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#chinese society
indizombie · 4 months ago
Ma had attracted trouble long before last year. His cult-like following helped him build unrivalled influence for a businessman in China, but he became too powerful in a country that only allows a single centre of power. Now supreme leader Xi is threatening to crush him, in a contest that captures the contradiction at the heart of modern China — the Communist party’s wary embrace of the capitalists who power the country’s economic growth. As Xi has tightened control over Chinese society, he has reinvigorated state-run companies and brought the country’s oligarchs to heel. Billionaire run-ins with the state over regulatory concerns, corruption or other perceived slights have become so frequent in recent years that a new rule has emerged: lie low. Some, such as Wang Jianlin, founder of real-estate conglomerate Wanda, have fallen silent while shrinking their businesses; others, like Wu Xiaohui of insurance conglomerate Anbang, have ended up in jail, with their empires taken over by the state.
Ryan McMorrow and Sun Yu, ‘The vanishing billionaire: how Jack Ma fell foul of Xi Jinping’, Financial Times
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tinyeyescomics · a year ago
Tumblr media
As the Chinese New Year approaches, hundreds of millions of people are excited about going back home. However, not everyone is in the same mood, especially if you are an unmarried woman who is about to reach your 30s (or over). Your curious, enthusiastic and meddlesome relatives are sure to prepare many classic questions, such as “Have you found someone yet?”, “Are you scared of marriages?” or “The son of a friend of mine is also single, I can help you set up a date?” The dining room will be transformed into an interrogation room with nowhere to run. Tired of social courtesies and scared of being judged, every year, a small portion of the people would choose to work or travel during the Chinese New Year instead of going home.
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shenzhenwoman27 · 4 months ago
Here are the BEST tips that will guarantee to impress your Chinese girlfriend’s family!
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btsaudge · 6 months ago
Asians all over the globe are facing dangerous prejudice and frequently violent attacks right now. What was said about Bangtan by the radio host in Germany was blatantly racist and xenophobic. I hope the anger and rage fans are channeling towards one person in order to protect their faves is also being directed at anti-Asian "jokes" and hateful comments they're seeing in their everyday lives. Hate crimes against Asians are up in the United States. Protect and support your neighbors from hate the same way you protect and support your idols.
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inkjadestudio · 5 months ago
A new Chinese movie is casting a spotlight on a long-debated question: Should personal values be prioritized over traditional family values?
The family drama “Sister,” which topped the domestic box office during the recent Qingming Festival holiday, tells the story of An Ran, a young woman who is suddenly faced with having to take care of her 6-year-old brother after their parents die in an accident. The movie follows An’s trajectory as she struggles to balance her own life choices while becoming her brother’s caretaker.
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indizombie · 3 years ago
China is extraordinarily fragmented, with a billion different individualized networks created by social media, and a middle class focused relentlessly on what works for them. It’s not that they are brainwashed and made docile by [Communist] party messages – it’s that they have in many ways moved beyond believing anything larger about the society around them. They buy into a strong, powerful China because it means security and wealth. They like the status this gives. But Chinese society is moving into an era in which, as those material benefits become increasingly widespread, issues of meaning and value will come to the fore and demand something more than simple economic solutions.
Kerry Brown, professor of Chinese Studies and director of the Lau China Institute at King’s College in London
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tinyeyescomics · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Maybe you don’t understand why I spent so much effort explaining something so evident. Everyone knows what “Chinese-American” means isn’t it? Well, it wasn’t so evident when I first met Kevin.
Growing up in a homogenous environment in China, the word “diversity” was something that I had to learn later. I went to a school for 12 years where there were only Chinese. Every day I took the same bus where there were only Chinese. I visited friends and families who are all Chinese. I would assume that everyone who looked like a Chinese spoke Chinese and shared Chinese values. Anyone who looked physically different would be a foreigner without a doubt. Seeing someone with a familiar look but completely different cultural behaviors was strange to me. Sounds very ignorant? Yes I was, for sure. But I simply could not see beyond the limit of my experience and knowledge with my singular perspective back then. As I was creating this story, I tried to go back to the state of mind that I had before living abroad but found it difficult. Once you’ve seen something, it’s hard to unsee it. On the other hand, it’s hard to understand something that you’ve never seen or lived. The words I’m using today such as “multicultural” and “plural identity” is not something that I just know naturally, but the fruit of a continuous learning process through education and personal living experience.
As one’s personal experience expands and evolves, time is changing as well. Chinese kids nowadays have access to much more information than I could at a similar age. People living in bigger cities are probably used to seeing tourists, businessmen or scholars from different cultures walking on the streets. More connections are being made, and hopefully, more understanding is being created as well.
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regina-del-cielo · 17 days ago
“The Old Guard” Daemon AU: Quynh and the king cobra
Since we don’t separate couples in this house, after Andy here comes Quynh. She’s just as badass as her axe-wielding wife, so she has a similarly Iconique daemon
the king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world; adults range between 3,75 and 5 m, and weigh up to 10 kg, and males are bigger than females. Quynh is terrifying (affectionate), so her having a Big Murder Noodle as daemon is on par with her
Tumblr media
king cobras are apex predators, snakes that eat other snakes; their only natural predators are humans. Quynh, like Andy, is a force of nature, so she deserves to stay on top of the food chain
Tumblr media
like most venomous snakes, king cobras kill their prey by biting them, injecting a high dose of venom, and then eat it. Quynh, that Joe described as a pit viper in a fight, seems to be a “one strike and you’re dead” type of warrior, especially being an archer
on that same note, a group of king cobras is called a quiver, and a quiver is also the pouch where archers keep their arrows. So. Sounds like destiny
king cobras are diurnal, so they possess a good eyesight, together with a strong sense of smell; they also spend a lot of time on tree branches, from which they lean down to hunt – sniper Quynh my beloved
Tumblr media
while they usually prefer avoidance to confrontation, king cobras tend to take an aggressive stance when disturbed – raising up to the chest, opening the hood, and hissing. Since they’re also much larger than many snakes, they can also attack from a certain distance if bothered. I think Quynh has the spirit of an observant (she was the sniper before Nicky and I will die on this hill), and she doesn’t start fights if she doesn’t need to; but she won’t take any bullshit from anyone, and those that test her don’t live long enough to regret it
king cobras are long-lived snakes (20 years on average) and although they’re solitary during the year, they tend to stay with the same partner for the mating season, and it’s the only snake species that actively builds a nest for its eggs, which the female guards ferociously. 🎶 ~ Found Family Vibes Babe ~ 🎶
a king cobra’s scales are usually a mix of green, brown, black and yellow, with the yellow scales forming very slight stripes on the top portion of the body. It’s not the flashiest coloring among snakes, but it’s surely elegant, and Quynh is obviously a fashion icon, and her daemon’s coloring goes with all her outfits – what do they say, black goes with everything?
Tumblr media
The habitat of the king cobra spans from southern India to most of Southeast Asia, from lowlands up to an elevation of 2000 m. They live in forests, swamps, bamboo thickets, grasslands, and rivers – they are good swimmers. Coincidentally, Vietnam has declared the king cobra a protected species (go Vietnam!); so it’s an animal that Quynh would have been familiar with
Tumblr media
according to the Netflix featurette video, Andy found Quynh around 1000 BCE – take away the century that it took her to actually find Quynh, and assuming that Andy started looking for her as soon as the dreams started (which I think she would have, desperate for company as she was), we could place Quynh’s death around 1100 BCE – give or take the thirty/forty years Quynh actually lived
I am assuming that Quynh lived in the Red River delta area in northern Vietnam; this date would place her at the tail end of the Dong Dau archaeological period of the Hong Bang dynasty (the predecessor of the Dong Son culture), and she would have been a Lac Viet
the Lac Viet were an agricultural society with a sort of feudal system, where inheritance was passed through both the paternal and maternal line; also, when someone got married, they became a member of the wife’s family instead of the husband’s
in most Asian cultures snakes have a neutral or positive depiction, from symbols of rebirth (due to their periodical shedding of the skin) and immortality (think of the ourobouros), to fertility (humans will see an elongated anything with a differentiated head and go ‘is this a phallic reference?’) to guardians of temples or divine figures (especially cobras, for their defensive positions); the Vietnamese dragon itself is a combination of various animals, including the snake
one of the legends about the origin of the Vietnamese people is that of Lac Long Quan, legendary founder of the Hung dynasty, whose mother was a dragon goddess, and Au Co, an immortal fairy of the mountains who could turn into a bird. She bore him 100 children, and when they separated (he to the seas, she to the mountains) the children also split between their parents
in Vietnam’s folk religion, the snake, as an amphibious animal, is meant to possess the linh, the “spirit”, a power of mediation between âm (yin, the disorder) and duong (yang, the order). It lives on the threshold of water and land, and thus is associated with divine figures with luminal powers between order and disorder, especially goddesses
the neighbouring Cambodians also believe to be descended from nagas, the snake gods also present in Hindu and Buddhist mythology
this would mean that Quynh having a snake daemon, in her original culture, would have been considered positively, even revererently – and in her travels through Asia, said snake being a cobra probably was looked at even more benevolently
(imagine how pissed off she must have been that the onset of Christianity would make people recoil away from her and her daemon)
After. A painful search. I have settled for Thang for the daemon’s name. It means “victory” (or “victorious”, depending on the sources), and it feels like a good thing to name a person’s daemon, especially if we assume that Quynh had a warrior training in her first life too
(there is One (1) Thing I know of him. He has a Deep Sexy Voice, like. Imagine James Earl Jones. That’s how I can imagine him speaking. A soothing deep bass that makes you feel instantly at ease – haters will say it’s manipulative. Quynh regularly goes “if Thang was a tiger you wouldn’t say that, you cowards”)
Fun fact: in almost all legends and mythologies snakes and eagles (or snake-like and eagle-like entities) are mortal enemies since, you know, snakes represent the chthonic world and eagles represent the skies. And yet Andy and Quynh looked at each other and went ‘fuck it, that’s my wife now’ and that’s Very Sexy of them
(I can see Diokles sleeping on the closest tree branch above Andy and Quynh with Thang gently coiled around him so he can also Keep Warm)
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If the people believe that you are so-and-so, then you are so-and-so. They may be a hundred thousand miles off the mark, but still they will only see what they want to see.
Heaven Official's Blessing / Tiān Guān Cì Fú- Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
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shythalia · 5 months ago
China's really back at it again with the trespassing into Philippine territory claiming it was still part of their territory. They really don't care about other countries, do they?
News people: *travels to Philippine Economic something Zone for footage w the Coast Guard* *gets a text message*
Text message: "wELcOmE tO cHiNa"
News people: *travels again to the Zone for footage w Coast Guard*
Chinese Coast Guard: *talks to thru the boat's radio* wHaT's yOuR nAmE? wHat aRe yOu dOinG hEre?
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