit? Softest thing you’ve ever touched. The crew all collectively go “ooo!!!” as a quick sidetrack.
- When they manage to foil the plans of both villains, the Kratt team puts in a special little system where they can keep track of the Chinchillas since there’s so few in the wild, hoping that these hoppy creatures don’t get messed with again. I wanna say Martin names the animal friend on this adventure Hoppy or something.
- Maybe a Kratt Kid has one for a pet as well!! And shows the correct way to hold one because they’re incredibly fragile, and have easily breakable ribs. This would be an end episode feature, or maybe the IRL Kratt Bro’s show us these guys in the live segment. (can you tell i’ve done the research for this episode? or that i have two as pets myself? they’re my sisters but still.)
- Teehee Guppy and Butters make a guest appearance. Two sister Chins. AKA my sisters Chins.
Tumblr media
Albino Creatures
- like this episode states, it’s going to revisit old animal friend groups and find albino animals. However, due to survival of the fittest, most albino creatures won’t be found in the wild. It’s certainly rare, but some can be found in the wild.
- I’m not exactly sure how this episode would go, but it would be really cool for them to acknowledge. And that it happens to basically every animal (which includes humans!).
- sometimes animals lose pigment. kind of like vitiligo!
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rainyjackalope · a day ago
Tumblr media
Another revenge, this was for SootyChinchilla on Art Fight!
I never use symmetry tools in art so I decided to try that out here
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plushieanimals · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sun-arrow potte ✨
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todaysbird · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the machu picchu arboreal chinchilla rat is a large rodent found in elevated ranges of south america. little is known about this reclusive rodent; they had previously been assumed to have gone extinct before rediscovery in 2016. their name is derived from a short, stocky rat-like shape, with chinchilla-like fur. it’s believed that the species may be more closely related to degus than chinchillas. at this time, conservation status for the species is unknown, as there is little information about their populations.
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camilicy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Chinchilla commission I got to work on 💖
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tiktoksthataregood-ish · a year ago
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ultrabright-flashlight · 5 months ago
Hosts will really just go ‘Well I don’t recall experiencing any symptoms lately so I must be faking’ while ignoring the fact that they can’t actually recall anything else this past week anyways
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shrimpu-art · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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pmseymourva · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Coloring in our lil copper chinchilla gal, beware of the “Slam Dunk” Donut.
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beardedmrbean · 7 months ago
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jellycatstuffies · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Chandler Chinchilla
Ko-fi / Instagram
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bisquiibits · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This is Chio’s café :3 Chio is my character: a cappuccino chinchilla who loves coffee and tea <3 (it’s the one behind the counter). [medium: watercolors / digitally edited] Please do not repost, trace, edit or use my art, thanks! :3
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sleepy-bebby · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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snowflakeeel · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
gave my chinchilla an Orb to ponder
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possumsandpossums · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
did someone order a smug gaia @pmseymourva​
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toshakoemi · 2 months ago
TMNT Bayverse!Donatello & Child!Reader
this phase won’t end soon & i know a lot of chinchilla facts, therefore i’m making this
so you’re just an unsupervised child who knows way too many chinchilla facts and decides to compete with donnie about who knows more + some bonding shit
enjoy ☺️
Tumblr media
• you were just kind of...dropped off ig?
• april didn’t trust you enough to be alone at her apartment, therefore, she brought you to the 4 brother’s so that someone could watch after you while april had to run errands
• they didn’t know shit about human kids besides donnie
• who wouldn’t know more than donnie at this point
• for being a literal infant compared to them,,you weren’t really scared??
• i mean,, mikey was dumb, raph was too intimidating to have a conversation with-you couldn’t even lie-and leo just trained a lot
• splinter had his fill of children so he tossed you off to his sons, so you were back at square one
• donnie looked like the geek of the family and that’s what had you drawn to him, since april always called you a nerd with how much random stuff you could intake and understand
• so you just ambled up to the purple turtle
• “do you know anything about chinchillas?”
• he just kinda,,blinked for a minute and had to take in what you said
• bc he usually doesn’t get talked to a lot when he’s in his zone
• “chinchillas?”
• “yeah, those fluffy rats, unlike the one you live with.”
• “i know a plethora of things about chinchillas, if that’s what you wanted to know.”
• the only reason donnie knows about chinchillas is because of a video that mikey showed him of one taking a dust bath, which inquired him to know why, which led to a rabbit hole of knowing chinchilla facts altogether
• “did you know that a chinchilla’s fur can stop fleas from digging into their fur?”
• “they aren’t immune to fleas, but they hold a 90% chance of being able to resist them.”
• “one of their closest relatives in the chinchillidae family is the viscacha rabbit, known as the sensei rabbit.”
• ooo so this was a competition
• “you know a bit more than i took for granted, huh? well, two can play that game.”
• and then there ensued a verbal argument over chinchilla facts
• raph, leo and mikey all gathered around a few feet back to watch a,,probably a 10 year old child and a (well over) 6’0 tall teenage mutant ninja turtle have a competition over who-knew-more-about-what-animal
• they couldn’t understand most of it either
• “chinchillas can jump up to six feet high.”
• “taller than you, huh?”
• “yeah. chinchillas also have two species.”
• “indeed; the long-tailed chinchilla and short-tailed chinchilla. they’re also nocturnal.”
• “just like you guys? must be why you might have a bad sleeping schedule. they also have 60-100 hairs per hair follicle.”
• “damn right, people call them the softest animal in the world.”
• “april won’t let me get one, though.”
• “how dare she.”
• “exactly!”
• w,,
• was that bonding??
• was this how to bond with donnie?? why was a 10 year-old doing a better job at being friends with him than his own brothers??
• oh god now there are two geeks in the city oh god oh fuck - raph, probably
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thatdamnrookie · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A small and polite creature approaches you. Do you trust her?
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