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animepopheart · 2 days ago
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★ 【Sakon04】 「 Blue Exorcist 」 ☆ ⊳ chongyun // genshin impact ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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caro-bug · 2 days ago
Mihoyo is far from good but I'll forever appreciate them for slipping LGBTQ+ representation right under ccp's nose.
I mean look:
Trans Scaramouche hc makes TOO MUCH sense
Xingyun are basically designed like Yin and Yang, have matching tassels, matching namecards, matching designs, matching skills, talk about each other all the time, and writers leave INSANE amount of hints that they like each other. Like, I'm not the type to claim that my ships are canon, but come on.
Venti in his original form is considered genderless (his English VA confirmed that she was told to sound "androgyunous") and Rex Lapis did canonically take a form of a woman once.
MC's interactions with other characters don't gain or lose the romantic tone based on their gender
And considering that they're not allowed to confirm any of these ships/headcanons I'd day that's not bad representation.
Like I litterally can't see how can one deny most of these examples unless they're -phobic. Especially since there's a canon lesbian couple in Honkai, that passes as a Japanese game somehow.
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nepjuntama · 2 days ago
Childe and Xingqiu fit with this pose!
Zhongli is so proud🤣
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Sorry for ink stain...I forgot that the pen I used need time to dry😅
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polygon-draws · 23 hours ago
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Tumblr media
be nice to your big bro Tart uwu 
farming the wolves on tsurumi island and playing the labyrinth warriors event somehow inspired me to draw this comic. how did that even happen?! maybe cuz i put them in the same team together all the time now? (yeah, that’s def the reason) 
Tumblr media
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tartaglify · 2 days ago
thank you so much for doing my last request ! i won't bother much after this. if it's ok, how about the liyue gang as theater kids including childe. like, what sort of roles do they end up having Or maybe something like the liyue gang doing romeo & juliet (or any play, if you like!) hcs. whichever you prefer is fine. and if it the entire liyue cast is too much, please choose your fav charas instead. thank you again and i hope you have a good day!
Genshin Characters as Theatre Kids
The main character.
He's the valiant knight who's in search of his lover against a great enemy
He auditioned for a side role though, so when he first gets it, he's stunned.
He stumbles over his lines but makes much effort to have them memorized by heart in hopes of not letting anyone down.
He's awkward on stage but in a good way, because it matches his character perfectly. It makes the audience think he's doing it on purpose.
A lead role.
He's the "damsel in distress" stereotype except he kills the villain himself.
He only accepted the role because Chongyun was the other lead probably.
He's so dramatic pls
Since he's read tons of plays with his love for books, he constantly makes adjustments to the script and acts it out all by himself to everyone to show them the correct way to do it.
He helps Chongyun memorize his lines.
The guy who auditions for the main role but gets the villain role and throws a tantrum.
It does grow on him though, cause he likes the cool outfits he gets to wear.
Especially the dramatic cape.
He does his role flawlessly; almost too much because some of the crew finds in unnerving how convincing he can be as the villain.
He memorizes literally all the lines to prove that he's the best at it despite nobody offering to compete.
She acts as the director of everything, making sure to look over all the different fields to ensure success.
She sits on those cool director chairs and yells at Childe for breaking yet another one of the props.
She's pretty strict but nobody minds because everything always turns out perfect with her in charge.
A side character of a pirate that helps the main lead.
She also helps move around props across the stage or wherever she needs her strength to be used.
She teaches the other roles how to look convincing in a fight so they don't embarrass themselves with their prop swords.
She's actually one of the audience favorites because she has such a presence.
Constantly annoys Ningguang but it's okay because she doesn't actually mind.
Hu Tao
Light board and spot light operator!!
She's amazing at her job when she wants to be, able to set any mood with her capabilities with lighting.
Other times, she shines the spotlight on Zhongli for no apparent reason until everyone is confused out of their minds.
She constantly pranks everyone during rehearsal, like stealing Chongyun's script, changing lighting, etc.
Childe's partner in crime when it comes to annoying Zhongli.
She designs and makes them, but she occasionally plays roles too.
In this play, she's one of the evil henchmen.
She was appalled when she first found out about her role to fight Chongyun before he finally gets to the final villain.
So of course, there's a fight scene, but she can't bring herself to actually stab him with her prop the first time so she just--pokes him, kind of.
Everyone makes fun of her afterwards.
She plays multiple roles throughout the play.
At one point, she's a background civilian, and then she's a woman Chongyun comes across on his journey, and then she's this and that and this--nobody knows how she handles it.
Not only this, but she's constantly running around the stage during rehearsal to help different sections like with props or with makeup, etc.
She also helps Keqing quite often, following after her with an armful of cloths and pins.
She's honestly just happy to be there it's adorable.
A companion to Chongyun's journey
He first finds her in the middle of a battle against a group of evil henchmen and the two manage to fight them off and form an alliance.
She constantly has Gouba with her, so Gouba becomes their mascot and the face of the play.
At the end of the play, she sacrifices herself for the others, but Chongyun does find out soon after that she's alive and well in the hospital.
She has her own studio where she makes all the on stage crew sit down as she pulls out an entire bucket of makeup that she's gathered over the years.
Her skills are absolutely pristine ??? why is she in this play she should be in a cosmetic school
She gives out free makeovers to anyone who asks, and regularly does Beidou's to experiment with different colors.
She does take more time with Childe's because he requested her to make it dramatic.
The lone wolf that Chongyun comes across, who offers to help.
He's not very expressive when acting, so they chose a role that he wouldn't even have to act for.
He does love the spear they give him for his character though.
Somehow he never looks at the lines but knows all of them???
He's also pretty useful when moving the heavier props; he's unnaturally strong for someone of his height.
random old man on the street that gives advice to the main lead.
This was extremely specific but I physically cannot imagine anything else.
He wears fake wrinkles and a white wig and everything. He even hunches over while wearing a cloak to seem smaller.
When he comes on stage, he gives life changing advice and then just leaves.
Straight up disappears and never appears again.
He does come to rehearsal quite often though, to give advice to Chongyun.
The only times he doesn't come is when he gets bullied by Hu Tao and Childe.
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junonotsteel · a day ago
Chongyun’s Yang Energy
I think a lot of people are unclear on his condition and tend to portray it in a weird way, so I thought I’d give my own opinions/theories/some canon stuff/whatever because Chongyun is my favorite character.
-Starting off: His yang condition is a chronic illness that prohibits him from a lot. He is restricted in his diet (nothing too hot, too ‘passionate,’ or too anything. bland and cold only) as well as his activities (can’t be in the sun too long, can’t be in any place that’s too hot, can’t undergo too much stress etc etc). and it causes him to become incredibly ill by means of his “yang state.” 
-Chongyun’s yang state: AKA overheating. I see a lot of portrayals of this as just him being cocky and losing his filter, but it kind of runs deeper. He’s quite literally having heatstroke. It’s mentioned in canon that he becomes worryingly sick when he starts to build up an excess of energy. From throwing up to passing out to having no memory of what happened when he overheated. It’s probably not a very fun thing for him. The body starts going into hyperthermia mode at about 104 f/40 c. Chongyun’s brain is quite literally melting and his nervous system is shutting down. He’d have just under two hours to cool himself down before any permanent damage (including death) is caused. 
-Chongyun’s friends: Another thing that I see portrayed is his friends (namely, Xingqiu and Xiangling) purposefully triggering his yang state for laughs, but I really don’t think that would happen? Considering the severity of his condition, it’s not something I believe they’d push at. Especially when it leaves Chongyun vulnerable. He doesn’t remember what happens when he blacks out and he loses a lot of his sense of self-preservation. I, personally, don’t think his friends know how lethal his condition is, though. (Xingqiu mentions something about building Chongyun’s resistance to spice, while Xiangling says something about not minding Chongyun’s Yang state)
-Extra: Chongyun’s character story + suicidal ideation
Tumblr media
Here Chongyun mentions he feels like he missed out on a lot of his life due to his Yang condition and things like the hot springs scare him. The hot springs scare him because they could literally kill him. When posed with the question of what he’d do once he rids the world of spirits and masters his condition, he says he’d visit those hot springs. And while in this hypothetical, he has mastered his condition, it would still be there. The hot springs could very well hurt him, but once his goal to rid the world of evil spirits is complete, he’s take that chance. Why? because the hot springs are supposed to be relaxing and Chongyun has never spent a moment relaxed. Between training, managing his condition, and trying to just be a normal teenager, he never gets a chance to relax. The hot springs could fix that for him, if not, at least he wouldn’t ever be able to get stressed again. It’s a final chance to relax for him.
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malefreak · a day ago
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i know nobody follows me for art but i was so happy with how these two came out
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danibby · 2 days ago
Congrats on 600 followers 🥳🥳
For the event, may I request chongyun and xiangling trying to fight the oceanid for their dear friend xingqiu (he can be cheering them on from far away if you'd like lol)?
When I was trying to get all of his acension materials I would never have been able to defeat it if not for them and if there were tickles involved I definitely would not have xingqiu leveled up as high rn lol. Congrats again!
but i'm a hydro vision... (chongyun/xiangling + oceanid)
Tumblr media
“c’mon, guys! you can do it!”
“n-nohoho, wehehe cahahan’t!”
xiangling turned her head when she heard chongyun’s hysterical giggles. she and the exorcist were currently battling the oceanid for some artifacts that xingqiu needed as xingqiu cheered them on from the sidelines. she was annoyed that it was always her and chongyun who had to go up against the oceanid but xingqiu raised a very good point - a hydro vision would not be that effective against a hydro enemy.
though every time they came to battle the oceanid, xiangling wondered if it was even that good of an argument anyway. there was never any violence that happened during this trial, all they had to do was retrieve the artifacts that the oceanid was guarding. however, they faced other struggles while getting those artifacts.
xiangling looked back at chongyun, who had been caught by the oceanid as she pulled him into her lap and began running her long fins over his tummy and sides. she desperately wanted to pull him out so they had better chances at getting the artifacts but she would make a huge risk getting caught herself. yelling out a quick apology, xiangling turned around and left her poor friend to his tickly doom. the oceanid may tickle them to bits but she was never cruel - something her and chongyun were always thankful for.
while the oceanid was distracted with chongyun maybe she could make a run for the artifacts-
“ah, no!”
xiangling shrieked as she felt something wrap around her legs and she fell to the ground as she was dragged backwards. turning onto her back, she saw a frog (that was manifested from water) had shot it’s tongue out towards her to trip her up. oh, the mimics! xiangling yelled out protests as she struggled to free herself but to no avail and soon she was giggling hysterically the same way chongyun was as they mimics began tickling her own tummy, sides, and thighs.
“ahahaha! nohoho, plehehease! nohoho!”
the oceanid chuckled as the two of them giggled happily. “the two of you keep coming back here and it always ends the same way- in a pile of giggles, just from the simplest touch.”
xiangling heard chongyun squealing over her own laughter, no doubt the oceanid had managed to get at either his hips or his armpits and she was worried that the mimics would soon find her own hips. she had to get out of here somehow - maybe xingqiu would actually be useful this time!
“x-xihihingqiu, hehehelp us!” xiangling cried out, desperately trying to get her friend to save them.
“xingqiu, is that your name?” the oceanid asked, turning towards xingqiu who gulped under her gaze. “yes, i recognize you. you always bring your friends here but never step on this platform yourself… why is that?”
“i-it’s because i’m-”
“ticklish?” the ocean chuckled.
“a hydro vision…” xingqiu stammered out, blushing pink.
“oh, but that doesn’t matter in this instance, does it?” the oceanid asked, briefly glancing at chongyun with a chuckle as he cackled when she reached his armpits. she looked over at xiangling who was squealing as the mimics found her sensitive hips. “i’ll make a deal with you, young one. if you actually step onto this platform, i’ll give you ten free seconds to try to claim these artifacts.”
xingqiu hesitated but when he heard his friends’ giggles, he figured he should probably pull his own weight and save them - they always went through this for him, it was the least he could do.
“better hurry up, young one. otherwise, i’ll just have you take your friends’ place.”
xingqiu nearly squeaked but as much as he wanted to save his friends, he didn’t want to end up in their position so with a deep breath, he carefully stepped into the arena and started his own countdown from ten…
Tumblr media
a/n: waaaaah thank you so much !! but yes hahaha this is why my childe and xingqiu aren't leveled up a;sldkajsfd i really love thinking that the oceanid would be so motherlike and playful and not even like mean about it a;slkdjf also i love the idea of xingqiu cheering them on from the sidelines LMFAO
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ryethe · a month ago
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happy birthday my angel! 9/7
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inimeitiel · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Here’s a Genshin Impact art dump, featuring some characters I like a lot.
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