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Your Number
Summary: You give your number to San during a fansign not expecting anything, but later that night your phone rings… (based off of that one NCT moment)
Pairing: San x Reader
Word count: 1.6k definitely not proofread
Smut Warnings: Phone Sex
Kinda hate it kinda love it- idk how I feel about this😭
⋆ ⋆ ⋆
This is the day you’ve been waiting for all month. The day you will meet the absolute loves of your life. You had won a fansign ticket after buying an insane amount of albums you finally got it!
You’ve never met any of the members before and you’ve never been this nervous in your life. The staff guided your group into an empty room with the long table teasing everyone.
You held your album tight as you sat in the second row, very close to where the members would be standing. There was a countdown on the screen and each minute seemingly dragged on as music played softly in the background.
You made small talk with the people around you until the countdown finally reaches zero. The room is loud as screams and applause fill the room before everyone introduces themselves.
Your heart is beating out of your chest as your eyes scan each of the members before they fall on San. Choi San… that man is the most attractive person you’ve seen in your entire life. You’re unable to tear your eyes away from him but suddenly the two of you make eye contact. He flashes you a smile and your hand slaps over your mouth as you look away.
Your heart rate never goes down as they go through a few choreographies and talk with everyone before the meet starts. The first row makes their way to stand in a line to greet the members.
Your body starts to heat up as the nerves really start to get to you when your turn starts to come up. Once your row is called you quickly make your way to the front of the room. Yunho is the first member and you sit down with the biggest smile on your face. Yunho asks you a few questions and can’t help but gush a little bit as you praise him.
You make your way down the members until you get to the last one which happens to be San. San immediately complements you and your ego absolutely skyrockets.
You introduce yourself and talk for a bit before San holds your hands as you gesture him closer like you’re about to tell him a secret, “Don’t tell anyone… but you’re my bias.”
San opens his mouth in shock before he laughs softly, “Really?!”
You nod as you giggle, “Mhm. I think you’re really pretty.”
San’s head tilts as he scans your figure, “No! Have you seen yourself?” Your mouth drops slightly and your face gets hot as you try to cover your face, “No you’re so pretty let me see!”
You pull away for a second and reach in your pocket to pull out a slip of paper. You jokingly wink as you hand the paper to San. A smile forms on his face as he opens the paper seeing what he assumes is your number, “You know you shouldn’t be giving your number out to everyone, right?”
You laugh at his joking tone as you speak up, “It’s okay, you’re not a stranger, right?”
San gives you an innocent smile as he leans in, “But you know I am just a man… What if I call you late at night? Hmm?”
You look San straight in the eyes with your head tilted slightly, “And I’ll stay up all night waiting for it. Ready to help…”
Suddenly the timer beeps signaling your time is up, breaking you away from whatever was just happening with San. You give him one last smile along with a “Thank you!” completely shifting your entire demeanor.
You notice San actually put the small slip of paper in his pocket and you can’t help but wonder if he was just joking or not. Either way, San is the only thing that’s on your mind the entire rest of the day.
Even as you’re back in your hotel room you eye your phone like it could ring any second. Once you humble yourself you continue with your night routine as you take a shower and clean your face. You spend a couple of hours scrolling and watching videos on your phone. Before you know it, it’s 1am and you force yourself to go to bed.
Just as you're falling asleep your phone starts buzzing next to you. Your eyes are still shut as you bring the phone to your ear, “Hello?”
There was a small laugh on the other end of the line as it was very obvious you had just woken up, “Thought you said you’d stay up all night for my call?”
Your eyes widen as you sit up, “I- I thought you were joking!” You’re suddenly wide awake as San’s voice rang in your head.
“I thought about it for a bit but I kept thinking about how pretty you looked.” San’s voice is quiet as he speaks on the other end.
Your breathing gets heavy and you hesitate before you speak up, “Let me help you then.”
“Help me?” You listen to his teasing tone and your hand moves to cover your face as if San could actually see you.
“Help me with what?” You're quiet, unsure what to say. You know he’s just messing with you, but you’re too embarrassed and unsure if you should actually say it. You let out a soft whine as you’re too embarrassed to actually say it, “Aw, what’s wrong? Don’t be shy.”
“Let me help you t-touch yourself. That is what you’re doing, right?” Your heart is beating out of your chest as you listen to San’s breathing. You involuntarily let out an “Oh my god-“ as San hums.
San is quiet for a moment and you take that as a cue to speak up, “I wish I could see… I know you have a big and pretty cock.”
You shut your eyes as San lets out a groan. Your entire body is hot and you let out a whimper making San laugh softly, “Next time I promise I’ll show you, alright?”
“Next time?” Your voice sounds hopeful and San hums.
“Mhm because you’re so pretty, you know that? The way you looked at me earlier… I knew I couldn’t miss out on this.”
“Nuh uh, San you so hot- I wish I was there. I bet you look so pretty- so hot. And those sounds, please don’t stop. Wanna hear you.” You sound desperate as you’re practically begging San.
San’s breathing gets heavier as he lets out deep grunts, “I wish you were here too, but if you were I wouldn’t be able to control myself.”
“Really? I wouldn’t mind. You can do it- You can do anything you want to me. Want you to touch me so bad!” Your voice is shaking as you can hear squelching sounds from the other side of the phone.
“Mhm, you’d look so good underneath me- shaking and crying. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” You nod even though San can’t see you.
“Yeah, I’m yours, San. Want you to cum in me and fill me so you know I’m really yours.” Your words went straight to San’s cock and you listened to the pornographic moans that came from him, “You like that?”
“Fucking tease-“ San’s voice is shaking and you bite your lip as you can tell he’s close.
“Am I? I just wanna feel you inside of me. Why don’t you show me what it would sound like?” You can tell San is holding back on some of his moans but at the same time he struggles to stay quiet.
“I’d fuck you so good. It would feel so good. Fuck- next time, right?” Your hand covers your mouth in shock from San’s words.
“Of course, but for now why don’t you cum for me? I want it so bad, San. I want your cum. I want to hear you cum.” Your ears burn as there’s a mixture of moans and squelching from his cum.
You're quiet for a moment as you take in the moment. Choi San is on the other end of the phone about to cum from your words and voice before he speaks up, “Keep talking- let me hear your voice.”
“And- And next time I’ll help you properly. I’ll make you feel so good!” You knew both of you were just talking out of your ass and there would be no next time, but it was nice to think about.
“You’re already making me feel so good… I can only imagine what it would actually feel like.” San is already far gone.
“I am?” San moans in response and you speak up, “You’re gonna cum right?” San let’s out another loud groan before a series of soft moans and whimpers. You give San a moment before you quietly ask, “Did you-“
San cuts you off with a laugh, “ Yeah, thank you.”
Your head tilts as a smile takes over your face, “Thank you.”
You can hear the pout in San’s voice, “But I didn’t even do anything to help you!”
You laugh and shake your head, “No it’s okay! This was enough, I promise.”
San hums in thought, “You were by yourself right…?”
Sans's paranoid voice rings out and you laugh loudly, “Of course! Were you? What happened to Mingi?”
San makes a noise of confusion, “I have no idea. He went to play games with the others and I stayed behind.”
“It’s late though! Are you not tired? You should go to sleep!” You look at the clock and see it’s almost 1:30.
“Okay… I’ll text you later, promise!”
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roommate!san x reader
smut, fluff
warning: fem! reader, cunnilingus, nipple play, male and female masturbation, blowjob, cum facial, cum eating
Tumblr media
word count: 5.2k
tag list: @yunhobabygurl @hxneyboy @bobateastay @multidreams-and-desires @fallinforwoo @yungisstar1117
“y/n you should’ve seen his face-“ busting out a laugh, san opens the door for you as you follow in behind bringing in the warm drinks. “i couldn’t have missed it! i only looked away for a second!!” you shriek out in a little giggle, stepping your way into the kitchen as he yells to you from the front entry- while taking off his shoes. “but i told you to pay attention“ his voice grows louder as he nears closer, “you’re always getting distracted y/n...ugh. it was so funny”
does he think you’ve been distracted? does he know?
both of you had just got back from the local café down the block from your shared apartment. and san had tried telling you to watch this stupid commercial playing quietly in the corner of the cute place- because it was supposedly hilarious, but you had your mind seemingly elsewhere.
“i do not always get distracted san! you liar”
your lame squabble back to him made his stomach feel warm- watching your lips pucker into a pout, and how your eyes had squeezed tightly shut. his signature giggle ignites out, giving you the leeway of joining in presumably.
“yah! don’t falsely accuse me y/n”
your cheeks flush softly with just the slightest bit of embarrassment. why was it that you felt this way? ever since you stumbled upon something you weren’t intended to, being around san has been way harder than expected.
but even with these brewing feelings for him, you knew that it wasn’t really ideal to act upon it. because you two have only lived together for three months.
you both hit it off immediately, becoming instant friends, having movie nights and going out hunting for cafés.
“sannie…what, erm.. why- did you..ah” the question itself dies in your mouth from anxiousness. as your voice falters, he cocks his head to the side in concern.
and you can’t help the soft gasp of oxygen that you take in when san strides over to you and reaches up to tuck a stranded piece of hair that fell out of place from your pulled back clipped up bun.
“what’s going on with you? are you okay?”
looking up into the dark but welcoming eyes of your roommate, you swell with warmth. his persistent worries for your well-being, and overall delicate caring self can’t help but sting just a bit of your heart. to feel as if he only worries for you because he’s just your friend and nothing more.
“can i ask you a question?”
you slightly turn to set the warm and iced drinks down on the counter beside you in a way to avert your eyes from him. while the voice inside your head suddenly makes a stand to let itself out.
“oh- uh sure yeah. of course” san nods in affirmation, taking a step back realizing he had shortened the distance from the two of you- possibly making you uncomfortable.
bringing his hand up to slip off his beanie, sounds of static erupt and leave his hair sticking up. a small laugh bubbles out and you feel a little reassured.
it’s just san.
you can talk to him.
but the longer the silence went on, your confidence faded away bit by bit, causing you to avoid the initial thoughts you had in the first place.
“w-wanna have a movie night?”
locking gazes once more, you see his eyes flicker with something different from his usual light and warmth for just a moment before they shrink with his dimpled smile.
maybe it was a little too obvious to change the subject so fast, but you just couldn’t spit it out yet. it was just too embarrassing
Tumblr media
“i just wish he could’ve gone with them san” you say, reaching over to his lap- where the popcorn bowl was placed. bringing a handful of puffed up snacks to your mouth while watching the ending credits of luca- the movie you chose to play.
“i guess so yeah,” san sighs while picking up one piece of popcorn to throw up into the air- catching it directly in his mouth, “but at the same time y/n, alberto isn’t really into school” he finishes his reply chewing
making a little sound of annoyance, you turn to face san’s bright-lit face from the white names scrolling down the tv screen in the dim room. and grab the bowl of your movie snack- placing it on the ground by his feet.
“mmm i guess so-“ sweeping off stray popcorn kernels between his legs- not really paying attention to where you’re touching him, you lay right over his lap “but they’re best friends..they-“ the rest of your sentence gets muffled by your face squished in the blanket- making san chuckle, both from your cuteness and from the way you’re positioned
“what was that last part?” he clasps his hand together over your back- like he was pretending you were a desk, but trying not to shift his body under you, as your chest just slightly presses on his thighs.
turning your head off the blanket, you lay it back down facing the screen, and speak up again “they shouldn’t have separated if they love each other, y’know?”
san felt your breathing pick up just the slightest bit, and it made him feel the need to lay his hands flat on the small of your lower back- just barely above your ass. maybe in terms to calm you down- or maybe to get you more riled up.
who knew, but it resulted in a blush from you and your heart rate to increase.
“l-like i know it’s what luca wants- but i wouldn’t want to leave my best friend if i w-were alberto”
san’s hands begin to slide across to your waist and up to your shoulders, sending butterflies from the touch of his fingertips all the way down into your stomach.
“you think too much y/n”
his remark makes you scoff, and get up from his lap with a pout. and you become oblivious to the way he catches your shirt rolling up, and immediately eyeing your stuck out ass. sure it was innocent from you. but it didn’t feel like that to san
“i do not sannie! quit saying that” you finally huff out, sitting on your knees right perpendicular to the lap you just laid on.
you try your best to portray yourself innocently, looking into his eyes desperately wanting to convince him you’re right.
“mmmkay” he mumbles, hiding his amusement in a lip bitten smile, “then why are you always staring off into space when we do stuff together?”
san’s cheeky smile fades as he watches your face twist slightly nervously- like he said something that hit you a little harder than intended.
silence between you lasts awkwardly long, while the movie selection music keeps replaying in the background- you wish the ground would swallow you whole. shifting your body to face away from san, you look down at your fingers that are fumbling.
the feeling in your stomach didn’t go away, it was no longer an exciting tingly feeling- but a queasy, uncomfortable feeling. like you just got a cold flash from hearing horrible news for the first time
“u-uh” you mutter up quietly, making san reach to his side and mute the television with the remote for a full focus on you. “well i’m just confused about s-something”
turning your neck to look at him again, san watches you carefully- eyebrows furrowed in concern. he never meant for things to get so different all the sudden.
“tell me” he pleads, unknowingly biting the inside of his cheek. desperately wanting you to tell him what’s really on your mind. you just haven’t been yourself for a couple days and he needed to know what had happened- and whether it can be fixed
letting out a shaky breath, you blink down from his eyes to his pursed lips- “i’ve been thinking a-a lot” you pipe up
“about what y/n?”
letting out a self frustrated groan, you turn back away from san and tuck your legs to your chest to watch the silent movie screenplay.
“i don’t want to make things weird” you mumble out from the way your chin rests in position on your knees
san can’t help his heart to beat faster in his chest- why would you make things weird? scooting his body closer to yours again- touching your side and wrapping an arm around you gently, san tries to bring a warm smile not to scare you off more- but comfort you into speaking freely.
and maybe it worked, because he felt your body stiffen at first- but then sink into the touch.
letting out a sigh, and glancing at his face- you break the fear holding you back. “w-well it’s just, well i heard you the other night.” you pause, blushing profusely at the thought of what happened.
san felt his cheeks start to warm up, and his grip to you tense.
is this about what he thinks?
“a-and.. umm, well i- ah.. never m-mind” you sputter out, standing up from the couch. walking into the kitchen away from san’s embarrassment rising self, squabbling out words to make you continue
“y/n wait! please” following after you with a hand to his mouth in stress and disbelief. san grabs your arm to stop your pacing, “i’m so sorry, i didn’t mean for you to hear that…” turning you around, to face him. you see his eyes are wide and that the hand rubbing his chin comes down slowing to grab your other arm with shaky movements. “i didn’t want things to-“
“are you attracted to me?” you blurt out, locking eyes with him- analyzing any emotion or thought that could remnant with his gaze
“i-“ his voice quivers slightly, and san bites his bottom lip- looking down
letting go of your arms, dropping his hands to his side- the touch of him now gone from your body. the area where he just had you now is cool with no warmth of his clammy palms.
he had a look of defeat all over his body and you didn’t realize this situation had made tears come up to say hello in your eyes, until san pouts and shakes his head gently
“y/n, p-please don’t cry” he pleads, bringing out his hands again to cup your face. thumbs just softly grazing over the warm skin on your upper cheeks, close to under your lower lashes.
you close your eyes, relishing in his touch. and you take in a big breath
staring right at him, you press yourself against his body- and you hear him let out a gasp. your faces even closer now, his breath just barely fans over your mouth
“t-tell me” you insist
this new intimacy between you two had san confused, because how did you find out what he was feeling.
your body all against him, the feeling of your chest, your sweet lips that glistened- begging for san to taste. he couldn’t take it any longer
“fuck-“ he groans out before greedily catching your lips in a deep kiss
the advance takes you by surprise and a small and swallowed whine slips out of you. but as you realize san isn’t backing off, you kiss him back with equal fervor. clutching onto his sweater, as his tongues gently swipes your bottom lip with permission- but the heat of the moment catches up to you suddenly and you pull away with a gape for air. big doe eyeing him with a spreading blush, san’s eyes are hazy as he licks his lips- tasting the remnants of your mouth.
“i- uh, i” you stutter, releasing your grip to his top when he lets go of your face altogether.
stepping back for a break for your fast beating heart, san scratches the back of his neck. “i do”
his voice running so smoothly through your ears, his blush was no longer present, but replaced by a gorgeous glow to his skin. and he backs up to the counter- leaning against it to watch you seriously
“y/n, i do find you attractive… but-“ he speaks up, pointing a finger out, “i never- ever, would ask or do anything to you.. i’m your friend before anything”
“but you just kissed me san!”
you try to ignore that feeling of your heart that drops in your rib cage a bit. of course, you are just friends. and it’s completely normal for a man to have certain reactions to a female in this scenario.
it was just nature.
but you just wanted it to be more..
and you actually had a right to think that it was more- because.. well, you fucking found him jacking off the other day!
walking into the kitchen from your bedroom, the sudden desire for a drink of water had overcame you. grabbing a class from the overhead cabinet, and pouring cold water to the brim- you stand in the dark, silence soothing your pounding headache from the late night cleaning you brought upon yourself.
drinking from your cup, the darkness seemed to heighten your hearing- such a faint sound had erupted from down the hall, coming from san’s bedroom. and as your tiredness began to take over your consciousness, you mindlessly walked towards the noise- glass loosely in hand
stopping in front of his cracked open door, you raise your glass and take another drink of the refreshing water- quietly pushing the slightly opened door wider. the once faint noise now louder and more like a muffled kind of sound. translating to your ears as if san was in pain
only it was not pain he was going through that you noticed when you poked your head through- but the clear picture of your roommate in front of you, sitting on the edge of his bed. dick in hand
and eyes tightly shut, groaning out something that made you feel indupidly vulnerable in this certain situation- that you caught him in. his hoarse and sexy voice, made you feel almost drunk- and maybe it was because you were tired and possibly seeing things. but, nothing could be unforgotten when your own heat throbbed at the scene
“mmm- y/n”
“i guess i did yeah” san whispers mostly to himself, raising his hands to ruffle his hair- conflicted
maybe he was too straightforward with the kiss, but you asked him that stupid question of whether you’re attractive or not… and he just couldn’t seem to use words that would work right then.
you are beautiful, and looking at you just a bit further from his in the kitchen- your gorgeous body, san didn’t even care anymore. he wanted to stare at you for as long as he wanted
“san!” you stomp your foot annoyed, his eyes trailing down your body sent welcoming chills to your stomach- yet you really didn’t know what you wanted. or maybe you knew exactly what to do
to confront him. was that it? or show him how you seem to relate
“okay so yeah i saw you the other night! i was getting water because i had a little headache- and i heard something going on in your room,” you begin, replaying the scene in your head as you inform san
but he just watches you coldly- why was he being like this all the sudden? he just kissed you passionately, and it felt like a connection- could it be that he was regretting it?
“so i peaked through into your room and saw you.. i saw you t-touching yourself” whispering that last part, your face feels so hot- and you suddenly realize, raising your sight from the stitching in his sweater to his creamy smooth, and soft face- that san was fucking smirking
that stupid sexy smirk- you wish you could just smack away, but at the same time you want in to just keep going
yet just silence. again. nothing comes out of your roommate. the anger bubbling inside you made your mind feel weirdly trapped- along with the banging drums of your beating heart. this was embarrassing
“why aren’t you saying anything san?!” you shriek out, after having enough quiet
he was supposed to be comforting you, saying it’s all alright and there’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about
but no.
letting out a low sigh, san pushes off the counter and struts toward his bedroom door.
“come on”
speaking up, his order immediately seems to settle you. and you readily follow- needing answers
the short walk to his room felt too long, but anxiety eventually made its way back into your chest as he reached the door. entering himself in, and holding it open for you as well.
walking in, your eyes immediately go to the scenery outside his window. the evening sky, that’s not yet a navy deep blue- but a more light kind of warm settling tone, making you feel more at ease with yourself
“sit down” he speaks, pointing down at the foot of his bed
doing as told, san puts his hands on his waist and looks at you. his expression was of wonder almost, like he just needed a moment to watch you there in his presence… in his room.
“why was i jacking off the other night y/n?” he asks confidently.
the question in itself was not meant to be answered by you really, because he knew you had no clue. but san loved to prove he’s in control- not only right now, but in everyday life with you.
from ordering your food and coffee to the erotic thoughts he stores in the back of his mind when he finds you putting away dishes in small clothes.
“b-because you wer-“
“because i can’t stop thinking about you” he interrupts your answer with a step forward.
shortening the distance between you and him inch by inch
“i couldn’t stop thinking about how pretty you are” he reaches out and touches your warm cheek, “and about your body”
his lowering voice, his knees coming between your legs, the dark void hazed with lust swimming in his eyes- all excited you
your body gets too hot in your t-shirt and sweats, and you lick your lips when he leans in and makes you lay down on his sheets. his knee pressing just barely between your legs as it kneels on the bed
his entire body now hovering over yours with his arms holding out by your shoulders
“how incredibly hard you seem to get me, showing off your little outfits and innocent looks” dipping his head, he speaks out across your wet lips teasingly. “you make me crazy y/n”
pulling back his body, and standing straight up again. san looks down at you spread out. your legs wide where he had just positioned his knee, your disheveled shirt that rose up to show the smooth skin of your stomach.
“can i take your sweats off?” his voice rises from the previous seductive tone, gently grabbing your ankle for permission. the change in persona from teasingly erotic to such sweet and gentle manner made your heart fill with love and affection for him
san knows exactly how to act, knows how to be there and really, just knows you.
nodding your head, you smile. but san doesn’t proceed, and instead he lets go of your ankle with a soft but serious look on his face. “use your words please, i need to hear you say it”
if you couldn’t fall for him more, that would’ve been the last thing you needed for him to take over your body. and you reply back with a little shimmy of your hips, “yes, please take them off sannie”
the little nickname passing out your mouth makes san’s stomach swirl and his cock to twitch in his pants
determination comes over him, and he reaches for the waistband of your sweats- bringing them down past your thighs, your underwear catching his interest. he notices the wet patch located over your pussy and it makes him need you a little more
harshly pulling down and getting the rest of the bottoms off of you- past your calves, san throws them on the floor by his laundry bin. and starts with his clothing.
pulling the sweater over his head, you watch as he does so- eagerly waiting to see his bare body underneath. the sight definitely makes you feel giddy, his toned abdominal muscles and the defined arms flex in show- making san chuckle a bit seeing you practically drooling over him
but at the same time- he loves it. and it feeds his ego, making him boast in pride for himself- to which he was actually a little nervous. thinking whether or not you’d even want to see what he looks like without clothes
“w-wow” you say without thinking. still shocked at this man in front of your almost naked self. you begin to feel shy and tuck your legs into your body.
“no no y/n baby” he stops you, hand on your knee- prying it apart. “i need to see” his words- though oddly comforting, make you feel hot.
“d-do you want me to take off my s-shirt?”
your small voice out to him with the look of question made him let out the tiniest of a groan. why were you so fucking cute?
“if you don’t want to, it's okay” he begins to reassure you, but you can’t help what you do next- finding the reason in yourself to show him all of you. “i want to”
your interjection makes him swallow surprised, his little y/n wanted to show her body to him fully.
you are such a good baby
lifting yourself up, you too pull the shirt over your head and bare your bra-less chest to san. the prettiest sight of your boobs on display for only him, makes the final stitch of his sanity to rip
he quickly goes for his pants, shaking them off his legs as fast as he can. his dick trapped in his boxers- your eyes go wide seeing the large tent formed.
“you are so sexy y/n, you have no idea what you do to me”
lifting his hand up, san presses the pads of his fingers to your
thin panty covered clit. softly rubbing through the fabric, you let your first moan from him out into the air.
tugging at his bottom lip and closing his eyes at the noise, san rubs his fingers faster- needing more of your blissful sounds.
electric pleasure spikes from the stimulation to your pussy and this situation quickly adds to the pressure in your stomach. bringing your hands up to cup your chest, you take each of your nipples between your fingers and fondle them with need
“you sound so good” he grunts, pressing his hard-on against the bed in need of friction. “but i bet you taste even better”
moving his fingers away from your clit and to your panties waistband you whine out from the loss of sensational touch, and san tugs them down. becoming face to face with the heat of your arousal.
“fuck- you’re so pretty” his breath fans acrost your wetness, the cool air causing your pussy to throb with anticipation. the whole sight eggs san further into needing a taste
“p-please” lifting your hips up closer to his mouth, you squeeze your breasts harder and pout.
you needed him to do something
and getting your connection, san dives in- licking from your entrance to your clit, latching onto the bundle of nerves where it erupts a little mewl from your blissful state.
smiling into your cunt, san laps at your folds- adding to your pooling wetness. the feeling of his tongue on you was indescribable.
muffling his moan of enjoyment from being in between your thighs, the vibration adds to the pleasure you accompany. jerking your hips up, your legs shake slightly and you throw your hand down to take a fist of san’s hair between your fingers. pulling him impossibly closer into your heat. to where his nose rubs against your clit and he slips his tongue inside your hole.
throwing your head back, pinching the perky bud of your nipple- you cry out in euphoria. “yes! just like that!” the blissful knot builds incredibly quickly inside you, and it causes your back to arche off the bed.
san’s tongue thrusts deeper inside you when you become closer, wetting his nose in your juices as it grinds against you.
holding your ass, the harsh grip of his hands squeezing the supple flesh risen up off the sheets- your body goes limp in his hands and you convulse with ecstasy
coming undone around his pumping tongue, you spill your slippery release out and become unaware of how it seeps down his chin as your head thrashes around not knowing how to handle the intense pleasure
dropping your body back down, san unlatches off your heat with a last kiss to the wetness and dips his fingers into your pussy to gather your slick- bringing it back up to his mouth to devour one last time.
“i could eat that pussy all day long, so sweet and yummy”
watching your eyes open back up after your high follows through, san begins to palm himself through his underwear. needing to be touched from waiting so long- the longest time he’d gone by from the thought of you in his mind. making you cum, the whole experience had made him unbearably hard and sensitive.
“mmm- i wanna help sannie” you croak out, becoming a little embarrassed from the sound- not having used words because of all the moaning
rising from your sprawled out self, you crawl closer to san’s standing body by the bed- looking into his eyes while doing so. bearing the look of total vixen into your eyes, his cock twitches excitedly
“you gonna use that pretty mouth of yours? hmm?” he comments, readily waiting for your hands to pull down his boxers.
nodding your head with a little smirk, you press your lips onto the v-line of his lower abdomen and make a trail down as you slip off his underwear. san closes his eyes to enhance the feeling of your soft lips on his body- only to open them immediately feeling his cock become free from the confidence, and springing out to bump against your jaw.
pre-cum smearing against your face a bit, you let out a surprised gasp. the feeling of his tip hitting your jaw so foreign, you know how much you want to put it in your mouth
the sight of your open mouth and wide eyes with his cock right in view- san moans.
“i need you y/n” his desperate call for you makes your chest swell with desire and you bring your hand up to grab his shaft. the heat radiating off of it, and how it pulses in your hand makes you give an experimental lick to the underside. and apparently you did the right thing because you felt san shudder
heavy breathing rises and falls out of his chest, and it quickens when your tongue licks up to his angry red and leaking tip. pressing a kiss to the head of his cock, you open your mouth and stick out your tongue- hitting his length against it to feel the weight of it on you.
such a lewd action for you, san thought. you were testing his patience for sure.
“hurry before i decide to fuck you in the mouth myself”
giggling out loud, you stop slapping his cock on your tongue and look up to him with a cheeky smile. “whatever you say san”
and with that you finally lower yourself and swallow his length, his tip immediately hitting the back of your throat and making you gag slightly.
the tightness of your throats reflex around him results in his hips to thrust forward naturally. rubbing his dick against the velvety walls inside your mouth.
san watches as you struggle with his movement and something inside him twists with a sinister feeling of dominance. wanting to keep thrusting deep and block your breathing completely- but he remembers that this is the first time you’re really with him, and not his early morning and late night fantasies
pulling off his length completely- a thin string of spit connects your mouth to his wet head, and you take the time to catch your breath. looking up into his eyes with your watery ones, san smiles down at you lovingly
“you’re so beautiful” he whispers out placing a hand on your flushed cheek
his touch makes you feel the need to continue your work to his body. bobbing your head up and down, increasing your speed from last time- san’s mouth gapes open wide but lets no sound out.
so lost in the pleasure, he can’t seem to speak
feeling his cock throb in your wet cavern, tasting the final bit of pre-cum oozing out on your tongue. you graze your nails over the base of his member and start pumping what you can’t put in your mouth.
his hips quiver up, rubbing his head on the roof of your mouth- san let’s out a groan that sounded almost painful, but really was pure enjoyment. your muffled slurps and drool pooling around the corners of your lips finally catches up to him and he grabs the back of your head and forces you down his cock, fully deep throating him.
and being engulfed by your wet mouth, san reaches the start of his orgasm. spurting it down your throat- making you let out a choked whine. and he soon joins you too with a raspy yet guttural moan, quickly forcing you off and spilling the rest of his load over your face.
taking his cock in his own hands and jacking off until he drops the last bit of creamy cum on the corner of your panting mouth.
your fucked out face, accompanied by his seed was now captured in san’s mind forever.
“fuck- you have no idea how long i’ve wanted that” he lets out a breathy laugh, letting go of your head and watching your eyes open with gleam
sticking your tongue out and past your lips, you lick up some of his essence that gathered in the corner and swallow it deliciously. “mmm” smiling back up at him, you start becoming aware once more that you’re naked.
scooting yourself back from san, you bring your knees up and wipe your face.
slipping his boxers back up his legs, san bends down to grab one of his shirts on the floor closest to him and hands it to you. “let’s get you cleaned up, okay?”
shyly nodding your head, you put on the big shirt and take his hand that is placed for you. getting off the bed with shaky legs.
walking you out of his room hand in hand, san sets you on the toilet seat and pats your head. so sweet and intimate
the action was so simple, but it warmed you like a little girl going bonkers over her middle school crush.
the silence lasted- yet it wasn’t awkward. after he wiped your face clean of his semen, with a concentrated face. he pressed a soft kiss to your lips.
not as passionate as the one in the kitchen, but with gentle and care and the equal amount of love
“y/n, i love you”
Tumblr media
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HALA HALA || San focus [200116]
for @choi-sans-demon
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© sanonmars • HD
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Boyfriend Ateez x Reader
- daily boyfriend text
note: anon didn't specify which member so I went for a poly one🙃
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incorrect-staytiny · a day ago
San: what time is it?
Yunho: I don’t knew
San: “knew”? that’s not how you say it
Yunho: then how do you say it?
San: it’s “I don’t knowing”
Yeosang: it’s not “I don’t knew” or “I don’t knowing”
San: then what is it
Yeosang: I don’t know
San: if you don’t know then shut the fuck up
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↳  𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞 ღ
↳ 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞!
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we live our lives in flames, but we keep being humble & kindness than anyone, i keep my beliefs.
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ATEEZ XR SHOW [FEVER : eXtended edition]
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Hongjoong: [sees some people doing something stupid]
Hongjoong: What idiots.
Hongjoong: [realizes it's 99z]
Hongjoong: Wait, those are MY idiots!
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220125 | Wooyoung ©atzsanmz
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Wooyoung complaining San
My heart can’t take it.
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░ %᪶ ░ 𖥻 ⣽ ░ ⤹ᨰ̤ҩҩ𝗎ᩛҩᥛꬻᦙ — ɑɬᦸᦸʑ⤸ ꕤ ░ ҂ ░
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
░ ♡̸゚ ░ ꒺ ░ → ᥖҩҩძხҩɑɾძ︕ ░ 𓋜 ░ ★ ░
░ 𖣀 ░ ະ ░ ⋕ ░ 𐑙ıƙᦸ ҩɾ ɾᦸხ𐑙ҩᦙ, ρ𐑙᥉! ░ 𖣠 ░
░↻░ ᥖҩҩძ ხ𝗎ᩛ @lovellyyy ░ ⊱ ░ ⌗ ░ ⭞ ░
░ ༄⃨ ░⌇░ 𝗎ᩛҩʋ ᦸꬻ𐑙ıᦙჩɫᦸꬻᦸძ ᥖᦸ ♡̶ ░ ⇲ ░
░ ✿ ░ ♡̸ → ᥝᦸ᥉ ხ𝗎ᩛ ɕᥝ᥉ɬ ҩɾ @gospiic ░ ⭞ ░
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Heartbreakers Club
24. blown off 
↬ summary: the popular kpop group ateez is set for training in LA for the following 6 months. the rules are clear: practice, rest and prepare for the next comeback. but what happens when love gets into the mix? what happens when san falls for someone who isn’t interested in getting involved with someone she can never truly have? stay tuned to find out!
↬ ateez smau
↬ san x fem college student!reader
↬ genre: fluff, comedy, angst, drama
↬ tw: mention of a gun (jokingly), mention of kissing
↬ taglist:  @asyamonet22 @perfectlysane24 @leagreenly @90s-belladonna  @wasteitonserendipity @rindomo @teti-menchon0604 @noonaishere @joti17  @slut-for-dabi @seosracha @butterfliesinthenightsky​
↬ a/n: how we feeling, friends? >.> 
↬ Masterlist | Previous | Next
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Following last year, ATEEZ won the 'Bonsang' at the 31st High Seoul Music Awards this year too 🥳 So that we can have a wonderful sailing with ATINY in 2022, we will become a hardworking ATEEZ, thank you 💙
trans. © ateez world
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Tumblr media
below the cut are 80 SAN ICONS (yes you read that correctly) of selcas during inception era in various colours and textures. requested by no one, op is just that whipped.​​​
all icons are 100x100px
credit in bio is not necessary but appreciated
like or reblog if saving!!
ICON REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!! i can make icons for any person, character, show, etc. in any colour, just shoot me an ask if you’re interested :D
more ateez icons here
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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the lone wolf
Tumblr media
pairing: fem! reader x ateez (mostly mingi)
genre: sitcom?, high school! au
word count: 4k
warnings: explicit language, violence, blood, suggestive content
a/n: this might not be as good as i want it but I HAVE TO get this story out of my brain, i literally can't sleep because of it. i hope you guys will like it and that you'll tune in for the next chapters as well. stay safe! xoxo
Tumblr media
series m.list┃taglist form┃next chapter➡️ (coming soon)
Tumblr media
sitting alone was a choice. one you made everyday from the vast variety offered to you. for any eyes outside of your school, it would maybe appear like you're an outcast, but little would they know, you're the furthest thing from it.
quite the social butterfly, people would say about you, and in choosing to be in not any specific social circle but in all social circles, you bought yourself many benefits along the three years of high school. so it was only a strategic move, not sitting with anyone during classes or even lunch or not hanging out too much with a specific group of people for others to think that you are part of it. you couldn't risk doing that and then losing all contact with the other groups. the only thing keeping you sane in the prison that was high school was how fun it was that people talked to you behind each other's back like you were god, telling you even the darkest secrets about one another and trusting you with every bit of information. not thinking even for a minute about the consequences. you sometimes wonder what made them do it; did you have a natural talent for making people trust you blindly or did they get off on telling you stuff about people knowing that you talk to them and they could find out from you every single thing they said. but you weren't a fan of causing drama. gossiping was fun when you could hear something about anyone but no one had anything to hear about you.
so you could only imagine how shocked people were-you could read it on their face, really-when they saw you sitting with the new guy at lunch. you couldn't help the curiosity that set aflame inside you when the teacher sat him next to you in class, you needed to do something about it, even if it was as shocking as sitting with him in the grim looking room that was the cafeteria.
"i didn'treally introduce myself," you say while placing your tray on the sticky surface of the table, taking a seat right across from him. "i'm y/n." you add and stretch your hand towards him. his eyes widen a bit and he brushes his hand on his pants before meeting yours in a shaking motion.
"song mingi." he offers, the hold on your hand a tight one, making you pleased with how he presents himself. you never dug people who would shake your hand in an almost mocking manner, keeping their fingers flaccid and not putting any effort into actually squeezing your hand. in some way, it made you feel like you were the only one who wanted to meet them.
"so, what's your deal, song mingi?" you ask curiously, throwing a french fry into your mouth,
"what's my deal?" he raises a questioning eyebrow, not sure of what you're really asking of him.
"yeah, like...you know. give me a business card or something." you mutter with your mouth full, trying your best to squeeze something out from the boy in front of you.
"not much to say, really." mingi says after thinking for a few seconds, following your actions of eating.
"well, why are you here? not many people change schools in their senior year."
"just needed a change," he says avoiding your gaze and you deem it as a lie but you don't press him about him. everything at the right time. "got boring around there." mingi adds as he continues eating.
"well, that's not gonna be a problem around here," you tell mingi, making a circular motion in the air with your index finger. "you'll find our high school to be quite entertaining." at least for you, it was. you didn't yet know what exactly would mingi consider as fun.
"how so?" he asks innocently, rising his eyes up from the tray of food in front of him.
"well, let me give you a short presentation of everybody here." you say, placing your burger in the tray as you analyze all the people in the shared space, thinking of a few words about everyone.
"over there we have the book club-i've never seen them not carrying around some sort of interesting read; the theatre club is over there as you can tell-they even like to dress dramatically; and then the chess club-really fun to hang around dorks, i gotta add." you say signaling with your head towards each respective group.
"and then we have, what i like to call, the holy trinity." you say, making your voice sound like the ones from movie trailers towards the end. "we have the calligraphy club-those are the fanciest motherfuckers you'll ever see. and they have the fanciest weed you'll ever find, too." you add, pointing towards seonghwa and hongjoong, co-presidents of the club, sat at the table with other three members of their club around them. rich kids, acting exactly like that at times, but important to have around nevertheless.
"heading over to the baseball club, i know what you'd think," you say rolling your wrist as you face mingi. "the epitome of alpha males. but no, half of them are actually gay," you now point back to their table, san and wooyoung adorning their baseball jackets with as much pride as ever. the captain of the team and the president of the club-both sat next to each other being surrounded by the other players of the sport. "now that i think about it, this club might be exactly why they're gay. they're only seeing dicks around." you say as a sudden realization, figuring out immediately how improper it is. "or not. we don't choose what we're attracted to, do we?" you ask while turning your face back to mingi as he gives a light chuckle. you scratch your head in embarrassment before snapping back to your speech.
"ok, and lastly, we have the bike club. which is off the record actually, not a real club by the school books, but definitely a real one by the street rules." you explain, giving a light nod towards the people sat at the table in the furthest corner of the room. "don't mistakenly think of them as aggressive, they actually organize all kinds of movements for basically anything affecting the planet." you say, pointing to yunho and jongho who are not really eating, but explaining something to their peers, being very expressive with their body language as you figure they're talking about bikes. wearing their renowned leather jackets, more to fit the stereotype than anything, when you could say they're quite the contrary of their somewhat tough looks.
you turn to mingi, feeling pleased with yourself as you finish somewhat capturing the essence of each and every group of people. mingi seems to absorb all the information, eyes still lingering on various people in the room until they land back on your figure.
"and what about you? what club are you in?" he asks.
you blink at the question, not fully comprehending it in the first second it leaves his mouth. looking around the noisy room leaves you thinking what your answer should be, if the one you had was maybe the wrong one in this situation.
"oh, i'm not in any of them. going solo is more of my thing." you confidently answer the boy.
"welcome to the club, then." he says, rising his can of diet coke from the table and leaning it towards you in a way of saying 'cheers'.
Tumblr media
after spending the next week getting more familiar with mingi, it's only natural that you're shocked when you hear that he's been expelled from a girl in the theatre club. it leaves you confused and a little disoriented, thinking how even though you showed your utmost interest for knowing him, mingi left out a pretty important fact about him. turns out that 'not much to say, really' became 'really fucking much to say' in the course of a few days. the fact that he didn't trust you enough to tell you certain things really arose some questions within you that you never had before. for one: everyone trusted you, so why didn't he?
"why am i hearing you were expelled because you fucked your teacher?" you ask casually, as you approach your now desk mate, hunched over a book.
the info was fresh, only reaching people's ear this morning and yet, everyone was already speculating about it. the most popular reason was the one afore mentioned, but there were others as well:
-mingi was the school bully and they expelled him because of his outrageous violent behavior;
-he was the one bullied and couldn't stand being there even for a second longer;
-he was caught having sex in an empty classroom;
-and that he was an actual secret spy who was infiltrating many schools trying to find out some big state secret (but you wouldn't trust wooyoung on this one).
people were boiling to know the reason why, but they also knew very well that if it isn't given to them, they could invent one of their own and make it reality on the premises of the high school.
"that's not even why it happened." he mutters after a short puff.
"so you did get expelled?" you ask as you sit next to him and he only turns his face, lips pressed together as he raises his eyebrows. you frown and slap his arm, feeling very much annoyed. "dude, why didn't you tell me?"
the gray haired boy chuckles as he turns his attention back to his book, fingers decorated with silver rings turning over a page slowly.
"didn't think it was that important." he says on a somehow dismissive tone and you decide to let it go for a second time, figuring as much that he doesn't want to talk about it. if he did, he would've already.
"well, it would've been nice finding out from you than from anyone else." you speak through a pout, laying your own books on the desk as you get ready for class.
"it's nothing worth telling."
he said that before and look where it got you. but there was no need to ask questions that wouldn't be answered. all that put aside, you still couldn't help but think of what kind of mischief your desk mate has committed for him to get kicked out. maybe one of the rumors were true, although you thought of mingi as being too chill to do any of those.
"there's someone you didn't tell me about, you know." mingi says slowly, his eyes not leaving the words in his book even for a second. "who's the black haired, twink looking dude over there?" he asks as he points with his finger in a boy's direction for a brief second, then placing it back to the filled pages.
"oh," you exclaim quietly.
not many people showed interest in the boy pointed to you by mingi. and by many, you meant no one. except you-the only human being in the high school who showed interest in everyone, knowing the benefits of each and every relationship. "well, i told you about the holy trinity, now it's time to tell you about god. kang yeosang-president of the student council and right hand of the principal. everyone kind of avoids him because of it, they're afraid he'd run and tell the big boss everything." you explained, thinking of how yeosang was the only other student to be alone most of the time, just like you were. the only difference being that you had too many choices wherein he had none. "he manages the clubs and everything else related to the students." you finish your thought and open the book on your desk.
mingi hums in approval as he looks towards yeosang. the pretty boy sitting in his chair in his perfectly ironed uniform and impeccably clean shoes, runs a hand through his black hair observing your stares in the corner of his eye and turning his head to the two of you. he frowns, looking at you up and down when you give him an awkward smile and a little wave of your hand. he mirrors your smile and nods towards you, pointing his attention to the teacher who enters the class abruptly.
during the hour passing, mingi shows more interest to the book hidden behind his notebook than to the actual class. why come to the school at all if you're not going to at least pretend that you're paying attention to anything? one of the many questions that mingi made you think about. you could read everyone else like the open book he was so deeply emerged in right now, but him? you haven't even figured out the title yet.
"lunch?" he asks after the bell rings.
"nah, i'm eating alone today." you reply, packing over your stuff before you both exit the classroom and go your separate ways, him to the cafeteria, you to your favorite place.
the thing you loved most about school was where it was built, at the bottom of a small hill, which was a beautiful shade of green still, seeing how school barely started and the cold hasn't arrived yet. you'd go there many times, lying on your back on the fresh grass as you ate the lunch you'd pack from home especially for this. looking at the sky this way provided you a sort of peace that you couldn't find in between the walls of the institution nearby. you always thought about the beauty of the place, and how you can bring people here, start a new habit with them and share the quietness of the place. but you were too selfish to do that. plus, all the quietness would be gone in a few seconds if more than two people would follow you up here, and you didn't want to give up your comfort place quite yet.
the only time you haven't been here alone was at the end of your third year, when you came to say goodbye to the place and found a curious san following in your steps like a lost puppy.
"don't wanna go home yet?" he asked as he approached you. the black haired boy was dangerous for you and you knew it all too well. not like he could've hurt you in any way except socially, making you like him resulting in you ruinining all the relationships you have struggled to establish until that point.
"there's not much fun back home," you answered, a little unsure of what you should've really answered him. san made you feel nervous and that wasn't good, not in any way, shape or form. and maybe it was because you had past together. maybe you were reminded of said past every time he'd greet you in the hallway.
"well, i could think of some fun things to do." san smirked and you slapped him across his bicep as you laughed.
it all somehow led to you spending some of your summer days with san. and by some you could actually say most. you were meeting a few times a week and hung out in various places, having weird conversations which, most of the times, led to sex in his car. it was weird getting to know him more than you did when you had make-out sessions at parties before that, but san surprised you pleasantly. he was less of a 'baseball playing asshole' and more of a 'sensitive guy who smelled like flowers and liked to cuddle after sex', which you wouldn't have believed in a thousand years if you wouldn't have had experienced it yourself.
you kind of ghosted him when the beginning of your last year was around the corner, thinking of how you would need to focus more on studying and less on any complication that would be if you kept things going. you wanted more, he didn't seem to- so you distanced yourself quietly from everything that meant choi san.
as you remeber everything, staying in the same spot you did back then, you're glad things have remained somehow cordial between the two of you. you thought he'd never talk to you again but when he greeted you on the first day of high school, san surprised you once again.
the loud echo of your peers' collective scream is what brings you rushing in the school body, more people gathered that you haven't seen in quite a while. based on the sounds that seem to have gotten out of a gladiator arena, you quickly figure it's a fight, trying to get a peek above the other's shoulders to see who takes part in the violence.
your jaw actually, physically drops when you only see mingi in the center of people, his lower lip cut and bleeding, looking around at everyone with his eyes filled with rage. your mates now mutter in between themselves, commenting about the unofficial boxing match that just took place in the middle of the hallway but none of the comments reach your ears as you make eye contact with mingi. you frown for a second, studying his dishevelled hair and messy clothes, his bloody lip again and his reddened knuckles of one of his trembling hands.
you debate it for a short moment, if you should get involved or not, but your feet surprise you by not giving you time to think twice as they carry you towards the tall boy. you grab him by the arm and rush him as far away from all the people as possible, entering an empty classroom as you close the door behind.
you want to ask what happened, but seeing the rage still very much aflame inside of mingi's body makes you think twice about it and you resume to other words.
"i leave you alone for two minutes and you start beating people around?" you ask as you rummage through your backpack.
"i didn't start anything." the boy says slowly, leaning on a desk in the quiet classroom.
you finally find a pack of tissues- that seems the best option right now, and pulling out your bottle of water, you walk over towards him. you wet the thin material, taking his hand in yours as you situate yourself in between his long stretched legs. his hand is still shaking, and for a brief second, as you pat his hand softly with the improvised compress, you think of what would make the boy crack. what would make someone, who seems the exact opposite of violent, act upon such primal instincts?
maybe the rumors about him bullying people in his old school were actually true. maybe you should be more careful of who you associated yourself with. trusting people blindly when you have barely known them for a week can't turn out good in any situation.
his hand covers yours entirely, you figure as you clean his knuckles of some blood, wondering if it's his own or if it belongs to the other person involved. you slowly let his hand down, swiping your hair behind your ears before wetting another tissue and rising it to his face. when he doesn't even flinch at the pressure you apply on his light wounds, you ask yourself how many times did it happen to him before.
even leaning down, almost sitting on the desk under him, mingi is still a lot taller, a lot bigger in posture than many of the people in your school. but still, that doesn't intimidate you, especially when he meets your gaze with a soft smile on his face, one that said sorry and thank you at the same time.
you pat at his brow bone first, cleaning a little wound there, just a small cut- most likely a bit more than a scratch. you watch the red skin beneath your fingers with a compassionate look on your face, knowing that tomorrow it will probably become a bruise. you go down to his lip next, swiping the blood as gently as you can, letting your fingers linger more than necessary on his plump lips.
"you should disinfect these when you get home," you say, still pressing the cold wet napkin to the small cut on his lip. his eyes were lingering on all points of your face while yours were struggling to keep their focus on the blood, staining the skin after every gentle press of your fingers.
"we're very much alike, aren't we?" he huffs with a sad smile.
you don't know what exactly makes him say this. what specifically in your behavior made the boy who you thought was the exact opposite from you, think that you are very much alike? you were sure that, by this point, he has seen you interact with enough people to think the exact opposite. why were you sure? well there were a few reasons like how you always felt the ghost of his gaze on the back of your neck in the cafeteria, how you would see him staring at you in the corner of your eye or how when you'd look at him randomly, he would already be looking at you, observing every little thing you do.
you didn't yet know him well enough to draw the conclusion when you asked yourself if he is a stalker or just curious, but being around mingi gave you too much peacefulness to think too much about the former. it was something about feeling him close, not desiring the same familiarity from you that everybody did, not requesting you to talk or to act like something- someone that you maybe are not. he was making you feel like you were alone but comforted, the feeling you were searching for in the actual act of sitting alone every time. deep within, when you were in solitude you were seeking more than not altering your social status, you were seeking that kind of break from everything, the tranquility that came with it. exactly what mingi was offering you, for he wished the same.
we're very much alike, aren't we? yeah, we are.
"not really," you mutter out slowly, making eye contact with him. all of a sudden you feel how the touch of his hand is burning on your hip, even though it has been there since you found yourself playing nurse in front of him. your heart beats faster realizing just how close your faces are and how, if you concentrate enough, you can feel his soft breath graze a spot somewhere on your cheek. maybe it was the newness of him, because what else could get you feel like this in front of song mingi, a boy you have known for not even two weeks?
"i don't get into fights." you nag and he chuckles, removing his hand from your hip and leaning back onto the desk.
you don't get into fights and you don't help people who fight either. the gesture of violence always arose some kind of urge to throw up within you, so you always turned around when you saw people solving their problems in such a primordial manner.
"i usually don't either," he says and you find it hard to believe. "just couldn't turn a blind eye on this one."
and for the first time in the almost four years of high school, you find yourself intrigued when a piece of information is not given to you on a platter.
Tumblr media
next chapter ➡️ (coming soon)
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hwangyeonjun · 3 hours ago
ateez reaction when you confess your feelings to him while drunk
requested? yes.
Tumblr media
seonghwa answered your call almost immediately. at first heard a lot of background noises coming from your end as he tried to get your attention.
“y/n? hello?”
he was about to hang up, thinking maybe you called him on accident but before he could do that, you whined his name into the phone followed by a hiccup and a giggle.
“are you drunk?” he asked with a sigh, already standing up from the couch to search for his car keys. “where are you?”
“seonghwaaa” you slurred. “i really really like you”
“i know” he simply answered as he made his way to the door, car keys in his hands, ready to pick you up.
“no. i mean i like like you. and i did for a looong time” you dragged your words and chuckled dryly, suddenly your voice became more serious. “shit, who knows, maybe i’m in love with you”
he stopped dead in his tracks, his phone almost slipping from his grasp. seonghwa opened his mouth to say something but words didn’t come out, his heart was beating out of his chest and for a moment, he thought maybe he was dreaming until he heard your voice again.
“please, love me, seonghwa”
and without any more thoughts, he answered. “i do” 
Tumblr media
“i’m sorry, i didn’t know who else to call and you’re the closest to her. i can’t bring her to my place, i still live with my parents” you friend chuckled, cheeks flushing from embarrassment.
“it’s not a problem, i’ll take care of her, thank you” hongjoong smiled and pulled you off of your friend’s side. she sighed relieved, knowing that she’s leaving your drunk ass to a trustworthy person.
“i promise i will make it up to you” she promised, bowing politely.
“she’s the one who got drunk, not you” hongjoong chuckled and you started murmuring under your nose, saying that you’re not drunk which made both of them roll their eyes.
“then i’ll make sure she makes up for you, thank you again and good luck. call me from her phone if something happens”
hongjoong closed the door and glanced at you. you were smiling sheepishly at him, still holding onto his arm for dear life. he couldn’t help himself but laugh. you looked cute, staring at him with your doe eyes.
“okay, miss. let’s get you to bed” he was thankful that you didn’t argue with him and willingly walked to his bedroom. after about ten minutes of convincing you to change into the clothes he gave you, you finally obeyed and changed while he was looking away.
hongjoong tucked you in and was about to walk out but you grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the bed with you. he was surprised by your sudden strength and even wanted to ask if you have been working out lately but he forgot about everything when you cuddled into him. 
his heart skipped a beat when you nuzzled your nose in the crook of his neck, your breath tickling his skin and he was thankful that you couldn’t see the blushing mess he became. closing his eyes, he released a sigh, holding you closer to him.
“i love you”
he almost jumped out of bed when your faint voice reached his ears. hongjoong looked at you, wanting to ask so many questions but unfortunately you were already deep in your sleep. 
well, maybe next time.
Tumblr media
yunho shook his head, releasing a breathy laugh while watching you. he invited you to a club to celebrate with his members their new album release. what he didn’t expect was for you to drink more than usually and join strangers on the dance floor.
his eyes followed you, making sure no one lands a hand on you while you’re having fun. he squinted his eyes as you downed yet another shot and he stood up alerted when he noticed a guy approaching you.
he watched for a moment, waiting to see what will happen and when the guy’s hands landed on your hips, yunho sprinted over. “watch your hands” he gritted through his teeth and pulled you closer to him.
you tried to comprehend what was happening but it was too hard since your head was spinning and you felt like your legs are about to give up any moment from dancing. you clutched to yunho’s side and when he saw the state you are in, he wrapped his arm around your waist firmly and walked back to his members.
“well, party’s over for y/n. we’re going home” he informed them which they only nodded and let out a few good luck’s and stay safe’s.
as soon as you left the club, you pulled away from him, stumbling back a few steps while he tried to reach out for you, panic crossing all over his face. “y/n, what are you doing?”
“i’m sorry mister but i can’t go home with you. i’m in love with yunho, he’s my friend and he’s tall and he’s right inside the club so you better run before i call him” you singsonged the last few words and folded your arms on your chest.
yunho was staring at you with confusion written all over his face. he didn’t know wether to laugh, cry or cringe at this moment. “honey, i am yunho and as much as i would like to elaborate the conversation about our feelings right now, i think we should get you home first”
Tumblr media
the party was crowded, loud and boring. not yeosang’s cup of tea. the only reason, why he’s sitting on the uncomfortable couch in the middle of the living room, with two people next to him sucking each other’s faces off, was you.
you insisted on going here, promising him that it’s going to be fun, even though he knew that it’s going to be far from fun for him. however, when you told him that you’re still going to go, with or without him, yeosang agreed. the last thing he needs is for you to go get shitfaced alone and some asshole taking advantage of that. he would never forgive himself.
his eyes never left you while you were having fun, dancing around with others with the biggest smile on your face. cheeks red from all the alcohol you consumed and all the heat in the room, legs weak from jumping around.
yeosang smiled to himself. he was glad that at least one of you were having fun and it was clear that you needed that. your eyes met his and you grinned wider if that was even possible. he waved at you and you, stumbling a few times, made your way to him.
he huffed when you dropped yourself on his lap, his arms immediately sneaking around your waist so you wouldn’t fall. “oppa” you whined, dropping your heavy head on his shoulder. “why aren’t you having fun?”
“i am” he answered. “it’s really fun watching you dance around and stumble every few seconds” he joked, even though he was not sure you’ll sense his sarcasm, considering the state you’re in right now.
you lazily slapped him across his chest, closing your eyes and taking a big deep breath. you stayed completely silent for a few minutes and yeosang was hoping that you fell asleep so he could gather you up and finally go home but unfortunately your voice blew his wishes away. 
“can i tell you a secret?” you whispered, your lips next to his ear, hot breath hitting his skin and making him shiver. he hummed, waiting for your drunk thoughts to spill out. “i’m in love with you”
yeosang completely froze in his spot. his brain stopped working as he even forgot to blink, only when his eyes started to sting he finally snapped out and glanced at you, with an answer ready at the tip of his tongue but he found you sleeping peacefully with your mouth slightly open. 
great timing.
sighing, he lifted you up carefully, grabbed your purse that he was assigned to guard while you were dancing and left with million thoughts running through his head and the person responsible for that in his arms.
Tumblr media
san was trying really hard to keep you on your legs as you were stumbling and swaying to sides, giggling every minute and babbling nonsense. 
“come on, y/n. you need to cooperate with me so i could get you home safely” your best friend sighed, tightening his grip on your waist when you almost fell.
you rarely get this drunk which makes him worry and question why you didn’t stop when you felt that it’s enough like you usually do. 
“why did you get so drunk?” he grunted, not expecting to hear an answer from you.
you stopped in your tracks as san panicked, thinking that you might throw up but you just looked at him and giggled. “because i wanted to drink my feelings away” smiling sadly you looked down, suddenly feeling more sober than ever. “i’m in love with you and i can’t do anything about it, i thought alcohol would help me to forget my feelings for you at least for a bit but unfortunately it didn’t help”
san was speechless. he didn’t know if you were being honest or was this just the alcohol talking. grabbing the sides of your face, san forced you to look at him, trying to find sincerity in your eyes.
“i don’t know if this is the alcohol talking but i really hope you’re not lying” he whispered. “let’s talk when you’re sober”
Tumblr media
the first thing mingi heard when he answered the phone was sniffling from the other end. 
“y/n? are you okay? are you crying?” the questions spilled from his mouth, his eyes darting through his room as he tried to think of his next moves. 
“i-” your voice cut off for a second. “yeah” 
“what’s wrong? are you hurt?”
“no, i think i’m drunk” your voice came out muffled as if you tried to cover your mouth so no one would hear you.
“huh? you think?” mingi chuckled at your answer and frowned immediately after realising what you said. “wait, where are you?”
“i’m at the bar” you answered simply, wiping away your tears and smiling to the bartender who offered you a tissue. “and i need to tell you something i wouldn’t be able to say while sober” gulping, you clutched your phone harder, waiting for an answer.
“you know you can tell me anything, you didn’t have to get drunk” mingi rolled his eyes playfully, even though you can’t see him. the bartender gave you a thumbs up, encouraging you.
“i... i like you, mingi. i mean like more than a friend, maybe it’s even love, i don’t know but i can’t keep holding these feelings inside myself” 
mingi’s heart almost jumped out of his chest and his eyes widened at the confession he longed to hear. “send me your location, i’ll come pick you up and we will talk about this at my house”
Tumblr media
when wooyoung invited you to have a drink and watch movies with him on his day off, he didn’t expect for you to get drunk to the point where you started slurring your words.
and when he took the bottle of soju out of your hands by force, you got irritated. “give it back, you asshole” you reached for the bottle only to loose your balance but before you could fall face down on the floor, wooyoung caught you, embracing you in a hug.
you squirm around in his hands, wanting to break free but his hold only tightened and before you knew it, you relaxed, resting your cheek against his chest where you could hear his heartbeat.
the sight itself would look interesting to other people. your knees were still on the couch while he was standing in front of you, his arms wrapped firmly against your shoulders and his chin resting on top of your head.
you unconsciously slipped your arms around his waist and closed your eyes, enjoying the little moment. wooyoung was worried, he tried to pull away so he could bring you water but now it was your time to hold him tighter. “please, don’t leave me” he was surprised by your fragile voice.
“i’m not leaving. i was just going to bring you water” he answered honestly and rubbed your back. “so if you let me...”
“no” you groaned. “why do every time i like someone, they leave? am i that much of a terrible person? or am i that ugly? unlikeable?” you blabbered, your voice a bit muffled because of your cheek pressed against his chest.
wooyoung eyes widened as he tried to connect the dots in his head. did you just confess to him? 
wooyoung pulled his head away as much as he could and cupped your cheeks between his hands, only to notice a tear rolling down your cheek, which he quickly wiped away. he never saw you in a such vulnerable state and it broke his heart. “you’re not a terrible person, you’re beautiful and very much likeable and you need to stop drinking if those thoughts start coming to you”
“then why won’t you like me?” you choked out, fisting his shirt in your hands, afraid that he might slip away any second.
he just smiled. “who said i don’t like you?”
Tumblr media
jongho checked the time with furrowed eyebrows. it was almost midnight and someone wouldn’t stop banging on his door and as much as he recalls, he didn’t invite anyone.
“jongho?” he heard your faint voice when he approached the door. recognising, he quickly opened the door, startling you in the process.
“y/n?” his tone was full of worry when you stumbled in, his arms wrapping around you so you wouldn’t fall. “oh wow, you’re drunk”
“i came to tell you something and then” hiccup. “i’ll be on my way out”
he slowly nodded, not knowing what to expect. as he was still holding you in his arms, you took a deep breath and tried to regain your balance before looking straight into his eyes.
“i really really like you and i can’t hide it anymore. i know this might ruin our friendship but i hope you understand” you spilled everything and pulled away from him, immediately turning around, not waiting for his answer.
you were ready to leave but jongho grabbed your wrist, stopping you from any further movement. you turned your head at him, your eyes filled with hope.
“i… really like you too” he said so quietly that you barely heard.
your whole face lit up and jongho, after seeing your reaction, gave a shy smile back and pulled you back into a hug, this time wrapping his arms around your shoulders so he could pull you closer to him.
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