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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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This is me as Steve Rogers, btw.


That was at Gold Coast Supanova, March 13 2020. Covid had literally just started showing up in cases (at the Gold Coast, of course!) and we all had no clue what was coming. That was the day I started angry singing Happy Birthday To You when washing my hands, and I’ve done it literally every single time since (thanks, Seb)

7 months, and the world is completely different. Still batshit insane, just not in a way I think anyone predicted.

And see what I mean about the lips? I can’t find Chris Evans Pink, and it frustrates the hell outta me!

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From what I can recall, didn’t AH announce his divorce during the same week of the initial hotel pics?? There were rumors that LJ was involved but all of that was overlooked becuase she was spotted with CE. It could have been a distraction. But why post those articles now? Was it becuase she was spotted out with DW and she was already ruining her career?

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I’m wondering, before articles are put out, does the celebrity know? With these new LJ and AH news, did LJ team already know before hand that they will come out? Did CE team already know about it and thats why he posted a second pic of dodger? How does PR work? Does anyone know?? 🧐

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