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Emotional sopport pile of bones.
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Créditos: MediumMrs
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More pics here:
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Could I request a headcanon of Jinbe's human S/O telling him that they're pregnant with his child? How would he and the rest of the crew react to the news?
authors note : *pretends i didn’t leave for almost an entire year* please enjoy !!
Jinbe x Pregnant! Human! Reader Headcanons
- Jinbe is certainly shocked once you flash him your pregnancy test, dotted with two lines. He's out of words, absolutely speechless. Regardless of his floored expression, he is over the moon. 
- He’ll get superduper emotional, tearing up 100%. Jinbe can’t help it, he’s absolutely thrilled! He’d wrap you in a gentle yet big embrace, repeating how much he loves you. 
- Jinbe is 10x more protective over you now. He’s always cautious, helping you do even the most basic things. He doesn’t mean to be an annoyance, he just wants to protect his beloved wife and his child. If the Straw Hats are docking to a new island, Jinbe won’t let any wretched people even close to you. He’s sure to beat them up if they bother his sweet wife!
- Speaking of the crew, he can’t help but blabber to them about your pregnancy. Jinbe just wants everyone to know, he’s too excited to keep his big mouth shut. Lucky for you, the Straw Hats are soso supportive of you two. Luffy’s bouncing all over the place, exclaiming how excited he is to be an ‘uncle’, while Usopp is always bringing you the freshest fruit from his garden to you. 
- Nami is ecstatic to have a baby around. She loves kids, after all! She’ll give you all the comfort in the world when you need it, whether its hugs, or just talking, shes there for you! Robin delivers all sorts of books to your room. Ones for you, and the most adorable picture books for your baby. The girls are soo supportive! 
- Sanji’s probably in a weird spot. He’s sulking because well... you’re a beautiful woman and he’s Sanji. Regardless of his own selfish desires towards you, he helps you out with the pregnancy, mainly through food! (Of course through food..) He’ll make you the most odd food, things that hit your cravings spot on. Probably lectures Jinbe on how he needs to father your child, and how he needs to treat you. Nami’s quick to save the day by smacking Sanji on the head. Now, Zoro is indifferent, to say the least. A baby? Cool. That’s...That’s all he has to say.
- Franky is probably a sobbing mess when you two tell him, he can’t hold back his joyous reaction. He’s soo excited! He’s probably hauled up in his work shop, making the most suuuuper toys for your child. He makes everything you need! Cribs, strollers, high chairs... you name it! He’ll probably have to remake everything, if he puts weapons and engines on them... Which you know he will.
- Brook’s composing all sorts of songs for the baby! Mainly lullabys, because God knows babies have trouble sleeping... But what would he know? Skeletons don’t sleep! 
- Chopper does routinely check ups on you through your term! He makes sure you and your baby are in top notch conditions... Not because he likes you or anything. Stupid, stupid! Another thing Chopper is excited about is the fact he won’t be the crews baby anymore... he’ll be the big, tough Chopperman! No more baby Choppy...! (Spoilers: you all still baby him, even after your birth.) 
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Good people come with many different shapes, sizes, desires, tastes, preferences, voices, expressions and other colorful characteristics. As long as you are, at your core, a good person, be proud to be the unique you that you are and wear who are with pride.
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The human machine
May contain punk hazard & dressrosa spoilers
WARNING : doesn’t follow canon plot, not proof read, may contain serious topics, contains triggering topics, inappropriate language, nudity, fake science, fictional experiments, etc.
Part 4
Contains mentions of S/A
Tumblr media
Zoro and the girl carrying Tashigi rush trying to catch up everyone else who was waiting for them. Luffy and the crew staying still nervously sweating at the possibility that zoro will not show up while Law yells at them to get on the truck already. Anxiety eating them up, but they ignore law and continue waiting until luffy sees the faint color of green behind the almost closing doors.
“Luffy!!” The green head yells causing luffy to jump cheerfully glad to see his friend making it back to them. Smoker jumps as well making sure Tashigi is with zoro, he sees her dangling over a lady’s shoulder.
‘Who is that woman?’ He questions himself squinting his eyes trying to see if he recognizes her from somewhere but fails to do so, her face was new to him. He sits back and waits for tashigi to go stand next to him so he can question her about the woman.
The strawhats scream happy to see zoro alive, Law’s eyes widen at the woman next to zoro, he turns around quickly hiding his expression. Everyone starts climbing on the truck; kids screaming about being scared and G-5 teasing smoker for being worried about tashigi. While everyone is on the truck; there is still the unfamiliar woman standing still in place. “What the hell are you doing? Get on the truck we don’t have time!” Some man of G-5 screams at her angrily making zoro’s eye twitch at him, he looks down and flinches slightly in shock at the woman who was still out of the truck; he thought she already got on after tashigi but apparently not. Everyone began panicking and yelling at Law to start the truck but he nervously looks back at her and she gives him an empty look, not moving one bit.
“You idiot get on!” Zoro screams at her and her attention goes from law to zoro, walking towards the ladder she stares at it hesitantly then grabs on and starts climbing up. Almost falling face first; zoro catches her holding her in place and she grabs onto his shirt unconsciously trying to steady herself.
Law steers his attention back to the truck starting it making everybody sigh in relief. “Why were you trying to stay back?” Zoro asks almost whispering
“Caesar will be mad at me.”
“Right caesar, what’s your relationship with that bastard anyway?”
“Huh?!” Zoro and an eavesdropping nami howl making the woman jump at the sudden noise. Everyone turns their attention towards the green head and the woman, the yellow suit men start panicking once they see her; pushing against each other and backing away like they are trying to get away from the woman. Zoro glares at their behavior but turns back to her, “That freak has a daughter, wow” nami says holding her climate-tact ready to blow a gust of wind to get rid of the poisonous gas that they’re about to face.
Law covers his face under the collar of his jacket and listens quietly not trying to accidentally speak of what he has seen before meeting the strawhats in punk hazard. “I don’t remember hearing of caesar having a daughter, but if you’re that mad scientist’s daughter then it’s my job to arrest you as well for being a part of his illegal work.” Smoker tries to grab her but was stopped with zoro’s sword in front of his nose and Law’s to the back of his neck, tashigi tugs at his jacket trying to calm him down and the kids start crying at the scene. Luffy watches quietly from under his hat. Sanji and brook too busy holding a stoned kin’emon to notice. Chopper and usopp hide behind a nervous Robin, and nami side eyes them carefully observing.
“You’re not arresting anyone here smoker.” Zoro eyes him dangerously
“Yeah we are all gonna make it out of here and go separate ways like nothing happened.” Law speaks from behind waiting for smoker’s reply.
“Seems like I have no choice. Both of you back off will ya!” Smoker throws his arms up grumbling at them. They draw their swords back into their holder still watching smoker until he is back next to an embarrassed tashigi. They get closer to the gas and Nami blows it away, the truck makes it all the way outside safely and everyone starts getting off the truck before they notice baby 5 with buffalo carrying caesar trying to get away from the messy punk hazard.
“We have to catch them or else the plan will fail.” Law speak almost taking out his sword.
“Come on traffy, usopp said he’ll take them down.” Luffy smiles with a hand over law’s shoulder making him tsk and walk away watching the scene unfold. Nami and usopp team up to successfully take down baby 5 and buffalo tying them up and cheering happily about their accomplishment.
After a while everyone starts relaxing after the stressful series of events that went down hours ago and Sanji begins serving his special hormone soup since everyone was starving. Brook with his parental tendencies makes his way to zoro with a bowl of soup, shrieking and almost dropping the bowl to the ground making a very angry sanji sprint to catch the bowl mid air before it falls and spills its contents to the ground. “Watch it you stupid old skeleton, you almost dropped the previous soup!!” Sanji sends a kick towards brook’s head making it spin around in place yet he doesn’t say anything back; a confused sanji turns his head towards the direction brook is staring at and his eyes immediately turn into heart shapes. The woman sitting next to a sleeping zoro stares at the blonde man and he twirls his way towards her with brook right after him; falling to his knees and bowing his head dramatically with the bowl of soup raised towards her. “Mademoiselle, this delicious soup will nourish your beautiful body and help you regain stamina, eat all you can!” He feels the bowl get lifted off his hands, looking up in delight to watch the lady eat but instantly deadpans at the green head who is holding the bowl and eating while trying to hold back a laugh at the cook.
“What the hell you mosshead!! That was for the beautiful lady not for your stupid shit face!” Sanji screams at zoro to which he was still ignoring him making the blonde grumble and bonk him.
“Um excuse me miss, but may I see your panties?” Brook interrupt the idiots from fighting
“She doesn’t have any.”
Silence falls upon the three men and zoro stops chewing on the piece of meat, embarrassingly swallowing it down rethinking his life choices because of what he just said.
Brook falls to the ground somehow blushing on his boney face with his hands covering his skeleton mouth at the dirty imaginary of a no panties lady.
“How the hell do you know that you shithead?!” Blood running down his nose at the disgusting imagination of his, he spins around flying his leg toward zoro’s face and before his heel connects to the green head’s jaw a hand tightly grips at his ankle making him stop; shocked to the core. She releases the grip, glaring dangerously at the blonde man sending shivers down his body at the thought of accidentally kicking her instead of the annoying green head. He begins to panic quickly grabbing her hand and plants a kiss in her fingers apologizing that she had to hold his dirty leg with her beautiful delicate fingers.
She snatches her hand back still glaring at him making his heart break in halves for not getting a response out of her. Zoro bursts out laughing at the stupid pervy cook, as sanji was about to start an argument with the green-head; he gets cut off by a screaming caesar. Everyone turns their attention towards the gas man who just woke up for the second time since he got knocked unconscious by G-5 after they got the information of how to get back their stoned friends. His face is dark red, with an aggrieved face at the woman next to zoro. “You!! How and why the hell did you get out of the building?!” He screams at her making her flinch slightly and everyone bewilderedly looks between the two. She unknowingly clenches her fingers around zoro’s jacket making his face harden at the gas bastard, Sanji let’s out a puff of smoke throwing his head back looking at the sky then looking back down to caesar running towards him and sending a frighteningly powerful kick to his face. Caesar screams in pain cursing the blonde man nonstop making him send another kick and probably breaking some of his facial bones.
“You don’t yell at a lady for no reason stupid scientist!!” He lights up another cigarette and glares at him
“Huh?! And who are you to tell me what to do to my creations?!” Caesar venomously screams back, everyone stares in silence unable to process what the hell is he talking about.
‘Creations??’ They all wonder what he means by that
“What do you mean creations?!“ nami walks close to him nervously waiting for his answer.
Smoker watches attentively trying to understand the situation even though it wasn’t that hard to take the piece of information in, they all just wanted a confirmation of what they think he means.
“Yes creations!! She is my creation, she was made for Doflamingo but if he finds out she is still alive he is going to kill me and everyone else!!” He shakes terrified at the thought of being slaughtered by an angry Doffy. Everyone gasps frightened and shocked, law facepalms walking closer to caesar and whacks his head with his sword making him scream in pain. “Why are you telling everyone this, you dumbass.”
Caesar realizes what he had just said in front of smoker and starts shrieking struggling against the sea prism stone cuffs, he doesn’t care if pirates or kids hear of it but smoker is a marine and that could cause a bigger problem for him. “I mean!! I was lying!!” His unconvincing words run from one ear and out the other. “So…you created her? But how? She looks very much human.” Robin inserts herself into the conversation earning a grunt from caesar and he pouts like an ugly child refusing to answer her. Her brows knit together using her devil fruit to smack him angrily, she doesn’t enjoy her questions being ignored.
“You woman! why did you do that?!” He screams at her to which she sends another smack across his face, “why was she created for Doflamingo?” Giving him a second chance to answer another one of her question, everyone quietly watches curiosity eating them up.
“And why should I tell you?! you stupid pirates and marines don’t have anything to do with her or Doflamingo anyway!”
A slap after another bruise his face making him cry in defeat finally giving in to robin, “Ok stop hitting me I will tell you!” A smug smile forms on her lips at the loser on the ground. “Go ahead we’re all listening.” Smoker speaks taking a seat on the log besides tashigi.
“No- I mean! You might want to cover the kids ears..” his voice sounds almost sorrowful, the adults look at him in a questioning manner but do as he says and take the kids into a room telling them to not try listening or peeking. “They’re gone, now spit it out!” Nami stands next to a silent luffy, the remaining adults take a seat on the logs and snowy ground waiting for caesar to speak. Y/n still holding onto zoro’s jacket looks like she is almost hiding behind him, he shakes his head slightly annoyed but doesn’t do or say anything. Caesar reluctantly looks around before letting out a heavy sigh and finally speaking
“she was created to become his personal doll, a war machine, a sex slave, a maid, a partner even. But half way through the process of creating her, he barged into my lab and raped her in-front of me while her new organs weren’t fully healed after being put into her. That obviously ruined her insides to which I had to fix again but unfortunately I couldn’t fix what he teared apart.” Shaking slightly, he doesn’t even want to look at their faces already knowing what kind of expressions they have while listening to him. “And yeah by raped I mean she acted too human for his liking, she tried pushing him away even though she was programmed to give in and let him do anything he wants with her. He did not like that about her so he told me to get rid of her, but…I am crazy but not a complete monster! I can’t just kill off what I created especially when she seems too human.” He looks towards y/n who seemed like she was shaking in fear next to zoro who is now standing protectively. “I put her unconscious and tried to fix everything because I don’t give up easily and I am a great scientist I can do everything with the power of science! After fixing her I decided to lock her up and lied to Doflamingo that I killed her, I fed her every day since she is almost fully human up until now she somehow survived even though I was hoping that she would die from being lonely in the cell. But now she is free, I don’t know who let her out but I’ll make them pay!” His dejection has now turned into anger.
“It was me.” A deep and low voice speaks, everyone turns their head towards Law who has his eyes closed with his hands in his pockets, face stuffed in the collar of his jacket. “I found her while walking around earlier, took off her chains and let her out because she asked me to do so.” He smirks looking at caesar’s angry face. “Just because she asked you doesn’t mean you should’ve done it!!” The gas man screams at law making him roll his eyes. “I also took out the poison from her body that seemed to be from food. And who is it that feeds her everyday? Right, you. So you were trying to kill her slowly by poisoning her food yet she survived it somehow. You’re not so innocent so stop lying.” Law digs out the hidden information making caesar grit his teeth at the tattooed man for exposing the untold truth. “That is not any of your business Trafalgar!! I am going to tell Doflamingo about this-”
“Yeah and get yourself killed as well?”
Caesar quiets down muttering curses at law.
“Thought so.” Law stands up walking toward the ship “we have to get going before Doflamingo or the marines find us.” Sending a side glare at smoker and a crying tashigi before walking away.
Nami stands up gritting her teeth with her fists clenched, she charges at caesar giving him a harsh punch making him spit some blood. “She called you her father!! You fucking bastard,you are awful!!” Grabbing his collar screaming at his face. “It’s not my fault that she somehow developed too humanely! And I am not her goddamn father to hell with that!” Caesar screams back at nami, they were both furious wanting nothing more than to beat the hell out of each other.
“You. You’re not a super father, she deserves a better father!” Franky sends a weapon’s left at caesar only causing more damage to his already broken face. Chopper murmurs angry insults at caesar knowing that even though he hates him he’ll end up fixing and helping the mad scientist, after all he is a doctor before everything else.
Zoro holds at y/n’s wrist pulling her hand away from his jacket, turning around he is taken back seeing her bottom lip bloody from biting too hard and tears in her eyes. “Do you still wanna call him your father?” She looks at him and they both hold eye contact for two seconds before she shakes her head wiping at her eyes with her jacket. He grins at her and looks towards luffy who was already looking at them, signaling with his head towards y/n and they both nod understanding each other. Yep luffy made up his mind, if no one wants her then the strawhats will take her. Robin smiles sadly catching the small interaction between the captain and swordsman, oh how happy she is to have a captain like luffy. The strawhats stand up one after another beginning to walk towards their captain, law sweats watching them already knowing what’s on their mind.
‘Those idiots are only bringing more trouble.’ He thinks to himself and walks away irritated.
“Traffy we are allies so you’re in this too.” Sanji lights up a cigarette smirking at an angry Law. “Shut up I never agreed to take responsibility of her. Our alliance was formed to take down Doflamingo not adopt human machines.” He tries walking away but was stopped by a rubbery arm wrapping around his neck slight choking him before sending him flying all the way next to the strawhat boy, luffy grins widely at the half terrified half shocked Law. “Come on traffy! She is here because you saved her, so now she is part of your responsibility even though she will join my crew!!” Luffy announces out loud making the crew grin at their kind captain. Y/n looks between the strawhat and green head confused, she may be almost human but she does not know what the strawhat means by her joining his crew.
“Also you ugly scientist, what did you mean by a war machine?!” Kin’emon questions caesar and everyone examining the scientist. “It’s not your busine-“ tashigi sends a kick to the middle of his back making his face connect with the freezing snow. “Just answer the damn question you have no choice to be talking back while you’re tied up at our mercy!!” She stomps on his back exasperated. “Fine!” He cries out loud, she takes her heel off his back and not so gentle grabs him by the hair pulling him back to sit up and speak. “Go on.” She scowls at him. “She had inhuman strength and speed, her brain contains files of information about the World Government and Kaido. Doflamingo was going to use her to destroy navy bases to weaken their forces then use her to help him take down Kaido. Don’t ask why because I don’t know either. But since he ruined her body that day, the experiment was broken down, she got weaker and some files were erased from her brain; artificial brain to be specific.” He struggles against the cuffs irritated about having to answer the nosy people around him.
“No wonder it didn’t seem like she was struggling to carry me at all..” tashigi says almost in a whisper, “yeah and I was having a hard time running after her while she was carrying the copycat swordswoman.” The green head coldly says making tashigi frown at the nickname directed to her. “Hey you idiots let us go! Doffy is going to kill all of you right here, he is probably on the way!!” baby 5 who just woke up starts screaming at them immediately after she realize the situation in front of her, she was chopped and lined up; same thing with an unconscious buffalo who was right next to her. “Listen here you annoying brat, I’m gonna need you to zip your mouth!” Usopp yells at her, he gives her a weird look after noticing a blush spreading across her face. “You..you need me?” She stutters like an idiot making usopp back off and hide behind nami because the girl was creeping him out. “What the hell is wrong with her.” Nami says and rolls her eyes walking away with usopp still behind her.
“Anyway luffy we need to get going.” Sanji walks past the captain, he agrees and everyone start climbing up the sunny getting ready to sail away. Kids screaming and crying not wanting to go separate ways, caesar yelling and cursing about getting dragged with the strawhats and Law. Y/n trailing behind zoro like a lost puppy, he is slightly annoyed but he can’t say anything about it since he was the one that dragged her with him. Setting sail and bidding goodbyes to each other they go separate ways on a deal to not mention any of what went down in punk hazard. Once everyone was gathered in a circle relaxing and talking for a bit they got to learn that her name was y/n, after all there was nothing more to learn about her except from what caesar has told them.
“You smell disgusting go shower.” Zoro says to y/n making her back off seemingly offended, “you.. don’t smell any better!” She spits out making luffy burst out laughing at her boldness. “How about you both wash each other” the captain speaks out loud, a dark blush covering the swordsman face, sanji and brook fall to their knees dramatically begging to wash the woman but that’s just because they’re perverts and not because they actually want to help her wash up. Nami bonks the blonde man and skeleton walking past them towards y/n and grabs her away from zoro causing him to protest. She raises a brow at him folding her arms under her chest, looking him up and down “why are YOU complaining?!” She questions him and he grumbles at her looking away without saying anything, sanji growls like a dog trying to pounce on the green head for protesting against at nami.
��Mosshead you perverted bastard I knew you were a dirty piece of shit!” Sanji points a finger accusingly at zoro earning a glare and a pout? Did zoro just pout? Even a half asleep Law and kin’emon noticed it, looking at each other then back at the green head.
‘Did you see what I saw?’ The look on everyone’s face is very readable and they all share it, a confused chopper and momo stare at the tall adults slightly nervous not understanding why everyone went silent. A laugh erupts from luffy, falling to his knees and banging his fist against the wooden floors unable to stop his laughter. “Zoro you really like her!” Luffy says raising his from the floor grinning widely at him. “What?! No!!” Zoro screams a little louder than he expected from himself, redness and heat spreading over his face and body. He grunts folding his arms against his chest looking at the crashing waves, he remembers the first time he saw how she skillfully cut off the man’s head with the sandai kitetsu then gave him his swords back. He was impressed, anyone who touches the sadai kitetsu ends up getting hurt by it somehow, but her? She used it and put it back like it’s nothing, unharmed at all.
“I was going to wash up with her but since you seem to not like that, I guess YOU will have to wash her. Be careful with her or I’ll electrocute you.” Nami pushes a finger against his hard chest and he almost smiles but hold it back tightly his lips forming a thin line.
“Why would I not be careful?”
“I don’t know you are just too buff and rough so you might accidentally hurt her!” She punches his chest turning away and back to take a seat next to robin.
‘Too buff and rough? Heh’ he smirks to himself happily taking it as a compliment. Sanji burns up in flames letting out streams of insults and curses against the green head to which he ignores. His calloused hand wraps around y/n’s arm pulling her inside and into the bathroom. He can hear the dramatic cries of the three perverts from the lawn area. Sanji, brook, and kin’emon dramatically bang their fists again the floor making nami roll her eyes then look back to her magazine. Robin chuckles lightly, she was glad to see the swordsman show interest in someone, she already knows he has a thing or two for y/n even though he refuses to admit it. Zoro never actually slips up and reveals his interest but this time he was like an open book, it was way too obvious that he was interested in y/n and yet he is still in denial.
They make it to the bathroom, they both stand in the middle of it and that’s when he realizes what he just got himself into, his heart bangs against his chest it feels like it would burst out of his ribcage at any second. She looks at him with that dumb empty look making him guilty of his thoughts, he can’t back off now, can he? His eye looks everywhere except at her face, he already saw her naked but that time was different from right now. He willingly wanted to wash up with her, how stupid can he get. He can’t believe himself, it was definitely because of sanji’s soup! That ero-cook definitely put something in the soup to make zoro act like a dumbass with a slight crush. He bites at his lip nervously finding the courage to look at her but when he finally looks, she is completely unclothed, his eyes bulge out a hand quickly covering his face and he turns around. “What the hell you idiot! Could’ve given me a warning!!” He screams at her, he hears water splashing and peeks between his fingers to find her already sitting down inside the hug tub filled with warm water. His hand lowers from his face and he sighs beginning to strip off of his clothes and accepting what he got himself into.
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Pride Icons Part 34
As always reblogs/credit are nice but not needed.
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Tumblr media
we’re finally seeing this scene next episode 🤣🤣 i loled myself too much in this scene lmao
(im mostly excited to see marco in a silly goofy face)
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Screencap redraw of Baron Omatsuri
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Tumblr media
ONE PIECE x ep 91
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cranberrycore · 2 months ago
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it’s incurable
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deadbutnostink · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Panel redraw! ^^
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Tumblr media
cotton candy thieves!!!!
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Tumblr media
More pics here:
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sydbarrett46 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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zoros-bandana · a month ago
Strawhats + Text Posts
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ bonus
Tumblr media
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kurrpip · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Star Wars actor AU part 3. A little more all over the place in the timeline than the other 2.
After 7 seasons, their tactic for jedi catching their lightsaber with the force is still for someone off-camera to throw it at them. 
After take 13 Ahsoka just decides to join the dark side.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 4
Part 5
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some brook things cuz I love hiM
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I've been too busy lately BUT i've seen this lil guy...
Tumblr media
And i ask of simple things okay...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Simple things...
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
let's take a moment to appreciate luffy's drawing skills that just keeps on improving PRECIOUS
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