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#chris evans smut
agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
for kinktober, could you do serial killer!steve ? ♡ ♡
dark side ~ steve rogers
pairing ~ serial killer!steve rogers x naive!reader
warnings ~ smut, minors DNI, oral (m receiving) facefucking, it’s yandere steve tbh but i don’t go that into it, soft!dark!steve rogers, reader is blindly in love steve tbh, jealous!steve, possessive!steve, crying kink
notes ~ this is very much dexter-like serial killing 👀 reader is very much in love with him and completely oblivious to his ‘hobby’
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers was a very dangerous man. His darkness was shrouded under the golden persona he radiated and put forth in the modern age. Who wouldn’t trust the former Captain America?
No one, if they truly knew him. The world didn’t know the service he was actually providing when he cleansed the earth of the scoundrels and heathens. He had given up the shield for this, so that he could take care of the real bad guys, the ones that hurt people daily.
Though, it wasn’t all blood and punishment. No, Steve had to play the celebrity everywhere he went. He had moved into this suburb, to a place he honestly would call home (though, his secluded cabin was a close second) and a year later, he had you.
He had made himself a promise a long time ago. If he ever found love again, he would never let it go. He would never let you go. Within one interaction, Steve Rogers knew you were the one he had been looking for. You were everything he had sworn to protect, so utterly good and kind. Hope still shined in those pretty eyes and he wanted to protect that.
He had been scoping out his target, a very terrible man who had been taking advantage of drunk women he took on dates. The man had been circling around your floral shop for three days when Steve had caught him.
Even after he had rid the earth of the scum, his curiosity got the better of him. He had been watching you for days to keep you safe, from a distance so that no one could connect him to the missing man. Yet, he had been lured in by your infectious smile and Steve found himself pushing in the door to meet you.
It was love at first sight, as people say. You fell so fast, his beautiful, shy girl that just got so flustered any time he complimented you. You were held in the highest regards to him, his princess and his love. If anyone even dared to think of touching you, he would break their hands.
You had moved into his home within six months of meeting him. Sure, it had been early in the relationship, but he had convinced you.
“I’d just feel safer with you here, baby, with me, where you belong,”Steve had confessed to you, large hands caressing your face so gently.”You want to be with me, don’t you?”
“More than anything,”You admitted in a soft whisper.
“Then move in with me. Be with me,”Steve nearly begged and he never begged. In fact, you had never seen Steve so vulnerable. He usually exuded power and dominance over you, often manhandling you in the bedroom and taking care of you in every way.”We’re all the matters. We go at our own time, and I…I love you, I’m never letting you go.”
The decision had been easy to make. You were so deep in love with him, you never questioned him. Not even when he returned home late at night or took multiple trips without you. You trusted him completely.
One thing that did change with your presence in the house was his involvement with the neighborhood. You were quite popular among the residents and often were invited to dinners by single dads and different suburban moms who just thought you were precious.
It was good. It was amazing, actually, because you were thriving and Steve had cover now. People saw him and loved him. They’d never suspect he was taking the lives of rotten men and women.
Except now, the single dads seemed to think he traveled a lot and that gave some sort of opportunity to steal you away.
Steve glared at the three men that crowded you by the drinks at the barbecue one of them were hosting. His grip was iron tight around the neck of his beer bottle, but Steve was imagining it was one of the men’s. The glass shattered under his strength, making multiple people jump.
You gasped, immediately running over to your boyfriend to check him for injuries while he played it off as “oh, sometimes i forget my own strength”
“You gotta be more careful, Steven,”You pouted at him, his full names slipping through your lips when you were worried or upset.
“I’m okay now, baby,”He assured you, breath hitching when you kneel down in front of him to clean up the glass. Steve swallowed thickly, trying to push the thought of what you could be doing on your knees. He wanted nothing more than to feel your tight throat squeezing his cock, choking on his massive shaft as you try desperately to take him just so he’ll praise you. Just the thought of the fat tears running down your cheeks made his cock fatten in his trousers.
“Are you sure?” You asked, tilting your head to look up at him with such kind eyes. Steve sucked in a breath at the sight of you gazing up at him.”Did you cut your hand?”
“It’s okay, baby, really. I just need wrap it for an hour or so, it will heal quickly,”Steve assured you, but you shook your head as you rose to your feet.
“Let me bandage now, let’s go to the bathroom, I think the Johnsons keep their first aid in there.”
Steve nodded, throwing a glare towards the single men that had been crowding you before letting you lead him away.
“You know I hate when you talk to them,”Steve told you with a huff.
“They know I’m in a relationship, Stevie,”You assured him casually, not thinking much of Steve’s jealously.
“What are you supposed to do when men flirt with you, baby?”Steve asked with a raised brow as you both slip into the main bathroom. He shut the door behind you,”You didn’t follow the rules.”
“I…I know,”You frowned, opening the cabinet to retrieve the first aid kit.”I was trying to get them to stop, I swear, but they don’t take me seriously.”
“I’ll take care of it,”Steve told you before lifting you chin up to look at him.”You’re mine, you understand? I don’t like when you forget that.”
“I know who I belong with,”You told him.
“Do you?”He asked, not even flinching when you wipe the blood from his minor wound and cleaned it.
“Yes,”You promised,”I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”
“Good girl,”He praised, his mind wondering to all the things he wished he could do those men who think they can take what’s his. His chest was still filled with jealously, desperately wanting to make some sort of claim on you.
Maybe he should mark you up more and make sure everyone knows who you belong to.
“See, now you’re all bandaged up,”You told him with a soft smile, kissing his knuckles gently.”Is there anything else I can do?”
Steve’s lips turned up into a smirk, brushing his fingers over your jaw.”Actually, there is, why don’t get back on those knees and show me what a good girl you are? Because I think my precious dove needs a reminder on who she belongs to, or did you think I wouldn’t notice how much you like the attention?”
His words knock the breath from your lungs, heat creeping into your cheeks at the thought of sucking Steve off in the bathroom of your friends’ house. “What if someone finds out?”
“Then they’ll know what a little slut you are for me,”Steve stepped closer, dipping his head down to brush his lips over your ear,”You are my little slut, aren’t you?”
“Yes, sir,”You purred back at him, his hands slipping over your side and up to your shoulders before pushing you down to your knees.
You sank down, knees hitting the small soft rug on the bathroom tile. You flick your tongue across your lips, hands hesitantly coming up to the buckle of his jeans. You undo his belt with a small clink before unzipping and freeing his impressive cock from the fabric of his boxers.
You whimpered at the mere sight of his length, the fat cock slapping against his stomach with pre-cum leaking from the swollen head. Your mouth watered, eyeing the pulsing vein on the underside of his shaft.
Steve let out a deep groan when your hot tongue dragged from the bottom of his cock to the very tip. You were delighted by the hand caressing your face as you licked around his cock to get it nice and wet. You wrapped your hand around Steve’s shaft, stroking the impressive length just to feel him pulse in your hand.
“Suck.” Steve demanded, his cheeks turning a soft pink as you teased the head of his cock with your tongue. You were quick to follow his command, sticking your tongue out for your man to thrust into your warm mouth.
Slowly, Steve inched his cock into your mouth, a moan of relief echoing as his cock gliding over your tongue. You looked up at him, watching how his head fell back in bliss.
“That’s it, baby girl,” Steve grunted, running his hand over your hair before resting his hand on the back of your neck. You choke on his cock, throat constricting around him in such a pleasing way. He held you in place before pulling you off.
Your lips glisten with spit, heaving your chest at first before he was pushing his cock back into your mouth. He thrusted into your mouth, lips stretching around him as he uses your mouth as a fuck hole.
Drool pooled from the sides of your mouth, his cock prodding at back of your throat with each buck of his hips. He was a mess of moans, admiring how you slobbered ok his cock all messy like. Tears brimmed your waterline, threatening to spill and that only made him throb against your tongue. With one hard thrust, he held your bread in place. His cock was sheathed in the heat of your mouth as you gargled around his fat cock. You remember to breath through your nose as you choke so desperately around him. The tears spilled over, running down your pretty face before he yanked you off.
You whined at the loss, gazing up at him through your lashes with glossed over eyes. Your lips are swollen, jaw sore, and he’s still not done with you.
Steve rubbed his salvia coated cock against your lips, smear your drool over your chin and mouth.”Such a messy little slut. Just can’t help it, can you? So innocent, but I know the truth, you like this. You like being used and fucked like a whore.”
“Only for you….”You whispered, smiling up at him before holding your tongue for him to fuck your mouth like the good little slut you are.
“Atta girl. So desperate to please, my pathetic girl,”Steve cooed, slapping the head of his cock against your tongue. The lewd sounds of him shoving his cock down your throat echoed in the small bathroom, his hands firm on the back of your neck to control your movements.
You shifted on your knees, pussy dripping all over the fabric of your panties as Steve used your mouth as his personal fleshlight. His heavy balls smacked against your chin as he pounded into you. You didn’t even care how sore your jaw was or how raw your throat was becoming. All you wanted was for Steve to cum, you wanted to hear that praise after he coated you in his seed, it fueled your movement as you braved yourself by gripping his thighs so he wouldn’t knock you down with his harsh thrusts.
His eyes never left yours, admiring how wrecked you looked with mascara now running just a little bit down your cheeks. Something about you crying on his cock made his balls tighten and his dick throb.
Steve threw his head back in completely bliss, holding you still with your nose pressed against his abdomen. He relished in the tightness of your throat and how it constricted around him as he impaled you on his cock.
“What a fucking good girl,”Steve moaned your name, not even trying to keep quiet. No, he wanted all the men out in that party to hear how good his girl was servicing him.”That’s it, fuck!”
Steve coated throat in cum, spilling into you with a loud groan. He caressed your face, pulling out slowly and leaned down to kiss you. He can taste what remain of his cum on your lips, but he doesn’t care. Steve’s lips smashed against yours, playfully biting at your bottom lip before melting into the kiss with you.
“What do you say, baby?”Steve whispered, wiping the mascara and tears from your face as you chased his lips. He denied you another kiss until you gave the proper response.
“Thank you.”
Steve pulled you up from your knees, his arms around around your waist and you collided against his chest. You surged up to kiss him passionately, eager to feel his lips against yours. You wanted to get lost in him, always craving his touch. Steve was more than willingly to give you the affection you so desperately craved.
“You’re my best girl, you know that? I’d do anything for you,”Steve whispered against your soft lips.
“Anything?”You teased, gently grazing your fingers over his jaw.”Surely, there’s a few things you wouldn’t do for me.”
Oh, but how wrong you were because you were everything to him and he would burn the world for you if you asked, but what you didn’t know wouldn’t kill you. It’s best to leave the killing to him.
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onsunnyside · 2 days ago
Andy Barber x fem!reader (in her 20s) where Andy and Laurie don’t trust Jacob to stay alone so they hire a babysitter which is the reader. One thing leads to another and you and Andy end up fucking in his car when he drops you off home.
ઇઉ˚ · . 𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐲
Tumblr media
𝗣𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 | Andy Barber x babysitter!reader
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 | SMUT - minors DNI, cheating, halloween costumes, AGE GAP (reader is in her 20s), car sex, oral (m), fingering (f), daddy kink, dirty talk, degradation, praise kink, rough sex, dom!andy, lil bit of spitting, gagging (with panties), unprotected sex, creampie
𝗦𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆 | You’re a mess with broken wings but you’ve never looked more divine.
𝗪/𝗖 | 4.4K+
𝗔/𝗡 | this is complete filth and is my first request, I am so happy it’s for andy bc I just started watching DJ (late, I know) I hope you like it anon! my requests are currently open! HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN!
˗ˏˋ𝐌𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭ˎˊ˗ ⋰˚ 𝐂.𝐄. & 𝐂𝐨. 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
A loud shrill bursts through the speakers, timed with the sudden flash of a demonic face in the mirror. The poor woman shrieks and falls backward with wide eyes, as terrified as you.
God, why did you let Jacob pick the movie? On Halloween, nonetheless.
You look over at the teenager but his attention locked on the screen as he blindly shovels popcorn into his mouth. At least he’s enjoying himself. Another loud jumpscare pops on the television, so sudden that you jump inches off the couch.
Jacob glances at you and laughs. “Oh, god, you’re gonna hurt yourself.”
Cradling your face in your hands, embarrassed that the seventeen-year-old was handling the movie better than you. “This is not how I imagined spending my Halloween night.”
Jacob frowns guiltily, “I’m sorry you had to ditch your friend’s party because of me… Mom and dad don’t trust me to stay home alone after what happened last time.”
“No, no—it’s fine, Jake.” You dismiss, you truly didn’t mind.
After knowing the Barber’s since you were eighteen, now 21, you’ve grown close to the family. Jacob was a sweet, funny kid and Laurie was nothing but a kind and concerned mother.
But Andy was a different story. He got home before Laurie and since she paid you, the older man would keep you company. It started with him asking you about school, work and your friends. Simple casual questions. Innocent. Then, last year, your late night conversations drifted to the topic of boys and what you've done with them. Thinking back, you shouldn’t have shared your intimate experiences with Andy, who was sort of your boss. But that line was crossed when he told you of his sexual encounters from before his marriage.
The boundaries were so blurred that you didn't know where they were anymore. Hell, Andy even knows how long you've been on contraceptives.
It was inappropriate but you looked forward to your late exchanges with him.
On those nights, Andy sits close enough that all you can smell is his cologne—clean and woody with a hint of citrus and amber. And although his son was upstairs and his wife could walk through the door any moment, his big hand would land on your knee and slowly move up to your thigh.
His warmth seeping through your clothes. And his eyes, those soft yet dominant blues watching you fumble over your words and lose your train of thought.
The things you’d let him do to you—but he never went further than caressing your thigh.
It was wrong but you didn’t want him to stop, so you always leaned into his touch. It was thrilling to get attention from a man like Andy. Handsome, compassionate, successful and stable. A married father of one. The famous assistant district attorney of Newton. The man who had women throwing themselves at him.
“I still feel guilty. You even got dressed up.”
This Halloween, you decided to dress as a fairy. You bought a soft white dress in your favourite style that ended above your knees, cute socks with little green ruffles that looked like leaves and a pair of iridescent wings. Topped off with little flower clips in your hair and glittery, dewy makeup.
“I wasn’t going to stay for long anyway. Someone who I don’t like was going to be there.”
“Oh, Brandon?”
Another reason you loved working for the Barbers. Jacob was more than a kid you babysat, he was a friend. The both of you probably know each other better than your friends your own age.
You almost gag at the mention of the jerk. “Yeah,” Shivering, you remember all of his creepy stares and general lewdness from the last party. “I left early last time—I can’t stand him.”
The two of you talk instead of watching the rest of the movie. As the credits roll, Andy and Laurie stroll in, the cool autumn air immediately following. You and Jacob greet them, he helps his mother with the containers of food while you admire their matching costumes.
Since they attended a Halloween party with Laurie's friends, the couple dressed as Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko from Grease. Laurie was wearing a tight black outfit, red heels and her hair was curled. You thought she looked great. But Andy was dreamy. His fluffy hair gelled and he traded his usual suit for black jeans, tight white t-shirt and leather jacket.
It wasn’t fair how easily he could take your breath away
Before going upstairs, Laurie pays you, even giving extra for Halloween in lieu of candy. Your gaze lands on the wedding ring glimmering on her finger. Jealousy stirs inside you unwillingly. She was a lucky woman and you couldn’t help the little tinge of bitterness as you watched her kiss Andy goodnight.
Jacob stretches and announces his sleepiness as well. He hugs you goodbye then does the same to his father. “Night, dad.”
“Sweet dreams, bud. Hopefully you won’t get any nightmares tonight.”
Jacob shoots you a look, as if to say, that was for you. You muffle your laugh with your hand and dust off the couch for any glitter that fell off your arms. After gathering your things, you turn to Andy. He's still in the kitchen, leaned over the counter with his fingers pressed to his lips. "Are you going home now?"
His stare is burning through your dress, it trails from your breasts to your hips and down to your shoes. You feel bare standing in the middle of the living room, a wetness pooling in your panties when he bites on his finger. Squeezing your purse to your chest, "Yeah, hopefully I can catch the last bus."
"The bus this late? I'll drop you off." You try to protest but he waves you off. "Laurie would have my head if she knew I let you go home by yourself."
It wouldn’t be the first time he’s dropped you off at home. There have been a few instances when Laurie got back too late and insisted he drive you instead of taking the bus. Those times were tamed, but they were also before your late night exchanges.
You don't trust yourself to function in the compact capacity of his car but Andy doesn’t listen. He grabs his leather jacket and leads you towards the garage with his hand on your lower back.
The drive starts off quiet although your mind is anything but. You try to focus on the radio and not Andy's hand that has returned to your thigh. Every time it went up, it moved the hem of your dress higher, exposing more skin.
"Is this dress new?" Andy asks, calmly.
How he could touch you and still be fine was a mystery to you. You were shaking in anticipation.
"Yes, I bought it for Halloween."
"It's very pretty." His hand slips underneath and you inhale deeply. His rough fingers add pressure to your inner thigh, slowly easing them open. "You look so beautiful, honey."
"T-Thank you."
You shift slightly, your knee now touching the car door as Andy just barely traces your hot core. Getting closer and closer to your leaking centre. You hear him curse under his breath, grip tightening on the steering wheel.
He looks over, "Is this okay?"
The kindness in his eyes and the softness in his face made it so clear. You wanted him more than anything. You wanted him more than you valued the ring on his finger.
You gasp, panties soaked as you weakly grind down, attempting to soothe the aching. "Please touch me."
"Where?" He returns his gaze to the empty road. "Right here?" He massages your inner thigh.
"N-No, uh!" You whimper when he makes contact with your pussy. Long fingers trail graze your slit over your panties, the fabric sticking to your shame. You buck your hips, "Right there, daddy.”
But Andy pulls away and you let a small whine slip. The older man palms the impressive growing bulge in his jeans and parks the car onto a dark street. Without the radio or the engine filling the silence, reality sinks in. You can’t help but wish for time to move a little slower. Desperately wanting to savour this moment.
As if he can read your mind, Andy steadily inches towards you, fingers curling around the back of your neck, then his lips meet yours.
It starts off shy and hesitant. Then, tentative pecks turn demanding and hungry. Your hands roam his wide chest and tug on his shirt that's tucked into his pants. Andy leans back, slipping off his jacket and shirt and tossing them in the back. He’s better than you imagined. Dark chest hair dusted along his muscular pecs and down to his abs, a happy trail disappearing into the waistband of his jeans. What would he look like with tattoos? Probably a million times more delicious.
Then, the neckline of your dress is yanked down, revealing your breasts that Andy has admired from afar. He almost climbs onto you right then and there but the console prevents him. So he settles for groping your tit as he hooks one arm behind your back to bring your chest closer to his awaiting lips. He sucks your nipple into his mouth, nibbling and swirling his tongue around the tip. You inhale sharply when he switches to the other.
Moments later, you and Andy clamber into the backseat. He goes first to clear away a jacket and his briefcase and strips himself while you climb over, kicking off your shoes. He pulls you by the back of your neck, looking at you with desire. His lips part slightly, "Have you sucked cock before, sweetheart?"
You're sure he knows the answer, from your late night conversations, but you nod anyway. "Mhm, I love it, daddy."
His blue eyes ignite, cheeks flushing a pretty pink under his thick beard. "Show me."
You kneel between his legs, excitement making you tingle. He's huge. Girthy, long in length and veiny with a red leaking tip and heavy balls. The thickness slaps against his taut stomach and your mouth waters. Quickly slipping a hand into your panties, you grip his fat cock with the other and spit thickly on the bulbous head.
Wasting no time, you slobber all over him, enveloping the tip and licking up the length. Slurping loudly, letting your saliva drip all over him. Andy runs a hand through his hair, fully blissed-out and you just started.
Your jaw burns at the stretch as you take him yet you can't help but hum at the weight on your tongue. Nothing made you wetter than sucking cock, that combined with the fact that it was Andy's cock in your mouth—you pressed two fingers into your heat. A temporary relief for a throb only Andy can ease.
You bob on his shaft, pulling off to kiss the flesh and massage his balls in your other hand. Flicking your tongue at the tip, trying to embed the taste of him in your mouth.
You sigh around his length, eyes fluttering shut as you slowly pump your fingers. Only then does he notice your hand under your dress.
"You touching yourself, baby?" He rasps, "Couldn’t help it? Wet cunt is greedy, huh?"
He can't look away. Your mouth is full of cock, you’re rubbing yourself as the glitter on your cheeks reflects the dim lights outside. Fairy wings fluttering and tits bouncing with each bob. The prettiest, you are, on your knees in the backseat of his car while his wife is at home asleep.
He wonders why it took so long to get to this point.
You drool on his dick, kissing down and sucking one of his balls into your mouth. Fisting his cock while your mouth switches to the other, wetting him in your saliva.
"Wanna feel you in the back of my throat, daddy." Your voice is muffled by his sack.
Grunting, Andy’s eyes fall shut and his jaw goes slack. He pulls you by your hair, forcing his shaft into your mouth and keeps you there. His hips buck, balls slapping against your chin as his cock reaches deep—it makes your eyes water. Little choked noises come from you as you impatiently grind onto your fingers.
When Andy deems you’ve had enough, he pulls you off. All drooly and corrupted.
He slaps the round tip on your tongue, smearing himself on your lips.
"C'mere," his voice is hoarse and his eyes are wild. He lays you on the seats, tearing your dress off your body but keeps the wings strapped. You whine, mourning the cute dress you've worn only once.
"I'll buy you another—and if you're a good girl, I'll get you one in every colour."
The older man tugs your panties until they slip between your folds, the white is nearly transparent with your slick. Fuck, he wants to devour you. "You want my mouth on your pussy, baby?"
God, yes. But if you don't get his cock in you, you'll lose your mind. You must've said that aloud because Andy chuckles, swooping down to capture your lips. "We'll save that for next time. Want you to ride my tongue."
Seconds later, he kneels between your open thighs and spreads you apart. Spitting on your soiled core before sinking into your tight walls, making you cream immediately. Andy groans, fascinated by the way you're squeezing around him. He hooks your left leg around the backseat, opening wider for him. "Juicy cunt takin' my cock, that's it, such a good little slut."
His pace is brutal from the start. Deeply ramming into your hole as if he'll never get the chance again. But you already know you'll bend over whenever he asks, wherever you are. Having him once isn’t enough, you want him all over you, planted so deep inside you that you taste him in the back of your throat.
It becomes apparent that since last year, you've been wrapped around his finger. But now, he has you quivering on his shaft, your creamy hole gleaming in the streetlights.
"You've been keeping this pussy from me, baby." Andy's hunched over you, one hand on the car window, the other on your hip, pulling you to meet his thrusts.
A year of teasing has led to this. After hearing of your sexual encounters with other people—Andy was finally getting a taste. But now he was addicted. He wants more than just a taste. He wants to be the only person to have you.
"You’re dripping all over my seats. Stupid girl making a fuckin’ mess. Going to lick it up for me after?"
You cry out obscenely at the euphoric feeling. Andy's cock drives deeper, forcing your pussy to take him, the filthiest noises filling the small space of his car. Skin slapping, indecent groans and your wetness.
It’s everything he has fantasized and more. You sprawled on the expensive leather as he fucks you like you’ve dreamt of. Your cream surrounds the base of his length. Oh, he almost feels guilty about your fairy wings—they were beautiful, emphasis on were because now they were breaking under you.
You're wreaked below him. You’re so gorgeous and Andy can’t get over it. Pretty body taking him raw with every pump of his strong hips. Your makeup is ruined and the glitter from your skin is all over the seats of his car. He'll clean it later. He feels himself throbbing within your cunt, the risk of being caught making him animalistic.
Like tunnel vision, all he can focus on is your whispered curses as his fat cock disappears into you.
Andy moans before dipping down to meet your open lips. His tongue licks into your mouth, tasting himself and his rough beard tickles your skin. When you part, his blue eyes are soft and, dare you say, fond, as if he isn't ravishing you in your little socks and iridescent fairy wings. Those wires were painfully digging into your back, but you don't even care.
"Boys your age can’t fuck you like this, huh? Can’t tear this sweet pussy apart. Don't worry, baby, I'll make you forget all of them. Only daddy's cock can fuck you stupid.” He grunts, sinking into your hungry cunt, filling you so deeply that you can't breathe. “Going to fuck them outta your pretty head.”
He pounds into your leaky hole, his tip going so far that you lose yourself and go dumb on his cock, at his mercy. Drawn out moans take over the steamy air of the car, half spoken syllables between his every thrust. Your hands scramble for him, clawing at his hair chest, searching for anything to hold onto.
Your wide eyes are the same as when you were watching the horror movie. You can’t even function anymore. Andy stole that ability from you the moment his girthy cock penetrated your core. Your mind and body are so filled with Andy that just breathy gasps and daddy's fall escape you.
"Fuck, look at that slutty pussy—so fuckin’ greedy. Swallowing my dick just like that pretty mouth was." Andy's thumbs part your folds, spreading your lips as he retreats slowly, only to bury inside again, growling. The meaty thickness makes tears spill from your eyes, mascara running down your cheeks.
He cooed, powerful thighs flexing. "Aw, is it too much, baby? Do you need a break?"
"Nu-uh, don’t stop," You squeal but slightly push him away when it gets too much. "I-I love it!"
Andy presses deeper until his balls are against your ass. He spits on his fingers before rubbing them harshly on your clit. Sending your brain straight into the gutter. "Love it? Like how you love sucking dick like a dirty girl?"
"Yes, daddy—I love it, I love it so much, want you to fuck me stupid. Please, I wanna—”
“Shush, you hear that?” He covers your mouth to muffle your whines. Forcing you to breathe heavily through your nose. The only noise in the car was of his digits on your pearl and the squelching of your pretty pussy taking his length, “yeah, you must love daddy’s cock just as much. That’s why you’re drenched.”
“Mmm!” Your cries are hushed by his palm, the pressure pushes the back of your head into the seat. One of your wings falls to the floor, broken.
“Aw, sorry, baby. Your costume is ruined.” Andy shoves his fingers down your throat, fucking them into your mouth before smearing your salvia on your hard nipples. “Your pretty dress is torn, wings are broken and makeup ruined, even your sweet cunt is crying—but maybe your panties are fine.”
His hips falter as he sweeps them off the ground then shakes his head in disappointment. “Filthy girl, look at what you did.” He dangles the fabric over your face and you struggle to comprehend as his cock splits you in half. Juices being forced out of you. “Soaked straight through, baby. Who’s gonna clean them?”
Your jaw drops open, tongue hanging out.
He didn’t even have to tell you.
Andy groans, bringing the white panties to his own face instead. Sucking it into his mouth and eyes falling shut at the taste. Your slick is so sweet, feeding a thirst that’s been building up for the past year. He wants to eat your cunt until you’re crying and begging him to stop.
He gets his fill, your taste fading with every swipe of his tongue. Then his hips come to a stop and he bites the fabric, crawling over you and dropping it into your awaiting mouth. He gags you with it, giving your cheek a tap in approval.
“Now clean your panties like a good girl while daddy makes you even more messy.”
Your release hits so suddenly that Andy is surprised. He works you through it, fucking you with his fat dick as you shake. Your twitching walls beckon him to fill you, but he holds back. He should’ve cracked open the window a little, it was getting hot.
Andy plays with your breasts, teasing and tonguing your erect buds. You ride your high, run your fingers through his hair, working it out of the styled look. He marks you all over, not shying away from giving you physical reminders of how he pounded you. As if not being able to walk wasn’t enough.
Your panties are yanked until they just hang out the corner of your mouth. Pathetic whimpers forced out of your body as Andy rubs the head of his cock on your clit.
You look so submissive, so evidently fucked that he’s concerned.
“Are you all right, sweetheart?” He asks, brows furrowed and chest heaving. He massages your thigh and cradles your tear stained cheek.
“Yes—I want your cum, daddy.” You weakly thrust up, moaning when his cock slips back between your folds. “Cum in me, want it so bad.”
His length was shiney and so hard that it looked painful. Andy grits his teeth, lashes fluttering as your hand guides him into your cunt again.
The stretch was a familiar burn but he was still so big, you had to accommodate for his size. Wincing when he pulls out all the way to thrust deep again, repeating it over and over until your legs clamp around his sides, locking him balls-deep.
His rough fingers return to your clit, he chuckles as you try to squirm away. “This is daddy’s pussy—you’re going to let me do whatever I want. And if I want to flip you over and cum on your ass, you’re going to let me.”
“N-No, please, want it in me, want to see you cum, need it—”
“Such a fucking whore,” he forces your thighs apart, pummeling into you. “You’re trying to milk daddy’s cock, yeah? You want to be filled like the slut you are. Just a filthy hole.”
“God—yes. Fuck, fill me, fill me.” You whine brokenly.
You're close again. Heat washes over your skin as you brace yourself against the car door, trying to work yourself down on his cock. You quickly grab his wrist, keeping his hand on your pussy when he pulls away. "Please don't stop."
Andy smirks down at you, the gel in his hair has lost its hold. The soft strands falling over his sweaty forehead. He pounds into you, the force making your legs flail pathetically, your left one moving to hook around his shoulder instead.
"Are you going to fuck around with other boys after this?" Andy rails you into the leather and the sound of your last wing breaking goes ignored. "Gonna give this pussy, my pussy, away?"
"No! No, I only want you." Another roll of his hips makes you cry out. "Only you, daddy."
Your core swallows his cock avidly, drenching him in your cream. Every pound of his thickness sends your slick down to your ass and adds to the soiled mess under you.
"Yeah, that’s right, my pretty whore. Who owns this cunt?"
"You do! It's your pussy, daddy-oh!"
His eyes dart between your flushed face and your poor cunt. Your juices coating your thighs and the base of his cock, he can feel your essence seeping down his balls. Sweet petals are swollen, your pearl rubbed raw by his fingers. Still, he doesn’t stop.
“Gonna pump you full, sweet girl. Get this slutty cunt stuffed with my cum.”
“Fuck, pl-ease. Fill my pussy.” You groan then let out the sweetest little squeak when he forces you to face where you’re both connected.
Andy tuts. “Stupid baby. Does this look like your pussy when I’m fucking it like this?” It’s unholy how you’re so willingly being split open by his fat cock. Just a wet hole stretched and used. Sticky stings connecting his girthy base to the lips of your cunt.
Your eyes roll into the back of your head, dizziness taking over. “Please fill your pussy, daddy.”
“That’s right, you little whore. Going stupid for daddy’s cock, huh? Fuckin’ cream all over me. Show me how much you love my cock, be my good girl.”
You’re thrown over the edge and clench even tighter around him. Hands unsure whether to pull him close or push him away as relentlessly hammers into you. Letting out a faint cry, you tremble underneath his broad frame as his fingers continue their relentless assault on your bundle.
He feels your nails dig into his chest, scratching down his stomach. He doesn't even care that you left red marks. He wants you to—he wants you all over him. Craving for your scent ingrained in his skin until scrubbing you off would be the only solution. But, god, he won’t. He wants your existence surrounding him every day.
Andy shivers, chest vibrating as he groans loudly. He lifts you by your hips, sheathing his cock to the hilt to rut into your core. And you let him, you lust for his cum and it’s not like you have enough energy to stop him from using you. Andy’s gaze is locked on your pussy, then travels up to your face, blissed-out of your mind. He’s so deep when seed pours into you, spilling against your walls. Claiming you so intensely and gushing down to your little puckered hole. His final thrusts fuck his warmth into you, slowly but with the same depth, relishing in the most delicate whimpers from you.
Hissing, Andy pulls out. Cursing at the rush of his cum leaking.
You don’t know how long he stares between your thighs but you're tingling all over, barely registering Andy dressing you in his discarded t-shirt. You open your eyes, giving him a spent smile. Andy returns it, crawling over you to kiss you again, sweeter, more tender this time. Then he helps you sit with your back against the door.
You pick his jacket off the floor, handing it to him. He shakes his head, manhandling your arms through the sleeves. "Keep it. It looks better on you."
"Thank you."
"What was that?"
You gasp when his fingers sink into your tender cunt, pushing his cum back into you. You squirm, toes curling at the feeling. "Thank you, daddy."
"That's right. Such a good girl." He circles your clit before tracing up and slipping them into your mouth. "Now, are you going to let daddy take you shopping for your dresses tomorrow?"
"Mhm." You say around his fingers. "Gonna let you fuck me in the dressing room too."
Tumblr media
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Maybe you could write smut about Chris picking out lingerie for you and then being completely blown away by how stunning you look in it?
𝐑𝐞𝐝 𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞
Genre: fluff, smut, nsfw
Warning: lingerie, oral, squirting, hitting it from the back if you know what I mean ;)
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Word count: 2k
I don't give you permission to post my content anywhere
Tumblr media
Usually it was you that brought your own lingerie and surprised Chris, but today was a little different. Chris had woken up early and the idea popped into his head. At first he wasn't going to buy you any lingerie, but after thinking almost the whole morning he knew he needed to do it.
Without telling you he went to the local panties and bra store and got you some lingerie. It was hard to choose, there were so many colors from black to blue, from red to pink. He wanted to get them all but unfortunately he didn't. He settled on a red pair. It was nice and laced, sheer as well.
Chris raced home after. He stopped at the bakery and got you some pastries. It was around 10am and he knew you were awake by now.
He entered the house and was met with the strong smell of coffee. "Oh you're back, where have you been?" You walked over to him giving him a kiss.
"well I went to the store and got you something." He held up the bag and you cocked your head to the side. "What is it?"
"look for yourself." Chris handed you the bag and you wasted no time looking in it. You pulled out the set of red lace and smirked. "You got me lingerie?"
Chris Hummed, "yep, I was thinking about it earlier and I decided to just get it for you."
You laughed. "Thank you. I'll put it on later." You kissed his cheek. "Now can I have the other bag?"
Chris looked at the local bakery bag occupying his other hand. "Yes, I got you a croissant and a cinnamon roll." He handed you the bag, you smiled as you clutched it.
"thank you. Now I'm going to go eat it, please join me." Chris chuckled. "Of course, can't say no to that."
Night fell fast, but to Chris it went slow. You could imagine how he giddy he was when it turned dark out.
You had gone off to take a shower while Chris sat in bed. He had no idea you had taken the lingerie in to the bathroom with yourself to put on For him.
You didn't turn off the shower while you were changing into the red lace. It hugged your body while, made your ass look big and your boobs as well. Your skin was so pretty like pearl in the lingerie. You were so happy he had picked it out for you and couldn't wait to show it off.
You turned off the shower and waited a minute before you opened the door poking you head out. "Are you ready?"
Chris looked up at you, it took a few seconds before he knew what you were referring to. "Yes,. I'm ready."
You smirked. "Ok."
You opened the door wider before you walked out. Chris eyes grew wide when he saw the set on you. He was in awe over how amazing you looked, you were a piece of art standing right in his bedroom, he was happy he picked the set.
"do you like it?" You ran your hand over your chest down to your waist. Chris groaned as his cock began to strain against his pants. "I love it baby."
"I love it too." You smiled and walked over to him, straddling his thigh. "Chris hand came to your breast feeling the fabric under his hand.
You want to take it off huh?" You grinned at him as you watched his eyes look over your body. "I definitely want to."
You leaned in and kissed his neck. Chris tried to hide the groan that filled his throat but he couldn't. He put himself in this situation and frankly hr loves this at the same time hated it.
"Take it off then."
Chris ran his hand over your shoulder and pushed the bra strap off your shoulder. He kissed your shoulder then trailing down to your breast. You leaned back and moaned as he pulled down the bra cup with his teeth. His lips instantly found your nipple. He licked it with his warm tongue making you whimper. You began to slowly grind on his sweatpants covered leg. You could feel Chris' member that was growing by the minute.
You ran your fingers through his hair as he sucked on the other nipple. His ran his finger over the other wet sensitive bud as he continued his assult on your left nipple.
Chris had pulled away with a pop after about a minute. "I wanna taste that sweet pussy." Chris said through gritted teeth as he pushed you off his lap. You gasped quietly as you laid down after the sudden action.
Chris trailed down your body, leaving kisses down your torso. You squirmed under him as he kept going until he was near your panties.
He placed slow, light kisses down your panties until he reached your bundle of nerves. You looked at him as he slowly stuck his tongue out licking your fold through the fabric of your panties.
You moaned quietly at the warm feeling. Chris couldn't help put laugh as you squirmed.
"you want me huh want me to eat this sweet pussy until you Cum hard?"
You looked down at Chris, his blue eyes were now dark and a smirk rested on his face. "Chris, please just... Please."
Chris laughed again. "So needy." Chris kissed your inner thigh. He circled his hand under your thigh, he pulled your panties aside exposing your wet pussy. Lightly he blew air on your pussy making you shiver.
Chris moaned but it came out as a grunt. Chris licked up your fold, you moaned, head falling back against the pillow, hands falling to his hair.
A fuck came out of your mouth as if you were out of breath. Chris licked up your fold tasting your juice. He couldn't help but lightly sucking your clit. You tugged at his hair, but Chris of course didn't let up. He continued the assult, ever now and then looking up at you watching your back arch of the bed and your hands grip the sheets under you.
He loved how he made you melt under his touch. You were so beautiful, but even more beautiful in positions like this.
Chris held your legs apart as they started to close around his head. He noticed as your voice became shallow and your cunt tighten around nothing, that you were close.
"Chris I'm goi-" "to cum, I know. Let go baby."
Chris sucked harder and moaned to himself. You gripped the sheets as you withered. You came hard and Strong. It felt a little different this time compared to the plenty of times Chris had made you cum.
You looked down to see Chris getting up. His chin was wet. " Did I just squirt?"
Chris grinned, "yeah you did." Chris yanked your knees. "Now turn around."
You did as Chris said and turned around onto your stomach. Chris hand came down on your ass making you yelp before he pulled your panties down, over your knees and throwing them to the floor.
"on your knees."
You sat up on your knees; you turned around towards Chris and looked at him. He was pulling down his sweats and his boxers. You turned back around and Decided to tease.
You pushed You ass into his exposed hip. Chris gripped your waist roughly and forced you to still your movement.
"be still."
You laughed quietly. "Sorry." Chris looked at you and shook his head. He took his cock pressing the tip into your cunt. He slowly pushed into your tight, warm cunt. A gasp fell from your lips, but it was followed by a moan.
Chris kept going until he had reached as far as he could. Chris had lifted his lips before he slammed into you. It was clear he wasn't going to show any mercy as he fucked you.
Chris hammered into you making you gasp. Everytime he did so, your toes curled and your breath became shallow. No matter how many times Chris had done this, you were always shocked by how amazing it felt and rough he was.
"fuck... your co.. cock Is so massive." You groaned out. Chris chuckled as he Wrapped his arms around your neck, he brought you closer to his chest, but never stopped his action on your cunt.
"you take me so well." Chris kissed your neck most likely leaving a mark. "I know you're going to come beautiful."
Chris was right, you were going to cum soon. Your grip around his cock was tight, so tight it made Chris shiver.
Chris let go of your neck and you fell to your previous position. You started to slowly but surely grow closer to your release.
Chris gripped your hips slamming you back on his dick over and over again each time he found your g spot and made you flutter around him.
"shit! Shit! Chris!
With one more thrust you were cumming around his massive cock.
Chris movement didn't still, he was still thrusting into you, moaning even until he was cumming deep inside of you with a loud groan.
You turned your head around looking at Chris as your breathing slowed down.
"mfm... Such a good pussy."
Chris slowly pulled out of you, you moaned at the lose of contact but yelped when Chris slapped your ass.
He laid down beside you, laughing. You turned your head to him and smiled. "What's funny?"
Chris looked at you. "Nothing.. just I should buy you lingerie often."
You laughed. "I think I like that idea."
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Fuck Boy
Tumblr media
Summary: Things with Chris were complicated. Once a fuck boy, always a fuck boy.
Pairings: Fuck Boy!Chris Evans x Thicc!Black!Reader
Warnings: minors dni, smut, daddy kink, rough sex, degradation, dirty talk, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex, public touching, dry jumping, choking, slight exhibitionism (I guess idk)
(A/N: hi. Like, follow, comment, and reblog 💜 ✌🏾)
»»——————————- ♡ —————-————-««
He has to be doing this shit on purpose, right?
Chris didn’t exactly have the best reputation. Everyone around here knew what kind of guy he was and yet in still all the girls in your group still thirsted after him. Not that you blamed them or anything.
He was hot. Like dangerously hot. With his tattoos and general aura. Sometimes he’d be there looking all good and because of the circumstances you didn’t wanna make it obvious.
It wasn’t like he didn’t know what affect he had on you. He had to. Every time he hugged you like he did, all close and warm with his arms snug around you. Then he’d do this thing where his hands would smooth over your back. You’d get goosebumps and your face would feel all hot. He’d be all up in your ear going, ‘hey, girl. Where you been hiding from me?’ And you’d fucking melt.
Then like the menace to society that he is he’d settled those arms around your waist so he could raise you up. Pushing your hips up so he’d rub into you. Forcing your face into the crook of his neck. Fuck he smelled so good. Mouthwatering even. This man drove you crazy.
At first you were more than sure that Chris did not think of you that way. Why would he. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. You were the last woman out of all women that he was supposed to be getting close to. You knew too many of his dirty secrets. Knew what the hell you’d be getting yourself into. And yet it was so easy to forget all of that.
You’d talk about music and movies and whatever else. You could listen to him talk forever. Something about his voice made you feel gooey all over. It wasn’t like you’d meant for any of this to happen. Hell not like anything real had even happened aside from those hugs.
Even when it came to how the two of you had started hanging out it wasn’t like you’d done it on purpose. How were you supposed to account for the creepy dude that wouldn’t leave you alone at the gym. On the occasion that you’d see each other, you’d say hello.
Things had been awkward since the breakup anyway, but it wasn’t like you were barred from speaking to him or anything. So when he’d stepped in that day it was kind of nice to know he still had your back. Then he asked if you wanted to take a break, maybe get some coffee and that’s when you fully gave into thirsting after your best friend’s ex.
It wasn’t technically your fault. You didn’t even know he was gonna be there tonight. You just wanted to have a good time. You hadn’t been expecting for him to get all touchy feely when no one was looking.
Sure you’d seen him with different girls, hell tonight was no different, but he always seemed to get next to you. You really no business all up in his space. Sure you and her weren’t friends anymore, but being into her ex was kind of a low blow.
Besides you’d seen way too much. He was definitely not an innocent party. Neither was she hence why she was a former friend. This wasn’t about her though. As much as you hated it his whole vibe kind of added to his hotness for you. Sure he’d moved on kind of quick pissing get off as he flaunted all the women he’d been fucking.
God he was such a dick about it too. Always managed to know exactly where the two of you would be on a night out so he could hook up with one right there. They’d argue. You’d have to tear her away. Then she started trying to get back at him and only made you feel like shit in the process. No matter how much she wanted to deny that.
It wasn’t that you felt bad. It was more like an aftermath issue cuz she’d been texting asking to catch up and you are not in the fucking mood. Something about Chris right now was just really getting to you because of it. You really wanted to care that you’d seen him send pictures to his ex with just the top of girls heads too tell her he was busy.
Her being awful doesn’t make him any less awful and yet at least when you’d think about all the ways he was awful it would just make you wet. You knew you shouldn’t have trusted those eyes. Or that smile. He just knew how to play the game. You’d seen it first hand and if you knew better you would not want that for yourself.
But as he rubbed himself against your aching ass, hiking up your skirt passed your ass as best as he could with no one looking, you really weren’t sure if you did.
When you came out tonight, your friends had promised to cheer you up. Things had just been so weird lately. This guy you were talking to turned out to suck. You hadn’t had sex in forever for one. So you admit you were a little wound up.
Then when you thought you were going to get laid the guy did not have the kind of hardware he claimed he did. You don’t even get why guys lie. You’re gonna find out that they have a tiny dick at some point. God it was a good thing you could get a preview before actually having to physically do it.
But since then you’d just been so needy. You had been single for forever and had ended things with your fuck buddy so long ago. It was torture but Chris was here. Standing behind you so fucking close and being the biggest tease after he’s just hugged you like that. 
You just. You needed it. Fuck you hated it.
The two of you had never been this close before. When you’d been invited you’d just wanted to go with the flow. He was here with his new girl or whatever to make matters worse.
So even though he was there with her he was right there trying to get close to you, he was really there with someone else. Fuck it was just like then. When she’d call you screaming about how much of an asshole he was. He’d cheat then she’d react. Not that you minded when she cried to you about it. Hell for a long time you hated him. It wasn’t until you started putting pieces together that you realized she was definitely trying to pull some sneaky shit behind your back.
And even though it had made everything all fucked up, that didn’t mean you could just go around sleeping with peoples ex boyfriends. That meant war. You weren’t sure you were ready for that. It’s just Chris made that so fucking hard to do. And it had been so long. Besides he was just trying to protect you right now. You were scared.
“It’s okay,” he whispered in your ear. “I got ya.” He said after you’d screamed after something had jumped out at you. Holding you close all over again. Dick to your ass.
You swear things had never been like this before. You would never ever do something like that. Even to her. But he’d been so hot since. Has started working out. Something had just clicked and you were feeling him. Hard. No pun intended.
It’s not like it was you. He was the one touching all over you and everything. It’s not your fault. Sure you liked that he wanted to comfort you but it’s not like you planned for any of this.
He’d been like this, the whole time. Choosing to comfort you as if the girl he came with wasn’t just as on edge. You knew he was so bad for you.
So you’re all there stumbling around, still a little drunk from the alcohol you and your friend snuck in with Chris still behind you. It wasn’t even twelve yet and as far as you know you weren’t leaving until closing.
“You good?“ He asked, rubbing your back.
You nodded even though you were pretty sure your heart was going to explode out of your chest. While at the same time wanting him to go back to what he kept doing to you as soon as the lights went out.
Fuck he was working you up. “Mhm,” you hummed.
Then he pulled you into another one of those hugs. This time not pressing into your hips. Can’t say you blamed his date or whatever for shooting you daggers with her eyes when he scurried back to her. Ugh typical.
“Where to next?” Your cousin asked as she tore herself away from her man.
“I was thinking we could probably ride Jurassic World before going to The Exorcist. I think we could fit it in.”
The perks of having Chris around. Front of the line passes. For some reason he’d delegated what your group was doing tonight to you and her. Anytime you asked him a question he’d say something about trusting your judgment. That was nice to know because you damn sure didn’t.
Sure he wasn’t big yet but you knew it was coming one day. That’s why she’d be so into him. Wanted to get it before he got too hot. You were pretty sure she’d just barely missed out.
It’s just funny how things worked out. For a long time you hated him. Seeing the way he’d do the things he did then come back to her like a wounded puppy. And she’d fall for it every time. You liked to say she was addicted because she was she even then you understood. While Chris had gotten hotter it’s not like he hadn’t always been hot. It’s just he’d been a lot less of a douche bag these days.
There was one time where she did accuse you of flirting with him though. God that was weird. You hadn’t even known what the fuck was going on and there she was screaming at you for flirting with him. You knew you weren’t back then, but the way he was acting was making you second guess. Then it was like who cares. She wasn’t your friend anymore.
“So,” she started, “what’s going on with you and Chris?” She asked, taking a glance over at them as he and her boyfriend talked.
You scrunched up your face, shaking your head. “No idea what you’re talking about.”
“Bullshit.” Monica chuckled. “Wait, we should probably eat before.”
“Ohh yeah I’m starving. Jurassic World than food?”
“Sounds good and don’t play innocent with me,” she snapped the conversation back. “I saw the two of you all hugged up.”
You shrugged your shoulders. “No idea what you mean,” you said in a sing song voice.
“Sure,” she teased.
“He’s here with his girlfriend.”
“Who? Heather? Yeah she wishes. They’re just ‘kickin’ it’.” She shrugged. “Well that’s what Derrick said.”
“You know guys. Their just kicking it might be a six month relationship as far as they’re concerned.”
“Besides I don’t need anymore problems with what’s-her-face.” Or she who shall not be named.
Monica sighed. “True. She still bugging you?”
“Dude, I feel like I have a fucking stalker.”
“That bad?”
“She found my Twitter account. I don’t even have pictures up of myself on there I don’t even know… ugh she’s so fucking annoying.”
“Imagine if she found out that he’s your new best friend.”
You crinkled your nose. “Yeah I’m good on that one.
That’s how the night went though. After the ride he’d asked if you were cold and wrapped his arms around you. Was it a good idea to ride a water ride this late at night? Definitely not because you were freezing. Then he gave you his hoodie ugh. Wrapping you in it before kissing your cheek.
Then you’d look over at Heather and see her face. Scowling at you like she wanted to fight. Then it would snap you out of that daze. What the fuck were you doing.
For the last few months that the two of you had been hanging out it hadn’t started getting like this until recently. Starting with the hugs and then him whispering hello in your ear. The touching was new.
He’d made some comments about how good you looked one time. About how nice your ass looked. Tried to cover it up with a remark about how hard you’d been working in the gym. That all those squats were really paying off.
Even though nothing had ever made you feel guilty. At first it even felt like a fuck her kind of deal, but still you were very careful to not cross any lines. Then you’d look at him and think why. Like right now he was just wearing a gray t-shirt and he looked so good. Sure he’d been one of the people you’d vented to about that guy and his micro dick, but you’d just mostly laughed about it over beers.
It was like you knew exactly what he was like in a relationship. Why would you want to even deal with that, but he made it so hard when he looked at you like he wanted to eat you up. Fuck.
Every maze he’d do it. Wait for you to get scared and then grab you. Pulling you close to him so he could push your ass against him. Pressing his bulge into you. Fuck she’d always bragged about how big he was but feeling it was a different thing. Maybe that was the one thing she didn’t lie about.
And he managed to do it into you just right. Pressing his dick was seemed to be straining against his jeans right into your ass like he was wanted you to feel exactly what he was working with.
Hell you’d rather think about that then about how scared you’d been. At least he was there to keep you nice and safe and warm. Even if he’d go back to her every time.
You’d prefer to think about him than how scared you were. It was a way better deal. Every time a thought popped up about it the next one was about him.
You didn’t want to say that you were avoiding him, but there was no other way to put it. You’d even started going to the gym at a different time just so you wouldn’t run into him. Didn’t want any problems when the temptation of him was just too damn much for you. It just sucked that you couldn’t watch him lift weights for a minute.
You remember the first time you saw him there. You were still friends with her too. Had just started getting into fitness and had been going for about three weeks. When you told her she planned to come by and show him how much better she looked. Made you promise that you wouldn’t talk to him. See how far that got.
Then that day that some old dude was all over you happened. Chris came to your rescue and then asked you if you wanted to get something to drink to calm down. You’d walked there so a drive home would at least be nice. By then the friendship had been on its last leg. You were going through some shit yourself and unlike with her breakup where she’d call you in the middle of the night to scream and vent she wasn’t really around.
Sure you had Monica, but it was nice talking to Chris about everything. Before things had started getting really bad the two of you had gotten along okay. That’s why it had started to suck when things turned out the way they did. You kinda just fell back into it.
He wasn’t even the reason it all ended. You didn’t tell her until you finally told her to fuck off. Yeah okay was it your proudest moment but she had just made you so frustrated. You wanted a friend, you needed your best friend, and instead her ex boyfriend was the one to swoop in. And yet it felt like a weight had lifted off your shoulders.
And that’s why you couldn’t just stop going to the gym at the same time as him. You were positive that whatever weight had lifted off of your shoulders had been used to make his so fucking perfect. It only added to your workout experience and you. It didn’t hurt to go. You just wouldn’t talk to him. Easy peasy.
That meant not going out for drinks or even going out of your way to say hello or bye. You think he noticed your cold shoulder but obviously it didn’t really phase him because he’d just come over and do his whole thing. Had even incorporated a kiss onto your cheek into it. Not giving two fucks about whatever games you might be playing. He knew you better than that.
There was no point in trying to avoid him. Especially not during the month of October when every weekend seemed to be a different event. First was Halloween Horror Nights, then it was this pumpkin patch thing that he wasn’t even supposed to be at.
It was just supposed to be a cute thing with Monica, Derrick, and the kids. You didn’t know he was gonna be there. Apparently it had been a last minute choice where all he did was stand way too close to you. Fuck he smelled good. Nothing really happened aside from him getting close to you.
Then you went to the gym like normal and on leg day he insisted on spotting you. Fucking with you a few times when he grabbed all on your ass. And there was nothing you could do about it.
The thing that annoyed you was you don’t think you wanted to do anything about it. It wasn’t like you didn’t like it. Besides he was being pretty goofy as usual. Then it only annoyed you more because you should not be doing this if you didn’t want trouble.
Then there was tonight. The fucking Halloween party. Tonight you were expecting to see him and his girl. Maybe he’d pay more attention to you, maybe he wouldn’t. Either way you had not fully prepared for this.
“Did you plan this!” You ran over Monica when you saw him and his girl come on.
“Plan what?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. She’d been the one to suggest you dressing up as a sexy team devil cheerleader in the first place. Had even let you borrow her heeled combat booties that she’d seen you eyeing. You were not planning on giving them back anytime soon.
You tilted your head to the side so she’d catch on. Peeking over to see him standing there. Dressed as the devil. Fuck he looked so hot too. A red henley tee under a red flannel. Devil horns peeking out of his hair and a drip of fake blood on the corner of his mouth. For a second a thought flashed in your mind about how good he’d look between your thighs with those horns on, but you shook those thoughts away. Fuck he was making it so hard.
Then beside him was Heather perfectly matched in her all white outfit and angel wings. Figures. Well at least she didn’t look like she was dressed like his side chick. Whatever you looked cute.
Monica laughed. Putting her hand over her mouth. “I did not, but I’m almost mad I didn’t.” Fuck this. You needed a drink.
Okay maybe you went a little overboard.
At least you were having fun. Sure you wanted to puke when you saw ol boy with the microscopic dick, but you kept your composure. You were pretty sure you’d even managed to fly under Chris’ radar which was nice.
Except you couldn’t always be lucky.
“Wow. You tried it.”
Came a voice from behind you. You groaned. Turning around to see ol girl had managed to pull herself away from Chris as you were getting another drink.
Her Angel wings all feathery and outfit barely there. Not that you were judging. You looked like you just walked off of a fucking Suicide Girls shoot yourself.
“Heather,” you groaned then gave her a tight-lipped smile. It’s not like you had anything against her. Just because you wanted to fuck Chris didn’t mean you hated her. It’s not like they were a couple. You were allowed to thirst. He was the one that couldn’t keep his hands to himself.
She glared at you. Crossing her arms. “Don’t ‘Heather’ me,” she mocked. “I know what the fuck you’re trying to do and you need to back off.”
While you admit it wasn’t exactly like you were innocent here her anger was a little misdirected. Then again would you be in this same position if you were here. Maybe. But probably not. It’s not like you wouldn’t have known what you’d been getting yourself into.
“Or what?” You challenged. Kind of curious to see where it would go next.
It’s funny how quickly things can wipe away. One minute ago you were trying to cool it on the crush in honor of a dead friendship. Now that Heather was all up on your face though, you weren’t sure if you cared.
“Or I’ll become your worst nightmare.”
You rolled your eyes. “What are we? Fifteen? Is someone watching too much Gossip Girl.”
“Just watch your back, bitch.”
Fuck. Her.
See the old you would have done just that. Would have backed off. Hell you had already started to. Maybe it’s because every time you looked at her it was like she’d morph into her and suddenly it sounded so satisfying to rip those extensions from her head.
It was kind of funny though. You were pretty sure a year ago Chris wouldn’t have even looked at you twice. Now bitches were threatening you over him.
Obviously that had to mean something. You were kind of tired of playing nice all the time. He got to tease you and rub up against you in public but that was your bad. Just like before when your ex best friend accused you of flirting with him. It wasn’t your fault the two of you could have good conversations. It wasn’t like you were trying to start anything.
Except now that you had a point to make you couldn’t just go up to him. You needed to show that you had his attention without asking for it. And as much as you hated it, you knew exactly how the hell to get it.
Sure it was disappointing that there was no bulge on your ass like the one Chris had from how he was grinding into you. You could suffer for a minute.
It seemed to work when Chris laid eyes on your as you danced. Well more like twerked. “God she’s such a fucking slut.” You could hear Heather cackle with her friends.
“What did you just say?” Chris asked his voice snapping you and her apparently out of whatever fucking thing you were in.
“What?” She rolled her eyes. “She is.”
You didn’t bother sticking around for their argument as you scrunched up your face and went off to find a bottle of water. It was possible that you were too drunk for this shit.
You hung out with Monica and Derrick for a minute until Chris finally sulked over. That was when you went back to hanging around microdick again. Yeah yeah it was mean to use him but you were the devil’s cheerleader you could stand to be a little mischievous.
Then he got a little handsy. Putting his hands on your ass. That’s when you backed off. Scrunching up your nose. He grabbed your wrists trying to hold you there until Chris came in pushing him off.
Then he grabbed you pulling you to the hallway. What the fuck everyone’s treating you like a goddamn rag doll right now. “What the fuck is your problem?” Chris questioned as he pushed you into the now closed door of a guest bedroom.
“Owww!” You protested trying to push against him.
Instead he held you tightly. He was so very strong compared to you. Very obviously sick of your shit.
“You having fun pissing me the fuck off?” He growled in your face. Oh he was really sick of your shit.
“I’m not doing anything.”
“Bullshit. You think I don’t know what the fuck you do?” He asked. “Sweetheart, I’ve known you for three years now. I can read you like the back of my fucking hand.”
“Yeah? Then where the fuck were you when your girlfriend was threatening me!” You tossed back in his face.
“She’s not even my girlfriend! I’ve told you that!”
“Yeah and what the fuck am I supposed to think when you came up in here with matching costumes. I’ve been trying to avoid you for weeks and you couldn’t even let me do that!”
“I told her what I was coming as and she brought the same thing. What about you? You’re matching me. It wasn’t on purpose!”
You rolled your eyes. “That’s different!”
“Because I’m not the one clinging all over you!”
That was when he stopped. Finally letting go of you. You should have just walked away but then he chuckled and it only made you more irritated.
“What’s so funny?” You asked crossing your arms. Glaring at him.
Chris chuckled. “Nothing.” He was eyeing you up and down again. “You know, you’re kind of cute when you’re jealous.”
This annoying ass.
“No one’s jealous.” You rolled your eyes.
“Bullshit. You didn’t wanna be the reason the last one ended, so you dressed up in your slutty little costume, hoping you could be the reason this time.”
“That’s so stupid.” You rolled your eyes. “I’m not-,”
He cut you off this time by once again pushing you against the door. Holding you in place with his lips right above yours. “Don’t you fucking play dumb with me. You know exactly what you want.”
“No. You’re the one-,”
“I’m the one what? You didn’t say no when I did any of those things. I know you liked it. You don’t have to fucking lie to me.”
“That’s not-,”
“Just shut the fuck up and admit it. You wanted me to touch you. I could tell. Now you’re playing games like a fucking slut.”
“I’m not!” You protested. “She’s the one getting all up in my face because you can’t keep it in your fucking pants.”
“Shut up, Y/N.”
“No you shut up, Chris!”
Things were so tense. Your heart felt like it just might thump out of your chest. Especially as your eyes connected to his then flicked down to his lips then back. Fuck he was irritating.
“Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Before I make you.”
“Or what?” You challenged putting your face in his.
His nose flared as he glared down at you. Grip still tight. It felt like both of you were daring for the other to say the next word.
“See you not gonna do shit.” You laughed.
He cut you off real quick when he wrapped his hand around your neck. Turning you around and pressing your cheek into the door. “You just love irritating the fuck out of me don’t you. Showed up tonight in this little fucking skirt and danced over some other man for attention like a fucking whore.”
“Chris!” You squeaked trying to wrap your mind around what in the fuck was even happening.
“Was it fun being a fucking tease out there. Letting him touch you all over like a fuckin’ slut,” he once again growled, smacking your ass. You tried to bring his hand up so he could squeeze around your neck. “What? Ain’t got shit to say now, huh? Thought that shit was cute s minute ago.”
His Boston accent was coming out thick. This wasn’t the Chris you normally got. Even at the height of his dickish ways with your ex best friend. Especially not directed at you.
Now he was grabbing on you, spanking you, talking to you all fucking crazy. He didn’t give a shit about the past or whatever the fuck was going on with who. Right now he just needed to teach you, “Watch who the fuck you’re talking to like that.”
It was all such a fucking blur. One minute he was smacking your ass and the next he carried you over to the bed. He bent you over. Smacking your pussy with your panties still on.
“Getting oh my fucking nerves. Acting like you don’t have any goddamn sense!” He smacked your ass again and then when he lifted his hand up again just came in harder but this time against your pussy making you jump.
“Hey!” You protested trying to reach back to stop him.
“Don’t you fucking start with me,” he said reaching down to snatch you up by putting his arm around your neck. Holding you still as he smacked your ass again.
“You know what she used to tell me,” he said. “About how much of a fucking slut you were. She’d say shit like that behind your fucking back and I’d think why is she calling such a nice girl such mean things and you know what, I fucking get it.”
“What?” You asked popping your head up.
“Yeah.” He got down beside you. Putting his lips against your cheek. “Bet you didn’t know about that, huh. She used to tell me all about the fucking assholes you used to date. About how she found out you liked being tied up and shit. Maybe it was the one thing she didn’t fucking lie about. Was she?”
Your breathing had picked up and your face felt so hot all of a sudden. “What did she tell you?” You asked licking your lips and then tucking the bottom one into your mouth.
“That she saw a message of you calling some guy daddy. You knew she used to snoop through your phone right?” He asked with a chuckle. “She used to do the same thing to me. That’s why I started giving her something to look at.”
You swallowed as his grip loosened from around your neck, his other hand once again smacking against your pussy making you jump again. You clenched around nothing until he finally pushed your panties to the side. They matched your costume and had ‘Go to Hell’ written on the ass. You thought they were so cute.
Now he was stuffing his hand in finally touching your labia. Making you gasp and straighten up with the sudden contact. Lips already moist from the little bit he’d done to you.
Having him this close was putting you on edge. Like whatever next move he made might feel like too much. Your lower stomach tightened as his fingers found your clit. Your eyebrows furrowing as your stomach quivered.
“You know what I think?” He asked rhetorically. “I think that because you weren’t the reason the last one ended, you wanna be the reason Heather fucks off. Don’t you?”
“No, of course not,” you said.
“Bullshit. She was fucking right,” he whispered. “You love that shit don’t you. Being manhandled.” He whispered against your ear. “Love it when I tell you what a slut I know you always wanted to be for me.”
“I didn’t-,” you gasped, “I never.”
“Bullshit. Probably thinking of me when you were calling another man daddy.”
You let out this fucking annoying moan that you did not mean to let out. Fuck it was so porny too. Ugh embarrassing.
“I fucking knew it. Stupid fucking slut.” He groaned clearly liking how he was making you feel. Your juices coating his hand. “It’s okay. Been wanting my dick.”
“Chris!” You panted.
“That’s it. That’s fucking it.” He laughed against your ear. “God you’re such a fucking tease. I knew you wanted me. I see you looking at me at the gym.”
Yeah it’s not like you were good at hiding it.
His lips trailed down to your neck. Then he pulled you up. Making you kneel on the bed as he pushed his fingers inside of you.
“Fuck!” You whimpered.
“Lie and tell me you don’t fuckin’ want this.”
“I… I-,” you stuttered and then stopped to moan. Fuck he felt so good. Especially with the way he kept putting a grip on your neck. Something about the way he knew better than to pull your fucking hair right now was only adding to how bad you wanted it.
Instead he kept his grip firm with the chokehold he’d been keeping you in. You were practically riding his fingers at this angle. Almost in a daze by how fucking good it felt.
“Fuck, please!” You sobbed. Orgasm so close you just wanted him to give it to you already.
“I want you to fucking say it.”
“I want it,” you whimpered. Fuck you wondered how desperate you looked right now.
“That’s my good girl.” He breathed before finally connecting your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he fucking moved his hand from your panties so he could hold onto you tight.
While you wanted him to never fucking stop he was just kissing you so right. Maybe he was right. Maybe you should have just given in back then. It’s not like any of it really mattered right. Fuck her anyway. Maybe you should have fucked her boyfriend.
Except he wasn’t her boyfriend anymore. And she was nothing more than a distant memory. All that guilt that had been eating at you for what.
His hands gripped your ass as he lifted you into him. Like one of his extra warm hugs. Pressing his pelvis into yours.
Then he leaned you back, laying you down so he could climb on top of you. Still deep kissing you as he put himself to your side so he could lift your shirt up. Quickly going back to rubbing your clit making you break away so you could moan again.
“That’s it,” he said, pressing his nose to the side of your face. Breath tickling your cheek.
Your hands went to his hair as you couldn’t stop letting out all these little mewls. “Chris!” You whined.
Apart of you wondered what the hell would have happened if she walked in right at this moment. Would he keep going? Would she claw at your eyes? Scream? Would you? Fuck. You couldn’t believe you were even letting him do this.
And still all of that started to fade out of your mind as you went right back to where you used to be. His fingers pumping in and out of you. Curling up in ‘come-hither’ against your spot. “Cum for me,” he coaxed into your ear. “You know you wanna cum for me, Baby.”
“Yes,” you squeaked. “I’m gonna- oh my god.”
“That’s my good girl,” he hissed in your ear. “Fuck.”
It hit you so intensely you thought your insides might have shut down. Every muscle clenched at once as your toes curled and eyes rolled to the back of your head. He just kept you close. Drawing it out by not stopping. “Chris, fuck.”
“That’s it. Say my fucking name,” he whispered. “Who makes you cum, Baby?”
“You do,” you whined again.
He pulled off of you again. First taking off his flannel and then his shirt. Ugh fuck. He was so damn hot.
His kisses went down your body until he was at your pussy. Hooking his fingers in the sides of your panties. “Cute,” he remarked before kissing your thighs. Nipping at your skin. So close to putting his mouth on you. “Pretty girl with a pretty pussy. Fucking love it.”
“Fuck me,” you whimpered out.
“So fucking needy for me,” he said pressing a kiss just so fucking close to you again. Just so fucking close to your pussy. Why the fuck wasn’t he making out with your cunt. He clearly wanted to. Fuck Chris just one kiss on your clit.
“Please,” you breathed.
“Now you’re begging?” He asked. “Fuck, Baby. Want me to eat your tasty little pussy?” You nodded and tugged on his hair. “Yeah?” He groaned as he licked his lips as he looked down at it. Fuck did he have to be so obscene about it.
And worse, did you have to want it so bad.
You clenched around nothing. Just waiting for him to finally do it. You needed it so fucking bad.
When he finally lowered himself, his tongue swiping up against your clit you were pretty sure you could die and go to heaven. “Holy shit,” you gasped. “Oh god!”
He did little kitten looks at first looking up at you with the most smug fucking face. Fuck he was so annoying. “This is what you wanted, huh?”
You nodded as you looked down at him. Those long lashes fluttering with every blink. Looking like Prince Charming with horns coming out of his head. Did this count as shaking hands on a deal with the devil. This man was a fucking danger to you. How the hell could you ever come back from this.
“Chris, Chris, Chris!” You grabbed the back of his head. He grabbed your hands. Clasping them in his so he could control you just the way he wanted. “You’re gonna make me cum!”
Before you could he stopped. Leaving you almost stunned as he raised off of you so he could start undoing his pants. “That doesn’t feel very fair,” he cooed, leaning down to squeeze your face. “You get all these orgasms and I haven’t gotten shit.” He winked as he finally let go.
Fuck he was so beautiful as he started pushing them down his legs. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. Even when you raised up so you could start taking off your little top. “
“I should make you suck my dick,” he thought out loud, tsk’ing as he shook his head watching you as you hurried to pull your bra off. Tits on display. He licked his lips again as he stared at your brown nipples with a hunger in his eyes that you were starting to grow way too accustomed to. “Lucky for you,” he swiped his index finger under your chin, “I’d rather use that pussy.”
As his dick finally spring forward you felt a lump form in your throat. Holy. How. How god. Like you’d felt it but holy hell. Oh my god. Oh my god how were you supposed to take it. How in the fuck.
No wonder she’d been so sprung.
You went down to take off your skirt but he grabbed your hand to stop you. “Leave it on. It’s so fucking sexy.”
He climbed back on top of you. Pushing your legs apart as he got in between them. Then chuckled before kissing you. Pretty sure he was getting some kind of sick enjoyment out of seeing you so flustered.
The first push into you made you snap your eyes shut. Face screwing up already from the pressure like you were bracing for whatever might come next. He was too damn much already.
“Gonna fucking ruin you for every other man,” he whispered in your ear. “You’re not gonna look at anyone else when I’m fucking done with you.”
“Ah! Ah! Ah!” You cried out with each thrust. Holy fuck no wonder she’d gotten so fucking mad when they’d broken up. How the fuck could you come back from this. You just wanted his fat dick to never stop. He was stuffing you full. You don’t think you’d ever felt like this. “Please!” You begged.
“This what you needed?” He asked. “Why you were being such a fucking brat. Needed me to take you to a room and fuck the shit out of you as soon as possible. Been dying for it haven’t you?” He put his nose to yours and something about the closeness only made you tighten around him more.
His words only adding to just how fucking bad you wanted to cum for him. “Yeah,” you breathed putting your mouth to his but not even able to kiss as your heavy breathing stopped you.
Your acrylics going up and down his back. Needing him a little closer. Fuck he was so fucking hot ugh daddy fuck me harder please. 
God that word was on the tip of your tongue. He was fucking you like he wanted you to say it. You kind of wondered what he might do if you did. “Please don’t stop,” you whimpered into his ear.
“Im not gonna stop,” he said into your ear again. “I know you don’t want Daddy to stop.”
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck him. He had no fucking right.
“Need Daddy to keep this pussy stuffed, don’t you?” He rolled his hips a little harder. “Tell Daddy that you want him to keep this pussy stuffed.”
“Yes,” you whined trying to skate around it.
That was when he grabbed your face in his hands. Squeezing your cheeks. “Say it right. Don’t fucking play song with me.”
Ah fuck him.
“I- uh,” you stopped to moan, “I want, I want you to keep my pussy stuffed.”
“No, no, no. Don’t be dumb. You know what the fuck I wanna hear,” he said in that deep fucking voice into your ear. “Whose your daddy?”
Ugh. You let out the most pathetic fucking moan. All it did was make him laugh. He knew you liked that shit. Fuck your pussy clearly liked it cuz it squeezed him so damn hard it almost forced him out.
“No. Don’t you fucking dare,” he said repositioning himself. Growling as he got on his knees pushing your legs back and then placed one over his shoulder so he could really fuck into you.
“Fuck!” You screamed trying to pull away from him only for him to grab your wrists.
“Fucking say it,” he demanded not giving two shits that he was pretty much making you cry. “You know you want to.”
“Oh fuck,” you sobbed. “Daddy!”
“There we go,” he groaned. “That wasn’t so fucking hard was it.”
“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” You chanted. Fuck now that you had started saying it how could you stop. It was like he’d finally broken you in. He was daddy and that was that. Fucking devil. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum!” You screamed not even giving you a chance to register as it fucking hit.
Chris dropped your leg and lowered his upper body onto yours like before. Groaning as he saw you gasping for air as he brought you to the most intense climax of your entire life.
“Fuck that’s it, Baby,” he whispered in your ear kissing under it. “That’s such a good girl. Cumming all over Daddy’s cock.” He groaned as his thrusts became sloppy. “See how much better it is when you stop acting stupid.” He groaned. “Gonna have to do this to you again. Fuck. Y/N,” he moaned as he stilled finally not being able to hold on anymore himself warmth spreading through you. “Fuck!”
But as good as it felt and sure it made you cum a little bit more, it also made you sober the fuck up. Realizing what’d he’d just done after you got so into it you didn’t think to ask about protection or tell him to pull out.
“Did you just cum in me?”
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𝐶𝑜𝑐𝑘𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑔 — 𝑅𝑎𝑛𝑠𝑜𝑚 𝐷𝑟𝑦𝑠𝑑𝑎𝑙𝑒
𝑃𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 — sexual content, cockwarming, p in v (wrap it before you tap it)
𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑑 — I hope u guys don't mind these shortys, *not my gif, reblog and comment!
Tumblr media
Since Ransom took a position in Harlan’s firm, he became busy and took long office hours. One side you were more proud of him that he finally took responsibility however you missed your mouthy asshole of a boyfriend with his sarcastic comments and talent of cooking.
Ransom sat in his office as the clock stroke one am. His head was bowed over a file of a new author who wanted to sell his first book. Ransom had read the book himself and to you to get a second opinion.
Both of you thought it was trash, but Ransom couldn’t get the thought out of his head ‘what if people love it?’. He was the one who had to decide to either make it or not.
A soft knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts. “Come in.” He muttered, the door cracked open revealing you in one of Ransom sweaters.
Ransom lifted his head watching you as you stumbled over to him in tired state. You yawned covering your mouth with his sleeve. “Buttercup shouldn’t you be in bed?” He whispered while pulling you on his lap.
“’missed you.” You mumbled curling against him. Ransom’s hand brushing through your hair. “need ‘ou.” Your hips slowly moved over his groin which made Ransom smile.
“I have to finish this buttercup…but how ‘bout you keep me warm?” You gave him a tired nod before you were shifted to the side. Ransom unzipped his trousers and lifted your hips, letting you slowly down on him.
You released a satisfied hum as you put your head on Ransom’s shoulder.
“I love you buttercup, gripping me so tight.” You barley catched on his words. “Gonna finish that and then make ya feel good, promise.” Ransom smoothed down your back while you slowly welcomed the sleep.
“You already makin’ me feel good.” You whispered before the sleep overcame you fully.
𝑇𝑎𝑔𝑠 —
@slut-for-bucky-barnes @thehuntresswolf @til-my-feet-are-wet @tomhoelland01 @kaiparker-avengerssmut @evans-cavill @emmygrey21 @originalpeacetriumph @disappointmentofthefam @excellentbecca @buckyxxrogers @anythingandeverything97 @buckysbabydolldude @poetic-heart @iambeeee @browneyedgirl365 @satzukim @xealia @patzammit @jeeperky @everything-burns-down @liz-owl @honeyyxashes @maybe-a-bi-witch @bluemoonyumi @slutforchrisjamalevans @buckysbae @sunflowerfive @lewisjada03 @queenofthepouges @harrysthiccthighss @znylxcevans @iwannabekilledtwice @hallecarey1 @nostxlgia18 @multixfandomwriter @bunnyrecs @wednesdayaddamsmood @idfkgabby @miniaturesuitcasevoidstudent @yourssincerelytae @ambrosia-bloom @oliviabelova @fantasymindz @divinelycevans @moony-is-bae @mrs-brekker15 @motherbarnes @lxdyred @justreadingficsdontmindme
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Little One
#RampitUp1Kinktober Day17
Tumblr media
​​Pairing: Ari Levinson x Agent!Reader
Summary: Ari is your superior for this mission. How will either of you survive the training?
1Kinktober Kink: Anal
Word Count 3K
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. SMUT! Read at your own risk, mutual pining, enemies?to lovers, sparring, virgin reader, power dynamics, undercover mission, faux marriage, mile high club, fingering, dirty talk, oral (m receiving) vaginal sex, Sir kink, size kink, anal intercourse. Not-so- private sex act. Not Beta’d. All errors my own. Dividers by @firefly-graphics
A/N: This is my first Ari fic and I have to confess: I haven’t seen the movie, I know nothing about the agencies involved or the politics really, I kind of made all of that part up. The reader is in a sort of Widow organization and, again, I made her allegiance up.
This for the 17th DAY of #rampitup1Kinktober! TYSM for following me! 🧡
I Do NOT Consent to my work being reposted, translated or presented on any other blog or site other than by myself.
Tumblr media
You’d dedicated yourself to the order at 17. You believed in what you were doing, so much so that you agreed to be sterilized a year later.
And you took a vow of celibacy.
After all, you thought, you probably wouldn’t live long and temporal things such as sex and children were hindrances and dead weight.
And love?
Well, love was for fools, not for fighters.
Until you encountered Ari.
There was something about him. His passion, his dedication, and his soul that set yours on fire.
The fact that he was jacked and his eyes seemed to reach out and want to drown you in their endless pools did not help your cause of being alone in this unexpectedly long life.
Living 10 years beyond the time you vowed to die was exhausting alone.
Perhaps it was fate that led you to Ari.
Tumblr media
The first time Ari saw you, he saw a 27-year old idealistic child who had experienced the world, but not anything of real life.
He also saw a beautiful woman who had been neglected of carnal pleasure.
Being assigned to be your supervisor on this joint mission was convenient, because he could gauge your dedication. That was part of his mission for his superiors.
His mission for himself was quite different.
Tumblr media
Sparring with Ari was exhilarating, partly because he made you dig deep and get better, but also, you could put your hands on him legitimately, and him on you. You began to look forward to the daily briefings and beatings at the hands of your superior.
In more ways than one.
Ari dodged a spin kick that was nearly perfect and grabbed your leg, throwing you on your back and allowing him to lunge for your head.
Your legs shot up and enclosed his, tripping him onto the mat and allowing you to straddle him, your elbow in the perfect position to break his nose.
Then you made the mistake of looking him in the eyes.
“You’re beautiful when you’re riding me, y’know that?”
You hesitated at that a second too long and that gave him the opportunity to grab your arm and twist it behind your back, and get behind you, his short-clad crotch planted firmly in your ass and bare chest against your back.
Your own chest heaved as you felt the hair on his torso around the back of the sports bra you were wearing and you tried to control your pebbled nipples.
No man, or woman for that matter, had ever affected you this way. You felt his cock get hard as he held you there, yet he didn’t release you.
“You’re going to risk your life for some pretty words and some dick? You need to focus.”
And with that, he threw you down on the mat, where you lay for a second to get yourself together.
You got up and stood before him at attention, staring off into space as he circled you.
You frustrated Ari to no end. He knew that you could have easily killed him just then if you had only concentrated. He also knew he should have killed you because you faltered.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?”
“Nothing, Sir.”
What was wrong with you was there had been several weeks of sexual tension that you finally admitted to yourself. Even though you weren’t riding Ari, you’d break your vows for the chance, you realized. So he would have to kill you to get rid of you now.
You were in love with Ari Levinson.
Ari walked beside you and admired your profile. Sweat made your dark skin glow and your body… he looked you up and down. Your body was perfect. He’d had to jack off several times a day to keep himself under control.
He could command you to fuck him, the superiors had decided that if that must be for the good of the cause and mission, so be it. It was his job to break you in. But for the first time in his life, he didn’t agree.
He didn’t want you to be his because of a command. He wanted you to give yourself willingly. And he was a smart man, but he was just now realizing the signs.
Ari walked behind you and stood very close to you, his heat warming your up, yet making you shiver. He saw your reaction and smiled, but dropped it when he walked around to face you.
“Get packed. We’re on the move. Mission begins tomorrow night in New York. You have your gear in your room. We leave in two hours.”
And with that, he walked out of the room to go jack off again, but you didn’t know that. You were left with your head spinning at the thought that the mission was tomorrow, and would most likely be finished soon. That meant you would have to leave Ari.
You dropped your head for one minute, then raised it and sucked it up as you headed to your room.
You were surprised at the gear in your room. In the middle of the room was an Hermès trunk, filled with a selection of high end wardrobe, complete with matching Birkins and shoes. Laid out on the bed were several evening gowns, which looked as if they would fit you perfectly.
On your dresser was a case full of very convincing jewelry, gems that looked very real, although you knew they couldn’t be. Another case contained luxury skincare and makeup.
You felt very giddy for a girl who never played dress-up, but spy.
Tumblr media
You were on your way to the airport, showered and dressed in posh traveling clothes, Ari by your side, similarly attired.
“What is the assignment? What is the duration?”
You needed some answers.
“We are married, darling. We are the Beckers.” Ari looked at you and texted out an American accent. You smiled back and did the same.
“Of course, Dear.”
You smiled at Ari and his heart skipped a beat, although he continued.
“We’re in New York for the season and to peruse artwork for our collection. Of course the artwork in question would do great things for the cause. Four weeks, although it could be a little longer.”
You never in your 10 years in the life had you wished for a mission to last longer. You just nodded and looked ahead at the road ahead.
Tumblr media
You boarded a private jet, being greeted by the pilots as Mr. and Mrs. Becker. The mission had begun.
You heard Ari inquire about the plane as the attendant served wine.
“And the bed, is it a king sized?”
The attendant frowned as he looked from Ari to you. You had no clue that this plane had a bed. It was a 10 hour flight.
“N-no Sir. It is only a queen.”
Ari tsked. “It’s a shame. The Missus and I would like to take a proper ‘rest.’”
He winked at you and you reached over and took his hand, looking him straight in the eye.
“Sorry Sir, Madame. I hope that it’s comfortable.”
“We’ll make do,” you smiled at the attendant as Ari chuckled and caressed your hand with his thumb. Electric currents shot from your hand to your cunt.
Tumblr media
After a leisurely, delicious dinner with excellent wine, you were led back to the bedroom portion of the jet.
You started to speak and Ari held his hand up to his lips and silenced you. He started some music, then nodded.
“This is quite the show.”
Ari nodded slowly.
“It is, isn’t it? I’ve recorded some sounds to play of… lovemaking… to make it belivable….”
Ari reached for his recorder and you stopped his hand.
“Why do we need a recording?”
Ari did not want to believe the real question you were asking.
“Because that is the cover, we are a randy married couple who cant keep….”
You threw yourself at Ari, landing on his lap as you sat him down on the bed. Your lips met his and you bit his lip to get him to open. You slipped your tongue inside as he groaned from want. You were a virgin, but you had been kissed.
Ari chuckled.
“What was that, Little One? What are you doing? This is a different sort of attack.”
He’d never called you that to your face, only when he was alone and in his dreams.
You started taking off his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. He didn’t resist.
“I say we go for method acting.”
Your eyes were on your hands as you undressed him. Ari took your chin and tilted your head up to meet your eyes.
“What are you asking, Little One? Use your words.”
HIs eyes were so spellbinding and he looked so sincere. Damn, he was a good actor.
“I want you to take me. Here, on the plane. May as well get it over with.”
Ari looked at you questioningly.
“That is why we were paired? It was decided that I be of use that way? Part of your job is this mission, but the other part is to… break me in?”
You’d heard tale of others and how it went for them. You were grateful it was Ari.
You were beautiful, deadly, and smart. Ari was in awe of you.
“I’m not going to do anything you don’t want to do…”
Inside, Ari was thrilled that you’d considered it, and wanted it. It would make some things so much easier.
You stood up and took off your top. You revealed a translucent lace bra, which clearly showcased your nipples. Ari licked his lips as he watched you turn around and take off your pants, bending over to push your ass in his face. He wanted to grab it, but restrained himself.
You turned back around. He appreciated you in the lingerie. He’d taken his time and picked it out, guessing correctly that it would look amazing on you. He’d never dreamt that you would be so willing. He had no idea how willing you were.
“This is part of my training. Yes?”
Ari wanted to throw you on the bed and take you roughly, but you were right.
He stood up and pulled off his pants, revealing a large, hard, and leaking monster of a cock, at least that’s how it appeared to you. Then he sat back down. He looked up at you.
“Keep in mind. You will get the complete education tonight. But your body has been conditioned to take almost anything. On your knees.”
You obeyed, confronted with the large organ in front of your face as he fisted it, hand sliding up and down the large shaft, making the shiny red head disappear and reappear. There was some liquid a the tip, and you looked at it and then up at him, curiously.
Ari could not help himself. To have you on your knees and so innocent for him, it was almost more than he could take.
Ari smiled. “That’s a normal part of it. Taste it. Give me your mouth. Open.”
You did as you were told, and Ari grasped the back of your head and brought you over to his cock.
“Stick out your tongue.”
You did so and Ari swiped his cock up and down its length. You looked up at him while he did it and his eyes almost shuttered closed. His lips parted and he licked them.
Damn, you were making him fall apart. Your little innocent hot mouth was driving him crazy.
“So good, Little One. Now, suck it.”
You smiled and leaned over, sucking the tip, not really knowing how to hold your mouth. As a result, saliva spilled out and you reached around him to clean it up, sliding your hand up his shaft to collect it. Suddenly you felt Ari shiver and moan. You looked up at him in surprise.
“Holy Shit!” Ari gasped. “Keep doing that. Holy fuck, yes!”
You smiled and moaned appreciatively in your throat as Ari watched. You sensed movement and your eyes went to his balls, which were drawing up against him. You tentatively reached out to feel them and Ari moaned again.
“Shit, girl. You’re a prodigy.”
You picked up on his cues and started stroking his shaft and kneading his balls as you sucked him, trying to go as deep as you could.
The fact that you were so into it made Ari start to loose control. He grabbed you under your arms and threw you on the bed as you giggled.
“You’re trying to sidetrack the lesson. Let’s move on.”
You couldn’t see him come apart so fast.
Ari leaned down and started kissing and sucking just below your ear.
“We’re going to move quickly, the advanced course, but I’m going to get you ready for me.”
Arr’s whisper was doing things to you; you could feel yourself clenching around air and you moaned as he took his time trying to find what made you react and how. When his mouth reached your breasts, you went wild, and he took note.
As you were squirming under his mouth, he trailed his hand down your side to your hip and over to your mound. He parted your lips with his pinky, and the rest of his large hand grabbed rubbed both holes.
You keened loudly, and Ari chuckled in your ear.
“Now that’s what they need to hear.”
He didn't say that he needed it, too. He slowly slipped one finger in your pussy while his pinky ghosted your puckered hole.
“Fuck, Ari….”
He looked down on you, your beauty in this moment unmatched.
“D’you like that Little One?” He smiled as you nodded. “You are little, pussy so tight.”
He pushed another finger in your cunt and his pinky into your ass. Your back arched as you lubricated his hand and your mouth opened in a breathless moan as your eyes fluttered closed.
“Fuck, so, so good, Ari.”
“Hmm.” Ari grunted, done in by you. “You think you’re ready?”
You opened your eyes, blazing. “I’m always ready.”
If Ari wasn’t in love before, he was now. His unoccupied hand smoothed your hair back and pulled, causing your smiled to widen.
“My brave Little One. I always wondered if you’d be a hellcat in bed. Wasn’t expecting that the first time.”
“Have you ever met me?”
You were laughing at him while he shifted, tip of his penis probing at you. Your laugh turned into a scream as he slid into you with a little resistance. He kept steady and he was home in your tight wetness in no time.
His face was in the mattress to gather himself as you panted and whined. He looked up at you when he thought his look was more stoic.
“Are you ok?”
You looked at him and nodded, “I’m good. I think I will be better if you start moving. Sir.”
Ari literally growled as he complied with your reverse order.
“You are going to be the death of me. One way or another.”
He shook his head and buried it in your shoulder as he started pumping, speeding up with intensity as your wetness multiplied. When you opened your legs and wrapped them around his back, was when he let loose reared up and started circling your clit with his thumb.
Your eyes rolled back into your head and you started chanting, “Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes…” And Ari started swiveling his hips, searching for that spot that would make you…
Ah, there it was, you came around him, a shuddering, whimpering, mess, loud enough to have the desired effect upon the crew.
Ari grunted to hold himself back, but he wasn’t finished.
He pulled out of you as you lay curled in a ball, reeling from the sensations. He went to his bag and retrieved something.
“Up up up up.”
Ari pulled you up on hands and knees and rubbed your magnificent ass.
“Here’s the honors portion.”
And you felt something cold on between your cheeks.
You jumped and shivered at the lube.
Ari took pity on you and guided you to lay down in front of him.
“This part can be very pleasurable, if you relax.”
Ari’s whisper in your ear was making you hot again. Your nipples perked up and Ari snaked his arm between you and the bed as his other opened your leg to play with your clit.
You started moaning and writhing within moments, and grinding your ass against his cock. Ari had to bite back yet another moan.
“Now Little One, grab my cock and push it into your ass for me. Like a good girl.”
The content of that sentence made you afraid, but the feelings your were feeling made you obey. You swiped his cock against your ass, actually finding the sensation very pleasurable.
And since you were in control, you pushed the tip almost fully inside you, wanting more as Ari kept pleasuring your clit and nipple. You wanted this.
So you pushed onto him, Ari huffing in your ear from holding back, until he popped inside the tight ring of muscle. You stopped, He was so fucking huge. But he felt so...
“Feels so….” Ari’s heart was beating out of his ears as he waited for your next words. “ fucking Gooooood, Ari.”
“Fuck, Little One.”
He grunted in your ear and started pumping, you two still on your side, until you were begging him for more. Then, he turned so that he was behind you and could give better strokes.
“Fuck me Ari, fuck me, fuck meeeee.”
You were grunting and moaning and you actually started throwing it back on him.
“I think you might like this better than traditional fucking, Little One. I knew you were a prodigy.”
“Fuck. Yes. Sir.”
And Ari lost it, pounding into your ass until he came, his seed spilling out of you as you came clenching and quivering around him, so tight.
Tumblr media
A few minutes later, you opened your eyes to Ari’s gentle demands that you get up and go to the loo, and shower. He handed you a bottle of water on your way into the airplane bathroom.
“Got to keep you healthy. You’re important to… the mission.”
You looked up at him.
“Right, Sir. Did I… did I do well, Sir?”
“You certainly did. A+ all around.”
Ari wanted to kiss you, but this was just business, right?’
You headed into the loo and looked back at him.
“Thank you, Ari.”
“My pleasure, Little One.”
You smiled at him and closed the door.
Ari flopped down on the bed and tried to figure out how he was going to survive this one.
Tumblr media
I got so carried away. 😅 Let me know if you felt it too!
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the-iceni-bitch · a day ago
Let Me Trace the Lines
Kinktober Day 17: Stigmatophilia (tattoo and piercing kink)
Pairing: tattoo artist!Curtis Everett x tattooed and pierced fem!reader
Words: ~1.3k
Summary: You’re new tattoo artist is too hot.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content(fingering, f receiving oral sex, public sex), unsuccessful use of softeners, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!
A/N: This was originally supposed to be Ari but then I saw the edits by @nixakimbo and I couldn’t help myself.
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!
Tumblr media
What an unbelievably stupid woman you were.
You kept repeating it in your head like a mantra, splitting your focus between that and the thought of going to church with your grandmother as you tried to ignore the man who was sitting between your legs.
It had seemed like a good idea at the time, everything was planned out so perfectly. You’d researched the artists in the area thoroughly before landing on Curtis. You fell in love with his use of bold lines and vibrant colors, and his reviews were all glowing. Then when you reached out to schedule this piece he was such a goddamn peach of a man, you just felt even better about your choice, even though the thought of having a big, rugged, gorgeous man ink up your hip and the inside of your thigh could end up biting you in the ass. But it wasn’t like he was going to be that ridiculously good looking in real life anyway, right?
You weren’t sure why you didn’t back out as soon as you laid eyes on him, that beautiful, earnest smile shooting right through you and making your knees weak. And then he started talking you through your expectations for the piece, how many sessions you wanted to take, and making sure you knew he was fine breaking any time if you needed, all in that rich, warm baritone and you just sank into the chair with a dopey grin on your face.
So there you were, lying all spread out as he dragged the needle gun over the crease of your hip, nothing between his face and your increasingly wet pussy but a strategically placed towel. Why did you decide to get this piece in a spot that pretty much ensured you weren’t going to be able to wear panties?
He ran his tongue over the ring in his lip as he concentrated and you had to bite back a moan. Maybe afternoon tea with grandma? None of your softeners were working, though, the feeling of his breath fanning over the inside of your thigh as he leaned close to check his work making you throb. This man checked way too many of your boxes, the tattoos and the lip piercing and the earrings and the glasses. Fuck, grandma grandma grandma grandma…
“Hey, you need a break?” Your eyes shot open when he spoke to you, swallowing thickly when you met those piercing blue eyes and trying not to squirm under his gaze. “You’re shaking. If it’s starting to be too much we can call it.”
“What? No, I’m fine.” You honestly had barely even felt anything the whole time, your tiny little pain kink not helping the situation at all. “Can hardly even feel it.”
“You sure?” He bit his lip and you cursed yourself for a fool again, your cunt throbbing when he rested his hand on your thigh mere inches away from where you were pulsing with need as you just nodded at him. “Ok, just, lemme know if you need me to stop.”
“Will do.” You dropped your head back on the chair when the gun started buzzing again, trying to keep your toes from curling when he bent close to focus after rolling his head on his shoulders.
This was so dumb and absolutely unprofessional, what kind of hard up slut got this worked up over having someone give them a tattoo? He was edging closer to where you were trying so hard to keep your slick from dripping onto the leather of the table, you had to get this done in one session, if you came back and had to have him set up between your legs again you were going to have a goddamn aneurysm.
His body shifted as he worked his way down your thigh, and you sucked in a sharp breath when his hand brushed against the edge of the towel. Everything seemed to slow down when the cloth fluttered to the floor, you trying unsuccessfully to snap your legs closed as Curtis reached feebly for the towel as you both cursed under your breath.
“Shit, sorry!” He hissed as he ducked to chase after the towel, his face getting dangerously close to where you were exposed and making you try to crawl back up the chair. “Oh, honey.”
“What? What’s wrong?” You noted the sudden change in his voice and it made you freeze.
“You are all worked up, so goddamn wet and pretty.” He leaned back to peek around the privacy screen and make sure no one was too close before ripping his gloves off. “No wonder you’re shaking so much. Gonna help you relax.”
“Oh god.” Your body jolted when he dragged his thumb over your slit, melting into the chair when he teased it over your clit before sliding his middle finger into your weeping channel. “Curtis…”
“Shh, I know, pretty girl.” He hooked his finger and you had to bite your lip as your eyes fluttered closed, your back arching as you clenched around him hard. “Gotta help you calm down so we can finish.”
“Yeah, ok.” You let yourself melt into the chair as he continued stroking your walls slowly, humming to yourself when he started pressing gentle kisses over the thigh he hadn’t been working on.
When he slid the second finger in you had to grip the edge of the chair painfully, rocking your hips to meet the movements of his fingers as he found your sweet spot. He groaned against your skin at the feel of your squeezing him, his lips moving closer to your sex as he brought you closer.
“God, you really needed this, didn’t you hon?” He rubbed his bearded cheek against your hip with a purr, his eyes fixed on the way your pussy was flexing around his fingers. “And here I thought you were gonna leave me hanging.”
“What?” Your voice was breathy with want as he just kept working you over, dragging your head up so you could watch him brush his lips over the curve of your hip.
“Like you don’t know how fucking hot you are.” God, he sounded so fucking sexy when he growled like that. “Walking in here in that little sundress all inked up with that nose ring.”
“I mean, yeah, I know.” You couldn’t help but grin a little at the praise, running your tongue over your bottom lip as you fixed your eyes on his. “Didn’t realize you knew. Don’t you work on chicks all the time?”
“Sure, most of them don’t let me see their pussy during the first session, though.” He winked and grinned back at you, fuck, he was dangerous. “Tits sometimes, but never such a sweet little cunt.”
“It’s not like I did it on purpose.” You whined when he slid in a third finger, tossing your head back and bringing your hands up to work on your breasts while you tried to keep the noises to a minimum. “I’m not mad about it, though.”
Curtis gave you one last dark chuckle then leaned forward and wrapped his lips around your clit, your juices soaking his beard as he sucked softly. The feeling of his lip ring rubbing right against your swollen bud did it, your body vibrating with the strain of your pleasure as your release gushed over Curtis’s lips and chin, the fact that his face was right up against you thankfully muffling the absolutely obscene wet noises he was drawing out of you as he helped you ride it out.
“Fucking perfect.” He murmured, dragging his tongue over your pussy to clean you up after he pulled his fingers out, licking them clean too before putting on a new pair of gloves and picking up the gun. “This is gonna go so much smoother now that you’re relaxed, we’ll have to remember that for your next piece.”
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andysbubba · 2 days ago
↳ the one where he keeps his promises ++ sequel to promises
pairing | steve rogers x doctor! reader
an | i didn't actually plan to write this and i actually wanted to leave this fic with just the first part. but after some thinking, i guess Steve owes our dear Reader an explanation after DYING for like 1 whole year
warnings | torture- stabbing, experiments, starvation, physical abuse, mental torture (on Steve) i didn't want to make this sad but somehow i still cried writing this because i'm an emotional hoe.
𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲'𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
There's so many things to say but he still couldn't put it into words. So he kept quiet and he stayed still. He kept his eyes on the bathroom floor as your hands slides off the necklace around your neck. His dog tags. It's the only thing that you kept with you at all times. It served as a reminder that he was gone.
Not anymore.
He bit the inside of his cheek when you tilted his head up and you put the necklace on him and let the tags rest in the middle of his chest. It's the first time he looked into your eyes in the last twenty minutes.
He rests his hands on your waist when you gently sit on his lap, holding you a little tighter and pulling you a little closer. He needs to feel you. And he needs to know that this isn't just another fragment from his imagination.
He's still even as you lather his face with the shaving cream and when you run the blade down the side of his face, Steve stayed frozen. He gulps and takes a deep, shaky breath when you turn away to wipe the blade with a towel.
"I wa- I wanted to give up." He heard the crack in his own voice and he could feel his lips tremble.
You didn't say anything as you reach out to tilt his head to the side and run the straight razor down the other side of his face. He's quiet but you know there's more that he wanted to say. You turn away to wipe the razor again.
When you reach out again to shave his chin, Steve grips your wrist and he pulls your hand lower before he takes the towel on the sink to wipe off the cream on his chin. He feels vulnerable and he hates that he's recalling the worst, most torturous, and painful months of his life.
"They tortured me. They stabbed and they-" His voice gets shaky when he thinks of the days when he was assumed dead. "—they did so many things and I- I wanted them to finish the job. I wanted to just die and stop fighting but—" He lets go of your wrist and he wraps his arms around you to pull you closer to him. "I thought of you, angel. I wanted to come back to you. You kept me going. I swear, there wasn't a—"
The razor dropped to the floor with a loud clatter and your fist hits his chest. His heart breaks when you choke on a sob and you hit him again. It barely hurts but it burns his heart. He knows you're hurt. He knows you've been holding in your feelings since this morning and he knows that every hit against his chest is laced with every ounce of your pain.
Steve lets his own tears fall. But he's only realising just how much it hurts to see you cry.
He moves his hand to the back of your head and he leans in to press his lips against yours. It's a sad kiss and you pushed him away. Your fist never stopped hitting his chest even though it's getting softer, weaker. Your sobs get louder with every hit and he hates that he's the very cause of your pain.
Steve holds your fist against his chest and he leans in again, watching as your eyes flutter close in surrender. Your cheeks are wet and he pulls you into yet, another sad kiss. It's desperate and it's filled with sorrow. He moves his lips against yours and he tastes the salty mix of both your tears. But it's been so long since he felt this close to you and he needs more.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, angel." He breathes, resting his forehead against yours and both of you couldn't stop the tears.
Yes, Steve went through hell. He had his skin sliced open and it healed, only to have it sliced again. He got punched and kicked and he was starved. But at least, he knew you were alive. He know that if he ever finds a way out of that torture cell, you'll still be outside. And that kept him going. It kept him alive. It made him want to live.
But you? Steve has no idea what he'd do if he ever finds out you're dead. He cannot even comprehend or imagine the thought and he knows that what you went through, thinking he died— is probably worse than what he went through.
You're his anchor and he's yours.
It took a while for both of you to calm down and eventually laughed for crying so much. As mad as you are at him, you didn't want to force him to relive the torture he went through. You want an explanation– yes– but you can wait till he's feeling better or has at least gotten enough rest or whenever he's ready to tell you about it.
Steve looks peaceful when he's sleeping. The unshaved stubble on his chin looks a little funny but it's the snores leaving his lips that actually makes you laugh silently.
He was confused when he saw his clothes still in the closet. And he wanted to cry again when he realises why.
You couldn't throw his things out.
And he notices that everything in the room was in its place– the exact same place like last year. Before he left. The bed looks still, as if it's been untouched for too long. And he realises why. He couldn't figure out why you went into the guest room earlier. But he thinks he knows why.
You've been sleeping there instead of this room.
Steve hates his role in this. But you didn't deny when he dragged you to the bed or pulled you into his chest or when he just couldn't keep his hands off you.
His brows furrow in his sleep and he visibly flinches out of nowhere. His lips curl into a frown and his eye twitches. He's still not up from his sleep. But Steve takes a sharp, deep breath with his eyes still closed shut. His face stills for a moment– and you think that maybe his nightmare is over.
He gasps out of a sudden and he flinches again.
"No, no- don't- stop, stop." Steve starts shaking and he takes another deep, desperate breath.
You sit straight up, hands reaching out to touch him. "Hey, hey, Stevie." You gently shake him awake, a palm on his cheek and the other on his chest.
"Honey, c'mon, wake up, sweetie."
Steve takes another deep breath before his eyes open wide, chest heaving with every breath he takes. His eyes were undeniably fully blown with fear, cold sweat starting to form on his temples.
You shuffle closer to him, arms reaching around him as he desperately reaches out to wrap his arms around you.
"Steve, you're okay, sweetheart. It was just a nightmare, honey you're here now, alright?"
You feel his heavy, hot intake of breaths through the fabric of your shirt as Steve nuzzles into your side. His fingers curl around the cotton, somehow gripping you closer to him. He kicks away the thick comforter before he tangles his legs with yours.
He stays there for a few minutes, calming himself down with the sound of your heart beating against your chest and the way your fingers softly run through his hair and scratch his scalp. Your free hand runs down the back of his neck before you're rubbing his back- soothingly rubbing out the tension in his muscles and you patiently wait for him to relax.
Steve pulls away from you, gently tugging you a little lower down on the bed and his head is levelled with your chest. His arm slings across your stomach and his head rests on your arm. He's tempted to nuzzle into your chest, needing to feel you closer.
"It's scary."
His words worries you. Steve was never afraid. He's strong, but even you know he's not unbreakable. Going through nine months alone in torture left him completely vulnerable and you know that he'll need time to heal.
"You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to, sweetheart."
He shakes his head. "I want to. I just– I can't get the words out."
You turn on your side, softly smiling at him– not wanting to pressure him in any way. Your hand runs over his shoulder. "You can take your time, okay? I'm not going anywhere, Stevie."
Steve takes a shaky breath, head slightly angled to look up at you.
"The mission. I split away from the team and went to the East side of the base. Natasha and Bucky went to the West. Sam to South. It was supposed to be an abandoned Hydra base, y'know? It was supposed to be safe enough."
He shifts slightly, his finger starting to draw circles on your belly.
"I wasn't expecting like twenty of the militia guys there. I couldn't even call for back-up. It was like they were prepared for me to be there. I had 3 tranquilizer darts shot at me before I even registered they were there." He laughs humourlessly. "I couldn't even put up a fight. Couldn't call for help. Couldn't even tell the team that I was in trouble. But y'know, part of me– I was glad that it was me and not Bucky."
He was helpless. He wanted, no, needed to call for back-up and yet, he couldn't even move his hands. But Steve Rogers is so damn selfless. He was attacked and ambushed, yet somehow, he can find it in him to see the good in things.
"The militia took me away in a jeep, and they blew up the East side of the base as soon as we were far enough. That's why the team had to assume I was dead. I was kept at the militia camp for a few months. Eventually they gave me away to Hydra like I was some goddamn package."
Steve sniffles, and you watch his eyes water. Your fingers wipes away the tear slowly dripping down his cheek but you keep quiet. You want him to know that you're listening to everything he's saying.
"I had my blood drawn almost every day and the scientists were prodding at me whenever I'm not in my cell. The Hydra guys– they took advantage of the situation. It's not everyday that Captain America gets taken in as prisoner, y'know? They had their fun and kicked around. They had this machine that would force me to mentally go through my greatest fear when they connect the wires to my head." He takes a shaky breath when he thinks about what he saw.
"I saw you. I saw you in my position. Every time they turn that machine on, I watched you die again, and again at their hands. And they'll laugh when I just shout for you and kick in the chair they tied me to."
"It's not your fault, angel. You kept me alive. Even after what I saw, I know you're at home and I wanted to be back with you no matter what."
He shifts and rests his head on his palm with his arm bent. His free hand goes up to your cheek, rubbing the soft spot underneath your eye.
"They slipped up one day. One of their guys forgot to hit me with a tranq dart before he brought me out. It was my only hope– the light at the end of the tunnel after so, so long. And I got out of that place. But even then, I couldn't come back here, not while Hydra was most probably looking for me. And I couldn't contact the team either. It took me almost two months to get to Wakanda."
You lean forward instantly, arms wrapped around his neck and he silently groans when your body bumps into a healing wound on his torso.
"I'm sorry, Stevie. I'm so, so sorry." You breathe out. Those words come out muffled against his neck but he heard it anyway.
His hand gently pulls you away from him, his pointer finger and thumb on your chin tilting your head up to look at him.
"You don't have to be sorry, angel. I'm thankful I'm home and I'm just happy that I get to be with you."
an | *sighs* in stevie :(((( 🥺😟😖 our golden boy went through a lot, huh? now y'all can't get mad at babie for "DYING" – he went through so much pain and hurt but even then, he was still like "I need to stay alive for you." and "Hey, at least it was me and not Bucky."
hope you lovelies enjoyed this one as much as I loved writing this! it made me sad and all but im happy that stevie could actually talk about what he went through and find comfort in his girlfriend. AND HEY HE KEPT HIS PROMISE TO NOT DIE!!! AND TO COME BACK !!!
reblogging with tags when i'm home!
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and if you wanna be tagged in the rest of my works -> 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
- haney
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earlgreydream · a day ago
october 17
Tumblr media
🍁 Somnophilia — Ransom Drysdale
content warnings: noncon, stepcest, smoking, slapping, mentions of death
You were back home at the Thrombey Mansion in the wake of Harlan’s death. It was just as gloomy as you remembered, a thick fog always settled over the ground, and the tall spires of the house meeting in sharp points, threatening to pierce the sky.
No matter the time of day, the windows always seemed dark, and the vines curling up the trellis seemed sinister. You hated the manor. You’d left as soon as you’d turned twenty-one, fleeing from the wealth that trapped you with your cruel stepbrother, Ransom, who was a bit too fond of you.
You had to come back. There wasn’t a choice, you were expected at the funeral. And you had once adored Harlan, holding onto many fond memories of listening to him read his novels to you as a child, even through until you were a teenager. After you ran away from Ransom’s deviant attention, Harlan had continued to send you cheques, and happily received letters depicting your wellbeing in return.
The ambiance in the house was sullen, all of your relatives mourning the loss of Harlan, or more likely, the uncertainty of who his money would go to. You hated it, hated stepping foot in the place that held so many frightening memories. It felt like everyone’s eyes were on you when you returned for the first time in years, leaving you feeling even more out of place than you already did.
Meg called your name, pulling you into a hug. You greeted her, before accepting uncomfortable welcomes from the rest of the Thrombey’s. Linda gave you a sour look, and part of you was praying that her son, your stepbrother, would be absent.
The hope came crashing down as he strutted in, clad in a white sweater and shiny boots. His deviant smirk sent chills down your spine, his crystal-blue eyes boring into yours.
“Sister!” he greeted you, opening his arms wide, his lips pulled into a sadistic, cheshire-cat smile.
“Ransom,” you mumbled as he hugged you, his hands squeezing your hips dangerously tight.
You peeled yourself out of his grip, trying to put some distance between you. Meg grabbed your hand, nodding her head toward the back gardens. You followed her, thankful that at least one of your relatives had the decency to save you from your own discomfort.
“I didn’t think you’d come back,” Meg confessed, lighting the joint in her fingers and taking a drag before handing it to you, gently pushing the porch swing back and forth with her foot, rocking the two of you as you stared out at the fog.
“I wouldn’t miss Harlan’s funeral.”
You let the marijuana calm your rattling nerves. If Meg knew about Ransom, she didn’t say anything. Everyone was aware that the two of you never got along, even as teenagers, but nobody knew about the way he touched you behind closed doors. They didn’t know the way your knees would shake and you’d collapse back against him in the shower as he fucked you from behind, climbing in after you when you’d forget to lock the door. And as much as you hated him, Ransom was the only one to ever make you come so hard, your thoughts would fracture into a million tiny pieces.
Meg said your name, snapping you out of your thoughts. She stared at you, wondering what was going on inside your head, though she attributed it to Harlan and shook it off.
“Sorry, what did you say?”
“I asked how long you’re staying.”
“Just tonight, and I’ll leave after the funeral tomorrow,” you answered quietly, pulling your knees up and folding your legs under you.
A cold gust of wind made you shudder, and suddenly, a white cable knit sweater was held out in front of you.
“Wouldn’t want you to be cold.”
Both you and Meg turned to look at Ransom, who was holding out his sweater to you. You didn’t want to make a scene, knowing Ransom wouldn’t allow you to refuse, not in front of Meg. You took it and slipped it over your head, murmuring something resembling a thank-you. It smelled like him, like bourbon and smoke, a scent you had almost managed to forget.
“You came in awful late. It’s already twilight,” Ransom said to you, searching for information on your life.
“Long drive,” you muttered, protesting as he took the joint from you.
He just shot you one of his famous devious grins, and you turned away, unable to stare at his face for too long. Meg seemed to sense the shift since his arrival, and immediately began to ask him about work, distracting Ransom so his attention wasn’t entirely focused on you.
You excused yourself, slipping away before he could sink his talons into you, pulling you back into his dark, fucked-up shit.
While the family’s attention was off of you, you decided to explore the manor. Memories flooded back as you walked through the halls, your bare feet sinking into elegant carpet. Your fingertips brush along intricate wallpaper, creating patterns that reminded you of your childhood, dancing in sundresses the same shade of yellow as the walls.
An ache settled in your chest as you passed what was once Harlan’s office. With a deep breath, you forced the thoughts out of your mind, pushing them aside so they didn’t drag you under.
Your wandering led you to Ransom’s room. The bedding was the same as when you were eighteen, images of you arching your back and writhing on top of the deep green comforter. You stared at the bed, feeling like you were back in time, your arms pinned down as Ransom’s hips slammed against yours, filling up your sopping cunt and hissing at you to be quiet so your parents didn’t hear their daughter getting railed by her stepbrother. You blinked away the memory, quickly closing the door before someone caught you prying.
“Thinking about when I popped your cherry?”
You gasped, jumping at the voice behind you. Ransom’s hands came to rest on the wall on either side of your head, trapping you in. You whirled around, looking up into frightening blue eyes.
“I remember it quite clearly. It was your eighteenth birthday, wasn’t it? You were bent over my bed there, crying and begging for me to let you come all over my cock,” he sneered, tracing his fingertip down the side of your face.
You flushed, heat rushing to the surface of your skin. You’d tried to fight him off, but your body, so unused to any carnal pleasure, had the opposite reaction of your mind. You swallowed hard, pushing your hands against Ransom’s wide chest, trying to shove him off of you. Instead, he landed a slap to your cheek, the noise echoing off of the old wooden halls, mixing with your pathetic whimper.
“You know better than to try to fight me. You know what happens, you dumb little slut. Or are you just a glutton for punishment?”
“Ransom?” Linda’s voice broke through, and you turned to your stepmother.
“What are you doing with your stepsister?” The word sounded like a curse on her lips, and Ransom leaned back off of you.
She hadn’t seen him hit you, and your fingertips went up to your stinging cheek, covering it before she noticed the inevitable bruise forming. You didn’t look at your stepmother as Ransom explained to her that he was just helping you look for something to wear to bed, since you weren’t staying long enough to bother bringing a change of clothes.
“That’s why she’s wearing my sweater,” he finished.
“Okay, well, the two of you are late for dinner downstairs.”
You shot him a look before following her downstairs, taking a seat at the table next to Ransom. You tried to focus on eating and what people were saying, but you froze when you felt a hand on your thigh under the table. You’d worn pants, but it didn’t stop him from grabbing you between your legs, pushing down on the seam of your jeans. You tried to squeeze your thighs shut, to stop him, but he pinched you hard. You bit your lip to keep from squealing at the pain, and a sly smile graced his sharp features.
You didn’t engage in conversation, sitting still and picking at the food on your plate. You closed your eyes, trying to breathe normally as Ransom forced you to grind against his hand until he could feel the warmth seeping through your jeans.
You longed for sleep. When dinner was finally over, you returned to what was once your room, still the exact same as you left it, except for your underwear out of place, where Ransom had gone through your drawers in your absence.
You shut the door, making sure it was locked before kicking off your jeans, leaving you in just Ransom’s sweater and a thong. You would’ve gone without the sweater if it wasn’t so cold, but you decided to suck it up and just return it to him in the morning.
Rain poured down on the roof overhead, everything illuminating for a split second under the glow of lightning. Memories pried at the edges of your mind, plaguing you until you finally relaxed, too exhausted to stay awake.
Ransom went to your door, slipping a skeleton key into the lock. He let himself in, finding you deep in sleep, curled up under a lilac duvet. He locked the door behind him, and slipped into bed behind you, smirking as you barely stirred.
“Oh, you dirty little slut,” he smirked when his hands squeezed your bare ass, discovering you were barely covered under the sheets. He admired how your body had matured since you were an awkward teenager. He lusted after you far more now than he had even when you were eighteen, and he’d taken your virginity, fucking you braindead on your birthday as you squealed and struggled until you submit to him.
Your groggy mind started to teeter into consciousness as he groped you, one hand squeezing your tits and the other pulling your thong aside to rub through your folds. You were still wet from his escapade at dinner, allowing him to easily slide two fingers into your tight cunt. Ransom was impressed by the fact you still hadn’t woken, even as his thick cock forced you to stretch around him. He groaned into your neck, basking in the familiarity of being buried in his little stepsister, his toy and plaything that had managed to escape him.
His fingers found your clit, teasing it out of hiding with little strokes until it was swollen and throbbing, making you slick around his cock. It was so easy to get you wet, and Ransom barely had to try. You could deny your attraction to your dark and deviant stepbrother, but your body proved otherwise.
You shifted as an ache began to wake you, and you opened your eyes, feeling Ransom’s strong body wrapped around yours, his hips smacking against your ass as he fucked you from behind.
“Ransom?!” You started to scream, muffled as his hand came over your mouth.
You struggled and tried to wriggle out of his arms, crying out as he pinched your nipple and slammed particularly hard into your cervix.
“I don’t want to have to hurt you, babydoll, just lay there and take it like my good girl,” he hissed, biting the delicate skin of your neck.
You wailed into his palm as he pulled your knees up to your chest, rolling you so you were folded in half, face down. His free hand held your wrists at the base of your spine, fucking you on his knees, hitting a much deeper angle that had your mind reeling.
“Don’t act like you didn’t want this. Sleeping in just my sweater and these slutty little panties? You wanted me to fuck you. That’s why you came back, isn’t it? You missed my cock tearing up this innocent little pussy.”
Tears slid down your cheeks, pooling at his hand that was still clamped hard over your mouth. You writhed and tried to free your head, failing miserably to break his strong grip. He took his hand off of your mouth to grab your hair at the base of your neck, pulling back hard so you were looking up at him.
“You look so pretty with your cunt all stuffed full of my cock. I can feel you squeezing around me, how much your body wants to let go. You love this, because you’re a filthy little whore who wants to get fucked by her stepbrother in her family’s house.”
You opened your lips to protest, and Ransom took the opportunity to spit directly into your mouth. You whimpered, shame burning through you at the way your cunt spasmed at the action. He smirked proudly, knowing exactly the effect he had on you. Your face dropped into the sheets when he released your hair, reaching under you to stroke your throbbing clit.
Your fingers flexed in his grip, a deep groan leaving your lips as a shudder rolled up your spine. You rocked your hips into his hand as much as you could, needing the stimulation to push you over the edge. Your body was on autopilot, begging for release as you were left at Ransom’s mercy. He mocked you, calling you names and pathetic as he tore you open with sharp thrusts.
“Ransom!” You cried as the pressure snapped, making your body shake uncontrollably under him. He smirked when he saw a white ring around his cock, watching you spasm and cream as he began to twitch, nearing his own orgasm.
You laid under him, limp and too weak to try to fight anymore as he came inside of you, groaning as he watched it all drip out of you and smearing over your swollen pussy.
Ransom pulled out, slapping the tender skin and making you jolt before pulling your thong back over the skin, tugging up on the fabric so it rested between your folds, putting uncomfortable pressure on your overstimulated clit.
“Stop,” you begged weakly, making him shush you and land a sharp slap to the fat of your ass.
Ransom sighed as you obediently stilled under him, and he let you roll back over onto your side. You curled up into a ball, tugging his sweater down to try to cover as much of yourself as possible.
“Get out.”
“Oh, don’t act like that now, doll,” he pulled you back against his chest, “I’ll want another round tonight before you’re gone tomorrow.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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girl-of-many-fandoms · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: Reader has been stressed lately with their studies & Chris knows just how to get her to relax
Warnings: none
Hey guys, I'm alive and well! I've just been swamped with my studies and assignments I know I've kept you guys waiting for updates so I'll try to be a little more active when I get the chance, I hope you all are staying safe & taking care of yourselves x
From his position in the doorway Chris could see the frown lines on your forehead deepen as you stared at the heavy textbook propped up on your lap, frustrated that the information refused to stick no matter how many times you read this chapter
You were about to read it from the top again for what felt like the millionth time when large hands gently snatched it out of your grasp
"Chris I need that!" your boyfriend towered over you as you were sprawled out on his sofa; you held your hand out for the hardcover text but he wordlessly placed it on the coffee table with the rest of your scattered notes before turning back to you
His baby blues locked with yours as he snaked his arms under your upper back and under your knees, successfully lifting you in the air, a squeak feel past your lips at the sudden movement
"Babe I need to study" kissing his cheek you toyed with the hair on the base of his neck as Chris continued walking in the direction of the grand piano on the opposite side of the large family room
"You have been for the past five hours, I could feel the stress radiating off of you all the way on the other side of the house
He was right, you have a major exam that you need to prepare for and the fact that you couldn't grasp a certain topic aggravated you
You were pulled out of your thoughts when your bum made contact with the leather bench in front of the sleek black piano; Chris sat next to you and gently kissed your temple before he began playing your favourite song
Releasing a sigh you laid your head on his shoulder, watching his fingers delicately moved about the keys as the melody floated in the air. You could feel the exact moment your fears and worries melted away just by listening to your talented boyfriend play the instrument
Chris knew how much you loved playing the piano so he took it upon himself to learn a few of your favourite songs to play for you on days like this. The day that you had returned home from classes and saw the beautiful piano you couldn't hide your excitement. That same Chris surprised you by playing for you and let's just say you gave him a standing ovation afterwards
Closing your eyes you allowed the music to completely surround you, thanking your lucky stars for bringing you this wonderful man into your life, he always knew what to do to make you feel better
The song slowly came to an end and tilted your head up, eyes fluttering open you were met with his soft smile as he stared down at you. Puckering your lips you signaled for him to meet you halfway and Chris immediately did, capturing yours in a sweet kiss
"Thank you" brushing his nose against yours his warm breath fanned against your lips as he whisperd
"You're welcome hunnie, I love you" you kissed him once again before snuggling closer to him
"I love you too"
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Day 16: Suits, Ties, and Masturbation
A/N: Hello, my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓! Welcome to day 16 of kinktober!
Tumblr media
Pairings: Andy Barber x Male reader
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1574
Summary: You were always turned on by Andy wearing his suit. It made you feel bothered.
I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if it’s bad, and for any errors that are discovered. Many errors.
If you like this and wanna read more, you can check out my masterlist.
M/N: Male name
Not sure if this is good. I couldn’t think of a better summary.
TAGS: @evansphnx12 @gayhopefullove @pietroshusband @softboy5393 @noyasboxdye @marilynmonroefanfics @spnfanboy777 @elliot-damon-2006
Today was a stressful day for Andy. He couldn’t wait to go home and be with his boyfriend, M/n. Just laying down in bed with him or eating whatever meal you were cooking in the kitchen. Maybe have some time to yourselves, it has been a while since you both had adult fun.
Andy pulled into the driveway to still see the lights on. Andy sighs before pulling the key out of the ignition. “Finally home,” Andy said, leaning back on the leather-covered seat. He opened the car door and approached the door.
Andy unlocked the door and laid his briefcase by the door. ‘Where is M/n?’ Andy said in his mind before wandering around to see you in the kitchen cooking his favorite meal. Andy stopped and looked at you.
You were wearing his shirt. It was large on you, leaning off the side to reveal your untouched shoulder. Booty shorts that hugged your ass tightly. Andy instantly felt his cock grow inside his tight pants. A noticeable bulge could be seen.
He noticed that you had AirPods in your ears playing music. Andy took this as a way to surprise you.
While you were humming the tune of your favorite song, you didn’t hear/notice Andy approaching you from behind until you felt two muscular arms wrapped around your waist.
“Andy?” you said, feeling his lips give small kisses on your exposed shoulder. His suit was pressing against your body and you liked it. You liked when Andy had his suit on. It made you feel hot down there.
“How is my baby boy doing?” Andy said in a deep voice as he continued to leave small kisses on your shoulder. You could feel Andy’s boner being pressed against your ass. Andy could feel your ass grinding against his cock.
“I’m feeling a little… bothered down there. Would you be a good boy and help daddy?” Andy said, licking your neck. You pressed your thighs together. “Let me turn off the stove…” you said, turning the stove off.
You turned around to face Andy, you latched your lips onto his bringing him into a make-out session. Andy returned your kiss and picked you up, taking you to the bedroom. Your fingers moved through Andy’s hair as his tongue explored your mouth.
Andy kicked the door down and sat you down on the bed. You pulled to breathe. A string of saliva connected your mouths with some drool leaking out. “You taste delicious as always, baby boy.”
Even though this isn’t the first time he said this, you still get flustered like a high schooler. Andy smirked before removing his suit but you stopped him. “Don’t. Don’t take off your suit,” you said, looking away in embarrassment.
“Mmm, why baby boy?” Andy said, stopping what he was doing. You pressed your thighs together to hide your boner. “Because I like it when you have your suit on,” you said, face red as a tomato.
“No need to be embarrassed, baby boy. But I still want you to help daddy.” Andy said, rubbing his bulge through the tight pants. You could see the monster that was being held back by the thin layer of clothing.
You were surprised that Andy’s cock didn’t rip through his pants. Andy grinned as you were staring at his cock. “Come on, baby boy, daddy has a treat right here,” Andy said, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock.
Andy’s cock was twitching, bobbing up and down. Pre-cum leaking from the tip. You could feel yourself going into a captivated state. You got up from the bed and crawled your way to Andy. His cock was in front of you.
Andy’s manly mush filled your nostrils, further pulling you into his daze. “Come on, baby boy. Andy Jr. is waiting.” Andy said, slapping his cock on your face. Pre-cum dripping from his cock lands on your cheek.
You couldn’t describe the size of Andy’s cock. It was 12-inches long, thick as a bottle of wine, and one large vein leading to the top. Large balls that were ready to be milked by an experienced mouth and ass.
You hesitantly grabbed his cock. It was so big, you don’t know if your hand is small or if Andy’s cock is that big. The heat was radiating from it. You slowly jerked his cock off. Andy lets out a groan of pleasure. He began to thrust into your hand like a tight hole.
You continued the jerk of Andy’s cock off. Pre-cum was leaking all over the place. Your cock was leaking its pre-cum through the underwear/boxers/brief. “You’re doing so amazing, baby boy, but now I want that ass.”
Andy removed his cock from your hand and sat on the bed. “Come to daddy, baby boy,” Andy said, holding his cock by the base. You crawled towards Andy and straddled his lap. Before you went over, you removed your shirt and the shorts, fully exposed to Andy.
He licks his lips. Your cock was seeable by the bulge.
You could feel his cock pressing against your back. Your hole was clenching around nothing at the thought of finally feeling his cock again after 2 months. “Do you want me to prep you? Or no?” Andy said, squeezing your cheeks and giving them a slap or two.
“I was playing with myself earlier. I’m already prepped.” Andy raised his eyebrows. His blue eyes staring into yours. “Oh? What were you thinking of while doing that act?” Andy growled as he moved his hands to your hips, gripping them.
“I was thinking about you, daddy. I always think about you fucking me in your suit. How your cock would feel inside me. It’s been so long since I felt your cock inside me, those dildos aren’t as big or thick as yours! I’m cock-hungry right now! Please give me your cock! Show me the pleasure that I wanted for so long!” you said, leaning down to feel Andy’s suit pressed against your body.
“Don’t worry, baby boy. Daddy will give you what you want!” before you could say anything, Andy thrust his whole cock inside you. Andy let out a loud groan at the tightness of your ass. Sucking him in like a vacuum. “So, fucking tight! I get to fuck this ass after so long!”
You moaned as his cock filled to the brim. You swore that his cock entered your colon. His cock stretched so much, it was better than the dildos you would fuck yourself with. “Y-you’re… filling me.”
Andy’s cock split your ass into two. (not literally)
Suddenly, you couldn’t see anything. Andy removed his tie and wrapped it around your eyes, blocking your vision. “You won’t be able to see, but you’ll for sure feel.” with that, Andy began to thrust into you.
His cock was already hitting your prostate. You could feel his cock going deeper and deeper inside you. Your grip on his suit could rip it. “M-mmm…! DADDY! Y-your… c-cock feels… s-so… g-good!”
The room was getting hotter. The smell of sex invaded your nostrils. The sounds of groans, grunts, and moans along with skin-slapping filled the room. This was the best pleasure that you ever received recently.
You were fucked dumb. You laid your head against Andy’s suit as he continued to bang your ass. You could feel the knot growing inside your stomach, your cock began to twitch. Signaling your climax.
“I-I’m… close daddy!” you couldn’t see his face but you bet he was smirking. Suddenly, you felt a large hand wrap around your cock and slowly jerked it off. “Me too, baby boy. I want us to cum together!”
Andy jerked you off faster and thrust faster. Your end of the rope was coming. Andy could tell by how you were clenching around him. “F-fuck… your ass got tighter!” Andy groans as he was getting close.
“I’M CUMMING!” You said, your cock spraying its load all over Andy’s suit. Andy came at the sight. You could feel gallons of cum being pumped into you, Andy’s balls throbbing as they shot 2 loads inside you.
Andy removed the tie from your eyes. “That was the best!” you felt his cock slip out with his cum pouring out.
“I love you, my sweet baby boy,” Andy said, pulling you down with him onto the bed.“I love you too, my daddy,” you said, snuggling into his neck before falling asleep.
A/N: I hope you enjoy this day! I can’t believe I finished this in one day! Be prepared for day 17 with Ransom!
Vote who you want to be the Pharaoh in my series, [HERE]! bye, my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓!
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time-for-a-lullaby · 12 hours ago
saturday nights - pt. 3 (babies are... made with love...)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Female Reader
Summary: You and Chris dated throughout high school and college, separating when the things you desire out of life just don’t align anymore. You stayed in Sudbury while Chris moved away and on with his life. He shows up to your job one day while he’s back in Massachusetts and everyone’s world is turned upside down.
Warnings: Language, Alcohol, alcohol abuse, parental death,  weed, angst, fluff,  pregnancy
italics = flashbacks
bold = text messages
Tumblr media
*10 Years Ago*
You sat on the roof of your house, knees pulled up to your chest as you took a long drag from the poorly rolled joint, exhaling slowly. You wiped at another tear that fell down your cheek, turning to see Chris making his way toward you. 
He plopped down next to you, crossing his legs, “How much?” 
You bit your cheek, sniffling before taking another drag. You blew out softly, “$3000.” 
He sighed, shaking his head, “Are you shittin’ me?” 
“I wish,” you tried to be inconspicuous when wiping another tear, but your hand lingered, trying to stifle the sob you’d been holding in. 
“Y/N…” He scoot closer to you, placing a hand on your knee, “You gotta get out of here.”
You turned to look at him, scoffing, “Okay, and how do you suppose I do that? Hmm?” you waited, but both of you knew your question was rhetorical, “She took everything, Chris. I have nothing. Nowhere to go. Nothing to my name, nothing.” 
You’d returned home from your shift at the diner to the front door wide open and your room completely ransacked. Almost immediately you knew it was your mom. You’d overheard her on the phone a week ago about owing gambling debts and despite all the effort you put into keeping your little stash of cash a secret, you also knew how creative she could get with her back against the wall. 
“I’m just trying to help,” he paused, “I mean, I know you don’t like help--” 
“I don’t need your money, Chris. I don’t need your charity. I’m fine.”
He shook his head, “But baby, you’re not fine. It’s okay to say that you’re not fine… Your mother stole $3000 from you. Can you just hear me out?” 
You sighed, looking over at him, “Sure.” 
“I know you don’t want help, but I care about you, Y/N. I love you. I know you better than your fucking mom ever has and I only want what’s best for you. Okay?” He reached over, cupping your chin and turning your face towards him, “I have some money coming in and my mom-- she still helps me out… come to New York. You can stay with my mom until this semester is over and then you can move in with me.” 
You pushed his hand away, shaking your head, “No, Chris. I can’t.” 
He sighed loudly, “I mean, come on, Y/N. Don’t you care about your future? At all? I’m giving you an out.” 
“I don’t need you to give me anything, Chris. And I can’t leave, okay? I can’t.” 
“Why not?” He asked, clearly getting irritated with you.
“Because, Chris… She’s my mom. She needs my help.” 
He scoffed, “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” 
“I know that you can’t possibly understand what I’m going through, but she needs me.” 
“She doesn’t care about you, Y/N! I mean, for fucks sake, she stole $3000 from you. HER DAUGHTER! $3000 to fix the mess her drinking and gambling addiction caused and you’re just acting like it’s nothing.” He stood up, running his fingers through his hair. 
“I know that it’s not nothing, Chris. I worked hard for that money. I had plans. I get that it’s a big deal. But she’s still my mom. I can’t just-- I can’t just leave her here alone. She needs help,” you reasoned, knowing it wouldn’t help him see your perspective, but you tried anyway. 
He shook his head, “She’s a piece of shit, Y/N. And if you stick around to help her, you’re only gonna end up just like her.”
You looked up at him, lips trembling as your eyes welled up with tears, “Well, sorry, Chris. Not all of us have mommy’s money to keep us afloat. Some of us have real issues in life.” 
“Wow, that’s rich.” 
You let out a sarcastic laugh, “I think we’ve established who has the money here, Chris. Thank you for the constant reminder.”
He rolled his eyes, “If you wanna stick aroun--”
You stood up quickly, cutting him off, “You know what, Chris? I’m perfectly happy here! Okay? I have a job and friends. I don’t need you to come back from New York every few weeks and remind me how pathetic I am for not leaving. I don’t need your pity OR your money!” 
“Fine. Sorry for trying to help.” He held his hands up in surrender, “Sorry for trying to be a good boyfriend.” 
“Good boyfriends support the decisions you make in life, Chris. They don’t make you feel worthless for them,” you shot back, matching his tone. 
“I can’t support the decisions that you’re making if they’re not good for you, Y/N.” 
You shook your head, “They aren’t your decisions to make, Chris, they’re mine! If I wanna stay in Sudbury for the rest of my life, then I’ll stay here. That’s not up to you.” 
He nodded, “Okay, well, I’m not staying here for the rest of my life. I have dreams and ambitions, Y/N. I don’t wanna be stuck in some small town in Massachusetts forever. I wanna leave, travel, experience the world.”
You bit the inside of your cheek, trying to hold back your tears, “So where does that leave us, Chris? Because we can’t do long distance forever.” 
“No. We can’t.” He met your gaze, his jaw clenched.
“So that’s it? Huh? After everything, we’re just done?” You blinked furiously, trying to keep your emotions under control. 
“I guess so.”
You nodded, lips pursed as you tried to hold back your tears, “Okay. Then that’s it. We’re done.” You sat back down, staring straight ahead, tears threatening to spill over. You sniffled, picking your blunt back up and inhaling slowly as he made his way down the ladder from your roof. You waited for his footsteps on the gravel to grow faint before breaking down, clutching your knees to your chest as you sobbed and gasped for breath. 
Tumblr media
*Present Day*
You cleared your throat and sat up straight on the couch, Eli distracting you from your thoughts, “Yeah, bub?” 
He pointed towards the front door, “Someone knocked.” 
“Oh,” you stood up, walking over and glancing through the peephole. You smiled and pulled the door open, Chris waiting on the other side, “Well, hey.” Standing off to the side, you gestured for him to come in, “To what do we owe the pleasure of your company?” 
Chris chuckled, coming inside, “Well, I just thought I’d swing by, talk to you guys about what I have going on.” 
“Sure, come on in. Eli is currently watching National Geographic, like every 9 year old, so, enjoy. I’ll grab you a drink,” you smiled, grabbing a couple of bottles of water from the fridge, “He’s currently obsessed with Egypt, so you’ll be hearing all about that.” You turned around, jumping when you saw Chris had followed you to the kitchen, “Sorry, I thought you stayed in the living room.” 
He smiled, taking the bottle of water from you, “Still jumpy?” 
“Oh, that’ll never change.” 
He furrowed his brow, “You okay?” He reached up, wiping at a tear on your cheek. 
“Oh,” you reached up, wiping your cheek. You didn’t even realize that while you were reliving that night, a couple of tears had managed to slip out,  “Yeah, fine.” You took a swig of your water, then cleared your throat, “So what did you want to talk to me about?”
He hesitated, “What’s goin’ on?” 
You shook your head, “Honestly, Chris, it’s nothing.” 
He raised an eyebrow, “I’m gonna keep asking.” 
“God, you’re so stubborn,” you smiled and shook your head, “It’s nothing, seriously. I just-- i was thinking about the night we broke up. Some tears slipped out, it’s nothing. I got lost in the emotions. It’s-- it’s nothing. I just-- I found out pretty soon after that night that I was pregnant so there are just a ton of emotions floating around that, ya know?”
He nodded slowly, “I’m really sorry about that night, I said some pretty horrible shit.” 
“We both did,” you smiled softly, shrugging.
“I didn’t mean it, though. Any of it. I mean, I was harsh,” he replied, taking a deep breath. 
You raised an eyebrow, “And then I kept Eli a secret for 9 years… I think we can just agree to leave everything in the past behind us and move forward, ‘kay?”
He chuckled, “Yeah, okay. Deal,” he cleared his throat, “Well, I have to be back in LA in about a month. I’ve pushed work off for about as long as I could. And- just-- hear me out, okay?” 
You took a deep breath, “I hate it when you say that.” 
“I know, I know,” he paused, collecting his thoughts, “I wanna spend some more time with Eli. I wanna get to know him. And I know that he goes on summer break in mid-May… Do you think you guys would be interested in coming to LA for the summer?” 
“Oh.” You took another swig of water, trying to buy some time before you needed to respond, “That seems like a big step, Chris.” 
He nodded, “It totally is and I get it if you’re uncomfortable, I just… I’ve already missed so much, I--” he shook his head, “I’m not guilt tripping you, please don’t think that this is what’s happening, I just-- I wanna be able to spend as much time with him as I can and if that means that you guys come out to LA for the summer but stay in a rental or something, I can make it happen.” 
You took a deep breath, exhaling slowly through puffed cheeks, “I mean, I don’t know, Chris. I-- I would have to think about it. I have a job… I mean, I know it’s not much, but I’ll need to make sure that I can have it back when we come back and the house… I’d have to have someone check on it. And he won’t have any friends there.”  
He nodded, “I know, it’s a lot. I don’t want you to let me know right now, we have time. I just-- I needed to make sure I ran it by you.” 
You smiled softly, “I promise I’ll think about it. I’ll talk to Dale on my next shift, too.” 
He smiled and nodded, “Okay, great,” he turned to walk back to the living room when you stopped him. 
“Hey, while I have you in here…” you chewed the inside of your lip, nervous for what he was going to think, “What do you think about telling him tonight?” 
His eyes widened, “Tonight?” 
You shrugged, “Why not? I mean, he absolutely adores you, he asks about you almost every day. Why not?” 
It was the truth. And if you were actually going to consider LA, why not now? Eli should know sooner rather than later, you’d kept it from both of them for long enough. Why not?
“Sure, yeah. If you’re okay with that.” 
“I am more than okay with that, Chris. He loves you, you obviously love him. It’s a good time,” you assured, placing your hand on his bicep, “Only if you’re okay with it.” 
He nodded again, a little more eagerly this time, “Yes. Yeah, let’s do it. I can take you guys to dinner? I read that it’s best to do it in a neutral area.” 
You smiled, of course he read about it. Chris was always so analytical, “Sounds good, thank you, Chris.” 
Tumblr media
You sat at a restaurant, smiling at Eli downed his chocolate sundae, hot fudge smothered all over his face. 
Chris reached over with a wet wipe, “Here bud,” He wiped at the corners of his mouth, chuckling at the mess. 
Looking over at Chris, you raised an eyebrow. He nodded, signalling that he was okay with telling him now. You took a deep breath, your stomach immediately filling with butterflies. 
“Hey, bud. I--  well-- we wanna talk to you about something.” 
He looked up at you, taking another spoonful of ice cream, “Okay.” 
You took another deep breath, “Okay. Well, uh-- You know how sometimes you ask me about your dad and who he is and what he’s like?”
He nodded, taking another spoonful, “Yeah,” he furrowed his brows, looking up at you. 
“Well,” you took a deep breath, smiling softly when Chris placed his hand on your bouncing knee, “Honey, Chris-- um-- Chris is your dad.” 
He set his spoon down, looking back and forth from you to Chris, “Like… my real dad?” 
You nodded, “Yeah, honey. Your real dad.”  
He squinted his eyes and furrowed his brows again, “Why didn’t you tell me?” 
“Well, honey, that was my mistake. I didn’t tell Chris either and I should’ve told both of you. It wasn’t fair for mommy to keep that a secret and I know that now,” you admitted, looking over at Chris, “i know this is a pretty big piece of information, so if you have any questions, please ask.” 
“Should i call him dad?” 
You looked over at Chris,  nodding to let him know it was okay to answer.
“Well, buddy, you do whatever you want to. If you want to keep calling me Chris, you can keep calling me Chris. If you want to call me dad, you can call me dad. Either is okay with me,” he smiled softly at Eli. 
He nodded, taking another spoonful of ice cream, “is he going to live with us?”
You clicked your tongue, shaking your head, “Elijah, do not talk with your mouth full.”
“Sorry, mom,” he mumbled, mouth still full of ice cream. 
You smiled softly, “but no, honey, Chris isn’t going to live with us.” 
“But don’t mommies and daddies live together?” 
You took a deep breath, puffing out your cheeks when you exhaled, “well, they do. When they love each other. When they are a couple… and Chris and I are not a couple,” you shrugged, looking at Chris. Most of the time, you loved that Eli was curious… right now… not so much. 
Chris smiled, “your mom and I are just really good friends now.” 
He sat, lips puckered while he was deep in thought, “so… how are babies made then? If you don’t love each other?” 
You bit back a smile, Chris’s eyes going wide, “well Eli, Chris and I used to love each other. And babies are… made with love…” you cleared your throat, “so why don’t you tell Chris about the documentary you watched about the pyramids?” 
Chris let out a small chuckle when Eli perked up, ready to spill everything he’d soaked in. 
A couple of hours later, Chris pulled into your driveway, not shutting off the ignition like he normally did. 
“You wanna come inside?” You unbuckled, reaching to unlock the door. 
“No, uh- do you think we can talk for a second?” 
“Yeah, let me take him inside, I’ll be right back,” you helped Eli out and walked him to the door, telling him to find something on TV before walking back out to Chris. 
He stood with his butt leaning against the hood of his SUV, arms crossed as you made your way over, “it’s nothing bad, get rid of that look.”
You laughed, “sounded pretty serious. What’s up?” You stood next to him, leaning back against his car. 
“Soo, ma’s starting to ask questions… she thinks we’re back together.” 
You nodded slowly, “Ah. Gotcha,” you paused, not exactly sure where he was going with this, “so?”
“Do you think it’s okay if we tell her?” 
“Oh.” You looked up at him, “uh- i mean,” you gulped, your hands sweaty all of the sudden, “Jesus, what is happening to me?” You laughed, “yeah, okay.” 
“Are you sure?” He asked, smiling.
You nodded, “yeah, no. I’m sure. I just—“ you paused, “I’ve always looked up to your mom and I never wanted to disappoint her… in any capacity and you know, a secret child seems like a reason to be disappointed in someone.” 
He shook his head, standing to face you and placing his hands on your shoulders, “I can absolutely tell you that she won’t be disappointed in you. She will be thrilled. I mean, the woman asks me about 10 times a week when I’m gonna settle down. This will be a good moment. I promise.”
You shook your head, “I’m not- This isn’t about me, I’m sorry. Yes. Absolutely, let’s do it.” 
“Okay… sounds good, let’s do it. How’s tomorrow?” 
You smiled, “It’s a date.”
He smiled, climbing back into his car. You made your way to the door, waving at him quickly before heading inside. 
You plopped down on the couch, pulling Eli closer to you and draping an arm around his shoulders and kissing the top of his head, “I love you, dude.” 
“I love you, too, mama.” 
“How do you feel about today?” You asked, looking down at him.
He shrugged, “I know my dad. That’s cool.” 
“Yeah, and he’s a pretty cool guy. You are going to love spending more time with him,” you squeezed his shoulder gently, “Are you okay? Is there anything you’re still curious about?”
“Can I call him dad?” 
You smiled, “Do you want to?” 
He shrugged, “I think so.” 
“Only if you want to, bub. I promise you, you don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable. He understands.” 
“Well, maybe I’ll try it out,” he replied, making you chuckle. 
“Yeah, you can try it out.”
Tumblr media
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Kinktober 2021, Day 18: Raptophilia
Summary:  Andy wants to make sure he fulfills all your fantasies
Pairings:  Andy Barber X Reader
Rating:  Explicit
Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, PIV sex, a bit of a chase kink, role play, rape kink, safe word, mentions of free use, 18+ ONLY
Raptophilia  is a paraphilia involving assault and rape. Sexual arousal and satisfaction depend on the terrified reaction of the victim.  
Word Count:  916
Kinktober 2021 Masterlist
Tumblr media
You stare over at him from over your coffee cup, but when his eyes find yours, you quickly look away. The hustle and bustle of the café giving you a bit of a coverage, but your eyes still look for him. The next time he catches you looking at him, you hold that stare. He walks up to you, introducing himself as Andy, and you give him your name. Talking casually with him, until you feel it's getting late.
"I should really be going," you politely tell him.
"Can I get your number?"
"Not tonight. I come here every morning at 8:00, Andy. We'll see how it goes," you give him a quick kiss to his cheek before turning to walk out of the café. Walking just the few blocks back home, even though it's dark.
You spin around because you felt as if someone was following you. Shaking off your shoulders you just tell yourself that you're losing your mind, but still, you speed up your walking that much more. Not quite running, but your feet shuffle around as fast as could be acceptable for not running. Your eyes glancing around the street, and when you hear the quick pounding of feet on pavement, you know you're being followed.
You pick up your pace to run to your house, digging around in your bag for your keys blindly. Finally, grabbing a hold of them, but your fumbling self, drops them on the ground. Flubbing even more to pick them up, and a shiver runs up your spine, hearing a breath of air, you grab the keys, sprinting the last block home. Tripping up the stairs you struggle with your keys, but when you push it through the slot a thick hand grabs your waist.
"Didn't want to wait until tomorrow."
"Andy, you shouldn't have followed me home," you breathing still isn't even, due to how intimidating he is. Setting your skin to a crawling feeling.
"Well, I was walking home and I saw you running. Wanted to make sure you were okay."
"Yeah, I'm fine. I just let my imagination take control. Thank you for checking on me."
Feeling comfortable enough you open the door thanking him again, "I'd feel better if you let me check out your house. A woman's intuition is usually correct."
You let your guard down, walking in first before beckoning him in. He closes the door behind him, locking it, and a darkness creeps over his features. "You should really learn not to trust strangers. Did you never learn that in school?"
"Andy? You need to leave," you back yourself up hitting the couch and you're sinking down.
"Getting ready for me?"
"Andy, leave."
"Don't want to," his body stalks over to you, jerking your leg down closer to him, his lips harshly pushing against yours, and you tilt your head away. Andy's hand grips tightly to your cheeks, holding you steady so he can crash into you. His other hand fondles around on your breasts.
He leans back far enough before he's ripping at your clothes, "Stop!" you scream, but your face is met with his open hand. Your body tries to thrash around, not wanting to make things too easy for him. "Why are you doing this?"
"You told me to," he pauses his motions to watch your face. When he gets what he was looking for he continues his rough motions on you. Ripping at every piece of clothing he grabs a hold on. Leaving you bare, only the black trails running down your cheeks. "Watching you at the café, you were making the most come hither faces you could. Such a fucking slut, aren't you. You couldn't quit staring at me. You want this."
His fingers harshly push into your cunt, your body reacting even though your mind doesn't want to. Tugging at his tie, he removes his hands long enough to wrap it around your mouth, tying it up to gag you. Your head continuously shaking no, while he awkwardly holds your hands above your head and he strips himself.
Fully nude he still grips tightly to your hands, and his thick bulbous head pushes through your folds, moaning with every inch he takes. "Try to deny, your slut cunt wants this. She's sucking me in. Fuck. Does your husband not fuck you enough?"
Your head still shakes, wanting to remove yourself from this moment. "Guess, I'm going to have stay for a while."
His body pounds into you with fervor. Hips knocking against yours, it all becomes too much when your body heats up to him. "Flamingo," you mumble over the tie.
His movements stop immediately. "Honey, you, okay?" he asks taking his tie out of your mouth.
"Yeah. Sorry, I tap out. We tried it, I'm not into it. Can I just have my husband Andy back?"
His pouty lips gently kiss along yours. "Oh, honey, I'm so sorry."
"Babe, it was my idea."
He slowly rolls his hips into you. This motion is just to make sure you feel loved and taken care of. Even his kisses have changed. You don't mind trying out all the kinks you can, you trust your husband, and he's also so quick to stop immediately when you use your word. "I love you."
"Love you, too, honey. So how do you feel about free use?"
Tumblr media
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Main Thing
Loosely based off of the song, “Main Thing” by Ariana Grande.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female!Reader
Word Count: 2,962
Summary: One night can change everything in your relationship.
Warnings: Fluff. Sexual themes.
A/N: Hello everyone! I have really enjoyed writing this mini-series. It wasn’t supposed to be series, but here we are. If you couldn’t tell, I really love Ariana and her music, this series should tell you enough. This is part five, the final part of the Positions mini-series, you can read part four here or go to the masterlist here. Also, very sorry if the GIF is misleading, this was the only tuxedo worthy GIF I liked.
Tumblr media
Everything was different and you loved it. It had been two months since your last quarrel with Steve over your sex life and every day was a new opportunity to try something new.
He was happy coming home to you after long missions and you felt you were closer than ever. As different as it was, it was a good kind of different. The best kind of different.
Steve eyes you from across the room full of guests that had some kind of connection to Tony. The sound of ice clinking in glasses of drinks fills your ears along with multiple people talking over each other.
It was a production party for the Avengers at the compound with allies and as Steve’s girlfriend, you had to be there. Not really, but Steve wouldn’t go if you didn’t.
In his eyes, you were the life and soul of every party you attended. For some reason, perhaps an instinct in your gut made you amber in nervousness.
His eyes followed lower to take in your full appearance. Every peek you got of him already looking added a layer of anxiety to your stomach.
You weren’t used to Steve being this eager in public, especially not in front of his colleagues, but with every second, you got more turned on and on about it.
Dressed in a beige glitter ruffled backless mini dress, with your hair done like a princess, you felt so innocent under his spell. Steve seemed radiant in his tux and you couldn’t take it anymore.
Butterflies flutter in your stomach as he walks towards you, gazing down at you with that sweet smirk of his that drove you crazy. You felt yourself getting hot off his lip bite alone.
“Hi, angel.” Steve lays his hand on the small of your back, sending electrifying jolts up and down your spine. He pulls you into him so everybody can see, kissing your forehead lightly. His minty breath against your skin chills your nerves with pleasure.
“Hey. Are you enjoying the party?” You question, taking a sip from your champagne. Your sugary smile warms Steve up more than you know.
He could have studied you for many hours and he’d still have no idea what was going on in your mind.
“It’s a party,” Steve scoffs. He tries to hide it, but you can smell the sarcasm radiating off of him. And his cologne which always threatened to make your knees weak “But with you, I’m happy.”
On your tiptoes, you give him a soft kiss, his lips begging for more. As you pull away, Tony interrupts with a high note of his silverware to his glass.
“Everyone! Heads up! It’s my speech-making time.” Tony gazes around the room, making sure every eye is on him and listening. “Before I make one of the best speeches you will ever hear,” You laugh along with the crowd. “I want to give thanks to all my fellow teammates, but most of all. . . Cap, where you at?”
“Duty calls.” Steve leaves a peck on your bashful cheek before heading up on stage next to Tony.
Tony gives Steve a strong hug, but not for too long for people to assume they were friendly towards one another. “Captain Steve Rogers, everybody.” Tony presents.
Steve blushes, light beaming upon him. There was a side of him he often portrayed in front of the public. He was the Captain in their eyes, but in yours, you saw this man who put everything on the line for you.
A man who wasn’t all that good with making unannounced speeches, but managed to make looking very nervous cute.
“Thank you, Tony. Uhm, I apologize, I’m not prepared. I think we all know that’s the reason why I’m up here, talking to you all before Tony.”
The crowd laughs at Steve’s small joke, but you only smile wider. With a microphone in one hand and a beer in the other, he changes the entire atmosphere of the room.
Everything is calm, silent, and sparkling in front of you. He peers down at the crowd. “For the past few weeks, we’ve all been through a lot and it’s affected our lives, but in the end, I’m glad that I see the same faces finishing alongside me as the ones who started.”
Steve’s gaze hits you and stays. A soft grin forms on his face. “Not only do I want to thank everyone who worked with us, but I want to thank everyone behind the scenes. The ones that you come home to. The ones that take your mind off the world for a second. The ones that love you, no matter how dirty your face gets from the outline of the cowl.”
Tears meet your orbs as you giggle with everyone, not taking your eyes off of the love of your life.
“My angel, Y/N. You are there for me after every mission, making sure every bruise, scrape, and cut is covered in Neosporin and bandages even though the serum heals them on its own. You are the best comforter in the world and I truly will never understand how more amazing you become with every day you exist. I love you.”
The more he spoke, the more you became so enthralled with him. Only his words could make you feel that way and nothing could change that. “I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their evening. I must now go kiss my beautiful girlfriend. Thank you all!” Steve escapes the light and practically runs through everyone to get to you.
Multiple eyes follow you as he gives you the perfect flash of his smile and kisses you passionately to the sound of claps for the both of you.
Tumblr media
After the speeches, it became time to continue mingling. You do your socializing, but there was only so much you could talk about with the plethora of superheroes before it became repetitive.
Steve would be socializing for a while now so to excuse yourself, you walk outside onto the terrace that looked over the trees in the darkness and the guests’ cars.
Luckily, it wasn’t too cold outside. The weather had been in an autumn mood, but the evenings were rather warm without being humid.
The twinkling stars above gave you company in addition to your second glass of champagne.
You always believed they blinked back at you, as a sign that you aren’t alone. Moving to the soft hum of the music, the slight wind sways your hips.
You don’t take your eyes off the white specks in the sky as you begin to dance with them. For them.
“There’s my angel.” Steve’s deep tone alarms you out of your trance. You turn around to face him. “You left the party, I couldn’t find you.”
Steve snakes his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him.
His cerulean orbs glimmer in the moonlight, returning you back to the spell he had you in when he was making that speech. “It got toasty with everybody in there so I came out here for some fresh air.” You answer.
He rests his head into the crook of your neck and rocks you side and side to the rhythm of the new song. You follow his silent orders and wrap your arms around his neck.
Steve presses his lips to your sensitive flesh and stops there. “You could have found me. I was worried.”
“You were talking with the others and I didn’t want to interrupt. Besides, how can any girlfriend be upset when you spoiled me in that speech of yours?”
He pushes away slightly to get a good look at your face. “Was it too much?”
“Baby, no. Never. It was lovely.” You cup his cheeks into your palms like you always did in a sentimental moment. His puppy dog eyes take you over. “Every word of it was so special to me.”
“Well good. Angel, you got me tripping. I adore you so much.”
Before he can move away from you any further, you pull him harshly into a strong kiss. One that could make you cry. “Steve, I love you more than I can comprehend.”
“It’s so nice to hear those words come from your lips.” Shortness of breath suddenly hits him as his eyes become glossy.
His next movement is surreal. He reaches into his blazer whilst lowering down on one knee.
Within a matter of seconds, your entire outlook on your life alters. You were suddenly floating in the stars.
Surrounded by so many gleams of light, you only saw Steve’s face. 
“Y/N, there is not a moment of my day where I don’t think about our future. Seventy years of my life was taken away from me and I’d rather spend the next seventy back in that aircraft than be without you.” Steve’s eyes light up with tears covering his bottom eyelid.
This man that’s in front of you. He felt like your soulmate. Your soul intertwined with his and the stars never lie.
His last sentence brings you back down to earth.
“You’re the main thing, Y/N.”
Another breath and you were making history. You orbited the earth on your own personal moon and touched the stars the same way they touched you.
“Will you marry me?”
You peer down through the water in your eyes at the shining diamond ring in the red velvet box. It made all the stars above you two appear dull.
In a whisper, you reply. “Yes.”
Steve is stunned, not quite sure if you would even agree to the engagement.
“Yes, yes, I’m saying yes.” The nerves in your body flow with excitement, every second changing as fiancés in your timeline together.
Before he can stand up or put the ring on your precious finger, you hug him tightly, wanting to absorb his energy and stay in the moment for a little bit.
You pull away, gather his face into your hands and give him a soft kiss. One you couldn’t describe in words. You couldn’t fathom in your head how much Steve meant to you.
Steve prompts your delicate finger into his soft palm to slide the perfect ring right on. “Y/N, I’m so in love with you, you have no idea.”
He stood back and for a second, everything turned into slow motion.
You knew about his past. You knew about Peggy and how he never really had a romantic figure in his life before her. He had been waiting for what felt like a million years for him to get married, especially to the woman who knew about his past and loved him even more because of it.
Within those few extra seconds, the look on Steve’s face was indescribable. He had been wanting this for a very long time.
He had been wanting you for even longer.
“Gosh, I don’t want to walk in there and cause a commotion.” Glaring down at the rock on your fragile hand, you wipe away the tears of joy.
“Don’t worry. Bruce is aware we’re out here and is guarding the doors.”
“Can we stay out here for a little longer? Just dance together?” You request.
“Anything for you, angel.” Strongly, Steve pulls you in by your neck for another forceful and needy kiss.
When you disconnect, he takes your hand into his, placing his other hand on the dip of your waist. You rest your cheek upon his chest, Steve relaxing his chin on the crown of your head. “Oh, the girls are going to be so jealous. You picked a great one.” You say, referring to the ring.
You ogle the gleam in the diamond. “I’m so happy you love it, angel. Pepper helped me pick it out, but she promised she wouldn’t tell anybody else.”
The volume of Steve’s words fades into the wind and noise coming from the party. After a while, all you could hear was the bump of the music inside and the heartbeat of your future husband.
Tumblr media
The mist was chilling and everything went by in a huge blur.
Six years later and away on your holiday vacation, through the huge blur, you take a glimpse at what your life had become.
There they were, playing in the fluffy snow. The winter season was quite cold and long in Montana. Throughout the week, the downfall of snow would fluctuate, but it was nothing you didn’t prepare for.
Steve and you had been vacationing in Condon, MT for a few days in celebration of your daughter Arielle’s fifth birthday. One of her wishes was to see snow for the first time and Steve felt appointed to take her away for the birthday week.
He honestly couldn’t say no to her. Little did he know, she had him wrapped around her precious finger.
You watch them play in the open field of snow, throwing snowballs and making snow angels. Seeing Steve with her made your heart overfill with joy.
Prior to Arielle being born, the only person who was more excited than you for her to get here was Steve. The idea of your small family was all he could think about for those long nine months.
Giggling, you snap multiple candids of them in the white downfall. These moments were precious, every picture turning into an instant memory as you take them, one by one.
Arielle runs up to the cabin to you, Steve catching up and grabbing her before she can reach you. Their laughter is consumed by the shy wind, only increasing their smiles and their rosy cheeks.
“I have a proposition.” Steve says, holding your daughter up on his side.
You couldn’t help lighting up with contentment as Arielle looked so adorable with her bright orange winter coat hood up and red button nose. Steve in a beanie only added to the major DILF energy he had going on.
“Oh? And what would that be?”
“I’m thinking we should move here when I retire.”
The sudden change of heart piques your interest. “I thought you wanted to settle down in Brooklyn so Arielle could grow up in the same environment you did.”
“I understand that, angel, but it’s remote. We seem to be handling the weather perfectly, right, sweetheart?” Steve shakes Arielle up to get a reaction. 
“Yeah!” She replies with a smile as big as the moon. “We’ll talk about it later, angel.” Steve lays a soft peck onto your lips, teasing at a bite of your bottom lip before pulling away.
They walk back into the cabin, already in a rush to take off those coats, snow boots, and get close by the fire. So entranced in this fantasy you created for yourself, you watch them through the window.
What did you do to deserve all of this, you think to yourself. Who did you have to bribe to get what you wanted?
Steve was everything to you. This family that made you happier than you could conceivably imagine was so special to you. Not only were you an incredible wife and mother, but Steve was there to remind you so.
He would be retiring soon so new locations were on the table for you three. You didn’t let Arielle become possessed with ideas from the public about her father’s job and he didn’t want her to perceive him differently when she got older.
Retirement felt like the best decision at the time. You felt comfortable with whatever he was. Steve wanted what was best for both of you, including Arielle.
He did everything for his baby girl. “I’d do anything for her mama as well.” Steve would say to calm your mind.
Steve was the husband and father of your dreams. How you became so lucky, you would never know.
“Do you want a cup of hot chocolate, Mommy?” There’s a sudden yell from behind the glass of the frozen window by the front door with Arielle staring at you.
“Yes, baby boo!” You snap back to reality, going into the cabin and becoming overwhelmed with the gracious heat.
You meet her in the kitchen, taking the cup already full of hot cocoa with jumbo marshmallows into the living room. Steve sat perfectly in his place on the couch, feet up and watching the television overhead of the fireplace.
Leaning over the back of the couch, you grab Steve’s face by his chin, yearning for his mouth on yours. He hums lovingly, causing all the iciness to melt away. “What was that for?” Remaining close to his face for another long-awaited kiss, you stare into his dark eyes.
“I just really love my husband.”
“Is that right?” Steve scoffs sarcastically before you hit him again with a slow passionate kiss. You nibble a little at his lip as you brush your thumb over his cheek gently. “Angel, I think I love my wife a bit more.” Steve snickers, earning a smile from you.
As sentimental as the moment was, you didn’t want a single tear to shed and ruin it. “That’s not possible.”
“Oh, but angel. It is.” Steve’s own eyes fill softly, but nothing could shatter him more than your love for him. The love you had for each other.
The many positions you’d put one another in would often slip you up. Even through the mishaps and mistakes, Steve would be there. You couldn’t hide it and neither could he.
The stars were right about him after all. Steve was a star himself. Shining bright and looking over you. You were his angel and he was a falling star begging to be caught. It was your hands that ached and healed him all at once.
Steve Rogers was your falling star and you caught him. You caught him.
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thsslut · 12 hours ago
Make it up to you
Tumblr media
Summary: You had a fight with Chris and think about how you can make it up to him
Pairing: Chris Evans x fem!reader
Word count: ~500
Warnings: lil bit smutty
*No permission is given to repost or copy my work and claiming it as your own*
A/N: English isn’t my first language so sorry for any mistakes
Please comment and reblog if you enjoyed my work
Tumblr media
It was still present in my head, when I was laying in our shared bed later that night. I had curled myself into a human ball and my hands wrapped around my upper half, covered with Chris‘s T-shirt.
We had a fight, not our first but it was worse than most before. It was big and…about nothing. We’re both just stressed because of work.
He filmed a series called „Defending Jacob“ and I‘m happy for him, really. He loved his job and he loved to work. And another positive thing about that series was, it‘s filmed near Boston, so he could be home every evening and we enjoy them together.
But today was something off…and then it came crashing down on us.
But now, I couldn’t even remember why we fought. I just remember that I was so angry that I stood up from the dinner table and stormed into our shared bedroom, slamming the door shut.
I‘m torn out of my thoughts when Chris crossed the room to get to the bath. A couple of minutes later the mattress dipped under the weight of his muscular body.
He turned to me, opened his mouth and closed it again. He wanted to say something but decided to stay quiet. He then gave me a kiss on my head and whispered:„ I love you“.
Immediately I felt bad that I yelled at him. Every time we fight he keeps calm, like nothings happening, but I…I yell at him like crazy and call him the worst things I can imagine. And every time afterwards he forgave me like it was nothing, luckily. Chris hugs me, like I needed comfort because of a bad day, and whispers sweet nothings into my ear, so I could and would calm down. And while I still thought about him and what an incredible human being he was, I drifted off to sleep.
Tumblr media
I woke up, when fingertips drew light circles on my arm. I realised that I laid on Chris‘s bare chest.
„I’m sor-“ my voice broke. „I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you and I shouldn’t have called you all those horrible things and-and…“ I snivelled.
„You don’t have to apologise, it was my fault too.“ he said, his voice hoarse from sleep. It send a spark down my spine and directly to my core. „Then at least let me make it up to you.“ I said in a sultry voice.
Wriggling from between the sheets I shifted downwards and took the blanket from his lower half. At first he‘s confused, but when realisation hit him, his eyes went wide and filled with lust.
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ramp-it-up · 2 days ago
Make it Hot
Day 16 of #RampitUp1Kinktober
Tumblr media
Pairing: Johnny Storm x Reader
Summary: Johnny just wants to make it up to you.
1Kinktober Kink: Face Riding
Word Count 1K
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. SMUT! Read at your own risk. Fuckboi ways, bratty attitude if you squint, oral (f receiving), squirting, creampie. Not Beta’d. All errors my own. Dividers by @firefly-graphics.
A/N: Im so tired y’all 😩. And this is maaad late, but it’s still the 16th somewhere in my country, lol. This is for the 16th day of #rampitup1Kinktober! TYSM for following me! 🧡
I Do NOT Consent to my work being reposted, translated or presented on any other blog or site other than by myself.
Tumblr media
“Let me make it up to you, Sweetheart.”
It always started like this.
Johnny’s fuckboy ways pissed you off and he would get you hot to distract you.
It was your toxic way of life being Johnny’s girl. At least it wasn’t boring.
You had blocked him and it had taken him a day and half to notice. He’d melted the lock on your front door to get to you.
You were in bed and about to cuss him out when he stopped you.
“Don’t even pretend. I know you want my attention. Well, you’ve got it now.”
Johnny pulled back the covers, regarding your panty clad body. You didn’t sleep in anything else because you’d invariably get hot.
One way or another.
He waited for that look to cross your face and then disintegrated your panties, heating your pussy up for him.
This is what you wanted. It had been three days since he'd given you dick and he was liking IG models’ booty pics. It wasn’t until you blocked him and posted your own that he came over.
Johnny shook his head at you.
“You know better than to advertise what is mine to the world, Sweetheart.”
He lifted your leg up on his shoulder and started to kiss your foot. Soft kisses and tongue trailed down your leg to your inner thigh.
“But I get it, I’ve been neglecting you.”
He must have been using his power to heat his kisses, because your leg and your soul were on fire.
Johnny ran his nose along your slit and inhaled, smiling as he lay flat on the bed, naked body indenting the mattress, as if etching his form into the bed. He was heating up. You whimpered in anticipation.
You were so wet, your juices were coating his lips as he licked you hungirly.
“So sweet. I want you to sit on my face.”
He lay down with his head beside your stomach, one hand reaching over lightly, hotly, tracing your belly button, while the other started stroking himself off. You swore you saw steam coming off him.
You get up on all fours and swing your leg over his head, kneeling above him. You felt the heat rising as his fingers parted your lower lips and slowly rub your already hardened nub with your wetness.
“Yes, I love this shit,” murmured Johnny, as your thighs started to shake already. “I’m about to eat this pretty little pussy like it’s my last meal, sweetheart.”
His hot hands grabbed each asscheek and pulls you down onto his face, burying his face in your cunt, motor boating and licking your wet cunt with his hot tongue (you’re sure of it now) until you are moaning loudly and beginning to try to lift off his face.
Johnny forcefully pulled you back down, saying something that must be “Sit here and take it,” into your pussy. All you experienced were the vibrations of the words on your sensitive clit.
“Johnny, please, oh my god, oh god!”
Your voice was broken as you begged him to stop. You started convulsing as you came in his mouth, your juices spilling out like a faucet.
When you were done, he pulled you back on his chest, propped his head up on the pillow and looked down at your wet mess of a pussy, trapping you there with his hands on your thighs.
His long fingers were still exploring your sensitive areas, and it was almost too much to handle.
“Johnny, please. I can’t take it baby. Please.”
Those fire blue eyes looked up at you.
“Oh, sweetheart. We’re just getting started. You’re going to be sore in the morning.”
His hoarse whisper made you clench and he felt it. He grinned that grin at you and pushed the fingers of one hand deeper into you while rubbing your clit with the other thumb.
“You’re so fucking nasty, Johnny. I love it”
You were sliding over his pecs now, the hair on his chest adding to the friction his hands were giving you.
He rubbed your clit faster, flicking his thumb over it back and forth until you were crying out, shaking and moaning.
He swiftly pulled you back over his mouth and plunged his hot, thick, wide tongue inside you to incite another orgasm, which happened quickly. You slumped over him onto the bed and he slid out from under you like a mechanic.
You were on all fours again, head on the bed and legs drawn under you. He pulled your legs apart and there appeared that perfect arch.
“Sweetheart. For me? You shouldn’t have.”
Johnny swiped his hard, leaking cock up and down your folds, sparking your over sensitive clit. You were exhausted, but you needed it to make your night complete. You arched even more.
“Yessssss. Let me get that shit.”
Johnny pressed his hot palm on the small of your back and held his dick straight as he slid inside you. You were so wet that it happened easily, but not without an incredible stretch that felt full and warm and good.
Once he was balls deep, he let you adjust and started stroking, warming up incrementally until your walls pulsed around him. At this point, his hips were snapping his cock into you hard and you could feel hot spurts of precum as he got impossibly harder and started moaning.
“Pussy so good. Gets me going. You’re so fucking hot.”
“Give it to me Johnny!” You were gasping for breath.
“Shit shit, fuck, oh my god!”
Suddenly, you felt his hot cum wash over your walls which triggered your third orgasm.
Johnny grunted his release and rolled off of you as you collapsed flat on the bed, his hot spend seeping out of you.
You smiled over at the sight of actual steam wafting from him.
He smiled back at you as he got up and moved toward the bathroom.
“Wanna take a cold shower with me?”
You couldn’t resist that smile, or the invitation.
After all, you knew Johnny would make it hot.
Tumblr media
I know this is just PWP. But give it to me. I can take it.
@olyvoyl @summerofsnowflakes @riiyy @honeysucklechocolatedrippin @chattykathysquietsister @nikole-witha-k @nissameta1782 @afriendlyblackhottie @betterkeepmewetterthanabayou @donutloverxo @marvelfansworld  @london-grunge @ximaginexx @bertieandberries @ladystrawberry @chesca-791 @calimoi @fangirlfree @iconicshit @maroonsunrise83 @partypoison00 @curlyhairclub @denisemarieangelina @harrysthiccthighss @simpinforu @sunshinexsin @celestialbeingz @the-1900 @geminixevans @fanfictionwr1tin @breezykpop @youthought-iwasa-nicegirl @peaceinourtime82 @hisgirlfriday439 @nik2write @deepintothenature @jassiejj2118
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 days ago
Torment Felt So Nice
Kinktober Day 16: Mysophilia (underwear fetish)
Pairing: Mr. Freezy x fem!reader, officer Bill x fem!reader
Words: ~1.7k
Summary: Bobby’s starting to get fed up.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (humping, both dry and wet, choking, slapping, rough sex, mentions of cum eating and male masturbation, degradation), domestic violence, cheating kind of, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: This arc is so fucking nasty but I am all here for it. Poor Bill 😂
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!
Tumblr media
“Oh god, Suzy.” Bill buried his face in your chest as he kept writhing underneath you, his frantic breaths warming your skin as you kept moving over him. “Ungh, you feel so good, honey.”
“Bill, don’t stop.” You were trying hard not to roll your eyes at the man, at least you were getting some kind of action tonight, usually he just wanted to snuggle and make out.
He groaned into your chest when he felt your pussy slide over his tip, the lace of your panties soaked through with slick and precum as you continued grinding over his cock nice and slow as he wound his arms around your waist. You were so close, even with the stupid soft shit, at least this dumbass could make you come. Bill purred when you ran your fingers through his hair, keeping him close as he mouthed sloppily at your chest and you drove yourself over his lap desperately.
“Baby, oh fuck, ‘m gonna come.” He peeked up at you from where his face was resting between your breasts, nuzzling at your soft curves and humming softly when you arched into his face. “Are you coming? Need to feel you come, please honey.”
You squeezed your eyes shut and moaned as you tried to tune his sweet talking out, chasing your own pleasure with wildly gyrating hips. He bucked his pelvis into yours when you lost your rhythm, growling softly at the feeling of you throbbing against him as you came with a small cry. Bill was right behind you, pressing you into his lap and groaning as his cum shot all over the thin lace of your panties, smearing it over the soaked fabric as his hips stuttered with his release.
“You’re so amazing.” He cupped your cheek as he gazed at you, breathing heavily and smiling when you met his eyes. “I can’t believe you’re all mine.”
“Yes, just yours, sweetie.” You grinned as you leaned forward to kiss him, letting him pull you down to the couch as he curled his body around yours so you could both snuggle as he whispered sweet nothings to you. You really were going to ruin this boy.
It was two hours later when he finally let you go, pressing his lips to yours and murmuring about how happy you made him as he walked you to your car after a stupid amount of cuddling. You needed some sort of palate cleanser, this fluff was getting to you.
So you headed over to Bobby’s, if anyone could give you that rough shit you needed, it was him.
He did not look happy when you walked in, his hair pulled back as he worked on cleaning and sharpening a variety of weapons that were splayed put in front of him. He’d been doing that a lot lately, ever since you’d started denying him with your little game his guns and knives had never been in better condition.
“What the fuck do you want?” He spat at you, drawing the whetstone slowly over his Bowie knife and scowling at you.
“Jesus, what kind of hello is that?” You sank into the opposite end of the couch with a mocking pout, stretching your legs out until your feet were resting in his lap. “And here I am ready to help you get rid of that bad mood.”
“You’re here to be a fucking bitch and a tease.” He growled when you softly rubbed against the outline of his already hardening cock with the sole of your foot. “I know you’re not done playing your stupid fucking game so just get on with it.”
“Bitchy, bitchy.” You tutted when he just scoffed at you, drawing your legs up above your head as he glared at you sideways. “C’mon, Bobby, I’ve got a present for you.”
He just grumbled as he kept one eye on you, his tongue snaking out to wet his bottom lip and betraying him as he watched you draw your panties up until they were dangling around your ankle. You brought your foot down slowly while you gave him a wicked grin, dragging your toes over his chest and chuckling softly when you felt him growl.
Bobby grabbed your foot when you acted like you were going to pull away again, mouthing at the curve of your heel before grabbing your panties and rubbing them over his face as he let out a deep sigh. You just kept smiling as he breathed you in, his hips bucking into your foot as he nipped at your calf and purred.
God, the man was so easy, even if he was very much in denial about how much he needed you. It might have pissed you off how stubborn he was if it wasn’t so goddamn fun to break him down. Almost all it ever took was you flinging a pair of dirty panties at him and he would snap right out of whatever stupid bitch fest he was in the middle of.
“Fuck, get over here kitten.” He dragged you into his lap and groaned, still nosing at the soft lace as he buried his face in your neck. “When are you gonna quit being such a fucking cunt? I need that pretty snatch.”
“Mm, I know, just a little longer though, Bobby. You’ve been so good.” You tugged on his hair when he practically whined into your neck, his hips rolling underneath yours as he kept inhaling the scent of you with deep breaths.
“But, I fucking need… wait.” He froze when he took another sniff of the soiled panties wound through his fist. “Kitten, why the fuck do these smell like cum?”
“That seems like it should be obvious, Bobby. Why the fuck do you think?” Oh, he was going to be furious, you could already tell by the way his jaw was clenching.
“Did you let him come in my pussy?” He grabbed your jaw when you rolled your eyes at him, his voice that low, menacing growl that made your cunt throb. “Answer me, you stupid slut.”
“Maybe he did, Bobby.” You moaned softly when he dragged your face closer to his, biting your lip as he snarled wordlessly at you. “You know I need to be stuffed with cock. Gotta get it somewhere, and his is so fucking thick and heavy.”
“Oh, you dumb fucking whore.” He slapped your face hard when you laughed at him, sending you sprawling with a gasp before he dove on top of you and shoved your face into the floor. “What the fuck did I tell you, kitten? You gonna make me kill that fucking cop just ‘cause you can’t help but be a nasty little bitch?”
“You love when I’m a nasty bitch.” You purred when he wrapped his hand around your throat and yanked your head back until your back had a deep arch. “Relax, I didn’t let that pig fuck me.”
“See, why don’t I believe a word out of that cunt mouth?” He flipped you over and slapped you again, yanking your skirt up around your waist and smacked your pussy so hard your whole body jolted before undoing his fly in a rush. “Gonna fuck this tight little snatch until you’re back to being my stupid, cockdrunk little slut.”
You grinned before punching him right in the jaw, laughing at his furious roar before grabbing him by his hair and yanking his face to yours so you could bite at his lips.
“You’re not gonna fuck anything, Bobby.” You wound your legs around his hips as he growled into your mouth, arching your body into his when you felt his cock drag over your throbbing clit. “You’re still gonna get exactly what that dumb fucking cop gets until I say so. And all he got was to feel my sweet pussy slide over that fat dick of his. But I’ll let you get right up against it, Bobby, no panties in the way.”
“God, you fucking cunt.” He groaned when you slapped him in the face, grinding his hips into yours and hissing at the feel of your warm wetness slipping around his cock. “Fine, but I’m not gonna listen to you run that bitch mouth the whole time.”
Your eyes rolled back when he shoved your soiled panties between your lips, choking on the tangy fabric when he started rolling his pelvis against yours slowly. His hand wrapped around your throat as he kept up the steady rocking motion, keeping his eyes fixed on your face as you lost yourself in your pleasure.
With how worked up he was constantly, he was already close. He hated how goddamn easy it was for you to manipulate him, at least until he felt you this fucking close to him, your body melting against his and bending to his touch even when you were bossing him around. How he wished he didn’t love it so much.
You let out a groan around the panties as you fluttered against him, gripping his wrist tight as your release soaked his cock. Your eyes shot open when you felt him try to slip it in while you were riding it out, snarling at him and grabbing one of the knives from the coffee table as you spat out the underwear.
“Don’t fucking try it.” You snarled and pressed the tip of the blade to his neck, snorting when his eyes fluttered as a thin trickle of blood ran down his throat. “Just come all over my pussy like a good boy, I’ll even let you clean it up.”
He purred as his cock started to twitch, leaning all his weight on his arms to keep from collapsing as he spurted thick, warm ropes of white all over your pulsing cunt.
“You’re such a goddamn bitch.” He grumbled when you pulled the knife away and tossed it aside and leaned up to lock the blood off his neck.
“Yeah, that’s why you fucking love me.” You sucked a bruise over his throat and hummed when he groaned for you. “Now clean up your mess. Then I wanna watch you jerk off with my panties like I know you do when you really miss me.”
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fluffycutecevans · a day ago
Only you
pairing: Ari Levinson x plus size reader
warning: SMUT (18+ hand job, fingering, orgasm, no sexual intercourse) kissing, cuddling, slightly insecure reader, mentions of group sex, exploring each other’s bodies. fluff. nicknames (baby girl, sweetheart, honey)
a/n: i saw a dream, yep, so i saw a dream (no not the smut but almost up to it) and i thought about writing it down. specially because i have never seen a dream about Ari. he is one of the popular characters but he is not in my list of favourites, idk why. so anyway it was kinda weird and surprising to see him. and when i woke up i was smiling and blushing.
comments and reblogs are appreciated!! i would really like some feedback please!!
do not copy or repost my work
Tumblr media
(not my gif - credit to owner)
“Hey? you still with me?” Ari asks with a charming smile pulling (y/n) out of her thoughts. “yeah sorry” she gives an awkward smile. Ari doesn’t say anything just looks her up and down, something he has been doing since the start of their date, and tries to read her face. He wonders what’s going on in her pretty mind. “alright i’ll be back from the men’s room in a minute, meanwhile you can keep working that pretty brain of yours without my interruption” he winks and leaves the table leaving (y/n) flustered.
well she is definitely thinking something, actually a lot of things, she still isn’t sure how she landed a date with Ari. I mean have you seen the man? why is he interested in her? from the moment they entered the diner, he is getting so many stares from people and so much attention, it feels unbelievable to (y/n) that he asked her out on a date, she honestly thought it was a joke of some kind at first. but now that she is here she should stop thinking and start acting. it’s not that she doesn’t like Ari it’s just she thinks he is too out of her league.
“hey!” well this time it’s not Ari to interrupt her thoughts, it’s a waitress. she turns up her head to look at her. “i am sorry i shouldn’t interfere but um are you on a date with that man?” (y/n) raises her eyebrows at her question. “no no please don’t get me wrong i just. wow he is so handsome so attractive, i really couldn’t control myself, please i just wanted to know if he is single. you see my friends over there?” she points at the direction of two other waitresses who are giggling and probably smitten with Ari. “we were wondering if he would be interested in going back with us, i mean unless you are on a date of course. if not that can you please let him know about our offer?” (y/n) really doesn’t know how to react to that. they basically are hinting about a group sex offer to Ari, but well he isn’t here and the waitress looks pretty good, attractive. she decides it’s better to just nod and give a polite smile.
if she wasn’t feeling insecure by then, she is definitely feeling now. so that is the effect Ari has on people, she isn’t shocked to be honest but to experience it first hand? wow. this man must get so many offers like this. (y/n) isn’t that experienced when it comes to sex, but the explicit thought of Ari with those women is something that’s not escaping her mind anytime soon.
“sweetheart, am i boring or are your thoughts that interesting?” Ari asks as he occupies the seat across her again. “no i wasn’t- well um, you just got an offer.” Ari looks confused, so she explains it. “you see those three waitresses over there? they uh - they basically asked if you would be up for group sex with them.” she says looking down and Ari almost chokes on his drink. “What?” he chuckles in between of coughs. “i am sure that’s like a regular thing for you.” she says while stirring the straw of her milkshake, still avoiding eye contact. “what, having threesomes? well in this case a foursome.” she nods, he laughs “you know sweetheart i am not that popular” at that she catches his eyes “oh i am sure” she says sarcastically.
“well anyway, didn’t you tell her we are on a date?” she stays silent, doesn’t answer his question. he can understand that there is something going on with her “(y/n) we are on date, you’re the only person i am an interested in, only you. look i don’t know if you just said yes to this date to be polite or if you’re actually interested in me but i really want to get to know you. and about their offer, i am not interested, as i said i am only interested in you.” she stares at him, a smile appears on her face before she could control it. “well um are you expecting us to have sex? i mean tonight after this date?” Ari chuckles. “no honey, i don’t expect anything, just wanna have a good time but hey if you suggest that idea i won’t be against it” he winks and she gets shy. “so shall we get out of here now?”
They head out of the diner after paying for their food which Ari insists that he will pay. the waitress was just staring at Ari and looking him up and down, twirling her hair, all while Ari was looking at (y/n). Ari also insists on dropping (y/n) home. “So here we are” he says when the car comes at a stop in front of her house. “Would you like to come in? i mean we couldn’t talk a lot in the diner i feel bad that i - i was kinda preoccupied with some thoughts, so if you can come in, we can get to know each other better?” Ari says yes with a big smile.
They talk and talk, and then talk some more. turns out they really enjoy each other’s company. “hey can i ask what were you thinking while we were at the diner?” he asks, they are sitting on her couch. “well, it’s just i was wondering why you asked me out on a date, i mean you’re clearly out of my league and when the waitress asked about you i couldn’t help but think that she was so attractive, all i could think was that you must get so much attention from extremely beautiful and attractive people and i just couldn’t figure why you are interested in me” she fidgets with the hem of her dress. Ari gently takes her hand in his bigger one. “look i don’t know how you got the idea of me being out of your league, because you’re so nice, very funny and smart, so beautiful and don’t get me started on how attractive i find you.” he rubs her hand with his thumb and she looks at him. “you think i am attractive?” he smiles and says “yes sweetheart, you’re so attractive, you’re beautiful and wow i-i can’t stop thinking about you.” she has a shy smile on her face. “i mean look at you, i have no idea how you can think you’re not attractive” she giggles at that. “i love to see you laugh, i wanna make you laugh”. she now imitates his action and rubs his hand with her thumb.
“you said you can’t stop thinking about me? what exactly do you think about me?” he smirks, “you really wanna know sweetheart? i have to warn you that some of these thoughts maybe somewhat explicit.” she suddenly gets a surge of confidence and her witty side comes out. “oh i wanna know, i wanna know especially if these thoughts are explicit.” he pulls her a little close. “you see sweetheart, this is what i like, your witty side, your funny side, you’re clever remarks, makes you more attractive.” she moves even closer to him. “care to tell me more mister?” they are so close to each other, warm breaths can be felt, (y/n)’s heart is beating so fast, she is nervous but so excited. “why don’t i show you instead hm?” she barely nods when closes the gap between their lips and pulls her into a heated kiss. it’s all tongue and a little teeth, (y/n) allows Ari to dominate which he gladly does. he pulls her into his lap.
when they pull apart, out of breath, Ari’s blue eyes are now dark in colour, he wants to remember this moment, the first time he kissed her, the first time he saw her out of breath, lips swollen, fuck. “Ari? i- i am not very um experienced.” she tries to look down but Ari holds her chin. “look at me baby girl” she squirms in his lap at the nickname. it doesn’t get unnoticed by Ari. “baby girl” he says, voice so low, (y/n) gets goosebumps. “we don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna ok? we can take it slow.” (y/n) bites her lower lip which makes Ari almost growl. “i- you wanna go to the bedroom?” Ari answers her question by picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom, she didn’t think Ari would be able to carry her but before she could protest or say anything she already finds herself on her bed. Ari joins her, pulls her close, holds her neck and kisses her again. they fall on the bed, Ari on top of her, exploring each other’s mouth. she pulls apart, “Ari?” he tries to find any kind of discomfort in her eyes. “yeah babygirl?” she stares into his eyes “is it okay if we don’t have sex tonight? i mean if we just kept kissing and exploring each other, is that okay?” Ari kisses her forehead “of course it is.” she smiles and starts kissing his neck. he smiles too, her kisses are a perfect mixture of cute and erotic and when she reaches that sweet spot on his neck a moan leaves his mouth. (Y/n) has that sound imprinted in her brains now, that beautiful sound. Ari moves his hands up and down her body. she looks back into his eyes as if to give him permission, when he is at the edge of her dress. he draws soft patterns on her thighs and moves up, purposely ignoring the place where she needs his attention the most and moves to her stomach, beneath her dress. her stomach is one of her biggest insecurities. as if Ari could sense that, he presses another kiss on her lips and tells her “your belly is so soft baby girl, i love it, i love all your curves, love your beautiful body.” she smiles, Ari makes her feel so good, good about herself. she loves that Ari is paying attention to her but she also grows impatient.
“Ari” she says, almost moans, in need. “Ari i need you please” he smirks and strokes her inner thighs, teasing her more “Use your words sweetheart” she whines “uh please touch me, touch me there, fuck, touch my pussy.” He captures her lips with his own as he starts exploring her lower lips with his big hand. that man, even his hands are attractive. when he feels her soaking pussy through her cotton panties, she moans in his mouth. “so wet for me baby girl, fuck.” she curses too. “Ari, i wanna touch you too please.” Ari could cum at that, her words, her face, his hands in her most intimate place, all of it is enough to make him cum, he is kinda embarrassed about that, about how turned on he can be even without being touched. he wanted to say she doesn’t have to, when she requests again “Ari please”, he starts removing his belt with his other hand and (y/n) tries to help. When he is finally out of his confinement, (y/n) takes him in her hands, she is shocked by his size. she gasps and Ari smirks, kissing her again, when she starts stroking him he groans in her mouth. they start getting each other off. “Fuck babygirl just like that, so good for me. you like it huh? like having my cock in your hand?” she just nods and starts stroking him faster. By now Ari has moved her panties to a side. He keeps stimulating her clit with his thumb while he inserts a finger in her and fucks her with it. she is clenching his hands, a sign she is close, he is too.
“you’re close hm? come on baby girl cum for me, fuck i am close too, you’re making me feel so good, your soft hands fuck.” and within a few minutes both of them reach their high moaning each other’s names. they pant and try to calm down. Ari takes his hand, the one which explored her beautiful pussy and licks it clean with his tongue. “even your taste is addictive, can’t wait to explore you more, fuck, come here.” he pulls her into a kiss, she can taste herself in his mouth, it’s so erotic, nothing like she has experienced before. when they calm down a bit, (Y/n) gets up from the bed to bring a wet cloth to help Ari clean himself. Ari cleans him up and she joins him back on the bad.
“wow i don’t think i have ever been so satisfied with a hand job before, you’re amazing baby girl” Ari says and she snuggles close to him. “look i don’t have many such encounters usually so i don’t know if this is a weird request but would you mind staying with me tonight?” Ari smiles, she is so so cute. “I would love to stay sweetheart.” he wraps his hand around her. she feels so comfortable with him, so does he. “thanks for tonight Ari, it was amazing” Ari kisses her forehead again and rubs her back. “You’re welcome honey, i can’t wait for our next date, I really like you.” she hides her face in his chest and plants a small kiss there. “i can’t wait either. i really like you too.” she mumbles against his chest. they drift of to sleep in snuggled up against each other.
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milkathedudz · a day ago
Legends Of The Spring
Pairing: Reader x Chris Evans, Reader x Steve, Reader x Andy
Warnings: None for this chapter
Summary: You are engaged to be married to the youngest of the Evans brothers, Steve. When you meet his older brothers Andy and Chris. All three brothers start to fight one another for your love and affection ultimately tearing the family apart. Follow this story of love, betrayal, loss and lust.
COMMENTS??? FEEDBACK??? If you’ve ever seen the movie legends of the fall with Brad Pitt this series will be based of that movie! If you wish to be added to a tag list let me know! Heart! Reblog! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“You’re gonna love it here darling.” Turning to look over at your fiancé who was smiling ecstatically.
“Does your family even know I’m coming?” You questioned feeling your heart race.
“Of course they do they couldn’t stop asking about you.” His hand reached over to rub your thigh.
You were engaged to be married to the youngest of the Evans boys. Steve was the first one to set his eyes on you, and knew he had to have you. From what started off slow turned into something hot and heavy. He was the sweetest and kindest man you have ever met. He had a big heart for such a little person. Next thing you know he pulled out a ring and asked you to spend the rest of your life with him. He told you about his other two brothers, and how close he was to them.
There was the middle son Andy who always followed the rules, and did what he was told. He rarely drank or did anything that would be deemed inappropriate. He tried too hard to be the most responsible son out of the three. Always wanting to make his father proud. From what Steve told you he would grow up to be some type of politician. His goals were always set high.
Then there was the oldest son Chris. You were told he was a wild child of the bunch. The type to climb up a tree chasing after a squirrel then fall and break his leg. He was reckless and completely irresponsible. He never obeyed anything his father said. He never listened to any rules that would be given to him. His two younger brothers looked up to him, and somehow turned out the complete opposite of him. He was mysterious and never one to show his feelings or wear his emotions on his sleeve. You were quite scared to meet him afraid he wouldn’t like you, and that would be that.
When Steve told you he wanted you to meet the family you were of course nervous, but ultimately you agreed. He told you they lived in the country woods of Virginia. They had money but they were never one to flaunt it like your family did. It was the 1920’s so having money was considered a big thing.
“You okay over there?” Steve asked breaking your from your thoughts. “Thought I lost you over there.”
“No sorry I was just thinking.” You chuckled as you shook your head.
“They’re going to love you I promise.” Turning back to look at him to see sincerity in his eyes.
“Okay.” You whispered as your hand gripped his.
“Besides I can’t wait to show off what a gorgeous woman I got before them.” He laughed making you shake your head at him laughing along with him.
Looking back out the window you noticed there were no houses just trees. He wasn’t joking when you said they lived literally no where. The cement road eventually turned into a dirt road. Looking ahead you could see a large wooden ranch house. To the side it looked like there was a barn.
The closer you got the more you could see. In the front of the house looked like a vegetable garden, and a wrap around porch. The place was gorgeous on the outside you could only imagine what it looked like on the inside.
“This is my home.” Steve spoke as he put the car in park.
You could see two people working in the barn one looked to be a woman the other a man. Come to think of it Steve never told you how many people were living in this house. It looked like his brothers were nowhere to be found.
“Are you ready darling?” Letting out a huge sigh you nodded your head.
Steve got out of the car first then jogged around to your side to open the car door for you. Placing his hand on your lower back as you two walked towards the house. Watching as an older man emerged from the front door.
“Is that my Steve?” You heard his deep voice rumble as he walked down the stairs. His eyes lit up seeing his son.
“Father.” He ran to him and wrapped his arms around him. His father doing the same as he held onto him like he never thought he would see him again.
You stood there as watched what seemed like a personal moment. A smile on your face as you witnessed the love this man had for his son. Even though his son was a grown adult he still treated them like they were little.
“Father there’s someone I want you to meet.” Steve said as he pulled away from his father. Both men turned to look at you. “This is Y/N. Y/N this is Robert my father.”
“Hello. It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.” You stuck your hand out for him to shake, but he just looked at it. Instead he pulled you in for a hug making you and Steve laugh.
“My son has told me so much about you.” He spoke as he pulled back putting a small distance between you two, but kept a soft grip on your arms.
“All good things I hope.” You joked making the men laugh.
“My son needs a good woman in his life.” He released your arms as he pulled his son in to his side. “Hard to believe my youngest is getting married first.”
“It couldn’t be that hard to believe.” Steve defended.
“Of course not son.” He looked from you to Steve. “He spoke of your beauty, but I never expected you to have the beauty of an angel.”
Looking down as you felt your cheeks heat up. You never were a fan of attention, and right now all the focus was on you. Steve couldn’t stop smiling to himself knowing that he has you.
“Your brothers will be quite jealous.” Steve almost winced at his words.
From what Steve has told you his brothers were quite competitive with one another. Hearing stories of how they once fought for the heart a woman, and it almost ruined their relationship. You were just hoping something like that wouldn’t happen to you.
“Speaking of my brothers where are Andy and Chris?” Steve asked as he looked around.
“Andy should be home any second. Chris well you know he’s off running somewhere.” His father shook his head.
Looking around you took in the fresh air that would around you. The beautiful scenery of the trees and mountains. How quiet and peaceful this place really was.
Watching the love and affection Robert had with Steve had your heart melting. Wondering would Steve be like that once you have kids. Always thinking about your future with him.
“Well if you don’t mind my beautiful fiancé and I would like to get settled in.” Steve grabbed your hand.
Before you could grab your things you heard a car pulling up the dirt road. Turning to see a man sitting alone in the car assuming it was one of the brothers. Based off what you could see he looked just like Steve, but he had a face full of hair.
“That’s Andy.” Steve whispered in your ear as his arm wrapped around your waist.
The three of you turning to watch Andy as he got out of the car, and smiled once he saw his younger brother. Jogging up to him only to tackle him with a hug. This family sure loved their hugs. Laughing as you watched them tussle around on the ground.
“Little brother growing up to be a man huh.” Andy joked as he ruffled Steve’s hair as the two brothers laughed.
“Quicker then you are big brother.” Steve shot back making their father laugh this time.
“My boys do this all the time.” Robert spoke to reassure you there was no bad blood between the brothers.
You loved how close this family was with each other. They weren’t afraid nor shy to show their love for one another. This was a family that stayed loyal to one another no matter what. They weren’t afraid to tell the other how they felt.
Arms crossing over your chest as you watched them wrestle around for a few more minutes. Andy finally getting off his younger brother. The both of them brushing the dirt off their clothes as they all turned to you now.
“Surely this can’t be your girl.” Andy joked in disbelief. “She’s too gorgeous for you.”
“You must be Andy.” You interrupted before Steve could say anything.
“That would be me.” Andy pushed his brother to the side to get closer to you.
“It’s very nice to meet you.” You shook Andy’s hand feeling a sense of warmth when you did.
“I’m sorry you met my little brother before me.” He joked making you snicker.
“Shut up you asshole you’re just mad she found me first.” Steve pushed Andy making him stumble.
“Seems like I picked the better brother.” You finally spoke making Steve and Robert laugh at how courageous you were becoming around them.
“Ha!” Steve exclaimed making Andy roll his eyes. “She is absolutely perfect.”
Before you could say anything else you heard something whine in the distance. It sounded like some sort of animal crying out. Then realizing it sounded like a horse. The four of you turning to where the noise came from.
“And that would be Chris.” Steve spoke when he realized what the sound was too.
Watching as a dark brown horse came emerging from the trees alarmingly fast. There sat Chris on top of the horse with something in his hand. Watching in bewilderment as he had complete control over the horse. The way he rode the animal with such grace and passion.
Hearing as Chris hollered once he spotted all of you standing around. His long blond hair was flowing with the wind like waves of the ocean. You thought Steve and Andy were handsome, but Chris had them all beat.
Galloping towards you as a huge smile appeared on his face when he saw his younger brother. Steve looked so impeccably happy when he saw his older brother. There was a certain brotherly love they had that was different from the rest.
“Well if I’ll be damned is that my little brother Steve?” He jumped off the horse and pulled him into a big bear hug. Swaying back and forth as they held onto each other for a few good minutes.
“Is this the new look now?” Steve grabbed Chris’s long hair with a quizzical look. “Shall I call you Christina?”
“Hey the ladies love the long hair.” Chris defended as he smacked Steve’s hand.
“I’ll bet they do.” Andy piped in this time laughing and you joined in.
Although when Andy said that you could tell it was for a reason. Steve had told you of Chris’s past and seducing woman into his bed. Even married woman because he sometimes liked the challenge.
Then Chris looked over to you his eyes gazing you up and down. Before looking back into your eyes with a smile. Swearing you saw a blush appear on his cheeks when he looked at you.
“This is Y/N my fiancé.” He pulled you into his side kissing your cheek. “Y/N this is Chris the eldest.”
“More like the wisest.” He joked as he approached you.
As Chris stood in front of you with a smile you felt some type of pull like when you felt with Steve. You almost forgot that Steve was standing right next to you. Feeling the heat as Chris towered above you staring down at you with hunger.
“It’s nice to meet you.” You spoke up first when Chris just stared at you. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“I can only imagine the wonderful things my brothers have told you.” He chuckled but you could sense fear behind those words.
“You must excuse the savagery of my boys dear Y/N.” Robert spoke up this time as he pushed the boys out of the way.
“That’s quite alright. I imagine this is how wild animals are.” This caused all men to laugh this time.
“Steve surely your future bride is tired.” Chris waved his hand towards you making Steve look at you.
It was true you were extremely from the drive here. All you wanted was to rest until dinner time. It’s even quite an eventful morning for you meeting Steve’s entire family. Hoping that they truly liked you and would accept you.
“Of course we shall see you all for dinner.” Steve wrapped his arm around your waist and started to walk you towards the entrance of the house.
“It was very nice to meet you Y/N.” Turning around to smile back at Andy when you noticed Chris’s eyes lingering on you. The way his lips partially opened as he took in the sight of you.
Facing the way towards the house again as you felt Steve possessively grab onto your hips pulling you even closer to him. Behind you you could hear several snickers as they watched Steve become protective. It seemed like something more was going on you just didn’t know what.
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Chris Evans x Reader (NSFW +18)
Summary: after filming for a month with Chris Evans, you get tired of pretending he is not the most gorgeous man in the world
Warning: Smut, unprotected sex, oral, swearing
Tumblr media
“Yeah” I nod at Sam, one of the actors from the movie we just finished, not really paying attention at what he’s saying. My attention is focused on a certain blue eyed blond across the room.
He knows I’m looking at him, his eyes quickly moving to mine before going back to the girl in front of him. I hate him and he knows it.
When I see that he’s coming this way, I lean in closer to Sam, as if I wasn’t just hoping for this conversation to end. “That’s so funny” I grab Sam’s arm as Chris reaches us.
“Sam” Chris slaps Sam’s shoulder, a little to harshly. “Y/N” Chris turns to me, giving me a sly wink. “How are you guys enjoying the party?”
“Not as much as you, it seems” I try to smile, pointing to the girl that’s still waiting for him. “She seems like your type, Evans”
“She’s nice” He chuckles. “But we know that’s she not exactly what I’m looking for”
“And what are you looking for, Robert?” I lean in, taking a gulp of my vodka.
“See, I-” Chris gets interrupted as Sam walks away, completely feeling left out of our conversation “Oops” Chris smirks before walking back to the girl from before.
“This fucker” I groan, finishing off my vodka.
“Trouble in paradise?” Stephen Amell chuckles as he stands next to me. “Let me guess, Evans?”
“What? No” I shake my head before stealing the glass of whiskey he has on his hand.
“Never took you for a whiskey girl or a liar” He teases me. “You do know we all see it right?”
“See what?” I ask, my eyes piercing a whole in the back of the girl who has her arm on Chris’ chest.
“Right, denial” Stephen nods, grabbing a new glass of whiskey from the passing waiter. “Just admit you two want to fuck the life out of each other”
“Don’t know what you are talking about” I shake my head before turning to him. “Chris can fuck the entire cast for all I care”
“Well, he might do just that” Stephen points at Chris, who is whispering something in the girl’s ear.
“I HATE HIM” I complain before finishing of my drink. “I’ve had it”
“Finally” Stephen laughs as I make my way to the karaoke.
I lean into the ear of the dj to pick my song before grabbing the mic to stand on stage. Stephen, Nina and Hailee cheer me on as Chris locks eyes with me. The song starts and I can see the smirk spreading over Chris’ face. I hate that stupid face.
“You should take it as a compliment, That I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk, You should think about the consequence, Of your magnetic field being a little too strong” I sing as Chris walks over to the edge of the stage to stand in front of me as I sing away, moving closer to him.
I can see the cameras coming out and the whistles from people as I sing around Chris, making it pretty obvious that this is about him.
“If you've got a girlfriend, I'm jealous of her, But if you're single that's honestly worse, Cause you're so gorgeous it actually hurts” Chris shakes his head, laughing at the side eye I give the girl that’s where he left her.
“Ocean blue eyes looking in mine, I feel like I might sink and drown and die” I keep singing, not really caring about anything anymore.
Chris follows my every move, his blue eyes connecting with mine every chance they get.
I stand in front of him for the next part. “There's nothing I hate more than what I can't have, Guess I'll just stumble on home to my cats, Alone, unless you wanna come along”
Chris smirks and before he can say anything, I grab his shirt and pull his lips to mine. Almost knowing, Nina grabs the mic from my hand as I wrap both of my arms around Chris’ neck and his hands pull on my legs to have them wrap around him. “Let’s go” Chris whispers against my lips before getting me off the stage wrapped around him.
Everyone starts cheering and whistling as we walk out of the party, my face hidden in Chris’ neck. When we are out of sight, I start pressing kisses along his neck and up his ear, making his grip on my leg tighten.
“C’mon bunny, I’m barely holding it together here” Chris grows as he walks us to his trailer, his legs not moving fast enough.
“I don’t want you to” I bite his neck as Chris pushes the door open and quickly steps into the room.
“Good god” Chris sighs as he drops me on his bed. I fall back, looking up at him.
“I hate you” I smirk, leaning forward to grab his shirt again and pull him down on the bed with me. “I hate your stupid face, and your blue eyes and I hate that girl and I hate you for looking at her instead of me”
“You know I only have eyes for you” Chris nudges his nose with mine. “I hate Sam, and I hate the guys you had to kiss for the movie and I hate your lips for being so tempting”
“This has to go” I pull on his shirt to throw it across the room.
“I have the same thought about this thing” Chris whispers as he starts to pull up my blouse, kissing the exposed skin he finds along the way. His mouth comes to rest over my breasts, his hand massaging my leg until it finds it’s way under my skirt.
I can’t move as his eyes connect with mine, the blueness taking over me and paralyzing me. With his free hand, he unclasps my bra, revealing my hard nipples. Chris leans in and blows my hard bud, watching it contract under his spell. He sticks his tongue out, his eyes trapping mine again as he latches onto my skin. My hands go to his hair as he sucks my nipple hard. His hand thats under my skirt quickly pulls down my panties as I try to reach for his pants.
“Wait wait” Chris stops, standing up to kick his pants off, watching me as I lay there with only a pink tennis skirt and my hard nipples. “God you are so fucking hot, more than I could ever imagine”
I stand on my knees, pulling Chris’ hips closer to me. “Let me” I start to pull his underwear off, pushing it down to reveal his big cock, ready of action. “Mmm” I look up at him before wrapping my lips around his tip. I moan at the taste as Chris drops his head, his right hand grabbing my hair in a fist.
I push his entire length into my mouth, not caring about the pain that it brings to my jaw. He’s so big I cannot fit him entirely but I go as far as I can, feeling his head hit the back of my throat. “Just like that babygirl” Chris bites his lip, pulling hard on my hair. “Fuck yes”
“Fuck me, fuck my mouth Chris” I beg so Chris wraps his hand around the back of my neck and starts thrusting in and out of my mouth, profanities leaving his mouth with every movement. Tears start streaming down my face as I try not to choke on his member.
“So good to me baby” Chris moans, pushing harder and faster. “Yes, yes” He groans so hard before I feel him spill in my mouth, his hot load running down my mouth as I try to swallow as much as I can. “Fuck”
I look up at him as I clean my face with the back of my hand “Fuck Chris, that was so hot”
Chris leans in to kiss my mouth, not caring about the taste that his cock left on my lips. “Lay on your stomach, bunny”
I don’t question his command, immediately turning to give my back to him. “What are you going to do?”
“Reward you, baby girl” Chris groans as he pushes my right leg up. He doesn’t take off my skirt, just pushes it slightly up before dipping his long finder into my pussy. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum again just from feeling you so hot and wet”
“Chris” I moan against the pillow as his finger moves out to rub against my clit. “Fuck, Chris”
“That’s it, baby” Chris grabs my leg and pulls back, forcing me on my knees but my chest still pressed against the bed. “Moan my name”
Before I can process what he’s saying, Chris’ mouth connects with my pussy, his tongue licking my entire entrance before entering me. “CHRIS” I gasp, my entire body twisting under his mouth. Chris hands grab my hips, stopping me form moving. He starts sucking my clit, getting whimpers out of my mouth as he latches onto me. “Fuck fuck fuck Chris”
“Cum for me baby, do it” Chris encourages me before blowing cold air against my clit, sending shock waves all over my body. Every strength I have in me leaves my body the moment he starts thrusting is tongue in and out as his thumb rubs against my clit. I start shaking as I feel the orgasm exploding around me, loud moans with his name leaving my mouth. Before my orgasm is even finished, Chris quickly stands on his knees before pushing his length inside me, the stretch causing me to moan even harder as the orgasm intensifies.
Chris starts thrusting hard and fast as I keep groaning out his name, his hand on my hair pushing me down into the pillow. “That’s it, take me. Take my entire cock, bunny”
I cannot longer control myself, the intensity of his movements and my previous orgasm sending me over the edge and into my second. As I cum, I tighten my walls against Chris’ cock, causing him to swear before pulling out fast enough so that his entire load lands on the bed.
“Fuck” Chris huffs as he cleans himself with the blanket before grabbing me and pulling me to his chest. “That was so good”
I can barely keep my eyes open as I look up at Chris, his lips still red and glistening from eating me out. “I love you” I whisper, placing my hand over his cheek.
Chris grabs my hand to press it against his lips. “I love you so much, bunny” He pulls me closer to kiss my forehead. “And just so we are clear, I only want you, I was trying to make you jealous”
“Well, it worked because you are mine, Evans” I kiss his lips. “Only mine”
My first ever smut omg hope you like this and if you want to know, the song is Gorgeous by Taylor Swift which seems really fitting for Chris.
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