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Love of the game
summary: you’re needy but chris wants to watch the game, there has to be some sort of compromise, right?
cw: choking, penetration, creampies, squirting, daddy kink, fem!reader, cockwarming
a/n: SORRY FOR THE WAIT🥲🥲🥲 hope y’all enjoy!!
@peakascum @floral-recs
Tumblr media
“babe! the game is on!” you hear chris yell out from the living room, and you internally groan.
you usually loved game day; getting to snuggle on the couch and eat pizza while watching your boyfriend get all riled up was something you would usually be up to.
he just came back from a press tour and you were pent up from weeks without seeing him; all you wanted to do was mount him so he could pound-
“princess, what’re you doin the game’s about to start” he tuts at you while making his way towards you in the kitchen. his patriots shirt tight around his figure highlighting his thick biceps. god it was like he was doing this on purpose.
“sorry baby i was putting away the drinks” you softly reply as he loops his arms around your waist and looks down at you; his chain dangling between the two of you.
he leans down for a quick peck before smiling down at you.
“let’s go sit down baby” he tells you before smacking your ass and walking away with a smirk. you yelp out before growling out his name and he chuckles at your empty threats.
he groans as his sinks down on the couch; his large frame taking up a large portion of it. he motions for you to sit next to him before stretching his arms around the couch to get comfortable.
you eventually pitter over to him taking your place by his side snuggling up to him as he moves to grab his beer off the small coffee table.
as the game begins he feels you squirming by his side. he could tell something was off when he found you zoned out in the kitchen. he didn’t quite understand what was wrong but he was hoping you would come to him about it.
however as the game continues you don’t say a word. he rests a hand on your thigh before deciding to drop it, but as he settles his hand down he feels you squirm even more before burying your face into his shoulder.
then the issue becomes clear to him.
his poor baby was pent up
“princess look at me” he speaks softly urging you from your place at his side. you oblige lifting your head so your eyes could meet his; sparkling blue eyes peering into yours.
“what’s got you so worked up little girl?” he continues as his hand moves up your thigh.
“has daddy been neglecting you? poor little thing” he coos down as you whine and tuck your face back under his arm. he chuckles at your shyness finding it adorable.
“let daddy make it up to you princess” he says as he grabs your waist hoisting you onto his lap; your front meeting the hard mass of his chest.
he spring into action; hands grabbing handfuls of your ass while he leaves a trail of kisses down your neck. you feel his stubble as he makes his way down your neck leaving a trail of dark splotches in his wake.
he leans back as he tugs on your shorts; giving you the hint to take them off. you stand up to shake off your shorts a long with your under and he does the same; freeing himself just enough to where his cock springs out.
you see him in his entirety; long and thick. even though you two have an extremely active sex life its always a stretch when he plunges into you. and yet you can’t help but feel yourself drip at the thought.
“c’mon baby sit on daddy’s cock wont you?” he says as he pouts down at you. he reaches out and moves you back onto his lap so you’re straddling him once again.
he smacks your ass before grabbing it and shaking it in his hand. his other hand moves to your pussy; finding your slit. he groans as he finds out you’re fucking soaked. you’re always fucking ready for him
“god baby your pussy is drooling, you were just waiting to get slutted out huh doll?” he groans as he moves his hands to your hips. he lifts you up before lining you up with his cock.
“you ready pretty girl?” he purrs out before dropping you down on his cock. you both moan out as he bottoms out in you instantly; the fat head of his cock already knocking against your g-spot.
you move to lift off his cock; before you feel strong arms wrap around you; keeping you still. you lean back in his hold confusion gracing your features.
“the game is on baby, be good and keep my cock warm” he says before laying a slap on your ass and reaching to grab his beer. you whine out clenching around his cock.
“daddy! please need you so bad” you wine trying to rock on his dick. he grunts and as quick as you are to start, is as quick as he is to shut it down. he hand wraps around your throat and his other comes down on your ass, hard
“don’t be a fucking needy slut” he growls out. he sees the tears begin to run down your face as you whimper and shake in his hold. his hold on your throat tightens as a reminder of his power before he finally pulls away.
“poor baby, maybe if you’re good daddy will fuck you nice and good during halftime” he coos down at you and you sniffle before nodding and settling down leaning back into his chest. he rubs your back before leaning back and starting to enjoy the game.
his pretty doll was being so good for him. as he raged and yelled, and as he cheered and celebrated; your little cunt was keeping him warm the entire time. you stayed buried into his chest letting out the occasional whine or whimper. you poor little thing but halftime was approaching and since you were being so good for him he’d be sure to fuck you full.
“aww look what time it is babydoll” he says as he pays your back. you stir before turning and seeing no players on the field fucking finally.
you feel his hands move to your ass before he plants his feet and starts a brutal pace. you squeal as you brace yourself hands wrapping around his neck. the sudden stimulation makes tears run down your cheeks as chris pounds into you.
his pace is hard and fast and he fucks into your squelching cunt. a clapping noise resonates in the room as his thighs hit your ass; accompanied by the sloshes of your cunt taking the abuse of his cock.
he fucks up into you while he holds handfuls of your ass; using you like his personal fleshlight. but how could he not when your pussy was so fucking good. you were so damn wet and tight and it took everything in him to not pump you full of his cum after the first pump of his hips. but he’d be damned if he didn’t get you to soak his cock before he finished.
he continues his harsh pace and you feel yourself getting closer and closer to your orgasm; your legs shaking as you feel his pubes knock against your clit adding to the tightening of your cunt.
“god baby your cunt’s gonna milk me dry” he groans as he bites his lip turning his head to look at your fucked out face; your eyes rolled back as tears stream down your face as a little drool slips past your lips. he chuckles at you before moving his lips to yours as you two meet in a steamy clash of tongue and teeth. the kiss nothing but steamy and rushed as you moan into each other’s mouths.
he pulls away with a groan before slamming his hand down on your ass.
“c’mon doll, squirt on this dick so i can cum in this pretty pussy” he ushers you and you respond with a cry before clamping down on his cock.
your release spraying on him in streams soaking his abdomen and wetting the patriots jersey still adorning his body. he moans at the increase of wetness, before thrusting himself as deep as he can go into your cunt. cockhead nestled against your womb as his cum pumps into you in streams. his cum flooding your abused pussy as you both try to calm down from your highs.
you move to get off of him before his arms wrap around your waist once again.
“where you going baby? the game’s not over yet” he grins at you before settling back into the couch.
“maybe if you’re good we can have some real fun after the patriots win” he smirks down at you.
and as you sink back into chris you have never rooted for the patriots harder.
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Pairing: Ari Levinson x reader, Lloyd Hansen x reader (Mafia AU)
Word Count: 1,222
Summary: You’re at the club with Ari while he’s taking care of some business and you get an unexpected visitor. 
Author’s Note: So I’ve been listening to Dove Cameron’s song ‘Boyfriend’ a lot lately and this idea sort of just formed in my mind. I’ve used the lyrics for some of the dialogue and the mood of the song as well. Listen here. Thank you to my love Ali @maladaptivexxdaydreaming for letting me yell my thots are her for this and helping me formulate a more solid plan. I may do more for these two because we talked about something else that I would like to include. Thank you all so much for reading! Much love always! ❤️❤️❤️Divider by my sweet friend Daisy @firefly-graphics thanks so much🥰
Warnings: softness and fluff mixed in with teasing and tension and talk of violence, gun usage and, implied smut sort of (18 + ONLY PLEASE!!!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’re snuggled against Ari’s chest, his arm securely wrapped around you and his hand resting along your bare thigh, caressing the soft skin as your fingers mindlessly comb through the hair that peeks out from the open buttons of his shirt.
Safe and comfortable in his lap you nuzzle his neck while he talks business with two men whose names you’ve already forgotten.
He shifts and pulls you closer, taking your chin between his fingers and lifting your face to his.
“I have to close this deal angel. I’ll be as quick as I can,” he promises.
You pout playfully and wrap your arms around his neck, closing the distance and kissing his lips. His large hand cradles your cheek and he lifts you up so you’re straddling his lap. With a good squeeze to your ass, he pulls away, resting his forehead to yours.
“Behave,” he warns with a wink.
“Of course,” you purr and kiss him again before he stands, his lingering glance the last thing you see as he disappears onto the crowded dance floor.
You brush your fingers over your still tingling lips and smile to yourself while you pull out your phone. You’re lost in thought as you scroll through your social media and it isn’t until the man in front of you speaks that you realize you have a visitor.
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe we’re finally alone,” he croons, raising his brows. “And to think I almost left.”
You look up with a start, narrowing your eyes as you look him over.
“Lloyd,” he states when he holds out his hand.
You stare at him then drop your eyes to his hand. Tentatively you reach out and he grasps your fingers, bringing your knuckles to his lips and kissing them softly. Your breath hitches and you quickly tug your hand away.
“What’s the matter sunshine? Don’t want to tell me your name?”
“I’m not sure yet,” you say, your tone snarky.
“That’s ok,” he answers with a wink. “I already know it.”
Lloyd smirks when he sees your eyes widen, his own dropping to the short hem of your dress and all the exposed skin of your legs.
“What are the chances that he’s not with you,” Lloyd ponders. “I can’t believe he just left you to sit here alone.”
His eyes shamelessly travel up your legs and over your cleavage, darkening before they settle on your face.
Your mouth hangs open, the boldness in his words and actions rendering you speechless for a moment. Clearly he doesn’t know who Ari is.
“I’m not alone,” you scoff when you regain composure. “In fact, I’m…”
“Listen sunshine,” Lloyd murmurs, waving you off and leaning forward. “I’m going to cut right to the chase.”
This time you cut him off.
“You listen…Lloyd? Was it? Don’t bother. I’m not interested,” you state. “I’m waiting for someone.”
You shoot him a warning glare and lift your chin as your arms cross over your chest. His eyes instantly drop back to your breasts and he licks his lips.
“Let me at least give you some advice,” Lloyd croons.
“First of all,…stop calling me sunshine. Second, you’re going to keep talking whether I want to hear it or not so…”
“Ooh, I like your sass sunshine. I bet that pretty mouth can do a lot more than talk back.”
His fingers smooth over his mustache and he spreads his legs open wide as he sits back, casually throwing his arm over the seat of the booth.
“You should,” he starts, ignoring the way your eyebrows are drawn together in anger, “come home with me.”
“I can’t believe you think that you can just…” you start to grit out.
You don’t even finish your sentence before he’s talking again.
“Just leave with me tonight and I promise you won’t regret it princess. I can give you everything you want and more,” he murmurs. “And I can do it all better than him.”  
You’re about to tell him to fuck off but movement on the dance floor catches your eye and you watch the crowd part as Ari walks back to you. Your lips turn up into a smug smile, one that has Lloyd looking over his shoulder.
“Better than who?” Ari says, sliding into the seat next to you and lifting you back into his lap.
To Lloyd’s credit he doesn’t bat an eyelash, his demeanor remaining cool even as he addresses Ari.
“You, Levinson,” Lloyd laughs. “Better than you.”
Your hand slips inside Ari’s shirt and you toy with the chain of his necklace, his warm skin calming your nerves.
“Enlighten me Lloyd. What exactly can you do better?”
Ari cocks his head and waits, his fingers slipping beneath the hem of your dress to tease your skin in slow circles.
“Everything,” Lloyd replies, setting his gaze on you once again. “And that’s a promise princess.”
You glare at Lloyd and unable to contain your obvious displeasure, lean forward and press your palms into the table.
“I guess I have to repeat myself…like I said before, I’m not interested Lloyd.”  
You punctuate each word, holding up your finger when Lloyd opens his mouth with a retort.
“Don’t make me say it again,” you sneer.
You curl yourself back around Ari and rest your head on his broad shoulder.
Lloyd’s grin only grows, his eyes hungry as they drink you in. “Ballsy. I like it.”
He lifts his gaze to Ari, the look in his eyes challenging. “I can see why you keep her around Levinson. Gorgeous and feisty. Bet she’s a ton of fun to tame.”
You feel Ari’s entire body tense, his muscles taut with his barely restrained control and when Lloyd’s eyes drift back to you and he adjusts himself in his pants, Ari snaps. Without warning Ari has you out of his lap and has his gun pointed in Lloyd’s face.
Lloyd’s hands lift up in surrender, the action mocking and Ari cocks the gun, his thick finger pressing lightly on the trigger.
“If I ever lay eyes on you and your trash Stache again Lloyd, it’s going to be when I’m burying you in the ground. Understand?”
Ari stares at Lloyd before he lowers the gun, his hand closing around yours as he leads you out of the booth.
Lloyd’s next words make Ari go still.
“Not if I bury you first Levinson. Did you forget? I can kill anybody.” Lloyd simpers. “Then…she’s mine.”
Ari gives your hand a soft squeeze before he takes a step into Lloyd’s space, crowding him against the booth. Ari leans down, his face only inches from Lloyd’s as he moves swiftly and wraps his hand around Lloyd’s neck.
Ari squeezes and Lloyd makes a choking sound but his smile never falters.
“Stay. Away. From. My. Wife,” Ari warns.
Ari releases him, a low growl rumbling through his chest before he slides his arm around your waist and tucks you into his side.
“Let’s go home angel,” Ari whispers before kissing the corner of your mouth.
Your arms wrap around Ari and you breathe him in, sparing Lloyd one last warning glance as you walk away.
Lloyd inhales, rubbing his neck as his lips turn up into a triumphant smirk and he breathes, only loud enough for you to hear, “until next time, sunshine.”
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Tumblr media
Paring: Chris Evans x Black Actress Reader RPF
Summary: You and Chris have a whirlwind romance. Until someone gets cold feet.
Warnings: 18+ As always, MINORS DNI. RPF, SMUT, ANGST. Not Beta’d. Toxic Chris, toxic reader. Toxic idiots in love. Denial, fear of commitment, imbalance in public perception, oral sex (m/f receiving), sloppy toppy, gagging, choking, fine dining to the extreme performed on female, squirting, over stimulation, eating the groceries, praise kink, good girl kink, hints of dom/sub, p in v, raw sex (wrap it up folks), creampie, aftercare, bathing together, argument. Basically pwp. A/N: This comes After Sideways and before Again in the Again Series.
Notice: I no longer operate a taglist. Follow @rampitupandread to be notified when I post.
Tumblr media
After your PR dinner date, which convinced everyone that you and Chris were indeed a couple that had a tiff at the presser three months ago, your life was plunged into an ocean of scrutiny you had not yet had to endure, even as a rising actor.
All of the gossip sites were speculating on every aspect of you, from the naturalness of your body, which you hated, to what your friends and family thought, to whether or not your relationship with Chris was genuine. It was enough to test your patience in every interview.
Even though you and Chris had strict riders which stipulated no questions about your relationship, most interviewers tried to work it in. 
You began to get the reputation as difficult when you kept walking out on press. Chris was just labeled ‘coy’ and ‘charming’ when he refused to answer. The golden boy was still golden, and possibly trapped by his publicist in this relationship, while you were a schemer, a climber, and hardly his type, according to his fans. It was exhausting.
What people didn’t know was that your relationship was very real and very intense. Chris wanted to be around you as much as possible, and for some reason, you couldn’t leave him alone. And that scared you. You were getting soft.
And that wouldn’t do. 
But Chris Evans was your weakness. You found that out big time when he had to go to the west coast for a project.
It was you and he against the world when You were together. But when he left, insecurities had a chance to weave its way through your brain.
Two weeks apart had you feening like a little crackhead for him. 
Oh fucking no.
When Chris knocked on the door of your West Village apartment when he got back to the city, you were on him like a succubus. You were so happy to see him, it scared you. So instead of saying what was bubbling up in your throat to say, you just put your tongue down his, and dragged him to your bedroom, stripped off your clothes, then pulled him close as you sat down on your bed and started unbuckling his belt.
You needed him. Now.
“Well, hello to you too, Baby.”
“Hello,” you said sweetly. 
You finally freed his cock, and you licked your lips as you started carefully dry stroking it to life. Chris’s eyes were hooded as he stared down at you.
Damn, he missed you.
Damn. He loved you.
“Is this what we’re doing now?”
You batted your eyes up at him, held his dick in your hand and licked a stripe up the underside, circling the tip and then encasing it in your mouth. You sucked it hard, then slid your mouth down his shaft, causing him to hit the back of your throat.
“Oh, shiiiiittttttt. That sweet, dirty, beautiful mouth.”
Chris’s hands went to your ears, pushing his fingers deep into your scalp as he took control of your face and started to fuck it.
You held onto his thighs, feeling his hips flex as he used your face. Your fingernails dug into his flexing muscles as he listened to you gargle his cock.
“Gooood fucking girl. You take my cock so well.”
You gazed up at him through your tears as he smiled down at you.
“Make me wanna…”
His hips stuttered under your palms, as you felt his cock grow even larger and pulse in your throat.  You were drooling and concentrating on breathing as tears and saliva rolled down your face.
Chris slowly slid out of your mouth and you gasped for breath, coughing as he wiped your face with his thumbs as he got down on the floor with you. His hands held your face gently now as he cleaned you up a bit and tenderly kissed your swollen lips. He rubbed your neck, down to your shoulders, then massaged your breasts as you trembled under his touch, wanting him where you needed him.
“I know what you want.” 
One of his hands slid down the center of your chest and your belly and the other moved up to your neck.He carefully slid his fingers around your neck while simultaneously slipping two in between your pussy lips.
“So fucking wet.”
You whimpered in his grip.
“Atta fucking girl. That’s a good girl. There you go. Lemme hit that spot.”
You started moving your hips lustily, always wanting more.
“That’s right. Cum for me?”
You squeezed your eyes shut as you tried to fight it in vain. Chris chuckled. He leaned close to your ear as he pressed down on your clit with his thumb and curled his fingers inside you.
“Cum. Now.”
“OH SHIT!!!!”
You screamed and came, collapsing back on the thick carpet as Chris continued to pump his fingers inside you.
“Does that feel good? This is such a good little pussy. Love that cream. Let me lick it up.”
This time you tried to push his head away, but as soon as his lips attached themselves to your clit, and he started sucking, you bucked your hips burying his face further. His moans in your pussy got you close again. Chris could tell.
“You gonna squirt in my mouth? Give it to me. Don’t run from me. Come. Here. Now. Keep those legs open.”
Chris’ voice did nothing for your ability to breathe. This energy was electric, and Chris in control amped up the connection. But before you could come, came another command.
“Turn over on your fucking knees. I need that ass.” 
You grew a little alarmed, but looked behind you to see Chris smirking again and then bending down to eat your ass.
You were not ready.
“Oh my fucking god, Chris.”
You almost passed out under the talents of his tongue.
“Play with that clit.”
You immediately obeyed, manipulating your poor little clit until you came yet again. Chris flipped you back over on your back again. He pumped his cock over you and you watched it drip as your chest heaved from trying to attain oxygen. Chris opened your legs wide and then leaned down, caging your head between his hands.  He looked you in the eyes, kissed you on the nose, and then slid home, cock easing into your canal easily. 
But his girth. You would never truly get used to it.
“That’s a fucking good girl. So fucking tight. Give it to me.”
Chris started pumping slowly, burying his hands in your hair, massaging and holding you steady as he tried to peer into your soul. You closed your eyes, as you moaned and writhed beneath him. He felt amazing even though he was moving slowly.
“Open your eyes. I wanna see how you look as you take what I give you.”
“Fuck!” you exclaimed, as his words destroyed you.
The look on your face made Chris swell and pulse inside you.
Chris moved one hand to your clit and started to flick it.  Your body reacted.
“Fuck yes! I love when this tight pussy gets even tighter. Makes me wanna tear it up.”
He started snapping his hips harder and faster. That, combined with his thumb on your clit made you cum around him.
Chris was looking down now, mesmerized at the sight of your cunt strangling his dick and clenching around him.
He looked back up at you, blue eyes piercing.
“Look at all that sweet cream.” 
He gave you a side grin the second before he slid out of you and began to eat your pussy again.  You were so sensitive that your knees clamped around his ears. His hands came up and pried them apart and he peered up at you, eyes ominous.
“Keep them open.”
Chris lewdly and loudly ate you out again, slurping up all of your juices, while your hands moved to push his head away. He looked up and raised that eyebrow of his and you stopped, then suddenly came into his mouth at the thrill that you might be punished for it.
Chris moaned as you released and then manhandled you again as he turned you over and pulled you up on your knees.
His balls started slapping up against your clit, making your eyes roll back into your head.
“So… fucking…tight.”
“Ah! Chris…shitttttt!” 
It was as if all the orgasms were blending together. You didn't know where one ended and the other began as they blended together. You were spasming around him uncontrollably.
“I’m gonna… fuck….its too fucking good.”
You were unintelligibly trying to express how you felt. Chris listened to your voice in rapture and leaned down to run his tongue up your spine which caused you to arch your back as a reflex.
“Yes yes yes yes yes, You’re squeezing the life outta me.”
He pulled you up so that your back was against his front, and his hand came up around your throat. Your throat was raw as you moaned and swivled your hips as he fucked up into you. His hand splayed on your belly and his fingertips grazed your over stimulated clit. The sounds of him fucking your wet, sloppy cunt were pornographic.
“This is what you wanted isn’t it?  You’re such a good fucking girl. Ah shit…s-s-so good.”
Chris stuttering in your ear made you come apart all over again.
“F-f-fuck, you’re making me cum baby girl…. Yes, yes, yessss.. Shittt….”
You felt his warm spend flood into you and drip down your thighs. And then you were a puddle in Chris’s arms. The next thing you knew, he was carrying you to the bathroom and you heard water running. You woke up as your toe touched warm water.
Chris kissed your forehead and carried you over to the toilet, placing you on it. 
You giggled as you did what you were told, and watched as Chris climbed into the tub. It was strange, you didn’t feel weird at all. It was like you were comfortable. And safe. And in love.
That was a problem.
When you were done, Chris made grabby hands at you and you climbed into the tub and relaxed into his arms. He leaned back and languidly stroked your body, but eventually peeked at your face. You were staring off into space and frowning.
“What’s wrong?”
You were startled back into reality. You’d been thinking about really being in a relationship with Chris and how that would change your life. How that would change your heart. It would make you soft. And vulnerable. 
You weren’t ready to be hurt again.
Chris sighed, knowing you were lying. He guessed what was up. He thought you needed reassurance.
“Y/n. I want to tell you something.”
You turned around in the tub, facing him, even though the faucet was poking you in the back. You were in between Chris and a hard place.
“I want to tell you something too. I can’t ride the subway with you.”
Chris looked confused.
“What? What are you talking about?”
“I can’t ride the subway with you. You’re too recognizable.”
Chris raised his eyebrow at you. 
“You want to ride the subway?”
He was incredulous.
“Yes! I want to have my life like it is.” 
You crossed your arms across your wet chest.
“You ever heard of a car service?”
“Who needs a car service? I can ride the subway, I can walk in the West Village, run along the greenway, go eat at any restaurant outside, and no one hardly bats an eye at me. No one is checking for someone like me. But with you… it’s harder to do that.”
Chris straightened up, mouth pursed in a line.
“So I cramp your style?”
You gave him a look. 
“Are we really going to do this?”
“I feel like I can do anything for the person I love…”
His big blue eyes almost hurt your heart. If you had one.
“You don’t love me Chris. This is a PR relationship, remember?” 
You got out of the tub and pulled on your robe.
“You’re not serious?” 
Chris said it to your retreating back.
Chris couldn’t believe it as he climbed out, grabbed a towel and went after you.
“So you're saying you don’t feel…”
“I do feel, Chris. That’s the problem.”
You sat on the edge of your still made bed, head in your hands.
“That’s not a problem baby.” Chris paused. “I mean, if you don’t want it to be.”
You looked up at him.
“Don’t get in your head about the future. Be here. Now. Y/N… I love…”
You cut him off.
“Don’t Chris. We just had some amazing sex. That’s what you’re feeling. The afterglow. That’s what’s happening right now.”
“Don’t fucking tell me how I’m feeling!”
Chris was so frustrated.
“Don’t fucking yell at me.  You know what. Just get out. Go to The Plaza. Go back home to Boston. Now.“
Chris stood there, flabbergasted. Then, he moved to get his clothes.
“I know what you’re doing. I can see right through you.”
“You don’t know shit, Evans.”
“Ha fucking Ha! Get the fuck out!”
“Be careful what you wish for. You’ll be calling me for some dick soon!”
Chris was trying to goad you into admitting something, anything that would tie you to him as he gathered his things.
“I will never call you for shit else, Evans.”
“We’ll see.”
Chris stalked out toward your living room and opened the door. You took the handle as he walked out.
“Never again!”
And you slammed the door in his face and listened as he yelled, “Arrrghhhhhh!”
Your heart pounded until you heard him stomp off down the hallway.
You weren’t ready to be hurt again.
So you did the hurting.
Tumblr media
Feedback is a joy forever!
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evansbby · 2 days ago
soft but strict sugar daddy ari
he's obv a really big ceo and he has a lot of work to do but he always has time for you
if you want something, all you have to do is say please (and maybe some puppy dog eyes🥺)
goes feral when he sees you wearing a dress or necklace he bought you (you def use this to your advantage)
and when he rips a set of lingerie off of your body he promises to buy you a new one
if it were up to him, you'd walk around sans clothing but he loves it even more when you wear that brand new $20,000 strapless black dress because it hugs your body in every right way
he's been late to work many a time because he can't resist but he's the ceo, he can be late
oh bestie i love the idea of soft yet strict sugar daddy Ari! he’d be so perfect and the bestest daddy ever!!! lemme add some things to this:
Tumblr media
Ari pays the rent for your apartment but he absolutely loves it when you stay over at his penthouse. Because then he can come home to you naked on his bed (he has a rule — little girls don’t wear clothes in daddy’s house unless daddy says so.)
He also loves to bring you to work, it’s kind of like show-and-tell for him. He loves to show you off to all his employees, because he thinks you’re the prettiest most smartest baby girl in the world and they can never have you because he owns you.
He’s already filled your wardrobe up with the latest and most expensive dresses, even when you beg him to stop because you have more than enough. “I just love seeing my baby dressed in something her daddy bought.” Ari explains, “It shows how much I love you and how you belong to me.”
Ari also loves it when you act all domestic. You’re his sugar baby but his heart glows when he comes home to find you cooking him dinner. It turns him on so much that he can’t help but bend you over the kitchen island or table and just have his way with you.
He loves taking you out to eat, loving the look of awe on your face when he takes you to a fancy restaurant. He makes sure to book out half the restaurant so you guys can have your privacy. He then has you sit on his lap and he just dotes over you — feeding you your food in tiny bites, wiping your face with a napkin and giving you kisses that make your heart flutter. You’re embarrassed but he tells you it’s alright, that’s you’re his baby and it’s only right that he treats you like this.
Ari is so soft and kind as a daddy but in bed it’s a whole different story. It all depends on his mood — he’ll bring you to the most intense orgasms just from his fingers or tongue and his dirty talk, smoothly telling you exactly how he plans to unravel you, make you beg for him. He’s so coaxing and sweet, fucking you with his huge dick and the whole time he’s just holding your hand like “Yes, honey. Look how good you’re being for daddy. Yeah, arch your back just like that. What a good little baby, my smart little girl. Daddy loves you so much, baby. Cum for me.”
He buys you a ring after one week of knowing you — and he wants you to wear it on your left hand ring finger so everyone knows you’re taken and claimed. It’s huge — a gigantic diamond that makes all your friends jealous. Ari says it’s not an engagement ring — that one will be even bigger.
Okay I have to stop now otherwise I could go in all night and this would be like 100k words bye
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incorrectcapsicle · a day ago
Steve: Still short, I see.
Y/N: Still pretending that you're not hopelessly in love with me, I see.
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celebrityfactsorfibs · 20 hours ago
Facts or fibs: Chris Evans and Y/N Cavill relationship confirmation? - Chris Evans finally speaks up about rumoured relationship with Henry Cavill’s sister.
Tumblr media
Chris Evans (41) and Y/N Cavill (35) have been at the centre of dating rumours since Henry Cavill (39) appeared beside Chris at the BAFTA’s. Henry brought his sister as his plus one, and fans were both happy and shocked when Chris and Y/N were spotted together in public after a few months.
Y/N Cavill has never been too keen to follow in her brothers footsteps, trying her hand at acting when she was 14 in 2001, around the same time Henry got his first role, but after a few years deciding it wasn’t for her. Very little has always been known about her, the most information about her tends to be revealed in passing by Henry, whether it be a short story, or a quick witted comment, nothing more than that has ever been found out.
Since 2015, both Chris and Henry have been asked a significant amount about Y/N and her relationship with her rumoured boyfriend, but the two tend to be quite good at shifting the topic onto something else.
In 2018 paparazzi caught the couple on a supposed date, the photos showing them laughing and cozying up together, all body language suggesting more than friends. But after years of unanswered questions, persistent fans were slowly giving up, accepting that the world may never truly know what the extent of their relationship.
That was until Y/N posted a photo of Chris and his dog Dodger on the set of knives out in late 2019, just before the release of the movie. She captioned the photo
I think we can all agree out of the three of us, Dodger has worked the hardest and deserves his nap more than anyone else. I’m so very proud of you, love. (Chris… not Dodger) Xx
Fans were so in awe at the rare look into their lives, especially since Y/N’s Instagram was practically untouched since 2017.
But of course, still none of them were willing to talk about their relationship, which we of course understand and respect. As the years continued to go by, the couple seemed to be having fun stringing fans along, so imagine everyone’s shock when finally, in 2022, Chris finally opened up about their relationship.
On The Graham Norton show, Chris shocked fans with his surprise appearance, not notifying fans before going on the show. When Graham asked how long he would be in the UK for, he left most people watching absolutely stunned.
“Well Y/N has been living pretty much back and forth between here and America for the better part of 5 years, so recently we switched the roles around and I’ve been doing the back and forth. So once I’ve done promoting for the new movies, I’ll be staying here for a little while, unfortunately not as long as either of us want, I’m a very busy man y’know, but…”
Graham himself looked completely shocked, taking a second to continue with his questions. Not trying to sound to forward, but also trying to get to the point, he asked Chris how long the two had been “going back and forth” as he put it.
“Well, if your asking how long we’ve been together, since mid 2015, if your asking how long we’ve lived together, 2017.”
Graham made a joke about how he was ‘loving the blunt answers’ and everyone laughed for a little bit. As they continued to chat, the topic of conversation went a little more towards his latest acting projects than his relationship, but quickly steered back in that direction.
“So… Henry Cavill. Does the DC-Marvel debate ever come out during family dinners?”
Graham jokingly asked, alongside some other funny comments about the two actors.
“I mean… we all know who would win that anyway. But no not really, we mostly just spend the evenings trying our hardest to see who has the best embarrassing stories of Y/N”
As the interview continued fans became obsessed with how obviously in love Chris is with Y/N, many tweeting about his ‘heart eyes’ every time someone said her name.
Later that night Y/N tweeted a photo of Henry and Chris hugging and said
‘It’s so fun when your boyfriend and brother bond over making fun of you :’)’
It’s safe to say the Cavill-Evans family is our new favourite here at Celebrity Facts or Fibs!
A/N - this was requested and honestly this took way too long and also is so similar to one I’ve done before so I do apologise. I don’t really like this so I will be writing another chris x cavill!reader that’s better and different. A Harry styles x reader will be posted soon, and it will be very different.
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hansensgirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
WELCOME TO LLOYD’S SLUTS! a discord server dedicated to the one and only Lloyd Hansen, played by actor Chris Evans in the movie The Gray Man.
The Gray Man releases in select theatres on july 15th, 2022, followed by a netflix release on july 22nd, 2022.
(my banner and divider, please don’t repost or claim as yours)
Tumblr media
the mods of this server are bambi (@sweetlilbambi), sabrina (@hansensgirl), and envy (@cuttlefjsh).
the server’s blog is @lloydssluts.
in Lloyd’s Sluts, you can make friends, have access to news about The Gray Man, vent, find inspiration, share visuals, recommend Lloyd Hansen fics, suggest fic ideas, and even play games! it’ll be so much fun!
constant activity is not required! always put yourself first. you can leave and join whenever you’d like.
MINORS ARE NOT ALLOWED! further rules are stated in the server’s welcome category.
the server is primarily about Lloyd Hansen.
to join, click this link. -> *ੈ✩‧₊˚.
(feel free to reblog this post to spread the word!)
Tumblr media
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twoghostsfromeden · 4 hours ago
Fucked Me So Good That I Almost Said "I Love You"
Married!Chris Evans x College!Reader
Summary: You're a sophomore in college. He's married to a family friend. He's a dick to his wife.. So why do you want him?
Warning: age gap, mentions of pornography, mentions of masterbation, not non-con but he doesn't really ask for consent either??, attempted bj, throat grabbing, unprotected sex, infidelity, reader definitely has daddy issues, mentions of breeding and pregnancy, Chris is a dick i'm so sorry, angst, Chris possibly has an open marriage idk,
Word Count: 2544 words
Tumblr media
You remember the first time you met him clear as day. He was standing in your doorway, black dress pants clinging to his thick thighs, his dress shirt rolled up on his forearms. You were days away from going to college for the first time, boxes piling up in your room, blocking your view of him leaning against your doorframe. Chris, however, had a perfect view of you dancing around in an old t-shirt, your panties hugging your hips. Your music was blaring in your ears, causing your hips to sway.
"She's a good girl, she feels so good!" You sang, swinging your hips a little too far to the right, knocking over a tower of boxes. You internally groaned, turning around to gather your things. Instead of focusing on the box of clothes in the floor, you locked eyes with the most beautiful man you've ever seen. He was smirking, his eyes twinkling like he was fucking Santa Clause.
"Who the hell are you?" You asked, jerking your airpods out of your ears. You couldn't even allow yourself to focus on the sheer embarrassment of a grown man watching you dance around in your underwear to Harry Styles. All you could focus on was how intoxicating this man's stare was.
Chris laughed as he stood up straight. "I'm sorry, I was just looking for the bathroom,"
You raised your eyebrows, crossing your arms over your chest. "And you decided to stand here and watch me when you realized this wasn't the bathroom?"
Chris dropped his smile, his tongue running over his bottom lip. The action sent shivers down your spine, but you weren't going to let him know that. "I figured it was better than going to the bathroom to go through the medicine cabinet." He shrugged.
You narrowed your eyes at him, becoming increasingly annoyed with this stranger. How dare he come into your home, stare at you while you're half-naked, and insinuate that he was bored at your parents party? You picked up a pillow next to your feet, chunking it over your head and aiming it at his. He ducked at the last second, smiling at you as he left the room.
You stare at him from across the table, the alcohol in your system causing you to feel fuzzy. It's been two years since that day, and you've found yourself thinking about it more and more. After the party ended that day, you asked your mom who he was. He was married to her long-time best friend, Melanie. She explained that Chris hates to be around Melanie, so he finds any excuse to not be around her. That's why you had never met him.
Oddly enough, every time Melanie had come over since that day, Chris was right beside her. He seemed happy enough, unless she decided to make conversation with him. You couldn't understand why she was still with him. Sure, he's gorgeous, but he's obviously the biggest dick you've ever been around.
"Y/n, honey?" Your mom says, reaching across the table and grabbing your hand. You snap out of it, your cheeks heating up. "You alright? You seem like something is bothering you," Your mom says, as innocently as ever.
Poor thing. She has no idea that her daughter is lusting over a married man. He's at least 40 years old, if not 45. You're barely 23. Your dad would be disgusted with you if he knew the thoughts you were having about the man across the table.
You look at poor Melanie, who you've discovered is not so innocent after all. After overhearing your mom on the phone with her one night, you found out that Melanie is fucking every married guy in the county.
No wonder Chris doesn't want to be around her.
You considered telling Chris, but what good would it do? He hates her, it's not like he would care. He probably likes that it takes her away from home.
You fake a smile, scooting your chair away from the table. "I'm fine, mom. Just need to go freshen up," You lie. You've been home for a month for summer break, meaning you've lost count of how many times you've been around Chris. Your parents love to host dinner parties, especially if it means they can brag on their only child. You feel sick at the memory of them telling Melanie and Chris how you've got all A's in your biology classes.
If they only knew the truth.
If they only knew that you spent your days in class thinking about Chris's hands on your body, his tongue on your neck.
You make your way upstairs, taking a deep breath. You seriously need to get laid. It's been almost two months since you've gotten laid, thanks to living with your parents for the summer. You push your way into the bathroom, turning the sink on. You run your hands through the water, lifting your hands to your face.
Thank god you didn't wear makeup tonight.
You splash the cold water on your face, taking another deep breath. How much longer are you going to have to be around Chris? They've already been here for hours. You're desperate to get into bed with your vibrator and find porn look-a-likes of the man sitting across from you.
You jump as you hear a knock on the bathroom door, causing you to clear your throat. "Uh... Someone is in here," You say, awkwardly.
The door handle jiggles, showing that whoever is on the other side of the door is not going to give up. You sigh, reaching to unlock the door. You assume it's your clingy mother coming to check on you. When you open the door, you gasp, staring up at none other than Chris.
"What is your problem? I said someone was in here," You snap, grunting as he pushes past you, locking the door behind him. You're trapped against him and the wall, staring up at him. Neither one of you say anything, you just lock eyes. You can feel your heart beating in your chest, and you're sure he can hear it.
Chris slowly moves his hand up to your jawline, grasping your jaw. You grunt, attempting to move out of his grasp, but he's too strong. "We're going to make this quick, and you're going to be quiet." He orders.
You furrow your eyebrows as confusion runs through your body. "What are you talking about?" You ask, still wiggling around in his hold.
Chris quickly shows you what he means, his free hand sliding up the front of your dress, groping your boob through the cheap fabric. Your eyes widen, your thighs clasping together. "C-Chris, what are you doing?" You ask. You're not going to deny that you want this, but there's a difference between wanting something and actually going through with it.
Chris ignores you, lowering his mouth onto yours. His lips are warm against yours, his tongue quickly sliding into your mouth, showing you who is in control. You softly moan into the kiss as his grip tightens, keeping you in your place.
Not that you want to leave.
It isn't long before you feel his groin grinding against your hips, desperate for some kind of friction. As he makes contact with your body, his grip on you loosens, allowing you to start dropping to your knees. Before you can fully lower yourself, his hand is wrapping around your throat, stopping you in your tracks. "Uh-uh," He scolds you, lifting you back up. "I've been dreaming about cumming in this pussy since I met you. I'll worry about that mouth later,"
You gulp, your mouth suddenly feeling dry. You know, without a doubt, that you are about to be ruined.
Chris glances, quickly bunching your dress up around your hips, giving him the perfect view of your white panties. He chuckles, shaking his head. "White, really?" He asks, raising his eyebrow.
You pout. "What's wrong with white?" You ask, suddenly feeling insecure. When you were getting dressed, you had no idea that one of your biggest fantasies would be coming to life tonight. If you had known, you would've gone with something more... Age appropriate. Perhaps red lingerie?
"White is a little virginal, don't ya think?" He asks, teasing you. His long fingers toy with the band of your panties, dipping in and pulling back out. "You want me to treat you like a little virgin, baby?" He murmurs, earning a groan from you. Your back arches as he grips the band of your panties, tugging it away from your body.
"Or do you want me to fuck you like a whore?"
With that, he's jerking your panties down to your knees, flipping you around so that you can't see his face anymore. Your face is pressed against the wooden door, your ass sticking out. You hear Chris hiss through his teeth, feeling his hands all over your ass. "Please, Chris, just do something," You beg, hating how whiney your voice is.
You should hate how easy you're being, but you really don't.
You hear Chris's zipper, so you widen your stance, making sure you're open and ready for him. You can feel yourself dripping down your thighs, something that's never happened before. As he presses the thick head of his cock to your entrance, panic sets in.
He doesn't have a condom.
"I'm not on birth control!" You quickly say, disappointed in yourself for running out of refills on your prescription. You can't really afford to go to the doctor right now, and you had given up on having a sex life this summer.
Chris chuckles, reaching between your thighs and running his finger through your slick. "Maybe I should just cum in you then, huh? Is that what you want? You want me to knock you up while your daddy's downstairs?" He mumbles, the head of his cock pressing against you. Your stomach tightens at the mention of him filling you up. You're so horny, you'd let him do anything to you right now.
You thought he might get you ready with his fingers, but he's made it very clear that he's ready to fuck you. You didn't take him for the kind of man to be very generous in bed, but you don't really care. You just want to feel him splitting you open.
Chris reaches around to your mouth, covering your mouth with his hand. As he pushes into you, your eyes widen, cries of pleasure threatening to spill out of your mouth. He slowly pushes into you, until his hips are flush against your ass. Your legs give out, making Chris wrap his free arm around your waist and hold you against him. You open your eyes, your vision dropping to the wedding ring on his finger.
Before you have time to regret this, Chris starts thrusting into you, your ass bouncing against him. He groans against your neck, trying to be as quiet as possible. "Fuck!" He mutters, pulling you tighter against him. Chris shuffles until you're leaning against the counter, moving his grip to your neck, leaving your mouth unattended.
"Look at me when I'm fucking you,"
You move your eyes to the mirror in front of you, gasping when you see him behind you. He looks so... Different from before. Instead of his hair being perfectly placed, it's bouncing over his forehead, sweat dripping down his cheeks. "You have any fucking idea how long it's been since I fucked such a tight pussy? 'M not gonna last,"
Tears are threatening to spill out of your eyes, but you don't care. You move your hand between your body and the counter, applying pressure to your neglected clit. Chris is making it obvious that he's here to get fucked, and nothing else.
And somehow, that makes you want him more.
You barely get to enjoy the feeling of you touching yourself before Chris pulls out of you, leaving you empty. You whimper, ready to open your mouth and tell him off for leaving without getting you off. But before you can, he's picking you up, placing you on the counter. Your bare ass is against the counter, the cold rushing through your body. Chris pushes into you again, using his hands to pull the top of your dress down. Your tits spill out of the top, exposing themselves to him.
Chris lowers his mouth to your nipple, licking and teasing you. "Touch yourself, y/n. Wanna feel you cum around me," He orders, his voice deep. You moan quietly, leaning your head against the mirror. You slide your hand down your body, rubbing your clit. You can feel yourself getting close, but you don't want this to end. You don't ever want him to leave your body.
His sweat is dripping down your dress, but you don't care. You don't even know how long you've been away from the table, but you'll figure out an excuse later. Right now, you can only think about the way his hips are stuttering, telling you that he's close. You've never been one to talk during sex, but you almost can't help it right now.
"Come on, Chris. Cum in me. Make me yours. Make me go back there and sit with your wife while your cum is running down my thighs." You moan, listening to him swear under his breath. He gives you a particularly hard thrust, sending you over the edge.
"Fuck!" Chris moans, stilling inside of you. He buries his face in your neck, catching his breath as the panic sets in.
He just came in you.
Chris must be able to read minds, because he lifts his head up, slowly pulling out of you. He leans over, grabbing a roll of toilet paper. "Here, get yourself cleaned up," He mutters, tucking himself back in his dress pants. You nod, too exhausted to cuss him out for not being the one to clean you up.
As you clean yourself up, you watch Chris dig through his wallet, pulling out a $100 bill and his phone. "Here. Put your number in my phone." He mumbles, avoiding eye contact.
You raise your eyebrow, not making any movement to obey him. He sighs, clearly annoyed with you. "Take the money and get a Plan B. Text me proof."
You scoff, the reality setting in. This clearly isn't the first time he's cheated on his wife. He has a whole routine so he doesn't end up with a baby.
Chris moves to leave the bathroom, but anger sputters in your chest. "She's cheating on you, you know."
Chris stops in his tracks, turning back around to face you. You're sitting on the counter, your face red and your dress bunched around your hips. Chris slowly walks toward you, gripping your jaw. He laughs, shaking his head.
You stay still as he lightly smacks your cheek twice, his thumb rubbing your cheekbone. "There are some things little girls just don't understand, y/n. Keep it that way,"
You stare, speechless, as he walks out of the bathroom, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
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remshearts · a day ago
a glimpse of us
Tumblr media
this is my first song imagine, no need for hate. listen to glimpse of us by joji between the time stamps of 2:05 - 3:00. thank u🫶🏼 lyrics are in bold !!
send in your favorite songs, chris evans or one of his many characters & i’ll do a blurb on it! you can choose the theme! (no smut though!!)
themes/triggers: hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, anxiety & depression
let me know if i forgot anything & don’t forget feedback!
Tumblr media
It’s been hell of a few weeks since Hollywood’s favorite couple spilt. Headlines spreading immensely all over the internet. What going to happen with Chris & Y/N at the Grammys? Will there be a date or a defense? Grammys were literally around the corner. Guest lists leaked, Dresses & suits plannings leaks, tables plannings leaked & many more. Bright, white flashes coming from multiple locations at once, head-splitting vociferates coming from the rowdy paparazzis. As you were posing for your last hopeful picture. Chris caught your glimpse as of turning away but you stopped in your tracks. 'Cause sometimes I look in her eyes, And that's where I find a glimpse of us. He caught onto it too. A unbalanced tsunami of anxiety was washing over you. Chris always read you like an open book, he knew a split second when your anxiety was coming into an alienated state. He wanted to reach out to you and help, but he couldn’t. And I try to fall for her touch, But I'm thinking of the way it was. You knew that & he knew it too. There was enough mayhem within the relations between the pair. They were so many after parties from tremendous amounts from celebrities.
You were finally relieved with where you were sat, waiting for awards to be delivered. You heard a similar, soothing voice echoing behind you. It was Chris… He was slowly making his way over, excusing himself from a previous conversation with somebody else. He sat next to you, not caring about what’s happening around you two. He quietly shuffled his seat closer to you. Nothing need to be said, just forehead to forehead touch & holding your hands. Tears falling from anger, disappointment & lost. Was it right person, wrong time or right person, right time? A few minutes past, Chris lifted his head first. Chris was brave enough to speak up first, choking on tears and the aftermath of depression from the split. “i love you, but you’re not mine. ” Y/N suddenly looked up with tears streaming, scared as anything when she heard them words slipped out of his mouth. “honey, what? this isn’t the end…yet” she said with a soft smirk growing on their face. Trying to making the conversation happier. Her pads of her thumbs slowly wiping away the tears from Chris’s cheeks. Chris was very anxious with conflict within relationships, he’s never felt anything like this with her before. He finally spoke up returning with “sorry for not being enough, being there for you.” Y/N “hey, hey, hey. You’re safe with me, I’m not going anywhere.” As soon as he heard them two words spilled out your mouth, suddenly he kissed to passionately with comfort & relief. I'm only here passing time in her arms, hoping I'll find a glimpse of us.
After the long-awaited kiss, he instantly knew what was missing. You. Time passed so fast, it’s was the end of the waiting for all of the celebrities to sit in their seating plan. You two were able sit there I’m complete silence holding hand, cheering on celebs winning awards. It was concluding to the end of the event. You both need to get out of there. As you were making your making your way out, Chris realized you anxiety was rising again, but worse. Hearing mixed whirs from celebrities, he went into protective manner. Holding you close, putting his blazer onto your shoulders, reassuring you. Finally escaped from the havoc. You both looked at each other in complete safety & security.
Quietly sitting with Chris waiting in the cold for your lyft ride home, holding you closer than ever before.
Tumblr media
author’s note: i really hope u enjoyed this. this took me 5 hrs to do (9pm-2am, cause i easily get distracted LMFAO) i really wanted to make sure this is perfect, cause i have a fear of failure or not being good enough!! requests are open :D
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Two's Better Than One
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Chris Evans XEngaged!FemaleReader! XSebastian Stan Warnings: Threesome (Duh) Language. Usage of a dildo. Vaginal sex. Sex with two different people. Lmk if i missed anything! Mentions of anal (at the end)18+ Only
A/n I don't think My posts are showing up in tags so maybe I'll try posting something else! Fingers crossed it works! I don't give permission for my fics to be translated or posted on any third-party websites.
Requests ARE open!
Tonight Chris was running a little behind. He was filming here in Boston. But he told you he wanted to have a few friends over for the night.
So here you were downstairs, cleaning up a little bit before they all got here. You put out some cheese and crackers and earlier you went to the store to get some of Chris' favorite kind of beer. You sigh happily as you light the last candle.
A knock on the door disrupts you of you thoughts. You set down the lighter and walk to the door. Looking through the peep hole you see Sebastian standing there with a bottle of wine. Smiling you open the door.
"Hi." You great with a big smile. "Hi." He says back, You move to the side so he could come in, "Chris isn't here yet, I hope you don't mind waiting." You say with a light laugh. "I don't mind at all." Sebastian says.
You take the wine from his hands, "Come lets go to the kitchen." Sebastian follows, his eyes drift down to your ass. The way your hips sway in that tight little peach dress. Your breasts looked amazing in the dress. That was the first thing he noticed.
"You want a beer?" You question. "Sure." He smiles, "The house looks great." He says looking at the brand new kitchen you and Chris built. "Thanks I'm happy we're moved in now, it took a few weeks. but it was all worth it." You smile.
You hand Sebastian the can. The ring on your finger doesn't go unnoticed by him. He wasn't lying when he thought you were attractive. Because you were. He was upset that he didn't get to you first.
"Want a tour?" You suggest. "Sure." "The kitchen is my favorite part, and so is the living room." Sebastian follows you into the living room where he sees a big fire place. And a white couch in the center.
His mind wanders off, he can't imagine how many times Chris has fucked you in front of the fire place or on that couch. He sighs and looks at the pictures that were hanging on the walls.
"I'll show you upstairs." Sebastian follows you up the stairs, you stop at two doubled doors. You open them, "And this is the master bedroom," Sebastian sees a bed in the center another huge fire place, and a big window.
"The closets are there." You point to a big wooden door.
Once again His mind wanders off. He looks at the big bed. And sees you on there touching yourself. He can't even begin to imagine how many time you've done that already.
Sebastian groans and try's to hide his aching boner. "You alright?" You say turning around to meet the blue eyed man.
"Fine," He half smiles. "So, with Chris filming what do you do most of the day?" Sebastian says looking out the window. He can imagine fucking you up against it.
"Not much." You shrug, standing next to the man, Sebastian hums, "Chris taking care of you?" You chuckle, "Yea." You say looking at him, You swore you could see his eyes grow darker. "That's not what I meant sweetheart, I meant is he fucking you properly."
You gasp at his words, "Seb-" "Answer my question Y/n." You nod rapidly, He hums and stares at you, "Do you fuck yourself on your bed? Say with you fingers or the  dildo I know you keep in your bed side table."
"How,- You begin to say, "I've been friends with Chris for a long time now. and do you know how that makes me feel every time I see you with him? That he's the on fucking you- the one eating that sweet pussy." He says licking his lips.
"I know you want me too Y/n, I see the way you look at me." You squeeze you legs together and look into his eyes. "What about Chris." You say playing with the hem of your dress.
"He doesn't have to know." Sebastian hums, bending down. He reaches under your dress and begins to take off your underwear. "Come on help me out here." He laughs, You step out of your underwear, Sebastian smiles and puts them into his pocket.
He stands back up and reaches his hand back up under your dress, teasing your pussy lips, "You're so wet for me. Do me a favor and go get whatever you fucked yourself with today." You nod and walk over to your bedside table.
You open it and you take out your dildo. "There you go sweetheart." You walk back over to Sebastian and you hand it to him, "Lean over the chair." He demands.
You walk over to the chair you and Chris had place by the window, your upper body leans over the chair, Sebastian bends down and spreads your legs, and lifts your dress up in the process.
"I love this ass." He says smacking it, "Maybe we shouldn't do this." You say worriedly, he chuckles. "To late now." He says spitting on your dildo and shoving it into your entrance. "Fuck!" You squeal. You bite your lip to hid your moans.
"Let me hear them." Sebastian demands, "Oh, god." You moan out, "Good girl. Are you close." You nod at shut your eyes. he keeps harshly pumping the dildo out of you. "To bad." He says removing the dildo from your pussy.
You whine, "If you cum. it'll be on my cock." He slaps your ass and flips you over.
"What is going on here." An all too familiar voice says, Sebastian smirks, "Fucking your soon to be wife what does it look like to you?"
"Chris!" You squeal, Sebastian puts a hand on your lower half, keeping you from getting up.
Chris unloosens his tie and walk over to you and Sebastian, "Are you being a good girl?" He questions, "Wha-" "Yes or No Y/n." Chris says angrily, "Yes, yes!" you say scared. "Good. On the bed."
Sebastian removes his hand from you lower half, he hands Chris your dildo and he looks at it confused. "This is what you fuck yourself with while I'm away?" You nod lightly. "Hands to knees baby, I'm gonna watch Sebastian fuck your brains out." Chris kisses your lips and moves to the corner of the room.
You get into the position, and look behind you, "I won't hurt you." Sebastian says lifting up your dress, "Oh god." You sigh. he unzips his pants and pulls his cock free.
He rubs the tip across your folds, "Guess I won't need you to suck my cock, your dripping." He says, pressing into you with a groan. He was big, bigger then Chris for sure.
You grab ahold of the blanket below you, He pumps in and out of you slowly, "Fuck." You gasp, "Pull her hair, she likes that." Chris says.
Sebastian grabs a fits full of your hair and begins to pound into you hard. "Oh- oh fuck." You moan and look behind you. Chris was standing there watching you. He comes to the side of the bed and sits.
"I come home to you fucking my bestfriend, you're such a slut, always needs he pussy filled with something." You gasp and his words, "Tell Sebastian how it feels." Chris says stroking your cheek.
"Feels so good." You feel your lower half begin to tighten, "I'm gonna cum." gasping your eyes roll back and you release all over Sebastian's cock.
"Such a slut." Sebastian says slapping both of your ass cheeks, A few more thrusts and He cums deep inside of you. He pulls out. And you whine.
Sebastian flips you around onto your back, he leans over you and kisses your lips, You pull away from the kiss, "Fuck." You say looking into Sebastian's eyes.
"You're so hot, but I think it's Chris turn now." Chris stands in front of you. "Did you have fun baby?" You nod and bite your lip.
"Good." He begins to rubs your clit in small circles. "He was right you are dripping, You ready for my cock baby?" You nod a 'yes' "Use your words baby." "Yes, fuck. please Chris."
Chris leans over you and begins kiss your lips, "Put my cock inside of your tight pussy baby." You reach down to Chris' cock, you stroke him, earing a groan from him, You run the tip of it against your folds and then you push it inside.
"Fuck." Chris says, He begins to pound into you. he takes his fingers and puts them into your mouth, "Suck on my fingers baby." He grabs ahold of your arms and puts them behind your head.
"Fuck." Sebastian says stroking his cock, "You're so pretty. your taking my cock so well." Chris hums. He releases his fingers from your mouth.
"Chris, fuck me harder." You gasp. "Such a slut." Chris says. "No kidding." Sebastian says. Chris lets go of your arms, he puts his arms o the bed and pound into you even harder. "Mmm fuck!" You scream, you reach down to rub your clit in small circles.
"Open your mouth." Sebastian says standing over you, opening your mouth Sebastian releases all over your face. "You're such a whore." You giggle, "I'm your whore." You gasp as you feel your orgasm approach.
"Cum inside of me please." Chris looks into your eyes, his hips stutter, and he empties himself inside of you. "Good girl." Sebastian says. Chris pulls out of you. "Now, Y/n you throw that dildo away. I don't want to see it ever again. if I'm out of town, I bet Sebastian will be happy to fuck you."
"Yes, fuck." You say sitting up from the bed, "shower?" Both men nod, "I call your ass." Sebastian says, "Dude." Chris hits his friend in the shoulder.
"Now boys, there's enough of me to go around." You say slipping your dress off.
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littlelioncub43 · 2 days ago
Y'all, I just had a nasty Dennis Baker thot
Tumblr media
You're making out on the couch, your hand down the front of his pants to stroke him teasingly through his boxers. The porno you have on the TV doesnt have as much of your attention anymore. Dennis is groaning and trying to keep up with your kisses, he loves when you overwhelm him like this.
He's caught between watching the couple on the TV fuck like rabbits and shutting his eyes to feel your hand finally wrap around his aching dick. His eyes watch the TV with hooded lids. You kiss to his neck and whisper in his ear, "you like watching em, Den?"
His mouth is dry so he answers with a whimper and a nod. You growl lowly in his ear before nipping at his ear lobe.
"You know, we could make one," you purr, your hand stroking his cock in passionate strokes, "just for you and me. Then you could see how good you fuck me, Den."
"O-Oh dear God," he moans and fucks up into your hand at the mention of it.
"Mmm, you could finally see how fucking sexy you look, how perfect you are when you lay on your back and let me fuck you," you know your words are working him up, his throbbing member is proof, "what do you think, baby?"
"Yes! Oh god, yes!" He cries out as his hugh finally crests, his cum coating his lower stomach and staining his shirt and khakis. You let him calm down for a moment, your hand slowing to a stop so he can catch his breath.
You give his sweaty forehead a kiss then peck his lips before growling against them. "Go get the camera, Den."
Tumblr media
I wanna destroy him.
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Description: Moodboard and blurb. Reader and Chris' Disney wedding
Tumblr media
“I just realized something,” Chris said softly as they fell into a slow waltz in time with “Beautiful.” For years, it had been her favorite song  from the Cinderella soundtrack, and when she and Chris had readily decided that they wanted a Disney  wedding, that song had just seemed perfect for their first dance. 
She could feel the adoring eyes of family, friends, and the professional photographer they’d hired, on them, but it was all secondary. The only thing that she was really concerned with was the warmth of his embrace and that glint in his eyes that made hers well up. She wasn’t sure if she could explain it, but Y/n was sure that she’d never seen love so certain in anyone’s gaze. “What?” She smiled softly, staring up at him. 
“Every time I think I’ve had the best day of my life, something happens and life just gets better,” gently, he twirled her, and when his palm was once more secured in her waist, and her gaze was once more matched with his gorgeous blue one, he added softly, “Everything with you just gets better. You know? When I met you, it was the best day of my life. Then our first date, and our second one. And the first time you said you loved me- and when you agreed to marry me. Today,” he said with emphasis and Y/n easily recalled a ceremony in front of Cinderella’s castle, in true fashion of a Disney wedding. It had been perfectly magical- the setting sun had offered the most stunning orange glow to the pastel decor, the small, intimate crowd had gathered to share in their misty eyed exchange of personal vows and while they had opted to not have fireworks upon being pronounced man and wife, Y/n could have sworn that there’d been a burst of color when she’d kissed him for the first time as Mrs. Evans. 
As the song reached its crescendo, Chris carefully dipped her, and when they stood again, he held her closer than before, their steps lapsing out of the rehearsed dance in favor of a more intimate sway. “Yeah?” She beamed, “Well, everything gets better with you too,” her smile softened and Y/n moved her hand from his shoulder to caress his nape, threading the ends of his hair through her fingers, “I know that fairytales aren't real,” her voice dropped to a private whisper as she urged closer, leaning forward on her toes so their lips would be close enough to touch, “But this comes pretty damn close.”
“It does,” he rasped in agreement, locking his lips with hers in a kiss that tasted of champagne and a honeyed sweetness that she only associated with him, “And I can’t wait to see the rest of it with you.”
Blinking away a wave of emotion as the song changed and their guests joined them on the dance floor, Y/n nodded subtly, “Neither can I. I love you.”
Chris’ hand slid from her waist to the small of her back as he caught her lips in another ardent- and that time longer- kiss, words mumbled into her mouth as he returned, “I love you too.” 
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angrythingstarlight · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sleepover kink asks
Soft!Dark Bucky w/Knife kink
☆𝓜𝓪𝓯𝓲𝓪 𝓜𝓸𝓷𝓭𝓪𝔂𝓼 ☆
☆𝓣𝔀𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓭 𝓣𝓾𝓮𝓼𝓭𝓪𝔂𝓼☆
☆𝓒𝓱𝓾𝓫𝓫𝔂 𝓑𝓾𝓬𝓴𝔂 𝓦𝓮𝓭𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓭𝓪𝔂 ☆
☆𝓣𝓱𝓲𝓻𝓼𝓽𝓭𝓪𝔂𝓼 ☆
☆𝓑𝓲𝓴𝓮𝓻 𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓪𝔂𝓼 ☆
Kisses with Biker!Bucky
☆𝓑𝓮𝓮𝓯𝔂 𝓢𝓪𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓭𝓪𝔂𝓼☆
Tumblr media
𝓙𝓾𝓷𝓮 26𝓽𝓱-𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂 2𝓷𝓭
Tumblr media
𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂 3𝓻𝓭-𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂 9𝓽𝓱
Tumblr media
𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂 10𝓽𝓱-𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂 16𝓽𝓱
Tumblr media
𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂 17𝓽𝓱-𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂 23𝓻𝓭
Tumblr media
𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂 24𝓽𝓱-𝓙𝓾𝓵𝔂 30𝓽𝓱
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ramp-it-up · 23 hours ago
I’m sorry but I had to share this with you
Now it’s living for free in my mind.
Fuck. 🥵
I know you’re thinking the thots that I’m thinking.
Smut headcannon below the cut.
Warnings: Semi-public bj; degradation kink, p in v, daddy kink if you squint.
Tumblr media
Work from Home
• You are on the other side of his laptop being silly as he stretches in between interviews from home.
• You’re dancing to old 90’s r and b on your AirPods and he laughs at you, but then his smile drops at what you do next.
• You undulate and run your hands down your body, stopping to pinch your nipples through his Cap t-shirt that you’re wearing.
• You lift it up so he can see you playing with yourself.
• Chris shifts as his cock gets hard. You’re gonna be the death of him.
• You smirk and turn around as you smack your ass through your tight booty shorts.
• Then, you stick your hand down your pants so that he can see what you’re doing.
• You’ve made yourself so wet and you show him your fingers before you suck yourself off them.
• Chris pushes his now tented crotch up and gives you that look.
• That’s the only cue you need to crawl under the table and unzip his pants.
• He bites his lip and moans a little just before the interviewer pops up on screen.
• Chris hopes he can hold it together as he puts one hand on your bobbing head, your mouth getting his cock sloppy already.
• He greets the reporter as your saliva starts to drip down his balls.
• He quickly mutes himself and tries to listen to the questions, hiding his mouth, which is whimpering and moaning behind his hand.
• You listen as he clears his throat, warning you that he is about to unmute.
• You hold him in your mouth quietly, breathing through your nose until he finishes answering, his voice deep and sexy.
• When the reporter speaks again, he mutes and you go to town, bobbing, gagging and coughing around his cock.
• Chris tries to keep his eyes from rolling, and does a fairly decent job of it, either covering his mouth or licking his lips.
• You alternate cockwarming and sucking his soul out for entirety of the 15 minute interview.
• When it is finished, Chris slams his laptop shut and grabs for you to come up from under the table, kissing your messy face.
• “Naughty fucking slut, teasing me while I’m working.”
• Chris has your face in his hand, squeezing your jaw making your lips pucker and your eyes go wide.
• Your heart is beating a mile a minute
• He looks at you with love and lust in his eyes and then kisses those lips.
• “But that mouth redeemed you.”
• Chris spins you around and bends you over the table and his laptop as he pulls down your shorts.
• “And for that, you get to cum on my cock. We have seven minutes until my next appointment.”
• Chris lines up and smears your slick up and down your slit, then enters you in one obscenely wet thrust.
• His thick dick felt like it split you in two. You were so full.
• “Fuck yourself on my cock. Make us cum.”
• His hand reaches around for your clit.
• Let’s just say you didn’t need 7 minutes.
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sugartimebaby · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
You scared the shit out of me!
Pairing: husband chris evans x wife female reader
Warning: fluff I guess a bit of smut
You and Chris have been on holiday in Greece for the past week and it has been amazing.
This morning you had slept in while Chris went on a little run like he did yesterday.
Chris loved having a little run in the morning. He did it every single day at home so you didn’t really get bothered when you woke up and he wasn’t beside you.
Before Chris went on the run he gave a kiss on your forehead and left a note on the bedside table for you saying:
‘Morning lovely sorry if I’m not there when you wake up but love you and I’m out for a run
Xx Chris’
Once you woke up you saw the not and smiled.
You got out of bed and into the shower to start your day. Once you were in the shower you couldn’t hear the door open. Chris walked through the house hearing the shower on and smirking to himself.
Once he washed his face with a cloth and had a sip of water he made his way into the bathroom.
The shower was open so he could see your every move. You singing silently into the shower head whilst rinsing your hair from time to time. Same with your body.
He smiled stripping of all his clothes and walked into the shower wrapping his arms around your waist.
This made you jump and you screamed a little bit.
“Chris you piece of shit you scared the living life out of me!” You shouted nudging at his chest.
“Sorry baby I had to you looked adorable and I needed a shower anyways” he shrugged laughing a bit.
You gave him a death glare but soon giving up on his gorgeous emerald green eyes.
He smiled grabbing you tighter and pulling you into a kiss groping your ass making you groan into his mouth.
He grabbed the shower head off the floor which you had dropped when he scared you and placed it between your bodies.
You were in for a very long day………
Sorry if it’s not that good I’m not that good at a bit of smut
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xcaptain-winterx · a day ago
Hello, sinner
officer!Bill x stripper!reader
summary: who would have thought that the good officer would have such a dirty secret
warnings: smut 18+, innocent Bill, stripper, dirty secrets
a/n: This is my second time writing a fic, I’m still trying to write good. English is not my first language, meaning you will probably find a lot of misspelling etc. Tbh I have a love hate relationship with this. This is another fic for @chrisdrysdale writing challenge💕 prompt 39 - "Words darling, I need words".There will be a part two.
Tumblr media
He knows he shouldn’t be doing it, he knows what he’s doing would harm his career if someone found out, he shouldn’t be here, he shouldn’t be with you.
It was an accident, everything was an accident. At least the first time.
He still remembers it all, the first time he saw you after he had to come to the club because of a little ‘accident’ that has happened. The way you looked at him made his knees weak. He remembers how he stumbled drunkly, later that night, back into the club.
To find you.
He remembers the way you dragged him back into the famous back rooms. That’s when his addiction started.
Bill is looking at you right now, how your body moves to the music. His religious mother always told him to only worship one god, he may not be worshipping the god his mother wanted him to worship but there’s no way that he will stop worshiping his goddess. It pains him to not be closer to you right now, during your little show. He has seen your shows so many times yet it feels like it’s the first time he’s seeing them, seeing you.
Envy was something he never had to deal with before he meet you, there was never a reason to feel that way but seeing how those men were looking at you, oh boy. Even from the back where he was sitting he could still hear how they were talking about you and he could definitely see how much money they were throwing at you.
You usually make more money in one night than Bill earns in one month. Even though he has less money than you, he still pays you good, he even sold his car to be able to pay you more.
You finish your show, throwing the men, who are begging for another dance or for a private dance, a wink before leaving the stage on the way to the changing rooms, while the bouncer collects the money of stage to give it to you backstage.
You sit down on the makeup chair, checking if you need to do some touch ups or if you can just go to Bill and drag him to the back rooms. Thankfully everything looks still good so you just spray a bit of your favorite Chanel perfume. The bouncer arrives a second later and gives you the bucket with your money inside. He gives you a smile before he leaves again. You quickly put your money in your locker and then start to make your way over to Bill. You already saw him, you always see him, nobody sees him far in the back except you.
Bill sits straight up as he sees you walking towards him, after all this time he’s still nervous around you.
“Come on, Sir” you say, as you lead him down the long hallway. Even though your wearing extreme high high heels your still way shorter than him and Bill loves it. The way you barely reach his shoulder, god, how much he wants to have you. He would marry you, keep you pregnant for-no, he needs to stop thinking about it, he can’t think about you like that. He’s an Officer and you are just a stripper, that’s why no one can find out about this.
At the end of the hallway he can finally see the red door with the sign pleasure room.His already half hard dick gets harder as you both enter the room.
The first thing you see when entering the room is the kingsized bed with red duvets, right in front of it is a pole and above the bed is a mirror. There’s also a red couch and armchair on the left side of the room. On the right side side of the room is a small dresser and another mirror next to it. Bill only ever saw some glimpses of what’s insides the dresser, as far as he knows there are towels, wipes and ropes in there but he also overheard some men at the club talking about toys being in there. Bill first didn’t understand what they meant, why would toys be in there, so he googled toys and strip clubs, and had almost a heart attack when he found out. You see, he never used a toy or had a partner that used one. Bill spend hours looking at all different kinds of toys. He really hopes that you will use one on him one day.
He sits down on the couch, watching as you walk over to him and sit down on his lap, legs on each side of his hips.
A whim leaves his mouth as you slowly roll your hips over his hard dick “What can I do for you today, Officer” you whisper in his ear, biting his earlobe. No words leave his mouth, to caught up in the pleasure he’s feeling just from your rolling hips.
“Words darling, I need words”
“I-I just need you” he manages to stutter out as you drag your hips over his dick again. He expects you to tease him before actually doing something, like you always do but you immediately slip off his lap and get on your knees. A big moan leaves Bills mouth as you unbuckle his belt and pull down his pants and boxers. His dick springs free right against his covered stomach. He should be embarrassed that he’s already that hard but he’s to caught up in the pleasure of his dick finally being free to even really notice.
You let your finger run up and down his length, giving his balls a little squeeze before licking from his tip to his base a thick stripe. Hearing Bill let out a whine you make quick work on taking his length in your mouth. You sucked a lot of dicks in your life and you must say, Bills is not bad, eight and a half inches long and two inches thick. You of course had customers with bigger sizes but it’s still better than sucking dicks of boys who just turned 21 who act like huge fuckboys.
Bill almost cumes the second you take him in your mouth, moaning at the feeling of your warm tongue. He starts to move his hips a bit more forward, needing more. Moving one hand to grab your head, not taking control only holding you. You take more of him in your mouth while bobbing your head faster.
“OH GOD” he screams as you drag your one hand to his balls, squeezing them. That’s all it takes for Bill to cum.
Panting heavily while watching you swallow all of his cum.
“Mhm, baby, you taste so good” you moan at the taste of his salty cum. 
You give him a confused look as he leans forward, only to realize that he wants to wipe your tears away, that escaped your eyes. God, he’s just to sweet. 
You Stan back u, looking Bill directly in the eyes as you snap the band of your crimson red lace panties. Getting the hint Bill starts to slowly pull your panties down, seeing your wet pussy makes him hard again.
“You’re so wet, sweetheart” Bill says, not taking his eyes of your pussy.
His eyes move from your wet pussy to your face as you sit back down on his lap, your pussy now being directly over his dick. Bill can feel you dripping down on him, buckling his hips up, he needs to feel your tight pussy swallowing his dick.
You chuckle at his desperate state “Getting all hard again just from seeing my wet pussy. Oh you love the fact that you make me this wet, don’t you. Yes, only you’ve been able to make me this wet for the past 7 months.” you say, while you start to sink down on him.
He feels the tip of his dick entering your heat, throwing his head back at the feeling “Y-You mean for the past 10 months” he moans out, grabbing your hips to pull you faster down on his dick, letting out a silent scream as he bottoms out.
“Ahhh, god Bill” you moan out as  a reply “has it really been that long?” you clench around him.
“Y-Yeah” he stutters “and uh 13 days”. His face goes red at embarrassment, hoping that you think that he knows the exact date because of the accident that happened that day and not because he’s totally obsessed with you. 
You let out a laugh before unclasping your bra, not taking it off though. Bill knows what you want him to do. His hands leave your hips, shackling hands now reaching up to take your bra off.
Bill looks at you shocked. You just slapped him. Ok, you just slapped his hands but you still slapped him. 
The puppy eyes he gives you almost make you feel bad but you can’t let that show.
“No hands, sweet boy” he gives you a confused look. No hands? How else is he suppose to get it off of you, maybe if he-oh. Then he realizes it. Putting his hands back on your hips, moving you a bit faster down his dick, he leans forward opening his mouth. You stare at him as he pulls the bra off of you with his teeth. You can tell that he tries to be really careful while doing it, probably scared that one wrong move will ruin your bra. It wouldn’t matter though, the set was only 3,000$.
The bra falls to the floor, moaning of your breasts finally being free.
“Can I-I touch them” your eyes snap to Bill at that question “please”
“What are you waiting for?”
Moving one hand to your left breast, rubbing your hard nipple. A loud moan leaves your mouth at the feeling, rocking your hips harder against his. Bill whimpers, he can feel his balls tightening and his dick twitch.
“OH SHIT! I’m cumming” he screams as his orgasm ripples through him.
Sitting up from his lap so his seeds only land on his trousers and the black marble floor.
You make quick work on rubbing your pussy till you cum. A loud moan leaves your mouth as you cum all over him.
Bill fall back against the coach, panting heavily while you get some wipes to clean you both up.
After your done cleaning you sit back down, this time only on one of his knees. “I guess you enjoyed it” you say, leaving soft kisses down his neck.
“Y-Yeah, I love when you-uhm you know do this-“ Bill tries to answer but he just can’t get his words out.
“When I do what?” you ask, sucking on his neck.
“I-WAIT STOP” Bill almost screams “No marks, nobody can know about this” you huff at that, walking over to the plush bed.
He doesn’t like seeing you like this but he just can’t be seen with marks. He’s not married or is he dating someone and everybody knows that.
There’s a heavy silence before Bill decides to break it “Uhm…how much do I have to pay you this time?”
“We’re not finished”
Normally he loves hearing that but not today “I’m sorry I can’t, I don’t have that much money on me right now”
“You know, a little birdie told me that last week was your birthday so let’s say this is a little present just for you. Now come here”
Bill moves over to you next to the bed. It’s true, last week was his birthday and his whole neighborhood celebrated. That’s why he didn’t come to the club to see you. God, did he wish he could have come to the club that day, a birthday blowjob from you would’ve been the best gift.
“You don’t have to, sweetheart. It’s not that important” he doesn’t want you to use your body again for someone else’s pleasure. He doesn’t know how may customers you have everyday and he doesn’t really want to know. Bill wishes he could be you only man.
“Shh shh shh, you’re important, you’re my favorite customer. That’s why we are gonna try something new”
He doesn’t know what makes him more nervous, that you want to try something new or the butterflies in his stomach as you said he’s your favorite customer.
“I’ve never showed you what pleasure can be made in this bed but now it’s time to show you” you say, unbuttoning his shirt.
It’s happening, Bill can’t believe it. How often he dreamed about doing something in this bed with you. He slightly turns his head to look at the bed. He wanted to have you in this bed since he first saw it.
a/n: part two will make a lot more sense. Tell me what you think of it. Love you guys❤️
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allthingscevans · a day ago
Tumblr media
Chris Evans for The American Way magazine (2015)
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chrisevansdaughter · 19 hours ago
brain noise “just shhh”
Tumblr media
A/n: This has been written with it swaying on personal heavy experiences with this topic, please do feel free to point out any inconsistencies with this, nevertheless I hope you all enjoy and if needed find comfort that you’re not alone <3
This is a request for @chrisevansobbsessed so thank you for this it was joy to write I hope you like it
Summary: The reader has been struggling with school and the weight of this causes a severe panic attack, Chris being the amazing soft! Dad he is helps her though the panic attack coupled with an overload due to her autism.
Paring: Chris Evans x Autistic Daughter! Reader
When you were having a bad day, Chris being as in sync with your moods and emotions more so he just knew when you either were having a bad day or just having an off moment.
This was more apparent when you were younger and had got the diagnosis of Autism - hence the reasons some characteristics that appear when you had a habit of shutting off because of school made sense since its been a cycle since middle school so from about 10 years old.
It had been a long Monday morning with a triple lesson that you’d hated with a burning passion as that wasn’t bad enough you’re favourite teacher wasn’t there so biology was a shit show.
Dad came to pick me up; it went down hill drastically from how i shut in biology, he’d been notified of this so he came and got me early since he’d worked with the teachers and the school about a learning plan for me in instances like this.
“Hey bubba, how are you feeling” he said walking up to me in the sensory room inside the SEN (special education needs, it’s a UK thing) office in my school
“I- mhmh” I mumbled out whilst pulling the skin off my nails - which was a normal reply which could show where i was was on my ‘shutdown scale’ as we had named it in a meeting.
“Oh sweetheart, its okay it’s just brain noise shhhh, we’re going to go home and calm down in your tepee with dodger, if you want i can get Scott to come over and cuddle too” he replied giving me a grounding tight hug.
I just nodded because i had no energy to reply properly.
As I pulled into the driveway, i noticed y/n started to hyperventilate out of panic as she must of got in her head because of the day she’d had.
So I took her hand after helping her out of the car with a lot of convincing and reassuring we were in the house in the living room snuggling in her tepee with dodger in tow (as always) that I’d bought after she a particularly rough week of panic attacks and shut downs; whilst Scott was making her some safe food that she’d eat so I can give her some of her anxiety meds that would help ground her further which will hopefully let her sleep a little since my sweet girl looked exhausted.
Time skip
After meds, safe food and uncle Scott, dad and dodger cuddles I felt better and fell asleep after a long conversation about why school was bad and why I felt so anxious with the massive weight on my shoulders because of the work and it just being too overwhelming. Dad said he’d set up meeting to review my plan and to possibly put more things in place to prevent this from happening again.
“Thank you so much dad for dealing with me and putting up with me with everything I throw you’re way; I love you so much.” I said giving him a super tight hug
“You don’t have to thank me bubba it’s my job as you’re dad to deal with all of this and it’s not ‘putting up’ with you it’s looking out for you’re best interests and making sure you’re okay, happy and healthy. I love you too nugget” he replied whilst planting a kiss on my forehead.
After the heart to heart we had a movie night with all of my favourite Disney movies including Cars 2 and Little Mermaid. It was an extremely exhausting day but I couldn’t change how my dad always shows me love no matter what happens, he’ll always have my back and love me to the end of the earth.
I don’t know how I like this, did make me tear up a bit because of the Soft! Dad Chris but here it is, I hope you all like it of course reblogs are welcome ❤️❤️
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𝘽𝙖𝙗𝙮 𝙎𝙩𝙚𝙥𝙨-𝙏𝙬𝙤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Parings: Steve Rogers XfemaleReader! Warnings: Mentions of cheating- Pregnancy! 18+ Please!
This is a repost! (Reblogs and comments are welcomed!)
-Location Wanda and Natasha Apartment-
Natasha was woken up by frantic knocking on her apartment door. She groans and tosses her blanket from her body. Stumbling into the hallway she rubs her eyes.
Walking into the living room she sees Wanda on the couch watching Tv. "Really?"Nat grumbles.
"What?" Wanda shrugs. Rolling her eyes she stumbles to the door looking through the peephole. "Its Y/n."Natasha says loud enough for Wanda to hear.
Wanda quickly turns off the Tv. Tossing the remote on the coffee table. Opening the door Natasha is met with you. Your puffy cheeks. Your quivering lips.
"Hey." Natasha grabs your arm softly and guides you into the apartment. "Its almost midnight? What are you doing here?"Wanda questions, still sitting on the couch.
"Ste-Steve."You cry. Wanda tilts your head watching fat tears roll down your cheeks. "He- he cheated on me."You plant your face into your hands.
"What?"Nat asks guiding you over to the couch, "Yea,. I found a condom in his shirt pocket. We never used them. Not even once." You sob.
"And to find out hed been cheating on me with that Peggy Carter bitch. God I shouldve known."You cry out.
"I'll kill him."Wanda sneers.
You snort.
"I'd love that."
"Can I stay here tonight?" Looking between the two red heads they both nod. "Thank you."
You didnt have the courage to tell them that you were pregnant. How would they react? You and Steve had only been together for three years.
And now thats all been tossed out the window. Now you have a kid on the way. How was that going to work?
"Do you want a change of clothes?"Wanda asks disappearing into her room.
"Yea please?"
You sit on the red couch. You take in their apartment. There was a couch in the center. With a kitchen behind you. Everything was black and red.
Even their kitchen table. In front of you sat a flat screen Tv. And on the side of that was both of their bedroom doors.
They had the best apartment out of the friend group.
"Here."Wanda tosses you a pair of leggings and a red t-shirt.
"Thanks", You mutter. Standing up from the couch you walk to the bathroom.
"Do you think shes gonna be alright?" Nat asks as she notices the bathroom door closes behind you.
"No, but we need to be here for her. No matter what." Wanda looks at her friend.
"Yea."Nat agrees scratching her head.
"I'm gonna sleep."
Wanda nods walkig into the kitchen.
"Night!" She shouts opening the fridge.
The bathroom opens with a creek.
"Hey." Wanda says pulling out a bottle of wine.
Tugging on the strings on the sweatpants. You watch as Wanda reaches up in the cupboard. She reaches in the next one and grabs down a packet of popcorn.
"Isn't it a little late for wine?"You snort.
"Nope."Wanda throws the popcorn in the microwave.
"You can stay as long as you like."She hums pulling the cork off the wine.
"Thanks, I need to go back to the apartment though. To get clothes."
"You can wear mine."snorting she knocks back her glass of wine.
The microwave beeps. Rushing over she pulls out the bag. Practically, throwing it.
"Hot!"She screams.
"Here."Wanda hands the glass of wine.
"I- uh."You clear your throat. I'm not thirsty."You mutter.
Wanda gives you a confused look.
"More for me."The red head doesnt think much of it. So she grabs your glass and pours it into hers.
You nod happily and grab the popcorn bag. following Wanda into the living room. "What do you wanna watch?" She questions grabbing the remote. She tosses the red blanket over you both.
"I don't care."You feel your eyes begin to close.
"M'kay."Wanda smiles putting it on some Netflix movie.
Not even five minutes in. You feel asleep. Your head resting on Wandas. She smiles and kisses your head.
She softly moves your head off her, grabbing a pillow from the chair, she softly places your head on it.
Light snores fall from you lips. Wanda shuts off the Tv. Leaving the mess from her wine and half eaten popcorn. (Shell clean it up in the morning)
"You cant take them all Buck!" Sam whispers.
Bucky glares at his friend. "Watch me."He smirks. He grabs all the gushers down from the cupboard.
Bucky and Sam both knew Wanda and Nat had the best snacks. So they came over earlier enough when they both knew they would still be sleeping. to raid their fridge and cupboards.
You toss on the small couch. Groaning you rub your eyes and sit up.
Looking in the kitchen you see Sam and Bucky whispering among themselves.
"What are you doing?"Yawing you watch as both men slowly turn around.
"Y/n?" Sam scratches his head and looks at you. Your makeup was everywhere. Hair sticking out in every direction. "Rough night?" He points to the empty wine glass on the table.
"Oh, no- Thats Wandas."
Throwing the blanket off your body. You walk into the kitchen to join the two men.
"Why arent you at your apartment?" Bucky tares open the packet of gushers. Shoving them all into his mouth at once.
Bucky hasnt spoken to Steve? That was his best friend- Some kinda friend he was.
"You havent spoken to him?" You ask placing your hands on your hips.
"No? were we supposed too?"Sam asks looking at you. He could tell that there was something off. Especially since you were sleeping over at Nat and Wandas apartment.
Bucky chews on the gushers. They tasted weird. Grabbing the box her looks at the date. Expired.
"He cheated."You blurt.
Bucky chokes on the gushers.
"You alright?"Sam pasts his friend on the back. Bucky grabs a napkin. Spitting the gushers out. "Fine."He coughs.
"He cheated?"Bucky says through ragged breathes.
"Yea, might as well have heard it from me? I doubt he'll tell anyone."He probably, thinks we'll magically fix things and get back together."You scoff.
Bucky looks at Sam. He couldnt believe Steve would cheat on you. He thought he loved you?
"I should uh?" You scratch your head. "I need to go to the apartment to pick up a few things."
"We can drive you?" Bucky says.
"Please? Can I say goodbye to the girls first?"
"Um I wouldn't,"Bucky winces.
"Nat got him in his 'no, now spot last week for walking her up." Sam laughs at the memory. Bucky had frozen peas on his lap for a whole week.
"Okay." You laugh. Grabbing your coat and shoes. The three of you head out of the apartment.
-Location Steve and Y/ns apartment-
Steve hasnt slept a wink since you left the apartment almost nine hours ago.
But here he was. Laying on this back. On the couch. Counting the amount of cracks there was in the ceiling.
He hears the sound of keys jiggling, he sits up quickly.
Opening the door softly he sees you entering. He knows you havent seen him yet. You turn to walk in the direction of your bedroom when you see Steve.
Giving him a glance, you dash upstairs.
"Y/n!"Steve races behind you.
"I don't have time for this Steve."Grabbing a suitcase from the closet you begin opening up drawers tossing anything you might need into it.
"Can we please talk!" He screams.
"I told you last night. Theres nothing to talk about." You shrug.
Stuffing a handful of t-shirts into the suitcase. You walk into the bathroom grabbing your tooth brush and the pregnancy test you left behind.
"Y/n."Steve blocks you from exiting the bathroom.
"Steve, move." You grit through your teeth. Oh youre pissed.
"Please can we talk."
"God! what dont you get! theres nothing to talk about! the sooner you get that through your thick fucking head. The better it'll be!"
Your scream echos off the bathroom walls. Steve flinches at the sound. Hes never heard you scream before.
"Three fucking years down the drain, thanks to you." You gulp holding back tears. "I didn't  think you would ever hurt me. But you did, and I dont think Ill ever forgive you."
Steve gulps. He looks down at the pregnancy test in your hands.
"What, about our child?"
You think for a second.
"Well be amazing parents. But for now. We remain friends. Nothing more. Its better off that way."
"Y/n."Steves voice cracks.
"Please move."You were ready for this conversation to be over.
Steve moves.
Walking back to your suitcase you put the test and toothbrush into the pocket.
"When will I see you?"
"When I make an appointment to check up on the baby." Zipping up the suitcase. You stand it up.
Steves sticks his hands into his pockets. He was still in his clothes from yesterday. Red circles were around his eyes. His hair was a mess. He looked like he didnt get an ounce of sleep.
"Goodbye Steve." You swallow hard.
"Goodbye Y/n."
Back at Wanda and Nats apartment
"This is gonna be so fun!" Nat squeals falling back on her bed.
"It's gonna be like having a sleepover like every day!" Wanda screams jumping on Nats
"We can stay up all night!" Wanda adds. You laugh plopping on Nats bed. You were freshly showered. Your hair was still wet, You cried. But you were glad Nat and Wanda couldnt tell.
"Guys-I need to tell you something."
Nat sits up quickly. Wanda stops jumping on the bed.
"What is it Y/n." Nat puts her hand on the small of your back.
"I'm pregnant."You sob.
"Oh Honey."Nat pulls you into a tight embrace. Wanda comes up behind you she wraps her arms around your stomach.
"Sweetie." Nat coos.
Why are you crying?
Pulling away from Nat. You wipe your eyes. Wanda lets go from your stomach.
"I- I always had this vison of a perfect family. Ya know where the parents stay together. Raise their kids. Maybe get a couple of dogs. I always wanted that- with Steve. I was sure that I was going to marry him. One day.."
You sniffle.
A tear rolls down Wandas cheek at your words.
"But not everything works out like that huh?"
"Screw Steve." Wanda mutters.
"Your gonna be the best mom in all of new york. You're  gonna find/meet someone who falls madly in love with you. And your gonna have eight more kids!"
Wanda chuckles. Nat tilts her head back with a laugh.
"I hope."
"I know so."Wanda hugs you from the
"We'll  be here for you, no matter what." Nat lays her head on your shoulder.
"I love you guys."
"We love you more Y/n." The girls say in unison.
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Your Comfort
Word Count: 1.6k
Category: Fluff, Angst-ish
Warning: Nonconsensual pregnancy bump touching 
Summary: Chris can’t help but feel overprotective over his pregnant wife.
If there was anything Chris had wanted, it was to spend the rest of his life with you. If there was anything Chris absolutely desired, it was to have a family with you.
You wished it was more creative–more romantic, but when you missed your period and started feeling sick and picky with food, you got a pregnancy test and screamed with tears when the result was shown.
You wished you created something for Chris to share the news with him, but he came running to your screams, eyebrows brought closer together in distress as he barged inside the bathroom with a frantic “Baby?!”
You were jumping in your place, clutching the test with tears rolling down your face, “We’re going to be parents! Chris, we’re going to be parents!”
“What?!” Chris had screamed, his sight instantly going blurry with tearful eyes as he gasped for air before he crouched down on the floor to ground himself from the overwhelming emotions before he stood up and brought you into his chest, giving you a bone-crushing hug that you would forever remember. 
You were smart enough to expect it, sure, but you didn’t expect Chris to be that overprotective of you the minute he knew you were pregnant. 
“Why are you using the kettle, baby? There’s hot water in there.”
“Oh no, honey, you are not taking Dodger to the park on your own.”
“Don’t sleep too close to the side, baby, come ‘ere in the middle.”
“What are you doing?! Fuck no, you’re not coming near the vacuum cleaner.”
You could barely breathe without Chris looking at you with his body ready to interfer. 
Lord forbid you wake up at night to pee because your baby was lounging and sipping damn cocktails on your bladder.
“What is it? What is it?” Chris woke up frantically, sleepy eyes wide and hair a mess as he reached for you.
“Baby, I’m just going to pee,” you chuckled quietly.
He hummed, rubbing his eyes as he got out of bed, “Alright, let’s go.”
You sat on the bed, looking at him in shock as he yawned and waited for you. “Chris, I’m seriously just going to pee,” you said before pointing to the ensuite, “Like, right there.”
The audacity your husband had made him look at you in confusion, “Yeah, I know. Come on then.”
You stood up, “I’m not going to pee with you looking over me like a hawk.”
“Alright then I won’t look.”
“Whaaaat?” He gave you a shrug as he dragged, looking at you, “I’m just looking out for you and our baby.”
“And I think that’s great but, baby,” you sighed, “Go back to bed and let me pee on my own, okay?”
He looked unsure, eyebrows furrowed as he crossed his arms across his chest in displeasure while watching you put on your fluffy slippers and approach him.
“Loosen up, grumpy,” you teased him before giving him a kiss on the cheek and leaving to the bathroom.
Chris being Chris, he sat on the bed, his eyes set on the closed door as he was mentally prepared to rush to you in case you did as little as groaned.
But you walked out minutes later after washing your hands, yawning and rubbing your eyes before they fell on your awaiting husband.
You let out a laugh of disbelief, shaking your head, “I can’t believe you.”
To make matters worse, it wasn’t just Chris who was constantly freaking out and protecting you from the oh-so-terrible dangers of the world and more specifically, TV remotes, vacuum cleaners, and anything revolving around running.
But so was Dodger.
The big puppy was his dad’s best friend for sure, because Dodger’s body tensed and he was always quick to stand beside you whenever a family member or a friend came too close. If you were all sitting on the couch, Dodger’s paw was always beside Chris’s on your bump. It was all enough to have you wondering if Dodger was a human being after all.
It was when you were 6 months pregnant that Chris shared the news with the world through Instagram.
Tumblr media
chrisevans The Evans family is expanding 💙 (P.S. Y/N deserves a trophy and a one-month trip away from me because apparently, I’ll be a very nervous parent and she can’t stand me anymore…Someone tell her it’s because I love her.) 
It was like Chris was everyone’s cousin or friend because the way the fans reacted, you’d definitely think so. Countless congratulatory messages, tweets, phone calls, and every other virtual way possible were sent to you and Chris that it left you both beaming.
For a few days, it was the usual protectiveness from Chris–and Dodger–that you were getting accustomed to, but it wasn’t until Chris’s mom, Lisa, invited you to a family get-together did Chris reach a new level.
“Go mingle with the rest, yeah?” You asked him, “I’ll be fine here with Shanna,” and despite the fact that he was unsure, he did as you asked him to but frequently looked over to make sure you were alright.
When someone’s pregnant, they’re the talk of any sitting. 
“You’re glowing!” Multiple people from Chris’s family told you, fawning over your bump and your pregnancy, “Did you find out the baby’s sex?” To which you said you didn’t because you wanted to know when the baby was delivered.
All that was fine. 
It was the constant touching of your bump that wasn’t.
You knew it came from good intentions, but you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable at every hand that touched your stomach–hands of people you weren’t even that familiar with.
You tried to take a discreet step back every time someone touched your stomach, tried to put your hands on your bump before they did, but it was in vain.
Chris knew you like the back of his hand. It was why when he looked at you, standing with 6 of his relatives with a forced smile on your face in a failed attempt to conceal your discomfort, he was quick to rescue you.
“Hellooo,” he said with a chuckle, wrapping his arm around your waist before leaving a quick kiss on your head.
“If it isn’t the dad!” One woman exclaimed with glee, “We were just giving Y/N tips for the first month when the baby’s here,” she said before reaching forward to caress your bump, “Who I think is a baby girl.”
You frowned at the touch, taking a subtle step back whilst also stepping closer to Chris.
He understood, wrapping his other arm around your waist as well, reflexively making his relative’s hand pull away, “Whatever it is, I’ll be more than happy. Can you excuse us, please?” He asked, giving them a polite smile before holding your hand in his and letting the both of you move away to a quieter place.
You let out a relieved sigh, caressing your bump.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked softly, his hands reaching to cup your face, “What is it, honey?”
“I just–” You sighed again, feeling overwhelmed with emotions that it made you tear up.
“Hey, hey,” Chris’s mood instantly changed, frowning as he embraced you, pulling you closer to his chest, “I’m right here, I’m right here.”
“I just,” your muffled voice said before you pulled away slightly but still leaned on him, “Everyone keeps touching my bump. Like, all these hands and all these people, and some are like–some just rub it or something or keep it there for long so they can feel the baby kick and it just–I’m just so uncomfortable.”
Chris nodded as you talked, looking into your eyes as he took in your words, “You have every right to feel uncomfortable, baby, I’m so sorry,” he said softly, “How about we leave, yeah? We can just leave.”
“Lisa wil–”
He shook his head, “Ma will understand, I promise. I care about your comfort more than anything,” he said, “Let’s leave, okay?”
You sniffled, nodding, “Okay.”
“Yeah?” He smiled slightly, leaning to press his lips against yours in a soft peck, “I love you, I’m so sorry.”
“I love you, too,” you replied back before sighing, wrapping your arms around him, “And my back really hurts.”
“We’ll go back home,” he said as he began to rub your back, “And I’ll give you a massage until you sleep, how does that sound?”
“Like heaven.”
He hummed, “How about I call for Ma so you can say bye? You don’t have to say bye to everyone, I don’t want any more people touching you.”
“Do you think that’s, like, I don’t know,” you shrugged, “Not a little rude?”
“Fuck that,” Chris instantly replied, “I won’t risk you feeling more uncomfortable just because anyone might think it’s rude.”
And he stuck to his word. Chris called for his mom so you could say bye as he, alone, discreetly bid his goodbyes to his siblings before sneaking away. 
And then he stuck to his word once more because as soon as you went home, he was buzzing around like a busy bee, making sure you were fresh and comfortable before he could massage your back before writing a tweet:
Chris Evans @ChrisEvans
It’s very important to remember that baby bumps are still part of a woman’s body that you need consent to touch in any way, please. All the love and gratitude to my wife and all mothers out there 💙
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