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likeahorribledream · 2 days ago
ᴛᴀʟᴇ ᴀꜱ ᴏʟᴅ ᴀꜱ ᴛɪᴍᴇ
SUMMARY: You've been taken from Ransom and, unlike what you think, he's willing to do anything to get you back.
REQUEST: Beauty and the Beast AU, based on a poem from N.R. Hart.
PAIRING: Mob Boss!Ransom Drysdale x Mob!Reader
WARNINGS: This is a Mob!AU so there will be violence, there will be blood nothing too gory. There will be fluff and most definitely angst (you know me and my angst), there will be talk of self-doubt and maybe a tiny smidge of toxic relationship but just for a second.
CHAPTER NOTES: I'm a little nervous to be posting chapter 3 after how hard chapter 2 flopped, but for the few of you still reading, thank you and I hope you'll enjoy this new chapter!
NOTES: The moodboard is just to give a little sneek peak of what’s to come in the chapter, there is no physical description about the reader aside from being female.
Tumblr media
Ransom frowns and takes the package. On top it says: Open ASAP. He stares at the message for a few seconds before opening the small box. The first thing on top is a note that says ‘’Lost something?’’, when he takes out the note there’s a photo of your car crashed on the side of the road and under the photo is your wedding ring and a flash drive.
His heart drops in his stomach when he sees the car and he feels like he’s going to be sick when he gets to your ring. You never take it off, even when you’re mad or even when he gives you every reason to throw it at his face. You put it on the day you got married and never took it off since then.
This is bad.
He hands the flash drive to one of his men who connects it to the big screen.
‘’It’s a video.’’ The same man tells Ransom.
‘’Play it.’’
The video starts with you being carried inside the room by the man who’s holding you hostage. He drops you on the chair, ties your hands and ankles then sits down in front of you as he waits for you to gain consciousness.
It happens about 10 minutes later. Then Ransom sees and hears the entire conversation you’ve had with him since you woke up.
His jaw clenches when he hears you say that he would have cared more about his car going missing than you. That he would never risk losing any of his power, territory or money to get you back. He knows he’s been an asshole and a very shitty husband but he never realized that he had managed to make you feel like you were worth less than nothing. Looking at your face in the video, he can tell that you're not pretending to try and get the man to let you go. You really believe everything you say.
‘’I’m not kidding, you moron. If you had done a little bit of research you would have known that. Everybody knows that I am worth nothing to him. Not money, not territory; nothing.’’
Everybody knows that? It’s even worse than he thought. He’s even worse than he thought.
His blood boils when you get slapped. Whoever this man is, he’s deader than dead. Nobody puts a hand on his wife.
[...] see if he cares as little as you say he does.’’
Then the recording stops.
‘’What’s the time stamp?’’
‘’2 hours ago.’’
‘’Did he ask for something? Told when to set up a meeting, anything?’’ Ransom looks at his men.
‘’Nothing as of yet.’’
‘’I want everyone on this, no one works on anything else until she’s back home and safe.’’
Ransom walks back to his desk and looks in the box again to see if he hadn’t missed something.
The lack of movement catches Ransom’s attention, making him look up to see that none of his guys had moved. Not even a little bit.
‘’Why is no one moving? Wasn’t I perfectly clear?’’
They nod.
‘’Then why?’’
‘’Well boss…’’ One of his father’s men starts, looking at the others and then back at Ransom. ‘’You did say you didn’t need her or want her here… If we don’t look for her, isn’t it kinda problem solved?’’
Ransom stares at the man as he speaks, then grabs the sharp letter opener from his desk and throws it full force, stabbing the man right in the chest. They all watch as he falls to the floor.
‘’Nobody fucking touches him or helps him. I told you what to do, is there anyone else who’d like to share their thoughts about saving my fucking wife?’’ The last part of the sentence was yelled, making everyone jump. Startling them into action.
Ransom thought he was protecting you by shutting you out and keeping you at arm’s length but it seems it only put you into more danger. One of the most heartbreaking things in all of this, is that right now you’re thinking that he isn’t going to do anything to get you back.
10 minutes of chaos later, his computer pings with a new email alert. He opens it and he can tell right away who it’s from. The email address is absolutely stupid, a burner address, and the only message written is ‘’if you want to see your wife, click here.’’ with a link.
‘’Everyone shut up and stop moving.’’ He says to everyone in the room. ‘’I don’t want to hear a single noise until I say it’s ok to move.’’
Ransom sits down on his chair and takes a few deep breaths.
He waits a few minutes before clicking on the link, trying not to seem too much in a hurry. Maybe he can use the fact that no one thinks he’s going to do anything to his advantage.
He finally clicks on the link that brings him to a video chat. It rings a few times and then the man answers.
He smiles at the camera, watching Ransom’s reaction. ‘’You are a difficult man to reach, Mr. Drysdale.’’
‘’I’m a busy man, what do you want?’’
‘’I thought maybe you’d like to get that hot little wife of yours back.’’ He turns the camera towards you, still tied up to the chair. There’s a little bit of dried blood on your face but Ransom doesn’t know if it’s because of the car accident or because the sick bastard hit you.
He holds back a literal growl when he hears how the man speaks about you. He really needs to get you out of there and away from this creep.
‘’What do you want?’’ Ransom repeats.
‘’2 millions, cash, and half your territory with no chance of retaliation.’’
Ransom’s brain is racing with thoughts, trying to find a solution.
‘’Aw, princess. Looks like you were right. Your husband doesn’t seem to want to get you back.’’ He chuckles, faking a pout as he brings the camera back on him.
‘’4 millions, none of the territory.’’
‘’That’s it? That’s all she’s worth to you?’’
‘’You have 10 seconds to decide then it goes down to 3 millions.’’
The man turns to look at you. ‘’I think hubby needs a little incentive, don’t you think?’’
Ransom’s heartbeat picks up, not liking his tone or what his words really mean.
The camera moves back to you, the man standing behind you. He runs his fingers down your neck and shoulder, smirking. ‘’Maybe I should keep her, since you don’t want her.’’
You close your eyes, trying to remain calm. Your dad had prepared you for this kind of thing, being the daughter of a kingpin meant that you could get kidnapped for ransom or other demands.
‘’It’s ok to be afraid. It’s normal even, I’d be worried if you weren’t scared, but you can’t let the fear control you. You need to stay as calm as you can so that you can think rationally. Don’t let your mind wander to the worst case scenarios.’’
He had been right, you were terrified right now. You couldn’t let it show or let it control you.
‘’5 millions, final offer.’’
Ransom has this weird sense of pride as he sees you remain calm. You couldn’t be handling yourself better, but he promises himself that he’ll never let you be put in this kind of situation ever again.
The man walks out of frame. ‘’Princess, tell me something. Is it true that Ransom’s weapon of choice are knives?’’
Ransom notices your breathing getting faster and more shallow. He’s pretty sure he even hears a little whimper come out from behind the duct tape. His jaw clenches, as tightly as his fists do on his desk. Whatever’s coming, he’s not going to like it.
The man appears in the frame again, holding a knife with a wicked smile on his face. The kind that gives even Ransom the chills.
You bite down on the rag that’s in your mouth and take deep breaths, knowing full well what’s coming.
‘’I’ll give you 10 millions cash and my word that there won’t be any retaliation.’’ Ransom speaks quickly.
You hold back a scream when the knife breaks the skin and goes through your thigh.
‘’Oops. I got a little trigger happy.’’ He chuckles like he’s just eaten a few too many fries instead of stabbing Ransom’s wife.
‘’You’ve got yourself a deal, Mr. Drysdale.’’ He looks down at your leg. ‘’Now, I can never remember whether we’re supposed to leave the knife in or pull it out in order to stop the bleeding.’’
‘’Don’t pul-’’ Ransom starts, once again the man pretends like he doesn’t hear him and pulls it out.
A few tears roll down your cheeks as you close your eyes.
‘’Let’s meet in an hour, we wouldn’t want the poor Mrs. Drysdale to bleed out because I got greedy.’’ He chuckles. ‘’You’ll come alone, of course.’’
‘’There’s no way I’m coming alone. I’m bringing a medic for her and I’m certainly not going to be driving around alone with 10 millions in cash. You’re not the only one who wants something from me, so if you want the money I won’t come alone.’’
The man hesitates. ‘’Fine. I’ll send you an email with the address.’’ He quickly ends the call and sends Ransom the address.
‘’See, princess? He cares about you after all.’’ He pats the top of your head and walks away.
Thank goodness the man who took you is a moron. If he had a few more functioning brain cells he might have tried to stab you in one of your major arteries. You don’t know how you got so lucky but he ended up stabbing you in the only area above the knee where there are only small veins. It still hurts like a bitch, but you shouldn’t bleed out before Ransom gets here.
If he does get here. He has to. Whether he cares about you or not, he can’t leave you with this man to bleed out.
As soon as Ransom gets the address he starts giving the orders. ‘’You two,’’ he points to some of his men ‘’go get 10 millions out of the safe.’’ He gives the address to his tech guy. ‘’I want to know everything there is to know about this address. Who owns it, every way to get in and out and where he’s holding her.’’ He turns to his father’s man, the only one that’s left. ‘’Get rid of him.’’ He points to the dead body. ‘’I need someone to get the medic here in the next 10 minutes. Be ready to leave in 30.’’
Thankfully this time he doesn’t have to scream at them for them to do their job. He takes your wedding ring from his desk and puts it in the inner pocket of his vest before leaving for the basement. He pushes on the bookshelves that serve as decoys and types in the code to get to his weapon’s room.
Ransom does like his knives. They are easy to hide and very rarely fail him. It’s easy to miss with a gun but it’s a lot harder to miss with a blade. He hides a few on himself, still bringing one gun. He intends to make the asshole suffer for everything he’s put you through.
30 minutes later, they are all meeting in the garage.
‘’The money and the medic come with me, you two are also coming with me. The rest of you are going to be following behind. The asshole doesn’t have any back-up I’m sure of it, he won’t think to check our weapons but we will show him that we are unarmed as a respectful gesture. Nothing happens until she’s safe, got it?’’
He looks at them intently and they all nod.
‘’Our number one priority is getting her out of there alive and then we take care of the asshole. You can rough him up but you leave him to me. I’m the one who gets to make him suffer. Questions?’’ They shake their heads no. ‘’Let’s go.’’
They take 4 SUVS total and the entire drive over Ransom’s heart is racing in his chest. The scene of you getting stabbed plays on a loop in his mind, getting angrier every time. How could he be so stupid? His one job as your husband is to make sure you’re safe and he couldn’t even do that. How could he have let you leave like this? He should have asked a couple of guys to follow you and make sure you made it safe to your parents house, because that’s definitely where you were headed. He’s absolutely certain of it.
Your dad is going to kill him when he hears about what happened.
‘’We’re here.’’ The driver’s voice pulls him out of his thoughts.
They park near the entrance and everyone gets out.
‘’Those of you who rode with me, you’re coming in. The rest of you are staying here ready to jump into action.’’
Ransom starts walking towards the door but stops and turns. ‘’Do not fuck this up.’’ He says before turning back around and walking in, the door had been left open.
According to his tech guy, you were being held in the basement. Which would make sense from what he had seen in the videos.
He mentally prepares himself for what he might find down there. He better not have touched a single hair on your head since they hung up. One of his men walks down first, then him, then the medic and then his other man with the money.
‘’Mr.Drysdale?’’ The man from the video asks when he hears footsteps.
‘’I’m here.’’
A few more tears roll down your cheeks but this time they are tears of relief.
The man makes them stop at the bottom of the stairs. ‘’Weapons.’’ He asks, motionning for them to give their weapons to him.
‘’We don’t have any.’’ Ransom says, opening his jacket to show that there are no guns on his sides. Then he turns around and lifts up his jacket to show that he doesn’t have anything tucked into the back of his pants. His men do the same.
‘’Smart man.’’ He points to Ransom. ‘’Give me my money, then I’ll give you your bride.’’
Ransom looks at his man holding the duffel bag and gives him a sharp nod. He steps forward and puts down the bag on the table in front of them.
‘’You can count it, if you’d like.’’ Ransom offers.
‘’Don’t mind if I do.’’ He grins, unzipping the bag.
‘’Can I go see her now?’’
‘’Yeah, sure, whatever.’’ He waves his hand dissmissively before pulling out money from the bag.
Ransom doesn’t waste a second, in case the lunatic changes his mind. The medic follows quietly behind him. Ransom undoes his belt and pulls it out of the belt loops, quickly kneeling in front of you.
‘’Tie it above the wound and as tight as you can.’’ The medic tells him then looks at you. ‘’It’s going to hurt, a lot, Mrs. Drysdale.’’
You nod and take a deep breath, biting down on the rag that’s in your mouth once again.
Ransom’s quick to do it. ‘’Is that ok?’’
The medic nods. ‘’Let’s get her out of here so I can assess her injuries properly.’’
Ransom pulls out one of his knives and cuts your legs free, then your hands. He puts the knife away and gently peels off the duct tape on your lips.
‘’Are you ok?’’ He asks, looking you over.
You open your mouth to take out the rag but Ransom’s quicker than you. He uses one of his hands to gently hold your chin and the other to reach into your mouth, slowly pulling it out. Once it’s all out he throws it on the ground and uses his thumb to wipe away the little bit of saliva that followed the rag.
‘’Thank you.’’ You whisper, slightly shaking.
‘’Let’s get you out of here.’’ He kisses your forehead before standing up and picks you up gently, mindful of your leg. He carries you bridal style and the irony isn’t lost on either of you.
You exchange a knowing look, in other circumstances you probably would have laughed but that’ll have to wait.
He turns around just as the man finishes counting the money. ‘’It’s all there.’’ He looks up at Ransom. ‘’Pleasure doing business with you.’’
His blood starts to boil again, seeing him so carefree and without even an ounce of regret pisses him off. Like he hadn’t just crashed his car to drive someone off the road, kidnap them, ask for money and then stab them. You don’t do that to innocent people. Especially not his wife.
‘’Great.’’ Ransom says, giving a quick nod to the two men standing behind your kidnapper.
One of them grabs him by the shoulders while the other one injects something in his neck, whatever it was it must have been strong because the man goes limp almost immediately.
‘’Take him and the money.’’ His men nod. ‘’He’s mine.’’ He reminds them.
‘’What are you doing?’’ You look up at your husband.
‘’We’ll make him regret taking you and hurting you, then we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen ever again.’’
‘’Ransom… You don’t have to do this. I get that you don’t want to lose the money but there are other ways.’’
As the both of you talk, he carries you up the stairs and outside. One of his men opens the door for his boss and he gently puts you down on the backseat.
‘’I don’t care about the money, I can get more. A lot more. I care about you. There’s only one of you and I’d like to keep her around for a very long time so yes, I have to do this.’’
The two men who were in the SUV with Ransom on their way over here are getting into other SUVs to give you some privacy.
‘’The doctor is going to sit in the back with you and patch you up a little, then when we’re home he’ll make sure that you’re ok. He’s going to take care of you.’’
You nod and look over Ransom’s shoulder as the man who took you is thrown into the trunk of another car.
‘’Eyes on me.’’ Ransom says softly.
You look back at Ransom and he smiles. ‘’Let’s go home.’’
The ride back is extremely painful, every time the car hits a pothole or a bump it makes your legs bounce on the seat and sends little shocks of pain. It doesn’t help that the doctor sitting next to you keeps poking at your wound.
‘’Can you stop doing that?’’ You groan.
‘’Sorry Mrs. Drysdale, I’m just trying to assess your injuries.’’
‘’Could we do that when we’re not in a moving car? Before I pass out.’’
‘’Of course.’’ He nods and lets go of your leg.
‘’Thank you.’’ You sigh with relief.
‘’We’re almost there.’’ Ransom says looking at you through the mirror.
You hum to let him know you heard him and close your eyes as you try to focus on something other than your aching body.
When you’re finally home, Ransom carries you back inside.
‘’Where do you want her, doc?’’
‘’Kitchen table.’’
Ransom moves to the dining room and gently puts you down on top of the table.
‘’I’ll do the leg first and then we’ll check out the rest.’’
He takes out a pair of scissors. ‘’What are those for?’’ You ask him as soon as you see them.
‘’I need to cut off the leg of your jeans.’’
You watch him cut your jeans and then that’s when the real fun begins.
‘’I’m going to take off the belt to let the blood flow again to see what exactly was injured.’’
‘’He didn’t hit an artery.’’
You tense up when the doc’s hands take off Ransom’s belt.
‘’Fuck.’’ You start squirming because of the pain, making the poor doctor’s job more difficult.
‘’Mr. Drysdale, I need you to hold her to make her stop moving.’’
Ransom sits down on the table behind you without saying a word, he puts a leg on each side of you while being careful not to touch the injured one. He pushes his chest against your back and puts his hands in front of you, open and palms up.
‘’Take my hands and squeeze whenever it hurts.’’
You shake your head no. ‘’I might break one of your fingers.’’
‘’It won’t be the first time I break a finger, it’ll heal. Come on.’’ He wiggles his fingers.
You’re about to say no again when the doctor holds the wound open to see how deep it goes, you grab onto Ransom’s hands and inhale deeply.
‘’There you go.’’ Ransom says as he keeps you from moving. ‘’You did so good. I’m proud of you.’’ He kisses the back of your head. ‘’It’s almost over, hang in there.’’
A few minutes of intense squeezing later, the doctor is finally done with his last stitches. He puts a bandage on top of it.
‘’I’ll come back every day to check on the stitches and change your bandages, try not to get it wet for the first couple of days.’’
‘’I can’t take showers?’’ Your eyes widen.
‘’Showers no, baths yes. Just keep the bandage above water.’’ He changes his gloves for clean ones. ‘’Anything else hurt?’’
‘’My head. I think I hit it when my car was flipped and again when he cut my seatbelt to get me out of my car. He also slapped me pretty hard.’’
The doctor nods and checks everything from your reflexes to light sensitivity.
‘’It doesn’t look like you have a concussion, we’ll still keep an eye on it just in case.’’
‘’Thank you.’’
He gathers his things and cleans up. ‘’I’m all done. All you need to do is rest, ok? I don’t want to see you up and walking unless it’s to go to the bathroom.’’
‘’I’ll make sure she rests.’’ Ransom says, still holding you even though you aren’t squirming from the pain anymore.
When the doctor leaves, Ransom leans back a little and lets go of your hands. ‘’I got something for you.’’ He reaches into the inner pocket of his vest and pulls out your ring. He holds it in front of your left hand. ‘’Do you want to put it back on? Or you don’t want it anymore?’’
You look at your wedding ring, very confused to suddenly have so much of your husband’s affection and attention. You shake your head no.
‘’Before I put it back on, I need you to explain to me why you’ve been such an asshole to me when we were finally getting along.’’
‘’That’s fair.’’ He puts it on his little finger and gets off the table. ‘’I’ll answer everything, just not here.’’
‘’Then where?’’
‘’Upstairs.’’ He lifts you in his arms and carries you like he had done earlier. He walks up the stairs and into your room, closing the door behind the two of you. He props you up against your headboard with the help of a few pillows. He sits at the edge of the bed, facing you.
‘’You know our fathers handle the families in very different ways. When Richard stepped down, he made it very clear that I was to follow in his footsteps. Since I can remember he always says that emotions are weaknesses and Drysdales don’t have weaknesses.’’
You look at him as he talks, a bit unsure of where he is going with all of this.
‘’Then my dad found out I had a weakness and he was not pleased. Not pleased at all.’’ He winces at the memory of his father screaming at him.
‘’What is it?’’ You ask, curiously.
‘’It’s not a what but a who and it’s you. You’re my weakness.’’ He confesses, looking directly into your eyes.
‘’Me? Did I do something? Why do I make you weak?’’ You frown, worried you might have done something wrong that could put Ransom at risk.
He chuckles. ‘’You didn’t do anything. I like you.’’ Ransom says. ‘’Really like you.’’
You’re now even more confused than you were a few seconds ago. ‘’That’s how you treat the people you like?!’’
He shakes his head no and sighs. He reaches over to you and takes one of your hands in his. ‘’Remember the day after our wedding, I left early to go see my dad?’’
You nod.
‘’He was furious at me because I was having and showing emotions.’’ He pauses. ‘’About and towards you.’’
‘’I don’t know if it’s because I hit my head one too many times today but I’m very confused.’’
‘’I wanted us to get along. We were both forced into this but I didn’t think we needed to be miserable. At the very least, I wanted to be your friend. I saw you at the reception when you were dancing and singing with your friends. You kept laughing and smiling and I found myself thinking that I wanted to make you smile and laugh like that. Then freaking Jake came over and took you away from me.’’ His jaw clenches as he sees the scene play out in his head. ‘’He was all over you, touching you and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I got up and went to dance with you. My little lie about keeping appearances worked with you, but it failed with my dad. That’s why I went to see him the next day. I had never seen him this angry in my entire life.’’
Ransom plays with your fingers as he starts to feel nervous. ‘’Basically what he said was that I had to get my shit together otherwise he’d push me out and take everything back. Which would mean no more house, no more men, no more protection. You’d go back to your parents but I’d have nowhere to go and I made too many enemies to be left on the street. I would be dead within the first week. So I shut you out. Then you came back from your parents all bubbly and happy, throwing that damn smile around and I caved, again.’’ He rolls his eyes. ‘’There were two guys on my team that used to work for my dad and they stayed with me to keep me in check and report to my father what I did if needed. They started to notice how I acted when you were around and with one look I knew I was screwed. I hated myself for being such an asshole, but I needed to protect you. When we fought earlier I just thought you’d go to your parents and come back eventually. Never in a million years I expected any of this to happen. I tried so hard to keep you safe and to protect you but instead I put you into so much more danger.’’
Ransom brushes his thumb over your knuckles.
‘’I did what I had to do to keep my father off our backs but my intentions were never to make you feel like you weren’t important to me, that I cared more about my car than I did about you.’’ He thinks back about what you said in the video. ‘’I’d do anything to keep you safe and I’m sorry I failed so miserably. My father’s man will tell him what happened, what I did and all of this will be gone soon.’’ He points between you and him with his free hand and waves his hand around, meaning the house.
You are completely speechless. Ransom likes you? Liked you almost from the first time you met, enough to get jealous and slightly territorial over you. One thing’s for sure, your father-in-law is the absolute worst.
‘’You’re such a dumdum.’’ You say, breaking the silence that’s been going for a few minutes.
He looks up and frowns. ‘’What?’’
‘’You’re a dumdum.’’ You repeat. ‘’If you had let me in on the business from the beginning none of this would have happened.’’
‘’How can you be so sure?’’
‘’Because, dear husband, once the head of the family steps down and lets the next in line take over it’s done. No returns, no refunds. Even if he decided to kill you to take your place, the title would be passed down automatically to the next one in line. You don’t have kids so it’d go to someone else in your family but your father’s done. Your right hand could take over for you, but never your dad.’’
Ransom’s jaw drops. ‘’How do you know all of that?’’
‘’I told you, my dad taught me everything he knew. Including the bylaws.’’
He sits straighter, squeezing your hand. ‘’So what you’re telling me is that this whole time I could have been doing whatever I wanted, with no chance of repercussions coming from him?’’
‘’Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.’’
‘’Oh my god. You’re right. I am a dumdum.’’ Ransom stands up from the bed, shaking his head.
‘’That’s exactly what I’ve been saying.’’ You tease him.
‘’And I bet the son of a bitch knew all along, he was playing me this whole time to do what he wanted.’’
‘’Of course he knew, that’s why he was scaring you into staying away from me. He also knew that I knew and he didn’t want me to tell you the truth because then he wouldn’t have been able to manipulate you anymore.’’
Ransom paces in your room for a few minutes, you can almost see the gears turning in his head. You are cold and in pain but you don’t want to ask Ransom to help you take off your jeans to put on your pajamas, not when his whole world just got flipped upside down.
He drops to his knees next to your bed and grabs your face in his hands, bringing your foreheads together.
‘’You magnificent mob queen, I could marry you right now.’’
You laugh. ‘’You already did.’’
‘’I’d marry you a second time, then.’’
You laugh again, making Ransom smile. ‘’I missed hearing that sound.’’
You grin. ‘’Do you think you could get me a pair of sweats and then help me get to the bathroom? I need to clean up and my leg’s cold.’’
‘’Of course.’’ He moves to kiss your forehead and stands up. He goes to stand in front of your dresser. ‘’Which drawer?’’
‘’Second one from the left.’’
He nods and opens it, taking out the first pair of sweats he sees. He turns around and holds them up. ‘’Are those ok?’’
‘’Yes.’’ You smile.
‘’Need anything else in there?’’ He closes the drawer and notices your favorite sweater on top of the dresser, he grabs it.
‘’Well.’’ You clear your throat, slightly embarrassed. ‘’I’d need underwear too but if you help me up I can get them.’’
‘’It’s fine, which drawer?’’
‘’First one on the right.’’
He opens the drawer and pulls out a pair of panties and a bra. ‘’Are those good?’’ He looks at you.
‘’Yes, thank you.’’
‘’You got it.’’ He closes the drawer and walks to your bathroom, putting your clothes on the countertop. He comes back for you and carries you to the bathroom. Then, he puts you down on top of the closed toilet seat. ‘’Are you going to be ok? Do you need some help?’’
The idea of having to ask one of your staff members to help you get undressed, into the bath, out of the bath and then dressed again makes you cringe.
‘’No, I’ll figure it out.’’
‘’Are you sure?’’
‘’Yeah, I don’t want to be like this around any of the staff. Even less having one of them help me take my clothes off.’’ You shake your head, shivering. ‘’I’ll be ok.’’
‘’Like I would let any one of those animals near you like this.’’ He shakes his head and kneels in front of you. ‘’I am going to help you, ok?’’
‘’I don’t know.’’ You look at him, hesitating.
‘’If you don’t want me to then I won’t but you’re safe with me ok? I just don’t want you to hurt yourself more.’’
You look into his eyes and nod. ‘’Ok.’’
Ransom stands up to help you take off your shirt but you grab his left wrist. ‘’Wait!’’
He freezes. ‘’Are you ok?’’
You bring his left hand closer and take off your wedding ring from his pinky to put it back on your finger. You let go of his wrist. ‘’Ok, go on.’’
‘’You scared the crap out of me.’’ He tries to sound angry but the big grin on his face ruins it.
Ransom pulls your shirt over your head and throws it in a corner, he’ll pick up your dirty clothes when he leaves.
‘’Do you want to take a bath or do you want to just quickly wash up with a washcloth?’’
‘’Bath, definitely bath. I have blood in my hair.’’ You grimace.
‘’Ok, hold on.’’ He leaves you for a few seconds to get the water running so the tub can fill up while you’re getting undressed. When he stands in front of you again, he looks at your leg. ‘’If you stand and put your weight on me, do you think you can stay up long enough for me to take off your jeans without hurting your legs?’’
‘’I think so, yes.’’
‘’Ok.’’ He kneels back in front of you and pulls you to the edge of the seat. ‘’Put your weight on your other leg and your hands on my shoulders.’’
You nod and stand up when he puts his hands on your hips to help you. As he said, you put your entire weight on your other leg and your hands on his shoulders leaning forward to stay up. Once he’s sure you’re stable, he undoes your jeans and pulls down the zipper.
Ransom is very careful while he pulls down your jeans. He avoids touching your wound and he makes sure that your underwear stays in place. When your jeans are falling down to your ankles, he helps you sit down again and throw your pants where your shirt is.
‘’Are you ok?’’ He asks you.
‘’Yes.’’ You give him a reassuring smile.
He turns off the water when the tub’s filled up and looks at you. ‘’How do you want to do this?’’
‘’Can you close your eyes while you’re helping me get in there?’’
His eyes soften. ‘’Baby, I’d do anything to make you feel comfortable but I’m scared that if I don’t look at what I’m doing I might end up hurting you.’’ He looks around the bathroom. ‘’I have an idea.’’ He grabs one of your towels and comes to stand in front of you. He holds it open. ‘’I’m going to close my eyes while you take the rest of your clothes off, you wrap yourself in your towel and I’ll get you in the tub.’’
You frown. ‘’With the towel?’’
He nods. ‘’I’ll get you a dry one for when you’re ready to get out.’’
‘’No peeking.’’ You warn him.
‘’I promise, no peeking.’’
‘’Fine, close your eyes.’’
Ransom closes his eyes and keeps them tightly shut. You take off your underwear as fast as you can and take the towel out of Ransom’s hands. You wrap yourself in it and you make sure that everything’s covered before telling him it was ok.
‘’I can open my eyes?’’ He double checks with you.
He opens his eyes slowly, in case you change your mind. Ransom takes off his vests and rolls the sleeves of his shirt as far as they can go. ‘’Ok, baby doll. Let’s get you in the tub.’’
Ransom helps you up and picks you up to carry you. ‘’How much do you trust me?’’ He looks down at you.
You frown at his question. ‘’Completely, why?’’
‘’I’m going to lower you all the way into the bath, ok?’’
You look down at the bath and then up at him. ‘’You mean without having me stand up in it first?’’
‘’That’s why I need you to trust me. Just keep your leg out of the water and I’ll do the rest.’’
‘’Isn’t your suit a little too tight for this kind of workout?’’
‘’We’re about to find out.’’ He smiles, amused.
When you tell him you’re ready, he slowly lowers you into the tub. He gently lets you go once you’re safely seated and takes a step back.
‘’How are your pants?’’
‘’All good, I think.’’ He steps in front of the mirror and turns to the side to see the back of his pants. ‘’Yep, all good.’’
‘’Give me the towel and then I’ll go wait in your room until you’re ready to get out.’’
You carefully take off the towel, making sure that you stay hidden under the bubbles. Ransom quickly takes it and drops it in the sink, he grabs a dry one and puts it within your reach for when you want to get out. ‘’Call me if you need anything.’’
‘’Thank you.’’
Ransom picks up your dirty clothes and walks out of the bathroom.
He takes a few steps back. ‘’Yes?’’
‘’Could you stay close? I don’t want to be alone.’’
‘’Of course.’’ He throws your clothes in the hamper and he sits down right outside the bathroom with his back to the wall. He makes sure you can see that he’s there without him seeing anything he shouldn’t be seeing.
‘’What’s going to happen to the guy who took me?’’
‘’Do you want the full truth or the PG-13 version?’’
‘’Full truth.’’ You say without hesitating.
‘’Right now we’re waiting for the drugs to stop working and for him to wake up, when that happens the guys are going to call me and then I’m going to go take care of him.’’
‘’What does that mean?’’ You start washing your hair, keeping an eye on Ransom though you know he’d never look without your permission.
‘’I’ll get as much information out of him as possible: who he is, who he’s working for, how long he’s been watching us, why he took you, and then when I’m satisfied with his answers I’m going to make him regret ever touching you. Then, he’s going to die slowly and painfully.’’
This kind of talk should shock you but this is the kind of thing you grew up around, it stopped being shocking years ago.
When you’re done with your hair you move on to your face, washing off the blood and dirt.
‘’What are you gonna do to him?’’
‘’Everything he did to you, after that I’ll improvise.’’
Washing your body turns out to be a little more difficult than you thought with one leg in the air but you still get it done.
‘’I want to be there.’’
Ransom chokes on his saliva and almost turns around. ‘’Excuse me?’’ He shakes his head no. ‘’That’s not gonna happen.’’
‘’Let me rephrase it. I’m going to be there.’’
‘’I don’t want you to see that kind of thing.’’
‘’I’ve already seen it multiple times.’’
Ransom sighs. ‘’I don’t want you to see me like this.’’
‘’Ransom… I’m not an innocent little girl that you randomly picked up somewhere. This has been my world too, I’ve been in this as long as you have. Well, minus 3 months but you get what I mean.’’
You pull the plug at the bottom of the tub to empty it and once all the water is gone, you rinse off the bubbles from the water off your body and wrap yourself in the towel Ransom left for you while bringing your leg down.
‘’I know that.’’ He says. ‘’I don’t want you to be scared of me.’’ He admits, looking down at his hands. He brushes his thumb over his wedding ring while nervously biting his bottom lip.
‘’Can you come in and help me get out?’’
Ransom quickly gets on his feet and walks over to you. He makes sure the towel won’t fall and lifts you up. He puts you back down on the toilet seat and brings your clothes over to you.
‘’Unless you physically threaten me or hurt me, I’ll never be afraid of you.’’ You say as you watch him move around the bathroom.
He stops moving and looks at you with wide eyes. ‘’I’d never do that.’’
‘’I’ll never be afraid of you.’’
He sighs and goes back to standing outside the bathroom while you put on your underwear. ‘’You really want to be there for all of it?’’
‘’Look, my dad prepared me all my life for this kind of thing but no amount of preparation in the world can help you when it happens. I got hit by a car and I had never been in an accident before, then I woke up and I was tied to a chair somewhere I didn’t know with a complete stranger who turned out to be a complete lunatic. When he came at me with the knife I didn’t know if he was going to slash my throat or cut off my fingers.’’ You take in a shaky breath. ‘’I just need to make sure he’s never going to pop out of somewhere and take me again, ok?’’
Ransom’s heart breaks when he hears all of your thought process but also when he hears the fear in your voice. He was scared shitless and he was on the good side of the screen, he can’t even begin to imagine how you must have been feeling tied to the chair.
You put on your sweater. ‘’You can come in.’’
He walks back into the bathroom and kneels in front of you. Ransom gently takes your hands in his and kisses both of them. ‘’I’m so sorry.’’
‘’For what?’’ You look down at him.
‘’None of this would have happened if I had just talked to you. We never would have fought, you never would have left and he never would have gotten the chance to get to you and hurt you.’’
‘’That’s not true. He would have gotten to me at some point, you saw how insane he is. Maybe we fought but I know better than to run off on my own, if anything this is my fault.’’
Ransom raises his left hand to your cheek, gently holding it in his palm. ‘’I promise you that no one will ever put their hands on you ever again.’’
You wrap your free hand around his wrist and lean into his hand.
‘’I’ll always protect you.’’ He strokes your cheek with his thumb. ‘’If your dad doesn’t kill me when he finds out.’’
‘’Haa, damn it.’’ You sigh, letting go of his wrist.
‘’What?’’ He looks at you.
‘’I’m gonna need another husband after my dad kills you.’’
Ransom rolls his eyes and lets go of your cheek. ‘’Hilarious.’’
You grin proudly at your own bad sense of humor. ‘’I think so too!’’
He shakes his head and takes the sweats from the counter, letting go of your other hand so that he can put them on you. He gets your feet through each leg and raises them up as far as he can while you’re still sitting.
‘’Lean on me again.’’
You put your hands on his shoulders and use them to lift yourself up from the toilet seat long enough for Ransom to finish putting your sweats on.
‘’All done.’’ Ransom smiles at you while you sit back down.
His phone vibrates in his pocket and he takes it out, quickly picking up.
‘’What? Ok. I’m on my way.’’ He hangs up and puts his phone back in his pocket. ‘’He’s awake.’’
Tumblr media
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steve rogers, #7 💔
steve rogers + "you realised i'm harder to forget than i was to leave" (i bet you think about me)
Try as he might, Steve Rogers was never going to forget the feeling of you.
The glow of your eyes under the chandelier the first time he met you at one of Stark's party; the way your eyes creased when you smiled; the little laugh you gave every time you cracked a terrible joke. That version of you - his version of you - was permanent in his mind, frozen forever in time. An ever-present character, sarcastic tones and silly quips narrating his everyday life as he navigated it without you. You were the devil and the angel on his shoulder.
He had never planned on leaving you. Didn't think it was possible. He had no reason to and even if he searched high and low, he doubted he would ever find a reason.
That was back when he was naive; before Steve came to know the world as it was now. He'd always been pretty good at leaving his work at the door, but it became harder as the years went by. He wasn't himself anymore - when he was stressed at work, he was stressed at home. He directed his anger at you and picked fights, seeking a release that didn't involve actually facing up to his problems. Who had the time?
Leaving you was harder than any battle he'd ever faced; robots, aliens, monsters. The pained look on your face as you walked out the door haunted his nightmares far more than any comic book villain ever had.
But every time Steve saw you, forgetting you was suddenly his biggest challenge. It made the whole leaving thing a walk in the fucking park.
You were on good terms now - friends, even. It had been a year since you'd split up and you'd come to realise why he'd done it. Maybe you hadn't forgotten, but you had forgiven. It wasn't his fault; he'd had to put himself first and you got that it had been the best thing to do. It was better than leading you on; better than hurting you even more by staying. Being honest with you was all he could do, and for that, you were grateful.
"So, how was your date?" Natasha asked. You were all sat in the living room at the Barton house, having a beer and a catch up.
"Terrible," you took a sip of your drink, shaking your head with a smile. "He was way shorter than his profile."
Steve glanced over at you - you were back on the dating scene. That was fine. And even if it wasn't, what could he do about it?
"Tinder?" Steve raised an eyebrow.
"Bumble," you corrected him. "Same shit, different app."
"Ah, you'll meet someone," Nat gave you a nudge, but he couldn't ignore the fact her green eyes had ever so slightly flickered over to him. "Or maybe they're right in front of you."
"Are you talking about yourself, Romanoff?" you joked. "Because I said I'd only marry you if I hadn't met anyone by the age of forty."
She gave you a wink. "I'll be here waiting."
Steve laughed along with you, barely ignoring the fact his chest was a thousand times tighter than it had been before you'd met. The idea of you marrying someone else - whether it was a random man or the spy right beside you - made him sick to the stomach.
Being friends with you was a fucking stupid idea; almost as stupid as leaving you. Still, it was a million times better than forgetting you.
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All You Can Eat (5)
Summary: A Siren and a Vampire take the next step in their relationship.... and so does Bucky.
Pairings: Vampire!Ari Levinson x Siren!Reader, Human!Bucky Barnes x Siren!Reader (No, he won't die)
Warnings: 18+ ONLY SMUT CONTENT AHEAD. double v penetration, light bisexual threesome, use of vampire compulsion and siren songs to abduct and manipulate humans, the implied murder of humans
Word Count: 2.6K
A/N: I wrote and edited this very loosely while on pain medication so I'm not completely sure if any of this is coherent. lol
I do not consent to having any of my fics copied, stolen, reposted, or translated. Tumblr is the only site I post. If you find any of my work anywhere else, please report it.
dark!Reader Collection | Full Masterlist
Tumblr media
Ari smirked as he watched you, seated on the bed with his back against the headboard and his legs stretched out as he palmed his erection. He was once again in awe of your beauty, your lips slightly parted as you rolled your hips and fed your cunt to a very enthusiastic Bucky. The Sergeant had his hands gripping tightly on your hips and ass, making sure you were pulled as close as possible to his mouth and leaving his handprints on your skin.
"You're doing really well, James. Stick your tongue in her pussy. She likes that."
The gasp you let out was sharp as he followed the instructions, your thighs shaking and the coil inside you tightening with each curl of his tongue within your walls. He followed orders so well, you decided to reward him by bending back to stroke his cock. He groaned against your cunt and it sent a shiver through you.
“Good boy, James,” Ari said, carding his hands through the other man’s hair and pulling lightly. “Isn’t he being a good boy, sweetheart?”
“So good. Such a good boy for us.”
He whimpered at the praise and his cock twitched in your hand. You smirked down at him, his eyes peeking from between your legs and widening when you gave him a hard squeeze. His eyes narrowed at your teasing and you knew you were done for when he pulled you forward, bending you to allow him access to slip his metal fingers in your ass.
Ari was chuckling in amusement as you squirmed against Bucky’s relentless assault. He wasn’t going to let you go until you had cum in his mouth at least twice, his tongue fucking into you and curling against that special spot that had you shouting while the cold metal of his fingers stretched your ass out. He was a man on a mission, growling into your cunt as you thrashed above him until he felt your release fill his mouth.
He lapped it all up, drinking in his reward and refusing your protests to let you go until you were cumming again. He had always been so unsure with his oral skills before but ever since you introduced him to face sitting he couldn’t get enough of the feel of you dripping down his chin. The way you would squeeze his head with your thighs as you came did wonders for his confidence. You fell forward and caught yourself on the headboard, your limbs feeling like jelly and your whole body on fire from oversensitivity.
Ari decided to have mercy on you, lifting you away from Bucky who began to whimper unhappily and continue to reach for you. He silenced him with a torrid kiss, his tongue snaking out to lick the remnants of your arousal. You hummed at the delicious image as you moved to sit on Bucky’s cock, sliding your slippery folds along his shaft. He moaned into Ari’s mouth who snickered when he saw what you were up to.
“You just can’t help yourself can you, sweetheart?”
“I was feeling a little left out,” you pouted.
Ari pulled you close by the back of your neck until you could feel his hot breath on your lips, his teeth pulling on your bottom lip as he tugged on a hardened nipple. You sighed as you rolled your hips, Bucky panting in anticipation beneath you and struggling to control himself.
"We can't have that now, can we?" He lifted your hips and grasped the other man's cock, pumping it a few times before he teased your entrance with the swollen tip. "You want it, sweetheart?"
"Yes." You gasped as he drew circles, dipping the head into your heat just the tiniest bit that had your walls clenching. He pulled away to slap it against your clit, the heavy weight jolting you and making you impossibly wetter.
"You're gonna have to speak up," he chuckled. "Do you want it?"
Your mind was growing hazy, your senses completely wrapped up in Ari's sensual torture. Your lips parted to answer, but it wasn't your words that were heard.
"I want it. Please, Ari."
Your vision sharpened at the soft pleading. Looking down you and Ari practically melted at Bucky's state. His hands were fisted tightly at his sides, shaking slightly as he battled with his self-control while he waited for his next orders. A red flush was spread prettily from his chest and up his neck to his cheeks. Sweat was dotting his scrunched brow.
And his eyes.
Those beautiful blue eyes were begging, nearly crying to be granted permission. Ari smiled down affectionately at Bucky as he relented with a soft touch on his cheek. How could he say no to such a sweet boy? He lined him up with your dripping cunt and slowly lowered you down on his length, the stretch making you both moan.
"Go ahead, James," Ari said with a gentle nibble on your shoulder. "Fuck her good."
It was as if Ari had released him from invisible bindings as his hands flew to grip tightly onto your hips, his knees came up to grant him leverage as he pounded up into you. He grunted in relief at finally feeling himself wrapped in your pussy, entranced by how your tits bounced with each hard thrust.
“James!” you chanted his name over and over. “Shit, that feels so good.”
Ari groaned lowly in your ear as one of Bucky’s hands came to grip his cock. That was unexpected. You had been easing him into the idea of doing more with Ari and it was a pleasant surprise to see him take the initiative. He was jacking him off to match the pace he was thrusting and it was sending you both to new heights of pleasure.
“Ari, I need more. I need you both. Please,” you moaned, pushing your hips down to meet Bucky’s.
“You know I can’t say no to you.”
He came up behind you and pushed you forward, Bucky taking advantage and sucking a nipple into his mouth. Usually Ari would take your ass when Bucky was buried in your cunt. It had been something new to Bucky that he found he surprisingly liked, but now after he had shown some willingness to go further Ari thought they should introduce him to something else.
Ari spread your cheeks wider and spat at your pussy, further wetting where you and Bucky joined. He lined himself up and slid in right beside Bucky who stiffened at the new feeling while you yelped at how good it felt to be so completely stuffed by both of them.
The loud moan you let out as he bottomed out was echoed by Bucky who was squeezing his eyes shut at how overwhelmed he felt. Ari slid in and out slowly to get you used to having both of them and Bucky could barely handle feeling another man's cock sliding against his.
You kissed him sweetly, pecking his lips and freeing them from his bite. "Bucky, baby, are you okay? Is this okay?"
"Yeah," he choked out and you smiled.
"Does it feel good?" You rolled your hips and flicked his nipple with your tongue causing him to twitch and waver in his control.
"So good," he sighed, his lip caught once more between his teeth. "Trying not to cum."
You giggled softly, sitting up to press your back flush against Ari's chest. Bucky shuddered beneath you, the change in angle letting him hit deeper inside you. He felt like all of his skin was on fire. His breathing came in shallow pants as he watched you take them both, Ari's arms came around you to play with your breasts and push down on your hips.
"Isn't she beautiful, James?"
Bucky could only groan out his agreement. You were beautiful. So very beautiful. The most mesmerizing sight he's ever seen and he was balls deep inside you. You had him completely from the first time his eyes met the devilish twinkle in yours, but it wasn't just you. Ari was beautiful too and he could hardly believe his luck that you had both chosen him.
"Ari, more," you whined. "I need more."
You tossed your head back on his shoulder as he tugged on your earlobe with his teeth. "Greedy whore."
You could feel him smile against your neck and you sighed as he started a gradually increasing pace. Your eyes fluttered close as you felt a cold metal hand close around your neck and two cocks move inside you with surprising coordination. Bucky was soon pounding into you, groaning lowly at how tight you felt completely stuffed and this new sensation of feeling Ari alongside him.
It was almost too much.
"I need you to cum, doll," he grunted, his hips already starting to stutter. "Please, I need to feel you cum."
Ari took this as his cue to start hammering into you, one hand reaching to rub hard at your clit and making you keen.
"Fuck, yes! Right there!"
Ari roared as he felt your walls clamp down, your slick completely drenching both their thighs. You felt your release draw ever closer, the dam inside you nearly breaking. One sharp thrust from Bucky and a pinch from Ari's fingers on your clit finally broke it. You lost control of your body, falling on top of Bucky as you shook and the fireworks behind your closed lids blinded you.
They continued to rail into you, both men chasing their own finish as they felt your cunt milking their cocks until they were spilling into you. One followed the other, filling you with their seed and relishing the mess that was leaking out of you.
The three of you fell in a tangle of limbs, exhausted and thoroughly satisfied. Bucky soon fell asleep with Ari quickly following. You smiled contentedly at the scene; Bucky sandwiched between you two with his face buried in the valley of your breasts and clutching Ari's hand to his chest.
After that first night with Bucky, you and Ari were surprised that he had called you after a week of radio silence. A surprise for sure, but not an unwelcome one. If Bucky was being honest, he spent that week thoroughly warring with himself on whether he would call or not. He was certainly scared, having discovered that neither of you were human. You were both dangerous and he knew you fed on humans, his sense of self-preservation screamed at him to count his lucky stars that he didn’t turn into a literal snack that night.
But it was the best damn night he’s ever had.
The fact that neither of you compelled him made him reconsider; leaving him fully with his senses all throughout, allowing him to consent to each burning touch, and sending him off the following morning with a playful slap on the butt. You had been respectful of his vanilla experience and let him explore only what he was comfortable with trying.
And he wanted to try so much more.
It was unnatural, but he felt like he could trust you and Ari. The brief experience had opened him to a new world and he found himself craving for more. That was months ago now and Bucky had become a regular fixture in your lives since then.
You pressed a tender kiss to his forehead before carefully untangling yourself, grabbing your discarded silk robe and pouring yourself a drink before making your way onto the balcony. You laid yourself down on the lounger, quickly taking a sip of your drink and wrapping yourself tighter in your robe to ward off the chill of the windy night. The smile on your face was blissful as you glanced back at your lovers who were sleeping peacefully in a sweet embrace.
You closed your eyes as you laid back, the peaceful image remaining behind. You lost track of time as you drifted off, the stillness around Ari’s isolated property lulling you. A smile broke out on your face as you felt a familiar set of lips kiss the corner of your own. You cracked an eye open and saw Ari smiling down at you. He lifted you into his arms, kissing you soundly as he laid down with you on top of him.
“Do you feel as happy as I do?” he asked, stroking the side of your face with gentle fingers.
“I do. Yes,” you said, pecking his lips lightly. "I would have every day be like this if I could."
"You could."
You giggled as you mirrored the look he had in his eyes for you. Tenderness. Adoration. Love.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean," he started, that roguish smile on his face growing. "Move in with me, sweetheart."
Your laughter grew as you maneuvered yourself to pull him closer to you, pressing your foreheads together. "Won't you get sick of seeing me everyday?"
"Never," he chuckled, making a show of pretending to bite your nose. "I ache whenever I have to say goodbye to you. Even if it's just to let you go back to your penthouse to get more clothes."
"That's barely an hour that I'm gone," you shook your head in amusement.
"It feels like an eternity each time."
Your heart softened at his words and you heard the truth in them. You knew it was the same for you. With Ari, immortality suddenly didn't seem so tedious.
"Will you come live with me? Will you say yes, sweetheart?"
"I will always say yes to you." You cupped his face in your hands and brushed your noses together. "I will gladly spend the rest of our endless life together here with you."
He beamed at your agreement, crushing you to him and crashing his lips to yours. He had a moment of doubt where he feared you would say no. He was sure you loved him. He was sure you wanted to be with him, but he was nervous that he might be moving too fast. Immortals are notoriously fickle afterall. He was filled with relief.
"Does that endless life include me?"
You and Ari parted to turn and see Bucky standing awkwardly by the balcony doors. You could see the sadness and indecision written all over his face. Ari stretched his arm out and beckoned for him to come. The way his face brightened as he obeyed made you smile affectionately at him.
It was a tight squeeze for the three of you on the lounger, but you were happy to be sandwiched between two men you adored. Ari kissed his forehead and the blush on his face was adorable.
"Do you want it to include you, James?"
"You're welcome to be with us however long you want," you added.
He looked down at his hands, fidgeting for a moment before he met your gaze. "What if I want eternity too?"
You and Ari shared a look of concern. You both wanted Bucky, that was certain. You were also sure that this affection you both had for him went beyond just desire. You were prepared to let him go to live his life should he decide he no longer wanted to be in this situation. You had also been oddly conscious of not exposing him unnecessarily to your more gorey nature. Neither of you had ever felt protective over a human, but it was that way with Bucky. You wanted him to be safe. You wanted him to be happy.
"Do you understand what that means, James?" Ari asked, his eyes flashing red around his iris to emphasize his point.
"I understand."
Bucky bared his neck and Ari looked at you for confirmation. You smiled and nodded to reassure him. He turned back to Bucky, his fangs and glowing eyes the last thing he saw before the searing burn of his bite completely took him over.
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Riding On
Tumblr media
Ch 32: One Hell Of A Ride
Summary: Frank and Fliss take their second ‘honeymoon’, to a location Fliss knows very well. And then, as time seems to be flying by far too fast, one morning Frank reflects on his family life.
Warnings: Bad Language words, smut (nsfw, 18+) fluff and drunken shenanigans.
Pairing: Frank Adler x OFC Fliss Gallagher
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. Any likeness to real life people/scenarios is purely coincidental. I do not own any characters in this fiction bad Fliss Gallagher and any other original characters. I do not consent to have my work copied/translated onto any other site. If you are reading this story anywhere bar Tumblr, it has been taken without my consent. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.
W/C: 7k
A/N:  So here it is, the final chapter. I can’t believe their story has come to an end and I totally had tears in my eyes when I finished, and again as I lined this up to post. I started this story back in March 2020 just when the first lockdown hit the UK. It progressed and progressed and here we are, two series and fifty-seven chapters, plus a one shot later.
Behind Stark Spangled, this has been my longest series to write. I love Gifted, it’s my fave film that Evans has done outside the MCU and digging into Frank’s past, examining what I believe would make him tick, his mannerisms…it’s been fun. A hell of a lot of fun.
At the moment, I’ve no plans for an epilogue. I know I anticipated one, but I don’t think it needs it. The way it ends feels perfect for this little family, and I hope you all agree.  That said, never say never I guess. If the inspiration strikes me, be it from some random HC I get or an ask or message, I might churn out the odd one shot or a drabble. But, for the time being, Frank and Fliss’ happily ever after is just that. A happy ever after, and it’s left to your wonderful imaginations.
Thanks to Nixakimbo on Insta for her edit at the end…
Riding On Masterlist // Main Masterlist
Chapter 31
Take my hand, take my whole life too, for I can’t help, falling in love with you.
Tumblr media
“You gonna tell me where we’re going yet?” Fliss asked as Frank pulled their suitcases out of Bill’s Range Rover.
“You know, I’m gonna find out when we get to the check in desk.”
Frank tossed the cases onto the luggage trolley that Bill had retrieved before he looked at her, his hands on his hips. “Maybe I’ll make you wait in the coffee shop.”
She groaned as Bill let out a roar of laughter. “Titch, you’ve had no idea for the last two months since you found out you were going away, another five minutes isn’t going to kill you.” Fliss pouted and Bill shook his head. “Pack it in, you look just like your mum.”
“Okay, okay!” she held her hands up, “fine. No more questions.”
Frank and Bill exchanged a look and Bill snorted, “hey, I told you when you put that ring on her finger, she’s your problem now.”
“Rude.” Fliss sniffed as Frank chuckled, shaking his father-in-law’s hand.
“Have a good time,” Bill smiled, before he pulled Fliss in for a hug. “And don’t worry about the kids, they’ll be fine.”
“We’ll call you when we land.” Fliss stated as Bill nodded, stepping back.
“See you in a week.” Frank smiled, his hand wrapping around the handle of the trolley. “Ready, Cowgirl?”
She nodded and with a final, quick hug for her Dad, she followed Frank across and into the departure lounge. Frank’s eyes scanned the information screen, selecting the one he wanted before he gestured with his head. “This way, honey.”
Fliss followed him, frowning as she tried to piece together where they were going. All she knew was she’d been told to pack warm clothes. Initially, she’d suspected they were going back to Vermont, to enjoy some snow in the run up to Christmas, but she knew they were in the international part of the terminal, so she wasn’t merely going to another state. She walked behind him, momentarily distracted by his ass as it moved in the dark jeans he was wearing, the light blue jacket he had on framing his upper body perfectly. Then her attention flicked to the various palm trees decked out with baubles and lights, and the other festive decorations, which were dotted about the terminal. It always amused Fliss, how odd it had first seemed when she had celebrated her first Christmas in a tropical climate. No snow, how you could eat your Christmas Dinner outside in the sun if you wanted to. Now, well, it just felt normal.
Eventually, Frank stopped, and Fliss jerked herself back to reality and came to a halt behind him.
Frank watched her face as they joined the end of the line, her eyes flicking up to the screens announcing the destination and her mouth dropped open.
“Heathrow…we’re…we’re going to London?”
“Three days in London, four in Liverpool.”
“Oh…I…” she blinked up at him, her eyes filling with tears before her mouth curved into a huge grin and she threw herself at him. “Frankie!”
“I told you we’d do it one day.” He smiled, kissing her softly. “Merry Christmas, slash, belated honeymoon for just the two of us, baby.”
Fliss could hardly contain her excitement at the knowledge they were heading back to her home country, and more so, her home City. She kept hold of Frank’s hand, squeezing his arm every so often and Frank simply laughed at her. Eventually, they reached the front of the line and Frank handed over their passports.
“Ahh, I see this is your honeymoon?” The man behind the desk smiled, “Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Adler.”
“Thanks.” Frank smiled.
The man tapped at the computer, asking them the usual questions before he glanced around, and leaned forward. “You’re in luck, we have a few upgrades available so I’ve bagged you two seats in Club Class.”
Frank blinked and Fliss gave a little squeal as he slid their passports and boarding passes over to them. “If you go down the Priority Lane for Security, once through you can head to the executive lounge. You’ll also get priority boarding and bag collection one at Heathrow.”
“Thanks, man!” Frank grinned, nodding to him.
“No problem, have a wonderful trip, say hi to the Queen for me.”
Fliss laughed and then Frank took her hand. They cleared security in record time and then followed the signs to the lounge, where their passes were checked again and they were admitted. Frank gave a low whistle as he looked around at the selection of free food and drink.
“How much beer do you think we can consume in…” He checked his watch, “two hours and twenty minutes?”
Fliss laughed, already on her way towards the drink. “Fuck the beer, Sailor. I’m going straight for the fizz.” She pulled out a bottle of Moet from a huge ice container, which was perched on top of the counter.
Frank chuckled and followed her over, selecting a bottle of Peroni. Drinks in hand, they made their way to a free table and sank down into the comfy chairs.
“Cheers, Cowgirl.” Frank held his bottle up and Fliss clinked her glass delicately against it.
“Cheers, Sailor.”
***** Turns out, when it’s free, you can drink quite a considerable amount in the space of two hours. At just after four pm, their flight was called, announcing that priority boarding would commence shortly. Giggling, they grabbed their carry-ons and headed down to the relevant gate. Once their tickets and passports and been checked they headed through the tunnel where the Steward and Stewardesses greeted them, and directed them left into the club class section of the plane.
“Jesus…” Frank mumbled as he looked at their seats. They had a pod of two, lying next to each other so that they were facing one another, a small screen in between them, their own TVs embedded at the foot end of the pod.
Fliss grinned and selected her seat, stowing her bag before she watched Frank as he settled in the one facing her. With a smirk, she hit the button to raise the screen, blocking him from view, raising her middle finger as she did so. Frank laughed, before he pressed the button to lower the screen again, arching his brow as Fliss snorted.
A stewardess came round, handing out glasses of champagne and a little while later, the doors were closed and the Captain introduced himself. He informed them their flight time was approximately ten hours and they expected to touch down at six-fifteen AM local time the next morning.
Soon after, they were on their way.
Their flight was smooth. They spent their time watching films, chatting, drinking and managed a few hours sleep. When they touched down, thanks for their upgrade, they had priority baggage reclaim and less than forty minutes from wheels down they were climbing into one of London’s famous black hackney cabs.
Their hotel was nestled near Tower Bridge, aptly named The Tower Hotel. It was a luxurious four star and their room was nothing short of fantastic. After a quick freshen up they changed and headed out to explore before grabbing some sushi and a bottle of wine to take back to the hotel. After eating and drinking, they crashed out and woke the next morning refreshed.
Their few days in London were spent doing all the cliché tourist things. The London Eye, the tower, Regents Park, The Dungeons and then a trip to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard. Fliss squealed when they launched into a rendition of “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day” by Wizard, Frank chuckling as she began to dance. She wasn’t the only one, the assembled crowd on Pall Mall all in the festive spirit. They visited the Christmas markets at Covent Garden, took a trip to So Ho, had a drink in the cocktail bar at the top of the Shard, and by their last night they were utterly walked out and beyond happy.
“You enjoyed it?” Frank asked as he slipped into the luxurious bed, laying on his side as Fliss beamed at him.
“The best,” she nodded, “but… well, I’m so excited to go home tomorrow. I can’t wait to show you round Liverpool.”
“Well, bar a meal on our last night there’s nothing booked or planned,” he reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear, “I figured you’d have your own ideas so…”
“Oooh, where we going to eat?”
“Not telling.”
Fliss pouted and Frank chuckled, “stahp being a brat.”
At that she smirked, “I thought you liked my brat side.”
Frank snorted as he leaned over to give her a sultry kiss. “Sometimes she can amuse me a little.”
Fliss pulled back and bit her lip, before she kissed him again, her hand tangling in the back of his hair. Frank rolled her onto her back, his hands feeling her curves as his lips traced a path across her jaw to her neck.
Before long, she was begging for more and he happily obliged. The soft sheets of the bed rustled around them with every thrust Frank made, soft pants and whispered words flowed between the two of them as he loved on his wife. Eventually, Fliss head tipped back, her mouth slack as she groaned, her body shaking hard as she came beneath him. A few minutes later, Frank was there himself, his hips slowing before he stopped complete with a groan.
With a gentle kiss to her lips, he pulled out and rolled to his back, Fliss sliding over to him, her head resting on his chest.
“Love you,” Frank pressed a kiss to her hair and she gave a soft hum of satisfaction.
“Love you too.”
The next morning, they were up, breakfasted and checked out by nine am, ready for the 10:14 train to Birmingham New Street, where they’d then change for a transfer to Merseyside.
Overall, it took just under four hours, and they were walking out of Liverpool Lime Street at round about half past 2 in the afternoon. Fliss gave a happy sigh as immediately their ears caught the sound of a nearby band playing festive favourites.
“So, where are we staying?”
Frank looked at her, “The Hard Nights Hotel.”
Fliss blinked, “you managed to get in there?”
“Oh my God, I love you.” She groaned.
Frank chuckled as he looked around, “Right, I know it’s in the Cavern Quarter,” Frank looked at her, “so…”
“Ten-minute walk.” Fliss shrugged, “the case has wheels. Or we can hail a cab but…”
“Walk it is, lead the way, Cowgirl.”
As they went, Fliss pointed out a few places of interest, recalling anecdotes about her childhood or early adult days. She then took a right down what Frank thought was some kind of back alley, but to his surprise merged into a narrow, pave stones street lined bars and boutique shops.
“Welcome to Matthew Street,” Fliss beamed at him, “Home of the Cavern Club, birthplace of the Fab Four. Well, somewhere they played like three hundred times anyway.”
Frank looked around, the place was already heaving, music could be heard from the many bars and pubs as they walked up to the top of the street where their hotel was. After checking in, they didn’t bother getting changed, Fliss assuring him that for an afternoon where they were, casual was totally the way to go.
“So, I wanna show you something.” Fliss smiled as she slipped her hand into his. She led him back down the street to the sports bar on the corner and smiled at the doorman who let them in. They walked over to the bar and Fliss stopped and nodded to the wall behind Frank. He turned and then blinked, his brows raising a little.
There, right in front of him, was a framed collage of four photos of his wife at the Olympics. They were sequential, the first three showing her clearing a huge purple and green over fence, the footage of which Frank had seen a few times, and then the last photo showed her punching the air and screaming as she realised, she had just won Olympic gold. On the frame was an engraved plaque containing her name and the date of the win, and it was signed by her in the bottom right-hand corner.
“Wow.” Was all he could say and Fliss grinned.
“Fred got ya tongue, Sailor?”
Frank turned and shot her a look, “sorry, I keep forgetting I’m married to a celebrity.”
At that she snorted, “hardly. Equestrians are only really recognised by fellow equestrians. That’s there because I’m from round here, same as everyone else on the walls.”
“I dare you to demand a free drink.” Frank smirked.
“Fuck off.”
“Don’t be a chicken.” He teased. “Go on, do the whole ‘don’t you know who I am?’ line.”
Fliss blinked before she shrugged, “fine. Go grab that table over there.”
Frank popped a shoulder and did as he was told, sitting down at the high table by the large window. He turned, watching Fliss at the bar as she spoke to the bartender. There was as brief exchange and Fliss removed her woollen hat and pointed to the photos of herself on the wall. At that point, Frank snorted and then watched as the man grinned, shook Fliss hand and nodded. Fliss turned and shot Frank a shit eating grin.
A minute or so later she walked over, two beers in her hand and placed one down in front of Frank.
“You’re something else, you know that?” He chuckled, shaking his head. Fliss arched her brow on response and picked up her glass.
As with London, the next few days were spent exploring, drinking, eating and, well, fucking. The difference being, Fliss was on her ‘home turf’ so to speak, and knew the city like the back of her hand. She took Frank up to the Baltic Triangle, which was Frank’s favourite place in their whole visit. Once an industrial area of warehouses, it was now crammed full of independent bars, vintage markets, coffee shops, arcades, skate parks, pop up stalls and gin gardens. They spent a full day there, drinking and eating, watching the entertainment and perusing the Christmas Stalls before heading back. That was the night Fliss took Frank to the Cavern Club, another place he had been desperate to visit. As they descended the steps, Frank couldn’t help but look at all the photos of the singers and bands that had played at the venue. The actual bar itself was just as described, basically a cavern (or cellar, he suspected) with huge archways and curved roof. It was dark, but full of atmosphere as people were crammed together, waiting for the live music to start. They spent most of their night in there, Fliss chatting away to people she didn’t actually know, something Frank had noticed she was doing a lot of during their time in the city. He also noticed, with some amusement, that her Liverpudlian accent was growing a lot stronger and broader the more time they spent there.
She took him to see Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club, wrinkling her nose a little. She was much happier when they headed over to Everton’s stadium, Goodison Park, Frank knowing that her family were ‘Blues, not Reds.’ Fliss then headed into the club shop and purchased each of the kids a football shirt with their names on the back. It cost an absolute fortune, but as Frank handed over his credit card, he simply rolled his eyes.
He’d worry about paying that off in January.
On their last day, they headed down through the Liverpool One shopping area to the Quays. Fliss then took Frank on a walk and showed him where she’d seen them filming for some Marvel film. Frank pretended he cared when in truth the only thing he was interested in was the huge smile on his girl’s face, which simply hadn’t faded since they’d landed in Heathrow.
All too soon, they found themselves on their last night. Frank, following the directions he’d been given at the hotel reception, led Fliss round to Mowgli, an independent chain of Indian Street Food restaurants that were owned by a reasonably local chef. Steve had tipped him off about them, as both Fliss and Frank enjoyed Indian food but didn’t get the chance to eat much of it seeing as there weren’t a lot of places that offered it in South Pass. The food was absolutely stunning, the drinks were flowing and a few hours later they left with extremely full bellies.
And that was when Fliss gave Frank a surprise of her own.
“So, I booked us somewhere…for cocktails.”
“Yeah, it’s called Ex Directory, and it’s amazing, but we need to find it first.”
“Find it, what do you mean?”
“I’ve only been once, and I was kinda drunk. But it’s like this secret bar and it’s hidden…”
Frank looked at her, before he shrugged, his hand slipping into hers once she finished wrapping her scarf around her neck, “lead the way.”
Lead the way she did, down what felt like a hundred dark and dingy back streets and alleys near the waterfront area. Frank was starting to wonder if she was playing him, on a wind up, but then he saw her stop and look around, a frown on her face.
“I’m sure it’s round here somewhere…”
They carried on, and as they turned the corner at the end, Fliss gave a squeal and grabbed his arm.
“This is it!” She exclaimed as she stopped at a traditional red telephone box.
“Trust me!” She grinned, yanking open the door.
Frank watched, and then shrugged to himself as he followed her in. She picked up the black phone, and Frank looked around as she spoke.
“Hi, the number I’m trying to reach is Ex Directory.” There was a pause. “Yeah, the name is Adler.”
Then, Frank jumped as a buzzing was heard and Fliss put the phone down and looked at him with a grin. She then pushed on the back wall of the booth, which swung open to reveal a lot set of steps, which descended underground, the sounds of music and chattering hitting his ears.
“Okay, what the hell?”
“I told you!” She laughed, “come on!”
With a snort of laughter, Frank followed her down the steps and they emerged into the underground bar which was heaving. It was lined with large red sofas, tables, the glossy and busy bar to the left. A band was playing on a stage to the right and the whole place was dimly lot with atmospheric lights.
“Fahk me!” Frank shook his head as Fliss grinned.
“Cool, huh?”
A man dressed as an old-fashioned movie detective, in a pair of chord trousers, shirt and suspenders headed over and smiled as he led them to a booth at the back.
Frank picked up a menu, as did Fliss who slapped it down almost immediately. “I know what I want, I’m going for the Merseyside Mash. Liverpool gin, raspberry vodka, cranberry juice and fresh lime.”
“Fuck it, make it two. When in Rome… or Liverpool.” Frank grinned and Fliss laughed, attracting the attention of their server.
Their two-hour slot passed in a heap of ridiculously overpriced cocktails, the two having one way or another made their way through roughly half the menu. They were definitely a little wobbly on their feet as they were led to the exit, which was slightly less spectacular than the entrance. It was simply a flight of stairs which emerged out of what looked like two ancient fire doors onto a busy street which ran parallel to the alley. Fliss blinked as the doors shut, and they both stared hard at the now seemingly completely normal brick wall behind them.
“Okay, I’m officially done.” Frank shook his head as Fliss laughed, hiccupping a little. “Wanna go somewhere else or…”
“Nope, if I drink anymore, I’m gonna spew.”
“Nice.” Frank snorted as Fliss hiccuped again.
They made their way back to the hotel, it taking a little longer than it should in account of the fact they were both giggling and having to stop every so often for air. Plus, the fact Frank was taking every opportunity he could to kiss the life out of his wife didn’t help.
Fliss stumbled at the entrance and the doorman chuckled a little as he held the door open. Frank saluted him and Fliss slapped his arm as they walked, a little unsteadily, across the lobby to the elevator.
They waited for the lift like children, Fliss tapping her foot and Frank bouncing in his. Both teetering back and forth at one point as if they were about to fall over.
The chime of the lift sounded and in the stumbled, the space to themselves. Frank hit the call button for their floor and up they rose, but not before Fliss leaned in and gave Frank a tantalizing kiss and broad swipe of her palm over his clothed crotch.
He grunted a little against her mouth and snorted as she pulled away, her brow flicking up at him.
“Maybe Christmas has come early, Sailor, if the size of that package is anything to go by.”
At that Frank let out a huge bellow of laughter and looked down at Fliss. “Your jokes are absolutely, fahkin awful.”
All she could do was pop her shoulder and grin. She couldn't care less. She was happy, more than so. Fliss Adler had the life she deserved and the husband that she should have had in the beginning. And now they were childless and on a delayed honeymoon, in her old stomping grounds and she was going to dam well make the best of it.
The lift stopped on their floor and out they went, Fliss pulling her Sailor along by his hand as they stumbled down the hall, loudly giggling and causing a ruckus.
“You’re gonna get us thrown out,” Frank whispered loudly as he followed behind her, “or arrested. And I don’t fancy spending a night in a cell. Did it once, it’s not great.”
"No one's gonna do shit," she giggled attempting their door with her key. She failed three times before Frank took over and nailed the first try.
"Smart ass," she giggled.
“Well, I do have a masters in Philosophy.”
Fliss turned on her feet and plowed her lips right into Frank's as the door to their room shut, his back falling into it. The air blew from his lungs in a huff, his hands falling to Fliss’ hips, fingers clutching at the woollen fabric of her yellow pea coat
He backed her into the room, taking charge of the kiss and the space, her own back hitting the wall near the bed as they came in. Rather clumsily and ungracefully, Fliss kicked her boots off as Frank's hands slid up that coat in haste and peeled it from her body. It fell with a thud to the floor, joined by his own as he shrugged it down and off his arms, his hands now moving to the bottom of Fliss’ sweater dress.
Her chilled fingers found his shirt collar and started down the buttons, flicking one by one through its slit and opening the material to reveal his white undershirt. Then she gripped at the belt of his jeans. His lips smashed back to hers as he pressed her further into the wall, yanking the dress over her head as she made quick work of his belt buckle.
That tell-tale clink sounded beyond their breathy kiss and fight for dominance before Frank had decided that was enough and twirled Fliss to the bed, the two of them falling flat, Fliss led over Frank.
“You do know I’m about to fuck you into next week?” Frank reached up and brushed her long hair back off her face.
"Yep." Fliss popped her 'p'.
“Good, just wanted to be clear on the situation.”
"Very clear." Fliss leaned back and sat on her heels as she straddled Frank's hips, her breasts spilling out of her bra, her panties hugging her curvy hips, those lacy boot socks making Frank swallow.
“Fahk, you’re beautiful.” He looked up at her, his hands curling round those hips he loved so much, giving a slight squeeze as he tilted his hips up.
Fliss blushed and bent forward, kissing him deeply. Her tongue dipped inside his mouth, lolling over his tongue before beginning a trail over his beard and along the hard line of his jaw to where the joint fit. She nipped at his neck and carried on kissing down his clothed chest, staining his white shirt with her lipstick before sitting up and tugging at the white tee.
"Off." She grunted, swivelling her hips over his hard cock, confined by his denims.
“Yes, Ma’am,” Frank sat bolt upright, his arms above his head allowing Fliss to tank the tee off.
"Much better," she smirked with a playful giggle. She shoved him back down and carried on kissing over his chest, sometimes trading off with a hot tongue over his skin and nipping at the edge of his belly button.
“His left hand clutched at the bed spread, right tangling gently in her hair as she continued her path, mouth following that strip of hair that ran from his naval right into his boxers.
Her brown eyes looked up at him as she kept kissing his lower belly, her delicate and gently calloused hands gripping at the sides of his jeans and boxers, giving them a tug. Frank tilted his hips to assist as she pulled the material down to his mid-thigh, his cock springing free.
Without a word, she gripped her hair in her left hand, pulling it round and over her shoulder before she wrapped her right around the base of his shaft. Her plump lips closed around the head and Frank hissed. Her brown eyes flicked up and stayed on his blues as she sunk her mouth all the way down as far as she could go.
“Jesus,” his hand gripped the back of her head tighter as his hips tipped softly upwards, his gaze still locked on hers.
Fliss moved with the thrust of his hips, covering his cock with her spit and pressing her thick tongue against that vein on the underside of him. Each bob of her head, each lash of her tongue, Frank could feel everything. She always gave good head, he had absolutely no complaints there at all, but somehow, tonight, it felt better than ever. In a ridiculously short time, Frank was fighting the urge to spill himself down her throat.
"Fahk, Cowgirl," he moaned, his balls tightening as she went. "I gotta... I aint.... Fahk..."
She didn’t stop. Instead, her eyes flashed mischievously and she doubled down on her efforts. Her head moved faster; tongue lashed harder as she hollowed her cheeks.
With a harshness, Frank grabbed both sides of her head, his body curling upward, his hips stuttered as he blew hard right down her throat, that salty, sticky cum coating her tongue and Fliss swallowed it all down.
With a loud groan, he sagged back, Adam’s apple bobbing as he gulped in huge breaths of air, his eyes blinking as he glanced down.
Fliss was starting to lean up, licking at her lips, a painted nail wiping at the side of her mouth before she feverishly smirked at her husband.
“Oh, Cowgirl…” Frank shook his head as he sat up, and in a flash had her on her back, caged between his arms and legs.
"Sailor...." She practically purred.
“I believe I owe you something.”
"I'm waiting," she smirked.
Frank cocked a brow before he kissed her, his lips hard on hers but not for long. Just as she had with him, he kissed his way across her jaw to that spot behind her ear. She gave a whimper as his long finger slid underneath her bra strap and he whispered, “off.”
She obliged, unhooking the front clasp and freeing her fleshy mounds from their confines.
Frank’s hands smoothed up the side of her body, tracing her rib cage with skilled fingers. Calloused palms cupped her breasts, the pads of this thumbs brushing over her pebbled nipples.
Fliss' breathy gasp made Frank smirk. "Sensitive?"
She swatted softly at his head and he chuckled, his mouth now trailing down her sternum. Hot open-mouthed kisses moved along, circling the swell of her breast before he gave a soft nip to the underneath.
She bit her lip as he continued down, kissing and scratching at her belly with his beard, nipping at the end of her ribs. His hands tugged at the edge of her panties and she lifted her ass off the bed, allowing him to slide them down over her legs, taking her socks with them.
"Fahking beautiful, honey," Frank husked as he started kissing at the inside of her thigh, heading towards her glistening center.
“You have to… say that, fuck!” She swallowed as he nipped at her skin, “you’re married to me.”
"Nope. I.. Say... It... Because... I... Mean it." He kissed until his lips sat off to the side of her folds. His nose bumped at her sensitive skin, "I can fucking smell you, fahk, you smell so fucking good."
His dirty words made Fliss groan, but she positively cried out as soon as his mouth set to her. She was the ice cream he loved, the licks across her wetness, delving into her hole, nipping at her clit.
Fliss' hand curled into his soft hair and gave a tug as she mewed and moaned. At a certain long swipe of his tongue followed by a flick of it to her sensitive bud, Fliss shivered and shook in delight. Frank shook his head, causing his mouth and beard to scratch and brush across her clit even more. With a loud curse, her back arched off the bed, toes curling into the duvet where her feet rested either side of his shoulders.
His brows flicked upward at her reaction and a heavy arm slid up the middle of her tummy, his large hand grasping a breast, weighing her down. He wasn't finished with her and when he was, he was gonna truly fuck her stupid into next week.
A pinch to her nipple had her cursing, a string of expletives tumbling from her pretty mouth and Frank chuckled. The vibrations against her clit sent her into overdrive and she yanked on his hair, causing him to growl.
Fliss came with a force that made her skin tingle and her body quiver, a sobering effect that lust poured over her body. He carried on, his mouth fucking her and she pushed on his forehead, having become too sensitive, needing a moment. With a shit-eating smirk, Frank sat back on his heels as her legs fell flat against the bed.
“You okay?” He asked, his hands smoothing up the outside of her legs.
Chest heaving, Fliss could only nod. He was sporting a hard wood, solid dick again and he gently moved his fingers over her to wet his tips before fisting his cock.
"Good, cause I ain't done with you yet, Cowgirl."
She didn’t reply, merely gave a little whimper as he leaned over her, his lips brushing hers.
"I promised you into next week, sweetheart, and I'm gonna do it."
Frank lined himself up and slid right on in, whilst his lips crashed against her, swallowing her gasp at finally being stretched by her husband, a feeling she loved and craved.
Their mouths remained locked together with each thrust Frank made, his arms wrapping round Fliss sliding between her back and the bed, holding her close. Her legs curled around his hips, opening up more for him, sending him deeper. Her fingers trailed along those freckled speckled shoulders and down his back until Frank balanced himself in his elbows, reaching for her hands.
Entwining her fingers with his, Frank held Fliss' hands at each side of her head, rolling his hips into her. "I'm gonna fuck you good, baby, slow first then Imma make you scream."
“Fuck, yeah…” Fliss panted, her head falling back further into the pillow, “please, Frank…god, I love you,”
"I love you, baby, so fucking much." His hips kept rolling. Fliss was sensitive and she was close, her second orgasm no doubt on the cusp of emerging. And Frank could tell. From the tiny flutters around him to the way her mouth was open, eyelids flickering, nose scrunching, he knew it all.
"Let go, Lissy."
“I… fuck, Frank, I’m…” her voice cut off as she gave a loud moan, her body shaking as her second orgasm carried her away.
He thrusted her through it, rolling into her and giving a little swirl with each bottom out. And then, as she loudly came down from her crash, Frank slipped away, flipping her to her belly. "Hips up, sweetheart."
“What?” She mumbled, turning her head so her cheek was pressed to the pillow. She blinked and took a deep breath, “I can’t…”
"You can, baby, I know you can, just gimme one more."
With a soft whimper, Fliss raised her hips. The angle at which Frank slid inside her had her moaning as she was swollen from arousal and soaked from orgasm. Frank, too, groaned at the change in feel.
Fliss mumbled something completely and utterly incoherent in response and Frank chuckled a little. One hand curled round her hip, the other gripped at the back of her neck, keeping her face pressed to the pillow,
"Can I go harder, Fliss, please baby," Frank begged.
She nodded, “yeah,” her voice stuttered out and Frank gave a groan of delight.
"Oh, fahk, fucking love you, honey."
She didn’t reply, she couldn’t. No noises at all seemed to be finding their way out of her mouth. Her jaw was slack as her body jolted with each fast and hard rut Frank made into her.
He railed at her, sweat covering their bodies as she took it in blissful, over stimulated stride. His balls were tight and he could feel her walls pulsing around him.
"One more, Flissy, I promise, I'm ganna.... You gotta...."
“Oh…oh God…” Fliss hand reached up, slapping against the headboard of the bed, nails scratching at the velvet material, “Frank, I’m…. Oh fu-uuuck…”
This time, her scream was loud as her face contorted into a heady mix of ecstatic agony and with a tremble her body fell flat against the bed, hips held up by Frank who was now pounding into her with an avaricious pace, chasing his own end which wasn’t far behind.
"Jesus, FUCK," Frank roared like a feral animal at the end of long hunt. He came, with a force he wasn’t sure he’d felt before, his hips giving a final deep thrust before he stopped, buried balls deep in his wife.
He collapsed over her, chest pressed to her back, both over stimulated and breathless, drunkenly fucked out and exhausted. Frank stayed still as did Fliss until his body could function. He then began to slowly, ever so tenderly ply his lips over her bare back. Gingerly kissing each freckle or mole he could. His lips reached the crock of her shoulder, their caress gentle as he softly loved on her.
"That was..." He panted, "amazing."
“As good…” Fliss took a deep breath, her voice muffled slightly by the pillow, “as Vermont?”
"Honey, Vermont is a whole different level," he chuckled into her back.
Fliss lay still, allowing her body to even out as Frank persisted to map his lips over the canvas of her skin.
"I love you, baby."
At that she moved a little and Frank propped himself up, slowly pulling his hips back and sliding out of her. With a sigh, she shuffled round onto her back and looked up at him, those brown eyes shining with their usual warmth and her hand cupped his cheek.
“I love you, too.”
Christmas passed in the usual whirlwind of food, alcohol, family and friends and, in what felt like the blink of an eye, Frank found himself at the end of January, pondering where the absolute living fuck the last month or so had gone.
Time seemed to be speeding up, the more he thought about it recently, and he’d suddenly realised on New Years’ eve that in just over six weeks or so he would be forty
Fucking forty.
Fliss had grinned when he’d made the mistake of voicing that to her, pointing out that it was Steve’s fortieth a few weeks after and then suggested they had a joint party, something that she and Sian were extremely in favour of. He and Steve, possibly less so. But, as Steve had pointed out, it would happen anyway so they might as well just get on board.
Right now, though, the only thing Frank was trying to get on board with was wrestling with an over opinionated eighteen-month-old who was refusing to get dressed.
“No!” Alex shook his head as he sat on his little bed, Frank holding out a blue t-shirt.
“Fine, what about this one?” He held up a yellow one.
He tried again with a purple one.
“Okay, we’re running out of options here Bean, gimme something to work with, huh?” Frank rolled his eyes and watched as Alex climbed down and toddled over to his wardrobe. His little hand then pointed to a little button-down plaid shirt, not unlike the one Frank himself had on.
“You want that one?”
Alex nodded and pointed to Frank, his little face smiling. “Dadda!”
At that Frank grinned, “You wanna be like daddy? That it, pal?”
Alex blinked before he turned back to the shirt in his wardrobe, a coo of satisfaction escaping him as he reached for it. “Mine. Wear.”
“You got it, buddy.”
Ten minutes later, Frank carried a now fully dressed Alex downstairs where the fight then started over his footwear. It had rained overnight, but Alex was refusing to wear his Wellington boots, instead wanting his Converse.
“They’ll get trashed, no. Absolutely not.” Frank shook his head, and rolled his eyes as Alex flopped to the floor, sitting on his butt, arms folded.
“Don’t look at me like that,” Frank shook his head, as Alex pouted up at him, his eyes narrowed “you remind me of your sister.”
“Listen. I’m the adult,” Frank arched his brow, “this ain’t a negotiation.”
But, despite his protests, it totally was and eventually, Alex agreed to wear his little brown cowboy boots. Together they slowly walked to the yard, Alex’s hand held in his dad’s as they crossed the lawn. Frank opened the gate, reaching out to scratch Fred behind the ear as he was perched on the fence, his tail swishing a little.
“Hi, Mama!” Alex beamed and Frank let go of him, allowing him to run towards Fliss, who smiled at him.
“Hi baby!” She swept him up, placing a kiss to his cheek and Frank smiled as he watched her for a moment before she set Alex down on the floor, her hands finding her hips as he toddled over to Mary. Thor looked up from the spot he was lazing in, before he lay his head back down, eyes closing.
“Hi!” Mary grinned at Alex as he held his hand out to her. “You wanna come see Monty?”
“Yip! See Mon-tee!” The toddler nodded, and Frank rolled his eyes. Mary was still the only one that Alex seemed to be completely and utterly happy to acquiesce to. His word of choice ‘yes’ for his sister, as opposed to the standard ‘no’ he gave everyone else.
“I saw that!” Mary shot and Frank scoffed.
“Want me to give you a quarter so you can call someone who cares?”
“What… I don’t know what that means.” Mary looked at him and Fliss laughed.
“He’s showing his age, sweetie.”
Mary merely shrugged as Frank turned to his wife, his brow arched as she grinned back cheekily.
His smart-ass quip back melted away and Frank found himself simply stood, admiring Fliss. Her long sleeved black and white plaid was open over a plain white tee, which was tucked into her light grey jeans, her own cowboy boots on her feet. Her long auburn hair was poking out from underneath her cowboy hat, illuminated by the early Saturday morning sun. He realised then, she was stood in the exact spot he had first seen her some four years ago, back when his life had been a mess, a mess that rapidly slipped into a cluster fuck. One that she pulled him through.
Both of them had been lost, burdened by the pain of their past and in one another they had both found everything they didn’t know they needed, and more.
It wasn’t without flaws, because they themselves weren’t without flaws, nobody was, no matter how much they tried to be. But it was perfect for them. Beautifully flawed, full of ups and downs, bumps in the road offset with the periods of smooth sailing.
Love, frustration, fun, seriousness, happy times, sadder times, it was exhilarating, passionate, full of excitement.  It was one hell of a ride, and Frank was firmly in the saddle, grasping the reins with both hands.
Because he wanted it all.
With large, purposeful strides, he walked over to his wife. Without a word, his arms wrapped around her waist and she chuckled when he kissed her. As his lips pressed to hers, he dipped her slightly causing her to squeak in her throat, her hand flying to her head to catch her hat as it started to slip off backwards.
“Hey, Sailor.” She grinned against his mouth and Frank pulled her back upright, his hands settling at her waist. Her own arms slid up round his neck as Frank smiled at her.
“Hey, Cowgirl.”
He dropped his face to hers, fully intending to take another kiss…
And then a loud yell rang out across the little courtyard.
“No, Frank!!”
Tumblr media
To all of you who’ve been on this wild ride, to everyone who’s liked, commented, messaged and re-blogged along the way over the last twenty months, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
This last chapter is dedicated to my Evangers. Your banter, messages, creativity and virtual movie days/nights have seen me through the last 20 months. And whilst oceans may separate us, I love you all.
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slut4buckysarm · a month ago
I Know You Want Me.
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT (orgasm, no protection, d in v, degradation kink, fingering, exhibition?), language. INCLUDES THE KNIVES OUT SWEATER LOL
ALL mistakes are my own.
Do NOT copy, repost, translate or rewrite my fics!!.
Need you.
My phone illuminates my face as I read Chris' text. I place it on the couch and look up to meet his eyes across the living room. I slowly shake my head and he starts typing on his phone once again.
Chris, we're at your brother's house.
Come on, darling.
Why are you always so horny??
You're only wearing a t-shirt and underwear. You expect me to not want you??
Wait till we get home.
I close my phone and start watching the game again.
"Y/F/N, can you get me a beer?" Scott asks. I nod my head and start walking towards the kitchen.
"I want one too" Chris speaks getting up and following me.
I open the fridge and bend down to grab a bottle. Chris pushes himself closer to me so that I can feel his bulge on my ass. A quiet moan leaves my throat and I hear him chuckle behind me.
"Grab me one." He says, acting like he doesn't know what he's doing.
I clear my throat and grab another glass bottle. I turn around and feel his hot breath on my lips.
"What's wrong?" he asks, noticing me licking my lips, but I don't give in.
"Nothing," I reply handing him his beer and swerving past him.
As I'm about to make my break out of the kitchen, I feel his arms grab my waist. He hoists me up and places me onto the kitchen island. I shriek and he uses his leg to separate mines. Chris places his hands on my thighs and looks me in my eyes. I attempt to escape his grasp but he's standing between my legs making it impossible to do so.
"What?" I ask.
Chris trails his hands under the shirt I’m wearing and grabs my waist.
“Come on” he half whines.
“We can’t”.
“We’ll be quiet,” he whispers, moving his right hand to grip my bare chest.
I bite my bottom lip, the pleasure clouding my thoughts.
Fight it.
“I promise,” he adds with a smirk.
That stupid smirk always got me and Chris knew it.
I peak into the living room to see if any eyes are on us and nod my head at Chris knowing that we’re out of view.
He plasters a smile onto his face and moves his hands up and down my thighs. Chris then runs his thumb over my clothed cunt and buck my hips to gain some pressure.
"Woah. Someone's in a rush." he chuckles aloud and I give him a look of annoyance in response.
"Alright, alright. Tell me what you need baby".
I look up to meet his eyes and without thinking I reply. "You".
That's all the confirmation Chris needs. He moves my lace panties to the side and collects my wetness with his index and middle fingers. He then spread it over the bundle of nerves and starts to rub circles around my clit.
"Fuck" I moan, trying my best not to alert Scott as to what's happening.
His fingers on my clit cause electric currents to run through my body and I physically shiver due to the pleasure.
"You're so fucking beautiful" Chris mutters, removing his hand from my warmth.
I whine at the loss of contact but don't feel as bad when I see Chris drag the sides of his wet fingers on his tongue, his electric blue eyes piercing through my Y/E/C ones.
My wetness glistens on his bearded chin as I pull his fingers out of his plump lips.
I put his hand into my moisture once again and insert them into myself.
"God- if I knew you were this desperate, I wouldn't have left the house to begin with".
Chris pumps his fingers in and out of my cunt and I feel the cheering of the fans on the T.V in my chest.
"Fuck. Chris, please. Right there" I moan his name like a prayer, throwing my head onto his shoulder.
Feeling a knot in my stomach, I clench hard and Chris starts to pump faster.
"Yes, fuck yes. M' so close".
I reach my climax and release, biting onto Chris' cable knit sweater to contain myself from screaming his name.
"Take it off." Chris orders looking at my t-shirt, and I do as told.
He then pulls his sweater off in one quick motion and throws it over my head. He looks at me in awe even though his sweater is too baggy for me.
"Wanna see you wearing this while I fuck you senseless".
His dirty talk alone could make me come. I fumble to pull down his joggers, being on top of a counter making it impossible to do so.
Chris reaches towards my legs and pulls my panties off of my hips. He stuffs my underwear into my mouth and starts pulling down his joggers along with his boxers.
His bulge springs out once free, tip covered in a white liquid. He spreads his pre-cum onto the rest of his cock and lines himself up with my entrance.
He then gives his already hard erection a few pumps before looking up at me. "You ready"?
"Mhmm" I nod my head, desperate to feel him inside of me, and gasp when he does so. I cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure and all he does is keep fucking the absolute dog shit out of me.
My sweaty hands are slipping from the marble as I feel him continuously moving over my g-spot and I hold on to the countertop for dear life.
"Fuck Chris. Yes!" my moans are muffled but alive.
"This is fuck what you needed, huh darlin'?" he speaks, half to himself.
I can feel his hands dig deeper into my hips. He moves his right one to my mouth and removes the cloth. Chris then trails his hand down to my right boob and starts playing with my nipple. He twists, turns, and squeezes the bud, and I throw my head back in pleasure.
"You fucking slut. Is fuck this what you needed to feel better?".
I nod my head, running my hand through his hair, tugging for some grip.
"Yes. Please, fuck yes!" I scream.
I can feel the vein that runs down his cock against my velvet walls. The knot in my stomach gets tighter and I know that I'm close.
"Chris m' close. Don't stop. Fuck please don't stop!" I speak into his ear.
He groans feeling himself closer to his orgasm and that's all that it takes.
"Fuck Chris!" I release onto him and he follows, doing the same.
Chris' body falls onto mines, but he catches himself with his hands. He pulls himself out of me and a mixture of our juices run down my leg and drip off the kitchen island.
"Oh my god." Scott's voice leaves me frozen in my tracks. "Not in my kitchen you dipshits"!
I bury my face in Chris' chest, too embarrassed to turn around.
"Wait, Scott! Let me explain!" Chris laughs, pulling me in tighter.
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georgiapeach30513 · 2 months ago
Desperate Affairs Masterlist
Tumblr media
Engaged to Andy Barber, and deeming him too safe, and only wanting to be intimate to get you pregnant, you start a sex only relationship with Ransom Drysdale.  Nothing is ever easy, and you get yourself into a web of lies.  Are you the only one lying?
Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 6.5, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8.5, Jake Jensen, Part 9, Part 9.5, Meeting Andy, Part 10, Part 10.5, Girl Talk, Part 11, Part 11.5, Part 12, Part 12.5, Part 13, Part 13.5, Mrs. Barber, Part 14, Part 14.5, Part 15, Part 15.5, Part 16, Part 16.5, Ransom’s Girls, Part 17, Part 17.5, Part 18, Part 18.5, Camera Footage, Mary Adler, Part 19, Frank, Ransom, Andy, Part 20, Halloween, Part 21, Part 21.5, Part 22, Axel, Part 22.5, Thanksgiving, Deal, Part 23, Part 23.5, Part 24, Part 25 *BONUS* 💔THE END❤️
A/N: this is a dark!fic that is a cheating story. Each chapter will be tagged with warnings. There are moments of dub con/non con, cheating, secrets, lies, manipulations, mental health, death threats, abuse, death, etc. proceed with caution. YOU are the one responsible for the content you consume.
Tumblr media
*This has a whole heap of Chris Evans characters!  I did it, I got them all, minus his early early work!
Ransom Drysdale, Andy Barber, Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge, Steve Rogers, Jake Jensen, Frank Adler, Mike Weiss, Paul Diskant, Curtis Everett, Ari Levinson, Bill, James Mace, Bryce Langley, Johnny Storm, Colin Shea, Harvard Hottie, Kyle, Jake Wyler, Syd, Lucas Lee, Me, Chris Evans, Dennis Baker, Dr. Fisk, Jimmy Dobyne, Ryan Ackerman, Lloyd Hansen, Neil Mavromates,  Nick Gant, Judd, Casey Jones, Nick Vaughan, Stuart Stanton, Orin Scrivello, Buzz Lightyear
Tumblr media
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onsunnyside · 7 days ago
tarzan!steve is obviously not super vocal in bed because, yaknow, English. But I swear that mother fucker whines and preens without shame under quiet praises and soft touches, blue doe eyes just gazing up at reader, pupils blown so wide and tears collecting on his lower lash line because god he just wants to touch you and grip you with all his might, burying his face in your neck and hair to inhale your scent but he’s never done this before, he doesn’t know these feelings but by god he trusts you. He trusts you in a way that’s invigorating, making his heart beat so fast he can hear it in his skull.
And when you’re finally intimate? I definitely think he growls 🤷‍♀️
༻ his mind, body and soul
Tumblr media
𝗣𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 | Tarzan!Steve Rogers x doctor!reader
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 | SMUT - minors DNI, handjob, thigh riding, dirty talk only from reader, praise kink (?), lots of cum, cum eating, sub!steve vibes
𝗪/𝗖 | 953
𝗔/𝗡 | um, how do you expect me to enhance from this art?? I will try, but dear goodness, this ask has been on my mind for days. Feel free to send blurb requests or asks about this series!
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐀 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
A strangled groan bounces off the walls, the wooden logs doing little to mute the obscene sounds pouring from Steve’s mouth.
His neck is stretched back, glazed over eyes as his chest rises and falls with each pant. His grip tightens on your wrist, hips thrusting up to meet each of your movements.
“Feels good?” You rock down on his thigh, the muscles under his bare skin rubbing your clit just right. You gasp when a bead of cum shoots out, dribbling down your hand. Spreading it around his girth to make the slide more smooth, you can’t help but circle the tip with your finger before sucking on it. “Mhm, you taste so good, Steve.”
The giant whines, unabashedly drooling as you pump him faster, twisting your wrist. His words are incoherent at best, but truthfully, they’re just sounds. Whimpers, cries, and choked syllables.
Your hips continue slowly, just leisure grinds on his tense thigh. Your wetness soaks his skin, marking him with your essence. You haven’t even come yet, your own release is far from your first priority with Steve looking this beautiful before you.
The blond groans when one of your hands fondles his balls, you shush him softly. “You’re so good, Steve. Are you going to cum for me again?”
He preens like an angel, a rugged angel who’s over six feet. His blond locks are stuck to his sweaty forehead, muscular chest heaving with each sharp inhale, flushed cherry cheeks glowing under his thick beard.
All of this, just from your hands.
Your hands are slick with his last load, a lot of cum, it’s more than usual since you teased him for a while before pushing him down and straddling his thigh.
His blue eyes fall onto your body, and he’s mesmerized with each roll of your hips. Your soft sighs only make him harder, his cock throbbing, aching dulling as your fingers barely meet around his girth.
He wants you closer, he wants to be so close you can’t tell where one of you ends and the other begins.
At this moment, he trusts you more than he trusts himself. His senses overpowered by you, he wouldn’t hear the roar of an animal if it were next to him.
He’s overwhelmed, feeling like his heart will shatter his ribs. Delicate tears pooling in his lash line, a want—a need to have you ingrained into his mind, body and soul. He can hear the blood rushing through his ears, and he hates it because he can’t focus on your noises.
“Tell—Ah! Tell me, Steve, are you gonna get me all messy? Do you want me covered in you?”
Steve surges forward, pulling you flush against him as he nods into your hair. Breath fanning across your skin. He can’t even speak, but his low grunts fuel you on further. His sweaty muscles keep you close, one hand dropping to your ass as he aids your slow grinds.
His lips trail down your face to the warm crook of your neck, sprinkling kisses and muffling his moans. He’s heavy in your hand, still leaking messily.
“You’re doing so good—fuck, feel so good.” Your hips stutter, thighs quivering as a heat builds in your belly.
Steve wants to speak, to say anything, but he can’t. The walls of brain coloured with pictures of you, his skin prickling with the feeling of you—he can’t take it anymore.
A deep groan is pushed from his chest, so guttural that you can feel it against your breasts. His cock tenses in your grip, cum shooting out and between your bodies, sending you over the edge.
You force your eyes open, hips desperately grinding on his flexed thigh as you watch him. Thick brows furrowed, mouth dropped open and eyes squeezed shut, thick lashes brushing his cheekbones. Your heated gaze flickers to his thickness, he’s hot in your hand, prominent veins tracing up to red tip—still spilling out his load, covering both of your skin.
You’re almost shameful when you glance down at yourself, strings of your creamy arousal connecting your cunt to his thigh, coating the powerful muscles.
“You did so good, Steve.” You breathe out, pussy tingling between your thighs.
Slowly bringing your hand to your mouth, waiting until those baby blues flutter open to suck on your digits. Humming at the taste of his seed, you clean his mess from your hand, tongue swirling between each finger and down your wrist where some of his cum had dripped.
Just for fun, you smear some on your lips. You look back down at his cock, lying half-hard against his stomach. Collecting some more of his seed, you repeat your previous actions. “Mhm, you taste so good, Steve. Are you gonna give me one more?”
Possibly more than one since he just looked so good when he came.
He clenches his jaw, an uneven gasp escaping from behind his teeth. A single nod, before he pulls you by the back of your head and your lips meet. An otherwise filthy exchange, but compared to what just happened, it was tamed.
His tongue slips into your mouth, massaging yours. Steve groans as he tastes himself, his length hardening once again as your mouths move against each other. You deepen the kiss as your hand drags down his sweaty chest until reaching his cock, covered in his own cum. As to not startle him, your fingers gently trace the head, slowly spreading the dribbles of his load.
You fear you might destroy him today, and you’d feel terrible if he didn’t want it too. But he did, and right now, it felt like the two of you had all the time in the world.
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐧𝐝𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: um this is my first time writing smut where the male isn't super dominant 👁👁
follow my sideblog and turn on the notifications so you can see whenever I post: @onsunnyside-fics in case if I discontinue my taglist
𝐓𝐚𝐠𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐞 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠.
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geminixevans · 4 months ago
Liar Liar
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia!Steve x Black Reader
Words: 5.7k
Summary: When a snake a friend makes her spring break go wrong, the reader has some very intoxicating company
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI, explicit language, explicit sexual content, smut (Hair pulling, oral f, spanking, daddy kink, creampie, facial, squirting).
A/N: I have been with Mafia!Steve since the first time reading it and I really want to thank @angrythingstarlight for that lol. I wanted to be railed by this man and not even ashamed about it. I want to thank @lafayette103 for picking how Mafia!Steve would look cause she is as much of a hoe for him as I am. Thank you @olyvoyl for talking me out of not scrapping it. I started getting real self-conscious at it being so long but I’m happy with the outcome. With that being said, I hope you all enjoy this story, and if you do. Like, reblog, and comment! I adore hearing from everyone ♥ Dividers by @firefly-graphics
I do not consent to my work being copied, plagiarized, or translated in any way >:P
Tumblr media
The double doors stood way over your height as you rang the bell. You were going to spend the spring break with your friend, Bella. She promised that you would all have the time of your life and that you didn’t have to lift a finger while you were under her roof. What she didn’t tell you was that she was loaded. Bella never let on how well off she was and by looking at the house as you pulled up, she was very rich. You two met sophomore year, assigned as roommates for the entire year. She seemed cool and unlike the other girls on campus so you and her hit it off pretty well.
That was until the current day…
You rang the bell once more hoping that someone would answer, it was scorching hot and one thing you loathed was being in the hot sun for a long period of time. Pulling your phone from your pocket, you dialed her number waiting for her to pick up. After the third ring, you were sent to voicemail.
Did this bitch just send me to voicemail?
Calling her the second time with the same result, you rang the bell one more time. The door opened wide as a lady almost your height greeted you with a wide smile, “Welcome to the Roger’s residence! Bella said that you would be coming by. I can take your bag for you,” she inched to grab the bag but you stopped her in her tracks.
“Oh no that’s okay! You really don’t have to do that,” you didn’t know how comfortable you felt about ordering someone around and she had already been so welcoming in the short time that you had known her.
The lady, who, you assumed is the maid smiled brightly as she slowly grabbed your bag anyway, “It would be no problem, we treat all our guests like royalty. Please step inside it must be so humid out here,” she pointed out, draping the bag strap over her shoulder. You nodded in agreement as you stepped past her, hearing the door close..
“so...,” looking at her not even knowing her name. She walked past you, stopping as your voice died. She could see the confusion on your face, “I’m so sorry I didn’t get your name. Didn’t mean to be rude.”
Her eyes lit up as she held your bag with one hand, “It’s Paola ma’am and you aren’t rude at all. Actually, you have been nicer to me in 2 minutes than the rest of Bella’s friends,” she said as a small smile met her lips. Okay, so the rest of her friends are assholes… figures.
Walking around the large mansion, you noticed the very high floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing the backyard, laced with a fully decorated patio and large pool. There looked to be a smaller house outside, more than likely a guest house of some sort. Paola began to give you a full tour of the house, showing you the kitchen and letting you know that you could have whatever you wanted. Then taking you to the living area that held a luxurious sectional that looked comfortable enough to sleep on. There were various paintings and plants on either side of an elegant fireplace with a very wide flat screen tv high above it.
You couldn’t help but noticed that Bella was still not here and she said that she would be. She never called you back and you were starting to worry, “Um.. Paola? Is Bella even here?” you questioned as she set your bag down into the room that you would be staying in. you looked around the large living area, seeing that it was twice the size of your own dorm room. In the middle sat a California king bed adorned with rose gold satin sheets and a large screen tv mounted directly in front of it. The en-suite was on the right and you had your very own walk-in closet.
Even though you would only be staying here for a week, you knew that you would miss it as soon as you left. This room was fit for a princess and who were you to deny the hospitality. Paola looked up at the gold clock in your room, scrunching up her face, “Well I haven’t seen her since this morning. She did call and say that you would be stopping by”
You shook your head at Paola, just as confused as her, “That’s odd, she said that she would be here when I got here,” you said genuinely. Surely she wouldn’t leave you in a house all by yourself. Would she? Paola left you to get situated in the room, letting you know that dinner would be ready in three hours. You unpacked your bag, setting the clothes in the different drawers as you took some out to get yourself a shower before eating.
The hours went by and no sign of Bella, getting more worried, you dialed her number again as you got the voicemail one more time, “Bella! Are you okay? I’m at your house which is huge by the way. Gimme a call whore,” you say as you hang up the phone. You opted to wear a snug pair of shorts and a t-shirt, making it out of your room and into the kitchen. The smells of tomato and basil called to you as you saw Paola mixing a medium pot of sauce and pasta.
She looked up at you beaming as she seasoned the sauce at the same time, “Happy you got comfortable, any word from Miss Bella?” she asked as she walked over to the fridge to grab a bottle of water for you. She sat it in front of you, going back to the stove to check on the garlic rolls.
Taking a large sip, you shook your head as the smell of garlic made you salivate, “Still getting the voicemail. Everything smells so good in here,” you compliment, scrolling through your phone as you open up Instagram. As you are scrolling, you hear the door open. You look in the direction of the front room, hopping off the stool as you made your way to the front room, “It’s about time you made it! I was starting to get…” the person in front of you was not Bella, “worried…” you said slowly.
There stood a man, way taller than you, broad shoulders, and a tailored suit that fit him just right. He did have the matching blue eyes that Bella had as his brown locks were neatly slicked to the back. He donned a neatly trimmed beard and you were just close enough to smell his intoxicating cologne. He looked down at you in a tell-tale smirk, “Worried about me huh? I would be flattered if I knew who you were, pippi (Lovely girl in Italian).” His voice sounded just like velvet and him looking like a Greek God made it no better.
You placed your hands behind your back, staring up at the tall figure of a man. Giving him your name you start fidgeting with your fingers, “I’m a friend of Bella’s. She told me she would be here but I haven’t seen her yet,” chewing on the inside of your cheek as you never break eye contact. His brow furrows at you, pulling his cufflinks loose from his jacket.
He pulls it off of him, giving you a better look at his figure. His arms were thick, not too muscular but enough to know that the gym never missed him. His shoulders were more defined as he cracked his neck from left to right. Bringing his sight back to you as he gave you a small smile, “Seems like my bambina (child in Italian) lied. I dropped her and the rest of her friends at the airport this morning. They should be in Cancun by now,” he informed you.
That little bitch!
The heat rose to your face as the look of embarrassment washed over your facial features. You brought your eyes to the shiny tiled floor, not wanting to let the man see your hurt. You straightened your shoulders, holding your head up, “Oh… she didn’t tell me that. Who might you be, my manners are so bad,” you say as you try your best not to let your emotions show. You honestly wanted to take a flight and throw her in the damn ocean.
He walked closer to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. The closer he gets the taller he seems, “I’m Bella’s father, a shame I’ve never seen you before. Name is Mr. Rogers but you can call me Steve, pippi,” he says apologetically. He wasn’t too happy that Bella lied to you but he couldn’t help but be captivated at how beautiful you were. Your anger could be felt from a mile away and something in him didn’t want to see a pretty thing like you hurt.
Your eyes widen at the man standing over you. He is her father?! This man was definitely the epitome of a total DILF. No. Bad thoughts. You can’t think that way of her dad! But he was so sexy… You could see some features of her in him and just knew that he indeed was telling the truth, “I’m so sorry Mr. Rogers. Had I known I wouldn’t have even come. I’ll… go get my stuff and just head back to the dorms.”
The last thing he wanted you to was to leave. After all, it was Bella who lied to you and he was going to have a good talk with her when she got back, “No worries pippi! How long were you staying?” he asked still resting his hand on your shoulder. His grip tightened slightly at the thought of you having to leave.
Looking up at up through your lashes, you gave a small smile, “well it was supposed to be the entire week, for spring break and all. I don’t want to intrude, Mr. Rogers,” he tutted at you walking past you to take a seat at the island. He patted at the stool next to him motioning for you to sit. Letting out a deep sigh, you took a seat next to him. He gave you small smile before looking over at Paola and back at you.
He called her over to stand in front of you two as she turned to look at the both of you, “Make sure that she has the best care this week. She won’t lift a finger unless she wants to. I’ll deal with my little bambina when she gets back,” he instructed as Paola gladly nodded and went about finishing up the last touches of dinner.
You began to protest, not wanting to cause any trouble, “Please Mr. Roger’s its really no tr-”
He cut you off before you could finish, placing his finger under your chin bringing your sight up to him. Your doe eyes were going to be the death of him and he couldn’t just let you leave without getting to know you, “Steve… and I won’t hear another thing about it. You deserve a break from the campus too. I’m not always around but when I am, I don’t mind keeping you company. How’s that sound pippi? Want me to keep you entertained?” he smirked as you melted under his touch.
This man was intoxicating and you didn’t know how you were going to survive the entire week. He did say that he wouldn’t be around that much so maybe you would get a break from ogling at him the entire time. You gulp suddenly, never breaking your gaze from him, “Yes, Sir. I mean, Yes Steve, thank you for having me,” a bulge was forming in Steve’s pants the minute you said “Sir”. He was definitely going to have fun with you this week.
He clapped his hands together beaming at you, “Then it settles it! Anything you want, just ask and it’s yours. I’m going to head up and finish some work before dinner. Make yourself at home pippi,” he says patting you on the back as he leaves making his way down the hall. You look over at Paola her smile never wavering from yours. She leaves the kitchen, heading to the dining room as you hear the familiar clinking of silverware.
Getting up from your seat, you enter into the room occupied by a grand table, covered with a black and gold runner in the middle. You watch as she takes the silverware from the designated drawer, “Need any help? I really don’t mind,” she looks at you appreciatively, taking out the right about of forks and knives.
Before she could decline, Steve pops his head into the opening of the room, “Not a finger pippi or do I have to spank you already,” he playfully warns as a smile creeps on his face. He looks over at Paola who gives him a small tsk before bringing his sight back to you. You couldn’t help the sudden rush of heat meeting between your thighs at the thought of his large hands connecting to your ass cheeks.
The thought alone made you stammer as you answer, “No Si-, Steve. I’ll just wait in the front room,” you say, scurrying past him to sit on the plush sectional.
You took your phone, wanting to contact Bella again just to say how fucked up she was. But she knew what she did and didn’t even care. There was no point in even talking to her anymore at this point. You would have left, had Steve not insisted on you staying. There was honestly no use in trying to gain any forgiveness from his daughter because she turned out to be a snake. It hurt because you really trusted her and in turn, she treated you as if you were a toy. You kind of regretted even telling her some secrets or even getting close to her because this is how it all turned out.
Dinner was nothing short of delicious, you never really had real Italian food and you could tell it was so much different than the Americanized version. Steve didn’t come out and it didn’t really bother you at all. You really didn’t know him and you were sure whatever work he was doing was really important. You asked Paola if it would be okay to bring him a plate and she graciously made it for you, giving you a small glass of wine to top it off.
Tiptoeing quietly down the hall, you stopped in front of the door, standing still as you heard his booming voice talking to someone. When it sounded like he took a break, you soundly knocked on the door, hoping he would answer, “Come in,” he said from behind the door. As soon as he saw you poke your head through the door, the hard exterior of his face softening, pulling a smile at the corners of his lips. He beckoned you to come closer with his hand, “Hi there pippi, everything okay?”
Opening the door fully, he could see the plate of food and drink in your hands. Raising both slightly you spoke in a small voice, “Just didn’t want you to be hungry is all,” you say as you closed the door, walking over to him. He straightened up in his seat, rolling his sleeves up as you could now see the light covering of hair over his arms. His eyes danced over every curve of your body as you walked over to him placing both plate and wine on the desk.
He captured the apex of your chin between his thumbs before you straightened back up, bringing his cerulean eyes to yours, “Thank you pippi, you didn’t have to. Unless you just wanted to see me?” he gave a small smirk looking over you before letting you go. This man had to know what he was doing, right? Was he really flirting with you right now?
The latter was definitely correct, you did want to see more of him. He was that fine and you wanted to be in his presence as much as he would let you. Giving him a small smile, “It’s just… just didn’t see it for dinner sir… thought you could use some food while you worked. From the sounds of it… you’re working pretty hard,” you say looking down at the carpet.
Steve remembers the previous call a minute ago.
One of his men slipped up and let a target get away. But the matter was being handled as usual. He leaned back against his chair placing his hands behind his head, “So you heard that huh, pippi? Nothing to worry that pretty head of yours,” he cooed as you looked back up at him in his relaxed state. He looked good like this. His shirt halfway opened so you could take a glimpse at the peeking tattoos, sleeves rolled up to show off his muscular arms, and his shoes lying on the side of his chair.
Whatever he did was not your business and you were just happy to keep your eyes on him. You sat in the office with him talking about school and what you wanted to do afterward. He gained respect for you because he could see that you were more than just a beautiful girl and wanted nothing more than to get to know you and maybe even keep you if you were up for it.
Tumblr media
The weekend went by fairly quickly as you spent most of your time either in your room or in the living area as you kept Paola company. Steve was gone for most of the day until you heard him shuffling to his room late at night. You wondered just what kind of work he did but it was best that you didn’t. There were different visitors who looked like they didn’t do normal work and honestly looked a little dangerous.
You were well into the middle of the week as you felt like having a night dip in the pool. Slipping on your bikini and flip-flops, you grabbed a towel as you made it out into the hallway. A door opened as steam rolled out, thinking that it was just Paola. What met your eyes was a very naked Steve with an ass to die for. You stopped in your tracks as he smoothed the towel over his face, turning around.
The universe had to be playing a sick trick on you because there was no way every part of him was perfect. His dick swung perfectly between his legs, a vein running up the underside. It glistened in the light as you observed his length and how thick he was. With every movement, it bobbed in the air and you let out a low moan that was loud enough for Steve to hear. He turned around to see you frozen looking over him.
“You okay there pippi?” As if he didn’t just catch you staring at his dick! He had to admit that little sound you made, had him wanting you to make it again. He wrapped the towel around his waist, water still falling down his chest. Your head popped up from where it was, looking at him with wide eyes.
Clutching your towel, you knew you were found out, “Sorry Steve! I didn’t mean… I… You’re home early,” you blurted out as you took a minute to catch your breath. He really was a work of damn art.
He gave a small chuckle, running his fingers through his hair, “Work was easy today sweetheart, thought I’d actually enjoy my home for once,” he joked, not even fully paying attention to the small bikini hugging your curves. Now it was his time to stare, “Going for a swim?” he nodded over at you. His eyes dragged over each every part of you causing the heat to rush to your face.
Wrapping your fingers around the soft cotton of the towel, eyes still downcasted, “Ye-ah, kinda didn’t want to spend my night in the room. If that’s okay?” you say, looking up at him. He walked over to you, lifting your chin to meet his face.
Looking over your frame once more, his voice lowered, “anything you want sweetheart,” catching his bottom lip between his teeth, “might come join you and keep you company. Would you like that?” lacing his around your waist to bring you closer. He was all muscle and you wanted to touch every part of him. This is was wrong right? You couldn’t be this close to Bella’s dad like this...
Fuck her.
Your eyes darkened with desire, as you gave Steve a knowing smirk, “Whatever you want Steve,” pressing your lips to his cheek as your pull from his grasp, walking away as you swayed your hips all the way down the hall. If he wanted to keep you company, you couldn’t deny the man in his own house. Steve watched as you paced down the hall, grabbing at his hard cock through the towel. Chuckling lightly as he shook his head as he headed into his room to change into some swimming trunks.
The water felt just right on the warm night. The night illuminated by the stars and full moon, you had to take a look at the beautiful sight. Being distracted by the sky, you never knew that Steve came into the water. Not until you felt a pair of thick arms wrapped around you, “Hi sweetheart,” dipping his head down to press his lips to your cheek, “couldn’t pass up the chance to be alone with you.” Stiffening in his grasp, his chest shook from light laughter, “Relax pippi, you’re safe.”
That turned you on more than it should, “Just scared me is all,” you say still staring out at the sky. A hum radiated in his throat as he brought his hands up sliding over your belly. You look down to see fresh bruises on his knuckles, placing your fingertips over them, “rough day?” laying your head against his solid chest. You still didn’t know what he did but something in you felt safe either way.
Steve took a slow inhale through his nose, letting it out slowly, “maybe for the other guy sweetheart. Like being here so far?” he asks, placing his nose in the sea of your thick curls. He basked in the sweet scent of your hair rubbing his fingers over your smooth skin. The act causing your body to react. Fuck, you wanted him to touch you in other places. It was evident he wanted to. You could feel his hardness slotted right between your cheeks and he was trying so hard not to push against you.
You nodded as you leaned your head slightly, dipping your fingers in his brown locks. Pulling lightly a low growl passing from his lips. You let your tongue pass over your plump lips, rolling your hips against his. His grip tightening around you, ghosting a hand over your neck, “You don’t know what you’re asking for sweetheart,” groaning as he pushes his covered dick against your ass.
Letting out a breathy moan, you double your efforts, pushing your hand between the dancing bodies, gripping his dick in your hands, “Whatever you want Steve…” you didn’t have to tell him twice before you were free from your bikini top, one hand pulling and tweaking your nipples with the other pressing lightly against your throat.
Steve swirled his tongue at your sweet spots, making you mewl from the contact. His tongue was soft and warm, making you soak your panties all at the same time. You turn your head towards him as he dipped down to slot his lips over yours, sliding his tongue over yours drinking in your essence hungrily.
Steve pulled and twisted one nipple to hardness before lightly smacking it, you arching your back at the contact. Doing the same to the other, he began swallowing the noises you made not taking his mouth from yours. He released his hand from your throat, pushing it past the band of your panties to dip his fingers in your drench folds. Pulling his lips from yours, groaning against your mouth, “Fuck sweetheart, you’re soaked. Need to taste you,” he says turning you to face him as he lifts you out the water and onto the ledge.
He tore your bottoms in half, throwing them in whatever direction as he pulled your legs over his shoulders, pulling you to his face. His eyes stared up at yours as he dipped down licking his flat tongue up and down your folds, collecting all your juices on his tongue. Moaning loudly from your taste he attached his lips to yours sucking like a starved man, grabbing your hands to place them on his head
Wrapping his arms around your thighs holding you in place, he sucks your clit into his mouth, running the tip of his tongue across the sensitive nerves. You brace yourself with one hand, pulling his hair with the other, “Ste-ve!” you gasp out as he brings shock after shock of pleasure between your legs. Your legs begin to shake as you clench your thighs around his head, pulling away.
He yanks you back, eliciting another growl as he smacks the inside of your thigh, “Don’t run from me pippi, let me make you feel good,” spreading your thighs as he pushes two fingers in your throbbing hole, attaching his lips back on your clit before pumping in and out of you. You grip his hair once more rolling your hips against his face.
“Oooh fuck Steve! Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” you scream out as he shakes his head from side to side bringing to the brink. You feel a pressure building in your core, at the curl of his fingers hitting a spot you never knew you had. Bucking your hips violently, he holds you in place pushing down on your pelvis. The cocky fucker knew what was about to happen, smirking in between your legs.
Pulling his fingers out, you whine at the loss as you hear his voice, “look at me sweetheart. Need to see you come apart,” pushing his fingers back in your leaky hole. You keep your eyes on his deep blues as he hits that spot again, sucking noisily. The shiver in your spine was the first indicator, the pressure building as he bumped against your spot over and again. With a flick of his wrist, you came undone, singing his name over and over. The dam broke, making steve dip lower as you squirted in his mouth. He pressed his thumb to your clit strumming as he rode the high with you.
Your legs shook at his shoulders as another orgasm rocked your body, Steve pulling you close to drink up every drop, “Steve! Yesyesyesyes!” you held onto his hair, releasing your grip as your high came down. You laid flat down as steve lightly kissed at your inner thighs, carefully pulling you back in the water to wrap your legs around his waist.
Grasping his face in your hands, you pressed your lips to his, lightly kissing the edges and down his jaw. He gripped your ass softly walking to the stairs, taking careful steps out of the water. Walking over to the large table, he places you on the edge, ridding himself of his trunks, his dick slapping against his stomach. The tip red and wet with dripping pre-cum. You reach out wrapping your fingers around the girth stroking him as he groans at your touch, “You keep doing that and I won’t last sweetheart.”
You gripped his hair in the other hand, bringing him closer between your legs and your hand dropped from his length. He brought the swollen tip to your entrance, pushing in slowly. The stretch was a delicious burn and you wanted more. Bucking your hips impatiently, warranted another pop to your skin. You whine as he withdrew, thrusting back in as he punched the air out of you.
“Shit, pippi. Tightest pussy I’ve ever been in,” he grunts, sliding in out at a steady pace, bottoming out each time. You dig your nails into his biceps, his hands keeping both legs open. Steve dips lower capturing your nipples in his mouth, alternating between the pair causing you to throw your head back as he continues to slam his hips between your legs. Feeling his lips crawl up to the crook of your neck, you wrap your arms around his neck holding as he continues dragging his dick in and out, making you feel every inch.
Steve sucks bruise after bruise on your neck, growling between each one, “Pussy’s incredible sweetheart, molding to my dick like she was made for me,” groaning against the shell of your ear as his breath falters. You clench around his dick, coating his dick with your creamy juices, “Shit, pippi grip me just like that, fuck.”
He lifts you from the table, body in the air as he slams you down forcefully, your body shaking in his arms, “Oh shit! Steve. You’re gonna make me come!” you scream out as he brings your hips down hard against his thighs as he balls slap against your ass, your eyes rolling back as he hits your spot over and over again.
Widening his stance, he hits your spot in a different angle, making you drag your nails down your back, “Yes daddy! fuck!, “ whimpering from the overstimulation. Steve still suddenly, looking into your eyes.
Lifting you up slightly, “Say it again pippi…” He slams you down again
Slams you down once more. “Again!”
“Daddy!” you squeak out.
He cracks his hand against your ass before slamming you back down repeatedly cause spurt after spurt of your juice hit his abs, “Oh pippi I think you’re close. Can feel the pretty pussy crying for me,” bringing you back down to the table as he keeps his thrusts steady. He presses two fingers to your clit rubbing in circles, thrusting upwards at your g-spot.
You drag your nails down his back, feeling your core tightened rapidly, gripping onto him tightly. His thrust getting sloppy as he crashes his lips to yours swiping his tongue over yours before pulling away, “Come for me sweetheart, milk Daddy’s dick. Fuckin do it,” he coaxes you rubbing faster as your arch your back, feeling the gush cover your lips, table and down Steve’s dick, “That’s my good girl! Oh fuck!,” Steve shouts painting your walls with rope after rope of his thick load.
He snaps his hips harder pumping more into you as another orgasm crashes over you, wrapping your legs around his waist, pulling him closer. Steve presses his lips to the column of your neck basking in the high you two created, “My good girl,” pressing his lips to yours, “did so good for me,” he says pressing a kiss to your forehead. You open your eyes looking up at him as he gives you a tired smile, “there she is,” he says as he places a small kiss to your nose.
Tumblr media
The rest of the week was spent in his bed, the kitchen, the bathroom… damn near any surface Steve could get you on.
“That’s it pippi make Daddy’s dick creamy,” he cracks a hand over the globes of your ass, “such a beautiful little slut you are.”
Gripping your hair as he takes you over the couch, slamming into your repeatedly. He had successfully pulled four orgasms from you already and working on the fifth before you squeaked out.
“Oh! Too much Daddy I can’t,” He slapped you on your ass again, snaking a hand down as he rubbed your clit in fast circles, causing you to squirt down the back of the leather couch and floor.
He chuckled down at you keeping his same pace, “What’s the matter pippi? Thought daddy’s pussy couldn’t come anymore?”
That caused for him to pull out 2 more orgasms before coating your ass with his cum.
Tumblr media
It was the day for Bella to come back and Steve sent someone to go pick her up. He would have done it himself but he was too busy balls deep in you over his desk.
By the time she made in the house, she could hear your screams throughout the house, making it up to his office. She made it just in time to see her father painting your face with his cum. Rope after rope covered your lips and tongue dripping down to your chest as you looked up at him, his hand at the back of your neck.
“Papà!! What the hell?!” the look on her face was priceless.
He looks away from your face to his daughter’s, “Welcome home bambina! I got real acquainted with your friend here. Might be your stepmom if she keeps this up,” he smirked over at her.
Her face was as red as a tomato, folding her arms as she looked over at you. You gave her a small smile, “Hi Bella! Your dad kept me occupied since, ya know, you left me here,” pushing some of his come in your mouth. Steve let out a low moan at the nasty act.
He looked over at Bella his smile falling, “Do we lie in this house bambina?”
“No papà,” she said rolling her eyes.
He did a fake tsk at her attitude, “That’s right. So since you decided to treat your only friend like she was trash, I had to rectify that. Isn’t that right my precious pippi?” he coos over at you, pushing more come in your mouth with his thumb as you swirl your tongue over the thick digit.
You nod happily and say, “Yes daddy,” with his thumb still in your mouth.
He looks back at Bella, giving her a hard stare, “Now bambina, I think an apology is needed don’t you think?” The look he gave her made her know he wasn’t playing, “But, 'I’m sorry’ won’t work cause you won’t mean it. Gonna send you back to your dorm and you can pack her stuff and bring it here.”
Bella began to protest as you looked up at him with wide eyes, “papà!! That’s not fai-”
His voice boomed through the room, “Fair? What isn’t fair is being a liar bambina. Get it done and get out of my office. Need to give my sweetheart some more loving,” he pulls you up smoothing your skirt down, “come on pippi. Need to clean you up so I can get you dirty again…”
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Author’s Note: It’s day 4 of Kinktober and our next letter is “D” for Dirty Talk. Please enjoy!
Word Count: 1,264
Kinktober - Steve’s Alphabet Masterlist
Warnings: Smut, explicit content, 18+ readers only, minors dni
Tumblr media
D = Dirty secret
- - - - -
Steve Roger's dirty secret is that he's absolutely profane in the bedroom.
What can I say? The man likes to talk dirty in bed. Outside of the bedroom, he’s Mr. Clean, buttoned up and polished. He’s not perfect by any means, but his mother raised him not to curse, so he doesn’t. Not unless it slips out, or when he’s angry. But in the bedroom he doesn't hold back. It would be far more accurate to say that Steve doesn't curse in public.
Fun Fact: Steve doesn't believe ‘fuck’ is a bad word when used in the bedroom. It’s not swearing. It’s an accurate description. This will always make you giggle.
You learn about his dirty mouth when you start sleeping with him. He’s turned on by sights and sounds, particularly descriptions. When he figures out that the commentary turns you on too, he’s unstoppable. He commits each reaction to memory learning what gets you hot and bothered so you moan just how he wants to hear.
Things Steve has said to you in bed:
“Come here, doll. Let me suck those pretty nipples until they’re aching.”
“I need to feel you underneath me. I want your legs around my waist and your arms clutching me while I take you apart. We’re going straight to the bedroom when you get home.”
“You’re going to get on your knees and suck my cock until it goes soft. I’m fucking horny, you’re gonna have a busy night.”
“Your pussy is so tight sometimes I wonder if I’m even going to fit.” (You moan when he says this, every single time.) “But you get so wet I can work my way in and then push all the way. You squeeze me so tight I think you’re trying to pull my dick off. Fuck yeah. Just like that.”
“Spread your legs for me, honey. I’m gonna fill you up. Stay on your back for me. I want you to keep it all inside of you. Don’t cum, it’ll push it out. Keep it inside of you so I can get you nice and round with my baby. Mmmhhh… you want my baby inside of you?” (Who knew you had a breeding kink? Until Steve, you didn’t. But with him, the idea of pregnancy doesn’t spark fear. Which is a recent development for you.)
Here’s a vignette of a typical night:
On the evening in question, Steve has you in doggy style with his back pressed to yours as he leans down to growl in your ear.
“Oh, doll. Yes, baby. Cry for me when you cum. Don’t put your face in the pillow.” (Steve isn’t into hair pulling, but he fists his hand in your hair and takes a firm hold, keeping his grip gentle while still controlling your movements.) “I told you not to do that,” he scolds.
Another buck of his hips makes you shudder and sends a wave of heat crawling up your spine and down your legs until your knees give out. He thrusts even deeper as you sink down to the bed, using your movement to root himself against your cervix. The pillow he’d just pull your face out of muffles your weak sob as you bury your face in its softness. Steve snarls and grabs the pillow, flinging it across the room. You gasp at the sudden action. Then he’s pinning you under him from behind, turning the doggy style pounding into an even deeper prone bone position.
“Don’t.” He snaps his hips.
“You.” Another thrust, this one shoving into your cervix.
“Dare.” He pulls back until it’s just the tip inside of you.
“Try.” Steve buries himself to the root.
“And.” Two quick thrusts.
“Hold.” You mewl as he rolls the head of his cock into your g-spot.
“Back.” Steve sinks all the way back to your cervix.
“Your.” He rocks into the very back of your channel.
“Sounds.” The head of his cock rubs into your sensitive spots at the deepest part of your body and you cum with a scream you can’t hold in.
Tumblr media
Other things Steve has said to you in the bedroom:
“I can’t get a handle on myself when I think about going down on you, doll. All I can think of is how delicious you taste and I’m as hard as a rock. When you get home, I’m going to pin your legs down with my hands on your thighs. Then I’ll lick your pussy all over, fuck you with my tongue, lap at your clit until you’re whining, and then I’ll suck on it. Mmmmhhh… baby, I’m gonna suck until you scream for me to get off you. When you say you can’t take anymore, you can’t come again, I’m going to slide a finger inside of you. Just one finger. And then I’ll fuck your g-spot while I keep sucking your clit. Then I’ll give you two fingers because I know how much you need to be stretched. You’re gonna come one last time for me, doll. Because I decide when you’re fucked out, not you.”
“The only thought in my head all day has been thinking about you riding me. I love seeing you take my cock like a good girl. I want to feel your slick cunt oozing all over my cock while you make yourself cum. You can use me anytime you want, baby. Just tell me what you need. Tell me to finish you when you’re losing your pace. We both know you can’t keep a rhythm going to save your life when you’re on your third orgasm. Hmmm… that’s just how it is, baby. You lose control and I have to give you that third one because there’s not a chance in hell you’ll get to it yourself. Maybe I’ll tease you before I let you cum for the third time. It’s the perfect chance for me to play with your pussy because you’re too far gone to chase the orgasm yourself. Your hips buck like crazy and I have to hold you on top of me so you don’t fall off. After five orgasms, you can be underneath me, okay? What’s that? You think you can only take three before you want to go on your back? Not on the menu, doll. I’m going to use that sweet body how I want and you’re going to take it until I decide you get to change position. Did I say five orgasms? I meant six. Cry about it. Mmmmhhh… no, I really mean it. I wanna hear you crying for me. Who makes your pussy cum the most?” He chuckles when your words come out as gibberish. “Can’t even answer the question, huh? It’s okay, I’ll let you cum again anyway.”
Another dirty secret:
This one you don’t know for sure, but strongly suspect. Steve seems to have a size kink. He's said he enjoys feeling your cheek press against his chest when he hugs you. And you know one of his favorite things during sex is pinning you down. Most of all, he likes to pick you up in the shower for early morning sex. Doggy style is a much loved position of his for the depth he can get, but also the emphasis on your bodies. (He's stated this himself while talking dirty, so you're not guessing here.) He likes being on top, feeling your smaller form underneath him, controlling your hips with his hands. It’s a turn on to see himself touching you. He spreads his fingers wide on your hips, enjoying the masculine stretch across your smooth skin and tells you what a beautiful sight it is. The feeling of dominance when you cry out and shiver underneath him makes his balls draw up tight, and he has the struggle to keep from spilling himself when he hears it.
- - - - - -
Next Drabble - E is for Experience
- - - - -
- - - - -
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Unexpected Showers
Tumblr media
This is allll @wayward-blonde’s fault. She shared this gif with me, said some filth, and this was born. I love you, my fellow filthy hoe! Never stop sharing your whore thots with me!
This was written on a whim. It’s lightly proofread, so all mistakes in spelling and grammar are my own.
As always, feedback and reblogs are encouraged and so appreciated! I DO NOT give permission to translate or post my works anywhere!
Starring : Business CEO!Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Summary: Steve fucks you in his office and you should learn to expect the unexpected.
Warnings: SMUT! 18+ ONLY! NO MINORS!! NSFW! Unprotected Sex. Squirting. Possible Exhibitionism.
Word Count: 690
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
A loud moan escapes your lips. You’re so cock drunk you temporarily forgot where you were.
Steve’s hand clamps quickly over your mouth as he steals a look over his shoulder, checking to see if there was any movement beyond his office door. Turning his attention back to you, he smirks down at your wide eyed stare, any further sounds muffled by his large palm.
“Better keep you quiet sweetheart,” he muses as he starts fucking into you again. “We don’t want my assistant thinking there’s anything wrong. I can’t remember if I locked the door.”
You groan at the thought of Steve’s assistant walking in on him splitting you open on top of his desk. One leg slung over his shoulder, his hard length sliding in and out of you slow and deep. So much for meeting him for an innocent lunch at his office.
“Look at you, creaming all over my cock.” Steve uses his free hand to angle your neck forward so you can watch him glide in and out of your sopping heat. Indeed his cock is slick and covered in white. “I think you like the idea of having an audience,” Steve tuts as he drives into you. “Want my whole office to see how I own this slutty cunt of yours.”
Your hands grip the edge of Steve’s desk as he picks up his pace, a man on a mission to make you come undone underneath him. Releasing your neck, he quickly finds your clit, hard and begging for attention. He rubs two fingers quickly over your bud, making your entire body buzz. The mix of pressure on your clit and his cock grazing against your sweet spot has you hurtling towards your release in seconds. You’re not going to last much longer.
Steve continues his assault, ramming relentlessly into your cunt. His face contorts, and seconds later you feel him empty himself into you, his seed releasing deep within your womb. Your entire body begins to shake and you shatter. Your release consumes you, pleasure coursing through your whole body making your toes curl, when something unexpected happens.
Steve, still hard, continues to thrust into you, riding out your orgasm when pressure begins to quickly build again. When it almost becomes too much, a dam within you breaks, and the floodgates are opened. You gush, squirting a second release all over Steve. The force of your orgasm covers him in your juice, even reaching high enough to drip off his beard. Catching your breath as you come down, you just stare into Steve’s eyes. You didn’t know if you were amazed or embarrassed. Maybe a combination of both.
“I… I didn’t know you could do that,” Steve chuckles, wiping the excess moisture from his beard. Steve pulls out of you, tucking himself back into his pants, extending his hand to help you off his desk. You hurriedly pull your skirt back down over your hips. “I didn’t know I could do that either,” you cover your face with your hands after you spy the wet spots dotted over Steve’s suit. “I’m so sorry Steve, I’ve ruined your suit.”
“There is nothing to be sorry about Y/N” Steve rounds his desk and picks up the phone, giving you a reassuring look while he presses a button to reach his assistants desk.
“Yes, Stephanie, hi” Steve says into the phone when she picks up. “Would you mind running to Armani and picking me up a fresh set of clothing? Ms. Y/L/N was a bit clumsy and spilled her drink all over me.” Steve pauses a twinkle in his eye as he listens to her response. “Yes, and cancel the rest of my appointmentments for the day, I’ll be leaving once I have my change of clothes. Thank you Stephanie.”
Steve hangs up the phone, making his way across to you, cradling your face as he presses his lips to yours in a searing kiss.
“I’m taking you home sweetheart,” Steve growls as he breaks from your lips. “I can’t wait to see how many times I can get you to drench me.”
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likeahorribledream · a day ago
ᴛᴀʟᴇ ᴀꜱ ᴏʟᴅ ᴀꜱ ᴛɪᴍᴇ
SUMMARY: Your kidnapper is awake and Ransom has promises to keep.
REQUEST: Beauty and the Beast AU, based on a poem from N.R. Hart.
PAIRING: Mob Boss!Ransom Drysdale x Mob!Reader
WARNINGS: This is a Mob!AU so there will be violence, there will be blood nothing too gory. There will be fluff and most definitely angst (you know me and my angst), there will be talk of self-doubt and maybe a tiny smidge of toxic relationship but just for a second.
There is violence in this chapter. Be mindful of your triggers.
CHAPTER NOTES: I know chapter four was due only tomorrow but I've been home sick all day so I thought I might as well use my free time to post it since I'll be going to work tomorrow! Enjoy
NOTES: The moodboard is just to give a little sneek peak of what’s to come in the chapter, there is no physical description about the reader aside from being female.
Tumblr media
‘’He’s awake?’’ You repeat to be sure.
Ransom nods. ‘’Yes, he’s been awake for a few minutes.’’
‘’Let’s go, then.’’ Ransom helps you up and holds you up while you quickly brush your hair to take out the knots. You’ll dry them later.
You walk into your room with your husband’s help and ask him to help you put on a pair of socks so you wouldn’t be bare feet.
It takes forever to get you to the basement but you still manage to get there.
Ransom stops in front of the door and looks at you. ‘’Are you sure you want to be a part of this? Shit’s gonna get real in there. There’s gonna be blood and screams.’’
‘’Good.’’ You nudge him to open the door.
‘’Your dad’s definitely going to kill me now.’’ He mumbles under his breath while he holds the door open for you and follows quickly behind.
The man who took you is tied to a chair in the middle of the room, a big plastic tarp under him. There are a few tables around the room and you have some ideas as to what they were used for previously.
‘’Boss, what is she doing here?’’ One of his guys asks as he frowns.
You look at him, arching a brow. ‘’What do you think I’m doing here, genius? I certainly ain’t here to eat breakfast.’’
The guy snorts. ‘’I wasn’t talking to you b-’’
‘’Watch your fucking mouth.’’ Ransom warns him, cutting him off. ‘’You owe her the same amount of respect you owe me, got it?’’
‘’Got it?!’’ He repeats, louder.
‘’Yes, boss.’’
‘’Good, now shut up.’’
The guy nods and Ransom hoists you up on top of one of the empty tables so you’ll be able to see without having to stay up. He stands in front of you, one hand on each side of you resting on top of the table.
‘’Last chance, baby doll.’’
‘’I’m not changing my mind.’’
‘’Yes ma’am.’’ He kisses your forehead and pushes himself off the table, turning around to look at the guy. ‘’Take the gag out.’’
Another one of his guys hurries and does as he was told.
‘’What’s your name?’’ Ransom asks, crossing his arms in front of him.
‘’Mr. Drysdale, how nice to see you again.’’
Ransom takes a few steps towards him and slaps him with the back of his hand, then grabs his chin and makes him look up. Like he had done with you. Thankfully, the man hadn’t been wearing as many rings as Ransom does.
‘’Your name. I won’t ask again.’’
Ransom tightens his grip on his jaw, making Cole wince. ‘’Matthews. Cole Matthews.’’ He quickly adds and sighs with relief when Ransom lets go of him.
‘’See, that wasn’t so hard. Who do you work for?’’
‘’No one.’’
You can’t help but scoff at his answer.
Cole tilts his head to the side to be able to see you behind Ransom and smiles. ‘’Hey princess. Glad to see you didn’t bleed out.’’
Ransom hits the side of his head to make him straighten up. ‘’You don’t talk to her, you don’t look at her, you don’t even think about her. Am I making myself clear?’’
Cole nods, he’s a cocky little asshole but Ransom still terrifies him.
‘’Who do you work for? And before you say no one again, or think about lying to me, just know that you won’t like what happens if I have to ask a third time.’’
‘’I got hired by some guy, I don’t know his name. He was a goon, like your boys back there.’’ He jerks his head back where Ransom’s men were standing. ‘’He’s working for some big shot. Told me to get the princess, rough her up, get a lot of money from you, let you leave with her and then come back to finish the job a few days later.’’
Ransom gets a little taken aback by the fact that Cole had been hired not only to hurt you but to eventually kill you, too. He doesn’t let his emotions show but he’s tempted to turn around to make sure you’re ok. He can’t be distracted by his feelings for you right now so he fights his urge and keeps questioning the man tied up on the chair.
‘’Who’s the big shot who hired you?’’
‘’I don’t want to say. If he knows I ratted him out he’s going to put a bullet in my head.’’
‘’If you don’t tell me who it is, you’re going to be begging for that bullet.’’
‘’It’s Richard. Your dad.’’ He quickly admits, not wanting to piss off Ransom even further.
This time Ransom freezes and stares at Cole. Your hand flies up to cover your mouth as you let out a small gasp, your eyes wide.
You know Ransom’s father is a piece of work but you never expected him to do this kind of thing.
‘’My father?’’
‘’Yes. He said he needed to hire someone else because you know all of his guys and you’d catch on quickly as to who was behind it all. He needed time to get away with the money before you connected the dots.’’
Ransom’s jaw clenches. ‘’When’s your next check-in?’’
‘’A week from now. I’m supposed to tell him that I got her and that I dropped off the money. He asked to wait until she was dead.’’
Ransom’s blood is boiling, he’s never been this angry in his entire life. Angry isn’t even strong enough of a word to describe how he’s feeling. His own dad hired someone to hurt and kill his wife. When he knows for a fact that Ransom has been falling for you since the night you were introduced to each other.
‘’Anything else I need to know?’’ Ransom asks, unclenching his jaw long enough to let the words out.
‘’No. I told you everything. I swear.’’
‘’If I find out you’ve lied to me…’’
‘’I didn’t. You can check my phone, everything’s there. I always keep a backup of the conversations in case someone turns on me.’’
Ransom looks up to his men. ‘’Gag him, and get me his phone.’’
He takes the phone that’s handed to him and goes through it. He pulls out his own and checks the number in Cole’s phone versus the lists of burner phone numbers he has for his dad.
‘’He’s telling the truth.’’ Ransom says as he puts his phone back and gives Cole’s phone back.
Cole’s entire body relaxes at Ransom’s words, thinking he was out of trouble.
Ransom walks to one of the tables on the side and grabs something from it, rushing back to Cole. All you see is something shining in the light before he stabs Cole in the leg in a few swift motions.
Ransom keeps his promises to you and even gets a little out of control, his anger getting the best of him.
One of his men stops him when there is no more damage to be inflicted and the other hands him a towel to clean up.
Ransom’s shaking from the physical strain, the adrenaline and all the emotions swirling around in him.
You look at his back as he tries to clean himself up, shaking and panting.
‘’Ransom.’’ You call out softly to him.
He turns his head to the side, not looking at you.
‘’Come over here.’’ You tell him.
He shakes his head no.
He sighs and turns around, walking over to you. He stands in front of you but avoids looking in your eyes.
‘’Let me help you.’’ You take the towel from his hands.
‘’I don’t want to get blood all over you. Especially not on your sweater.’’ He says quietly.
You put the towel down long enough to roll up your sleeves and then you take his right hand in yours, cleaning him up with the towel finger by finger. He keeps his eyes down and on his hands to avoid looking into your own eyes, scared of what he might see in them if he did. Once you’re done with the right one, you move to the left hand. Again cleaning each finger and his wrist then you take off his wedding ring and clean the skin underneath and the ring itself. Once both are clean you put it back on and bring his hand to your lips to kiss his ring.
You then move on to his face and neck.
‘’Are you ok?’’ You ask him quietly as you gently rub the towel on his skin.
He clears his throat and shakes his head no.
‘’Do you want to talk about it?’’ You make sure you’ve gotten it all and put the towel back down on the table.
‘’Ok.’’ You kiss his forehead. ‘’Let’s go back upstairs so you can finish washing up.’’
He nods and takes a step back to help you down. ‘’Fuck. I can’t help you down, my clothes are disgusting.’’
‘’Oh, right. It’s ok, I can do it.’’ You move to get off but Ransom stops you.
‘’Hold on.’’ He takes off all of his clothes, except for his underwear, and kicks them out of the way. ‘’I’ll come get them tomorrow.’’
He puts his hands on your hips and lifts you up.
Ransom gently puts you down and helps you walk out of the room. He’s still avoiding eye contact but you don’t want to rush him or force him to look at you.
Even after everything that happened, everything that was said, he helps you all the way up to the second floor and never once rushes you.
Ransom tucks you into bed, kisses the top of your head and walks out without another word, closing your bedroom door behind him.
You feel like you should follow him, comfort him like he did you but your stupid leg keeps you from doing anything. You lie down on your back, frustrated that you aren’t able to help him when he clearly needs you.
Ransom’s shower lasted a lot longer than he intended to. The whole time he couldn’t stop thinking about his day. The worst fucking day of his life. He still can’t believe his dad stooped so low. Richard is an evil man, it’s never been a secret but to do this to his own son? For money? His father is rich, what does he need money for? What’s worth hurting his own son by killing his wife?
The hot water from the shower helps him relax, at least his body. His mind is overflowed with thoughts and worst case scenarios. Cole is out of the picture, he made sure of it, but what if Cole isn’t the only man Richard hired to take you out? He’s gonna need to get more security guards for the house and for you. Until he takes care of his father, he can’t let you go anywhere alone. You’ll have to either be with Ransom or have at least two guards with you.
Stepping out of the shower, Ransom pats himself dry with his towel and looks at himself in the mirror.
‘’Much better.’’ He says to himself.
He puts on a pair of briefs and walks to his bed, staring at it like it’s missing something. Or someone.
Ransom grabs the gun in his nightstand and a knife that’s hidden between his bed and the nightstand. Normally he would leave those in his room, but with everything that’s been going on he feels the need to be armed at all times. He puts on his robe and puts the weapons in his pockets.
He walks out of his room and closes the door behind him. He hesitates a few seconds, then makes his way to your room.
You can’t sleep. You can’t move or do anything and staring at your bedroom ceiling got boring about 30 minutes ago. You sigh and turn on the TV to watch a movie, at least that should keep you occupied for a good hour.
10 minutes after you started the movie, you hear someone knock at your door. No one ever knocks at your door, especially not at this hour and suddenly you feel nervous.
‘’It’s me, can I come in?’’
You relax at the sound of Ransom’s voice. ‘’Come in.’’ You press pause on the remote and sit up on your bed as you wait for him to enter.
He steps inside your room and closes the door behind him. He looks at you for the first time since what happened downstairs and you see all the worry and pain in his eyes.
‘’I didn’t want to be alone, is it ok if I sleep here tonight?’’
You lift up the covers and pat the mattress next to you. ‘’I don’t want to be alone either.’’
Ransom’s quick to take off his robe, keeping it close because of what’s in the pockets, and then get under the covers with you.
‘’How are you feeling?’’ He asks you once he’s settled amongst the pillows.
‘’Overwhelmed. You?’’
He nods, agreeing with you. ‘’We probably should talk about what was said earlier.’’
You turn off the TV, put the remote back on your nightstand and turn as best as you can to be sitting facing Ransom.
‘’I know you probably won’t be happy about it but I’m going to have two guards with you at all times, unless I’m with you.’’
‘’That’s not necessary.’’
‘’It is. It’s temporary, until I’ve taken care of my father, I can’t leave you alone. Especially not when you’re injured. I have one week to do something. Can you please just do what I say for this one week?’’ He pleads to you.
‘’I will.’’ You normally would have fought him longer on this but he’s right. You’re injured, vulnerable and clearly in danger. It’s clearly worrying Ransom and you are willing to do anything he asks you to do to help him get on top of the whole situation and to help put his mind at ease.
‘’Thank you.’’
You lean back against the headboard, the only position that doesn’t hurt your leg, and turn your head to the side to look at Ransom who’s in a similar position.
‘’What are you going to do, about your father?’’
‘’Whatever I have to do to keep you safe.’’
‘’You mean…’’
He nods. ‘’I might need your dad’s help.’’
‘’He’ll help. I’ll call him in the morning.’’
‘’Thank you.’’ He says quietly. ‘’Come here.’’ He opens his arms.
‘’I can’t lie on my side.’’
‘’It’s ok.’’
You slowly move to be sitting while leaning back, but this time your head’s resting on Ransom’s shoulder and his arms are wrapped around you. He presses his lips on the top of your head and smiles softly.
Ransom puts his left hand on top of your left hand and intertwines your fingers together. The little ‘’clink’’ of your wedding rings knocking together helps him ground himself.
He hums.
‘’Why doesn’t your ring finger have any tattoos on it? All your other fingers have a little something, except for this one.’’
‘’You noticed, uh?’’
‘’From the moment you sat on my living room couch.’’ You chuckle.
‘’Tattoos are like my therapy.’’ He explains. ‘’Each one of them represents something that happened to me whether it’s bad or good. My father always said that emotions and feelings are for the weak so I found another way to express myself. I didn’t do anything on my ring finger because I wanted to wait until I was married. Whether it’s a good or bad marriage, there’d be something worth tattooing.’’
‘’I love that. Are you going to get something for our marriage? Or are you going to wait for the next one?’’ You tease him.
‘’Baby doll, I’m not marrying anyone else. If it doesn’t work out between us, there won’t be another after.’’
‘’Really?’’ You ask, surprised.
You squeeze his left hand. ‘’I guess we have to make it work then.’’
‘’Looks like it.’’ Ransom laughs quietly. ‘’Do you want to?’’
‘’Make it work?’’
He nods, at least you think he does because you can’t see him you just feel his body move.
‘’I do.’’ You admit.
Ransom kisses the top of your head again, his heart racing in his chest. ‘’Get some rest, baby. You need it.’’
‘’So do you.’’ You point out.
‘’There’s no way I’m sleeping tonight.’’
You sit up and look back at him. ‘’Do you want to watch a movie? I started one earlier right before you showed up because I couldn’t sleep.’’
‘’Great idea.’’
While you lean to the side to get the remote, one of Ransom’s hands finds its way to your back and gently rubs it up and down.
‘’How’s the leg?’’ He asks as he watches you.
‘’Still hurts like a bitch.’’ You answer honestly as you turn the TV back on.
"Anything I can do to help?"
You turn to look back at him and smile. "Anything you could have done, you already did. Thank you."
You sit back against your pillows and put on a random movie, you just make sure that it's a comedy of some sort.
"You don't want to lie down with me?"
You bite your bottom lip. "I'm more comfortable sitting." You admit.
Ransom frowns and sits up, looking at you. "Does it hurt more when you lie down?"
You nod.
"You need to promise not to get mad! We're both supposed to be relaxing." You remind him, pointing at the screen.
"Baby." He uses his stern tone.
You sigh and look back at the screen as you avoid his eyes. "When he did my stitches I was sitting and he did them really tight. Whenever I lie down it pulls at the skin a little."
"Why didn't you say something before?!"
"I didn't want to complain over nothing."
"That's not nothing. You're hurting. No wonder it's been hurting like a bitch, on top of doing it without any kind of painkillers."
Ransom reaches over for his robe to get his phone.
"What are you doing?" You look at him when you feel him move.
"I'm getting the doc over here and have him redo the stitches."
You grab his wrist. "No."
"No." You cut him off. "I'm not you, ok? I'm not strong. I'd rather spend a week sleeping sitting up than having him stab my leg over and over again with a needle. I almost passed out the first time and I most definitely will pass out if he does it again."
Ransom puts his phone on the nightstand. "Ok,ok. I'm sorry." He kisses your cheek. "Scooch then."
"Move, so I can get behind you."
"You can lie down."
"I don't want to lie down and I want to hold you."
You move down the mattress to give him enough space to wiggle his way behind you. He props himself up with the pillows and places his legs on each side of you, careful not to bump into yours by accident. Once he's comfortable, he wraps his arm around your middle and pulls you back until your back is flushed against his chest.
Ransom feels so much better already just having you close. Close and safe.
As you are watching the movie, Ransom notices that your sweater dropped down one of your shoulders. Your neck and shoulder are completely bare and look so soft that he just can't help himself and runs his fingers down the side of them.
You tense up. "Don't touch me."
Your tone is so cold that he stops moving, and maybe stops breathing a little.
"I'm sorry, I should have asked."
You relax at the sound of Ransom's voice. For a second it felt like you were back on the chair with Cole running his fingers on the skin of your neck, saying he'd keep you with the kind of smile that makes your blood run cold.
Ransom seems to notice the sudden shifts. "Are you ok?"
"Yeah, sorry. Just… Don't touch me like that, like he did, please."
"Oh, baby I'm so sorry." He suddenly feels terrible.
He wraps his arms around your shoulders and kisses your cheek. "You're home." He says between kisses. "You're safe."
You lift your hands to Ransom's forearms and grip both of them in each hand, focusing on his touch and the sound of his voice to ground yourself back.
He kisses the top of your shoulder. "He's gone. He's never going to touch you again, no one's ever going to touch you again." He promises to you.
You shiver at the feeling of his lips on your shoulder. You feel relieved after his kiss, as if it had erased the feeling of Cole's horrible touch and replaced it with something pure, something good.
"Again." You whisper. "Please?"
"What do you need, baby?"
"Another kiss… Where he had his hands."
Ransom quickly catches on and presses his lips right under your ear. "Like this?"
You nod.
"Again?" He asks before moving.
"Please." You whisper.
"Anything my girl needs. Tell me when you want me to stop and I will."
He kisses his way down your neck and shoulder, then moves to do the same on the other side.
"Thank you." You whisper.
Ransom takes both your hands in his and kisses the back of them then your wrists where you had been tied up.
You nod.
"Try to get some rest now, we have a big day tomorrow."
"We do?"
"I thought of a plan. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow when you wake up."
"You're not going to sleep?"
"No. Not tonight. I'll watch over you."
"Thank you." You lean the side of your head against his and close your eyes.
Ransom spends his night holding you and watching movie after movie until you wake up in the morning.
When you open your eyes again, the sun's clearly been up for a few hours. Your neck hurts but you feel at peace. You try not to move too much because you're not sure if Ransom fell asleep at some point during the night and if he did you don't want to wake him up.
"Good morning." He whispers in your ear.
Apparently he didn't.
"Good morning." You yawn, covering your mouth with your hand. "What time is it?"
You nod. "Did you sleep at all?"
"No, but it's fine. I'll sleep tonight, maybe. Are you hungry?’’
‘’Not really.’’
‘’You should try to eat. The doctor will be over soon to change your bandage. I’m gonna have a word with him about your stitches.’’
‘’Ransom, no. It’s fine.’’ You look at him over your shoulder.
‘’It’s not fine. He should know better.’’
You sigh. ‘’I’m not going to win this argument, am I?’’
‘’Not a chance in hell, but it’s cute that you tried.’’ He kisses your temple. ‘’Move a little, I’ll go get you something to eat.’’
Ransom hasn’t noticed how numb his limbs are until he stands up. ‘’I think I’m getting too old to stay in one position for hours without moving.’’
You chuckle. ‘’Totally. You’re so old. Your hair is turning grey, I can see it from here.’’
He shakes his head. ‘’You’re a pain in the ass.’’
‘’Good thing you can’t feel it then.’’
‘’And she thinks she’s funny.’’ He rolls his eyes and leaves your room, closing the door behind him.
By the time Ransom realizes that he’s in his underwear, he’s already downstairs and doesn’t feel like going back upstairs. He walks into the kitchen, the chef already at work.
‘’Mr. Drysdale.’’ The chef greets him with a small nod.
‘’Could you prepare my wife’s usual breakfast, please?’’
‘’Yes, sir. I’ll have it ready in 5 minutes. Anything for you?’’
‘’No, I’ll just steal some of hers.’’
A little over 5 minutes later, Ransom is back in your room with your breakfast that he puts down on the bed next to you. You both eat in silence until your plate is squeaky clean.
‘’Do you think I should call your dad, to tell him what happened?’’
You pout. ‘’Do we have to tell him? He’s going to lose his mind.’’
‘’I’m going to need him for my plan.’’ Ransom says regretfully.
‘’Fine, but put it on speaker.’’
Your dad yelled for 30 minutes. 30 full minutes of him yelling at Ransom and at you for different reasons. Your mom even joined in at some point. Ransom waited until he had completely calmed down to explain to him what he was planning and asking for his help.
‘’If she gets hurt one more time while being under your care, I’m taking her back and making you sign divorce papers.’’ Your father warns him.
‘’I promise, sir, I’m going to keep her safe. Nothing like this is ever going to happen again, I’ll personally see to it.’’
That seemed to be the answer your dad was looking for because it only took him a few seconds before agreeing to be a part of the plan. Once you’ve hung up the phone, Ransom starts to breathe again.
‘’I’m happy I didn’t have to tell him face to face. Your dad terrifies me.’’
You laugh. ‘’Oh yeah, he’s definitely scary when he’s pissed.’’
‘’Everyone’s going to be waiting in my office at 9, then I’ll explain everything to them.’’
‘’What about your father’s men?’’
‘’I’ll have to take care of that too but-’’
He’s cut off by a loud banging noise. ‘’What the hell is that?’’ Ransom frowns.
‘’Boss?’’ The banging continues.
‘’Someone’s at your bedroom door.’’
‘’Jesus Christ, they are worse than children.’’ Ransom gets up and rushes over to your door, opening it quickly.
He takes a step outside your room to see who it is. ‘’What the hell do you want?’’ He says loud enough for his man to hear him.
The guy turns around, confused. ‘’I thought this was your room.’’ He points to the door he’s been banging on.
‘’It is.’’ Ransom crosses his arms.
‘’Then whose bedroom is that?’’ He points to where Ransom is standing. ‘’Oh.’’ He quickly adds as he puts it all together. ‘’I didn’t know you were with the missus. Sorry.’’
Ransom sighs. ‘’What do you want?’’
‘’The doctor’s here for your wife and the guys are starting to arrive.’’
‘’Send the doctor up and get everyone in my office. I’ll be down soon.’’
‘’Yes, boss.’’
His man nods and walks towards him to go downstairs.
‘’Keep what you just saw to yourself.’’ Ransom warns him. ‘’I’m not in a very forgiving mood.’’
‘’Yes, sir.’’ The man hurries down the stairs.
‘’Look who’s being scary now.’’ You chuckle.
‘’It’s the only way they keep their mouths shut around here.’’ He rolls his eyes and waits for the doctor before walking back inside.
Ransom closes the door to give you privacy and comes to sit down next to you on the bed. You push the covers away and raise the leg of your sweats to your mid-thigh to give the doctor access to your wound.
The doctor starts to peel your bandage away under Ransom’s watchful eyes. The doctor quickly notices that he’s being watched more intently than usual by his boss.
‘’Everything alright, Mr. Drysdale?’’
‘’No, actually. We got a little bit of a problem you and me.’’
‘’Oh boy.’’ You quietly say under your breath while the doctor freezes in place.
‘’What might that be?’’
‘’My wife can only sleep sitting down because you made her stitches too tight so whenever she’s lying down they pull at her skin.’’
The doctor looks at you with wide eyes. ‘’I’m so sorry, miss. I’ll cut them and re-do them.’’
‘’Not a chance in hell.’’ You shake your head. ‘’Yesterday I almost passed out from the pain and I had adrenaline running through me. If we do this again, I will most definitely pass out.’’
‘’See where we have a problem?’’ Ransom adds. ‘’If you had done them properly the first time, she wouldn’t have to be in pain.’’
‘’If all goes well, I should be able to cut them in a few days. If you don’t want me to re-do them.’’
‘’Yeah, no. That’s not going to happen.’’
The doctor looks at Ransom, as if he’s silently asking him for permission to do what you said.
‘’Don’t look at me, she’s the boss.’’
‘’I’m going to pretend like you didn’t just ask my husband for permission to do what I say.’’
‘’Sorry miss.’’
5 minutes later, your bandage is changed and the doctor is packing his stuff.
‘’See you tomorrow.’’ The doc says to you before Ransom escorts him to the door.
‘’I gotta get dressed.’’ You whisper to yourself.
You take a deep breath and move to get up, helping yourself by holding on to the bed then on the dresser. You’re searching through your drawers for something to wear when Ransom comes back to find you standing on one leg.
‘’Baby doll! What the hell are you doing?’’ He rushes to your side.
‘’I’m fine.’’ You wave him off. ‘’I can do this.’’
‘’It’s not a matter of if you can or can’t but a matter of you shouldn’t.’’ He moves to put his hands on you but you stop him.
‘’I got it. I can’t be weak, otherwise no one’s ever going to respect me.’’ You pull out a pair of black pants and a white blouse.
‘’That’s not true. I got men who get grazed by a bullet and they’re out for a week.’’
‘’Yes, but they are men. No one’s ever going to think they are weak. I’m a woman, they already see me as weak.’’
You close your drawers and limp your way back to your bed, Ransom glued on your side. ‘’It’s just you and me here, why can’t I help you?’’
You sit on the edge of your mattress, putting your clothes down next to you. ‘’Because you should definitely get dressed, too. We get it you workout, you got tattoos, you’re a beast, now put on some clothes. Show-off.’’
Ransom chuckles. ‘’You could have abs too if you wanted.’’
‘’I could, but I like eating cake and I won't ever do anything that involves having to give that up.’’ You shrug, making him smile.
‘’I’m gonna go get dressed in my room.’’ He kisses your forehead. ‘’Wait for me before going down the stairs, last thing we need is for you to break your neck.’’
‘’Yes, boss.’’
You wait until he’s gone to get dressed. The blouse is easy to put on, but taking off your sweats and putting on the pants is a lot harder than you thought it would be but you still managed to do it without popping your stitches. You check your hair quickly in the mirror in front of you and then you move to sit on the floor, reaching under your bed to pull out a pair of flats. Once you’ve put them on, you look around to figure out how you’re going to get back up.
‘’Shit.’’ You sigh.
Ransom knocks on your door. ‘’Are you ready?’’
‘’Yeah, come in.’’
You hear Ransom come into your room, but the door is on the other side of your bed and you can’t see him.
He can’t see you either.
‘’Where are you?’’ He frowns, looking around.
You raise your hands above your head to catch Ransom’s attention.
He walks around your bed and looks down at you. ‘’Did you fall?? Are you ok?’’
‘’I’m fine. I didn’t fall. I needed shoes from under my bed but I didn’t think it through.’’ You sigh desperately. It’s not even been 24 hours and you’re already over this whole situation. ‘’Please don’t make fun of me.’’
‘’I won’t.’’ He promises, he can see that you’re on the verge of breaking down and that you're very clearly frustrated. ‘’Is it ok if I help you get back up?’’
He walks to stand behind you and pulls you up.
‘’Thank you.’’
You try to move away but he holds you back. ‘’Where are you going now?’’
‘’To brush my teeth.’’
‘’How about you let me help you while we’re in here and you can toughen up in front of the guys downstairs? Before you hurt yourself.’’
‘’Fine.’’ You finally give in, tired.
He lifts you up and carries you to the bathroom, putting you down in front of the sink. He holds you up by your hips while you brush your teeth and carries you to the top of the stairs when you’re finally ready.
You walk down the stairs one by one, holding Ransom’s hand to keep from falling down.
Reaching the first floor, you sigh with relief. ‘’We need an elevator in this house.’’
‘’Or we could stop getting stabbed in the legs.’’
You chuckle. ‘’Like that’s going to happen.’’ You shake your head, amused.
You follow Ransom to his office and after looking around to make sure that everyone’s there he closes the door behind the two of you and locks it so as to not be interrupted.
Ransom points for you to take a seat behind his desk, which thankfully isn’t far from the door. You carefully sit down on his chair, exhausted. He follows right behind you and turns a switch under his desk.
That is his favorite gadget. When turned on, it blocks all transmission coming in or out, no calls can be made no matter the phone and if someone tries to record what is said all that will be heard is a very high screech.
‘’Everybody take a seat.’’ Ransom says, leaning against his chair to be next to you.
‘’What’s she doing here?’’ Richard’s man asks.
‘’From now on she’s going to be a part of this. The business is as much hers as it is mine.’’
‘’We don’t need her.’’ Richard’s man adds quickly.
‘’You don’t but I do. The family does.’’
‘’What’s that supposed to mean?’’ He asks, confused.
‘’A lot of things came to light yesterday. So many lies have been told, stories have been made to serve one person’s interest but you see, my wife is pretty and smart.’’ Ransom grins and walks away from you towards him.
‘’You, my friend, are done.’’ He stands in front of him. ‘’You chose wrong when you chose to stay loyal to my father. Richard’s a coward with no loyalty to anyone but himself. He uses people to do his dirty work without caring about the consequences. Like he did with you and your little pal when he sent you to watch me and everything I do, and report to him. Normally I like to give people second chances but after everything that happened yesterday, I’ve ran out of patience and kindness.’’
‘’Every man, and woman, in this room have proved themselves to me over and over again. Everyone but you.’’
He gestures to two of his men, giving them the ok to move. ‘’Strip him and then lock him up.’’
The poor man doesn’t even have time to understand what’s going on before the two guys are on him and dragging him out of the office and into the basement.
"As for the rest of you, if you're in this room today it's because I trust you. Don't make me regret it."
Ransom waits for his two men to return and locks the door again once they are back. He then moves to stand behind you, resting his hands on your shoulders.
"What happened yesterday was inexcusable. It shouldn't have happened and I take 100% of the blame." He gently squeezes your shoulders. "Some of you already know because you were with me last night, but we got the name of the man who ordered for my wife to be kidnapped, beaten, exchanged for money and as it turns out, she was supposed to be murdered after being returned to me."
You tense up at the word "murdered". Ransom feels you tensing up and his thumbs rub soothingly at your shoulders to help you relax.
"My father hired the man who took her. He's the one who was supposed to run off with the money while I was mourning the loss of my wife. Thankfully, that's not going to happen but I will need all of your help. Everything that I'm about to tell you can't get out of this room. Is that clear?"
Ransom's eyes roam around the room, looking for any sign of hesitation in his men's eyes.
He starts by explaining that security will be doubled until the plan is a success. They have one shot at this, so they can't mess up. As far as Richard knows, Cole is still alive and working. Ransom is going to use that to his advantage.
"Her father will help us but she can't be seen because she's technically still missing. All Richard needs to know is that I got Cole's package and I'm looking for her. Cole is going to "run off" with the money and send confirmation that my wife's dead. He'll probably ask for pictures so we'll have to get creative. Her father will call mine and ask him to go to her house to help him find her. That's when we trap him. We have to be fast and we have to be subtle. If my dad even catches a whiff of what's going on he'll disappear never to be seen again and there's no way I'm letting him get away with something like that."
"Who's going to take care of Richard once we have him?"
"I will." Ransom says, determined. "I'm going to need two of you to get her to her parents' house and stay there until the meeting with my dad. She can't be seen by anyone and knowing my father he probably has eyes everywhere so we need to be quick."
"What if he already saw her when we brought her back yesterday?"
"Highly unlikely because he's still at home."
"How do you know?"
"Because he's not the only one with eyes everywhere. Are we still on good terms with the CSI agent that could get us crime scene pictures?"
"I think so, yes."
"Good. Reach out to him. We need something gory."
Ransom goes around the room, giving his orders and dismisses his men, all but two, once he's done.
He waits until they all leave to speak again.
"Enzo and Mark, you're going to be staying with my wife. I know this is grunt work and you've been done with that kind of work for years but you're the two I trust most."
"You got it, boss." Mark nods.
"What do you need us to do?" Enzo asks.
"She'll be ready to leave in ten minutes, I want one of you waiting in the car in the garage and one here downstairs. I'll pack her a bag and then you're going to drive her to the house."
"Are you coming?"
Ransom shakes his head. "I'm going to make sure that no one follows you. I'll give you an address that her dad gave me. You take her there first to lose any tail you might have. You're going to switch cars there and then you're going to her house. There's a backroad that'll make you enter by a very secured gate at the back of the house and into the garage."
They both nod.
"Let's go then." Ransom says.
Mark and Enzo leave the room while Ransom helps you get up.
You both silently walk up the stairs and into your room where Ransom makes you sit on the bed while he packs the clothes you tell him to.
"You know, we don't have to do this." You say, watching him walk around your room.
"Of course we do."
"Ransom, he's your dad. It's not something you can easily come back from."
"He paid someone to kill you!"
"But I'm fine." You point out.
"This time but I know him. He's going to keep doing it until it sticks. I can't let that happen."
"There are other ways. I can leave the country."
Ransom is starting to get annoyed.
"Why are you suddenly fighting me on this?"
"Because, what?"
"Because I don't want you to kill your father because of me. I don't want you to be crushed by guilt for the rest of your life because you killed your father. He might be willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants and maybe he's ok with the consequences but you're not like him. You're a good man, and no matter how tough you act, I know that you have a heart and a conscience and you're gonna have to live with this for the rest of your life."
"So now I'm too weak to do this job?"
"That's not what I said!"
He shakes his head and zips your bag shut. "They're waiting for you downstairs." He hands you your bag.
You take it and watch as he leaves your room without another word.
Tumblr media
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Oops... another cliffhanger....
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buckyownsmylife · 5 months ago
Finding You - An A/B/O smut series masterlist
                       The one where you become a pack’s omega
When you end up being transformed into an omega without any understanding of what it entails, five Alphas find themselves responsible for your well-being.  Guess it’s only expected you’d take care of them too, huh? 
Tumblr media
General warnings: smut, minor angst, multiple sex partners, brothers all having sex with the same person at the same time but no actual sexual relations between them, so I guess no incest?
Status: in progress
                           I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X
                XI - XII - XIII - XIV - XV - XVI - XVII - XVIII - XIX - XX
Tumblr media
A/N: I don’t do taglists so either bookmark this post or follow @buckyownsmylifefics​​ and turn on notifications to know when a new chapter is posted.
This series is intended as a compilation of one-shots, which means that although I’ve written them in a specific order so they have more or less of an arc, it can be read out of order and you can skip whichever chapter you don’t want to read. That being said, I’ll add what are the specific kinks in each chapter so you can skip them if it’s something you’re not that into!
I’m adding a more detailed list of kinks under the keep reading so those who want to be surprised don’t need to be spoiled, but if you have any major triggers please give it a read, as your media consumption is your own responsibility.
Specific warnings: gangbang, poly!relationship, a/b/o dynamics, reverse harem?, shared omega, outdoor sex, size kink, knotting, housewife kink, innocence kink, sound kink, rimming, anal play, anal sex, triple penetration, free use, voyeurism, hate fucking, exhibitionism, orgy, uniform kink, primal play, humiliation kink, degradation kink, spanking, dacryphilia, praise kink, scenting, possessiveness, ruts, begging, edging, somnophilia, sensory deprivation, asphyxiation, hair-pulling, throatfucking, spitting kink, biting kink, deprivation, denial, toys, overstimulation, choking, breeding kink, cumplay, cum marking, creampie, unprotected sex, heats, nesting, lactation play.
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0mrs-evans0 · 26 days ago
𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐞
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬: ~1,9k
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: You were so good this whole week, Ransom had to reward you in the best way he knew.
𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩: Sugar Daddy!Ransom Drysdale x Sugar Baby!Fem!Reader
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: explicit sexual content; explicit language; sugar daddy - sugar baby relationship; daddy kink; kinda innocent reader (Ransom is her first man); teasing; dirty talk; pussy eating; unprotected sex (wrap it up!!); p in v; vaginal penetration; (let me know if I forgot something)
(not checked; all mistakes are mine)
MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!!! The warning is given, you are responsible for what you read
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
Ransom was your lifesaver. You didn't come from a wealthy home, and precious, exclusive items or products were foreign to you. Going to college was your priority. You’ve always wanted to become a lawyer in the future. That's when he came on your way.
It was a simple arrangement. No deep relationships, no feelings. Just money and sex. Really good sex by the way. The perfect solution for both of you. You didn’t need a boyfriend, with so much work at the university - you didn’t have time for that kind of shit. And Ransom didn’t need another liability, a little pretty thing to show off was enough.
Ransom acted like a complete asshole most of the time. But what you really loved about him - he was never like this with you. He loved degrading you but only in the bedroom. For everyone else, he was a dick.
You were the only person in his life that he really cared about. That’s why he was treating you like a real princess, you were. Making you feel like the only woman in the world. Ransom was the first man that you ever slept with so he wanted all of the things you were doing to be unforgettable. When you and Ransom went over the details, you imagined it all differently. His behavior was a pleasant surprise for you.
When you thought about sugar daddy, the first thing that popped up in your mind was an old, disgusting man who would think only about getting his tiny dick wet. Ransom was everything but that. He’d shown you that every single day since you’d made it official. And that’s why you were absolutely falling for him.
“I have a surprise for you, daddy!” You said with a little smirk playing on your face. “You were so busy with the publishing company lately, that I thought about doing something nice ”
Ransom was painful hard just by the view of you in the tiny little dress that barely covered your ass. The fact that you were wearing clothes he bought for you, worked in a weird twisted way on him.
You started playing with the zipper placed on your side, teasing Ransom a little before sliding it down. He whimpered when he saw baby pink, lace underwear. His eyes kept traveling back to your face and the skimpy set that barely covered your gorgeous body. It wasn’t leaving too much to the imagination, you could be as well naked and he wouldn’t tell the difference.
“You like it, daddy?” You asked with the innocence in your Bambi's eyes. “I chose it because I know how much you like this color on me.”
“God, baby!” He dropped to his knees. “You’re killing me.” His hands on both your hips, making sure to press enough to leave bruises. “You’re so good for me, cutie pie.” Ransom’s lips were on your belly, kissing and biting from time to time. “Let daddy show you, his good little girl, how glad he is to have you.”
You moaned out loud at his dirty words. He was everything you have ever dreamt of. Ransom loved teasing you but today all he wanted was to worship you and your body. His talented fingers started playing with the line of your panties, slowly pulling them down.
“Daddy, please…” Your groaning was music to his ears. He loved when you were getting all loud and whining. You took a bunch of his hair and pulled his face closer to your core.
“You’re so impatient today.” Ransom looked up at you. “Baby, you have to ask daddy nicely first. How can he make you feel good when he doesn’t know what you want?” He teased you even more.
“It’s tingling again…” Your innocence would be the death of him. After all the dirty stuff you have done together, you still couldn’t talk dirty to him.
His fingers traveled to the center of your most intimate zone, touching lightly. The sensation only added to your already-building orgasm.
“Daddy…” Your moans woke up something hidden deep inside of him. You were so responsive - it was killing him. “I need more!”
“Yeah, baby girl?” Ransom couldn’t stop himself from annoying you a little more. The fact that you were so close to losing control delighted him. “How about my lips on your sweet pussy?” Your loud whimper was an answer enough for him.
“Yes! Daddy, pretty please!” You pulled his hair with much more vigor than was needed. “I was such a good girl this whole week.”
He broke away from your wet core and looked up at you, you’d never been more beautiful. “Is that right, princess? Did you earn enough to make me get down on you?”
“Of course yes, Daddy!” You were panting and pouting. The desperation in your voice only added to his already high ego. “I will always be your good girl!” That was right. One Ransom had to taste how delicious your pussy was, there was nothing in this world that could set you free from his claws.
Ransom had no conscience to torment you any longer. His talented tongue was everything you needed right then. And he was going to give you that and much more - anything you could ever dream of.
Ransom smirked against your wet core as he assaulted your poor clit. His tongue was flicking back and forth. You keened loudly grinding your hips into his handsome face.
Soft lips wrapped around your nub, Ransom was sucking it fiercely. He started teasing your entrance with his fingers as well. The pleasure you felt was too much. It always was with him.
You couldn’t help but thrash against Ransom’s mouth. That was when he pulled back, causing your loud scream of disagreeing to escape from your lips. “You’re getting close?” He asked with a - too sweet for him - smile. Ransom knew that he had just stopped you from the long-awaited orgasm.
“Y-yes!” You weren’t able to think clearly. Everything went blurry for a moment. White-hot pleasure coursed through your veins as he returned to work. You didn’t need much time to get close to cumming again.
“There she is!” A few movements of his tongue were enough to bring you to ecstasy. What a sight for sore eyes. Ransom’s lips never left your mound as you rode out your high. “You’re absolutely delicious baby.” He kissed the inner side of your right thigh. “Did so good for me.” His lips made their way up to your lips. “Now, I’m gonna have my reward.” Ransom smiled looking straight into your eyes.
“You gonna fuck me, daddy?” That he was impressed is an understatement. It was the first time you said what you meant without beating about the bush. “I really want it, daddy.” Your innocent smile did not fit the fire playing in your eyes.
“Is that right, sweetheart?” He was back to teasing. “You want my big, fat cock to stretch your little pussy? Gonna feel me for days.”
Ransom leaned up against your back, covering your belly, his hands snaking around your waist. He hummed into the crook of your neck from behind.
His action made your breath rapid, the goosebumps all over your sensitive skin. You reached behind you to pull him in closer.
You felt his member grow into the small of your back. Ransom’s fingers made their way to brush around your nipples. Your moans were the answer enough for him. You turned around and wrapped your arms around his neck, dragging Ransom close to your lips.
He whimpered against your open mouth. Tongues dancing with one another, his hands squeezing your ass harshly. More groans coming from you, making Ransom even harder.
You pulled away to gaze into his gorgeous eyes. Before you could react he grabbed you up by your thighs and took you upstairs at high speed. Your lips never split out. Kisses being more and more mouth-watering.
Lightly, Ransom set you down on the king-sized bed. His hands were warm on your skin. Large enough to make you feel so good. He stopped to take off his own clothes.
Ransom quickly pulled his sweater over his head. Teasing, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers with painful slowness. Your hands made their way up to his chest, creating your own way.
He was left in his briefs with cock already excited for your pussy. Ransom pumped himself a few times. You wanted to undo your bra but he stopped you. “I paid for it so I’ll take it off.” He said with a hint of dominance in his voice.
Ransom removed the last piece of your underwear. Your eyes lit up at the sight of his pretty hard cock. It was your favorite part of your daddy’s body.
“Like what you see, princess?” He couldn’t stop himself from teasing you a little more. Ransom climbed onto the bed next to you. His hands laid on your smooth thighs.
Your wetness stained the sheet on the bed. Everything was just a little too much. Lightly, Ransom bumped into your wet core. Leaning in close, your lips connected again.
He was watching your folds open up as he smothered his cock in your essence. Sweet moans came from your mouth, he wasn’t ready to move just yet.
You still felt that he was stretching you. His tip was kissing your cervix perfectly. Ransom’s hands went to your breast, playing with your nipples as you grind slowly. His cock was pushing up at the perfect angle.
His balls were smacking your ass, only adding to your pleasure. “Daddy, fuck!” You moaned right into his mouth.
“God, I love the feel of you wrapped around my cock.” He started kissing his way down your neck. “You’re so good for me, baby.”
You couldn’t think clearly when he was fucking you this well. Another orgasm was torn from your body, you could feel it from your stomach right to your toes.
Ransom didn’t slow down. His movements got even more fast and rough as he was trying to chase his own climax. You could tell that he was almost there. “Cum in my, please daddy! I need it so bad!”
He couldn't deny you anything, you had too much influence over him. White-hot ropes of cum drenched your walls, marking you. Ransom carefully left your sensitive now pussy.
After a few moments, you were curled into his warm chest, recovering from the previous activity. Thoughts appeared in your head, you wanted to tell him what was bothering you for a quite long time now. But you were afraid that he would cut you off and cut the relationship you have now.
Seconds turned into minutes, you couldn’t stop yourself from spilling your hidden secret. “Daddy…” You look him in the eyes.
“Yes, princess?” Ransom kissed your forehead and then your lips, making you weak in your knees. “Something wrong?” He looked worried.
“No… I’m just-” You took a deep breath. “I think I’m in love with you.”
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chaashni · a month ago
Deserves A Show
Tumblr media
Andy Barber as your dominant and sugar daddy:
Warnings: Smut. Dominant/Submissive relationship. Dacryphilia. Choking. Exhibitionism.
Kinktober: Day 16 Prompts: Exhibitionism + Where Business Meets Pleasure + Andy Barber
He's a menace when it comes to watching you as you fall apart under him. It doesn't have to be a mind-shattering orgasm, he gets off on each sliver of a moan that escapes your lips as he touches you. He can go at it for hours, teasing you, spanking, biting you, marking you. 
As much as Andy Barber thrives off of you being his good girl, there is something about disciplining you each time you are naughty that can make him rock hard in seconds.
The man is very creative when it comes to punishments. After a few months of sharing this dynamic, there is an undiscussed competition always on about who can disarray the wires of the other more- you with your brattiness or Andy with his punishments- which often make you cry.
He is addicted to your tears. His gallery has an entire section dedicated to you with your mascara streaking down your face, your eyeliner messed up and hair tousled in a way which can only be called aesthetically pleasing. Many of these pics proudly show his hand wrapped around your neck, or your thick black collar which you wear whenever you are staying over at his place.
Andy Barber had informed you that the day you sign the contract, would be when you would be entirely his. You were already his assistant, so your work revolved around him in your office, and after the collar laced itself around your pretty neck, he assured you, in a slow and raspy drawl, that you belonged to him, everywhere and in every way.
He had claimed your tears too. 
A day at work one of his associates couldn't bite back his tongue when it came to criticising your work, leaving a thin sheen of agonized tears streaming along your waterline. Livid couldn't cut how angry Andy was, the angriest you had ever seen him. Safe to say, you never saw that associate again.
You found yourself at the washrooms, pressed against the granite slab with on of your leg lifted to rest on it, Andy's cock thrusting against you just at that spot which got you shaking and quivering, a fresh stream of tears stinging your eyes with each determined snap of his hips against yours, only this time, they were scented with swirls of pleasure.
"How dare he fucking think he can get you to cry," Andy's teeth would rave down the shell of your ear, snatching your earlobe between his lips and tugging sharply. "Those pretty tears are made for me. You cry only when I make you cry, only when you are crying around my cock like a pathetic slut. Nobody else gets to fucking make you cry, you hear me?"
And the way you cry out, not caring that everybody in the office can hear you both at this point, hear Andy talk like that, and your moans and cries and begging- all of this is enough to make you lose your mind.
"I can fuck you in front of them too, you know." His large hands come up to grab your boobs, squeezing and pressing and pinching your nipples before slapping them out of the messily unbuttoned straps of your shirt. "And I will."
Cockdrunk and little lightheaded, you place your hand on one of his, preening at how large his fingers are compared to yours.
"Can I put your hand around my throat, sir?"
Andy chuckles, pressing himself against your back, his cock nestled deep inside you, your abdomen pinching against the stone of the slap 
"That's where it belongs, doesn't it?" 
Andy kisses the side of your head, grabbing a fistfull of your hair and tugging you backwards, your sharp moan resonating all through the washroom, and you know it travels through the walls to the office.
You maneuver his hand around your throat, mouth hanging lazily open and a string of drool dripping past your lips and chin as he kisses his way down your neck, his hands squeezing your jugular as he makes you push against his cock.
"Such a good girl for me."
And when you come apart around his cock, your thighs convulsing and your body mindlessly slumped against his, tears of pleasure streaking your face as he fucks you through it, chasing his release from the pretty tears marking your face, he leans down and hums into your ear, words hushed and leaving a trail of electricity shooting down your spine.
"Next time we fuck on this office, it would be on the receptionist's desk. Everybody deserves as show."
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slut4buckysarm · 3 days ago
PDA With Chris Evans Would Include:
MAIN MASTERLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When your relationship with Chris started, you both agreed to keep it under wraps for the sake of both your careers in the acting industry
But that didn't especially mean you two wouldn't be seen hanging out in public
The media was always twisting the story, but that was expected.
Hugs were seen as "a new relationship" through the paparazzi's lens and 'friend' dates were seen as "date night with a serious lover"
When you two did come out as a couple, it was by a post on Instagram with your hands interlocked and a tag mentioning the other
News headlines were flashing with the words "Y/F/N Y/L/N and Chris Evans are Official and Showing It"
Pictures of you two kissing showed up as soon as you searched up one of your names
Then it got a bit more serious
As your relationship proceeded from you being his girlfriend to his fiancee, he started to be more intimate in public
That included:
Hugs from the back
Holding hands
Chris fixing a strand of your hair and tucking it neatly behind your ear
Chris kissing the palms of your hands while your talking to your friends
Kissing that lasted more than a few seconds
Chris resting his hands in your back pockets as you two talked
After the two of you got married, you were invited to the Oscars
When on the red carpet, you posed for the cameras but couldn't help but smile when Chris snuck up behind you and gave you a gentle kiss on the neck
He then moved to the right side and backed up a bit and you could see the love he had for you in his eyes
He moved closer to you so that he could fix your hair and the crowd went wild
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wiypt-writes · 3 months ago
Rawhide Masterlist
Tumblr media
Chapters are chronological
Please heed the individual warnings at the start of each chapter.
This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. I do not own any of the characters in this series bar reader and any other mentioned O/C
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universitypenguin · a month ago
Author’s Note: I don't know why I'm like this, but I am. Before midnight I had about a thousand words written for the letter "F." Then I opened the document to "edit" and now it's more than 4,000. And just before writing this, I'd been catching up on my lab reports. I had written ten pages about sodium benzoate and I was drained, people. But writing about Steve Roger's favorite position? I can do that all day.
Author's Note (2): I'm probably delaying posting an update for "Restitution" until I've caught up on my lab reports. I have two more to do before I can come back on Tumblr and play. *Cries*
Word Count: 4,138
Kinktober - Steve’s Alphabet Masterlist
Warnings: Smut, explicit content, 18+ readers only, minors dni
Tumblr media
"F" is for Favorite Position
The Lotus position.
Is an intimacy kink a thing? Because if it is, Steve has one.
He likes to have your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. Lotus allows him to watch your face as your expression twists in pleasure and whimper his name. It leaves him free to kiss you while he’s thrusting. He loves having the stamina to keep going even when you’re limp and boneless, gasping your way through your fifth or sixth orgasm. Steve wipes away your tears with his thumbs, brushes a soft kiss over your lips, and guides your hips into the rhythm he wants. He’ll never get enough of watching your face as he brings you pleasure. The way your brow furrows at the peak of your climax and the bite of your nails in his skin when you shudder makes his skin tighten. When he thinks about the soft gasp you make, the one that catches in your throat right before you let go, his blood rushes south.
He enjoys how easy it is to overstimulate you in the Lotus position. When you’re wrapped around him so tight, there’s nowhere for you to run when he uses your vibrator to tease your clit. It would seem unexpected to some people that he’s open to using your toys during sex. But Steve is first and foremost a practical man, who knows how to reach any goal he sets. When his goal is to make love to his woman, he doesn’t take the assignment lightly. He didn’t have the most experience at the start of your relationship, but he made up the difference with communication and genuine interest.
Your relationship with Steve had been a slow burn. He was your friend for months before he made a move and asked you out. Steve was the type of man who took dating at a different pace than you were used to. As things had become serious, he’d asked you about sex, being surprisingly direct about the matter. Before you took the next step, he wanted to know your likes and dislikes, and what made you climax. When you confessed that you’d never had an orgasm with a man before, Steve was shocked.
After coming out of the ice, he’d developed an unconscious belief, brought on by media exposure, that the sexual revolution meant everyone of age was having great sex all the time. Your confession rattled his assumptions. After the astonishment faded, he was concerned.
Why had you never climaxed?
Your explanation about “not with a man,” had clarified the details of your climax free endeavors into the world of partnered sex. You had orgasmed before… but it was thanks to double A batteries and a pulse setting.
What did he want next? To see your toys, obviously.
You’d balked at first, amusing him. Usually it was he who was unnerved by the libertine expression of sexual desire. Seeing you like this was new. He liked it. You let him coax you out of your shyness and opened your nightstand drawer. He took his time going over the settings on the toys, listening to you explain what worked for you, and what didn’t. After the toys, he wanted to watch the porn you mentioned to him, specifically the videos that had made you orgasm. Your heart was beating triple time as you opened your phone’s browser. How did someone who’d grown up in the 1930s become this open about sex? Steve chuckled and wrapped his arms around your waist as he leaned back against your headboard. The video loaded on your phone and you looked up at him, expecting an answer.
“I want to make you feel good. This might be new to me, but that doesn't mean I’m shy. I’m a grown man, sweetheart. When I was deployed, we sat around campfires in Germany talking about getting laid. What’s different is that now days we have conversations about sex in mixed company. In my era, that would have gotten you slapped across the face.”
Together, you watch the videos while Steve holds you. He kisses your neck, nibbles on your ear and asks you in soft whispers what your fantasies are. Which parts of the video turned you on, and would you want him to do that to you? Without being told he needs to, he separates out what appeals to you as a visual and what you’d actually be interested in trying in real life. Having so much attention focused on your desires was nerve-wracking and arousing in equal measure. Steve is intuitive and observant, even while watching porn. He hears your breath catch at certain scenes and makes a note. His hands begin to run up and down your sides, his fingers teasing the edges of your breasts.
When you close the browser, he asks you what your favorite position was.
Doggy style.
Why? Because it allowed you to get lost in the sensations and made your partner less of a distraction. He frowned. Wasn’t the point of making love about connection? Intimacy?
It was about orgasming. In a timely manner, because men didn’t last that long.
His eyebrows jumped. Then he glanced over at the toys laying next to you on the bed.
“And with a vibrator, that’s not an issue.”
“So you can relax and let it happen when you’re using a toy, but with a man you feel rushed?”
“That’s more concise than I’ve ever put it. There’s a certain pressure to orgasm or if you don’t cum, you just fake it.”
“I don’t want you to fake anything with me. How will I know what to change if you cover up that you’re not getting something you need?”
He was so earnest as he asked the question; you felt your skin heat.
“Okay. But I don’t want you to worry about making me orgasm too much. If you try, and you’re disappointed with me when it doesn’t happen, that would just… suck.”
“What if I used your toys on you? Would you like that?”
Gulp. You would more than ‘like’ that. He would be intense, brain melting, in the pursuit of your pleasure. You weren’t sure if you’d survive.
He read your expression and reached for a g-spot wand. The one you’d identified as a favorite.
“Does oral sex do it for you? With a man, I mean?”
“Uh… honestly, it always felt slimy and weird.”
Steve nodded attentively and then picked up the clit sucking toy. “Do you use this with lube?”
“Yeah, it can hurt if I’m dry.”
“Any slimy feelings from that?”
He flashed a grin. “Great. Come here.”
“Steve, we can just have sex. You don’t need to do all this.”
Your words didn’t phase him. He wrapped his arms around you and rolled to pin you underneath him.
You pressed your palms to his shoulders. “Steve, I love you and I want to make you feel good, too. It’s not all about my needs.”
“When I learn how to please my best girl, I’ll feel very good. Don’t worry about orgasming, sweetheart. Just guide me through what you like. Give me lots of feedback.”
You had given up the hope of having a solid physical connection with a man. A vibrator was your best friend and self servicing was your only option. This was your belief until you saw the glint in Steve’s eyes. He had the determined light that sparked whenever he sighted a partially tough challenge and committed himself to it.
He pressed your foreheads together.
“It’s important to me that you enjoy this part of our relationship. We can’t rush this. I need to take the time to learn your body. It’s not just about climaxing - the last thing I want is for you to feel pressured to perform. Your partner’s expectations seem to be half the problem there. So I’m fine with it if you don’t have a climax. It’s not a big deal.”
“You are?!”
Your shock was genuine. Because honestly, you’d been stressed.
Steve gave a gentle smile and stroked a finger down your cheek. “All I want tonight is to understand your needs and get to know your body. That’s it.”
Your excuses died.
The way he was looking at you, eager and intent, settled your nerves. He kissed you deeply. While you’d been waiting for sex, your relationship with Steve wasn’t without spice. His old-fashioned ideas about how long to wait before getting naked weren’t applicable to making out. A session of heavy petting on the couch had been on the menu almost from the start, though Steve had always kept his hands on top of your clothing. He didn’t want to move too fast. For you or for him. The boundaries he set were sexy. He wasn’t starved for physical love, even though he wanted it. There would be no regrets when you finally slept together. Knowing that, after years of casual sex because you hadn’t seriously dated anyone, was a relief you hadn’t known you needed.
Steve was different, and you loved those differences as much as you loved him.
He’d gotten you hot with kisses and wandering hands that gripped the cheeks of your ass and caressed the skin underneath your tee shirt. Steve slid his hands under your shirt and pushed up the material to rub at your back. You arched, silently asking for him to undress you, but he didn’t continue. Finally, you finally jerked the shirt off on your own, then unbuttoned your jeans and shoved them down.
He smirked at the sight of the lingerie set you’d chosen - a purple bra and panties.
“It matches. I think I've been entrapped."
You shrugged. “It’s better to be prepared when you’re hoping to get lucky."
His eyes flared, and a muscle in his jaw twitched. You took advantage and rolled so you were straddling him. Situated on top now, you rocked against the hard ridge of his cock. He groaned.
“Fuck. You’re making me sweat bullets.”
You licked your lips. “I could take care of you.”
Steve shook his head. “No. Tonight is about you.”
He pushed you onto your back, rolling over and pressing you into the bed with his heavy body. The pressure was delicious. Steve’s kiss was assertive, his tongue sweeping over yours, keeping you relaxed. At first, the kisses were firm, but gentle. He rocked his hips against yours and groaned when you met the movement halfway. The kiss became edged with hunger as your teeth clashed, and then his tongue shoved possessively into your mouth. His free hand found the front clasp of your bra. He paused, pulling away slightly to meet your gaze.
“May I?”
Your heart flipped a little at the soft question and the patience in his eyes as he waited for your answer.
His blue eyes went hot at your breathless response. He undid the clip, his eyes fastened to your face. It was the first time you’d been bared to him like this, but his eyes were glued to your face, watching your reaction as he covered one soft mound. The friction of his palm rubbing over the swollen flesh made your back arch.
He gave a contented hum and dropped his head to your neck. With teasing kisses and gentle licks, he made his way to your nipples. He lapped at them as if they were the most exotic delicacy in the world. Your hips arched off the bed as he stroked with his tongue, the touch light and teasing.
“Please, more…”
Your eyes fluttered as he turned to the opposite breast and treated it to the same attention. Light strokes, gentle and firm, until you squirmed.
“Steve,” you gasped.
“Your nipples are so pretty. I love watching them get tighter when I tease you.”
His fingers explored the sides and area underneath the globe of flesh. He kneaded it with care, then stroked at the fragile skin with the pads of his fingers.
“You’re absolutely gorgeous, baby.”
You whimpered when he drew circles with his fingers right under your nipple, exploring the soft curve.
Steve’s voice was husky with desire. “Tell me what you need.”
“Suck on my nipples, baby, please suck on them. It hurts. They’re so tight they hurt.”
He bent and took the left bud into his mouth, sucking softly. You moaned, arching your back, and felt him growl. Steve sucked harder, giving you what you needed. The rush of pleasure had your hips rolling against his abdomen as he lay over you, caging you with his body. Steve popped off the taunt nipple and gazed up at you, his eyes warm with affection.
“Is that good for you, honey? Just like that, huh?”
You whined and arched, twisting to offer him the neglected breast, the one he hadn’t suckled. Steve grinned and returned to his task. He lapped at your straining peak for a few seconds, letting the tension build, and then clamped down for a firm, intense pressure that made your toes curl. You cried out when he rasped his tongue over the sensitive nub and then drew it between his teeth.
When he let go, Steve slid down, crawling backwards to lower himself between your legs. He took the waistband of your panties and stripped them neatly down your legs. You lifted your hips for him and kicked the garment away once it was at your ankles. He purred and kissed the inside of your thigh.
“How are you doing, sweet girl?”
“G-g-good…” your voice trembled with desire as he stroked your thigh.
Then he moved, lifting your legs over his shoulders and nuzzled your pussy. He used his lips to brush over your folds, kissing them and lapping at your juices. Steve groaned.
“You taste so fucking good, baby.”
The genuine pleasure vibrating from him as he licked a long stripe up the slit of your body, through your folds, and across your clit, had you moaning just as much as the physical sensations. He used his tongue to explore you, stabbing into your quivering opening, then working his way up to your clit. Steve was decisive and unrelenting in his task. He used the flat of his tongue in a grinding motion that made you tremble. He tapped at your clit with the tip of that clever muscle and you whimpered, your hands fisting in the sheets. When he coated the little button of nerves in his saliva and sucked, your back bowed off the mattress.
“Steve! Oh! Oh, fuck!”
He grabbed your waist, his shoulders tucking under your bottom and his arms coming around your thighs, to push you down to the bed. You thrashed as he kept licking and sucking then tapping at your sensitized pearl to tease it. Your breath turned shallow, and you struggled in his grip, crying out under each surge of ecstasy when he would suck just right, with the perfect amount of pressure to make your legs shake.
“Oh, please, please… I can’t… Ffffuuuucccckkkk!”
Your protest turned into a scream when he unwound one arm from your hips and slid two fingers into your dripping pussy. Automatically, your pulsating muscles clamped down on him, going painfully tight. He curled the digits and your channel undulated in the beginnings of a rhythm as your orgasm approached. In the last corner of your mind, where thoughts could still form, you were in a state of disbelief. You’d never gotten this close to a climax with a man. Even with the wild arousal, an edge of alarm kept you from letting go. Something in your brain was pulling away, telling you it wasn’t real, it wasn’t possible. You couldn’t do this. You couldn’t orgasm. Not with a man.
Steve must have felt your hesitancy. He growled into your pussy, the vibrations a new sensation that made you gasp. His fingers flexed as sought the rough spot on your front wall. Using a gentle motion, he pushed at it, then let go. The pull of his fingers added a new intensity as your clit was battered from both sides. Steve moved his fingers, steady and with increasing force, as you moaned and rocked against his hand. The internal stroking and the heat of his mouth brought you to the edge of sanity. You shivered uncontrollably, your hips bucking under his restraining arm as the intensity drew tears. Steve groaned and your walls fluttered harder. He picked up speed with his fingers. The strong digits jerked against your g-spot as his tongue rubbed firmly over your clit. When his lips fastened again, sealing over the bud, you unraveled.
A scream burst free, and your body surged at the flash of unbridled pleasure. Your knees locked and the muscles of your claves bunched. You threw your head back into the pillow and your shoulder blades clenched. Steve made a noise of approval that you heard even over the pounding of blood in your head. He kept going. His fingers worked even faster, the curling becoming rough and insistent as you felt your juices oozing down your channel. Your cries turned high pitched and desperate as the orgasm went on and on, wringing your body with spasms that burned through the synapses of your nerves and convulsed your muscles. He used his tongue even faster when you went into a frenzy, kicking, bucking and thrashing.
Steve was strong. Objectively, you knew that. You’d just never felt it. With just one arm, he held you down and drew every ounce of pleasure your body could give him out of the climax. Your body undulated as pleasure tore through you like a hurricane. When he withdrew his fingers and let go of your clit, you collapsed.
Your body felt boneless. Your lips trembled with sobs and you were shaking. Steve crawled over you, moving inch by inch, kissing your hip, your ribs, then the inner curve of your breast and the hollow between your throat. Each kiss he pressed into your damp skin made your breath catch. Your body pulsed with aftershocks, every nerve sizzling as if the orgasm still lingered in their synapses. Steve kissed your face. He brushed your cheek with his thumb and it surprised you to feel wetness on your cheeks. Blindly, you reached up to feel the tears.
You gave a quiet sob, this one of shock, as comprehension dawned. He’d made you cum. It had happened. Even when you’d fought the feeling, Steve had pushed you through the mental barrier. You had climaxed. With a man.
You’d climaxed with a man for the first time.
He kissed your cheek and jaw, down to your chin. Your crying didn’t unsettle him. His thumb brushed away the tears. Steve rolled onto his back and drew you on top of him. You buried your face in his chest. His hand cradled your head as he kissed your hair.
“S’okay, doll. Breathe, alright?”
He rubbed the small of your back in slow, steady circles. Tears dripped from your eyes and there was nothing you could do to stop them. The orgasm had twisted you inside and out and left you stripped bare. It had been so intense, beyond anything you’d felt before. Steve pressed on your back, his hand a comforting weight, and kissed your temple.
“Talk to me. You’re okay, right?”
At your continued silence, the slowness of your recovery seemed to concern him. Aftershocks still rippled through your lower body. In response, you clenched your legs. Swallowing past the tears, you let out a trembling breath and burrowed deeper into Steve’s arms. Words were still beyond you, but you stroked his side, silently communicating you were okay.
He sighed, relief evident. “You’ve got goosebumps.”
A chill was skating over your body as the orgasm faded. Steve lifted the covers up and then rearranged his arms around you. He was wrapped around you as tight as a python under the blankets. Your eyes closed. Then he shifted, and you felt the prodding of his erection. Your eyes flew open. Steve felt the change when tension returned to your lax body. You pulled back and looked up at him. The reminder of his need stirred you to awareness.
“Steve,” you murmured, touching his shoulder.
“Shhh… don’t worry about me. How do you feel?”
“Dazed. Shocked. I’ve never felt anything like that. My orgasms were never so intense. I don’t think I could have come close to what just happened on my own. It was amazing.”
His cerulean eyes glinted with pride.
“Good. You worried me a little.”
“Will you make love to me now? I can feel you and I want to have you inside of me. Please.”
Steve pressed his forehead to yours, his hand cupping your cheek.
“I don’t need it. I’m happy to be the first man to get to see you like this. Let me bask in the afterglow, doll.”
Smug bastard. You smiled.
“If you fuck me, I’m so hypersensitive I’ll probably cum again. These aftershocks are intense.”
He had you on your back in a half-second, shoving down his sweats to free his throbbing member. A short time later, you were holding him as he recovered from his own release. Your legs were tucked into the dip of his back, your arms around his waist as he shivered. Missionary had made you cum for your second orgasm with a man. Not just a man. Steve was the only one you wanted like this. As you caressed his heaving side, appreciating the tight lateral muscles under your palm, you realized this was it for you. Steve was probably going to be the last first time you would have with a man. A smile curved your lips at the thought.
Your favorite position with Steve? Missionary.
- - - - -
Beyond the Lotus position, Steve has other favorites. Here's an itemized list...
#2 - Doggy Style
Much to his amusement, doggy style became his second favorite after he felt how deep you could take him on your knees. Your orgasms in that position felt so good it made his toes curl. The view of your back and the vulnerable curve of your neck made him turn feral. There was primal feeling to being on top of your smaller body, controlling the movements of your hips, that sent him into a frenzy.
#3 - Cowgirl
Steve ranked cowgirl third. He wanted to purr like a kitten when you climbed on top of him for the first time. The feeling of being ridden and having you take charge made him relax into the experience and let him watch as you moved. It was a view he found highly enjoyable. Your breasts were his private delight and he can’t drag his eyes away as the sweet curves bounce with your movements. He found the easy access to your clit was another perk of cowgirl. When he teases the little pearl of nerves, you lose your rhythm and he gets to take over after you’re already worked up and desperate for the orgasm.
He loves getting to pound into your soft body when you’re so close that you’re creaming around his cock and gasping for him to make you cum. The size of him in cowgirl is a challenge for you, the only drawback to the position. On the first night you’d tried to take him like this, you’d jerked away when the tip of his cock had touched the very back of your pussy. It was an intense pressure and so shocking you’d had to work up to taking him like that again. Even after you’d been together for months, he had to be careful not to slam into your cervix and bruise you when you were on top.
#4 - Upstanding Citizen
Steve loves having sex standing up. And yes, there's a bit of size kink involved in his enjoyment.
This is most evident in the shower. When he can have you like that, with the water running down your bodies while he has you pinned to the wall with your legs around him, he jumps at the opportunity. If you asked him, he’d say there was no better way to have shower sex. He likes having you facing him and being able to get close, flattening you into the wall and grinding his hips while you shudder, trapped between the two immovable forces.
#5 - Spooning
On lazy days, he likes lying on his side with your back pressed to his chest. Saturday mornings are meant to be spent wrapped around you while he lingers between sleep and awareness. He enjoys lifting your free leg up and sliding into your pussy in a single thrust. It’s deep in that position, too. Almost as good as doggy style. He can feel the firmness of your cervix on the tip of his cock and it drives him crazy to know no other man has reached the spot he’s rooted in.
But let's be honest. Favorite positions are nice, but Steve loves any position... so long as it’s with you.
- - - - -
Next Letter - G is for Goofy
- - - - -
Kinktober - Steve’s Alphabet Masterlist
- - - - -
Tag List for Kinktober 2021
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lipstickbisous · 6 months ago
chris evans ➳ nsfw alphabet
Tumblr media
pairing: chris evans x reader
warnings: well um, smut, breeding kink, piss kink 18+ MINORS DNI
a/n: i had a lot of fun doing this! i always read them so it was interesting to make one...anyway, this isn't written exactly like a fic, and it is a female reader! just my thoughts on chris <3 not my gif!
the following work is my own writing. do not plagairise or copy and paste my works onto another platform. message me about credit.
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
we all know that chris is a very giving type, and he knows that he can really hard for a long time. don't be surprised if you get a full bath, with scented oils or bath bombs after you've both finished for the night! he'll sit behind you and scrub your entire body, soothing the sore spots that he'd left behind. and afterwards, you'll both return to the bed where he'll pull one of his shirts on your torso and sit you between his legs where you'll fall asleep.
B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
his favorite body part of his are his hands. he knows that you melt underneath them and he can do absolutely anything with him. he'll use them to try and satisfy himself when you're separated, whether it's months of filming or you've left for a small trip with your friends. he'll use his fingers - all four - and his thumb to please you, reaching so deep inside your cunt he touches the cushioning of your cervix opening. sometimes he'll wrap his hand around your neck and squeeze so hard your vision goes black and blurry. so yeah...he knows his hands are capable of many things.
his favorite body part on you is - yes, i'm saying it - not your ass. he is an ass guy in every way possible, but his favorite part are your legs. chris loves to have them wrapped around his neck while he's eating you out, on top of his shoulders if he's relentlessly pounding into you, and locked around his waist when he gives you every drop he has. chris definitely leaves little kisses and marks over your thighs, just so he can look over them later.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
his cum is precious to him and to you. he doesn't let a single drop of it go to waste, not even if it's soaking your back or ass. no, he's releasing deep inside your pussy or your ass (with permission, of course). and do not get me started on the dirty talk with this man when he cums. "gonna fill up this pussy nice for you, baby", "gonna keep it inside for me, yeah?" "this cunt was made for my cock and my cum, wasn't it, sweetheart."
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
well, of course, he's got a daddy kink. what else could you expect? he's got a very dominating personality that you can just sense, and the name daddy will definitely play into that. now, of course, he has his moments where he's feeling not so...dominant, and will occasionally let you take control, but most nights it doesn't last very long. his biggest fantasy is you completely submitting to him, to be his good little girl who lets her daddy fuck her however long and hard he wants.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
yes. and it's evident too. no further comment.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying.)
this is honestly the hardest choice i've ever had to make, which is why it's a tie between doggy and missionary. they're both pretty basic but are the hottest positions to chris. in doggy, he loves seeing you on your hands and knees for him, its a completely vulnerable position that makes you look desperate, mainly because you are. he’ll put his hand heavily on the arch of your back and pushes down so your hips lift up at a perfect angle for him to hit your spot. in missionary, he loves watching his length drag out of your hole so slow you grip him. and seeing the twisted expressions on your face - from crying to grinning to furrowed brows and sinful smirks - he wants to see every piece of it.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
if he’s had a few beers, he’ll be more humorous. it’ll just be a fun time full of muffled laughs and giggles, and occasionally he’ll try to be serious but it only makes the experience funnier. any other moment though and chris is pretty serious. his main focus is making you feel good.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
i feel like it’d completely match his beard (😭) like same exact color, texture (does that make sense?) he keeps it neat and clean, you like feeling it against your nose when he’s down your throat, but it’s not uncomfortably long and he doesn’t let it grow anywhere except his mound or whatever you call it.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
chris’ intimacy levels can be turned on and off just like that, so i’d say it’s about 50/50 between intimate and rough. chris is a man who’s focused on how you’re feeling, that’s all that matters, so there’s always a romantic aspect to it, even when he’s being rough or degrading.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
alright, the only time chris masturbates is when you’re away. otherwise he has you all to himself and he knows it too. he’ll use his own spit and pre-cum as lubricant, letting a wad of it fall into his palm before he wraps his fist around himself and twists it up down.
he’ll squeeze his hand tighter around the tip and milks it just for a few long seconds before reaching his base again. if he’s feeling a little bit more needy, he’ll use his other hand and roll his balls in his palm. when he cums, it hits just where his chest meets his stomach and it’ll run down his abs back to his hand.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
lord, here we be honest, i do not think chris has a daddy!kink. he thinks its hot but it’s just not his thing. however, he is a huge dom. he most definitely has a spit kink, praise kink, breeding kink, size kink (guys can have that, right?), and dare i say...piss kink? i dont know, i can imagine him degrading you with that in his boston accent. but he would never tell you about that, that’s a secret fantasy he keeps in his head...
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
in terms of rooms, he has absolutely no filter. living room, kitchen, bedroom, literally anywhere that it’s comfortably possible. if chris wants you, he’ll have you. but he loves fucking in front of a mirror, especially if it’s reverse cowgirl or doggy.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
im not sure if you knew this, but the slightest thing gets chris horny. you walking around with nothing on, you walking around with his clothes on, you walking around with in a towel after a shower. your wet hair after a shower, your sweaty body after a workout, you simply just walking near his crotch and he’s done for. he becomes desperate too, nudging and rubbing and bugging at you.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
anything with blood. pet play is a big no even though he loves calling you his little kitten...
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
giving: chris practically lives for it. and it’s clear he’s had practice. he’ll start with simple, teasing licks on your clit, hands keeping your legs apart on the bed. it’s when he flattens his tongue against your folds that you fight his strength and squeeze both sides of his head with your thighs. his face will turn a bright red when he dives his tongue inside and starts licking your walls. even after you cum and your legs are loose around his neck, he’ll continue his tiny, painfully slow movements.
receiving: is there anything else better in the world? in truth, chris prefers fucking your mouth, but he’ll never complain when you offer yourself to sit on your knees for him. when he does face fuck you, it starts gentle and slow, just him drawing himself in and out of your lips, occasionally hitting the back of your throat. but once you start to suck with just the slightest pressure, he’ll place his hand firmly on the back of your head and he’ll push until you let out a pornographic gag and drool starts to drip down your chin.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
generally, chris is more fast and rough. he knows that pounding your tiny cunt, which can barely fit him, is an inexplicable feeling that always ends with a mind-blowing orgasm. but he also knows that teasing you with his cock just barely reaching your spot, feeling every groove and niche inside you, is enough to knock you out.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
he loves them. chris is a guy all about adrenaline and the rush, and it’s often that quickies are in public or near a public place, so there’s the risk of getting caught that adds onto it as well.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
hell. yes. as long as it follows his “no’s”, chris is absolutely down for anything you suggest. he loves hearing your ideas of new things to try, and again, he loves the risk of being caught in public and by paparazzi.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
god...chris can last somewhere between 2-5 rounds and i have nothing else to say on the topic.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
what did you expect? he doesn’t have this huge drawer full of exotic and strange sex toys, but he has a small vibrator that he loves to use on you and sometimes, he’ll even find himself rubbing it over his tip if you’re not there to help him and he needs that extra push. (this will usually result in a huge load landing on his stomach, and it’s enough to put him to sleep)
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
chris does love to tease you, but eventually he’ll take pity. he loves hearing you beg, it’s music to his ears, but when your brows furrow, your bottom lip sticks out, and few small tears fall, he doesn’t have any choice but to give in. “of course, you can cum, pretty girl,” he’ll coo while coaxing your orgasm. hearing you beg for something that he has complete control of will be the death of him.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
he’s not very loud in terms of moaning, he mainly uses his voice for dirty talk. however, when his orgasm is approaching, you can expect to hear all sorts of grunts and twisted groans. sometimes, his voice will go raspy and he’ll slightly whine if the feeling begins to build up too much. one more thing: this man can growl.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
creampie. creampie, creampie, creampie. there‘s something about feeling him fill you up, feeling his load slosh around inside you and around his cock, watching it drip out around you which seems impossible from how painful tight you are. he’ll keep you plugged, whispering how full you’ll be with his baby, swelling and adapting to what he gives you. but when he does pull out, he’s quick to press his mouth against your hole, feeling his own cum as a heavy weight on his tongue. he’ll hold it in his mouth until he reaches back to you and he’ll press a firm kiss to your lips, marveling in the way you swallow his load. (should i write a fic about it?)
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
well...we’ve all seen it now. i’m gonna use this as a safe space to talk about it because that thing is HUGE. i mean did you see the tip?? thatd be enough to make me cum, that’s all i need. i’d pay just to see it.
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
if the sex drive were a 1-10 it’d be a 17.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
he’s not super fast at falling asleep. mainly, he’ll focus on aftercare and making sure you’re okay before he even concerns himself about sleep. only when he hears your little breaths and snores can he finally rest and pray he doesn’t wake up hard.
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