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What if XTale was a Super Nintendo RPG

By @nyxtheshield

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Demoscene Deliverance

You can play all of these at once if you want to really shock your system.

Releases made through the Demo subculture scene – the demoscene – for the fun, for the win, and in some of the cases, getting it done. Here’s a side of RedHeat you probably didn’t know existed. Please enjoy my dumb af. crowd pleasers: NSFW in quite a few. Listener caution advised.

Tiny Star – 2kb Newskool Chiptune –…

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02.Suicide Club
03.Funeral for a Friend
05.Geek Trip
07.The GazettE
09.FREEYЮU - Balloonbear Remix
10.FREEYЮU - Feonao Remix

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I’ve recently found these amazing covers by Joe Swensen (also known as Thequib!) on Spotify

They have Miski and Mother Mother covers using vocaloid and chip tune! They also have some pretty sick original music!

Just wanted to share bc I’ve been playing them nonstop!

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Loud Lemons - Das Funksignal [Electro Funk, Chiptune, Synthwave]

Loud Lemons – Das Funksignal [Electro Funk, Chiptune, Synthwave]

Французский музыкант Ludovic Laviec, проживающий в Берлине, в рамках своего проекта Loud Lemons занимается мелодичной и заводной танцевальной электроникой в которой смешивает различные жанры, добиваясь действительно уникального звучания.

Например, на своем новом творении – сингле “Das Funksignal” под нож артиста пошли French House, Synthwave и фанк, а источником вдохновения стало предположение…


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