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New Goods - Boku no Hero Academia Goods

Technically, only 1 new BNHA set this time - the round Ichiban Kuji ~After the Fight rubber straps. No Himiko anymore, but everyone else is available. If you’re after Shigaraki, Dabi, Hawks or Kirishima, please let me know asap! They are also running really low. D:

The second Ichiban Kuji set, One’s Justice, I was hoping more characters would come into stock over time, but nope, still these 4 only! The design is great & price is good, so still worth collecting if you like Uraraka, Todoroki, Aizawa or Overhaul. :)

Lastly, the Hero Fes Nitotan rubber straps. Haven’t add them to the shop because again, stock is super low. I’ll pick up a few units and put them for sale after~!

Next Group Order - Soon!

I’m planning to open the autumn Group Order next week (before Halloween!). For shipping to you guys in early December.

But first, gotta add some new goods & stock check old things. Will let you know as soon as I’m ready!

PS. As always, if you’re new to HachiSales, please read the FAQ on first! :)

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“Oof-!” Kin cooed at the last huge pumpkins Pops let down on a made up table, bunch of pumpkins on it already, smilling and brushing his sweat as Kaito poke the pumpkin.

“What’s that for Grandpop?” Kaito asked in curiosity as Pops chuckled before going inside, his two grandchilds following him eargly.

“Well, soon it will be the time you kids wear costumes and your dad is almost freacking out due to getting you two on a dentist.” Pops chuckled as Kaito smiled evislish and rubbed his hands together as Kin only let out a curious sound.

“Halloween!” Kaito cheered as Pops took out two knifes “The most cool holiday of all year!”

“I like new year.” Kin added with a smile as Kaito only scoffed at her opinion.

“So, with those pumpkins that we brought. We’re making-”

“Am I interrupting something?” Everyone in the room went quiet before looking at the door frame. Chisaki had his arms crossed as you giggled at your children cheering that you two were back home.

“I was just about to teach them how to carve a pumpkin.” The old man chuckled as Kai’s eye twitched.

“With all respect Pops, but who in the hell gives a two and eight years old a knife?”

“Uncle Rappa.” Kaito muttered as you shouted what as one of Kai’s veins almost popped at the new information.

“Anyway.” Pops sighed, handing Kai the two knifes “I sadly cant participate now. But give yourself some time with the kids, after all is almost your son’s favorite holiday after all.” Pops carresed the boy’s head whose chuckled as he gave Kin the same treatment.

“So!” You clapped your hands together “You two want to carve pumpkins to make lanterns?” The kids cheered as Kai stared at you all with a blank poker face expression.

“You know that both me and Kaito can just… overhaul it? Besides, no. Carving a pumpkin must be something so messy and I am not cleaning this house a fourth time.” He growled the last words while looking Kaito dead in the eye who just slglared back.

“Oh cmon honey!” You whined, grabbing Kin along to both of you to start the puppy eye look “Pleasee?”

“Pwetty pwease papa???” Kin clapped he thanks together while her golden eyes shined at him.

He felt a tug on his jacket, looking at Kaito with a frown. The boy had a pleading look instead of his same stoic one.

“Grandpop took them outside so is not going to be messy daddy… we will clean after, please?”

He sighed, two knifes in one of his hands as he simply gave up. Pride? The fearful Overhaul? It doesn’t fucking existed when he was around wife and two brats.

“Be it. I swear the three of you will be cleaning the yard with toothbrushes.” He growled as you cheered along with your kids and went to the yard as Kai trailed behind with a not so excited look before he saw his son stopping and turning back.

“Where are you going brat?” He asked as Kaito smirked at him.

“I will be back!”

“Such a pest…” he muttered as you giggled.




You were cooing at the silly drawing Kin did it on the paper, one that she insisted on craving into the pumpkin before you furrowed your eyebrows at seing Kaito was not back yet.

“Kaito? Baby?” You called out as Kai finished rubbing and cleaning the table and also the pumpkins.

Kai deadpanned at sieng Kaito calling out foe you as blockhead’s daughter, Haru, followed after him and gretted you happily.

“I invited uncle Kurono and Haru as well!” Kaito exclaimed as you giggled.

“I thought this was suppose to be a family kinda of thing?” Kai asked in sarcasm as Kurono came out, hand on the back of his neck as he entered the yard.

“Well, I am Kaito’s grandfather. So get dunked.” He smirked at Kai before waving his hands in false defense as Kai overhauled his glove in warning.

“So what we doing?” Haru asked in esxcatacy as you holded Kin’s drawing and showed to the two kids.

“We’re going to make faces on the pumpkins to make lanterns out of it!”

“Woah!” Kaito shoved his hand inside one of the opaque pumpkin as Kai called him out for it “Grandpop already took the inside out!”

“I’m going to have a chat with that old man later…” Kai sighed as Hari snickered at his friend’s comment.

Haru picke done of the pumpkins almost dropping if it wast for her papa reflexes as he helped her.

“What face flower?” He kneeled in one knee as Haru thought for a second before giving him an idea “Right then-”

You and Chisaki widened your eyes at how skifull Kurono had took one knife out of one of his pocket and quickly cut the face for his daughter to see, causing her to let out a squeal and clap her hands for him.

“Now your turn. Carefull now.” Kurono smirled at how tense his daughter was befor ehe hold her wrist and picked another pumpkin to start to crave.

“Ma! Ma!” Kin slappe sheriff little and chubby hands on teh table as you giggled and hold the knife careful along with her.

“Alright alright!”

“Aw!” Kaito whined “I wanted to do one with mommy too!”

Kai only rolled his eyes and picked one and called the boy.

“See?” He standed beside his son, grabbing his two hands on his “Use your quirk now, concentrate.”

Kaito looked at his father aprehensively before breathing and out… accidentally destroying the pumpkin.

“Dammit.” The boy mumble embarrassed at hearing the other’s laugh. Yet his father didn’t, he only sighed and took a pumpkin and miraculously took his gloves off.

“Watch it.” He started, carefull poking the punking, the cells and atoms falling apart and according to how Chisaki furrowed his eyebrows, the pumpkin was gradually recovering but with certain parts missing, gradually showing the face of the soon lantern.

“Woah daddy that’s so cool!” Kaito picked the pumpkin to look in astonishement.

“Try again. This time, focused on how to break the parts of this, and mold in to what you want.”

Kaito nodded and after a few exploded pumpkins he finally made in to one that Chisaki felt a bit of pride growing at sieng his son getting the control of his quirk.

“I did it mommy! I did it!” Kaito lifted the pumpkin with his two arms as you clapped your hands along with Kin.

Soon, Kin was slapping one of the pumpkins as you and Kai found it weird at first.

“What is she doing mom?” Kaito asked on worry before you catched and laughed about it.

“I guess she is trying to do the same thing as you and daddy!” You lifted her up to give your daughter a esquimo kiss “Dont worry lil princess! Maybe when you grow up you will have daddy’s quirk too!”

“No. God forbid that. Absolutely not.” Kai grimace at the thought and flipped your forehead for laughing at him.

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Request: Idk if you already write this or not but I saw an art somewhere, Where the father was in a meeting and his daughter came and feed him cookies. I can imagine that with Chisaki and Kin


“So as you can probably see Overhaul-san. Our alliance will be more beneficial if we expand our current job to other places, such as the Europe and Hong Kong.” The man spoke, confidently somehow at receing the bored and stoic look Chisaki gave him as he propped his face on his gloved hand, tapping ocasionally his finger son the table as the other yakusa’s bosses were along in the meeting.

“And your plan to pass through the police of Japan and those places are…?” Chisaki asked stoically as the man whispered between themselves as the poor soul started to sweat.

“W-Well we hadn’t-”

“A goal without a plan is called a delusion.” He sighed, pitching between his eyebrows as all the room went silent before he looked up at the man “If you don’t actually have a plan, then we are not reaching our goal. We are done here?” He waved his hand at the man who bowed apologetically as the other yakusa boss standed up.

The door creaked and all people looked at the direction, yet didn’t saw anything. Soon they all turned to look at Overhaul before seing another dark brown haired head walling towards the man himself.

“What? A kid?” One of the man spoked as Chisaki arched one of his eyebrows before feeling his jacket being tugged on. He looked down to see a pair of matching golden eyes.

“Papa! I made cookie!” He showed him the plate and the aura of cold harsh bussines was easily broked.

“Is.. is your child?” One of the man spoke as Chisaki sighed, turning to look at Kin.

“Where is your mother and brother? I’m busy now.” He spoke stoically and coldly, yet the mans were impressed by how much unfazed the little girl was as she showed the little plate with more emphasis.

“Kie! Cookie! Try it papa!” The girl squealed as some man snickered. Chisaki only arching one eyebrow at the infant before sighing, crouching down and smoothly and quickly taking his mask off enough for no one ever saw a glimpse of his face.

The girl smiled widely as Kai pat her head and started to giggled. Warming the hearts of some people on the room before they saw another boy, much similiar to Chisaki that even could scare them if it wasn’t for his eyes.

“Sorry dad!” The boy spoke, bowing at middle way the mans before grabbing Kin on his arms, the girl kicking her legs only a few inches oof from the ground as he struggled but smiled sheepishly. “Mommy and us were baking and she offered to give you some, but Kin understood that was now, not after your meeting!”

“It doesn’t matter.” He sighed, getting up and patting his gloved hands together before also patting the boy’s head as he snickered “Just both of you learn to knock at once.”

“Got it!” The boy smiled as Kin waved at him with a huge smile as the both kids left the room, closing the door.

He sighed and sit down, stoic face as usual as they all stared at him.


“Excuse me sir, was that boy that baby from a couple of years ago?” One of them spoke as he narrowed hsi eyes at him, but soon nodded.

“My kids. Kaito and kin Chisaki. He has eight while the girl has 2 years. Any more questions about my personal life which you kindly intruded?” He bowed his head in shame as he sighed again “Proceed. After this, the meeting is over.”

He wanted was to spend time with his kids and wife but shhh you didn’t heard that from me

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Oh how you knew he was going to beat Rappa and Chrono’s ass for laughing at his… current condition.

Quirks were unique and validates from person to other. Adults, elders and childs have quirks which matched with their personality sometimes.

Yet, a quirk that transformed others into… Chibis? That was odd.

And Chisaki was less than happy about being hit by one.

“S-Sorry Overhaul-” Chrono snickered as Rappa howled in laughter and rolled in the floor. If it wasn’t for his mask, it would show the boiling red on his face from anger at his subbordinates and for his lover just wanting and cooing at how… cute… he was.

He even shivered in disgust at referring himself as such a stupid word.

Enough was enough when Rappa tries to poke him, and he quickly used the overhaul on it. Ever bit of comedy vanished from the room when Rappa’s body exploded.

“Huh… gladly this works still.” He said stoically while looking at his own hand. Chrono gulping the air stuck on his throat as Kai put Rappa back on his place…

“Err… maybe you guys should do some search to revert him back to normal?” You quickly piped up as Chrono nodded and Rappa followed behind him, ocasionally muttering curses and insults towards Overhaul.

Kai chuffed, catching your attention as he jumped from the table. You trailed after him, and it was impressive that even despite his stature and appearance of a chibi, your boyfriend still walked normally, thinking he was still the king of the word…

Damn his arrogance, really.

“Kai, maybe is not safe for you to walk around like-” you stopped talking for a bit as he looked over his shoulder and gave you a dirty look “…that.”

“And what could it happen? I still have my quirk and no one in this house dares to aproach me.” He sighed and started to walk with his eyes closed “So, there is noth-”

You yelped when a romba appeared and just sucked Kai in one switch motion. You kneeled desperately on the ground before jumping with a scream at when the romba exploded… A very dirty and with open arms Chisaki soon was pitted and you would have laughed from the look on his face.

Kai had seemed to had just come back from a bloody war as his eye twitched and hives appeared on his skin.

“You were saying?” You kneeled with a smug look down at him as he only glared at you.

“Take me. To the bathroom. NOW.” He growled between teeth as you couldn’t help but to snicker at his situation.




Your boyfriend immediatly demanded you to get out as soon as you let him step on the sink. You only rolled your eyes as you heard the sink starting to work as you went to do something…

Making clothes wasn’t a difficult task when it comes to the size Chisaki was currently in. You’ve done before so it was honestly some sorta of easy…

You knocked on the door after finishing your work and found Kai rubbing his now clean skin. Turning out pink and even red on some spots from how much brute force he was using on it.

“You’re going to tear your skin apart this way hun.” He glared at you from his spot before you dropped the new made clothes near him “Wear this, I know you wouldn’t even dare to use even the same jacket without washing it first.”

He arched one of his eyebrows up as you closed the door. Respecting his privacy. Soon enough he grabbed the soft material on his hands as he hummed in apreciation… not ever letting you hear it.




“You.. realy dont need help with that book Kai?” Yoh asked with a smile at seing the dark brow haired man running back and forth each time he finished a page from his book.

“As if.” He scoffed from his spot, sitting cross legged while starting to read the new page. Looking up at hearing and feeling you get out of the bed “Were you’re going?”

“Grab some goodies!” You smiled from the door frame “You want some?”

“…fruits.” he mumbled, hiding his embarrassment behind his looks and mask at not even being able to get up to grab some fucking food “It would be… apreciated.”

“Got it! Brb!”

“Dont use pronouns of texts while talking.” He scolded as you closed the door shut as he sighed.

Strange how he felt extremely small and… lonely on his own room. He always spended time in here ever si ce Pops took him in, yet he only felt this lonely when he was a mere child.

He sighed, fisting the clothes you made for him as he stared numbly at the words, now huge, in front of him.

How grateful he was for you couldn’t be described as words… he cherished you more than oxygen. Despite him being… well, him. You were still there. No matter how humiliating or bad the situation is.

The door creaked open and he looked up to see you, munching on your favorite snack while bringing him some fruits and some snacks he proclaimed he despise it but knew he had a soft spot for it.

“Back now I see.” He spoke with a hidden smile as you nodded vigorously. Mumbling some words as he frowned “Dont talk with your mouth full-”




You had falled asleep. His book no more interested as he admired your face. Being this small he could see each detail of you, mesmerizing everything with his eyes, smiling at himself at when you mumbled something in your sleep.

“Such an angel…” he murmured, caressing part of your face before groaning at a pain on his stomach.

“What the-” he felt his vision blurring as you snapped one lazy eye open at hearing him groaning as he walked back and worth, tripping and falling from the bed “sHIT-!”

You woke up immediately and the huge “BLAM”, crawling and almost screaming if Kai was okay before you flushed and gripped on the sheets tighter.

Chisaki Kai was all in his glory back to normal… completely nude and groaning…

“I think I need another shower.” He greated as he got at least on a sitting position before noticing the clothes were ripped and was nude right in front of you.

He blushed only for a bit as his wide eyes interlocked with yours before you covered them with a nervous laugh.

“Good you’re back to normal Capo!” You were starting to get nervous before you gasped at feeling him top you, brushing your hands away from your eyes as you stared wide eyed up at him…

“… Since I am going to shower I wouldn’t mind getting dirty a bit to show my gratitude towards you my dear.” He growled seductively as you gulped, heat starting to show and grow in your deepest areas.

“L-Let me prepare myself mentally for this first.” You manage to squeal as he rolled his eyes with a chuckle before starting his own plan.

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So this is my first time writing down some headcanons and I had to get this idea off my filthy brain because I lose my mind. Now hear me out, I know this monster theme has been done a few times and there are plenty of posts out there with this monster AU theme already. But imagine this…

What if you get stuck in an alternate universe of BNHA (aka Boku no Hero Academia) in which you are the only human left in a world of monsters?

Like literally you either get summoned to this strange new world or you happen to be - unfortunately - born in it before the whole of humankind was more or less erased from existence. Except for you. And because humans are such a rarity, you can guess what shit those characters would do if you ever intrigue them. For example…


Originally posted by cozyhoodies

Hawks/Takami Keigo

  • Local Birdman basically finds a confused human and basically targets her like how magpies go nuts over shiny things.
  • Honestly he would probably just be flying by doing his usual thing until he spotted you.
  • Then starts straight out flirting with you.
  • He wouldn’t mind bringing you back to his nest if he could - but he does not want to scare you away.
  • Mr. Birdman has big plans for you, his little chicken nugget.
  • He would definitely try to bring you things he think you would like. All so he could convince you to trust him and maybe like him back.
  • He may also show off a lot - especially when fighting against other monsters or while protecting you.
  • If you stroke his wings in a good way, he might let out a cute bird-like noise. To which he would deny it no matter what.
  • If you start to take a liking to him, he would tease you a lot. You thought he usual flirting was bad? Wait till you see him when he is serious.
  • Of course if you reject him or don’t show any interest in returning his feelings, he might do something completely unpredictable.
  • Like snatch you off the ground, drop you onto his nest among the various items he had collected. Then proceed to confess his feelings for you and cling onto you tightly just so you won’t escape.
  • Did I forget to mention that from the beginning he probably would not mind breeding with you?
  • Especially when he goes into heat during mating season. His rational mind loses out to his need to be as close to you as possible.
  • “Hey Chicken Nugget, don’t be like that. You’re just so cute that I want to pin you down and keep you all to myself.”
  • Good luck handling with your future children.

Originally posted by wizardkings

Overhaul/Chisaki Kai

  • Remember the time when he transformed himself to fight Deku? Think of that as the form he takes when he gets mad and goes on a rampage.
  • He is usually calm and cold with that horrifying aura who could either be a Shapeshifter or some sort of shadow monster to fit with his personality and abilities.
  • When he stumbles upon you though, the first thing he thought of was to take you to his domain where he can study you.
  • Considering you are the last human in his world, he sees you more as a specimen and a valuable tool to exploit in the future.
  • Until he starts to see the other aspect of humans in you. The one where unlike the humans who loathed him in the past, you don’t have the desire to kill him or despise him.
  • He did not care if it was out of fear or sincere appreciation you ‘cooperated’ with him in his extensive examinations and unusual treatment. You made him feel something different.
  • A Monster like him falling in love with a Human? Ridiculous.
  • He starts treating you differently from there. Inserting himself in your personal routine with a keen eye on every detail that affects you. Even has his minions protect you and ensure your comfort while he is away.
  • Then it gets to the point where his studies are not simply experiments anymore. He tries to touch you. His usual repulsion towards physical contact with others dissipating the more he interacted with you.
  • Least to say, he goes full blown obsessed but in a subtle manner.
  • Unless he gets jealous and jumps to conclusions. Then you are screwed.
  • Speaking of jealousy, do you know what happens to those he thinks are getting too close to you?
  • Cold-blooded disassembly by his own hand.
  • The same if there was so much as a scratch on you. The minion who was in charge of watching over you would be in deep shit.
  • “I’m doing what is necessary. Don’t waste your tears on weak filth.”
  • As the complete opposite of him, he deems that nobody is to lay a single hand on you - except himself. 

If you like this content feel free to support me through the links below:



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A mere thief getting on one of the most terrifying and scary ships of all sea, ruled by the tyrant and stoic captain any pirate or simple civilian ever heard of.

Captain Overhaul.

And now, as the trope had left the boat on the deck. You saw a opportunity to get your hands on their stolen treasure. The captain always carried his most gains with him, always with arrogance that whoever crossed his path on sea or eatlrth would have the same destiny. Death.

Yet you, with one braincell aparently, sneaked inside the ship and knocked out one of the man’s responsible for vigilance. You smirked to yourself and a bit of pity for the blonde whose was on the wood of the ground as you snuck in inside.

You lighten up carefully one of your matches on the bottom of your boot. Widening your eyes at the amount of gold coins, rum barrels, jewel chests among ruby, jade and diamonds…. you left out a small “wow” as you wondered around…. ocasionally picking one or two things and shoving down your purse you always carried.

You stopped walking and furrowed your eyebrows when you saw a painting. Bringing the light close, you brushed your hand on the dusty painting to see an old man with two kids… the girl was taller and had similarities with the elder while the boy on the left was younger and totally different…. Golden eyes and dark brown hair on his features.

“Huh…” you muttered while hissing when you burned your finger accidentaly with the match. Grumbling and lightening up another one.

Some box with food were in there as well and you were impressed by how much everything, excluding the painting, was in great state… not even one bit of dust on the gold or other things.

“Weird…” you muttered before hearing some drunk voices and footsteps coming from outside.

Cursing you threw the match out from a window and hided yourself on one of the boxes at hearing the sounds of boots echoing and getting closer…

“Maybe it was a mistake staying in here?” You heard a voice and you curled up even more but still tried to poke an eye out of your hidding spot to see something…

“NOnSeNsE!” Another one shouted and you cringed at how loud it was “CAPTaiN KnoWs WhAT He I DoInG PunnNKKKKkk-!”

“Punk?” You muttered quietly before the voices went quiet for a bit.

“Yes Overhaul. We will tell the other to get up by morning.” And with that, the voices were out…

You heard stories of thsi young king of the seas before… and hearing the name Overhaul caused almost everyone you knew to shiver… No one who met him came back to tell the story…

You gulped and made quietly your way out as soon as you heard the creaking of the door… you couldn’t just get out now… especially with all the crew wide awake…

Well… they did drinked aparently… so you just had to wait a few minutes. So the best you could do was patiently what until everything was quiet enough to get out and ran away.

You heard a sound of water and arched your eyebrow up when you saw water with soap poking and sliding down the door that just had closed… did… did that man was cleaning his own office? Do pirates do that?

You shrugged and quietly went upstairs at noticing not a sound was muttered.. you opened the door slowly and slid you way out of it and closing without a sound.

You looked at the deck and everyone was almost passed out… some even drooling on the ground of teh ship. You made a disgusted face and tiptoed your way out till the exit of the ship….

You were almost there as you laughed inside of your head before your body stopped when a bigger and rough hand closed around your wrist as you gasped at seing a man with white hair glaring down at you.

“What are you doinh in here?” He growled as you gulped.

“G-Got in teh wrong ship!” You yelped quietly… but the man only furrowed even more his eyebrows and shouted “LIFT ANCHOR! WE HAVE A CLANDESTINE HERE!”


They all woke up immediately, some grabbing their swords as other went to lift the anchor. The man let go of your wrist as you tried to run back to the exit only to see you were away from the port.

“DAMMIT!” You shouted, preparing to jump on the water before you screamed when a much bigger than the other grabbed your forearm and even lifted you off from the ground.

“Aaaa!” The muscular man let out as you kicked and squirmed on his grasp “What we have here??? Trying to steal from Overhow?”

“More respect towards our Captain Rappa. Now-” the blonde pushed his glasses up with his middle finger as he glared at you “Hold still this street rat.”

You growled at him before you kicked the man, Rappa, on the balls as he shouted and let you go… you ran but three man circled around you… One with a bag on his head, one bald and the other blinded you had knocked out earlier whose cleary wasn’t happy to see you again.

“Get THIS WOMAN!” Another blonde shouted as you cursed before grabbing the bag face man’s forearm and jumping to give a kick right on the bald one’s face before punching on the blonde’s jaw to get a run for it.

You screamed again when you felt something on your ankle and before you knew it, you were hanging upside down as you saw all the eyes on you…

“Now, what do we have here?” A indigo drunk guy sluttered as he tried to touch you before you slapped him away, accidentally letting your purse fall and show the things you had just grabbed it.

The white haired man from before crouched down to see it as the blonde with glasses from earlier got close.

“Is Captain’s things.” The man whispered as the blonde nodded, glaring at you.

“So a mere thief huh?” You gulped before yelping when a crow screamed in your ear and flew to be on top on one of the mans.

“Come on, as if pirates aren'tthiefs themselfs…” you mumbled as you hang up side down, smirking and arching one eyebrow before you widened your eyes at seing the same crow transform into a muscled name as he screamed down at you.

“DARe To COmPArE US WiTh YoU ThEN?!” Ah, so this was the guys who shouted “punk” earlier….

“What should we do with her?” A blonde with closed eyes asked, almost I dissapointed as The indigo one spoke after.

“Hey boss, let’s shave her!” The guy laughed as you gasped in offense.

“Idiot.” The men in glasses muttered while shaking his head.

“Walk the board!” The Rappa guys yelled as you rolled your eyes.

“Tacky dude. Tacky.” All of them looked at you in shock, whispering to one another before the white haired man took off his sword.

“Silence all of you.” He spike before walking, pointing the tip of his sword to your throat as your breath started to quickened.

The door slammed and everyone tensed, your attacker pulling his sword back and walking away from you as the other males stand by in two lines.

You squinted your eyes, one black boot coming out of the dark and one gloved hand on teh door… despite the night being dark as always, you gulped in fear at the golden eyes narrowing at your figure from the distance.

“Captain.” They all saluted Rappa hesitated but did it anyway as the unknown male came in view.

Hat covering the top of his dark brow hair as hsi golden eyes shined along with the moon light… His cape and vests didn’t reached the ground and he carrie along a belt that he aparently had both a sword and a shotgun…

He walked slowly towards you, The crown man and the white haired dude trailing a bit behind him as he looked at you from the ground at your hanging upside down corpse.

“… what do we have here?” His voice was a dark and low one as he put his hands behind his back and walked in circles around where you were standing… your head just on the same height as his own one but only for a few inches higher.

“Setsuno.” He said, and the blonde shivered “I thought you were looking for our ship…” his tone was cold and dissapointed.

“F-Forgive me C-Captain.” He looked over his shoulders at the blonde “She knocked me out, that’s why you all probably found me on the floor.”

“I will decide your punishement later…” he growled and they all shivered before he returned to lock his golden orbs with you “For now I aparently have to deal with this problem. One that aparently gave you a bit of work to just maintain our prisoner.”

“Forgive us Overhaul.” The white haired man spoke more confidently as be also looked at you “But we found out that this woman is not only a clandestine, but also one that stolen a bit of your possesions.”

He hummed before taking his sword out and lifting up in teh air with a pysocothic look “In that case-”

Everyone closed their eyes as well as you, but you only groaned when your face and body met harshly the ground as you hissed in pain before your vision meet Overhaul’s boots..

You gasped when you felt him grabbing you by the hair and taking your face up to look at him.

“So you’re a thief. Have to be very brave or some stupid girl to invade my ship out of all the ones on that port.” He yanked your head even more as you hissed bit glared at him back “You can have what you picked up. Really, I wont mind.”

Everyone let out a confused nose before you saw the crown man throw your purse on the sea.

You were suddenly lifted up by the hair as he yanked you along with by the end of the ship, the most scariest thing was that he was calm, not laughing not shouting. HE WAS FUCKING CALM. You panted while staring at the water above your feet as you were only being held by one of Overhaul’s hand.

“You still want that thing?” You shook your head desperately as he hummed “What a shame…”

You went to look but as soon as your feet disconnected with the ground and felt his hand pushing you you let out a bloody scream you met the cold water.

He only looked at you coming out of the water to breath a few minutes ago.

“SADISTIC!” you shouted, teeth hitting together as he only lifted one of his eyebrows.

“We are far away from that shameful city we were now. If you swan until there, your body will be tired out, not even speaking about the sharks and other sea creatures that can come easily after you.” Some of the crea laughed as you tried still have more strengh to say with your head out of the water.

“Maybe…” he hitted his finger lightly on his forehead as he stared right in your eyes “Maybe you can be useful on my ship… After all, you own me after that audacity of yours.”

“FUCK YOU! AS IF!” you shouted back as he sighed, having his back to you and lifting his hand up.

“In that case. Be my guest to be eaten by sharks.” You glared at him before you froze at seing one shark not much far away…

Be a slave for pirates or die by a shark..?

You cried ass you swan the list you could before you gave up and shouted, all of your pride completely lost on that moment.


He stopped and smiled sadistically before gaving a look to Mimic, whose nodded and transformed into a crown and went to throw you a rope as you cried in relief and started to grab it.

“Pull her.” He muttered to Rappa whose did abruptly. You were soon back on the grounds of the ship as you trembled… Glaring already at the boots in front of you as Overhaul looked down at you, so I the crown rested on his shoulder as the other men snickered at you.

“Welcome to the Hassaikai… slave.” He let out a sinister smirk on his face before he snapped his fingers for two man to lift you up.

“Put a chain on her. Maybe this way she wont be a idiot enough to jump amd kill herself on the sea.” He ordered before the showed the crown out of his shoulder and walked casually back to his quarters, not before stopping and giving you a look over his shoulders.

Call me your captain Overhaul from now on until you let your final breath out...” With that he closed the door, leaving you to widen your eyes in horror and be dragged by the man by some other place of the ship.

(Aaaaa I loved this piece, should I continued???“

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overhaul is too mean for a crybaby s/o 😭

kai hurts your feelings in front of the hissekai & then makes it up to you by fingering you over his desk when everybody leaves 🥺

he just gets so worked up, baby. he doesn’t mean to snap at you!!

you get all dolled up for ‘im & he shoos you away because he doesn’t have time for distractions. but he doesn’t mean to neglect you!! he’s just busy, pretty.

and one day, you just break down—it’s been weighing on you for a long time—does chisaki not want you, anymore? 🥺

he’ll shush you and make you clean up your face. tell you to c’mere, pull up your pretty nightgown, and bend over. let him show you how sorry he is 🥺 cum on his fingers, hump his hand, let him make you feel good, princess 🥺

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