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The Masked Face


Originally posted by rarainah

“I found me in a great surging space,

At either end a door,

And I said: ‘What is this giddying place,

With no firm-fixéd floor,

That I knew not of before?’

‘It is Life,’ said a mask-clad face.

I asked: ‘But how do I come here,

Who never wished to come;

Can the light and air be made more clear,

The floor more quietsome,

And the doors set wide? They numb

Fast-locked, and fill with fear.’


Originally posted by draggscales

The mask put on a bleak smile then,

And said, ‘O vassal-wight,

There once complained a goosequill pen

To the scribe of the Infinite

Of the words it had to write

Because they were past its ken.’”

- Thomas Hardy

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Unwelcome, Sudden Change

Imagine being used to the modern convenience of electricity at the flip of a switch and then being suddenly plunged into darkness and disconnection.

Unprepared-no matches, no alternative fuel sources, no extra warm clothes for winter days and nights-just plucked from the world you knew and dropped into a world you didn’t.

That’s what it felt like when Dominic ran ahead to Heaven.  No warning,…


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Agora, quase 1 da manhã, navegando por aqui me deixei imaginar pela vontade de fazer uma tatoo

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POV: You just told them that their book series was cancelled

Not really reeling at all from PB’s Official TE-Murder Statement, but maybe a couple cute Atlas-es can quell the pain for those who are? Two versions, short hair and long hair…

I can’t really tell which I like more. Both are very cute, and very cool, and both are silver so I can’t even use that as a metric. Short-hair is more convenient to write into things like fics because I don’t have to waste time establishing that he has long hair as opposed to his in-game hair, plus it’s just classic Atlas and that is always good. On the other hand, I love drawing long and flowy things - especially dresses and long hair. And since canon male Atlas would probably never wear a dress (except for the one time I put him in one anyway) long beautiful hair is the next best thing.

…But in my personal canon I also tend to keep Atlas’ hair long because there’s a neat contrast between him keeping it neat and practical yet still graceful and intimidating. Like, he’s not a complete forest-dwelling goblin - despite being in it for his own survival, he’s still very well-put together and elegantly dangerous… It’s also a good contrast to my MC, who puts 0 effort into styling and his hair is wild, somewhat short-ish, and untamed. So like, not put-together at all - which kind of describes their relationship in a way.

They’re both pretty cute though.

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Ngl it’d be so sexy of PB for them to make Native Indian faces 😩😩😩

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To all the boys I loved before: A memorial

Kayden Vescovi

Jake McKenzie

Ash Tanaka

Noah Marshall


Each of you have allotted ‘missing hours’ during my day. I apologise again if either you left, your mc left, or you’re in jail.

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  • A/N: I’m officially obsessed with Wolf Bride and what does one do when she’s obobsessed with a certain book? She writes an AU about it! 😁 So, Talley Ho! *in my Sherlock Holmes voice*

Rated: Mature. | Contains sexual content and strong language. (You know? The usual from me. 😁) | Bolded and/or italicized words are conversations and thoughts of the characters. | Main Characters: Roman (LI) and Naia Evans (MC) | All Characters and names: (except MC and certain original characters, created by me) are property of Pixelberry.

Current Word Count: 3,680 words. (more or less. I stop counting after editing and re-editing. 🤷🏾‍♀️)

Missing a chapter or want to read a chapter again? I got you covered! Click ——> Here!

Song And Story Inspiration: In The Still Of The Nite-Boyz II Men | Give Me One Reason-Tracy Chapman | Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here-Deborah Cox

Chapter 5.) In The Still Of The Night.

In the still of the night.

I held you.

Held you tight.

‘Cause I love.

Love you so.

Promise I’ll never.

Let you go.

In the still of the night.

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DIY Aromatherapy Playdough

I love making things that I used to buy in a store with everyday ingredients. I say all the time I wish I had know about essential oils when my kiddos were little because life would have been much happier and better smelling! It’s been many years since I had little kids around, but now that I have a grandbaby who is a toddler this is a perfect activity!

She loves to smell oils and this is a fun…


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Suoirandom Edit!

- TNA Sofia (Hair)

- QB Veronica (Face)

- ACOR Sabina (Outfit)

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may i offer you all some Mona edits in these trying times?

decided to make some seasonal outfits for her because we got robbed of the opportunity to see her again in rod 2

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The all-time favourite creepy bodyguard (and models in this case🤣)

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