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campbellstruts 2 days ago
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Made a thing 鉂わ笍馃馃徎馃└
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travis-littlest-meowmeow 2 days ago
*Travis standing outside during a thunderstorm.*
*Chris sees him and goes out to stand next to him*
Chris: What are you doing?
Travis: Hoping to get struck by lightning.
Chris: Right.
Chris: How about you come inside and I make you some tomato soup.
Travis: With grilled cheese?
Chris, nodding: With grilled cheese.
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crowleykoh 2 days ago
Is anyone else from the South super uncomfortable on Travis' behalf when he's arguing with his parents?
I can't speak for everyone, but where I'm from, all that is really awful to be so relatable. I live in the southern states of the U. S. and the Hacketts are a family dynamic so similar to what I have grown up around.
Before the moment actually happened, would you have thought Travis was the type to tell his mother to shut the fuck up? If you were paying attention, the answer is no. He might be weird and annoyed at shit, but he's not disrespectful for no reason.
When he snaps at Constance, he's panicked, and trying to take control of a situation he knows he doesn't hold power in. His badge means nothing to his parents, it's painfully clear his mother has no respect for him. She refers to him as "a good boy" or "no good boy", she keeps herself firmly in his eyes as his mother first.
And when his dad corrects him for speaking like that to his mother? Travis immediately backs down as calmly as possible.
He's probably pumped full of cortisol and adrenaline, sick to his gut with nerves, and he's still putting his father's temper ahead of other priorities.
You wanna know what causes that? Having a fucking hyper reactive, volatile father. A temper that you can feel through the walls, and a shout that silences everyone that hears it instantly.
Chris probably didn't have it much better, but definitely not as bad. He wasn't the oldest, wasn't the one responsible for taking care of the family, as the oldest is expected to do in the South.
Bobby wasn't in a position to be responsible in the same was as Travis, and being was probably babied by Constance, judging off how her husband reacts to her being shot.
Mothers obsess and romanticize having a few sons and one "baby girl" for them to protect around here. And fathers love to play the over protective role like it's an honored tradition.
All of Travis' behavior and body language is so loudly telling of a story that is literally never mentioned, but absolutely familiar.
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cloned-soldier 2 days ago
Today I found out that when you spare Chris and kill Caleb with the silver bullet it does not cure Chris' and the werewolf infection of the others according to the status in the epilogue...?
Or did supermassive games messed that up because they didn't expect people to cure Chris?
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a-xii 4 hours ago
Who is the worst character in the quarry and why is it Constance Hackett?
I literally can't even listen to her and wonder why laura hasn't been knocked her down before.
When the gun went off in her face I was like "yeah finally".
Travis was a bad person for how he treated Laura and Max in prison, but I still felt bad for him in the scene where he talked to his mother.
The way Constance expresses herself about counselors was awful or the way she talked about Nick in werewolf form as if her grandchildren and son weren't infected at all either.
Yes, of course, I understand that she lost her granddaughter and had been afraid for her family for several years and the counselors only made things more difficult. Even so, that still doesn't excuse her in how she treated her family member, Travis. Literally the guy sacrificed the last 6 years of his life to help his family, and still they treat him like he's unimportant. When he shot Chris in self defense he immediately started threatening him that he's gonna tell their mom like dude you're grown ass man lmao
Hackett family is the game antagonist, but Constance... I can't stand this woman
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multi-fandom-imagine 2 days ago
Chris Hackett totally has a predator/prey or marking kink...maybe some BDSM.
oh my god yesss !!!
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Keep sending them guys! Cause I鈥檒l totally write a fic with them
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grahoriasfancave 20 hours ago
Just finished Chapter 1 of The Quarry, here's my thoughts on the characters so far
Laura: the reckless one who goes "let's go into the creepy abandoned house, don't be a wimp" and then gets killed, methinks. But I don't think she's dead yet?? Max: the malewife to Laura's gaslight gatekeep girlboss. Feels like the kinda guy to unashamedly watch sappy movies while crying and eating tubs of chocolate ice cream when sad. He's the Hannah Washington of the game. Cop Dude: creeeepyyyy. Either the motel's a trap or he knew exactly what was going on when Laura "tricked" him.
Chapter 1
Jacob: himbo with fratboy energy, has definitely won a game of gay chicken despite being straight. He needs to learn that no means no, but in a big-dog-that-thinks-he's-still-a-puppy kind of way. Kaitlyn: QUEEN. Takes no shit, will still be the designated driver of the group and provide emotional support on a bad day. Not mom material, but would make one heckuva cool aunt. Dylan: the token ADHD-coded snarker. Smells fruity, and I'm not talking about his little sister's shampoo that he uses bc he refuses to admit he packed it by mistake. Lowkey craves validation and uses humour to both acquire it and play it off as a joke. Nick: awkward softboi. Probably gonna fulfil the Final Girl/Main Character trope. I can see him fending off beasties with a hatchet or crowbar or something. But will he get the girl? (absolutely not) Abigail: sweetheart who needs protecting. A closeted lesbian who panicked and told Emma she had a crush on Nick when pressed, because he was the first guy that came to mind. She carries around one of those travel hand sanitizers that smells like cookies. Emma: sassy wine aunt vibes. Took both ballet and martial arts from an early age and half wants some creep to catcall her so she can kick his butt. Feels like she could go from bestie to poisoned dagger at the drop of a hat, but in a "I will roast you to your face and it will hurt" way, not a backstabbing way. Ryan: everyone thinks he's a brooding loner, but it's really the autism. 100% had to grow up too fast and is habitually the responsible one. His love language is quality time. Mr. Hackett: needs to CHILL. Explain your involvement with the local creature attacks a little please, sir. Other than that, the dadliest of dads.
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lacteaway 6 days ago
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Welp! Fun time's over! Time for him to suffer from ptsd
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kamuidr0me 10 days ago
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vhs tape boxes ripped from the textures (聽part 1 / part 2 )
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cwistopherhartley 6 days ago
鈥淵ou shot me? I鈥檓 telling mom.鈥 IS SUCH AN UNDERRATED LINE LIKE
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failingqtesleftandright 11 days ago
You know what is endlessly entertaining to me? The thought of Max and Laura following Travis' 'suggestion' and going to the Motel instead of to the Camp, and the next day they tell Chris about this "creepy-ass cop" who "kept yelling at us and being super cryptic."
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giveamadeuschohisownmovie 14 days ago
鈥淭he Quarry鈥 spoilers, no context:
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travis-littlest-meowmeow 2 days ago
The hackett Brothers probably all lived at home even if they had other places that they lived and slept at. All but maybe Travis and Bobby. Travis had nowhere else to go so he just settled on sleeping in the abandoned police station, at least he'd be left alone and get some quiet. Bobby lived at home since he was the baby of the three and Chris stayed at the quarry.
Not like Travis didn't want to get the fuck away from all this shit and his family who seemed to treat him like dirt, even Chris who had been close with. This damn werewolf shit had fucked up an already fucked up situation. Travis felt trapped.
Even if he did try and find his own place it's not like there was anything available that would be close enough so he could protect his family and patrol on the full moon. So he does what he can to give himself a small amount of comfort, he sleeps/lives at the now empty police station.
He's alone, truly. His life wasnt the best before but at the very least he had Chris who would follow him like a lost puppy and tried his best to life his mood and treat any wounds once he was older.
Now? Travis barely saw Chris unless it was because his younger brother needed something. It hurt, it truly did. Travis was alone, set adrift with no one he could depend on but himself.
He's thought about just ending it all and letting his family run rampant but he couldn't, he couldn't subject innocent people to that.
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crowleykoh 2 days ago
Thinking about how differently Travis and Chris handle panic.
Chris absolutely loses it when the car doesn't start.
Travis holds his shit together even when everyone in a room is aiming a gun at one another.
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blackrevell 9 days ago
When Travis said "Family is the most important thing in the world", it sounded so flat and rehearsed. And then he hints at the reason why family, perhaps, is not worth the self destruction.
Fast forward to that chapter in the Hackett's house, you hear his ma brutally push the "good boy protects his family no matter what" narrative, while Travis, a 56 years old man, has the body language of a child punished.
No wonder he carries so much conflict within himself. A wonder, though, that he didn't turn even worse.
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fatalefame 12 days ago
Im seeing a lot of confusion about why the Hacketts had a Summer Camp. They didn鈥檛 make it a summer camp after they got all wolfy. The camp was established in the 50s. They鈥檝e only been wolves for 6 years.
That鈥檚 also why the camp runs for two months. They didn鈥檛 change the dates because they want to appear normal.
It鈥檚 also shown this family isn鈥檛 the best when it comes to money, and general planning, etc.
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multi-fandom-imagine 2 days ago
If Travis Hackett has a Praise Kink then what king of Kink would Chris Hackett have?
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dylanlenievy 7 days ago
do we all think about the scene with dylan in the scrapyard or that鈥檚 just me 馃槙
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greatrunner 6 days ago
鈥淵ou shot me, I鈥檓 telling Mom鈥 might be the funniest thing I heard from The Quarry, because it goes so unremarked by Travis, who鈥檚 trying not to strangle his brother in a situation out of their control.
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kamuidr0me 9 days ago
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the quarry tarot cards ( 0-ix / x-xiiii / xx + back + death variants )
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