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#chris hemsworth
tragiclyhip · 2 days ago
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Chris in the kitchen. Whats hotter than a hot man cooking? Nothing 🔥
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obsessedwithseb · 11 hours ago
It says you write for Hemsworth so ..
*deep breath*
Would you do one where the reader is the daughter of a good friend of his and whenever they have to do something Chris looks after her, but one day Chris finds out she's ticklish...
Maybe they could be on set and hiddleston could walk in..
Idk If this makes sense
(Maybe with raspberries if u wanted)
Interesting fact…
pairing: Chris Hemsworth x female!reader (ft. Tom Hiddleston)
Warnings: none just a loooot of tickles and fluff
Word count: 1954
Summary: when Chris picked you up for visiting the set of the new Thor movie, he found out an interesting fact about you, someone else followed soon.
A/N: this escalated quickly… I didn’t plan on writing that much haha, also I think this is kinda bad?… however, have fun reading it
Tumblr media
"When am I going to see him again?" You eagerly asked, looking up at your dad who was doing some work in the kitchen.
"See who again?" He turned to you and tilted his head, only the way you looked at him gave him the answer he was waiting for, "oh you mean Chris! I don't know, want me to call him?" You nod your head. Since Hemsworth was good friends with your dad, you saw him as an uncle. He always looks after you if he has time, kind of babysitting you. His children and you are also friends, whenever it's possible you go over and play with them, even tho you're a teenager and they're still a bit small, you loved playing with them! You love chris, and you know he loves you like his own daughter.
Your father went to get his phone, typing in chris' number and holding it to his ear when he did. He was waiting, but Chris didn't take long to answer the call. You excitedly watched your dad talking with Chris, only hearing your dad's replies.
"Yeah? Would it be possible? It would? You're gonna ask them? Yeah go on, and tell me if she's allowed to. Alright mate, I'll see you!" The call ended, he glared at you while he put his phone into the back pocket of his jeans. Your eyes met his, with a shine of hope.
"He's shooting a movie, but he'll ask the director if you can come over for a day." He said ,"or two" with a wink he gave you, you let out an excited squeal. It made your dad chuckle.
"Now go and do your homework before I get another call from your teacher." Your eyes widened and the happy face soon went into a shocked one. This damn teacher really called your dad.. you thought he was joking...
Days went by and Chris had picked you up from home after the director, Taika Waititi, allowed you to come visiting the set. You always loved to be on the set of the Marvel movies, especially since the other actors and actresses welcomed you lovely all the time and are happy to see you again. You were excited, dancing and humming softly to the song that played in the radio. Chris looked at you for a quick second and let out a soft laugh, he loves the way you are happy whenever you're with him.
"Are you excited to see the crew again?" He asked you and had his eyes focused on the Highway to the set. You nodded frantically, smiling wide from one ear to the other.
"They're excited to see you again too, Taika didn't hesitate saying yes to my question." He pulled over into some private area, knowing that means you are close to get to set. You looked out of the window, there wasn't anything special to see, only some fields, trees and you could see a forest in the distance.
When the both of you arrived, the car didn't stop and the door on your side swung open with you hopping out of the rolling car.
"Y/N! Would you come back here!?" Chris shouted after you with a smile as he watched you running away. You giggled and stopped, turning around to wait for Hemsworth.
"Then move your ass over here!" You shouted back, metres away from him. He had to roll his eyes, turning off the engine and getting out of the car. When he walked towards you, he had this playfully grin on his face, poking your side as he passed you. You jumped away with eyes wide opened, a shriek almost escaping your lips, you just hoped he didn't notice this.
"You doesn't even know where you have to go." He kept on walking, it seemed like he didn't notice your reaction on his poke, but he did. He had this slight smirk on his face, you didn't see it, but he indeed noticed your reaction on this little poke he did.
"Well, i would have guessed where to go!" You looked after him, starting to run as he kept on walking further into the set to keep up with the Australian.
"Is that my favourite darling right there?" You heard a familiar voice asking the silence. you turned around to see Tom Hiddleston, already in his role as Loki, sitting in his set chair and smiling at you. You happily walked towards him, jumping a bit on the way to the British actor. You loved Tom, so much, you are always happy when you get the chance to meet him again, and you also loved his character Loki. It is such a crazy feeling seeing the character, which most of the people only see on screen, in real life, that the character is standing in front of you, it always feels like you were in a dream.
"Tom!" You greeted him excitedly, hugging him tight, "I missed you."
"I missed you too, darling. It's been such a long time!" His arms wrapped around your back, welcoming you with a squeeze and rubbing your back during the hug. You felt comforted in his arms and didn't let go any time soon. This probably has been the longest hug you've ever had and Chris had none of that.
"Would you stop hugging him longer than me?! I didn't get such a lovely tight hug!" The jealousy was audible in his voice and you couldn't hold back your giggles.
"Oh you think this is funny do you?" A sudden touch of fingers clawing into your sides made you shriek up in surprise. Your heart dropped to your stomach while giggles are just pouring out of your mouth. You pulled away from Tom, falling back into Hemsworth's chest, a colour of bright red appearing on your cheeks. Chris hugged you into a bear hug, now digging his fingertips into your tummy.
"Why didn't I know that you are this ticklish?" You squirmed in his hold, giggles escalating when he put more pressure into tickling your sensitive belly. Tom enjoyed it, seeing you this giggly and smiling in the arms of his co worker, he thought about all the pranks you pulled on him, now knowing the best way to get you back for everything you've done to him.
"Chrihihis!" You didn't even know you were that ticklish, you father doesn't tickle you that often since you've grown up into a teen, slowly leaving his little princess behind and becoming an adult. It was a heartbreaking scene for your dad seeing you growing up that fast, but you were still his daughter, the one he loves the most, but due work, he barely has time for you but he tried his best being there for you. Anyway, Chris' hands are crawling up your sides, ending up at your lower rib cage. with a squeal as he dug his fingers in, your knees got weak and you fell into his arms, he had a strong grip on you so you couldn't fall to the ground, but hanging in there while he tickled the living hell out of you, made everything much worse, especially while Tom was starring at you in amusement.
"Hold still, I'm trying to tickle you!" The moment his fingers dug in between your ribs, you lost it. Hysterical laughter left your mouth, chris and Tom heard the pure joy and happiness out of them and they couldn't hold back the big grin they had on their faces. Chris truly enjoyed tickling you, and secretly you enjoyed being tickled, but no one needs to know that, right? The longer the attack went, the more weak you got, not being able to fight back or squirm.
"CHRIHI- AHAHA!" A vibration on your neck and the stubbles of Chris' beard made you squeal in ticklish agony. A raspberry was plant by the Australian, making you go double with laughter. You knew, you couldn't last that long anymore, his hands, which are now squeezing your hips with his left and digging into your ribs still with his right hand, made the whole situation worse. And that's when you fell into your silent laughter, blushing deep red and cheeks hurting from the wide smile on your face.
Hemsworth knew it was his cue to stop, but he didn't let go of you, hugging you as a gesture of comfort.
"Ahhh this was adorable wasn't it?" He started, "and now I even got a longer hug than Hiddleston, HA!" Your eyes widened as you heard the gasp from Tom, that is a joke isn't it? Tom got up, walking towards the both of you with this mischievous smirk on his lips, he was definitely already in character as Loki Laufeyson.
"My my my.. D/N you really want to be tickled today, huh?"
"I was forced to hug him! He tickled me!"
"watch your words in these bad circumstances!" Chris teased, grinning down at your desperately, giggly state. A few seconds went by and you, again, felt tickly fingers on your sensitive skin, spidering up and down your sides, leaving you there as the giggly mess you were before.
"Tohohom! ihim sohorry!" You giggled, holding onto the Britain's wrists. Chris didn't let you go, he still had a strong grip on you and everything just made it worse. While they chuckles along with you, some of the cast members went by with an amused and soft smile.
"Poor girl, what has she done now?" Tessa asked and stopped for a quick second to watch this adorable scene in front of her.
"She hugged Hiddleston longer than me!"
"And then she hugged Hemsworth longer than me!"
"Ihihi wahahas fohohorced!" You heard the giggles from tessa through your own, her smile grew a bit wider.
"Just please don't kill her, yeah?"
"We won't." Answered Tom and scribbled to the middle part of your tummy.
"Now... where's your tickle spot hiding mhhh?" Is he playing dumb on purpose or was his attention on something else while Chris attacked your ribs? However, he switched spots and his hands were found on your hips, drilling his thumbs in. You kicked your feet out and squealed with a fit of giggles.
"Now that's a sensitive spot!" Hiddleston said and kept on drilling his thumbs in your sensitive hipbones.
"I know a better one!" Chris exclaimed happily and dug his fingertips into your ribs again. If you thought it couldn't get any worse, it just got. Both of the men tortured the most sensitive spots on your body with their tickles while they couldn't stop teasing you. Even tho their teases weren't really the most flustering ones, but they still made you blush.
"WAHAHAIT! AHAHA!" You threw your head back on Chris' shoulder, trashing from side to side in his arms.
"Mh? Is someone ticklish hereeee?" Your giggles increased just the moment both of them used more pressure on the spots they were tickling.
"Cootchie cootchie cooooo!" The fact that Tom used a baby voice just made you laugh more because it sounded so hilarious, luckily he didn't notice it. But something he did notice is the colour of your cheeks which went darker and darker, flustered from they words they say and the things they do.
"Fineeee" both of them stopped their actions and you caught your breath, a kiss was plant on your temple from Chris and your tummy lovingly got rubbed by him as well, getting rid of the tickly feeling.
“That was mean…” you giggled out of breath, slowly catching a steady rhythm back. Hemsworth chuckled softly.
“Oh you loved it.” He said “you didn’t say stop.”
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vbecker10 · 2 days ago
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I'll still take it
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chrisquartet · 17 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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geekcavepodcast · 2 days ago
Tom Burke Joins “Furiosa”
Tumblr media
Tom Burke has joined the cast of Warner Bros. Furiosa, the spinoff to Mad Max: Fury Road. Burke will replace Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who had to leave Furiosa due to a scheduling conflict. Burke joins Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth. The film is directed by George Miller.
Deadline broke the news.
(Image of Tom Burke in The Souvenir)
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tragiclyhip · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More Hot man Cooks with Chris Hemsworth 🔥🔥
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bourneblack · a year ago
No one’s saying this so I guess I’ve gotta: no more shirtless scenes for men if the actors gotta starve himself. Its just as bad as woman being forced to lose weight for a needless sex scene/photoshoot what have you. If it endangers the health of the individual it should not be encouraged.
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nunyabizni · a year ago
I like how you can tell this was a completely random incident where the stars aligned just right to make magic happen
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mcavoys · 20 days ago
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LIMITLESS WITH CHRIS HEMSWORTH (2022) Official Trailer | Disney+
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chrisquartet · a year ago
Daily Affirmations
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