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#choi yeonjun
moretxtwritings · a day ago
more soft!yj to fulfill our fantasies ? ugh yes 😩 @punchmebaekhyun
“oh, my god,” you whispered out into the air as yeonjun thrusted into you slowly. no matter how many times you both had been intimate with one another, it always felt like the first time.
“does it feel good, baby?” yeonjun mumbled into your ear lovingly, placing soft kisses on the sensitive skin of your neck.
“yes, yes, so good, baby, so good, you’re so good,” you rambled, making your boyfriend let out a breath through his nose, causing goosebumps to appear on the skin that he was kissing.
he pulled away from your neck to look at you. your eyes were screwed shut, your lips were parted, your hair was splayed out and messy. “you’re so beautiful, baby,” he murmured, placing a kiss to your lips. your mouths molded against in each other in perfect harmony, making your heart burst.
he placed his face back into your neck, slowly starting to pick up his pace. “yes, yes, faster, yes,” you ushered out, your nails trailing along your boyfriend’s broad back.
“i love you, my pretty girl, i love you so much,” yeonjun spoke as he picked up the pace, fulfilling your request. “i love you, jun, god i love you,” the moment was so intimate, you thought your heart would literally beat out of your chest.
your hands were everywhere, not feeling as close to yeonjun as you would like (although it was impossible considering the position you were in). you situated your legs around his waist, trying to pull him closer.
“i’m right here, baby, i’m here,” yeonjun assured you, noticing how you wanted him to be closer. his heart pummeled at the thought.
he placed his lips on yours once again, and you hadn’t noticed that a few tears slipped out of your eyes until you tasted the saltiness of them between both of your lips. yeonjun pulled away quickly, concern written all amongst his features. he stopped the movement of his hips immediately.
“are you okay, baby? did i hurt you? why are you crying?” he bombarded you with questions and all you could do was smile. you placed your hands on his cheeks. “i’m okay, baby. i promise, you didn’t hurt me. i just love you so much, it makes me emotional.” yeonjun visibly softened at your words, his own heart threatening to beat out of his chest.
“oh, my love.” yeonjun peppered kisses all over your face, making you giggle out into the quiet, candle-lit bedroom.
“you can keep going,” you nodded at him, noticing how he was squirming uncomfortably on top of you. after asking if you were sure (of course you were), he began to move his hips again, this time, at a much quicker pace.
“god, yes, yeonjun,” you clawed at his back, your head turned to the right as he sucked purple bruises on your neck.
his hips started to stutter, letting you know that his orgasm was approaching. yours starting approaching not long after, sensitivity building up in your core. “come with me, baby, i know you’re close,” yeonjun whispered, reaching his hand down to thumb your clit.
you started to whine due to his ministrations, your abdomen burning with a familiar feeling. his release triggered yours, causing you both to moan out loudly into the air. his body fell on top of yours, his head resting in between your breasts.
you were both breathing heavily, trying to regulate the flow of air to your lungs. he placed small, soft kisses on the skin of your breasts as you ran your hands up and down his back in a soothing manner.
“i love you,” you both spoke at the same time, causing you both to erupt in fit of giggles.
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starrytxt · 2 days ago
" LO♡E$ICK " — smau m.list
Tumblr media
pairing: choi yeonjun × gn!reader, ???? × reader, endgame could b anyone...or no one ;)
summary :
you have a crush on the cute barista but how ever are you going to work up the courage to talk to him?
genre & tropes :
fluff, humor, angst, university students!au, fake dating, pining
warnings :
swearing, some mentions of alcohol/drugs, don't be fooled by the cute lil summary it has some angsty/dark elements at times, other warnings will be mentioned in those specific parts
starring :
txt (ot5), some ocs, jeon somi, kim junkyu (treasure), na jaemin (nct), bae jinyoung (cix), & eric sohn (the boyz)
status :
coming soon...
taglist :
open! send an ask/dm to be added
disclaimer !
— this story is a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes only. it does not accurately represent/reflect any of the idols mentioned.
profiles: one, two
part 01 (coming soon)
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Hearing Yeonjun call your name again, you ignored him. It was overwhelming but you had to finish cleaning the house despite how tired you are. He had repeatedly asked to help you but you had snapped at him which you did regret, Yeonjun was a forgiving boyfriend, knowing you only did it because you were exhausted.
Sometimes your anxiety made you do too much, feeling like you have to do things even if you're exhausted and past your limit.
"Are you listening to me?", Yeonjun asks. You look up to see him standing in the kitchen doorway.
Shaking your head, your hair fell into your eyes to hide the tears pooling in them and you stared down at the countertop you were wiping down.
"You're doing too much. You've worked overtime this week and have been going nonstop. I've watched you not even have an appetite you're so tired.", he walks to you, taking the lemon scented wipe from your hand and tossing it onto the kitchen table.
"But-", you start to protest but he holds up his hand for you to be quiet, the lemon scent taking over your senses even more.
"That's enough, okay? You need to relax. I'll clean. I know you, baby, and I can't keep watching you do this to yourself.", Yeonjun scolds you gently, his lips pouting more and more as he speaks and you wipe the tears from your eyes to see him more clearly.
You sighed, nodding and knowing he's right. "I feel like I'm failing.", you admit, having took a new position at work, moving higher up in management which was more responsibility but your boss offered you the position after seeing how well you were doing so you said yes.
His hands moved your hair from your face before cupping your face, squishing your cheeks a bit before kissing your lips. How easily you could feel yourself trying to melt to Yeonjun's touch, calming you. "You're not failing. You're just thinking too much. Right now...let me empty your mind.", his voice trailed off to a whisper.
It made you attentive, your pulpis dilating a bit in curiosity, "Okay...", you whisper back.
Yeonjun smiles slightly, his lips almost smirking, bringing them to kiss you again as his hands trailed down to your hips, kneading at your flesh. He knew you were slightly ticklish, squirming a bit as he had you against the kitchen counter and you couldn't help it, you giggled against his plump lips.
Yeonjun broke the kiss, staring down at you with eyes that were darker than they were before.
The evening had already turned to night, it was dark outside the windows of your home. The world was moving as always but right now your world was standing in front of you, slowly kneeling onto the kitchen floor.
Your eyes watched as Yeonjun ran his hands up your legs, brushing the hem of your nightshirt as they ran up your thighs. His touch was warm, letting the tips of his fingers barely brush over the front of your panties.
Feeling a shudder run through you, your body leaned back against the counter. The more his fingers brushed over you in a teasing way you were parting your legs, he knew you were wanting, anything to help you finally unwind.
The soft fabric of your panties slid down your legs and pooled at your ankles as Yeonjun's head vanished beneath your nightgown, burying his nose against you in a way that made you push against him, a little plea coming from your lips as he took in the scent of you.
This was all about you, Yeonjun wanted only to love you and make you feel good in this moment.
His tongue licked up your slit, parting your legs and holding one up to give him more access, his grip strong on your thigh.
Again, flattening his tongue, you heard him groan as he licked up your slit, his hot mouth wet on you. This time he sucked at your clit which made you tense up in a delicious way that made your eyes flutter closed.
It was almost overwhelming, Yeonjun lapping and sucking at your sensitive bud that was tingling, making you wet that was mixing with his saliva.
With everything going on, you realize that it's been two weeks since you've been intimate with him and right now you weren't thinking about work or any stress, you were only thinking about how good he was making you feel.
When your eyes opened you found that you weren't holding onto the counter for support, your hands were in Yeonjun's hair as you stood on one leg, tense as he held you open for him to feast on.
His tongue swirled once and your clit throbbed hard, making you whine. All of your stress was pent up but you were so close to releasing.
"That's it, baby. Come on...", Yeonjun urges you on as you tugged at his dark locks, his voice was muffled at being lost between your thighs, he knew your body and every reaction you've ever given him.
Pushing his face against you, using your tiptoes on one leg, as he kissed and sucked at your clit you felt yourself fucking his face, panting. Yeonjun was drooling on you and himself with a single mission, to get you off.
The hand holding your leg up left your skin a moment, giving your thigh a slap, feeling it sting as his hand groped at your flesh again. It had caused you to cry out in a small voice but he had to quickly grab you again to keep you held up. You were shaking, so close now, up on your tiptoes and circling fast, your hips sloppy, Yeonjun giving your clit all of the attention.
Unable to take it anymore, you shuddered, feeling your eyes roll as the ecstacy washed through you with speed, like lightening running through your body.
"Yeonjun! Yeonjun-ahh!", your voice was so weak as you came, your legs gave out but he had you, helping you sink to the kitchen floor with him.
Panting, your eyelids were heavy as you looked at your boyfriend, seeing his lips soaked with you, the wet shining on his chin. When you tried to lift your hand to wipe at him he stopped you, licking his lips himself.
"Now, lets get you in bed.", Yeonjun tells you, knowing you were spent and would finally rest like you needed.
(Sorry for the delay. And for anyone who's in the US, sorry for posting on Thanksgiving. But, I hope you enjoy. )
Tumblr media
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labelneo · a day ago
TXT HEADCANON: lovers to strangers . . . 🗯
warnings: mentions of break ups, angst
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
</3 . . . soobin: he can’t think straight. his days no longer seem normal, and he finds it hard to keep it together. he kept you as his wallpaper until someone saw it and asked how your relationship was going. sometimes, he’ll hover over your name to call you, his fingers shaking and tears falling down his face. he pretends to be okay so he doesn’t worry the members, but they worry about him when he starts to sleep in, miss practices, and talk less. can’t find it in himself to hate you. still loves you even when you took pieces of him that he’ll never get back.
</3 . . . yeonjun: after the break up, he hates you. blocks you on everything he has you on. has emotional outbreaks when people ask him if he is okay and tells people to leave him alone. over works himself until someone has to go tell him to take a break. one time, soobin walked over to him to tell him to stop, and yeonjun shoved him back before falling out to the floor with tears in his eyes. apologized profusely. realizes he doesn’t hate you, but he hates himself. wishes he could go back and do it differently so that maybe you would have stayed.
</3 . . . beomgyu: he loses himself. doesn’t laugh as loud as he used to and doesn’t make jokes to lighten up the mood anymore. finds it hard to concentrate during practices or interviews. his eyes no longer sparkle with his energetic personality. instead, they show how little sleep he’s gotten from staying up scrolling through pictures of when the two of you were together and the text message he’s been writing and deleting, wondering if he should actually send it to you. if you asked him to, he would change every part of himself so he could go back to you.
</3 . . . taehyun: he suppresses himself. the day you broke up, he walked into the dorm and went about his day. he didn’t tell the members, but they watched as his actions became more aggressive. the way he would throw his plates into the sink or how he would hit the remote against the coffee table when it didn’t work, the sound making everyone jump. an attitude in his voice when people ask him how he’s been. one day, the members were teasing him, and he completely lost it. stood up and screamed at everyone. left the room and went to his room, tears running down his face. he hasn’t and still won’t talk about what happened.
</3 . . . hueningkai: he shuts himself out. can’t sleep at night because all he thinks about is you. doesn’t leave his room at all and rereads old texts, wondering what he did wrong. you were his first serious relationship. you were his first love, his first kiss, the first person held to sleep at night, and ultimately, his first heartbreak. he thought, innocently, that he would one day end up marrying you. can’t bring himself to even tell his mom that he’s not with you anymore. he’s trying to learn how to not miss you, but it’s hard because there’s this ache in his heart that he can’t get rid of.
Tumblr media
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moretxtwritings · 2 days ago
oh, @punchmebaekhyun . i’m in my soft yj feels.
you giggled as yeonjun placed multiple kisses on your face and neck, making your cheeks blush into a light crimson.
“oh, yeonjun, what have i done to deserve this torture?” you joked, making him stop the attack of his lips on your neck.
he looked you in the eyes, trying to look as offended as possible. “torture, huh?” he teased before starting to tickle your sides.
“no, no, stop! yeonjun!” you giggled uncontrollably, starting to squirm underneath him. “accept my love, y/n. admit that it’s not torture.” he continued to tickle you, your laugh being the most angelic sound to his ears. god, he could listen to you laugh all day. you were insecure about your laugh and he had no idea why. it was one of his most favorite things about you.
“okay, okay, i surrender, i surrender!” you finally got out between laughs, breathing heavily when he finally stopped tickling your sides.
he started, once again, peppering kisses all over your face. you sighed softly as you leaned into him, basking in his love and affection.
you wanted to get closer to him, but it was physically impossible. you wanted to feel him everywhere. you needed him closer. you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling his body so he was halfway on top of you. you inhaled his scent; comfortable, familiar, home.
“i love you,” you sighed into the skin of his neck, pulling your face back slightly to leave kisses on his cheek, emphasizing each of them with the sound,“mwah”.
“oh, my beautiful girl. i love you.” he murmured into the warm, quiet air of your shared bedroom.
and that’s what you did all day. basked in each other’s company and love, not daring to let the outside world (specifically the other boys) pop your intimate bubble.
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sm-entertain-me · 12 hours ago
Never Have I Ever (M)
Synopsis: Gather around for a friendly game of Never Have I Ever at the Tau Chi Tau (TXT) frat house, where alcohol flows by the keg and sexual tension increases with each passing round.
Contains: Choi Yeonjun x (f) reader, adult language, smut, explicit depictions of unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), face riding, choking, marking/biting kink, dirty talk, creampie, slight overstimulation, frat boys!TXT, nonidol!au, good friends!TXT, friends to lovers!au.
Tumblr media
“Everyone who’s playing Never Have I Ever, meet in the living room!” Beomgyu shouted over the various noises of merriment ringing throughout the frat house, trying to maintain some form of order as partygoers were getting more and more drunk by the minute. Couples were getting handsy in dark corners, kegs were being tapped left and right for keg stands, and the music blared to deafening volumes. Somehow after Beomgyu’s announcement, a good majority of the partygoers calmed themselves enough to file safely into the living room, becoming a player or spectator for the party game.
You were a little too cool for party games yourself, rolling your eyes as you decided to hang back in the kitchen and continue to pour yourself a drink with very little mixer. Unfortunately for you, being pretty good friends with the most popular fraternity brothers on campus meant that you weren’t allowed to skip out on any of the merriment the boys suggested, often getting suckered into petty events like wet t-shirt contests and themed car washes for charity. Tonight would be no different as you felt someone grab your wrist and lead you towards the crowd gathering in the living room.
“Yeonjun let go, I don’t really want to play right now. I’ll play next time,” You whined as you tried your best to resist him dragging you through the crowd by your wrist, but of course you couldn’t wriggle away from him since he had a vice grip on your wrist. Yeonjun had learned all your escape tactics from all the times he had to force you to interact with people, him chuckling as he brought you closer to the rest of the guys who were forming a circle in the middle of the floor with other attractive partygoers. There was no point in putting up a fight anymore as Yeonjun immediately plopped you down right next to him and Taehyun, Yeonjun’s arrival signaling for the game to officially begin.
As the rounds progressed, the questions continued to become more sexual in nature. The round originally started with something as innocent as “Never Have I Ever... jaywalked” and had no progressed into “Never Have I Ever... Given a blowjob on campus”, of course making you drank to both declarations much to the surprise of your peers. Many of them knew you were pretty liberal when it came to sexual experiences, but none of your friends really pegged you as the public sex kind of gal. You were full of surprises.
Turns out that you had found out Kai fingered someone in the library, Soobin got a handy under the bleachers, and nearly all of the girls that were playing with you guys had done some pretty fucked up things in the bedroom. Now you weren’t one to judge people and what they do in the privacy of their sheets, but some of the stuff they admitting to was intense while you sat holding your drink in horror at what you heard. “Jesus fucking Christ,” You mumbled to yourself as you covered your intimate areas after the last admission from one of the girls, you looking over at Yeonjun to let him know you were getting uncomfortable. He didn’t blame you in the slightest and was about to nod to take you out of the game until the next round caught both of your attention
“Never Have I Ever... ridden anybody’s face before,” one of the more innocent girls admitted with a small giggle, watching all of her friends take a drink while they each made eye contact with their preferred suitors. After the admission, you could feel everyone’s eyes on you, noticing that you hadn’t taken a drink from your red solo cup yet. Even though everyone had expected you to knock back the rest of the alcohol to show you had in fact done it, you had to disappoint your peers by continuing to keep your throat dry. 
“Wait, there’s no way you haven’t ridden anybody’s face. I mean, just look at you. So many guys on this campus would kill to have you ride their face, especially me,” Yeonjun admitted loud enough for everyone to hear, many of them agreeing with a resounding “yes” or nodding their head vigorously in agreement to Yeonjun’s words. You didn’t really know how to take that, ultimately feeling your cheeks heat up from the intense red hue that was currently burning across them. This was something that Yeonjun picked up on considering he was right next to you, him taking a risk thanks to his slightly inebriated state and mouthing, “Follow me.”
To say that you hadn’t thought about sleeping with Yeonjun before would be a severed understatement, considering you two have shared a couple drunken kisses before, but it had never progressed more than that. Something in Yeonjun’s dark orbs told you that there was something very different about tonight, beckoning you to live out your fantasies with Yeonjun for a night and see where it takes you. Best case scenario: you have a great time and get to see Yeonjun again. Worst case scenario: horrible sex and never, ever speak to Yeonjun while also falling off the face of the earth. 
Yeonjun had no issue leading you up to his room, you slightly nervous about the whole encounter. Just because Yeonjun was a frat boy doesn’t mean you didn’t genuinely care about him, you biting your lip anxiously as Yeonjun had pushed the door open and instructed you to sit on his bed to he could talk to you, him turning to lock the door to make sure no one would interrupt. As Yeonjun turned around to face you, you became painfully aware that it was just you and Yeonjun now; no revelers to appease your nerves, the effects of alcohol subsiding slightly, while Yeonjun held your gaze from across the room.
“Y/N, I hope you know I meant what I said down there. I didn’t say it just because people were around me,” Yeonjun assured as he sat next to you on the bed, grabbing your delicate hand and rubbing the top of it softly while staring into your eyes. You didn’t know if it was the alcohol that still managed to cloud your judgement slightly, but you could feel yourself starting to relax as you awaited Yeonjun’s words, knowing he wanted to reveal more to you. “If you are wanting to try it, I would be honored to be your first. It’s better to try it with someone who cares about you instead of some asshole who just wants to have you as a notch on his belt... But if you don’t, I understand. I’ll go downstairs and try to drink myself out of embarrassment then.”
Now that Yeonjun had presented you with a choice, you had to seriously weigh your options here. Do you go forward with checking off a sexual experience with one of your really good friends and potentially ruin the friendship for good? Or do you both go your separate ways, giving a different lady an opportunity to sleep with someone as handsome as Yeonjun? Which wouldn’t be hard because Yeonjun is easily one of the most attractive men on campus. That was pretty much a requirement to be in the Tau Chi Tau fraternity, or at least that’s what you were convinced of since all of the members were extremely attractive in some way. After a brief moment of contemplation, you had made your decision, leaning closer to Yeonjun to look in his eyes to show him you meant what you were saying, “Where do you want me?”
Yeonjun looked like a kid in a candy store upon hearing your question, smiling deeply as he immediately lunged forward to capture your lips on his, this time not being fueled by alcohol like he had the previous times you two had kissed before. You two had actually made the conscious decision to act on your repressed emotions, Yeonjun being the one to show his emotions first by kissing you passionately. 
You could feel Yeonjun’s tongue slip past his lips to dance along yours, you parting your lips to allow for him to explore your mouth as well as suck lightly on your tongue. This caused you to moan out in pure desire, your hands reaching out to grab a fistful of Yeonjun’s shirt and pull him on top of you, immediately wrapping your legs around his waist while your hands supported either side of his face to deepen the kiss.
Moans spilled out against Yeonjun’s lips as he caged you in his embrace, grinding his steadily hardening cock into your denim clad core. You were convinced that Yeonjun was determined to ruin you after all the months of having to suppress smacking your ass every time you bent over to get something, or every time he had to adjust his pants every time you would wear those pajama shorts you always wore around your dorm... The thought of you wearing those shorts sent a particularly interesting rush of blood to Yeonjun’s nether regions. 
“Fucking hell, Yeonjun,” You moaned out as Yeonjun finally decided to show you mercy by removing his lips from yours, allowing you to breathe and to watch as Yeonjun reached behind him. Within seconds, Yeonjun had taken off his shirt to reveal his wonderfully toned body to you, causing you to bite your lip from the sight. You instinctively reached out to run a hand along his abs, lingering a little lower on purpose while sending a wink his way. This made Yeonjun smirk down at you while laying on top of you again, purposely rolling his hips into you as he decided to paint your neck red with hickeys and lustful bites.
Yeonjun’s teeth dragged slowly against the skin of your neck, steadily applying pressure against the areas that had you digging your nails against Yeonjun’s back. Each time he felt the slightest bit of your nails sinking into his back, you could feel Yeonjun smirk before sucking the skin into his mouth in order to mark you as his. He also made sure to apply much needed friction to your core as he continued to grind into you, hearing your breathing become ragged as his button would provide a delicious sensation to your throbbing clit.
“Yeonjun please, I need you,” You begged out as Yeonjun had switched to the other side of your neck, refusing to show you mercy as he had you pinned into the mattress below. The sensation of his lips and teeth gnashing at your neck forced goosebumps to remain on your now bruised skin, hearing Yeonjun groan against your clavicle as he had began to make his way south but got distracted by a patch of skin that wasn’t marked as his. Part of Yeonjun felt that it was necessary to mark you this much to let the other men on campus know who you belonged to tonight, but the other part of him just wanted to see how wrecked you looked after he was done with his masterpiece.
"You sound so pretty when you beg,” Yeonjun moaned into your neck as he gave one last love bite, pulling away from the vein that was thumping wildly against his tongue earlier to admire his finished canvas. Your neck was littered with pinks, purples, and reds thanks to the varying degrees of Yeonjun’s hickeys. Grinning wickedly at what he managed to put you through, he reached his hand behind him to remove his shirt to reveal his wonderful body, earning a stifled groan from you as you bit your lip to prevent from stroking Yeonjun’s ego. 
Even though you tried your best to keep your emotions about you after witnessing Yeonjun take off his shirt like it was nothing, Yeonjun most definitely saw your eyes traveling all over his body until you rested at his belt line, licking your lips at his V-line that happened to send a shiver straight to your core. While you were distracted, Yeonjun grabbed onto your hips and flipped so that you were straddling his hips. Yeonjun’s eyes darkened significantly at you from below as he reached out and gripped your throat lightly, chuckling at how your eyes widened from his unexpected yet still welcomed action, sex dripping from his voice as he spoke, “Get those pants off and sit on my face, don't make me ask twice.”
Blinking quickly from the sudden change in Yeonjun’s demeanor, you nodded as best as you could with Yeonjun’s hand still gripping your throat, him holding you still as you worked to undo your shorts. Of course, Yeonjun helped you remove them after realizing you wouldn’t be able to do much if he were to keep holding your throat, him getting too impatient and lifting you off to yank both your pants and panties down your thighs. Hissing out from feeling the cold air hit your throbbing core, you tried your best to get comfortable on top of Yeonjun’s crotch, the zipper of his jeans digging into the sensitive skin.
Always rushing to get the things he desires most, Yeonjun huffed out in frustration as he let go of your throat in favor of grabbing your hips and lifting you off of his crotch, pulling you roughly so that you were now hovering over Yeonjun’s awaiting tongue. You took one look Yeonjun to make sure he was absolutely sure he wanted to cross this barrier with you, immediately met with the sight of him wiggling his eyebrows before feeling his hands grip your hips harder before he force your core to meet with his flattened tongue.
Every single ounce of air that remained in your lungs had been forced out due to the feeling on Yeonjun’s talented muscle coming in contact with your dripping heat, vibrations from Yeonjun groaning into your heat causing your thighs to tremble slightly. You didn’t dare move yet since you were still trying to get your thoughts together, but Yeonjun didn’t seem to want to wait any longer as he moved your hips for you. Yeonjun was kind enough to start with slow strokes of his tongue, teasing your entrance with his talented muscle before dragging your hips along so he could then pay attention to your clit. But it quickly turned into sinful madness as Yeonjun flicked his tongue from below, moving your hips much faster than before.
Whimpers fell from your lips as you finally gained enough confidence to take over for Yeonjun, replicating his desired pace as you grinded down onto Yeonjun’s tongue. You could tell Yeonjun was approving of the pace you were riding his face by the way his hands palmed your plump backside, giving you an encouraging slap shortly after. The burning sensation in the shape of Yeonjun’s broad hand caused you to speed up inadvertently, throwing your head back and moaning to the ceiling as your pace quickened along Yeonjun’s tongue.
At some point you were concerned with Yeonjun’s ability to breathe, unsure of your actions since this was your first time. Attempting to sympathize with him, you tried to pull your hips off of Yeonjun’s lip to give him a break, but were quickly reprimanded by a harsh smack to your ass. You were not to try to move off of Yeonjun’s lips until he was ready for you to, holding you down firmly by your hips so there was no escaping his sinful ministrations against your throbbing clit. His tongue was driving you absolutely mad as your breathing quickly became labored, feeling the coil deep with in you threatening to snap with every swipe of his tongue against your heat.
“Yeonjunnie...” You whined out as you could feel the pressure building inside of you, only adding fuel to the fire burning inside of Yeonjun to get you to succumb to your desires. While one of Yeonjun’s hands were busy fumbling with his jeans to relieve the tension that was building from his cock straining against the denim, the other hand found your clit almost instantly since the tip of Yeonjun’s nose was pressed firmly against it. The addition of Yeonjun’s fingers tracing figure eights against your aching bundle of nerves had you arching your back so that your breasts were parallel to the ceiling, allowing yourself to fall headfirst into easily the best orgasm of your life.
Words were not something you cared to form as you grinded your hips into Yeonjun’s lips to carry you through your high, feeling Yeonjun groan out from you using him to get off. Never in a thousand years would he ever think he would have you riding his face, let alone reaching your blissful climax due to his tongue. But Yeonjun didn’t seem to care as he hooked his arms around your thighs to keep you in place, needing to hear more of your moans despite hearing you cry out in disagreement as the pleasure continued to build to almost painful.
After about a minute of blissful torture from Yeonjun forcing you to grind down on his tongue, he finally released his hellish grip from your thighs. Realizing you were finally free, you immediately ripped your dripping sex off of Yeonjun’s lips to hopefully allow the dull pain pulsing through your clit to subside. You finally got your breathing together and decided to look down to check on Yeonjun to see how he was faring, looking down in between your thighs to see Yeonjun smirking up at you as his lips shined with your arousal. That alone sent a shiver up your spine from how insatiable he looked.
“You did so well baby,” Yeonjun praised as he tapped your thighs, indicating for you to move so that he could get up. Obliging his request, you slid your way down his bed and sat on the edge, waiting for Yeonjun’s next commands since you had no idea what to do next. You didn’t know if Yeonjun was going to tell you to get out of the room and never talk to him again, or if he was going to compliment you and set up another meeting. The answer was neither as Yeonjun was now standing in front of you with his hand caressing the side of your face, making sure you were looking in his eyes as he licked his lips clean of your essence before commenting, “But now I have to see how well you do taking my cock.”
Yeonjun refused to let your body touch his sheets again if you had any piece of clothing on, stripping you of your remaining clothing before quite literally tossing you on the bed, watching your body bounce as he took the time to become just as naked as you. Once your eyes rested on the impressive length of Yeonjun, you gulped harshly as both the size and the fact that he was throbbing with precum leaking out of his tip. “Uh oh.”
Chuckling at your comment, Yeonjun crawled onto bed with you, smirking down at you as he caged you into his embrace. While he leaned down to close the gap between your lips yet again, you immediately reached up to grab a handful of his onyx locks to pull him down faster. Yeonjun’s kisses were as vital to you as the air you breathe, constantly needing more and craving his touch. Knowing this, Yeonjun poured his soul into the intimate entanglement, exchanging saliva at a rapid rate that would make the most intense Hentai look like amateur hour.
As Yeonjun kissed your lips with such intensity that you were sure they would bruise, you could feel Yeonjun’s fingers trace a line up your folds to hear you hiss out against his lips. This made Yeonjun smile against you lips as he knew that you were more than ready to take what he had been saving up for you all these years, feeling him shift his body slightly so that he could line himself up properly. It would’ve been a lot easier for Yeonjun to do if you weren’t constantly on his lips, but he still managed to slip in between your thighs comfortably. Although Yeonjun knew you would protest almost instantly, he still had to remove his lips to ask one very important question, “Are you sure you want me to do this? I want to make sure I’m not forcing you into something you think I would like just because you’re in my room.”
Instead of answering with words, you decided it would be best to wrap your legs around Yeonjun’s waist, rolling your hips against his hardened cock while wiggling your eyebrows. Yeonjun was slightly surprised at your actions, but never took more than two seconds to think about it as he grabbed each of your thighs on the thickest sections to anchor himself, playfully teasing your entrance with his tips before slipping into you fully.
Yeonjun slowly pushed himself into your trembling walls, groaning out with every inch that slipped past the velvet. Grinding his teeth together, Yeonjun had to focus on something less than appealing if he were to give you more than the three thrusts his body would’ve currently allowed him. He knew that you would feel like heaven for your guys’ first time, but he severely underestimated the sensations that were pulsing through him. 
Noticing that he was struggling, you took it upon yourself to reach up and pull him close to you, allowing his lips to fall into the junction of your neck. You knew that he was going to immediately ruin the skin of your neck by littering it with his tender love bites yet again, but you figured this would be better than Yeonjun not being able to fuck you the way he intended. Luckily Yeonjun was able to realize you were letting him use your neck as a distraction, he happily continuing his masterpiece on his already marked canvas, all while moving his hips slightly back just to ram back into your core.
Once you felt Yeonjun’s hips slam into the inner part or your thigh, you knew you were in trouble as his pace would only get faster from what he was currently doing to you. Yeonjun’s cock felt wonderous as he continued to move his hips rather slowly, but still very forcefully as he was experimenting with which strokes you craved most. The answer would be all of them since Yeonjun knew where all of your sweet spots were from the intense oral session just minutes ago.
“Ah, Yeonjuuuuun,” You panted out as you were holding on to Yeonjun’s shoulders for dear life, one of his hands pinning your hip to his mattress while the other one was hanging on to his bedframe for leverage. You knew he wasn’t hanging onto the bedframe to keep the noise down because the headboard had been smacking against his wall from the very beginning, only getting worse as Yeonjun pounded his cock deep inside of your aching pussy.
“Huh, you like that baby? I’ll make you cum so fucking hard, you’ll be screaming for more,” Yeonjun grunted into your ear as he then nibbled on the soft skin of your lobe, smirking against it when he felt the goosebumps erupt all over your body. His filthy words also managed to send a shiver up your spine, your body reacting by letting out a whimper while your legs tightened around his hips subconsciously. Yeonjun could feel your ankles digging into his back, pulling his body to the closest it could be so he could reach the deepest part of you. When he did, you really wish he hadn’t due to the sheer amount of pleasure you were now experiencing.
Sounds of Yeonjun’s hips ramming into you filled the air of the small room, amplifying the sounds from the acoustics as well as adding the sounds of Yeonjun’s bedframe smacking wildly into the wall behind you. Moans fell from your lips as Yeonjun grunted with each calculated thrust, never satisfied until his pubic bone was nudging your clit for that extra sensation. Yeonjun could tell you were teetering on the edge from the way your walls tightened suddenly around his thick member, causing him to smirk as he whispered, “Let go baby, I’ll be right here.”
Another pathetic whimper slipped past your swollen lips as you adjusted your grip on Yeonjun’s back that glistened with sweat from his sinful performance of the night, slightly digging your nails into Yeonjun’s shoulders to hold on properly. You felt your eyebrows knitting together in pure bliss as you were seconds away from sensational release, arching your back off of the mattress in the process. Yeojun noticed this and began to thrust desperately into your addictive heat, he himself being dangerously close to his release but refused to cum before you.
An intense heat rippled through you as you finally reached your heavenly climax, tightening the grip you had around Yeonjun’s waist to pull him closer as you lost all your sanity. Your walls began to tremble unforgivingly around Yeonjun’s cock, suffocating his member to the point where he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold on. It also didn’t help that the faces you were making as Yeonjun continued to fuck you through your intense orgasm were edging him on, Yeonjun having to bite his lip to keep his moans hidden in his throat.
Or so he thought he could. Yeonjun felt your throbbing walls ripple one more time around his talented member, sending him spiraling while moaning your name in pure bliss. As Yeonjun’s hips stirred against you, you felt the warm sensation of his cum filling you to the brim, him trying to thrust lazily into you to prevent any spillage. It would’ve worked if Yeonjun had bothered to notice that after he painted your walls white with sin, his cum was already dripping down your stuffed slit. But you didn’t want to tell him since his thrusts still felt wondrous even though he was slightly overstimulating you in the process.
After the two of you got your breathing to normal levels, Yeonjun finally managed to pick himself up out of the pillows that he passed out in, looking down at you with a kind smile that was a complete 180 from the looks he shot your way minutes ago. He admired your face in all of its fucked out glory, pushing one of the many stray pieces of hair behind your ear to see more of your exhausted features. Yeonjun then pressed his hand to the side of your face, caressing the skin softly as he muttered quietly, “Let’s get you all cleaned up. We can stay up here if you’d like, or we can go back down to the party. You choose.”
You ultimately decided that you two would stay in Yeonjun’s room for the rest of the night since you were in absolutely no shape to be going down stairs thanks to the throbbing deep inside of your heat. Yeonjun made sure that you were properly taken care of as he cleaned you of all bodily fluids that didn’t belong to you, holding you up in the shower whenever he noticed that your legs were shaking. It was the least he could do since he was the one that made your legs tremble so much.
“Can we play one more round?” Yeonjun asked as you two were now laying in his bed, his arm wrapped tightly around you as your head rested on his chest. In all honesty, you were about to fall asleep at this point but decided to humor Yeonjun for one more round of Never Have I Ever since he didn’t really get to participate. It was also pretty hard to disagree with him since he was most definitely flashing you the puppy dog eyes while also pouting, you nodding softly as you also informed him that you were about to go to sleep so make it quick. Yeonjun then cleared his throat, taking a deep breath before he finally managed to whisper just before you succumbed to your slumber,
“Never Have I Ever... Told you that I love you.”
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tomorrowxtogether · 16 hours ago
26/11/21 Yeonjun’s Tweet
우왕 모아모아! 스케줄 끝나고 잠깐 편의점 들렸는데 들어가자마자 우리 노래 나와서 완전 싱기방기☺️
After our schedule we went to the convenience store and it was playing our song once we entered, it was so cool☺️
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tyunsie · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
yeonjun is good at many things. things such as dancing, singing, looking absolutely great in crop tops and dominating every hair color he has to wear. but cooking, specifically pancakes, isn’t one of those things.
it’s around 6 am when you had heard the smoke alarm beeping, which was what caused you to wake up from your deep slumber and wander towards the kitchen to spot your boyfriend who wore a plaid shirt and some grey joggers while scooping out the burnt pancake.
"yeonjun? what are you doing? it smells like something's burning." only to see the slightly pink tinted haired boy to look back up at you with wide eyes that grew into a pout on his lips.
"no, no, no. you're supposed to be sleeping. go back to bed." he groaned, pressing a quick kiss on your lips before ushering you back to your room. your lips turning upwards at the realization that yeonjun was planning to surprise you with breakfast.
you decided to give him some time, knowing that sometimes all it takes is for him to give it a second try. pancakes aren't that hard anyways, right? so you made your way to the bathroom to quickly wash your face and brush your teeth. not even bothering to fix your very messy hair. but it wasn't even ten minutes later when you heard him let out a yelp from the kitchen.
you couldn't help but give into going to help him, leaving the bathroom to go find out about all the ruckus. "junnie? is everything okay?" you asked him, seeing him sigh in irritation. "i'm sorry, i really wanted to wake you up with breakfast to make up for how busy i've been. but i can't even make stupid pancakes." he told you, letting you walk up to him, your hands wrapping around his waist with your head leaning on his chest.
"jun, it's a really sweet thing you tried to do, okay? don't feel bad about it. plus, i'd rather cook with you instead of snoring and drooling all over your pillow." you told him, seeing him look down at you with adoration in his eyes. "i love you, you know that?" he spoke, earning a soft chuckle from you.
"it'd be stupid if you didn't. now, come on. gordan ramsey, aka me, will teach you how to cook." rolling his eyes at your cocky comment, he was actually quite impressed at your ability to make pancakes so easily. stirring the new batter and then pouring it onto the pan (but spreading butter all over the pan — something yeonjun had not thought to do).
"hm, take a bite." you told the boy who was peering over your shoulder. ripping off a piece of the pancake, you raised it up to his mouth which he gingerly took. groaning softly at the taste. "you cook so well, what else have you been hiding from me?" he teased, wrapping his arms around your waist and sneaking his head into the crook of your neck.
you giggled softly as yeonjun pressed kisses onto your cheek and jaw. "nothing much. now stop distracting me before i turn this pancake into the one that's currently in the trash bin." you teased, causing him to complain about how mean you're being to him.
maybe yeonjun isn't good at cooking and that's okay. it’s better to have a commentary sidekick clinging onto you like a koala bear as you make pancakes anyways.
Tumblr media
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