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#chris evans fanfiction
alisonsfics · a day ago
in your dreams
pairing: chris evans x reader
summary: it wasn’t out of the ordinary for you and chris to get tipsy while watching a movie, or even to end up cuddling. but having a wet dream while cuddling with him was new territory.
word count: 2.3k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, oral (f receiving), wet dreams, grinding, dry humping, drinking, minors DNI
Tumblr media
You waited patiently for Chris to open his front door. He had invited you over for a movie night, and you were in charge of bringing the beer.
You both had met in college. Besides from a drunk hook up one night, you both were just friends. Friends who liked to drink beer and watch movies together, usually ending with you both falling asleep together. You assumed tonight would be no different.
The door swung open and revealed Chris standing there. “There she is.” He said, chuckling and pulling you into a hug. You mentally cursed as you felt his muscular arms around you and his firm chest pressed up against you.
You’d be lying if you said you didn’t find Chris attractive, but you refused to risk your friendship. You stuck to a few flirty comments here and there.
“So how have you been? Didn’t you just get back from filming?” You asked, as you both headed towards the living room. You set the beer down on his coffee table and turned your full attention to him.
“I’ve been good. I have a two week break before I have to fly back to Toronto. I’ve missed you though. FaceTime just isn’t as good as the real thing.” He said, giving you that signature smile that gave you butterflies.
“Well luckily for you, you have me all to yourself tonight.” You said, running one of your hands up and down his bicep. He smirked back at you. Neither of you were oblivious to the chemistry between the two of you.
You both were drawn to each other, which is why you both always ended up in each other’s arms.
“So what movie did you pick?” You asked him as he sat down on the couch. You plopped down beside him, throwing your legs over his lap. He let his hands rest on top of your legs, all while meeting your eye contact.
“I was thinking we could watch your favorite movie.” He said, knowing you would be excited. You were.
You threw yourself into his lap. “Really? You never let us watch that movie.” You said, your voice coming out a high pitch. Your excitement earned a chuckle from him. “I’ll even let you quote it.” He told you, letting his hands rest on your hips.
The physical content only made you more giddy. “You are the best.” You squealed, crawling off his lap and handing him a beer.
He took the bottle from your hand before taking a long swig. He grabbed the remote and started the movie, letting you nestle into his side.
He held true to his word. He let you quote along with the movie. He had a smile plastered to his face the entire time. Chris loved getting to see you so excited.
You both were three beers in and were started to feel a little tipsy. There were more flirty touches and lingering glances. You were practically in Chris’ lap, both of you giggling like teenagers.
He let one of his hands snake around your waist. You didn’t pull away. Instead, you leaned into his touch. You took another sip of beer, before turning to face Chris. “This movie is the best.” You said, giggling.
He chuckled before using his thumb to wipe the beer off your chin. You ran your fingers through his hair, brushing it out of his face. “You’re really pretty.” You whispered softly. His cheeks turned a soft shade of pink.
“You’re pretty too.” He mumbled, letting his other hand rest on your thigh. You both had giant smiles on your face. “Ooo wait, my favorite part.” You said, scrambling around to watch the next scene of the movie.
You both stayed like that until the end of the movie. By then, you both were starting to feel a little tired. As the credits began to roll, you turned around in Chris’ lap and buried your face in his neck. “Are you sleepy?” He mumbled softly. You just responded by nodding your head.
He wrapped his arms around you and then stood up with you in his arms. You let yourself get comfortable in his arms as he headed towards his bedroom. He flopped down onto his bed, lying on his back with you lying on top of him.
He kept his arms tightly wrapped around you. You both fell asleep, keeping each other close.
Chris woke up when he heard you mumble something. He glanced over at the clock and realized it was four in the morning. “What’d you say?” He asked, not realizing you were still asleep.
A small whimper passed through your lips. His eyes shot open, almost thinking he imagined the sound. Then, it happened again, coming out as a moan this time. He exhaled, already feeling himself growing hard.
He shouldn’t have. You were his best friend.
Then, you bucked your hips forward against his growing erection. He let out a breathy moan, as he tried to focus.
He was about to wake you up when he heard his name. “Chris…so good. Oohhh faster.” You mumbled, thrusting your hips into him again.
It was official. Chris was hard. How could he not be? He always thought you were gorgeous, and now you were having a sex dream about him.
His name fell from your lips again. His hips accidentally jutted against yours. His eyes went wide and he stopped himself. He knew he should just wake you up.
“Faster…need you. Chris,” you whined. He grabbed your shoulders, lightly shaking you awake. As soon as he watched your eyes start to open, he realized his hard cock was still pressed against you.
“Chris?” You asked, sleepily.
“Sorry, sweetheart. It just sounded like you were having a nightmare.” He lied, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. Your eyes shot open when you heard what he said. Then, you realized he was hard.
You couldn’t help but wonder if he knew. He couldn’t have possibly known, right?
“What…uhh what’d I say?” You asked, feeling a pit in your stomach. Chris froze. He didn’t know what to tell you. Should he just tell you the truth or make up some lie?
Then, he got a wicked idea.
He slipped his hand into the waistband of your shorts. He pressed his fingers up against your clothed heat. Even through your panties, he could tell you were just as wet as he thought you were.
You whined, pushing your hips against his fingers. “You were calling out my name, sweetheart.” He whispered, making the heat rush to your cheeks. You were conflicted between feeling embarrassed and turned on.
Your moan was muffled as you buried your face into his soft T-shirt. “Were you dreaming about me?” He asked as you jutted your hips against his hand. You nodded your head as you bit down on your lip.
He leaned forward connecting your lips. He pulled his hand away from you, wrapping his arms around you. He rolled over on top of you, still keeping the kiss connected.
Your hands moved to the hem of his T-shirt, tugging at it gently. He pulled for away for a second and let you pull his shirt over his head.
You froze as the moonlight shown on his defined muscles. You had seen Chris shirtless before, but it was different now.
You ran your fingers over his abs, lightly tracing the muscles. “You like what you see?” He asked, leaning into kiss you again. He cupped your face as he kissed up, making your insides turn to jelly.
“You’re getting to admire me, but I’m not getting to look at you.” He said, smirking. He let his hands drift down to your shirt. He ran his hands over your breasts, causing your breath to come out shakily.
He chuckled at the effect he had on you. You were putty in his hands. He slowly started to unbutton your shirt. Once he got the first few buttons undone, he started pressing kisses down your chest.
“Chris,” you whined, raking your fingers through his hair. He continued unbuttoning all the buttons before pulling the shirt off of you. “You are so fucking beautiful.” He mumbled, cupping your breasts through your bra.
“Take it off.” You begged. Your eyes fluttered closed due to his touch. He smirked before unclipping your bra with a satisfying pop.
He threw it to the side, and then buried his face in the valley between your breasts. He left soft, wet kisses up and down.
“So, what was I doing in the dream?” He asked, placing a kiss on your lips. You felt the heat rush to your cheeks as you remembered the sinful dream: Chris’ head between your legs, pornographic moans falling from your lips.
He noticed your hesitance. “Did it turn you on?” He whispered, millimeters away from your ear. You shyly nodded your head. He let his hands run up and down your sides. “What was it?” He encouraged you to go on.
“You went down on me.” You confessed. You could feel his excitement grow. He pulled you into a quick kiss, bucking his hips into yours involuntarily.
“You want me to eat your sweet pussy, sweetheart?” He whispered against your lips. A moan fell out of you, feeling yourself growing wetter by the second. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He said, sliding your pants down your legs. He quickly dropped them to the floor and moved on to removing your panties.
“God, you’re soaked. Did I get you this riled up?” He asked, cocking his head to the side. You pulled him up towards you for another kiss. “You seem pretty riled up too.” You mumbled against his lips, noticing just how turned on he was.
He chuckled before going back between your legs. “You smell so sweet.” He groaned, pressing kisses to the inside of your thighs. You waited, in anticipation. Then, you felt him place a soft kiss against your clit.
A whimper fell from your lips as you wrapped your legs around his face. His nose brushed up against you as he licked a long stripe through your folds.
Once he tasted you, he couldn’t get enough. He dived in, trying to lick every drop of your arousal. You threw your head back against his pillows. He lapped up all of your wetness. You were a drug to him, and he was hooked.
He sucked on your clit, sending shivers down your spine. Your hand flew down to his head, lacing your fingers through his hair. “Go on, let me hear you.” He mumbled before pressing his tongue flat against your clit.
“Oh…my god, Chris,” you moaned, bucking your hips up against his face. You couldn’t see him, but you knew he was smirking. He pinned your legs down. “Cl…close,” you mumbled.
He hummed against you, drawing figure eights with his tongue. You felt a coil building in your stomach, before it snapped. You called out his name as you jutted your hips forward. “There you go.” He said, pressing kisses to the inside of your thighs.
“Get up here.” You mumbled, cupping his face and pulling him toward you. He crawled up towards you and kissed you on the lips. “Did that feel good?” He asked, continuing to kiss you. You quickly nodded your head, not pulling out of the kiss.
He pulled away, leaning his forehead against your shoulder. “What’s wrong?” You asked, noticing his pained expression. He cursed under his breath. “I need you so fucking bad.” He swore.
A smirk grew on your face. “So what’re you gonna do about it?” You questioned. He chuckled before shedding himself of his pants and boxers.
He began stroking himself, soft curses falling from his lips. “Are you warmed up enough?” He asked, looking down at you. You eagerly nodded your head. He grabbed onto your hips, massaging the skin with his thumbs.
Slowly, he began to push himself inside of you. If it was possible, he seemed bigger than the last time you both hooked up. You bit down on your lip, adjusting to his length.
He groaned as you squeezed around him. “You feel so perfect.” He mumbled, as he began to thrust in and out of you. Both of you knew that you wouldn’t last long. You felt your eyes roll into the back of your head as he pushed deeper inside of you.
“Can you look at me?” He softly asked, pressing a kiss to the corner of your mouth. You forced your eyes to open and held his gaze. It was hot and passionate, but it was also intimate. You pecked his lips as moans fell out of the both of you.
“I don’t think I’m going to last very long.” He mumbled, wrapping your legs around his waist. You nodded. “It’s okay. I won’t either.” You told him.
No one had ever fucked you this good. He reached one hand down to draw circles on your clit. “Fuck,” you hissed.
“What do you need me to do?” He asked, kissing you gently. You tried to catch your breath to answer his question. “Faster please,” you mumbled breathlessly.
He tightened his grip on your hips and began to speed up his pace. The sound of him sliding into your slick folds was enough to make you squirm.
You could feel his cock twitch, and you knew he was close. “Cum with me, okay?” You asked, cupping his face with one of your hands. He nodded his head, pressing a kiss to your palm.
With that, you both fell over the edge. Loud moans filled the room. You both gasped for air, panting. Finally, he pulled out, but stayed lying on top of you. “That was amazing.” He said, cupping your face and kissing you.
“Chris can we talk?” You asked him. His expression saddened. “What’s wrong?” He asked, instantly worried.
“I know we’ve done this before, but I don’t want this to be a once in a blue moon kind of thing. I want this, I want you.” You told him, running your fingers through his hair. His worried expression turned into a large grin. “Then, I guess we’re on the same page.” He said, pulling you in for yet another kiss.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @nyx2021 @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @shyconversationalbookworm @shadowhuntyi @lovelokiqueen @ruzannetheseahorse @superdeath @wandaswifeyforlifey @spookyqueen @heyamina @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @k-k0129 @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @beyondthesefourwalls @basicfangirlx @ashwarren32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @blueeyeddemon1016 @bbl32 @dorothea-hwldr @stressydepressyandlemonzesty @cherryyxbabyy
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worksby-d · 2 days ago
hey can i request something if it's okay🥺? it's my birthday and i wanted something with soft!andy 😅🤍, thank you!
and if you're not doing it, it's completely fine i understand ❤️
wishing you a very happy birthday!! hope this is okay hehe i'm not great on the spot but wanted to get this to you!!! 💘🎈
Tumblr media
pairing: andy barber x reader
word count: ~400
waking up, the absence of his arm around you is one of the first things you notice. reaching yours out to feel for him, his side of the bed is empty and cold already.
you consider just grabbing his pillow to hug as you fall back asleep, but the real thing is what you really want.
once you finally muster the energy to leave the bed, it's no surprise to you when you find him a few rooms down the hall, in his office toiling away with papers scattered all around his desk.
“andy,” you murmur from the doorway after silently watching him for a few seconds.
“hey,” he immediately perks up, turning in his chair for just a second to flash you a smile. “it's the birthday girl. what's up, baby?”
“i want attention,” you sigh playfully, pushing away from the wall you're leaning on to make your way toward him.
his head falls back as he lets out a laugh. “i appreciate how straightforward that was.” rolling his chair back a bit, he holds out his arms, waving a hand to tell you to sit on his lap. “come here then.”
happily accepting the invitation, you carefully throw your legs over his, savoring the feeling of his arms around you again as he holds you in place.
“what are you working on?” your words are mumbled as you press a kiss to his temple. “you looked really focused.”
“ah, nothing important,” he sighs dismissively, but knows that's a lie. “actually, it's very important, but it's nothing you need to worry about.”
“got it,” you laugh, resting your forehead against the side of his head. “it's so early though…”
“i know. i thought you would sleep in longer,” he explains. “since when do you get up so early?”
“it’s hard when you're not there,” you pout, hugging him tighter.
“i'm sorry,” he whispers, mimicking your pout. “wanted to get stuff done so i could spend the rest of the day with you though. i've got it all planned out.”
“oh boy,” you chuckle. “guess i better get back in bed and rest up for it.”
“mhm,” he hums. “i even planned out how i was going to wake you up, but…”
you gasp feeling his hand slip from your thigh to your ass. “i don't wanna miss out on that,” you exclaim, quickly getting off him so you can jog out of the room. “i'm going back to sleep then, bye!”
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doritolover · a day ago
Piano lesson.
Pairing: Chris Evans x female reader.
Word count: 881 words.
Summary: He'd do anything for you.
Genre: Fluff.
Warnings: None.
Please don't post/translate any of my content anywhere else without my permission. Comments and reblogs are welcomed!
Gif not mine.
Tumblr media
It was the beginning of September which meant autumn was close which also meant it was starting to cold down. So here you were on the couch wearing a white cardigan and sweatpants with brown socks and a messy bun.
You were watching a movie which you weren't paying attention 'cause you were waiting for your cuddle boy, Chris. He was doing some work stuff in another room.
"BABE!" you yelled "Are you coming already? I want cuddles," you rubbed your arms, it was getting colder.
"IN A MINUTE, BUBBA," he yelled.
"Hurry up!!"
"We're needy, aren't we?" he said laughing while sitting on the couch.
"I'm cold and want you to warm me up," you said pouting.
"Here I am, sweetie." he hugged you and started rubbing your back.
You decided to lay down on his chest and put your arms around his waist whilst trying to focused on the movie. Which you didn't because you didn't notice when you fell asleep.
Chris didn't notice it either until he asked something and you didn't answer.
"That scene it's so cool, with all that snowing it makes it all more beautiful and homelike, right, babe?" he said looking at the screen and then turning to you when he didn't hear you say something.
He looked down and saw your eyes closed and felt how your breathing was slow down. Chris rubbed your back slowly so he doesn't wake you up and gave a long kiss to the top of your head. He loved when you fell asleep on his chest the sight of you with so much peace and tranquility made him feel good, it transmitted peace and tranquility to him too, it was the best feeling in the world and seeing how your head rose and fell on his chest every time he breathed he found it tender.
"I love you, you drive me crazy, I'd do anything for you, precious," he whispered.
You started moving and waking up.
"Did I fell asleep?" you said yawning.
"I couldn't help it, you're so comfy," you looked up and gave him a small smile. He smiled back.
"Did you enjoy your nap?" he asked kissing your nose.
"Yeah I did. You're a great bed, big guy." he chuckled.
"And you're a great sleeper. Just try not to talk next time." he winked
"You liar, I don't talk while I sleep." you said punching slightly his chest and laughing.
"Yeah, sure." he said with a sarcastic face.
"I'm joking, baby." he laughed.
You shook your head and turned to the TV and there was this scene with a piano song on the background. An idea crossed your mind.
"Honey?" you said giving lots of small pecks on his cheek. You felt him smile while doing it.
"Yes, sweetie?" he said turning to you.
"Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, anything, my love."
"Would you teach me how to play the piano?" you put a doggie face "Pleaseeee,"
"Didn't you know it already?" he frowned.
"I know how to play some small parts of songs, and still I get confused." you sighed "Pretty please, babe."
He smiled "Of course, angel."
You both stood up and went to sat in front of the piano. He sat down first and then he pulled to sit you on his lap, he caressed your waist and the put your hands on the keys while he started to explain you and teaching one of his favourites songs.
"Babe, I don't get it, I can't do it." you sighed tilting your head back right on his shoulder.
It's been an hour since he started teaching you but you just didn't understand it and you were getting frustrated and desperate.
"Hon', it's okay. You won't learned in one day, it takes time, just relax, enjoy and trust." he said comforting you "Let's try again, I'll help you."
You placed your hands on the keys and he put his hands on top of yours playing the song with you and putting your fingers where they should go. Now it was supposed to help you but it was the contrary, his hands were distracting you, they were very soft you felt a little tingling when they brush against yours, and as if that wasn't enough, you felt his breath on your neck only causing butterflies in the stomach.
He knew what he was doing to you, he knew your body and the effects he had on it, and he took advantage of it.
He kissed the back of your neck causing you to shiver. He chuckled. That bastard.
"You're not doing it any easier, Christopher." you said tensing.
"Sorry, babe, couldn't help it." he kissed you again.
"Stop! I'm not concentrating," he did it again.
"Okay that's it." you said getting off and sitting next to him.
"Hey, fun was just getting started." he said it giving you a mischievous look.
"But I wanted to play the piano." you pouted.
He kissed your pout.
"I'll do it for you, babe."
He started playing and you rested your head on his shoulder.
When he finished you looked at him and smiled.
"I love you, bubba." you said hugging him by the waist.
"I love you too, angel." he hugged you back tightly.
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reginaphalange2403 · a day ago
You Have Me
Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: You go to your best friend Chris when you have no one else to go to after a bad breakup
Warnings: cheating, talk of pregnancy and abortion
Tumblr media
Standing on Chris’s doorstep, with your hand raised ready to knock wasn’t where you expected yourself to be at almost midnight. But you didn’t know where else to go, and Chris was the only person you trusted.
“Y/N? Are you alright? Come in, it’s pouring out there.” He answers faster than you expected for it being so late. Surprised by your sudden appearance at his place, Chris helps you take your jacket off and then turns your shoulders so you’re facing him.
“What happened? You’re scaring me Y/N. It’s almost midnight” Chris, still holding your shoulders, studies your face trying to make out if you’ve been crying or if you are hurt. Thankfully, the tears hadn’t come yet.
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you, or bother you so late. I just had a rough night and needed someone to talk to….I finally ended things with him.” Almost immediately, Chris understands. His eyes soften with sympathy as he leads you to his living room, letting you take a seat and eventually pulling a blanket out for you to warm up.
You had been in a 3 year long relationship with a man Chris never liked from the start. Although Chris had been your trusted friend of almost a decade, you always brushed off the “bad vibes” he claimed he got from your now ex boyfriend. Things had been going well between the two of you for almost 2 years until you discovered he had cheated . You ended things, but stupidly decided to get back with him just a few months later, after he made several grand gestures to win you over. This caused many arguments between you and Chris, as he obviously hated seeing you run back to your cheating ex. Over the last year of your relationship, he continued to cheat, and you continued to forgive. And while Chris hated watching this cycle, he knew there was really nothing he could do, he couldn’t control how you lived your life.
“Can I get you anything, a stiff drink maybe?” Chris asked with a little laugh, trying to lighten the mood. You shook your head and stared down at your hands afraid of what was to come.
Chris cleared his throat, “So, what made you decide to end things? And its for good this time…right?”
“Yes. I promise. I’m never going back to him. I made that clear tonight when I confronted him about some suggestive pictures of another woman I happened to see while using his phone to send a text. Just a month ago he swore he was being completely faithful to me, and I believed him.”
“Damn. I’m so sorry Y/N. He’s a piece of shit…always has been in my opinion. I would say ‘I told you so’ but ill save it for later, I feel now is not the time”
You let out a quiet chuckle at Chris’s remark. You should have trusted his ‘gut feeling’ from the beginning.
“You’re better off Y/N. Believe me. It might suck now, but eventually you will be grateful that you decided to-“
“Chris” You whisper his name, cutting him off. He looks at you expectedly.
Pulling yourself together enough to get the words out, you finally say what you’ve been waiting to all night, “I’m pregnant.”
You can’t yet bring yourself to look at his face, continuing to just stare at your hands in your lap. You try to take slow breaths, as to not let the tears pricking at your eyes spill over. Finally, you take a glance at your best friend.
He’s staring at you with his mouth agape, and eyes almost filled with tears like yours. “Does he know?”, he whispers.
“Yes. I found out about a week ago. I was going to tell him tonight. I was hoping maybe this would bring us closer together, that was until I saw the pictures” your tears start to fall but you continue explaining, “We got into a screaming match about it and that was when I blurted out that I was pregnant. He got pissed, blamed it on me.” You shoot a glance at Chris, who is visibly angry at your last statement, but chooses to let you keep going, “He wants nothing to do with it. So I stormed out, didn’t know where to go so I came here.” At this point, tears are streaming down your face and you’re barely holding it together. Chris gently wipes some of the tears away with his thumb, before he gets up to bring you a box of tissues.
“Shhh, slow down, it’s okay, just take deep breaths”, he instructs, trying to keep you from panicking. Chris moves closer to you and you simply fall into his open arms, curling into yourself. He just holds you for a while, rubbing your back and occasionally running a hand through your hair.
“Want me kill him?” Chris suddenly asks in a deadpan tone, causing you both to laugh. “I’m serious, I’ll go all Ransom Drysdale on his ass” You chuckle at him, “I appreciate the offer, but I don’t think murder is the answer here”. Chris just shrugs.
You fall into silence once again for a few moments, before you reveal the fears floating around in your head. “Chris,” you whisper, “what am I supposed to do? I’m single now, I don’t have anyone. I can’t handle a baby on my own. And if I decide to terminate, I don’t even know the first thing about going through with that process” your voice breaks at the end, all your worries showing through now.
Chris looks at you almost like he’s confused. “What do you mean? You have me.” He offers you a reassuring smile, gently squeezing your shoulder. “I know I’m not your boyfriend, but i’ll always be here for you, whatever you need. If you decide you don’t want to keep it, i’ll find the safest facility in town and take you myself. And if you decide on keeping it, i’ll be there through every step, as much as I can anyway with work. You’re not alone in this Y/N, and don’t, for a second, think that you are.” Chris ends his spiel by planting a quick kiss on your forehead.
You wrap him up in a tight hug and whisper a ‘thank you’ into his ear, too emotional to say anything else.
Chris offers to let you spend the rest of the night at his place, not wanting to make you drive home since it was already so late. After you’ve calmed down, Chris gets up to clean the kitchen before heading off to bed. He stops in his tracks as he sees you preparing to lay on the sofa.
“What are you doing?”
You stare at him, confused. “What do you mean?”
“You think I’m gonna let my best friend, let alone my pregnant best friend, sleep on a couch?”
“Well…yeah. Where else was I gonna sleep?”
“Y/N, I have like 6 guest bedrooms, and my own bed is big enough to fit like 4 people. I’d be a complete jackass if I made you sleep down here.” Chris laughs at your misunderstanding. You had stayed the night at his place before, but it was usually after you had had one too many drinks and ended up passing out in the living room by accident.
You then follow Chris, along with Dodger, up the stairs and into one of his guest rooms. He hands you an extra blanket and one of his t-shirts to sleep in. “Get some rest sweetheart, we’ll figure more things out in the morning.” You give him another hug, thanking him for everything he’s done for you tonight, and he again kisses your forehead before closing the door behind himself. You crawl into bed, still scared as hell about what’s currently growing inside you, but your mind much more at ease, knowing Chris always has your back.
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princehrry-writings · a day ago
Who's Chris Evans?
hey guys!! i've had this in my drafts for ages and i just finished it so here you go!!!!!
warnings: maybe a swear? revealing a relationship... idk. it's just fluffy
wordcount: 1284
you're on the late late show and you're also married to chris.
“When did you and Chris first meet?”
James Corden leaned in a little as you thought back to the first time you ever met the man in question.
“Y/n, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are here to see the show tonight. Do you want me to bring them backstage?” Your tour manager asked, walking with you as you went to take your mark.
“Sebastian Stan is here?” You stopped walking, eyes blown wide. Sebastian Stan as in… you’re favorite character from Gossip Girl… was here? At your show?
“And Chris Evans, yes.” He said.
“Who’s Chris Evans?” You asked, continuing on your way backstage so you could walk up the stairs onto the stage.
“You know that new comic book movie, Captain America? He’s playing Captain America.” He explained and it clicked. You had seen the advertisements about the new movie and the preview clip at the end of the Iron Man movie.
Wow, they were here? That’s crazy.
“Yeah, bring them back!” You said right as you were running out onto the stage, your first song beginning.
* .
* .
Once the show was over, you came backstage, prepared to sit down and chill out. Walking into your dressing room where your mom, manager, and a few crew members where, you flopped on the couch, completely exhausted.
The door opening didn’t catch your attention. Your tour manager walking in didn’t catch your attention. But hearing him clear his throat and introduce the two people he brought with him certainly did.
“Y/n, this is Chris and Sebastian!” He said and you shot up out of your seat, extending your hand to shake. A smile graced your face as you looked at the two very attractive men standing before you.
“Hi! I’m Y/n, it’s really nice to meet you guys!” You said, feeling your heart skip a couple beats.
Introductions were made and you all sat down, having a conversation, laughing at jokes and becoming closer than you thought possible for one night.
“Oh, I should take this…” Sebastian trailed off. Before he left, you caught sight of the name on his screen and saw it was Leighton Meester. You tried not to freak out because she is your absolute favorite character on Gossip Girl.
It was just you and Chris left. He moved a little closer to you but you didn’t think anything of it. All night, you had felt a spark between the two of you but you didn’t think he would feel the same way so you kind of just brushed it off. That is until he speaks up after a moment of silence.
“You know, Y/n… I’m gonna kick myself if I don’t do this. I think you’re really cool and I was wondering if maybe you’d want to grab dinner sometime or something?”
“Yeah, he asked me out and honestly the rest is history. We’ve been together ever since!” You finished your story, hearing the crowd begin to cheer.
“That was how long ago now?” He followed up.
“That was uh… that was 11 years ago. Damn.”
“So, you’ve been tied down for 11 years now and nobody’s known?” You giggle as the crowd gasps and laughs, nodding your head. You look over to the wings of the set and see Chris with a beaming smile on his face, waiting for his cue to come out.
“Yeah! It hasn’t been easy but it’s been nice to have a place I could escape to. I’ve seen so many great things be torn apart by the media and I didn’t want my relationship to be added to that list, so we just chose not to make it public knowledge.”
“How did you manage that?”
“There was a lot of going in through back doors and leaving the house in different cars just to go to the same place. A lot of “no pictures please” and “don’t post any of this.” Like I said, it hasn’t been easy.” You sighed, spinning the ring on your finger as a comfort tactic.
“We actually have Chris here, if he would like to come on out and join Y/n on the couch!” The man announced, crowd erupting into loud cheers and screams. He comes out from behind the curtain with that same smile on his face, waving to the crowd and the cameras.
You stood up to greet him with a smile and a kiss.
“Hi baby,” He smiled at you, pulling you into him tightly, pressing a tender kiss to your lips before releasing you to sit back down. He shakes James' hand before sitting as close to you as he can and resting his hand on your thigh, resting your hand over his. His other arm curls around the back of the couch over your shoulder. You hear a collective awe from the crowd and smile, looking over at him and catching his gaze.
He sends a wink your way, loving the way your face heats up even after all this time.
“You two are just the cutest!” James cries, pulling you out of your daze and you look back over to him, seeing a gleaming grin on his face. He was very happy the two of you had finally decided to come out with your relationship. He'd been a friend of yours for a few years and was excited you chose his show to be the platform you broadcasted the news on.
Chris giggled and leaned over to peck your cheek a few times, causing your face to burn even more than it already was.
“So, Y/n is it true that Chris is actually a co-writer on your latest album? Under a pseudonym?” James asks, moving on from fawning over the two of you.
“Yeah, actually! Uh, with the lockdown, I didn’t want to go into it saying “Alright, it’s time to make the next album.” I kind of just sat back and said whatever happens will happen and one day I walked into the music room we have in our house and Chris was playing the guitar and humming this tune and I immediately heard what would end up being the finished version of Slow Burn.” I explained, looking over to see if Chris wanted to add anything.
“I had never done anything in the songwriting realm before that. I had always wanted to leave that to her and let it be her thing, so when she asked me to write the song with her it was kind of nerve wracking. Cause there I was, writing a song with a Grammy Award winning songwriter. It was very intimidating!” He said, bragging about your accomplishments like he always did. He’s a very proud husband.
“Well now, Chris, you are also a Grammy Award winning songwriter! Golden Hour won Album Of The Year, didn’t it?” James looks between the two of you with a small smile.
“It did, yeah!” He smiled, looking over at you.
“How many is that for you now Y/n?”
“Uh… that’s a good question.” The crowd laughed, causing a giggle to erupt from you. “11 I think… Yeah, 11.”
“11 Grammy Awards?!” James’ eyes bugged out. You nodded, a blush blooming on your skin. Chris giggled as you hid your face in his neck and the audience followed suit, giggling at how adorable the two of you were.
“Chris, you've got yourself a very talented lady here!” Chris looked over at you with a look you saw often in his eyes. You saw it every day actually, he was telling you he loved you without really having to say it because after all this time the two of you just knew.
“I do, I really do!”
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mysticalrambling · 2 days ago
Ending It All (Alternate Ending)
A/N: This is an alternate ending for those who wanted the reader and Chris to end up back together, This series have officially come to an end so thank you so much for all your support guys. I am open to blurb requests and I would love it if you send some requests. I’ll be happy to write about them. Love you guys🤍
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Chris Evans Fan fiction (Fan fiction Masterlist)
Summary: You break up with Tom because the kids call him dad and you just didn’t want anyone to take Chris’s place. Chris comes over and you both confess that you still love each other. You get back together and the kids are really happy about it.
Warnings: Angst and fluff.
“Hey. What happened?” Chris asked as soon as you opened the door with tears running down her face.
“I’m sorry for calling you at this time. It’s just- I just-” Unable to continue your sentence, you buried your face in your hands and let out a gut wrenching sob.
“Come here, darling.” Gently taking you in to his arms, he led you to the couch. Once you calmed down a little, he spoke again. “Tell me what’s going on.”
“I broke up with Tom.”
The whole day was still running through your mind like it was still happening. Tom had come to your house to take you and the kids to dinner. You had been dating for almost a year now and it had been baby steps. You still had feelings for Chris and even though you wanted to move on, you couldn’t. He was still the love of your life and you were afraid that he might always be.
You liked Tom but you didn’t know if you would ever love him. He was a really nice person with a great personality but he might not be the one for you. However, there was always a chance that if you spend more time with you would fall in love with him. Your kids loved him and he would be a perfect life partner. At least, that’s how you kept convincing yourself to be in that relationship.
“Darling, you need to tell me. I’m worried here.” The little frown on his forehead told you how concerned he actually was.
“Mia called him daddy. I couldn’t-” Hearing your daughter address Tom with that word tore your heart apart. No one deserved that title more than your ex husband. He may have not wanted you but he was a damn good father to your children.
“Uh, okay. It’s okay. I could have talked to Mia about it.”
“It’s not that. I don’t want my children to ever assume that they have another father.”
Chris was shocked at your outburst. He thought that you were moving on and he knew that the children liked Tom. There was a possibility that they would start addressing Tom as dad and he had come to terms with it. It was all his fault so he was ready to face the karma.
“Just take a deep breath and tell me what you are feeling right now.”
Wiping the tears away, you spoke with a slightly broken voice. “I don’t want my children to have another father. Hell, I don’t want another man or husband in my life.”
“(Y/N), it’s okay if you’re not ready right now.” Even though it had been almost three years till your divorce, he understood that you might not be ready to move on. He was not so he knew how you must be feeling.
“That’s just the point. I don’t want anyone else.”
“’kay.” Chris was confused as to where this was going and he didn’t want to assume anything.
“God, I’m so pathetic.”
“Hey, hey.” Making you face her, he talked in a soothing voice. “You can be honest with me.”
“You don’t want me and I am still pining over you.”
“(Y/N), I-”
“I don’t have any self respect because I still want to be in your life. I still love you even though three years have passed by.”
Still sitting on his knees on the floor, he saw you pacing around the living room. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. You still wanted him. You still wanted to be with him after all the things he had done. After all the crap he put you through. This all felt like dream.
You were still blabbering and Chris just got up from his place and kissed you. Startled, you didn’t respond at first but then you closed your eyes and responded. This was what you were talking about. The kiss was magical and no one made you feel like that.
“Listen, darling. I love you too and I regret tearing us apart from the moment I did it. I was a fool for ever thinking that I could ever live without you. I just want my family back.”
With tears in your eyes, you smiled at him. “We’re going to take this slow but we can tell the kids tomorrow that we’re getting back together.” You wanted to work on your relationship and not just dive back in. You wanted to do it right this time.
“Whatever you say darlin’.” Pecking you on your lips, he mumbled against your lips. “Want to kiss the children goodbye.”
“You can sleep with me but nothing else.”
“I promise.”
“Let’s go to our kids now.”
Walking up to their joined room, you both leaned down and kissed Jace and Mia on their foreheads one by one. Chris picked up their pillows from the floor and raised their heads to place it underneath them. You covered them with their blankets and gently closed their bedroom door.
You slept peacefully that night with your lover’s arms wrapped around you. It was the best sleep that you had in the past three years. You knew that everything was going to be okay and you were going to be happy. Your family was finally going to be okay.
“Mommy! Daddy! You’re both here!” Two excited voices woke you both up from your sleep and simultaneous jumping on the bed.
“Guys, stop.” Chris got up and took them both in his lap. “Inner voices.”
“Sorry, daddy.”
“I want some cuddles now.” Both the kids snuggled in to their father’s chest and laid back down with him. This was your family’s routine every morning before the divorce and your chest was bursting out of happiness when you saw the routine in place. “Get in here, (Y/N). The hug is incomplete without you.”
“Okay but just for ten minutes and then we’ll have breakfast.”
“Okay, mommy.” The collective response from all three of them made you laugh out loud and you playfully hit your husband’s chest.
“Love you guys.” Murmuring the sentence emotionally, he tightened his arms around his little family.
He never thought that he would get you all back. He thought he had lost you all and he would be left alone. But you are giving him a chance and he was so lucky to have you. He was okay with taking things slow because he knew there were many things that needed to be worked out. However, you all were together right now and that’s what matters.
“We love you too.” You all kissed him one by one and just laid there in each other’s arms. It was blissful and everything was going to be okay.
Hope you guys enjoyed it!!
A/N: I loved writing this series so much. It might be one of my best works yet so hope you guys love it. Tell me how you feel about this series.Once again,  I’m open to requests. 
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ONE SHOT - Remember
Summary: Chris sees you at the park with your new boyfriend. Pairing: Chris Evans x Ex Girlfriend!Reader Warnings: 18+, Angst City, breakup, all the feels, might want to have tissues...
Author’s Note: So The Wanted dropped a new song called Remember. First listen and dammit, we had a fic like that *snaps fingers*. Get ready to cry - I choked back tears writing this. I think I cranked this out in less than 30 minutes?
Masterlist | Join the Taglist Thanks for commenting, reblogging. I do NOT authorize any of my work to be translated or re-shared off of Tumblr (IE: Wattpad, AO3, etc)
The autumn breeze moved through the park. Dusk was starting to fall, the vibrant orange, yellow, pink, brown and purple hues of the surroundings were nothing short of picturesque. A tall, handsome man took your hand, and the two of you strolled, lovingly holding onto each other as you animated vibrantly in the deep conversation you two were having. Your puppy, an akita strode curiously at your side, sniffing around, taking moments to enjoy the sights and smells of its environment.
“Who’s my good girl?” You knelt down to pet the pup, the man at your side kneeling down to pet her as well, the two of you doting on her with love and praise. The playful nugget wagged her tail, happily turning in circles, and you helped her get untangled from her leash when she got stuck. You rose to your feet, the man following suit, wrapping a gentle arm across your shoulders, and the three of you continued down the sidewalk, taking in the scenery.
** Flashback **
“Dodger, let’s go bub!” You called out to him. Dodger sprinted over and you knelt down to pet him while you clipped him back into his leash. Chris took your hand, and you headed back toward the house, the two of you lost in conversation over the Fourth of July party you had been planning. The sun shone brightly in the June sky, Boston weather was perfect. Chris looked down at you, gave a smile, and held your hand a little tighter, placing a soft kiss to your lips.
“I can’t do this anymore,” Chris sat down, holding your hands as tears threatened to fall from his eyes as he watched you crumble in front of him.
“We can figure this out. Please Chris - there’s got to be something we can do,” Your tears spilled down your cheeks.
“It’s not that I don’t want to. I just don’t think there’s a solution this time. We’re drifting apart Y/N - and I can’t put you through anymore pain. I see it in your eyes every time I look at you. I’m away for too long, and it’s just not fair to you.” Chris tried reasoning his decision with you. Every word that fell from his lips spurred more tears to fall from your eyes, intensifying as the reality hit you that it was really over. Chris sat, afraid to so much as touch you, fearing he would burst into tears himself. He wouldn’t admit that this wasn’t necessarily something he wanted, but he felt in his soul, letting you go was the right thing to do for your happiness.
A few minutes passed while you cried, attempting to console yourself. You finally caught your breath and quivered through shaky lips, “So what happens now?”
“I don’t know… I can take the guest room ton-”
“No, this is your home,” you cut him off mid-sentence. “I’ll take the guest room.”
“Y/N… we don’t have to sleep sep-”
“Chris - yes we do.” You quieted, “It’s just gonna hurt more.” Coming to your feet, you walked to the shared bedroom, grabbing a few essentials, including PJ’s, your phone charger, and toothbrush.
“Y/N…” Chris saw you emerge with your essentials, you paused at the door to the guest room.
“I can be out by the end of the week. I’ll call and book movers in the morning. Goodnight Chris.” You walked into the bedroom and shut the door, quietly flipping the lock.
Chris moved to sit in the hallway outside of the guest room, sliding down the wall to sit. The entire place was quiet, with the exception of the heart-wrenching sound of your sobs filling the air. He sat for a few minutes, trying to justify his decision in his head while you cried yourself to sleep. Taking a minute after getting back to his feet, he paused outside of your door, wanting so badly to knock and do everything in his power to take your pain away, but he couldn’t. Especially when he was the one who brought it on in the first place.
Chris sat on a picnic table, concealed with a Red Sox cap and pair of sunglasses, watching Dodger run and play with some of the dogs similar to his size in the dog park enclosure. He took a breath, savoring the autumn air, cool and crisp. He checked a text on his phone from Scott, confirming he was coming by for dinner at his mom’s that night. While he went to pocket the device, he was suddenly snapped out of everything by the most familiar sound he hadn’t heard in a long time, your voice. He turned and sure enough, there you were, walking the path with a puppy he had never seen before, and on the arm of a man that had you absolutely enraptured.
A breath hitched in his throat, watching the interaction between you, this man he studied momentarily, and the adorable puppy you were walking. He had gone back and forth about reaching back out to you, just to see if there was a chance to try again. He saw how happy you were, and the sparkle that had returned to your eyes.
Chris felt his eyes well up, and a tear fell as you and your new boyfriend strode toward the street, pulling keys from his pocket and ushering you gently into his car. As the two of you pulled away and drove off, tears streamed down his face. Chris had lost you, and he knew full well that it was no one’s fault but his own.
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fuckboy - chapter iv
The one where Chris only wanted to fuck you and you were alright with that.
Chris never promised anything more than what he had to offer: a release - and a good one at that. Recently widowed and new to Hollywood, you're eager to learn how to live the single life with the help of such a talented teacher. What happens when Chris is the one to start expecting more from the relationship than you are prepared to offer?
for general warnings and author’s notes, please go to the fic’s masterlist.
A/N: I don’t think y’all are ready...
Tumblr media
Y/N’s P.O.V.
“Well, don’t you look hot?” My head whipped around to find Chris, bottle of beer in his hand, snapback low on his head. I was never one to like this particular look in a guy my own age, and so I definitely shouldn’t like it so much in him, but boy did he make it work.
“Well, I aim to kill,” I joked, winking at him and accepting his hug before awkwardly averting my gaze when he let me go, wondering how to behave around him after the conversation we’d shared via text.
It felt like I knew him too much, but not at all at the same time. I didn’t know where we stood - I didn’t know where he wanted us to be, so I was prepared to just follow his lead, if he had any idea where to take this at all. He was the one who asked me if I was coming to this party, after all.
“Uh… I think I’m gonna go grab a drink,” I pointed towards the kitchen, from where I could see people flowing out with red cups, but before I could leave, he gripped my wrist and pulled me on the opposite direction, across the house and into the backyard, stopping for only a moment to assess the small groups of people gathered her and there until he found an emptier, darker spot behind some trees.
“I promise I’ll show you a good time later, but first I need to apologize.” The second those words left his lips, I relaxed, at last understanding what was going on. “God, I was a real shithead to you that night, and for no reason at all!”
Shaking my head, I couldn’t help but interrupt him. “That’s not true, I barged in on a conversation I had no business participating in, and acted as if I knew you already. It’s understandable that you got defensive.”
I tried to ignore how his sheepish smile had my belly doing flips. Seriously, what was up with me? Only Chris Evans could have me behaving like I was a teenager again. “Well, I am sorry, I could have been more mature about it.”
Shrugging, I mirrored his expression. I wasn’t about to  disagree with him, not when that was actually what I thought. Again, I understood what had happened - the weird conjecture of circumstances that made him spill over that night, but had he been more mature about it, none of that would have even happened in the first place.
“Yeah, well… I just hope you understand now that it wasn’t a quip at you in anyway.” I wanted to make it clear. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the… lifestyle you’re pursuing.” And then, after a few seconds of thinking, I added, “… even if it’s not necessarily the one I would naturally go for.”
I wanted to grant him the point that I truly wasn’t all that different from what he had gathered. We’d both rushed to conclusions over the other’s character, and while they weren’t fair, they weren’t completely baseless, either. He seemed to ponder over my words too, hands buried deep in his jeans as he stared at me with eyes I couldn’t quite read.
“But you’re not against it?” I took a deep breath as I tried to figure out just what was going on here, eyebrows furrowed but I still smiled at the man before me. His question confused me, mostly because it felt like there was a real doubt, a different one, hiding behind it.
“No, I’m not against it,” I decided to say. “I mean… I’d even like to be able to have sex without any sort of strings - that’s what I’m hoping I’ll eventually learn if I continue using that app,” I winked at him, taking delight in the way he chuckled, but then the truth hit me and I had to avert my gaze, staring into the distance, where the sounds of the party were coming from.
“I just don’t think I’ll ever fall in love again,” I finally admitted to myself, blinking a few times to stop any tears from appearing. “It’d just suck if I could never have an orgasm given by another person too.”
He chuckled again, this time making me unable to look away from him when our eyes met. Suddenly, the mood had changed, and I shifted from one foot to the other with uncertainty as to what was happening precisely.
“I mean… there’s no way that’s going to happen,” he countered, a predatory smile on his face as he took a step closer to me, making me take a step back instinctively. Still, he kept walking towards me.
“W-why not?” I didn’t understand, but he just shrugged, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Maybe to him it was. I was quickly figuring out I had stepped into Chris’ world, and he was obviously up to take me for a ride.
“You are going for it. You got a profile in the app, it’s really only a matter of time…” My back met a tree, halting my steps as he stopped in front of me, laying one hand on the trunk, caging me against it and his body.
“I don’t know…” I debated. “It’s not like I’m opening my legs, letting anyone fuck me anywhere they want.” A beat. Chris just stared at me, a silent question hanging in the air, but I couldn’t understand it until he voiced it.
“Well… would you like to be?” I never even got to answer. Suddenly, I was being held up against the tree by a very muscular thigh that settled nicely between my legs, and his hands had brought my face closer to his so our lips could connect.
I couldn’t remember the last time I had kissed someone other than my husband and I don’t think anyone had ever kissed me like that before.
Chris’ tongue immediately invaded my mouth, taking advantage of my surprised gasp when I felt his body press against mine, and I was impressed and a bit lightheaded by how easily he took control of the situation, devouring me like I was someone he’d been with his entire life.
Clearly, this man had a lot of practice.
His hands quickly left my head to explore my body, making me yelp when I felt them bunch up the skirt of my dress to expose my lower half to the cold of the evening. “Shh…” He attempted to calm me down, pressing kisses against my lips, jaw, and neck. “Let me give you something in return for how you helped me at the award show.”
Oh. So this is what he meant when he said he’d show me a good time…
All thoughts were wiped from my brain as his fingers found my panties, rubbing me over it, feeling the wetness that was already there and provoking more to be created. I instantly knew I’d be feeling the fabric sticking against my lower lips for the rest of the evening.
“Spread your legs for me, babe.” He pushed the fabric to the side and quickly located my clit, rubbing it in tiny little motions as I gasped and bunched up his shirt, making him snicker.
Still, I obeyed, almost instinctively. I didn’t even think about it. The second I opened my legs further, he took advantage of the juices that were starting to gather on my cunt and plunged his digits inside of me, expertly curling them and pressing against my inner wall until he heard me scream, as quietly as I possibly could.
“Chris,” I demurred, “there’s people around us.” But he found something infinitely amusing on my reservations to what was happening. His tilted head and side smirk showed as much.
“Darling,” he countered, “no one could care less what we’re doing behind this tree. A lot more interesting shit usually happens at a Hollywood party.” Well, he had far more experience than me in those. He was also great at distractions because the second his lips met the sweet spot on my neck, I was putty on his hands.
“Gosh, so hard to control myself when you’re wearing this dress,” I heard him groan, but all I could do was fuck myself against his digits, keep clinging to his shirt. “Yeah, that’s right,” he laughed when he noticed how eagerly I was meeting his movements. “Desperate little whore you are, huh?”
The degrading word wasn’t even processed by my increasingly horny brain. My body, however, responded to it easily - more juices were produced, a whine escaped from deep inside my chest. I didn’t know what was happening, but I didn’t want it to stop, either.
Suddenly, his lips left me and he was on his knees, fingers still buried to the knuckles inside of me. “Pull on my hair,” he commanded on a breathy demand, and when he buried his face between my legs and lapped around his own digits, I did so without thinking.
“Good fucking girl,” he moaned around my clit, and I spasmed in desperation, unsure of what to do, what to say, just needing to climb this high of desire until it took me to overwhelming bliss.
When my pussy stopped clenching and Chris got back up, face half-covered in my release, I didn’t even process his hands were making quick work of his belt until he was buried all the way inside of me, taking all of the air from my lungs as he started to ram me against the tree.
“There ya go, honey,” he breathed out against my neck, fingers buried on the flesh of my ass as his face was hidden against my skin, and the adrenaline was rushing through me so quickly I felt like I couldn’t breathe.
Why did this thrill me so much? Why was I so satisfied to have the cock of an almost-stranger inside of me, filling me again and again and again almost in open air? Anyone could walk over and find us fucking. And I simply did not care.
Guess I just needed to be fucked like that, after so long without feeling the touch of a man. Chris was relentless, panting against me as he thrusted faster and faster until I cried out loud at the same time that he came with a roar.
For a few seconds we were just there, catching our breaths, when a voice I didn’t recognize called out, “Chris? You out here, man?” snapping me out of my post-orgasm haze. But the man in question was seemingly unaffected as he responded, “Yeah, one sec,” eliciting a whimper from me as he pulled out from my sensitive cunt, zipped himself up and left me to return to the party without another word.
Guess I’d just been used to get off. And I couldn’t say that I didn’t like it.
Tumblr media
Are y’all ready for the nastiness to begin? Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of this chapter!
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rogersevans · 5 hours ago
The Honeymoon
Pairings: Chris Evans x Y/n Evans 
Warnings: talks of pregnancy, vomiting, a tiny bit if angst, flufffff, chris being a big softie to your non-existent bump
Summary: Whilst away on their honeymoon Chris and Y/n Evans take a test... Wanna know the results? a part of the evans’ series 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Canada in November, is fucking freezing.
But for their honeymoon they wanted to get away from LA, so they decided on a cabin in the middle of nowhere in Canada, the snow had fallen recently and it had become too thick and too cold to walk in or enjoy so they so here they were on the leather sofa, blankets wrapped and tangled around their bodies, with Dodger nestled next to the fire enjoying the warmth. The soothing sound of the fire crackling filling the cabin.
“I can’t believe you picked a cold country, in November.” Chris broke the comfortable silence, a book resting between his thumb and index finger, his wife settled between his legs as she also had a book in her hands.  
They had been here for four days already, and were in month three of their marriage and they couldn’t be happier, often saying to one another, during moments of quiet, ‘why didn’t we do this sooner?’ Both convinced the marriage brought them closer, the bands snuggly wrapped around their fingers bonding them in a way they didn’t know was possible.
Y/n couldn’t imagine being anywhere else, imagine her life any other way as she sat between her husband's legs, her eyes peeking over the top of her book watching the snow fall silently through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the cabin.  
“Snow is my favourite, how peaceful and quiet it is...” Trailing off, becoming enchanted by the rapid snow fall. “LA doesn’t get snow, which upsets me.”  
“Boston does...” Chris had been trying to convince Y/n to move back to Boston for seven months, after taking her there for beginning of the pandemic, she had fallen in love with the atmosphere there, how friendly everyone was, having his family close by and how beautiful it was.  
They both didn’t want to raise a family in LA, not wanting their children to surrounded by the pressures and ruthlessness, not wanting them to be brought up surrounded by paparazzi or have to question their trust for friends, if they would use them.  
The only thing stopping her, was her family, they all lived in LA and she’s never been more than thirty minutes away from them, having her younger siblings round three times a week for sleepovers, having her mum round on Sunday’s or nipping round to her dad’s. These were luxuries she would miss immensely if she moved.  
“We had a deal Evans,” putting her book down, sitting up and twisting to look at her husband. “No talk of moving until our feet are firmly back on LA soil.” Pointing her index finger at him, her perfectly shaped eyebrow arching upwards.  
“Hey,” he started to defend, holding his hands up and palms facing her. “I was only stating a fact-”
His sentence was interrupted by the pale colour that washed over his wife's face. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth as she scrambled off the couch and made a bee-line for the closest bathroom. Chris was hot on her heels, only to be met with the door shutting in his face, all he heard next was Y/n heaving and the slosh of her vomit hitting the water.  
“Baby, can I come in?” His hand rested on the door knob, Dodger now padded his way over and started scratching at the door. “Alright bub.” He said lowly, patting the dogs head to get him to stop.
“No,” her voice was weak and echoey, not being able to lift her head from the toilet as another wave of sickness hit her, launching herself upwards to aim for the toilet bowl.  
After the third time Chris walked in despite her protests, not wanting him to see her like this. “Sweetheart, I’ve literally seen you in the shower, hungover and vomiting on yourself... This, is nothing.” Both letting out breathy chuckles, sitting down next to her, their backs against the sink cupboard, his hand finding hers.  
“I-I... Think I might be pregnant.” Y/n mumbled out, not being able to meet Chris’s eyes as Dodger found his favourite spot on her lap, curling into a small ball.  
Chris was stuck in one place, the words playing over and over in his head, his heart had stilled for a moment, but not out of panic... Happiness, he felt the tears brim in his eyes as the news sunk in. Sure, he and Y/n had discussed the idea of having kids and they had stopped using birth control four months ago, but the news still shocked him. Y/n had her suspicions for two weeks but decided to keep them to herself in case she wasn’t, not wanting to cause a fuss.  
Without word Chris stood up and left, she was confused at first but then she heard the front door open and close and her heart sank, tears now falling freely, holding Dodger closer to her.
He’d changed his mind
He’s angry  
He’s gone
The last thought made a sob break free and that’s how she sat for the next hour, not caring that the room had now become dark, the tiled floor making her shiver as she just stared at the wall in front of her, numb. 
Dodger’s barking startled her, scrambling out of her grasp and running towards the door but it was like she was stuck there, not able to move, but she heard the door open and close with a soft click. After a few minutes the light was flicked on, making her squint her eyes shut, the brightness causing a burning sensation.
“Forget something?” Snapping her head towards the door once her eyes had adjusted, seeing her husband stood holding a plastic bag, his coat and scarf still on.  
“I tell you I might be pregnant and you leave-” pushing herself up from her position, her back now hurting from resting against the cupboard door for so long, stretching her body as she stood.  
“No!” Taking two large strides towards her and engulfing her face with his palms, “I would never... I went to get these.” Letting go of her face, he began emptying the contents on the bag.  
Clear Blue: Pregnancy Test 
Funyuns (her favourite)  
The last item made Y/n gasp, reaching for it instantly.  
‘I Love Canada’ baby grow, new born size.
“It was the only one they had,” his hand finding the small of her back, giving it small rubs. “Yes, I was shocked when you told me, but not in a bad way... Having a family with you is what I’ve always wanted. So, I went to the nearest store-”
“It’s perfect, I’m sorry I doubted you.” Settling into his touch, closing her eyes when she felt Chris’s lips land on her forehead. Her body instantly warmed under his touch, slipping her arms around waist under his jacket. 
Tumblr media
“How long has it been?”  
“About twenty seconds since you last asked...” Y/n informed, both of their eyes never leaving the pregnancy test that sat on top of the now closed toilet seat. Chris was holding her in his arms, they were tightly wrapped her middle as she rested in his lap.  
The thought that one little test could change their lives forever both terrified and excited them, Y/n was playing with her rings nervously as Chris placed small and quick kisses to her shoulder.  
The beeping of his phone informed them that the three minutes were over, the test was ready.
“I haven’t taken a test in years, where they always this nerve wracking?” She said trying to make light of the current situation, leaning forward to grab it. Chris reached behind them both to stop his phone, and his attention was back on her instantly, moving forward with her.
“Oh my god...” Her hands shaking as she picked up the test and read over the results, her hand flying to her mouth again and tears starting to form. Chris’s heart was beating rapidly, his mind racing as he watched her turn to face him slowly. “We’re pregnant!!” Now holding the positive test up to show him, her smile wide displaying her teeth as the tears fell.
“Oh my god!!” Pulling his wife into his arms, letting his eyes close as the news set in, himself now crying as he let out a breathy laugh. “I’m gonna be a dad!” Pulling back from him Y/n could see the happiness in his eyes as he glanced down at the test, now in his hands.  
6+ weeks
“You’re going to be so loved, daddy is gonna spoil you rotten... Now remember, Thor is not the better Avenger-” Y/n’s laugh interrupting his little speech, both now lying in the big, queen size bed with his head resting on her thighs, stroking her flat stomach as she ran her fingers through his hair.
“You do know they can’t hear you, it’s just a little bean at the moment.” Y/n informed him, turning her phone to face him which displayed the app she had been reading through for the past 20 minutes, it now displayed a little bean.  
“I want them to know my voice.” Turning his attention back to her stomach, giving it small rubs, “you know what this means right?” His eyes flitting back up to her, a cheeky smile on his lips.
“What?” She eyed him suspiciously, her hand now stroking his beard.  
“Boston is a great place-”
“LA soil Evans!” She screamed jokingly at him, giving his cheek a soft smack.  
“We’ll be in Boston by the new year.” He smiled proudly, dodging another hit from you making him laugh.
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—summary: the first leaves fall off the trees and Nora and Nolan play in them
—genre: fluff
—warning: are you scared of leaves?
—pairing: Chris Evans x reader, dad! Chris x Nora & Nolan
16+ blog, no less | this is rated pg
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nora looked at the window as the leaves fell off the trees. It was not only her favorite time of the year, but she was happy she got to show Nolan his first autumn.
"mommy, when are we going out?" She whined turning to you. You looked at her little pouty face. "Oh when Nolan wakes up ok?"
She nodded, "otay."
"do you want chocolate chip cookies and goldfish while you wait? I just made some."
Nora turned to you smiling. "Yeah!" You laughed. "Ok, sit down at the table."
Nora did what you said and sat at the table. You placed a plate of goldfish and cookies in front of her and she ate while she hummed with happiness.
10 minutes later you Heard crying coming from the baby monitor. Chris was already upstairs so he got him for you.
He walked down stairs a few minutes later with Nolan in his arms. The 6 month old had on a orange sweater that matches Nora's. Chris got them the sweaters, he was way too excited when he discovered them.
"Nolan, your awake." Nora got up and ran to Chris and Nolan. Nolan smiled at his big sister in front of him.
"now can we go outside mommy?"
You nodded,"yes we can. Come on let's go get your shoes on."
Nora squealed and ran off to the doorway where her shoes were. You laughed looking at Chris. He shook his head.
"oh I'll go help her, you can get his shoes on." Chris held out a wiggly Nolan. "Yeah, no. I can tell he got a poopy diaper. You fix that."
Chris groaned. "Ok fine."
You were outside 10 minutes later with Nora. She instantly sprinted to where the leaves were and began to toss them in the air with a wide smile as Dodger began to catch them.
You heard the door open to the house, you turned around to see Chris and Nolan. "Diapers changed, now we can play."
Chris walked down the steps and placed Nolan on the ground and Front of you. He looked around at the many leaves that had fallen with wonder in his little eyes. You smiled as Nora began to gently play with him.
"I love these little moments you know." Chris said as he wrapped his arms around you. "Us, the kids, enjoying our lives with no worries just how I love it."
He looked at you with a grin. You turned your head, peering at him. "Yeah... Chris I think I'm pregnant again."
Chris looked at you, eyes wide. "What?"
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Yours, Mine, Ours: Chapter 6
Tumblr media
Single-Dad!Chris Evans X Single-Mom!Reader
Series MasterList
Series Summary: Your husband Caspian Richardson Senior died while serving in the military, so you move your three sons to Boston, MA. Where you meet an actor and his sweet daughter.
Chapter Summary: Caspian babysits Juniper.
Series Warnings: Death of a spouse/parent, divorce of parents, grief, military death, fluff, angst.
Chapter Warnings: Fluff.
Tumblr media
"Okay, I'll be back by 10. All emergency contact numbers are on the fridge, her bedtime is 9, there's pizza for money or leftovers in the fridge." Steve explained to Caspian. "Juniper be good for Caspian."
"Okay." June said smiling.
"We'll have a blast! Don't worry Chris if anything happens I'll call I promise." Caspian assured.
"Okay. Bye Bug." Chris hugged juniper before he left.
"Okay kiddo what do you want to do?" Caspian knelt to the height of the 4 year old.
"Makeover!" She exclaimed. He chuckled and followed the toddler to her bedroom.
"Okay so do you want to give me a makeover first or do you want makeover first?" He asked once in her room.
"You do me first." June said sitting on her bed. He smiled instructing her to close her eyes before he looked in her bin of dress up stuff. He grabbed a tiara, a feather boa, before he found pink star sunglasses. He dressed the girl up before handing her a tutu to put on over the leggings she's wearing. She put it on before he directed her to her mirror.
"I'm so pretty!" She said happily. "Sit down!" She demanded pushing him to the bed. He did so before letting her dress him up.
Eventually he was allowed to open his eyes. He was in multiple feather boas, a pink sun hat, heart sunglasses and she had put lipstick on him.
"Where did you get lipstick?" He asked her keeping in a laugh about the outfit.
"Aunt Shanna left it." She shrugged. "Do you like your outfit?"
"I love it! Let's take a photo together and send it to your dad okay?" He offered she happily nodded her head.
He snapped a photo in the mirror and sent it to Chris as well as you. After they played a little more he ordered a pizza. They played a bit more, Chris checked in once. It was clear Chris was worried about leaving his daughter with a teen her hadn't known for that long. It's only been 3 months since you moved in and two since he met you and your sons. Chris did save the photo Caspian sent he found it adorable he decided to send it to his family's group chat since he knew they'd find it cute too.
"Okay June are you able put your pajamas on your own?" Caspian ask her after she picked her pajamas out.
"I can try." She told him.
"Okay I'll wait right outside the door come get me if you need help." He told her. She came out with her shirt on backwards but the pants were on correctly. "Okay here put your arms in your shirt." She did so and he turned her shirt around while it was on her. "There you go kiddo. What movie?"
"Descendants!" She told him he smiled leaning down.
"Okay get on my back I'll give you a piggyback ride to the kitchen for snacks!" He told her. Juniper smiled jumping on his back. Soon they had their snacks and were sat on the couch. Juniper had her head on Caspian's lap a bag of goldfish in front of her. Dodger was on Caspian's other side asleep.
Chris walked in at ten on the dot as he promised, he expected to see Caspian watching some random show or playing on his phone. He didn't expect to see Caspian asleep laying on the couch and Juniper laying beside him resting her head on his arm. Dodger was laying on Caspian. Chris smiled taking a photo before sending it to you.
You opened the message from Chris smiling at the photo and saving it. You text him back. He asked if you want him to send Caspian hope or just pet him sleep. You tell him to just let him sleep if he doesn't mind Caspian sleeping on his couch. He says it's okay and that he'll send Caspian home that morning.
You yawned texting him back before deciding you could get ready for bed as Jace had a baseball game early that morning, then Connor had a soccer game right after. You also had to take your youngest two sons to doctors appointments.
"Bye Chris! Sorry again for falling asleep on your couch. Bye Juni!" Caspian shouts before he ran down the driveway. "Hey, mom." Caspian smiled walking into your house.
"Hey, buddy did you sleep well?" You asked.
"Yeah." He nodded. "I'm going to go get dress so we can go to Jace's game." He said before hurrying up the stairs smiling at his baby brother who was walking down the stairs carrying his stuff.
"Mom! I can't find my cleats." Connor told you tossing his bag down.
"Buddy they're on the shoe rack." You told him. He hurried to the front door where a shoe rack sat, three of the pairs of shoes were wrapped in plastic bags to avoid dirtying the house and the car up. He stuffed his pair in his bag with the plastic bag still on them before putting on his sneakers.
"Okay mom! I'm ready!" He said walking in with his bag.
"You look great sweetheart now eat up." You push the plate toward him.
"You got it mom." Connor sat at the table eating his breakfast with Jace.
Soon you were sitting at Jace's game cheering him on.
"Run! Run!" Caspian screamed at the fence to his little brother. "Keep going! Go go go!!!"
"Come on Jace!"
"Keep going!" Caspian waved his brother on as Jace passed the third base looking at his brother. "Go!!" You smiled fondly at your oldest son, you don't think he noticed that he was doing exactly what his father used to at his t-ball games. "Yes!!! Good job Jace! That's my brother!" He screamed making you laugh. Jace just got the game-winning home run.
"Yes!" Connor exclaimed finally looking at the field from where he was busy snacking on goldfish.
"Good job sweetheart!" You cheer. Soon Jace was walking over to you his bag in tow ready to hurry to Connor's game.
"I wish dad could've seen that!" Jace said as the four of you walked to the car.
"Yeah he'd be so proud of you!" Captain agreed as he walked with Connor on his back.
"I hit the ball so far momma! Did you see it probably could've hit the moon!" Jace said happily.
"Definitely, it would've knocked the man in the moon right out." You laughed ruffling his hair.
"After Connor's game can we get milkshakes?"
"How bout we go out to lunch before you appointments and just maybe you can get a milkshake."
Tumblr media
Taglist: @anacrcarvalho @traceyaudette @deputy-videogamer @thesecretlifeofdaydreamss @yelenabelovawife @queenofthepouges @hauntedmuffinpersonarascal @stillthatbetch @findthebeautyinbreakdowns @selluequestrian @killerqueenfan @lharrietg @liecastillo @dontbescaredtosingalong @unicornblueberry @srhxpci @denisemarieangelina @stitchattacks @wisepeanutlady @haroldsstuff @marvelmenwhore @food8me @milacolibri
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nerdzzone · 22 hours ago
Gaze on the Shore
Tumblr media
Summary: As the world starts to reopen, tentatively hoping the worst of the pandemic is behind them, Chris and Whitney face a new set of challenges. With busy work schedules and the pressures of normal life looming on the horizon, will the foundation they’ve built through lockdown be strong enough to keep their relationship steady or will they crack under the strain?
Chris Evans x OFC
Part of the Once Bitten/More Hearts series
Part Three
Note: There is a bit of a POV change in the middle of this chapter, I hope it isn’t too confusing or disruptive! Thank you to everyone who has liked and commented so far, I love hearing what you guys think!
Part Four
“Mom, how many people did you invite to this party?” I asked as Chris returned to the kitchen from his fourth trip unloading groceries from her car. “You do know that we’re still not supposed to have huge gatherings, right?”
“I do know that,” she nodded as she started unpacking the bags. “It won’t be a large gathering. It’s just your dad and I, you, Chris and Gray, Jack, Andrea and Theo and your Uncle Rob and his gang.”
I raised an eyebrow at that claim.
“By ‘his gang’ do you mean ‘everyone he’s ever met’? Because there’s enough food here to feed an army.”
“Oh, you’re so dramatic,” she rolled her eyes. “It looks like more than it is. I figured we’d keep it simple and just have lots of appetizers instead of a big meal and the boxes they come in take up more space. It might not even be enough if I’m being honest.”
“Yeah, it looks like we’re all going to starve.”
There was sarcasm dripping from my words and my mom shot me a glare.
“Is she always like this, Chris?” She asked. “I don’t remember her being so condescending and I don’t know how you put up with it.”
“Hey!” I laughed. “That was mean. I’m not being condescending, I’m being realistic.”
“Children and men eat a lot,” she argued. “Look at the size of Chris, he could probably eat all of this by himself.”
“Was that supposed to be a compliment?” Chris asked with a soft chuckle. “Because I’m not sure that it was.”
“Sounded to me like she’s saying you’re getting chubby,” I informed him teasingly, ignoring my mom’s protests. “Honestly, Mom, it’s been a hard year for everyone, it’s not nice to mention someone’s weight gain like that.”
“That is not what I meant! And it doesn’t appear that he’s gained any weight,” she insisted before shooting him a sly smile. “But, Chris, why don’t you take off your shirt and show us, just to be sure.”
“Mom!” I shrieked in horror as Chris howled with laughter. “That is so beyond inappropriate.”
“He’s a handsome man!” She weakly defended herself. “I may be old and married, but I have eyes, Whitney.”
I shook my head as I laughed in disbelief and crossed the kitchen.
“Let’s get you out of here,” I suggested to Chris, grabbing his arm and tugging him towards the door. “We need to keep you away from her.”
He was still laughing as I dragged him into the hallway and I shook my head as I leaned my forehead into his chest.
“I regret wanting you to get to know my family more,” I decided. “I think it’s time for us to go back to the other side of the country, four days is clearly long enough.”
“Your family is great,” he assured me. “It’s fun seeing you with them and learning where you got your wonderful taste in men.”
I wrinkled my nose in displeasure at that observation.
“I can’t believe my mom thinks you’re hot.”
“I can,” he chuckled. “I do great with women over fifty.”
“Great, so I have the fangirls and the cougars to worry about.”
“I’m afraid so,” he smiled, pulling me close against him. “But luckily, I’ve only got eyes for you.”
“Good,” I smiled, stretching up to kiss him softly. “Do you mind going to find Grayson? I’m suspicious of how quiet him and my dad are being. I’m guessing it’s not because they’re resting like my Dad’s supposed to be and I need to try and convince Mom not to cook all that food.”
Chris chuckled and nodded his head before letting me slip out of his grasp and heading off in search of our son.
I lost the battle about just how much food we would need. From my estimation - as I looked over the dining room table that was absolutely covered in food - we would be eating hors d’oeuvres for the foreseeable future, but my mom was so excited that it was hard to criticize her. She always loved hosting a good gettogether, especially if the whole family was going to be there and we hadn’t all been together in so long now that I decided it was best to keep my mouth shut and let her have her moment.
Knowing it would be a very overstimulating afternoon and evening for Grayson with probably a late bedtime, Chris took him upstairs for a nap just after lunch. He hated napping and only really did it when he was feeling particularly tired, but Chris took some books and figured they could at least have some quiet time even if he didn’t actually fall asleep.
They stayed upstairs for a little over an hour and just as they were coming back down there was a commotion outside. Moments later the door opened and all of our guests, who had apparently arrived at the same time, came pouring into the house. There was a flurry of greetings and for once, Grayson seemed a bit overwhelmed. He clung to Chris’ leg, half hiding behind it, but as soon as his eyes landed on my uncle, his whole face lit up.
“It’s you!” He cheered, leaping away from Chris and rushing towards the new, but familiar face. “Hi!”
“Hello!” Robert grinned. “How are you?”
“Good!” Grayson answered. “Why are you here?”
I laughed at his blunt question, but Robert took it in stride.
“I’m here for dinner,” he informed Gray. “We’re having a party!”
“Oh, yeah!”
“You probably don’t remember these guys,” Robert told him, gesturing to the younger two of his own kids who’d come with him. “But these are your cousins.”
He introduced them, the older one looking amused by Grayson’s enthusiasm and the younger one looking a bit concerned, but Grayson was undeterred.
“We have a trampoline!” He told them. “Come see!”
He didn’t wait to see if they were interested before turning and running towards the backdoor, but apparently he’d managed to pique their curiosity as the other two children chased after him.
“Someone’s going to need to supervise that,” my Aunt Susan announced, giving her husband a pointed look.
“I’ll go,” he nodded before turning his attention to me. “But when did you adopt a teenager? That kid is huge compared to the last time I saw him.”
“Don’t remind me,” I smiled, shaking my head. “It’s breaking my heart how fast he’s growing up.”
“Just wait until he starts school and makes you drop him off around the corner,” he teased. “That’s when the real heartbreak starts.”
“That’ll never happen,” I insisted as Chris nodded beside me before adding his own thoughts.
“He’s got cool parents, he’ll never be embarrassed by us.”
My parents and my aunt and uncle all laughed at that claim.
“That’s what every parent thinks,” my dad informed us. “And they’re always wrong.”
I shot him a playful glare, knowing that what he was saying was probably true.
“I don’t need to hear that,” I told him, crossing my arms with a dramatic huff. “Why don’t you go outside and watch the kids? You can take that negativity with you.”
“Alright, alright,” my dad chuckled. “I don’t mind going out to watch the little monsters.”
“You and uncle Rob head out,” my brother suggested. “And Chris and I will grab some beers.”
All the men agreed and quickly set about accomplishing their respective tasks with strict instructions from my mother for my dad to be very careful about his alcohol intake as she reminded him that he’d had surgery not quite a week ago as if he could have forgotten.
As soon as they were gone and the room was less crowded, Andrea put Theo down and, to my delight, he toddled straight over to me. I happily scooped him into my arms and Andrea laughed, shaking her head.
“He’s never going to learn how to walk if you carry him around all the time.”
“He just walked to me, didn’t he?” I smirked. “Seems like he can walk just fine already and I have a year of cuddles to make up for.”
I tickled his belly, earning a squeal of giggles from the little guy just as Chris and Jack walked back through the room with their beverages.
Chris glanced over and shot me a wink as they passed by.
“You’re killin’ me, Winnie!”
I laughed as he followed Jack out of the room without waiting for a response. Almost in unison, the women around me raised a questioning eyebrow at his comment, but I shook my head and shrugged them off, not wanting to start up that conversation.
Chris was amazed by how well he fit in with her family. Of course, it helped that he was already so close with her uncle from their time working together on The Avengers, but everyone else had welcomed him with open arms as well. He hadn’t wanted to admit it, but he was nervous that some people in her family - especially her dad - would hold a bit of a grudge about how things had gone down between them, but everyone appeared to be pretty understanding of their complicated situation. There seemed to be no ill will towards him or at least, if there was, they had the decency to keep it to themselves.
A few beers into the evening, he was contemplating those facts as he leaned on the railing of the little back porch, watching Grayson bounce on the trampoline with his cousins. They’d been at it for hours, barely pausing for long enough to eat and digest their food before they went back to bouncing again. He smiled as Gray’s giggles filled his ears when one of the other kids jumped a bit too close to him and sent him even higher than before. He didn’t think he’d ever get tired of that sound and he couldn't deny the ache in his heart that throbbed every time he thought about his upcoming busy schedule.
“It’s pretty great, isn’t it?” Robert asked, appearing by his side. “Being a dad.”
“It’s the best,” Chris agreed. “I know it’s been such a dark year, but it’s been one of the best of my life, getting to spend every day with Grayson and Whitney.”
“We saw your official Instagram engagement announcement,” Robert smiled as he leaned on the railing next to his friend. “Susan and I thought it was very sweet.”
“Thanks. Sometimes it’s easier to just put it out there instead of letting everyone speculate and for the most part, people have been very supportive.”
“I’m glad to hear that, you deserve to be happy. I’m glad you two figured it out.”
“It’s not always easy,” Chris acknowledged with a smile. “But we’re working on it.”
“Relationships never are,” Robert wisely reminded him. “And I say this with all the love in the world, but Whitney can be hard work.”
Chris laughed, hanging his head for a moment before looking back at Rob.
“She’d probably say the same about me.”
“That’s true, you both overthink things too much,” Robert teasingly rolled his eyes. “But Whitney can be very self-protective, often in a very self-sabotaging way.”
“I’ve noticed that,” Chris admitted. “But I think we’re in a good place right now. We’re getting better at communicating. The real test will be when I go back to work next week and I’m away a lot more.”
“It’ll take some patience, but I have faith in you two,” Rob assured him before giving him a pointed look. “I stand by what I said before though, if you break her heart, you’ll have me to deal with.”
“Oh, there’s a long list of people who will be right there with you,” Chris informed him with a laugh. “But you won’t need to. She’s it for me. I can’t imagine a life with anyone else and I owe you big time for introducing us.”
“I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, you’re perfect for each other,” Robert patted him on the back. “And that kid of yours is pretty special.”
A proud grin instantly slid onto Chris’ face.
“He is, isn’t he? We got lucky.”
“I don’t think it’s all luck,” Robert insisted. “He’s respectful, kind and considerate and I think those are things he’s learned from you and Whitney. You might both be idiots in some ways, but you know how to raise a good kid.”
Before Chris had time to comment, a voice from the doorway drew their attention.
“Who’s an idiot?”
The smile on Whitney’s face told them that she already had a pretty good idea who they were talking about as she walked over to join them.
“You and Chris,” Robert confirmed with a smirk. “But I was just saying that despite that, you’ve done a great job with Grayson.”
Whitney laughed as a shiver ran through her from the cool night air. Without a thought, Chris moved closer and tucked her under his arm for warmth.
“I’m not sure if I should say thank you or be insulted,” she mused. “But we can’t take much credit for Gray. I think he’d be a good kid even if we tried to actively discourage it.”
“He has his moments though,” Chris smiled. “He can throw quite a tantrum if you catch him in the wrong mood.”
“I don’t believe it,” Robert shook his head. “I’ve seen absolutely no evidence that he’s anything, but an angel.”
“You just wait. As soon as he starts getting tired, the other side will come out.”
Whitney laughed at Chris’ warning and nodded in agreement.
“He’s like Bruce Banner,” she teased. “Once all the sugar he’s had wears off, his hulk side will come out.”
Robert smiled at the comparison, but shook his head.
“I’ll believe it when I see it.”
“Well let’s hope you don’t have to,” Chris joked as the kids stopped their bouncing and ran over to the adults on the porch.
“Daa-ad,” Robert’s son called in a sing-song tone. “Can we have dessert now?”
“Dessert?!” Robert gasped. “We thought you didn’t want any and ate it all already!”
All three faces fell at that news, but as Grayson’s lip quivered, Whitney ended their suffering.
“He’s just being mean!” She assured them. “There’s still plenty of food and dessert for everyone.”
There was a chorus of cheers before the kids stampeded towards the house. Whitney followed after them, playfully shoving her uncle on her way by.
“You almost made Gray cry!”
He shrugged at her scolding, a smirk on his face.
“I was just trying to bring out the hulk.”
She rolled her eyes and continued back towards the door as the sound of the two men’s laughter followed her.
After an afternoon and evening spent eating mountains of food and drinking an abundance of drinks, I was in a wonderful mood. Slightly because of the alcohol, but more so because of how heart-warming it was to see my new little family of Chris and Grayson bonding with the rest of my family. They fit in so well and it was amazing to have most of the people that I cared about in one room at the same time after being apart for so long.
Chris was also in a wonderful mood, but I had a sneaking suspicion that his mood was much more influenced by the alcohol. I knew he’d had a good day, especially having time to reconnect with my uncle, but he was definitely much more intoxicated than I was. Not nearly as far gone as my brother - who was looking very sloppy by the time my sister-in-law dragged him out the door - but as he got louder, goofier and more physically affectionate with me throughout the evening, it became obvious that he was feeling the effects of the many beers he’d had.
It was even more apparent when he stumbled into the bedroom we were sleeping in later that night.
I was lounging on the bed waiting for him to finish brushing his teeth in the bathroom across the hall and when he appeared, the cheeky grin on his face put a smile on my own.
“I put some water for you next to the bed,” I told him. “I thought you might need it in the morning.”
“Why ever would you say that?”
“Because I have a feeling that you might be a teeny tiny bit drunk.”
“Me?” He gasped. “I’m totally fine.”
He drew out the ‘i’ in the word in an attempt to emphasize his point, but it had the opposite affect and earned a giggle from me.
“You’re a goof,” I told him. “Take off your jeans and come get some sleep.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
He saluted me before turning around and unbuckling his jeans. In the most sultry way he could muster, he slid his jeans down his legs and popped his hip as he looked back at me over his shoulder. I snorted a laugh at his attempted strip tease and shook my head.
“You’re ridiculous.”
“Ridiculously sexy,” he clarified as he walked over to the bed and slowly crawled over me until I was laying back against the pillows. “Right?”
“I can’t deny that,” I relented, sliding my arms around his neck as he hovered over me. “But also, just plain ridiculous too.”
“I’ll take it.”
His words were mumbled as his lips dipped to brush over mine before leaning in for a kiss. It was slightly sloppier than the usual kisses we shared - no doubt due to Chris’ intoxication - but it was passionate nonetheless and I found myself disappointed when he pulled back to bury his head into my neck
“Winnie,” he groaned against my skin. “We need to talk.”
The phrase usually would have sent a flash of panic through me, but there was a playfulness to his voice that had me more curious than I was anxious.
“Do we? About what?”
He was quiet for a moment, his breath tickling my neck before he spoke.
“I want another baby,” he informed me, his announcement coming out in a slightly whiny tone. “I really, really do.”
I laughed, moving my hand up to the back of his head to affectionately run my fingers through his hair.
“I know you do, you’ve made your thoughts on us growing our family very clear.”
“No, but I really want one,” he pleaded. “Seeing you with Theo has made it all so much more real. You’re a natural, Win. I’m ready to have another one of our own.”
He’d taken on a more serious tone and it filled me with a strange feeling - one of eagerness and anxiety.
“We will, Chris. One day.”
I’d hoped that my assurance would squash the discussion for the time being, but it seemed to just make him dig his heels in even more.
“No,” he whined. “Not one day, now. We could do it right now.”
He pressed his hips against mine to emphasize his point and while the sensation was very enjoyable, I still shook my head and stayed firm.
“We can’t make decisions like that on a whim and especially not while you’re drunk.”
At that point he pulled his head back from where it was nestled against my neck and looked me in the eye, his seriousness clearly returning.
“It’s not a whim, I think about it all the time,” he insisted. “I want a big family and I want us to experience it all together, as a team. I missed so much last time with my filming schedule and then you moved out and we started sharin’ time. I want to do it all together.”
His words were so sincere and said with such conviction that it did tug on my heartstrings, but even as I affectionately grazed my nails across the back of his neck and he nuzzled against my jaw, I resisted.
“I know what you mean, I’m looking forward to it too,” I agreed. “But there’s more to discuss before we leap in.”
It was something that we’d have several discussions about over the last few months. Chris had never been as determined as he was currently, but he’d made his desire to grow our family abundantly clear. I’d explained my hesitations to him and he was always understanding because my concerns were perfectly valid, but it was becoming increasingly clear that he considered the benefits to outweigh the potential stress it could cause. 
He demonstrated his growing impatience with a dramatic sigh and I smiled at his little sulk, but the words that left his mouth next turned that smile quickly into a frown.
“Are you saying no because you still think we’re gonna break up?”
“What? No!” I squirmed and wiggled until I could slide out from underneath him. He flopped onto his back as I sat up and looked down at him so I could make sure he was listening and taking in what I was about to say. “Things are good for us right now, Chris. I feel like we’re really solid and working well together even when we have hiccups. I feel like we’re more secure now than ever.”
“So, isn’t it the perfect time for another baby then?”
“Maybe,” I shrugged. “But we should talk about it, work out all the logistics and make a well thought out decision, not just leap into it because you’ve had a few beers and are feeling broody from seeing me with a baby.”
Chris stared at me for a moment before his cheeky smile slid back onto his face.
“Fine,” he relented, tugging my arm until I was laying down again, facing him. “But I’ll hold you to that ‘maybe’.”
“It was ‘maybe you’re right’ not ‘maybe we should’,” I warned him. “Don’t get ahead of yourself.”
He giggled and shook his head before pulling me in for a quick kiss.
“No take backs,” he teased. “You’ve said it now!”
“Oh, Chris,” I laughed, snuggling in close against him. “I love you. We can talk about it more tomorrow.”
He placed a kiss on the top of my head before leaning back just enough to turn the off the lamp on the bed side table next to him. Once it was dark, he squeezed me tightly against back against his chest and almost immediately fell asleep.
Despite the fact that Chris’ enthusiastic plea for a baby had started the wheels turning in my brain, we didn’t actually talk about it the next day because we simply didn’t have time.
I was unbelievably grateful to see my parents again and I was more than happy to stay with them while my dad got settled back in at home and my mom had a chance to calm down from the ordeal of his heart attack, but now that Chris had organized his house, it was time for us to go. We still planned to see my parents as often as possible, but we needed our own space and I wanted Grayson to get settled into the place that would be our home for the next few months. Chris was feeling a little rough that morning and had slept in so by the time he was up and ready, we started packing and headed off to our new home.
The complications hit when we were about halfway there. Chris’ phone rang and I answered since he was driving, but the news was fairly disappointing. We’d ordered a new bed for Grayson that was supposed to be delivered late that afternoon and it had somehow gotten lost. The delivery company were very apologetic and promised it would be delivered the next day, but as Chris had already removed the old bed from the room, it left us a bit stuck.
“I guess he could just sleep with us,” I suggested with a shrug. “He’s little, he’ll fit in your king sized bed.”
“Our king sized bed,” Chris corrected with a pointed look before glancing in the rearview mirror to see if Grayson was paying attention. “But I have a better idea if you’re up for it.”
“Go on…” I prompted, curious about what he would suggest.
“Why don’t we have a little slumber party in the living room? The couch is big enough for us all to sleep on or we can pull the cushions off and watch a movie. It’ll be like a little celebration to get him used to the new place, make it feel like home.”
A smile slid onto my face as he glanced at me hopefully.
“That sounds like a great idea,” I agreed. “Would you like that, Gray? Should we all sleep in the living room tonight? Have a little slumber party?”
“Yeah!” He cheered. “With pizza?!”
We laughed at his priorities, but I nodded my head.
“I think we could arrange that!”
Grayson let out another cheer of approval and it warmed my heart. He’d been so great all week - well, really, the entire last year - adapting to all the changes that we constantly threw at him. He had his moments, but for the most part he took everything in stride and was so easy going. I was grateful to him for not making things even more difficult for us and it would be nice to have a little party with just the three of us to make him feel special and show our appreciation in some small way.
A few hours later, after doing some unpacking of our suitcases and sending Chris out to pick up the pizza, we were all sitting on the floor on top of the cushions that we’d pulled off the couch, trying to decide on a movie.
“What about The Little Mermaid?” Chris suggested, shooting Grayson a look as he knew he didn’t have much interest in it.
Right on cue, Grayson pulled a face and came very close to rolling his eyes as he looked at me.
“That’s Daddy’s favourite,” he told me. “But I don’t wike it.”
“It’s one of my favourites,” Chris corrected him. “And you might like it if you gave it a chance, you’ve never even seen it.”
“Yes, I did,” Grayson argued. “It’s boring!”
Chris gasped dramatically, earning a smirk from Gray.
“Alright, you two, stop bickering,” I smiled. “I’m sure we can think of something that we’ll all enjoy.”
“What about…” Chris made a thoughtful face as he took a bite of his pizza with Gray eagerly awaiting his next suggestion. “Monsters Inc?”
“Ooh, that’s a good one,” I nodded. “Have you seen that one, Gray?”
“No,” he shook his head. “Is it scary?”
“Well, there are monsters,” Chris informed him. “But they’re nice monsters. They just scare children because they use their screams as electricity.”
His description, while it was supposed to be reassuring, made it sound a little bit scarier than it was and Grayson’s eyes widened as a rather appalled look came onto his face.
“No, thank you.”
Chris laughed at his polite refusal, but after another moment of thought, he shot me a smirk.
“What about The Good Dinosaur?”
Grayson gasped, his whole face lighting up.
“Yes! Yes! That one!”
He frantically looked between us, waiting for one of us to disagree. Chris was watching me closely as well, but as much as I didn’t want to watch a movie that I knew would make me cry, I couldn’t bear to damper the excitement on Gray’s face.
“That’s fine with me!”
I smiled at Grayson as he let out another little cheer and turned his attention back to his food. Once he wasn’t looking, I stuck my tongue out at Chris as he chuckled and pulled the movie up on the TV.
I managed to hold it together through the first half of the movie. I could feel Chris watching me, waiting for me to shed a tear, but it only made me more determined not to. It wasn’t until the little dinosaur had to say goodbye to his new friend that I let a few tears slip. I almost got away with it as Chris and Grayson were too engrossed in the movie to notice, but when I sniffled quietly, Chris’ gaze shot over to me.
“Awwe, Win! Don’t cry.”
That comment caught Grayson’s attention and he spun around to look at me too. However, his reaction was quite a contrast to Chris’ as worry covered his face.
“Mama, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing is wrong, buddy,” I assured him with a smile. “The movie just made me kinda sad.”
“But…” Grayson paused as his brow furrowed in confusion. “They found their families.”
“They did, but they had to say goodbye to each other and that made me a little sad.”
He frowned at that admission and crawled into my lap. Mimicking the way I always pulled my sleeve over my hand to wipe away his tears when there were no tissues handy, he did the same for me before wrapping his arms around my neck and squeezing me tight.
“It’s okay, Mama,” he comforted me. “Don’t cry.”
I squeezed him back as tight as I could without hurting him, fighting back more tears at his kind gesture. A quick glance at Chris told me that he was doing the same and I was overwhelmed with love for the child in my arms and for our little family.
Once the movie was finished, I took Grayson to brush his teeth while Chris did the dishes before we all settled back on our little improvised bed for a story. Grayson snuggled up against me while Chris read to him and by the time the story was done, he was fast asleep.
“He needs a haircut,” Chris observed as he watched me smooth his hair back and out of his face. “It’s getting long.”
“I can give it a shot. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.”
“I don’t think so,” Chris chuckled. “He told me once that your mom said you’re never allowed to cut his hair again.”
“That was so long ago,” I smiled. “And it was one bad haircut when he was, like, barely two years old. I might have improved since then.”
“Oh?” Chris smirked. “Have you been practicing?”
“No,” I admitted. “But I’m sure it would be fine.”
Chris laughed softly and shook his head.
“We can find a professional.”
“Alright, if you insist,” I playfully rolled my eyes as Grayson sighed in his sleep and snuggled even closer. “Gosh, he’s so sweet, isn’t he?”
“He really is,” Chris agreed. “He’s adjusted to all these changes so well, it blows me away. He doesn’t let anything rattle him.”
“He’s a little trooper.”
I smiled down at him and we stayed like that just appreciating the quiet moment. After I let out a yawn, Chris shifted his gaze back to me.
“Slide him over here,” he instructed. “I’ll sleep out here with him and you can have the bed.”
I thought about it for a minute, but shook my head.
“I’ll stay out here with you guys,” I insisted. “It’s comfortable and it’s nice being all snuggled up together.”
“Are you sure?”
“Absolutely,” I smiled. “Just help me lay him down so he doesn’t hurt his neck.”
Chris nodded and gently slid Grayson away from my side until his head was resting on the pillow that was between Chris and I. Once he was all settled, Chris leaned over him and cupped my cheek to pull me in for a kiss.
“I love you,” he mumbled against my lips when we parted. “I’m glad you guys are here.”
“Me too. It would have been awful without you around for so long.”
Chris nodded in agreement before slipping his hand from my cheek and shifting to lay down. I did the same and Chris pulled the blanket over all three of us as I drifted off, enjoying the sensation of being curled up in our little cocoon.
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nitannichionne · 6 hours ago
Ransom's Redemption, Chapter 5: Deadlier If You Mean It (Chris Evans/Ransom Drysdale Fanfiction)
Chapter Five: Deadlier When You Mean It (Kinda Long)
Tumblr media
It’s official. Clockwork Orange could be a dead end, but damned if I don’t like the people.
I am not crazy about working here. I am paid minimum wage, and get forty percent of any ink work I get, and I’m not getting much. I am not full time so there are no benefits. What the hell?!
I spend most of my day cleaning and sweeping up behind the ones who are making real money. According to my boss, Trey, everyone pays dues. All good guys, though.
“I remember I lived on cereal, ramen noodles and rice for months,” Trey recalls, laughing. “but then I made some breakthroughs.”
“How?” I ask.
“Someone gave me a chance,” Trey nods. “Gotta make opportunities, man. You a white boy and this is America—”
“You are a rich white boy, and this is America,” Brian, another guy, shakes his head, cleaning his barber’s chair. “Connections are everything. It’s not what you know, it’s—”
“Who ya know!” we all laugh.
“I messed up,” I shrug casually, but inside I am afraid I may never be on top again. “Believe me, nobody knows me now.”
“Everyone knows of you, that’s something.” Trey spreads his hands in an open gesture. “How’s the art job?”
Everyone laughs, including me. “The tunnel is almost painted. Mr. Green is cool. He doesn’t talk much, wants us to get so much done everyday. I get it done, he nods, I go home.” I shake my head at that wasted time. “It looks so plain. I mean, that’s fine for us locals, but tourists like to see something.”
“I thought I was going to be a great artist,” Lucas shrugs. “Those are my t-shirts at the front.”
“What happened?” I ask him. “Those t-shirt designs are badass.”
“Not enough notoriety, not enough interest, I don’t know.” He looks as if he is grieving.
“So we are all artists who haven’t made it, and moonlight as tattoo artists and barbers,” I think aloud. “Have you ever had a show or a booth at an event?”
“That’s money,” Trey chuckles. “Whatcha thinkin’, rich boy?”
“Maybe we all need to go to events, or make one of our own, that’s all.”
“How would we do that?” Trey asks.
“I got some money,” I shrug. “What’s a booth, at say, a con or something?”
“You serious?”
“Damn serious,” I smirk. “I need more money, don’t you?”
“Hell, yeah!” Lucas smiles.
“Gotta spend it to make it,” I shrug. “Can you get the info, Trey?”
“I’ll look into it,” he frowns, clearly not believing me.
“I’ll see what I can do.”
I am so excited about the idea. I could easily make this happen. If we got a booth or something at a con, we might be able to get some notoriety, or if we did something for Halloween? That would be awesome. I drive home with so many ideas in my head. Where should we do it? Should we see if there is a fest where we are, which would be less money, or should we put the money down at a bigger event? Trey is a gifted tattoo artist, sure enough, and does piercings. Lucas is like me, he just needs a surface. Brian styles hair, does piercings and makes jewelry. My mind was reeling with ideas as I drive home.
I enter the apartment, and I am greeted with “Uh oh.”
“Uh oh, what?” I ask as Roger jumps all over me, making me laugh.
She frowns. “I saw that look before Roger distracted you. You’re up to something. What is it?”
“Well, I was talking to the guys at the shop and I was thinking we could do a booth at a con or something,” I shrug. “We’ve got a lot of different shit going on in there, but we don’t showcase it—“
“You’re talking about bankrolling it, aren’t you?”
Her frown tells me she isn’t so sure about the idea, but I go on. “To start, and of course, I get a cut of everything. I don’t know, I just feel like we’re not making it like we should.”
She sighs. “A booth or two won’t break us, but I want research done. I am not going to let you spend what you have left on bullshit.”
“What we have left,” I kiss her cheek, making her giggle. “Hey, I mean it.”
“I know.”
I watch her making stir fry and it comes over me. I feel at home, this is home. And I love coming home to see her in her leggings and top. “Hey, Lady.”
She laughs again, turning her head toward me. “Yes, Tramp—“
I hold her chin in place, and I kiss her. I feel lightheaded at the contact, and I hear her give a small whispery moan. When our lips part, I put my forehead against hers. “I mean it.”
She nods, smiling shyly, then giggling at Roger, who is definitely ready to go out. “Pee pee dance.”
I go into my old room, now our home office studio, where I know I left Roger’s leash.
I have been a total gentleman in bed, and I truly don’t want to be. I mean, how do they do it on the reality shows? These men sleep next to women and nothing happens? I kiss her good night every night, but I want more than that. She takes these scented showers that wake me up in ways a man should be awakened.
Tumblr media
I want dessert. “Coming.”
We have dinner, walk Roger and come home, the usual ritual. This time, however, Sy is waiting when we get back.
“It’s finished,” Sy grins.
We look at each other and follow him to the basement.
“Oh, my God,” she breathes. “Sy, this is…this is great!”
Tumblr media
“I told ya, I only needed a few months,” he shrugs. “A little drywall, some rewirin’, Ransom’s stuff, and we got us an all-purpose place to go here.” He shrugs. “We can have parties, watch movies, work out, have a drink, wash clothes!” He leans into us both. “Just don’t raise my rent, alright?”
We all laugh. I remember how the basement looked before. He deserves that discount.
“Well, I’m not raising anyone’s rent,” she shrugs. “The next tenants, maybe, but you guys? No.” I could see it in her eyes. They were like family to her.
“What about the cello and globe?” Sy asks with a raise of his eyebrow. “Where’d they go?”
“Oh, I took those,” I smile slyly. “Sentimental.”
“Uh-huh,” he grins. “We gotta break this in, watch somethin’, do somethin’!”
“How about a viewing party!” I suggest. “Appetizers, drinks, whatever.”
“Aw, my wife would love that,” Sy chuckles. “She works at a bakery, but she can do it all.” He frowns down at his watch. “Speakin’ of which, gotta pick her up from work. Talk to ya later.”
He leaves us alone in the basement. “He’s really good at this. He could do this and work security.”
“I think he likes it as a hobby, but it’s nice to have someone around who is King DIY.”
“Yeah,” I exhale. I am surprised by the surge of jealousy I feel. I can’t do stuff like this. No wonder my grandfather didn’t approve of my going to school for art. He called it “utter fluff.”
“Celebrate?” she asks.
“We used your old furniture and it looks great,” she smiles. “To great work and great taste?”
We walk upstairs to our apartment and into our art office. I go to the cello, which isn’t a cello at all.
Tumblr media
We laugh as we take out our old shot glasses out of the cello bar.
“I love this thing,” I shake my head as I pull out a bottle of whiskey. “Always have.” I pour each of us a shot of Jack and say, “What do we toast to?”
“Bright beginnings?” she suggests.
“Bright beginnings,” I toast, and we both drink. I go to my Bluetooth speaker, which looks like an old vintage radio. Í set down my glass. “Shall we dance?” I click on some music.
She giggles, setting down her glass next to mine and joins me in the middle of the room. We rock to the song, and she says, “Sooner or Later?”
“Oh, my God!” she laughs, and I with her. “I remember! You took me out for my eleventh birthday!”
“Our birthdays,” I correct.
"Sooner or later you're gonna be mine, Sooner or later you're gonna be fine...." I sing softly.
“Mom was cool about it, she dropped us off, and we went in by ourselves for the first time.”
“Yeah, we thought we were official preteens,” I shake my head at the memory and sing, "Sooner or later there's nowhere to hide. Baby it's time let's not waste it in chatter...let's settle the mater..."
“Popcorn, hot dogs, chips, nachos, candy bars and soda,” she smiles up at me and I turn her and pull her to me. She giggles, “You carried everything, like a real gentleman, and even held the door open.”
“I was so nervous that night,” I admit to her. “I got pointers on what to do—“
“You? Nervous?” she didn’t believe it.
“It was technically my first date, Lady.” I shake my head sadly. “When you told me that Mark and Bruce made a bet on who would be your first kiss, I was so mad. I remember I went home and watched Disney—that was my research—and I realized first kisses are a big deal. I wanted to make sure that I ruined their bet, and you got the kiss you deserved, you know, from someone who really likes you.”
“They both lost the bet.”
“Technically, I won.”
“You made a bet with them?!”
“No,” I smile down at her. “I got to be your first kiss, and you were mine. I’ll never forget it.”
“What would you do if I kiss you now?”
“We kiss everyday—hello—goodbye—“
“No, the way I want to--” I slide my hand down her arm and put it around her waist, pulling her closer. “the way I really want to.”
Our eyes are lock. Her expression is one of curiosity and nervousness, and I think I feel a slight tremor go through her. I inch down to her and kiss her, nice and slow. I run my hands over her, molding her body to mine, and she exhales a little moan that shoots straight down my spine and makes me want more. I nibble her top lip and lightly tug at the bottom, causing her to open her mouth to me, and I deepen the kiss. She tastes like whiskey, she smells like honeysuckle. She feels soft and firm in all the right places. I feel her fingers lightly rake my scalp, and I move her to our new chaise lounger.
Tumblr media
I lay her down gently on it, and nestle between her thighs as I move my kisses lower.
“Ah!” she gasps softly as I find that sweet spot below her ear at her jawline. I flick my tongue over it, and deliver sucking kisses there, making her squirm under me. I am getting hard, feeling all that hot softness especially in her leggings. Not much separating us, not much at all.
I moan as her fingertips rake my spine, and my hips press into hers. “Ohhh…”
Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. It sounds so far away, I ignore it. There is another knock, this time, louder. This time, she hears it, too.
“Ignore it,” I plead softly.
“I should get it,” she says in a whining whisper. I slowly get up and she gets to her feet, straightening her clothes and heading for the door. “Who?”
“Mrs. Miller.”
“Just a second—” she opens the door. “Hi!”
Mrs. Joanna Miller lives downstairs with her husband, Michael. They have been married for forty years, so she was no fool. She looks over her bifocals at us. “Am I interrupting?”
“No!” we both say.
“Well….” She lifts a bag of chocolate cookies to us in offering for us to take. “Made chocolate chip today, thought you’d like some?”
“Yes!” I grab the bag. “Aw, Thanks!”
Her eyebrows lift, a little smile on her face. “Hmm, well good night.”
“Good night!”
“Good night, Mrs. Miller,” she closes the door and turns to me. “That was so--”
I cut off her last word, pushing her against the door and kissing her. I put her hands over her head and she rakes my back hard with one hand. “Uh!”
Suddenly she steps aside and I realize what she’s done. She took the cookies!
“Uh, excuse me,” I am in hot pursuit.
“Ooh, still warm,” she smiles and goes to the kitchen. She pulls out two mugs and pours milk.
I look at her, all smiling and shy. “Okay.”
We bite into her cookies and moan. ‘
“Sinful.” Her eyes roll back.
“God, yes.”
She smiles and we clink and drink.
I'm gonna love you like nothing you've known. I'm gonna love you and you all alone. Sooner is better than later, but lover, I'll hover, I'll plan.
"What are you thinking?" She raises an eyebrow.
"About sweet victories," I knew my voice deepened. Her eyes widen and she knows I'm not talking about cookies.
She clears her throat and raises her mug. “To sinful snacks.”
“To deadly kisses,” I wink at her, raising mine.
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mysticalrambling · 23 hours ago
Hello Dear Writer can we get a story on jealous steve rogers, like he is jealous seeing someone flirting with his girlfriend or his girlfriend paying someome else attention other than him. would he be a liitle baby about it?
A/N: I wasn't in the best state of mind when I wrote this but I hope this is what you expected. I loved the plot line so hope you all like it. You really are my support system. Love you guys!! 
Big Baby (S.R)
My Main Masterlist is here.
Steve Rogers Masterlist is here.
Summary: Steve gets jealous when he sees you giving someone else attention in a party. He is a baby about it and asks you to feed him. You then go home and cuddle.
Warnings: Fluff all the way.
Steve regretted convincing you to come to this stupid party. You had told him that you weren’t in the mood to interact with people but he had insisted. It was important for him to attend because the government officials wanted the Avengers there. No one could skip so Steve made sure that at least you were there to keep him company. But now he regretted this decision.
“Buddy, you alright?” Bucky asked his best friend when he noticed that he wasn’t listening to a word that was being discussed among the small group.
“Yeah, yeah. Who’s that?” He questioned while pointing to the man who was flirting with his wife.
“The one talking to (Y/N)? He’s an ambassador or somethin’.”
“Okay.” Sipping on his champagne, he kept throwing daggers at the man who was too close for your own good. You might have thought that he was friendly but Steve saw through that man’s facade. He liked you and he was flirting. “I’ll be right back.”
“I’ve actually started to work on this new project-” You were interrupted by two hands snaking up on your waist. Your instincts were about to kick in but the familiar cologne that engulfed you, calmed you down easily.
“Whatcha doin’ baby?” Pressing a gentle kiss on his jaw, you placed your hands on his.
“Was telling him about my new project.”
Your boyfriend was struggling to keep a happy face when he saw the look of disappointment running through the man standing in front of you. Steve was going to punch the man who actually thought that he had a chance with his girlfriend. But instead, he snuggled more into you. You always calmed him down.
“Darlin’, let’s get some food.”
“But Steve-”
“No, let’s go.” Dragging you across the room, he took you to a table where the food was being served. You didn’t understand why your boyfriend was being so stubborn and rude.
“Babe, I’m not even that hungry.”
“Well, I am.”
Steve forced you to sit down on a chair while he dragged another chair next to you. What was happening? Why was he being so protective? He started dishing out all kinds of food on a plate and you just looked at him weirdly. No one could eat that much and you just told him that you weren’t hungry.
“Just told you that I’m not hungry.” Laughing at his antics, you held his hand.
“This is not for you. It’s for me.”
“Then why is the plate in front of me?”
“You’re goin’ to feed me.”
It wasn’t that you haven’t done this before but not in front of hundreds of people. This was just weird and awkward. He cooked the food and you fed him. It only happened when he was too tired or he needed comfort. You wanted to say no to him but the puppy eyes that he was giving you made it really difficult.
Shaking your head slightly, you pulled the plate towards you and started feeding him. Damn those icy blue eyes. You were head over heels for this man and he could make you forget that people were judging you. Important people. But you didn’t care. Steve was all that mattered.
“So tell me what’s going on?”
“Nothing!” He was too quick to defend himself but you knew better.
“Steve.” You both knew you weren’t messing around with that tone.
“Don’t stop. That man-”
Turning in your seat to look at him, you asked.“Who? Paul?”
“Yeah.” The sour face that he made at the mention of the ambassador’s name let you know that something was going on.
“Tell me, Steve.”
“That man was flirting with you.”
Feeding him another bite, you laughed at his ridiculous claim. “No, he wasn’t. We were just talking.”
“I know men. You’re too gullible, darling.”
“You’re being ridiculous.”
“Maybe I am.” He rested his head against your shoulder and you thought that he was done eating. “Keep going.”
Natasha and Bucky came and sat on your table. The Avengers hated parties like these because people steered clear of them. Either they were too fascinated or scared. The latter being the case mostly. They were always isolated and it was exhausting.
“We’re freaks.” Natasha sighed as she laid her head on the table.
“No, you’re not. Ignore them.”
Bucky asked from his position, when he noticed you two. “What happened to lazy over here?”
“Just being a baby.”
“Hey! I’m right here.” Your boyfriend protested with a whine.
“But you’re my baby.” Pecking him on the lips, you spoke again. “You’re done. God, I don’t know how you eat so much.”
“I still have room for dessert, babe.”
You both were whispering because you just wanted your to stay in your little bubble. There have been times when all you want is him and the rest just don’t matter. He is the only one that matters.
“You are a fatty.”
“That’s a super soldier for you, babe.”
Bucky interrupted you both before you could kiss again. “We’re going to Tony’s bar. Wanna come?”
“No.” Steve was quick to respond because he just wanted to go home and cuddle you. “We’re going home.”
“Suit yourself.” All the Avengers filed out of the party afterwards and you two also called it a night. Getting hime, you changed your clothes and laid in bed with your boyfriend. You secretly loved it when he was all clingy but you would never admit it to him.
“I love you, you goof.”
“Love you too, darling.” Saying that, he drifted off to a peaceful sleep with you.
Hope you guys enjoyed it!!
A/N: I am open to requests so just send them in. Tell me if you want to be added to my taglist. Love you!!
Taglist: @peculiarpenman, @kalopsia-flaneur, @justile, @agnesk, @caanyoonmoon, @nostxlgia18
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
oh i wanna give him a ride so bad 🤤
Tumblr media
But can we talk about how Steve loves to see you ride him
Word count: drabble
Warnings:  kinda NSFW thots below. Soooo mild. Also smut, begging kink, crying kink, overstimulation kink, marking kink and creampie kink. Hint o’ cockwarming. Mild ya’ll. No minors. 18+only. 
A/N: Super early sinday drabble. Written on my phone, unbeta’d. As always don't copy, translate or repost my work. I love comments, likes and reblogs!!!
The feel of your snug pussy wrapped around him so damn tight makes his eyes wanna roll back in his head. That thought has distracted him all damn day because he can only think about how warm and slick and tight you are for him, always so fucking tight, and all he wants to do is bury his cock deep inside you and stay there.
Feel you clench and throb around him until you cum. Hear those breathy little moans in his ear, his name strangled on your tongue when you shatter.
You’re fucking distracting him, and you’re not even home yet. So when you finally stroll in the house looking so pretty and sweet, he strips you naked before your bag hits the floor. Steve knows he won’t make it to the bedroom, he barely makes it to the dining room, blindly grabbing a chair as he kisses you. Your sweet taste exploding on his tongue as he deepens the kiss. He pushes down his sweatpants as his lips slot over yours. 
You straddle his thick hair covered thighs, grab his shoulders. An air of needy desperation passes between you. He has one large hand on your waist and the other gripping his cock and he’s saying a silent prayer that he doesn’t bust the second he slides into your warm wet pussy.
He glances down and fuck sweetheart, you’re dripping all over him, your slick coating the inside of your soft thighs, yeah he makes another silent prayer that you cum quick because he’s not going to last long.
He’ll tease you, tapping his cock on your clit until you’re crying, needing real friction on your bundle of nerves, but it’s only to hide how fucking desperate he is for you.
Hoping you don’t hear the tremble in his voice when he asks if you’re earned it, if you’ve been good enough because only good girls get his cock.
And the way you nod has his heart racing and his cock throbbing against his palms as he watches the tears streak down your pretty face, your glossy eyes focused on his lips as you beg him.
Cries of please Steve, please, you’ve been so good for him, please Sir is enough to set him off, unleashing his possessive nature. Because fuck you are his good girl, his-all his. You belong to him. It may be possessive and only fashioned, but he doesn’t care, he’ll mark every inch of your body because you belong to him and everyone needs to know it.
He takes his cock and pushes it through your silky folds until he finds your slit and fuck he can feel the way you’re pulsating and clenching down, your pussy needs to be stretched and filled by him.
His fingers dig into your waist, a bruising grip that’ll leave marks tomorrow, and he thrusts up, up, up into your tight wet heat. You both gasp as he pushes into your cunt, that first stretch always makes your stomach tighten, your walls fluttering around his swollen tip.
Any other time he would ease into you inch by inch, letting you adjust but Steve has to be inside you now, right fucking now he growls subconsciously as he pulls you down over his thick, long cock, he twitches in you, precum spilling out over your velvety walls as another gasp, so breathy, gravelly, and loud it’s almost a moan, rushes past his lips and you keen at the sound of him moaning because of you. 
And damn, this is just what he needed. 
He grabs your waist, his thumbs pressing into your belly and he cants his back, his hooded eyes drinking in you. “Show me how bad you want it, sweetheart.” 
He sucks his bottom lip into his mouth, fighting the urge to rail you senseless when you circle your hips, your tight walls sliding over his cock as you find your rhythm. Fuck, fuck, sweetheart mumbled under his breath, that’s my girl.
You clutch his broad shoulders and you snap your hips down, taking him deep in you, pleasure bursting in you, intense sultry heat building as you grind down, taking each veiny thick ridge inside you. It feels so incredible your mouth falls open in a wordless scream, you can’t take it but you can’t stop, you can’t, not with you getting closer to the edge of bliss, just a little more, you need a little more. Your hands slip over his sweat-slicked shoulder as you bounce on him, your nails rake down his muscular back. 
Steve keeps his grip on your waist, telling you the filthiest things he’s going to do to your body if you come before he says you can. You don’t know how badly he wants you to disobey because he just needs a reason to ruin your tight little holes. Go on sweetheart, I dare you.
Before you can open your mouth to beg him to let you cum, his thumb is rolling over your clit, back and forth, over and over and you clench down so hard he can't pull out, your Please can I ends on a choked wail as you jerk in his hold, your orgasm slamming into you, powerful and abrupt, your toes curl and a searing white heat floods your body as you cum. 
Steve grits his teeth, holding back his climax, he thought he wanted you to shatter quickly so he could fill you with his cum but with your pussy milking his cock and you chanting his name, he’s changed his mind.
He wants you to cum again.
He needs to feel your walls spasm around his cock as he splits you in two. He needs more than he needs his own release. And you're such a good girl that you're going to give him what he needs.
Before you can take a breath, he’s holding you in place and fucking up into your sensitive cunt. Oh god, oh god, you can’t but Steve assures you can and you will, his breathless laughter in your ear as he shifts his hips back. “You will, sweetheart.” 
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you sob into his shoulder as he hits something in you that has your back arching and you snap, a dull roar ringing in your ears as pleasure curls through your veins until you bite down on his salt-tinged skin with a broken cry. 
Steve doesn’t stop even when you go limp, your hoarse grunts in response to his “just one more, there you go sweetheart, give me one more” as he fucks your swollen cunt driving him on until you can only whimper, your head lolling on his chest with each deep thrust. 
Now, this, you cockdrunk and fucked senseless, this is what he needed. He grabs your ass grinding so deep his pelvis brushes over your clit and his ego implodes when he feels you spasm again."Thatta girl," kissed on your swollen lip.
The chair bowing and creaking under the force of his thrusts, his balls tightening as he finally lets himself go, ropes of hot cum filling your sore cunt, warmth spreading in your belly.
 “Good girl,” groaned in your ears as frantic his pace slows to languid thrusts. “Did so good for me, ‘m so proud of you, sweetheart.” 
He chuckles at your incoherent response, your eyes fluttering shut. Steve kisses your forehead, standing up, carrying you as if you weigh nothing, and walks into the living room, settling on the couch, adjusting your body over his, a possessive hand tapping your ass lightly as you sleep. 
Steve smiles up at the ceiling, his mind finally at ease now that he has you where you belong. 
 And he contemplates your ‘punishment’ for coming without his permission. 
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planetofawe · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Pretty self explanatory, here are 30 things I think Chris does during sex!
WARNINGS: Smut! [Includes oral and penetrative unprotected sex. Wrap it before you tap it. Spanking and being tied up!] You do not have permission to steal/copy my work! 18+ only, minors dni!
PAIRING: Chris Evans x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. Whilst he’s eating you out, Chris always manages to bring his hands up to hold yours, he then rests them on your stomach to hold you down because he goes hard with devouring you and doesn’t want you squirming away.
2.Chris also holds your hands during missionary, he brings your joined hands up against the pillow as he pounds into your repeatedly, making the intense situation somewhat even more intimate then it already was before.
3. He definitely closes his eyes and hums when his tongue touches your already drenched pussy for the first time that night (yes man has stamina, he can go for round after round)
4. Chris 100% is the type to pull you up and flat against his chest when you’re in doggy just so his hand could trail all over your body. It makes him feel close to you, especially when you rest your head against his shoulder!
5. He likes pinching your nipples and seeing you squirm, especially during foreplay and you could bet he’d have the biggest smirk on his face when he sees the reaction it causes.
6. Chris also likes being in control and watching the effects it has on you (like you squirming and shaking after a particular thrust that hit your g-spot just right)
7. Chris definitely pushes you down flat on the mattress when you’re in doggy, his hand lands at the small of your back when your laying on your stomach so he has more control over his thrusts.
8. He will pretty much fuck you anywhere, got horny whilst shopping? Don’t worry, Chris is already pulling you into the nearest bathroom. In the mood whilst on a drive? Once again, don’t worry because he’s already parking in a dodgy car park so that he could pull you into the backseat to pound the living daylights out of you. In conclusion, he’s always turned on and is always there to help you out.
9. Chris is the type to bite at your shoulders, nibble your ears and suck marks at your neck whenever he’s balls deep inside of you. He likes marking you because after all, you are his territory and he wants everyone to know that.
10. He makes you open your mouth so that he could stick his thumb inside. “Because you won’t shut the fuck up, daddy’s thumb will do the job” Chris growls before he starts to pounds into you.
11. He likes to splay his big, calloused hand on your lower stomach when he’s balls deep inside of you making you gasp and press his hand down further. “Is daddy deep inside of you baby?” “Can you feel me here? In your belly? Speak up brat”
12. Chris likes to throw you over his laps on nights where you’ve been a bad girl so he could spank you. He starts off with rubbing your ass softly before lifting his hand up and slamming it down harshly, making you scream and whine.
13. Chris likes seeing the aftermath of his spanking on you. He definitely licks his lips and kisses you right on the sore spots of your ass, making you flinch because it still stings a little.
14. He’s 100% a dirty talker. He likes expressing how good you’re making him feel and also likes making you speak and communicate how you’re feeling. “So tight around me” “Am I stretching this pretty little pussy out love?”
15. Chris likes it when you tug on his hair, especially when he’s eating you out. You bet he’s be rutting into the mattress so he could receive the sweet pleasure he’s craving whilst you also fall apart under his tongue. You tugging on his hair let’s him know that he’s doing a good job.
16. He definitely gathers your hair and pulls it into a ponytail when you’re sucking him off. His eyes would be hooded but kept on you on your legs infront of him.
17. Sometimes when you’re having some soft sex, probably the sex you have when Chris comes back from filming or something. He drops a pillow/shirt onto the floor for you so you won’t hurt your knees as you suck him off.
18. Chris keeps his hands planted on your ass when you’re riding him, squeezing down and spanking you every so often.
19. He also helps you ride him and sometimes thrusts up into you making your eyes roll back in pleasure and for Chris to grin smugly because he’s doing this to you.
20. Chris always lets you pick out a playlist before sex because he’s not into music like that so when you pick out the dirtiest of songs, Chris is entranced and it turns him on so much knowing his girl listens to music like that.
21. This is a bit of an embarrassing one for Chris because when it was yours and his first time having sex together, he was so nervous that he couldn’t get himself up. But with your help he managed that and showed you the best night of your life.
22. Chris likes taking your tits into his mouth, as soon as he sees them bouncing up and down infront of him when you’re riding him, he’s heading straight to them, licking and sucking just how you like him to.
23. He grips your waist tight, digging his nails into your sides when he’s hitting it from behind. Something about your pussy being so tight and squeezing down hard on him just gets him going.
24. He 100% has a thing for praise, he likes knowing that it’s only him that could make you feel such euphoric things so he loves getting you to tell him how it’s feeling. “Who’s making you feel this good baby?” “Tell me, who is it? Is it daddy?”
25. Definitely gets cocky when he finds your g-spot “I found the spot didn’t I?” He ask, biting down on his lips as he sees you flutter your eyes shut at the feeling.
26. He loves the sight of you underneath him, so most of the times he’s always on top or dominating. He wants to watch you squirming underneath his touch and to see you squirming is his favourite.
27. Chris likes watching his cum dribble out of you, you’re still trying to catch your breath but you lift your head up regardless and see him eyeing your wrecked pussy and it definitely makes you laugh but he doesn’t care as he reaches for your pussy with his thick fingers so he could push the cum back inside of you. He likes having you stuffed and full.
28. He has some nights where it’s strictly for “love making” as he likes to call it, where he dims the lights, brings out some candles, puts some fresh bedsheets on and scatters rose petals on the bed for you.
29. He also has some nights where he’s the exact opposite, where he brings out his ties/ropes, spanks you with his belt or hand, overstimulates you until you can no longer take it and makes sure you don’t cum.
30. Eventhough you have sex quite often, Chris can’t help but fall even more in love with you each time he sees your face when your cumming. You have such an innocent but gravitating look and he never wants to not be able to see that. He loves you and you can definitely tell by the way he touches you.
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agentofbarnes · a month ago
★·.·´¯`·.·★ 𝘽𝙐𝙍𝙉𝙄𝙉𝙂 ★·.·´¯`·.·★
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 ; steve rogers x cam girl!reader
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 ; the newest avenger has quite the secret
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 ; smut, minors DNI, age gap [reader is early 20s], porn, sexual themes, onlyfans, size kink [steve is 6’7], male masturbation, female masturbation, use of toys, fucking with inanimate objects, teasing, one single mention of daddy in username (no daddy kink tho), hair pulling, minor degradation, dirty talk, creampie, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒 & 𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐒 ; this fic is for my divine baby‘s( aka @my-divine-death​) motel 666 challenge! i had so much fun writing this and i’m so excited to share it with you guys! 
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers remembered the day you arrived to the compound. You were so bright eyed, spinning around with a big grin spread across face as admired the facility in amazement. Tony had chuckled at your reaction, watching how you jumped from one thing to another like an excitable child.
He was on the upper level, peering over the ledge of railing as Tony showed you around the facility before bringing you to meet the team in the conference room.
Steve had stepped out of the room. He was on edge today. Winter always put him in a mood. As soon as the air brought the chills, Steve turned a little more irritated. He hated the cold, no, he despised it. He blamed his mood on the first snow of the season, and how Thor had tracked the wet, soggy liquid into the compound after he had insisted he and Wanda make “these snowmen the tv talks about.”
So, he maybe was in a bad mood, and maybe he had snapped at his friends when they called him out on it.
“Don’t listen to him, Thor, he’s just grumpy because he hasn’t gotten laid in three months,”Sam joked, leaning back in the rolling chair next to Bucky.
“Oh, is that how long it’s been since Sharon visited?”
“Can you two ever shut the fuck up?”Steve had snapped,”You chose now to finally get along?” He had taken a deep breath, rose from his seat and removed himself from the situation.
In his defense, it had been a long week. No, his sour mood wasn’t because his friend with benefits hadn’t visited. It was because his last mission had gone poorly. The team was off-game, and he was stressed. How were they supposed to bring in this new member when their current members were barely working together?
Steve sighed out, his gaze following you below as you spun around. You looked so young. No older than twenty. You radiated warmth and beauty, and he was captivated by you. 
“Kid, you gotta calm down before you meet team,”Tony told you, making you turn on your heels towards him.
“Right, fuck—oh shit, I shouldn’t curse, should I?”You blurted out nervously, hands flying over your mouth.
Steve cracked a smile, already knowing what was coming next.
“Well, it’s Cap that you should watch your language around,” Tony joked. 
“Never gonna live that one down, am I?” Steve made himself known, commanding voice echoing through the large room. He watched as your head snapped up to find him, eyes wide in excitement and nervousness. 
“Oh my god, you’re--”
“Steve Rogers,”He said, his smile growing wider as you looked at him with so much wonder. It made his heart pound against his rib cage and for a minute, he thinks his heart condition might have returned. His stomach flips and twists with butterflies when you smiled up at him.
“You’re my favorite,” You admitted without thinking, eyes widening at your confession,”I mean, I always thought you were so cool when I was kid, I grandad was veteran in the war...I have your comics from back in the day, near mint condition...I’m gonna stop talking...”
“I think that might be a good idea, kid,”Tony chuckled, patting your back,”Here, I thought I was your favorite.”
“You aren’t even top three.”
“As much as I would love to see you break Tony’s ever growing ego, this meeting was supposed to start ten minutes ago and I have a meeting with Secretary Ross in half an hour,”Steve admitted with a frown, glancing you over one last time before moving away from the railing to head back into the conference room. 
When you stepped into the room, everyone turned towards you. Steve’s eyes darted from each person to examine their reactions to you. The team had grown a lot since New York. It was no longer the original six. Since then, Wanda and Pietro had joined. Of course, Vision had been created. Rhodey and Sam joined the ranks shortly after that. Bucky Barnes had been recruited once Steve had come clean about Hydra’s involvement in the Starks’ deaths and Tony had helped him find his friend in order to find his own answers to why his parents had been targeted. Of course, there were temporary members that appeared when they needed helped, but were the newest full fledged member.
Tony had found you about you through the internet, a vigilante fighting to protect girls on the streets in Boston. You had fire...literally. Not to mention you were trained in combat from extensive self-defense lessons as a child. The internet had dubbed you Firefly. 
“Hi,”You waved shyly, sliding into the chair at the front of the table right in front of where Steve sat at the head of it.”’m late, this place is huge, I kept getting distracted.”
“Pretty sure the only one who minds is Cappy,” Pietro commented, spinning in his chair with a bored expression on his face. Wanda waved her hand, the red magic stilling the chair in place. 
“It’s fine, you’re new,” Steve assured you, shooting the white-haired avenger a warning look.”This is where we meet, we meet every other day at 10am, team training is every day in the afternoon, you are expected to attend, you will have one-on-one training with everyone eventually. We’ll work it all out, right now, this week, we just want to get to know you. We do have a chore chart, it’s a wheel we spin every week, breakfast is at 8am unless you want to sleep in on days we don’t have meetings.”
“Right, I should have brought a notebook...”You mumbled, trying to remember all the information given to you.
“We’ll keep you on track, don’t worry,”Sam offered with a soft smile,”Trust me, he’s not as strict as he seems. He’s really a teddy bear.”
“You’ll get the hang of it,”Steve added,”We’re a team, we’ll help you.”
In the following weeks, you became quite close with the team and Steve had grown even more fond of you. You got along with just about everyone. You were a little awkward around Vision, as of the Android knew something everyone didn’t. He wasn’t sure. You had been a great addition to the team.
You were a hell of a fighter, and you partnered amazingly with Bucky. For one, you didn’t annoy the hell out of him, so you had been spending a lot of time with him. You had also been having lunch with Wanda and Pietro every day, talking about their home country of Sokovia, It was nice to see you fit in with the team. 
Steve was glad that you didn’t isolate yourself much like Bucky had in first few weeks. Though, you did sometimes skip some of the nightly activities and you were often on your phone, but he accounted that your age. You were the youngest one of them all. He figured that’’s why you spent a lot of your time with the twins. 
Not that he was offended that you rarely came around him, though, he wished you would. Time did not diminish his growing feelings for you at all. No, the more he learned about you, the more he wanted to know. 
During game night, you had been his partner in charades and you had been quite the team, winning the night. But he had made you laugh...that was the true victory. It had been so free and warm, you were so gorgeous in every way and you had way of consuming without even knowing.
Today was no different. Steve’s hungry gaze scanned over you as your rolled over the mat with Natasha. He stepped into the training room and cleared his throat,”Ladies, times up. Firefly, you ready for our sparring?”
Steve wasn’t sure if he was looking forward to this or dreading it. Maybe both.
You bounced up on your feet, sweat glistening off you skin as the smile appeared on your face. He noticed how your eyes scanned over his bare chest and it made smirk just a little. Steve held his head a little higher, joining you on the mat.
“What, no shield?”
“Thought I’d go easy on you,” Steve taunted teasingly, putting his fists up in a defensive position.”Just don’t set me on fire.”
“And here I thought you didn’t like being cold,”You smirked, mimicking his defense position,”Don’t want me to warm you, Cap?”
That...shouldn’t make me him hard. Steve shook the thought off, lunging at you and swiped at you feet and knocked on the ground. He watched as you bounced back up with a flip. You went in for a hit, he dodged. He did the same and you dodged until it seemed like you were doing a dance.
You threw a punch and Steve caught you punch, drew you into his chest to put into a hold but you flipped it on him, twisting his arm and sliding out of his grasp. You swiped his leg out from under him, and he stumbled. 
When he staggered, you took the change to perform one of Natasha’s move as he stood up, running and wrapping your thighs around your head while he tried to fight it off,”That all you got, Cap? Where’s the super soldier?”
“Cute birthmark,”He commented where your shirt had ridden up to reveal the mark on your hip you’ve had forever, breathing hard with your thighs wrapped around his head. Steve then slammed you down, twisted out of you grasp and used his strength to pin you to down to the mat. He had his hands over your wrists, watching your chest rise and fall under him.
“It’s a scar, actually,”You whispered, his face just inches from yours. He was so close with his heavy body pressed against yours, hips straddling yours to the ground.”Burned myself when I got my powers, before I was immune....I like it, though. It’s a reminder. That’s the thing about fire, it’s enticing, beautiful, but uncontrollable. You think you have it figure it out, but you don’t. You never know what it will do.”
“You’re good, you know?”Steve whispered, nose grazing against yours before he removes himself from you and disappears from the room. He leaves you panting on the training room without another word, feeling confused.You don’t see him till the next day.
Later that night, Steve still can’t stop thinking about how it felt to have you under him, his cock heavy in his sweats as he laid back in the large bed of his silent room. The digital clock read one in the morning. It was taunting him, the darkness looming over him as his throbbing length ached for you. Fuck it.
He grabbed his phone from the bedside table, unlocking the device with his pass code and clicking on his twitter. Steve pulled himself up slightly, leaning his back against the head board. He logged into the secret twitter account he has, the one where he just likes little porn videos and sees what people are saying about him. Steve also might keep up with what people are saying about you. He isn’t even on the app for five minutes when he realizes that something is going on.
avengers_whore14 : guys if you havent seen this firefly cosplay onlyfans you have to check it out, its literal fire (pun intended) best cosplay ive ever seen her most recent vid is wild its so worth it here’s the link to her acc 
Steve debated on clicking on the link. Is it crossing a line? His thumb hovered over the link before deciding maybe he should investigate know being the leader of the team and all....He created an account starspangleddaddy04 and input his billing information to access to videos. 
What he found was impressive. The photographs had him throbbing in his sweats even more, his hand going to palm at his erection as he clicked on the most recently upload video. It was from the night before.
Steve furrowed his brow at the girl with the crimson mask much like yours dressed in navy blue lingerie doing a little tease with a Captain America shield...his shield. 
“Holy shit,”He uttered, going to grab his headphones when he noticed the little mark on the girl’s hip. A burn mark that he had only just seen recently. His eyes widen in realization. 
This was no cosplay. This was you, and that was his shield.
Steve plugged his headphones in and your voice filled his ears as you laid the shield on the floor, pulling a big dildo out of the draw to suction cup to the shield before you began to lube it up.
“Do you guys wanna see me fuck myself on Captain’s shield? Yeah? Just don’t tell him. There’s not telling what he’d do....he’s kinda the boss...and I’d hate to disappoint him...he’s my favorite...the things I’d do for him..”You admitted, licking your lips.
It wasn’t until you were hovering over the shield, thick dildo prodding at your entrance that Steve reached into his pants to free his cock. He was painfully hard, thick cock leaking pre-cum down his long shaft. He spit over his cock, slicking it up before he slowly ran his fingers over it while you sank down on the silicone cock. He desperately wished it was his cock your tight pussy was clenching around, but at least it was his name you were moaning.
“Fuck, Captain...”You whimpered, hands splayed out on the vibranium with your thighs spread wide as you looked at the camera with a fucked out look.”‘s so big, feels so fucking good.”
Steve stroked himself to the sound of your moans, fist twisting around the girth and pumping faster as you fuck back on the fake cock with gasps. He’s lost in your whines, thinking about how he could bury his cock into your tight heat and how you’d squirm under him. 
“Cum with me....please, need it, I need your cum, fuck, please...” You mewled, fucking your pussy on the cock and back against the shield like a greedy whore. Steve groaned out, ropes of white spurting out all over his chest as you fall apart of his small screen soaking his shield.
How the hell was he supposed to bring this up?
Tumblr media
It had started with a photograph. It wasn’t supposed to be anything more than a couple teases in your uniform when you were really feeling yourself in the new suit Tony had made for you. It accentuated all the parts of your body you liked, it pushed your breasts up and made them pop, and the mask was hid your identity from the world. 
It was a simple mirror selfie, posed out with your thighs spread out on the floor and front zipper undone to showcase your breasts on this fake twitter account that blew up after a couple weeks. The comments were overwhelming, asking for an OnlyFans and complimenting your cosplay.
You should have stopped there, but you didn’t. You figured as long as they thought it was a cosplay you were in the clear, and what was the chance any of your team would find the page? 
It was only pictures at first, little teases of you in costumes with little captions like “after a hard mission, i really just need a big cock to fuck me dumb” and as the days turned to the weeks, you got bolder. They were paying you after all, you might as well give them a little show.
The first video was thirty seconds and all it showed was you unzipping your uniform slowly, biting your lower lip as your breast pop out fully. You let out a little giggle, massage them with your hands and bounce a little before stopping the recording. The caption reads,”Don’t you think I’d look pretty covered in cum?” 
It was then that the comments started to roll in. Like, bet firefly gets fucked by all the avengers...
yeah, she’s such tight piece of ass, i bet thor fucks that little throat all the time
she’s sugarbaby material, stark’s totally hitting that
captain america would love to breed that pussy i bet
such a realistic cosplay, would love to see you fuck yourself
You were flustered by the comments, and while you had thought about posting a video of you pleasuring yourself, you were nervous. It wasn’t until the perfect opportunity presented itself. Just the thought of it made you feel ashamed of yourself, but fuck, you were so hot thinking about it.
 It happened by chance. Thor had tendency to come into your room and talk, he liked talking to you about Jane. You liked listening to him, he sounded so in love and you never made fun of him like the others. He shared his troubles with you and per your suggestion, he was taking the weekend off. Thor was taking Jane on a weekend getaway, no powers, no avengers, and no hammer. 
It wasn’t until he was gone that you realized he left Mjolnir sitting beside the chair in your room. The dirty thought didn’t cross your mind until late that night, but once it did, you couldn’t help yourself.
You rearranged your room, pushing your chair out of the way so you could have plenty of room. The camera set up perfectly to display you in the pretty red lingerie set that matched the crimson mask you always wore.
You smirked to yourself, drizzling a little lube on the handle before going to press play on the camera. You sat beside the hammer on your knees shyly,”Hi, everyone, um, guys have been so good to me...and you make me feel so good...”You licked your lips,”I thought I’d finally give you a little show...I might have borrowed Thor’s hammer...I can’t lift it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it.” You winked at them before standing up.
You pulled the thin red thong down your legs, tossed them to the side before lining yourself up at the handle. With your hand, you spread your folds, gasping with the handle breached your tight hole.”Oh fuck,” You whined, biting your lip as your walls clenched around the thick handle.
With labored breathing, you sank down on the hammer as you grabbed at your breasts,”Fuck, this, wish it was your cock, but oh my god, it feels good.” You whined, leaning your head back with parted lips as you felt yourself up teasingly.”If Thor knew what I was doing....shit, I don’t know if he’d be ha-hard or mad....or both...” 
You moaned out, eyes rolling back as you bounced on the hammer. The handle was long and thick, the ridges of the leather wrapping gliding against your walls hitting you in just the right way. You ran a hand through your hair, sweat starting to glisten off your body as you fuck yourself eagerly on the hammer. 
“Oh!” You gasped out, pinching at your nipples through the lace bralette you wore as your other hand fell to your cunt to rub circles around your clit,”‘m gonna cum, fuck, cum with me, please, wanna make you feel good... oh, yes, yesyesyes, ah!” 
You threw your head back with your lips parted as your rode your orgasm out with trembling thighs. You blew the camera a little kiss before turning it off and dismounting the hammer. 
You swear you’ve never cleaned something so well in your life, but it was so worth it because the video was a fucking hit. The cosplay theme was popular and you played into it. 
The next video was after you order a huge green dildo and attached it to the mirror before fucking yourself eagerly on it like a bitch in heat, moaning about how full you feel and you wish you could always be stuffed full of cock. 
You started to collect a variety of toys to take teasing photographs, plugs with symbols such as the black widow plug you showcase the week before your most recent video. The plug had been snug in your ass, the symbol proudly shown in the photo with the caption saying “wish i had a sexy assassin to teach me a lesson...”
But your most recent video was the one that got you in trouble. The one you had gotten the attention Steve Rogers. You liked having his attention, but one was ever supposed to find out, but him...this was worst case scenario because you liked him. 
Yet, you had known the risk when you had snagged his shield that night. You really thought you get away with it. 
Tumblr media
Steve had no idea how to act around you, but he knew that every time he saw you now his mind thought of how you on his shield, how your breasts bounced, and how you came begging for his cum. His cock would get uncomfortably hard and his face would flush. He avoided you at all costs, just until  his mind cleared. He could get through one day, right?
Apparently not.
You showed up everywhere. Breakfast, you were with Bucky and Sam joking about how you needed to get laid so bad. They offered to take you to the bars this weekends and Steve had bolted. 
The gyms weren’t safe because you ended up doing yoga when he went to go to his punching back, and you in yoga pants ended with him in a cold shower. The lounge seemed like a good place until you sought him out.
“Are you running from me?”
“What?”Steve asked, swallowing thickly.
“Oh my god, you are. Is this about yesterday? If I made you uncomfortable--”
“It’s not.”
“Then what is it?”
“I know you took my shield,”He blurted out, watching how your eyes widened at that.”And I know why.”
“You do?”You asked quietly, looking down shyly.
“I found your account...last night. I paid...”His cheeks turned red as he admitted his own shame.”I’ve been avoiding you because I can’t look at you without wanting to throw you down and...”
You looked up at him slowly, a small smirk forming on your lips as you realized you were in trouble at all.”And what, Captain?”
“And take me? Teach me a lesson? Spank me?” You whispered teasingly, stepping forward. His breath hitched as you closed in on him. You stood in front of him, your hand just barely touching his abdomen.”Show me who I belong to?”
Steve grabbed you by the waist, pressing you against the wall with a harsh thud as his lips crashed into yours. The kiss was electrifying, he was pure electricity pouring through you. You never felt so on fire, never burned so bright and hot until he touched you. He tore your shirt in half, the rip of the fabric echoing in the air. His large hands run over your warm bare skin, unhooking your bra and letting it fall to the ground before he’s moving you from the wall toward the door.
You leave a trail of clothing behind. His shirt, your pants, his pants, shoes, and socks until your falling on top of him in his bed. You pull away from him, straddling him with a smirk.”Oh, Captain, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this.”
Your touch ignited something inside him, something infernal and carnal. He was intoxicated by your fiery touch. Soft lips against his chest burned with passion, each kiss intensifying the desire burning in him. His large hands find the flesh of your ass, fingers digging into the fat before lands two hard blows to watch it jiggle under his force.
Steve growled at you, flipping over so he was on top of you and kissing you feverishly and you whined into him happily.”Naughty girl, it’s time for a lesson about taking things that don’t belong to you...”Steve teased, manhandling you as he tossed you over so that you were on your tummy and yanked your panties down your thighs and off of you completely. He spanked at your ass a couple times, pulling a string of whimpers from you before bringing to your knees. 
His fingers dip between your folds teasingly, diving into the sopping wet hole with no warning.”Oh so wet, already, sugar, all for me?”Steve taunted, his other hand rubbing over your cheek. You dig your hands into the sheets while you crane your neck to look at him.
You gasp when you inserted a third finger,”Steve!” You cried out, pushing back against him, clenching around his fingers. He carefully curled them, brows furrowed as he fucked his fingers in and out of your wet pussy.
“Gotta get you ready, doll, don’t want to hurt you, though...from the looks of you page, seems like you’ve been training for me...”Steve smirked, kissing at you ass cheek and rubbed his thumb over the little hole of your ass.”Eventually, I’ll have to this ass too, bet you’d like that.”
You moaned out in response, eyes rolling back as he massaged at the sweet spot inside you and pulled an orgasm from you before he removed his fingers from you. Steve landed two more blows to your ass, the flesh raw and tender to the point you could feel the heat coming off your skin. 
Steve rubbed his large cock over your ass, making you whine at sight. He pushed the bulbous head into the entrance of your cunt, groaning at how you stretched to accommodate his girth. Your back arched as you pushed back against him eagerly, which surprised him. You moaned out loudly, throwing your head back as he easily buried his cock inside your tight cunt with you push back onto him with desperation.
“Eager little thing, aren’t you?” Steve teased, his hand rubbing down your lower back before pressing down on it to arch your back. He leaned into you, reeling back before he slammed into you.”Tell me, baby, when’s the last time when you were actually fucked?”
“It’s been so long...”You admitted in a whined, clawing at the bed in a choked out sob as he started to rail into. His hand came to entangle in your hair. The air in your lung caught in your throat at how good it felt to have Steve fuck you as hard as he could. The sound of his heavy balls and thighs slapping against you echoed. The squelch of your weeping pussy being pummeled by his fat cock was music to his ears, and oh the way you sang for him. His name was your symphony. 
“That’s it, fuck, such a good girl, so much better than those fake dicks, so much better than a stupid hammer, isn’t it?”Steve grunted, tugging on your hair a little harder for an answer.
“Y-yes, so--so much..fuck, Captain, please, can I cum, wanna cum with you?”
“You want my cum, sugar? Do you need it? Isn’t that what you say?”
“Yes! I need it! I need you, Steve! Fill me up, fill me with your cum, fuck--” 
Steve can’t hold back when you squeeze him like a fucking vice, cumming on his cock with your eyes rolled back and moaning his name like it’s all you’ve ever known. He spilled inside you, falling over you. He turned your head, smashing his lips over yours sweetly and when he’s done, he doesn’t stop. He gently pulls out and turns you over so he can keep kissing you. 
Steve kisses all over your face, making you smile ridiculously,”Steve, what..what are you doing?”
“’m showing you love, god, do you know how long I’ve been holding back from you?”
“You actually like me?”
Steve raised his head, tilting it at that,”Of course I do, why wouldn’t I?”
“You don’t little hobby is weird?”
“I got off to your little hobby, I don’t think I can judge,”Steve whispered, kissing your lips sweetly.”Besides, you had me from day one.”
“I have?”
“What can I say? The’s enticing, I don’t care if it burns, it’s worth it.”
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