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I’ve already made 2 of these trying to make it perfect. This is the 2nd one. I’m almost there right? Or is this good??

I would like to give credit to @melodyofgraves and PB for the art work I’ve used in this edit 💞

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Good morning everyone!

Blades of Light & Shadow Finale is out tomorrow! Though I am sad to see Book 1 come to an end, I’m excited to see what Book 2 holds!

Come watch last weeks video as we go over Chapter 15 and our experience with it!

Much love ❤️

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Until We Meet Again Series


A/N: Okay hi!! I’m going to attempt a mini series for Liam x MC (Avery Taylor) this’ll be my first fic that’s not OH or Ethan x MC and to say I’m nervous is an understatement 😂 I’m just making this to get it out there!

Summary: After the scandal, Avery heads back to the States for good, leaving her life behind in Cordonia, leaving him. Will feelings arise when they see each other 10 years later, or will they always be the almost fairytale. (This is subject to change)

TRR tags: @oofchoices @junggoku @trappedinfandoms @ao719 @burnsoslow @loveellamae @flyawayboo @custaroonie @agent-breakdance @whatchique @messrprongs @openheartchoices

(If you’d like to be added or removed just let me know!)

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bold of you to assume I care about canon! Rafa and I have brunch plans for this weekend so he ain’t going nowhere 😌 

I dedicate this to my baby @tyrilthemage ❤ thanks again @garlickk this is perfect!!! and might I remind everyone that Lic (and so many other talented artists) are doing commission in exchange for donations, so if you can afford to donate, be sure to support the cause!

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I have epilepsy. This details my seizures, I can’t speak for everyone, everyone’s seizures/ experiences are different. This is graphic. Seizures are messy. They aren’t fun and it felt wrong to make it out to be cute when they really aren’t.   Pretty much all the things that happen in the plot have happened to me. Well, I’m not married to a king or live in a palace so…there’s that but everything else is accurate.  There may be some jokes about it here because I do joke about it sometimes. It makes me more comfortable and I find it helps relax everyone around me. I’m also writing about it because there really aren’t that many fics written about it and I think it’s important to shine light on it.

Any feedback is really appreciated! :)

Tags: @kacie-0156 @texaskitten30, @cordonianroyalty, @kingliam2019 , @cordonia-gothqueen,   @bobasheebaby @losingbraincellseveryday  @marshmallowsaremyfavorite @jared2612 @flutistbyday2020 @debramcg1106 @anotherbeingsworld @leaharhys @cordoniaqueensworld @bascmve01

Paring: Liam and Riley

Warnings: SUICIDE ATTEMPT, mention of miscarriage. 

Word count: 5,316 

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@_jackbowen96 working his magic with these tremendous kids in the Boxing Beyond Barriers program.
“its boxing but its more important than boxing,its about life”

#boxingbeyondbarriers #mentoring #selfhelp #selfdevelopment
#lifechanging #lifelessons #believeinabetterlife #choices (at The Boxing Shop)

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