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all-for-the-feels · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Heaven Official's Blessing // season 1 (now on Netflix!)
This Chinese BL novel is one of my favorite things I've read it. It's packed with emotion and twists and turns I never saw coming. It has a manhua (comic) and donghua (animated) both releasing updates and a live action in pre-production.
Xie Lian is an 800-year-old scrap collector who ascends to the heavens for the third time to become a god. When he first ascended at a young age, he was the Crown Prince of Xian Le known as the "Prince who Pleased the Gods" and was loved by all.
Now, 800 years later, Xie Lian ascends to the Heavens for the third time as the laughingstock of all three realms mocked as a "Rubbish God" and known for his bad luck. On his first task as a new god, he meets a mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavens... yet unbeknownst to Xie Lian, this demon king has been paying attention to him for a very, very long time.
// link to the translated novel //
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blacktigersprings · 3 months ago
Thai BL: soft fluffy school boys
Japanese BL: soft fluffy school boys
Korean BL: soft fluffy school boys
Chinese BL: magical demon slayers from ancient China
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absolutebl · 2 months ago
Heat & Angst in BL + Other TERMS EXPLAINED
Q: You use the terms high heat, low heat, high angst, etc. in your posts, what do they mean?
Ah, those are literary terms borrowed from the romance and YA genres.  Something like Twilight is low heat but very high angst, for example. My obsession with tropes comes from a literary critic background, so when I don’t know the fan terms I get old school. Literally. 
Tumblr media
High Heat AKA Explicit AKA Hot AKA Mature 
High heat tends to mean more that just kissing is depicted on screen: so most Taiwanese BL, some Thai stuff, and Japan and China’s darker offerings. Publishers and authors will avoid using the term explicit because it red flags algorithms and gets books black listed. In the Hollywood film industry this probably includes NC 17 and definitely R rated moves (on the grounds of sexual content). 
Tumblr media
I like high heat if it’s done well and the actors can carry it off without making me wince. Some of the best examples of high heat are: 
My Day the series - Pinoy (one of my favorite under appreciated high heat dramas)
Why R U? (probably the best high heat to come out of Thailand)
TharnType series - Thai (trigger: rape) 
Love By Chance series - Thai (trigger: rape for side characters)
Most stuff with MaxTul in it like Manner of Death 
History 3: Make Our Days Count - Taiwan (trigger: death)
HIStory 3 Trapped - Taiwan (HFN ending)
History 4: Close to You - Taiwan (trigger: dub con, stepbrother trope)
Japan’s Pornographer series and The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese (warning very darkly cerebral, not really BL)
China did high heat before censorship but only in their darker stuff. 
Vietnam does some high heat but not in any dramas I particularly enjoyed. 
The Philippines does high heat too, but I don’t watch much Pinoy stuff. 
Korea mostly avoids high heat except for stuff from Strongberry (which is a queer production house that clearly has an axe to grind... or something else to grind). Long Time No See and Sweet Curse are their high heat offerings. 
Tumblr media
I do my heat scale out of 3. 
0/3 means no kissing or physical contact beyond tropes, maybe a hand hold. 
1/3 for a peck or two. 
2/3 for anything in the high school making out at a party range. 
3/3 for “well they definitely had sex and we almost got to see it.”
In most BL the main character usually have a higher heat level than the side dishes but occasionally it’s reversed. Cherry Magic for example, the mains don’t kiss but the sides do. 
Tumblr media
High heat is different than erotica. Erotica means the physical sexual connection of the characters drives the plot. BL is mostly romance (or at least romantic), so the emotional connection of the characters drives the plot. Some of Japan’s stuff (and source yaoi) edges into erotica though because... Japan. 
I will say that higher heat BL does often have a weaker plot and story structure than low heat, but that may just be coincidence because there is so little high heat. Out of c.250 BLs I’ve viewed I would qualify only c.30 of them as truly high heat. 
Dub Con & Non Con
Dub con (dubious consent) is when the consent is questionable. For example if one character is drunk or otherwise unable to clearly agree to a sexual liaison (this is statutory rape in the USA). This happens a lot in early BL and is still popular in certain countries and with certain authors/directors/producers (Mame). 
Tumblr media
Non-con (non consent) means no consent is given at all. So straight up romanticization of rape. A lot of early Japanese and Chinese BL used this. What I call “dark BL” because these narratives almost always end with suicide, murder, or dramatic death, for example A Round Trip to Love. 
For various psychological reason the rape fantasy is hugely popular, particularly among straight women who are the primary consumers of BL. I don’t kink shame so, you do you, it’s the context of the narrative and (lack of) critical lens that bothers me often with these dramas and their lack of consent. 
Tumblr media
Low Heat AKA Sweet AKA Closing the Bedroom Door 
Formerly known as “clean romance” this is far more common than high heat for various reasons. Audience expectations, airing times, and expense are probably the most common. 
Audiences expect lighter romances to be lower heat levels mostly because the het rom com genre established this precedent. Why make actors kiss if you don’t have to? 
A mature rating usually detrimentally impacts distribution (who will take it, who will air it, and in what time slot). It can also loose a show its sponsorship. However, it usually increases international views. 
Nudity and kissing and further is expensive, the actors are usually paid more the more explicit they go. 
So most BLs lean towards the low heat side of the equation. Korea, for example, vastly prefers them. They like a slow burn and maybe just a kiss or two. Thailand does as well, probably because GMMTV dominates the field and they have a very specific lower heat criteria. And because the Thai pulps are predominantly set in high school (and are mass produced) they tend to be low heat (age of protagonists) and sway the data. They do also do high heat, though it’s not as common. 
That said Thailand is getting better and better about their kisses and even in the low heat pulps they tend to have more engaging and physically demonstrative intimacy than most other BL producing countries (with the possible exception of the Philippines). 
Tumblr media
Chinese post 2016 censored BL (like Guardian, Advance Bravely, Untamed or Word of Honor) does not qualify as sweet romance. Sorry. It’s censored romance or bromance. If the story structure implies that there should be at least kiss, which these do and would have had if they featured heterosexual main couples, that’s censorship. Intent and messaging matters. I’m not attacking the dramas themselves, Addicted and Word of Honor are two of my favorites, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be critical of what was done to them. It’s okay to love something and still recognize its flaws, that is not a weakness, that’s life.  
In line with that, just as high heat BLs often encounter dub con issues, low heat can have sex negativity issues. 
Some of you think I don’t like low heat, but honestly that’s not the case. Some of my favorite BLs of all time fall into this category, like Color Rush, Light On Me, or Love Sick. I just strongly prefer it when heat levels are married to the narrative and the actors are physically comfortable with each other, which brings us to... 
Tumblr media
Higher Heat AKA Balanced Heat
These are my favorites. They tend to be the ones that use heat levels to serve the story. We, the watchers, never doubt for one moment that the characters want each other badly. Something like We Best Love, To My Star, Addicted, Lovely Writer, or I Told The Sunset About You. There is more than just kissing and it might go right up to the line, even follow the boys into the bedroom, but isn’t gratuitous about it. Taiwan really excels at this and some of the best Thai BL have it too. 
Difficult to define, this is a case of I know it when I see it. Usually with these dramas there is A LOT of emotion in the intimacy and the kisses tend to be really good. I call these higher heat by default since there isn’t really a term for it in the literary world. 
One note on the term sexy. I tend to think of this as very audience specific so I don’t often use it for analysis. I find something sexy (neck grabs or neck kisses and a hand around the waist, for example). You find something sexy (a person, an action, a gesture, a connection, an image). These may not be the same thing. This can be low or high heat, feature soft boys, domestic intimacy, verbal sparring, eye flirting, or being thrown up against a wall. It’s hugely subjective. 
Tumblr media
High Angst AKA Drama Llamas AKA Internal Conflict 
High angst means the plot driver is miscommunication and/or internal drama over identity and self worth, so like Love Sick or Make it Right or Light on Me. These are often, but not always, set in high school for obvious reasons. 
When set in university or older (glares at Ossen’s Love) too high angst can make the characters seem very immature. I happen to be personally over this kind of behavior (too many actor friends) so my preference is for fluffy over angsty. 
That said I loved Light On Me, and still adore Love Sick and Make it Right so there is something to be said for very confused boys, disaster gays and panicked bisexuals, and excessive noodling over coming out. On the flip side while I love Why R U? for its chemistry the angst feels very forced and drama comes out of left field impacting the pace, which make the narrative confusing. 
Tumblr media
Sometimes angst and miscommunication are handled really well, especially when sourced in character personality and understandable confusion, perfect examples of this are His the movie on one end of the spectrum (mature older characters, high cinema) and Seven Days on the other (live action yaoi in its purest form) - both from Japan. 
Low Angst AKA Cute AKA External Conflict 
This just means that there is very little emotional immaturity or miscommunication driving the plot. Examples include Oxygen, Cherry Magic, Lovely Writer, Color Rush, Nobleman Ryu's Wedding, You Make Me Dance. This is not to say the characters don’t internally agonize over things like self worth, it’s just that the story is being driven by something else. I will often call these “cute” but usually just low angst. 
Often these are thought of as fluffy and very light weight (which I also like) but that isn’t always the case. 
Tumblr media
Sometimes higher concept dramas and more mature characters are dictating the story so it’s not cute or fluffy. Manner of Death, 1000 Stars, Color Rush, and Until We Meet Again are low angst but not at all fluffy or lightweight. 
HEA = happily ever after (think Disney) 
HFN = happy for now (think the end of HIStory 3: Trapped or Ingredients)
LTR = long term relationship 
Tsundere - (ツンデレ pronounced tsɯ̥ndeɾe) is a Japanese term for a character who undergoes a development arc moving him (in BL) from a personality that is initially cold, temperamental, hotheaded, competitive, and hostile towards a warmer, friendlier side. (Squishy center.) Sometimes the charter will stay grumpy but his disposition is better understood. Often he will soften only for his other half. Shu Yi in We Best Love is a classic example of a tsundere uke, and Pick in Puppy Honey is the ultimate tsundere seme.  
Taiwan in particular LOVES a tsundere character. 
Tumblr media
Seme/uke versus D/s & top/bottom 
I tend to use the terms seme/uke because I come from reading yaoi in the early 00s. I like to consider them the following:
seme: the active pursuer in the narrative
uke: the passive resistor in the narrative
I use seme/uke because it is the established vocab for BL same sex romantic pairings under the context of narrative analysis. (Using hero/hero would get confusing, for example.) Lots more discussion on this and how it relates to the different countries producing BL here. 
Tumblr media
I think of seme & uke as narrative archetypes (useful only when talking about fiction, not useful when talking about real life). It’s about who is in CONTROL of the relationship’s story. 
As opposed to:
top/bottom/verse: terms which come from the gay/queer community and pertain to sexual preference and (should) have nothing to do with narrative power dynamics. To be crass, top/bottom is about who gets penetrated. It’s referencing sexual position and physical acts, not characterization or narrative. The bottom is NOT the weak one or the girl. For heavens sake! 
Tumblr media
These are generally though of as sexual position preferences, verse just means both or no preference. FighterTutor are one of the few clearly depicted verse boys in BL. 
I think casual use of seme/uke as conflated with top/bottom is a PROBLEM with both these narratives and the discussion around them. (I recognize that this originates in yaoi.) Mainly because het consumers conflate (egregiously & incorrectly) top with male/masculine and bottom with female/feminine.
Type in TharnType, for example, is clearly a bottom and tsundere but he is neither a submissive nor really a uke. 
Tumblr media
D/s or Dom/sub/switch come from the kink community and pertain to the power dynamics of a relationship: Dominant vs submissive, (which may include the physical but doesn’t have to). The Dominant is in (nominal) charge and takes responsibility for the emotional/physical action in a given scene or relationship. The submissive acts to endure the Dominant's actions/choices/decisions as well as satisfy their desires/orders/wishes, and is rewarded for their service by having their needs met (whatever form those needs take: care, stewardship, pain, pleasure, freedom of responsibility, etc). A switch can either move from D to s during the course of a scene or (more common) switches depending on the type of scene, mood, or play partner.  
A D/s dynamic MUST BE:
understood by both parties,
negotiated ahead of time,
involve a safeword and known limits.
A D/s relationship without the 3 above criteria is not D/s at all, it is abuse. 
For me the language around D/s actually better correlates to seme/uke under the context of modern BL. But I feel compelled to acknowledge that BL never involves adequate communication or negotiation. 
(For the record I belong to both the queer and kink communities.)
Tumblr media
If you’re interested in Daddy/boy I talk about that dynamic in this ask. But because it shows up so little in BL I’m not gonna bother to cover it in depth here. 
(source kept up to date)
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minisoysquares · 2 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 19天 - Old先 | 19 Days - Old Xian Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: He Tian/Mo Guanshan (19 Days), Jian Yi/Zhan Zhengxi (19 Days), He Tian & Jian Yi & Mo Guan Shan & Zhan Zheng Xi, Jian Yi & Mo Guan Shan, He Tian & Zhan Zheng Xi Characters: Mo Guanshan (19 Days), He Tian (19 Days), Jian Yi (19 Days), Zhan Zhengxi (19 Days), He Cheng (mention), Qiu (mention) Additional Tags: Sequel, Gift Fic, Inspired by Art, Friendship, Established Tianshan, Developing Relationship, Fluff and Humor, Light Angst, Sleepovers, Literal Sleeping Together, Sharing a Bed, Boundaries, Communication, Kissing, Scary Movies, Food as a Metaphor for Love, First Crush, Smoking, Wet Dream (mention), Implied Sexual Content (future), Jealousy, Slapstick, Canon-Typical Behavior, Pre Zhanyi, Language Series: Part 2 of Streaking in the Park // Skinny Dipping in the Dark Summary:
(sequel to ‘cause, boy, we gold 'til we run outta breath)
"Wait, why do I have to be the one to share with him?” Flustered, Guan Shan shook a blanket open brutally. “One of you do it for once."
"What do you mean why?" Jian Yi asked, not even looking at him. "You're dating, right?"
"Da―! Wha―?!"
"You're going to deny it?" Zhan Zheng Xi asked, crossing his arms and waiting patiently.
Inspired by official art: [1] [2] [3] For @myscprin, as a thank you for the lovely fanart they did for the prequel, ♥ ⃛(❛ั◡˜๑)
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frayed-at-the-seams · a month ago
Chinese bl dramas for those who loved The Untamed.
I watch a lot of Asian dramas and thought that since Chinese (b)romance (it’s so bro it’s gay) dramas are becoming more popular since the untamed joined Netflix, I thought I’d recommend some more for people to watch. These are some I really enjoyed. Hope you enjoy them too.
Word of honor. It’s already on Netflix. Amazingly well done. The plot twists are amazing and the main characters are soulmates. There is seven minute epilogue episode that is not on Netflix, so you will want to watch that.
Love is more than a word. Short 12 episode drama on YouTube with English subtitles. Very well done and the characters are really endearing and their romance is amazing.
Till Death tear us apart. Has the exact same cast as the one above^. If you watch that one first then Till death tear us apart then it’s like they have been reincarnated. Amazing romance set in the communist revolution. Extremely well acted and amazing costumes. On YouTube.
The silent criminal. Enemies to (b)romance. Criminal joins up with a soldier trying to find a hidden weapon. Funny and adorable. On Viki.
Winter Begonia. Love between a rich man and a male Chinese opera singer. There is such a good build up in their relationship. On YouTube with eng subs.
My roommate is a detective. Hilarious main character. (B)romance between the detective and the chief of police. Sherlock Holmes inspired drama set in the 1920s. On Viki.
Oh my General. Straight main couple but explores ideas of femininity and Masculinity. Female is a badass general and the male is a beautiful spoiled city boy. Funny and dynamic. On Viki.
Guardian. Like The untamed and Word of honor, a (b)romance based off a bl book. Fantasy show set in the modern era with funny characters and good mysteries. On Viki.
Arsenal Military academy. Girl dresses as a boy to attend a military school. Set in the 20s. A lot of bromance and guys having a crises like Shang from Mulan. On Viki.
Advance bravely. Has Gong Jun from Word of honor. Another (b)romance based of a bl book. The main characters have good chemistry and a funny dynamic. Side couples are also interesting. Ends a bit ambiguously. Set in modern era. On Dailymotion.
Painted skin: the guo jingming edition. Fantasy based short film. Poignant and beautiful. On dailymotion.
Wuliang. 30 minute short movie. Amazingly done. Really well done despite its shortness. Has the same actors play the male leads as Painted Skin. If you watch that first you can view them both as reincarnation. So beautiful and emotional. On Dailymotion.
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acallowlynchart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Red String || Hualian ❤️
(and my first attempt at hands 🤣 1st is edited, 2nd is original sketch)
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translations-by-aiimee · a month ago
The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 28
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 28 - This Venerable One is A Little Confused
Elder Yuheng broke the rules and was punished. He might as well have sprouted wings. There was no need to wait until the next morning; Almost all the disciples of the sect had heard about it that same night.
Two hundred strikes; if he were replaced by any other ordinary person, they would probably be beaten to death. Even a cultivator isn't indestructible.
Xue Meng jumped up after learning about it: "What?! Master went to the Court of Discipline?"
"Young Master, go and talk to the Lord. He's already injured. How could he stand two hundred strikes?"
Xue Meng was going crazy: "My father? I can't. My father is still at the Snow Palace and hasn't returned yet. A carrier pigeon wouldn't even get there for another day. Why didn't you guys stop Shizun?"
Mo Ran and Shi Mei glanced at each other.
Stop Chu Wanning?
Who in this world could stop him?
"That's out of the question. I'm going to find him right now." Xue Meng roared and ran towards the Court of Discipline. Before he entered the courtyard, he saw a group of Elder Jielu's disciples blocking the entrance of the main hall, whispering about something.
"What are you standing there for? Move! Get out of my way!"
"Young Master!"
"Ah, the young master is here."
"Make way, the young master is here."
The disciples quickly separated and gave way to Xue Meng. The gate of the Qingtian Temple was open, and Chu Wanning was kneeling silently, his posture straight, his eyes closed. Elder Jielu, with an iron rod in hand, was reciting the laws of Life-Death Peak. Every time he finished reciting one, the iron rod slammed against Chu Wanning's back.
"The ninety-first law of this sect: do not indiscriminately hurt the innocent, and do not use cultivation against a mortal. Under this rod, do you have any objections?"
"The ninety-second law of this sect; do not act arbitrarily, do not act selfishly. Under this rod, do you have any objections?"
Elder Jielu didn't dare hold back and had to execute the punishment as he would with any other disciple. After more than ninety sticks came down, Chu Wanning's white robes were stained with blood.
Xue Meng respected Chu Wanning the most. When he saw this, his eyes went bloodshot, and he shouted: "Shizun!"
Chu Wanning ignored him. His eyes were still closed and he frowned slightly.
Elder Jielu glanced at the door and muttered: "Elder Yuheng, the young master is here."
"I'm not deaf, I heard him." Blood dripped out of the corners of Chu Wanning's mouth, but he didn't raise his eyes. "He's a noisy child, don't worry about it."
Elder Jielu sighed. ". . .Yuheng, why are you doing this?"
"Who is the one that is always punishing my disciples for being disobedient?" Chu Wanning said indifferently. "If I'm not punished today according to the law, how will I be able to face my disciples in the future?"
". . ."
"Carry on."
"Hah. . ." Elder Jielu looked at his pale, slender neck protruding from the edge of the wide collar that hung gently like thin smoke and asked: "Then can I at least make them lighter?"
". . . This is nothing more than deception." Chu Wanning said. "Don't worry. It's only two hundred strikes, I can bear it."
"Elder Yuheng. . ."
"Jielu, if you don't have anything more to say, carry on."
The iron rod finally fell again.
Xue Meng's voice was frantic: "Elder Jielu! Are you not going to fucking stop? Do you know the situation you've put me in? That's my shizun you're beating!!! My shizun!!!"
Elder Jielu had no choice but to bite his tongue and pretend he didn't hear him.
Xue Meng was about to explode: "Can't you hear me, old man? I'm ordering you to stop! You - If you dare hit him again, I'll, I'll, I'll—"
He thought for a while and couldn’t come up with anything to say. After all, he was only a fifteen-year-old boy. Regardless of the fact that he was "the proud boy of heaven," his strength and qualifications are far less than those of the elders. He could only blush and throw out an outrageous claim --
"I'll tell my father!!!"
Elder Jielu: ". . ."
Chu Wanning let out an almost inaudible sigh.
Ninety-seven strikes. Ninety-eight strikes. Ninety-nine strikes. One hundred sticks. . .
His clothes were torn and blood was glaringly seeping out.
Xue Meng couldn't hold back anymore. His eyes were red with anxiety, and he was about to recklessly rush in, but Chu Wanning suddenly opened his eyes. He waved his hand and a barrier instantly lowered, blocking the entrance. Xue Meng bounced back a few steps, almost falling to the ground.
Chu Wanning coughed up blood. He shifted his glare, narrowing his fierce phoenix eyes.
"Disgraceful! Leave!"
Chu Wanning sternly said: "Since when can the Young Master of Life-Death Peak order an Elder to bend the law for his own personal gain? Leave now!"
Xue Meng stared at him. His eyes widened and it looked like little beads of water appeared in them.
Next to him, Mo Ran stroked his chin, and the corner of his mouth was still playfully curled upwards: "Oh, that's not good. Little phoenix is going to cry."
Hearing these words, Xue Meng harshly turned his head and fiercely glared at Mo Ran. His watery eyes were red, but he kept any tears from rolling down.
He had no more objections and no more talk back.
He climbed up from the ground with a single movement. He lowered his head, grit his teeth and wiped the dust off his body. Then he knelt down facing the Qingtian Temple: "Shizun, I know my mistake."
Chu Wanning was still being tortured by an iron rod. His straight posture never wavered, but his face was pale, and his forehead was coated with a fine layer of cold sweat.
Xue Meng stubbornly said: "But I'm not leaving. I'll accompany Shizun."
He said while kneeling.
Mo Ran rolled his eyes towards the sky. Xue Meng, courtesy name Xue Ziming, the proud son of heaven, was only ever humble in front of Chu Wanning. In front of others, he was a phoenix, and in front of their shizun, he became a quail. If he wasn't positive that Xue Meng didn't like men, Mo Ran would start to suspect that this guy was probably in love with Chu Wanning, so much so that he would throw himself in front of death itself for him. If Shizun slapped his left cheek, then this little bitchy quail would humbly slap his right cheek.
Real convincing.
Like an obedient little puppy.
Although he despised him in his heart, he couldn't understand why he was feeling somewhat upset. Mo Ran looked at Xue Meng. The more he looked at him, the more uncomfortable he got and he felt that he could not let him show his loyalty alone.
Chu Wanning already didn't like him. If Xue Meng made such a fuss, does that mean Chu Wanning wouldn't be as harsh with him in the future?
So he simply went over and knelt beside Xue Meng.
"I'll also accompany Shizun."
Of course, Shi Mei also knelt down, and the three disciples all knelt and waited outside. When disciples under the other elders heard the circulating rumours, they all hurried to the Court of Discipline to watch the excitement.
"Oh my god, why is it Elder Yuheng. . ."
"I heard he went into a rage and beat a civilian."
"Ah! He's that cruel?"
"Shhh, keep your voice down. If Elder Yuheng hears you, he won't hesitate to whip you!"
Others: "Why is the young master kneeling?"
"Young Master Mo is also kneeling. . ."
Mo Ran was handsome and he had a way with words. He didn't know how many female cultivators he'd earned goodwill with over the years, but right now, there were several people who couldn't help but feel pity for him and whisper: "I feel so sorry for Young Master Mo. What should I do? Should we intervene?"
"We shouldn't concern ourselves with their shizun - disciple issues. Do it if you dare, I'm not that brave. Do you remember the senior sister who was whipped hundreds of times by Elder Yuheng..."
". . ."
The two hundred strikes were completed.
The barrier was finally removed.
Xue Meng quickly got up from the ground. He ran into Qingtian Temple and approached the scene. Seeing Chu Wanning's appearance, he cried out. He turned his head and grabbed Elder Jielu's collar. "You're dead, old man! Couldn't you have hit him a little lighter!!!"
"Xue Ziming." Chu Wanning closed his eyes, his blood-stained lips moving, and his hoarse voice carried a hidden deterrent.
". . ."
Xue Meng's knuckles creaked. He violently pushed Elder Jielu away, letting him go. This was when Mo Ran came in. He was still smiling, thinking that Elder Jielu must have taken into account Chu Wanning's status and wouldn't deal heavy blows. But looking down at Chu Wanning's injury, the smile on his face suddenly fell.
Didn't Chu Wanning tell Elder Jielu that he had a shoulder injury?!
The two hundred strikes had all more or less slashed across the older wound on his shoulder.
New wounds overlapped old wounds.
Chu Wanning, you. . .
Are you insane?!
His pupils shrank sharply, and a strong resentment surged into his heart.
Mo Ran didn't know what he was resenting, or what he was so annoyed about. He only knew that he felt a blazing fire in his gut, torching through all his organs. He was used to torturing Chu Wanning to death himself, crushing his self-esteem and tarnishing his purity. Mo Ran couldn't stand seeing injuries on Chu Wanning that were made by someone else!
He could move on from his past memories because Mo Ran subconsciously felt that this person was his. This person, whether dead or alive, hated or hated, was all.
He originally didn't care about Chu Wanning being punished because he thought that, since Chu Wanning was an elder, the two hundred strikes would hardly be considered a severe punishment.
At the very least, they would avoid the fresh wound on his shoulder.
But Chu Wanning didn't say anything! He didn't even mention it! What was this lunatic so stubborn? Why did he put up with this? What point did he so stupidly and stubbornly need to prove?!?
His mind was in turmoil. Mo Ran raised his hand to help him, but Xue Meng was already one step ahead of him. He took Chu Wanning in his arms and helped him up.
". . ." Mo Ran's hand hung in the air, and after a while, he slowly lowered it again.
He watched Xue Meng help Chu Wanning walk away, not knowing the feeling that was stirring in his heart.
He wanted to catch up with them, but he wasn't willing to move.
What happened in his past life was all in the past.
Nowadays, Chu Wanning was just his shizun.
Any chaotic, hateful, or intimate entanglement hadn't happened between them yet.
He shouldn't have such thoughts. Whether Chu Wanning was beaten by someone, supported by someone, loved someone, or was even killed by someone, it had nothing to do with him.
Shi Mei came to him: "Come on, let's join the young master and go take a look."
"I'm not going. It's enough having Xue Meng there. I wouldn't help much. Any more people would just create chaos." Mo Ran's face remained unchanged, but his heart was a bit confused.
He really didn't understand what he was feeling right now. What was this feeling called?
Was it hatred?
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lexonini · 6 months ago
Unpopular/ maybe popular opinion: Korea and China (without censorship) could have the best BL shows and movies.
Even shows like the untamed and word of honor which are censored are better than some (a lot) of thai/ Japanese/ Taiwanese BL.
Korea has been doing short 8 episode 15 minutes per episode shows that are BL. Where your eyes linger, color rush, to my star, you make me dance. All of those have been amazing in some way or another including the actors (I like Thai BL but alot of the actors just aren’t it for me).
Basically, if Korea starts doing full season shows and China gets over the dumbass censorship they have, They would both dominate the BL/ LGBT entertainment market.
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heretherebedork · 2 months ago
Mermaid's Jade
Tumblr media
aka holy shit a non-censored Chinese fantasy BL!
I recommend it!
It's quite good, an interesting if slightly confusing concept, great characters and an interesting little ending that I enjoyed for what it is.
Lots of Chinese bromance-quality special effects so, you know, pin expectations pretty low on that part.
Tumblr media
But the characters are good and the romance is sweet and the ending is open but definitely implies a happily ever after that I wasn't expecting.
@absolutebl I don't know if you've seen this and I've only found it on Gaga so far, but definitely worth the time!And, yes, it's a full on and very enjoyable BL!
Tumblr media
Note: lots of violence, including against innocents, and lots of people die. Threat of a sad ending but turns onto a more mystical open-ended but likely happy ending.
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absolutebl · 5 months ago
This Week in BL
April 2021 Part 2
Being a highly subjective assessment of one tiny corner of the interwebs.
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Thai
Love Poison 2 Ep 3 - incomprehensible plot, confusing characters, terrible audio, I’m dropping this one. 
Second Chance Ep 2 - they are my adorable babies and I LOVE THEM. Must protect Jeno at all cost. Chris, come on, boy needs you. (They’re the jock/nerd pair.) Then there’s the friend-to-lovers (Paper & Fah) and cafe cute boys (M & Near). We got artful injury tending (finger & lip) and some jealousy or something. Is the script good? Hell no. Is anything happening? Nope. But I’m INVESTED in the nothingness. 
Lovely Writer Ep 7 - mostly set in the past, but the child actors they got were decent. I actually liked how they explained Sib’s behavior (I mean losing your BFF + figuring out you’re gay at the same time gotta mess with your head). We got touch my lip, carry baby to bed, let’s sleep facing, face touch, hair touch, and a hand kiss as well as The Kiss. With so many intimacy and caring tropes, I’m well pleased.  BONUS: NO SOUND EFFECTS. Please make then have fired the sound tech. OHPLEAESEOHPLEASEOHPLEASE. 
Fish Upon The Sky Ep 1 - I like it. Might as well break the 4th wall if you’re gonna do a voice over. Some super cringy moments but I think that’ll improve post makeover. Yet again we have a BL poking fun at its own tropes. 2021 is definitely the year of meta. Oh and Phuwin’s English is really good. 
Call It What You Want Ep 1-2 - it’s slow and more arty than I expected. The actor playing the main character looks eerily like Up (Gene in Lovely Writer) + an ex of mine - it’s disconcerting. 
Brothers Ep 10 - my two got together and ARE ADORABLE. I actually really like how they dealt with Khun’s seme ownership freak out. That’s some sexy communicating, boys! So many couples (and triads) I’m well confused, but I only love KhunKaow so no one else matters.  
Y-Destiny Ep 2 - cute, bit raunchy, kinda fun, about a million tropes in one tiny ep. I’m getting So Much in Love meets something from Strongberry. No bad thing... no real good thing either. But I was expecting a lot worse. 
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Not Thai 
HIStory 4: Close To You (Taiwan) Ep 4 (AKA Ep 7-8) - I don’t wanna blog about it. I can’t even think about it. I’m still gonna keep watching it. Conclusion? I’m trash. 
Word of Honor (China) Ep 22-24 - Wen is as much as a drama queen as Gene (in his own special way). Most of his past is now revealed plus obligatory bathing scene. (Is Gong Jun contractually obliged to be topless in all his dramas or is it just for the good of the planet? Asking for a friend.) A good 60% of the time I have no idea what is going on (so many names! who is this Lovelace putz allasudden?) but I don’t care cause they so pretty. 
Most Peaceful Place (Vietnam) Ep 3 - didn’t drop this week, or was it only 2 episodes? I’m so confused. 
We Best Love 2 (Taiwan) Ep 6 fin - It’s GREAT, they’re great, everyone’s great, the world is great. So pleased to get Shu Yi and his dad talking Japanese. I love it when Taiwan makes use of bilingual actors (see Because of You) almost as much as them flexing their marriage equality muscles. The full circle pool kiss was adorable and this series is officially a favorite. (@heretherebedork your boys don’t end unhappily but they don’t get an HEA either, everyone else does. I think you’d be okay with this one.) 
Tumblr media
Stand Alones 
Tell the World I Love You (Thai BL movie) released into theaters? Or not? Haven’t heard anything about it. 
Tumblr media
Breaking News 
Bite Me got a full trailer and it looks GOOD. Mark Siwat seems to be carrying this one, which is fine, we all know he can (especially if you’ve seen his non-LBC stuff). Quality controls seem relatively high, although this may only be a fund-raising trailer. No eng subs at last check but I’m disposed to be hopeful. It feels like we are in Oxygen territory and that was one of my favorites last year. 
You’re My Sky dropped what they’re calling an “official pilot.” No eng subs. I think this is a tester trailer to raise funds. MDL listing makes this sound like a standard college BL, but trailer portrays a sports romance. Stars almost-familiar new faces from Y-Destiny. It’s like we have a new crop of BL actors chomping at the bit to take over from MaxTul or MewGulf, and with the 91 line aging out*, maybe they aren’t wrong? 
Tumblr media
* Don’t crawl into my craw, they’ve most of ‘em said they don’t wanna keep doing BL after turning 30 and frankly, why should they? 
Nitiman dropped BTS from their publicity shoot. No eng subs. 
Tumblr media
Next Week Looks Like This:
Some shows may be listed later than actual air date for International accessibility reasons. 
Tumblr media
Upcoming 2021 BL master post here.
Links to watch are provided when possible, ask in a comment if I missed something.
Spring Line Up:
Close Friend the series (Thai trailer) April 22.
2gether the movie (Thai trailer) April 22 to Thai theaters.
Nitiman (Thai) May 7 on One31.
I Told Sunset About You 2 (Thai) May 27 on LineTV
Ossan’s Love (Hong Kong) June to Viu
I joined MDL under this handle AbsoluteBL. Find me there if you like, currently it’s just ratings, tracking, & three lists: 
Japanese BL & Live Action Yaoi Manga
Korean BL
Taiwanese BL
Tumblr media
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minisoysquares · 3 months ago
Chapters: 3/3 Fandom: 19天 - Old先 | 19 Days - Old Xian Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: He Tian/Mo Guanshan (19 Days), Background Jian Yi/Zhan Zhengxi (19 Days) Characters: He Tian (19 Days), Mo Guanshan (19 Days), Mo Guanshan's Mother (mention), Jian Yi (mention), Zhan Zhengxi (mention), Xiao Hui (mention), Cun Tou (mention), Mo Guan Shan's Gang (mention) Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Missing Scene, Chapter 224, Chapter 271, Chapter 313, Christmas, Established Relationship, Long-Distance Relationship, Reunions, Gift Exchange, safe sex, Piercings, Smoking, Music, Face-Sitting, Double Penetration in Two Holes, Come Shot, Rimming, Hand Jobs, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, top He Tian, Bottom Mo Guan Shan, Implied Switching, Implied Versatile/Reversible Couple, Blow Jobs, Sexual Content, Sharing Body Heat, Snowball Fight, Future Fic, Aged-Up Character(s), Bickering, Domestic Fluff, Shameless Smut, hand holding, Chapter Related, Coda, Cover Art, Story Aesthetic Series: Part 1 of 19天 : Missing Scenes | Chapter Codas | Inspired by Official/Fan Art Summary:
(Missing scenes from chs. 224, 271, 313 - Christmas Specials 2017, 2018, 2019)
"Be fucking careful!” Mo Guan Shan shouted as a heavy weight barreled into him, nearly sending him to his knees.
He Tian was holding on to him so tightly he was about to pop a rib.
Guan Shan huffed, secretly pleased. “If you didn't dislike it that's fine then, I guess.”
“Let me show you just how much I didn't dislike it,” He Tian purred.
Tumblr media
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lostarcher17 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This drama didn't disappoint me at all. Despite the changes made because of censorship and to fit the genre, I was glad that they were loyal to the main plot and theme. The actors were great, too. They were able to portray the characters so well that it felt like they came out from the novel itself.
Kudos to everyone who's part of this wonderful drama. It's truly worth the wait 💕
"They squabbled from morning ’til evening, then sat down nicely for dinner, which could also result in a quarrel that began with arguing...
The reason why they fought all day was for that meridian stuff, but another cause stemmed from an issue that needed to be settled urgently — the outcome was not yet determined, the top and the bottom not for certain, and both of them had fires in their hearts that could only be vented as they quibbled..." 😅
-Extra 1: On Changming
Translation: Chichi's Dive
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silvandar · 5 days ago
Cw: Chinese censorship, government control, anti lgbtq+ agenda
I'm extremely angry. The last few weeks have seen a huge move by the CCP to increase censorship of China's young male idols, and ground the production of upcoming c dramas based on lgbtq+ novels to a halt. Details can be found here or via google.
These attacks are devastating to the lgbtq+ community in China, who have recently been experiencing a form of representation through the popularity of these shows and the softer image of masculinity presented by Chinese idols following the kpop trends.
Recently idols Xiao Zhan and Zhang Zhehan have had their careers torpedoed by CCP censorship related scandals, and social media campaigns. It is probably not a coincidence that these two men are the leads in internationally popular bl (lgbtq+ based) dramas "The Untamed" and "Word of Honour". Xiao Zhan was dragged into a scandal which led to the banning of fanfiction site AO3 in China, due to some real person lgbtq+ fanfic written about him being reported to the CCP. Zhang Zhehan was accused of "un patriotic" behaviour after photographs of him attending a Japanese shrine for war casualties were released on Weibo, a platform very closely monitored by the CCP.
These two young actors have almost nothing left of what should have been a fantastic career, based on the home and international successes of their respective shows. They will not be the last. Upcoming shows based on bl have been put on hold, with their cast and crew left uncertain if they will have the projects in the future.
The linked video describes a huge piece of legislation the CCP are planning to pass which will heavily censor bl dramas and attempt to ban the kpop style of male beauty for Chinese idols.
Bizarrely, this only seems to be affecting c dramas specifically at present, anime and books are not included in the document as far as we can tell. So anime adaptions of bl material appear to be going ahead, while the c drama adaptions of the same material are being halted ("Heaven Officials Blessing" is one example of this).
At present there is nothing we in the west can do apart from raise awareness and continue to consume and support the media and idols the CCP are attempting to censor, in the hope that the lure of the international $ will encourage opposition to the legislation within the Chinese government.
If you see an opportunity to voice your feelings on this subject, if you feel safe and comfortable then please do so.
@priestnet @mdzsnet @cdramastuff
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its-okay-thats-true-love · 6 months ago
It's really nice to know you guys.
Thank you for the wonderful journey!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Still not ready to say goodbye but you guys gave me a great time.
Farewell, A Xu and Lao Wen!
Thank you, Zhang Zhehan and Simon Gong! I will keep supporting you guys!
Fan arts collection
Credit on pics.
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translations-by-aiimee · 23 days ago
The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 30
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 30 - This Venerable One Doesn't Want to Eat Tofu
"Hey, hey, did you hear? Elder Yuheng violated the sect rules. As punishment, he has to kneel in Yanluo Hall for three days."
In the morning class the next day, the disciples gathered on the Platform of Righteousness and Evil to practice and meditate. In the end, they are all teenagers and 20-year-olds, and they couldn't just do as they were told. If a master wasn't paying attention, they'll start whispering and gossiping.
The news that Chu Wanning had been punished quickly spread.
The disciples who witnessed the beating yesterday were not shy about sharing the gossip with others.
"Wow, why are you guys finding out about it so late? Oh . . . So yesterday Elder Lucun took you up the mountain to collect night dew flowers? Well then - you guys really missed out on a lot! Yesterday evening, in the Qingtian Temple, there was flesh and blood flying everywhere. It was horrible. Elder Yuheng was beaten with more than two hundred strikes! More than two hundred strikes! Not a single one missed! There was no mercy!"
The disciple made a particularly exaggerated expression every time he said a new sentence. No need to mention the show he was putting on for all his junior brothers and sisters surrounding him.
"Do you actually count all two hundred strikes? Even a big man could be killed, not to mention Elder Yuheng. He couldn't stand it and passed out. This made our young master mad. He rushed in and fought with Elder Jielu. He said not to lay another finger on Elder Yuheng. Ah, that scene—"
His facial features were wrinkled up like a steamed bun. He squeezed his eyebrows. Finally, he stretched out a finger, swaying from side to side, and summed it up in three words:
"Tsk tsk task."
Immediately, a younger sister disciple paled: "What! Elder Yuheng fainted?"
"Young Master and Elder Jielu got into a fight?"
"It's no wonder I didn't see Elder Yuheng in this morning class . . . so pitiful . . . what crime did he commit?"
"I heard that he beat a civilian in a fit of rage."
". . ."
Such gossips drifted into Xue Meng's ears from time to time. Life-Death Peak's young master had completely inherited his shizun's temper, so he was very irritable. It was unfortunate that more than one person was gossiping about this. There were groups all over the Platform of Righteousness and Evil, all muttering "Elder Yuheng was punished" and so on. It made him feel so irritated, but there was nothing he could do.
In one corner was Xue Meng, veins bulging on his forehead, and in the other was Mo Ran, unable to stop yawning.
Xue Meng couldn't direct his anger anywhere else, so he viciously spat at Mo Ran: "The plan of the day relies on the morning. You dog, you're so lazy in the morning! What has Shizun been teaching you?"
"Huh?" Mo Ran said with sleepy eyes followed by another big yawn. "Xue Meng, that's enough. I can handle Shizun's lecturing. Who do you think you are? I'm your cousin. Behave yourself when you talk with your cousin. Don't be so rude."
Xue Meng said fiercely: "My cousin is a dog. Be whatever you want to be!"
Mo Ran laughed: "You're so mean. If you don't look out for your elder sect brother, think about how disappointed Shizun will be once he finds out."
"You still have the audacity to mention Shizun! Let me ask you, when he went to the Court of Discipline yesterday, why didn't you stop him?"
"MengMeng, he's a shizun. Yuheng of the Evening Sky, Beidou Immortal. What did you want me to do?"
Xue Meng was furious. He drew his sword, his sharp eyebrows furrowed angrily: "What the hell did you call me?!!!"
Mo Ran's grin stretched from ear to ear: "Be good, MengMeng. Sit down."
Xue Meng bellowed: "Mo Weiyu, I'll kill you!!"
Shi Mei was caught between the two, listening to their daily bickering. He couldn't help sighing. He silently held the edge of his forehead, trying to concentrate on reading his book: "The sun and the moon are poured in the pot* when the spiritual core is first formed. The way of heaven cannot be interpreted, and life and death are involved in the process. . ."
*(T/N: 日月壶中灌 - referring to the Daoist practice of leisurely inactiveness)
Three days passed in the blink of an eye and Chu Wanning's period of reflection came to an end.
According to the rules, the next thing he had to face was a three-month grounding period. During this period of time, he could not leave Life-Death Peak and needed to go to Mengpo Hall to do miscellaneous chores, clean the corridor pillars of Naihe Bridge, sweep the steps in front of the mountain gate, and so on.
Elder Jielu was anxious: "Elder Yuheng, to be honest, I don't think you should do these things. You are the best shizun of your generation. Doing this kind of dishwashing and floor cleaning . . . it feels wrong." He trailed off, leaving half the sentence unsaid --
The main reason is that the old man doubts whether you can even sweep floors, cook and wash clothes!
Chu Wanning didn't doubt himself at all and went to report to Mengpo Hall in an orderly manner.
All of Mengpo Hall, from the chief steward to the servant, was shocked to hear that Chu Waning was coming to do hard labour. They were terrified, as if they were approaching the enemy.
Chu Wanning, dressed in white, arrived in a flutter.
His handsome face was cold and calm, completely expressionless. If you added an auspicious cloud under his feet and a whisk between his arms, he would've looked like the picture-perfect immortal.
Manager Meng Potang felt very ashamed and uneasy. He was actually supposed to make such a beautiful man wash vegetables and cook.
Chu Wanning didn't have the self-image of being a beautiful man. He stepped into the kitchen and coldly swept his gaze over the crowd, who couldn't help but take a step back.
". . ." Chu Wanning was straightforward. "What should I do?"
The chief steward coyly pinched the edge of his hem and thought about what he should say. He cautiously went with: "How does this elder feel about washing vegetables?"
Chu Wanning said: "Okay."
The chief steward was greatly relieved. He originally thought that Chu Wanning led a very pampered life. He might be reluctant to do this kind of labour, however, all the other jobs were either dirty and tiring or required some skill. He was worried that Chu Wanning wouldn't be able to do a good job. Since Chu Wanning easily agreed to wash the vegetables, he didn't need to worry about it.
As it turns out, the chief steward was really naive.
There was a clear stream in front of Mengpo Hall. Chu Wanning went to the stream with a basket of green vegetables. He rolled up his sleeves and began to wash the vegetables.
This area is under the jurisdiction of Elder Xuanji. Occasionally a disciple of the Xuanji sect passed by. He saw Chu Wanning actually washing vegetables and was so scared that he couldn’t even get a word out. He rubbed his eyes three or four times to make sure he wasn't seeing things. He said in astonishment: "Elder Yu-Yuheng -- good-good morning."
Chu Wanning raised his eyes: "Good morning."
Elder Xuanji's disciples shivered and fled.
". . ."
Chu Wanning didn't bother to talk with them and continued with his business. He broke the leaves, washed them, and threw them back into the basket.
He washed them very carefully. He broke each vegetable leaf apart, repeatedly brushing them thoroughly. The consequence of that was -- come noon, the basket of vegetables still hadn't been washed.
The man waiting in the dining room was anxious, pacing around in circles: "What should we do? Why hasn't the elder come back yet? If he doesn't come back with the vegetables, how are we going to make the stir-fried beef and vegetables?"
The chief steward looked at the sun and said: "Forget it. Hurry, let's replace it with braised beef."
So, when Chu Wanning returned, Mengpo Hall had already served the beef. The stew was so crispy and flavourful that there was no need for vegetables at all. Chu Wanning frowned. He held his vegetables, rather unhappily, and coldly asked: "If you didn't want the vegetables, why did you make me wash them?"
The chief steward's hairs stood on end. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with his handkerchief and said something that he regretted: "That's not it. I was thinking you could make a pot of stewed tofu with vegetables?"
Chu Wanning had no expression. Still holding his vegetables, he tilted his head and pondered silently: ". . ."
The chief steward hurriedly said: "If you don't want to, that's alright--"
He hadn't even finished speaking before Chu Wanning asked: "Where is the tofu?"
Chief Steward: ". . ."
"Elder Yuheng, do you . . . know how to cook?"
Chu Wanning said: "I'm not completely ignorant. I'll give it a try."
At noon that day, all the disciples happily entered Mengpo Hall as usual in groups, looking for somewhere to sit. Then, they headed to the counter to get their food served.
There was no shortage of food on Life-Death Peak. The food had always been plentiful and today was no exception.
The braised beef was fatty and lean, the fish shreds were vibrant and rich, the farmhouse pork was golden and crispy, and the chopped pepper fish was red and tempting. The disciples rushed to grab their favourite foods, lining up around the hall, asking the chef to add a spoonful of sweet and sour pork ribs to them, pour some marinade on the rice, or add some spicy sauce.
The ones who always made it to the front of the line first were Elder Lucun's disciples. The little guy at the head of the line had a big pimple on his nose. All he had on his mind was some Mapo Tofu. He skillfully carried the wooden tray to the last counter without raising his eyes and said: "Shizun, I'd like a bowl of tofu."
The shizun, with pale, slender fingers, handed him a plate full of tofu.
However, it wasn't the Mapo Tofu he was familiar with. Instead, it was a plate of strange food with a charred black colour and indistinguishable ingredients.
The disciple was surprised: "What is that?"
"Tofu boiled with bok choy."
Mengpo Hall was full of people, so the disciple didn't pay attention to answering the other person's voice. He said angrily: "Are you an alchemist? Can you even call this tofu with vegetables? I don't want it. Take it back!"
While cursing, he glared at the shizun there. As a result, when he saw the person standing behind the counter, the disciple screamed in fright and almost knocked the tray over.
"Elder Yu-Yuheng!"
The disciple was on the verge of tears: "No, that's not what I - I didn't mean that just now. I. . ."
"Since you're not eating it, I'll take it back." Chu Wanning said blankly, "Don't waste it."
The disciple stiffly picked up the plate, handed it to Chu Wanning then left with his tail between his legs.
In a short while, everyone knew that Elder Yuheng was standing at the last counter, so the originally lively Mengpo Hall was suddenly silent.
The disciples lined up like a pack of puppies, and they hurriedly grabbed their food, panicked. They went up to the last counter respectfully, greeted the elder, and stumbled away.
"Hello, Elder Yuheng."
"Good day, Elder Yuheng."
"Good day."
"Elder Yuheng has worked really hard."
". . ."
The disciples were very disciplined and were acting with an abundance of caution, so Chu Wanning accepted the tense greetings from each disciple, but no one dared try his pot of boiled tofu with green vegetables.
Slowly, the line was getting shorter and the food in front of other shizuns was almost gone. Only Chu Wanning still had a pot full of food. The pot of vegetables was completely cold and untouched.
Chu Wanning's face didn't waver, but his heart was conflicted. He had washed them all morning. . .
At that point, his three disciples showed up. Xue Meng was still in silver-blue light armour, refreshing getup. He bounced over with excitement: "Shizun! How are you? Does your wound hurt?"
Chu Wanning was very calm: "It doesn't hurt."
Xue Meng: "Well, that's good."
Chu Wanning glanced at him and suddenly asked: "Do you eat tofu?"
Xue Meng: ". . ."
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