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as-i-watch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I accept the challenge
But due to the complex combination of shared Braincells, Common Sense and Idiot Impulse that possess them, I though a diagram would be more fair than a ranking and so BEHOLD!!
Tumblr media
The Braincell Matrix
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i made “the 501st go to target” , “the disaster lineage goes to target” and “The Clone Wars Squad ™️ (+Satine) Goes To Target” and now i give you: The Rebels Go To Target
hera: got to relax for once. she found some magazines and read them in the asiles while drinking a coffee. she got the newest additions to book series she likes and bought a few DVDs for her and Kanan’s few and far between “date nights.” she bought chopper a cat toy.
kanan: does the shopping. finds all the groceries/ food staples that they are running low on. also buys plain clothing/ accessories to be used in disguises. he grabs many packs of hair ties because ezra and sabine were tired of him stealing theirs. when both he and hera were done shopping they walked around the store, hand in hand, chuckling when they heard laughing and screaming and everything in between from their kids, and were very thankful zeb drew the short straw.
ezra: mr.kleptomaniac steals little trinkets and whatnot by putting them his pockets or by making it look like it was already his. He is pretty smug about it at first but sabine saw the whole thing and a few days later let’s it slip that ezra shop lifted in a half-successful attempt to get the heat off of her for smth dumb she did. ezra sheepishly returned/ paid for all the items while a stern hera stood behind him. zeb could. not. stop. laughing. zeb got in trouble later bc he was supposed to be watching ezra.
sabine: ogled over the hair dye, graphic tees, and art supplies. Despite them not having spray paints, she finds a lot of different materials she’s never had the chance to use, or just materials most people wouldn’t think to put in a piece. she re-stocks on snacks and her preferred hair dyes/ purple shampoo/ products. it’s going to be a long time before they come back here.
zeb: was the Designated Parent for the day. He had to make sure Chopper didn’t destroy the whole store, make sure ezra didn’t steal anything (he failed miserably at that), and make sure sabine didn’t paint anything. he also had to make sure kanan and hera didn’t do the smooches in a quiet corner. (he failed even worse at that) he was very frazzled but during his running around the store he found a really nice pair of boots. he also jump scared ezra like three times and made weird noises in neighboring aisles to try and freak ezra out. ezra insisted it didn’t (it did).
chopper: pinched people’s legs while hiding under clothing display tables. eventually zeb put him in time out and he had to spend the next 10 minutes walking in (grumbly) silence with zeb until he could continue his chaos. repeat cycle. hera gave chopper the cat toy and that kept him very occupied for a while. despite his insistence that he doesn’t care for it, he now refuses to shut down without it nearby.
rex: ezra tried to get him to lift him into the ball crate. rex said no. (ahsoka then looked away for like five seconds and rex threw ezra in the pit with no hesitation. ahsoka saw and immediately face palmed.) he walked around with ahsoka, and they reminisced about all the times they came here with their friends during the rare downtime they got during the war. oh! there’s where fives managed to slip and bring down a shelf. oh! there’s where padmé and anakin were caught holding hands. oh! that’s the hair product obi-wan insisted he never used but he did. oh! there’s where this person and this person and this person and he and she and they and
they’re all gone.
ahsoka and rex tried not to cry.
(when they saw the still lingering stain from where the wolffe pack managed to burst 12 pens and get ink everywhere the tears began to fall)
ahsoka: she could hear the whispers of her friends still lingering on the shelves. she thought she saw obi wan and anakin and padmé and…
but it wasn’t them.
it’s hard going back to the places of your past when the ghosts still haunt you.
she and rex left before the rest of everyone else
all she got was a keychain of a dino that anakin swore he would get on their next visit
and he would have gotten it.
except there was no next visit.
hondo: no one knows how he got here. no one invited him. he mostly left people alone except to ask for them to pay for his things. no one did. he eventually just stole a cartful of random stuff. he got caught, so he flew away with bags of stuff falling out of his window while shouting “until next time, my friends!”. the rebels left soon after that.
kallus: (post getting stranded on a Geonosian moon w our favorite Lasat) was parent for the day with Zeb, even though he didn’t have to be. That is, until he found the hat section and spend the rest of the time admiring himself in different fedoras. he got a watch, despite never saying he needed one and no one even saw him near the watches.
thrawn: does not shop at target. ever. but it was a late night and he desperately needed more coffee grounds so he had little choice.
tarkin: lol dude just sneered at everything and made haughty remarks about the state of the store.
he actually loved it and goes back with a black mustache taped on his lip.
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Ezra: I will not stand here and be insulted.
Chopper: Fine, stand somewhere else and I'll insult you there I don't care.
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drunkenmantis · a day ago
Tumblr media
It is finally happening!
Here you see the first step on my new project!
I decided to create a Star Wars Rebels inspired Tarot deck of the Major arcana and what you see here is the cover / backside art of the cards
The border is also almost finished and the characters i choose are matched to the 21 Arcana
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animebw · a day ago
Reading One Piece: Chapters 552-553
-”He cracked the air?!” S U R E
-and into Ace’s black pages we go alrighty then
-Christ almighty, Ace got annihilated by Whitebeard. But the dude kept him around for a reason.
-”Why does everyone call him Pops?” “Because he considers all of us his sons.” So Whitebeard was like a den father to outcast pirates. Taking in everyone who lost their way and giving them a new place to call home.
-”No. I sent you on that mission.” Fucking. NICE. Whitebeard’s gonna save his kid, and he doesn’t care what excuse he needs to make up to justify doing so.
-A tsunami. A fucking tsunami. That’s how we’re starting this battle. That’s the baseline.
-So. Many. Splash. Pages. I can’t. Keep up.
-Seas of ice. Tremor slashes. Diamond bodies. Great shields of flame. And again: we’ve only just fucking begin.
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onepieceplanner · a day ago
Tumblr media
First stretch goal reveal!! 🔒 Thank you all for the huge support with getting the news of our Pre-orders out! 💙
Only 25 orders until we unlock our first stretch goal! Help us gather keys to unlock this cute Laboon Stamp by @xhibiki19 🐳
@faneventshub @opfandombase @opfandomsharingtime
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as-i-watch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know funny when i see funny and this play on the situation is hilarious
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*Pops in nervously* Hey Doe
I saw that your requests were open and saw that you were down for writing in an apocalyptic setting and I got so happy so I just had to ask
Do you mind doing what of character the strawhats would be during an apocalypse or what role they would play during the apocalypse?
You don't have to do all the of the members and I'm fine with anyone you pick
Hope you have a great day and it's alright if you don't want to write for this request
Love ya
Tumblr media
Hello!!! Thank you for this request! I had to think on it awhile, to really decide the roles of the Strawhats. Since you didn't specify what sort of apocalypse, I've gone ahead and done zombies! <3 Thanks for being patient with me, and please enjoy!
Strawhat Pirates in a Zombie Apocalypse - HCs
WARNINGS: None Characters: Strawhat Pirates (Cut included for length!)
Role: Leader
Tumblr media
Luffy and Jinbei both have leadership experience. They are used to giving commands, being put under pressure, and being the one people look to in order to survive.
Luffy is an impulsive leader, open to ideas that most wouldn't consider. His sheer adaptability and improvisation is most notable. Best description is 'so crazy, it just might work!'
Jinbei is highly experienced. He's had years of practice, years of observation, and has honed himself to be able to work with any situation that present itself. He's steady, reliable, and calm. Nothing ever seems to phase him.
Combined, they're an unorthodox pair, but separate they are no less capable. Their group is typically separated into two groups, one leader for each, and function as a cohesive unit together.
Role: Scavenger/Scout
Tumblr media
Usopp is an incredibly versatile individual. He's quick, observant, and is always aware of what's going on around him. This makes him ideal as a scout and scavenger all in one.
Long range is his preferred distance of attack, making him typically the first on-scene for any location the group is looking to hit for supplies. Picking off whatever zombies might be visible from outside.
Nami is known for her keen eyes and innate sense of finding things. She's privy to all the nooks and crannies the best stuff might be hiding, and is routinely the one with the best supplies on any run they hold.
She's got a knack for direction, and most often pairs with Usopp when scouting locations to hit, or just to survey around their encampment for threats. Together, they're a formidable team.
Role: Medic/Doctor
Tumblr media
This one goes without saying, but Chopper's medical knowledge is imperative for surviving the apocalypse!
There's no one else with the education required to know what they're doing in the medical field, and Chopper was extensively trained before the world collapsed.
Chopper would absolutely work on finding a cure in his free time, treating the zombie virus as just another sickness to cure. And with humble determination, he's dead set on making sure he figures it out.
Role: Construction and Restoration
Tumblr media
Franky handles all building and construction projects that happen in the encampment. He organizes runs for building materials, keeps an eye on the structural integrity of the site, and ensures that nothing breaches the walls. It's a high-pressure job, but he's skilled what he does, so there's rarely ever a worry.
Robin, on the other hand, is the most book-smart of the team, and due to this, she's been tasked with dragging humanity back to the state it was before the dead began to rise.
Any books that are retrieved during scavenger runs go directly to her. She's vowed to bring back electricity, plumbing, and all of the societal luxuries the world once had.
Because of this, she teams up with Franky all the time, working to install new features to the encampment to make things much more...normal.
Role: Combatant
Tumblr media
These are the bruisers, the fighters, of the group. Zoro, understandably, is perhaps the most notable killer they have at their disposable. His skill with blades make him a formidable--and silent--force to be reckoned with.
Brook, on account that he's already dead, is an obvious candidate to go out in the hordes of undead. They have no interest in someone without flesh or brains to feast from--a fact he's very audibly offended by, in case you were wondering--which makes him perfect to send outside of the walls.
Together, they have yet to encounter an obstacle or threat that they couldn't defeat. Hordes, hostile survivors, it didn't matter. They ensured nothing presented itself a suitable threat to their group of survivors.
Role: Chef/Inventory Keeper
Tumblr media
Another self-explanatory one, Sanji would definitely be in charge of ensuring all of the group was fed with good food. Talented in creating delicious food from the barest ingredients available, he doesn't let an apocalypse bring down the quality of food he prepares.
On top of his cooking duties, Sanji is in charge of making sure the supplies don't run out. Since he's already keeping track of food rations, it's only natural he keeps a full tally of all of the supplies as well.
Under Sanji's direction, he ensures that there is always enough of anything the group needs, and if something were to get low, he'd consult with Nami and Usopp to procure whatever it was they needed.
He prides himself on being the one 'keeping the machinery well oiled.' Without him, things can fall apart if they aren't careful.
Tag list: @some-piece, @m00nlight101, @neferyuy, @undercoverweeeb, @chloe-nanami
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kittensnships · a day ago
Lullaby for a King- A One Piece animatic
Song: Song of the Sea.
More under the cut:
Boy oh boy. Buddy, friend, PAL! I did this so long ago, it took so long, you have no idea. It is my first ever animatic, which took about 3 months to complete, and like the smooth peanut brain that i am, I tought it was going to take one.
For context, if you didn't understand: The woman if baby Luffy is his mother, Saint Maevina Calliope, or Monkey D. Calliope.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Left: Calliope in the animatic; Right: Young Calliope)
I just love the concept of Luffy's mom being a celestial dragon who betrayed her title by having a child with a D.
She probably ded tho.
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kurrpip · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Star Wars actor AU part 3. A little more all over the place in the timeline than the other 2.
After 7 seasons, their tactic for jedi catching their lightsaber with the force is still for someone off-camera to throw it at them. 
After take 13 Ahsoka just decides to join the dark side.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 4
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