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sally: you must go to a special camp.
dionysus: you must find the lightning bolt.
chiron: you must go to the oracle.
oracle: you must seek the god who has turned.
ares: go find my shield or your mom gets it.
poseidon: you must go to the underworld.
hades: you must find my helmet of darkness.
percy: *sigh*
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"He was spring, golden and bright. Envious Death would drink his blood, and grow young again" The Song of Achilles
Insta: @debbiebalboa
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silver-peel · 3 months ago
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I’m sitting here and thinking about maybe Patroclus actually considered Chiron as a father figure to him🥺
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punk-pinetree · 3 months ago
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witchy-home · 9 months ago
In Greek mythology Chiron was a centaur who was immortal. In a fight he did not partake in, he got wounded by Hercules and because of the fact that he could not die, he lived in terrible pain. Chiron was very wise, unlike the other centaurs, who were agressive and violent. Chiron is symbolized by the wounded healer. He was a wise teacher and healer, who could heal others, but not himself.
In Astrology Chiron represents our wounds and our way of healing the wound. It also shows in which area, we are wise and able to help others.
Tumblr media
Chiron in Aries/1st house:
Chiron in Aries will heal by finally taking action. They should find their strength within. They tend to give other people confidence and boost their ego, but deep down they themselves are really insecure. People might have rejected them for who they really are. They tend to hide their true self and are afraid of rejection. You have trouble asserting yourself and may keep quiet in times, where you should speak up. You feel like you don't even deserve to exist or that they're not good enough. Your wound lies in your identity and you can only heal it by finally realising your worth and building up your confidence.
Chiron in Taurus/2nd house:
Chiron in Taurus biggest fear is to lose something, wether it be security, money, possessions or a person. These people are typically over-protective of everything that's important to them. They may feel quilty about being so materialistic, after all financial security is very important to them. They may be clingy or develope some abandonment issues. They are very caucious and tend to be the avoidant type. Your path of healing will be to strengthen your spirituality, get in tune with your body. You should learn to take risks and that some thing in life simply won't be there forever. You can deal great with the money of others, so you probably have very good business advice.
Chiron in Gemini/3rd house:
Chiron in Gemini may has been ridiculed in their youth for their ideas or their way of speaking. They simply weren't taken serious. They are afraid of voicing their opinions and tend to hold back before talking. You feel stupid and dumb. They are unable to communicate with others freely and feel like other people are way smarter than them. Your healing journey will be to develope some confidence in your way of speaking. You can express yourself through music or art in any form. You can heal other people through your art/music. A lot of unique singers have this placement: Lady Gaga, Lana Del Ray, Drake, Rihanna, Kesha. As you can see all these singers are amazing. Take pride in your brilliant and unique mind.
Tumblr media
Chiron in Cancer/4th house:
The wound of Chiron in Cancer lies in their family. These people feel unlovable or that they don't deserve nurture, care and love. These people experience emotional pain quite frequently. They feel lonely and abandonned. They may even experience numbness and emptiness at some point of their life. The cause for this lies at some childhood or family trauma, they have experienced in their youth. There are two kinds: 1.They can be insecure and have trouble at nurturing other people, due to never being nurtured themselves. 2.They may be very warm and compassionate people, who can easily absorb the feelings of others, which can leave them drained, since they are so empathetic. They tend to care and smother other people but aren't willing to accept nurture for themselves. You can heal by realising your worth and accepting love. Everyone deserves love.
Chiron in Leo/5th house:
These people are most likely to experience a creativity-block. They ferl like they are uncreative, unoriginal and unimaginative. They are always wary, because they feel like other people secretely hate them. They ferl unseen by people and not recognized enough. These people also tend to be introverts, because they don't like attention or the spotlight, in fear of not bein accepted, but there can be a second type who is working really hard and wants to be accepted and applauded, but doesn't get the recognition they deserve. You're really accepting of other people and value their efforts, while you yourself don't ferl good enough. You should empower yourself and have some confidence in all the things you are doing. I promise you, someday your efforts will be seen. Extremely famous celebrities with Chiron in Leo, who worked hard and got all the recognition they deserved: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Jimi Hendrix, Cardi B and Zayn Malik. Don't give up.
Chiron in Virgo/in 6th house:
Chiron in Virgo are perfectionists and very organized, this is because they experience shame quite frequently. They are aware of how other people see them and try to come off as clean, put-together and reserved as they can. Their aid for others might go unnoticed or people tend to just trample all over them, only contacting them when they need help. Chiron in Virgo might've experienced some health issues of some kind. These people are also very often extremely anxious. They should learn to relax and to say no to people. They should stop putting other peooles problems above their own. Only then will they truly heal.
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Chiron in Libra/7th house:
Chiron in Libra are in constant search for their "soul mate". They don't feel whole without a relationship and always feel like someone/something is missing. They might feel that the world has been unfair to them. These people hate feeling lonely and often need someone to be with together, doesn't matter if romantic or platonic. They get hurt by loneliness but also by relationships that've gone wrong. They are also very avoidant in their dealings and hate conflict. They love fairness and justice and people around them feel this. They may also have a need to feel beautiful and might feel inadequate, when they don't look a certain way. You should learn to love yourself first before entering a possible romantic relationship. Find your stregth within and don't look for YOUR strength in OTHER people.
Chiron in Scorpio/8th house:
Chiron in Scorpio is especially intense. Their pain revolves around some deep-rooted trauma and/or abuse. They are typically wary of other people and trust no one, have huge trust issues. They tend to hide their pain more often than not, afraid of loosing control. Power struggles can arise, these people try to seem strong and independent when in reality they could be crumbling inside. It is hard for these people to ignore theur trauma, it's constantly reappearing in nightmares or they may have some triggers that could evoke it. These people should do some shadow-work or work on their inner-child, since they are practically trapped within. They shouldn't be afraid of their darker and more taboo side and learn to accept themselves fully. They should also let some people get to know them, since some of them actually wish them the best. Don't be afraid.
Chiron in Sagittarius/9th house:
Chiron in Sagittarius are in constant search for a deeper meaning and a higher power. They might have experienced trauma relating to religion. These people want to search for their own meaning in life. They feel kind of disconnected from their beliefs and have trouble really beliefing in something, but still don't give up in searching for this "something". They may have felt in their life, that the whole point of existence is pointless and meaningless. What is the point of our existence? Why do we even exist? These are questions this natives have asked themselves more often than not. They proabably have changed their beliefs at least once. These people are typically very wise and make great philosophers. You will soon find your meaning in life, it's okay to question your belief system.
Tumblr media
Chiron in Capricorn/10th house:
These people feel like their efforts and hard-work is unappreciated and/or gets unrecognized. They have a primal fear of loosing control and that their life will become chaotic. They want to be noticed and due to that they push their own limits. They have very high expactations of themselves, expectations that almost seem impossivle to achieve. They need to be in control regarding everything in their life. They are so analytical and observant that really nothing can escape their eye. You're great at teaching other people discipline and getting them to work for their goals. You will aslo heal through self-discipline. You should find a balnace between work and relaxation, since you tend to burn out and over-work yourself easily.
Chiron in Aquarius/11th house:
Chiron in Aquarius was always the odd one in every setting. They never feel like they truly fit in and might have experienced social disharmony. Other people might have not accepted them for their differences and no matter how hard these people try to hide their uniqueness it shows every time. They may have made bad experiences with friends (fake friends). They could've also been bullied in their youth. These people are very accepting and kind, since they know how it feels like to get excluded. They always try to make people feel included and comfortable people to be around. These people will learn that their differences are amazing and they shouldn't try to hide who they really are. There are people who will love you for your uniqueness.
Chiron in Pisces/12th house:
Chiron in Pisces may have trouble staying in reality and putting up boundaries. At some point in their life they may have lost themselves to their escapist tendencies or have experiences someone close in their life doing that (Drugs, Alcohol involved). It's hard for them to take a grasp and land a firm foot on the ground. They typically go with the flow and daydream. They are really great at evoking the minds and imagination of other people. They also have a fantastic mind and are hopeless romantics (you shouldn't ignore red flags). These people have great healing and spiritual abillities and can empathize with other people easily. But they should learn to sometimes put their needs above others and carve clear limits, people shouldn't overstep, to avoid getting walked over. You will find your healing in your spirituality and in finding the balance between reality and a dream.
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Chiron in Astrology
Aries/1st House: This placement affects your sense of self. It indicates a need to take measures towards self-discovery. You may have feelings of worthlessness or struggle with your identity. You also may have problems asserting yourself with others. This placement is associated with headaches and other pains dealing with the head. There may be an intense competitive streak or a fear of failure. Healing will begin when you look deep inside and notice your true value and self-worth. Realize that you are equal to everyone around you and that you deserve better from yourself.
Taurus/2nd House: There is a soul-deep void with this placement. Financial struggles are common and you may find that you are trying to use material items, comforts or sensuality to replace what is missing. However, no amount of money is going to make up for what is hurting. There is likely a fear of change and a deep sense of insecurity. You may need to look past your own stubbornness to see the truth of the issue. Healing will come with realizing what is truly missing instead of attempting to fill that space with empty things, as well as learning effective budgeting and money-management.
Gemini/3rd House: This placement points to being overly analytical of your thoughts and communications. You may find yourself second-guessing thoughts and words, as well as your speaking habits. Misunderstandings and miscommunication can be a constant struggle. Writers block or other creative blocks can be present here as well. You might feel uncomfortable with social events or communication. Yet, at the same time, you probably crave social interaction and rarely like to be alone. Healing will come when you are more comfortable speaking your mind and stop limiting yourself around others.
Cancer/4th House: This placement points to wounds coming from family and home-life. You may have had an unstable childhood or struggled with your childhood in other ways. Feelings of abandonment are common here. Usually empathy and emotions are intense with this placement. You may feel guilt when caring for yourself. Almost as though you are only here to care for others and you are not as important. This is a strong indicator to a problematic relationship with your parents but it really could be any family. Try to overcome the vulnerability and lift yourself rather than becoming a victim. You are worthy of love, even if somebody didn’t give it to you.
Leo/5th House: Self-Esteem and Expression tends to be wounded with this placement. This could be caused by early experiences. You may find yourself over-compensating with dramatic displays or a lively personality for what you feel is lacking in yourself. However, these traits are not true to yourself and they are a bit of a show. You may struggle with criticism and rejections. There is a need for others approval when Chiron is present here. You might even crave intense situations or people but have trouble showing your true self to others. You may also struggle with the idea of who you are as an individual. Healing will come when you look inside and accept yourself for all that you are.
Virgo/6th House: This placement can cause issues with perfectionism and self-sacrificing tendencies. You may put everybody else’s needs first in a way that is detrimental to you. This placement can cause you to be overly critical of yourself and others. There is a need for everything to be perfect and go according to plan. You might even find yourself going to great lengths to please others. This can also point to an unhealthy obsession with matters of health and the body. Healing will come when you let go of the control and allow room for error, as well as making time for yourself without setting the bar so high.
Libra/7th House: The wounds here will come with relationships. There is difficulty to commit and make decisive decisions. You may find yourself changing your mind often. You may also find yourself avoiding conflict to your detriment. This means that you may value keeping the peace more than speaking up for yourself. You can have trouble ending relationships or friendships even when it is in your best interest. Try not to lose yourself in other people. You will find healing when you begin making choices based on what is best for you and keeping your identity present and well-known.
Scorpio/8th House: This placement may cause turmoil with self-exploration and acceptance. Issues with sexuality and other intimate topics may be present. You might have difficulty accepting yourself or parts of yourself. This also points to being uncomfortable with what you enjoy or feel. You can have a hard time with ideas of life and death, maybe even a fear of one or the other. Healing will be most present when you explore yourself and your interests without shame and allow change to occur.
Sagittarius/9th House: This placement may cause a lot of problems with comfort vs. risk. You may crave change and excitement but are too scared to actually go after it. You may have trouble forming solid beliefs with faith, politics or philosophy. The world may seem like a lot to take in and really grasp. It’s a good idea to travel and take yourself out of your comfort zone. Learning about new things and experiences will liberate you. You will begin healing once you take leaps and begin to grow and progress within yourself.
Capricorn/10th House: This placement indicates a lack of routine, purpose and a tendency towards defiance. You may find yourself rebelling often and not working as hard as you may need to. Perhaps you are obsessing over the idea of success but not doing what needs to be done. Things often do not go according to plan and effort may be lacking. You set the bar high but usually under-achieve. You may often feel as though there is an overwhelming amount of pressure and responsibility on your shoulders. Healing will come when you begin taking accountability for your misgivings, own your natural leadership abilities and focus on a small group of tasks at a time rather than getting lost in the long list of to-dos.
Aquarius/11th House: There is struggles with individuality with this placement. You may have difficulty with the ideas of purpose. Often questioning what your purpose is and if you even have one. You can also struggle finding where you fit into the world and spend a great deal of time feeling like an outcast. You want to be involved and find passions but you struggle to execute. It may be that you feel ashamed of yourself or parts of your personality. You may also have fears of joining the community and speaking your mind. You can even feel like your opinion does not matter or will be ridiculed. This could also lead to losing yourself or hiding certain pieces of your personality to make others more comfortable. Losing yourself will bring the struggle of finding your individuality once again. Healing will come when you get involved in social communities and interact with others while still being your own unique person.
Pisces/12th House: This placement can affect your sense of wonder. You may have become uninspired and bored over time. Failing to see the miracles of the world. You may struggle to dream big which will affect ambition. Becoming complacent with the life you live rather than striving for the life you dreamed of. This placement can cause you to become very inflexible and unimpressed by others and the world around you. The unknown may make you uncomfortable rather than curious. You may find that others take advantage of you often. Healing will begin to take place when you can see the best in people and the world around you again. Let go of some of your fears and believe in yourself enough to work towards goals.
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the planet closest to our MC and what it means for us
so....edgar cayce has this amazing theory about planetary sojourns. basically he thinks that the reason astrology works is not because the planets emanate some sort of magnetic field and influence us, but more like that they indicate different dimensions of experience and that between our reincarnations on earth our soul lives on other planets and is influenced by that. just like we have a life here and it changes us, we have an existence there in some way, just not "physical" and that life there affects us and tunes us to specific frequencies and themes. and that shows in our incarnation in the next planets - including earth. it's like we gather experiences in different dimensions and we recycle them. the moon dimension makes our soul live in the emotional world, the neptune one in the world of transcendence, the uranus one in the world of ideals, and so on. it's like we contain and express all of these dimensions here on earth - when we express the sun archetype and are creative or feel that specific kind of pridefulness, we are in the same "space" as our soul is when it's living on the sun. like you live in that dimension of the psyche there.
i think that's an amazing theory and definitely something that answers a bunch of questions i have about how and more importantly why astrology works.
now the most important question is, of course, how to use that theory to our advantage in this life? cayce doesn't answer this in a straightforward way (honestly this dude doesn't say much in a straightforward way, he's kinda vague af and it's painfully obvious he has a pisces stellium including mercury).
however, from the examples he had given of charts of people he had analyzed we can see that there is a strong correlation between what specific theme runs deep in a person's life and the planet closest to their midheaven. of course, there are exceptions to the rule as there should be for any rule.
but that seems highly likely - the planet closest to our midheaven, regardless in which house it's placed, shows us the planet where our soul lived and gathered experience right before it came to earth. so it's recycling its themes and is still attuned to what it has learned about them there.
tbh I'd add to that the north node and perhaps black moon lilith, i think they have their significance. and maybe chiron? it's curious tho....what if you have two placements that are at absolutely equally close to your midheaven? how does that work? maybe their themes are intertwined and touching upon one of the archetypes imminently includes involving the other too. can your soul be incarnated at two places at the same time tho? or maybe it means you just need to look upon those matters together, not separately, to fulfill your soul's purpose.
this theory raises a lot of qs esp for someone who is not a deep believer in reincarnation. like, when do you stop recycling your experiences on diff planets? when you go on them after the earth, would your natal chart have earth close to mc? what is the specific meaning of our experience in earth, like which area does it signify - like mars stands for the dimension of drive for action and competition f.e.? why is the earth the only physical plane of existence? is its meaning connected to the senses since here we get to use them?
but i think the theory can be taken into account even if you don't believe in reincarnations - the plane of existence signified by the planet closest to your midheaven shows a theme you WILL be playing out a lot in your life and you will feel like you often return to. this is the energy that drives you forward and helps you understand the needs of your soul. i will give some brief descriptions of each placement since I've done some personal research to elaborate on this theory.
sun closest to midheaven - you're attuned to the themes of being an individual. not in the uranian way, but more like... seeing yourself as the center of things. people with this placement usually are the type to have clear goals, a clear vision of who they want to be, and if they don't, they struggle a lot and feel empty and try to seek it crystalize it in some way. they might feel special, chosen, and their life journey is often putting them in leadership positions in which they have to learn how to be more considerate of others' beliefs and visions and to accept them. their soul purpose tells them they must lead people somewhere, be it through their ideas or their art or their job or anything.
moon closest to midheaven - you're attuned to the themes of attachment. the emotional experiences you have are leading the way - you may try to suppress them or control them, but at the end of the day your soul purpose calls for acceptance of your emotional needs and those of other people too (hell, animals' as well lol). you may find yourself feeling dependent and attached, outsourcing your source of comfort. and you must remember your calling is to find that source within you and to find peace in that and not loneliness.
mercury closest to midheaven - you're attuned to the themes of sharing and communication. your soul is coming straight from the mental realm where exchanging ideas with whoever you want is like breathing in or smth. in this life, you feel drawn to experiences that make you understand others and yourself better. I've noticed people with this placement often become therapists or consultants, they crave to dig into the human mind and to have this profound mental exchange. you miss being able to do this with no boundaries and at lightning speed.
venus closest to midheaven - you're attuned to the themes of values, pleasure, and self-love. with venus there, you're naturally drawn to a life in which you simply feel good. but your circumstances put you in situations in which you can find out when and how you feel good for real. there is a difference between empty pleasure and genuine fulfillment, there is a need within you to be loved and cherished above all and you may struggle a lot seeking someone to fill that need for you and make you feel valued/valuable. but the main point is to love yourself and learn how to appreciate yourself without having to "earn" it.
mars closest to midheaven - you're attuned to the themes of self-preservation and competition. you may often find yourself in "survival mode", being kinda harsh and dismissive with those you perceive as a threat and in general seeing the world as a threat. your soul is drawn to being protective and to protect, there must be an enemy. you feel like you've found your inner peace when you find people you cherish so much and build happiness with, happiness that you can protect both by being your best self and by fighting for them. mars closest to midheaven people glow when they have strong bonds. but they might struggle to trust others. vigilant, driven nature. they won't let anything stop them so it's vital to find healthy goals, otherwise that force they possess becomes destructive.
jupiter closest to midheaven - you're attuned to the themes of knowledge. so now theorizing and teaching are important themes of your life - it's like there is a deep need to help people learn about the connections you see between things, the bigger picture. you are trying to find your way into being a source of wisdom of others, receiving recognition for the depth and extent of your knowledge. you may often find yourself explaining, explaining, explaining. and as if it's you who has the answers. but it's important to learn how to deal with the process of learning accurately - by teaching you learn, by learning you teach. no one person has the answers to it all.
saturn closest to midheaven - with saturn it's a bit different. saturn is where souls go to elevate themselves, to unlock a different kind of understanding (it's the gateway to the outer planets). its dimension requires a lot of commitment. so when you have it closest to your midheaven, it means you're here with a lot of wisdom, ingrained in your bones. I've always been annoyed at phrases like "old soul", but this placement speaks of that - someone's whose life purpose is connected to being the wise one, the mature one, like a paternal presence that has a strong instinctive & mental understanding of how things should be happening. you need to find a way to carry this power not like a burden (cuz it sure might feel alienating and exhausting at times), but to sit on it like it's a throne.
uranus closest to midheaven - you're attuned to themes of ideals and seeking them. the individual with this placement needs to express that part of the psyche that knows an ideal version of things, an almost utopic one. such an attunement may bring a lot of disappointment and bitterness to the person because the physical world has its limitations and "perfection", whatever it may mean, is rarely accessible. but the soul finds its purpose in this lifetime once it finds a way to embrace the physical and the subjective and to find their place in its visions.
neptune closest to midheaven - you're attuned to themes of sacrifice, boundlessness and imagination. imagination as in illusions too. your soul always seeks that limitless feeling of merging and just like uranus, the physical may be a burden here. you're drawn to ways to make the limits go away and it's the most fulfilling when you manage to use your imagination for that without sacrificing any aspect of your life for the purpose.
pluto closest to midheaven - you're attuned to the theme of power. it seems that no matter what you do, you seek some sort of power play, some interaction in which you're either in a subordinate position and trying to grow in the hierarchy, or you're in a position of power and afraid that you will abuse it. the soul purpose is learning how to yield power and everything related to control, as well to set itself free from its chains and learn how to turn them into wings, to use them for transformation. people with this placement must be careful to not fall into addictions and habits - and when they do, to acknowledge that they need a huge release and deep transformation and the addiction is a sign for that. they're often at ease understanding the psychology behind people's actions and this might bring them both a lot of wisdom and much turmoil and suffering.
chiron closest to midheaven - you're attuned to the theme of sensitivity to people's wounds. people with this placement can usually tap into others' pain. they may try to use that in different ways - may become bullies because they feel aggravated by all that random suffering, may become isolated because they don't want to be bothered by this, may become numb because it's too much. but their soul's purpose now is to become healers - to use the wisdom that comes with knowing pain so that we understand how to help each other. and help ourselves too.
north node closest to midheaven - this placement is quite interesting and i know a lot of people who have it, including myself. i see this placement as a pointer that the soul has been feeling lost through previous incarnations and it had like...a reset to find its direction again. so you may feel like a blank sheet and to have a strong drive to seek out your calling, to find a purpose, to try things. and also themes of karma might be prominent in your life - I've talked about how a strong saturn in the chart indicates this, but like...with north node closest to midheaven you get immediate repayment for your actions, like if you help someone it's returned quickly, etc.
black moon lilith closest to midheaven - bml is an interesting point in space. my interpretation on it is that it is connected to cleansing, reconnecting with your authentic essence, often through things that shake you up, extremes. so when it's the closest placement to your midheaven, your soul feels called by strong and intense experiences so it can find its true sense of self. in a way, that shows a personality that aspires to see through things, to unload the burden. i think this placement is usually found in people who have had trouble setting boundaries in past reincarnations and have too much foreign energy meddling with their sense of self. so now they're on a journey to find their own firmness in stating who they are.
also check the aspects to that placement and the house/sign for more individualized insight!
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maggiechasesonoffrey · 28 days ago
Thinking about how much hope Chiron probably had for Luke. I mean living in the demigod world and surviving to 19 (even after going on quests??) Chiron was probably talking to Luke about college and telling him about how great of an example he’ll be to the younger campers he’d be “the demigod that lived!” A symbol of hope for all the young scared campers who were told they probably wouldn’t live to see adulthood.
The betrayal probably hit Chiron worse than anyone not only did he have to see the boy he practically raised and cared for his entire teenage years betray him, his family, and the camp but he also had to deal with all the young campers who looked up to Luke and saw him as a big brother and symbol of success in the demigod world Chiron had to see their hearts break or see them die in battle because they joined a losing cause. But they joined that cause because they trusted Luke because Chiron told them that they could trust Luke, that Luke was safe and that he’d never do anything to hurt them. But he was wrong and nothing Chiron could ever do will make up for the lives lost to the boy who he thought could be trusted more than anyone.
Chiron sits up awake at night wondering if it was all his fault. Did he put too much pressure on Luke? Was it obvious all along and he just didn’t see it? Did he not do enough to protect Luke from the dark side of the world? The little boy who came to camp at fourteen who made friends with all the campers and taught classes and led camp fire songs what went wrong? What did he do wrong?
Does he look at Percy and even at Annabeth and all he feels is fear? Fear that he put too much pressure on them and that they’re going to turn just like Luke did?
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amoonalls · 5 months ago
Aries, Gemini, and even Aquarius placement especially in big three tend to have big affinity toward automotive (cars)
Pisces inner placement, especially Pisces Moon women are so susceptible to physical illness when they see something morally wrong going on around them. It's hard for them to comprehend why people can be so evil. What they can't comprehend with their mind can cause them physical illness. Hence why Pisces Moon women need to be careful with whom they around with
Similar principles apply to water sign women (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and Venus-Neptune aspect, especially Venus conjunct Neptune when it comes to choosing a man. Their bad decision in choosing men can ruin their lives, even outside of romantic life. Hence also why being very careful at choosing a man is obligatory
This situation applies too to Virgo Venus/Venus in 6th house placement regarding to issues in romantic life can cause physical illness for them. Unfortunately, these natives can suffer from chronic or weird physical illness if their relationship isn't going right
Cancer Sun women tend to desire a guy for a boyfriend when they enter late teenager and early adulthood. It's tougher for them to deal when they don't have an active romantic life. They need to be at least in one committed relationship to satisfy their yearning for partnership
Surprisingly Sag placement women, especially those who have Scorpio placement, tend to have that one ex that they still hold dear even if they are no longer involved with that ex and these Sag placement already have multiple romantic pairs after that one ex
Look at the rising of your solar return chart to see how you can maximize the potential of your year ahead. If your rising is Taurus esp Venus is also in 2nd or 7th house, you are going to improve a lot if you want to focus on beauty matters. Want to change your life drastically? Do that during Aqua Rising solar return. Want to drag your life out of a dark pit and transform it to a better life? Do that during Scorpio Rising solar return
To restore your life, look at the sign and the house of your Mercury (healer) and Jupiter (miracles). If you have Gemini Jupiter in the 12th house, the way to restore your life is learning much deeper (Gemini) about spirituality (12th house)
The sign and house of your Saturn is how you are able to overcome repeated life problems in your life. If you have Taurus Saturn in the 12th house for example, you need to be more accepting and surrender (12th house) achieving material world (Taurus) while also keep working toward it (Taurus: earth sign dealing with practical matters)
The house of the North Node in solar return is usually a month when fated things happen. Pay attention too toward Uranus for both house and degree of it. For example for someone who has a birthday in December, Uranus is in 1st house in solar return at 7 degree. Then, on January 7th in that year of solar return, sudden things (Uranus) happened. Same principles can be applied to other planets, but not always accurate
12th house synastry especially when it's stellium and has Moon & Chiron in it tend to be a very indigo experience. You may notice being more spiritually vulnerable with having lucid dream, connected dreams, sleep attack, and seeing things especially when you are closer to the the person you have that 12th house synastry with
Sag and Aqua placements especially Venus and Midheaven, Venus in 11th house, Uranus in 9th house especially also conjunct to Midheaven tend to do online dating. However, Saturn in 9th house, 10th house, or Saturn conjunct 10th house tend to dislike online dating that people with the combination of Sag/Aqua Venus or Midheaven but also have Saturn in 9th, 10th or aspecting Midheaven may result in people seeking partners from online dating but prefer the relationship to be in person
Aries and Taurus in inner placements especially Aries Sun and Taurus Mars tend to be materialistic meanwhile Sag, Scorpio, Aqua, and/or Pisces in inner placement tend to be more spiritual
On the other hand, Aries placement can be very idealistic and oppose other people but their standard of moral usually rely solely on themselves, not based on society (1st house: me as opposed to 7th house: people)
12th house placements people tend to be the dump of people's stories even if those stories are not morally right. But these people rarely go against it by saying it outright to those people. They tend to let it slip which is why a lot of people are comfortable telling these 12th house placements about their secrets
10th house placement especially if Mercury is situated there may do very well with being master of ceremony or anything related to public speaking
Neptune in 10th house may give people wrong impression about themselves as people tend to idealize this 10th house Neptune natives. At the same time, 10th house Neptune's social media can potray glorification of their wealth (Neptune: superstar like lifestyle)
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depressed-bi-nerd · 29 days ago
Riordenverse Stuff.... Yeah....
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aquariushv · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the stereotype tauruses are always eating is definitely not true. something that isn't mentioned enough is that taurus placements lot of times are struggling with food. lot of tauruses can't eat enough or they're eating too much.
chiron square ascendant brings a lot of wounds regard to physical appearance, body and self image.
chiron conjuct ascendant had early traumas in their life, during childhood. may been bullied at school or lived in an abused environment.
chiron opposition ascendant have a hard time accepting who they are and accepting thier past.
saturn in 4th may have been forced to became adults and mature sooner due to their difficult household life. their parents may had them at older age as well.
something small about virgo in each house
in 1st; overwhelmed by the details.
in 2nd; rarely spending money because nothing is good enough or wastes money for nothing
in 3rd; delivering a perfect speech.
in 4th; being very picky about your home or apartment.
in 5th; getting pleasure from taking care of the body.
in 6th; liking food to be prepared in a specific way.
in 7th; keeping a list of desirable traits that the partner should have.
in 8th; wanting a hygienic partner.
in 9th; foreign travel is the life’s work.
in 10th; gaining a reputation for doing everything perfectly.
in 11th; criticizing friends.
in 12th; skeptical of ghosts and paranormal activity.
why do i look like this? your ascendant persona chart has the answer. look your rising (aspects, degree) and if there are any 1st house planets. don't forget to check your genetics as well.
aquarius in 12th express their creativity through internet. they may keep their accounts aesthetic and they are known for it or they are well-known in an application.
aquarius and pisces energy in a chart tend to have beautiful handwrite.
sun square moon. the inner conflicts. it's always like i want to do sky diving but i'm afraid of heights.
both sun square/opposite moon can considered two faced by others. individual can feel two personalities fighting its other.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
gemini placements are mimicking others so well.
taurus placements especially rising and venus are the type of people who remember smells. they smell smt and then say "i'm sure i have smelt this before" and then they waste 10 minutes try to think where they have smelt this.
arguing with someone who has mars in 3rd is incredible difficult. these mfs have an answer for everything. i'm these mfs lmao.
12th house stellium or heavy 12th house placements they can often be exploited because of their excessive kindness and empathy for others.
pluto-asc/ pluto-chart ruler/ scorpio asc/ pluto in 1st have really intense eyesight. once a friend of mine told me "i feel like you're staring at my soul" and i live by that.
having gemini venus in ascendant persona chart can indicate you're seen as someone who have many hoes, even you have noone tho.
saturn in 7th are usually hard to commit because of their fear of strong developed feelings.
i consider eros is a compose of venus and mars (my post for eros in signs/houses)
lilith with 11th house influence may be unhealthily jealous of their female friends, scorpio moon may do the same.
scorpio/pluto influence in venus means pain and pleasure all in once because of the super intense emotions. exposing myself one more time in this post
leo and gemini energy in a chart are the type in arguments say the most logical things. eg. my sister has leo stellium (sun, mercury, venus) and gemini rising. you can't argue with her. she always knows what she must say during the argument. she also has libra mars.
men with cancer placements are either very respectful to women or not at all. a guy i know has cancer moon+mars and is really respectful. you must be respectful to women if you don't cancer placements as well.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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astroismypassion · 2 months ago
Astrology observations🧊🧊🧊
Credit goes to @astroismypassion
🧊🧊 If you are Gemini/Virgo Venus you might remember very well the exact situation/moment you fell for your crush/love. Like it could be you were cycling together or their was a certain hand gesture or you were together withj friends and you just looked each other. But you being this sign, you might remember the very first moment vividly, but other memories will get cloudy with time.
🧊🧊 Only when you enter 8th house synastry you might start thinking about astrology. Like “oh so he’s a Sagittarius Sun, I’m Pisces Sun so are we compatible?” Before you might not think much about astrology, but after 8th house synastry you really will. You might also consult an astrologer on this connection.
🧊🧊 Why Sagittarius and Gemini Venus/Mars have such a bad reputation for being non committal and creating push and pull dynamic, is because they crave that “fresh love” energy. The moment you are too much in their head or they know too many things about you already, they will pull away.
🧊🧊 Check in which sign the Moon is currently. If it matches your Chiron, you’ll have pain in that part of body. For example: if Moon is currently in Virgo and you have Virgo Chiron, you will have a stomachache. If the Moon is in Gemini and you’re Gemini Chiron, your arm or hand or even fingers might hurt. Or you accidentally cut your fingers while cooking.
🧊🧊 Lilith square/opposition Pluto is really though. They probably really feared speaking up about what they want/need even though they are natural born leaders. They also hold back a lot of their needs just to restore peace in partnerships. They are afraid of being controlled though.
🧊🧊 Moon sextile Juno: you might marry or get in a long term partnership with a childhood love. Your mother could also meddle with your choice of partner😂. You might also have this belief that you will marry the person that you have known the longest.
🧊🧊 Mars square Juno: could give great relationship advice without being in a partnership! Females with this would be the girlboss archetype, they might often say they need no one.
🧊🧊 I’ve noticed Taurus Moons being the most consistently hard-working working people. I think this is also because they really crave that coin, because it brings them emotional stability and safety. They also are models most often or highly involved in fashion. Like Emma Chamberlain might not be a model, but she’s still involved in fashion and considered a fashion icon. Also Zendaya another Taurus Moon native. And Hailey Bieber.
🧊🧊 Sun in the 6th house native might see their father as their teacher!
🧊🧊 Correct me if I’m wrong, but Libra and Taurus Moon can’t go to the cinema without having company/a person with them.
🧊🧊 Aries Moon females really praise other women a lot! Also speaking about Aries Moons, I still can decode why they have really unique way of speaking. Every single person I came across that has Aries Moon has this thing with very personal and unique communicative/style of expression.
🧊🧊 A lot of Mercury retrograde natives finish the sentence (especially during a presentation) with “And that’s it.”🤣
🧊🧊 Ceres in the houses:
1st house: you adopt animals and people, you feed others, you share your problems and difficult periods.
2nd house: you give great monetary instructions, you inherited money, you buy other people clothing.
3rd house: you study nutrition, you encourage public speaking and people speaking up their mind/opinion, you add in-laws to your close inner family (so that you also share responsibilities with them), you really support other’s creative writings.
4th house: you introduce the idea of having pets in the home, you decorate your home with natural materials, plants, you take care of your and your spouse’s parents, you introduce new dietary patterns for your family.
5th house: you take care of children that have absent biological parents, you encourage child parent discussions/debates.
6th house: you encourage career stability, very protective as well.
7th house: you encourage romance, you hype other person’s talents and make them public for others to see, you’ll have more friends when in partnership/marriage, you also promote career advancement.
8th house: you love like a big sister/brother, you make hidden knowledge useable, you find comfort in loss/bereavement, you lend a shoulder to cry on.
9th house: you support and finance advanced education, you really really appreciate nature, you live by very simple moral code, you give concrete examples that others can follow.
10th house: you try to prevent tension and overwork.
11th house: you have either really younger or much older friends, you encourage others to use simpler type of entertainment, you like other feel needed, you support fulfilment of deepest desires.
12th house: you nurse hospitalised people, you give others vitamins, you accept occult/tarot/astrology concept as normal idea, you introduce drug/dietary changes in other people’s lives.
Credit goes to @astroismypassion
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0xochitlsketches0 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sometimes, I forget that Percy was wanted for murder in the first book 💀
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standardlilith · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and god knows i needed it
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neptuniandreams104 · 3 months ago
🎀Astrology Notes!🎀
Tumblr media
Hello everyone! This is my first ever post on Tumblr, I have been into astro notes for a long time but never actually posted anything LOL. And I guess it's time to do so; I must mention that these are solely my observations and what I believe can happen in certain situations and might not apply to you or it might. Just doing this for fun!
Anyway, let's get right in!
Astrology Notes #1
Aries is the ruler of my 2nd house, and I LOVE fast food. Makes sense because Aries=Quick, Sudden and 2nd house=Food.
My boyfriend is an astrology skeptic and he is a Virgo moon...not surprising LOL.
People with Mercury in the 7th might have a beautiful voice or a way with words.
If a singer makes songs that make you cry or their voice makes you emotional is probably because their mercury is aspecting your moon or vice versa.
My brother and my mom have moon in the 11th house and they have huge levels of empathy and are HUGE people pleasers.
Jupiter on 7th=getting with a person that is way more attractive than them without them being that attractive.
Women with 4th house influence/cancer planets might be seen as the "perfect wife/mother". Whereas men with 10th house influence/capricorn planets are seen as the "perfect husband/father".
In my opinion, personal retrograde planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) are struggles that are more internal and can be overcomed more easily, retrograde planets that are external (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) are struggles that are more within your environment or your life, therefore your struggles might be harder to overcome.
Scorpio Rising/Pluto in 1st/Pluto-ASC might LOVE to look intimidating, the type to get a pitbull or get a ton of tattoos to look intimidating.
I've noticed Aquarius placements are very into Anime and might make their life revolve around it (Making references to it, only talk about it, wanting an anime partner, going to Japan) (I'm an Aquarius sun and Mercury but I was more like that on my Kpop phase LOL)
Wherever your Sun is placed might talk about what topics you talk about the most with your father, moon placement might talk about what topics you talk about with your mother the most (Sun in 2nd=You talk a a lot about finances properties with your father. Moon in 6th=You talk a lot about routine, health or well-being with your mother)
Whatever planet/sign is in your 12th house is what you feel that you lack or that you can't have. (Mars in 12th=Assertiveness, Drive, Direction) (Libra in 12th=Balance, Grace, Being unbiased)
I've noticed that Libra men or men with Libra Moon are more "feminine" or are more connected with women or their feminine side, even if they are traditionally masculine they still have some sort of connection to the feminine or with women. Same goes for women with Aries sun or moon, they are more "masculine" or are more connected to men or are more connected to their masculine side. And even if they are traditionally feminine, they still have some sort of connection to men or some sort of connection to the masculine. Ironically, these 2 signs are sister signs.
I have Chiron in 11th and my worst experiences have been online or with friendships...hmmmm...
8th house stelliums might have some sort of obsession with death.
DC in Sag might look for love outside of their country,
Cancer or Taurus personal planets are the definition of "All music nowadays is trash, take me back to the 80s"
As an Aquarius, yes I have stopped liking things because they became "too mainstream". I realised that's cringe though, so I stopped LOL.
Thank you all for reading! I hope you all liked it!
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pellion · a month ago
chiron runs a patrochilles stan twitter account pass it on
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Chiron: I need two volunteers for a quest
Chiron: be warned, it's a near-suicide mission. You may never see your families again.
Annabeth: I'm in!
Chiron: I repeat, you could die.
Annabeth: I'm already dead inside!
Percy: Road trip!
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The gods: Percy no
Percy: Percy yes
Chiron: Percy no
Percy: Percy maybe?
Annabeth: Percy no
Percy: Percy no.
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toastmyrolls · 3 months ago
Astrology Notes ~ Chiron🍭
These are Chiron Observations I’ve taken note of from natal charts and I hope everyone enjoys the notes I’ve provided on Chiron placements.
Tumblr media
Note: TW ~ This post is based on my own personal opinion and these notes may not resonate with everyone, take what does and leave the rest. Enjoy lovelies!🍭🍒🍬✨
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 1st house ♈︎ natives who have Chiron placed within the 1st house can experience a lot of harsh self criticism towards themselves or from others they know of. They could have internalized anger issues. Individuals with this placement could often have a different perspective on the world because they experienced intense and heavy situations/feelings within their upbringing, they may feel like they have to work hard in order to achieve happiness from within. They end up becoming powerful leaders later in life and can help motivate others to stand in their power. They’re some of the strongest individuals out there.
Chiron in the 2nd house ♉︎ Natives who have Chiron placed within the 2nd house can often experience lack of self love, worthiness or security throughout most of their lives. They may always search for security within materialistic things but that’s not always the answer here. They may feel unworthy of being successful in life or feel as though they’ll never be enough in general. They can most certainly be helpful people. They probably experienced a lot of money crisis whether it was them, their parents or family members. Keeping a savings would probably make them feel more secured material wise. One parent or the other could have struggled making enough money for the entire family or could have depended on other people within their upbringing.
Chiron in the 3rd house ♊︎ Natives who have Chiron placed in the 3rd house within a natal chart indicates someone who may have a lot of irrational thoughts or overthinks most of the time. They may have been the quiet kid within a classroom growing up or could have felt as though they were behind their other classmates. They usually have an opinion on most things. These people are probably really good at getting others to express their feelings but cannot do it themselves sometimes. They could have been bullied as a child for standing out or just simply being the odd one out. They may choose to keep their feelings or thoughts to themselves due to the fear of being judged or not being understood within the right manner. Usually Chiron in the 3rd house natives don’t really get along with their neighbors.
Chiron in the 4th house ♋︎ Natives who have Chiron within the 4th house of house of their natal chart can tell us someone who may have experienced lots of family struggles/difficulties. Thinking of their childhood or past could be dreadful or perhaps even draining for the individual. The home environment could have been quite chaotic and messy for the native whether it was parents or others fighting/arguing or experiencing some form of trauma is often seen here with this placement. One or both of the parents could be very strict with the native. These people could have codependency issues within relationships and may have to parent themselves within their adult hood. People with this placement may give off motherly vibes
Chiron in the 5th house ♌︎ People who have Chiron placed within the 5th house of a natal chart could often experience troubles when it comes to their casual love affairs. They may attract individuals who have commitment issues or are emotionally unavailable. They may often put important figures in their life on pedestals while neglecting their own needs. Fear of rejection could come into play with this placement. They may fear showing their true authentic self to the world because it could mean everything to them. With Chiron here, it could also indicate issues with their first child or can show how the relationship will go. With Leo ruling the 5th house, these people could have been criticized for simply being themselves which could cause them to repress everything.
Chiron in the 6th house ♍︎ Individuals who have Chiron placed within the 6th house of a natal chart can indicate someone who may experience a lot of anxiety and perhaps even problems with the digestive system whether it’s binge eating, eating disorders, etc. people with this placement might struggle to keep a set routine in place or couldn’t possibly make it without a daily routine in general. It’s definitely important for them. I’ve noticed that people with this placement may smoke or drink sometimes specifically vaping or smoking the devils lettuce🍁😏 Going to work may be absolutely dreadful for these individuals. They must accept where they are at now, don’t be overly logical with yourself either. These people can be their own worst critic. They could have been body shamed by others as well. These natives could also fall ill easily or more than others if not careful.
Chiron in the 7th house ♎︎ Natives who have Chiron placed within the 7th house can often experience hardships, betrayals or sudden endings within their closest relationships and partnerships. People with this placement may often experience abrupt and sudden endings within relationships, lack of closure, codependent difficulties. They may attract partners who are already wounded themselves, but will ultimately mirror the natives flaws as well. It may be difficult for the native to trust anyone let alone enough to be vulnerable with others. They may go through many relationships before they ever reach marriage. They may choose to never get married or something within the marriage/relationship could bring up deep rooted feelings and issues within the natives subconscious.
Chiron in the 8th house ♏︎ Individuals who have Chiron within the 8th house of a natal chart can be quite a challenging placement for the native and how the experiences affect the natives life as well. Chiron in the 8th can indicate trauma happening around or to the native at a young age or perhaps later on in life. These people have been through some rough situations within their upbringing and they could still deal with this stuff later in their adult hood. They may have been put in very traumatic and intense situations which could cause them to not really trust anyone but themselves. Substance Abuse could also come into play if the native is not careful because some of their most deepest wounds can come up at unexpected times especially if their under the influence. This can also apply to Chiron in the 12th house.
Chiron in the 9th house ♐︎ Natives who have Chiron placed within the 9th house of a natal chart can indicate one who may have a love/hate relationship with religion. They may have always asked questions and could have been shamed or shushed by others causing them to internalize it. These people do not like being told what to do either, that could potentially trigger them. They may choose to learn things on their own terms and within their own personal ways. These individuals may also travel to other countries or states in order to seek the answers their looking for whether thats their purpose or calling. If there are challenging aspects to Chiron in the 9th, it could indicate trouble finding their way of life or it could almost feel clouded in a sense.
Chiron in the 10th house ♑︎ People who have Chiron placed within the 10th house of a natal chart can indicate someone may place a lot of unrealistic expectations on themselves or it could feel as though it is that way with others. These people are usually underestimated a lot and they may face unfairness with others or in certain situations. These people will either stop at nothing to reach success (even if it’s out of spite) or they may feel completely unmotivated to reach success within their life. These individuals want to be able to make others proud because then they’ll genuinely feel proud of themselves knowing others feel the same. They could easily bury themselves in work if they’re going through periods of depression. They may also compare themselves quite often to other people based on how far they’re at in life or just over anything really.
Chiron in the 11th house ♒︎ Natives who have Chiron placed in the 11th house of one’s natal chart can indicate someone who may feel as though they could never truly fit in with their community or friends. These people may have despised going to school as a child or growing up in general. They may have been bullied a lot away from home or could have even been bullied by their own friends but it could have been portrayed as “jokes”. These people may be easily judged by others for simply being them, and could even be seen as odd balls or wallflowers. Usually these people have one friend they’ve stuck with for a long time or has a small group of friends. They could easily attach their self worth to their friendships causing heart ache if expectations or needs aren’t necessarily met. They may feel the need to express themselves as individuals but couldn’t have troubles with that because of certain fears. Fear of rejection or not being good enough.
Chiron in the 12th house ♓︎ Natives who have Chiron placed within the 12th house of a natal chart can indicate someone who can be quite introverted and psychic. They can feel or tap into energies around them quite easily and that could feel as though it is a blessing or a curse. The natives childhood could have been heavy or very emotional, especially during the mother’s pregnancy. Some intense or tragic moments could have taken place during the birth or during the pregnancy. The natives fears could even possibly stem from past lives perhaps it could have involved self-sacrifice for others since it is a water house originally. These people may struggle with nightmares, dreams or sleep paralysis. They may do certain drugs in order to discover what is happening to them within. They may have trouble sleeping because the mind could always be active.
Written with love, Em.🌸
® toastmyrolls
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plutosunshine · 3 months ago
What are you insecure about?
Chiron in the 1st house
You are insecure about your appearance, ability to act and achieve things, being the best, and your direction in life. You feel like your world is destroyed when you lose. Also, you are insecure about your appearance. Maybe you are trying to fix something or you like tattoos, piercings, etc. You may feel vulnerable when you don’t do anything. It seems like you are missing something.
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 2nd house
You are insecure about money, material possessions, your values, and your self-esteem. You experience highs and lows in terms of your self-worth and it is not easy for you to build healthy self-esteem. Also, you feel insecure when you don’t have enough money. You constantly investigate your values and try to build a safe way of living, so you don’t need to worry or being afraid of something.
Chiron in the 3rd house
You are insecure about your intelligence, siblings, communication, and learning. You are insecure when you need to prove your knowledge or show someone that you are smart. You have wounds in terms of showing your intelligence and now it is not easy for you to prove even to yourself that you are smart and capable. You may think that your style of communication is not enough. Also, you are insecure about learning new information. You worry that you can’t understand it right or you are not capable of doing it.
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 4th house
You are insecure about your family, emotions, safe place, and mother. Maybe you don’t have a safe place, where you can relax and be yourself. Maybe your family has been mean to you. You feel insecure showing your true feelings and emotions because you think that others may use them in the future. Your mother figure is big insecurity. She is your weak spot and you feel vulnerable because of her.
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 5th house
You feel insecure being yourself, showing your talents and creativity, and maybe being in love. You can’t be yourself with others because you feel vulnerable opening up. You think that they will judge you for who you are. Also, showing your talents is difficult for you because any critics kill you from the inside. Maybe it is not easy for you to relax and enjoy your life.
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 6th house
You are insecure about your daily routine, health, education, and work. Maybe it is not easy for you to build a daily routine. You want to do that but every time you try, you feel insecure doing it. Also, work may be big insecurity for you. You worry about your health and are afraid of diseases and illnesses. You feel vulnerable when others tell you that you need structure in your life.
Chiron in the 7th house
You are insecure about relationships, equality, and love. Sometimes you feel like you don’t want to destroy the lives of others and it is better for them to not have you in their life. Also, you are afraid of co-dependency because you easily lose yourself in relationships. Your big insecurity is being in a situation of inequality and dishonesty. You are afraid of being helpless in such situations.
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 8th house
You feel insecure about intimacy, your deep wounds, and close bonds with others. It is not easy for you to open up to somebody so you have difficult times trusting others. You need trust and loyalty to open your feelings and being able to become intimate with someone. When you become close with your partner, you are scared and doubt your trust at times.
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 9th house
You feel insecure about your knowledge, freedom, and independence. Everything that can doubt your freedom is scary for you. You are afraid of situations of pressure and limitations. You want to be independent but sometimes you can’t understand what it is. You are looking for the answers and gaining wisdom but you are scared by your own power.
Chiron in the 10th house
You feel insecure about your career, respect, and success. You want to be successful and want to be the best in what you are doing. You feel like you are missing something or you are losing time. You want success but you are also afraid of it. It is not easy for you to let go of your dreams so you are trying to reach them. Also, you may have insecurities in terms of authorities figures.
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 11th house
You are insecure about your uniqueness, creativity, friends, and freedom. It is not easy for you to show others your authentic self, talents, and creativity. You feel vulnerable about being under pressure. You are afraid of being dependent on something and you hate limitations. You feel different from others and it is big insecurity. Maybe you have some problems with making friends.
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 12th house
You feel insecure about your dreams, deep wounds, and emotions. Maybe your feelings and emotions have been neglected. You feel everything deeply. If someone feels bad, you do that too and sometimes it doesn’t allow you to express your own feelings. You are vulnerable when others feel bad. You depend on the emotions of others and it is the biggest insecurity for you.
Tumblr media
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