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#chris evans x you
teebarnes · a day ago
Tumblr media
I Call It Being Married | Cevans x wife!reader (Actress!reader)
Summary: Just another day of being secretly married to Chris, upset that you told your fans you weren't dating, you called it being married.
W/c: 900
Warning(s): Non, just fluff. **you're a cast member in this one.**
A/N: Idkkk... requests are opening soon! I hit 500 followers bc wtffff. Thank you all for the love!
Any likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated, Enjoy <33
Tumblr media
At the panel for comic con, you were eagerly listening to all the questions and answers. It was another day of a press tour for the new marvel film that had been released, and you happened to be one of the cast members going on tour to promote the new avenger's film in New York. Sitting at the broad table amongst your other cast members, you enjoy waving at your fans and listening to everyone's conversations.
The next fan came up to the microphone; she smiled your way. "Uh… this is a question for y/n", she smiled again. You chuckled, scooting closer to your mic nodding in her direction. "Hey, there, lovely!" You replied.
Her face instantly brightened, "I just wanted to say thank you so much for your character! She is one of my favourites in the MCU. You are an outstanding actor! " she praised before continuing. "I wanted to know who would be the first person you'd call if you needed saving." You carefully listened, nodding in understanding. "First of all, thank you for your kind words. I am ecstatic to hear that I am your favourite character… and secondly…" you chuckled.
You raised a finger before taking your phone out, dialling a specific number. Awaiting the phone to answer, Chris finally picks up "Hello, hello!" You lightly laughed before continuing, "I am just calling you because I have a lovely fan here at the panel who wanted to know who I'd call if I needed saving" there was a quiet laugh coming through the phone.
Looking at the audience, they were curious about who this person was, "could you say hi for me please?" You asked again, hearing a slight laugh "of course, love". You put your phone on speaker, resting it against the microphone, "It's on speaker", you said.
"Hey Y/n's fans, hope you're all having a great day", he spoke, the slight smile paved on your face as the audience knew exactly who the person talking was. "Alright, thank you, that's enough... I think you're stealing my fans." you chuckled. "Alright, love, see you later", he spoke, hanging up. You smiled at his sweet goodbye before shoving your phone back into your pocket.
"And that right there was the lovely Chris Evans", you spoke before the crowd began to cheer.
Sooner, the next fan comes up, "this is a question for y/n…" they asked, "I think I am speaking for everyone here after hearing Chris on the phone… so we all wanted to know if you and Chris are dating". The panel began to chuckle along with you.
Oh, they knew that he was more than than a date. Leaning into the microphone carefully, you begin to whisper, "Can you guys keep a secret?" You winked, the audience nodded their heads In unison. You let out a big sigh "phew… so can I" you chuckle, causing your fans to have a mixed reaction of laugher and sadness.
"No, no… I'm only joking," you giggled, looking over to your best friend Scarlett, who is already giving you a wink. You turn back to the audience, "No, we aren't dating" you smiled at the fan who had asked you this question, "but do not fear! We are definitely partners in crime", you winked, making the fan smile again.
"Alright, thank you guys for coming along to this panel." The Mic host began talking, and everyone, including you, began to leave the panel.
Getting home from the tour, you take your shoes off before heading into the kitchen, smiling upon seeing your husband cook. Hugging Chris from behind, you loved how much taller he was than you. Turning around, he gave you a big smile, embracing you in a hug. "Hey, how was the panel?" She asked, giving your lips a peck. "Great, there was a lot of questions", you laughed.
"Played a bit with the audience; they asked if we were dating", separating yourself from the hug. You went to grab yourself a drink from the fridge before sitting down at the counter. "Ah! And what was your answer?" Chris turned your way, raising his eyebrows.
He plated both of you and his dinner, awaiting your answer. "I said no… hear me out first! Only because we aren't dating" you smiled. Again raising an eyebrow, he set your dinner in front of you before taking his seat right next to you.
"Oh right… so what do you call this?" He lifts his left hand, waving it around in the air and in your face, showing off his gold wedding band. Taking a bite into your food, you groaned a bit at our delicious it was. "This is good, hun-" he stopped you mid-sentence "love?", it was always the raise of his eyebrow that got you.
You loved to tease him, chuckling you kiss his lips slowly, parting just a bit you look into his eyes, "I call it being married, we don't date anymore" you cheekily spoke "We are married, and we do married couple things" you widely smile which Chris caught on. He laughs lightly, taking a bit of his own food, "I knew I married a smart one", you laughed at his comment.
"Of course I am", You kissed his cheek before beginning to eat again.
Chris smiled, his body faces towards you with one of his hands resting on the back of your chair. You both continued your conversation about how your days went.
Something… married couples do, I guess.
Tumblr media
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All mistakes are my own, please do not repost, copy or translate my fics; all writing is my own. Thank you for all the support! Enjoy :))
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reginaphalange2403 · a day ago
London Made Me Do It
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Summary: You and Chris’s platonic friendship gets turned into something more
Genre/tropes: fluff, smut(barely), friends with benefits
Warnings: smut
Very loosely based off that episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler hook up in London lol
Tumblr media
You had just finished adding the final touches to your look for the night, when a knock came at your hotel room door. You were then greeted by your publicist.
“They need you out there in under 10 minutes, Chris is already on the carpet”
“I’m ready” you respond, quickly throwing on your heels and following him through the hallway. It was the London premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and you played Steve Rogers love interest. However, you and Chris Evans had been friends for over a decade at this point. Having worked in movies together before, this was nothing new to the both of you. When you first met, you were both young and brand new to acting. After starring in a movie together in your late teens, you were cast again and again alongside each other, directors absolutely loving the chemistry you both radiated on screen together.
However, despite many false rumors and questions from reporters over the years, you and Chris always maintained that your real life relationship was simply platonic. Because that was the truth. Chris was one of your best friends, and by far your most genuine friend in the acting industry, which was hard to find. Neither of you wanted to screw that up by trying to make what you had romantic.
Making your way onto the carpet, you quickly scan the area to find Chris. He’s already walking towards you, an arm held out for you to take.
“Wow…you look incredible”, his eyes grazing you up and down, admiring the floor-length, curve hugging, deep red dress you had on.
“Thanks! We both clean up nice when we need to, I suppose you could say”, you laugh at his grandiose comment.
“Better than ‘nice’”, he adds quietly , still not taking his eyes off you.
For the next half an hour or so, you pose next to Chris on the red carpet, holding onto his arm, and occasionally moving your hand to lay it over his chest. You don’t miss however, the way he keeps looking towards you, as if he is trying to steal glances without making a big deal out of it. You look his way a few times as well, sometimes making casual conversation with him, trying to make the whole “posing on the red carpet” less awkward. Talking to him always relaxes you, as well as makes the pictures seem more natural.
After an endless amount of pictures, you both go on to answering questions for the press line.
“So it’s obvious that your characters have a budding romantic relationship in the movie, as there is obvious sexual tension between them. I wanted to ask, does any of that translate to real life?” , a reporter asks, a mischievous look in her eye.
You and Chris both laugh at the question, used to it by now, but you answer quickly.
“We’ve been friends for a very long time, and I love Chris, but no, sorry! We have nothing juicy to spill, we really are just friends!”
Chris reiterates what you said with a similar answer, and you both move on.
Later that evening, after changing into a more casual short dress for the afterparty, you begin taking out your jewelry from the long night, getting ready to just relax in your hotel room. For the second time that day, you get a knock at the door.
“Hey loser”, Chris smiles at you, walking in and seeing you finishing off your last glass of wine from the party.
“Sorry I left so early, I just needed to be away from all the noise”
“No I completely understand, why do you think I came up here?”, he laughs. “I also wanted to tell you…you really did look great out there tonight. I know we joke around a lot and it’s hard to tell when we’re trying to be serious with each other, but I was serious, you were beautiful in that dress”
You pause for a moment. While Chris was always playfully flirty with you, this was different. You gave him a good look, clearly seeing that he had had a few drinks, and chalked it up to him being a little too tipsy. You laughed and thanked him anyways.
“You looked great tonight too, handsome”, you playfully tug at his tie as you compliment him. While goofing around, you hadn’t realized how close you now were, almost staring into each other’s eyes. Your hand leaves his tie, and slowly runs down Chris’ suit. You can feel his abs practically bulging through the material. Realizing you had been staring, you look back up at Chris, him staring right back at you in your little black dress.
Then, suddenly his lips were on yours. Your instinct was to immediately pull back, but his lips were so soft and warm, you couldn’t help but kiss back. The soft kiss then turned into making out. Chris running one had through your hair as the other sides down your back. Meanwhile you’re gripping his shirt as he passionately starts to place deep kisses down your neck. After a few moments of this, you both pause.
“What are we doing?”, you whisper, face still incredibly close to his.
“I don’t know. I just know I don’t want to stop”, Chris whispers back. Then he looks you right in the eye, “How drunk are you?”
“…drunk enough to want to do this with you. But not drunk enough for you to feel like you’re taking advantage”
“Works for me.”
You both start going at each other again. Chris’s hands finding the zipper to your dress, swiftly pulling it down. You unbuckle his belt and pull it off, carelessly tossing it aside. Both now stripped to your underwear, Chris asks a final time, “you’re sure about this?” You can only nod as anticipation takes over. All your previous promises to yourself about Chris went out the window. You didn’t even think about how this might impact your friendship, in this moment, you just desperately wanted him, and he felt the same.
The next morning, you sit alone at the far end of the hotel breakfast seating, waiting for an inevitable conversation with Chris. He left your room very early in the morning, after you both woke up next to each other, the reality of what you just did hitting you. You exchanged few words as he threw on his boxers and grabbed the rest of his clothes, making the walk of shame back to his own room. While you would never want to ruin what you had with Chris, you had to admit, he was the best you had ever had.
“Morning.” Chris startles you from your thoughts, taking a seat across the table.
You’re barely able to make eye contact with him without thinking of last night.
Chris starts, “So…um…last night was amazing. But we both agree, it can never happen again.”
“Agreed. We were tipsy and high on adrenaline from the premier and afterparty. It was just a fluke one night thing”
“Exactly! Plus, we were in London, a foreign romantic country! We were entranced by it. Really, we should just blame London for this.”
You laugh as you both try and explain away your behavior. A few moments of awkward silence pass as you sip your coffees, until Chris quietly blurts,
“I’m coming to your room tonight though right?”
“….oh yeah”
And thus began your newfound friends with benefits relationship.
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serendipityrogers · 2 days ago
Hiiii omg i hope ur doing well it’s 8 am here and i opened my pinterest and i saw this…can i request like idk thigh riding while he’s in his suit? Thanks<3
Tumblr media
remind me again, captain || s. rogers 
summary: whatever you and steve had together was confusing but exhilarating.
word count: <2000
warning: thigh riding (<3), mentions of choking, use of ‘sir’ and ‘captain’, nickname (’bunny,’ ‘baby,’ ‘good girl’), prior consent to touching while asleep, 18+
an: im really liking this request thing, so feel free to send me one!
Tumblr media
This thing you had with Steve, whatever you wanted to call it, was new. And you weren’t entirely sure how it started. Well, actually that’s a lie. You knew exactly how it started, he made sure you would never forget, but you weren’t entirely sure what had begun you two down this path. You honestly still dreamt about that first time, and it had been a few months since it all started.
“Blew it again, Rogers, oh sorry, I mean, Captain.” You spoke the words like they were venom in your mouth. The two of you, along with Wanda, Bucky, and Banner, had gone on a mission to retrieve some files. The files had to do with a possible answer to a string of missing people. Usually this was something the police dealt with, but not this time, this time it was other-worldly, which basically had the Avengers name written all over it.
You had quite the mouth on you, and it definitely got in the way of your relationships sometimes, but you were working on it. It was especially especially bad when you were frustrated, just like you were that night. It was multi-layered as to why you were agitated, and Steve had caught the brute force of your attitude, which he had admittedly gotten used to. But in your defense, this time he deserved it. The organization that was protecting the files had caught wind of Captain America being close by because he had to throw around that stupid dinner plate he called a shield.
When you finally got back on the Quinjet, no files, you really let him have it. The three others had gotten sick of your bitching, and walked away. That’s when he cut you off, mid-sentence. “I am the Captain of this mission, and I will not allow you to speak like that to me anymore.” His voice projected across the ship, he had reached his breaking point. You could see the vein in his forehead pulsating, his teeth were gritted, and he stepped closer to you. “So watch your mouth.” His hand landed on your shoulder, forcefully pulling you as close as he could.
“Why don’t you make me?” The words had left your mouth before you could even process them, and you hadn’t intended on making them sound so…sexual. But it ended up working out well for you. And if your words hadn’t surprised you, his next ones sure did. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”  The words made your heart race, and you could feel your panties go damp. You cocked an eyebrow at him, a sarcastic laugh passing your lips, “I always finish, Rogers.”
And that night ended exactly how you imagined.
But tonight was different.
The latest mission didn’t require your assistance, which you were actually excited about. You had been on the last seven missions, and you were tired to say the least. But the same could not be said for Steve, he was the Captain after all. Tony, Natasha, Clint, and him had been in Switzerland for the past six days, and were currently on their way back. So, to say you were needy was an understatement.
You thumbed through the most recent book Steve had recommended, trying to ignore the aching feeling between your legs and the heaviness of your eye. Your gaze shifted towards the clock, it’s red numbers glaring back at you, 11:39pm. You promised Steve you would stay awake, but that was getting harder and harder to do as the minutes ticked by. And before you knew it, the letters on the pages got blurry and your eyes fell shut. The last thing you remembered was feeling the book fall against your chest.
Steve was the first one out of the Quinjet when it landed back at the compound. He mumbled something about a debrief in the morning, he had one thing, or person, on his mind, and that was you. If you thought you were desperate, Steve was beyond that. Six long days, lack of sleep, not to mention his frustration with Tony had reached its breaking point, and he couldn’t wait to take it out on you. Fuck you until you couldn’t remember your own name.
He had dreamt about you every night. The sight of your naked body seared into his brain, which he definitely wasn’t complaining about. The breathy moans that fell past your lips played on repeat in his mind. The thought of his hand wrapped around your throat, and your tiny ones holding onto his wrist begging for him to squeeze even tighter, made his suit feel even tighter in the crotch region.  
His bed desperately called for him, but he ignored it, pressing the elevator button corresponding with your floor. Luckily, only one other person lived on the fourth floor of the compound, which was Wanda. But she was rarely ever there, sneaking into Vision compound instead. For her sake, he prayed she was there tonight.
The elevator let out a loud ‘ding,’ and he finally looked at his watch to see the time. It was nearly two-thirty in the morning, and he had a hunch you had fallen asleep, which you did often after promising you would stay up for him. His boots were loud against the wooden floorboards, practically jogging to your door. He knocked, loudly, hoping to hear your voice. And not surprisingly, he didn’t.
Pushing open your door, he saw a familiar sight. Your head lulled to the side on one of your shoulders, a book open on your chest. He couldn’t help but turn soft for a moment and observe your beauty. The way your skin color popped against your neutral sheets, you hair strewn across your face and pillows, and the soft rhythm of your chest.
But this sweet feeling quickly subsided and was taken over by a more hungry side, one that had been wanting you for almost a week. So, he did what he normally did, which he had gotten consent to do previously, and approached you. His hand ran across your exposed stomach, finger tracing the hem of your sleep shorts. His bare calloused hand, disappeared further into your pants, contrasting roughly against your soft skin.
His index finger trailed between the lips of your pussy, using the underwear to collect any arousal, which there was a significant amount. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, he missed his wet you were. It made everything that much better. He could slide in and out of your so easily. You stirred in your sleep, his finger exploring past the fabric, finally feeling the wetness himself. Your eyes were screwed together, thighs clenching together to hold his hand in place, and next a small moan fell from your mouth.
Your eyes reluctantly pulled open, and you saw a familiar sight before you. Steve hovering above you, hand deep inside your panties already. “Anxious, were we?” You chuckled, a small laugh leaving your mouth. Slowly you rubbed any remaining sleep from your eyes. He let out a dark chuckle, one that vibrated through your body. Steve didn’t give you a moment to even think before he was all over you. 
His lips pressed against yours, his usually soft lips were gone, they were rough and chapped but you didn’t let that stop either of you. He was hungry for you, and his movements said it all. He ripped the comforter off of your frame, letting his other hand wander down the side of your body, sneaking his fingers under the material of your shirt. The pads of his fingers were hard, and his worn out hand cupped one of your breasts.
A small moan passed your lips and traveled towards his ears. His thumb brushed over your pebbled nipple, back and forth making your body cave inwards. He knew you were incredibly sensitive when it came to your breast, and he used that to his advantage. His lips left yours for a moment, “I’m so tired, baby, but I want you so bad.” He murmured, eyes meeting yours. You wracked your brain for a moment, before you came up with an idea.
“Sit.” You demanded, before pressing another kiss to his lips. He listened without another word, taking a seat on your bed. This was the first time you got a good look at him. He still wore his suit, he knew you had a thing for it, so he hadn’t stopped and gotten changed before coming to see you. It was something about the muted colors against his pale skin, and the way it flattered his physique.
After untangled yourself from your sheets, you placed both your hands on his shoulders, straddling one of his thighs. “What’re you doing?” His face was full of confusion. You shushed him, and pressed your lips against his again. What you did next caught Steve off guard. He felt your panty-clad core rub against the fabric on his pants. He opened his mouth to further question you, but instead he heard you suck in a quick breath. You were enjoying this.
Taking you by the hips, he gripped them tightly, teetering on the edge of too tight. But you never minded the bruises. Forcing you further down on his thigh, slowly grinding against him. Soon this wasn’t enough for Steve, he wanted to hear you more. One of his hands released your hip, traveling down to your panties, and forcibly moving them to the side. Your pussy against the nylon fabric was like no other, a moan was instantly emitted from your lips.
“You’re so wet, bunny.” He could feel the wet patch growing against his leg. Steve leaned back, supporting his weight on his palms. He could have watched you for hours. Your hips bucking subconsciously, your eyes begging to close, and your mouth slightly agape. “Don’t hold back, baby.” He encouraged, making warmth flood to your cheeks. “Need more.” You murmured, desperately trying to catch your orgasm.
You felt his thumb land on your lips, this caused you to open your eyes. When you caught Steve’s gaze he spoke, “Suck.” He ordered, and you listened. You took his thumb between your lips, using your tongue to circle over the digit. Once it was covered in your saliva, he pulled it from your mouth. “Good girl.”
It landed on your clit, making your body tense immediately. “If you stop, I stop.” He explained, beginning to rub in small, circular motions. It was hard to concentrate, you wanted to stop and enjoy his finger work, but you didn’t want him to stop. “Steve, I-“ He loved the way his name fell from your lips, but that wasn’t part of your agreement. “You know not to call me that.” He tutted, stopping his motions immediately.
“I-I’m sorry, sir.” You begged, the fire between your legs fleeting. “You know better than that.” He cooed, tucking a piece of hair behind your ears.” You knew you had fucked up. A feeling of dread, and excitement, washed over you. He wasn’t going to let this slide. “I was gone for six days and you forgot how to act.” He continued, his tone was condescending. If it was in any other setting you would talk back, but not now, not to him.
“I think I need a reminder, captain.”
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time-for-a-lullaby · a day ago
A Little Bit Yours
A Little Bit Yours
Chris Evans x Singer/Song Writer Reader    
Summary: You're performing a new song that you wrote about Chris after your breakup a few months ago. It gets recorded and passed around the internet, eventually landing in Chris's lap causing him to reach out.
(this was an anon. request, kinda... all it said was ‘can you do a singer/song writer reader with Chris? Soooo I just kind of went with it lol)
Warnings: language
A/N: I’m not sure how I feel about this one... like I feel like it’s like the same old same old.. idk, but I’ve been trying to finish this one for like over a month, so I wanted to get it out haha also I've been on a JP Saxe kick recently. If you haven't heard of him, check him out  lyrics to the song in italics, flashbacks in bold/italics
You sat down at the piano, smiling and reveling in the cheers coming from the crowd. This was the second sold out show of your stadium tour and instead of being nervous, the adrenaline had taken over completely, allowing you to completely soak in every moment. And you definitely were. 
Swinging your leg around the bench, you faced the crowd, pulling the mic off of its stand. "Holy shit, you guys!" you paused, catching your breath as they cheered. You pulled your earpiece out, wanting to hear everything. "You guys are AMAZING!" you laughed as they cheered again, beaming from ear to ear.
 You took a drink of water from the bottle of water placed on top of the piano. "So, we're gonna slow things down just a tad. How do we feel about hearing an unreleased song from my next album?!" You were performing at Fenway Park in Boston and as soon as you landed, you were suffocated by all things Chris. It only felt right to perform a song written about him. It almost felt therapeutic in a way? Like you were getting some kind of closure? You'd dated Chris for a couple of years and broke up around 9 months ago. It still ate you up inside and you definitely weren't over him. Not that it mattered, as he just went public with his new girlfriend. 
You turned back, facing the piano, and placed the mic back on the stand. You took a deep breath, stroking a few keys softly. "You know, I wrote this song pretty recently and I can't say why, but tonight just feels like a good night to debut it... How do you feel about that?" You asked, smiling as they cheered in response. You continued to softly play the intro to the song while talking, "I feel like everyone has that one person they just can't let go, ya know? Everyone has that breakup that just absolutely rocks you to your core and no matter how long you try and try to move on, you just always get pulled back to them." You paused, taking another breath, "It's like you relive the breakup over and over again every time you let yourself fall down that hole. So, when I fell down that hole, I made something out of it and I would love to play it for you tonight." All of the sudden, your stomach turned into butterflies. Should you do this? You swallowed the lump in your throat, pausing to grab another drink of water. You glanced over at your stage manager, Jake, who smiled and gave you a thumbs up. Once the cheering died down a little, you began to play the intro to the song, "This is 'A Little Bit Yours', I hope you enjoy." 
"You found someone new before me
And you didn't try nearly as hard
And maybe that's the problem
I don't know how to take it away from you
Without giving someone else my heart"
You tried to stay focused on just the song and prevent the memories of the day you found out about Chris and his new girlfriend from intruding your thoughts. You didn't try hard enough. 
You stared at the picture for longer than you'd like to admit. He never posted on Instagram. Your heart sank and your eyes filled with tears as you examined the picture. She was pretty. Her long brown hair flowed down her back, stopping halfway down, Chris's hand resting just below. Her smile was radiant as he pressed a kiss to her cheek. Up until your breakup with Chris, you never realized that heartbreak could be physical pain, but here you were, clutching your chest. You tried to concentrate on your breathing, trying not to let yourself be consumed by this. It'd only been 6 months... how could he move on so quickly? How was he not hurting like you were?
"All I do, is get over you
And I'm still so bad at itI let myself want you
I let myself try I let myself fall back into your eyes I let myself want you I let myself hope I let myself feel things I know that you don't
You're not mine anymore
But I'm still a little bit yours"
You added a few extra notes in between the chorus and the next verse so you could collect yourself. It was like every time you thought you were over him, every time you thought you were done, something brought you right back to loving him. But you did it to yourself. You wrote this song. You decided to debut it tonight, in Boston. The lyrics stung even more than normal because they were so true. Over and over again for the past 9 months, you've cycled through trying to move on and being pulled right back in. You let yourself daydream about being with him again. Him falling for you all over again. Calling you, asking for you to come back. You give yourself hope when you shouldn’t. He obviously didn’t feel the same way, he’s moved on. He posted her on Instagram. You leaned away from the mic, clearing your throat before starting on the second verse.
“Maybe if I'd said the right things
It never would've gone this way
But maybe that's the problem
'Cause I still kinda think it was up to me
When I never could've made you stay
All I do is get over you
And I'm still so bad at it”
You looked out to the crowd, tearing up. Thousands of people, holding their cell phone flashlights in the air and swaying back and forth. Were you tearing up at that? Or was it Chris? You tried to contain your emotions because everyone would know who the song was written about. It wasn't hard to put two and two together. You'd recently written it... recently broken up with Chris... You didn't want him to know he still had this effect on you without even being around you.
 "We outgrew, the love we knew
But I still wish I had itI let myself want you
I let myself try I let myself fall back into your eyes I let myself want you I let myself hope I let myself feel things I know that you don't
You're not mine anymore
But I'm still a little bit yours"
You played through the rest of the song, letting a few tears slip down your cheeks. Cheers erupted through the stadium when you played the last note. You stood up and grabbed the mic from the stand, wiping at your cheeks, "Man, you guys are amazing! Enough with the heavy, here we go!" You signaled for the band to start on your next song, definitely more uplifting than the last. 
Once you finished the show, you ran off the side, heart pounding from the adrenaline. You ran into your stage manager's arms, wrapping him in a hug, "OH MY GOD, that was amazing!!" you laughed as he shook your body back and forth. "You fucking killed it, Y/N! Singing 'A Little Bit Yours' tonight was a good call, your emotion was so raw." He kissed his fingertips dramatically, "Ugh, chef's kiss." 
You laughed, "I don't think you're supposed to gesture and say it at the same time." you winked, taking out your earpiece and passing the mic to someone. "Thank you, it felt good. I'm glad it's out. The song, the emotions, that felt good!" You stood still while the crew took cords off of you. 
He walked with you to your dressing room, filling you in with all of your travel plans, "Next stop is Citi Field in Queens. You fly out Thursday morning at 8:30, concert is Saturday night. You get a little bit of a break between these two." 
You nodded, opening the door and throwing your jacket onto your chair, "Thanks, Jake. Now get out of here, tell your boyfriend I said Happy Birthday, let someone else handle breakdown." 
"Thank you, Y/N." He smiled warmly, wrapping you in another hug before leaving you alone. You sat and took a deep breath, burying your face into your hands. The post-show adrenaline was starting to wear off. You sighed, pulling out your phone, seeing a ton of notifications from Twitter. When you opened the app, you saw that your name was trending, as well as Chris's. You bit your lip as you looked through the tags, seeing a ton of videos of your concert tonight, specifically your performance of A Little Bit Yours. You clicked on a video titled 'Y/N's Extremely Emotional Performance; Her Song To Ex-Boyf, Chris Evans'.
 You listened to the narrator talk about your relationship with Chris and how you obviously still weren't over him, despite his new girlfriend. You rolled your eyes after reading the comments and closed the app, throwing your phone onto your couch. This was going to be fun... You were trying not to regret your decision to play this song, but it was clear that maybe you didn't think it through completely.
A couple of days later, things about Chris had cleared up for the most part. You were sitting in the green room, your MUA putting on the final touches before your show started.
 "Uh, Y/N?" Stevie, your assistant looked over at you with big eyes. "Do you--- should you take this?" She flipped your phone around, Chris's name spelled across the screen as it vibrated in her hand. 
You stared at it for a second before shaking your head, "No. It's fine. Voicemail." You cleared your throat, sitting up straight in your chair as she sent his call to voicemail and slipped your phone back in her pocket. 
A few seconds later, she pulled it back out, looking up at you quickly, "Y/N..." she flipped it around, showing you the screen. Again, lit up with Chris's name. 
Your heart pounded in your chest as you reached for the phone, "Can I have the room, please?" you pressed the green button, waiting for a second while everyone shuffled quickly out of the room. You hesitated before placing your phone up to your ear, "Yeah?" 
Chris chuckled on the other end, "We don't speak for 9 months and that's how you answer the phone? 'Yeah?' No 'hello, nice to hear from you, Chris?'" he asked, chuckling again. 
"I'm kind of in a rush, Chris. I'm going on stage in 15 minutes. What do you need?" you asked, your voice stale. 
He cleared his throat, "Sorry, I didn't realize you had a show today." You furrowed your brows at the awkward pause. "I--- I can call back later."
You sighed, "Chris, please don't. Unless it's something urgent or there's an emergency or something serious. Just--- please don't call unless it's like life or death."
"I'm seriously not allowed to call you unless someone is dying?" 
"I would prefer it that way. We have no reason to talk, Chris." you swallowed the lump in your throat. Why was it so hard to say his name out loud?
"I don't think that's true. I heard--" He hesitated, shifting his phone to his other hand. "I saw a video from your last concert... It sounds like we do have something to talk about."
You scoffed, "No, we don't. I have to go, please don't call back, Chris. I can't do this."
"Y/N, please. Just give me like 15 minutes. Tomorrow or after your show tonight?" 
You shook your head, "Bye, Chris." You hung up, interrupting whatever he was saying next. You placed your phone on the counter, walking over to your door, pulling it open, and sticking your head out, "Am I good to go?" 
Stevie nodded, her eyes wide. "Everything okay?" 
"Yup, just peachy." You stepped out, smoothing out your clothes before walking to the stage with Jake. 
"So.. Chris called?" 
You rolled your eyes, looking over at Stevie who quickly looked away, avoiding your glance. "He did."
He handed you your earpiece and mic, "And?"
 You put your earpiece in, looking up at him, "And what? I told him not to call back."
"You did?" 
You nodded, "I did, I'm too busy for another one of his useless excuses."
He smiled, "Proud of you. Now, get out there and kill it." 
You winked as the platform began to rise, "Always."
A few months had passed, and Chris never called. Part of you was grateful that he didn't, but another part of you wanted to hear what he had to say.. Tonight was your last concert and you were wrapping up at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. You weren't necessarily ready to be done touring, but you were excited to take a small break and spend time with friends and family. Towards the end of your show, you ran off the stage for a brief second to change clothes.
 Jake approached while items of clothing were being ripped off and replaced and your makeup was being touched up. You took the bottle of water from Stevie and took a sip while he talked. "Are you playing 'A Little Bit Yours'? They can wheel the piano out right now and give the band a break before the closing song." 
You contemplated while someone touched up your hair. "What do you think? Yes? No?" 
He shrugged, "It's up to you, it's been getting a shit ton of hype, though." 
"Yeah, I'll do it. Go ahead with the piano." you took another sip of water while Jake walked off, his finger over his earpiece as he instructed everyone on what to do. He came back a few seconds later, nodding and giving you thumbs up, so you tossed the water bottle back to Stevie and walked back out on stage. 
You grabbed the mic, making your way to the piano that was now in the center of the stage. "Alright, LA! How the hell are you??" You stood, leaning against the piano as you took in the crowd of your last concert. "I've got a couple more songs for you tonight, we're gonna slow it down just a tad right now, though. I hope that's okay!" you smiled as they cheered, standing up straight and making your way to the piano bench. "I've only played this song once this entire tour, but we've decided to play it one more time here at my last show." You took a seat, stroking the ivory keys to the tune of 'A Little Bit Yours'.
You got to the second verse when you turned to look out to the crowd, words getting caught in your throat when you laid eyes on Chris in the VIP pit to the left of the stage. You quickly turned your attention back to the piano when you played the wrong note, throwing you off a tad. You leaned back, clearing your throat. What the fuck was he doing here? You made eye contact with Jake backstage, who threw a quizzical glance your way, noticing your mistake. You shook your head slightly, brushing it off and continuing with the song. 
Once the song ended, you stood up and blew kisses to the crowd before running off stage again, Jake waiting for you in the wings. "What the fuck is Chris doing here?" 
His eyes widened, "Chris is here?! Is that what caught you up?"
 "Yeah, he's in the freaking VIP pit." You grabbed water from Stevie, taking a drink. 
"Jesus Christ." Jake shrugged, "Well, nothing you can do. Just go out there and show him what he's missing!"
"Jeez, thank you for the pep talk." You laughed, walking back out on stage.
Later that night once your concert was finished, you sat in the green room fanning yourself and downing a bottle of water. Stevie came running in, barging through the door, "Y/N, Chris. Coming." She panted, a panicked look on her face.
She took a deep breath, "Chris is coming. Like now."
You shook your head, "No. What? No. I don't want him bac--" before you could finish your sentence, you heard Chris's voice echo off of the walls as he laughed at something someone said. "Nope." You stood up, gathering your things, "Stevie, I need you to go stall so I can leave. I can't. This is my last show, I'm not letting him ruin the night." 
She stared at you, dumbfounded, "What am I supposed to do?" 
"I don't know, ask for a picture. He likes to look at himself," you suggested, slightly panicking as his voice got closer. "Go!"
She turned on her heels, scurrying out of the room. You heard her approach Chris and used this as an opportunity to slip out. You grabbed the rest of your things, peeking your head out of the door. Once he was posing with Stevie, you quietly exited the green room, heading in the opposite direction. You weren't exactly sure why Chris was here, but you didn't exactly care. The conversation you'd had before you moved out still stung and you weren't ready to revisit that. Both of you said things you didn't mean, but Chris's words were a little harder for you to digest. You guys had always been on the same page about your life together. Always. Chris had said some pretty harsh things when he found himself wanting things that you didn't at the moment. You were happy that he found someone that could give him the marriage and family that he wanted to desperately right now, but your career was just starting to pick up, you'd set the dates for your first stadium tour and you weren't ready to stop any time soon. Chris was. That wasn't any fault of his, but you couldn't give him what he wanted and the way he went about it left some pretty deep wounds, especially now that he had moved on so soon after your relationship ended. 
You heard footsteps running after you, but you didn't turn. They were far too heavy to be Stevie's and Jake was helping with stage breakdown, so it was clearly Chris. He'd spotted you trying to slip out. 
"You're seriously gonna make me chase you?" He yelled, slowing his pace as he started to catch up. 
You kept walking, shaking your head, "I'm not making you do anything, Chris. Go home."
"Y/N, come on." He reached out and grabbed your hand, pulling you to a stop. "Can we just talk for a second?" 
Shaking your head again, you pulled your hand out of his, "I don't really have anything to talk to you about."
"Well, I have tons." 
Neither of you said anything for a few seconds.
You sighed and met his eyes, "Not here."
 "Great, we can go back to my place." 
"Uh, no." You let out a sarcastic laugh, "Hard pass." You gestured for him to follow you, avoiding Stevie's stare as you entered the green room. You took a seat on the couch, folding your legs and sitting criss-cross. "Have a seat," you gestured to the chair next to you. 
"When did you get so harsh?" 
"I'm not being harsh, Chris. I just-- I don't know why you're here. After the things that you said... I'm not sure what you think this is going to do. And to be completely honest, I don't think you being here or the conversation you're trying to have is going to do any good for anyone. Especially with that new girlfriend of yours." You replied, leaning back and crossing your arms. 
He nodded slowly, "Ah, so you did see the picture." 
"Kinda hard not to when everyone and their mom sends it to you."
"Well, don't worry about her. We broke up." You wouldn't know. You'd unfollowed him on everything so you wouldn't be reminded of the fact that she was getting everything you wanted. "She--uh-- broke up with me after your song, actually." 
You stared at him for a second, "Oh-- Uh-- I'm sorry, I mean, I didn't-- that wasn't my intention." you stammered. 
He waved his hand dismissively, "It was for the best."
"So--" you shifted your seat a little, "--why are you here?" 
"Well, Y/N. I know that things didn't end all that well with us. I said some pretty... uncalled for shit." You nodded, glad he could at least own up to it. "I'm really, truly sorry for the way that I handled our breakup. It's really been bothering me. Truly. I was entirely too hard on you." His expression softened, eyebrows raised slightly.
"Well, I'm glad you can acknowledge that," you replied, biting your lip before responding, "I'm sorry that I'm not able to give you the things that you want right now." 
He smiled softly, looking down at his hands for a second, "Well, that's what I came to talk to you about. I've found myself thinking about whether or not you actually meant the words in your song, a lot more than I would care to admit. I wondered if it was true, if you still loved me. Because even when I was with Steph, I couldn't stop thinking about how I would wait 15 more years to settle down and have a family if it meant I was having that with you." 
You inhaled sharply as your heart pounded out of your chest. Did he mean it? Some part of you was waiting for him to say this. This is what you wanted to hear. You didn't need 15 years, you needed like 2 or 3. That didn't seem like something he was willing to compromise on.
"So... was the song just something you wrote... or did you mean it?"
 "I mean-- I-- I guess I meant it when I wrote it. But Chris, I wrote it like almost a year ago." Deep down you knew that you did still have feelings for him, but admitting that to Chris after he'd broken your heart just wasn't going to happen. "I mean, you made it very clear that we were done and that there was no hope for us.
"His face fell a little, "Well, at the time, I thought those things were true."
"But you can't just come back now and just decide that you want this again." you countered, gesturing between the two of you, "I mean, how is that fair? You act like my whole life just revolves around your timeline and your schedule. Like I had to be okay with the breakup because I couldn't give you what you wanted and now I have to be okay with you wanting to get back together because you decided that you would wait."
He hesitated, seemingly understanding why it felt like that to you, "I'm sorry that that's how it feels to you, truly." He paused, running his fingers through his hair, "I tried to move on because I thought it's what I wanted. Okay? I thought it was. I realized my mistake, but I stayed with Stephanie because I was scared that I wouldn't find something like what we had again. And then I heard your song and then it was trending on Twitter and she questioned me about my feelings for you... and I couldn't deny it anymore. To her, to myself. And I needed to make sure you knew how I felt. If you don't want to get back together, I mean, I get it. I said some pretty harsh stuff and it was unfair to you how things were handled. But I just needed to tell you. I needed to get it all out there because I don't think I'm capable of loving anyone the way that I love you."
You took a deep breath, "Chris... I don't know." 
"It took me entirely too long to figure this out and I don't want to waste any more time, Y/N. You are the love of my life." He stood, walking over to you before kneeling on the floor in front of where you sat, "I'm so sorry for the things that I did and said. Please, just... give me one more chance, Y/N. Please."
You shook your head, looking at his hands as he rested them on your knees, "God, I hate what you do to me." 
He chuckled, reaching up and resting his palm against your cheek, "I love you, Y/N. I'm so sorry I let you go. I'm so sorry I hurt you with the things I said."
 You hesitated for a second, unsure of whether or not you were ready to fall back into this. 
"Why don't you take some time to think about it. I'll be a phone call away whenever you make a decision." He stood, walking towards the door.
 You watched him leave and shook your head, standing up and walking over to the door. You pulled it open, almost running into Chris.
"I thought you were leaving." 
He smiled, "I was hoping you would follow me." 
You shook your head again, a playful smile forming on your lips. "You know me too well." You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling his lips to yours. 
You separated when Jake walked around the corner, "Y/F/N Y/L/N!! I know I do not see you kissing Chris."
Chris laughed as you yanked him back into the green room, locking the door behind you, "I'm guessing Jake doesn't like me anymore."
 "No..." You laughed, "Also, I might've told him to stop me from getting back together with you..." 
 "Yeah.. Sorry 'bout that..." Jake pounded on the door, making you and Chris erupt into a fit of laughter. 
"I'll take him out to dinner, make a case for myself." 
You smiled, "I'm sure he would love that."
"I'm not  leaving until he does!!" He shouted from the other side of the door, continuing to knock. 
You laughed again, "Let's just get out of here." 
Chris raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure about that?" 
"I love you, Chris," You smiled and repeated his words from earlier, "And I don't wanna waste anymore time."
TagList (bold wouldn’t tag):  @chvntelle-99 @ysmmsy @roguediorxoxo @anonymousswritings @superanastasia1981 @melissad1974 @nrmnie @wobblymug @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @anacrcarvalho @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @elrw24 @mjey12 @ilovetheeagles @patzammit @skyewardolicitycloisdelena91 @faykyrie @spookyqueen @mytbel0st @asdfghjklgggdd @big-deak-energy @a-distantdreamer @melannie77 @hauntedmuffinpersonarascal @thedancingnerdmermaid @avery1996 @bhappiness14 @aslutforchrisevans @cierra-evans715 @fictionslandslanddreams @mylifeasltd8 @n3ssm0nique @unicornblueberry @stephv213 @supraveng @rootcrap @mrspeacem1nusone @fanficworld @learning-howto-be-myselfx3 @onceuponahuntersrealm @coldmuffinpartycloud @jadert15 @lou-lou26 @freyathehuntress @ritikahye  @unicornpajamas  @clogger101 @ms-betsy-fangirl @lauracontisstuff @kawaiicroissantpastabakery @thummbelina @weaslettesstuff @guilsgotmusic @megannicole4 @chamaevans9 @deepintothenature @croissantbakerylws @hockeychick10 @lharrietg @cevansfans @theashleycom3 @evansrodgerss @itsmytimetoodream @funfickgirl22 @ilovetheeagles @mavrellover91 @mylifeasltd8 @breezykpop @cherry-gemz @allthingschrisevans @ottitt @legallybrunette13 @baby-i-am-fireproof @enchantinghandscroissantvoid @gotbangtan
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kiwisomething · a day ago
Summary: Chris comes down from the top bunk to cuddle with you.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Wife!Reader
Tumblr media
Chris looked down over the ledge. He looked into the bed below his. Your back is to him and you’re facing the wall.
“Psssst, Y/n?” Chris called out.
You turned to see your husband has his head hanging down. It made you giggle.
“Yes?” You asked.
“Can we cuddle?” he asked.
“Yeah,” you smiled.
He flipped off the bed and he barely lands on his two feet. You giggled. He grinned and climbed into your bed. He molded himself against you after getting under the blankets. He wrapped his arms around you, cupped one of your boobs and held it in his hand.
“I don’t know why you went up there when you always cuddle with me before bed,” you said.
“Wanted to switch it up,” he said. “Plus I love the top bunk.”
“You always like being on top,” you said.
“Yeah, I do,” he smiled.
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doritolover · a day ago
Met Gala.
Pairing: Chris Evans x model reader.
Word count: 980 words.
Summary: This is your first Met Gala and Chris is there to help with your nerves.
Genre: Fluff.
Gif not mine. Please don't post/translate any of my content anywhere else without my permission. Comments and reblogs are welcomed!
Tumblr media
Met Gala; one of the most important events in the fashion industry, it was so exciting, a lot of known celebrities are there with beautiful outfits and makeup, very creative, sounded fun.
And this year you were attending to it, you were so excited because it was your first Met Gala it was like the Grammys of the music or the Oscars of films, the Met Gala was those two but of clothing.
You couldn't believe when you found out, you've been a model since 5 years ago and this was your first attendance to it, when you got the news you couldn't help thinking about what you're outfit and makeup was gonna be you couldn't wait.
"Hey babe," said Chris kissing your cheek "Are you excited about today?"
He was your companion to the met, since you found out you were going he was so happy and excited for you he knew this was one of your big dreams and goals and he couldn't be any prouder of you.
"Yes!!" you squealed "I can't wait, wanna start prepping already," you said doing a small dance.
He chuckled "Oh if it was up to you, you would've started already. But it's only 9 o'clock,"
"I know, I'm very thrilled. I wanna put on my dress already." you said smiling and clapping.
"I'm sure you're gonna look gorgeous, honey." he said smiling at you.
"Oh, you're one to talk," you said arching a brow "Can't wait to see you with that white suit. You'll look stunning and you're fans will go nuts," you said winking.
"I'm interested in driving crazy only one woman," he said grabbing your waist.
"Honey, you drove crazy that woman since a long time ago," you said grabbing his neck and pulling him into a kiss.
Your team was here; you were getting your hair and makeup done while the rest was setting up what you were going to wear.
The makeup look was natural eyebrows, baby blue shadow with black eyeliner and brownish pink lips.
Your hair was in a high ponytail with slightly curls at the end and at the top it was a black plex hair clip with a beautiful decoration of diamonds matching with the necklace and earrings.
And you're favorite part; the dress. It was beautiful. The look was inspired by the 60's American Vogue.
This year's theme was: In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion.
You were wearing a white dress with black leather gloves and silver embellished slingback heels customized by Prada. It was all Prada. And the dress had openings in the back.
Tumblr media
You loved it.
You walked out of the bedroom to the living room where Chris was waiting. You stood up there smiling waiting for one of his comments.
"So?" you said giving a spin "How do I look?" you placed your hands on your waist.
He was starstruck, gaping, looking up and down without saying a word, you saw that he was struggling to say something so you just laughed.
"I'll take that as a compliment," you said.
"You are... Just left me speechless," he said kissing your cheek.
"Well, you're not so bad yourself. Look at you, handsome. Just when I think you can't look any hotter, bam! You show me otherwise." you say giving him a mischievous look.
There were only 5 people left for you to go out and you were shaking, it was your first time and you were so nervous. Chris noticed it and started rubbing your back, automatically your body relaxed, it knew his touch by heart and Chris always had that effect on you. You turned to him and smiled whispering a small thank you he just nodded.
You started to take deep breaths when there were only two people left,  this is really happening you thought. When there was only one person left, Chris cupped your face, stroke his nose with yours and said "Go get 'em, amore mio," it was a kind of ritual/thing/tradition however you wanna call it that you two had before doing something big.
You gave him a quick peck, grabbed his hand and walked out.
The flashes were impressive and blinding until certain point. You started to walk with him to get some photos together. Then both of your managers told you where to stood up to get individually pictures.
"Y/n!! Right here Y/n over here! Y/n! Y/n!" you heard your name every where. You just smiled and turn to every camera you could.
You climbed some more stairs where Chris was you were back to back. You half-turned to extend your hand he smiled and grabbed it, neither of you said a word but both of you knew what you meant I love you you thought.
After a few more pictures you guys were inside at your assigned table. Chris was seated next to you and grabbing your thigh while you both were talking to some people. After finishing talking you felt a small squeeze on your thigh.
"Hey," he said smiling.
"Hey," you rubbed his hand.
"How you feeling, pretty."
"Pretty well, actually. Nerves are all gone." you raised your arms as if saying yei.
"You were great out there, babe. It was as if you were in your natural habitat, you are killing it." he kissed your forehead.
"Thank you for always being there, Chris, at every moment of my life, whether is something good or bad, you're always standing there by my side, you're the best, lover, honestly." you said tearing up a little.
"Oww, sugar, don't cry baby," he cleaned your tears "You are everything to me, I'll always be by your side, you're my girl and I want the best for you, I love you." he said rubbing your cheeks "Now, kiss me," you laughed and did as he told.
Tumblr media
I covered her face so you could picture yourself wearing the dress but I think we all know who that is ☺️
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twoghostsfromeden · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chris Evans Works
* Smut
! Angst
^ Fluff
/ Dark Themes
* Don't Blame Me For Falling: Dr. Evans takes on a new patient, giving her the special treatment when he learns it’s her first exam.
! Deja Vu: You see Chris for the first time since you broke up
! Enough for You: When you walk in on a conversation, everything changes
! It's All Reused: After seeing Chris on the red carpet with his new girlfriend, you’ve fallen apart
* You Like Being Called Daddy?: You discover a new kink of Chris’s... Thanks to Dodger.
* I Was Dancing When The Music Stopped: You announce the divorce between you and Chris
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peyda · a day ago
New York
Tumblr media
Summary: You haven’t seen Chris in person since that night you caught him cheating. It’s been almost 6 years now, you couldn’t possibly still have feelings for him, right?
A/N: This is part 2 of my series Staring Over, proofread by @nyctophilia108 (I finally got someone to proofread my fics 😩)
WC: 1060 (I promise part 3 will be longer!!)
“I will admit I messed up, I was just lonely but I love you sweetie- I swear I do. I want to make things right with you and the kids” You felt numb as you watched the man across from you confess his love for his wife. You had heard it all before, husband cheats on wife, she files for divorce, he confesses his undying love for her to get her to stay. Same story every time.
Studying the woman’s posture and facial expressions, you could tell she was falling for it. This has to be the worst part of your job, watching them fall back into their sorry excuses for husband’s traps. “I’m sorry to interrupt but Mr.Williams, how many times have you cheated on your wife?” You watched the man’s posture get tense, his facial expression showing he was angry at your words. “Three times but-“ “Then how do we know you’ll be faithful if she takes you back? That’s all the time we have for today, Gwen will help the two of you schedule your next appointment, have a nice day”
Letting out the deep breath you were holding, you shut the door behind the couple. It felt good to get the husband’s death stares off you. You needed a drink. You quickly shot Kelly and Willow a text saying you’d meet them at the bar before collecting your things. You never understood why people got so upset with you when you told them the truth. Your job was to tell them what they needed to hear, not what they wanted. Tomorrow couldn’t come quick enough, you didn’t have to deal with any divorce. It was hard being a marriage and family therapist-you thought about quitting and becoming a clinical therapist every day-but after what you went through six years ago you wanted to help others get out of toxic relationships.
“How’d it go?” Gwen asked you as you started to lock your door. You hired Gwen as your assistant when you first started and have become close to her since. “The usual, I’m wrong and don’t know anything about their relationship” you replied, putting on your coat. It was mid-November and New York winters were brutal. “Figures. Hey there was a change in your schedule tomorrow, do you wanna go over it?” “Nope” “You sure” “Positive, I’ll deal with it tomorrow” you told the girl before walking out the door.
“C’mon y/n it’s just one movie” “No Kells. I don’t care how good of an actor he is, I refuse to watch any of his movies” You had only gotten one drink in before Kelly was begging you to watch Chris’ new movie. “It’s not my fault he plays Captain America! C’mon I doubt he even has a big role in the movies.” “He’s Captain America, he’s like the damn leader” the two girls couldn’t help but laugh at your words. “Find a new movie, I’m gonna go get more shots”
You couldn’t help but think about what Kelly said as you waited for the drinks? Were you that ex? The one that was still hurt over a breakup 6 years ago? What Chris and Morgan did broke your heart- it broke you. It took months of therapy to make yourself feel lovable and wanted. Even after therapy you still felt insecure which led to lots of bad first dates and failed relationships. It had reached a point where you eventually just stopped dating.
That wasn’t the case for Chris. While you were trying to put yourself back together, Chris was out dating. He had been in the limelight for a couple years now and with that came very public relationships. You’d always see him on dates with different girls, kissing them, holding their hand as they walked down the street, it hurt. Chris looked happy, he has moved on from your relationship from 6 years ago. If Chris could move on, why wouldn’t you? Wiping the stray tears that fell from your eyes, you downed the three shots before telling Kelly and Willow you were leaving-there was something you had to do tonight.
Your finger hovered over the play button. You had gotten home a little over an hour ago, doing your nightly routine and downing some more liquor for what you were about to do- you were about to watch Chris’ movies. You knew you weren’t going to be able to watch them all tonight but you wanted to start. Taking a deep breath, you pressed play on Captain America: The First Avenger, wanting to start with his most popular role. Pouring yourself another glass of wine, you got settled on the couch, it was going to be a long night.
It was around 4 am when you finally crawled into bed, getting through 3 movies before stopping. Laying in bed, you felt numb after watching the movies. You had mixed feelings. On one hand you hated seeing Chris, his face only bringing you pain making the movies almost unbearable, but on the other hand you felt proud. You remember helping him rehearse lines in his small dorm room, swearing he was going to be big one day, promising to spoil you for the rest of your life. It’s funny how different things turned out. You both followed your dreams, just didn’t do it together.
You still felt numb the next morning when you got up, hoping something interesting would happen at work. As you completed your usual morning routine, you couldn’t help but think about what would have happened if you had never caught Chris and Morgan that night. Would you and Chris still be together? Would you have gotten the happy ending he had promised? Would you have been happy?
You couldn’t stop the thoughts as you walked into the office building. “Morning! You have clients waiting for you but there’s something you should kn-“ “I’ll read the file” you responded before opening the door of your office. “So sorry I’m late the traffic was horri-“ you stopped dead in your tracks when you looked over at the couple. There was Chris, sitting in your office, on your couch with a beautiful woman next to him. A beautiful woman wearing an even more beautiful engagement ring. You were speechless at the sight, not knowing what else to say besides “Chris?!?”
Taglist: @nostxlgia18 @peter-parkers-world @alternatelifeiwant @kalopsia-flaneur @eliluv1626 @lovebittenbyevans @daisysharry @hauntedmuffinpersonarascal @woolferamblings @http-hiraya @kthynes @rhadigen @shayevans13 @ellezbby @dearmasaddict @deepestdreampatrolpurse @starry-night-20 @bqnners @leyannrae @inmoix @accioremuslupinn @denisemarieangelina @peakascum @sophiaedits @mytbel0st @sunsetfreedom05 @missusbarnes-rogers-laufeyson @more-cappuccinos @folklorelake @white-wolf1940 @krissy25 @sebsbrokentoe @everything-burns-down @you-expect-too-much @christowhore @big-deak-energy @woolferamblings @justreadingficsdontmindme @turtoix @dummiesshort @iambeeee
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theycallmebecca · a day ago
So the idea is that Chris has planned the "perfect" proposal but like the day before she somehow finds the ring. Chris walks in and she's sitting on the bed with the ring box in hand. The way she says "what is this?" Chris thinks she's angry about it, and starts to rethink the proposal, until he notices her small smile while she's glancing on the top of the box. He decides to go ahead with the proposal and instead of the prepared speech he wings it. Thank you, Becca! :)
You were right @bloggingfromherbed this is a cute idea! Ok... here we go!
Title: Spoiled Surprise
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: PG
Warnings: n/a
Disclaimer: This work of fiction is not to be reposted, used or translated without my permission.
Tumblr media
Chris whistled as he walked down the hall to the bedroom he shared with you. It had been a fantastic day and he was in a great mood. Nothing could get him down today.
Or tomorrow.
He paused halfway down the hall to grin.
Tomorrow was the big day.
The day he was going to propose to you.
He had planned every single second of the day.
Nothing could go wrong.
He rubbed his hands together.
You had no idea what was going to happen twenty four hours from now.
The two of you had talked about the future, so he was confident you’d say yes, but you didn’t know it was happening tomorrow.
There was nothing important about tomorrow, it was just an average Thursday.
Which made it absolutely perfect.
Knowing you were in the bedroom, Chris took a deep breath and composed himself.
He straightened his back and began to whistle again as he started towards the bedroom again.
You’d been looking for a specific shirt of Chris’s when you’d found it.
The dark blue velvet box.
A ring box.
You’d taken it out of the drawer, but you hadn’t opened it.
You couldn’t.
You were curious, of course, but that’s not how you wanted to see your engagement ring for the first time.
Assuming, it was an engagement ring.
But you were certain it was.
Chris had been happy to see you sitting on the edge of the bed and had opened his mouth to say something when he saw what you were holding in your hands. It rendered him speechless.
In all of his extensive planning, he hadn’t even considered the chance that you’d find the ring.
It was all ruined.
All of it.
“Is this what I think it is?” you asked, breaking the silence.
“You... you haven’t looked?” he asked, surprised.
You shook your head and then held the box up to him, finally free of the stupor that had come over you upon finding the box.
Chris took the box and then, without a second thought, knelt down on one knee in front of you, making you gasp and effectively throwing out all of his plans for tomorrow in favor of today.
He had planned a grand proposal, but now that he was down on one knee and ready to actually say the words, he wondered if he hadn’t gotten too caught up in the scheme of it all.
“You are my best friend and the love of my life,” he said, his emotions thick. “You mean everything to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
"Yes, yes, yes,” you managed to say before throwing yourself into his arms.
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calummss · 14 hours ago
I Know Who You Are Now | Chris Evans
summary: when you meet a guy at a club you forget to ask for his number. you’re surprised to say the least when he shows up in your hometown
words: 900
requested by: @fangirlinghard
a/n: this is rather short compared to my other fics but i hope you enjoy regardless:)
Tumblr media
‘Three dry Martinis, stirred, please.’ You smiled at the bartender who looked rather cute in the dimly lit room.
‘Right away.’ He said before rushing to the other side of the bar.
New York City, America. Not exactly your preferred country but you weren’t here because of yourself. One of your closest friends, you met back in year 5, was getting married and requested a bachelorette party that would never be forgotten. You hadn’t gotten used to American parties and felt a bit out of place at times, but a little bit of alcohol would wash that feeling away. When the waiter came back with your drinks, you made your way across the floor to where everyone else was waiting for you.
‘Took you long enough.’ She laughed.
‘Next time get them yourself.’ You replied sarcastically before looking into the crowd behind you.
‘Y/n,’ she tapped your shoulder.
You turned around to see her smiling.
‘That guy over there, can’t stop staring at you.’
Her finger unobtrusively pointed to a guy just a few tables away.
He looked tall even as he huched himself onto the table. With the little light in the room it was hard to see what he looked like but you could tell he was attractive.
You turned your head back. ‘I couldn’t,’ you shook her off. ‘Not on your special day.’
‘Y/n,’ she took your drink. ‘If this is your chance to get with a hot guy, you’re going to take it.’
You didn’t want to fuss about it so you gave her one last smile before walking over to him.
‘You’re friend told you I was looking at you.’ he said. His voice is deep yet soothing.
‘Yeah.’ you smiled. ‘Hopefully you were looking at me positively.’ you raised your eyebrow playfully.
‘I, I was.’ he laughed.
‘I’m Y/n, nice to meet you.’
You continued to smile at him.
‘You’re not from you are you?’
‘What gave it away? The accent?’ you joked as he smiled at you. ‘I’m from France, I’m here because of my friend’s bachelorette.’
‘Really?’ He asked, kind of surprised.
‘Yeah.’ You replied, confused about what made him surprised.
‘Me too,’ he grinned. ‘That’s Sebastian right over there.’ He pointed to a man that was gulping excessive amounts of champagne on the billiard table.
‘He’s definitely having fun.’ You couldn’t contain your laughter.
‘By the way Chris,’
He nodded for you to go on.
‘You look rather familiar. Have we met before?’
‘I don’t think we have.’
‘Or on TV maybe?’ You laughed it off. ‘Maybe I’m a little too tipsy.’
‘You’re not tipsy,’ Chris took a sip off his drink. ‘I’m an actor.’
You squinted your eyes at him, trying to figure out where you’ve seen him before. ‘If it comes to me I’ll let you know.’
The night went on great. Chris and you spent the majority of the night together, having drinks and even introducing you to Sebastian, who made you chuck down four shots of Irish whiskey. But when the night came to an end you had to say goodbye and god did you hate yourself for forgetting to ask for his number. The first man in a while you clicked with and you forgot. Ugh.
The next morning you woke up to the sunlight shining in your face and to the sound of multiple incoming text messages. Your eyes were barely open when you read, Click the link now!!!, so you did.
Is Marvel actor Chris Evans in a relationship?
You went on to read it, and holy shit, the man at the club was Chris Evans, and you didn’t even notice.
Months passed and you were walking through the streets of Paris like any other day. You were on your way back home from work and would quickly jump into the store to get a few things for dinner when a familiar voice interrupted your walk.
‘Y/n?’ The person said as if they were confused.
You turned around and could not believe your eyes. It was Chris.
‘I thought I saw you.’ He smiled, jogging up to you.
‘Chris, I, what are you here?’
‘Little vacation.’
‘That’s great.’ you smiled. ‘I forgot to ask for your number at the club.’ You chuckled. So did he. ‘I do know which actor you are now though.’
Chris only smiled in response.
‘I’m sorry if I offended you for not knowing.’
‘Oh no,’ he shook his head, ‘it was great to not be seen as that for a while.’
‘Well, ehm, I’m on my way home and I'm going to cook something...Do you want to join me?’ You asked carefully, not wanting to scare him away.
‘I’d love to.’
‘And this time I won’t forget about your number.’ You giggled, walking down the street.
‘You won’t because I’ll make sure to get yours.’
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plentyoffandoms · a day ago
Hey lovely could you write a reader x evans fic were she meets dodger for the first time and her and Chris are nervous about it because dodgers such a integral part of Chris’s life
Meeting Dodger
Chris Evans x f/Reader
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Warning: none.
Hope you like it.
Main Masterlist ♡ Chris Evans Masterlist
Summary: f/Reader & Chris have been dating for awhile but she has yet to meet the Dodger.
Y/N's POV:
Chris and I have been dating for almost three months know and he figures it is time I meet the most important thing in his life, and no I am not talking about his family or even his friends.
I am talking about his best friend. The one who has always brought a smile to his face. The one who has their own fan following on social media. The one whose name he has tattooed on his chest.
Yes, I am talking about his beautiful dog Dodger.
Tumblr media
Chris has told me that if Dodger doesn't like me, then he won't know what to do. He trusts his boys instinct and that has got him out of some crazy relationships before.
But tonight it is my turn to deal with the Dodger and see what he thinks about me.
I know it might seem crazy to many people that I have to get approval from a dog, but this dog is his owners whole world and Chris would do anything for him.
So here I am, just about to get out of the Uber and get judged by the most adorable dog.
I rang the doorbell and Chris opened the door with a huge smile on his face. He moved to the side so I could walk into his house.
My heart was beating fast as Chris grabbed my hand and the two of us walked to the livingroom.
"Sit right here and I will go and get him. I just put him in the backyard to run of some extra energy he has."
I wish I brought Dodger something but Chris told me that it was best for him to like me for me and not just because I bring him gifts.
I heard the two of them walking towards me. I sat perfectly still as the two of them stood infront of me.
Chris bent down and started to pet Dodger, who was looking at me, wondering who I was.
"Hold your hand out Y/N so he can sniff you." I did as I was told.
"Dodger this is Y/N."
Dodger sniffed my hand for a few seconds and then snorted and looked away. I felt myself falter but I didn't move my hand.
"Don't be like that buddy. Y/N is nice. Say hello."
Dodger sniffed my hand once more and snorted and walked away to his dog bed that was in the corner of the room.
Chris sighed as I sat there not knowing what I should do.
"Don't worry Y/N, he will come around." Chris said as he stood up and sat down next to me.
"But what if he doesn't?" I asked him as I snuggled into his side.
"We will figure something out." We ordered some food for dinner but Chris decided to go and pick it up.
"I won't be too long." Chris said to me with a goodbye kiss.
Now it was just Dodger and I. I turned on the TV and was enjoying the show when I saw out of the corner of my eye Dodger get on the couch beside me.
I didn't move as I didn't want him to move, but he did something that I thought was not going to happen after earlier.
He layed his head on my lap and looked up at me with his big eyes. "Want me to pet you Dodger?"
His tail started to move so I took that as a good sign and started to scratch behind his ears and worked my way down to belly rubs.
Chris came home to the sound of me giggling. He walked into the livingroom and saw Dodger and me on the floor and Dodger licking my face.
"Well this is a pleasant surprise." He said as the two of us stopped at the sound of his voice.
"He came to me when you left and he hadn't left my side since." I said to Chris as I stood up.
Chris went to kiss me but I held up my hands and went and cleaned my face. When I got back, our food was on the table and we ate, we Dodger next to my feet.
"I knew he would like you Y/N."
"I am glad he does because I like him too." I said with a smile on my face.
Tumblr media
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rogersevans · 2 days ago
It’s Over (part three)
Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader (ex-relationship, co-parenting) - Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: cheating, pregnancy, relationship break-down, swearing, angst
Summary: You thought Chris was the perfect man, until he wasn’t anymore.
Tumblr media
The sound of laughter rang through your house as you watched your son and Sebastian, your fiancé, chasing one another around the house. You and Sebastian were newly engaged, and you couldn’t be happier, you had been together for 2 years and when he proposed to you the night before you felt like you were on cloud nine.  
You had introduced him to your son two months prior to your engagement.
At the beginning of your relationship, you had told Sebastian that he couldn’t meet your son unless he was planning on sticking around, you never got your son involved in your dating life, you didn’t want him to get attached to anyone for them to leave.  
Plus, your son was at that awkward stage were he questioned everything and some of his favourite questions being ‘mommy, why don’t you and daddy live together?’ or ‘my friends mommy and daddy kiss, why don’t you kiss daddy?’  
So, you made him wait two years much to Sebastian’s dismay, he wanted nothing more than to meet the other man in your life, the way you spoke about him was the reason he fell in love with you and he'd never seen a bond between mother and son quite like yours.
But he was more than understanding, him being in an awkward position himself.  
He was engaged to his friend's ex-fiancé... who he shared a child with.  
You couldn’t make this up.
But Chris seemed to have taken the news well when he told him, Sebastian wanted to be the one to tell him, he felt that he owed him that much, having too much respect for their friendship. Giving him a firm handshake, he just asked Sebatian to take care of you, treat you the way he should’ve treated you.  
What Chris didn’t tell anyone was that the thought of you and Sebastian together drove him crazy, he couldn’t stop the jealousy taking over, especially when Sebastain asked for Chris’ permission to meet his son, making sure that he was 100% ok with it.  
The fact that Sebastian was being such a good guy about all of this, asking his permission before he met his son, didn’t help. He wanted him to be a dick about it, but that wasn’t Sebastian, he’s too much of a good guy.  
Chris was still in love with you, he knew losing you was his own fault but he couldn’t stop himself from hoping that one day you would go back to him.  
He should’ve known better.
It was selfish, he knew that, but he didn’t care. He hated the thought of seeing you with someone else, especially someone he considered a friend.  
Your five-year-old son was now jumping on the sofa to escape Sebastian’s grasp, the Australian Shepard puppy you had gotten a year ago following them around with its tail wagging, wanting to get involved.
“What did I say about jumping on the sofa?” You asked sternly, now stood in the doorway of the living room. The sight of Sebastian and your son getting along so well made your heart swell, you didn’t think he would like him, he was a very hard to please five-year-old.  
But after a couple of minutes of awkward silence Sebastian did a very good impression of Thor, his favourite Avenger, and they had become the best of friends.  
“That it’s fun?” Sebastian asked, smiling at you sheepishly.  
Before you could reply you were interrupted by the ringing of your phone, sliding it out of your pocket you saw Chirs’ name flash across the screen.  
He never rang you, unless it was about your son. 
“Chris?” You greeted him as you made your way to your bedroom, closing the door behind you.
“Don’t marry him...” He slurred into the phone. He’d been drinking you could practically smell the alcohol through the phone.
“What?” His voice drowned out by the music from the club he was in, causing you to hold the phone away from your ear.
“Don’t marry him.” You heard him clearly that time, the music dying down as he walked outside.
“Why?” You snapped, over the years you had become numb to Chris Evans that’s how you got over him, how you managed to raise a child with him. But this wasn’t the first time he had rang you up drunk asking for another chance, or declaring his love for you.  
“You know why-”
“No, no.”
“No Chris!” You shouted now, trying to get him to stop. No matter how much you kept him at a distance he still managed to get an emotional reaction out of you.  
“What?” His spat back at you, his intoxicated state not allowing him to understand your anger.
“You’re being mean, stop it, stop it right now! When we were together, I was second to everything in your life. I refuse to be the person you settle for because you can’t stand seeing me with someone else. I won’t do it, I won’t.”
The line went silent, if it wasn’t for his breathing, you would’ve thought he had hung up on you.  
“You do this every time! What? Do you have like some kind of radar?” You demanded to know, it had been almost a year since Chris last drunk dialled you, the last time was the night he went out Sebastian and found out about you both, he’d stayed at the bar and got drunk, demanding that you break up with him. “Y/n might be happy it’s time to sweep in and shit all over it?!”  
“What? No, no.” He sighed and you could picture him running his hand through his hair, pulling on it. “Look, I rang you to tell you something. I made a mistake. You and I-” He was starting to ramble and you didn’t want to listen to it anymore.  
“Chris, you and I are nothing! We haven’t been for five and a half years, you made sure of that! You can’t keep doing this!” You hadn’t noticed Sebastian stood at the door of your bedroom.  
He had heard the shouting from downstairs, he knew it was Chris. Not wanting to get involved he just stood by, watching as you screamed down the phone. He promised you that he wouldn’t get involved when it came to you and Chris, this was your battle.
“Y/n, it’s different this time!” Chris screamed, you could hear the strain in his voice, knowing that he was close to tears. But you didn’t care, you’d cried over him plenty of times, so it’s about time he did the same.  
“It’s never different Chris!” You screamed back, pacing the floor of your bedroom. “It’s been five years of never being different! But this is it, I’m done.” Chris went silent, the last time you told him you were done was when you threw him out. “Don’t call me, unless it’s about our son and even then, think before you dial. Forget about me Chris, this isn’t healthy. Move on, I have, it’s about time you did to.” Without letting him get another word in you hung up on him, throwing the phone onto your bed and letting out a scream as the tears fell.
You hated that Chris still had this effect on you, but these weren’t tears of sadness, they were angry tears. Chris was an amazing dad to your son, you couldn’t deny that, but when it came to boundaries between you both he was dumb, constantly breaking them and overstepping his mark.  
“Hey, hey, it’s alright.” Sebastian said calmy, taking you into his arms and rubbing your back. “I’ve got you. I’m here.” He placed a kiss to your head, you melted in his touch, wrapping your arms around his waist.  
“I tried- I tried being nice-” You stopped yourself, not wanting to talk about it anymore.  
“Why don’t we go back downstairs, get on the couch, watch a movie and cuddle?”  
Before you could answer your little boy came into the room, the puppy following closely behind. “That sounds like a great idea!” He declared cheerfully, now stood by your side.  
“Yeah?” You asked him as you wiped away your tears, pulling away from Sebastian and picking up the smiling boy, resting him on your hip. “What movie do you want to watch?”  
You listened as he started to list all the films he could think of as you all made your way downstairs.  
You couldn’t help but let your mind go back to Chris, it wasn’t hard your son was his double, you felt bad of how harsh you had been with him just now, but he needed to learn.
He needed to move on.  
Be happy, without you.  
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labella420 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Should I make apologies for this filth? Absolutely not. Just a note that this is a work of fiction and from my own dirty mind! Enjoy!
Starring: Chris Evans x Female Reader
Summary: Chris has to punish you… publicly.
Warnings: NSFW! SMUT! MINORS DNI! UNPROTECTED SEX. Anal Sex. Public Sex. Exhibitionism. Anal creampie. Sex toy use. Heed the warnings.
Word Count: 1917
Divider by the amazing @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
You knew the look. The one Chris gave you when he was done playing with you. You’ve seen it at home, restaurants, premieres. You remembered it well, when it led to him bending you over a bathroom sink in his childhood home. His family would be laughing and talking in the next room over, and his cock would be buried deep in your guts, with his fingers shoved down your throat daring you to make a sound. “Better shut the fuck up sweetheart, before I open the door and let my Ma see just how much of a whore you are.”
You loved it though, teasing him to the point of no return. Things were different when he snapped. Chris was rough. Feral. Animalistic.
So when he told you he was taking you out Friday night you put a plan into motion. On your lunch break that afternoon instead of meeting your girls for lunch, you made two stops. First to buy the cute little black dress with the flared skirt you’d been eyeing for weeks. Second was more of a novelty, the color matching your dress except for the sparkling jewel nestled at the back end. Tonight was going to be fun to say the least.
Chris whistles as you saunter down the stairs. “Sweetheart, you look gorgeous,” he softly kisses your lips, his eyebrow raising in question when he gives your bottom a playful squeeze. “No panties tonight?”
“Come on Christopher,” winking as you draw out his name. “Can’t be late for our dinner reservation.” Sashaying out the door, he rushes around you so he can open your car door. Sliding into the driver’s seat, Chris’ eyes are filled with a warning. “You’re playing a dangerous game sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
“This is exactly what I needed after a long week,” you whisper into Chris’ ear as you swivel your hips to the music, grinding down onto his pelvis as you straddle his lap. Chris brought you to an exclusive club after dinner, members only. Away from prying eyes of the public, where you and he could let your guard down. People belonging to this club paid for privacy.
You giggle when he sucks a bruise into your neck, his beard tickling the side of your face. “I’m going to grab us another round,” he husks in your ear, grabbing the empty glass from your hand. He helps set you on the plush sofa of your private table before you watch his frame retreat in the direction of the bar.
You’re feeling good. The alcohol is buzzing through your veins, giving you the courage to do what you are about to do. Hopefully you will motivate Chris to take you home and fuck you senseless, and remind you that you belong to him.
Moving to the melody, you cross the room, the balcony overlooking the main dance floor within reach. It’s packed with people. The strobe lights illuminating every dark corner, shining through the glass floor of the balcony like a spotlight.
That’s right. The balcony was glass, and you’re about to give everyone a show.
Closing your eyes you move and sway, getting lost in the music. A smile creeps up on your lips as you imagine the view everyone on the ground floor is getting, especially as you drop it low and bring your ass up slowly. You wonder if the lights are catching the sparkling jewel in…
A firm hand yanks you back by your hair, and Chris’ face comes into view. His eyes are darker, not his normal shade of blue. The look on his face makes you gasp. This was a look you hadn’t seen. “What do you think you’re doing sweetheart?” Chris spits in your ear, his other hand wrapping around your throat and squeezing.
“Dancing,” you squeak. A sharp slap to your bare pussy brings you to your knees. Chris’ frame hulks over yours, a dark smirk forming on his face.
Chris releases your hair, slowly circling you. You know better than to move, so you wait, the hard floors of the club bruising your knees as you anticipate his next command. He comes back into view, bending and bringing his face close to yours. Hooking a finger under your chin, he raises your eyes to his. “Assume the position. Over there.” He points to the sofa. You try to scramble to your feet, but his firm hand in the middle of your back keeps you in place. “Crawl.”
You move slowly, one hand in front of the other, your cunt clenching as you reach your destination. You splayed your hands across the cushions, arching your back and popping your ass out the way you know Chris likes. You feel him behind you, his fingers dancing up the back of your leg. “I think 20 should suffice.”
You go rigid. Chris always threatened to punish you publicly, but it never actually happened. He can’t be serious. “Chr..Chris..” you stammer, shifting your weight back and forth on each leg. “You’re not really going to punish me here are you?”
Chris scoffs, kneeling at your side. “You had no problem showing everyone your whore holes a few minutes ago, sweetheart,” he chuckles darkly, flipping your skirt over your ass. Sucking in a breath, he finally sees what you have been hiding from him for most of the night.
“What have we here?” He purrs, spreading apart your cheeks and brushing against the back of the butt plug with his thumb. “What a pretty little accessory you have inside you sweetheart.” Chris smooths his hands over the skin of your butt, following the path of your inner thighs, brushing ever so lightly over your puffy lips.
“I’ve always loved how you’re so responsive to me,” Chris watches your trembling frame, his fingers ghosting along different parts of exposed skin. Coming full circle he’s back at your behind, kneading and pulling at each globe. “I wish that I could be worshipping you sweetheart, but you’re not going to learn your lesson if I show you mercy.”
His large hands push your legs further apart, pulling at your hips to raise your ass higher in the air. His last adjustment is to squeeze the back of your neck, guiding you to turn your face to the side while he pushes it into the soft couch cushion. You’re completely exposed, anyone walking by your table could see the most intimate part of you but you didn’t care.
“I want you to count them out sweetheart. Don’t be shy.”
The first sting hits your backside and zips throughout your body. “One!” The second hits the other side with the same amount of force. “Two!” You cry out, hands opening and closing around nothing. You count each blow as Chris alternates from each side. Your skin is on fire, but it’s no match for the flame that’s burning deep within your belly.
“Twenty!” Your body sags against the sofa as Chris soothes your burning flesh. Soft kisses pepper your behind, quite the contrast to the punishment given seconds before. Moving to get up, another spank stops you in your tracks.
“Oh no sweetheart, we aren’t done.” He dips his fingers into your soaked cunt, and hums in approval when he pulls out his fingers coated in your white cream. “Since you were so determined to show everyone how much of a slut you are, I’m going to help you.” Chris’ belt clinks behind you sending a shiver up your spine. “I’m going to show everyone just how much of a whore you are.”
A moan falls from your lips when you feel Chris jiggle the butt plug seated in your back passage. He pulls it out slowly, and you feel some of the copious amount of lubricant you used drip down your pussy lips. “As much as I love hearing all of the pretty sounds you make,” He taps the plug against your lips. “I want to challenge you just a little bit more sweetheart. Now open.”
Your jaw goes slack and Chris pushes the plug into your waiting mouth, your slick seeping out of your cunt, making a mess of your folds. “It’s too bad your first ass to mouth isn’t with my cock,” Chris laments, making his move to situate himself behind you.
Chris lubes his length with your arousal before the throbbing head of his cock is prodding around your rear entry. “Only good girls get cocks in their cunts,” he huffs as he sinks into you. “But maybe if you show me how well you take it your needy hole might get my fingers.”
He starts slow at first, savoring the way your asshole chokes him, allowing you to get used to the stretch. But soon he’s built up a steady rhythm, each snap of his hips sending your senses into overdrive. “Sweetheart, wish you could see the way your ass jiggles for me.” Chris’s fingers grasp on to your hips so tightly, you relish knowing that you are going to be marked for days on end. “So fuckin good..” he trails off his breathing labored.
Just when you think you can’t take anymore, Chris reaches around your body, and without hesitation sinks two fingers into your sloppy cunt. Never before have you felt so full, his fingers keeping pace with his cock and curling against that sweet spot he expertly always finds.
You’re a wreck, drool flowing around the butt plug and soaking the material below you. Your only focus is on Chris fucking you stupid, and the coil swiftly tightening with every thrust of his cock and curling motion of his fingers. You’re so close, you can taste the sweet release on your tongue, and you know with Chris, your body is in the most amazing hands.
As if on cue, Chris wraps himself over your body, wrapping his hand around your throat with his free hand, to bring the shell of your ear to his lips. “Don’t disappoint your audience sweetheart,” Chris whispers. “Come for me… for them, right fucking now.”
You shatter, your entire being shaking from the powerful release overtaking you. Chris is relentless, fucking you through wave after wave until you go slack from exhaustion. He has to hold you to him while he chases his release, finally stilling and emptying rope after rope of hot, sticky cum deep inside you. After you both take the time to catch your breath Chris pulls out of your rear entry, and his cum drips out of you coating your cunt’s lips. Pushing what he can back in, he pulls the plug from your mouth and pushes it back into your ass. “Gotta make sure we don’t waste any, right sweetheart?”
You “harumph” as Chris cleans you as best as possible with cocktail napkins, smoothing your skirt down before gathering you in his arms and carrying you to the private elevator and the waiting car below. Once settled in the passenger seat he clips your seatbelt in for you and places his jacket around you for comfort. You curl up, satisfied, ready to doze off on the way home, the hum of the engine rocking you to sleep as Chris pulls away from the curb.
“Such a good girl for me sweetheart,” Chris reaches out to stroke your hair. “You put on quite a performance.” You smile to yourself, as Chris’ fingertips brush your cheek. “Seb was front and center you know. I wonder what the video he took looks like.”
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blizzspeaks · 12 hours ago
Requested by Anonymous: Fluffy prompts? Say no more. Four words: drunk chris, sober reader
A/N: OK - so I flipped it… Drunk Reader, Sober Chris. You demanded asked... I'm delivering. Enjoy! Warnings: 18+, It’s pretty fluffy (there’s a smattering of angst), maybe some language, alcohol consumption (reader is drunk as we’ve already established), reader is trying to get over a breakup, reader’s ex cheated, hangovers suck, hope you like Taco Bell!
Masterlist Thanks for liking, commenting, & reblogging. I do NOT authorize any of my work to be translated or re-shared off of Tumblr (IE: Wattpad, AO3, etc)
You quite literally were in a state of shock when you finally remembered some more of that drunken night, and the blunt confession you threw at Chris. After coming down from the initial surprise, when Chris stepped away to take a shower, you disappeared into his guest room, throwing on your clothes, making the bed, and getting an Uber back to your apartment. When Chris came out of his bedroom, you had already disappeared. You couldn’t believe you had admitted your feelings as bluntly as you did, and it terrified you.
You took a deep breath when you got to your apartment, still fearful of what you were going to encounter, but sucking it up, you stepped inside. The place was quiet, visually half of what it used to be with your ex’s belongings all removed. Your phone had been ringing off the hook, between your sister, Ashton, and Chris, it was buzzing nonstop. You silenced the device, not wanting to interact with anyone while you came to grips with the fact that you were back in your place, and it was now just you. You walked the space carefully, observing the empty spaces on the bookshelves, a half empty closet, and a few blank spots on the walls where some photos and framed posters he owned had previously hung. You walked into the bedroom, and sat on the bed. Tears streamed down your face as for the first time, you came to grips with what was really happening. A man you loved broke your heart and left you. Now, you had Chris, someone that you had known and trusted for so long was offering to help you pick up the pieces and put it back together. Not only that, but Chris had been harboring feelings for a while, and you didn’t know how to process this all at once. You fell back into the sheets, and found yourself overwhelmed with exhaustion as your eyes closed and sleep overtook you.
** A Couple of Days Later**
*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK… KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* Powerful knocks interrupted the movie playing on your TV. “Y/N? I can hear the TV. Y/N?” you heard Chris’ unmistakable voice and froze. What the fuck was he doing here? Carefully peeling yourself out of bed, you timidly made your way to the door as the knocking continued.
“Chris, what do you want?” You had a hand on the doorknob, hesitating to open it, your voice laced with nerves and shaky breath, tears threatening to spill from your eyes again.
“Y/N, can we talk?” Chris sounded concerned. Timidly, you cracked the door open. Chris's tone matched the equally concerned expression on his face. “I went to the park, I went to your sister’s, called your mom, no one could find you. What the hell Y/N?” The two of you moved to the couch to sit. You sat cross-legged, a little hunched into yourself. “What the fuck?”
Looking down, you twiddled your thumbs, fearful to speak, fearful to meet his gaze.
“Y/N - you need to talk to me. You drunkenly tell me you love me, I tell you I feel the same the next morning, and you disappear. No one can reach you. You had us worried sick.” Chris enveloped you into a tight hug, realizing that though his words were a little harsh, he needed to tread gently with you. His tone softened. “What’s going on?”
You paused, trying to piece things together and formulate a response. Chris looked to you, his eyes seeking out yours for any kind of answer, which ultimately came out as a near whisper. “I got scared.”
“Of what?”
You hesitated. Chris repeated his question much softer. You finally word vomited a response. “I got drunk and told you I loved you a week after my ex left. A week. That’s not fair to either of us. I don’t want you to end up as a rebound. You’ve been my best friend for a long time, and that was the first time I finally was able to process my feelings - albeit I was drunk off my ass, but I've never lied to you, drunk or sober.”
“It took me a while to realize it, but I meant what I said.”
“I know you did, and I hope you know that I don’t ever think you’d use me to rebound. We’ve had something special for a long time, from the beginning of our friendship to now, and regardless of how we title it, we’re still us. We still can laugh over stupid things in movies we both dislike, we can still have Taco Bell when we get drunk off our asses, we’re still Chris and Y/N. I haven’t had the most favorable feelings toward recent guys in your life, and I won’t deny how I feel about you.”
“Chris, I need time. I can’t ask you to jump into a relationship with me,” you processed, intent on guarding both yours and his hearts.
Chris enveloped your hand with his own, while your eyes met, his other hand reaching up to thumb your cheek. His rich cerulean filled with nothing short of promise. “I’ve waited for a while for you, and if this is what you need to be comfortable, then take the time you need.”
“Thanks Chris.” You gave him a small smile and he drew you in for a hug. You paused, closing your eyes and took a breath. Chewing the inside of your cheek, you relaxed for a moment before making the split decision to do the next impulsive thing your brain told you to do. Your nose brushed against his cheek, followed closely by your lips, ever so carefully grazing his skin before they settled for a brief moment on the corner of his mouth. The two of you pulled slightly apart for a moment, locking eyes before he closed the distance into a gentle, meaningful kiss. Sparks bloomed throughout your entire body as well as his, tingling sensations surging through your limbs, butterflies fluttering furiously in your stomach. The kiss told you everything you needed to know without saying a word, but your brain caught up with you, reminding you that this was still VERY soon. You pulled away slowly, still riding the tingling sensation that was pulsing through your body. When you came to from the haze you were in, you immediately tensed up, looking down nervously. Chris picked up on the change.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t-” Chris started.
“No - that was on me,” The two of you were practically talking over each other. “I’m sorry.” Chris smiled and pulled you back into him, holding you securely on the sofa.
“It’s OK,” Chris spoke. “We have all the time in the world.”
You looked up to him, a gentle smile tugging. You repeated the most important phrase in your head at that very moment aloud, nodding, “We have time.”
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steviehoney · 19 hours ago
♡blurb night♡
Requested by @cevansrogerss
Pairing- Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Tumblr media
"I just cant see myself ever living without you."
"I don't care what others say, I want to be with you and that's all that matters to me."
"Ran...I...I have to go...I can't stay here with you forever, I love you. I always will, but it hurts me to see you being hated by your family so much...I feel...I feel it's because of m-" "No, baby, they...they hate me...but not because of you...okay? They're just...envious and money minded, baby...we can't let them and their shit thoughts and opinions between us. You're my everything, Y/N. I love you so so much, but please don't go. I...I'll always love you and take care of you, sweetheart, just...please don't...go" Ransom said cutting you off as both you and him started tearing up
The tension in the room was dense, you were breaking not only your own heart but your lover's heart too. Breaking up with the man you thought would be the love of your life.
A few moments later you cupped his face in your hands and wiped his tears with your thumbs. Both of you looked into each other eyes for a bit, in his, you saw nothing but pleading and pain and honesty, in yours he saw suffering, guilt and melancholy. "I...I think...I should sleep at my old apartment tonight, Ransom. I think sleeping here, would just...make it harder for the both of us." You said trying to end the conversation, eventhough you didn't want to, you still did say it, you were being so cruel to both him and yourself, you couldn't handle it anymore.
Ransom felt like his heart was just ripped out, and you were the one to do it. "Baby, please...please don't go, don't shut me out...I...I can't...hmph, I just can't see myself ever living without you. I..I won't be able to live with myself, I love you, but please don't leave. I need you, I want you to be my wife someday, I want you to have a family with me someday. You''re my-, you're the love of my life. I can't let you go, not without fighting for us. I don't care what others say, I want to be with you and that's all that matters to me. I want to be able to wake up next to you and admire your beautiful face every morning, I want to love you and be by your side every day till the very end, so don't go, I can't let you go, don't ask me to let you go."
Tears falling down both of your faces. 10:47 pm, on a Thursday in the month of September. The biggest heartbreak you've ever given anyone, the worst heartache you've ever caused anyone, you caused your own heart to break and your lover's too.
Tumblr media
Oops, I went a little too long there and didn't know when to stop? Forgive me-
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this!
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alliewritesthings · a day ago
So I have a really specific requests but I need it so bad :(
I was thinking about the readers father left the family a couple of years ago and lives with a new girlfriend and her kids and it’s still all very hard for the reader even though it’s been about 5 years.
So one day Chris comes home and the second the reader sees him she just bursts out in tears because it just all came back and hurts so much… so Chris tries his best to comfort her..
this feels extremely personal, and i dont think i did this justice at all. im so sorry if this isn't what you wanted but i sort of struggled.
this is not my best by far.
if this has happened to you, im sorry to hear that but i hope you're doing okay. and know that my messages are always open, or you can stay anonymous and come talk to me in my ask if you ever need to get anything off your chest.
warnings: abandonment, probably a hint of ptsd? if i've missed any then please let me know, and i apologise in advance
word count: 1k
masterlist + requests are open
Tumblr media
Things had taken a sudden change when you reached your late twenties. The unexpected happened. At the age of twenty-nine, you lost a parent. Lost was a strong word... He left. And by leaving it meant he cut ties with his whole family - his wife of over thirty years and his only child; you.
Truth be told, you never saw it coming. They were happily married, or so you thought, and the man had adored you for as long as you could remember. You’d always hoped to have a relationship, let alone a marriage, like your parents but those ideals quickly changed. They changed overnight.
You still remember the morning you received the phone call from your mother to say that he’d left. You thought maybe it was a midlife crisis, maybe he was just having a lapse in judgment and everything would work out in a few days' time.
But oh, how you were wrong.
He’d left to be with another woman, moved across state to start his new life with his lover and her three children. You were left, abandoned, for a woman who wasn’t your mother, and her three children. Three children who weren’t his own flesh and bloody, who weren’t his... like you were.
Everyone acted like you were fine, in fact you pretended you were.
“She’s a grown adult. I’m sure she’s fine.” You’d overheard the conversation in the office at work. You returned to work with the news hanging heavy on your shoulders, you didn’t take a single day away to think about it. Everyone assumed you were fine and that you had seen it coming.
You were fine, right?
Around five years had passed, and the forms of communication from your father lessened over the years. For the first year you still received a birthday card in the mail, signed from his new family. You even occasionally received email invitations to family gatherings he was hosting. Every invite and card went unanswered, you were simply uninterested in the man who deemed you not important enough.
Now, you received nothing. Not even an email to say happy birthday; all communication had simply ceased. And as each year passed, you were expected to accept the situation. But you still struggled; when you and Chris brought your first home together you simply wanted to share the news with your father. When you had a problem with your car, your first thought was to ask your father who would surely know. When you were renovating your new home and you simply wanted help redecorating, or you encountered an issue; your first thought was to contact your father. But he was gone, and the presence you were so used to... was gone. He was always your go to growing up when you had any form of issue.
It was the ‘anniversary’; the day he left. If you could forget the day, you would.
It was one of the harder days. Chris had been away filming, and everything seemed to have gone wrong. The stress of the day already weighing on your shoulders, then that morning you had an issue with your car – it simply wouldn’t start, and your lack of knowledge of cars had left you running late for work. Today was one of those days were you really needed your father; you knew he would have come running to help you, dropping everything to be there. When you eventually made it into the office, your boss disregarded your ‘excuse’ and retorted that ‘you should be over your daddy issues, it's been years now.’ You brushed off his poor management, once again doing the one thing you’ve been good at – pretending you were fine and got on with your day.
All you had to do was get through that day.
You ended up working late, making up for being late that morning. You dragged yourself into the house around eight in the evening, a loud groan falling from your lips as you noticed one of your couch cushions had been destroyed; and sitting innocently in his dog bed was Dodger.
“Today can’t get any worse, surely?” You mumbled to yourself, forcing yourself to tidy up the mess left in the living room after pouring yourself a glass of wine. You simply just needed to relax... you’d cook Chris and yourself some dinner for when he returned shortly, then run yourself a bath, drink a few more glasses of wine and then pass out in your bed and carry on like you always did.
As you were turning on the oven to warm it through, you hummed contently to yourself. You stilled at the sound of the front door opening, moving across the kitchen to prep the food to go in the oven.
“Hey!” You heard the voice behind you. Chris was finally home. You turned at the sound of his voice as he approached you, wrapping you up in his arms. “How have you been?” He questioned, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
You wished he didn’t ask that question; you knew it was just out of love and curiosity but it brought tears to your eyes. And before you know it, you were sobbing into his arms as your body went weak. He held you tightly in his arms, comfortingly running his hand up and down your back.
He’d forgotten the day.
“Hey, it’s okay. Talk to me.” He mumbled, tilting your head away from his chest so he could get a look at you. That’s when he’d realised.
“Why did he have to leave?” You whimpered into Chris’ arms. “Why wasn’t I good enough?” You wailed.
“No. Never think that. You’re perfect.” He tried to reassure you.
“Everyone says I should be over it by now. I know it’s been five years but he just left!” You cried.
“Who’s said you should be over it?” Chris’ eyebrows furrowed as you told him about your day in the office, his teeth gritted as you’d explained what your boss had said. “You don’t have to be strong. You don’t have to be strong for anyone. That’s your father, you can grieve for as long as you need.” He mumbled to you.
“I’ve got you now. I’ll never leave you.” He whispered lovingly in your ear, cradling you close to his chest.
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ilovefandoms102 · a day ago
What Lover’s Do-Part 4*
Pairing: King!Chris Evans x Princess!Reader
Summary: The King and Queen host a ball for their enemies, what could go wrong?
Note: Happy to announce that @halsmultibitch​ is joining @jeyramarie​ and I to work on this wonderful series! I hope you guys enjoy please let us know!
Warnings🛑: violence, attempted kidnap and murder, sword fighting, mentions of blood, implied smut
Part 3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The morning began with the king and queen awaking in each other’s arms, still naked from the previous night…
Chris kissed Y/n slowly, their lips lazily moving together as he rolled to his back while she threw her leg over to straddle his waist. He felt up her naked back, his thumbs brushing the sides of her breasts.
“Maybe we should skip our royal duties today, my king.” she whispered against his lips.
“I would love to, my queen, but I need to have a word with my advisor and how he speaks to my wife.” Chris informed her.
Tumblr media
“You wanted to see me, your majesty.” Hugo sighed as he entered the king's royal office.
“Yes, the matter concerns my wife, and your queen.” Chris said, his deadly calm tone alarming Hugo a bit.
“What about her?” Hugo asked, gulping as he stood straighter when the king began approaching him.
“I believe you should show respect towards your queen, Hugo.”
“I’m sorry your highness but she certainly has not shown it towards me.” Hugo scoffed, squeaking like a little girl when the king snatched the front of his coat.
“Let me make this very, very clear…you show your queen some fucking respect or I’ll have your head.” Chris growled.
“Fine! Yes, your majesty.” Hugo huffed, gulping when Chris shoved him away.
“Now that’s settled, make the preparations for this evening's ball. We need to make sure we have extra guards on watch in case Rhea tries anything, and we need extra eyes on the queen.” Chris ordered, Hugo nodding along.
“I will get right on that sir.” Hugo said, smirking when his back was to the king as he went to find his dear friend.
“Fetch Reginald.” Hugo barked at the nearest maid, walking into his private quarters. The squably man came in minutes later, his smile eager.
“You called sir? Is it time?” he asked excitedly, watching Hugo’s every move as he took a seat behind his desk. Hugo propped his feet up, a malicious grin etching on his face.
“Rhea is coming to the ball tonight, which means we must act.” Hugo informed, tapping his fingers on the wood.
“The king will want extra eyes on the queen,” Reginald said, his eyes lighting up.
“Exactly, so we make sure they’re distracted with other efforts, and the queen is open.” Hugo cackled evilly.
“So the queen will be attacked tonight?” Reginald smirked.
“Hopefully more than that my friend, and who knows, maybe the king goes with her.” Hugo grinned, taking his feet down as he pulled out a piece of parchment and his quill.
“What are you doing sir?” Reginald asked.
“Making a deal, I think Rhea will definitely appreciate my offer.” Hugo chuckled as he wrote.
Tumblr media
“You look, absolutely stunning my queen.” Jane smiled as she finished up y/n’s makeup.
“Thank you Jane, I appreciate that.” she nodded kindly.
“It helps that you have the glow.” Jane giggled, walking around the queen to start her hair.
“Glow?” the queen asked, not understanding what her friend meant.
“You know when-when um, couples who are deeply in love consummate they just have a-well-…a glow.” Jane explained, smiling at the queen’s confused expression.
“In plain words, it means the king is very good in bed.” Jane winked, making the queen blush.
“Jane! You are so vulgar!” Y/n teased, both girls giggling incessantly.
“It is true!” Jane insisted.
“It’s secret information, Jane.” the queen smiled, thinking about her night and many times after that Chris had made love to her.
“It’s not that secret when the whole castle can hear.” Jane quipped teasingly.
“That’s not true!” y/n sputtered, mortified at the thought of everyone hearing.
“I’m only teasing my queen.” Jane laughed, taking a brush through y/n’s beautiful hair.
The girls were still laughing when Chris walked in, his heart palpitated at the sight of his wife. Her beauty was truly astonishing, he would always be thankful he turned down Rhea’s proposal until the day he died. The king couldn’t wait to see her belly grow with their child, their heir to the throne.
“Something the matter, my king?” Y/n asked, arching a brow at her husband through the mirror.
“Nothing my queen, just admiring your beauty.” he smirked at her blushing cheeks.
“Away with you, I am trying to get ready.” the queen stammered, shooing him with the wave of her hand.
“Jane, could you excuse the queen and I for a moment?” Chris asked kindly, the maid nodding as she left the room winking at the queen.
Once Jane had left, Chris crept closer to his wife. He smiled as he kept his eye contact with her through the mirror, making y/n stir in her seat. Chris bent down, leaving a loving kiss on her exposed collar bone, tempted to leave his mark on her perfectly untarnished skin. Maybe a tiny one wouldn’t hurt…
“Chris!” Y/n gasped as she felt him nip at her skin.
“Yes my love?” Chris smirked, kissing the bruise before looking over at his wife.
“You are a naughty boy,” she couldn’t help but to grin at his stupidly handsome face.
“I like being naughty with you my queen.” he grinned wider, kissing her soft lips.
What was supposed to be a short kiss turned into a deep, hungry, and passionate make out. The queen somehow ended up carried to their bed with the king on top of her, hurriedly shoving her dress up. Y/n quickly shoved his trousers down, never once breaking their searing kiss.
This wasn’t making love, no, this was pure hunger and desire. The pair knew they had to be quick for the ball started soon, but Chris would take his time with his queen later.
Tumblr media
Nobles from Oria, Thera, and Tana filled the castle, no sign of queen Rhea yet. Chris tried to hide how nervous he was about this ball, things could go south very quickly. He took every precaution to keep y/n safe, and he didn’t plan on leaving her side even for a moment.
“You’re very tense, my king.” Y/n whispered, squeezing his hand as they sat at their thrones.
“This can go one of two ways tonight y/n, and I need you to be prepared.” he murmured.
“I know darling, I’ll be ok.” she reassured him with a small smile and a kiss on his perfect lips.
“I love you,” he whispered.
“I love you very much,” she whispered back.
Queen Rhea made her arrival with her daughter Catherine, a snoodish look on both their faces. Chris and Y/n stood as they approached, all royals bowing.
“Thank you for joining us tonight, your majesty.” Y/n spoke kindly, immediately snubbed by the queen who only addressed her husband.
“I trust you remember my daughter Christopher, the rightful queen of Oria.” Rhea sneered.
“Do not start with this shit Rhea.” Chris growled, his temper rising as Catherine smirked at his wife.
Y/n saw it before anyone, the man standing at just the right angle with a bow and arrow pointed at her head.
This was a trap.
“Chris!” she shouted, pointing at the Tana guard just as he shot the arrow.
Y/n drew Chris’s sword in just enough time to black the arrow, chaos breaking amongst the people. The Tanaian army was disguised as noble people, all drawing swords and swinging at their enemies. Chris took his sword back, pulling y/n behind him.
Rhea laughed maniacally as all hell broke loose.
“KILL THEM ALL!” she screeched, Y/n now knew why they called Rhea ‘the mad queen’.
“Chris, you must help your men!” Y/n said as they hid behind their thrones.
“I will not leave you!” he shouted, successfully blocking another guard.
“I can protect myself, I know how!” she insisted, pulling a sword she had purposefully hidden.
Chris held her face in his hands, his eyes wild. He trusted her, but he could not bear the thought of anything happening to her. She was the most precious thing to him, she was his sole happiness.
“I know, I know, but I can’t. Please, my men know what they’re doing.” he said frantically brushing her hair from her face.
“Then we shall fight together. I will not let anyone harm you, even if I have to jump in front of you.” Y/n said with steel determination.
“I would not doubt that for a minute my queen.” he smiled as he kissed her briefly before they went back to defending themselves.
Chris was very impressed at his wife’s swordsmanship, she moved with such grace and beauty like nothing he’d ever seen. A glance too long ended in tragedy. Chris’s eyes widened when an arrow lodged itself into his queen’s shoulder. Her scream of pain made his rage amplify, swinging his sword and killing every man in his way to get to his wife.
The queen was in agonizing pain, blood was leaking as she tried to pull herself back up. She gritted her teeth, and yanked the arrow from her shoulder. She screeched in pain, whimpering as she was kicked down by Rhea. Y/n scooted away as fast as she could, looking around for Chris. Rhea let out a battle cry as she raised her sword, swinging it down towards y/n. The queen sobbed as she thought it was her ending, but Chris got there just in time.
“ENOUGH!” Chris bellowed, the soldiers stopping immediately.
“Orian’s, Therainian’s, escort every soul in this palace from Tana to the dungeons…along with their queen and her heir.” Chris snarled, the soldiers obeyed their king at once.
“This isn’t over Christopher!” Rhea screamed as a guard pulled her away.
“Chris,” y/n whispered, the king rushing to his wife.
“My love,” Chris sobbed as he took his wife in his arms.
“I’m ok, just need a bit of stitching.” she sniffled, rubbing his cheek with her hand.
“This is the closest I ever want to come to losing you.” Chris croaked out, gathering y/n in his arms before whisking them off to their chambers.
Tumblr media
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starduststevie · 2 days ago
training wheels // andy barber x reader
no minors, pls, i write adult content (this is a dom/sub relationship)
Tumblr media
andy comes into the bedroom, his jaw clenched
'hard day, babe?' you ask, smoothing out the duvet before walking over to kiss your partner, stroking his bearded cheek
'you could fucking say that,' andy sighs, cupping your face before kissing you with such force that you know that he's putting his frustration into it
'how can i make you feel better, sir?' you bite your bottom lip, looking up at him through your eyelashes
andy clicks his tongue a few times, a face filled with faux contemplation
he sits onto the bed with a large smirk and unbuckled his belt
knowing what he wants, you sink onto your knees, waiting for your next instruction
'open up,' andy demands, voice gruff as he taps your bottom lip with his thick, weeping cock
letting your mouth fall open, andy bucks his hips forward until he's at the back of your throat
'calm down,' he demands, holding your head in place as you gag around him, eyes burning. 'relax your throat, darlin'
rushing to clutch your thumb in your fist, you breathe in through your nose, all the while your throat is burning and your body is aching for air
'that's my girl,' andy praises, slowly easing his grip on your head. 'see, you can take sir's cock all the way down that pretty little throat of yours.'
letting out a little hum around his cock, you being to bob your head, your tongue focusing on the vein on the underside of his cock
your head bobs steadily for a few moments before andy pushes your head down until he hits the back of your throat once more
again, you choke, gagging as tears drip down your face, mixing with the saliva on your chin
digging your nails into andy's thigh, you try your hardest to steady your breathing as your throat relaxes, giving andy a little more room
now you're a little more comfortable, you cup andy's balls and massage the heavy flesh and he groans, throwing his head back and losing some of his composure
he quickly regains it, keeping your head down as his cock twitches inside of your mouth
'you get to breathe when you've swallowed all of my cum, do you understand?' andy taunts, pushing your head further to emphasise his point and you gently nod, not wanting to hurt him
it doesn't take long as you continue to use your tongue to pleasure your boyfriend, allowing him to use you in any way that he sees fit
as his cock twitches, you know that he's close so you massage his balls once again, your lungs burning in desperation
andy groans as he cums, shooting his seed down the back of your throat and you try not to gag
you gently swallow around andy's cock, feeling him grow softer and giving you a little more space to breathe
eagerly, you swallow as much of andy as possible, minimising the amount of cum that dribbles down your face
'you did so well, baby,' he praises, pulling you onto his lap. 'sir is very pleased with you.'
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