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#chris evans fanfic
𝑌𝑜𝑢 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑡ℎ𝑜𝑠𝑒 𝑣𝑖𝑏𝑟𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑝𝑎𝑛𝑡𝑖𝑒𝑠
—summary: Chris buys you some vibrating panties that he controls and takes you out on a date while you're wearing them all night
—genre: NSFW
—warning: vibrating panties, car sex because why wait, mention of being caught but never happens
—pairing: Chris Evans x reader
—author note: once in a blue moon smut
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Tumblr media
This all started when Chris was browsing the internet looking for an gift for your 2 year anniversary. Somehow he dug himself in a hole from looking at necklaces to finding a lingerie site. He wasn't sure what he was doing there, he thought he wasn't going to get you anything especially since you have a thousand sets of lingerie already, but when his eyes landed on the vibrating panties, he knew he had to get them. He loved the fact that he could control them himself while you were wearing them.
A few weeks after his purchase, the package arrived. He picked it up as he just got back from walking dodger. Right away he knew what it was. Chris smiled as he opened the door to his house. Dodger quickly sprinted off to the living room while Chris went to the bedroom.
"babe?" Chris pushed the door open; there you were standing near the bed folding some Landry. "Hi Chris." You turned around, smiling at him. "What's in the box?" You pointed to the box, frowning with curiosity.
"well I got a little package for you.. well us." Chris walked up next to you, he sat the box down. "Open it." Chris looked at you with a smirk. You chuckled, confused by why he smirking so much for whatever was in the box.
You mumbled an ok before you began to open it. It took a minute before you finally had it open all the way. At first it looked like a normal pair of panties until you saw the small vibrator that goes with the panties.
"Chris," you turned to your boyfriend, "did you get me vibrating panties?" Chris let out a raspy laugh. "Yes, I did." You turned back to the box.
"why?" "Well," Chris wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He still had that smirk on his face as he looked at you. "I like seeing you squirm under my control and I wanna see how you act in public."
Chris leaned in kissing your nose. "Now, we're going to go out to dinner. You're going to put on those panties under a pretty dress and we'll see what happens." Chris pulled away and picked the remote up. "I'll see you when you're ready."
Chris left the room leaving you alone. You sucked in your breath and looked back at the the fancy undergarments that were on the bed. You couldn't wait for this.
After you got ready you and Chris got in the car and made your way to a restaurant. He let you pick and you decided on the Mexican one on the other side of town.
When you got there the place was packed, but not too packed. You both were seated in a corner booth and we're left alone until you were ready to order.
You looked down at your menu trying to figure out what to eat. Chris took this opportunity to press the button to see how you would react.
A faint vibration was felt in between your legs, against your clit. You jolted at the sudden feeling. Chris laughed under his breath at you, he loved how it made you react. You looked at him with a playful angry face.
"don't do that." You hummed. Chris took the opportunity to press it again. You growled, you could feel the slick between your thighs already mostly because the vibrating and the thought of knowing you had to be quiet so no one could know what Chris was doing to you.
After a while your order was taken. As you waited, Chris, took the opportunity to press the button again and again. It started to get harder and harder to hold in the moans that were forming. Your panties were soaked, Chris knew it.
"your panties are soaked, yeah? You've been so good today." Chris whispered to you.As HE looked over at you.
Tumblr media
You squeezed your legs together looking into His eyes. "Im trying." You looked down at your food, you couldn't look at him anymore especially when he looked at you the way you loved.
"well get ready for later because I'm going to make you feel good." You looked up at Chris to see him winking at you before you felt the vibration against your swollen nub. "Fuck." You muttered to yourself squeezing your legs tighter. These next few minutes where going to be hard for you.
You weren't lying when you said the next few minutes were going to be hard. Chris didn't hold back on pressing the vibrator, you almost came several times, but you held it in. Chris was quite surprised at how well you were doing. He expected you to give in, but you held on. He knew he had to make the reward worth while.
You were both in the car five minutes after you've paid, you were both pretty eager to get home and have sex.
As Chris pulled out of the Parking lot, he exhaled. "I don't think we can make it to the house." "What do you mean?" You asked him.
"I mean we might have to pull this car over and I have to fuck you on the side of the road." Chris breathed out gripping the steering wheel tightly, briefly looking at you from the road. "Well." You laughed. "Look how eager you are."
Chris growled. "Yeah I'm eager, Look at what you do to me." Chris reached over and took your left hand, he placed it on his hard bulge that was pressed against his pants pretty painful, showing you how hard he was. You held in a moan as you pulled your hand away. "Well, fell how wet you make me." You took his hand and slipped it under your dress. Chris made his way around your panties until his finger were running in between your extremely slick fold.
You swore you heard a 'jesus Christ' fall for his lips before the car was being pulled into a vacant parking lot. Chris shut the car off and looking at you. "Get in the backseat."
no time was wasted; you hopped in the backseat. Chris got out of the drivers seat and opened the back door. He got in, shutting the door behind himself. "come here." Chris grabbed your face and began to kiss you. You moaned as you slipped your tongue in his mouth.
It wasn't long before you were straddling Chris and slightly moving against his jeans. Chris made quick work at pulling up your dress and pulling your panties aside. you quickly got off of him, Laying on the seat so he can fully pull them down. You giggled as Chris pulled them down with his teeth. As he tossed them to the ground he looked over at you with his smirk and said, "we won't be needing these anymore."
You Laughed pulling Chris over to you so you can kiss him. While both of your tongues were fighting for dominance, you reached in between you both, unbuckling Chris' pants and unbuttoning his boxers. Chris pulled away from your lips, hissing when your hands made contact with his cock. He was rock hard and there was No way he could waste another minute without being in you.
Chris grabbed your thigh with one hand and his length with the other. He stroked himself a few times before he placed his cock at your entrance.
You moan wanting him so desperately in you. "Chris, please." Chris looked down at you.
Tumblr media
"please what baby?" Chris smirked knowing the affect he had on you. You groaned. "Please fuck me." Chris laughed in the deep way he does before he pressed into you. You gasped feeling a mixture of pleasure and pain. The pain soon disappeared and it was one Hundred percent pleasure. As Chris thrusted into you deeply with no mercy you let out a moan. Your hand reached out to his shoulder needing some leverage from his force.
Chris looked down at you, he bite his lip holding in a moan and the sight of you under him. The way you squeezed him made him feel so good and he knew he wasn't going to last any longer with that.
He speed up his pace, at this point you were wailing with his vicious thrust. It was driving you crazy.
"you better be lucky if we don't get caught." Chris said through the grit of his teeth. He gripped your waist tightly, "your going cum with me do you understand?"
You nodded, couldn't form words from how you were getting fucked right now.
"good." Chris lifted your legs pushing them back until they were against your chest. At the new angel your eyes rolled into the back of your head. Chris began to count.
You sloppily repeated after him, feeling your belly burn from your Orgasm approaching and the pint up holding Back you were doing.
Chris looked down at you watching as you were literally losing your mind under him. He loved this sight without a doubt.
With that you both came together. Your whole body shook with your orgasm, it was something like you've never felt before. Chris cum filled you up, some seeping from you as from it being too much
Your body twitched and turned as you came down from your crazy high. You were at a loss of words, but Chris spoke. "That was amazing."
Chris slide out of you re-buttoning his boxers and pants. You looked up at him sighing. "Yeah... Yeah it was." You sat up. "you're right, you did make me feel good tonight and these," you picked up the vibrating panties that started this all. "These come in handy. I'm definitely going to keep this."
Chris laughed. "Yeah, I think that's a great idea." Chris leaned over and kissed you. "Now I'm going to get you home so you can possibly get a round two." Chris opened the door. "Mhm.. ok then."
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Hey, for the 2.4k All-request Friday writing game
Can I please request You've been bumping into the same stranger for months. Finally you decide to say hello.
"That is not an appropriate question to ask a lady you've just met."
And with Andy Barber please.
How's this? x
Tumblr media
Another grey Monday, another day on the jury at Middlesex County Courthouse.
As you shuffled through the long hallway, the pointed toe of your shoe smashed against the ankle of a tall – and as he turned to face you – handsome stranger.
“Sorry.” You cringed, noticing the beige bubble and slow drip of coffee at the top of the paper cup he was holding. “Hope I didn’t stain your shirt.”
He looked down and adjusted his tie. “Nah, maybe a third degree burn on my hand here but otherwise all good.” He smirked. “Have we met before?”
“Maybe. I’ve been here a couple times over the past few months.”
“As the accused or the accuser?” He raises his eyebrows slightly. “Kinda hoping it’s the latter.”
“That’s not an appropriate question to ask a lady you’ve just met.” You chuckle. “I’m on the jury for this really long case. It’s a whole thing – I’m sure you know.”
“I do. Well, since we bumped into each other, might as well introduce myself. I’m Andy.”
A short man with thinning grey hair approached Andy, nodding. “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of this MacLellan case already. Someone should tell the defence that there’s such a thing as too much information. Good luck handling Loguidice.”
“Agreed. Thanks, Steve.” Andy sipped his coffee and tipped the cup at the man as he walked away.
“The MacLellan case? That’s the one I’m here for.” You tried not to sound too excited about a murder trial.
“Small world, huh? Guess I’ll see you in court.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cafe Crisis
Steve Rogers x Anxious!fem!reader
Warnings - talks and descriptions of anxiety and anxiety attacks, one bad word, some fluff, some maybe angst? Asshole people, and i think that’s it
Description - That’s how she ended up here, crying on a bench with a sweet man crouched in front of her
Y/n ran her own small business, it didn't provide a lot of income, but she loves what she does so to her, it’s worth it. Going to the cafe has always been the way she starts her day, she sits drinks coffee and checks orders. As perfect as it sounds she actually hates the coffee that the cafe uses, but, her anxiety sadly holds her back from trying out other cafes.
So she sits there with her bad coffee, her computer and all the sunlight she could ask for everyday. Most days seemed to go by all the same, but this day was different, she could feel it. She felt better and confident, she told herself that today she would try something different, she didn't want to be held back any longer just because she felt anxious.
So she sits there with her bad coffee, her computer and all the sunlight she could ask for everyday. Most days seemed to go by all the same, but this day was different, she could feel it. She felt better and confident, she told herself that today she would try something different, she didn't want to be held back any longer just because she felt anxious.
That’s how she ended up here, crying on a bench with a sweet man crouched in front of her. She decided to walk to the cafe that was one block over from her regular spot, It was slightly bigger and was a lot more trendy than her regular cafe. When she got inside it felt fuller, like there were more people inside than she was used to, the dreaded heavy feeling in her chest made itself present.
I can do this
As she waited in the line she looked at the signs to see what best represented her regular order. After at least 2 minutes she found that nothing seemed to be similar to her regular order. Frantically looking it over she didn’t notice that she was slowly moving closer to the sign, soon enough she bumped into someone, “Can you watch where you’re going?” A woman, the woman who she had ran into, spat harshly.
Before y/n could answer the woman had walked out of the store, y/n felt heavy, everything felt heavy. Her chest felt like it was an anchor slowly pulling her into the ground. She ended up at the front till, unsure of what to get she stood their and took a deep breath, “What can i get you?” The barista said cheerily, before y/n could get any words out she heard complaints from impatient people behind her, they were right, why was she taking so long? Why couldn’t she just pick?
I can’t do this
She rushed out the front door walking a few steps in front of the cafe and tried to take deep breath’s. Nothing was working, her mind was filled with thoughts, her whole body ached and she felt like she could pass out at any moment if she didn't get her breathing regulated. Before she could get worse she felt a hand on her shoulder, “Hi, its okay, I’m just going to guide you to this bench so you can sit down, okay?” A soft but deep voice spoke, y/n nodded and felt herself being lead to the left.
Before she could tell the person she was fine, or tell him that she was just overreacting she felt her hand being placed on something firm, “Okay lets breathe together” the man was now crouched in front of her, her hand placed on his chest, allowing her to feel him breathing, and his hand softly gripping her wrist holding hers in place.
Y/n copied his breathing as best she could, every once in a while he would let her know that she was doing great and to keep it up. Once her breathing was regulated her mind slowly became less foggy and allowed her to truly notice her surroundings. “Sorry” she mumbled, her hand still on his chest, she could feel his hand relax and finally looked at him, “Hi” he spoke as a relived sigh passed his lips.
“You had me worried there doll” y/n found his voice comforting, she slowly took her hand out of his grasp and began fidgeting with her fingers “I’m sorry” she mumbled, her voice felt strained, like she had just screamed for an hour. “It’s okay, I’m just glad you’re okay” he finally moved from his crouched position and sat on the ground in front of the bench, y/n blushed as his hands found her knees.
“I get them too” the man whispered, his voice so quiet she almost couldn’t hear him, “I could spot your anxiety attack a mile away” he chuckled
“Was I really that obvious?” Y/n spoke, sorrow laced her words. “No, no. I just know the” he pause, trying to find the rights words, before beginning again “the signs I guess.” He gave a comforting rub to her knee and stood up. “I work at the mechanic shop down the road, why don't you join me? I don't want you to be alone, just incase this happens again.” She looked up at him confusion in her eyes, “One time I had an anxiety attack at the grocery store, when i got home I noticed I didn't buy broccoli and spiralled again” he explained and looked down at her. “I just don't want that to happen to you”
“You promise you’re not a murderer?” She mumbled hoping he would find her feeble attempt at a joke funny. She heard him laugh, and then softly sigh “you don't know who I am?” He laughed, y/n was confused, no she didn’t know who this stranger was, why would she? It wasn’t until she took a second look, he removed his hat and stood in a funny pose, a pose resembling a man holding a shield and standing up straight.
Oh for fucks sake
Her face changed from confusion to pure embarrassment, “Ah there you go” he chuckled, “so you’re telling me captain America just helped me through an anxiety attack?” A pure sense of disbelief graced her words and her facial expression. “Yes, well ex captain America” he once again laughed, clearly amused by the situation.
Y/n finally stood up stumbling a little but balancing herself quickly, “Well now I feel a lot better following a stranger to their mechanic shop” she chuckled grabbing her bag from off the ground “Well let me lead the way …” he gestured for her to state her name, “y/n” she stated as she moved to stand beside him.
“Y/n” he repeated, “That’s a pretty name” he said as he started walking, y/n blushed as she tried to keep up with his pace, “Thanks” She mumbled. Y/n hoped that this would lead to something more than just an awkward situation. Little did she know Steve was thinking the exact same thing.
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To Raise Children: Masterlist
Tumblr media
Chris Evans X Daughter!Reader, Grandpa!Chris Evans X Flynn and Felix Evans (OCs), Tom Holland X Single-Mom!Reader (Slow Burn)
Series Summary: It's been 4 years, your sons are starting kindergarten, you're starting junior year of college, a lot has changed.
Series Warnings: Age gap (Reader is 20, Tom is 29), absent father, mentions teen pregnancy, mentions abortion, if you see anymore please let me know politely.
Sequel to "It Takes A village"
Dividers by: @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
(I might add more chapters idk yet)
Tumblr media
Taglist open, add yourself: here. You can still ask if you'd like to.
First chapter comes out November 1st at 1PM EST, recap comes out on September 27th, 1 PM EST.
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georgiapeach30513 · 2 days ago
Mr. Freezy Pops, Pt. 6
Summary: Time to go sell some ice cream with Robert.
Pairings:  Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge X Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, PIV sex, unprotected sex, vibrator, multiple orgasms, squirting, threats, implied murder, dead body, punishing, breeding kink, dirty talk, degradation, choking, sex in public, sub/dom
Word Count: 2.5k
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Almost giddy you skip through the house.  Robert, making you wear a baby pink dress, no panties, and hair pulled back.  He’s taking you to the park to help with ice cream today.  You’ve never got to actually get in the truck.  His hands rub along your body as you busily clean up the kitchen from a late breakfast, “Quit your squirmin’ around.  Just want to touch you.” “I’m just excited, Sir.  We’re going to have a good day.” Pulling up a black bag and grabbing your head to swiftly bring your body flush against him, he softly kisses your lip.  “A very good day, Pretty Girl.  Gotta take care of my queen.” “What’s in the bag?” you curiously ask, he jerks it higher, and you stand on your tippy toes to hopefully catch a peek.
“Enough.  It’s a present for you, for later.  Be a good girl, or I’ll use the present against you.”  Listening you flatten out your feet, but lean up to place a loving kiss under his chin.  “Let’s go.  Gotta do something before we turn on the jingle.” Robert’s muscular arm wraps around your waist, leading you to the truck.  He helps you in the passenger seat and buckles you up so gently.  Your eyes roam around the space outside, inhaling deeply the early scents of spring.  Not a word is spoken between you two.  The most beautiful and perfect silence surrounds you and Robert.  Both of you randomly turn to look at the sun beaming through the windows.  Almost making you look angelic, and Robert is far from being an angel.  But you notice the small details that make him beautiful.  
The random freckles and moles that create the most enticing pattern along his skin.  How thick is facial hair is, and you love the way it scratches on your tender skin.  Reddening the areas that he nuzzles against.  He even lets you groom his beard, only if he’s buried deep inside of you.  The clippers coming in handy.  After a quick trim you rub beard oil along the course hair, and then slide your thumb across his plush lips, licking along the soft skin.  It’s became one of his favorite rituals.  You so focused on him; he’s never had someone who could be so consumed in him.  Taking the time to drown in every part of his body.   He’s became more presentable, with the help of you.  Allowing you to cleanse him every morning and night, even brushing his teeth as you sit on the counter, his body planted firmly in between your thighs.  Wednesday nights are for your spa nights.  Your small hands rub along his face, treating a man that most fear, with the utmost care and love.  Everyone around him treats him with respect, but you, you show him how much you love and appreciate him by the devotion you spend touching his body.  Fingers that graze across every scar and blemish on his skin.  Kissing on every imperfection, and loving even that part of him.  
Straddling his back while your hands work lotion on his skin.  Kneading the knots out of his tense muscles, and he loves how gentle you are with him.  Keeping your sweetness even when his words are so filthy towards you.  You’re the sweetness to his bitterness.  No one has ever been able to have that part of him.  And because of the attention you spend immerged in the man that is Robert Pronge, he rewards you with the same attention and safety.  “Making me soft, Pretty Girl.”  He says with a smile, pulling your hand up to meet his mouth.  His lips press firmly on your knuckles. “You’re only soft with me, Mr. Freezy, Sir.”  He chuckles at you calling him Mr. Freezy again.  Telling him since that’s what the kids call him, it seems appropriate for the day.
Once you arrive at the park, he keeps the blinds closed, except for the main window, he wouldn’t want to disappoint one of the children.  He gives you his mischievous grin, seeing you’re about to object, his head lowers and he narrows his eyes, “You can’t deny me.” “There’s people already here.  You said nothing to get us arrested.”
“Light’s not on, jingle’s not playing.  Blinds are closed.  We’re here early.  The few that are here know I don’t start serving until noon.  Remember, who owns the police.”  His hand wraps around your wrist as he pulls you into the back.  “Do I need to show you what happens to brats that don’t follow the rules?” “No, sir.”
“Well, come on.”  You follow him back.  The black bag that he held tightly to on the drive is set down.  Playfully you try to look again.  “Wouldn’t do that if I were you.  That’s twice I’ve caught you trying to look.  You going to make that number go up?” Your thighs tighten together.  You know it’s something sexual, and boy are you excited to find out what is in the bag, and the temptation is too much, you jump to grab the bag but he’s faster.  Thick fingers wrap around your neck, your ice cream pendant pressing into your skin.  “You’re fucking pushing it.”  His fingers tighten more around you, but you feel your core heating up.  “God, you’re such a fucking slut.  You love this don’t you?  Is that why my whore is acting up?” “Yes, sir.”
His hands go up your short sundress, rubbing around your sensitive and soaked folds.  “Does my slut want me to choke her when she comes on my cock?”  Fingers explore you more, digging into your hole and spreading your slick to your clit.
“Yes, please, sir.” Releasing his hold, he taps on a cooler.  “Hop up here.”  His arms wrap around you to assist you up.  He slides you forward and jerks your thighs apart.  Sliding up the skirt of your dress he whistles at your aching cunt that clenches around nothing, and you wiggle around at the lack of having him in you.  “Fuck, look at her.  She’s so pretty.  She’s begging for me to split her open and fill her up.  Gonna have you dripping my cream all through this fucking truck.”  Robert’s thick fingers unbutton his pants.  Jerking his cock out he holds it in his hands and you sit there like a good girl, waiting on him to destroy you.
He rubs his cock through your folds, still leaving your hole aching and wanting him.  “Just lubin’ it up for ya..”  His thick cock rubbing over your clit while his hands grip tightly on your hips.  “So fucking horny for me, you could cum without me putting my cock in that tight cunt, couldn’t you?”
“Yes, Sir.  Feels s’good.”
“Does she want me to put my fat cock in her?”  You only nod your head.  His hands grip your throat again, “Is that how you fucking answer me?  Does my slut just nod her head?” “No, sir.” “Then how does my dirty little slut answer me?  Does she want me to fuck her?  Does she want me to put my cock in her?” “Yes, please sir.”  You whine, and the flash of desire in Robert’s eyes show exactly how much he loves that you whine for his cock.  How much he loves when you fall apart of just the mere mention of him entering you.
Positioning his hand on his cock he enters you harshly, giving you no time to adjust to his girth, just pounds into you.  “Gotta make this quick.  Almost time for those kids.  You want me to fuck a baby in you?  Seeing you all swollen with my child, you couldn’t deny who you belonged to, huh?”  Harsh thrusts pummel into you until you see stars, not able to focus on anything but the pleasure that he builds in your core.
“Yes, please, sir.  ‘M yours to do what you want.”
Placing his hands under your legs, he lifts you up on him, rutting into you mercilessly.  Your screams choke out as you try to catch your breath.  Feeling him continuously hit your cervix, this angle giving the best access to your special spot that his fingers love to massage.  His teeth nipping at your neck, and you scream out in pleasure as your orgasm runs through you, your release on him makes him shoot deep in your cunt.  
“Oh shit.”  Bending over he lays you on the floor of the truck, pulling himself out of you, and pulling down your dress to cover you.  Quickly he tucks himself back in and stands up at the window.  “What are you wanting today, Tommy?” “Did I see someone in here with you?” the little boy innocently asks.
“Yeah.” He smiles down at you.  “She needed a nap.” “It looked like she was choking.  When my grandma was choking my dad held her and he jerked her around.  Was she choking?” You stifle a laugh.  “Yeah, she chokes on things a lot.  She’s always swallowin’ things down her throat.  You want your usual?  One scoop of chocolate, right?”
“Yeah.  Is she sleeping because she’s tired from choking?” “I think so.  She’ll be awake soon.  Here ya go.  Don’t tell your mom, okay?”  Robert looks down at you once the little boy leaves.  “Gonna have to quit choking on things, Pretty Girl.”  A quick look around outside and he grabs the black bag.  Reaching in he pulls out a hot pink kitten vibrator.  Sinking back down on the floor, carefully placing the phallic extension in your abused hole, the tail of the kitten entering your puckered ass, while the head of the kitten rests on your clit.
Quickly he looks around outside, before returning back to you.  “I believe you tested me four times today.  This little toy of yours has five speeds.  Seems fair to leave it at four.”  Chuckling he stands back up.  Grabbing the remote and putting it on the fast hum of speed four, before quickly stuffing it in his pocket.
Eyes already rolling in the back of your head at the vibrations that run through your body.  Robert’s foot gently taps yours, “Come on.  You’re supposed to be helping me.”
Sweat beads along your hairline and you feel as if your body is on autopilot as you stand in the truck.  Trying to think of anything but the second orgasm that’s threatening to erupt.  Body nearly doubling over and the only thing you hear is the vibrations that feel like it’s shaking your entire body.  Standing at the front Robert scoops out some more ice cream, smiling at every child that comes to the window.  Not being able to handle any more you lean over the cooler, letting your body succumb to the heat that now flows through your body, and starting right at your dripping cunt.   A moment of freedom in the truck Robert turns to look at you, and you don’t notice, but your hand shakily pulls at the kitten.  “Uh-uh-uh, Pretty Girl.”  His body is flush against yours, “You know better than to touch what’s not yours.  I did warn you.” “B-b-but, Sir?  It’s pulsing.  Can feel…my blood pump…oh shit.”  You fall into his arms, and all he can do is laugh as your body becomes limp.
“Seeing stars, huh?  Let go.  I want that pussy quivering when we leave.  Have you fucking blissed out, and then maybe you can remember who is in charge here.  And who fucking owns you and that pussy.  Who owns her?  Who owns that pussy?”  Vision going blurry but you do see a man walking closer to the truck.  “Better tell me.  He’s going to see you screaming and coming if you don’t.”
“You own this pussy.  She’s yours.  Please, Sir.  I can’t…can’t…” stuttering as you release again.  Feeling your juices dripping down your legs.  Robert lays you down on the floor.  Quickly kissing your forehead, and the vibrations turn to a lower rumble.
“Taking pity on ya.”  His body straightens back up before he leans towards the window with an irritated smile, “Hey, Paulie.  What’re you doin’ here?” he asks, eyes narrow at your now ex husband. “How is she?” “You talking about my Pretty Girl or my sweet pussy?”  
“Goddammit, Pronge.  I don’t know what the fuck you’re playing at.  How you got her talked into divorcing me, but…”
“How I talked her into it?  You fucking sold her to save your ass.  What did you think would happen?” Robert’s laughter fills the small truck, and you feel yourself heat back up as another orgasm crawls through your skin.  The pressure holds its spot and you arch up on the floor.
“You fucking set me up, all to get to her.  I’ll get her back.  You don’t…” he stops when he hears you moan in pleasure.  “You’re fucking sick.  Bringing her right along with you.” Robert’s hand reaches through the window, grasping tightly around Paul’s neck, squeezing harshly, not with the care that he chokes you.  He wants Paul to hurt.  “If I haven’t made myself perfectly fucking clear before now, understand this, you come around me or her ever again I will not fucking hesitate to kill your punk ass.”  Releasing him only to pull your body up to look at him.  “Y/N did you want to divorce this piece of shit?” “Yes, Sir.” “Do you want me to leave you?” “No, please, Sir, don’t.  I love you.”  Paul scoffs at the crumbling mess you are on him.
“Who owns y…” “Sir, you own me.  I don’t want him here.  Paul leave…” you can’t finish a thought as another wave of pleasure heats you up.  Folding in on Robert’s body, and he holds you up so Paul can see you.
“This isn’t over Pronge.  I know you’re up to something.  And when I prove it, you and that bitch are dead.” “Say that to me when there’s not kids present.”  Paul turns leaving.  “I will kill him, Pretty Girl.  He’s too comfortable.” “Don’t care.” “When he’s not surrounded by witnesses, he’s dead.”  His fingers move quickly to remove the kitten out of your throbbing pussy.  Bringing it to his mouth he licks up your juices.  “Sweeter than my ice cream.  Come on let’s get you home.” “I could use a Freezy pop.”  You slide open the freezer behind you, and everything happens so quickly.  You spot a bag with a presumably dead body in it and pause, big eyes looking at Robert who quickly closes it.
“Wasn’t supposed to see that.”  Looking around his face, you search for answers.  Answers he isn’t giving you.
“Was that…?” “Yep.  Listen, you know what I do.  I keep particular bodies frozen for an extended time.  Plant it somewhere else.” “So, you were fucking me over…who is that?”
“Enemy of the judge that granted your divorce.”  Robert’s voice is so nonchalant and cavalier about the situation.
“And that’s how everything happened so fast?”  He smiles nodding his head.  Not caring that what Paul had been assuming was in fact true.  “Okay.” “Okay?”
“Sometimes loose ends need to be tied up.  That’s how things were able to be done so quickly.  So, okay.” “God, I fucking love you.”  Scooping you up in his arms he issues a bruising kiss to you.  Reveling in how detached you are at the dead body in a cooler.  “Let’s go home.”
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nerdzzone · 19 hours ago
Gaze on the Shore
Tumblr media
Summary: As the world starts to reopen, tentatively hoping the worst of the pandemic is behind them, Chris and Whitney face a new set of challenges. With busy work schedules and the pressures of normal life looming on the horizon, will the foundation they’ve built through lockdown be strong enough to keep their relationship steady or will they crack under the strain?
Chris Evans x OFC
Part of the Once Bitten/More Hearts series
Part One
Part Two
My mind was racing all afternoon and my gratitude for Chris was overwhelming as he was organized enough for both of us and steered me through the day. Jack had called again in the middle of the afternoon to let me know that what he’d said earlier was true - the surgery went well and my dad was expected to make a full recovery - but I was still so stunned by the whole situation that I was struggling to focus. 
Chris, however, was a machine. 
He booked us flights that left at six-thirty that evening which would get us in just after nine-thirty, he dropped Dodger off with Lisa - taking Grayson with him so he could say goodbye since we didn’t know when we’d be back - and then he finished all the packing because I’d made virtually no progress by the time he’d done everything else. He got us to the airport on time and through security - despite me misplacing my boarding pass at least twice and Grayson being very hard to wrangle as he was practically vibrating with excitement from the sudden trip.
He looked exhausted by the time we were settled in our seats on the plane, but he didn’t complain once and I felt so much love towards him in that moment that I hated myself for how I’d handled things when he told me he had to leave. That guilt was made even worse by the fact that the flight had gone completely fine. Grayson had no issue keeping his mask on and he slept for almost the entire flight anyway. Being in first class, we had access to the private lounge and were quite far away from other people even on the plane so I never felt at all unsafe either. I had overreacted and I wanted to talk it through with Chris, but with Grayson curled up on my lap and the roar of the plane engines, I hadn’t had a chance to and knew it would have to wait.
When we landed in L.A., Chris lifted Grayson out of my lap and carried him to the baggage claim area. He was still out like a light when we got there so Chris passed him to me and grabbed our luggage while I balanced Gray on my hip as I pulled my phone out of my bag.
“Jack’s right outside,” I told Chris when all our bags were piled on a cart. “His car is dark blue.”
“What make is it?”
“Uh, I have no idea,” I admitted. “It’s kinda like an SUV, but a small one? Or maybe just a big car? I’m horrible with that stuff.”
Chris chuckled and nodded as he led the way out of the airport. Luckily, Jack was parked right outside and was leaning against the car in question so my useless description of it was unnecessary.
“Hey!” He grinned when he spotted us, but the exhaustion on his face was clear. “How are you guys doing?”
“Tired and stressed,” I sighed. “How are you? How’s dad?”
“He’s doing really well. He’s still in the hospital, but they think he can come home tomorrow.” 
“Can I go see him? Tonight?”
“If you’re up to it,” he nodded. “Visiting hours end at midnight so you should have enough time to at least say hello.”
“Can you drop me off now? Then take Chris and Gray to mom and dad’s house?”
We’d agreed that it would be best for us to stay there for a few days as Chris’ house probably needed some organizing. He’d let his friends stay there occasionally since he was hardly ever around even before the pandemic, but no one had been for a while so the beds would need making, things would need cleaning and we also knew there were no toys or anything child-friendly to entertain Gray.
“Sure, whatever you want,” Jack shrugged. “Does that work for you?”
He was looking at Chris who nodded his head.
“Yeah, that sounds like a good plan,” he agreed. “Thanks for picking us up, man.”
“It’s no trouble,” Jack assured us as his eyes landed on Grayson. “It’s great to see you all. I can’t believe how big that little guy is now!”
“I know, he’s growing up too fast.” I squeezed him a little tighter as Chris grabbed the car seat that he’d had the forethought to bring off the pile of luggage. “But what about Theo? How is he doing? Will I get to meet him soon?”
Jack laughed at my list of questions as he opened the door to the car for Chris to put the seat in.
“He’s great. Honestly, he’s the best. He’s learning so fast and talking so much now.” 
The pride in his voice reminded me of Chris whenever he spoke about Grayson and I couldn’t hold back the grin that slid onto my face. It hadn’t been an easy road for Jack and my sister-in-law to have a baby and I was so happy for them that they finally had the child they’d always wanted.
“I’m so excited to meet him. Will he be around tomorrow?”
“Yeah, definitely. I have a meeting I can’t miss first thing in the morning, but Andrea said she would head over to Mom and Dad’s to help keep an eye on Mom and help get things organized for when Dad comes home.”
“Perfect,” I smiled. “It’ll be nice to see her too.”
I passed Grayson over to Chris and he stirred slightly from being jostled once again. Knowing it would be disastrous for his sleep pattern if he woke up now, Chris rocked him gently for a moment until he settled and nuzzled his face into Chris’ shoulder. Very gently, Chris lowered him into the seat and buckled him in before brushing the hair out of his face and soothing him until he had relaxed again.
“He’s a sound sleeper,” Jack observed as he headed towards the driver’s side door.
“Not always,” I smiled, getting in the passenger side as Chris went to climb in the backseat with Grayson. “I think he’s just exhausted from the busy day we’ve had.”
“He was so excited about seeing you,” Chris chimed in. “All we heard all day was ‘does Uncle Jack like dinosaurs? Will Uncle Jack want to play with me? Is Uncle Jack funny?’.”
“I hope you warned him that Uncle Jack isn’t just funny, he’s hilarious,” Jack grinned as he pulled away from the curb. “But I’m excited to hang out with him too. It’s been weird not being able to visit at all and see him grow up.”
“Imagine how I feel,” I huffed. “I missed the entire baby stage of Theo’s life.”
“Consider yourself lucky. He was a tough baby.”
“They’re all tough,” I insisted. “I’m sure he was no worse than any other baby.”
“I dunno about that,” Jack laughed. “He has quite the knack for temper tantrums and he has a shockingly impressive stamina when it comes to screeching when he doesn’t get his way.”
I smiled, having heard stories about my nephew’s flare for the dramatics, but as Chris and Jack started swapping stories of their nightmare dad moments, I turned my attention to the view out the window. I had been very happy to leave Los Angeles when I moved to Massachusetts and I never regretted making that move, but seeing the familiar sights as we headed onto the highway had me realizing how much I’d missed it and how happy I was to be back.
Walking down the hallway of the hospital, my stomach was twisting into knots. I hated hospitals and knowing why I was there made it even worse. Jack had tried to prepare me as I was getting out of the car - he explained that it might be uncomfortable to see our dad in his current state - but as I pushed open the door to his room, I was shocked. 
My dad had always been a large man as he was over six feet tall and very broad shouldered. He was usually quite an intimidating presence - despite the fact that he was a very friendly and kind man - but now he was the opposite. Lying in his hospital bed, hooked up to several different machines, he looked small and frail and the sight immediately brought tears to my eyes.
He appeared to be sound asleep as I crept into the room, but the closer I got, the worse he seemed to look and a quiet sob fell from my lips.
Our relationship had never been easy. We were very different in a lot of ways and we butted heads a lot when I was growing up. I knew he cared for me, but the way he chose to show it - like insisting I go to university for something I had no interest in just so I’d have a steady job and decent income - didn’t always sit well with me and I’d never been scared to push back when I disagreed. When I’d dropped out of university, the strain between us had been at an all time high and, as I told Chris the first night we met, he seemed to be perpetually exasperated by me. I shrugged it off and pretended that I didn’t care, but it did always weigh on me that we weren’t as close as I would have liked.
And that was the first thought that crossed my mind when I heard the words ‘heart attack’ come from my brother’s mouth earlier that day - that I’d missed my chance. That I’d procrastinated and taken time for granted and would never get the opportunity to try and repair our fragile relationship. It was a thought that devastated me more than I would have expected and as soon as I knew that he was going to pull through, I knew that I needed to finally put the effort in and try to make amends.
“I’m so sorry,” I choked out, sharing my thoughts out loud as I sat in the chair next to the bed and reached out to take his hand. “I know that I was difficult and I never listened to you. I know you had high hopes for me to have a good degree to fall back on and I know you never understood most of the choices I’ve made in my life, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I ever let you down and that I’ve been such a disappointment for you.”
“I’m gonna have to stop you right there,” My dad’s croaky voice piped up as his eyes fluttered open. “You are absolutely not a disappointment.”
I smiled through the tears in my eyes, feeling relief flood through me at the sound of his voice.
“You’re awake!”
“Of course, I am. You weren’t talking all that quietly,” he teased me. “I was just asleep, monkey. I wasn’t in a coma.”
Monkey. My heart clenched at the sound of the name he always used to call me when I was a child and I felt a few more tears slip down my cheeks and soak into the top of the mask I was required to wear.
“I’m so glad you’re okay,” I sniffled. “I was so worried when Jack called me.”
“Oh, I’m fine,” he assured me. “It’ll take more than something like this to get rid of me, but anyway, why on earth do you think you’re a disappointment?”
Now that he was awake, I didn’t want to stress him out by having such a serious conversation so I kept my answer as to the point as I could.
“Because I dropped out of university and got knocked up by a man that I wasn’t even dating?”
“Oh, please,” he rolled his eyes. “You might not have been dating, but we all knew you were madly in love with the guy even back then.”
I wrinkled my nose at that observation.
“Even you knew?”
“Everyone knew,” he insisted. “But aside from that, all it did was make me more proud of you. You moved across the country, away from all your friends and family, to give my grandson as much stability as you could. You sacrificed your own comfort and security for Grayson before he was even born and you amaze me constantly with what an incredible mother you are. You’re not a disappointment for ending up in that situation, it made me even more proud of you than I already was.”
“Thanks, Dad,” I choked out and he squeezed my hand while I took a moment to try and resist the urge to collapse into sobs. “That really means a lot.”
“Well, I’m sorry I haven’t said it before. Can’t have you living your life thinking that I’m disappointed in you. Not when I’m so proud and love you so much.”
“I love you too, Dad,” I smiled, using my free hand to wipe my eyes. “Wow, they must have you on some good painkillers. It’s making you soft.”
“Yeah, let’s blame that,” he chuckled. “Just don’t tell your mom and brother or they’ll want a deathbed heart to heart as well.”
“You’re not on your deathbed, don’t say that,” I scolded as I snorted out a laugh. “But while we’re on that topic, how are you feeling?”
“I feel fine. I wanted to go home today, but they insisted that I stay overnight,” he huffed. “It’s all a lot of fuss over nothing.”
“You had a heart attack,” I reminded him. “That’s not nothing.”
He scowled and looked down, clearly not impressed with the situation.
“Yeah, yeah, so everyone keeps reminding me.”
I smiled at his stubbornness and couldn’t help, but roll my eyes.
“Don’t sulk. I hear you get to leave tomorrow.”
“Hopefully,” he sighed before forcing a smile back onto his face. “I’ve got to get out of here so I can see your little monster.”
“He’s very excited to see you,” I assured him. “I think he made you about eight get well cards today while Chris and I were packing.”
“That’s very kind of him,” my dad grinned. “He’s a good kid.”
“He is,” I agreed. “He really is just very nice. He hates it when anyone is sad and does his best to make them feel better.”
“You’ve raised him well.”
“I dunno,” I shrugged. “I think some of it is just personality.”
“Well, surely you can take some credit for that as well.”
“Can I?” I smiled. “Do you take credit for my personality?”
“Some of it,” he admitted. “At least the good parts. Your mom is to blame for your attitude problem.”
I laughed at that claim, knowing that most people would agree that my attitude was definitely from him.
“Sure, Dad, you keep telling yourself that.”
We chatted for a bit longer as he asked about our flight over and how life in Massachusetts was going until a nurse knocked on the door and poked her head in the room.
“Sorry to interrupt, but visiting hours are over in about ten minutes.”
“Okay, thanks for letting me know,” I smiled at her before turning my attention back to my dad. “I should let you get some sleep anyway so you can be all rested up for tomorrow and make sure they let you go home.”
“If they don’t, you’ll have to come and bust me out.”
“I’ll get Chris on it,” I laughed. “He can use his Hollywood charm to sway the nurses.”
“Perfect,” my dad grinned, squeezing my hand again as I stood up. “Thanks for coming, monkey.”
“Of course. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
It was hard to leave him there by himself. After seeing him and speaking to him, I knew he was doing okay, but it was hard to say goodbye and leave him all alone. With one last wave, I made myself walk out the door and headed out the front exit of the hospital. I sent off a quick text to Jack to let him know that I was ready to be picked up, but he must have already been on his way as he appeared a few short minutes later.
The ride home was mostly quiet. Considering it was almost three in the morning for my body when the time difference was taken into account, I was exhausted and ready for bed. Jack dropped me off with a quick goodbye and a ‘see you tomorrow’ and I dragged myself into the house.
I assumed that everyone would be in bed already, but the kitchen light was on so I went to investigate only to find my mom sitting at the table with a cup of tea. She looked as exhausted as I was, but the sight of her made my heart swell.
“Hey, mom,” I announced my presence, her head shooting up at the sound of my voice. “How are you doing?”
With impressive speed for someone who looked ready to fall asleep any minute, my mom leapt out of her chair and dashed across the room to pull me into her arms.
“Oh, Whitney, I missed you!”
“I missed you too,” I smiled, squeezing her tightly. “I wish it was for a better reason, but I’m so glad to be back.”
“I’m glad you’re back too,” she agreed, reluctantly letting go of me. “How’s your dad doing? Is he less cranky than he was when I left earlier?”
“He was still pretty cranky,” I admitted. “But he’s alright. We had a good talk. Hopefully they’ll let him come home tomorrow though or I’m guessing he’ll get pretty unbearable.”
“He’s unbearable already,” she rolled her eyes. “He was furious that I wouldn’t insist the doctors let him leave an hour after he’d woken up from his surgery.”
I laughed, not at all surprised by that information.
“I don’t blame him, hospitals are pretty bleak,” I sympathized. “But even sending him home tomorrow seems really soon after the surgery he had.”
“They don’t like to keep people in these days,” she sighed. “With this virus still going around, I guess they need the beds and it’s probably safer for him to be here anyway. I’d hate for him to be exposed to it while he’s recovering.”
“That’s true,” I nodded before letting a yawn slip out. “Where’s Chris?”
“He’s fast asleep upstairs in your old bed with Grayson,” she informed me, the look on her face making it clear that she found that very endearing. “He said he didn’t want him to wake up tomorrow morning all alone in a strange bedroom. He’s a good dad.”
It was a very sweet thing for Chris to worry about and something that I hadn’t even thought of through all the chaos of the evening.
“He is,” I agreed. “He’s the best. Grayson absolutely adores him.”
“You picked a good one,” she smiled. “I’m happy for you.”
“Thanks. I’m excited for you guys to get to know him a bit better.”
“We’re excited too,” she assured me. “But for now, you need to get yourself to bed. It’s been a long day, it’s very late and you look exhausted.”
“I am,” I admitted. “I’ll see you in the morning?”
“Of course,” she smiled, taking her mug to the sink. “Goodnight, Whitney.”
“Goodnight, Mom.”
I headed out of the kitchen and down the familiar hallway to the stairs. My parents had lived in this house since I was ten years old and it was always a comforting place to come back to for me. My childhood bedroom had been turned into a guest room - as had Jack’s  - but it was a fairly small room so they’d kept my little twin sized bed. The sight of Chris and Grayson cuddled up in it together when I walked into the room, melted my heart. I didn’t want to disturb them, but I couldn’t resist sneaking over to place a kiss on each of their foreheads before going to Jack’s old bedroom where Chris and I were supposed to be sleeping.​
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planetofawe · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Pretty self explanatory, here are 30 things I think Chris does during sex!
WARNINGS: Smut! [Includes oral and penetrative unprotected sex. Wrap it before you tap it. Spanking and being tied up!] You do not have permission to steal/copy my work! 18+ only, minors dni!
PAIRING: Chris Evans x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. Whilst he’s eating you out, Chris always manages to bring his hands up to hold yours, he then rests them on your stomach to hold you down because he goes hard with devouring you and doesn’t want you squirming away.
2.Chris also holds your hands during missionary, he brings your joined hands up against the pillow as he pounds into your repeatedly, making the intense situation somewhat even more intimate then it already was before.
3. He definitely closes his eyes and hums when his tongue touches your already drenched pussy for the first time that night (yes man has stamina, he can go for round after round)
4. Chris 100% is the type to pull you up and flat against his chest when you’re in doggy just so his hand could trail all over your body. It makes him feel close to you, especially when you rest your head against his shoulder!
5. He likes pinching your nipples and seeing you squirm, especially during foreplay and you could bet he’d have the biggest smirk on his face when he sees the reaction it causes.
6. Chris also likes being in control and watching the effects it has on you (like you squirming and shaking after a particular thrust that hit your g-spot just right)
7. Chris definitely pushes you down flat on the mattress when you’re in doggy, his hand lands at the small of your back when your laying on your stomach so he has more control over his thrusts.
8. He will pretty much fuck you anywhere, got horny whilst shopping? Don’t worry, Chris is already pulling you into the nearest bathroom. In the mood whilst on a drive? Once again, don’t worry because he’s already parking in a dodgy car park so that he could pull you into the backseat to pound the living daylights out of you. In conclusion, he’s always turned on and is always there to help you out.
9. Chris is the type to bite at your shoulders, nibble your ears and suck marks at your neck whenever he’s balls deep inside of you. He likes marking you because after all, you are his territory and he wants everyone to know that.
10. He makes you open your mouth so that he could stick his thumb inside. “Because you won’t shut the fuck up, daddy’s thumb will do the job” Chris growls before he starts to pounds into you.
11. He likes to splay his big, calloused hand on your lower stomach when he’s balls deep inside of you making you gasp and press his hand down further. “Is daddy deep inside of you baby?” “Can you feel me here? In your belly? Speak up brat”
12. Chris likes to throw you over his laps on nights where you’ve been a bad girl so he could spank you. He starts off with rubbing your ass softly before lifting his hand up and slamming it down harshly, making you scream and whine.
13. Chris likes seeing the aftermath of his spanking on you. He definitely licks his lips and kisses you right on the sore spots of your ass, making you flinch because it still stings a little.
14. He’s 100% a dirty talker. He likes expressing how good you’re making him feel and also likes making you speak and communicate how you’re feeling. “So tight around me” “Am I stretching this pretty little pussy out love?”
15. Chris likes it when you tug on his hair, especially when he’s eating you out. You bet he’s be rutting into the mattress so he could receive the sweet pleasure he’s craving whilst you also fall apart under his tongue. You tugging on his hair let’s him know that he’s doing a good job.
16. He definitely gathers your hair and pulls it into a ponytail when you’re sucking him off. His eyes would be hooded but kept on you on your legs infront of him.
17. Sometimes when you’re having some soft sex, probably the sex you have when Chris comes back from filming or something. He drops a pillow/shirt onto the floor for you so you won’t hurt your knees as you suck him off.
18. Chris keeps his hands planted on your ass when you’re riding him, squeezing down and spanking you every so often.
19. He also helps you ride him and sometimes thrusts up into you making your eyes roll back in pleasure and for Chris to grin smugly because he’s doing this to you.
20. Chris always lets you pick out a playlist before sex because he’s not into music like that so when you pick out the dirtiest of songs, Chris is entranced and it turns him on so much knowing his girl listens to music like that.
21. This is a bit of an embarrassing one for Chris because when it was yours and his first time having sex together, he was so nervous that he couldn’t get himself up. But with your help he managed that and showed you the best night of your life.
22. Chris likes taking your tits into his mouth, as soon as he sees them bouncing up and down infront of him when you’re riding him, he’s heading straight to them, licking and sucking just how you like him to.
23. He grips your waist tight, digging his nails into your sides when he’s hitting it from behind. Something about your pussy being so tight and squeezing down hard on him just gets him going.
24. He 100% has a thing for praise, he likes knowing that it’s only him that could make you feel such euphoric things so he loves getting you to tell him how it’s feeling. “Who’s making you feel this good baby?” “Tell me, who is it? Is it daddy?”
25. Definitely gets cocky when he finds your g-spot “I found the spot didn’t I?” He ask, biting down on his lips as he sees you flutter your eyes shut at the feeling.
26. He loves the sight of you underneath him, so most of the times he’s always on top or dominating. He wants to watch you squirming underneath his touch and to see you squirming is his favourite.
27. Chris likes watching his cum dribble out of you, you’re still trying to catch your breath but you lift your head up regardless and see him eyeing your wrecked pussy and it definitely makes you laugh but he doesn’t care as he reaches for your pussy with his thick fingers so he could push the cum back inside of you. He likes having you stuffed and full.
28. He has some nights where it’s strictly for “love making” as he likes to call it, where he dims the lights, brings out some candles, puts some fresh bedsheets on and scatters rose petals on the bed for you.
29. He also has some nights where he’s the exact opposite, where he brings out his ties/ropes, spanks you with his belt or hand, overstimulates you until you can no longer take it and makes sure you don’t cum.
30. Eventhough you have sex quite often, Chris can’t help but fall even more in love with you each time he sees your face when your cumming. You have such an innocent but gravitating look and he never wants to not be able to see that. He loves you and you can definitely tell by the way he touches you.
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bucksfucks · 2 months ago
ooo pls write about sucking chris dick while he watches football
⟶ beer, football, & blowjobs ; chris evans
Tumblr media
WORD COUNT || 646 words
WARNINGS || drinking, messy blowjobs, swearing, finishing in readers mouth, football ???, ruined kink — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
NOTES || ask me if this is my kink and i’ll say yes
 “Can you get me another beer, babe?” Chris calls from the couch, eyes trained on the screen as you mumble back a yeah.
     He had been sat on the couch for some time now, cheering, yelling, and swearing at the men on the screen.
     You loved him, Chris enjoying a football game was nothing out of the ordinary.
     But you had different plans today.
     “Here you are, hun,” you say, standing in front of him as he grabs for the glass bottle with a smile, “thanks, babe.”
     It’s like he’s on autopilot, turning his head, “you’re blockin’ the game, c’mon.” He teases as you playfully roll your eyes and chuckle.
     “You’re obsessed, you know?” You joke, plopping onto the couch behind him.
     He scoffs, shaking his head, “am not.”
     A disgruntled groan comes from him as he takes a sip of the cold beer and throws his head back at the opposing team scoring a…touchdown?
     A touchdown.
     “I could be sucking your dick and you’d still be more focused on your game.”
     That gets his attention.
    A smirk tugs on the edge of his lips, “you offerin’?”
     You feel your stomach jump, leaning forward as he adjusts himself on the couch, cock twitching in his pants.
     “I don’t know, you seem perfectly fine watching the Pats.” You shrug, turning your head to the TV, having no idea what’s going on.
     “Oh c’mon, babe. You can’t jus’ say that,” he groans, reaching for your hand, “feel how hard I am already?”
     You squeeze him through his joggers and he lets out a low groan, eyes fluttering closed for a second.
     “I think s’only fair you finish what you started,” he nearly whines and you crack your neck to the side before sliding onto your knees and between his legs.
     Chris’ eyes are wide, like he doesn’t really believe what’s happening, but he isn’t protesting.
     “Oh fuck,” he whispers to himself, the beer is still between his fingers but he’s gripping it significantly tighter now.
     “What’s the score?” You ask, hands on his upper thighs as you’re massaging them, watching his dick grow in his pants.
     “I don’t care anymore,” he groans, head lolling back as you pull his cock out with his help.
     He hisses when you squeeze him, taking him into your mouth and he’s got nowhere to go as he bucks his hips.
     “Fuckin’ Christ,” he groans, “not goin’ slow today, are ya?”
     Absolutely fucking not.
     With your hands on his thick thighs, you’re making a mess as he tries his best to pay attention to the game before deciding fuck it.
     He’s not holding back anymore, freely moving his hips up into your mouth as you hollow your cheeks.
     You know your makeup is smudged and running, but you also know how much he loves it—seeing the smirk on his face as he sees how ruined you are.
     There’s a whistle on the screen, Chris’ eyes slowly fluttering open before he shakes his head, “fuck, do that again.”
     You twist your hands around him, taking him further as you feel him twitch against your tongue.
     “Gonna make me cum, baby. Fuck gonna make me cum so fuckin’ hard.” He pants, whining almost, as you drink in the sight of him absolutely quivering under you.
     When he cums, his abdomen tenses, so do his thighs as his eyebrows furrow before you feel him shoot down your throat.
     It’s then when he relaxes, mouth falling and a deep, throaty groan echoing through the living room and suddenly the football game doesn’t even exist.
     He pries his eyes open, heavy and tired, but satisfied as he pulls you up.
     “You look almost as ruined as I do, sweetheart,” he purrs, nose brushing yours as you straddle him.
     You lick your lips, giggling as he holds your face in his hands.
     “Now let’s ruin you some more.”
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holdontorogers · a month ago
»» Shut up and Drive, c.e.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠; Chris Evans x fem!Reader
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲; Chris decides to work on his car. You decide you need him.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭; 1,588
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; 18+ ONLY | MINORS DNI, swearing, rpf, semi-public/garage sex, mention of sex toys, pet-names (baby, bunny, honey), oral sex (f), squirting, unprotected sex, praise kink, dirty talk, slight daddy kink, dumbification, breeding kink.
𝐚/𝐧; shameless garage sex bc why not? 😌 sorry for any typos.
Tumblr media
Chris was working at that stupid car for hours now. It wasn’t fair.
He had his hair grown out for some movie, he had the whole weekend to be at home, and he decided to work on that fucking car.
You were a needy little baby right now? Absolutely.
But being in a relationship with Christopher Robert Evans entailed having desperate moments when all you wanted was him.
But you weren’t alone in this feeling.
You knew exactly what to do to get Chris to pay attention to you — an evil idea to get you what you wanted.
“Babe?” you mumbled, nonchalantly, as you arrived at the garage.
You were in your tank tops and shorts, the lack of a bra allowing your nipples to show through the fabric.
“Yeah?” Chris didn’t even looked up at you, whistling and bend over the front of his car, too focused on his job.
“Where do you keep those little batteries?” you asked, sitting on the opposite side of his car.
“I don’t know, honey” he continued to not look at you.
“Why do you need batteries?” you rolled your eyes, leaning your body a little and placing your hands on the car, stretching your body.
“My vibrator died,” your voice was still an innocent tone, as if you were talking about the weather.
That made Chris throw away the screwdriver and look up at you as fast as he could.
“Your what?” he tried to straighten himself, finally watching you and seeing you nearly laying down on his car.
Chris gulped, finally hypnotized by all your movements.
“I need batteries for my vibrator, you know?” you raised a brow at him.
“I know you’re working on your car so I thought I’d just take care of myself” something snapped in him as you said that.
Chris walked towards you as he ran his tongue on his lips, rubbing his hands together as he taught about all the ways he’d be much better than your toy.
His breath got stuck on his throat as he saw how little your shorts hid, and how desperate your breasts were for some attention.
Chris understands it all now.
The innocent act, the clothes leaving nothing to imagination.
His pupils took away nearly all the blue in his eyes, as he stopped in front of you.
You flattered your eyelashes at him, still acting like you just needed your batteries.
“Oh honey” Chris ran his hands through your face, his voice suddenly an octave lower.
“I can take care of you much better than that vibrator of yours” his voice made your core ache.
Goosebumps going down your body as you tried your best to ignore the pool of arousal staining your underwear.
“But you’re working on your car” you mewled, pouting at him. That made Chris’ dick throb, already forming a bulge in his pants.
“I don’t wanna bother you, daddy” you knew what happened when you called him that.
Chris couldn’t control himself.
He grabbed your ass and pulled you almost all the way out of the back of his car, your feet touching the floor.
“You never bother me, bunny” Chris rubbed his hand across your face, you bit your bottom lip as you leaned towards his touch.
You couldn’t help the soft moan that left your lips, your hips bucking at his direction as you could feel his warm breath creeping under your skin.
Chris smelled like car products and mint, a weird yet irresistible combination that could only fit him.
“Oh, bunny” Chris purred, “I didn’t know you were this needy”.
Cocking his head to the side, his large hand caressed your mound through the fabric of your short, a strangled whine was your answer.
“Seems like you need daddy more than you are letting show” he cooed, removing your shorts and panties in one move.
“Now see, bunny?” he rose your panties at you, his cock twitching as he saw you were dripping.
“This is how much you need me, isn’t it?” you pouted again, nodding.
“You know I like hearing your words” it was a soft warm, but a warning nonetheless.
“I need you so much” you managed to say, shuddered as you tried to maintain a steady breath.
“Don’t worry” Chris’ hands ran down your body as he sank to his knees.
“Gonna have you throwing that stupid toy away when I’m done with ya” he promised, sinking his face between your legs.
You gasped at the feeling, wondering which lucky star allowed you to have Chris, on his knees, face buried in your pussy.
His tongue swirled around your clit, his fingers parting your lips so he wouldn’t leave anywhere unattended.
You could feel the beard scratching your thighs, moans and whimpers leaving your mouth as you tugged on his hair.
You loved this new hairstyle, you could pull and grab and have him as close as possible to where you needed him most.
“Tasting so good for me, bunny” Chris growled, “your cunt feels like heaven” you loved when he got lost in the feeling just by pleasuring you.
Chris knew all your favorite spots, he knew exactly what you needed his tongue to do, and he did not hesitate in giving it to you.
His fingers traced down your inner thigh before he pushed two inside your needy hole.
You gasped and jerked your hips down as he curved his fingers and pounding into your sweet spot.
You could feel the coil in your stomach beginning to form, you arched your head back as Chris sucked and circled your clit with his tongue, his fingers increasing the pace.
“Gonna squirt for me, bunny?” Chris mumbled, “gonna have your juices all over me so you’re all I think about?” you managed to cry out a yes back.
You were so close, whinnying, whimpering and moaning as you could only say Chris’ name.
It hit you. White, hot sparkles of pleasure inundated your body, your juices making a mess of Chris’ beard, as he enjoyed the blissful state you were at.
You were in a hazy state, head dizzy as you recovered from your orgasm.
Chris’ lips met yours, as you tasted yourself on his mouth, his beard scratching your face, reminding you of the beard burn you’d feel all night, making you smile in the kiss.
Chris lowered your shirt, freeing your boobs. He squeezed one of them and played with the other, pinching and rubbing your nipple.
You moaned into his mouth, he grabbed your ass and grind his hips into yours, his cock poking your entrance.
You could feel the precum, his hard cock begging for attention.
Chris pressed your back on his car, laying you down. He pulled you by your feet, adjusting his length to slam into your desperate hole.
The contact as he sank into you made you both moan, Chris started to groan as he lowered himself to kiss you again, this time his lips traveled through your body.
He started to lick and suck on your tit, his hand playing with the other one as he started his movements.
He set an agonizingly slow rhythm, savoring every moment.
Your head was fuzzy and you felt hot. Your body was responsive to his every touch, a flame igniting every time he’d slam his hips into yours.
“Feels so good honey” he groaned, “fuck, can feel how tight your pussy is” he was breathless, barely finishing the sentence.
“Faster” you cried out, and Chris gave you exactly what you needed.
“My dumb baby, so greedy, uh?” he mocked, “can’t have my cock going slow, need me to stretch you and have you all to myself” he found balance in the car, hovering over your body so he’d go deeper.
“ I’ll fucking you stupid, bunny” he pounded faster and faster into you, “gonna have you screaming for the entire neighborhood to know who’s my dumb baby” he blubbered.
You could only whimper in response, your legs hugging his waist and this slightly new position making you arch your back and roll your eyes — you were in another state of heaven.
“Cum for me, bunny” Chris whispered, his lips on your ears, sending shrives down your spine. “Show me how much you wanna milk my cock” his words erupted an animalistic desire inside you.
Your orgasm came stronger than ever, washing all over you and making you grip on Chris’ body for heavens sake as he prolonged your high.
You were fuzzy, completely flushed and fucked out. Chris continue his fast thrusts, chasing his own release. His hands falling back as he could feel his own orgasm coming.
“Gonna have you dripping with my cum” he managed to groan out, “make you remember how good I can make you feel, all stuff with me”, you moaned in response, pulling his hair and dragging his face to yours.
You were kissing as spills of his seed filled you up, warmth spreading in your body as you felt as complete as you never thought you could be.
Chris pressed his forehead to yours, running his fingers through your hair as you both recovered your breaths.
“Think I’ll finish the car tomorrow” he said, removing you from your trance and back into your much better reality.
“Still feel like I need to show you how much you don’t need that useless toy” he smirked and picked you up.
You knew it was going to be a long night, filled with hot sweaty bodies colliding and completely ruining each other.
You couldn’t wait.
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
Hi babe!
Okay hear me out:
You and Seb in the audience of a televised award show and he’s fingering you
Chris taking you home to MA and fucking you in the bathroom with his Big Boston family next door 😂
Tumblr media
Oof let's imagine. Minors DNI. NSFW.
You were looking at his embarrassing childhood photos when Chris texted you.
Upstairs bathroom. Now. 🍆
Naturally you ignored him because there's no way you're going to have sex in his parents home. No. Way.
It's not your fault he's horny.
I need a taste. Been thinking about fucking you all damn day.
You glance up and damn it he's staring at you. Mouthing please darlin, his bottom lip rolling between his teeth as he furrows his brow.
Shaking your head, you look away trying to ignore how wet you are. Another message. Your brows shoot up when his pretty cock flashes across your screen.
"Better be quiet Darlin, can't let them hear you begging for cock. You want my folks to know what a greedy cockdrunk slut you are?" He taunts, thrusting so deep into your pussy, you swear you feel him in your chest.
"Fuck you, Christo-"
Chris takes a deep whiff of your panties, mumbling so good under his breath. He shoves them into your mouth and hooks his arm under your leg spreading you wider.
Chris has you naked in his bathroom, fucked out and wrecked while he's still dressed in his soft red flannel and jeans. He had pulled you into the small room, his cock fisted in his hand before you could turn around him. His aching cock was in you the second he took your panties off.
That was 20 minutes ago.
He's not even close to being done with you. He pulls you closer until you feel his cold metal chain on your back.
Chris warned you he was going to punish you for telling him no. He's not concerned about being caught, no you have to learn your lesson.
His languid thrusts had you begging and now he's sliding out slowly, inch by thick inch making you feel every ridge until you're empty and clenching around nothing. Please Chris, please
You hear talking right outside the door and your stomach knots in anticipation and fear. The doorknob jiggles as his brother calls out his name.
Chris's plump lips curve into a smirk and your eyes widen. He hoists your leg up even higher and you feel his cock pushing back into you. He pulls your head back, his mouth brushing over your ear. "Did I lock the door?" His teasing tone sets you on edge. Please, please
The doorknob jiggles again. You don't care. Please, Chris.
And his hips snap so hard into yours, you grunt from the impact, his cock stretching you so fast and deep, your slick walls spasm and flutter uncontrollably. Fuckfuckfuck, your screams muffled by your panties and his large hand covering your mouth.
"I'm going fill your sweet little cunt up until you can't take anymore." He says softly, angling his cock just right. "Then you're going to walk out of here and eat dinner with my cum in you."
Oh fuck, he's going to make you sit in your cum filled panties while you sit across from his mother.
His hands wrap around your throat as his strokes deepen until he's fucking you so good, you swear you see stars.
"And if you're good I'll eat every last drop out of you before dessert."
And i-
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White Bread
Chris Evans x Actress!Reader Summary: Literally all the evidence suggests you and Chris are together, just give up. "No (:" -you Word Count: 2k+ Warnings: Fluff, i still used Y/N grrrrrrrrr, actress au, crack fic lol, etc.
A/N: So this is kind of like a part 2 to 'Dude She's Just Not Into You' but not really cos you dont need the context of the first one for this ALSO this is not a series, I just felt there was still inspiration from the last fic so like I'm making another one!!! Here's a p3 i guess lol
Tumblr media
I raise a hand and shake my head, "okay, let's get one thing straight. I do not call Chris white bread because of what you may think."
Chris bursts into laughter. The interviewer in front of us chuckles and motions that I continue. I shift in my seat, "one day-"
"Oh my gosh," Chris sighs, knowing where it was going.
"I was eating a sandwich with chocolate spread--"
"It was one time!" he says, pitch rising.
I snap at him, "one time is all it takes, white bread."
"Dear goodness, I regret it everyday."
"You better," I raise my brows, "anyway, he took the sandwich from my hand and ate it in front of me."
"I gave it back! It was a joke."
I scoff and cross my arms, "oh, okay, so I'm just a joke to you?"
Chris sighs and shakes his head, "mom, I wanna go home."
"Well too darn bad!"
@cornspice: okay hear me out. if water is a liquid but can turn into solid and gas, chris evans and y/f/n HAVE to be dating @chrisevansdailykrr: Chris and Y/N where spotted walking holding hands. [image attatched] @y/f/nsource: [replying to @chrisevansdailykrr] yes but y/n be doing that to everyone rip @y/ny/nily: [replying to @y/f/nsource] sadly yes, bruv aint special 💔 @marrymeplzy/n: IM GOING FERAL @ChrisEvans JUST WENT ON A DATE WITH Y/N IN A PARK HOLDING HANDS N SAME COLORED TOPS F- @marvelsloot: Okay. So. Chris. And. Y/N. Are. Just. Randomly. Saying. They. Are. Dating. ?. What. About. My. Mental. Health. ? @muricasass: [replying to @marvelsloot] LITERALLY THEY JUST SAY FINE WERE DATING UH WHAT MAAM @buckysthiqthighs: [replying to @marvelsloot] IT HURTS CAUSE I CANT TELL IF THEYRE SARCASTIC OR NOT @wankanda4evah: [replying to @buckysthiqthighs] This is what we get for stanning sarcastic actors 😭
5 minute TMZ video of paparazzi following Chris and Y/N captioned: "We're just friends," yeah right.
One of the guys in the TMZ office explains to their boss, "we found Chris Evans and Y/F/N walking around," the room gets excited, the dude does jazz hands and makes a face, "holding hands, eating ice cream, y'know things friends would do."
One of the girls sat down looks to that man who was speaking, "that's a lot of bullshit."
"Right?" one chimes in.
Another points out, "they even confirmed they were dating in one interview--"
Cut to the narrator explaining that "they're so darn sarcastic, it's hard to say if they were serious or not."
Back to one of the girls, "I think they're actually dating and sarcastically confirmed it to throw people off."
There is a unison of agreement.
Then flashes the actual clip of Chris and Y/N walking around and the TMZ paps meeting them halfway.
The scene is set in a park. I was wearing a cute little baby blue sundress and Chris was looking like a trust fund college frat dude in his khakis. There's an ice cream stand nearby.
"How you guys doing?" one of the paps ask, meriting no response.
The grip I had on Chris' hand tightens as I tug on him. He turns to me and I give him a soft smile, which is honestly more like showing him my teeth, "I wan' ice cream."
"Ice cream?" he repeats then say, "okay."
I break into a smile and do a small hop because of this.
Cut back to the guy in the office, explaining, "when I tell you Y/N is so darn adorable--"
"Yeah, she is."
"--how could he not date her?"
"For real, mans was whipped for her."
Back to the ice cream truck.
I turn to Chris, "I want vanilla."
He does not reply and only pulls out his wallet. He then turns to me and gruffs, "tell that to the guy sellin' the ice cream, doll."
I turn to the said man and raise a finger, "one vanilla, and..." I turn to Chris and ask, "strawberry for you?"
He nods.
The paparazzi asks, "do you two do this often?"
We ignore it but I decide to answer when he clarifies with, "buy ice cream and hold hands?"
I turn to the guy, "if we were friends, I'd do it with you to."
Chris chuckles.
The one holding the camera then asks, "aye, I'm free on Friday, I'm down to chill."
No one gets to answer him because the ice cream man asks for a picture.
20+ mins of Y/F/N talking about her domestic life with Chris Evans
There's an intro of the video:
Hello. I have compiled some of the moments where y/n and chris just weren't slick and basically exposed themselves to the world. Is it far fetched, maybe, but look at this photo [image of Chris looking at each other in the middle of a press photo op] and look me dead in the eye and tell me im wrong oh wait you cant bitch
Chris and I are sitting next to each other. The interviewer asks, "when you're not working, how do you two unwind."
I think for a moment, "I loosen the screws in his head, then I probably make pancakes."
Chris suddenly comes to life, "oh, she makes good pancakes."
---CUT TO---
A clip of one of my solo interviews.
I am read one of the questions, "what is your happy place?"
My eyes widen and I sigh, "dang, that's like a really deep question." I cross my arms and shake my head, "y'know, I'm not going to waste everyone's time trying to answer this properly, so I'm just going to answer the first thing that popped in my head, which is defeating America's favorite white bread in Uno, multiple times."
*A harsh zoom onto y/n's face*
---CUT TO---
It was a long interview and basically it lead to Chris and I talking about ideal types.
"I dunno, I don't really have a type," I say shrugging, then crossing my arms.
Chris purses his lips and nods, "no, I think you have a type."
I turn to him, mildly shocked, "I have a type?"
Chris begins to laugh.
"No, for real, I'm asking. I have no idea if I have a type," I say, which makes him roll his eyes and shake his head. I begin to think, "I- gosh- you know, I watched this thing where they said humans are naturally narcissistic and will go for someone that looks like them, then there was another thing that said, like, if you're attracted to guys, you usually base your standards of your dad and vice versa. I mean, I'm sure this doesn't apply to everyone, but I will say I think guys that are, like, good with kids, patient, and reliable are definitely guys I could categorize as my type. Plus, I am kind of like the mom friend, so..."
Chris turns to me then mutters, "just say you're into dads."
I turn to him, shocked, then burst out, "I COULD SAY THE SAME THING ABOUT YOU!"
"Oh, but you're a big mama's boy."
He nods and whispers softly, "I am a big mama's boy."
I make a face, "too bad your mom likes me better than you now."
"She would leave you in the desert for me."
"Noooooo she would nooooooottttt."
---CUT TO---
A puppy interview.
I turn to the crew on set and coo at the puppies running up to me and being all adorable. "You if Chris were here, he'd cry, spontaneously combust then just cease."
I make kissy faces to the dogs, "he might also try to steal all of them and I would help."
@mackiesbootie: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. SCOTT JUST POSTED A VIDEO OF CHRIS AND Y/N DANCING WITH THE EVANS NIECES AND NEPHEWS-- @mackiesbootie: YALL SERIOUSLY CANT MAKE ME BELIEVE THEYRE NOT MARRIED AT THIS POINT WTF @chrisevansdailykrr: BITCH [image attatched] @hailhydrax: [replying to @chrisevansdailykrr] @ChrisEvans and Y/N you broke @chrisevansdailykrr, are you satisfied? @Wandas2020vision: [replying to @chrisevansdailykrr] issa mood im dying 👨‍🚀💀 @teaspillzislyf: Chris Evans & Y/F/N are full of shit: a thread @y/ncutebooty: What she says: I'm okay What she means: Chris and Y/N are clearly dating and the only reason why they haven't officially confirmed it is because-- @steverogerswife: yall keep talking sh but just remember y/n has a private account somewhere on twt @poeticb00bs: the fact that y/n knows hers and chris's niche memes is actually kinda scary @steverogerswife: [replying to @poeticb00bs] Evans-Y/L/N is real. Y/N has a private twt. Next question
The said post by scott evans on instagram that made the internet have a meltdown
The caption:
Dont let their size fool you. @ChrisEvans and y/n are about the same age of my nieces and nephews 😂😂
The video is about only 1 minute long. Chris and I were sitting on the carpet in the middle of the Evan's living room. The TV was playing a Barney song but when a kid-favorite started playing, the young ones stood up and starting belting out. This clearly called for a dance break as well.
I picked up Chris' niece and spun her around while we danced. She began to giggle. It was everything
Chris and the other kids began to rip up the dance floor.
And for a moment, Chris and I turn to each other, sharing a laugh. There was nothing said, nothing to say, but still we had a warm, knowing look between us.
Scott, who was filming the whole thing made a, 'oop', sound then ended the video.
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violetlilysunshine · 8 days ago
After the Fourth - 18+
Dad Chris Evans x Female Mom Reader
Summary: After having your fourth baby, you haven’t really been in the mood, but Chris is sure to help with that.
WC: 3,713
Warnings: oral (f receiving), fingering, beard kink/burn, unprotected sex (p in v), talk of children (obvi), pet names (sugar, tiger, darlin’, babe, baby, bub, love, beautiful), multiple orgasms (f receiving), talk of pain (post baby stretch), reassuring Chris, tiniest praise kink, little bit of teasing - let me know if I missed any :)
A/N: I know I should be writing my requests but I wrote this during our Tumblr strike and I couldn’t access my inbox, other requests coming, lovelies!
if your name is marked out in the taglist, it wouldn’t let me tag you! Check your privacy settings!
If you are choosing to continue reading below, you are saying that you are 18 years of age or older and therefore are consuming this content at your own risk. Warnings are listed above, so you can consume what you are comfortable with of course. If I find out that you are a minor consuming my 18+ content, you will be blocked and reported.
You had yours and Chris’ fourth child six months ago: a third baby girl, bubbly and energetic as all hell. She definitely kept the both of you, and your three other children, on your toes.
You and Chris were usually very active in the bedroom, but since having this baby, you haven’t been interested at all. You were totally healed and feeling fine, but you just haven’t been in the mood yet. After the first three, you were more than ready to jump back in the sack as soon as you could, but not with this time around; you’ve been attributing it to your matured age and just the stress of adding a fourth child to take care of.
After the first three, Chris was very patient with waiting for you to initiate things; he knew you had to be in pain and he didn’t want to push you into anything. Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait very long. This time however, he’s starting to get desperate. Every little thing that you do turns him on. Whether it be cooking, or cleaning up toys, or shuffling around your children, he can’t stop thinking about what else you could be doing. He could bend you over the counter, or take you right there on the living room carpet, or you could be riding him in the backseat of the car: all things you’ve done in the past, but now can’t with the kids.
Tonight, his thoughts were no different. He watched you put the baby down gently, before trailing back to the movie you’re watching with the three older kids. His member is so hard and straining against his jeans under the blanket; he’s trying to think of anything else, but the idea of you consumes him. When you decide to rest your legs across his lap, your calf just barely brushing against his length, he almost loses it. The credits start to roll a few minutes later, thank god, he thinks to himself.
“Alright, off to bed kiddos,” you call, taking out the DVD and turning off the television.
“But can’t we watch another?” your oldest asks, looking at Chris instead of you, knowing he’s more likely to give in.
He chuckles at her puppy dog eyes, “no munchkin, mom said off to bed.”
“Pleaseeeeeeee?” your boy pipes in, trying so hard to get his dad to cave.
“Nope,” Chris answers quickly, “if you’re really good this week, we can watch two next weekend,” he promises.
“Okay dad!” they call, jumping up to race up to bed.
You follow your girls into their room, tucking them in, while Chris does the same with your son.
Once they’re in bed, you meet Chris in the hallway. He’s quick to pull you into him by your hips, planting a long deep kiss on your lips. His tongue snakes out, pushing between your lips and caressing yours gently. His hands snake down, settling into the pockets of your jeans and squeeze your butt harshly.
You laugh against his lips, “what on Earth has gotten into you?”
“Mmm,” he answers, still pressing your lips together, “can’t stop thinkin’ about you is all, sugar.”
“That’s a new one,” you laugh at the pet name, pulling your neck back to look in his eyes.
You know that glint; you’ve seen it a million times before. In fact, that glint has directly contributed to the four kids you just put to bed.
“Easy, tiger,” you whisper as he begins to rock his hips into you.
He groans, dropping his head to your neck and kissing up the side of it. You let him have a second, knowing it’s been forever since the two of you have done anything and he must be pretty desperate. He sucks on your sweet spot for just a second, arms holding you tight to him and teeth just beginning to graze against your skin. You hum for just a second before pulling away and stepping out of his grasp.
He whines at the loss of contact, thinking he probably won’t get what he needs tonight; he’ll just have to finish himself in the shower again.
“Gotta take Dodger out,” you whisper to him, starting to pad down the hall, “can you turn off the lights downstairs?” you ask gently.
“Sure, darlin’,” he answers, the corners of his mouth still turned down.
He follows you downstairs, still focused on getting off, but more than okay helping you, his little friend would have to wait.
He turns off all the lights downstairs, clearing away a few toys in the playroom while he’s at it, and meets you in the living room. He presses a small kiss to your temple while you stand at the back door watching Dodger outside, “I’m gonna head up,” he says.
“Okay, I’ll be up after this,” you smile at him.
He gives you a small smile back before heading upstairs. He sits on the end of the bed, letting his back fall against the mattress and heaving out a breath. He runs his hands over his face waiting for you. He needs you: to kiss you, to treasure you, to make you cum so hard you scream.
You let Dodger back in, giving him a treat and turning off the living room light that Chris had left on for you. You pad up the staircase to your room, finding Chris with his hands over his face. You start to move the throw pillows off the bed, carelessly tossing them on the chair in the corner.
Chris takes note of your presence, sitting up abruptly and facing right at you.
“Babe,” he calls, “can we have sex?”
You laugh at his abruptness. You don’t know what to say in response, instead just looking at him softly.
He scoots over to where you’re standing, trapping your form between his legs and resting his hands on your hips. He presses a few light kisses to your tummy before speaking.
“I like to let you lead after having a baby and I never want to pressure you, but please baby, wanna be inside you, wanna treat you, wanna love you...” he trails off, pressing gentle kisses to your chest.
You wrap your arms around his neck, twirling his hair around your fingers. You lean down, pressing a sweet kiss to his lips.
“Are you feeling healed?” he asks against your lips, wondering if that’s why you weren’t starting anything, “I never want to hurt you, darlin’, just wanna know what’s goin’ on.”
You breathe out against him, “I’m healed, bub,” you answer gently, “just haven’t been in the mood yet. I think I’m stressed with all these kids,” you chuckle, “lot’s going on, ya know?”
“Yeah, I get it,” he answers, pecking you sweetly, “but let’s relieve some tension, yeah?”
There’s that damn glint again.
You chuckle against his lips, letting him pull you forward on top of him as he lays back down. You sigh, opening your mouth to let his tongue in once again. He’s quick to take your hint, relishing in your taste.
He slowly pulled you up his body, hugging you tightly. You brought your legs up to either side of his hips. Your arms stayed locked behind his neck, tugging his hair gently. You hummed into each other’s mouths.
He soon pushed the two of you up and over, laying you on your back as he started to kiss down your body. He pressed open mouth kisses, trailing from your neck, across your collarbone, between the valley of your breasts, over your tummy, and settling just above the waistband of your jeans. 
“This okay?” he asked gently before continuing, his fingers wrapped around the hem of your shirt.
“Mmhm,” you hum with a small smile.
“Words, darlin’,” he encouraged.
“Yes, Chris,” you whispered, a little breathless.
He pushed your shirt up, exposing your tummy to him as he began to kiss your skin, following his pattern back up, but this time with no barrier between the two of you.
He peeled your shirt over your head, sitting back on his knees and taking in this sight of you for a second. He breathed deeply, “so beautiful,” he whispered to himself, making you giggle lightly. You sat up, reaching forward and pulling his shirt off as well. You ran your hands over his chest, feeling the rise and fall of his muscles pulling at his skin.
He chuckled at the feeling, your light touch tickling his chest. You looked up at his face finally, seeing his love for you pour through his eyes. You snaked your hands up and around his neck again, pulling him down for a kiss once more.
He guided you to lay on your back again, still kissing you deeply. He moved his lips south, sucking a harsh red mark into your neck. You moaned at the feeling; you knew you’d have to come up with an excuse tomorrow but you didn't care, guess you burned yourself with the curling iron again, you thought.
He hummed against your skin, feeling your moans vibrate through him. He worked his way down again, reaching around your back to unclasp your bra. He watched your breasts spill from their restraints; not being able to help himself, he pressed a kiss to your soft flesh. He quickly moved down, popping open the button of your jeans; your simple cotton panties came into view.
“Sorry,” you whispered, “wasn’t thinking about this this morning or I would’ve dressed up for the occasion.”
He moaned against you, pressing a kiss just below your belly button, “you never have to dress up for me, darlin’,” he pressed another kiss a little further south, slipping his fingers in the waistband of your panties, “not that it’s not appreciated when you do of course…” he trailed off.
You chuckled at him, sitting up on your elbows to watch him.
He tugged your jeans and panties down your legs, tossing them to the ground when he finally got them off. He quickly wrapped his arms around your thighs, holding you tight and pulling you to the end of the bed. You squealed at the surprise, laughing as he kneeled in front of you.
He smirked up at you, settling between your legs. You locked your ankles behind his back, kicking your socks off, before opening your calves again. He laughed at your actions.
“What?” you giggled, “people who have sex with their socks on are weird!”
That got a good laugh out of him, the rumble of his voice sending vibrations through your center, “whatever you say darlin’.”
You hummed at the vibrations, blinking for an extra second. While your eyes were closed, he quickly dipped his head down, sucking your clit into his mouth. You moaned instantly, your eyes flying open. You laughed at his actions for the shortest second before moaning again.
He dragged his tongue up and down your folds, paying extra attention to your clit. He quickly pulled up his hand, plunging two fingers into your center. You tensed your legs around his neck at the new stimulation. He moaned, feeling your thighs clench around his head. He waited for just a second, watching your face for any signs of discomfort before starting to thrust his fingers. You hummed at the new feeling, your orgasm coming up fast, the coil in your tummy tightening.
Your legs squeezed his face even tighter, his beard digging into your soft skin. He pumped his fingers in and out of you, curling them at the ends to hit you just right. He sucked on your clit like a vacuum, pulling it between his teeth and biting just barely.
He shook his head side to side, rubbing his beard against your skin and you were done for. You clambered over the edge, your release white hot and blazing. Your legs shook around his body; your arms gave out beneath you and you latched your hands on top of his head. You pushed his face further into your core, his nose bumping your clit as you began to thrust on his face gently.
You started coming down, your legs relaxing and breathing slowing. Chris lapped at your core, licking up every drop of your release, before climbing up your body. Your eyes opened slightly, finding his face above you.
He smiled at you fondly before dipping his neck and kissing you once again. You tasted yourself on his lips, his beard wet against your chin. You chuckled into the kiss, bringing both of your hands to the sides of his face. You cupped him gently, stroking your tongue against his.
He began to rock his hips against yours, the texture of his jeans harsh against your overstimulated nub. You hissed, jerking your hips back slightly.
“What is it? Did I hurt you?” he was quick to ask, lifting his hips away from your body.
“No, babe,” you giggled, “just sensitive.” You pulled him to you to peck his lips again.
He sighed in relief against your mouth, pulling back again and shuffling off the end of the bed. He bent down, making a show of taking off his socks and making you giggle, before he dropped his pants and boxers.
He stood at the end of the bed for a second just looking at your naked form. You admired him as well, his member engorged, red, and leaking. He quickly dropped a hand to it, pumping slowly to give himself a bit of relief.
“Well?” you questioned, sitting up on your elbows again, “you gonna come back?”
He chuckled at you, shaking his head a bit before quirking a brow at you, “condom?” he asked so quickly you almost missed it.
“Oh, uh, well,” you stuttered. You hadn't thought about it because the last few times it didn’t matter.
He noticed your hesitation, “I know we haven’t talked about having more…”
“Uh,“ you said again, trying to read his face, “let’s go without?” you questioned him.
“Are you sure? I don’t mind,” he continued, still stroking himself lazily.
“Yeah,” you answered breathily, “I’m not saying ‘let’s have another’ but, uh, if it happens, it happens.”
“So not not trying?” he asked.
“Yeah, not trying but not not trying either,” you giggled.
“Works for me,” he shrugged, climbing on top of you quickly.
He kissed you again, immediately bringing his tongue to yours. You accepted him, pressing back against his face. Your hands settled on his back, gently scratching him with your nails. He moaned at the contact, missing your marks on his skin. Your nails wouldn’t leave behind any evidence tonight, but just the idea of it had his member jerking in his palm.
He sat up, looking down at your center as he guided his cock to you. He rubbed the head through your folds a few times, gathering up your arousal; he made sure to bump your clit repeatedly.
“Chris,” you whined with a laugh, kissing his cheekbones.
“Alright, alright,” he chuckled, blowing air against you.
He covered your mouth with his as he began to push inside of you. You pulled away from his kiss, hissing at the action, sensitive and not as used to the intrusion anymore. He kissed your temple and forehead over and over, still entering you slowly.
“I know, baby, I know,” he soothed, “just a little more, promise. You’re takin’ me so well.”
You willed yourself to relax, it’s just Chris, you thought, you’ve done this a million times. Your thoughts didn’t help much, but enough to take him all the way.
He bottomed out, hip bones settling against yours; he continued to press kisses over your face, whispering sweet praises to you as he did so.
You began to adjust to him again, enjoying the connection; you’d really missed him and this. Your walls relaxed around him slowly, pulling him in deeper.
“God, baby, so tight,” he breathed against your skin.
“Sorry,” you whispered, knowing he wanted to move.
“No no no, feels good,” he chuckled.
“No, I meant sorry it’s taking me a second,” you answered.
“Oh, don’t worry about that,” he mumbled, “love bein’ inside you, want this to take a while anyway,” he winked.
You giggled, your walls contracting and relaxing around him.
“Shh,” he groaned, “stop doin’ that.”
“Sorry,” you giggled again, this time intentionally tightening your walls.
“Oh that’s how you wanna play?” he chuckled.
All you did was giggle and press a kiss to his lips.
He kissed back hungrily, biting your bottom lip and pulling it back a few times before diving in for more. You smiled into the kiss before whispering, ”move, babe.”
He was quick to respond, gently pulling his hips back before knocking into you again. You moaned loudly at the first thrust, squeezing your eyes tight to put all your focus on the feeling.
“You okay?” he breathed, placing a kiss to your temple as he stopped his hips.
“Yeah,” you answered, completely breathless, “I’m okay.”
“Okay,” he breathed, snapping into you once again, “God, I missed you,”
He set a leisurely pace, grinding his hips forward each time he bottomed out to stroke your clit in just the right way. You’d been together for so long that he knew your body like the back of his hand.
He sucked another harsh bruise on the other side of your neck, distracting himself a little bit so he wouldn’t cum right away. You could feel your peak building, but his hips weren’t enough stimulation on your clit to get you over.
“More,” you moaned in his ear.
He moved his hips faster, pounding into you harder, trying to get you to another peak before he came. He snaked a hand down to toy with your clit, knowing that would only help. You moaned loudly at that, pulling his body in closer.
“Quiet, baby,” he chuckled, “don’t wanna wake the kids.”
You tried to contain yourself, pressing your lips against his shoulder to muffle your sounds. You started to suck a mark into his skin as well, leaving your own brand.
He ran his hands over your clit harder, pounding you relentlessly, “look at me,” he groaned.
You opened your eyes, meeting his immediately, and you were done for. You came instantly, tossing your head back and squeezing your eyes again.
Your walls constricted around him with your orgasm pushing him closer to the edge. He pumped you through it, kissing your face gently.
Your nails sank into his back in pleasure and he was done for. He stilled his hips deep inside of you, cumming in long hard spurts. You kissed along his jawline, feeling his release coat your inner walls.
“Oh, God,” you breathed against him as you relaxed.
“Hmmm,” he hummed back, not able to form words at the moment.
You chuckled at this, usually it was the other way around, “you still with me, love,” you whispered against his neck.
“Mmhm,” he answered, pulling out of you slowly and rolling over to the side of you.
You rolled over, facing him and using his outstretched arm as a pillow. You traced your fingertips over his skin lightly, bringing him back to Earth.
He sighed deeply, feeling his heart rate slow down. He slowly opened his eyes, turning onto his side to face you as well, but careful not to move his arm.
“Hmm, thank you, darlin’,” he whispered, bringing a hand up to trace over the side of your body.
“I think I should be thanking you,” you breathed.
He chuckled at you, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to your lips again. You lingered in the kiss, not using tongue, but moving your mouths together.
“I love you so much,” he whispered.
“I love you more,” you answered, brushing his hair back.
He sighed deeply, rolling onto his back again, “gonna get up,” he grumbled.
“Why?” you whispered.
“Gotta clean you up, babe, take care of my girl,” he spoke to the ceiling, drowsy eyes closed.
You giggled at him, rolling off of his arm and out of bed. You strolled into the en suite, grabbing a cloth and wiping yourself up before peeing.
You came back to him still in the same position, “was gonna do that,” he spoke, “promise.”
“I know,” you whispered, standing next to him and carding your fingers through his hair.
He opened his eyes lightly, drinking in your figure before giving you a lazy smile, “I love you, beautiful.”
No matter how many times he said it, it would always make you weak in the knees, “I love you too.”
“Come lay down,” he muttered gently.
“Can’t,” you answered pointing at the clock, “gotta feed the baby.”
He groaned, just wanting you to be in his arms again. He sat up slowly, turning to encase your figure with his legs once more, “I’ll do it,” he breathed, wrapping his arms around your hips and pressing kisses to your chest and tummy again.
You giggled at him, “it’s okay, I’ve got it,” you whispered.
“I wanna,” he answered, pushing you back gently so he could stand.
He grabbed some pajama pants out of the drawer, dragging them up his legs slowly. You were quick to grab his shirt from earlier, pulling it over your head before getting clean panties from the drawer. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders pulling you in for a sweet kiss again.
You hugged him close, swaying lightly.
“Alright,” he spoke as he turned around.
Just as his hand touched the knob there was a small knock on the other side. He pulled it open quickly, finding your son standing there.
“Hi, buckaroo,” he said, “what’re you doin’ up?”
Your little boy looked up at him with tears in his round eyes, “had a bad dream,” he choked out, voice breaking.
“Aww bucks,” he answered, “daddy’s here,” he bent down, picking him up gently and hugging him tight.
You watched the moment happen, seeing Chris carry him to your bed before sitting down with him. Maybe five wouldn’t be so bad, you thought.
“I’ve got the baby,” you whispered.
Chris nodded as you left the room and headed down the hall, your boy snuggled tight in his arms.
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andysbubba · 12 days ago
second baby
-> taking care of andy like he's your baby— and then asking if your baby wants a baby
A/N: calling andy 'baby, handsome, pretty boy, bubba, daddy(just once?)' and andy calling the reader 'honey, sweetheart, gorgeous, baby, mommy (like once/twice)' i'm honestly sorry that i made this originally fluffy fic turn into andy with a breeding kink. I SWEAR TO GOD I JUST WANTED TO GIVE ANDY A NICE SKINCARE ROUTINE.
𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲'𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
His eyes flutter open as you walked into the room, his lips curling into a tired smile. Andy sits up on the bed as you got closer, kneeling on the bed and giving him a peck on his cheek.
"Bad day?" Your palms cupped his cheek, fingers rubbing his beard while he nuzzles into your palm.
Andy hums lowly in reply, turning his face to kiss your palm. His hands land on your thighs, smoothly carrying you over to sit on his lap. "Tiring. How was your day, honey?"
"Better than yours, I'm assuming." You gave him a playful smile, hands resting on his shoulders and your fingers rub the back of his neck. "You're tense, Andy." You frowned, rubbing the spot on the nape of his neck and giving it a gentle massage with your thumbs.
"Shit-- that's really good, baby." He groans, head falling into your chest as he loosely wraps an arms around your waist.
"C'mon, let me shower first. Then I'll take care of you, handsome."
Andy lets out a small muffled whine against the fabric of your shirt, arms tightening around your waist. "Don't move."
You know it was one of those days- the one where he's just tired of everything and anything, and he just wants to stay in bed with you and sleep forever. And you've got the right thing in mind to take care of him.
"I have to, baby. Please?" You run a hand through his hair, softly scratching his scalp. "Then I'll treat you all nice, okay? Y'know, I ordered a whole bunch of face things that just came in this morning. You wanna give them a try, pretty boy?" You kiss his hair, feeling him hum into your skin before his hands trail up to unbutton your shirt and he kisses up your neck.
Andy's breath was warm against your skin, beard scratching against your skin every time he moves his head. "I don't have to do anything?"
"Yeah," You cupped his cheeks and gently pulled him away. "Just give me 15 minutes, okay?"
Andy huffs against your skin, before he's leaning back against the headboard. "Fine. Any longer and I'll sleep in the guest room."
You laughed breathily at his empty threat, knowing he'd never leave the comfort of your shared bed, no matter how pouty he gets. "You're a real kid, bubba."
You carried a whole bunch of things to the bed, leaving everything on the nightstand so it was within your reach just as Andy's eyes flutter open. You light the scented candle on the nightstand with a match, before climbing on the bed.
"Scoot down a little and take off your shirt." You tell him, knowing that he's been looking at you for the past two minutes.
He listens as he shuffles down the bed, giving you space to climb in behind him. He tugs the shirt off, carelessly throwing it on the floor while he waits for you to settle in. You press your back against the cushioned headboard as Andy's head fall back on your thigh.
He nods silently, lips tugging into a lazy smile as he stares up at you. You smile at how compliant and relaxed he looks now, before you lean down to press a kiss on his forehead.
You grab one of your elastic headbands, the frog one that's easily Andy's favourite to use whenever you're taking care of him like this. You slide the band on his head, making sure that his hair stayed off his face.
You gave him three face masks to choose from. "Which one do you wanna try, baby?"
Andy tilts his head on your lap, before he picks the one with a white packaging. "What does this do?"
You take the pack, reading the English translation on the back of the package. You've never tried Korean skincare and you thought it'd be nice to give it a go. "It's supposed to make ya glow like a baby." You laugh, watching how he grins up at you. "Perfect choice for you, huh?"
You tear open the package, carefully pulling out the sheet. "Alright, close your eyes." You lay the sheet on his skin, seeing Andy shiver as the cold product hits his skin. "Nice?"
A low hum leaves his lips as you smooth out the wrinkles on the mask, rubbing his cheekbones and his temples. You kept an eye on the clock, keeping in mind that you have to take off the mask in 12 minutes. Andy stayed there in silence, relaxing under your touch while you kept massaging his face.
"Should I shave off the beard?" Andy asks out of nowhere, one of his hands resting on your knee. "It's like wasting all this glowing baby liquid."
"You're willing to throw away the whole lawyer daddy look just for that?" You stare down at him ridiculously as his eyes open.
"Lawyer daddy?" He has a teasing smile gracing his lips, laughing breathily when he sees your cheeks flushing. "You've never seen me without a beard yet, have ya?" His tone hinting that he was joking but you know that Andy's a little serious about it.
And he's right— when you met Andy three years ago, he was already sporting the sexy, fluffy beard that you were completely digging. Sure, you've seen the college photos of baby face and no beard Andy Barber, but it still isn't the real thing.
"You'd still be Andy either way," You tell him as you peel the mask off his face and putting it aside before taking the jade roller.
"But I wanna be your Andy." He replies, eyes closing as you press the roller against his skin, rolling the excess essence from the mask into his skin.
You sigh, one hand combing through his hair while the other continues to massage his face. "Baby, you'll always be my Andy no matter if you've got a beard or not. I'm sure you'll look good either way."
"Say that again."
You put away the roller, grabbing the small bottle of eye cream from klairs on the stand. "You'll look good either way? Mr Barber, are you using me to boost your ego?"
He shakes his head on your lap, his eyes still closed. "The first part, honey."
You scoop out a hint of the cream, dabbing it under his eyes, right on the dark circles. "That you'll always be my Andy?"
Andy hums, lips curling into the softest grin at your words. "I'll always be yours."
You laughed at that, playfully slapping his chest before you're grabbing the tub of moisturiser from Huxley. "Yeah— look at my baby gettin' all pampered, huh?" You teased, unscrewing the tub and dotting Andy's face with the moisturiser.
"That smells really good." He notes, tongue poking out to lick his lips. "Can I taste it?"
"Hey—" You flick him softly on his forehead before he could do anything else. "C'mon, babe. How are we gonna have a kid if you keep acting like one?" You complain, slightly hoping to get some reaction out of him.
Andy's eyes immediately opened wide. "A kid?"
You have no idea if it was a good reaction or not but judging by his tone, you're hoping that it's the first. You hummed in reply, trying to play off your emotion, wanting to see what Andy feels about it.
"You want a kid wimme?" His jaw dropping and his eyes glinting just like his newly-moisturised skin.
"I want anything and everything with you, handsome." You grinned, heart fluttering because it seems like he enjoys the idea as much as you do.
"Yeah? Y/n Barber's got a nice ring to it too, right?" Andy's worked up now, and he's getting real happy so you decide to play with him just a little.
"Does it really?"
Andy sat up and turned around in a split second, pulling you down the bed and then he's kneeling right between your legs, palms on either sides of your face as he hovers over you. "Oh- it sounds really, really good, sweetheart." He chuckle lowly, seeing how stunned you are.
You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him down. "What happened to my cute, tired, sleepy, baby Andy, huh?"
"Baby, you know what you did when you started talking about having my kids." He leans down, crashing his lips against yours as his fingers curl around your wrists pulling it above your head. "You wanna be a mommy, honey? Wanna take care of our kids just like how ya take care of me?"
"Andy—" You whine, back arching as he kisses down your jaw and your neck, his free hand reaching under your shirt and trailing up your bare skin.
"Not answering the question, sweetheart." He retorts, palm cupping your breast as he pinches your nipple with his fingers. Andy leans down, keeping his eyes on you as he tongues your nipple through the fabric of the shirt.
"Oh— fuck. Andy, wanna be a mommy and have your kids, please." You breathe out, hips bucking as Andy lets go of your hands and you immediately nestle your hands in his hair. Andy tugs the shirt of your skin, and he pulls away, admiring you in just a pair of panties.
"You're fuckin' gorgeous, sweetheart. The best thing I've ever seen." Andy lowers himself, lips pressing against yours before he kisses down your chest and your torso, stopping right above your pelvis. Andy curls his finger into the waistband of your panties, peeling it off your skin as his face hovers over your pussy.
"Smell so fuckin' good." He presses wet kisses on your thighs. Andy leans down, eyeing you as his tongue pushes into your cunt and nose pressed against your clit. He lets out a muffled groan, mouth instantly enveloping your cunt as his tongue prods into your hole, licking and devouring you.
Your fingers tighten in his hair as his beard rubs against your sensitive cunt. "Andy— fuck!"
You feel him smile against your pussy, before his mouth is around your clit, a finger entering your cunt as he sucks your clit into his mouth. You writhe under his hold, but Andy holds you down with an arm around your stomach.
He pushes another finger in, just as he lightly nipped on your clit. Your hips jerked, and Andy took that as a sign to push another finger in. "Gotta loosen you up for my cock, honey. Increases chance of fertility. Gonna take real, good care of you,"
"Andy, please— I'm gonna cum. Please, please—" His name leaves your lips like a chant, hands pushing his face against your cunt as you beg him to make you cum.
"Let go for me, pretty girl."
Your head falls back against the bed as you let out a whine, feeling your belly tighten while Andy kept his assault on your clit going. He pulls away as you take in a deep breath, crawling over you and crashing his lips against yours, tongue pushing into your mouth as he holds you close.
"Can't fuckin' wait to see your belly swell up, baby." Andy smirks against your lips as he hastily tugs his pants down. "You'll look so fuckin' pretty. My best girl."
You hum at his words, feeling his hand on your hips as he fists his cock with the other hand. "Fuck me already, Andy."
"Relax, honey. Can't have ya all tense while we're tryin' to get you pregnant, can we?" He tilts his head, offering you a cocky grin as he lines up his cock with your pussy.
"Please? Daddy, c'mon. Need you, please?" Your palm lands on his chest, the other on his shoulder as you offer him your best pout, hoping it'd be enough for him give you what you need.
Andy sighs, before he's pushing into you in one thrust, staying there and letting you get used to him. "Still so tight after I fuck ya almost every day, sweetheart."
You dig your nails into his skin, lips pressed against the eagle tattoo on his pec, as you inhaled deeply, adjusting to Andy's size. "Shit— move, please?"
Andy listens, nose nuzzled into the crook of your neck as he pulls out of you, only to thrust in again. He starts a steady rhythm, groaning everytime you clench around him. "You're gonna be such a good momma, honey. Gonna take care of our kid so fuckin' good, huh?"
You let out a moan as he drives a deep thrust into you, pelvis pressed against your clit everytime he's fully sheathed in you. Andy leans lower, mouthing your nipple and your head fell against the bed at the sheer action. His finger trails down to your clit, rubbing harshly as he waits for you to fall apart.
"Shit, Andy! 'm gonna—" Your voice was low as you try to get words out, clenching around him as you feel your orgasm coming.
"Go on, sweetheart." Andy keeps his thrust steady, feeling himself close as he keeps on kissing every inch of your chest.
Your nails dig into his back as you reached your peak, mouth gaping in a silent bliss as Andy slows his thrusts, stilling inside you as he reaches his own high. He watches as your eyes roll, chest heaving till you came down from your high.
Andy's got you turned in a split second- you're straddling him while he's lying back against the headboard, your head resting on his shoulder and him still buried in you. "Sorry, sweetheart." He speaks, his lips brushing against your earlobe. "Google says that we gotta stay here a little longer. Make sure it really sinks in."
You let out a tired laugh against his skin, body going limp against his and eyes fluttering close as he kisses the top of your head, "You did your research, huh?"
Andy hums, a palm rubbing your back as the other rests on your waist. "Thought the information would come in handy someday. Looks like I was right."
You shift on his lap, fingers intertwining at the back of his neck. "I love you."
He tightens his grip on your waist, "I love you too, honey. But you gotta stop moving or else I'm just gonna get hard again."
Your lips curl into a sneaky grin as you pull away from him, "Yeah?"
Andy knows what's coming next before the words even leave your lips.
"I heard that having sex more frequently increases the chances of fertility too."
now- my only excuse for this mess is because I'm on my period and I started this when I was in my feels and I just wanted domestic, soft, tired boyfriend Andy. BUT, horny haney came along and I just had to write about the beard and andy's little breeding kink ;)
thank you for reading and I love you! likes, comments, reblogs and feedbacks are appreciated!!
ps; feel free to send in requests too! [and stay hydrated lovelies]
- honey <33
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worksby-d · 3 months ago
Hey Dest! Could you do something with Chris x reader age gap(reader in mid twenties maybe) and where they’re both actors on avengers and Chris is super protective of her cause age gap and stuff; and reader is doing a rough stunt and breaks a few ribs but doesn’t call attention to it cause she doesn’t want Chris to worry and she doesn’t want to cause a scene so they just keep filming. Then later that night the pain is getting worse and Chris is kinda goofing off with her or something and he pokes her or picks her up causing her to cry out in pain and he immediately is super protective/concerned/comforting and takes her to hospital. Super fluffy! Thank youuu🤍
indeed! love a little soft, protective chris 😋 thanks so much for the request!
Tumblr media
pairing: chris evans x actress!reader
summary: when you get hurt during a scene, you brush it off not wanting to inconvenience anyone, but chris eventually finds out and has to take you to the ER
warnings: age gap (not specified), rib injury, nothing graphic
word count: ~1,600
“Cut!” The director’s voice carries across the room promptly after one of the extras you're working with accidentally kicks you near the chest during the battle scene that's being filmed. “Y/N, you all right?”
Folding over at the initial pain, more so just in shock from the blow than out of actual discomfort, you quickly hold your hand up giving him a thumbs up. “All good!”
Only a few feet away stands Chris who can't help himself but to also check on you. His hand on your back finally gets you to slowly stand up straight again. “Sure you're good? They'll give you a break you know–”
“I’m fine, I swear.” The quick smile you flash at him doesn't do much to convince him though when he notices your hand gravitate to hold the spot where you got kicked.
“It looked pretty hard…”
“Chris,” you warn softly, shaking your head. Ever since you met him, he’s had a habit of being protective of you. There was a spark of some sort immediately, but he's never made it obvious that he wants to be more than friends with you, so you've chalked the concern up to him feeling like he has to look out for you because of your age. “I don't want to be that person. We don't need a hold up.”
Deciding to let it go, he holds his hands up defensively, stepping back to his mark. But he takes it upon himself to keep an eye on you the rest of the day.
The pain gradually gets worse throughout the afternoon. By the time you're back in your trailer getting ready to go home, it's harder to take deep breaths, but it's manageable. You're almost scared to strip out of your suit, not knowing if there's going to be a mark or blood on your skin.
“Shit,” you mumble to yourself, seeing your reflection in the mirror. With your costume peeled down past your abdomen, you can tell a bruise or two are forming across your ribs.
You work quickly to get into more comfortable clothes and get off set for the day, but you're not quick enough. While you're taking one last look at your bruises, there's a light knock on the door. You jump, and pull your shirt down, yelling for them to come in.
“Chris,” you smile, turning toward the door and seeing it's him. “Usually you're the first one gone,” you joke. “What are you still doing here?”
“I don't know,” he shrugs and sighs as he takes a seat on the small sofa across from you. You give him a warning look, knowing he has something to say. “Just wanted to check on you again.”
“Of course,” you sigh, laughing at him. “I promise I'm fine. Everyone else trusts me, why don't you?”
“I didn't say I don't trust you.” He says it a little defensively, furrowing his brow at you. “I care about you, and I know you're stubborn as hell.”
“That I am,” you nod slowly, a smile tugging at your lips as you watch a smile form on his face. “But I'm good. Thanks for looking out for me.”
He gives you a single nod and stands up, but he doesn't leave quite yet. Instead, he lingers in front of you a moment, the silence nearly getting to the uncomfortable level. “I didn't only come to check on you. A couple of us are going out for dinner later to unwind since it was kind of an intense day. They sent me to invite you. Something about you having a soft spot for me,” he winks. “I told them I’d get you to say yes.”
They're right, you do have a soft spot for him. You're not one to do much more than work and go home for the night, but there's something about him – you usually can't turn down hanging out with him. “Fine,” you agree. “That sounds nice.”
“Great,” he claps his hands together and finally turns toward the door again. “Do you want me to pick you up on my way? A little carpool action.”
“A little carpool action?” You mock the way he said it. “You weirdo,” you chuckle. “Yeah, that would be perfect.”
While getting ready to go out, the pain continues to worsen, getting to the point where it hurts to take too deep of breaths or to bend over to pick up your shoes. A few minutes before Chris is set to arrive, you take some pain relievers hoping that will help at least until you can get home later and sleep it off.
You think you're concealing it fine throughout the evening, but Chris notices the look of anguish on your face when you twist wrong or laugh a little too hard at something someone says.
The final straw for him is when it feels like it's taking you too long to come back from the bar, so he leaves the table to find you. Truth be told, you didn't need another drink, but you needed to stand up and move around. Coming up behind you, he playfully hugs you from behind to startle you as a joke, but instead of jumping and calling him an ass like usual, you flinch and inhale a sharp breath. His forearm hit right where your bruises are, and it takes everything in you not to wail in pain.
“Sorry, sorry, just me,” he apologizes, standing beside you. “What's wrong?”
“Nothing.” Your answer is quick and you shake your head. “I'm just sore from today.”
“Are you ready to leave?” Apart from the pain he knows you're in, he can also tell you're exhausted. “We don't have to stick around. I'm tired too.”
Looking back at everyone, you feel guilty for being the one to leave early, but you can't stand to be out anymore, so you nod slowly and let him take you home.
The ride back to your place is quiet – you trying not to make any sudden movements that'll put you in agony, and him feeling bad for whatever’s going on with you, but not wanting to upset you by bringing attention to it.
He gives you chances to talk to him, going so far as to walk you into your apartment.
“Thanks for tonight–”
“Last chance to tell me what's wrong,” he says, cutting you off, and watching you carefully pull your purse off your shoulder.
“Nothing’s wrong Chris,” you shake your head, annoyed that he keeps asking, no matter how well he means by doing so.
“Oh really, so you're fine if I go like this–” Unconvinced, he pokes at your rib cage without warning.
The action makes you gasp quietly and keel over in pain, but he catches you, holding you up. The pain is bad enough to almost make you cry now.
“Lift your shirt,” he demands casually.
“You haven't even asked me out yet,” you smirk, not knowing where you got the sudden energy to even tease him like that when you're in so much pain.
“Can you be serious for two seconds,” he snaps, but his voice is calm, just determined to find out what's wrong. When you reluctantly pull your shirt up, his eyes widen at the bruises that have gotten bigger just in the past few hours. “Y/N, oh my God, you probably got broken ribs earlier today.”
“I don't know,” you mumble, refusing to look down at him still assessing the marks. “I was hoping I could just sleep it off later. I don't wanna inconvenience anyone.”
“No, sweetheart…” He pulls your shirt back down for you, and reaches to grab your purse back off the table and hold it for you. “We gotta get you looked at. I'm taking you to the hospital.”
Your hopes of being the only people there are crushed when you walk into the packed ER. He hears your quiet, displeased groan and takes your hand in his, pulling you along to the check-in desk.
They let you know it could be a while, but give you an ice pack to sit with while you wait. Frustrated already, you have to blink away a couple tears as Chris walks you over to the sitting area. Pulling his sweater off before sitting down, he folds it and lays it on his lap.
“Why don't you lay down,” he suggests, pointing at the empty chairs beside him. “There's room. And this can be your pillow,” he explains, gesturing to the sweater on his legs. So carefully, you lay your body across a few chairs and lay your head on his lap. “Let me,” he whispers, putting his hand over yours to hold the ice pack in place so you don't have to. His other hand smoothes over your hair, trying to get you to calm down.
“I'm sorry for lying all day.” His smile is sympathetic as he gazes down at you, using his thumb to swipe away a tear straying from the corner of your eye. “Thanks for insisting, annoyingly so, on making sure I'm okay though, I guess.”
“You are so stubborn,” he laughs, and you try to too, but it hurts too much. So you close your eyes and focus on breathing just right to alleviate the discomfort. “You know, I was going to finally ask you out tonight.”
“What,” you whisper, opening your eyes to look back up at him. You were convinced that ship had sailed, that that’s not the kind of relationship he wanted with you.
“Yeah,” he shrugs. “Then you had to go and get hurt on me. Stole my thunder.”
“A few most-likely-broken ribs don’t mean you can't still ask,” you smile, teasing him. “I might even be more inclined to say yes now.”
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darklydeliciousdesires · a month ago
All Mouth and Cock.
Chris Evans drabble, as promised!
Tumblr media
The bedroom window is wide open and likely, anyone hiking through the nearby woodland your secluded home borders upon can hear your wails, but you’re about five licks past caring. Your body writhes pleasantly against his mouth, Chris laying wet heat at your clit with repetitive tongue circles, moaning as he feels your dewy hole dampening further for him.  
“Dying for my cock yet, baby doll?” Fuck, that accent. The Boston lilt has always done it for you.  
“I am, but god, that tongue is doing magical things to me!”
“As I hear.” His observation has you giggling in an instant, circling your burning, wet little hole, the thought of him stretching you out causing his cock to harden even further. “Maybe I should keep giving you a little of both.”
Sitting up, he pushes your legs forward, your knees touching your chest, your gooey slit opened to him, the head of his hardness swiping your soft folds. He enjoys your warmth before pushing within, sharply drawing in breath as your plush sheathes him, your wetness bathing his shaft. “Fuck, that pussy is so damn hot.”  
He watches you intently, the way your mouth falls open, your helpless gasps filling his ears as his big cock fills up your dewy centre, your reactions a feast for his eyes, gazing at the way his slippery cock glides so effortlessly into you. Already, you’re fluttering like mad around him, those tiny twitches around the girth splitting you so wide making him pulse. You feel bereft when he withdraws, but not for long.
Head dipping, you part your thighs as once more you’re given pure incandescence from his mouth, Chris sucking upon your aqueous folds with hunger, groaning around a mouthful of petal soft flesh, his blue eyes blown with near crippling lust. He presses his tongue against your clit as he continues to suck, the dual sensation almost too much to withstand.
The press has you reeling, shuddering against his face as your legs tense, enjoying it too much, if such a thing is possible, when he moves back to kneeling before you, sinking into your heat once more. You’re pounded ferociously by every last inch of his girthy hardness, the lewd noises of each thrust filling the air.  
“Please don’t stop again, Chris. Please just fuck me. Oh god, fuck me.” He does, plunging your core, trawling your sensitive, slippery walls with each voracious thrust, his big, veiny cock feeling incredible to you. “Fuck, you’ve got me so wet!”
Your exclamation prompts a smile while he watches you reach down and feel his sodden shaft, your fingers settling on your clit and rubbing, knowing he’ll be too transfixed by the sight before him to cease again. However...
“Nah, babe. I gotta get me another mouthful of that sweet little cunt.” Throwing your legs over his shoulders, his tongue takes a long, slow, hard swipe at your slit, your little bud bobbing against the lick as you keen for him, hips rising further to his mouth, your nails digging into his thick biceps.  
“You’re just all mouth and cock this afternoon, aren’t you?”
Your words prompt laughter. “Just the way you like me, my beautiful baby.” He continues to eat you like a starved man would devour the sweetest of peaches, groaning through each suck, his short beard adding to the stimulation before once more, he moves to arrow his cock deeply into you, dragging your walls as they flex around him.
His hips drive like a piston as you wail for him, tiny shocks skittering up your spine, Chris thrusting into you savagely until you shatter for him, feeling a hot flood of cum jetting into your spasming walls as he gutturally announces his own undoing.  
You’re nothing but breathless and boneless in the aftermath, as anyone would be after being tended to so thoroughly.  
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spiritualchange · a month ago
Chris Evans being an Ass Man
warning: mentions of smut, ass kink [chris invented it], chris having no control, paps
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Tumblr media
you stopped counting the time you’ve woken up to your ass and his hand trending on twitter
scott will always send you the last magazine with a pap photo of the two of you out in public, either him smacking your ass, touching it or shamelessly staring at it
you got so embarrassed at first, your boyfriend being a complete child
scarjo got you the infamous tik tok leggings and it was understatement chris loved him
he made you walk in front of him all day, and by the time you took them off, your ass was bright red
for his birthday each year, you go all out for a party with your friends and family but the real one starts after everyone leaves
the year endgame came out, for his birthday, you found a captain america themed lingerie set
that man manhandled all night, putting you into new positions constantly
before he finished, you were in reserved cowgirl, him guiding you smacking your ass like there was no tomorrow
it took you a while to ease up to the idea of anal
your birthday. tight red dress. telling him he can fuck your ass
do i need to say more
sometimes you joke around saying he loves your ass more than you
as the both of you kept getting the older and well married, still a man child
you got him a camera for one of the first birthday since the two of you were together
he put it to good use
there is a collection off ass pics in the first drawer of his nightstand
he leaves two in his wallet, in any trailer he’s in while filming
while always ask for ass pics when he’s gone, and when you call him out for the polaroids, he says ‘he needs fresh pictures’
at the red carpets, in any picture of the two of you, his hand is on the swell of your ass
he stopped looking at the camera years ago, always focusing on you
when he sleeps, hand on your ass
you’ll tease him a bit when your cooking and he’s wrapped behind you, you wiggle your ass against his crotch
you’ll ignore him when he tells you to stop which ends up with you doggy style in front of a mirror
chris isn’t always sexual when it comes to your ass, if the two of you are just relaxing in bed
he’ll use your ass as a pillow while he reads
“best pillow ever made.” he winks at you
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alliewritesthings · 5 days ago
papers - pt 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Chris Evans x Reader
Word Count: 3.2k
Warnings: angst, mentions of divorce, mentions of cheating
A/N: i really hope you guys like this as much as you did part one 🥺feedback is always appreciated
lemme just add i personally dont think chris would ever hurt a fly but y’know here we are
masterlist + requests are open
part one
Tumblr media
“Hey, baby!” You gave the small girl a tired smile, it was nearing midnight in England meaning it was approaching Olivia’s bedtime of seven in Boston. “Are you being good?” You questioned the small girl whose face lit up your phone screen.
“Mama!” She grinned at you, giggling softly as she sat on the couch with Dodger beside her. “Look, it’s Dodge!” She titled the camera to show you the pup.
“Hi, Dodger.” You offered a warming smile as the camera moved back to your daughter. “So, are you being good for your dad?” You questioned again, Olivia instantly nodding in reply.
“Yes! We went to the park today, and took Dodger for a walk. Uncle Scott got here this afternoon and took me for ice cream.” She grinned at you, showing a gappy smile.
“Hey! You’ve lost a tooth!” You laughed, shaking your head at your little girl. “I hope you’re going to put that under your pillow tonight, then the tooth fairy will visit.” You reminded her, she nodded eagerly in reply.
“Daddy has wrapped it up and we’re going to make sure it’s put under the pillow.” She confirmed, still grinning to show you the gap in her front teeth.
“So, what else have you been up to?” You questioned; your heart ached at the thought of missing so much with your daughter. She continued to explain everything they’d been up to; the adventures with Dodger, the museum trips and even the mini daddy-daughter dates that they went on together. It truly melted your heart at the thought of Olivia finally getting some quality time with her father.
“Daddy said that you’re coming a few days before we need to be back home.” She watched you with tired eyes, the excitement of the day beginning to wear of. “Daddy said we can go to Disney with Uncle Scott when you get here next week.”
The weeks had flown by without Olivia around, you worked every hour of the day that you possibly could to make time pass quicker. If you weren’t working then you were spending time with some co-workers, finally getting to go out for drinks on Friday nights or evening meals with the friends you’d made over the few months you’d been back in London.
“Oh really?” You tried not to act too surprised, biting at your lip. You knew this was Chris’ way to spend time with you and try to get you to talk to him properly. “Okay, sweetheart. We’ll see.” You gave a small smile, tilting your head slightly at the sound of Scott approaching.
“Hey.” Scott greeted you with a warm smile, leaning over the couch to wave. “I’m going to steal your child, she’s adorable.” He laughed, playfully tickling the small girl.
“Hands off, you can’t keep her.” You laughed, shaking your head at your brother-in-law.
“But I will steal her right now, your dad said it’s time for a bath and then bed.” He told the small girl, in which you nodded in reply.
“No problem. I need to speak to him anyways, if I can.” You spoke more to Scott than you did to your five-year-old. Scott nodded in reply.
“I’ll go get him, then take little miss with me.” He stepped away from the camera. “I’ll see you soon, miss ya!” He called to you before leaving the room to find Chris.
“Now, you be a good girl for your dad. Like you always are.” You spoke softly to your daughter. “And before you know it, I’ll be there with you.” You blew her a kiss, bid your farewells and ‘I love you’s before you were left staring Chris down through the camera.
“Hey...” He greeted; a warm smile took over his features, the smile you fell in love with all those years ago.
“Have you signed the papers yet?” You questioned, a blank look on your face as you stared at him.
“I was hoping we could talk about those.” He sighed, his warm blue eyes staring you down.
“What is there to talk about? We separated months ago. Why keep hanging on?” You were trying to stay strong, ignoring the aching in your chest.
You’d always love this man. But things were different. Things had changed.
“Sweetheart, please.” A quiet huff left his lips, his eyes never straying from you.
“Do not call me that.” Agitation began to show on your face, your teeth gritting as you tried to keep the conversation civil knowing that at any moment your daughter could overhear the conversation. “I need those papers signed by time I get there next week.” You demanded, a moment of silence falling over the two of you before you hastily ended the call.
Tumblr media
The following week passed slowly, all communication from the other side of the Atlantic seemed to have slowed. No phone calls were shared between you and your five-year-old, although it was completely unexpected you just hoped she was having a good time with her family. Every evening it felt like you were checking your phone, expecting to see a message from Chris saying Olivia wanted to call. You even checked your emails frequently in hopes that an email from your lawyer would appear stating that Chris had finally signed the papers; everything just seemed too quiet, and passing too slow for your liking.
It was the night before you were due to fly out, you were leaving early in the morning so were packing the last few things you’d need. Much to your distaste you were to be staying with Chris for the few days you were to be in Boston, and although part of you was excited to be able to see the Evans clan; an even larger part of you didn’t want to be in Chris’ present for that long.
Your phone pinged as you climbed into bed that night at around eight (an early night to aid the early morning flight), glancing at the screen you noticed the email from Chris; your boarding pass for the flight in the morning, and a message to say they’d be there to collect you when you land.
Tumblr media
You forced yourself out of bed, the only thing encouraging you being the thought of seeing your daughter in a few hours time. The only thought that crossed your mind as you dragged yourself through the airport and onto the plane that morning was your little girls smile when she sees you, the fuel you needed to board that plane and cross back over to the place you never wanted to have to step foot in again.
As you curled up in your seat on the plane, your head resting against the window it didn’t take you long to fall asleep as the plane moved along the runway; the exhaustion taking over your body.
“Hey Chris, are you home this weekend or are you filming?” You questioned your husband, humming quietly to yourself as you stood in the kitchen making hot cocoa for your family movie night. Olivia had requested that you all watch The Little Mermaid together, knowing it was one of her father's favourite movies.
“Flying out to Atlanta for some filming on Friday night, I’ll be back Sunday evening.” He confirmed, helping you add the marshmallows into the hot cocoa’s before carrying them into the living room where your daughter was waiting with the movie ready to play. You sighed at his statement, heading into the living room to curl up with your family and watch the movie; but your mind was somewhere else, a lack of attention being paid to the singing mermaid on the screen.
“Are you okay?” Chris questioned as you both climbed into bed that night, he shuffled closer to you and wrapped his arm around your waist. He pulled you into his chest and pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder, you simply nodded in reply. A small ‘goodnight’ was mumbled before you fell asleep.
The following few days passed quickly, being wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks of entertaining your five-year-old who was still coming down from the hype of the large party that was thrown for her birthday the week before.
Chris was due to leave a few hours later, you were helping him pack the last few things he needed into his bag. You’d barely spoken a word to him the last few days, and you could both feel the tension that was growing thick between you.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” He questioned as you zipped up the large bag for the weekend, nodding in reply. “But you’re not... are you?” He raised an eyebrow as you didn’t reply, freezing in your spot at the bottom of the bed.
“It’s nothing.” You mumbled, moving back into action and placing his bag by the bedroom door. “Shit! For fucks sake, Dodger!” You grumbled, almost falling over the dog who just looked up at you with those big puppy eyes. “Sorry, didn’t mean it bubba.” You whispered to the pup as you leant down to give him a fuss.
“Talk to me.” Chris demanded, sitting on the edge of the bed with his arms crossed over his chest.
“Is there something you need to tell me?” You questioned, glancing over at Chris quizzically.
“No? Why?”
“No reason. Just that you’re a liar.” You grumbled, locking eyes with your husband. You reached for your phone on the dresser. “Does the name Sarah mean anything to you?” You scoffed at the furrow of his eyebrows, a flicker of realisation appearing on his face.
“I bet the name means a hell of a lot to you, huh? Can’t spend time with your own daughter or wife but you can spend time with some random homewrecker?” You tried to keep your voice low, as not to wake your daughter. “Where did you meet her, huh? Is that why you’re away this weekend? There’s no movie, is there?” All the questions tumbled from your mouth, so many questions that needed an answer.
“I don’t know who or what you’re talking about.” He stated in a dead-pan manner.
“How can you do that to me? To your daughter? And then just sit there and act like you’re completely innocent!” Your voice rose slightly, your eyes closing as you took a deep breath; trying to calm yourself for your daughter's sake.
“I don’t even know whoever this Sarah is!” He replied sternly, as if he was trying to encourage himself that that was the truth.
“Don’t lie to me. Do not sit there and lie to me!” You whimpered, taking another deep breath to try and keep yourself composed. Trying to keep yourself from showing how much this was truly hurting you. “When were you going to tell me?” You choked out, your words starting to get caught in your throat as you stared down the man who was meant to be your forever.
“Sweetheart, please. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He showed no emotion, the act of pretending continuing. An annoyed growl left your lifts as he continued to deny the situation.
“So, what's this then, huh?” You quickly unlocked your phone, the anger becoming more prominent compared to the devastation that wreaked havoc on your mind. You tapped at the device before turning it to show the man your evidence. “So, who’s this Sarah coming forward to tell me how bad she feels because she was under the impression we weren’t together anymore?” Your eyebrows raised, shaking your head at the man in disbelief as he simply stared at the device.
“This has happened so many times, so many people have made these fake claims before!” He defended himself, a sigh falling from his lips as he watched you. “Who are you going to believe? Some random person of the internet, or your husband?”
“I trust the person with the evidence.” You sneered at the man in front of you, swiping slightly on the device in your hand to show him the pictures that had also been sent; a selfie of them having ice cream in what looks like a park, a picture of Chris ice skating, a picture of Chris sat in a field admiring the view – a view which was similar to a picture that Chris had sent you when he went camping ‘alone’. “Oh, theres more.” You continued to scroll quickly down the messages sent by ‘Sarah’, flashing Chris a quick glimpse of the numerous pictures she’d shared with you. The tears began to roll down your cheeks as he stared at the device, completely speechless; he had no words.
“How could you?” You whimpered, letting the emotions flood your body as you began to sob. That was when you heard movement in the hallway and then a gentle knock at your slightly ajar bedroom door.
“Mama, I had a nightma-” The little voice from the doorway spoke up before she caught glimpse of the tears on your face. You had to give it to her; the little girl was smart, sometimes you had to question where she got her brains. You quickly wiped at your eyes and took a deep, shaky breath before turning to meet the eyes of Olivia.
“Okay, sweetie. I’m just coming.” You tried to collect yourself, watching her vanish back down the hallway of your family home. “I want you out.” You whispered to Chris, locking your eyes back on him. “Leave. Go wherever you need to go. We’ll be gone by the end of the weekend.” You told your husband, throwing your phone down on the bed beside him and leaving him with the evidence of what he’s done.
You woke up with a start, glancing around the near empty plane as you tried to shake the nightmare of what happened from your brain; that was the last time you were in that house, the last time you were even in the country before you fled with your daughter to get away from the cheat you’d married.
You’d still not sat down with Chris and talked the whole situation out; the only communication was regarding your shared daughter. In fact, you’d discussed the situation more with his own mother than you had with him. You knew Lisa wanted you to sit down and try to discuss what happened, maybe even get couple's therapy – she was disappointed in the possibility that her son would have ever treated anyone that way, let alone the woman she knew he loved. A part of you knew that Lisa sided with her son that nothing ever happened; but a part of you wanted to believe the evidence that was ingrained in your mind and in your messages.
You tried to shake off the dream, asking for a glass of wine to try and help you relax for the remaining hour of the flight. You never managed to sleep on flights, let alone for nearly the whole flight. By the time the plane landed into Boston you’d managed to finish four glasses of wine to help clear your mind and prepare you for the following few days.
Tumblr media
You’d been met at the airport by an overexcited five-year-old, rambling away about what she’d been up to in the presence of her father; the longest amount of time she’d ever actually managed to spend with just him. From the moment you met with your family you didn’t acknowledge the man, only paying attention to your little human.
When you arrived back at the house, the house that was once your family home, you faltered. You stepped out of Chris’ car and stared ahead at the house, the house that was once your family home, in truth you didn’t want to be there; you’d rather stay in a hotel and just avoid ever stepping foot into the house again. You watched your daughter disappear into the house, Chris following with your luggage in tow, but your feet stay firmly planted at the bottom of the driveway.
“Hey...” Scott called, stepping out the house and grinning at the sight of you. “I’ve missed you!” He called, padding across the garden to swing you up into his arms in a tight bear hug, completely knocking you out of the trance you were in.
“Scott!” You laughed, wrapping your arms tightly around the man. “Missed you too.” You offered him a warm smile. “I’m so glad you’re here.” You sighed, knowing he’d be the one to help break some of the tension over the next few days.
“Well, are you coming in? Or are you staying out here?” He questioned with raised eyebrows, taking your hand and tugging you towards the house. You initially resisted, but soon gave in with a deep breath and headed back into the house that was once your family home.
The day seemed to drag, spending most of the time in Olivia’s bedroom playing dolls with her. You weren’t comfortable in the house; you weren’t comfortable around Chris – that much was clear. You’d still not said a word to him, and part of you wished you’d drunk more on the plane and then maybe you’d be able to confront him after not seeing him for months.
You found yourself having a barbecue that evening, just a couple of burgers and hot dogs to keep everyone satisfied. Most of the evening was spent watching Chris and Scott mess around while cooking, while you were cuddled on a bench with your daughter who kept reminding you of how much she missed you. Once Olivia was in bed was when the heavier drinks came out, Scott and Chris began drinking whisky and even some shots of tequila but you continued to watch on, sitting curled up with a blanket over your legs and a glass of wine in hand.
After you’d finished the bottle of wine on your own, you settled on a glass of whisky, trying to get some form of liquid courage to speak to your soon to be ex-husband.
“Have you signed the papers yet?” You brought up, glancing from the glass in your hand to the two men in front of you and paying particular attention to Chris. His eyes widened as he realised you was talking to him, shaking his head at your question.
“Why can’t we just enjoy a few days together?” Chris groaned, glancing to his brother with an apologetic look.
“Because, Chris. You decided against that when you decided to cheat on me!” Your voice raised slightly, Scott was taken aback by your tone – he'd never seen you so angry or upset.
“You know I never cheated, right?” Chris scoffed, downing the rest of his whisky before forcing himself to his feet and heading inside.
You and Scott shared a look before he sighed in reply, looking at you sympathetically.
“I think you both need to talk.” He stated, following his brother inside to check on him.
Tumblr media
part three - coming soon
tag list: @patzammit​​​ @dontbescaredtosingalong​ @rhadigen​ @deepintothenature​ @bibliophilewednesday​ @toastisgood​ @chrisevansrecoms @womanup22​​ @elrw24​​ @woolferamblings @lovebittenbyevans​​ @chris-butt​​ @big-deak-energy​
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Tumblr media
Every single thing I have written so far is strongly 18+ and super smutty! PLEASE heed all warnings at the start of each fic & DO NOT engage if you are a minor
💓special thanks to the incredibly talented @rainbowkisses31 for the beautiful little dividers xo
Tumblr media
Found Here
Tumblr media
I'm With The Band Series
Part 1 (Where it all began)
Part 2 (Bucky corners you in the bathroom)
Part 3 (You finally hook up and it gets rough)
Part 4 (DP with drummer Steve Rogers and Bucky)
Part 5 (You film a tape with Bucky to make Steve jealous)
Part 6 (Bucky is coked out so you explore your feelings for Steve)
Live Wire (inspired by Seb with those drumsticks)
Shout at the Devil (Bucky refuses to share you & the hate sex proves it)
Kickstart My Heart (A bet with his bandmates turns into some hot motel sex for you)
Bucky & The Bombshell (Bucky & his girl want to take you home)
Sympathy for the Bombshell (Bucky tortures you with a remote controlled vibrator during a show - male POV)
Tumblr media
Something Borrowed (dark!Bucky x innocent!reader collab w/ @sableseb for @basementwiveswritingchallenge)
Inconceivable (You and Steve will do anything to have a baby.. including taking Dr. Barnes’ suggestions..)
Tumblr media
The Smell of Sunshine (You give Mickey your virginity after a balmy night out in Greece)
Tumblr media
Stepdad!Andy AU
Recollection (Stepdad!Andy, where it all began)
Lose Control (You tag along on the honeymoon)
Attitude Problems (Andy’s done with your attitude)
Ignition (Andy’s breeding kink emerges)
Inveigle (You lose your anal virginity)
Happy Daddy’s Day (You decide to tease Andy on his special day)
No Vacancy (Andy is sick of you being a hoe - male POV)
He lets rockstar!Bucky have a piece of you
He brings home your best friend to get revenge
Reprisal (Andy gets his just desserts for bringing home your friend)
Tumblr media
Persuasion (Want a spot on the team? Earn it. - male POV)
Tumblr media
Honey & Her (Sub!Lee has a mommy kink)
Tumblr media
The Wolf , The Lamb (2 part story with BestFriendsDad!Steve - co-written with my beautiful, talented bestie @sableseb)
Miscellaneous Characters:
Constant Craving (Natasha introduces a new toy in the shower)
xoxoxo Tay
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HC of chris having a very obvious and very big breeding kink??????
𝙞𝙣 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢𝙨 ; 𝙘𝙝𝙧𝙞𝙨 𝙚𝙫𝙖𝙣𝙨
summary || chris wakes you up in the middle of the night to see if you’ll make his dreams a reality.
warnings || rpf, heavy breeding kink, teasing, fingering, unprotected sex, praise kink, slight mocking, degradation, cumplay (if you squint) — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
Tumblr media
chris’ lips on your shoulder was nothing out of the ordinary as you were getting ready for bed, turning the faucet off and drying your face with your small hand towel. “hi baby,” he mumbles making you giggle. “hi, baby.” you mimic, smiling at him through the mirror as he presses a kiss to your jaw. you laugh, squirming as his beard tickles you. “c’mon chris, that’s not fair. you know how much your beard tickles me.” you pout as he shrugs his shoulders. “it doesn’t seem to bother you all that much when i’m between your legs,” he shrugs with a smirk as you hit his chest playfully.
“you’re not between them now, are you?” you chide back as he quirks his head. “i could be,” he retorts making you roll your eyes. “in your dreams.” you tease as he playfully groans and retreats into the bedroom. you’re not sure what chris is planning, but you do know that he’s been working himself to the bone and needs a solid eight hours of sleep. when you slide in beside him, he’s already dozing off; hugging a pillow to him as you press a kiss to his forehead. “mmm’goodnight baby,” he mumbles sleepily as you turn the lights off, getting cozy yourself.
you wake up to chris nudging you gently, “baby?” he whispers, sounding alert and awake. you groan as you snuggle deeper into the covers. “baby,” he whines as you crack your eyes open to meet the digital alarm clock sitting on your bedside table. “chris it’s three in the morning,” you say, voice full of sleep as you turn over to meet his bright eyes. “are you okay?” you ask as you watch him readjust himself. he chews on his lip, “i had a dream about you.” he says and you furrow your eyebrows in confusion. “i mean,” he takes your hand and places it over his hardened cock, “i had a dream.”
you’re suddenly wide awake as you squeeze him through the boxers he’s wearing making him groan. “fuck, baby,” he hisses, “that’s not fair.” you move over closer to him, your leg over his hip as your core meets his. “wanna tell me about your dream?” you whisper as he slowly rocks his hips against yours. he hums, “mmm, had your face shoved in the sheets, watchin’ my cum leakin’ out of your tight pussy.” he purrs against your lips as you let out a soft moan. “was hopin’ we could recreate it. wanna fill you up, baby.” he groans as he digs his fingers into your hips. you gasp at his words as they leave his mouth, feeling yourself grow wetter through the thin pair of panties you were wearing.
chris’ fingers wander down to the top of their waistband, hovering over your clothed clit. “how’s that sound? you gonna let me breed you tonight?” he growls, applying pressure to your clit that makes you moan and nod your head. you feel his fingers dip below your panties, wandering through your folds as his lips suck at your neck. “look at you, so wet and ready for me already.” he smirks, dipping a single fingers into your entrance. “that’s all you get for now, baby. don’t get greedy now,” he cooes, “be a good girl.” you grip his shirt, trying to discard it before he helps you, tearing yours off in the process.
he’s teasing you with slow pumps of his finger, while his lips explore you. “look at how well you’re doing, sweet.” he praises. “i think you deserve a little more.” before you feel him add another finger. you can feel how wet you are as he curls his fingers inside of you. “i can feel you squeezin’ me, can feel just how close you are,” he whispers in your ear as his palm bumps your clit making your legs shake. you can’t formulate any words, just moan and whimpers as you feel yourself on the brink of an orgasm. “that’s okay, sweetheart. want you to let go, don’t hold back.” he cooes, brushing your sweet spot as you start to see the white exploding before your eyes.
his lips slot over yours, swallowing your sweet moans as he feels his cock twitch. “such a good girl for me, gettin’ nice and ready to take my cock.” he hums as you shudder. “chris, please,” you croak, his fingers in his mouth as he cleans them teasingly. “what is it, baby? you need my cock filling you up, is that what it is?” he mocks as you can’t do anything else but nod. he groans when he wraps his hand around his cock, “move your panties to the side,” he tells you and you do what you’re told.
he slides into you easily, filling and stretching you as the angle of his hips leaves you breathless. “that’s what my good girl needed,” he purrs, “to be filled until she’s just leakin’.” he slowly thrusts, feeling all of you as he tweaks your nipples. “so fuckin’ tight, and all for me.” he grunts with a smirk, his thrusts getting deeper and harder. the bed is creaking, as it hits the wall gently. “gonna milk my cock, yeah? gonna be so full with my cum.” his voice is low and raspy before he’s pulling out quickly and flipping you so you’re on your hands and knees.
“sorry baby,” he smirks, “i couldn’t resist gettin’ a better view of my cock inside your pussy.” before he slamming back into you. the force causes you to stumble as your face gets lost in the pillows; along with your moans. “such a good girl, gonna get so full.” he grunts, fingernails digging into the flesh that your panties used to cover. you yelp when he smacks your ass, the voice echoing through the room as he fucks you into the mattress. “nuh uh,” he grunts when you try to stabilize yourself. “stay down pretty girl, you’re gonna take my cock like this.” he growls and places a hand between your shoulder blades.
the dominance in his voice and actions causes your walls to flutter around him as you pant out moans. “good,” his thrusts are deeper than before. “girl.” he’s panting slightly, a low rasp in his voice. “lettin’ me fill you up.” your toes are curling as you feel yourself on the brink of another orgasm. “oh baby, that’s it. come all over my cock, milk me.” he grunts before you’re giving into the feeling once more until your body feels weightless. his hips stutter before his body folds over yours, painting your walls. you shudder at the feeling of him twitch inside of you before he’s pulling out with a groan.
“fuck,” he mumbles under his breath. “look at you.” he’s talking mostly to himself as he has your ass up. you feel a dip in the bed before he’s cleaning you up and making sure you’re okay. “thanks for makin’ my dreams come true, baby.” he chuckles as you both climb back into bed, exhausted and spent.
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Sweet, St. Catherine
Tumblr media
Requested: No
Summary: You love the chain around his neck more than you care to admit. 
Pairing: Chris Evans x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 3.3k
Warnings: NSFW smut, porn w/ minimal plot, fingering (f receiving), dirty talk, cursing, choking (brief), daddy kink (very brief), sex w/o a condom (please use protection guys)
a/n: not my best work, but i hope you enjoy nonetheless!!
“You alright, dear?”
Ms. Lisa’s smile is warm, and her hand on your arm grabs all of your attention in that moment. You’re thankful for the distraction from your boyfriend, but you also have to will yourself to not let your eyes dart back over to Chris at the same time. So, you hold onto the stem of your wine glass a little tighter and engage in the prompted conversation.
“Yeah, just think I’m feeling a little tired,” You express, even offering a small but soft smile to really sell it. Unveiling the truth about you staring off into space would be highly inappropriate, and you were not equipped to handle whatever unknown response you could potentially receive from Ms. Lisa if you didn’t hold your tongue.
The conversation between the two of you lulls for a moment, but it’s only because your mind wanders elsewhere once again.
“It’s good to have him back home, hmm?” She asks and you’re letting out a content response, because yes it is nice to have Chris back home, back in your arms in the flesh. The problem about him being back home in this instance is the fact that he’s so close and too far; had it not been for socially acceptable norms, a part of you genuinely believe that you would’ve climbed him like a tree in the middle of this room while proceeding to let him blow your back out across the walnut stained coffee table.
“You have no idea,” You hum in response, and that’s when Ms. Lisa wraps an arm around your shoulders in a loving manner. She’s always been that way with you: comforting, motherly, and forever warm. So, that’s why you find yourself leaning into her touch, watching as her children loudly talk and catch up with one another.
You loved Chris’s family and they loved you in return, wholeheartedly, but dammit you want to kill Chris for this.
His chain peaks out just underneath the collar of his shirt, as if mocking you right where you stood. He’s got his arm slung on he back of the couch, legs spread as he lounges on his mother’s sofa and seems to zone in on whatever the hell Scott is talking about at that point. To be honest, you tuned nearly everything out the moment your eyes caught sight of the chain– the one that’s pretty much attached to him the minute he gets back home; you wonder if he wears it so often after you accidentally let it slip that its effect on you never fails to make your body hot in more ways than one. Just like that, all over again from the start– you’re ready to go home.
“You alright, you’ve been kinda quiet tonight, honey,” About an hour has passed, and you have found your rightful place next to Chris on the couch. You’re leaned up against his side, his arm slung around you as the deep sound of his voice whispering into your ear calls for your attention.
“Yeah,” As you shift to look at him, your voice remains unconvincing– Chris automatically picking up on something lying beneath your tone. He doesn’t say anything for a moment, but you move to get even closer to him– crossing one leg over the other and even going as far as to rub the outer ball of your heel against his jean covered shin; the corner of his lip twitches.
“Just tired then?” From the sound of his voice, you can tell that he knows which gears are turning in that pretty little head of yours.
“Only if you’re ready to go home, baby,” You purr softly, but truthfully? You never want to cut Chris’s quality time with his family short. You know how close all them are, and how sometimes, being away due to filming really grew hard on Chris. You’re being honest with yourself in that aspect, but you’re also being honest in not wanting to hide that every passing minute seeing him in such casual clothing with that damn chain just increases your libido for him.
Your eyes shift from his face to said chain, focusing on the silver that gently rests against his faintly tanned skin. Without even thinking, you’re raising your fingers to slightly play with the metal– grazing the warmth of his chest in the process.
As you do this, Chris remains quiet, but you don’t miss the feeling of his heart skipping a small beat. The silence between the two of you only lasts for a moment.
“Yeah, I–“ He quietly clears his throat, shifting his body even closer to the point where if you lifted up your thigh– you could practically be sitting on his lap in the middle of his mother’s family room.
Thank the Lords that the rest of the Evans crew was too caught up with another round of pictionary to notice the suggestive nature between you two.
“I think I’m ready to go home too, honey,” There’s a rasp in his voice, his breath ghosting over the shell of your ear before subtly taking your lobe between his teeth.
You’re biting back a moan, slightly shivering underneath his touch as he takes his hand and rubs your shoulder as if in a comforting manner.
To anyone else, it looks like Chris is simply about to kiss your temple and whisper a sweet nothing to you, but in reality? He’s actually telling you that he can’t wait to have your legs shaking like the good girl he knows you to be.
The goodbyes are quick after that, and the ride back to Boston home is even quicker; the fact that Chris wasn’t pulled over is both impressive and a miracle in your eyes.
“Need some help there?” Chris playfully mocks you, pressing his chest up against your back as you struggle to get your keys into the lock of the front door. It wasn’t very convenient that you kept on fumbling with the keys, but it wasn’t helpful that Chris kept on dipping his head to press faint kisses to your exposed neck.
You’re letting out a sigh of relief when the two of you nearly stumble through the threshold. Met with a silent house, it’s easy to deduce that Dodger’s gone to bed thanks to you and Chris leaving food and water out for him before leaving for dinner.
“Chris, I–“ Your breathless giggle is swallowed by Chris as he kisses you, moving to press his body up against the nearby wall after the two of you clumsily kick your shoes off by the door.
His hair is soft between your fingers, the tufts weaving against your digits as you tug him closer to you to deepen the kiss. Groaning in return, Chris’s hand slams against the wall next to your head, his body pressing up against yours as his other hand moves to grip your thigh and successfully hike your leg on his hip.
He feels so good against you– feels like home and a dream all wrapped into one and you can’t get enough. In fact, you find yourself dipping one of your hands beneath the collar of his shirt, your fingernails finding the smoothness of his skin before digging in just enough to elicit a grunt from him as his tongue continues to collide with yours in an increasingly heated kiss.
It’s as if the two of you are reverted back to the days of being horny teenagers in high school, cling onto one another as if no touch would ever be enough. That is how your shallow dry humping against the wall turned into Chris hoisting you into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist with ease as your fingers card through his dark roots, and he’s maneuvering the two of you up the steps as if he’s done it thousands of times before.
You wouldn’t be surprised if that estimation were true.
Chris’s lips never leave yours. The taste of him floods your mouth like a cool river, and you vaguely hear the sound of the master bedroom door being kicked shut– just before you’re being firmly set down on top of the expanse of your vanity.
A few things topple off of the counter, but you two are too wrapped up in one another to genuinely care about cleaning it.
Chris’s hands are all over you: pushing your skirt up even further so it bunches up around your waist, peeling your shirt off of your body to throw it behind him on the floor, and soon enough he’s letting his fingertips run against the hem of your underwear.
“Wonder how wet you are for me, honey,” He muses smugly, already having an inkling from how you’re desperately trying to rut yourself against the growing bulge behind the zipper of his jeans.
You mewl at the feeling of him running two fingers against your clothed slit, craving for more than he was willing to give you at that point. Though he doesn’t give you what you want immediately, he does dip his head down to place open mouthed kisses along the column of your throat and eventually across your exposed collarbones. Chris keeps on going till he’s mouthing at the swell of your breasts, his left hand moving to pull the cups of your bra down so he could give some well deserved attention to your hardening nipples.
All you can do is lightly throw your head back into the mirror behind you, your hands cradling his head to your chest as your back arches to feel more of him against you.
“F-Fuck, that feels– oh!” It catches you off guard– the feeling of Chris snapping your panties off of you, shoving them in his back pocket as he lightly runs his teeth against  your peeked nipple while palming the other one.
Before you can say anything, the words vanish from your mind because his pointer and middle finger press against your clit; naturally, your hips jut out against him and he’s moving to find your lips once again, smirking into the kiss as you react to his touch so easily.
“What’s got you so worked up, hmm?” Chris asks, a small smile gracing his lips when he catches you trying to chase his lips into another kiss. He denies you of course, but he’s quick to slip one finger inside you, teasing you while waiting for your pending response to his question.
“Baby, please,” You jut your bottom lip in a slight pout, wanting more– needing more.
“Believe I asked you a question, sweetheart,” He states before pushing another finger into your tight heat. You know that he wants you to use your words, he wants to hear you ask, perhaps even beg, for what you want from him. However, though he wants to hear those pretty little words escape your mouth, Chris also relishes in making the task harder for you.
“You’ve been giving me these eyes all night, honey...why is that?” Even in the dimness of the room, you can still see the glint in his eyes. He speaks to as if he’s not plunging two fingers into your quivering hole, as if you’re not leaking between your thighs to a point where you’re sure you’re making mess on your vanity.
Chris curls his fingers within you, the pads dragging against that soft, spongey part that has you keening– your thighs jump as you choke on words that immediately die on your tongue; to make matters worse (or perhaps better), the ball of his palm presses against your clit, granting you that extra boost of stimulation that tightens in the coil in the pit of your stomach.
Your hands are on his shoulders, your nails digging into him as you try to ground yourself. However, your eyes move from his face to the spark that started this whole flame: the chain around his neck. Your body acts before your brain can process it.
Chris is about to say something else, but you’re quick in grabbing at the chain from underneath his shirt to pull your man towards you in a searing kiss.
His free hand finds the back of your neck, fingers wrapping around enough to feel your pulse race underneath the pressure of his digits. It was all so intense: his hand around your neck, his fingers opening you up for him, his lips against yours, his chain in-between your fingers– you can’t even warm him that you’re cumming.
The dam within you breaks, your thighs trying to squeeze together to help calm yourself from the sudden burst of pleasure coursing through your veins.
“Sh-Shit,” You squeak out, failing to calm down your breathing as Chris continues to finger you through your orgasm while tilting your head back to lick a stripe from your collarbone to your earlobe.
Even with the slight darkness the two of you are in, you can still see Chris’s eyes capturing your attention when he finally decides to remove his fingers from your slick channel– he even makes a small show of licking your essence off of him, moaning as he does so.
“Always taste so good, but you still didn’t answer my question,” There’s a rasp in his voice, and as if you couldn’t get any wetter– you’re wrapping your legs around him to pull his frame closer to yours.
Immediately, you can feel the hardness of him against your exposed core, and a piece of you wants to feel the weight of him on your tongue...but another piece of you– a larger piece of you wants to have him on-top of you right in that instant.
It’s a flurry of rushed movements– moving from the vanity to the king sized bed. In the few seconds, you’re able to peel Chris’s shirt off and get his jeans unbuckled, and as soon as he’s placing you on the bed, he’s tugging your bunched up skirt off of you in a quick motion.
It makes you feel vulnerable in the best way– being completely bare in front of him while he still has some clothing on his body.
“You look so pretty like this...always makes me want to take my time with you,” You can’t tell if Chris is talking to you or himself in that moment, but there’s no denying the way goosebumps arise wherever he drags his knuckles against your skin. You whine in response, looking up at hime with wide, glossy eyes that tell him everything need needs to know. Well..mostly everything.
“I need you, baby, please,” You breathe the words out as if it took too much energy out of you, reaching out to mess with the button and zipper of his jeans as he finds his rightful place between your spread thighs.
“Yeah? What do you need, princess?” He sports a lopsided grin, seemingly amused at the way you try to push his jeans and boxers off of him. Truth be told, he needs you just as bad, but this was also part of the fun for him– watching you almost struggle to find the words and replace them with frenzied actions instead. It was cute really, endearing.
“I need to feel you inside me,” You start, shifting your eyes to look up at him as you reach past the barrier of his boxers and hold him in your warm palm. Chris’s breath hitches when you drag your thumb over the slit, smearing his precum over his bulbous tip before slowly stroking him. Your other hand reaches up to pull his head down just enough so that your lips could be right by his ear. “I want to feel you fill me up, daddy.”
Just how he knew your weaknesses, you knew his as well. That word never failed to switch something off inside of him, and just like that? He’s pushing your hand off of him so he could kick off the rest of his clothing, and he’s quick to hover over you once again.
His chain hangs in your face, the glimmer of the patron saint flickering before your eyes. It’s such a constast– the sight of something holy being the root of your heightened libido, staring you in the face as if telling you that there might just be a sweet place of damnation waiting for you after you take your last breath. 
In that moment though, you don’t care. All you care about is the feeling of Chris dragging his cock through your slick pussy, bumping his tip against the bundle of nerves that has you grasping at his bicep. 
The burn is delicious when he finally slips himself into you, a guttural moan coming from the back of his throat at the feeling of your warm walls englufing him like a true welcome home. 
“F-Fuck, your pussy feels so good,” It’s a whisper, as if he’s afraid someone else in the world might hear him other than you. However, you’re inhaling deeply when his hips are finally flush against yours– filling you up to a point where the line of pleasure and pain blurs and you’re digging your nails into his skin as he thrusts into you.
His pace is deliberate, reaching parts of you that has your toes curling and pitiful moans falling past your lips. 
“Ugh...Yes..Ri-Right there, baby,” You gasp out, and Chris is quick to dip his head down and capture your lips in another kiss. His tongue invades your mouth, and you can still taste the reminence of yourself on him. He feels so damn good, but you’re hungry for more still.
When he pulls away from you, you’re trained on his chain swinging back and forth in front of your face, right in time with his thrusts. 
You’re wrapping your legs around his waist, your heels pressing into the flesh of his ass so that he stays flush against you and as deep as possible. The tip of his cock kisses your cervix and you’re gasping for air while Chris chokes back on a moan at the feeling of your walls fluttering around him nicely.
“Baby– holy shit,” He cuts himself off into a whisper, eyes widening when he notices you’re taking his chain in between your teeth as he grinds against you.
Your lashes flutter and you buck your hips, and Chris swears that he feels his balls tighten exponentially at the sight of you. You look so wanton, so desperate, so needy for all of him, and seeing his chain between your teeth as your eyes water and your lashes flutter? That has him wrapping a constrained hand around your throat and delivering some harsh thrusts into you despite the slight restriction of your legs wrapped around him.
“That’s what you wanted, princess? Such a dirty girl,” He muses, and you know that you’re not going to last any longer.
Releasing the chain from your mouth, you throw your head back into the pillows, back arching as your second orgasm of the night washes over you. Chris has got you, his hand finding your back to pull you flush against him as he chases his own release.
Fucking you through your orgasm, you feel him shudder against you, a warmth blossoming in the deepest parts of you as he finishes and proceeds to give you a lazy, sloppy kiss as the two of you try to come down from the blissful high recently experienced.
You don’t know how much time passes, your mind settling into a relaxed haze as Chris pulls a blanket over the two of you; your head finds his chest in subtle muscle memory, and his arms wrap around your body in a comforting manner.
“So...the chain does it for you, huh?” His voice breaks the silence of your dark room, and though he can’t see your face– you’re certain he can feel you smile against the planes of his chest.
“You have no idea.”
i love feedback of all kinds!
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