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#chris evans x reader
worksby-d · 2 days ago
𝐃𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐔𝐩
Pairing: Andy Barber x Reader
Summary: You call Andy after a night out with your friends for no other reason than to remind him that you love him.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Drunk reader, but that’s it.
Word count: ~500
a/n: I may have been a little inebriated the other night, and I may have been upset about the fact that I have no one to drunkenly confess my love to so 😤 that’s where this came from.
He’s already in bed when his phone starts ringing, your contact picture lighting up the screen. Finding it a little strange since he knows you were supposed to be out with friends tonight, he swiftly swipes to answer. “Hi, hon–”
But his words trail off when he hears you shushing someone on the other end, a whine following before you slur a few words. “Stop laughing.” And by that, he can tell that you’re drunk. “Andy?”
“Who’s laughing at you, sweetheart?”
“Everyone’s laughing at me for calling you,” you hiccup. “Said we’re gross.”
“I think they’re just jealous, baby.” He plays along, trying not to laugh at you yet. “Tell them I said that.”
“Yeah, you’re right,” you agree, and he hears you pull the phone away from your face to repeat his words to your friends. “He’s right. He said you guys are jealous.”
He hears their fake gags and half-hearted defenses, and he can’t help but laugh. “Baby, why did you call me though?”
“Because,” you sigh, resting your head against the cold window of the car. “I love you and wanted to tell you. And–” Another hiccup cuts you off.
“I know you love me,” he teases. “I love you, too.”
“You do?”
“Of course I do. So much, beautiful.”
“Aw,” you hum before taking a long pause you don’t even realize you’re doing. “And I miss you. When I get home, can you hold me? ’m tired and cold. And I’m tired.”
He laughs quietly at you calling his place home. “You’re coming back here tonight?”
“Yeah,” you yawn, eyes becoming harder to keep open. “In an Uber right now. Don’t wanna be alone.”
“Okay,” he chuckles. “Of course I’ll hold you. For as long as you want.”
“Yay,” you cheer sleepily, your smile evident through the phone. “You’re so nice to me.”
“I try,” he jokes. “I’m gonna get you some pajamas ready and some water you can drink before you sleep. Is it okay if I hang up? I’ll see you when you get here in a couple minutes–”
“No,” you gasp. “Andy, don’t hang up.”
More gagging from your friends is heard loud and clear on his end of the call. “Okay, hey, relax. I won’t, angel,” he soothes, continuing to talk to you. “Which shirt of mine do you want to wear to sleep tonight, hm?”
“Mmm,” you ponder, your hum ending without an actual answer. His voice saying your name brings you back. “Sorry,” you giggle. “Your hoodie.”
“I should have guessed,” he sighs teasingly. “Just gonna start calling it your hoodie actually.”
“Good,” you mumble. “Fine by me.”
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alliewritesthings · 2 days ago
papers - pt 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Chris Evans x Reader
Word Count: 3.2k
Warnings: angst, mentions of divorce, mentions of cheating
A/N: i really hope you guys like this as much as you did part one 🥺feedback is always appreciated
lemme just add i personally dont think chris would ever hurt a fly but y’know here we are
masterlist + requests are open
part one
Tumblr media
“Hey, baby!” You gave the small girl a tired smile, it was nearing midnight in England meaning it was approaching Olivia’s bedtime of seven in Boston. “Are you being good?” You questioned the small girl whose face lit up your phone screen.
“Mama!” She grinned at you, giggling softly as she sat on the couch with Dodger beside her. “Look, it’s Dodge!” She titled the camera to show you the pup.
“Hi, Dodger.” You offered a warming smile as the camera moved back to your daughter. “So, are you being good for your dad?” You questioned again, Olivia instantly nodding in reply.
“Yes! We went to the park today, and took Dodger for a walk. Uncle Scott got here this afternoon and took me for ice cream.” She grinned at you, showing a gappy smile.
“Hey! You’ve lost a tooth!” You laughed, shaking your head at your little girl. “I hope you’re going to put that under your pillow tonight, then the tooth fairy will visit.” You reminded her, she nodded eagerly in reply.
“Daddy has wrapped it up and we’re going to make sure it’s put under the pillow.” She confirmed, still grinning to show you the gap in her front teeth.
“So, what else have you been up to?” You questioned; your heart ached at the thought of missing so much with your daughter. She continued to explain everything they’d been up to; the adventures with Dodger, the museum trips and even the mini daddy-daughter dates that they went on together. It truly melted your heart at the thought of Olivia finally getting some quality time with her father.
“Daddy said that you’re coming a few days before we need to be back home.” She watched you with tired eyes, the excitement of the day beginning to wear of. “Daddy said we can go to Disney with Uncle Scott when you get here next week.”
The weeks had flown by without Olivia around, you worked every hour of the day that you possibly could to make time pass quicker. If you weren’t working then you were spending time with some co-workers, finally getting to go out for drinks on Friday nights or evening meals with the friends you’d made over the few months you’d been back in London.
“Oh really?” You tried not to act too surprised, biting at your lip. You knew this was Chris’ way to spend time with you and try to get you to talk to him properly. “Okay, sweetheart. We’ll see.” You gave a small smile, tilting your head slightly at the sound of Scott approaching.
“Hey.” Scott greeted you with a warm smile, leaning over the couch to wave. “I’m going to steal your child, she’s adorable.” He laughed, playfully tickling the small girl.
“Hands off, you can’t keep her.” You laughed, shaking your head at your brother-in-law.
“But I will steal her right now, your dad said it’s time for a bath and then bed.” He told the small girl, in which you nodded in reply.
“No problem. I need to speak to him anyways, if I can.” You spoke more to Scott than you did to your five-year-old. Scott nodded in reply.
“I’ll go get him, then take little miss with me.” He stepped away from the camera. “I’ll see you soon, miss ya!” He called to you before leaving the room to find Chris.
“Now, you be a good girl for your dad. Like you always are.” You spoke softly to your daughter. “And before you know it, I’ll be there with you.” You blew her a kiss, bid your farewells and ‘I love you’s before you were left staring Chris down through the camera.
“Hey...” He greeted; a warm smile took over his features, the smile you fell in love with all those years ago.
“Have you signed the papers yet?” You questioned, a blank look on your face as you stared at him.
“I was hoping we could talk about those.” He sighed, his warm blue eyes staring you down.
“What is there to talk about? We separated months ago. Why keep hanging on?” You were trying to stay strong, ignoring the aching in your chest.
You’d always love this man. But things were different. Things had changed.
“Sweetheart, please.” A quiet huff left his lips, his eyes never straying from you.
“Do not call me that.” Agitation began to show on your face, your teeth gritting as you tried to keep the conversation civil knowing that at any moment your daughter could overhear the conversation. “I need those papers signed by time I get there next week.” You demanded, a moment of silence falling over the two of you before you hastily ended the call.
Tumblr media
The following week passed slowly, all communication from the other side of the Atlantic seemed to have slowed. No phone calls were shared between you and your five-year-old, although it was completely unexpected you just hoped she was having a good time with her family. Every evening it felt like you were checking your phone, expecting to see a message from Chris saying Olivia wanted to call. You even checked your emails frequently in hopes that an email from your lawyer would appear stating that Chris had finally signed the papers; everything just seemed too quiet, and passing too slow for your liking.
It was the night before you were due to fly out, you were leaving early in the morning so were packing the last few things you’d need. Much to your distaste you were to be staying with Chris for the few days you were to be in Boston, and although part of you was excited to be able to see the Evans clan; an even larger part of you didn’t want to be in Chris’ present for that long.
Your phone pinged as you climbed into bed that night at around eight (an early night to aid the early morning flight), glancing at the screen you noticed the email from Chris; your boarding pass for the flight in the morning, and a message to say they’d be there to collect you when you land.
Tumblr media
You forced yourself out of bed, the only thing encouraging you being the thought of seeing your daughter in a few hours time. The only thought that crossed your mind as you dragged yourself through the airport and onto the plane that morning was your little girls smile when she sees you, the fuel you needed to board that plane and cross back over to the place you never wanted to have to step foot in again.
As you curled up in your seat on the plane, your head resting against the window it didn’t take you long to fall asleep as the plane moved along the runway; the exhaustion taking over your body.
“Hey Chris, are you home this weekend or are you filming?” You questioned your husband, humming quietly to yourself as you stood in the kitchen making hot cocoa for your family movie night. Olivia had requested that you all watch The Little Mermaid together, knowing it was one of her father's favourite movies.
“Flying out to Atlanta for some filming on Friday night, I’ll be back Sunday evening.” He confirmed, helping you add the marshmallows into the hot cocoa’s before carrying them into the living room where your daughter was waiting with the movie ready to play. You sighed at his statement, heading into the living room to curl up with your family and watch the movie; but your mind was somewhere else, a lack of attention being paid to the singing mermaid on the screen.
“Are you okay?” Chris questioned as you both climbed into bed that night, he shuffled closer to you and wrapped his arm around your waist. He pulled you into his chest and pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder, you simply nodded in reply. A small ‘goodnight’ was mumbled before you fell asleep.
The following few days passed quickly, being wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks of entertaining your five-year-old who was still coming down from the hype of the large party that was thrown for her birthday the week before.
Chris was due to leave a few hours later, you were helping him pack the last few things he needed into his bag. You’d barely spoken a word to him the last few days, and you could both feel the tension that was growing thick between you.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” He questioned as you zipped up the large bag for the weekend, nodding in reply. “But you’re not... are you?” He raised an eyebrow as you didn’t reply, freezing in your spot at the bottom of the bed.
“It’s nothing.” You mumbled, moving back into action and placing his bag by the bedroom door. “Shit! For fucks sake, Dodger!” You grumbled, almost falling over the dog who just looked up at you with those big puppy eyes. “Sorry, didn’t mean it bubba.” You whispered to the pup as you leant down to give him a fuss.
“Talk to me.” Chris demanded, sitting on the edge of the bed with his arms crossed over his chest.
“Is there something you need to tell me?” You questioned, glancing over at Chris quizzically.
“No? Why?”
“No reason. Just that you’re a liar.” You grumbled, locking eyes with your husband. You reached for your phone on the dresser. “Does the name Sarah mean anything to you?” You scoffed at the furrow of his eyebrows, a flicker of realisation appearing on his face.
“I bet the name means a hell of a lot to you, huh? Can’t spend time with your own daughter or wife but you can spend time with some random homewrecker?” You tried to keep your voice low, as not to wake your daughter. “Where did you meet her, huh? Is that why you’re away this weekend? There’s no movie, is there?” All the questions tumbled from your mouth, so many questions that needed an answer.
“I don’t know who or what you’re talking about.” He stated in a dead-pan manner.
“How can you do that to me? To your daughter? And then just sit there and act like you’re completely innocent!” Your voice rose slightly, your eyes closing as you took a deep breath; trying to calm yourself for your daughter's sake.
“I don’t even know whoever this Sarah is!” He replied sternly, as if he was trying to encourage himself that that was the truth.
“Don’t lie to me. Do not sit there and lie to me!” You whimpered, taking another deep breath to try and keep yourself composed. Trying to keep yourself from showing how much this was truly hurting you. “When were you going to tell me?” You choked out, your words starting to get caught in your throat as you stared down the man who was meant to be your forever.
“Sweetheart, please. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He showed no emotion, the act of pretending continuing. An annoyed growl left your lifts as he continued to deny the situation.
“So, what's this then, huh?” You quickly unlocked your phone, the anger becoming more prominent compared to the devastation that wreaked havoc on your mind. You tapped at the device before turning it to show the man your evidence. “So, who’s this Sarah coming forward to tell me how bad she feels because she was under the impression we weren’t together anymore?” Your eyebrows raised, shaking your head at the man in disbelief as he simply stared at the device.
“This has happened so many times, so many people have made these fake claims before!” He defended himself, a sigh falling from his lips as he watched you. “Who are you going to believe? Some random person of the internet, or your husband?”
“I trust the person with the evidence.” You sneered at the man in front of you, swiping slightly on the device in your hand to show him the pictures that had also been sent; a selfie of them having ice cream in what looks like a park, a picture of Chris ice skating, a picture of Chris sat in a field admiring the view – a view which was similar to a picture that Chris had sent you when he went camping ‘alone’. “Oh, theres more.” You continued to scroll quickly down the messages sent by ‘Sarah’, flashing Chris a quick glimpse of the numerous pictures she’d shared with you. The tears began to roll down your cheeks as he stared at the device, completely speechless; he had no words.
“How could you?” You whimpered, letting the emotions flood your body as you began to sob. That was when you heard movement in the hallway and then a gentle knock at your slightly ajar bedroom door.
“Mama, I had a nightma-” The little voice from the doorway spoke up before she caught glimpse of the tears on your face. You had to give it to her; the little girl was smart, sometimes you had to question where she got her brains. You quickly wiped at your eyes and took a deep, shaky breath before turning to meet the eyes of Olivia.
“Okay, sweetie. I’m just coming.” You tried to collect yourself, watching her vanish back down the hallway of your family home. “I want you out.” You whispered to Chris, locking your eyes back on him. “Leave. Go wherever you need to go. We’ll be gone by the end of the weekend.” You told your husband, throwing your phone down on the bed beside him and leaving him with the evidence of what he’s done.
You woke up with a start, glancing around the near empty plane as you tried to shake the nightmare of what happened from your brain; that was the last time you were in that house, the last time you were even in the country before you fled with your daughter to get away from the cheat you’d married.
You’d still not sat down with Chris and talked the whole situation out; the only communication was regarding your shared daughter. In fact, you’d discussed the situation more with his own mother than you had with him. You knew Lisa wanted you to sit down and try to discuss what happened, maybe even get couple's therapy – she was disappointed in the possibility that her son would have ever treated anyone that way, let alone the woman she knew he loved. A part of you knew that Lisa sided with her son that nothing ever happened; but a part of you wanted to believe the evidence that was ingrained in your mind and in your messages.
You tried to shake off the dream, asking for a glass of wine to try and help you relax for the remaining hour of the flight. You never managed to sleep on flights, let alone for nearly the whole flight. By the time the plane landed into Boston you’d managed to finish four glasses of wine to help clear your mind and prepare you for the following few days.
Tumblr media
You’d been met at the airport by an overexcited five-year-old, rambling away about what she’d been up to in the presence of her father; the longest amount of time she’d ever actually managed to spend with just him. From the moment you met with your family you didn’t acknowledge the man, only paying attention to your little human.
When you arrived back at the house, the house that was once your family home, you faltered. You stepped out of Chris’ car and stared ahead at the house, the house that was once your family home, in truth you didn’t want to be there; you’d rather stay in a hotel and just avoid ever stepping foot into the house again. You watched your daughter disappear into the house, Chris following with your luggage in tow, but your feet stay firmly planted at the bottom of the driveway.
“Hey...” Scott called, stepping out the house and grinning at the sight of you. “I’ve missed you!” He called, padding across the garden to swing you up into his arms in a tight bear hug, completely knocking you out of the trance you were in.
“Scott!” You laughed, wrapping your arms tightly around the man. “Missed you too.” You offered him a warm smile. “I’m so glad you’re here.” You sighed, knowing he’d be the one to help break some of the tension over the next few days.
“Well, are you coming in? Or are you staying out here?” He questioned with raised eyebrows, taking your hand and tugging you towards the house. You initially resisted, but soon gave in with a deep breath and headed back into the house that was once your family home.
The day seemed to drag, spending most of the time in Olivia’s bedroom playing dolls with her. You weren’t comfortable in the house; you weren’t comfortable around Chris – that much was clear. You’d still not said a word to him, and part of you wished you’d drunk more on the plane and then maybe you’d be able to confront him after not seeing him for months.
You found yourself having a barbecue that evening, just a couple of burgers and hot dogs to keep everyone satisfied. Most of the evening was spent watching Chris and Scott mess around while cooking, while you were cuddled on a bench with your daughter who kept reminding you of how much she missed you. Once Olivia was in bed was when the heavier drinks came out, Scott and Chris began drinking whisky and even some shots of tequila but you continued to watch on, sitting curled up with a blanket over your legs and a glass of wine in hand.
After you’d finished the bottle of wine on your own, you settled on a glass of whisky, trying to get some form of liquid courage to speak to your soon to be ex-husband.
“Have you signed the papers yet?” You brought up, glancing from the glass in your hand to the two men in front of you and paying particular attention to Chris. His eyes widened as he realised you was talking to him, shaking his head at your question.
“Why can’t we just enjoy a few days together?” Chris groaned, glancing to his brother with an apologetic look.
“Because, Chris. You decided against that when you decided to cheat on me!” Your voice raised slightly, Scott was taken aback by your tone – he'd never seen you so angry or upset.
“You know I never cheated, right?” Chris scoffed, downing the rest of his whisky before forcing himself to his feet and heading inside.
You and Scott shared a look before he sighed in reply, looking at you sympathetically.
“I think you both need to talk.” He stated, following his brother inside to check on him.
Tumblr media
part three - coming soon
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kiwisomething · 2 days ago
Summary: it’s just you and your boys going to a lake house.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Shy!Reader
Warning: mentions of sex and sucking tits.
Tumblr media
You looked over at your husband. His eyes are on the road ahead. One hand is on the wheel while the other has a hold of your thigh.
“What’s got you looking at me?” Chris asked.
“You’re pretty,” you said feeling your cheeks heat up.
He broke out into a grin and a small chuckle.
“Well, you’re a lot prettier, Honey,” he said glancing at you. “Even prettier than the view we got on the drive.”
He grabbed your left hand only for you to bury the side of your face into the seat and cover what’s left with your right hand. Your husband chuckled and brought your left hand to his lips. He kissed the back of your hand.
“Ya know, you can’t hide your face if you wanna look at my pretty face, Honey,” Chris said.
You just tried to hide more making him chuckle. You get flustered easily especially with him. He squeezed your hand and looked at the road.
“Stop it, Dodger,” you said letting go of Chris’s hand.
Chris glanced over to see you pushing Dodger away as he’s trying to lick you. He smiled. You stopped hiding.
“How’s the little Bubba doing?” Chris asked.
You pushed away the dog and looked over and into the baby carrier which is behind Chris’s seat. You reached out and touched the top of your son’s head. You brushed your fingers over the soft little hairs on his head.
“I think he’s asleep,” you said softly and you retracted your hand.
“That’s good,” Chris said. “His cranky ass will wake up in an hour or two.”
“He’s not that cranky,” you said.
“He’s never cranky for you because our son is a mama’s boy,” Chris said. “With me, he’s very cranky that I don’t have tits.”
You reached out and touched his pec. He sighed placing his hand over your hand.
“You do have tits,” you said. “Bigger than most.”
“Yeah but mine don’t feed him,” Chris said.
“It’s a good thing that yours don’t produce milk or the fan girls would try suck your tits,” you said without thinking.
He looked at you briefly.
“Why did that come out your mouth?” your husband asked in disbelief.
You get all embarrassed. He cupped the left part of your jaw before you could scoot away from him. He chuckled.
“Little weirdo. Why would I want them sucking my tits when you do that already?” Chris questioned.
You’re frozen expect your face which burned in embarrassment. Why does he say things aloud? He knows how easily you get flustered even if it’s just the two of you.
“Don’t go all shy on me when you know that I love when you don’t think before you speak,” he said. “I want to hear more. Tell me more.”
You opened your mouth to say something but your brain doesn’t let you. Your husband moved his hand into yours. He squeezed your hand.
“It’s okay, Honey. We’ve got time and I can wait,” Chris said.
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time-for-a-lullaby · 2 days ago
Ex-Boyfriend Chris Evans x Actress Reader
Summary: (Anon. Request) You're at a press conference for Infinity War and call out a reporter for asking you very personal and unimportant questions. You and Chris had a very public relationship and break up before Infinity War started filming, he comes to your rescue during the questioning. 
Warnings: Language, maybe? I don't think anything else, but if you see something, let me know! 
A/N: This one is on the shorter side, I couldn't really figure out how to make it longer without dragging it out in an unnecessary way lol
You shifted uncomfortably in your chair, crossing your legs and squinting at the crowd. You could've heard a pin drop. You cleared your throat, sitting up towards the mic, "I'm sorry, what?" 
The crowd chuckled at your response. 
"What kind of undergarments did you wear while filming? Your suit is incredibly tight, there's no way anything could fit under there!" the reporter repeated, obviously not catching your drift. 
You stared blankly at the reporter, then threw Scarlett an exasperated look. You knew she'd received comments like this in the past, but this was the first time you'd gotten anything like this. The crowd laughed again, knowing that whatever you were going to say, was going to be good. You leaned forward again, "Okay, so let me get this straight. Sebastian, Anthony, and the Chris's get asked shit like 'what do you think is more important, talent or training?', 'What steps do you take to mentally prepare for the role of an Avenger?', and 'What the most challenging part of working with such a large cast?' and I get 'what kind of underwear did you have on?" 
You heard Anthony chuckling next to you while Sebastian hid his laugh by taking a drink of his water. You looked at the monitor off to the side and saw Chris smirking, looking down at his hands while Hemsworth nodded in agreement. 
"I-- uh, well-- I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offense, I promise." She stammered.
"No, I'm sure you didn't. What is up with the men getting all of the good, make-you-think questions and I get asked about my freaking underwear?" You sat back in your chair, "Why don't we move onto the next question?" you laugh, taking a sip of water.
The moderator chose a different reporter, this one choosing you as well. "I have another question for Y/N." 
You smiled and nodded, "All ears."
Anthony leaned over, "Be nice." He whispered, his tone playful. 
You shot him a smile, turning your attention back to the reporter.
"So, Y/N. We know that you and Chris have a... history."
You glanced over at Chris, rolling your eyes. You and Chris dated for a couple of years and decided to end things right before filming Infinity War. There was absolutely no bad blood with the two of you and things ended on great terms, but that didn't stop the press from asking you every chance they got about your experience with filming and your past relationship. 
"What was it like filming with your ex?"
You puffed your cheeks out, exhaling slowly. "Okay, I'm gonna say this as respectfully as I can. What the hell happened to hard-hitting journalism?" you laughed, sitting up again. "You literally just interviewed Chris. Why did this question have to wait for me? Why didn't you ask him this question?" 
Her face flushed pink and you felt a little guilty, maybe you should dial it back a little. 
"Look, Chris and I-- I mean, I really don't want to get into this. This whole conference is supposed to be about Infinity War, not my dating life," you laughed, "Chris and I ended things on a great note, there's no hostility or bad blood. Filming wasn't awkward or uncomfortable, we have a great friendship now."
She nodded, "Thank you." 
A male reporter stood, "I have a question for Y/N."
You shifted in your chair again, his tone made you think this wouldn't be a fun one. "Absolutely, let's hear it.”
"Is there any  particular reason you're being short and argumentative with the reporters today?" 
Your mouth dropped slightly, you tried to figure out the best way to approach this. You weren't being argumentative, you were tired of the blatant sexism when it came to these press conferences. 
You were about to speak up when Chris leaned forward, looking over at you, "I'll take this one if that's okay." 
"By all means." you sat back, crossing your arms and smiling. 
Chris cleared his throat, "To be completely honest, she isn't being argumentative or short. I think she's actually going pretty easy on everyone. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to be asked about your underwear? It's gross. And unnecessary. Not to mention a huge invasion of privacy. Also, not to sound like an ex-boyfriend, but Y/N is a pretty interesting person, you're missing out on a lot when you constantly question her about me. I'm not as interesting, I promise."
You smiled gently, looking down at your hands.
Sebastian sat up, leaning towards his mic, "And she's got a point. This entire conference, the men have been given some pretty good questions, you keep us on our toes. And then you turn around and ask ScarJo, Lizzie, and Y/N their favorite colors and ex-boyfriends."
"It's almost like you guys don't think we can be intellectual. It's an insult. So I apologize if I'm coming across as short or rude or argumentative, but I've been asked about my ex-boyfriend 50 times today. Ask me about my training. Where I went to college. If I do my own stunts or how I do my own stunts. Just ask me whatever questions you would direct to the 4 lovely men sitting around me." you chimed in, smiling at Chris and Seb.
Another reporter stood, "Y/N, I have one question for you."
You crossed your fingers, "Fourth time's the charm!"
"You've been in several Marvel movies at this point, which movie challenged you the most as an actor and why?" 
A smile spread across your lips, "Thank you!! Wow, I love this." The crowd erupted in cheers, celebrating the fact that you'd actually gotten a decent question, making you and the rest of the cast laugh. "Umm.. honestly, it might be this one. I can't really say a ton as to the 'why' aspect, you guys understand why, but I really feel like this movie made me dig deep. There's a lot of emotion and also several pretty intense, physically challenging scenes. I think this movie helped me improve several things I might've been a tad insecure about before we starting filming, acting-wise, of course. Like how I portray certain emotions, how far I can push myself both physically and mentally, things like that. So, my vote is for Infinity War." you leaned back, "Was that okay?" you laughed.
She smiled at you, "Yes, that was perfect, thank you so much."
You jokingly slammed your palms against the table, "Awesome, I'm clocking out. Who wants a stiff drink?" 
The crowd chuckled in response and the moderator moved onto the next reporter who directed their question to Scarlett. 
You pulled out your phone, shooting a text to Chris. 
You: My hero! 🙌
Chris: 👊
Chris: kicking ass and taking names
You: I owe you a drink. Thank you for that. 
Chris: anytime 🙂
You: the press will have a hayday with your answer, though. i can see it now, 'Chris heroically defends ex-girlfriend, Y/N. Here's 10 reasons we're convinced they're secretly married.
You glanced over at Chris after your text, smiling. He chuckled, looking over at you. 
Chris: it'll be worth whatever they say, don't worry about it.
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serendipityrogers · a day ago
Hiiii omg i hope ur doing well it’s 8 am here and i opened my pinterest and i saw this…can i request like idk thigh riding while he’s in his suit? Thanks<3
Tumblr media
remind me again, captain || s. rogers 
summary: whatever you and steve had together was confusing but exhilarating.
word count: <2000
warning: thigh riding (<3), mentions of choking, use of ‘sir’ and ‘captain’, nickname (’bunny,’ ‘baby,’ ‘good girl’), prior consent to touching while asleep, 18+
an: im really liking this request thing, so feel free to send me one!
Tumblr media
This thing you had with Steve, whatever you wanted to call it, was new. And you weren’t entirely sure how it started. Well, actually that’s a lie. You knew exactly how it started, he made sure you would never forget, but you weren’t entirely sure what had begun you two down this path. You honestly still dreamt about that first time, and it had been a few months since it all started.
“Blew it again, Rogers, oh sorry, I mean, Captain.” You spoke the words like they were venom in your mouth. The two of you, along with Wanda, Bucky, and Banner, had gone on a mission to retrieve some files. The files had to do with a possible answer to a string of missing people. Usually this was something the police dealt with, but not this time, this time it was other-worldly, which basically had the Avengers name written all over it.
You had quite the mouth on you, and it definitely got in the way of your relationships sometimes, but you were working on it. It was especially especially bad when you were frustrated, just like you were that night. It was multi-layered as to why you were agitated, and Steve had caught the brute force of your attitude, which he had admittedly gotten used to. But in your defense, this time he deserved it. The organization that was protecting the files had caught wind of Captain America being close by because he had to throw around that stupid dinner plate he called a shield.
When you finally got back on the Quinjet, no files, you really let him have it. The three others had gotten sick of your bitching, and walked away. That’s when he cut you off, mid-sentence. “I am the Captain of this mission, and I will not allow you to speak like that to me anymore.” His voice projected across the ship, he had reached his breaking point. You could see the vein in his forehead pulsating, his teeth were gritted, and he stepped closer to you. “So watch your mouth.” His hand landed on your shoulder, forcefully pulling you as close as he could.
“Why don’t you make me?” The words had left your mouth before you could even process them, and you hadn’t intended on making them sound so…sexual. But it ended up working out well for you. And if your words hadn’t surprised you, his next ones sure did. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”  The words made your heart race, and you could feel your panties go damp. You cocked an eyebrow at him, a sarcastic laugh passing your lips, “I always finish, Rogers.”
And that night ended exactly how you imagined.
But tonight was different.
The latest mission didn’t require your assistance, which you were actually excited about. You had been on the last seven missions, and you were tired to say the least. But the same could not be said for Steve, he was the Captain after all. Tony, Natasha, Clint, and him had been in Switzerland for the past six days, and were currently on their way back. So, to say you were needy was an understatement.
You thumbed through the most recent book Steve had recommended, trying to ignore the aching feeling between your legs and the heaviness of your eye. Your gaze shifted towards the clock, it’s red numbers glaring back at you, 11:39pm. You promised Steve you would stay awake, but that was getting harder and harder to do as the minutes ticked by. And before you knew it, the letters on the pages got blurry and your eyes fell shut. The last thing you remembered was feeling the book fall against your chest.
Steve was the first one out of the Quinjet when it landed back at the compound. He mumbled something about a debrief in the morning, he had one thing, or person, on his mind, and that was you. If you thought you were desperate, Steve was beyond that. Six long days, lack of sleep, not to mention his frustration with Tony had reached its breaking point, and he couldn’t wait to take it out on you. Fuck you until you couldn’t remember your own name.
He had dreamt about you every night. The sight of your naked body seared into his brain, which he definitely wasn’t complaining about. The breathy moans that fell past your lips played on repeat in his mind. The thought of his hand wrapped around your throat, and your tiny ones holding onto his wrist begging for him to squeeze even tighter, made his suit feel even tighter in the crotch region.  
His bed desperately called for him, but he ignored it, pressing the elevator button corresponding with your floor. Luckily, only one other person lived on the fourth floor of the compound, which was Wanda. But she was rarely ever there, sneaking into Vision compound instead. For her sake, he prayed she was there tonight.
The elevator let out a loud ‘ding,’ and he finally looked at his watch to see the time. It was nearly two-thirty in the morning, and he had a hunch you had fallen asleep, which you did often after promising you would stay up for him. His boots were loud against the wooden floorboards, practically jogging to your door. He knocked, loudly, hoping to hear your voice. And not surprisingly, he didn’t.
Pushing open your door, he saw a familiar sight. Your head lulled to the side on one of your shoulders, a book open on your chest. He couldn’t help but turn soft for a moment and observe your beauty. The way your skin color popped against your neutral sheets, you hair strewn across your face and pillows, and the soft rhythm of your chest.
But this sweet feeling quickly subsided and was taken over by a more hungry side, one that had been wanting you for almost a week. So, he did what he normally did, which he had gotten consent to do previously, and approached you. His hand ran across your exposed stomach, finger tracing the hem of your sleep shorts. His bare calloused hand, disappeared further into your pants, contrasting roughly against your soft skin.
His index finger trailed between the lips of your pussy, using the underwear to collect any arousal, which there was a significant amount. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, he missed his wet you were. It made everything that much better. He could slide in and out of your so easily. You stirred in your sleep, his finger exploring past the fabric, finally feeling the wetness himself. Your eyes were screwed together, thighs clenching together to hold his hand in place, and next a small moan fell from your mouth.
Your eyes reluctantly pulled open, and you saw a familiar sight before you. Steve hovering above you, hand deep inside your panties already. “Anxious, were we?” You chuckled, a small laugh leaving your mouth. Slowly you rubbed any remaining sleep from your eyes. He let out a dark chuckle, one that vibrated through your body. Steve didn’t give you a moment to even think before he was all over you. 
His lips pressed against yours, his usually soft lips were gone, they were rough and chapped but you didn’t let that stop either of you. He was hungry for you, and his movements said it all. He ripped the comforter off of your frame, letting his other hand wander down the side of your body, sneaking his fingers under the material of your shirt. The pads of his fingers were hard, and his worn out hand cupped one of your breasts.
A small moan passed your lips and traveled towards his ears. His thumb brushed over your pebbled nipple, back and forth making your body cave inwards. He knew you were incredibly sensitive when it came to your breast, and he used that to his advantage. His lips left yours for a moment, “I’m so tired, baby, but I want you so bad.” He murmured, eyes meeting yours. You wracked your brain for a moment, before you came up with an idea.
“Sit.” You demanded, before pressing another kiss to his lips. He listened without another word, taking a seat on your bed. This was the first time you got a good look at him. He still wore his suit, he knew you had a thing for it, so he hadn’t stopped and gotten changed before coming to see you. It was something about the muted colors against his pale skin, and the way it flattered his physique.
After untangled yourself from your sheets, you placed both your hands on his shoulders, straddling one of his thighs. “What’re you doing?” His face was full of confusion. You shushed him, and pressed your lips against his again. What you did next caught Steve off guard. He felt your panty-clad core rub against the fabric on his pants. He opened his mouth to further question you, but instead he heard you suck in a quick breath. You were enjoying this.
Taking you by the hips, he gripped them tightly, teetering on the edge of too tight. But you never minded the bruises. Forcing you further down on his thigh, slowly grinding against him. Soon this wasn’t enough for Steve, he wanted to hear you more. One of his hands released your hip, traveling down to your panties, and forcibly moving them to the side. Your pussy against the nylon fabric was like no other, a moan was instantly emitted from your lips.
“You’re so wet, bunny.” He could feel the wet patch growing against his leg. Steve leaned back, supporting his weight on his palms. He could have watched you for hours. Your hips bucking subconsciously, your eyes begging to close, and your mouth slightly agape. “Don’t hold back, baby.” He encouraged, making warmth flood to your cheeks. “Need more.” You murmured, desperately trying to catch your orgasm.
You felt his thumb land on your lips, this caused you to open your eyes. When you caught Steve’s gaze he spoke, “Suck.” He ordered, and you listened. You took his thumb between your lips, using your tongue to circle over the digit. Once it was covered in your saliva, he pulled it from your mouth. “Good girl.”
It landed on your clit, making your body tense immediately. “If you stop, I stop.” He explained, beginning to rub in small, circular motions. It was hard to concentrate, you wanted to stop and enjoy his finger work, but you didn’t want him to stop. “Steve, I-“ He loved the way his name fell from your lips, but that wasn’t part of your agreement. “You know not to call me that.” He tutted, stopping his motions immediately.
“I-I’m sorry, sir.” You begged, the fire between your legs fleeting. “You know better than that.” He cooed, tucking a piece of hair behind your ears.” You knew you had fucked up. A feeling of dread, and excitement, washed over you. He wasn’t going to let this slide. “I was gone for six days and you forgot how to act.” He continued, his tone was condescending. If it was in any other setting you would talk back, but not now, not to him.
“I think I need a reminder, captain.”
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waitimcomingtoo · 10 hours ago
Ex’s and Oh’s
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Sebastian drops a bomb on Tom during a livestream
Tumblr media
Since it wasn’t safe to hold conventions yet, you and Tom were asked to do a zoom meeting with the rest of the Marvel Cast. Fans were able to tune in and watch as a moderator asked you questions.
“Are you ready for this?” Tom asked you as you sat down at his office desk.
“I’m a little nervous.” You admitted. “It’s been a while since I’ve done a panel.
“Don’t worry, darling. You’ll be fine. What’s the worst that can happen?” Tom shrugged before joining the zoom.
“Welcome everybody.” The moderator greeted as the rest of the cast joined the zoom. “Thank you all for coming to the Marvel Q and A livestream. Not that we need to, but I’m gonna have everyone introduce themselves.”
You relaxed in your seat and leaned into Tom as you listened to your cast mates introduce themselves. The livestream went by smoothly for the first half hour, with a lot of back and forth banter between Tom, Sebastian and Anthony. Since they hadn’t seen either other in so long, they were constantly ripping on each other to make up for lost time. All the jokes and jabs were in good fun, but the trouble started when you started talking about the most recent projects.
“We’ve had a lot of exciting films come out in the past few months. Black Window came out recently.” The moderator said. “And of course, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”
“Which everybody needs to go see immediately.” You added. “Please. You won’t regret it.”
“What she said.” Simu chuckled.
“Yes, yes. Go see it.” The moderator nodded. “And we got lots of new shows too. We got What If, Wandavision, Loki, and of course, Falcon and Winter Soldier.”
“You should watch it just to see the rest Sebastians face.” Anthony commented. “Look how handsome my man is.
“It took you long enough to get your own show.” Tom teased. “Look how many years it took for you to get more than three lines.”
“Yeah, well.” Sebastian shrugged casually. “I was busy sleeping with your girlfriend.”
Yours and Toms jaws dropped to the floor as Sebastians words registered with the other actors. They’d been teasing each other all evening, but Sebastian had taken it a step too far.
“Sebastian!” Your eyes shot open. “Oh my God!”
“Hey.” Sebastian lit up. “That’s exactly what it sounded like.”
“Sebastian!” You screamed as Tom fell on the floor. “Shut up!”
“Wait, wait what?” Scarlett said through laughter. “What happened?”
You were busy trying to pull Tom off of the floor as your cast mates laughed at the unexpected information. Tom had gone completely limp and slipped through your fingers every time you tried to pick him up.
“Oh no.” Anthony laughed. “You killed him. You killed Tom.”
“He’s just laying on the floor.” You said as you nudged your boyfriend with your foot. “He’s not moving. I don’t even think he’s breathing.”
“It’s okay Tom.” Sebastian continued. “Y/n can help you out. I’ve left her unable to walk too.”
Everyone’s jaw dropped again as Sebastian made the situation infinitely worse. You gave Sebastian a knowing look as you tried to lift your rag doll boyfriend off the ground. Instead, Tom flopped out of your hands and rolled right out the office door.
“Wait.” You laughed and tried to call him back. “Don’t go.”
You didn’t get a response from him, but heard heavy footsteps leading up to your front door slamming shut.
“Sorry, new guy here. What are you guys talking about?” Simu asked as he rested his face in his hands. “What’s going on here?”
“Oh my God.” You groaned. “Before I got together with Tom, Sebastian and I were...”
“Intimate.” Sebastian said smugly. “That’s what we’ll call it.”
“Yes. Which wasn’t public information until now. So thank you very much, Sebastian. You’ll be paying for my therapy. I’m gonna need it once the world finds out I’ve slept with two Avengers.” You playfully scolded him through the screen.
“Oh, I can hear the slut shamers now.” Brie laughed. “They’re gonna break down your door.”
“Oh no.” You whined as your cast mates continued to laugh at you. You jumped a little when you heard your front door open and shut again.
“I think that’s Tom coming back in.” You said as you craned your neck to look out the office door. Tom walked back into the room with a tight jaw and sat back down in his seat.
“Honey? Are you okay?” You asked as you rubbed his back.
“I had to do a lap around the block.” He grumbled as he sat back down in his chair.
“Aw.” You laughed as cupped his face. “It’s okay.”
“I’m gonna get you for that, Sebastian.” Tom pointed a finger at the camera. “Watch your back, mate. I’m gonna get you for that one.”
“I can’t believe you kept that from us this whole time.” Anthony shook his head. “We could’ve been bullying Tom about that for years.”
“Well look who ended up with her.” Tom shrugged. “I did. Not you, Seb. You wanker.”
You laughed at Tom’s choice of insult and wrapped your arm around his shoulders. Even though you found the situation funny, you wanted to reassure him that he had nothing to worry about.
“Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Chris spoke up. “I thought Y/n said that one time that she’s never had a one night stand.”
An awkward silence filled the room as you squeezed your eyes tightly shut. Tom heard a snort come from Sebastian and looked at you in confusion.
“I haven’t.” You said weakly.
“Well what about Sebastian?” Anthony smirked, knowing what your answer meant. You gave Tom an apologetic look as Sebastian laughed from the other side of the screen.
“It was,” you grimaced, “it was more than once.”
“Oh my God.” Tom gagged and covered his hand with his mouth. “I’m gonna throw up.”
“I’m sorry!” You apologized and wrapped your arms around his neck. “It was before we were together.”
“How many times did you guys hook up?” Anthony asked, loving how worked up Tom was getting from the topic.
“Don’t ask that.” Tom groaned.
“Probably around-“ Sebastian began.
“Don’t you answer it!” Tom cut him off.
“The people want to know.” Chris pounded his fists on his desk. “Answer the question.”
“I mean, you’ve said so much already. You might as well tell the whole story.” Scarlet reasoned.
“Just tell us and then we can drop it.” Anthony bartered.
“Oh my God. Fine.” You rolled your eyes. “We only had sex like twice, right? And then we probably hooked up in some way a total of four times. It wasn’t a lot. I swear.”
You looked at Tom to see how he was handling the news, and he was staring ahead at the wall with a blank expression. You laughed at how much it bothered him and rubbed his back.
“Yeah, it was only twice.” Sebastian nodded. “Unless you count how many times we did it each night. Then it adds up to a little more.”
Without saying a word, Tom threw himself back into the floor and laid on the ground.
“Are you trying to kill him?” You playfully berated Sebastian. “
“That’s what he gets.” Sebastian shrugged. “He stole my girl.”
Upon hearing that, Tom sprang back up and stared at the camera with a completely red face.
“Your girl?” Tom asked. “I’m sorry, is she your girl? Am I hearing that right?”
“Oh God.” You groaned and buried your face in your hands.
“Because I think she’s actually my girl.” He continued. “Isn’t that right, darling?”
“I won’t be anyone’s girl if you don’t calm down.” You warned him.
“And I’ll be calming right down.” Tom threw on a smile. You laughed at his antics and rested your head on his shoulder.
“Don’t sweat it Tom.” Sebastian spoke up. “It was a long time ago.”
“Yeah.” You agreed. “Super long.”
“Believe it or not,” Sebastian began, “that’s not the first time I’ve heard Y/n say-“
“Enough.” You cut him off. “We are moving in from this topic and never bringing it up again.”
“Please.” Tom added. “This conversation shortened my life span by ten years.”
“How can we move on from this?” Scarlett laughed. “What else is there to talk about?”
Everyone stayed silent as they thought of ways to move the conversation along. Meanwhile, Tom buried his face in your neck and tried to forget what he had heard. After a few moments of silence, Chris Evans sheepishly raised his hand.
“Yes, Chris?” The moderate chuckled when he noticed.
“Is this a bad time to bring up that Y/n and I used to date?” Chris asked, and Tom slipped right back down to the floor.
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cheeseburgersstuff · a day ago
Hi💖Can u pls write like steve rogera x reader, where steve got badly hurt in a mission and end up lossing his memory and forget about his wife(reader) and his marriage reader tries to help him remind.. lot of angst with a happy ending please..💗
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: language, mistakes, shitty plot, kinda idiot Steve (not really) a Lil bit of angst...
A/N: thank you nonnie for the ask and I'm sorry it took me so long :') and still, it's shitty...
Word Count: 2.8k
You ran towards the infirmary with tears running down your face. It might be an overreaction to someone else considering how he would be just fine but you knew he was hurt. You had a weird feeling before he even went on that mission, a restlessness inside you that you couldn’t express.
The sight made you stop breathing for a moment. “Oh Steve” you whispered seeing your husband laying on the bed embraced by the wires. The right side of his face was swollen, bruised, and a nasty cut on the left side towards his lips.
He was still unconscious. Doctor Cho came out of the room. You rushed towards her.
“How’s he?” your voice, hoarse because of crying.
She sighed and looked at you with sympathy. “Can’t say anything till he becomes conscious. But you can meet him now” she said with a smile before walking off.
You entered his room with shaky legs and sat near him. He looked tired, a frown covering his face that you wanted to smooth out with your fingers. But you were too afraid to touch his injured face, your heart cleaned seeing him like that.
putting your hand on his while resting your head on the space on the bed, a fresh tear escaped your eye.
You woke up feeling a hand jerking away from yours. You sat up and looked at a confused Steve.
“Hey, it’s okay,” you said trying to comfort him but he looked panicked. You went outside to call the doctor.
Steve was trying to free himself from the wires when you got back. You ran towards him to stop him.
“Hey, relax babe” you put your hands on him, causing him to stop. But before he could utter a word the doctor came in.
“Good morning captain rogers.” she greeted cheerfully coming towards him to check him up.
“What happened to me” was what he said.
The doctor kept checking his injuries. “You got severely injured on the mission. Kept everyone worried especially this lady here” she smiled, pointing towards you.
Steve frowned, his hurt hurting like hell. “What mission?” he didn’t remember going on any mission and why would you be worried about him.
“You shouldn’t be worried about me agent y/l/n”
Both you and doctor Cho exchanged looks at his words. This was getting serious.
Doctor Cho sighed and signaled you to follow her. You left a confused Steve behind and followed her.
A frown covering her face, “I think you have an idea what is happening to him.” she said, sympathy in her eyes for you.
Yes, you knew but didn’t want to accept it. When you didn’t reply she sighed explaining it to you. “He is having amnesia, most probably retrograde amnesia where he can’t remember things before the injury. We can’t say what he remembers what he doesn't but by the looks of it I think he doesn’t remember you are his wife”
“Yeah I know, he called me agent” it came out ruder than you anticipated but she understood your anger even though it wasn’t her fault.
“We will have to do CT scans to know how severe the damage is. And maybe he is going to heal soon because of the serum” she placed her hand on your shoulder. Her words soothe your worry a little bit.
“And you could help him heal too, it wouldn’t be easy though. You have to be careful not to overwhelm him with too much information” saying this she left, probably preparing for the CT scans.
With a sigh, you returned to the room. Steve was still sitting on the bed with his head in his hand. You sat down beside him, patting his shoulder gently so he wouldn’t get scared.
The soft eyes he gave you, reminded you of the time he came out of the ice. When you were assigned to guide him to cope with his new life. He had the same look when he was trying to understand how to use a smartphone and then looked at you with confusion, silently pleading for help.
He was asking for help again but this time you weren’t enjoying this, you were scared. What if he never…
“What’s the last thing you remember?” you asked softly.
“The last mission I remember is with you Nat and Rumlow, to free the hostages. But we came back, reported to fury, and then went home. That’s it” that was two years ago, a month before you two started dating.
So he doesn’t even remember us dating. You thought.
“Steve, I know it would be difficult to understand, to accept but what you remember happened two years ago.” you didn't know how much to tell him before he started to panic but for now he looked okay. Trying to take in the information.
You took the ring beside the table, they took it off his finger and showed him. “Um.. this is” you were hesitant to tell him but it was important. You showed him your hand with the wedding ring.
“We got married,” you whispered looking at him, trying to read his expressions.
You knew how emotional he was about his relationships, and suddenly knowing he was married would be a shock.
Steve took your hand in his and caressed the finger as if trying to remember but there was nothing.
Nothing, he could think off and smile. It was a bit painful to know you are married and not know anything about it. That day, your life with that person.
“Hey, it’s okay. You are going to be fine. We are going to retrieve everything back” you said his face in your hands.
You didn't know how you were going to do that or how much time would it take but right now it was important to give him hope.
He nodded and got out of your grip. Suddenly the doctor came in to take Steve for CT scans.
His ring was still in your hands, you didn’t give him, nor did he ask for it…
You brought Steve to your floor after the CT scans. You cleaned the bedroom especially for him considering how difficult you find cleaning your room.
There was an awkward silence between you two. You never felt this way with him even when you two didn’t start dating.
“You should change and take a rest, I’ll bring you dinner” you smiled to which he just nodded and watched you go.
It wasn’t that he didn’t like you anymore. He did like you, and with what he remembers he was thinking of asking you out but suddenly you are his wife and…
His head hurts thinking about that, so he laid on the bed thinking this all to be a dream.
You went to the kitchen where everyone was eating and talking. When they saw you coming they stopped and stared at you.
“I’m just here to make dinner for him. His head hurts constantly, I think he is thinking too much” you sighed. The team gave you sad smiles.
“It’s gonna be alright y/n,” nat said, coming towards you. She hugged you before you started making something for your husband.
You came back with a bowl of soup and saw him lying in bed with closed eyes but you knew he wasn’t sleeping. You sat near him and ran your fingers through his hair causing him to open his eyes. You smiled at him.
“I brought you soup, you have to take your medicines after that.” again just a nod and he took the bowl from you.
You got up and continued watching him, no glance at you, no smile, nothing. You knew you had to be patient but it still hurts seeing him behaving like a stranger.
With a sigh, you went to the bathroom to change for bed…
It’s been 3 weeks since lost his memories and you were trying very patiently to help. You were always there for him, wake him up with a smile, usually, you would kiss him but now everything stopped as he was distant from you. But now things were a little bit better as he would often give you a little smile. You made him his favorite food. You took him for walks and to dinner, where you two had memories.
Yesterday you took him to the restaurant where you went on your first date. You were noticing his expressions the whole time if he would get a spark of his past but there was nothing. And even if he felt something he didn’t show it. He barely showed any expressions now.
Today you were going to take him to the central park, that was where you took him first when he came out of the ice.
You personally had a lot of memories there with your family.
Maybe if you talked about the same things you did that day, that could cause an effect on him.
You sighed happily and went down the floor, to find him. He was on desk duty these days, which was funny. Considering the captain who always gave everyone else that pathetic job as a punishment, was doing it himself. And that everyone was mostly you, the favorite target of Steve Roger’s wrath.
You went towards his desk but didn’t find him there. So after asking FRIDAY you were heading towards the laboratory.
You were about to enter but stopped hearing their voices.
“I don’t know tony. It’s not like I don’t like her but…. She is being too much for me. She is always there, when I wake up I see her face, on breakfast lunch dinner. Then going to bed. And now she is taking me outside. It’s… so overwhelming.” Steve sighed.
Normally Steve Rogers didn’t babble his tensions out when anyone asked him what happened. But now when tony asked this question he couldn’t help but let out everything he was thinking for the past three weeks.
Tony gave him a sympathetic smile, “maybe you should talk to her then. Tell her she needs to give you space. She isn’t like that, Steve, she is worried too and maybe that’s why she didn’t even realize that.”
Steve considered his words and indeed before going out of the laboratory. You on the other hand left before he could.
Here you were trying so hard to help him get back to normal and he was taking you, as too much.
You marched towards your room and packed your stuff. Maybe you should shift back to your floor giving him his space back.
Well, you were being too much y/n. You thought. But for him, and if he had any problem he should have talked directly to you.
You sighed. He was normal with everyone but you, or maybe everyone was normal with him but you.
You took your bag and went back to the other floor. Now you also would try to be normal, acting as if nothing happened and wait for some miracle to heal him.
After making your old bedroom look presentable you decide to head towards the gym to let out your frustrations. But on the way you found Steve, who had the audacity to smile at you.
“Umm… I was looking for you,” he said softly. This made you even more annoyed. He was acting as if he didn’t bitched you to your friend just half an hour ago.
“Why?” he flinched at your tone which wasn’t meant to be that harsh.
“We were supposed to go for a walk” you sighed and gave him a forced smile.
“Not today Steve. I am a bit tired.” you were about to walk away but stopped.
“And Steve, I think we should stop this for some time. It must be overwhelming, huh, you know I can be too much sometimes,” you whispered the last part. He barely caught it but he heard. And watched you walk away.
One week passed and he was restless. You weren’t there, he barely saw you the whole day. He couldn’t even sleep at night. It wasn’t just because of the guilt of his words, it was your presence that soothes him, your warmth. Even though his mind didn’t remember his body was used to being around you.
He was in the kitchen making coffee for everyone when you walked in. and it hurt him when you didn’t even look at him and started preparing your breakfast.
“Hey, your coffee,” Steve said, passing a cup towards you.
“Steve she doesn’t drink black coffee-like, everyone” nat said looking at him.
Steve shocked his head, “no I didn’t make her—” he stopped in the middle of his sentence.
You looked towards your cup and it was filled with cream and an outrageous amount of sweetness, just like you loved your coffee.
You looked towards Steve who was giving you a nervous smile, while everyone remained silent. “Thank you” you muttered and walked out with your cup.
With a smile and happy tears in your eyes, he subconsciously made you a coffee. He remembered.
Still, that didn’t mean you are going to be on friendly terms with him.
The mission was successful but tiring, you were returning in the jet with Tony nat and clint. Sitting in a corner you smiled lightly thinking about the moments before going to the missions.
Steve came to you, “be safe” that’s what he whispered before giving you a peck on the cheek, hesitantly. As if you would slap his face hard for kissing you.
You chuckled before closing your eyes to take a nap…
He was sitting at the desk doing his work when Sherline? What was her name? Came to him with a more than a friendly smile. She was a new receptionist always needing help with stuff especially when Steve is around. She bent down when you walked in with a file on the mission.
Not again… that was what you thought. You knew what he must be on his display by the flustered face and the way he was averting his eyes.
He smiled hesitantly before trying to explain whatever that recipient girl was asking him.
“Captain Rogers” you called, with authority causing both of them to look at you. The girl instantly straightened and walked away before greeting you. Your eyes followed her as she went away before coming back to him.
The look of disappointment you gave him, reminded Steve of a memory, somewhere deep inside his head.
“Captain Rogers” your voice was stern as you looked at Sharon and then Steve. She was there for some work Fury asked her to do, and also got a chance to see Steve as well. You were annoyed from a hectic mission after a week to submit your report and seeing them together annoyed you even more.
“Hey y/n” Sharon greeted with a smile which you returned with your forced one. You marched towards steve and threw your file on the desk.
“Report,” you said before walking away.
With the same look of disappointment, you came near him and threw your file. Steve looked like a kicked puppy when he looked up.
“Report” the voice seemed like it was coming from a distance. He was watching you go away and involuntarily called your name.
“y/n” he kept calling but you didn’t stop. He left Sharon there and ran towards you. He grabbed your arm, causing you to turn. “What?” you spat…
He remembered, he remembered what he said after that, your wrist in his hand and you, still thinking what the fuck he wants?
“Will… will you go out with me” the words left his mouth. He suddenly smiled looking at your expressions. Your eyes got wet, while you chuckled.
“Just a little bit” he whispered.
He took your hands in his, “look y/n I’m sorry about those words. I was just” but you stopped him. “I understand,” you smiled sadly. “Doctor Cho warned me not to be overwhelmed. I just got too much, I know”
“Will you give me another chance, will you help me with this?” he asked.
“Of course babe,” you said before giving him a long-overdue hug. It felt so good to feel him against you after so long, his arms wrapped around you. Now he felt like your husband.
“Now can you give me my ring back?” he said, showing you his empty hand.
“Hmm, lemme think about it. Think if you even deserve it or not” you said squinting your eyes at him.
He pretended to be wounded at your words only to receive a scoff from you. You turned and walked away leaving him there alone.
“Buy me dinner first, then I’ll decide” you shouted behind you, causing the captain to smile shyly.
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captain-buckyyy · a day ago
worst behaviour ⭒ part two
summary: steve and bucky finally come to the end of their punishment
pairing: sub!steve x reader x sub!bucky
warnings: swearing, steve and bucky call reader ‘mommy’, steve eats reader out, fingering pet names, male x male smut, pegging, use of strap-on and dildo
word count: 3.5k
Tumblr media
One week, seven whole days, 168 hours. That’s how long it’s been since your little pets disobeyed you and broke your rules. It’s been torturous, at least for them; for you it’s been a week of pure bliss watching them cry and sniffle as they watch you take yourself apart, your tight wet hole swallowing the poor imitation of their cocks you called your beloved dildo.
For the past week, you’ve been easy on them only making them watch you cum and squirt whilst they sit whining and begging for you to let them come lap up your juices with their tongues. But now, it’s time to break them.
Bucky and Steve are miserable, two seconds away from crying; the heaviness in their balls too much and the constant need to cum making it painfully hard for them to be around each other and especially around you. It’s been a long week for them and they’re not quite sure how they can last another 7 days, 168 hours without the feeling of your wet hot tongue on their cocks or the sweet sweet taste of your milk in their mouths.
Currently, the two are practically sulking in the living room, trying their best to focus on a movie to help pass the time. The two of them have been keeping busy for the past week, always doing something to help distract themselves from their aching cocks. It’s cute watching them attempt to act as if they aren’t ready to cum nearly every five seconds. Now, you want to watch them suffer a little bit more.
“Boys!” You say walking into the living room with a smirk that can’t help but etch its way across your features.
Their head whips comically fast to turn to look at you and the moment their eyes settle on you, needy high-pitched whines rise from their throats. There you are, completely naked looking ethereal, like a goddess amongst mortals and the two super soldiers would like nothing more than to get on their knees and worship you just the way a goddess like you deserves.
“Mommy…” Steve whines, his eyes already glassy with unshed tears. Your little boy’s so needy, it’s perfect.
Bucky is handling this no better than Steve, his long hair is a mess from the way he tugged and pulled at it in frustration after catching a peek of you naked and wet in the shower earlier this morning. Currently, he’s biting down on his lip so hard you’re sure he’s drawing blood but it doesn’t seem to matter to him because his eyes never stray from the sight of your pussy that he wants so badly to be buried in.
“What’s the matter, pet?” you ask coming to sit next to your bad little boy Steve, your hand brushing over his cheek and Steve can’t help but gulp at the contact. You haven’t touched them in five days not after you found Bucky humping his pillow like a bitch in heat and the pair are slowly losing their minds.
The moment Steve feels your hands run through his hair, he’s a goner. Tears fall from his eyes, tumbling down his soft cheek as he whines your name in desperation. “Need you, mommy,” Steve mumbles through tears.
“Need me to do what, puppy?” you ask as Steves sniffles trying his best to not get hysterical because he knows if he does, he’ll be even further away from getting what he wants.
Your thumb rubs gentle circles on his cheek and Bucky nearly growls in jealousy, he wishes so desperately it was him who you were giving the attention to. “Need you to make me cum, mommy. Hurts so much!” Steve exclaims and you can’t help but coo in fake sympathy for your little boy.
“Is that true Bucky, do you need your mommy too?” you ask and Bucky practically is glowing as you walk over to him, bare breasts pressed against his side and fingers tangled in his long locks. Your lips ghost over the shell of his ear and Bucky trembles, he actually trembles and a part of you feels bad for your little puppies but then you remember how they broke your rules and suddenly you don’t feel that bad for them anymore.
“Yes mommy, I need you so much,” Bucky says practically shivering as you press a light teasing kiss to his neck in the spot that makes Bucky weak. Steve whines from his position on the other chair as your hands skate over the thick muscle of Bucky’s thigh inching closer and closer to his cock.
“Please, mommy,” Bucky begs as your fingers find his clothed cock, he’s hard just like he has been for the past week. His hips instinctively buck into your hand as your palm comes into contact with his bulge, pressing hard enough for Bucky to start letting out choked moans and for tears of his own to start rolling down his cheeks.
“Now boys you’ve been so good this week and I think you deserve a little treat, don’t you?” you ask and the boys eagerly nod their heads.
“Yes, mommy we’ve been so good for you. We just want to make you happy,” Steves says, as always he’s eager to please. Not being your good little boy for the past seven days has been hard on him, all he ever wants to do is please you.
You look at Bucky and he nods his head quickly trying to focus but the feeling of your palm pressed against his cock is overwhelming. “We’ll do anything, mommy,” Bucky rasps out, his hips bucking wildly into your palm, chasing the embers of pleasure.
“It’s been so long since my little pets have made me cum, I think that should change, don’t you?” You ask smirking as the pair practically salivate at your words, they really were puppies.
Steve and Bucky nod, little whimpers escaping their pretty plump lips. They’re just delicious, your little boys so needy and desperate for you is your favourite sight and those gorgeous little moans they make for you; just perfect.
“Yes mommy, please,” Bucky whines, he’s always been the needier one out of your two little pets despite how much Steve lives to please you. You can’t help but chuckle at the sound of your super-soldier little slut whining for you to let him make you cum.
Your hand leaves Bucky’s clothed cock and comes up to his smooth white cheek, stroking the soft supple flesh of his skin and cooing at him in faux sympathy. “Don’t worry baby, mommy’s gonna let you take care of her,” you say and Steve practically moans as he at your words and Bucky has to resist the urge to cum in his pants; as much as Bucky loves it when you’re rough, harsh and punishing him, he loves it when you’re gentle and soft with him.
You ease yourself away from your two pets, moving to sit with your back against the armrest of the couch, legs spread and pussy dripping slowly with ur slick. The boys’ eyes can’t help but settle on the sight of your cunt and the wetness that spills steadily from it, Steve wants to dive in and lap up every last drop of you. He’s addicted to your taste.
“Come here boys, make mommy cum,” you say and that’s all your boys need. Steve’s lips attach to the soft and wet flesh of your clit, Bucky settles down next to him, his vibranium fingers teasing the entrance of your wet cunt before plunging in. Your eyes roll back as you feel one of Bucky’s thick digits enter the warmth of your pussy, moans tumbling from your lips as you feel the stretch of Bucky’s vibranium finger and the warmth of Steve’s tongue as it swirls around your clit.
“Fuck!” Steve moans against your pussy as he tastes the sweet nectar of your slick on his tongue.
“Does mommy taste good?” Bucky asks practically foaming from the mouth as he watches Steve eat you out listening to the pretty little moans Steve makes as he licks up every last drop of you.
“She tastes so good,” Steve says as you moan as Bucky’s vibranium fingers curl against the spot that makes your legs shake.
“Why don’t you show Bucky how good I taste, Stevie?” You say and Steve nods eagerly.
He dips his head back in between your legs gathering your wetness on his tongue, your moans making blood rush to his cock. Steve pulls back and Bucky sits up on his knees waiting expectantly before Steve leans forwards, spitting your slick into Bucky’s mouth. “Swallow!” you command and Bucky’s obeys, he swallows quickly and you can’t help but moan at the sight, it makes wetness ooze out quickly onto your thighs.                                  
“Look at you, such good boys. You gonna make mommy cum?’ You ask and the boys nod quickly before getting back in their previous position. Bucky’s vibranium fingers pump quickly in and out of your wet cunt as Steve’s lips wrap around your clit; your hands come down to clutch at Steve’s blonde hair and pull his mouth closer.
“You’re doing such a good job for mommy,” you praise, knowing just how hard it makes your little pets when you praise them.               
Your praise goes straight to their dicks but the boys try their best to push away the achingly hardness of their cocks and instead focusing on making you cum. Steve practically devours you, your slick spilling out of his mouth and coating his mouth; he’s basically feral as he eats you out. Bucky on the other hand is pumping his thick vibranium fingers in and out of you so fast your legs are shaking uncontrollably around Steve’s head as you feel him suck your clit so hard you’re thrashing around the bed nearly screaming.
“Fuck! You’re gonna make mommy cum,” you moan as you feel Bucky’s fingers curl around the spot that makes you scream out.
Your hand clutches Steve’s hair so tight as your legs wobble and with a shout, you’re cumming hard and fast as Steve and Bucky open their mouth waiting expectantly for your cum. The moment they taste your cum on their tongues, they’re moaning uncontrollably at the taste of you.
“You’re such good boys for mommy making me cum so hard,” you say and the boys practically glow with praise.  “Such a shame you were naughty for me and disobeyed me but since you did such a good job today, you now only have 2 days left of your punishment and then mommy’s gonna make you cum so much.”
Tumblr media
Your little pets have been dying with torture for the past two days, they’ve been good of course they have; they are very aware of just how cruel you can be when they provoke you. They’ve been achingly hard, cocks red and swollen leaking precum for the past two days whining at every opportunity for your touch and attention.
Steve and Bucky are glad the torture is over, they didn’t think they could take any more of your teasing or the way for the past two days you’ve been walking around in nothing but your birthday suit. They honestly thought they’d cum in their pants just from looking at your naked body; it's been nine long days and they’ve yet to cum. They’ve been slowly dying without you and your touch.
But now after nine long days, their suffering is over.
“Boys, get into position!” you command and the two super soldiers are scrambling to get on the bed getting onto all fours, back arched and heads low against the mattress. They look absolutely delicious naked on their knees for you, all you wanna do is wreck their pretty little tight holes until they’re sobbing on the bed.
They’re whimpering, desperation coursing through their veins as they wait in anticipation. Your two not-so-little pets have no idea what you have planned for them but they don’t care, they just need to cum.
“Mommy…” Steve whines all high-pitched like the needy little bitch he is.
You smirk at him, eyes glistening with trouble, “what, pet?” you ask.
“Please touch me, mommy,” Steve begs and you can’t help but laugh, it’s barely been five minutes and already your little slut is begging and whining.
“Don’t worry my little puppy, mommy’s gonna take care of you both,” you promise, you always take care of your pets especially when they’re being needy little sluts.
Bucky’s body shivers and trembles at your words and the sight is just beautiful, the former winter soldier at your mercy on his hands and knees. “Mommy…” he whines just like Steve and the sound is music to your ears.
“No whining boys or mommy won’t let you cum,” you say and suddenly your two little pets are quiet and you can’t help but smile in triumph.
You find yourself settling on the bed behind the two naked little sluts who live to serve you; reaching into the drawer beside the bed getting the strap-on and lube. The moment it's attached to you, the boys are moaning and whimpering in anticipation as they watch you lube up the pink silicone cock.
You don’t need to get them ready, their puckered holes are always ready for you.
“Now who is mommy gonna fuck first?” you say, pink silicone dildo wet with lube teasing the entrance of Steve’s puckered hole. Bucky watches in envy, as the dildo circles the rim of Steve’s asshole, Steve is a bumbling mess barely stringing together words but all that can be detected is one word: mommy.
You can’t help but coo at the pathetic little slut Steve is, “what’s the matter little boy?” you ask and laugh as Steve stutters over his words.
“Mommy…” he whines as he feels you push the tip of the dildo into his tight hole, his body trembling against the bed as tears fall down his porcelain cheeks. Bucky whines beside him, tears pathetically falling down his cheeks in envy and need.
You chuckle darkly as you see the now tear-stained cheeks from your little pets; your hands grab Steve’s hips before pushing the whole length of the strap-on into his tight lubricated hole. Steve screams out the moment you bottom out inside of him, he feels so full and it feels euphoric; all he can do is cry. 
“Mommy, please fuck me,” Bucky whines, starved of attention. All he wants to do is present for you like a good boy and get fucked like a bad boy, he wants you to destroy him in the best way possible.
You can’t help but feel a tiny bit bad for Bucky so like the nice mommy you are, you want to give him a little something so he doesn’t absolutely combust. As you pull back out of Steve you making him whine at the loss of contact but a firm smack to the white cheeks of his ass has him falling quiet quickly. Your finger enters Bucky’s tight hole as you push the 10-inch wet dildo into Steve, the moment they feel their holes full of you they shout out nearly screaming. They’ve waited so long for this, for you to fuck them and to finally cum; it’s been nine long torturous days and they’re ready to be fucked and wrecked by you.
“Oh, shit mommy!” Bucky groans almost growls as you  fuck his ass with your fingers, he pushes back on you craving every inch that you give him. Steve on the other hand is collapsing against the mattress with every swivel of your hips, the pink dildo going deep in his tight hole making the super soldier and former Captain America grasp at the sheets biting his pink lips to stop from screaming over and over.
“Stevie, look at you being such a good boy for mommy and taking her cock like a desperate little slut,” you say and the moan Steve lets out is vulgar, deep and filthy. Your little pet loves praise and he loves it especially when you call him a little slut.
“Yes mommy, I’m a good little slut for you,” Stevie says before letting out a deep moan as the pink fake cock hits his prostate so hard his whole body just trembles on the bed.
You can tell your little pet is close to cumming, you’re honestly surprised Steve didn’t cum the moment he felt the pink cock enter his tight and wet hole. Your fingers withdraw from Bucky’s puckered hole and he’s crying at loss, pretty little tears falling from his cheek onto the white sheets below. “Shh, don’t worry Bucky baby, mommy’s gonna fuck you like the little slut you are. Be patient,” you say.
“But until then go suck Stevie’s cock for me,” you say and Bucky does as you say, he moves under Steve’s body, wet pink lips wrapping around the base of Steve’s cock. Bucky immediately tastes pre-cum on his tongue and he moans around Steve’s cock at the taste. Steve whines as he feels the drag of Bucky’s tongue across the tip of his sensitive cock.
“Mommy…” Steve whines, body shivering and trembling under you as you grip his hips and fuck into him faster, the pink cock abusing his hole as you fuck him roughly and hard as you can just like he likes it.
The feeling of Bucky’s wet and hot tongue and the feeling of you fucking him is too much for Steve to handle, he practically screaming against the sheets at the simulation, the fake pink cock nudging against his prostate and Bucky kitten licking his sensitive tip. “Fuck!” Steve cums with a shout, his white-hot cum dripping onto Bucky’s tongue and down his throat.
“Mmm… tastes so good mommy,” Bucky says once he’s swallowed all of Steve’s cum.
“Get into position,” you say to Bucky and he scrambles to get on all fours. Steve collapses against the mattress whining as you pull out of him. 
“You did such a good job for mommy,” you coo at Steve, pressing a delicate kiss to his back. You went to move around the back of Bucky admiring the sight of him presenting for you.
“My little slut looks so good for mommy,” you say, hand resting on Bucky’s cheeks before bringing your palm down against the soft white flesh of his ass, delighting in the way the skin immediately turns red.
Steve watches with wide tired eyes as the fake pink cock enters Bucky’s puckered hole and Bucky screams out. Steve is exhausted from cumming and getting absolutely wrecked by your cock but the sight of you fucking Bucky makes his cock stir and harden slowly. Your hands grip Bucky’s hip so hard he’s sure you’ll leave bruises and he can’t wait to admire your marks tomorrow.
You’re fucking Bucky so hard he can barely breathe, all he can manage is a mix of moans and screams of mommy into the white sheets. “Stevie go give Bucky a kiss,” you say and you can’t help but moan as you see Stevie’s tongue slip into Bucky’s mouth, their kisses are sloppy, spit everywhere as they kiss. It makes wetness spill down your thighs, your little sluts are so sexy.
You can’t help but spank Bucky, his round ass too inviting, his body jolts each time your palm connects with the white flesh of his ass cheeks. Bucky’s moans lewdly, the sound being swallowed by Steve's lips on his. “Mommy feels so good, I’m so full,” Bucky whines as Steve pulls back from their kiss.
“Look at you being so good for mommy and taking her cock her so well, are you going to cum for mommy?” you ask, pulling out of his ass and then quickly pushing the whole length of the pink dildo into him. Bucky cries, real fresh tears falling down his already tear-stained cheeks as you fuck him rough and harsh.
Bucky nods against the sheets at your questions before Steve’s lips press against his again, Bucky’s legs nearly give out as Steve bites down on his lips and the fake cock presses against his prostate. The super soldier mumbles a fuck! against Steve’s lips that falls on deaf ears as pleasure washes over him waves, he pushes back on the fake cock chasing his orgasm.
You can tell your little pet is close to cumming, “Such a good boy for mommy, look at you fucking yourself on mommy’s cock like a desperate little slut,” you say. You know how much Bucky loves it when you talk dirty to him and you know how quickly it makes him cum.
You see how his legs shake, how he’s moaning, almost screaming against Steve’s lips; your hand smacks against his ass cheeks before pulling his hips back onto your pink cock. Bucky nearly collapses on the bed as he cums, Steve quickly moves to scoop up the cum from the bed, fingers hitting the back of his throat as he swallows all of Bucky’s delectable cum.
“Look at my two good boys, you did such a good job for me. Now let’s hope you two keep being my good boys because mommy has so many more treats for you,” you say smirking at the way shivers run down their spine and the whines that escape their plump lips.
                                                                                                                                You can't wait to destroy them.
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𝑾𝒆'𝒓𝒆 𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒌𝒊𝒅𝒔 𝒘𝒆 𝒖𝒔𝒆𝒅 𝒕𝒐 𝒃𝒆 𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝟐
Previous part
—Summary: Chris and the reader used to date when they were younger until Chris got a deal in Hollywood resulting in him breaking up with the reader with no shame. Later he sees her and apologize and tries to make it better
—genre: angst
—warning: cursing of course
—pairing: Chris Evans x ex reader
Comment and reblogs welcome
Tumblr media
"I don't know man, I don't know what I'm supposed to say to her." Chris buddy sighed. "I'm sure you do Chris." Before Chris knew it your name was being called out. You turned around to see Chris' buddy pointing at Chris. When you saw him the smile on your face dropped. You had to be kidding me.
Chris Shyly smiled at you, you didn't return it. A part of you was hoping he wasn't going to talk to you, but that thought was denied when he walked over to you.
You stood there awkwardly not sure what to do in this moment. Chris finally approached you, he stood there with his hands tucked in his pants pocket like a shy kid who was about to ask his crush out. "Hi." Chris said almost at a whisper. You didn't respond to him, but Chris kept talking. "Um do you wanna talk?"
You swallowed. "Not really, but since you're here anyways.. fine." You spit out with a sass.
Chris follow you outside where you both had more privacy. You found a little bench in the far Corner of the courtyard, you took a seat, Chris following your action sitting down with a sigh. "So... How have you been?"
"Chris," You sighed. "Let's just address the elephant in the room shall we?" You looked over at him. "You left hm.. 16 years ago. How's Hollywood, did you make a great decision?"
Chris sighed. He knew this was coming. "Y/n, look I know you're mad, but I was young ok. I thought it was a great idea."
"It was a great idea Chris." You laughed, but not in the enthusiastic way. "You're successful, you're rich, you can get any girl you want. You're living on top of the world right now I believe."
"y/n, I'm sorry okay. I know what I did was wrong." Chris exhaled. He meant it, but he knew you weren't going to forgive him and he wasn't going to blame you.
"yeah, you're sorry." You stood up. "Well, g reat conversation. It was really nice talking To youChris." You began to walk back to the door, but before you could you felt a hand on your arm. You whipped around to Chris. You both were extremely close to the point where you were touching his chest and you could smell his nice cologne. Your breath hitched in your throat as you looked up at him.
Chris looked at you his breath becoming shallow. The both of you stood their for a second, but it felt like forever. Chris was the first to back up away from you after about 15 seconds.
"sorry." Chris cleared his throat. "Before you go y/n, I just want you to know I'm really sorry, ok? The first few weeks after I left I regretted it. You were the best thing that happened to me and I blew it. To this day I still regret it and I was scared to run back to you because I didn't know if you'll be mad at me or not. I know there's nothing I can do to change what I did, but I just want you to know I'm sorry ok, I really am."
A weak smile formed on Chris' face before he took a seat back down on the bench. You stood there, your thoughts a thousand miles per hour. What do you say in this moment? What do you do? Chris hurt you and you hated him for that.. but it was 16 years ago. You said you Changed and you grew from it, from him, but was that even the truth?
"Chris... I don't..," you sighed cursing yourself under your breath. You looked over at him. "What you did hurt me and I spent years getting over you— us, but I couldn't. I loved you so much and I still do." You walked back over to the bench. " I think we should try again."
Chris looked at you shocked. Before he could say anything you best him to it. "But I don't wanna regret. Please don't make regret this." You rushed out.
Chris looked at you, fighting a smile as he said, "You won't, I promise."
Chris kept his promise. He never let you down. It took a lot of trusting in this relationship especially when Chris went away for filming, but he never let go of his promise. You were happy you took him back and give him another chance, you both were right where you were before, still the kids you used to be.
With this angst I'm asking you to send me fluffy concepts I could write
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andysbubba · a day ago
his thoughts
-> ransom comes home angry, a fight ensues but none of you can go to bed angry.
a/n: fluff and angst? ransom's insecure and it just makes him push away the reader :(( enjoy the fic!!
Tumblr media
You barely registered the loud slam of the front door and the heavy stomps that followed. Ransom comes into the living room, and instantly headed into the kitchen- not even bothering to address you.
You caught on immediately that the Thrombey family meeting didn't go well at all. As per usual. So you stood up from your seat on the couch and followed him into the kitchen where he was tugging off his coat and reaching into the fridge for a drink.
He rolls his eyes as he chugs the beer down, completely ignoring you.
You stepped towards him, taking his free hand into yours and you press soft kisses on his knuckles. "What happened, babe?"
Ransom snatches his hand away from you, the frown still carved in his lips. "Oh— fucking hell. Will you fucking stop crowding me?" He snaps, turning away from you as he leans against the counter.
He knows he screwed up as soon as those words left his mouth, but his pride wasn't gonna let him apologise. It really wasn't his fault that his mouth works faster than his brain.
You were used to this, still- it doesn't sting in your heart any less painful. Again, still, it's Ransom you're talking about here. So really, you kinda know not to take it to heart— which again, doesn't make it any less painful.
Ransom wanted to apologise- he really did. But no matter how much he wanted to force the words out, it just couldn't get past his lips.
"Hey," You grab him by the sides of the blue sweater he's wearing, forcing him to turn around even though he hesitated. You cupped his cheeks, thumbs rubbing gently against his cheekbones. "Y'know you can talk to me about it, Ran."
This is usually where he breaks, the part where he'd just pull you into his chest and nuzzle into your hair. But instead, the frown he had on his face turned into something more glum and sad. As much as he wants to let himself sink into your touch, he doesn't think he deserves it.
Ransom lets his fingers curl around your wrists, dreading the feeling of prying your hands off him. But he does it anyway, puts up the emotionless Ransom act just so he wouldn't have to deal with what he's really feeling. "Fuck– just leave me alone, alright?" He huffs, picking up his coat and trudges out of the kitchen, leaving the empty can of beer behind and you listen to the sound of his feet stomping on the steps on his way up to the bedroom.
You know it's better to let him cool off a little before you go after him– let him think on his own or whatever. But your gut feeling tells you that it wouldn't be so easy to get through him tonight. That glum look he had on his face earlier on? That's not your Ransom.
You wrapped up your work, shutting down your laptop and stacking all the files you need for work tomorrow. That itself took about half an hour, so you decided that it was probably time to go up and head to bed, maybe talk to Ransom if he actually feels like talking.
He was sitting up against the headboard when you came in, chest bare and his hands holding open a book– probably a new piece that he's supposed to read through and edit or something. He barely looked up at you, just a simple glance over his metal-frame glasses before he's back to reading the words off the book.
If you weren't just a little pissed at him, you would've walked over and gave him a kiss on his nose just because he looks so goddamn irresistible in those glasses. But well, you're pissed. And obviously, Ransom wasn't going to start the conversation or even try to apologise with how he doesn't even bother to acknowledge your presence.
You hated it– the silence between you two, and you could only hear him flipping the pages every couple of minutes and the shuffling of your own movements as you got yourself ready for bed. The silence was too loud and you knew you would never fall asleep if you even tried to.
You grabbed your phone off the dresser as you head to the bed, deciding to grab your favourite pillow as well. You quickly thought about grabbing one of Ransom's too, knowing you'd have trouble sleeping without his scent. But you quickly threw the idea away, not wanting him to get the satisfaction of seeing you needing him just to sleep.
Ransom caught your movements through the corner of his eyes, and his heart beats just a little faster as he clears his throat. "Where you goin'?" He plays off the pressure blooming in his heart even though it's already making his brain overthink things.
Is this the part where you're just gonna go and leave him? Or you've just had enough of him?
"I'm not gonna go to sleep beside you when there's obviously something both of us aren't happy about." You stated simply in reply, barely looking at him before you're turning to leave the room.
He knows he should've gone after you, told you to stay. The bed's different without you sleeping in it beside him. When the door shuts behind you, he lets out a sigh, pulling the glasses off and throwing the book aside, watching as both items bounce lightly on your side of the bed– the one you should be sleeping in.
He considers picking the book up so he can continue with his annotations and edit anything he doesn't find right about it. But even he knows he's too out of his mind to even focus on it. He's worried and it's sending his brain into overdrive. It's making him paranoid about losing you and he hates the feeling.
Ransome picks the book and glasses up, setting those on his nightstand before he switches off the lamp and shuffles down on the bed. His arm instinctively reached over to your side of the bed, realising that the other side's cold and empty and nothing like what he's used to.
His finger clenches around your pillow that you left behind, pulling it to him as he buries his nose in your scent. He'll never tell you this, but he's gotten so used to you, your cuddles and your scent that he just cannot go to sleep without it.
He huffs, lying flat on the bed as he stares up at the ceiling, looking at the neon stars you had insisted on pasting on the ceiling. He'd never admit it, but the childish view really stuck with him and he actually finds it comforting now.
Ransom knows you're only going to the guest room down the hall but what if he wakes up tomorrow and you're nowhere home? What if you just decide that you've had enough of him and you just leave? Fuck– what if you're tired of all his crap and you decide that you deserve so, so much better than him?
Everything about the bed was wrong. The mattress is too soft, it's like you're sinking into the ground. The pillows are too new and it just smells like detergent, except for the pillow that you brought over from you and Ransom's room.
You weren't used to this– not feeling his arms around you while you sleep or not smelling his aftershave as you dozed off. It was different, and you hated the feeling.
Even as you hugged the pillow into your chest and clamped another between your legs, it still isn't comfortable enough for you to just fall asleep. You should've at least sneaked one of Ransom's shirt before you left the room. It wasn't him but it'd be a pretty decent alternative.
Ransom drags his feet as he trudges down the hallway. He's slept in the guest room once and he knows the pillows were too soft so he was just hugging the pillow you left to his chest. Just in case, y'know– you'd be too mad at him to even let him hug you.
He was scared to go in, but he just got jealous when he sees you sleeping with your back facing the door. He almost lets a humourless chuckle leave his lips. There he was, needing you just for him to sleep while you're there and sound asleep without him.
There's an annoying voice at the back of his head telling him that you don't need him as much as he needs you. But there's something else tugging at his heartstrings, begging for him to climb in beside you and join you on the bed.
For once? Ransom listens to the second voice.
You heard the shuffling of his feet against the floorboards and you instantly pretended to be asleep, heart thumping loudly against your chest as you hear the door creak open and a streak of light peek in. There was a quick glimpse of his shadow moving into the room before the door closes shut.
He hesitated before he climbs in beside you, the mattress sinking as he puts his palm on the bed. He knows it was too late to back out when he lies beside you, trying to decide between wrapping his arm around you or just hugging your pillow that he brought over.
Ransom took a deep breath as he lies on his side, one hand sliding under the pillow his head's on and the other shifts to go over your torso. He decided that there was nothing else to lose since he already threw away his pride when he entered the guest room. He pulls you against his chest, before his palm just rests awkwardly by your chest.
"I know you're mad." He sighs, thinking you're asleep so he can let the words spill out of his mouth. He kept his voice low because the last thing he wants to do is to wake you up. "You can scream at me tomorrow if you want to. Just let me hug you first."
You could've turned right then, wrap your arm around him so his hand isn't so awkwardly planted on the bed. But for some reason, you wanted to hear what else he was gonna say.
"I love you." He says, and he leans down to press a kiss against your hair. "I can't lose you– but you deserve so much better, baby."
Your stomach churned at his tone, feeling your eyes water at just how vulnerable he sounds. You couldn't bring yourself to turn, instead just waiting as he continues with whatever's on his mind.
"They said I don't deserve you." He takes a shaky breath. "That you'd be better off with someone who isn't an emotionless scumbag."
You turned immediately, seeing how his eyes were teary before it widens at your sudden movement. "Ransom." Your palm cups his jaw as your mind thoroughly registers what he said. "You're the only one I need, alright?"
"You were up the whole time?" He chuckles breathlessly before he blinks away the tears in his eyes.
"Ran," You ignored his question, instead opting to lean up and kiss his forehead. "They're fucking wrong, okay? You mean the whole world to me, Ransom. I love you."
He shakes his head and he glances away to avoid looking at you. "They're right, y'know. You can do so much better than–" He scoffs, his bottom lip quivering and it only makes your heart breaks for him. "Me."
It pissed him off when they said it, when his own family members said that he's an asshole who doesn't deserve a sweetheart like you. Walt said that you'll just leave him someday when you see just how much of a mess he is.
Your thumbs rubbed over his cheekbones gently. "Baby, c'mon– don't listen to them, okay? I fucking love you. There's no one else I want, baby. And you're not an emotionless scumbag, okay? They don't see what I see. I'm all yours, alright? No one else matters. Just you, Ransom."
You push yourself up, bending your elbow and lean your head on your palm. Your thumb wipes the stray tear on his cheek.
"You can't tell anyone I cried."
You hum, letting your free hand rest on his cheek as he stares up at you. "You're pretty when you cry."
"First and last time, sweetheart." He huffs, even though there's a glint in his eyes. He takes your hand, bringing it to his lips and softly kissing your knuckles. "I'm sorry."
"Can I still scream at you tomorrow?"
"You can do anything you want as long as you promise you'll love me forever."
ransom *heart eyeshshsgdhshzhsh* drysdale
i just know that this man would be the softest asshole when he finds the right person for him. god, i just wanna ch*ke him for being so cute.
thanks for reading! reblogs/comments/likes/feedbacks are more than appreciated!! <33
join my taglist if you wanna be tagged in any of my fics!
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reginaphalange2403 · 2 days ago
No Big Deal
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Genre: Fluff, hurt/comfort(sort of?)
Warnings: talk of migraines, nausea(nothing graphic)
Summary: Chris helps you through a migraine, not knowing how much it means to you
This is my first ever attempt at writing a fic. I hope some people enjoy this! Feel free to let me know if you liked it (or hated it lol) :))
Tumblr media
It had been a long day already, with the Infinity war press tour only just beginning. You had spent all morning doing press interviews with your cast mates in New York, and were now flying to Los Angles with them for even more interviews and events. Thankfully, it was just the “og 6” of you doing press today, as most of todays interviews revolved around the original cast members. You were sat next to Chris on the plane, with rdj on the other side of you, and Jeremy and mark across the table. The four of you were playing a game of cards, trying to relax after a hectic morning.
“Bullshit.” You say bluntly after Downey’s turn.
He groans in playful annoyance, reluctantly gathering the cards off the table.
You laugh, “I told you all I’m a beast at this game, you can never get a lie past me”.
“We should have known better than to let Y/N suggest what to play” Chris says next to you, the guys agreeing.
After a few rounds of bullshit, bright lines begin flashing across your eyes. Knowing full well what that meant, you try to ignore them hoping they will pass without a migraine following.
Unfortunately, your hopes are left unanswered when just a few minutes later, a searing, pulsating pain takes over the entire left side of your head. You try to excuse yourself from the game, without anyone noticing that there is something wrong.
“Im getting tired guys, I think I’m just gonna go sit near the back and try to take a nap”
Mark, Jeremy and Robert simply nod and let you leave, but as Chris stands to allow you to pass through, he gently grabs your wrist as you walk by, “You okay?” , he whispers, concern written all over his face. He knows you’re never one to just back out of a game, especially one you’re good at. “I’m fine! Just tired” you try to assure him. But the way you wince after speaking tells him otherwise. Chris was the only person in the cast who knew about your migraines. You had embarrassingly gotten one when you and him were doing an interview together a few months back, and you had to leave in the middle of it because the pain had gotten so bad.
You walk down towards the end of the plane where it’s somewhat darker, taking a seat away from the guys so they’re less likely to take notice of you. Rummaging through your bag, you curse silently realizing you forgot your excedrin. The knowledge of being hundreds of feet in the sky, with no medication hits you, and tears prick at your eyes as the pain only worsens. You wrap your arms around your stomach and take slow breaths as the nausea creeps in, and lay your head down. A few minutes pass and you feel someone sit down in the seat next to you.
“Hey”, Slowly you bring your head up, and are met with Chris’s tender eyes.
“Migraine?”, he asks. You can barely move your head to nod as another wave of nausea overcomes you.
He rubs your back gently and says, barely above a whisper, knowing how sound makes it worse, “I’ll be right back, hang on”.
He returns moments later with an ice pack and a small brown bag.
“But How did you-“
“There’s a fridge and freezer near the cockpit. I grabbed a barf baggie just in case this doesn’t work”, he adds with a sympathetic smile.
You press the ice against the side of your face, the pain almost instantly lessening. Chris leans closer to you, wrapping an arm around you, slowing rubbing circles into your back. You lean your head against his shoulder.
Just then, Robert walks by on this way to the restroom, and notices the scene.
“She okay?” He asks Chris, motioning to you.
“She’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it. I got her” He replies politely, trying to be discreet, not wanting everyone to realize what’s going on with you.
Later that night in your Hotel room, you pop a few ibuprofen in, still wearing off the last few migraine symptoms that had mostly dissipated by the end of the flight, thanks to Chris.
Taking a deep breath, you walk across the hall and knock on his door.
“Hey! You can come in if you want.” He answers the door in sweatpants and a tshirt, hair still damp from the shower.
You step in and take a seat on the edge of a bed. “Sorry to bother you so late. I just wanted to thank you for earlier. I don’t even want to think about how embarrassing it could have gotten for me, had you not brought that ice pack. I wanted to ask, how did you know that ice helps with migraines?”
Hearing the question, Chris seemed to become embarrassed. Shifting slightly and looking down at his feet. “Oh… well the last time you had one, I did a quick Google search on migraines so that I could know how to help you. You know, in case it ever happened again while I was around. Which lead me to find out about how cold can help. So I brought some ice packs with me and stored them in the freezer of the plane, just in case you ever needed one.”
By the end of his little story, your eyes are practically filled with tears at his kindness.
“Chris. That’s too sweet of you. Thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate that.”
“Of course, don’t mention it. It’s nothing really” he sort of laughed out the last part.
Little did he know, it was everything to you. No man you had ever dated had ever seemed to care enough about you to even research what migraines entailed, let alone go out of his way to care for you like that. And Chris wasn’t even your boyfriend.
Interrupting your thoughts, Chris clears his throat, “it’s getting pretty late. If you want, you could stay here tonight. I was just gonna watch a movie and relax.”
“I’d like that” you smile as he climbs into the bed next to you. You go to lay down and he moves closer, letting you lay your head on his chest.
2 months later, at Infinity War’s official premier, you and Chris walk the red carpet together debuting your relationship.
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agirlcandream84 · 19 hours ago
By the Numbers
Tumblr media
My second (short) fic!  Who am I?? I suppose this is a “real life” fluff fic (look at me pretending to know what I’m talking about), starring another favorite: Chris Evans.  I was intending for this to be a one-shot but the structure lends itself to a lot of minis so I’m going with it.  
Chris Evans x Reader (Y/N)
Summary: Chris has just come back home to Concord between movie shoots to enjoy the east coast autumn season and have some time to himself, until he wanders into a local coffee shop.  
Meet-cute, Romantic love, autumn vibes, fluff fluff fluff, cozy
Tumblr media
The First Time (Chris)
“Dodger! Stay close buddy!” Chris shouts to his loyal pup.  Dodger zooms around the grass but happily trots up to walk in stride with Chris.  Chris sucks in the cold air through his nostrils deeply, so deeply it would look cartoonish if anyone had seem him do it, and savors every scent of Concord in fall.  
“Look at that sunset buddy.  You don’t get that in LA,” he says to Dodger.  Dodger seems just as pleased with the autumn air, enthusiastically crunching leaves under paw.   Chris and Dodger walk companionably for several minutes until the sun sets in earnest and a real chill takes to the air.  Chris, in his favorite cream-colored cable knit sweater, regrets not bringing the jacket hanging on the hook by his door.  With at least a 20 minute walk home, he considers picking up his pace to a jog when he spots it.  
Beanies & Leaves 
A new coffee and tea shop on the corner of Main Street and Walden emitted a soft warm glow.  A cup of chamomile tea called his name and he broke into a light jog to cross the street.  
He stopped short of opening the door as he peered in the window.  The sign said open and the lights were on but there were no customers inside.  There was only a woman behind the counter who, by all accounts, was having the time of her life as she cleaned out the espresso machine for the night. He could hear the soft thump of bass from the music she was blaring inside and was that... yep, it was.  WAP by Cardi B.  And he was the lucky man treated to a whole dance performance, which was honestly pretty decent for someone who was mid-closing tasks at a coffee shop.  He watched her gather up a stray napkin and take a shot to the garbage can and miss.  She rolled her eyes at her own mistake and scooped it up to shoot.  And miss.  Again.  She tossed her head back and laughed at her own incoordination.  He took a moment to delight in watching someone thoroughly enjoy their own company before finally opening the door and to step inside. 
She had just stepped back into the kitchen as WAP ended and Defying Gravity from Wicked soon began.  An interesting choice of playlist if he’d ever heard one.  Almost as if on cue, he heard the singing.  It wasn’t.... good?  But it wasn’t bad.  But it was certainly passionate and earnest and it made him chuckle.  She stepped out from the kitchen, hands full and towering with what looked like 25 clean coffee mugs but eyes shut tight mid-high note.  
“Is never gonna briiinnnnngggg mmmeee doooooooowwwwwnnn!” 
Well now he was in a pickle. She clearly didn’t hear the gentle ring of the bell on the door and he stood the chance of scaring the daylights out of her if he shouted over the music.  Now, if he was honest with himself, there was a part of Chris that thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of scaring someone.  But he usually reserved that for family and friends, not strangers who seemed to be auditioning for Elphaba.  So instead, he waited for the song to wrap before speaking. 
“What do I owe you for the show?” he joked.  
And with that, a piercing scream emerged from her lips and approximately 25 coffee cups shattered on the ground.
Oh shit.
...The First Time (You) ...
Jesus fucking Christ!  Your heart is hammering in your chest and your coffee cups are in shatters at your feet.  Oh shit, my coffee cups!  
You had started closing tasks 15 minutes before closing, thinking you were certainly done for the night.  It had been quiet for hours and you were eager to get home and watch the next episode of Outlander.  Sure, the music was loud but was it really that loud? And, oh god, how much had this man seen?  Not the dancing, right?  Oh my god you had been singing too.  
“Oh my god I’m so sorry! Jesus, let me help you.” you hear him say.
You squeeze your eyes shut and clutch your hand to your chest for a moment to slow your racing heart.  Your hands are trembling from the rush of adrenaline (You obviously thought you were about to be murdered.  You always think you’re about to be murdered). You let out a slow deep breath.  
“No, I’m sorry.  I didn’t hear you come in.  Entirely my fault,” you stammer.
You look up to meet his eyes and HOLY SHIT IT’S CHRIS EVANS.  Like, THE Chris Evans.  Captain America.  Ransom Drysdale (your personal fave).  The guy from a million hot gifs. Standing in your coffee shop and scaring the shit out of you.  You knew he had a home in the area, everyone knew he had a home in the area, but why would this man step foot in your tiny shop?  Surely he had, like, assistants who brought him coffee?  Just be normal Y/N, you think.  He must hate people recognizing him.  Don’t make this weirder than it needs to be.  You had already danced and screamed for the man. 
He’s already headed over to your side of the counter to grab the broom and dust pan.  You squat to the ground to pick up the larger pieces, hands still shaking as the last of the adrenaline pumps through you.  You curse your dumb hands- stop shaking you dummies!- for betraying your desire to appear normal in front of CHRISTOPHER *BLANK (you’re gonna have to google his middle name)* EVANS, for god’s sake.  
“Shit, I feel terrible.  I’m so sorry.  Believe it or not, I was actually trying not to scare you.  Please let me get it,” he says as his eyes see your hands.  He gently scoops the pieces of ceramic from your hands and tosses them in the trash before sweeping up the rest of the mess into a big pile.  Like a completely normal person, you try to get a sniff of him because it feels important to know what Chris Evans smells like.  The answer is, currently, aftershave and crunchy leaves.  Over the course of two minutes you work together to sweep up the remaining shards of white ceramic and dump them into the waiting trash can.  
At that, you stand and sweep off the front of your apron and say “Welcome to Beanies and Leaves, what can I get for you?” in a mock customer service voice, as though this man had not scared the shit out of you and then helped you sweep up 25 broken coffee mugs. 
Chris tosses his head back and laughs, arms crossed over his chest.  A gesture that you might call classically Chris if you had known him in that kind of way.  
“Well actually, I’d love a chamomile tea, if you don’t want to kick me out.  In a paper to-go cup will do,” he says through a laugh. “And it goes without saying that I’m paying to replace those mugs.”
“No, please don’t bother.  They’re a dime a dozen at the restaurant depot. It’s really no bother,” you say as you finish prepping his chamomile tea and placing it on the counter.  A kiss will do instead, you think to yourself, like a total perv.
“Oh come on. Please, let me cover it for you,” he pleads.  
“No really, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.  I’ve got spares in the back anyway,” you say as you wave your hand as if waving off the idea.  You can see by his face that he doesn’t like it but he’s resigned to taking your word for it.  You tell him the total and process his card, handing him the receipt to sign (sweet, an autograph!).  After two more apologies and a packet of honey for his tea, he meets his dog (Dodger? Had you read that somewhere?) outside and he’s on his way.  
Well shit.  That was an interesting 10 minutes.  You can’t wait to get home and call Maggie, who will insist you are absolutely lying about the encounter and then ask for every detail 10 times over.  You smile to yourself as you do some final cleanup around the shop and gather his receipt to put in the register, taking a second glance at his signature.
Goddamnit. Scrawled on the receipt is a tip in the amount of $200 with a note saying, “Mugs for Elphaba.”  
( to be continued )
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alliewritesthings · 2 days ago
Hello, I have a requests if that okay.
I was thinking about the reader and Chris having an interview, maybe at a late night show or something. And there’s a age gap between them about 17 Years and they briefly talk about that, so the interviewer shows pictures of Chris when he was the readers age and ask if she would’ve dated him then. And the reader says something like „Sure, but my man just aged so well.“
Hope this isn’t too much to ask, thank you love x
this was actually quite fun to write, so thank you for this request! i feel i left the ending a bit open but yeah thank you again, i hope i did this justice!!
word count: 1.1k
masterlist + requests are open
Tumblr media
“So Chris...” Jimmy Fallon spoke up. You’d been in New York for a few days, Chris being invited for multiple interviews for different shows to discuss his new upcoming movie. This was the final one before you were due to return back to your shared home in Massachusetts. “Now we’ve discussed the new movie, I think it’s time to congratulate you on your more recent big news.” Chris nodded along at the words, a smile lighting up his face.
“We hear there’s a wedding in the not-too-distant future.” The audience cheered, Chris laughing at their reaction; the famous ‘boob grab’ coming in to play as he chuckled. Out of the corner of his eye he could see you shaking your head, a smile gracing your features.
“Thank you, yeah.” Chris grinned bashfully, glancing around the audience before looking over to you at the side. “Thats appreciated.”
“So, we’ve heard the lucky lady is in the studio tonight.” The camera panned over to you as the audience cheered, you offering a small wave to the camera with an ecstatic look on your face. They’d already prepared you for this moment, but you weren’t expecting it so soon in the show. The camera panned back to Chris and Jimmy, sat in the middle of the stage. “So, we wanted to invite her up here and find out more. And we’ll do that right after the break.”
The show cut to an ad break, and you pushed yourself to your feet and made your way over to where your fiancé was in conversation with Jimmy, stopping to talk to a few of Chris’ fans in the audience and take one or two photos with them upon request. You weren’t known to anyone for any other reason other than you were Chris’ partner, but the majority of his fans loved you.
You hastily made your way up to the empty seat next to Chris when you were needed, taking a seat beside him as he reached over to take your hand in his. He grinned reassuringly at you, much like him you found this whole process daunting; expect you weren’t used to this at all, whereas he’d grown to know the process.
“Congratulations to the happy couple.” Jimmy spoke up, smiling at the both of you. You knew the camera wasn’t on you yet, knowing you could relax as you gave Chris’ hand a gentle squeeze. The members of crew flittering around you as they placed a microphone on you and fixed everyone's hair and make-up.
“We’re on...” A voice called from behind one of the cameras as everyone settled back into their places in the studio, you glancing at Chris one final time before looking to Jimmy.
“And we’re back, and now we’re joined by the happy couple. The Evans.” You laughed a little at the statement, watching the camera pan out from being focused on Jimmy to being focused on the three of you as the audience whooped and cheered.
“Thanks for having us, Jimmy.” You spoke up, offering him a polite smile.
“No, thank you for joining us.” Jimmy glanced from you to Chris, a wide smile never leaving his face. “So, the news is quite fresh, right? Wasn’t it only announced today?” Both Chris and you nodded in reply, both glancing at each other as you allowed Chris to answer.
“Oh yeah. It happened a few weeks ago, but we like to keep a lot of our life quite private. We wanted to make sure everyone close to us knew so no one found out through the media.” You nodded along to his answer, giving his hand a gentle squeeze as you looked up at him. Your smile never fell from your face, only getting bigger as you admired your fiancé.
“Can you share how it happened?” Jimmy looked more to you rather than at Chris, offering you the chance to tell the story.
“Oh no. It’s special to us, and I personally don’t think we need to share that with the world.” You glanced over towards the audience before looking back to Jimmy.
“So, you guys have been together for what, two years now?” Jimmy questioned, quickly changing the subject from the previous question.
“Yeah, we met about three years ago. You were recommended by a friend to look after Dodger while I was away filming.” Chris spoke to you, rather than Jimmy as you nodded. You glanced over to see a picture of yourself and Dodger light up one of the monitors. “There they are!” Chris grinned, gazing at the picture before looking back to you.
“I used to be a dog walker, and occasionally looked after people's dogs for longer periods of time.” You confirmed, smiling at Jimmy.
“Weren’t you studying at college?” You were asked, in which you nodded in reply.
“I was, I’m still doing my studying.” You confirmed. “I’m studying to become a veterinarian.” The crowd cheered, causing you to laugh.
“So that makes you in your twenties, right?” You nodded, they already knew your age; it had been plastered all over the media the minute there were rumours of you and Chris dating.
“I am. I’m twenty-three.” You stated, a soft smile on your face as you felt Chris give your hand a gentle, reassuring squeeze. Neither of you had let go of each other's hands throughout the whole interview.
“Oh, to be twenty-three again.” Jimmy joked, in which both Chris and yourself laughed. Chris nodded in agreement. “So that makes you around seventeen years younger. What did your peers think of the age gap?” You shrugged in reply.
“I don’t think it really matters what everyone else thinks. It’s our relationship, and as long as we’re happy it doesn’t involve anyone else.” You gave another nonchalant shrug.
“Yes girl!” You heard someone shout from the audience, making everyone laugh.
“We’re happy and that’s all that matters.” Chris confirmed, grinning at you.
“So, we have to ask.” Jimmy chuckled to himself, glancing up at the monitor which now displayed an image of Chris at twenty-three. “This was you, Chris, at twenty-three.” Chris laughed at the image, leaning back into his seat.
“Oh, the Johnny Storm era.” You commented, a light laugh falling through your lips.
“Looking back at him then, would you have still dated him?” You let out a snort at the question, quickly bringing your empty hand up to cover your face as you laughed; the audience joining in to laugh at the small noise you’d made.
“I mean, sure? At the end of the day, he was probably still the interesting man I know today.” You replied between laughs.
“But, look at this man! He does age so well!” You grin at Chris, who bursts into a fit of laughter; once again bringing his hand up to his chest.
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kiwisomething · 19 hours ago
Summary: Chris comes down from the top bunk to cuddle with you.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Wife!Reader
Tumblr media
Chris looked down over the ledge. He looked into the bed below his. Your back is to him and you’re facing the wall.
“Psssst, Y/n?” Chris called out.
You turned to see your husband has his head hanging down. It made you giggle.
“Yes?” You asked.
“Can we cuddle?” he asked.
“Yeah,” you smiled.
He flipped off the bed and he barely lands on his two feet. You giggled. He grinned and climbed into your bed. He molded himself against you after getting under the blankets. He wrapped his arms around you, cupped one of your boobs and held it in his hand.
“I don’t know why you went up there when you always cuddle with me before bed,” you said.
“Wanted to switch it up,” he said. “Plus I love the top bunk.”
“You always like being on top,” you said.
“Yeah, I do,” he smiled.
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time-for-a-lullaby · 9 hours ago
A Little Bit Yours
A Little Bit Yours
Chris Evans x Singer/Song Writer Reader    
Summary: You're performing a new song that you wrote about Chris after your breakup a few months ago. It gets recorded and passed around the internet, eventually landing in Chris's lap causing him to reach out.
(this was an anon. request, kinda... all it said was ‘can you do a singer/song writer reader with Chris? Soooo I just kind of went with it lol)
Warnings: language
A/N: I’m not sure how I feel about this one... like I feel like it’s like the same old same old.. idk, but I’ve been trying to finish this one for like over a month, so I wanted to get it out haha also I've been on a JP Saxe kick recently. If you haven't heard of him, check him out  lyrics to the song in italics, flashbacks in bold/italics
You sat down at the piano, smiling and reveling in the cheers coming from the crowd. This was the second sold out show of your stadium tour and instead of being nervous, the adrenaline had taken over completely, allowing you to completely soak in every moment. And you definitely were. 
Swinging your leg around the bench, you faced the crowd, pulling the mic off of its stand. "Holy shit, you guys!" you paused, catching your breath as they cheered. You pulled your earpiece out, wanting to hear everything. "You guys are AMAZING!" you laughed as they cheered again, beaming from ear to ear.
 You took a drink of water from the bottle of water placed on top of the piano. "So, we're gonna slow things down just a tad. How do we feel about hearing an unreleased song from my next album?!" You were performing at Fenway Park in Boston and as soon as you landed, you were suffocated by all things Chris. It only felt right to perform a song written about him. It almost felt therapeutic in a way? Like you were getting some kind of closure? You'd dated Chris for a couple of years and broke up around 9 months ago. It still ate you up inside and you definitely weren't over him. Not that it mattered, as he just went public with his new girlfriend. 
You turned back, facing the piano, and placed the mic back on the stand. You took a deep breath, stroking a few keys softly. "You know, I wrote this song pretty recently and I can't say why, but tonight just feels like a good night to debut it... How do you feel about that?" You asked, smiling as they cheered in response. You continued to softly play the intro to the song while talking, "I feel like everyone has that one person they just can't let go, ya know? Everyone has that breakup that just absolutely rocks you to your core and no matter how long you try and try to move on, you just always get pulled back to them." You paused, taking another breath, "It's like you relive the breakup over and over again every time you let yourself fall down that hole. So, when I fell down that hole, I made something out of it and I would love to play it for you tonight." All of the sudden, your stomach turned into butterflies. Should you do this? You swallowed the lump in your throat, pausing to grab another drink of water. You glanced over at your stage manager, Jake, who smiled and gave you a thumbs up. Once the cheering died down a little, you began to play the intro to the song, "This is 'A Little Bit Yours', I hope you enjoy." 
"You found someone new before me
And you didn't try nearly as hard
And maybe that's the problem
I don't know how to take it away from you
Without giving someone else my heart"
You tried to stay focused on just the song and prevent the memories of the day you found out about Chris and his new girlfriend from intruding your thoughts. You didn't try hard enough. 
You stared at the picture for longer than you'd like to admit. He never posted on Instagram. Your heart sank and your eyes filled with tears as you examined the picture. She was pretty. Her long brown hair flowed down her back, stopping halfway down, Chris's hand resting just below. Her smile was radiant as he pressed a kiss to her cheek. Up until your breakup with Chris, you never realized that heartbreak could be physical pain, but here you were, clutching your chest. You tried to concentrate on your breathing, trying not to let yourself be consumed by this. It'd only been 6 months... how could he move on so quickly? How was he not hurting like you were?
"All I do, is get over you
And I'm still so bad at itI let myself want you
I let myself try I let myself fall back into your eyes I let myself want you I let myself hope I let myself feel things I know that you don't
You're not mine anymore
But I'm still a little bit yours"
You added a few extra notes in between the chorus and the next verse so you could collect yourself. It was like every time you thought you were over him, every time you thought you were done, something brought you right back to loving him. But you did it to yourself. You wrote this song. You decided to debut it tonight, in Boston. The lyrics stung even more than normal because they were so true. Over and over again for the past 9 months, you've cycled through trying to move on and being pulled right back in. You let yourself daydream about being with him again. Him falling for you all over again. Calling you, asking for you to come back. You give yourself hope when you shouldn’t. He obviously didn’t feel the same way, he’s moved on. He posted her on Instagram. You leaned away from the mic, clearing your throat before starting on the second verse.
“Maybe if I'd said the right things
It never would've gone this way
But maybe that's the problem
'Cause I still kinda think it was up to me
When I never could've made you stay
All I do is get over you
And I'm still so bad at it”
You looked out to the crowd, tearing up. Thousands of people, holding their cell phone flashlights in the air and swaying back and forth. Were you tearing up at that? Or was it Chris? You tried to contain your emotions because everyone would know who the song was written about. It wasn't hard to put two and two together. You'd recently written it... recently broken up with Chris... You didn't want him to know he still had this effect on you without even being around you.
 "We outgrew, the love we knew
But I still wish I had itI let myself want you
I let myself try I let myself fall back into your eyes I let myself want you I let myself hope I let myself feel things I know that you don't
You're not mine anymore
But I'm still a little bit yours"
You played through the rest of the song, letting a few tears slip down your cheeks. Cheers erupted through the stadium when you played the last note. You stood up and grabbed the mic from the stand, wiping at your cheeks, "Man, you guys are amazing! Enough with the heavy, here we go!" You signaled for the band to start on your next song, definitely more uplifting than the last. 
Once you finished the show, you ran off the side, heart pounding from the adrenaline. You ran into your stage manager's arms, wrapping him in a hug, "OH MY GOD, that was amazing!!" you laughed as he shook your body back and forth. "You fucking killed it, Y/N! Singing 'A Little Bit Yours' tonight was a good call, your emotion was so raw." He kissed his fingertips dramatically, "Ugh, chef's kiss." 
You laughed, "I don't think you're supposed to gesture and say it at the same time." you winked, taking out your earpiece and passing the mic to someone. "Thank you, it felt good. I'm glad it's out. The song, the emotions, that felt good!" You stood still while the crew took cords off of you. 
He walked with you to your dressing room, filling you in with all of your travel plans, "Next stop is Citi Field in Queens. You fly out Thursday morning at 8:30, concert is Saturday night. You get a little bit of a break between these two." 
You nodded, opening the door and throwing your jacket onto your chair, "Thanks, Jake. Now get out of here, tell your boyfriend I said Happy Birthday, let someone else handle breakdown." 
"Thank you, Y/N." He smiled warmly, wrapping you in another hug before leaving you alone. You sat and took a deep breath, burying your face into your hands. The post-show adrenaline was starting to wear off. You sighed, pulling out your phone, seeing a ton of notifications from Twitter. When you opened the app, you saw that your name was trending, as well as Chris's. You bit your lip as you looked through the tags, seeing a ton of videos of your concert tonight, specifically your performance of A Little Bit Yours. You clicked on a video titled 'Y/N's Extremely Emotional Performance; Her Song To Ex-Boyf, Chris Evans'.
 You listened to the narrator talk about your relationship with Chris and how you obviously still weren't over him, despite his new girlfriend. You rolled your eyes after reading the comments and closed the app, throwing your phone onto your couch. This was going to be fun... You were trying not to regret your decision to play this song, but it was clear that maybe you didn't think it through completely.
A couple of days later, things about Chris had cleared up for the most part. You were sitting in the green room, your MUA putting on the final touches before your show started.
 "Uh, Y/N?" Stevie, your assistant looked over at you with big eyes. "Do you--- should you take this?" She flipped your phone around, Chris's name spelled across the screen as it vibrated in her hand. 
You stared at it for a second before shaking your head, "No. It's fine. Voicemail." You cleared your throat, sitting up straight in your chair as she sent his call to voicemail and slipped your phone back in her pocket. 
A few seconds later, she pulled it back out, looking up at you quickly, "Y/N..." she flipped it around, showing you the screen. Again, lit up with Chris's name. 
Your heart pounded in your chest as you reached for the phone, "Can I have the room, please?" you pressed the green button, waiting for a second while everyone shuffled quickly out of the room. You hesitated before placing your phone up to your ear, "Yeah?" 
Chris chuckled on the other end, "We don't speak for 9 months and that's how you answer the phone? 'Yeah?' No 'hello, nice to hear from you, Chris?'" he asked, chuckling again. 
"I'm kind of in a rush, Chris. I'm going on stage in 15 minutes. What do you need?" you asked, your voice stale. 
He cleared his throat, "Sorry, I didn't realize you had a show today." You furrowed your brows at the awkward pause. "I--- I can call back later."
You sighed, "Chris, please don't. Unless it's something urgent or there's an emergency or something serious. Just--- please don't call unless it's like life or death."
"I'm seriously not allowed to call you unless someone is dying?" 
"I would prefer it that way. We have no reason to talk, Chris." you swallowed the lump in your throat. Why was it so hard to say his name out loud?
"I don't think that's true. I heard--" He hesitated, shifting his phone to his other hand. "I saw a video from your last concert... It sounds like we do have something to talk about."
You scoffed, "No, we don't. I have to go, please don't call back, Chris. I can't do this."
"Y/N, please. Just give me like 15 minutes. Tomorrow or after your show tonight?" 
You shook your head, "Bye, Chris." You hung up, interrupting whatever he was saying next. You placed your phone on the counter, walking over to your door, pulling it open, and sticking your head out, "Am I good to go?" 
Stevie nodded, her eyes wide. "Everything okay?" 
"Yup, just peachy." You stepped out, smoothing out your clothes before walking to the stage with Jake. 
"So.. Chris called?" 
You rolled your eyes, looking over at Stevie who quickly looked away, avoiding your glance. "He did."
He handed you your earpiece and mic, "And?"
 You put your earpiece in, looking up at him, "And what? I told him not to call back."
"You did?" 
You nodded, "I did, I'm too busy for another one of his useless excuses."
He smiled, "Proud of you. Now, get out there and kill it." 
You winked as the platform began to rise, "Always."
A few months had passed, and Chris never called. Part of you was grateful that he didn't, but another part of you wanted to hear what he had to say.. Tonight was your last concert and you were wrapping up at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. You weren't necessarily ready to be done touring, but you were excited to take a small break and spend time with friends and family. Towards the end of your show, you ran off the stage for a brief second to change clothes.
 Jake approached while items of clothing were being ripped off and replaced and your makeup was being touched up. You took the bottle of water from Stevie and took a sip while he talked. "Are you playing 'A Little Bit Yours'? They can wheel the piano out right now and give the band a break before the closing song." 
You contemplated while someone touched up your hair. "What do you think? Yes? No?" 
He shrugged, "It's up to you, it's been getting a shit ton of hype, though." 
"Yeah, I'll do it. Go ahead with the piano." you took another sip of water while Jake walked off, his finger over his earpiece as he instructed everyone on what to do. He came back a few seconds later, nodding and giving you thumbs up, so you tossed the water bottle back to Stevie and walked back out on stage. 
You grabbed the mic, making your way to the piano that was now in the center of the stage. "Alright, LA! How the hell are you??" You stood, leaning against the piano as you took in the crowd of your last concert. "I've got a couple more songs for you tonight, we're gonna slow it down just a tad right now, though. I hope that's okay!" you smiled as they cheered, standing up straight and making your way to the piano bench. "I've only played this song once this entire tour, but we've decided to play it one more time here at my last show." You took a seat, stroking the ivory keys to the tune of 'A Little Bit Yours'.
You got to the second verse when you turned to look out to the crowd, words getting caught in your throat when you laid eyes on Chris in the VIP pit to the left of the stage. You quickly turned your attention back to the piano when you played the wrong note, throwing you off a tad. You leaned back, clearing your throat. What the fuck was he doing here? You made eye contact with Jake backstage, who threw a quizzical glance your way, noticing your mistake. You shook your head slightly, brushing it off and continuing with the song. 
Once the song ended, you stood up and blew kisses to the crowd before running off stage again, Jake waiting for you in the wings. "What the fuck is Chris doing here?" 
His eyes widened, "Chris is here?! Is that what caught you up?"
 "Yeah, he's in the freaking VIP pit." You grabbed water from Stevie, taking a drink. 
"Jesus Christ." Jake shrugged, "Well, nothing you can do. Just go out there and show him what he's missing!"
"Jeez, thank you for the pep talk." You laughed, walking back out on stage.
Later that night once your concert was finished, you sat in the green room fanning yourself and downing a bottle of water. Stevie came running in, barging through the door, "Y/N, Chris. Coming." She panted, a panicked look on her face.
She took a deep breath, "Chris is coming. Like now."
You shook your head, "No. What? No. I don't want him bac--" before you could finish your sentence, you heard Chris's voice echo off of the walls as he laughed at something someone said. "Nope." You stood up, gathering your things, "Stevie, I need you to go stall so I can leave. I can't. This is my last show, I'm not letting him ruin the night." 
She stared at you, dumbfounded, "What am I supposed to do?" 
"I don't know, ask for a picture. He likes to look at himself," you suggested, slightly panicking as his voice got closer. "Go!"
She turned on her heels, scurrying out of the room. You heard her approach Chris and used this as an opportunity to slip out. You grabbed the rest of your things, peeking your head out of the door. Once he was posing with Stevie, you quietly exited the green room, heading in the opposite direction. You weren't exactly sure why Chris was here, but you didn't exactly care. The conversation you'd had before you moved out still stung and you weren't ready to revisit that. Both of you said things you didn't mean, but Chris's words were a little harder for you to digest. You guys had always been on the same page about your life together. Always. Chris had said some pretty harsh things when he found himself wanting things that you didn't at the moment. You were happy that he found someone that could give him the marriage and family that he wanted to desperately right now, but your career was just starting to pick up, you'd set the dates for your first stadium tour and you weren't ready to stop any time soon. Chris was. That wasn't any fault of his, but you couldn't give him what he wanted and the way he went about it left some pretty deep wounds, especially now that he had moved on so soon after your relationship ended. 
You heard footsteps running after you, but you didn't turn. They were far too heavy to be Stevie's and Jake was helping with stage breakdown, so it was clearly Chris. He'd spotted you trying to slip out. 
"You're seriously gonna make me chase you?" He yelled, slowing his pace as he started to catch up. 
You kept walking, shaking your head, "I'm not making you do anything, Chris. Go home."
"Y/N, come on." He reached out and grabbed your hand, pulling you to a stop. "Can we just talk for a second?" 
Shaking your head again, you pulled your hand out of his, "I don't really have anything to talk to you about."
"Well, I have tons." 
Neither of you said anything for a few seconds.
You sighed and met his eyes, "Not here."
 "Great, we can go back to my place." 
"Uh, no." You let out a sarcastic laugh, "Hard pass." You gestured for him to follow you, avoiding Stevie's stare as you entered the green room. You took a seat on the couch, folding your legs and sitting criss-cross. "Have a seat," you gestured to the chair next to you. 
"When did you get so harsh?" 
"I'm not being harsh, Chris. I just-- I don't know why you're here. After the things that you said... I'm not sure what you think this is going to do. And to be completely honest, I don't think you being here or the conversation you're trying to have is going to do any good for anyone. Especially with that new girlfriend of yours." You replied, leaning back and crossing your arms. 
He nodded slowly, "Ah, so you did see the picture." 
"Kinda hard not to when everyone and their mom sends it to you."
"Well, don't worry about her. We broke up." You wouldn't know. You'd unfollowed him on everything so you wouldn't be reminded of the fact that she was getting everything you wanted. "She--uh-- broke up with me after your song, actually." 
You stared at him for a second, "Oh-- Uh-- I'm sorry, I mean, I didn't-- that wasn't my intention." you stammered. 
He waved his hand dismissively, "It was for the best."
"So--" you shifted your seat a little, "--why are you here?" 
"Well, Y/N. I know that things didn't end all that well with us. I said some pretty... uncalled for shit." You nodded, glad he could at least own up to it. "I'm really, truly sorry for the way that I handled our breakup. It's really been bothering me. Truly. I was entirely too hard on you." His expression softened, eyebrows raised slightly.
"Well, I'm glad you can acknowledge that," you replied, biting your lip before responding, "I'm sorry that I'm not able to give you the things that you want right now." 
He smiled softly, looking down at his hands for a second, "Well, that's what I came to talk to you about. I've found myself thinking about whether or not you actually meant the words in your song, a lot more than I would care to admit. I wondered if it was true, if you still loved me. Because even when I was with Steph, I couldn't stop thinking about how I would wait 15 more years to settle down and have a family if it meant I was having that with you." 
You inhaled sharply as your heart pounded out of your chest. Did he mean it? Some part of you was waiting for him to say this. This is what you wanted to hear. You didn't need 15 years, you needed like 2 or 3. That didn't seem like something he was willing to compromise on.
"So... was the song just something you wrote... or did you mean it?"
 "I mean-- I-- I guess I meant it when I wrote it. But Chris, I wrote it like almost a year ago." Deep down you knew that you did still have feelings for him, but admitting that to Chris after he'd broken your heart just wasn't going to happen. "I mean, you made it very clear that we were done and that there was no hope for us.
"His face fell a little, "Well, at the time, I thought those things were true."
"But you can't just come back now and just decide that you want this again." you countered, gesturing between the two of you, "I mean, how is that fair? You act like my whole life just revolves around your timeline and your schedule. Like I had to be okay with the breakup because I couldn't give you what you wanted and now I have to be okay with you wanting to get back together because you decided that you would wait."
He hesitated, seemingly understanding why it felt like that to you, "I'm sorry that that's how it feels to you, truly." He paused, running his fingers through his hair, "I tried to move on because I thought it's what I wanted. Okay? I thought it was. I realized my mistake, but I stayed with Stephanie because I was scared that I wouldn't find something like what we had again. And then I heard your song and then it was trending on Twitter and she questioned me about my feelings for you... and I couldn't deny it anymore. To her, to myself. And I needed to make sure you knew how I felt. If you don't want to get back together, I mean, I get it. I said some pretty harsh stuff and it was unfair to you how things were handled. But I just needed to tell you. I needed to get it all out there because I don't think I'm capable of loving anyone the way that I love you."
You took a deep breath, "Chris... I don't know." 
"It took me entirely too long to figure this out and I don't want to waste any more time, Y/N. You are the love of my life." He stood, walking over to you before kneeling on the floor in front of where you sat, "I'm so sorry for the things that I did and said. Please, just... give me one more chance, Y/N. Please."
You shook your head, looking at his hands as he rested them on your knees, "God, I hate what you do to me." 
He chuckled, reaching up and resting his palm against your cheek, "I love you, Y/N. I'm so sorry I let you go. I'm so sorry I hurt you with the things I said."
 You hesitated for a second, unsure of whether or not you were ready to fall back into this. 
"Why don't you take some time to think about it. I'll be a phone call away whenever you make a decision." He stood, walking towards the door.
 You watched him leave and shook your head, standing up and walking over to the door. You pulled it open, almost running into Chris.
"I thought you were leaving." 
He smiled, "I was hoping you would follow me." 
You shook your head again, a playful smile forming on your lips. "You know me too well." You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling his lips to yours. 
You separated when Jake walked around the corner, "Y/F/N Y/L/N!! I know I do not see you kissing Chris."
Chris laughed as you yanked him back into the green room, locking the door behind you, "I'm guessing Jake doesn't like me anymore."
 "No..." You laughed, "Also, I might've told him to stop me from getting back together with you..." 
 "Yeah.. Sorry 'bout that..." Jake pounded on the door, making you and Chris erupt into a fit of laughter. 
"I'll take him out to dinner, make a case for myself." 
You smiled, "I'm sure he would love that."
"I'm not  leaving until he does!!" He shouted from the other side of the door, continuing to knock. 
You laughed again, "Let's just get out of here." 
Chris raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure about that?" 
"I love you, Chris," You smiled and repeated his words from earlier, "And I don't wanna waste anymore time."
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milkathedudz · a day ago
Forever Is Enough VIII
Pairing: Reader x Chris Evans
Warnings: None really just small discussion of sex, and just a lot of angst
Summary: This is the last summer you will be spending with your best friend before she gets married, and you intend to make it the best summer, but someone may change that for you and change your whole world
COMMENTS?? FEEDBACK??? Sorry this one isn’t as long it’s kind of just a cliff hanger chapter!! If you wish to be added to my tag list let me know which one so I can add you!! Please let me know what you think of this chapter I would love to hear from everyone!! Thanks again!! HEART! REBLOG!! ENJOY!! XOXO
Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7.
Tumblr media
Waking up you felt Chris’s arms around your waist holding you tight to his body. Smiling as you melted into his front never wanting him to let you go. Especially this sweet side of Chris people probably never got to see.
“Good morning gorgeous.” He whispered in your ear giving your shoulder a kiss.
“Good morning.” Suddenly feeling shy as you hid your face from him making him laugh.
“Even after last night you’re still shy around me?” He asked with a chuckle feeling the vibrations against your back. “God you’re so cute.”
“Not as cute as you.” Turning your body around as you faced him pinching his cheeks between your fingers.
“Not as cute as you are.” He puckered his lips out at you as you giggled. “How do you feel?”
“I feel fine. A little sore but fine.” You answered honestly already knowing what he was referring to without him saying it.
His hands tickled your sides making you giggle, and move your body around to avoid his hands. Feeling your lower stomach tighten from how much you were laughing.
“Chris stop.” You spoke in between laughs as you grabbed his hands moving them from your waist.
“Alright fine.” He grumbled as he got up and walked over to the door. “You’re no fun.”
Shaking your head at him as you laid there for a few minutes. Smiling to yourself at how happy you were right now. Being with Chris brought out this side in the both of you that not a lot of people saw. You were lucky you and Chris were able to share that with each other.
Getting up and following him into the kitchen watching as he made coffee. Standing next to him as you leaned your body against his. His arm wrapped around your waist as he gave the side of your head a loving kiss.
Suddenly hearing shuffled footsteps enter in the kitchen making you and Chris pull apart. Hoping your best friend and her fiancé forgot about last night, and wouldn’t bring it up.
“Where did you two disappear last night?” Hearing your friend yawn as she walked in the kitchen.
Both you and Chris looked to each other briefly as if waiting for the other to respond. Trying to think of some lame ass excuse as to what was going on. Not wanting to sound suspicious at all.
Going back to last night when Chris had Sebastian up against the wall by his throat. All because of what he had said.
“Uh I went to bed.” You spat out quickly. “In my own bed.”
“Me too.” Chris spoke right after you did. Making her turn her body towards you both. “In my bed I mean.”
The two of you sounded like children that just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Sounding even more suspicious than you needed to.
Your friend just stared at you both like you had gone crazy. Acting all jittery and guilty of something that she didn’t know what for. Feeling yourself gulp loudly as you waited for her to respond.
Both of you totally disregarding the fact that Chris said you two were dating. Maybe everyone forget and you just imagined he said that. You didn’t know what you were more upset about though.
Chris not acknowledging what was going on or your best friend couldn’t see it.
“Well yeah I figured you two wouldn’t sleep in the same bed together.” She chuckled as the filled her cup with coffee and headed towards her room.
“I mean can you imagine.” She spoke as she turned around laughing even more.” My best friend and brother. That would just be ridiculous.”
Chris and you letting out a pathetic laugh at her words. It hurt you a little inside that her reaction was what it was. Like she almost believe something like that would happen.
“Have you talked to Sebastian? You asked randomly almost wanting to smack yourself in the head for bringing him up.
“All I know is that Sebastian was not happy when you guys stormed out.” Shaking her head as she leaned against the doorway.
“Sebastian and I aren’t together.” You stated with a sigh.
“Yeah I know that but still that doesn’t mean you have to lie and say you’re with my brother.” She pointed to him.
“So what if we were.” You spoke before you could stop yourself. This caught both her and Chris’s attention.
“He’s my brother.” She looked upset now. “And you’re my best friend.”
“I mean wouldn’t you want me to be happy.” Sounding defensive now.
“Don’t twist this around.” Her face contorted into one of anger and betrayal at your words. “Of course I want you to be happy.”
Chris stood there silent as the grave with upset you when you were kind of hoping you could tell her what was going on. It seemed like right now wasn’t the moment to confess everything that was going on between you two.
“Is there something going on?” She asked looking between the two of you.
This was the moment of truth. Your best friend was about to hear everything, and right now your heart was racing. You didn’t know if you were about to throw up or pass out. Just as you were about to respond Chris beat you to it.
“No absolutely not.” He shook his head as your shoulders slumped down in disappointment.
“Good.” She grumbled as she walked back into her room.
Standing there awkwardly as neither you or Chris spoke. Her words were hitting you a lot more than you were liking. She was your best friend after all, and the last thing you wanted to do was upset or disappoint her.
“She is right you know.” Chris spoke making you turn your head to him.
“What?” Whispering as you squinted your eyes at him. “She’s right about what?”
“You and I being together.” Hearing those words leave his lips had a lump in your throat. Staring at him as if you couldn’t believe he was actually saying that.
“And what’s wrong with you and I being together?” You questioned with your arms across your chest. A stern look on your face.
“Come on look at us.” He waved his hand between you two. “We’re complete opposites.”
“Yeah so.” You shrugged your shoulders at him. “We get along just more than fine.”
“Physically we do yes.” He started off as he stepped closer to you. “But mentally and emotionally we don’t.”
Staring at him as you felt tears building up waiting to burst. Realizing that after your amazing night of intimacy with him he was ending things with you. All just cause of what his sister says.
Your ears were deceiving you, and you didn’t want to believe any word out of his mouth. He was basically saying all you were good for were sexual things. Maybe that was the only thing he really cared about.
“What are you saying?” You already knew what he was saying, but you just didn’t want to believe he was doing this.
“I’m saying that we shouldn’t keep doing this.” He looked down at his feet avoiding your intense stare.
Looking at him as you watched his face waiting for him to start laughing, and tell you this was all a joke. He didn’t though. He stood there with a stoic look on his face, and had the look of like someone just told him a loved one died.
This had you extremely upset and worried now. Trying to swallow was like you had a rock stuck in your throat. Just wanting nothing more than to cry into his arms.
“I don’t understand.” Whispering as you felt your voice cracking. He couldn’t even look at you.
“There’s nothing to understand.” He started off as he looked at you this time. “I need someone on my level.”
Hearing those words was like a stab to the heart, and he was twisting that knife even deeper. It felt like a gut punch to the stomach, and you could almost collapse to your knees.
“So that’s it then?” You asked feeling yourself raise your voice in anger. “You’re just gonna end things all cause of what your sister said?”
“She is my sister and I happen to think she’s right on this one.” He defended as he raised his voice as well.
“You just said last night that we were boyfriend and girlfriend.” Throwing your hands up in anger and disbelief.
“I didn’t mean that.” Chris said with a calm voice. “I didn’t mean anything I said.”
“You don’t mean any of that.” Hearing your voice cracking as you tried your best not to cry in front of him.
“I do actually.” His face looked unmoved and emotionless. “Every word.”
Choking back a gasp with how harsh he was now being towards you. He went from someone who was sweet and caring. To someone with a cold heart and no affection what so ever. It was baffling how his feelings for you suddenly changed.
“You’re an asshole.” Was all you said before you left the kitchen to your room.
You went from sadness to now just complete anger. He was playing with your emotions, and decided he was just going to throw you to the side. He got what he wanted from you, and now he was done playing.
Walking around in your room as you replayed his words over and over again. Pacing back and forth with your hand over your mouth trying to control your breathing. Not wanting to start a fight that would catch your friends attention.
Maybe he didn’t mean everything he said, and was just playing a cruel joke. There was no way he meant the words he said to you.
With how he acted last night you would have figured he was head over heels for you. No guy was that affectionate towards you only just to tell you the things he just did.
It seemed like the conversation you had with your best friend was a blessing in disguise. If you wouldn’t have talked to her he wouldn’t have confessed how he really felt. Chris probably would have led you on even longer.
Maybe this was meant to be even though your heart was slowly breaking at the thought. To know he didn’t want a future with you even though you saw one with him.
Standing in front of the mirror as you watched the tears fall down your face. Makeup smearing under your eyes as you sniffled snot running down your nose. You looked pathetic crying over someone who wouldn’t even shed a tear over you.
You wanted to hurt him, and you wanted to hurt him in the worst way possible. Wanting him to feel exactly how you felt right at this moment, and you knew the right person that could do the job. Feeling mischievous and feisty in the moment.
Probably going to regret this later, but right now you didn’t care and weren’t thinking. Pulling out your phone as you pressed on the familiar number you thought you would never pick.
“Hello.” You heard the familiar raspy voice answer.
“Hey Sebastian are you free tonight?” You asked with a grin on your face.
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rogersevans · a day ago
It’s Over (part three)
Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader (ex-relationship, co-parenting) - Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: cheating, pregnancy, relationship break-down, swearing, angst
Summary: You thought Chris was the perfect man, until he wasn’t anymore.
Tumblr media
The sound of laughter rang through your house as you watched your son and Sebastian, your fiancé, chasing one another around the house. You and Sebastian were newly engaged, and you couldn’t be happier, you had been together for 2 years and when he proposed to you the night before you felt like you were on cloud nine.  
You had introduced him to your son two months prior to your engagement.
At the beginning of your relationship, you had told Sebastian that he couldn’t meet your son unless he was planning on sticking around, you never got your son involved in your dating life, you didn’t want him to get attached to anyone for them to leave.  
Plus, your son was at that awkward stage were he questioned everything and some of his favourite questions being ‘mommy, why don’t you and daddy live together?’ or ‘my friends mommy and daddy kiss, why don’t you kiss daddy?’  
So, you made him wait two years much to Sebastian’s dismay, he wanted nothing more than to meet the other man in your life, the way you spoke about him was the reason he fell in love with you and he'd never seen a bond between mother and son quite like yours.
But he was more than understanding, him being in an awkward position himself.  
He was engaged to his friend's ex-fiancé... who he shared a child with.  
You couldn’t make this up.
But Chris seemed to have taken the news well when he told him, Sebastian wanted to be the one to tell him, he felt that he owed him that much, having too much respect for their friendship. Giving him a firm handshake, he just asked Sebatian to take care of you, treat you the way he should’ve treated you.  
What Chris didn’t tell anyone was that the thought of you and Sebastian together drove him crazy, he couldn’t stop the jealousy taking over, especially when Sebastain asked for Chris’ permission to meet his son, making sure that he was 100% ok with it.  
The fact that Sebastian was being such a good guy about all of this, asking his permission before he met his son, didn’t help. He wanted him to be a dick about it, but that wasn’t Sebastian, he’s too much of a good guy.  
Chris was still in love with you, he knew losing you was his own fault but he couldn’t stop himself from hoping that one day you would go back to him.  
He should’ve known better.
It was selfish, he knew that, but he didn’t care. He hated the thought of seeing you with someone else, especially someone he considered a friend.  
Your five-year-old son was now jumping on the sofa to escape Sebastian’s grasp, the Australian Shepard puppy you had gotten a year ago following them around with its tail wagging, wanting to get involved.
“What did I say about jumping on the sofa?” You asked sternly, now stood in the doorway of the living room. The sight of Sebastian and your son getting along so well made your heart swell, you didn’t think he would like him, he was a very hard to please five-year-old.  
But after a couple of minutes of awkward silence Sebastian did a very good impression of Thor, his favourite Avenger, and they had become the best of friends.  
“That it’s fun?” Sebastian asked, smiling at you sheepishly.  
Before you could reply you were interrupted by the ringing of your phone, sliding it out of your pocket you saw Chirs’ name flash across the screen.  
He never rang you, unless it was about your son. 
“Chris?” You greeted him as you made your way to your bedroom, closing the door behind you.
“Don’t marry him...” He slurred into the phone. He’d been drinking you could practically smell the alcohol through the phone.
“What?” His voice drowned out by the music from the club he was in, causing you to hold the phone away from your ear.
“Don’t marry him.” You heard him clearly that time, the music dying down as he walked outside.
“Why?” You snapped, over the years you had become numb to Chris Evans that’s how you got over him, how you managed to raise a child with him. But this wasn’t the first time he had rang you up drunk asking for another chance, or declaring his love for you.  
“You know why-”
“No, no.”
“No Chris!” You shouted now, trying to get him to stop. No matter how much you kept him at a distance he still managed to get an emotional reaction out of you.  
“What?” His spat back at you, his intoxicated state not allowing him to understand your anger.
“You’re being mean, stop it, stop it right now! When we were together, I was second to everything in your life. I refuse to be the person you settle for because you can’t stand seeing me with someone else. I won’t do it, I won’t.”
The line went silent, if it wasn’t for his breathing, you would’ve thought he had hung up on you.  
“You do this every time! What? Do you have like some kind of radar?” You demanded to know, it had been almost a year since Chris last drunk dialled you, the last time was the night he went out Sebastian and found out about you both, he’d stayed at the bar and got drunk, demanding that you break up with him. “Y/n might be happy it’s time to sweep in and shit all over it?!”  
“What? No, no.” He sighed and you could picture him running his hand through his hair, pulling on it. “Look, I rang you to tell you something. I made a mistake. You and I-” He was starting to ramble and you didn’t want to listen to it anymore.  
“Chris, you and I are nothing! We haven’t been for five and a half years, you made sure of that! You can’t keep doing this!” You hadn’t noticed Sebastian stood at the door of your bedroom.  
He had heard the shouting from downstairs, he knew it was Chris. Not wanting to get involved he just stood by, watching as you screamed down the phone. He promised you that he wouldn’t get involved when it came to you and Chris, this was your battle.
“Y/n, it’s different this time!” Chris screamed, you could hear the strain in his voice, knowing that he was close to tears. But you didn’t care, you’d cried over him plenty of times, so it’s about time he did the same.  
“It’s never different Chris!” You screamed back, pacing the floor of your bedroom. “It’s been five years of never being different! But this is it, I’m done.” Chris went silent, the last time you told him you were done was when you threw him out. “Don’t call me, unless it’s about our son and even then, think before you dial. Forget about me Chris, this isn’t healthy. Move on, I have, it’s about time you did to.” Without letting him get another word in you hung up on him, throwing the phone onto your bed and letting out a scream as the tears fell.
You hated that Chris still had this effect on you, but these weren’t tears of sadness, they were angry tears. Chris was an amazing dad to your son, you couldn’t deny that, but when it came to boundaries between you both he was dumb, constantly breaking them and overstepping his mark.  
“Hey, hey, it’s alright.” Sebastian said calmy, taking you into his arms and rubbing your back. “I’ve got you. I’m here.” He placed a kiss to your head, you melted in his touch, wrapping your arms around his waist.  
“I tried- I tried being nice-” You stopped yourself, not wanting to talk about it anymore.  
“Why don’t we go back downstairs, get on the couch, watch a movie and cuddle?”  
Before you could answer your little boy came into the room, the puppy following closely behind. “That sounds like a great idea!” He declared cheerfully, now stood by your side.  
“Yeah?” You asked him as you wiped away your tears, pulling away from Sebastian and picking up the smiling boy, resting him on your hip. “What movie do you want to watch?”  
You listened as he started to list all the films he could think of as you all made your way downstairs.  
You couldn’t help but let your mind go back to Chris, it wasn’t hard your son was his double, you felt bad of how harsh you had been with him just now, but he needed to learn.
He needed to move on.  
Be happy, without you.  
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plentyoffandoms · 15 hours ago
Hey lovely could you write a reader x evans fic were she meets dodger for the first time and her and Chris are nervous about it because dodgers such a integral part of Chris’s life
Meeting Dodger
Chris Evans x f/Reader
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Warning: none.
Hope you like it.
Main Masterlist ♡ Chris Evans Masterlist
Summary: f/Reader & Chris have been dating for awhile but she has yet to meet the Dodger.
Y/N's POV:
Chris and I have been dating for almost three months know and he figures it is time I meet the most important thing in his life, and no I am not talking about his family or even his friends.
I am talking about his best friend. The one who has always brought a smile to his face. The one who has their own fan following on social media. The one whose name he has tattooed on his chest.
Yes, I am talking about his beautiful dog Dodger.
Tumblr media
Chris has told me that if Dodger doesn't like me, then he won't know what to do. He trusts his boys instinct and that has got him out of some crazy relationships before.
But tonight it is my turn to deal with the Dodger and see what he thinks about me.
I know it might seem crazy to many people that I have to get approval from a dog, but this dog is his owners whole world and Chris would do anything for him.
So here I am, just about to get out of the Uber and get judged by the most adorable dog.
I rang the doorbell and Chris opened the door with a huge smile on his face. He moved to the side so I could walk into his house.
My heart was beating fast as Chris grabbed my hand and the two of us walked to the livingroom.
"Sit right here and I will go and get him. I just put him in the backyard to run of some extra energy he has."
I wish I brought Dodger something but Chris told me that it was best for him to like me for me and not just because I bring him gifts.
I heard the two of them walking towards me. I sat perfectly still as the two of them stood infront of me.
Chris bent down and started to pet Dodger, who was looking at me, wondering who I was.
"Hold your hand out Y/N so he can sniff you." I did as I was told.
"Dodger this is Y/N."
Dodger sniffed my hand for a few seconds and then snorted and looked away. I felt myself falter but I didn't move my hand.
"Don't be like that buddy. Y/N is nice. Say hello."
Dodger sniffed my hand once more and snorted and walked away to his dog bed that was in the corner of the room.
Chris sighed as I sat there not knowing what I should do.
"Don't worry Y/N, he will come around." Chris said as he stood up and sat down next to me.
"But what if he doesn't?" I asked him as I snuggled into his side.
"We will figure something out." We ordered some food for dinner but Chris decided to go and pick it up.
"I won't be too long." Chris said to me with a goodbye kiss.
Now it was just Dodger and I. I turned on the TV and was enjoying the show when I saw out of the corner of my eye Dodger get on the couch beside me.
I didn't move as I didn't want him to move, but he did something that I thought was not going to happen after earlier.
He layed his head on my lap and looked up at me with his big eyes. "Want me to pet you Dodger?"
His tail started to move so I took that as a good sign and started to scratch behind his ears and worked my way down to belly rubs.
Chris came home to the sound of me giggling. He walked into the livingroom and saw Dodger and me on the floor and Dodger licking my face.
"Well this is a pleasant surprise." He said as the two of us stopped at the sound of his voice.
"He came to me when you left and he hadn't left my side since." I said to Chris as I stood up.
Chris went to kiss me but I held up my hands and went and cleaned my face. When I got back, our food was on the table and we ate, we Dodger next to my feet.
"I knew he would like you Y/N."
"I am glad he does because I like him too." I said with a smile on my face.
Tumblr media
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ysmmsy · 2 days ago
Fantasy Football (Chris Evans x Reader)
This is an RPF but I think of it as taking place in an AU where the person's real families and relationships do not exist (except Scott in this case). If this makes you uncomfortable, my blog is not the place for you.
Warnings: RPF, implied smut
Tumblr media
You have moved to Massachusetts from Maryland for work and end up running into Scott at the grocery store. No, literally. You're clumsy as can be and run into him with your cart. You are already apologizing profusely when he turns around to identify his "attacker."
"Fuck. Scott, I'm so sorry."
The alarmed expression on Scott's face makes you want to turn and run for it.
"Damn it. That was creepy and I didn't mean for it to be. I'm a fan of yours. *Huffs* I'd like to say that I'm not usually this awkward but that's not true. I'm very sorry I crashed into you. Please forgive me."
You start to walk away as Scott asks, "Are you okay?"
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
You've just met the man but he is extremely perceptive and you have never been a convincing liar. The look on his face tells you that he sees right through you.
"Okay, no. I'm overwhelmed. I just moved here on my own and it's a lot. I don't know anyone, my apartment sucks, and my job isn't what I expected but I'm a big girl. I'll be okay."
"Come on," Scott says, "we're going to get you some dinner and a very large glass of wine. Everything will look better after that."
You try to argue but he's not having it. As you will come to find out, Scott usually is right, just like he was on the first day you met him. Of course, you know that it wasn't the meal that made things better, it was the fact that you had made a friend. You'd forever be indebted to Scott for pulling you into the group and making Boston feel like home to you.
Fast forward six months.
Football season is about to start, which naturally means that the group, of which you are the newest member, is gearing up for their annual fantasy draft.
"You know, Y/n, you'd look great in a Patriots jersey." Chris teases.
"Over my dead body will I ever wear anything with that logo on it and if you do put that shit on my dead body, I will come back and haunt the fuck out of you, sir," isyour immediate reply.
Being from Baltimore and a die-hard Ravens fan, you have to hate the Patriots. It's in your DNA. You know that Chris hates your team as much as you hate his and the two of you never tire of trash-talking each other.
"I bet I can get you to wear a Patriots jersey," Chris says. You're not sure if he's ragging on you or flirting with you.
"Okay, Evans. You and me. Whoever finishes the season with the worst record has to wear the winner's team's jersey in public for an entire day. Deal?"
"You two do know you aren't the only ones in the league, right?" Scott reminds you. In all honesty, the two of you had forgotten that anyone else was in the room.
"Yeah, but I don't want to kick anyone's ass as much as I want to kick his," you tell Scott.
"What was that," Chris asks, "You want to kiss my ass?"
"Yes, that's exactly what I said," you respond with a dramatic eye roll. In reality, you want to kiss every part of him but you can't imagine a scenario in which you would have the guts to tell him anything like that so it will have to remain a secret fantasy.
A few weeks later, the Ravens are set to play the Patriots. The trash talk leading up to the game has been intense. The group decides that you have to watch the game together under the guise of the amusement factor provided by your growing rivalry with Chris. In reality, they all have a side bet about how long it will take for you and Chris to get together.
The whole crew is seated comfortably in Chris' living room, drinks and snacks in hand. Everyone else is taking it easy on the drinks, not wanting to be hungover for work the next day but by some miracle, you and Chris have the next day off so you aren't limiting yourself. You figure that you'll take an Uber home after the game and sleep in the next morning.
"After the game," ha. Neither one of you even know how it ends. Everyone else leaves at halftime. Some of the group doesn't want to stay up too late on a work night and Scott rushes the rest out the door because he is well aware of the stolen looks between you and Chris and he wants to give you both a chance to speak up and admit your feelings for one another while your slight tipsiness is drowning your inhibitions.
After a few seconds of awkwardness following Scott's exit, the two of you look at each other shyly for a few seconds before your lips meet in a feverish kiss. Moving back enough to look up into Chris' soulful blue eyes, you admit your feelings to him. Feelings that he reciprocates. Feelings that the two of you act on several times before crashing into Chris' bed in a tangle of sweaty limbs.
The next morning you wake up alone in Chris' bed. For a split second, you worry that he regrets what happened last night but then you hear him downstairs and smell the food he's cooking. "He really is the perfect man, isn't he?"
That thought is short-lived. You look around the room for your clothes but they are not there. In their place is a Patriots jersey. Not wanting to walk into Chris' kitchen stark naked after only having spent one night together, you begrudgingly put the jersey on but the gears are already turning for you to figure out how you will get him back.
A few weeks later, you and Chris fall asleep on your couch while watching a movie. You wake to see that he is still asleep. This gives you the perfect opportunity to exact your revenge. You quietly get up and pull a vibrant purple Ravens throw from the chair across the room and gently cover Chris with it. His angelic face is the only part of him visible underneath the fuzzy blanket. You take a picture and send the best one to Scott. He finds it hilarious and forwards the picture to Chris himself, along with a threat to post it on Instagram.
Chris wakes when his phone dings to notify him of Scott's text. After blinking the sleep from his eyes, he looks down and throws the blanket on the floor while shaking his head and giving you a sly smirk. You know what that means. He's using his seduce you into a false sense of security so that he can tickle you mercilessly for your prank. You let him believe it's working until his lips are just about to reach yours. That's when you tickle him and make a run for it, laughing as he chases you through your house.
You wonder if being with Chris will always be this wonderful. If he has his way, you will spend the rest of your life finding out that it is.
Tumblr media
Happy football season, babes!
Tag list: @kthynes @harrysthiccthighss
GIFs by @softevanstan and @shang-chi
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I’ve a fluffy prompt. So when Chris has a long day or his anxiety gets bad he finds y/n and lays his head on her chest to listen to her heartbeat and calm down. It becomes routine for them so if y/n sees that look on his face she just opens her arms and he lays down
—genre: fluff
—warning: Chris having anxiety
Comment and reblogs welcome
Tumblr media
Chris heart slammed against his heart as he entered the house. It has been beating hard against his chest all day like crazy, but it just got worse as he pulled into the driveway.
Chris threw his bag on the floor and his coat. He walked to the bedroom where you were currently reading a book. You smiled upon his entrance, but it fell when you saw his clenched jaw. "Hey, what's wrong?" You began to sit up, but that was stopped by Chris. He rested his head against your chest, grunting softly.
You relaxed, smiling at the action. You were used to this, whenever Chris was stressed or was having anxiety , he would rest his head on your chest. He said he could feel your relaxing heart beat which calmed him a ton.
You ran your hand over his arm letting him relax. You stayed quiet for a while until Chris sighed. You knew he was ready to talk.
"you okay hunny?" You asked him. Chris nodded against your chest. "Yeah, I'm just having anxiety. Long stressful day sometimes you know?"
You hummed. "Yeah.. are you feeling better now?" Chris turned his head looking at you, "yeah thanks to you and your calm hearts."
You chuckled. "You're welcome babe." Chris smiled before resting his head back on your chest. "Now I'm going to stay like this until I'm ready to get up."
"what about if I need to get up?" You asked peering down at him. "I don't know, maybe I have to follow you like a lost puppy."
You chuckled. "Ok, well I'll just put on Rick and Morty, hopefully I don't have to pee."
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