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#chris Evans
sudsevans · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
CHRIS EVANS at Disney World.
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weheartchrisevans · 10 hours ago
via Scott Evans' Instagram story.
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rainbowkisses31 · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chris and Mickey!!!
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sudsevans · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chris Evans social distancing with Mickey Mouse at Disney World.
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the-iceni-bitch · 15 hours ago
Wonderful and Warm
Way too Nice
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP- ninja and puppy)
Words: ~1.5 k
Summary: You and Ransom arrive at the resort and break in your villa.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (fingering, f receiving oral sex, unprotected vaginal sex, cream pie, dirty pictures, outdoor sex, multiple orgasms), fluff, idiots in love, I’m a big old tease, SMUT!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: They’re so adorable, you guys!! The fluff with them is going to kill me before the year is out. At least I can take you all with me.
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!
Tumblr media
You couldn’t stop giggling while Ransom nibbled on your jaw as the cart drove you to your villa, slapping his chest playfully when he tried to pull you into his lap as you kept an eye on the driver who was pointedly not looking at you. Apparently your accommodations were well away from the rest of the family, the cart going halfway around the mountain before finally coming to a stop in front of a tucked away villa surrounded by gorgeous trees and flowers.
“Fuck me.” You whistled when you followed the attendant into the foyer, walking all the way back through the open air lounge until you reached the back patio and exclaiming some more. “Shit, look at this view!”
“I see it.” Ransom couldn’t stop staring at you as he walked to join you outside, winding his arms around you from behind and nuzzling at your neck as he let out a pleased hum. “Beautiful.”
“Yeah. Stop, I wanna wash the plane off me before we start fooling around. This is so damn nice.” You slipped off a sandal and dipped your toes into the warm water of the infinity pool, sighing when you looked at the swing that was hanging over the water. “Too nice. I’m gonna have to talk to Harlan about this, we can’t ask him to pay for all this. What, are you gonna pro…”
He couldn’t let you finish that thought, very aware of the ring he’d hidden in his luggage and fighting off a wave of panic. So he did the first thing he thought of and dove into the pool with you still wrapped in his arms while you let out a shriek.
“What the fuck are you doing?!” You slapped his chest and arms as the two of you rose above the water again, shoving him off when he tried to kiss you while he laughed heartily. “You goddamn asshole.”
“What? We’ve gotta break this whole villa in, figured the pool was a good place to start.” He finally caught you and started pressing kisses all over the curve of your neck, grinning when he felt you relax in his arms as the two of you floated lazily in the water. “C’mon, with the sunset and everything? Lemme see how pretty that sweet little pussy looks in this light, bet it’s better than the damn view.”
“You fucking sweet talker.” You couldn’t stop from grinning when he nibbled on your ear, wrapping your body around his as he swam both of you towards the edge of the pool. “You wanna see your girl, puppy?”
“Always, goddamn.” He set you on the edge of the edge of the pool and growled when he struggled to pull your soaked clothes off you, regretting his impulse to jump into the pool now. “She fucking needs me.”
He finally got your leggings and panties off and whined when you spread your legs to frame his shoulders, biting at the insides of your thighs and purring as he watched you throb right in front of his face. You ran your fingers through his wet hair as he started pressing open mouth kisses all over your cunt, slurping up the slick that was leaking out of you with greedy moans as he worked you over methodically.
It hardly took anything for him to get you to the state he wanted you in, your folds puffy and swollen and flushed with heat after only a few minutes of soft attention from him. When he pulled the soft petals of your sex apart and dragged his tongue over your slit in a heavy stripe you collapsed back on your elbows, whimpering pathetically as arousal poured out of you until his face was coated in it.
A deep, appreciative groan made his lips vibrate against you when he dove in deeper, spearing his tongue as far as he could into your tight hole and curling it until he felt you shiver for him. The way his face was pressed against you had his nose rubbing against your swollen clit, the tiny bud throbbing against him as he kept fucking you with his tongue while you rolled your hips into his face.
When he dragged his tongue out of you and replaced it with a nimble finger, wrapping his lips around your clit and sucking gently at the same time, your whole body arched violently into his face. The sharp cry that fell from your lips only spurred him on, pushing himself knuckle deep and stroking your walls softly until he found that perfect spot that had your heels thumping against his back.
“Ran, oh god, Ran.” Your thighs snapped close around his ears when he added a second finger, his hand and his lips working in tandem to make your squirm against his mouth. “I’m… I’m gonna… fuck!”
He didn’t even move his face when he muttered “do it” into your cunt, groaning when you started fluttering and pulsing around his fingers as even more sweet nectar flowed out of you to be lapped up by his eager tongue. His fingers kept stroking that sweet spot as you rode it out, making your whole body quake with bliss as you let out a wanton shriek that seemed to echo off the side of the mountain.
As soon as he felt you sag against the deck he was peeling off his soaked sweats in a frenzy, pulling himself out of the water in a rush and stretching his whole body over yours as he smashed his lips to yours desperately while you clutched at his shoulders. There wasn’t any chance for you to even take a breath before he was plunging into you, his hips meeting yours with one vicious thrust that had you crying into his mouth as your limbs wrapped around him on instinct.
“That’s it, my good fucking girl.” He gave a dirty grind against you and you wailed, your nails digging into the bunching muscles of his back as he started slamming into you like a man possessed. “Fuck, I love this hungry little pussy, gonna keep her well fed the whole fucking week. Tell me who she belongs to, baby.”
“Unh… mm… your pussy, Ran.” You tilted your head back and gasped when he slid a hand under your hips and tilted you slightly, the way he was hitting you so fucking deep making it feel like your insides were constantly being rearranged. “Ransom…”
“I know, honey, all mine.” He traced the curve of your jaw with his tongue before pressing wet kisses along the column of your throat, purring when he felt you starting to tremble in his arms. “And this is your fucking cock, so you’d better keep him nice and warm and wet. Come for me, now.”
You let out a hoarse whine as you gave yourself over, your muscles quivering and releasing as you gushed all over Ransom’s cock and squirted against his abs. He sank his teeth into your jaw and growled as he followed you, his hips stuttering as he shot his warm cum against your fluttering walls while you painted desperately underneath him.
When you were finished the two of you collapsed against each other, your chests heaving in complementary rhythms as Ransom nuzzled at the hollow of your throat and let out a quiet hum of satisfaction. You smiled when he moved his face back to yours and rubbed his nose against your own, his cheeks flushed and a slightly wild look in his eyes that was covered up slightly by his hair falling across his face. He was beautiful.
“Don’t move.” He gave you a peck on the lips before rising to his feet, wobbling a little as he wandered to where he had set down his phone while you just laughed softly.
“Ran, seriously?” You were still grinning when he slid back into the water and held his phone carefully above the lapping waves, wading to where you were still spread open obscenely at the edge of the pool. “You and your fucking photos.”
“Don’t act like I didn’t warn you.” He grinned as he nipped at the inside of your thigh, snapping a picture of his cum leaking out of your swollen cunt in the golden evening light and humming appreciatively. “You think you can sit up? I want one with your tits in the shot.”
“Fucking perv.” You nudged his shoulder with your toe as you sat up and leaned on wobbly arms, arching your back in that way he loved as he got his shot and let out a low moan. “So this is gonna be a thing, then?”
“Yep.” He popped the p and tossed his phone back on one of the lounge chairs before pulling you closer, winding his arms around your waist and floating backwards with his lips pressed to yours so the two of you could watch the sun set at the opposite edge of the pool. “I’m thinking we’re gonna a get a shot of that sweet little pussy every hour for the next day, wanna figure out which light she looks best in.”
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weheartchrisevans · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
ontheredcarpet: @ChrisEvans (AKA Captain America) celebrated the holidays with @mickeymouse at the Magic Kingdom in @WaltDisneyWorld in Lake Buena Vista, FL. (Photo: Matt Stroshane)
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rogersevans · 22 hours ago
The Moment
Summary: The moment Frank Adler realised he was hopelessly, irretrievably in love with you.
Notes: 18+ Minors DNI
authors note: i got this idea after seeing @twerkforambrose’s gifted gif set, especially the last one. so, thank you for the inspiration. i wrote this at 4:30am this morning, so i hope you guys enjoy it.
Tumblr media
Frank Adler was a difficult person to read, always had been. He grew up in the shadow of his sister, her unique intelligence and witty personality commanding the attention of every room she entered. 
He learnt that keeping quiet gave him the easy, laid back life he so wanted. 
Not to be bothered by his mother’s pestering or belittling. 
The news of his sister ending her life came in the early hours of the morning, he was awoken by the shrill ring of his mobile. His mother’s wails blaring through as he held the phone at a distance. 
On one hand he was angry at his sister, now that she was gone their mother had no one to focus her passive aggressive pursuits on except him. Until Mary turned 7. Frank knew the moment he met her in delivery room 7 years ago that she would take after her mom in every way. Evelyn knew this. Their one eyed cat, Fred, knew this. And he was determined to make sure that she didn’t get her claws hooked into his niece. Not like she did with his sister.
You had appeared in his world like a glitch. All of a sudden you weren’t there and then in a blink of an eye, there you stood. Despite all his attempts to send you running you stayed. By his side and squeezing his hand the way when you knew he was stressed or annoyed, keeping him calm and never relenting. 
The first time he thought of loving you was fleeting. 
Scared that it was too soon.
Scared you were too good for him. 
But he couldn’t ignore the way his heart swelled as you protected and defended them, without even a second thought. The world slowly regaining its colour after being in the dark for so long, you at the centre of that.
Evelyn had shown up, an ever-growing and demanding presence in all your lives. She didn’t like you, that much was clear. Thought Frank could do better. Didn’t like that you encouraged Mary to be herself, to attend a normal school, surround herself with kids her own age. You helped Mary find her voice, something Evelyn hated when the kid discovered the confidence to tell her grandmother ‘no’.
You had made a point to stay out of the family drama, not to insert yourself. Whenever she turned up on Frank’s doorstep you would scoop Mary up in your arms, Fred normally following closely behind, and take her out into the backyard. It had become such a norm that when Evelyn turned up today Mary was by your side before she stepped her Jimmy Choo heel across the threshold. And you had planned to take Mary away, you had every intention to do the right thing. 
But the bleach blonde older woman was making that hard, her insensitive comments setting your teeth on edge, practically grinding them in irritation. Frank had clocked the way you lingered, the way Mary was pulling at your hand. But it was like you were stuck, unable to move because you knew if you did you would take one giant step to give her the smack she’s been asking for since stepping foot inside.
“Sweetheart,” he tried gently, his hand falling to the small of your back, his thumb rubbing small circles against it. 
“You know what,” you started, easing out of both Mary and Frank’s grip. “I’m sick and tired of hearing you drone on about how Frank needs to the ‘right thing for Mary’, how what he’s doing for her isn’t enough-”
“It isn’t.” She simply argued back but her face never changed, not even a flick of emotion as she gave you a glance over, her stare disapproving.  
“Putting her in an environment that she isn’t used to is? Taking her away from the only family she’s known is? Using her intelligence to get what you want?” With every question you took a step closer to the blonde, your tone never wavering. “Frank, take Mary out of the room because what I’m about to say she shouldn’t hear.” Your eyes never leaving her.
You could hear the shuffle of Frank grabbing Mary and the soft click of the door opening and shutting, knowing he’d taken her into the back garden. 
“I’m dying to hear what you have to say.” She sarcastically baited you, and you fell for it.
“You’re so concerned with pushing your beliefs onto your granddaughter, the same you did with your daughter and look where that got you. Your daughter hated you so much that the only way she knew to escape you was by ending her life.” You knew your words were harsh, uncalled for, but you needed this woman to understand that as long as you were around Mary was protected.
Frank had left Mary on the swing, Fred in her lap as she stroked him, lifting him to snuggle her face against his fur, something she did when she felt anxious. Now stood in the kitchen, one eye on the window that displayed Mary in the yard and the other on the door that lead to the living room. But he didn’t need to be in the room to hear you, the walls were thin and you spoke with such conviction that he wouldn’t be surprised if Mary could hear you.
“I may not be married to your son, but they’re my family. I adore them both. Hell will freeze over before I let you get your claws into that little girl,” you watched as she scoffed, her perfectly manicured fingers falling to her hips. 
“Please, you’re just someone my son is using to keep his dick warm at night. A mere after thought. You have no say.” Her words were like poison, spoke with such certainty.
“Maybe.” You shrugged, unfazed by her insults. “Try it.” You threatened, leaving Evelyn confused. “Continue your pursuit of putting her in college, continue your pursuit of taking her away from Frank... I dare you.” The last three words sent a shiver down Evelyn’s spine. The darkening of your eyes made it clear you weren’t past psychical violence. “I’d go to the ends of the earth to protect them both, especially from you. And if I didn’t believe that Mary needs all the family she can get around her, you’d be out of this house and on your ass quicker than you can blink.” 
Frank stood there shocked, blinking at nothing as he processed your threat to his mother. No one had ever stuck up for him like that, not since his sister. Your relationship was only five months old but in that moment he could see a future with you. The bigger house, the white pickett fence, maybe another cat or even a dog, he could practically feel the gold band that would sit on his ring finger one day burning his skin. 
He loved you. 
But he pushed the feeling down to the pit of his stomach, he couldn’t tell you that, it was too early and he didn’t want to scare you away. You meant too much to him. Plus, Mary would kill him if he messed this up, he’d never hear the end of it. 
Tumblr media
The second moment he felt that all too familiar feeling explode in his chest was a month later. It was in the dead of night, the room dark with the exception of the street lights peaking through the blinds. 
His room was filled with your soft and quiet moans as you slowly rode him. 
Watching you throw your head back, your hair cascading down your back and tickling his thighs, as you rotated your hips in the way that drove him to the point of no return. Your eyes locking onto his when you lifted your head back up, like they were searching his soul, memorising every single part of it. 
Giving his chest a gentle push until his back hit the soft mattress, you slowly following, chests pressed together as you grabbed both of his wrists, holding them above his head. 
“Frank,” you whined quietly when his hips thrusted, pushing himself further into you at a slow pace.
A deep growl rumbled in his chest, you could feel it, sending vibrations through your own. You were close, he could feel you clenching around him, tight and warm. 
“Fuck, sweetheart.” He moaned out, your eyes never leaving each other, wriggling one hand out of your - not so tight - grip and cupping your cheek, holding your face close to his. Noses nudging against each other. 
The realisation that this time felt different, every nerve ending in his body tingling with every touch, hit him hard. It’s normally quicker, louder and harder. He was giving you everything, his entire being. He’d never felt so vulnerable and yet so connected to someone. The warmth bloomed in his chest, his heart now increasing with speed for an entirely different reason. 
You weren’t fucking, you were making love. “I...” 
He’d almost said it, almost told you he loved you in the throes of passion. But he didn’t want you to think he was only saying it because he was currently balls deep inside you. He didn't want you to question it. Not when so much was a stake. 
Your breath hitched in your throat at his almost confession, you thought he was going to say it, tell you he loved you. You wanted him to, desperately. You loved Frank. You had for a while and you only felt yourself falling further into that pit. It consumed you. Frank had such a hold on your heart that you couldn’t break even if you wanted to. 
You had tried to tell him, hinting to it like tonight because you were too scared he’d reject you or tell you it’s too soon. You thought making love to him would give you any inclining that he felt the same. And it did.
When you saw his eyes light up when you came undone around him. Releasing the hand you were still holding and using both to hold his face. Foreheads pressed together, noses nudging and breaths fanning over each others faces as his hips chased his own high, releasing his seed into you with one more push. 
Tumblr media
The third time came over him hard, never leaving after that, finding a place to settle in his heart, slowly taking over.
Mary wasn’t happy, she’d had a bad week at school. She wasn’t having the best of luck at making friends, knowing they made fun of her when teachers weren’t looking. Not to mention that she was adjusting to a routine she wasn’t used to. Change wasn’t something she welcomed lightly.
You and Frank remembered how she responded when you started to become more present in her life. Locking herself in one of Frank’s customers boats... For seven hours. It took you coaxing her out with the promise that you would follow a schedule, it wasn’t that Mary didn’t like you, she adored you. But change made her nervous and when she was nervous she would act out, not knowing how to handle to overwhelming feeling. 
This was one of those times. 
You had noticed the burden building on her over the course of the week, you had tried to ease it by planning out the week after school with her, letting her pick the meals you would cook for dinner. Mac and cheese most nights, much to Frank’s dismay. 
Frank was kneeling in front of his niece, her arms flying around as he held her arms gently. It only took one mention of Frank suggesting something different for dinner, not being able to bring himself to eat more mac and cheese, and the floodgates opened. 
“I hate you!” She screamed. “I hate you for making me go to school! I hate school!!” The sound of her small palm connecting to his cheek made you both freeze. Mary continued her assault to his chest, her tiny fists pounding it as tears streamed down her cheeks.
You watched as Frank started to loose his temper, his patience slowly waining thin, the grip on her arms starting to tighten. It was only when he felt your hand rest on his shoulder that he relaxed. Giving it a quick squeeze, signalling for him to stand and he did, letting you drop to your knees in front of Mary.
“Pumpkin,” you started, your voice soft like velvet as you expertly dodged her fists, that was still flailing around. “Excuse me.” Your voice now stern. “You’re going to hurt someone pumpkin,” your voice soft again once she stopped, letting her hands fall to her sides. Frank’s heart imploding at the nickname you’d given her months previous. “I know you’re angry, I know. I was bullied in school when I was your age, it sucks.” She just nodded her head in agreement. “But, what you don’t do is hurt the people who are trying to help you. You slapped Uncle Frank, what makes you any different from the bullies?” You asked, your voice still soft but now firm as you spoke, her eyes widened at your question.
“I-I didn’t-” her bottom lip started to tremble, eyes starting to well up as she looked up to Frank. “I didn’t mean to hit you,” she now looked at you panicked. “I didn’t mean to hit him! I’m sorry!”
“Listen,” your hands now holding her face, your thumbs wiping away her tears. “You’re not in trouble, you were angry and needed to get it out. That’s fine, but next time may I suggest screaming into a pillow? It works wonders, I promise you.” When she saw you smile at her she let out a small giggle through her tears, nodding her head again. “Now, I know you decided mac and cheese for dinner, but I don’t think Fred is going to survive another night of the cheesy goodness- don’t think I don’t see you feeding him when you think we’re not looking missy.” Using your thumb to boop her nose, making her giggle more. 
Fred sitting on a chair at the table wasn’t something you were both overly happy about, but it got you through the phase of Mary not eating. Him sat beside her encouraged her to eat, wanting dinner to go without a hitch.
“He likes it, it’s his favourite!” She pointed out, her smile growing wider.
“I do make a good mac and cheese, it’s a secret recipe that I’ll have to show you one day.” you watched her eyes light up at your promise. “But why don’t we settle on something different tonight? We’ll let you pick, from the book and everything.”
“Really?!” She squealed when you nodded. “Ok!” 
Within seconds she was running towards the kitchen before stopping dead, you and Frank watched as she turned on her heels and marched over to Frank, tugging his shirt for him to kneel down, which he did. 
“I’m sorry uncle Frank,” she whispered before throwing her arms tightly around his neck. “I didn’t mean to hit you, I’m really sorry.” Leaning back to kiss the cheek she slapped.
“It’s ok squish.” He felt his heart swell at her apology, it was rare that Mary apologised for her behaviour, as kids do. But here she was, in his arms and holding tightly, like she was scared he’d leave if she let go. Apologising. 
You did that. And he couldn’t stop himself from looking over her shoulder at you, still in your crouched position and a broad smile now stretched across your face. 
No one had ever been able to defuse Mary like that before, you’d always let him handle her outbursts, never wanting to overstep your mark. But the way you asked him permission silently before doing so made him happy to back off and let you handle it. He would’ve normally lost his temper with her, both of them shouting at each other until she stomped off to her room. Leaving dinner an awkward occasion. 
When Mary had disappeared to the kitchen to get the recipe book you both stood and Frank took your hand, bringing it to his lips as he brushed light kisses over your knuckles. “That was amazing, you’re amazing.” 
“It was nothin’,” your shrugged as your stomach fluttered at his praise, making the warm feeling bloom in your chest at the feeling of his soft lips against your knuckles. 
He could feel the words forcing themselves up his throat, like word vomit. It’s like he wasn’t in control of the notion as he stared into your eyes. Then you had to rest your hand against his cheek, didn’t you? He leaned into your touch, it burning his skin in a fantastic way, setting his whole body alight. Your touch made him weak, made him nervous and the battle within him was lost. 
“I love you sweetheart,” he heard your breath hitch, watched as your eyes searched his for any hint of uncertainty, but there was none, not when it came to you. “I’ve loved you for a long time, longer than I realised. I love the way you smile,” his heart fluttered as you smiled, right on cue. “I love the way you stick up for Mary, like she’s your own. How you stood up to my mother-”
“You heard?” You gasped when he nodded.
“Hell yeah I heard, it was sexy as hell, took everything in me not to take you up those stairs and fuck you.” He bit his lip as he brought you against his chest. “I love how your cheeks blush whenever I pay you a compliment, no matter how big or small.” He said, poking the apple of your cheeks with his index finger. “I love the way you laugh, or how you say my name when I’m buried-”
“Frank!” You scolded lightly, looking over your shoulder to make sure Mary wasn’t within earshot, giggling when you felt his lips trail wet kisses along your jaw and down your neck. 
“I love you, you’re it for me.” He repeated.
Now looking deep into his blue, ocean like, eyes, you reached up onto the tips of your toes, your arms snaking around his neck and your lips ghosting over his as you spoke. “I love you to, Frank. You’re it for me to, you and Mary. My entire world. It consumes me, a tie I never want severed. You have my heart Frank Adler.” Was all you could get out before Frank’s lips smashed against yours, the force knocking you slightly but the hold he had on your hips held you there. 
“Finally!” Mary spoke up, breaking the moment between you both. “Me and Fred had a bet that you would chicken out,” her eyes narrowing in on Frank. “And we’d have to do it for you... I owe Fred a fish.” She grumbled, making you laugh out loud and Frank shake his head as you both watched her walk past you and over to the table where she sat with the recipe book. 
“That reminds me,” now turning to face you both, still in each others arms, a look of concern flashing across her face. “Where can we get a fish?”
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sudsevans · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ok there cutie. 
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slut4buckysarm · 9 hours ago
Forget the Game - Neighbor!Chris
MAIN MASTERLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT (fingering, edging, f orgasm 2x, m orgasm, thigh riding, nipple play, d in v, unprotected sex, ass slapping, car sex) language.
ALL mistakes are my own.
Do NOT copy, repost, translate or rewrite my fics!!.
I admire every single comment, reblog, follow, and like to a great extent :).
Tumblr media
(gif not mines)
You wake up to the sound of banging at your door and wrap your blanket around yourself. Annoyed grunts leave your mouth as you drag your feet to your front door. As soon as you open it, you see Chris standing in front of you in his boxers.
"Chris?" you mumble, rubbing your eyes.
He shoves his way inside your apartment and shuts the door behind you. "Shhh! Shhh!" he whispers with a finger to his lips. "You're being too loud".
"Oh, so the banging was... quiet"?
Chris plops himself on your sofa and turns the tv on. You move your body in front of him and throw your arms in the air, confused.
"I like your blanket".
"What are you doing here, Chris, and why are you in your boxers"?
He stands up, walks towards you, and grabs the blanket from around your body. "I'm camping out here".
"Why"? you speak, yanking it back.
He looks down to his crotch and then back up to you. It takes you a second to figure out what he's saying but then it clicks.
"Ugh gross"! you shriek.
"What you've never had a one-night stand"?
"No, no I hav- Ok maybe once or twice but I have never run into my neighbor's apartment the next morning wearing nothing but my underwear" you speak through your teeth with your finger in his face, trying to keep your voice down.
Chris uses his finger to move yours out of his face and his concentration shifts to the tv. "Hey, you wanna go to a football game with me?" he asks, spinning you to face the tv with his hands on your waist.
You fix your shirt and knock a tune on Chris' door. "Chris!" you yell after about a minute of waiting, "Chris open the damn-" the doorknob twisting interrupts your yelling session.
"Hey!" Chris smirks down at you with only his head peeking out the door.
You push the door further open and quickly understand why he didn't completely open it. Chris pads over to his bedroom and your eyes can't seem to lose contact with the white towel hanging low at his waist. His body glistens with water and his brown locks curl at the ends due to the moisture and man, does he look hot.
He reaches his closet and you run your eyes over his perfect body. You shouldn't feel this way about him, he's your neighbor but how could anyone not.
"Y/F/N, helloooo?" he waves his hands in front of your face and you snap back to reality.
"I asked if that was what you were going to wear" he chuckles grabbing a hanger out of the closet. You tug at the hem of your shirt and clear your throat. "Yeah, um is there something wrong with it"?
"Is there something wrong with- yes there's something wrong with it!" he laughs, taking a jersey off of the hanger. "We're going to a football game and you've not dressed the part".
Chris hands you the navy blue top and leaves the room with a pair of black pants, a blue t-shirt, and a red hoodie. "I was going to wear that for good luck but you're kind of in desperate need of some sportswear so you can wear it today" he smiles at you before closing the door.
You walk into Chris' living room and see him leaning on the wall. "Is this better?" you speak sarcastically. He stares at you for a second and at that moment you feel something for him. Something so raw. Something so- "Yeah, much better" he smirks as he hooks his arm into mines and guides me out the door.
The sound of fans cheering inside of the stadium is deafening but it's not enough to stop the sound of Chris' laughs from reaching your ears. His biceps flex as he curls his arms every time the Patriots score and he smirks every time he hears the fans of the opposing team booing.
You knew nothing about football except the fact that if a player wearing blue runs to the end of the field, football in hand, and the fans on your side yell in excitement, the point number went up on your side of the scoreboard.
"That's a score. That's a score right?!" you yell as you turn to face Chris.
He wraps his arms around your body and hoists you off of the ground, the cool air causing your skin to goosebump where your jersey had been lifted. "Yes!! Yes, it's a score!!" he shouts as he puts you back down. The happiness on his face was indescribable. The way his beard moved with every laugh on his face. The way his eyes glimmered every time he caught a glimpse of you staring. It was all indescribable.
When half time was called you rested back in your seat and brought your phone out of your pocket. You opened the camera app and brought the phone closer to Chris' face. "Smile for the gram," you said as you were about to press the 'capture' button but Chris resting his hand on your thigh stops you in your tracks.
You feel your core heat up and moisture between your legs. "Come'n Y/F/N! My cheeks are starting to hurt!" Chris chuckles, but you're not able to process his joke due to the effect his hand alone has on you. The feeling of his warm palm on your bare skin and his fingertips pressed on the inside of your thighs have you unable to tap your finger onto the device.
Chris turns to face you and gives you a slight shake of the head. "Alright, big smile now" he speaks as he grabs the phone out of your hand and snaps the picture. "No wait!!" you yell trying to take the phone back from him but he won't hand it over until he's seen the picture.
"I look good in this. You on the other hand..." he scrunches his face together in an attempt to figure out why you were looking down at your shorts in the photo. "I'm not really sure what you're doing".
"Chris! Hand it back" you say while reaching out to your phone. Chris brings it into the air and away from you. "Uh, uh" he moves his index finger side to side. "Use your pretty words darling".
Darling. That name has your mind spiraling. You press your thighs together and look down to your lap, a wet stain patch right in between your legs. "Wait a minute..." Chris mumbles as he notices it. He zooms into your shorts on the picture and widens his eyes as he sees the white cloth having a blotch causing your red panties to show through a bit.
"Chris I can explain-" you start but Chris doesn't want to hear any of it. He grabs a hold of your wrist and drags you past the crowd of people and into the parking lot. When you reach his car he opens your door and pushes you into the passenger seat. Chris then moves to the driver's side and slams the door when he gets in. "Chris, the game..." you whisper in an attempt to cool down the situation.
Chris looks over at you but his eyes portray something other than worry for the game. They're hungry. Ready to devour. "Forget the game. Take them off. Now" he demands. Without another word being needed to be said, your hands drop down to your waist and you pull your shorts off of your legs. You start to slip your panties off too, but Chris grabs your hand making your body jerk to face him.
"Did I tell you to take them off?" he questions.
You slightly shake my head and look up at him through your lashes. "Use your voice. Did I tell you to take them off?" he asks again, his voice now more stern than before.
"No" you pout your lips.
He hoists you up from your seat and places you onto his thigh. You look him in the eyes and wait for instructions on how to proceed.
"What're you waiting for? Go on. Make yourself feel good" he chuckles, paying no attention to you whatsoever.
With that, you start rolling your hips. The contact of your clit to his jeans makes you moan in pleasure. "Fuck" you whimper as the coil in your stomach tightens but not even that tempts Chris. All he does is flip his baseball cap around, lean back in his seat, and bring his hands to the back of his head making sure to keep his eyes locked with yours.
"Shit Chris" you moan, placing your hands on his shoulders for some balance.
You keep grinding down on him and you reach down to move your panties to the side to allow more association with the fabric on his legs but he grabs your wrist and brings it back to his shoulder with a 'tsk'.
As you get closer and closer to the edge, your movements get sloppier and sloppier. You rest your forehead in the center of his chest and pray for your release to come quick and just when you're there, about to fall off the edge, you feel his huge hands grip your waist and stop you in your tracks.
"Chris!" you shriek, looking up to face him. "What the hell? I was so close"!
He moves his right hand to your face and moves a sweaty lock of hair behind your ear. "Oh, you didn't think I was going to make it that easy were you?" he chuckles in my face before guiding me to the backseat. Chris stays seated in the driver's seat until he pulls his pants down. He then takes his hoodie oof hauls his shirt off of his torso in one quick move.
Chris moves to where you am in the backseat and pushes you to lay down with your back flat against the seats. He hovers over your body and presses his lips onto yours. "Chris" you moan into his mouth. He swirls his tongue in your mouth and bites your bottom lip.
You hiss at the pain but it feels so good. So good that it feels more like pleasure. "My fault" Chris smirks, as he sucks your bottom lip, relieving some of the pain.
Chris teases you by pulling the waistband of your lace panties and letting them go, leaving a burning sensation on your hips. "Chris. Needa' feel you inside me" I mutter as he moves his kisses to your neck. Chris sucks on your sweet spot and you slightly arch your back.
You buck your hips to meet Chris' and grind slowly, feeling his cock pressed against your cunt. "Patience darling" he groans into your ear and he pulls your panties off of your legs.
Chris brings his middle and ring finger to your pussy and moves your folds open all while spreading the mixture up and down your slick. You moan as he dips his warm fingers into your cunt and part your lips as he starts to pump in and out of you.
"So pretty" Chris states as he takes a look at your cunt, it now glimmering under the ray of sunlight.
You can feel the sound of the fans inside of the stadium in your chest and you move your left hand to bring Chris' face down to yours. He places gentle kisses along your jawline and you feel yourself coming close to your release.
"Chris, feels so good" you moan, arching your back.
"I know. I know it does sweetheart." he smiles as he starts to pump faster than before.
Your hair sticks to your sweat-covered forehead but you can't be bothered to move it. Not when your this close.
"Shit- I'm close Chris. I'm so fucking close" You exclaim, grabbing the back of his neck for some connection to reality.
"Be a good girl and cum for me then yeah"?
Another curl of Chris' fingers is all it takes for you to release. Chris keeps his fingers inside of you for a moment, giving you time to roll your hips and ride out your high.
Once you catch your breath, Chris removes his boxers and moves under you. He props your body over his and grabs his already hard cock in his hand. He gives it a few pumps, making sure that his precum coats his cock completely.
You take your arms and cross them over to the opposite side of your waist but just as you're about to remove Chris' jersey from your body he stops you. "No, keep it on. Wanna see you wearing my clothes while you come undone baby".
He looks up at you and smiles. "You ready?" he asks, getting a nod from you in return. You grip his thick cock around your fingers and move him inside of yourself.
Chris gives you a few seconds to adjust before placing his hands onto your hips and working them back and forth. His groans are music to his ears as your moans are to his.
"Fuck darling. Y'make me feel soo good you know that"?
All you can manage to do is a nod in response as your head falls back and your hands travel up his sweaty abs. They finally rest at his pecks and you whimper as his cock twitches inside of you.
"Chris fuck" you scream his name like prayer as his grip tightens around you.
Chris' hands travel under your top and he massages your boobs with his tender hands. You arch your back and start to move faster as he squeezes your nipple.
"Shit Y/F/N" he growls under his breath. "So needy for me huh"?
You clench down on him earning a slap on my ass and you know that you're both so close.
"Chris don't stop. Please don't stop" you yell as he massages the red spot on your ass. "I'm so fuck close".
"Cum with me darling. Let's do this together, alright?" he speaks, his baby blue eyes piercing through your Y/E/C ones.
You nod your head and you both release simultaneously, you screaming his name and him moaning out the deepest groan you've ever heard.
His warm cum filling you up mixed with your juices feels heavenly and you both know that this isn't the last time you were going to go to a football game.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Wonderful and Warm
Breakfast in Bed
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP ninja and puppy)
Words: ~1.3k
Summary: Ransom does not appreciate being interrupted while he’s having his breakfast.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (f receiving oral sex, overstimulation, pleasure dom Ransom, multiple orgasms, mentions of m receiving oral, coming untouched, messy eating, kinda bimbofication, kinda caught kink, coitus interruptus?) idiots in love, aftercare, soft Ransom, switches, Thrombeys being nosey and judgy, SMUT!! 18+ ONLY!!
A/N: I forgot how much of a treat dom Ransom is, I want him to blow my back out and turn me into an idiot. 🥴🥴
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!
Tumblr media
“Ran… oh fuck… ‘m coming again.” Your voice was a mumbled slur when you slapped lazily at his head, your overworked muscles quivering as your ninth orgasm in two hours raged through your system.
He just grunted into your cunt when you fluttered against his face again, drinking deep when your release gushed over his tongue as you let out an exhausted moan and sagged into the mattress. You couldn’t even move your eyes to look at him when he finally detached himself from you, his chest heaving when he sucked air down greedily and rested his head on your thigh.
“You still with me, babe?” His own voice was starting to go from how long he’d been eating you out, chuckling when you just mumbled incoherently in response. “Gonna make it an even ten.”
“Nooooooooo…” Your voice trailed off into a thin whine when he buried his face in your core and started pressing sloppy, open mouthed kisses to your drenched pussy, your muscles jolting randomly as you lost yourself in the tortuous pleasure he was inflicting on you. “I can’t.”
Ransom just ignored you, swirling his tongue through your folds and growling at the feel of your swollen cunt throbbing against his face. He started dragging his hips against the mattress when his cock started aching, the sheets already sticky with cum from his earlier releases where he’d lost himself in the heady taste of you.
You were already so close, every nerve in your body singing from the excessive pleasure he was inflicting on you. He was going to make you pass out again, your vision was already starting to tunnel as your back somehow arched into his face in spite of how utterly spent you were.
The sudden knock at the door brought you back a little bit, your eyes fluttering open as you lolled your head on the pillow and dragged your hand to pull softly on Ran’s hair. He just grumbled under his breath before sucking your clit between his lips and making you sob.
“Go ‘way!” He barely disconnected from you to shout at whoever was disturbing your morning, his hips grinding desperately into the bed as he started leaking all over himself. “Fucking busy.”
Whoever was out there was not taking the hint, pounding on the door while Ransom swiped his tongue over your swollen bud as he rutted wildly against the sheets. A hoarse scream ripped from your chest when you came, Ransom following immediately after you when you squirted into his mouth. He groaned when he rolled away from you, resting his head on the inside of your thigh before snarling when the door rattled from your unwelcome visitor.
“The fuck is this? Don’t move, baby, I’ll bring you some water.” He rose off the bed way faster than he should have with how pussy drunk he was, staggering towards the door on wobbly legs and barely catching himself on the edge of the wall so he didn’t keel over. “Interrupting my fucking breakfast.”
He barely remembered to slip a robe over his nakedness before he was storming to the door to wrench it open, rolling his eyes and scowling when fucking Joni was there with an insipid grin on her face. She ducked under his arm and walked into the villa without waiting for an invitation, cooing at how nice everything was and ignoring Ransom’s glare when he left the door open so she’d hopefully just wander back out again.
“Wow, you guys are living it up, how’d you get Harlan to pay for all this?” She gave him a fake little pout and he grumbled, running a hand over his face in frustration.
“What the fuck do you want, Joni?” He had to lean on the wall since he was still a little woozy, groaning when Donna and Walt and Linda and Richard wandered in. “Shit, why are you all here?”
“Relax son, we just wanted to make sure we gave you the opportunity to join us for the sailing and snorkeling tour.” Richard gave him a grin as he looked around the villa, Ransom rolling his eyes because he was starting to get fed up with his father trying to sneak a peek at you. “It’s a family vacation.”
What a load of bull shit, these assholes never wanted to do anything together the rest of the year, why did they try to play the happy family on these stupid trips? He was about to tell them exactly where they could stick their organized activities when they all took in a collective breath, Joni letting out a shocked “oh my god” and Donna turning away with a manufactured swoon while Walt and Linda frowned at him. Ransom’s slow turn became a jolt when he saw you stumbling towards the kitchen without a stitch on, rushing to block you from his family’s judgmental gazes all too late.
“Thirsty.” Your voice was still slurred and hoarse as you leaned against his chest and whined, and he was worried he might have actually broken your brain. “Need food.”
“Baby…” he caught you when you staggered again and pressed his lips to your hair, suppressing a smile when you giggled against his throat. “I said I’d bring you some water, I’ll bring you whatever you want. You shouldn’t be up.”
“Mmkay.” You pressed soft little kisses over his collarbone before grabbing his hair and smashing your lips to his with a dirty moan, squealing when he scooped you up to carry you back to the bed. “Pretty puppy, ‘m gonna suck that big dick when you come back to bed.”
“Yeah, gonna feed you some real food first though.” He could almost forget about his family’s interruption when you nibbled on his neck and played with his hair, kissing you gently when he set you on the bed then immediately feeling his mood sour when he walked back into the foyer and heard Donna murmuring you Walt that she thought he must have drugged you. “We have plans, sorry.”
“Sure son, you kids have fun.” He was going to punch his father in the mouth, that fucking wink making him feel all kinds of slimy. If that man said one word to him about your sex life, he really would do it.
“You positive? It's gonna be a good time.” Joni’s stupid smile fell a little when you called Ransom’s name in a needy whine, his body leaning towards your voice instinctually while he let out a deep sigh.
“I’m sure.” He turned towards the kitchen so he could get you some food and water, ignoring the way Donna and Linda scoffed at him and giving the group a dismissive wave over his shoulder. “Get out.”
They were finally gone when he walked back through the foyer, holding a tray of cheese and grapes as he wandered back into your room. Seeing you all spread out on your stomach with a lazy smile on your face as you propped your head on the pillows had him grinning, crawling next to you and pulling you to lean against his chest as you let out happy little murmurs.
“Baby, come on, just eat a little bit.” He chuckled was you let out a tiny whine as you pressed kisses all over his chest and tried to slide his robe off and mumbled about sucking his cock. “I’ll feed you all the dick you want, but you need real food, that’s a good girl.” He cooed when you took a grape from his fingers, chuckling when you sucked on his digits lewdly. “Don’t need you passing out while we break this fucking bed.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Actors on Actors ✨
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