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A rant because I need to rant :)

So, hi. This’ll probably be long, but I got a lot of time on my hands, I’m currently recovering from a surgery I had today. Thank you for your prayers and all to ones who I’ve told and in advance to the people finding out from this post. :)

Since some of us are being quarantined and working or doing school from home, we’re having our own problems, right? Either teachers not teaching or your bosses and coworkers are not being nice or fair. Trust me, I’ve had problems with school. I’m in 9th grade, a freshman in high school. And I’ve had my problems with this one teacher and his class. So if you’re all ready to stick around, thanks for the stay :)

Obviously for privacy reasons, I’m going to keep his name sealed. Unless you all want his name, just dm me or even ask me in a public chat if I’m in it with you. He’s a chorus teacher. But this all pretty much started around October, about a week or two before my childhood dog passed away. Obviously in my bio, I wrote that I sing. And I do! And I used to love my voice a lot. So when I had to sing something (Caro Mio Ben to be exact), these two boys (one of them eventually became one of my close friends and we’ve forgotten about it) started laughing at me. It didn’t bother me then, but now it bothers me a bit now. My chorus teacher stopped them and lectured the whole class. And that was pretty much the only nice thing he’s done for me, the rest of things I’ll mention are things that have happened to me and my friends who are in chorus.

So in November 2019, he called my dad. And it caused my dad to get super mad at me. But guess what? My chorus teacher lied to him. Lied to him. So, naturally, I got mad. He claimed that I didn’t do any of my assignments, yet, I had grades for them. He then kicked me out of our winter concert, which was the following month. He also called me out for sending a wrong recording, but I emailed him when I realized it and asked him if I could send the correct recording. He never responded. I was forced to send it without confirmation from him. And he still gave me an F.

Then a month later, December 2019, our winter show occurred. The show was December 13th, 2019. 2 days before the concert, he let me back into the show. And what’s sad was my poor family had to rush around and get me jewelry and find stuff to tailor my dress with. I only sang two songs. The intro and the outro. People who were in this thing called caroling completion got to sing more than one song. And people who got a good grade on their aria (which is the Caro Mio Ben thing I mentioned previously) got to have a solo. Mind you, my aria was 3 days after my dog of 9 years passed away. I never told him, but I wasn’t even in the right headspace. Luckily I told my friends, but it was already too late.

Then in January 2020, he started preparing us for this competition called MPA (I believe it stands for Music Performance Assesmemt). So I sent him a recording, which wasn’t my greatest, but I didn’t know how to sing the song correctly, I tried my best to sing it correctly. In solfege too. The song was O’ Praise The Mighty Lord. So the morning after I sent it, he called me and about 10 other students into his office. He kicked 3 boys out of MPA because they had an F in his class, he never gave them the chance to bring their grade up and to possibly join the competition again. Then he threatened the other people that if they sent another late recording, they’d get kicked out. And as for me, he was mad at me. He was mad that I had my pitches wrong. He threatened to kick me out of the competition if I sent another bad recording. He never helped me. I never sent a recording after that because I was scared to, in all honesty. He never helped me correct my pitches. Isn’t a teachers job supposed to help you? I never got help.

During the course of practicing MPA, one of my close friends got kicked out of the competition. And you want to know why she got kicked out? She didn’t know a lyric. A lyric. He never helped her. He yelled at her in front of the class for not knowing a lyric and he ripped up field trip form in front of the entire class. Her parents were beyond mad.

So, that left me and her, along with five other students to learn an aria called Per La Gloria D’adorarvi. And we were supposed to learn off of YouTube. And by the way, YouTube doesn’t help much, especially with singing. He never helped us until March 9th, 2020, which was 4 days before the actual performance. 4 days before. YouTube barely helped us. So the day he helped us, he only helped 4 of us, me and my three other friends. Two people never got helped form him and one person showed up late, so they got their lesson on another day.

The first person who went was my friend that got kicked out of MPA for not knowing a lyric. And her lesson went fine. The second girl who went, also my friend, was very nervous. And you know what he told her? He told her to stop acting like a pretty girl. And there’s proof of it too, if she still has it, she recorded the whole thing. The third girl who went, who’s been my friend since middle school, was told to change her attitude if she wanted to stay in chorus for the following school year. Then it was me, I was the last person to get help. Mind you, YouTube didn’t help me much. I couldn’t get past the first page. And he got very mad that I couldn’t get past the first page. Remember MPA from earlier? He asked me if I felt left out and he said I should’ve felt left out. What teacher says that? I have a recording of him saying that to me too, if I didn’t delete it.

Then March 13th came and I didn’t sing at all. But I had a reason. Not only did I not learn the lyrics (because how are you supposed to learn pitches and lyrics in less than 4 days?), my throat was also hurting. And you cannot sing when your throat hurts. You could possibly hurt yourself that way. So I got an F for that. And that same week, he gave me a referral without warning. You’re supposed to get a warning.

And now with the virtual school, he’s lying (again) by saying I’m not doing anything, yet he’s given me grades for the assignments I apparently haven’t done. He’s been doing voice lessons for the last 2 months but I haven’t attended even one lesson because I’m genuinely scared to. No student shouldn’t be scared.

He wants chorus to be your top priority. He wants his class to be your top priority, not your other classes.

So, if you stayed this long, thank you for listening to my rant. I know it’s pretty lengthy, but this has been the last 7 months of my life. And other students too. It’s been hell. It’s truly a nightmare.

And, if any of my followers or if any random person sees this and lives in the Miami area, I DO NOT recommend going to the chorus program at Robert Morgan Educational Center. I’ve had a terrible experience and so has other students. Though we are in the middle of a global pandemic, this teacher deserves to lose his job for the way he treats his students. He treats his favorites with so much respect, and the other students who aren’t his favorites, he’s either nice (but not as nice as he is to his favorites) to them or he’s just simply rude. Again, I recommend not joining it. He and his class are the reason why I hate my voice so much now, I used to love it.

Thank you all for reading and listening. Reblog and like if you want. Who knows, this could spread awareness or something. Stay safe out there everyone!

~ Lexi ♥️

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Tal Vez el Sol (EP Version)
Día de grabar voces
Casi terminada lml
With: @ixadvenom y @gabsaxlira

#talvezelsol #chavapulido #antesdeldesfile #2020 #chorus #voice #trc #torreonchido #cool #death #love #ep #originalsongs #originallyrics #rockmexicano #rockalternativo #coros (en Torreon, Mexico)

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Whoooo boy I have my first choral audition like. Ever. And I am nervous as hell. I don’t know anything about picking a piece and it’s gotta be within 1:30 and I don’t know anything about trimming music down and I am freaking out :”) I’ve tried looking up good audition songs for tenors but every one I can find is over the time limit, anyone able to tell me the basics about this stuff?

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