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chrisevans: 馃槏
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鈥淪tealing movie set props is totally normal.鈥
Chris Evans & Taika Waititi Argue Over The Internets Big Debates | Agree to Disagree
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imagine chilling at the beach and having a beefy dilf walk past you and then turn back to look at u (鈾°儺鈾).
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Big News
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Reader
Summary:聽The Reader has some news she wants to tell Chris but is waiting for the perfect time.
Warnings: Smut 18+ ONLY Minors DNI -聽 Mentions of pregnancy
You had big news, the biggest actually, but you had no idea how to bring it up to Chris. How do you tell someone something this big, this life changing? You had planned on telling him when he had gotten home, but things got so busy you never had the chance. And you wanted the perfect chance. The moment had to be right.
You figured today would be right. So far you had nothing planned, so you could get him alone and tell him your news. Right when you were rehearsing what to say he popped his head in your bedroom.
鈥淗ey, Y/N?鈥
You stopped in mid-sentence, hoping that he didn鈥檛 hear you talking to yourself. 鈥淵eah, babe, what鈥檚 up?鈥
鈥淪cott鈥檚 just invited us to a party at his place.鈥
You groaned, there went your plans for the day; and you really didn鈥檛 want to go out. You hadn鈥檛 been feeling well lately.
鈥淥h, c鈥檓on, you love Scott and Shana will be there too.鈥
鈥淵eah, I was just hoping we could stay in today. We haven鈥檛 had much time together lately.鈥
鈥淚 know, but it won鈥檛 be a big party. Just a few people. We won鈥檛 stay long, I promise.鈥
You sighed and looked down at your sweats and Chris鈥檚 old Patriots shirt you were wearing. 鈥淥kay, give me a minute to get ready.鈥
You鈥檇 just have to find another time.
Well, he was right, it was a pretty laid back party. His brother had just invited some of his friends over and you all were just hanging out talking, drinking and eating. It was nice, but you couldn鈥檛 fully enjoy it because you really wanted to tell Chris your news. Plus you couldn鈥檛 really drink anything.
鈥淗ey, Y/N.鈥 You turned to see Shana standing there, holding one of Chris鈥檚 nieces in her arms. 鈥淐an you watch her for a sec? I gotta step out and make a call.鈥
鈥淵eah, sure.鈥 You held out your arms and the little girl reached out for you eagerly.
You loved kids. Playing with them was so much fun and this little girl was one of the cutest you had seen. She smiled her gummy smile at you and you felt your heart melt. You honestly couldn鈥檛 wait to have one of your own.
As you walked around with her, bouncing her in your arms and talking to her, Chris watched you with his brother. He had a sort of wistful smile on his face.
Scott looked over at him. 鈥淥kay when are you two gonna start having a family of your own? You鈥檝e been married, what, two years? Don鈥檛 you think it鈥檚 time?鈥
鈥淵ou know I do. How long have I wanted kids? But I don鈥檛 wanna push Y/N into something she鈥檚 not ready for. Besides you know she鈥檚 focusing on her career now and I don鈥檛 want to interrupt that.鈥
They looked up at a high pitched squeal from their niece. You were making faces at her now and you both were laughing in delight.
鈥淟ooks like she鈥檚 ready to me.鈥 Scott said simply.
Chris didn鈥檛 say anything, taking another sip of his beer and watching you across the room, still smiling.
You were laughing at Chris as he stumbled through the door. He had had one too many beers and he was being silly. You had driven home and listened to him drunkenly babble on about something or other his friends had done at the party.
You were still trying to figure out how to tell him the news you had, when he said something that really caught your attention.
鈥淥h and you won鈥檛 believe what Scott said to me.鈥 He slurred slightly. 鈥淲e were watching you play with Lizzie and he asked when you and me were gonna have a kid.鈥
You laughed. 鈥淎nd what did you say?鈥
鈥淚 told him that I wanted a kid. You know I do. But I don鈥檛 wanna force you. I know it鈥檚 a big deal and everything.鈥
鈥淭rue.鈥 You agreed.
鈥淏ut like, I really, really do want one, Y/N. Not that I鈥檓 pushing you or anything. But, you know, when are we gonna try? No rush. But you know鈥︹
You had put a finger on his lips to quiet him. He was really babbling now.
鈥淵ou know, how 鈥榖out we talk about this when you鈥檙e sober?鈥
鈥淵eah, yeah sure. I just want you to know that I want one but I鈥檓 not forcing you or anything.鈥
鈥淚 know, baby.鈥 You laughed. 鈥淟et鈥檚 get some sleep, hm?鈥
鈥淥kay鈥 not pushing you or nothing.鈥
You pushed him into the bedroom, laughing at him still babbling about wanting a kid but not rushing you.
鈥淲e鈥檒l talk in the morning, okay? Promise.鈥 You crawled into bed next to him.
鈥淢鈥檏ay. In the morning.鈥
Next thing you knew, he was snoring lightly.
When you rolled over in the morning, you had made up your mind to just tell him. Any time would be the perfect time. Trying to make it special was just prolonging it. Chris was still sleeping, mouth slightly open. You chuckled to yourself.
You made to get out of the bed, when he woke up.
鈥淢orning, sunshine.鈥 You said to him. 鈥淗ow鈥檇 you sleep?鈥
鈥淕ood.鈥 He mumbled.
鈥淪o what do you want for breakfast?鈥 You asked, scooting over closer to him and laying your head on his chest.
鈥淚 want to talk about last night.鈥 He said.
You looked up at him. He had a serious look on his face. 鈥淲hat about last night?鈥
鈥淵ou said, we鈥檇 talk about kids in the morning, and it鈥檚 the morning.鈥
鈥淥kay.鈥 You settled back on the pillows. 鈥淟et鈥檚 talk.鈥
鈥淎lright, umm.鈥 He paused, turning over to look at you. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 really know what else to say. I mean you know how I feel. You know that I want a family, but I know how important your career is. I don鈥檛 want you to feel like you have to stop just because I want a baby.鈥
You nodded.
鈥淏ut it is a big deal to me. We鈥檝e been married two years and I know we鈥檝e talked about having a family.鈥
You nodded again. 鈥淲e did.鈥
鈥淪o, I mean,鈥 he rubbed the back of his neck. 鈥淲hat do we do?鈥
You were quiet for a minute. 鈥淲ell, I think the answer to that question is simple. We have a baby.鈥
鈥淎re鈥 are you serious?鈥 He began to get excited.
鈥淵eah. I am.鈥
鈥淲ow, okay umm when? I mean we can get started working on that now if you want.鈥 He said and reached for you, pulling you back to him.
You laughed and kissed him.
鈥淥h, okay so we鈥檙e starting now.鈥 He said against your lips. He moved his hand down to your waist pulling up the old shirt you wore to bed.
You threw your leg over him and straddled his hips and looked down at him. 鈥淲ell, we don鈥檛 have to start right now.鈥
He sighed, laying back on the pillows, his hands rubbing your thighs, a slightly disappointed look on his face.
鈥淣ah,鈥 you said. 鈥淚 think we should wait on this first one.鈥
He looked up at you in confusion.
鈥淔irst one?鈥
鈥淵eah, I mean wouldn鈥檛 make sense to try for a baby when we already have one on the way. Seems a little excessive, don鈥檛 you think?鈥
You looked down at him, your head cocked to one side, waiting for the news to settle in his mind.
When he finally made sense of what you said, his whole face lit up. 鈥淲e鈥 we鈥檙e gonna have a baby? Like now? You鈥檙e pregnant?鈥
鈥淵es. And Yes!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna be a dad?鈥
You started laughing at him. 鈥淵es, baby, you鈥檙e gonna be a dad.鈥
He sat up so fast he almost toppled you over. You grabbed onto his shoulders to steady yourself.
鈥淥h my god.鈥
鈥淚 know right?鈥 You smiled down at him. 鈥淪o I guess we don鈥檛 have to try鈥︹
鈥淲ell, no鈥 but we can celebrate.鈥 His hands playing with the hem of your shirt that was up over your hips.
鈥淚 like that idea.鈥 You said as he lifted the shirt over your head leaving you in nothing at all.
He cocked an eyebrow at the fact that you had nothing on under your shirt. You giggled at the expression on his face and kissed him sliding your tongue past his lips to deepen the kiss.
As you kissed him he lay back to wiggle out of his sweats and boxers. You lifted your hips to give him room to move. Once his clothes were clear, he grabbed your hips and lowered you slowly onto his hardened dick. You were already so wet from the kiss. You moaned at the pleasurable feel of him inside of you, filling you up.
You began moving up and down on him slowly, enjoying in the feel of him moving in and out of you. You started moving faster, your hands on his chest for leverage, his hands gripping your hips to help you maintain your pace.
He sat up, and kissed you again, deeply. He slid his hands up from your waist to your back, pulling you a bit closer. You kept moving against him, feeling yourself coming closer to your climax. All the while Chris was whispering in your ear.
鈥淐ome on, Y/N, baby. Let go. I feel you. Cum for me baby.鈥
He sld one hand between your bodies to play with your clit. Since it was so sensitive from the friction of your bodies, his touch sent you over the edge and you came with a loud moan of his name.
He rolled your bodied over, so he was on top of you and began moving in and out of you faster. Still stimulated from your orgasm, every drag of his dick inside of you caused you to sigh in pleasure. He was close, you could tell. The thrusts of his hips were becoming erratic. With a groan he came and collapsed on top of you.
After a second he realized he might be crushing you and your unborn child and hastily rolled off of you with an apology. You chuckled and told him it was okay.
You both lay there the thought of the news you had told him still swirling around you. You were about to be parents and there was so much to do.
He rolled over on his side. 鈥淭his is really happening huh?鈥
鈥淵eah it is,鈥 you said smiling.
He scooted over to you and raising himself up on his elbow, looked down at you. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe it.鈥
He placed his hand on your stomach.
鈥淒ad. I鈥檓 going to be a dad.鈥
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Look at him!!
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Captain America: Civil War (behind the scenes)
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Cover Up
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x female reader ?? idk lol
Summary: It鈥檚 late and not safe to drive home. The only possible solution is to stay at Chris鈥 house overnight. But with that masive crush? Yeah, it鈥檚 a pain in the ass...
Warnings: masturbation, use of vibrator, huge crush on Chris, CHRIS (hopefully that鈥檚 all, this is my first rodeo ever, lol)
Wordcount: 2.5k
!!beware of all the mistakes, English is not my native language!!
A/N: Hello and welcome to my first ever story written in English! I鈥檓 very VERY nervous about posting this but since I鈥檝e already put in the work when writing this, it would be a shame if it just stayed in my computer, wouldn鈥檛 it?
A big thanks to @keanureevesisbae for being such a great helper and supporter!聽鉂わ笍
Tumblr media
I hummed and cracked my neck. After hours of sitting in one position it was stiff as hell and my back wasn鈥檛 doing any better. I sighed and leaned back in the chair in the dining area of Chris鈥 house.
鈥淚 think we鈥榬e done for today,鈥 Chris said and finished his fourth bottle of beer. I hummed in agreement and closed my eyes for a second to give them some rest. But as quickly as I shut them down, I opened them again when I realized it was pitch dark outside. Annoyed, I groaned at the thought of the forty-minute drive back home.
We planned to end our planning session way earlier, but between laying out all the meetings, interviews, table reads and filming days so they don鈥檛 overlay over each other, we kinda got lost and forgot to watch the time.
It was worth it though. We planned out almost the next four months and everything should go smoothly.聽Should.
Chris must have been reading my mind as his eyes went from my small frame to the window and then back to me.
鈥淵ou can stay overnight if you want to. The guest bedroom is ready for you鈥 as always,鈥 he offered.
As always.聽I knew it was a jab at me because every time he offered something remotely close to staying overnight in his house, I dodged the offer and opted to rather drive back home. It was better that way. I was sure about that.
I didn鈥檛 know if I would be able to handle a whole damn night in a place where every corner smells like鈥 him. Even being in his proximity for the whole afternoon and evening proved to be challenging.
Of course, this was not always the case. No.
It started pretty recently. Or maybe a couple of months ago but time flies by fast when you鈥檙e having fun - and Chris was a lot of fun. I mean, he always was. That鈥檚 just who Chris is. He鈥檚 the fun uncle, always joking and pranking everyone else and being friendly with basically everybody.
But I felt like he stopped being friendly with me a long time ago. It started with simple touches, like touching my waist so we don鈥檛 collide with each other when he walks by me in tight spaces, and even simpler gestures, like making sure I drink enough water during the day (because he knows that has been my whole life struggle) and always bringing me something to snack on (because he knows I have a very sweet tooth).
And I already had a massive crush on him before all of this. But now? Now I don鈥檛 even know what to do anymore. He was becoming more and more attractive to me with every little thing he did every day and it was starting to feel unbearable.
Actually, I wouldn鈥檛 be surprised at all if my underwear is completely drenched after spending so much time with him.
I wiggled in my chair and realised that I in fact could聽really聽feel something wet and sticky between my legs. Oh boy.
Chris looked at me with a very pointed look. Shit. I have been quiet for too long, I haven鈥檛 given him any answer to his offer.
I shook my head to get any and all horny thoughts out of there and licked my lips before gently biting the lower one.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, Chris,鈥 I murmured.
Chris sighed and shrugged.
鈥淚t鈥檚 all up to ya but you know I would love to have you over for once so you don鈥檛 have to drive all the way home. I mean, c鈥檓on鈥 It can鈥檛 even be safe anymore with how tired you are.鈥
Reluctantly I nodded in agreement and sighed. I pondered over his arguments about why I should stay and I have to say he IS right - I am tired. And yes, it is not the safest thing to drive for so long in this state. Was there any other choice though? No.
I mean yes, but that included staying with Chris. Ugh, this situation is so frustrating鈥
鈥淐鈥檓on, I鈥檓 going to give you some fresh towels and something to sleep in,鈥 Chris chirped. Crap, he must have taken my silence as a yes. I opened and closed my mouth like a fish on dry land, but I couldn鈥檛 think of any more reasons, why I couldn鈥檛 stay. I think I officially ran out of them the last time he offered.
With a lot of hesitation evident in my body language, I stood up and followed him to the laundry room. He handed me some towels and his t-shirt and shorts. HIS t-shirt AND shorts.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. What the heck.
I inhaled deeply to calm myself down. However, it was a mistake, because I only inhaled more of his scent wafting from his t-shirt that I held pressed to my chest together with the towels. I almost whined like a kicked puppy while we were walking down the hall to the guest bedroom.
鈥淚f you need anything, text me or call for me, mkay?鈥 he said.
鈥淢hm,鈥 I murmured 鈥 I didn鈥檛 feel brave enough to say something else. But after we stood in the hallway for a minute and no one said anything, I took it upon myself to get this over with.
鈥淭hank you, Chris, you鈥檙e very kind. Good night.鈥
鈥淎lways happy to help, ya know that,鈥 he said.
鈥淚 know,鈥 I replied.
鈥淕ood night,鈥 Chris said before he disappeared into his room.
I sighed and also went into my room for the night. I looked around and admired the king-sized bed with silky white sheets and a mountain of pillows. There were bedside tables on both sides of the bed and there were lamps and tissue boxes on both of them. There were two doors on the right 鈥 one of them led to the bathroom and the other one鈥 probably a closet?
I placed my bag on the bed together with Chris鈥 clothes and the towels he gave me and rummaged through my bag. Aha! Thank you irregular period for making me carry another set of underwear with me wherever I go.
I walked to the open door that led to the bathroom and stepped in there. Maybe a nice shower will calm me down and help me to handle everything.
I stripped down and climbed into the spacious shower. I turned the water on and set it to a hot temperature. Just the right one. I sighed and leaned into the wall for support.
Resting my forehead on the wall I closed my eyes and thought back to everything that has happened today and everything that I still need to do tomorrow and in the next couple of days. But those thoughts haven鈥檛 lasted for a long time.
Slowly but surely they were being replaced by blue eyes, bushy beard and soft brown hair. The smell of cedar wood and citrus swarmed around me. Thick arms with popping veins wrapped around my waist and a hot and sticky body pressed to mine. Smooth skin brushed against mine and my knees started to shake. I quickly opened my eyes and looked around in panic but I quickly realized it was just my damn own fantasy.
Shaking my head I scrubbed down my body and climbed out of the shower. I should not have thoughts like that, it鈥檚 only going to make things worse for me. I dried myself and put on my underwear but held back from putting on Chris鈥 clothes. I stared at it laying on the closed laundry basket and contemplated if this is a good idea.
Picking it up I brought it up to my nose and sniffed it.
Cedarwood, citrus, musk and鈥 Dodger.
I groaned and threw it back on the laundry basket. He doesn鈥檛 have to know, what eyes can鈥檛 see鈥
I went back to the room and grabbed my tee from today. It鈥檚 not that dirty and I think I will be able to survive in it throughout the night and until I get back home.
While I was in the bathroom I noticed an electric toothbrush by the sink and there were new toothbrush heads so I decided to take advantage of it and brush my teeth.
After putting the tee on and quickly brushing my teeth, I climbed into the bed and wrapped myself up in the blanket.
The plan was to fall asleep as soon as possible but so far I was failing miserably. I was just tossing and turning and I could not for the life of me get rid of the ache between my thighs. I rubbed them against each other and whined.
My imagination took a strike again.
I swear I could feel huge palms wrap around my thighs and pull them apart. They gently glided from my knee to my core and created a path of goosebumps.
I shuddered and parted my legs a bit more. Gentle fingers brushed against my core and my hips bucked up.
With a moan, I opened my eyes and realized those were in fact my small fingers trying to find their way inside my underwear. I groaned and threw away the blanket that was not helping with the heat I was feeling all over my poor horny body.
There is no way back or more like no way I鈥檓 going to be able to fall asleep feeling like this. I have to do only one thing possible right now, otherwise, I鈥檒l be just tossing and turning the whole night regretting everything that has happened today.
Hesitantly I stalked towards my handbag and took out my pale blue vibrator. I may regret this in the future but what else should a woman like me do when she is around such a fine man as Chris.
So far I managed to avoid masturbating while thinking of Chris but I think today鈥檚 the day I鈥檓 going to break one of my rules that were supposed to help me not to fall in love with him even more.
They were totally useless.
I took a deep breath and laid back on the bed. Again, I spread my legs and pressed the buzzing vibrator to my clothed core.
And as before, I let my mind wander wherever it wanted to in order to get off.
I was thinking about his blue eyes. His smile and his sexy bushy beard. Oh, how amazing it would feel if it would just brush on the sides of my thighs and then all over my over-sensitive bundle of nerves.
How amazing his full lips and pink tongue would feel lapping on my folds and the juices dripping down from my pussy.聽 聽
How his hands would rub on my thighs first and then move to my belly before deferring down to my waist to pin me down to the bed.
My hips bucked up and down and my back arched. I hummed in contentment and bit my lip.
My pussy started to clench and my whole body began to shake and quiver with ecstasy.
The orgasm was so magical that my ears started to buzz and my vision became blurry before I tightly closed my eyes while I enjoyed the rest of the ride.
I clasped a hand over my mouth to cover up a moan that came to the surface.
The corners of my mouth went up and I sighed with relief.
However, that relief was quickly gone when I heard a knock on the door.
I panicked. My heart started to pound and my ears started to buzz, although right now it was for a completely different reason.
Oh no. It must be Chris. There is no one else in the house. Unless Dodger learnt how to knock on the door which is very unlikely he managed to do in the last half an hour.
I sat on the bed and looked around. There is no way he did not hear the buzzing of my vibrator and he is not stupid, he鈥檚 definitely going to put the pieces together.
Suddenly I got an idea.
I jumped from the bed and silently ran to the bathroom, grabbed the electric toothbrush and quickly ran back to the bedroom and to the door.
This should work, or at least confuse him enough if he heard something.
I exhaled to slow down the beating of my heart and with the next inhale I opened the door.
And there he was.
Clad in sleeping shorts and nothing else.
Oh sweet lord.
My eyes scanned his torso up and down. All of the tattoos he wore on his body and all of the abs he worked so hard for. Even the fine hair on his chest that looked disgusting on anyone else yet so sexy on Chris.
I looked up at his eyes and noticed a puzzled look in his blue ponds.
They jumped from my eyes to the still buzzing electric toothbrush in my hand and then to my t-shirt that clearly showed my erect nipples.
Damn, I didn鈥檛 even realize that.
He opened his mouth but nothing came out.
He tried again and this time he said: 鈥淚 thought I heard鈥︹ He did not finish the sentence, instead, his eyes flashed again to the electric toothbrush I held in my hand.
Oh god. Please no.
I turned it off and took a breath to say something but before I could say anything, he was faster.
鈥淵a know what鈥 Whatever鈥 I just wanted to say good night again and to make sure you鈥檝e got everything you need. So鈥 Good night!鈥
He quickly turned on his heel and went away from the guest bedroom I stayed in.
I sighed and bit my lip.
I closed the door and laid back in the bed. I turn on my side and stared at the electric toothbrush I placed on the nightstand next to the bed.
Should I have covered it up? Wouldn鈥檛 it be better to just let it be and deal with the consequences? Wouldn鈥檛 it be better to just let him think whatever he wants to think?
I don鈥檛 know, and I guess I鈥檒l never know it because what is done, is done.
Tomorrow I have to get out of here as soon as possible. No breakfast, no coffee, just a simple goodbye, and I鈥檒l be on my way home because after this, I can鈥檛 even look him straight in the eyes without coming back to that feeling when I came with him in front of my eyes.
I鈥檒l have to avoid him for at least a week before I can see him again without turning into a full-on tomato.聽
Oh well. That actually won鈥檛 be possible.
Tomorrow afternoon is a photoshoot day.聽
For Gucci.聽
Which means half-naked Chris.
Yeah, I鈥檒l have to find a last-minute excuse as to why I can not come because if I鈥檒l see half-naked Chris, I will come, but in a whole 鈥榥other way鈥
I don鈥檛 know, what do you guys think?
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Your Silence is the Most Violent
Famous!Ex-Chris x Reader
Summary: When Chris decided to follow his dream, he decided to leave you behind. What he didn't know was that he was leaving his child behind.
Word count: 3086 words
Warnings: mentions of anxiety, steamy kissing but nothing too NSFW, shitty boyfriend, mentions of past breakup, reader has a child
Tumblr media
鈥淐hris, please, don鈥檛 leave me like this.鈥 You plead, the mascara streaming down your face. You can feel your heart breaking in your chest, the gut-wrenching feeling of abandonment sinking into your body. 5 years鈥 Five years all down the drain because of his stupid, stupid dream. The silence on the other end of the phone is worse than him telling you goodbye for good.
The memories start rushing back to you as you cook dinner, half-heartedly listening to the interview on your TV. Your daughter was watching a new superhero movie when they announced that they would be making a sequel, which just so happened to be in your town. Maybe you could take off work one day and take Maggie to watch them film.
鈥淵/n, could you be any slower with that dinner?鈥
John鈥檚 voice cuts through the house like a knife, reminding you that you can鈥檛 hold onto memories anymore. You have a new life now; you can鈥檛 always be 17. You clear your throat, finishing up the meal. 鈥淚t鈥檚 ready, honey,鈥 You say, listening as your daughter rustles in her sleep.
You turn to face the couch, sucking in a sharp breath when you catch a glimpse of her sleepy face. You鈥檒l never get over just how much she looks like her dad.
No, not John. But the man you fell in love with at 17. The man with the brown, fluffy hair. The man with the big blue eyes. The man that you鈥檙e pretty sure cloned your daughter.
You'd give anything to see him now. You wish you could tell him that his daughter laughs like him, she does everything like him. You have no idea how she turned out so much like him without ever meeting him.
You shake your head, turning back around to the kitchen counter. You start getting a plate ready for John, knowing he's too lazy to get off of the couch to get himself a plate of food. You hear him scoff, causing you to roll your eyes. He wasn't your first pick, but when you're 22 and pregnant, you don't really have much of a choice in a small town. "Oh, look at that!" He chuckles, even though you're ignoring him.
"There's Chris. What a cocky bastard. You make one good movie and you think you're the shit," He drunkenly rambles, the hair on the back of your neck standing up. You whip around, dropping the plate of food at your feet.
"What did you say?"
John jumps off the couch, causing your daughter to wake in her sleep. She sleepily looks at you, rubbing her tired eyes. "Y/n!" John scolds you. You don't care. You must've misheard him.
Because no way did you hear him right.
You ignore him fussing at you, moving in front of the television. Sure enough, Chris Evans is on the screen, his wide smile taking you back to your bedroom at 18.
"Okay, if you could do anything you wanted to do, what would it be?" You ask, snuggling into his chest. You had been lying in bed for what seemed like hours, but you could never get tired of it. Despite being young, you know that Chris is the one for you.
Chris goes quiet, getting your attention. You lift your head to look at him, your smile fading. "What is it?" You ask, your voice quiet. It's rare for Chris to be the serious one in the relationship, so you always try to listen when he's serious.
"Nothing, you're going to make fun of me," He mutters, his smile nowhere to be found.
You're insulted, but you try not to show it. You would support Chris through anything. Anything.
"Chris, I would never make fun of you for dreaming." You reassure him, reaching out and touching his jaw. He snuggles into your hand, a small smile forming on his lips.
"I want to be an actor,"
You kept your word, supporting him even when he moved across the country at 21. You stayed behind, not feeling quite ready to tackle the real world. It was hard, but you enjoyed staying home while he chased his dream. You were never a fan of crowds or big cities, so long distance worked out perfect for both of you.
Or so you thought.
"What is it, mommy?" Maggie asks, bringing you back into the real world once again. For a 3 year old, she sure is perceptive. You look over your shoulder at her, forcing a smile. "I'm just really excited about this new movie," You lie, glancing into the kitchen.
John is grabbing his keys, cursing under his breath as he pushes past you, walking out the door. You've trained yourself to not care where he's going. It's not like you love him, you could care less what he got into whenever he wasn't at the house. As long as it didn't harm you or your daughter.
"C'mon, let's eat and then mommy will read you a story,"
For a week, you've not been able to stop thinking about Chris. What would Chris do if he knew about Maggie? What would he do if he knew that John was raising his child? There are a lot of things 25 year old you would do differently than 22 year old you.
Part of you thinks you might've followed him if you knew then what you knew now.
If you knew that 3 years later, you'd still be hopelessly in love with him. If you knew that nobody would ever compare to him.
"Mommy, I want this," Maggie mutters, tugging at your sweatpants. You tear your eyes away from the shopping cart, looking down at your little girl. She's holding a candy bar, her eyes big and pleading. You chuckle softly, leaning down to pick her up. She wraps her legs around your waist, beaming when she knows she's going to get what she wants... Just like she always does.
You didn't mean to spoil her, it just... Happened. Your therapist says it's because you feel guilty from keeping her dad out of her life, but you like to think it's just because you love her so much. "Okay, but you have to promise to wait until after dinner to eat it," You say, trying to at least have some authority. You never have to scold her, she's such a good child.
You know she definitely got that from Chris. You cringe thinking about the hell you put your parents through.
You glance over your shoulder, trying to figure out where the voice came from. You freeze when you see Scott, Chris's brother, in the aisle. The loaf of bread falls from his arms, causing you to gulp. You haven't seen Scott since the day Chris left for LA. Scott went with him, having dreams of his own.
You carefully place Maggie in the front of the shopping cart, wanting to shield her from as much as this as you can. You're not sure how Scott is going to feel about you, you don't want her to see anything get ugly.
"Scott," You answer, breathlessly. You force a smile, something you've had to do a lot of lately. Scott moves closer, opening his arms.
"You look amazing! You haven't aged a day!" He exclaims, pulling you in for a hug. You fall into his arms, squeezing him as tight as possible. You hadn't realized how much you missed Scott. Part of you forgets that you grew up with him too, not just Chris.
"Oh, stop." You say, pulling away, a big smile on your face. You were worried that he would hate you for not staying in touch, but how could you? If you saw Scott, you would see Chris.
There's no trace of hatred in Scott's reaction.
"What are you doing back?" You ask, holding him at arm's length. Scott smiles, shrugging. "Chris is filming a new movie here. I thought it would be a great time to come back to our hometown," He admits. The mention of Chris and his new movie reminds you of last week, when you saw him on your tv screen.
Scott glances to the little girl in the cart, his smile getting bigger. "I see you're still babysitting," He says, nodding over to Maggie. She's staring at her candy bar, completely oblivious to your interaction. You hesitate, not sure how to answer him. Part of you wants to tell him that she's your daughter. Scott would be so happy for you. He knows how much you wanted to be a mother.
But you can't. He'll tell Chris, and you just don't need Chris sniffing around. "Uh, yeah. I try to babysit some when work isn't too crazy," You lie.
As if on cue, Maggie turns around in the cart. "Mommy, do I have to wait until I eat?" She begs, sticking her bottom lip out.
Scott looks at you, furrowing his brows. He's still smiling, but you can tell he's questioning you in his head. "Mommy? Why didn't you tell me she was yours?" He asks, his smile dropping. You can practically see the gears turning in his head.
"The only reason you wouldn't be honest with me would be because-"
You can see the moment that everything clicks. You can see it in the way his body tenses, his eyes shoot over to yours, as he starts mumbling, "No. Y/n, no."
You start tearing up, feeling your heart breaking in your chest. You thought you had prepared yourself for this moment, but nothing could've prepared you to feel this way. You walk toward him, reaching out and grabbing his arms. "Scott, please! You can't tell Chris." You plead.
Scott moves out of your grasp, peeking around you and staring at your little girl. "Why would you keep her from him? Why would you do that? That's not who you are, y/n." He says, his voice shaking.
You swallow the lump in your throat, your sadness replaced with anger. You shouldn't have to explain your decisions to anybody! You did what was best for your daughter.
Or what you believed was best at the time.
"Scott," You scoff, the humor long-gone. "Chris was moving across the country. He broke up with me, are you forgetting that?"
Scott barely gives you time to finish, before he's rebutting. "Not because he didn't love you! He knew he couldn't be fully dedicated to you while he was chasing his dream."
"So why would I add a child on top of that?" You ask, turning around when you hear Maggie crying. She's a great child, but anybody would be bored sitting in a shopping cart listening to two strangers argue. You rush to her side, picking her up once again. You quietly console her, breaking down and tearing her candy bar open.
Scott is silent, watching you interact with her. "He misses you, you know? He hasn't stopped talking about you since he left." Scott admits, moving closer. You push your emotions down, not wanting to further upset your daughter.
"Will you just promise not to mention this to Chris?"
It's Scott's turn to laugh, unable to believe your request. "Y/n, this isn't like the time I promised to tell him that you got in a fender-bender. This is his child!" He argues. Tears well up in your eyes, the guilt hitting you all at once. You were still a kid, you thought you were doing what was best. You loved Chris so much, you didn't want to ruin his dream.
You knew Chris would be the type of father to drop everything; the kind of father to put his dreams on the back-burner.
You wanted more for him. Even if that meant that you would have to struggle alone. Isn't that what love is?
"Look. I won't mention it to Chris... IF you agree to meet up with him. I'll give you the chance to tell him yourself. How does that sound?" Scott asks, offering you a small smile. You glance at him, then at your daughter.
Something about the way she snuggles into your chest reminds you of all the times you would snuggle into Chris's chest. He was your safe person, and that still hasn't changed. You take a deep breath, pressing a quick kiss to Maggie's brown hair. "Okay,"
You take one last deep breath, smoothing your hands over your dress. You changed ten times, because what does somebody wear when they're seeing their ex for the first time in 3 years? And telling them that they have a kid together?
You get enough courage to walk through the doors of the restaurant, which happens to be your favorite place. You don't get to go often, because John doesn't take you on dates. And even if he did, he wouldn't be able to afford to go here. You smile a little when you realize that Scott remembered that this was your favorite restaurant.
Scott had set up everything. He called you that night, to give you details about the date, and to catch up.
It felt like old times.
As soon as you step in the restaurant and give the hostess your name, she takes you to a back corner. The lights are low, but you could recognize that face from a mile away. Chris is sitting at the table, anxiously leaning back in his seat.
Chris locks eyes with you, immediately standing up. The hostess excuses herself quietly, leaving you two alone for the first time in 3 years. Chris looks you up and down, reaching his hand to his face and rubbing over his beard. "You look great," He says, his voice sounding unsure, as if he questions if he's crossing a line.
You blush, awkwardly standing up. Chris stares at you a bit longer, before suddenly realizing the awkwardness of it all. He quickly reaches for your chair, pulling it out for you. "Please, sit,"
You follow his instructions, watching as he sits in front of you. "I'm sorry about this, I'm sure you have better things to do. You just... You know how Scott is. He just gets an idea in his head and he won't-" You ramble, your anxiety climbing up your chest.
"Y/n. Stop," Chris whispers, reaching his hand over the table. He gently touches your arm, immediately calming your nerves.
This is Chris. Your Chris. You don't have to be nervous.
"I'm actually glad he had this idea. I've been dying to see you," Chris explains, a small smile on his lips. You smile up at the waiter as he brings out your favorite wine, something that Chris has remembered all this time. You giggle as he pours it, staring at Chris.
"You're trying to get me drunk, aren't you?"
Chris blushes, shrugging. "I've missed drunk y/n. She was always the most fun," He admits.
The admission catches in your chest. You want to scream, "I've missed YOU!"
The waiter steps away, leaving you alone once again. Silence falls over the table as you sip on your wine, hoping it'll calm you down. You desperately search for something to say, anything to fill this silence.
"I watched your movie,"
Chris raises an eyebrow, placing his wine glass on the table. "And?"
You snarl your nose up, attempting to be a critic. "Eh. Honestly, I thought it could be better," You tease. It's only when you see Chris's smile fade that you realize he didn't take it as a joke.
"Oh, Chris! I'm joking. It was the best thing I've ever seen!" You say, scrambling to fix this.
Chris lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding. "Oh, thank god."
After several glasses of wine and plates of pasta and salmon, you are the definition of drunk. You and Chris have both stumbled out of the restaurant, waiting on your Uber. You're not sure what you'll tell John when you get home late, especially without your car. Before you dropped Maggie off at your mom's house, you told John that you were going to meet up with a friend.
Technically, it wasn't a lie.
"I've missed this," You blurt out, snuggle closer into Chris's chest. You thank the cold air for an excuse to be back in his arms again. Chris doesn't act like he minds, because he rests his chin on your head, rubbing circles on your back.
"I think tonight is the best thing that Scott has ever done for me," Chris admits, his cheeks red. You look up at him, your mouths dangerously close. You spent the whole dinner asking Chris questions about different celebrities, embarrassing new stories about Scott, and how his family is doing.
Any time he asked about you, you diverted the conversation. You weren't ready for this to go away yet. You know after you tell Chris about Maggie, he'll storm away and want nothing to do with you ever again. You can't imagine if you had missed the first years of Maggie's life.
She's your world.
You're not sure if it's the alcohol in your system, or if it's his confession that does it, but something sends you over the edge, causing you to stand on your tiptoes, daring Chris to close the gap between you. Out of the corner of your eye, you see your Uber pull up, but you don't make any moves to pull away.
Chris lifts his hand up to your jaw, your eyes automatically closing. His lips rest on yours, the kiss timid and soft, but as his hands drop to your waist, the kiss gets more passionate. Your fists cling to his suit jacket, pulling him as close as possible.
How is it after all these years, you remembered exactly how he felt?
The familiar touch lights a fire in your belly, one you haven't felt since the day he left. Chris hums into the kiss, his nose rubbing yours. You hear the car pull up beside you, but you don't care. You want him.
You have to have him.
Chris's hand drops to his side as he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours.
"Let me take you to bed," He mumbles, his voice like you've never heard before. It's almost... Painful. Like if you tell him no, he'll die on the sidewalk.
Against your better judgement, you nod, taking a deep breath. "My place,"
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Not Gonna Stop
Pairing: Reader x Chris Evans
Warnings: NSFW 18+ smut, there is loads of sex, smidge of spanking, dirty talk, swear words, and just over all absolute filth
Summary: There鈥檚 not anything on this earth that would get Chris to stop making love to you, even when his ex wife shows up
Type: One shot
Word count: 1,307 words
If you wish to be added to a tag list let me know so that I can add you!! I hope you guys enjoy this one!! Thanks again so much! HEART! REBLOG! ENJOY! XOXO
Tumblr media
鈥淥h god don鈥檛 stop.鈥 Crying out into his shoulder legs on either side of his waist hands on his chest digging into his skin.
鈥淛ust like that baby.鈥 He encouraged as his hands gripped your hips even harder. 鈥淩ide my cock just like that.鈥
His bed squeaking with each thrust your body made on top of his. Feeling as your breasts were bouncing back and forth his eyes on you the whole time.
Moving your hips up and down sliding along his cock as fast as you could. His hands guiding your hips up and down on him. Your walls squeezing around his cock making him groan.
鈥淪tretchin that tight little pussy.鈥 His voice do deep and dark it had your eyes rolling into the back of your head. 鈥淪o I can fuck you more often.鈥
Chris leaned forward so he could attach his lips to your neck sucking on the skin surely leaving a mark. His hands reaching up to grab your breasts as you moved your hips back and forth.
鈥淪uch a good girl for me.鈥 Mumbling against your chest as he sucked in on your erect nipple making you gasp. 鈥淭aken my cock so tremendously.鈥
鈥淐ock feels so good inside me.鈥 Wrapping your arms around his neck as you lifted your body before slamming back down.
Your hands gripped his back as he would sharply drill his cock deeper inside of you. Raking your nails down his back as he found your sweet spot within minutes. Curling your toes so hard your foot started to cramp up.
Your cheeks were starting to heat up, and you were feeling flushed. In this moment all you felt was Chris and no matter how many times you guys had sex you could never get used to the feeling of his cock.
鈥淪uch a cock hungry little girl aren鈥檛 you.鈥 Smirking up at you as he was watching you lose control while you were riding him. 鈥淕reedy to feel my cock inside you.鈥
Mouth hanging open little tiny whimpers leaving your throat unable to make any other sounds. Becoming so overwhelmed with pleasure as his cock drilled straight into your pussy.
Feeling your orgasm approaching you already knew you weren鈥檛 going to last much longer.
鈥淭ight little pussy all for me.鈥 His hands keeping a grip on your hips as he helped lift your body up.
Both of you staring into each other鈥檚 eyes making it a more intimate moment. He wanted to watch your face as you came undone on his cock. Your facial expressions alone turned him on.
鈥淲anna hear you scream my name darling.鈥 He groaned as he suddenly flipped you around on your hands and knees. 鈥淔uckin scream my name for me baby.鈥
Feeling as he pushed his cock deeper inside of you hitting an all new angle. Hands gripping onto the sheets in front of you arching your back so your ass was literally up in the air.
鈥淐hris?鈥 A voice spoke on the other side of the door making both your heads turn in that direction. 鈥淐hris are you there?鈥
鈥淔uck it鈥檚 my ex wife.鈥 He leaned his head forward onto your shoulder biting the skin lightly. 鈥淚 forgot she was picking up the kids.鈥
鈥淐hris I know you鈥檙e in there.鈥 Clearly hearing the anger in her voice, but that wasn鈥檛 stopping Chris from drilling his hips into yours.
鈥淪tay quiet for me baby.鈥 He whispered sensually in your ear making you whimper.
鈥淐hris answer me.鈥 She yelled this time at the exact moment Chris slammed his cock deep inside your stomach.
鈥淔uck the kids already have their bags packed.鈥 He groaned as he looked down watching his cock disappear inside of you.
鈥淵ou not gonna come out and say hello.鈥 Her tone irritated at the fact he was screaming at her through a door.
鈥淛esus I鈥檓 a little busy at the moment.鈥 He responded making you giggle as he squeezed your cheeks in his hands.
鈥淎lright fine I鈥檓 leaving.鈥 Hearing her heels storm away from the door as Chris continued to pound inside of you.
鈥淐hris she could have just walked in here and saw us.鈥 Turning your head to look at him as he smirked down at you.
鈥淭hat wouldn鈥檛 have stopped me.鈥 He winked making you playfully roll your eyes at him. 鈥淔uck she watch I don鈥檛 give a shit.鈥
His cock hit your sweet spot making you scream. Finding that spot he was relentless and continued to hit it over and over again. His hands gripped onto your hips so hard they would probably leave a mark.
鈥淵ou are just absolutely dripping sweetheart.鈥 His hand came down on your ass cheek making you squeal as you felt the sting. 鈥淪lide in so easily.鈥
鈥淥h god right there Chris.鈥 Moving your hips back against him driving him crazy .
鈥淕onna soak my cock with your cum baby?鈥 He teased you as his hand moved up your back tracing your spine. 鈥淲anna feel that pussy squeeze my cock.鈥
鈥淗arder Chris please.鈥 Begging him feeling your stomach tightening as you knew you were so close to release.
鈥淵ou want harder baby?鈥 Slowing down his thrusts on purpose making you whine like a baby. 鈥淲anna hear you beg me to fuck you harder.鈥
鈥淕od Chris please fuck god fuck me harder.鈥 Screaming out as you started to move your hips on your own to feel more of him. 鈥淔uck me harder Chris please.鈥
His words had your mouth hanging open, but only little whimper and whines were leaving them. Chris was always one for dirty talk, and couldn鈥檛 control his tongue whenever it came to you.
鈥淔uck I鈥檓 gonna cum Chris.鈥 You tried warning him as you felt that familiar coil in the pit of your stomach.
锟斤拷Yes that鈥檚 a good girl.鈥 He gritted through his teeth as he felt your pussy clenching around him tightly. 鈥淐um hard for me sweetheart.鈥
Feeling your legs shaking and trembling as he never slowed down. By now there was probably a puddle of your sweat mixed with juices that were coating the sheets. The smell of sex and lust filled the room and entered into your nostrils.
Your body was moving all over the place your legs feeling sore from the position they were in. Your entire body felt like it was in flames, and you knew you were close. The room was filled with your whimper and his groans.
Pulling you up by the waist so your back was to his chest. Leaning your head back as you felt him taking full control of your body now.
鈥淟et me feel you cum around my cock sweetheart.鈥 He whispered as he leaned his forehead against you and sharply drilled deep inside of staying still. 鈥淟et go baby.鈥
Your orgasm smacking you in the face as your entire body clenched, and your pussy tightening around him. Gripping onto his wrists as you tried to control your breathing. Your chest heaving up and down as you were coming down from your intense orgasm.
Leaning your body forward on your hands as you felt sweat dripping down your neck. His hands massaging your skin so delicately and in a comforting way.
鈥淣ow I wish she would have walked in.鈥 He broke the silence making you reach back and smack him in the chest. 鈥淟et her see I鈥檝e got better things to do.鈥
鈥淐hris.鈥 Exclaiming with a shake of your head as you smiled back at him.
鈥淲hat I鈥檓 just saying.鈥 Shrugging his shoulders with a nonchalant tone in his voice. 鈥淢aybe then the bitch will leave me alone.鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 no way I would want her walking in here watching us.鈥 Responding with a shake of your head.
鈥淟ike I said sweetheart.鈥 He leaned forward against your back, lips to your ear, hands gripping your hips. 鈥淭hat wouldn鈥檛 stop me.鈥
Tag list for Chris Evans: @denisemarieangelina @kimberlydyan @patzammit @tinawritesstuff @princess-evans-addict @cevanstan29 @chrisevanisliterallysir @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @inmoix @evansgirl7 @nina-sj @chris-butt @a-moment-captured @suchababie @colinbridgertonisbebe @d3vil-is-my-sugg4rd4ddy @sesamepancakes @justjulie1105 @r2gers @sweetllamaparadise @coldmuffinpartycloud @couchiecorruption69420 @foxchild-v @evansphnx12 @breezykpop @sunwardsss @nathalienightmare @franfineashell @snowy992 @chrisgirl4 @rainbowkisses31 @mrspeacem1nusone @mayisdelanoche @fantastickoya @seaweedthewhale @eliluv1626 @ccmarvelxx @chelricki96 @justile @maceymae2704 @ysmmsy @cheerup-loki @nostxlgia18 @nicolarobertson89 @evansxchalamet @freerose11 @ace-of-spaids2
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
That White Henley, Tho馃敟馃サ
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weheartchrisevans a day ago
@nasajpl: As part of the kickoff for Lightyear, @chrisevans visited @nasa JPL and interviewed @astromarshburn, who consulted on the movie, as well as members aboard the @iss. During their interview, Chris asked Tom Marshburn about what it's like to see Earth from space and @astro_watkins mentioned the hardest part of adjusting to work in zero gravity. Chris also spoke with Suzy Dodd, project manager for Voyager. She talked about the images that will be released from @nasawebb, which will give us more insight into the mysteries of our universe. Chris ended his interviews with a little souvenir - a @nasaartemis boarding pass that will travel on the uncrewed Artemis I mission to the Moon.
Tumblr media
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forchrisevans a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
stop it馃サ
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littlelioncub43 2 days ago
Whispers and Declarations
Tumblr media
Summary: Dennis is on the phone when he realizes something big.
Pairing: Dennis Baker x Female!Reader
Warnings: smut (18+ ONLY minors DNI), fluff, dom!Dennis Baker, glimpses of dark! Or yandre!Dennis Baker, romantic notions, squirting, multiple orgasms, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected sex in an established relationship, creampie, rough, intense sex, Dennis being obsessed with Reader and letting it show, size kink, pain kink, Dennis being pussy whipped in the best way possible, and a partridge in a pear tree.
Word count: No idea, I wrote this on my phone, but she's lengthy!
A/N: As my many other posts have stated: I feel so good about this one, you guys! It feels so much more coherent and articulate and I can't wait to hear what you guys think! This was intense for no other reason than I wanted it to be. I hope you love it, and may we all find our Dennis 馃グ馃珎馃挅
Kisses 馃拫
Part 1
Tumblr media
"Hey, boss, can I call you back? Something came up."
The deep vibration of his voice sent a shiver through you, his gaze was set on yours and much more alluring than before. You chewed your lip as Dennis hung up the phone and tossed to the other couch without a thought.
"Come here, sweetheart," he rasps quietly, his hand beckoning you up his body. You crawl up the length of him as he sits up, settling you into his lap. Two big hands hold your head tenderly, almost as if you might break with the slightest pressure.
Dennis takes his time, drinking in beautiful creature before him. He still couldn't wrap his head around the fact that you were his, you wanted him, you loved him. His breathing hitches slightly, his gaze still dancing across your features. When your soft hands slide up his arms to rest on the backs of his own, Dennis draws in a deep breath.
"Do you have any idea how much I love you?" He mutters while staring intensely, his voice was a whisper but his words echoed in your head like he screamed them at the top of his lungs. You feel your face heat up slightly at his words, your gaze breaking from his for a moment but Dennis isn't having it. "Look at me."
"Yes," you whisper back when your eyes meet once more. And it's true, you know how much he loves you, it's nearly as much as you love him. You see the muscles in his jaw tighten, the grip on your head tightens softly too. Dennis takes another deep breath, this one much more intense than the first sigh.
"Do you know what I'd do for you?" His voice is strained as he reigns in all the feelings swarming in his chest. You lick your lips and Dennis glances at your enticing lips hungrily. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?"
At this point, you know he's not expecting an answer. His eyebrows pinch together as he tries to desperately convey everything he feels. He takes one hand and guides it to his chest. You feel the erratic thumping of his heart, the pounding rhythm was accented by the slight heave of his chest as he begins to pant. Your own breathing was deepening to a quick pace.
"Do you feel what you do to me?" He gasps as he presses your hand to the front of his grey sweatpants. The straining erection throbs at the contact of your hand, Dennis's thighs twitching with delight. He holds your hand to him, his hips naturally pushing up to meet you.
"Yes," you sigh. Your jaw hangs open at his actions. You never dreamed in a million years that your sweet, shy, little Den could be so intense. Your hand grips the outline of his cock gently, the action has Dennis grunting.
"I love you so fucking much," he growls before claiming your mouth. If you thought his words were intense, they're nothing compaired to his kisses. You mewl into his mouth as he pulls you deeper and deeper into him. His hand leaves your wrist to wrap his arm around your waist completely, trapping you in his lap.
It's almost a blur from then. One moment you're nestled on the couch, the next he has you hoisted up in his arms, your legs wrapped around his waist securely. Your back hits the cushy springs of your mattress followed by Dennis hovering above you.
"Dennis," you moan in awe against his lips as he cages you underneath him. The sound of his name rolling off your tongue is music to his ears, that's all he wants to hear for the rest of his life, but he'll settle for the rest of the night for now.
Dennis uses you little moan as a moment to slip his tongue deeper into your mouth. Normally he'd resign to your dominance, but right now he's on a mission. You sigh a pleased little moan when he takes over the kiss, your hands carding through his hair to mess up the neatly combed strands.
The little squeak you give him breaks his resolve. Dennis pulls your clothes off with a vigor he hasn't felt before. When he finally peels your soaked panties from your core, he curses under his breath. He spends a moment staring at the dripping honeypot between your luscious thighs.
"D-Dennis!" You moan as he suddenly engulfs you, his mouth covering your entire sex eagerly. Moaning deep in his throat, Dennis lets himself feast on you. His tongue moves in bold actions, collecting every drop of your juice before burrowing into your folds. Your legs tremble around his head, further encouraging Dennis's motions.
Your hands claw at his hair, using it to hold him to you while you writhe. He hums happily at the sting at his scalp, his grip on your thighs tightening to keep you open to his attacks. When his lips wrap around your clit, you know you're about to break.
"Dennis! Baby! So close!" You whine for him, your eyes rolling back as the tension builds and builds in your core. A throaty groan is your response from your sweet lover, his hands shifting to pull your heat against his face, your lower half nearly completely off the bed. Flattening his tongue, he thrashes his head side to side wildly. "F-Fuck! M'coming! Dennis!!"
That's what he wanted to hear.
He moans as loud as he can into your pussy, the vibrations pushing you head first into one of the best orgasms you've ever had. Your back arches as you ride the crest of your release, hips wiggling uselessly against Dennis's soaked face.
The moment you cum, Dennis is drinking it up like a man who's been in the desert. Not a single drop was left behind as Dennis licks you clean, the sticky sweet essence was addictive. With one last tongue-filled kiss to your cunt, Dennis releases you to the bed. You gasp for breath, your body was wrung out like a sponge and from the look in his eyes, Dennis was nowhere near done with you yet.
With shaky hands, he tore off his own clothes. The relieved hiss he let out when his hot erection met the cool air of the room left goosebumps on your skin. Kicking off his sweats and boxers to the floor, Dennis drapes himself over you once more and you welcome him with open arms.
"Holy shit, Dennis that was fucking incredible," you purr before he conquers your mouth once more. The taste of your cum has your head spinning and your body burning for more. Each word only adds to the pride pooling in his chest, he sucks on your lower lip before releasing it with a 'pop.'
"I need you so bad," Dennis confesses as he manhandles you into position. Tucking one leg up and over his hip, he presses on your inner thigh to hold you open for him. He looks down to watch his cock slide across your folds in short quick motions as he coats himself in your slick.
Dennis tries to catch his breath but finds it nearly impossible, and so do you. You whimper each time his thick tip nudges against your clit. He pushes his hips flush with your ass, resting his cock against your skin鈥 showing off how big he was compared to you.
You try to speak but the only thing that comes out of your mouth is a sweet moan of his name, but thats all that Dennis needs to hear. Guiding himself to your throbbing hole, Dennis grips your jaw in one hand.
"Look at me, baby," he whispers gruffly. He makes sure your eyes on focused on his before he slowly pushes into you. He can't stop his own choked moans as he fills you inch by inch. The way your supple flesh gives as he works his cock into you is divine.
You let out your own fluttery moan as you feel him plunge deeper and deeper. You swear on everything holy that you've never felt so full in your entire life. When you think he's bottomed out, another few inches slide into you. Just more and more and more and more until you think you'll burst at the seams.
Finally, you meet the end of him, his pelvis pressed snuggly against the juicy curve of your ass. Your hands claw at the meat of his unfairly musclar shoulders as you both pant into each other's mouths.
"D-Dennis!" Your voice is thin and thoroughly fucked out.
"I know, I know, Jesus fucking Christ, I know," he groans and releases your jaw to hold your thigh open. He wastes no time drawing his hips back slowly, forcing you to feel every inch slide out of you until his thick mushroom tip is all that's left. Then in one hard movement, he stuffs you to the brim once more, forcing a yelp of from your open mouth. He does it again and again, each intense thrust knocking the air from your lungs deliciously.
You've never been fucked like this before.
"Feel me inside you? Feel how fucking deep I am?" He grits out, a darkness taking hold of him as he stares down at you. "I know you can, I know you'll feel me for days afterwards too."
You babble a response and hold on for dear life as he speeds up, keeping his nearly punishing pace. The bite of your nails in his shoulder make Dennis's head spin.
"Need you to feel it, baby," he grunts, "need you to feel how much I fucking love you." Dennis loses all control, his hips snapping on their own accord and his hands clawing at your flesh hard enough to bruise. One particular thrust sends his head straight into your g-spot. You feel like you're being electrocuted in the best possible way. Dennis can't help but smirk.
"Dennis! Oh my God!" You scream and toss your head back, surrendering to his actions happily. The bed slamming into the wall violently in perfect time with his viciously passionate thrusts accent your screams.
"Do you feel it?!" He shouts between your wanton moans, opting to attack your bared throat. He sinks his teeth into the juncture of your neck and shoulder, staking his claim over you. "Do you fucking feel it?!"
"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" You chant over and over, your second orgasm already threatening to wash over you. It was going to be big. You hear Dennis curse into the sweaty skin of your neck before kissing up to your ear.
"I'm going to fucking marry you," he confesses darkly, his words slurring slightly, he sounds drunk. "I'm going to make you my wife," he brings an uncoordinated hand to your clit, rubbing rough circles on your little nub to push you closer to the edge, "never gonna let you leave me, I'd die for you, I'd kill for you鈥擧oly shit, I fucking love you! Can never get enough of you!"
It's the conviction in his voice that shows he means every single word. You feel overwhelmed by it all, but, fuck, if you don't love it. You don't even get the chance to warn him before you're tumbling over the edge once more. The stuttering in-take of breath you wheeze into Dennis's ear tells him that you're going to cum. He pops his head up to watch your face intently.
"That's it! Cream on my cock! Make a fucking mess!" He encourages through gritted teeth as he fights back his own end.
The rubber band in the pit of your stomach draws tighter and tighter until it finally snaps. It feels like a tsunami crashing down on you, your limbs shake in Dennis's hands as you soak him. You can faintly hear his dirty words of encouragement over the ringing in your ears as your walls constrict around him. Your body relaxes as you finally start to come down, but soon sensitivity shoots through your core.
"You fucking squirted," he moans reverently, his pace not once slowing down. You give him a whine, but he's quick to soothe you, "shhhh shhhh I know, I know, but you gotta give me one more, give me one more!"
He leaves no room for arguments as he doubles down and lifts you leg over his shoulder. You whimper and cling to him desperately, only stoking the fire in Dennis's bones. He groans harshly with each stroke, his lips finding yours once more in a sloppy kiss.
It doesn't take much more for him to bring you back to the edge, your pussy both screams and sings with sensitivity and pleasure. You tremble and your eyes sting with tears, everything just felt so good.
"Dennis! I-I love you!" You whimper into his mouth, he greedily swallows your words. The sweet sound of your voice has the pleasure in Dennis's bones doubling. He gives you a pained moan in response, his eyes squeezing shut as he begins to get lost. "I love you, Dennis! I'm gonna cum! M'gonna cum for you, baby!"
"Yes! Yes! Yes! Fucking cum!" He bellows with excitement, he needs you to cum before he does. Thankfully, the messy roll of his hips grind right into your clit and you're done for.
With a wordless scream, you cum around him for one last time. Dennis peels his eyes open to watch you release again. He'll never get tired of seeing how your face twists, or the cute crease of your eyebrows furrowing, how your beautiful lips part while you scream for him, the way your eyes stay on his as long as possible before rolling back in your head.
Dennis's own face contorts, eyes crossing and rolling, his body going rigid. You smile briefly when you feel him twitch deep inside you.
"Yes, do it! Do it!" You breathlessly cry, your tears falling down the sides of your face and into your hair. "Cum for me, Den!"
And Dennis is done for.
"A-Aaaah! FUCK!" He cries, "take it, take it, take it!" He whines, reverting back to his desperately needy ways. You both writhe together, milking each other for all you're worth. Constant moans pour from your mouths as Dennis slowly comes to a stop, finally resting on top of you. He rests his entire body weight on you, too spent from the intensity of everything to hold himself up.
Carefully, he eases your leg down from his shoulder, caressing the tender flesh of your thigh as he moves you. You feel lazy pecks being dusted along the curve of your neck and shoulder, each one was chaste and sweet, soothing out the bites and hickeys Dennis left behind in a fit of passion.
Your eyes droop heavily with exhaustion. Slowly circling your arms around his neck, you hold your sweetheart to you. Dennis smiles when he feels your hug and immediately returns it, tucking you in underneath him even more.
"I'm gonna keep you forever," he whispers, his voice breathy and hoarse from shouting. More kisses rain down on your sweaty skin, lulling you deeper into the tiredness that crept into your bones. You're about to speak but Dennis beats you to it. "Shhhhhhhhh just sleep, I'll take care of you."
You do as he says and let sleep pull you away while you listen to his now steady breathing.
"I'll always take care of you."
Tumblr media
Part 1
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Dividers by the lovely @firefly-graphics
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
favourite ari moments (01/??)
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This Chris with this Sebastian 馃サ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Please f*** me or f*** each other
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Do you see the Thot in this too?
鈥 I need a 鈥.. who鈥檚 desperate to see me every time I walk in throught the door鈥
I can help to see thots everywhere with this man.
Welcome to my dark broken mind world
Darling, we are too much of the same mind. But I disagree with Chris, I think a kitty kat would be eagerly awaiting Chris when he got home. 馃槒
Warnings: 18+Phone sex, edging, teasing, Daddy kink, masturbation, oral sex (female receiving). Do not repost or steal my work. Follow @rampitupandread to be notified when I post.
Smut drabble below the cut
Kitty Kat
Tumblr media
Chris had been away again.
This time, it was only for four days. But he'd edged you every available moment while he was gone. He'd sent texts, videos, he called you and commanded you with that voice of his. He'd teased you to the point of delirium, jacking off in front of your eyes on face time, to the extent that pre cum dribbled all over his hand.
But he never came.
And he never let you cum.
You were at the point of tears last night when he'd called you before he caught the redeye.
"Wait for me, Kitten," is what he said in that sexy ass broken growl of his.
"Be a good girl for me."
鈥淔uck. Chris.聽 I can鈥檛 wait.鈥澛犅
You whimpered, and he almost stroked himself to completion right then, but he that鈥檚 not what he really wanted.
鈥淥h, Kitten. It will feel so gooood. Be a good little kitty kat for me. Keep my pussy warm. And throbbing for me.鈥
He bit his lips and you could practically hear his smirk. You wanted to wipe it off his face with your pussy.
鈥淥h... Chris, I鈥檓 gonna....鈥澛
You weren鈥檛 touching yourself anymore, but that didn鈥檛 stop your clit from pounding away.
Your delicate cries of desperation made his own eyes water. Chris drew in a ragged breath as he pictured your arched back, your wanton wide open legs, your fingers clutching the bedsheets. He pictured you perfectly, and he cursed and prayed that he鈥檇 made the right decision not to FaceTime you.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 gonna be so worth it.鈥
You whimpered again.
鈥淵es Daddy.鈥
Pre-cum spurted from Chris鈥 tip as you said the magic words, and he groaned.
鈥淔uck, you鈥檙e gonna be the death of me.鈥 Chris chuckled. 鈥淚 gotta go. I gotta get ready for my flight Kitten.鈥澛
Chris stood up and went to the shower to turn on the cold water.
鈥7 hours.聽 I鈥檒l be home in 7 hours.鈥
鈥淥kay Daddy. Have a safe flight.鈥
鈥淪ee you soon.鈥
Chris was on edge throughout his flight.聽 He looked at pictures of you most of the time. Not just the naughty ones; he was smiling over pictures of your face. Your eyes, your smile; he was head over heels.
You had his heart and his soul. He thought that at 7 am when he made it home and that you鈥檇 probably be asleep when he reached your side.
Oh well, he thought. He鈥檇 content himself with holding you until you woke up. Anything was better than nothing.
Chris unlocked the door and walked in to the sight of you on the couch, legs open and body shining by candle light. His heart leapt at the sight of you and his mouth spread open in a grin.
鈥淗ello, Chris. You wanna make me cum, or you wanna watch me do it?聽 I鈥檓 desperate for you Daddy.鈥澛
Chris dropped his bags and kicked the door closed as he watched your fingers circle your clit. He walked over to you and glared down at you you stared up at him under your lashes. He should have been angry, but he was caught up by the fact that he was this close to you again.
He dropped to his knees in front of you and kissed your trembling lips.
鈥淚鈥檓 thirsty from my long flight, Kitten. Let me have a something to drink.鈥
You arched your back as Chris took your ass in his hands, lowered his head and began to slurp from your folds.
Feedback is for lovers. 馃槝
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The dream
Chris Evans x reader
Tumblr media
Summary: When you get the chance to make your dream come true, you take it. But you didn鈥檛 think it would scare you this much and how stressed it would make you. But Chris has a couple of ideas up his sleeve
Warnings: Overstressed, anxiety, panic, mention of a panic attack, nightmares, SoftChris, Passionate and loving sex, eating you out, giving you the lead in sex, him asking you what you need and want, fingering, eating you out, Soft smut, neediness for each other, jerking off, p in v, no condom, creampie, cockwarming
A/N: So this is very personal as in problematic wise. I鈥檓 waiting for a go from the designer so I can continue and I never thought that it gave me this much anxiety, panic and nightmares. I鈥檝e been waiting for two weeks and the deadline is coming closer, making me think irrational. Besides, I still need to make 200 slides鈥.. yeah I鈥檓 already overstressed and I just need Chris to help me through this but this is the closest I can get.
The dream
Your dream was finally coming true and you did it all on your own. You were going to make the graphics for a big festival and would also be the photographer. Or at least, you could count on it but it still had to be completely arranged and it gave you anxiety. You rather would have it in black and white. You had a pitch where you would show your work that you made for the festival and they loved it. But there was only one graphic designer in the team and he had to give you a go in order for you to continue or not so the days following are absolute hell.
This was your dream and it got right into your lap so you wouldn鈥檛 let it go for the life of you. Unfortunately the anxiety rose with each passing day and Chris, your boyfriend, noticed. He took you along to his premiers that were going on right now with like Lightyear, The Gray man etc etc. Chris noticed that with each passing day you grew more nervous and anxious.
Today was a very hot day and you finally threw a mail out for the people in the team to get you an answer from the designer but they were all very busy, which you did understand but it just didn鈥檛 help with the growing anxiety that you couldn鈥檛 control anymore.
You were behind your computer and also send a text message out so you would be sure they would see the mail. Your leg was bouncing while you stared at your empty inbox. The worst part was that all of this triggered your depression as well. Chris was in the kitchen, making coffee when he heard nothing except the tapping of your heel on the ground. He looked at you and sight. He knew how much this meant to you and you would do everything for this. Like this really was a start of your dream and you were so incredibly close that it scared the absolute life out of you.
You didn鈥檛 tell Chris how bad it really was but he could guess. He just never thought it would be this bad since you were an expert in hiding. Chris walked over to you and placed his hands on either side of the armchair, placing a kiss on the top of your head. 鈥淗ey sweetheart. How you鈥檙e holding up?鈥 He asked you as he turned your chair around and got on his knees so he would be on eye sight. His head resting on his arms which were resting on your knees.
You shrugged and let out a shaky breath. He placed a piece of hair behind your ear and softly brushed your cheek with his knuckles. 鈥淭he same only it鈥檚 getting worse by the day.鈥 He nodded, listening to you. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a warm day鈥. Why don鈥檛 we go to the beach today? It鈥檚 no use of staying behind this laptop honey.鈥 You let out a sigh and refreshed your inbox to be met by absolutely nothing. 鈥淲hat if he doesn鈥檛 like my work Chris? What if he doesn鈥檛 want me to finish it or make me start all over again? The deadline is only 2 months away and I have to make at least 200 slides.鈥 Chris shushed you, noticing your demeanor changed and your breathing becoming rapidly.
He held your cheeks softly with his palms. 鈥淪low down baby girl. I鈥檝e seen your work and it鈥檚 amazing. They wouldn鈥檛 make you all of this if they didn鈥檛 want you.鈥 he tried to remind you. 鈥淏ut they only got me because one of the team member knows me personally.鈥 You rubbed your temples in distress. Chris took your hand away, stopping you. 鈥淪weetheart, listen to me. They saw your work and if you weren鈥檛 good enough they wouldn鈥檛 have made you continue. It鈥檚 all in your head and it鈥檚 completely understandable that you鈥檙e stressed out but you need this energy for later.鈥
鈥淟et me call Scott and ask him if he wants to join us. You need some distractions. Trust me sweetheart, this鈥檒l do you good. Maybe some friends can join us too?鈥 he proposed and you knew he was right but you were closer to tears than smiling at the moment, not feeling very social. 鈥淚t鈥檚 been two weeks Chris鈥.鈥 You reminded him. 鈥淚鈥檝e been waiting for two weeks and I can鈥檛 contain my anxiety anymore.鈥 Your eyes filled up with tears from the absolute sheer panic you were in. You were keeping it all in and it felt like you were about to burst in a form of a panic attack.
鈥淟et me take care of you sweetheart. You鈥檝e always taken care of me when I have anxiety. Now it鈥檚 my turn.鈥 He said softly as he caressed your legs. You sighed and looked back at your laptop. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 feel very social today. Let鈥檚 just ask Scott and his boyfriend but no friends. I can鈥檛 really deal with that right now.鈥 You told him honestly. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 okay sweetheart. Why don鈥檛 you make some fruit ready and I鈥檒l call Scott?鈥 he was so gentle with you right now since you couldn鈥檛 do that for yourself. You鈥檝e been beating yourself up over this for two weeks straight now.
You nodded and Chris helped you up, pulling you into a hug as he held you tightly. 鈥淚t鈥檚 going to be fine sweetheart, I promise you.鈥 You hid your face in the crook of his neck, taking in a deep breath while Chris鈥檚 cologne calmed you down slightly. He placed his hand on the back of your head, trying to make you feel as safe and protected as possible.
He waited until you got out of the hug, giving you as much time as you needed while placing kisses on the side of your head until you got out of the hug. 鈥淎nd if this doesn鈥檛 work, I鈥檝e got more ideas to how I can destress you鈥.鈥 he told you with a smirk and winked at you. You rolled your eyes and giggled. 鈥淵ou see! It does work, you鈥檙e smiling again.鈥 You shook your head and made your way to the kitchen to cut up the watermelon.
Chris called Scotty while you got all kinds of fruit. You loved Scott to bits. His positivity was intoxicating and that鈥檚 exactly what you were needing right now. All of this had a pretty big effect on your life and love life. You and Chris haven鈥檛 done anything in the last two weeks and even though Chris gave you all the time you needed, you knew he was a little touched starved just like you. All of a sudden you felt a pair of arms around your waist and Chris let his head rest on your shoulder as his body was pressed up against yours.
鈥淪cott and Steve will be here in an hour.鈥 Chris told you, kissing your cheek. You nodded and fed him a strawberry you were cutting up. 鈥淚鈥檒l get a cooler for the drinks and stuff.鈥 He told you and made you turn around by your waist. He had a mischievous smile and pulled you in for a kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He picked you up and placed you on the counter without breaking the kiss. You pulled away and went with your hands through his fluffy hair while he stood in between your legs. 鈥淚 love you.鈥 you told him, caressing his cheek this time, his stubbles tickling the palm of your hand. 鈥淎nd I love you sweetheart.鈥 His smile big and bright, which you mirrored.
鈥淣ow get your pretty ass upstairs and get changed.鈥 He told you, helping you off the counter, placing a quick kiss on your lips and smacked your ass softly and playfully. You turned around with a smile while he watched you walk away. You got everything you needed just like Chris. Scott was one minute away and you quickly looked into your inbox again. 鈥淣o鈥..鈥 Chris said and wrapped his arms around your waist, trying to pull you away from your laptop. 鈥淐hrihiss鈥.. just let me take a look鈥 You whined and almost fought Chris to see your inbox. He let out a loud sigh and let go of you. Obviously there was nothing there and when you turned around towards Chris he had his hand on his side with his eyebrow up. 鈥淪orry鈥.鈥 You told him and he walked towards you. 鈥淭oday is for relaxation sweetheart. Now let鈥檚 go.鈥 He told you and kissed you before carrying the cooler and bag.
Just in time, Scott honked the car. 鈥淭here they are!!!鈥 Scott yelled with a smile, making you smile as well. You jumped in the back and hugged Scott and Steve. 鈥淗ow are you? Heard you were pretty stressed out so we鈥檙e going to make you relaxed by the end of the day.鈥 You smiled 鈥淭hanks Scotty.鈥 Chris jumped in besides you and pulled your legs over his, his warm, big hand on your knee.
It didn鈥檛 took long before you arrived at the beach while Scott talked with you about the new true crime docu he had seen. It took a minute to get your thoughts off the festival but in the end it did work, getting you in a way better mood. You searched a quiet spot to lay and when you found it, you all unpacked. Chris put some sunscreen on your back and you on his. Just by seeing him without a shirt on, made the butterflies go loose in the pit of your stomach. It鈥檚 been a while when you saw him without a shirt and he was ripped in a way you didn鈥檛 remember he was while the tattoos showed off.
Scott brought a ball with him for in the water while you turned up the music a little. Scott and Steve already jumped in the water, jumping on each other鈥檚 back. Chris turned to you and checked you out with a smirk, making you feel shy again. 鈥淲hat?鈥 you asked with a shy smile playing upon your lips. He shrugged a little 鈥淵ou just look good, that鈥檚 all.鈥 he told you and kissed your shoulder, meeting your eyes above his sunglasses. You felt your cheeks getting heated, chuckled and looked away. 鈥淲hat? I can鈥檛 compliment my favorite girl right now?鈥 he knew damn well what he was doing to you.
He got your arm and gently rubbed it. He knew exactly how to make you feel heated, shy and most importantly, made you feel like the only woman on earth. 鈥渉mh鈥 Smooth Christopher鈥 smooth.鈥 You told him and stood up, reaching 聽out your hand for him to take. You chuckled at your response and took your hand in his and got up. He stood very close to you and was taller than you were, making you feel a bit small and intimidated. Damn this man knew exactly what to do and what he did now, made you feel submissive. Chris looked at you with a smirk. You rolled your eyes slightly, not wanting to give in now just on principles and pushed him playfully away.
鈥淲hat?鈥 Chris chuckled and if you could roll your eyes even further, you would, making Chris chuckle even more. 鈥淟et鈥檚 just go, you tease.鈥 Your remark made him laugh wholeheartedly and you knew that this was the vibe he was going with today. He took your hand and placed a delicate kiss on it, smiling at you. You turned towards him, standing close to him as well. This time it took him by surprise at the close proximity you were standing and got his sunglasses of his face. 鈥淒on鈥檛 wanna loose them now do we?鈥 you chuckled at your win this time and placed it on the towel. Now it was your turn to wrap him around your finger.
You took his hand in yours and walked into the water, paddling your feet in the refreshing water. Chris looked at you with a loving smile and placed his arm around you, pulling you against the side of his body and kissed the top of your head. He could see you were thinking about it again and whispered in your ear 鈥淚t鈥檚 all going to be okay sweetheart. Trust yourself.鈥 He took the lead, still holding your hand in his when he turned around looking at you if you were ready to go further into the water.
You walked slowly his way. The water wasn鈥檛 cold, more refreshing than anything else 聽but you still needed to get used to it. Every time you took a step forward, Chris took a step backward to help you. It wasn鈥檛 like you really needed help, but you loved the fact that he was doing it either way, always so caring and it made your heart flutter. You looked at Chris, the sun kissing his skin while his fluffy hair shined in the sun and it was like falling in love with him all over again.
You smiled and got his hand, pulling him closer. It surprised Chris for a minute until you wrapped your arms around his torso, your head resting against his chest. It took him a moment but wrapped his arms around you as well, pulling you closer and you could hear the rumble of his chuckles. He went with his hand over your hair. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 this for sweetheart?鈥 he asked you softly and caringly. 鈥淚 just love you so much.鈥 His heart started to melt when you said that and how you wrapped yourself around him. The need to protect you from anything and everything got even bigger by the second. He would do anything for you without thinking twice about it.
鈥淵ou have no idea how much I love you too baby girl鈥 he told you, kissing your head. His hands cupped your cheek as he gave you a chaste kiss. Without warning, you both got splashed by Scott and Steven, making you both gasp at the sudden coldness.
It turned out in a water fight until you were all soaked. You hanged around Chris like a koala in the water until you got out. Chris was right, this did do you a lot of good but once you returned home, you were confronted again. You wanted to put your computer on when Chris placed his hand above yours, making you look at him. He shook his head lovingly, making you think twice about it. You looked back at your computer and got your hand away, listening to Chris.
鈥淟et鈥檚 take a shower together hmh?鈥 he asked you and you nodded. The entire time on the beach you were very clingy which you weren鈥檛 a lot so Chris knew he had to be very soft and gentle with you. Chris didn鈥檛 see this side of you a lot but when you did show it, he loved every given moment of it and it felt like his heart would burst with the love he had for you. Besides, he knew that the moment you got clingy, you gave your consent for him to take completely care of you.
He helped you get upstairs and into the bathroom. You were glad that you changed the sheets of the bed this morning so you could get into a clean bed later. You and Chris got undressed and Chris gave you a hand, helping you get into the shower with him. He got your favorite bath foam and softly rubbed it onto your body. He pulled you into a hug, when he saw that the stress exhausted you and it showed now since you were relaxed. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay baby. you鈥檙e going to be completely fine. I鈥檓 here with every step and you鈥檙e doing such a good job. I couldn鈥檛 be more proud of you for following your dreams even though I know how scary it can be.鈥 You tightened your arms more around him while he comforted you.
When you got out and Chris obviously helped you out, he dried you off with a soft towel, put your underwear on and placed you on the counter. 鈥淲hich lotion you want baby?鈥 he asked you looking around. 鈥淢y favorite.鈥 You told him tiredly and he immediately got your favorite lotion, rubbing it gently in before putting your favorite of him on and helped you off the bathroom counter.
He quickly put some short sweats on himself and a shirt. You both walked downstairs and he got on the couch, pulling you onto his lap sideways and gave you the tv remote. You watched a tv series and cuddled closer to Chris. He played with your hair, calming you relaxing you even more. You let your head rest on his chest, underneath his chin. You couldn鈥檛 fight your heavy eyelids anymore and closed them, feeling utterly and completely safe in Chris鈥檚 arms.
You were almost drifting off until you felt Chris shift underneath you. You flutter you eyes open and looked at Chris who smiled lovingly at you. 鈥淟et鈥檚 get you upstairs sweetheart.鈥 He told you and you noticed that the tv was already off. You nodded and got out of his lap. Chris still held onto you in case you might fall since you were very drowsy. You brushed your teeth freshened up a little before falling into the clean sheets.
It was cool in the room, giving you both some release from the almost unbearable heat. Chris got in next to you and scooped you closer, placing an arm underneath your head so you could rest your head on his chest. Your legs over him and it didn鈥檛 took you long before falling asleep.
You had a very vivid nightmare about the festival. It seemed so incredibly real that you actually thought that it happened. You slowly got up, rubbing your face and looked at Chris who was in a very peaceful and deep sleep. You had dreamt that the designer didn鈥檛 want you and hated you for no reason at all, saying that you were unprofessional and childish. It felt so real that you couldn鈥檛 snap out of it and had to check if it really happened or not.
You got out of bed trying to be as quiet as possible and made your way downstairs, not even bothering with the lights. The tears slipped down your cheek as you felt a fearful weight on your heart, hoping that it was in fact a nightmare. The panic rose when you saw your computer which you quickly turned on and sat down in the chair. You opened your mail and searched through it with a heavy heart, not even able to stop crying at this point. You were so caught up that you didn鈥檛 even hear Chris walking downstairs.
He found you behind your computer and his heart sank. You rested your head on your arms as you tried to hold your sobs in. He sighted softly out of sympathy and walked towards you. He didn鈥檛 want to unsettle you so he softly rubbed your arms, making you look up. He saw that your eyes were bloodshot red and sympathy was written all over his face.
He kneeled down in front of you and you broke down completely. He shushed you. 鈥淚t鈥檚 going to be alright sweetheart. It was a nightmare wasn鈥檛 it?鈥 he asked you and you nodded, unable to contain the sobs coming from you as you shook in his arms. You were both on the ground now and Chris held you tightly when you crawled into his lap, your legs wrapped around him. 鈥淗e said that I was too childish, unprofessional and hated me for no reason. It felt so real Chris. I thought it really happened. I had to check.鈥 You told him between sobs, feeling utterly exhausted from this whole experience.
鈥淚 know honey, it鈥檚 okay. It鈥檚 not real and I鈥檓 100% sure he wouldn鈥檛 say that. You are too good in what you do and trust me when I say that you are very professional. I鈥檝e seen it myself. It鈥檚 just your fears projecting right now. It鈥檚 not going to happen in real life.鈥 He told you softly, trying to help you rationalize. 鈥淚 know鈥 I鈥檓 just exhausted from the waiting and containing the panic and anxiety. With every passing day, it鈥檚 getting harder. I don鈥檛 know how long I鈥檓 going to be able to do this.鈥
Chris cupped your cheeks softly. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the most strongest woman I鈥檝e ever seen. You鈥檙e going to get through this and you鈥檙e going to rock it.鈥 he kissed you softly and wiped away your tears. 鈥淚鈥檒l be here with you remember? And it was all just a nightmare.鈥 He reminded you and you took a deep shaky breath. He smiled softly at you and kissed your nose. 鈥淵ou want to stay downstairs and watch something or do you want to get upstairs again? I might be able to take some stress away.鈥 he told you the last part teasingly again, making you chuckle through your tears. He smiled the moment he saw you smile again.
You were actually considering it though, at this point wanting to try anything to take the stress away. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go upstairs.鈥 But you didn鈥檛 responded to the last sentence. He helped you up and held your hand while walking upstairs. You looked at your side of the bed and shivered from the thought of the nightmare. Chris looked at you concerned. 鈥淚t鈥檚 going to be okay, I鈥檓 here.鈥 He whispered in your ear, raising goosebumps over your body.
You sat down on the bed and rubbed your face. Chris took your hands away and kissed them before slowly and gently kissing your cheeks, your nose, forehead and lastly your lips. He saw the consideration in your eyes. 鈥淛ust relax baby girl, let me make you feel good.鈥 He told you and kissed your neck gently. You felt the heat spread down, noticing how needy and starved you actually were.
He took his shirt off of you and his own, his hands going over your body before making you lay down back on the bed. 鈥淛ust relax.鈥 He told you softly once again. His lips trailing down from your neck to your chest towards your breast. Your felt your breath hitch a little and got even wetter by his soft and gentle touch.
His mouth and tongue played with your nipple. He trailed down your stomach, his fingertips caressing your thighs, getting you even more in the mood. He left wet kisses behind, his blue eyes piercing yours with love in them. Not like you he would do normally, the dominant side staying put right now and showed you all the love he could. He kissed your thighs lovingly while his big hands gently rubbed them. You felt the heat pulsating and couldn鈥檛 wait for his mouth to get attached.
He grinded on the side of the bed with his cock for some release himself. His finger went over your wet slit and carefully put a finger in your pussy, curling it inside, making you moan and more wetter. His mouth got attached to your clit and he hummed from pleasure himself. He pumped his finger in and out of you while his mouth was doing some magic itself. You felt yourself grow closer. It was almost embarrassing how fast you could cum right now but didn鈥檛 care that much.
His tongue circled your clit while his finger thrusted in you. You saw his bicep flexing because of it and the man was a whole painting on it鈥檚 own right now. You buckled your hips slightly and Chris let you right now. You squeezed around his fingers. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e close aren鈥檛 you baby?鈥 his voice still loving instead of dark which you expected, but to be fair, you needed someone who was soft right now and Chris got that hint a week ago. Just waited for you to let him in your bubble and accept his gentleness.
鈥淵eah I am.鈥 You murmured out. The sounds your pussy made while Chris was eating you out, made you even hornier. 鈥淵ou cum when you鈥檙e ready pretty girl.鈥 Your fingers clenched into the sheets as you arched your back. One hand found his way into his hair, tucking it a bit, making him moan in the process. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna cum.鈥 You told him and he fastened his pace, making you shiver and shake in no time.
He got his fingers out of you while you tried to regain your breathing again. Chris looked at you and placed wet kissed over your stomach, towards your chest, neck and after your lips, kissing you passionately. You could taste yourself on his tongue and you arched your back again so your body could meet his, your leg going over his hard cock in his boxers. You pulled him down in the kiss, his body laying on top of you now. 鈥淲hat do you want baby?鈥 he asked you genuinely, letting you take the lead for the first time and it made you a bit nervous. 鈥淐an you make me cum again?鈥 Chris smiled lovingly at you and nodded, placing soft kisses on your lips. 鈥淲ant me to do it like I just did?鈥 he asked you, helping you out as he noticed your nervousness.
You nodded shyly and a bit embarrassed. He smiled and gave you a last kiss before laying on his back. 鈥渃limb on baby girl.鈥 He told you and you were quick on your feet, crawling over him. He helped you to get up, you were always nervous that you would hurt him so he had to help you in this one. He held onto your thighs and pulled you down on his face. You almost collapsed at the spot while he hummed again and looked at you to see how you were doing.
He ate you out like a starved man. Not going to lie, he probably was and you started to shake above him. His finger entering you, curling it inside, hitting the perfect spot as you cried out. 鈥淐um for me sweetheart.鈥 He told you between eating you out. You got a little off his face as you shook violently above him but he pulled you down again, not done with you yet and kept eating you throughout your orgasm.
Soft licks were giving as he lapped you up. He helped you get off and laid on his side towards you, placing a piece of hair away from your sticky forehead. He kept going over your hair with his hand, waiting for you to catch your breath. You turned your head to look at him. He smiled lovingly at you and even though you loved dominant Chris, you couldn鈥檛 help but love this side of him just as much. 鈥淗ow your feeling?鈥 he asked you and you smiled a bit, getting closer to him to kiss him.
He got you into a passionate kiss and he slowly got on top of you. One hand entangled in his hair, just like he did with you and the other massaged his cock through his boxers. He gasped out a little as you freed his cock and gently jerked him off. He sighed in the kiss and you noticed he was just as needy for you as you were for him. You placed his cock by your entrance, slowly going over your slit and covered his cock with your cum before slowly pushing the tip in, both gasping at the familiar feeling of each other.
鈥淚鈥檝e missed you so much.鈥 He told you, almost whiningly. 鈥淚鈥檝e missed you too.鈥 You moaned out as he pushed his hips more forward, going deeper in you. 鈥淪tay in me tonight. I need you close.鈥 You told him, feeling even more needy for him and just his physical touch. 鈥淚 know baby, I know, I need you too.鈥 He kissed you below your ear, sending shivers down your spine.
You put your legs around him and pushed him in deeper. Chris started moving slowly while you both moaned out. You haven鈥檛 heard Chris this vocal before. I mean, he is very vocal in bed but this just took the price. He slowly started thrusting into you, hitting your g-spot every time he got into you. You attached your lips to his neck before needlingly pulling him into a deep kiss. His arms were tightly wrapped around you, holding you just as close. 鈥淚鈥檓 not going to last long tonight sweetheart.鈥 He warned you. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 okay. I just need you close.鈥 He moaned at your response while he felt needed and important, which he obviously was.
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna cum again.鈥 You told him almost completely hidden underneath him. 鈥渢hat鈥檚 okay, cum for me princess, cum for me.鈥 he motivated you. You started to clench around his cock and he moaned out loudly in response. 鈥淐um with me Chris, cum inside of me.鈥 His whole body tensed up when you asked him to cum together and he almost lost all of his strength in his body. He hid his face in the crook of his neck while your hands caressed his back, pulling him more down.
You came hard and clenched so hard on his cock that you started to milk him out entirely. Chris was moaning in your ear and you could feel his heart thundering against yours. You both tried to catch your breath and you felt his cum seeping out of you. You felt so complete right now and relaxed. You chuckled 鈥淵ou were right, this does help with the stress.鈥 He chuckled as well, meeting your gaze and cupped your cheek. 鈥淚 like this side of you.鈥 you confessed softly. He smiled lovingly at you. 鈥淚 like this side too.鈥 He told you, kissing you softly, still a bit out of breath.
鈥淵ou still want me to stay inside of you tonight sweetheart?鈥 he asked you, softly rubbing your cheek with his thumb, now laying more to the side. You nodded 鈥淵eah I need you close.鈥 He smiled and kissed the top of your nose. He laid more to the side, his ;leg over you this time, one arm underneath his head and the other resting on your side, both just staring at each other.
It was going to be a long, exhausting and stressful road but maybe you finally found your way of destressing.
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Word Count:
Pairing: Chris Evans x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Angst and a lil fluff plus smut (cause I'm a sucker for fluff!)
Summary: Trying to get her busy schedule organized along with being a single mom on top of the fame from the baby's father, it gets overwhelming.
A/N: Y'all, all I can say is just bear with me. very much edited!
Tumblr media
Ryelle counted everything that was on the list to be done for the day. "Now I need to pick up groceries." She clicked the pen, sitting it down then taking a sip of ice coffee. The party she's planning is for Lively's 3rd birthday and you know as the night progresses by, it'll be adult time so every thing has to be perfect.
Once done typing on her macbook, she checked the time seeing that it was 10:28 a.m. Ry wanted to get Liv on up so they could go to the grocery store.
"Lively baby , Good Morning my sunshine!" She spoke softy as she entered her baby girl's room. Lively sat up,rubbing her eyes. She's not much of a talker when first woken up.
"You ready for shopping with mommy?" Ryelle walked over to the closet to pick out to clothes to wear. Liv nodded her head, "I'm hungry."
With a smile, Ryelle held out her arms, "Well let's go eat breakfast princess." Lively placed her head on her mom's shoulder as they walked to the kitchen.
As Lively ate her breakfast, Ryelle scrolled on twitter keeping up with things. She rolled her eyes as she came across a article about Chris's allegedly new fling. The last time she saw Chris was before their argument when Liv was about 6 months old.
He call here and there but only to talk to Lively and that's only when his mother add her number to the facetime call. Chris and Ryelle fell out horribly on the terms of he wasn鈥檛 ready for the family and husband life. During Ryelle鈥檚 pregnancy they tried dating, key word tried.
She didn't want any hand outs for just being Chris's Evans baby mom so she got everything herself (Also with the help of her sister). That's why they don鈥檛 have any communication with each other.
Traffic was heavier then usual today along with the shopping crowd. Since she left the house, she's been getting none stop calls from everyone. It must've been call Ryelle day or something.
After finding a spot to park, her phone started ringing. Letting it ring she got out the truck then was soon swarmed with fans and paparazzi.
"Are you Chris Evans baby momma?!"
鈥淚s she really his??鈥
鈥淩yelle look over here!鈥
鈥淩yelle are using Chris for his money??鈥
"What the hell?? move!" Ryelle yelled trying to get to the other side of the car. So much commotion was going on from everyone and she hate this for Liv. Once getting Liv from the car, it was completely to much for her. It's like the crowd went wild.
Without having security, the crowd was getting way to close. The cameras flashed in her eyes, almost blinding her which made Ryelle tripped. Liv fell back trying to clutch on to Ry as her her bow fell to the ground. This pissed Ryelle off as she gained her balance.
"Everybody get the fuck out my way!!" She placed her hand on the back of Liv's head for cover as she shoved her way through the crowd. Finding the nearest sitting section, Ryelle didn't even want to shop anymore. Her adrenaline was rushing and all she wanted to do was go home.
Lively sat in front of her mother on the table playing with Ry's hair. "Lively baby are you okay?" Ryelle checked her daughter for any bruises or scratches. Liv nodded her hhead, "Yes momma."
"Good, I'm so sorry that what happened outside, happened at all honey. Now give me some love."
Lively hugged Ryelle's neck.
Suddenly, Ryelle's phone start buzzing repeatedly and she picked it up trying to see what's the fuss about. When you think it could get better, it only got worse. It was multiple new papers, social media post , and blogs of her tripping. Tears grew in her eyes as the video played over and over. Seeing how dangerously close her daughters head was going to hit the ground had her in defeat.
"Why you cry momma?"
"Because momma didn't want you in this lifestyle baby."
She didn't want Lively to grow up in this lifestyle without Chris.
Through her mental breakdown, she still managed to get the food and other things for the party. The idea she had for it was moana theme but Liv wants to be a mermaid so they're doing both. It was just a simple party with a couple of cousins, friends and sisters coming by , she couldn't wait to get lit.
Ryelle had finally sat down with a glass of wine after putting Liv asleep . Groaning when hearing the phone ringing for the millionth time today, tipsy Ryelle answered the phone without checking the I.D.
"Ryelle, It's Chris."
Ry freezed hearing his deep voice over the phone. It's been at least 5 months since they've last talked on facetime for Liv and they barely spoke then. His smooth voice brought her back to the conversation.
"Chris? Hey! It's been a minute since we've heard from you..."
"Yeah I know, I've been busy with this Buzz Lightyear movie. I miss you guys, is Lively up?"
Ryelle took a sip to that.
"No, you just missed her, we've been out all day but I think you know about that though."
"Yeah Ry..."
Ryelle bit her lip thinking about how her name flowed off his tongue. 'Ry'
"I saw that and I'm so sorry about for you and our baby girl. I'm going to make a post and clear it up to the paparazzi and my fans to give you and Liv space. Their just excited-"
"And jealous because my dms is filled with mean messages about us."
"And I'll clear that up too, Ry. I'm sorry, you mean a lot to me for you to be getting hurt by people that quote on qoute support me. Expect security to be-"
"Security? Chris that's a bit much now, I just need a taser or something."
"Security Ry and I mean it. I need you and my beautiful baby girl safe. I need you guys."
Ryelle definitely took a gulp on that.
"Ry you drinking wine?"
"No... Anyway, how did the public find out about Liv, Chris we agreed on leaving her out the media until she wants to be out there."
Ryelle sat up on the couch now, conversation beginning to get interesting. "You only say Rydoll when you in deep shit Chris. What happened??"
"My fianc茅 found out about Liv from some messages that I thought I deleted but she found your instagram and all then shared a post from your page of Liv saying something about she loves her for life... Ryelle I'm so sorry."
Ryelle gulped the rest of that shit down, she couldn't understand the first part nor the second part or the third part. This some shit right here.
"Hold the fuck up Chris, I know you ain't call my phone dropping big bombs like this after you haven't talked to me in five fucking months."
"No don't fucking 'Ry' right now Chris. You're engaged to this woman who posted my daughter on some fake love shit when I don't even know who the fuck she is. She had me almost dropping my baby in front of the world because she was trying to expose us. Chris this is too much shit for me and Lively!"
"Ryelle, she didn't mean any harm. I haven't talked to her so I don't really know but I know her intentions wasn't for you to get hurt. She's eventually going to be a part of my life so you'll have to get use to her being around Lively. Also with saying she, her name is Minka. "
"Pfft, sure Chris. I think Ima keep calling her she."
Ryelle poured her another cup of wine because the way Chris stresses her out, she going to need it.
"Ry come on, chill out."
"I'm so dead ass Chris. You wanna know something, I wish we didn't have a one night stand with each other! I wouldn't be apart of your life, you wouldn't know me and I'll have baby by someone who actually wants to be a father and husband."
"Ry Chill out. You don't mean that shit you're talking. Lively is the best thing to happen to me-
"Best thing to happen to you? Chris when the last fucking time you came to see Lively? Huh? When was the last time?!"
"Exactly Chris, stop feeding me bullshit on wanting to be in Liv's life, you know you weren't ready and you still aren't!! So go live your happy life with your happy wife, leave me and Liv out of it!"
"No I do Ryelle, I'm not the scared boy you first met any more, I'm a man and I want to be in Liv's life. Starting now, I want to come be with her this weekend."
"This weekend is not a good-"
"Let me rephrase that, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you that I'm coming to be with Liv this weekend. I'm going to spend time with her personally before she meet Minka. Okay?"
Ryelle rubbed her face knowing this will be added to her list to stress about. "Yeah Chris but I don't know about her meeting Em yet."
You could practically hear him smiling over the phone, "Great, I'll be there tomorrow!"
The phone hung up and Ryelle groaned out loud. So much ran through her brain that it made it hurt. Walking upstairs, she went into Lively's room picking her daughter up from the bed and brought her to her room. Ryelle laid Liv on her chest and just rocked her because she felt like that's the only person she had in the world on her side. Tears fell down her cheeks as she thought about the conversation with Chris.
A fianc茅.
Tumblr media
Just as Ry finished with the deviled eggs, the doorbell ring. Ry rubbed her hands on the apron as she got closer to the door then she opened it. There stood Chris with a smile and shades on, not to far behind him was Henry.
"Hey, I hope we're not late."
"You're actually a hour early. Come in. Guest room is upstairs on the left, second room." Ryelle stepped aside so they could come in. "Hey Henry, I'm going to have to set up the second guest room real quick for you because I didn't know you were even coming."
"That's my fault!" Chris said as he took his bags upstairs. Henry gave her a smile,"That's alright, where is it and I'll set it up myself."
"Upstairs, third room on your left."
Ryelle took a deep breath as she watched him walk upstairs with his things. Before it was even peace and quiet, Chris walks downstairs. "Where's Lively?"
Ryelle stir the rotel cheese, just checking on it. "Outside with my little cousin and her friend that was dropped off early." Having Chris in her presence was weird and they both felt it. Ryelle bent over to check on the wings and she felt eyes on her. Trying to esse the tension, she sparked a conversation once she stood up.
"So Chris, how you been?"
"Great but I need to be asking you that." Chris laugh a bit.
Ryelle shifted her weight to the other foot,"Great until Ms. Minky brought my baby out to the public."
"Our baby you mean Ry?" Chris raised an eyebrow but Ryelle ignored the facial expression.
"My baby, exactly like I said. Chris don't start this shit."
"Start what Ryelle? I just want you to start clarifying her as our daughter, I'm going to be in the picture from now on."
"She'll be my daughter for as long as you're married to Ms. Minky! Fuck Classification!"
"Don't disrespect my fianc茅 like that Ry, it's Minka! There's nothing wrong with classifying Liv's as ours along with me being married to someone else!"
"Her name is Minka Bit-"
The slide door opened and Blake (the little girl who arrived early) walked in first then Neveah (the little cousin) holding Lively. Liv squirmed out of Neveah's arms so fast when she saw him.
Pure happiness painted on her face as she ran to her dad in joy. Chris squat down, welcoming her with open arms,"Livvy!!"
It was such a beautiful moment to Ryelle, she just wished that her and Chris relationship wasn't like this.
Eventually it was time for singing the birthday song. Ryelle lean down behind her baby girl, as Navyie (one of her same age cousins) lit the birthday candles. "Are you ready to make a wish baby girl?"
Lively nodded her head excitedly," Yes!!!" She looked around for her particular person. "Where's daddy?"
Ryelle held the opportunity to roll her eyes. "You want him to be up here while you blow your candles?"
"Yes momma, where is he?"
In seconds, word got out that Liv was looking for Chris before blowing the candles. He came and stood behind Liv on the other side.
"You ready to blow your candles Livvy Pop?"
"Happy Birthday to you!"
Ryelle felt his arm snake around her waist as they watched her daughter blow out her candles. This memory would last a life time to Ry.
As the night flowed by, Ry kept her distance from Chris even though the family still interacted with him once finding out he was the father.
"Oouu sis, you got a good taste in men. Where you find him and can I get on his friend?" Leilani, Ryelle's older sister, walked up to Ry who was at the food table, hoping that the seat by Chris was taken before the night started.
Needing this night for herself, she paid two of her lil pre teen cousins to watch the kids while the adults were outside. Lively had a blast for her birthday in the space jump so Ry knew she would be out like a light.
"Girl he was a one night stand." Ryelle admitted then took a shot of casamigos. Leilani mouth dropped,"Liv is a one-night stand baby? Oop let me eat this wing." She instantly taking a piece of meat into her mouth.
Rye asked nervously while holding up the casamigos bottle."Do I need to take another shot?"
Leilani instantly nodded her head ," take two."
"For all you couples in here since I'm the only single one here, we're going to play a game!" Leilani clinked her fork against the shot glass. Everyone was tipsy and rambling off at the mouth.
"When Leilani think of a game it's not good!"Armani didn't try to whisper which had Chris laughing. Ry faught the urge to laugh because she wasn't fucking with him at the moment but it's something about his contagious laugh.
"Hush Armani! Anyway! If y'all can think of the number, I'm thinking of, you can have the leftover rotel to eat after we play drunk uno and if you get if wrong you guys gotta choose which of your partner to drink liquor off of!"
"See!" Armani said in the background. "Well damn I'm trying to make the night lit, y'all scared of yo man of something??" Leilani poured herself another cup.
"But I'm single though?? That doesn't make sense?" Ryelle bulged into their conversation. Arielle waved her off,"Ry you know Chris yo man, don't play."
"He got-"
"I got a-"
"Anyway let's get it started!!! Everyone obviously knows their partners. You got 5 minutes!" Leilani cheered holding up her drinks!
Remember when she tried to wait for the seat to be filled? Yeah Armani forced her to sit beside him. Turning to her left, she drunk whatever else in the solo cup. She felt his eyes on her so Ryelle turned to Chris trying to keep a smile off her face. Chris leaned forward,"Ry are you drunk?"
"No." *Hiccup* "Tipsy."
"Well since you're tipsy, if we don't get the number right, you lay down and I'll lick it off okay?" Not even knowing, she bit her lip daydreaming about him. In his face. Chris was most definitely turned on as he took in her chocolate skin and highlighted cheek bones. God he have missed everything about her. Their night always swam through his mind because he craves her touch again. "I'm going to take that as your answer is yes."
God he hope this the one question he ever gets wrong."Time's up! Everyone name of their numbers!" Lelani had a marker and mini board all of a sudden.
Tammy- 9
Armani -25
Ry- 15
Arielle- 56
"Okay who's the closest??"Dakari, Arielle's husband, asked aloud for everyone in the backyard. Leilani rolled her eyes for the rushing, her attention was distracted when she noticed Henry on the phone. Henry most definitely caught her eye in the moment, the way his muscles bulge through his shirt as he talk on the phone.
It was now Chris and Ry turn. 6 shots deep, she is regret free. His strong hands placed themselves on her waist as he lifted her up ontop the table. Everyone was cheering them on making her blush harder.
Ryelle laid back, letting Chris pour the liquor on her stomach. Her core grew wet as she felt his tongue against her skin. She gasp as he licked while having his hands on her waist. When finished he picked her up again taking her straight in the house. Not wanting to waste another moment of not being inside her. Chris had a couple of drinks too.
"Good night yall!! Sleep anywhere!"She waved drunkenly from Chris's shoulder. Soon as the door closes, she attached her lips to his neck, kissing down it. Loving the feeling of his skin against her lips, she moaned as his hands went up her dress.
"Rybaby, I want you."
"I want you too daddy."
Clothes were off as Chris placed Ry on her back. He placed his lips onto her, then inserted his dick in so he could feel her gasp against his lip. With every thrust, the wetter she got. "Baby slow down." Ryelle moan as she scratches his back in pleasure. He placed a hickey on her neck while the strokes didn't stop.
The way she moaned in his ear made him weak. "This pussy mine, Rybaby." He moaned going deep with every thrust. "Yes-s." Ry whined in pleasure on how good he was fucking her.
"You can't answer? Get on all four."
He pulled out, hearing her groan. She got on all four, Chris rubs her pussy with his thumb, loving every drop of her honey. Ry was moaning mess from the finger play so him inserting had her running.
"Don't run." Chris grabbed her waist, seeing that she was covering his dick with cum. "Oou baby, this mine. Only mine, do you hear me?"
"Yes Daddy!"
A phone buzzing woke up Ryelle from her drunken slumber, She looked around the bright room to make out where she was at. She last remember was when the kids went inside with her cousins but nothing else after that.
Turning to her right, she noticed Chris's tatted naked arm. She looked down to see that she was naked and that mean they did something. Oh shit.
"Shit! Chris! Chris!"She shook him awoke. Chris slowly opened his eyes ,"Hmm?"
"Get up! We fucking slept together Chris!" Ryelle pressed the fact while wrapping the cover around her chest. Chris shrugged then closed his eyes.
"I know."
"You know and you're not freaking out about this?? You have a fianc茅, a future wife! You need to call her!" Ryelle shook him again. So many thoughts was running through her mind.
"What if I don't want to marry her Ry." Chris sat up in the bed, he stared her in the eyes. Ryelle couldn't mumble a word out,"I- uh. huh?"
"You heard me right Ryelle, what if I don't want to marry her but instead I want to be with you?"
Tumblr media
Y'all gotta show some major love on this to get a part 2 for this long ass shit.
a little weird on Chris now wanting to be with her.
I know y'all expecting a part 2 to blind but I got to figure out how to end it.
I hope this was good!
stay slutty my friends 馃挆
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Breaking The Rule
Pairing: Reader x Chris Evans
Warnings: NSFW 18+ smut, there is loads of sexual tension, kissing, slight oral female receiving, dirty talk, swear words, sex, p in v
Summary: You and Chris had one big rule when you started your secret fling together, and the two of you break that rule, which leads to an argument, that ends in love making
Type: One shot
Word Count: 2,106 words
Tumblr media
"Can't you get it through your head I don't want you Y/N." His words like poison to your ears a lump forming in your throat. "I can't fucking stand you."
"I know that's not true." You bit back refusing to believe any words he told you. "You don't mean any of that."
"It is one hundred percent the truth." He spat as his blue eyes looked deep into yours.
"Stop playing these games and admit the real truth." Your voice well above a normal tone now as you felt yourself becoming more upset.
"I don't know what else I have to say to you." He rolled his eyes as he paced around throwing his hands up. "I don't fucking want to be with you."
"Don't believe you." Sniffling as you tried to stand your ground on his true feelings for you. "I know exactly how you feel about me."
"What the hell is wrong with you?" He scoffed in disbelief as he looked your figure up and down. "Do you hear yourself?"
"Do you hear yourself?" Repeating his question back to him making him quiet down his shoulders tensing.
"Can't you see I don't want to be with you Y/N." His tone hushed and calmer making your lower lip tremble.
"Stop lying to yourself Chris." Feeling a tear roll down your cheek his eyes watching the liquid fall to the ground. "You and I both know the truth."
"Your delusional." No matter how harsh his words were you weren't backing down on this matter.
His cheeks were starting to turn a shade of red, and you knew he was becoming overwhelmed. He never wanted to admit to himself that he was falling for his sisters best friend. No matter how much his heart and mind were telling him to tell you the truth.
It was supposed to just be a short fling nothing serious. Next thing you know the two of you are around each other more than you expected. In fact the two of you depended on one another, and felt lost and empty when the other wasn't there.
The sex was absolutely mind blowing you could feel it all the way in your toes. There was never a moment when you two weren't trying to touch each other in some way. Sneaking off to empty rooms to have your way with each other.
Everyone in the family constantly questioned both of you, and were suspicious something more was going on. Of course both of you denied what everyone else was gossiping about. They even teased the two of you saying you were secret lovers.
Both of you standing there looking at each other silently pushing the other to talk. The only sounds that could be heard was his heavy breathing, and your heart pounding in your chest.
"This wasn't supposed to happen like this." He finally spoke as he sat down on the bed hands in his lap. "None of this was supposed to happen."
"You think I was prepared for any of this to happen?" Your question rhetorical as you stepped in front of him now. "But I can't hide it from you."
"We both agreed no feelings and no attachments." Reminding not only you but himself on the rules you set in place.
"I guess I broke the number one rule we made." Confessing to him feeling his hands moving up and down your hips. "You did too."
"We should have never done this." Grabbing one of your hands looking at your fingers as he softly kissed your knuckles. "But I don't regret any of it."
"I'm sorry." He spoke as he lifted his head to look up at you hands grabbed your hips pulling your body towards him so you belly button was aligned with his nose. "I was being a dick."
"Yes you were." You agreed making him smile as you felt him press his forehead against your stomach holding you close. "I'm sorry too."
"For what?" He quizzically looked at you scrunching his eyebrows in confusion.
"For forcing you to confess your true feelings for me." Looking down ashamed not wanting him to see you tearing up again. "I was wrong for pushing you like that."
"No you weren't." His words surprised you as he looked at him his eyes glued to yours. "I needed you to push me."
鈥淒o you hate me?鈥 Timidly asking him as you felt the tears threatening to spill a look of panic washed over him seeing you become distraught.
鈥淕od no of course I don鈥檛 hate you.鈥 A hand reached up to caress your cheek moving to your jaw cupping it in his hand leaning into his touch.
Staring down at him as you felt him pressing his lips to your stomach. Tangling your hands in his hair as he slowly lifted the sides of your shirt so he could feel your skin. A tingle running up your spine with such a soft touch.
Standing up his eyes locked on yours as he grabbed your hands in his. Turning you around so your back was facing the bed. Laying down so he was on top of you his mouth attaching to your lips.
His kisses were slow and sensual a passion surging through his body into yours. It felt like the world was slowly turning, and you never wanted it to end. The air was thick and heavy with lust.
Your hands wrapping around his back to be sure to keep him close to you. Wrapping your legs around his waist as you felt him gently grinding his front against yours. A whimper leaving your lips when you felt his hardening erection press into you.
"God I want you so badly darlin." Whispering in your ear as a hand reached to grab your thigh rubbing the skin up and down.
"Then take me." Looking directly into his eyes as your chest was heaving up and down already out of breathe.
"You drive me crazy." He mumbled he he sat up lifting his shirt off his body your eyes moving down his toned body.
Leaning on your elbows as you watched him pulling his pants off. Biting your lower lip as you felt a wet spot forming in your panties. Squeezing your thighs together trying to ease the pressure between your legs.
Lifting yourself up pulling your shirt off tossing it to the side. Reaching back. To unclasp your bra exposing your breasts the cold air hitting them your nipples becoming erect. His eyes roamed your figure up and down licking his lips as he did.
"You are so beautiful." Shaking his head in disbelief that you were actually his.
"Oh shut up." You shook your head with a smile making him smirk at you.
鈥淚鈥檝e never seen a more beautiful woman than you.鈥 His voice soothing every insecurity you鈥檝e ever had knowing he wasn鈥檛 lying when he said this.
Leaning forward his lips attached to your collarbones kissing the flesh making you lean your head back.
His kisses moved to your chest sucking on both nipples leaving behind a string of saliva.
Moving further down under the breast making you moan as you wrapped your hand around his neck.
"Oh god Chris." Whispering as his kisses moved down to your stomach moving his tongue along your flesh.
Looking up at you his hands gripped your shorts slowly pulling them down your legs. Spreading your legs apart he kissed the insides of your thighs getting closer to where you wanted him to touch you the most.
"Fuck you're dripping." He groaned as he looked between your legs to see exactly how wet you were for him.
Laying down fully on your back as he stripped you of your panties. Letting your senses take over you as he pressed a firm kiss against your folds.
A hand reaching down to grip his hair as he placed his tongue to your clit, and swirled it around making your hips jolt.
"Still so delicious for me." He growled as he spread your folds apart to get a closer look at you making your cheeks feel like they were on fire. 鈥淚 have to have you now.鈥
Sitting up on his knees he grabbed your ankles pulling them apart. Stroking his cock a few times maintaining eye contact with you the whole time watching as your body writhed on the bed silently begging him.
鈥淧lease fuck me Chris.鈥 Whining as you reached out to grab him a grin appearing on his face.
鈥淚鈥檓 not just gonna fuck you.鈥 His tone soft and sensual as he rubbed your upper thighs. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna make love to you.鈥
Leaning forward grabbing the base of his cock rubbing it up and down your soaked entrance. Mouth hanging open as he watched you grind your hips up and down motivating him to push in.
鈥淔uuuck me.鈥 Moaning as he slowly pressed all the way inside of you breathing heavily as you adjusted around him.
鈥淜now how to take me so well darlin.鈥 His eyes searching yours for any signs of discomfort, and he found none. 鈥淕od you feel so good.鈥
鈥淢ove Chris please.鈥 Hearing the use of his call sign has him rutting his hips back, and pushing forward again.
鈥淧ussy driving me crazy.鈥 He groaned as he leaned forward on his hands on either side of your face. 鈥淭his pussy is all mine darlin.鈥
Giggling at his possessive words as you moved your hands from his arms to his thighs. Feeling your body move against the bed with every thrust that he made. His body sweating on top of yours trapping you in his heat.
鈥淛ust like that.鈥 Crying out as you felt his tip ran into your sweet spot his motions never ceasing. 鈥淥h god just like that.鈥
鈥淚 love hearing you beg for my cock.鈥 Smirking down at you as he leaned forward to attach his lips to your neck kissing and sucking on it until blood was rising to the surface.
The grip he had on your hips had you feeling pain, but it was also heightening the pleasure. Feeling your skin burn as he hold onto a section of flesh.
It had your toes curling making your pussy clench around Chris鈥檚 cock. Feeling his cock twitching inside of you knowing he鈥檚 close.
It was a matter of seconds before your body was going to explode in ecstasy. Whimpers and moans slipping past your lips unable to control yourself anymore.
鈥淐um all over my cock sweetheart.鈥 Saying as he pulled out and drilled all the way in making you scream as you gripped his back dragging your nails down leaving marks.
鈥淲anna watch that pretty face come undone.鈥 His cheeks were red and a bead of sweat was forming on his forehead. 鈥淚t鈥檚 my cock that鈥檚 making you feel so good.鈥
Leaning up his hands pushed against your inner knees keeping them open as he snapped his hips into yours. Feeling his cock all the way in your stomach.
Watching as your breasts moved back and forth a hand reaching down to grab one, and pinch the nipple making you gasp.
鈥淐ould stay like this all day.鈥 Grunting as he looked down to where you two were connected.
Following his eyes as you looked down watching as his thick cock disappeared inside of you. Seeing your juices coating him as he pulled out making a squishing noise.
鈥淐hris.鈥 Crying out his name as you felt a coil in your stomach making you snap as you arched your back.
鈥淔uckin a baby.鈥 He groaned as he snapped his cock deep inside staying there as he coated your walls with his cum.
His body laying limp on top of yours before giving your forehead a quick kiss. Rolling over so he was laying next to you both of you out of breathe.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥 He shakily spoke as you turned to look at him a tear running down his cheek. 鈥淕od I鈥檓 so sorry.鈥
鈥淲hat I said before.鈥 He started to say as he took a gulp watching his throat bob. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mean any of it.鈥
鈥淚 know you didn鈥檛.鈥 Nodding your head fully believing he was being a dick on purpose.
鈥淚 just wanted to say-.鈥 The words stuck in bud throat but you knew what he was wanting to say.
鈥淐hris I know.鈥 Turning your body so it was facing him as you placed a hand on top of his sweaty chest. 鈥淚 love you too.
鈥淚 love you so much Y/N.鈥 Turning to face you grabbing your face placing his soft lips on yours.
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