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lareinenoir · 4 hours ago
The Knots
C.E x Black Reader
Tumblr media
Song; “ jealousy and Hennessy” By Kidd Travis
Warning: SMUT🔞. {A/N: I’d skip this chapter if you aren’t comfortable. Also lmk if you wanna be tagged in the next part.
Chris had come home everyday from set seeing his wife still laying in bed. Your bonnet covering your head and your soft snores echoing in the giant spacious room. He kissed your head everyday to wake you up. Your eyes wouldn’t open at first but you could hear him just fine.
“Hey.” He whispers
“Mm.” You would moan back as he lifted your head onto his lap.
His hands caressing your face as he fixed your bonnet that was sliding off. The buzz was still prevalent on social media, but he didn’t want to stress you about it. A lot of people wanted to hear from you and asked questions directed towards you. Chris didn’t say anything though. You weren’t active on social media, mostly because it wasn’t real. Everyone was always hiding something or posting passive aggressively. Frankly, you just didn’t care that much. Your life wasn’t that interesting. You knew Chris’ fans loved you and Chris enjoyed reading their praises to you when he’d answer some fan mail.
“Who’s PO Box is this again?” He would laugh
Today though. Chris was kind of fed up with your sad spirit. He’d come home to cuddle with you and you’d just watch movies together until you fell back asleep. You’d only leave to take a shower and he noticed you’d skip meals seeing the sink clean from any dishes. He bought your favorite, French toast and you’d nibble on it sometimes or just simply say, “no, I’m not hungry.”
“I’m just not feeling well.” You told him
He had stopped believing that. No one was sick for almost a month. He offered to take you to the hospital but you denied it.
“I’ll feel better tomorrow.”
Tomorrow came. It came again and again and still your sickness never stopped. Chris decided to just let you be. He didn’t want to pressure you but he never forgot to remind you every day that he loved you.
“I’m just so tired.” You moaned looking up at him
“I see.” He chuckled lightly. “Wanna talk about it?”
You shook your head. “About what?”
“Come on.” His Boston accent peaking as he took off his glasses and rested them on the table.
You knew what he was talking about. You ignored him and sat up, climbing on top of his lap as his hands rested on your ass squeezing it a few times. You kiss his nose and rub your thumb across his little stubble.
“How was work?”
“Good. We did a read through. The trailer is supposed to be out tomorrow so, hopefully it’s good.” He smiled, adjusting your bonnet again.
“That’s good. I’m proud of you.” You smirked kissing his cheek. Your hands climbed the back of his neck rubbing his buzzed hair.
He auditioned for the roll months ago and got a call back last week. He had been preparing for the trailer. It was a romance film. Chris was playing an eighteen year old boy in the 50s who was serving in the army while his fiancé, who he has known since elementary school wrote letters to him for twelve months about how she getting sent back to Trinidad with her family and slowly she was falling out of love. He hadn’t told her who was playing his love interest, he was told to keep that to himself.
“Do I know this female lead?” You asked raising a brow. He nods hos head and you lean down to kiss his neck. “Mmm.” You expressed tasting his skin. Your skin getting goosebumps as he ran his hands along your back, feeling no bra. “Did you kiss her today?”
“No.” He spoke. “Their are kissing scenes and one love scene.”
You sat up and raised your brow as Chris laughed. “Babe. Come on. Don’t be jealous.” Your scoffed and hopped off his lap, throwing the pillow at him. You weren’t really jealous, you knew this was part of his job. This wasn’t just your man, you shared Chris Evans with the whole world.
“Whatever. I want you to brush your teeth after you kiss her. Got it.” You narrow your brows and he raised his hand.
“I swear.”
Chris crawled off the bed and eyes you sneakily. He wanted to keep kissing you. You felt a little better after that little excitement. It was the highlight of your day. Your body quivered as he tried to snatch at your waist.
“You lie.” You shake your head backing away.
“I haven’t seen you all day.” He smirked watching you take off your little boy shorts. “Are those my boxers?” He asks.
“Yup.” You nod popping the ‘p’ and raising one of your legs. “And I’m not wearing anything underneath.” You said in a low voice as Chris licked his lips. “It’s three in the afternoon. No one told your ass to leave at two in the morning.”
“You’re right I’m sorry.” He laughed
“If you wanted to see other people you could have just said that.” You scoffed holding up your hand.
“Duty calls.” Chris laughed standing up from the bed and walking over to you. “Forgive me?” He asks clasping his hands together as if to say a prayer. “I won’t leave anymore today.”
You roll your eyes and back out of the room. “Catch me, first.” You laugh and bolted down the stairs. Your feet almost trip over Dodger who was laying at the bottom. Running for the back door you hear Chris shout your name. “Dodger, outside.” You command him in a whisper
“Y/N!” Chris shouts again making you squeal with anticipation. Dodger takes his precious time walking over to the door. Chris always had this little walk. It was a jog-no strut he always did. It became more prominent when he was feeling himself. You heard the pads of his feet slap against the floor followed by another sneaky chuckle. “Y/N.” He calls
Chris heard you ushering Dodger out the back door and took his sweet time as well. He was in no hurry to catching you. His eyes scanned the living room at the bottom of the stairs because you were no where to be found. Hide n seek was new. He found your shirt on the ground and he picked it up hearing you giggle loudly.
Tumblr media
“So she’s naked.” He bent down and picked it up. It smelled just like you as he took a Whiff of the shea butter and coconut oil. Your bonnet was on the table and he laughed loudly. “So what’s my reward if I find you, huh?” He asks sucking his teeth looking around. “Alexa! Close the curtains.” He said out loud.
It was pitch black. You could see him clearly still. His figure is outlined in the darkness. You had hidden behind the door in the den. His jacket covers you, but you were growing sweaty. He wouldn’t find you. Chris thought he was being slick and you stepped out from behind the small coat rack and grabbed the little lantern from the shelf above you. He heard you moving around and turned in your direction.
“I’ve found you.” You say turning the lantern on
Chris stood just a few feet away from you. His eyes gawking at your body. His hand over his mouth tried to hide his grin as he bit his lip. Sucking in his teeth you hold up the lantern and put it on the small coffee table. Chris admired your body.
Your feet land on top of his socks as you lift his shirt from his chest. Your hands ran across his little chest hair and he guided his own hands up and down your side as he breaths on your upper lip. Your foreheads are touched and Chris kisses your coffee-tinted lips and you laugh at his tickling stubble. His eyes gleamed as you took a hold of his waist and pushed his hardening member against you.
“Attention soldier.” You whispered making him cackle. He watched your head toss back in laughter and you said, “I missed you.”
“I miss you too, Y/N.” He replied
His hands gripped you firmly and you both wobbled over to the long couch as your sloppy kisses devoured each other’s mouths. His tongue tried to dominate yours as they danced a steamy tango. You laughed as his back hit the cushion and you pulled his pants down seeing your soldier standing tall.
The little dim light created a shadowy scene in the living room. Your hands grabbed it softly as your spit dropped from your mouth. He sat on his elbows watching you stroke his member up and down teasing him.
“You missed me, baby?” You ask hearing him moan a tiny bit. Your mouth-watering a little itching to taste him.
He inhaled sharply through his teeth as your tongue licked the tip. Your free hand played with his balls as your mouth began to down his cock. The pulsing veins as you bobbed your head up and down as your saliva began to run down your lips. Your fingernails tickle him a bit as he leans his head back moaning your name.
“Y/N…Fuck.” He exhaled
Your eyes peak up at him and you slurp down the warm skin as your hand moved up and down over and over again.
“Ah!” He groaned sucking in some air his eyes were shut, squeezing tight. Was he about to cum? “Fuck!” He dragged out the couch moving back an inch as you bared down on your knees.
You slowed down watching his hairy chest pant, rising and falling at a quicker pace. He was nervous. You laughed to yourself and slowly glided your mouth up his shaft hearing him groan in sexual frustration. Chris quivered and opens his eyes looking down at you as you have him an innocent stare. He chuckled lightly.
“Woman…” he sort of nudged you on. He was so impatient. You decided to stop playing and picked up the speed. His wiggled brows and lips made and ‘o’ as he sat up all the way, watching you suck his dick. “Baby…” he moans again, lifting his hips a little making the couch scratch against the wooden floors. “Fuck, Y/N!” He shouted as you felt him twitch against the roof of your mouth and his warm semen shot towards the back of your throat, some spilling onto his wet cock.
Removing your mouth he grabbed you by the face and watched you gulp his semen. Your tongue licking the corner of your mouth still tasting his salty fluid. Wiping your lips with the pad of his thumb, Chris chuckled and kissed you. His own taste buds tasting the leftovers. He moans against your two lips and you pulled back reaching for his pants. You were sure he had a condom in his wallet. He never left home without one.
“Did you put one in here?” You inquire grabbing his wallet. Your eyes caught a glimpse of him and you posed in front of Lady Liberty halfway twerking. A silly picture really, but it was Chris’ favorite. “I found it.” You didn’t give him a chance to answer as you pulled out the Magnum gold packet.
Ripping it open, Chris watched you slide the plastic barrier onto his tall cock. His hands Instantly grabbed at you, pulling you on top so he could tongue your mouth with lust. It was quick kisses along your neck and ears as he licked your body. His eyes were on your nipples as he began to play with them.
“Fuck.” You whispered watching his mouth pull at your hardening nipples. He stared at you through his eyebrows and traced circles with the other one.
Chris licked circles around the little bumps and he felt your chills as your arm hairs stood straight. He attached his mouth and sucked on it. Your hand ran fingers over his buzz cut back and forth as your neck bent back moaning in passion. He licked them softly as the stinging sensation came over your breasts. Your core began to throb and pulse. Your palm pushed him down onto the cushions. He grunted and watched your eyebrows narrow down in frustration. Your hands each down to take a hold of his solid flesh and poking it right at the opening and boy! Weren’t you open. He grabbed your hips as your raised them and eased your way onto Chris. You both groaned loudly and your lips curved into a smile as your palms rested on his chest.
It felt like a warm hug, but from the inside. Chris watched your eyes stare at his face. You rocked against him slowly and he tried to move you closer to him. You pushed him back onto the couch and licked your lower lip. “Let me do all the work.” You told him as you raised his hand onto your nipples.
Chris’ eye’s glistened and he didn’t hesitate to let you take control. Your rocking decreases and you begin to lift your ass. You watch his eyes roll up as he let out a breath. You laugh and settle back down. He held you up by your breasts as your speed increased. Your core continuing to throb as if to catch pace with your oir racing heartbeat. Chris grunted as you lifted your hips and slammed harder against his cock.
“Ah! Shit! Shit!” You curse with a giggle. Chris ushered you to do it again as he shared the same sensation. Your bodies had accumulated sweat and your palms slipped on and off his chest as you came up and down off his dick.
The friction was like rubbing to sticks together. There was smoke. A lot of smoke. It was hot and your g spot was being hit as you arched your body to hover over him. Chris didn’t complain your breasts touched his nose as you both moaned together breathing on each other’s faces. You would inhale and you’d exhale as he bucked his hip up. Then he would inhale as you exhaled as his hips settled back down. Your hands were on either side of his head your breasts damn near suffocated him. The sticks were still smoking as the friction grew faster and faster with each stride.
“Chris!” You moaned feeling him hit your spot again. “Right there!” You vintage biting your lower lip. “Oh god, right there! Again!” His bucking hips slapping profusely against your flesh brought excitement to your sweaty kitty. “
“You’re almost there, Y/N.” He breathed feeling his own flesh twitching inside. “Cum with me.” He ushered as your arms shook. “There you go!” He coaches and you feel his intense gaze on you. Chris loved to watch you reach your final destination. It brought him more joy.
The smoke was hot and your g spot was being pushed. He watched your brown eyes flicker as your eyes water with anticipation. Your leg spasmed and your heart thumped as you arched your neck. The fire was starting. You felt a few sparks start to fly. You grunted and moaned as you rode him. He was holding out for you and you took a sharp breath. You didn’t want it to end just yet, subconsciously you knew you were missing it on purpose. The tease was just to good. You saw it in Chris’ eyes and he was growing a bit impatient. He was squirming a little. His face dented inward trying to hold back.
“Mmmmm.” You laughed watching him
His mouth opened and he breathed out. “You little…” he moaned gripping your skin and then releasing it over and over again. His eyes would squeeze shut for a millisecond just open them and see you smilingly down at him. His frustration was just too good you felt very sinister. He knew you were doing this on purpose. “you’re sick.” Chris grunts
He connected skin with you again growing that friction. His thrusts into you hitting the button every single time. He chuckled lightly and watched your head throw itself back and forward and you cocked your brow questioning him. Was this his way of punishing you? Chris was desperate and you synced with him again. Your gliding became very soppy and the tingly sensation of your orgasm returned stronger.
“I’m about to-“ you moaned as your eyes met. His pupils got bigger as his smile matched. “Fuck, Chris! Oh-oh-Ah” You nodded watching his eyes roll back. With one last slam against him, the fire was lit.
Your legs were weak and you rode the rest of it out, feeling the condom fill with Chris’ cum. Your sticky bodies met as you flattened yourself on him, but you both quickly fell off landing on the ground. It was surely going to have stains. Chris couldn’t help but laugh as your bodies became undone, him laying next to you with his ear to your abdomen.
“Whoa.” He breathed licking your belly button. “Fuck me.”
“Yeah, I did.” You laugh as he kisses your stomach softly. “We should try sex on the balcony next.”
“So everyone can see your tits?” He scoffed as your hand surrounded his head massaging it a little. Your breaths match each other a little. “Pass.” He was talking about the building across the street. They had no curtains so you could peer into their office with no problem so he was sure without a problem they could see the balcony.
“How about you eat me out on the roof then and we take nudes.” You countered
“Adventurous are we?” He raised a brow kissing your chin
“Fine let’s make a sex tape.” You said laughing
“Whatever you want Y/N.”
You both were catching your breaths. The silence was good and Chris had buried himself in between your boobs and his leg sprawled across you. Your held him sliding your fingernails up and down his neck.
“Do you want to know my favorite body part of yours?” He asks
“Is it my ass?” You ask
“Don’t tell me it’s my eyes.” You asks rolling them.
“That too.” He watched the outline of your puff sway a tiny bit as you laughed.
“So what is it?”
“That beautiful hair.”
There was silence. He cupped your face together and his eyebrows bent. He was buttering you up. It was sweet, really it was. He placed a kiss on your forehead and you squeeze his wrists a little in comfort.
“I know I haven’t been the best wife lately.” You replied feeling yourself begin to cry. “I know you love me and you say I’m beautiful so much I think I’m the word.” You laughed and he smiled at your joke. “I guess I didn’t realize how much I would miss my job.”
He wiped your tears and brought your bodies together again. The embrace was damp, but he hushed you as you cried onto his chest. “I know, baby.”
“Chris, I don’t know what to do. I thought this was a good thing you know. A few days to collect myself and then I’d get over it, but I’m just so tired. I can’t stop thinking if this was a mistake or maybe I was overreacting. What if I go back and try and get my job back, what if I can’t. Then I remind myself of what I quit and how this same damn thing will happen again. Maybe not to me but to someone. It’s not just hair, Chris. Damnit! It’s more than hair! It’s more than fucking hair!” You cried feeling snot begin to fall. “Should I just take one for the team? Fall in line like everyone else? Or march up there and demand an apology like I should’ve done the first time. I don’t even know why the fuck I’m crying about this. This is so stupid!” You shout angrily and pushing away from him and stand up.
“Y/N, it’s ok. Just wait!” He shouted after you. Chris watched you scurry up the stairs. He stood up and slid the condom off himself and tied it off before throwing it away. He grabbed his pants and slid them on his legs and called after you again. “Y/N!”
Tags: @hookedinto-fictionalworlds
(A/N: wanna be tagged? LMK. 😅 byeee)
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geminixevans · 4 months ago
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earthchica · 4 months ago
Birthday Surprise
IMAGINE You and Chris are married with three kids and you throw him a big surprise birthday party. 
Warning: Fluff, Slight Smut.
Word Count: 1.3K
Tumblr media
"Wake up, daddy! it's your special day!" The twins were jumping up and down on the bed with excitement.
I had to register on what they meant and quickly came to realize it was my birthday today, just another reminder of me getting old.
"Okay, I'm up, I'm up," I said, sitting up from the bed and stretching my limbs, before moving the blankets and swinging my legs at the edge of the bed.
"Come on daddy!" The twins said at the same time with a giggle, dragging me downstairs to the kitchen.
My nose was filled with the scent of homemade breakfast.
"Good Morning, birthday boy," My beautiful wife says with a happy smile, throwing her arms in the air.
"Girls this is-" I stopped and placed a hand over my chest. The kitchen was decorated with balloons, party hats, confetti, and a big buffet breakfast on the table.
Y/N made her way towards me, placing a birthday hat on my head while giving me a big kiss.
"This is amazing, girls. thank you so much!" I said with a smile.
I came over to the table and kissed the top of my son's head. He was beaming brightly in his highchair while eating cut-up fruit.
The twins came to sit at the table as Y/N went to get something and once she got back to the table.
We started eating breakfast and chatting a little bit. Shortly after breakfast, we were in the living room and I was opening my present from Y/N and the kids.
You smiled softly, watching the twins proudly present each birthday gift to their dad. Chris opened them with a giant smile on his face.
"I love this so much. Thank you so much, ladybugs!" He says. The twins' face lit up with a smile, stretching from ear to ear as they both jumped into his arms for a hug.
You’ve always wondered what type of father Chris would be and now that you both have three beautiful children together. 
Seven year old girl twins and a four year old boy.
He’s such a great, loving, protective father, and there was no doubt in your mind that he wasn't gonna be all those things.
You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn't even notice that Chris said something.
He repeats while nudging you with his shoulder; one eye lifted in confusion at your far-off look.
You snapped up, and your e/c eyes locked with his concerned blue eyes. "What?"
"I asked, what do you have planned for today?"
"Oh, sorry!" You said with a chuckle, taking the time to wrap your arm around his arm and laying your head on his shoulder.
"Well, we'll go on our daily family walk and then come back.” 
“Then chill out for a couple of hours until the big surprise tonight which I'm not telling you anything about?" You said lifting your head to look at him.
"That sounds great, alright let's go," Chris said, kissing your cheek and getting up from the couch.
Once we got the kids and ourselves dressed and ready. 
Instead of going on our daily walk around the block, we ended up going to the local dog pack where we let Dodger off the leash.
I sat underneath a tree with my son in my arms and watched with a smile as Y/N and the twins ran around and played fetch with Dodger. 
I smiled heartily at how far I grew and reflected on my incredible life. 
I had everything I'd ever wanted, a gorgeous wife, three beautiful children, an amazing dog, a wonderful family, and a great career that I loved. 
gratitude changes everything
After the dog park and getting some lunch on the way home, it was time for the big surprise tonight.
"I'm driving and put this one," She ordered, handing me a red blindfold before putting the kids in the car. 
I got in the passenger's seat and put on the blindfold. 
During the car ride, we sang to every song on the road playlist, laughing as each song held a different type of memory. 
When we arrived at whatever the hell we were, Y/N told me to stay in the car. 
While she got the kids out of the car, not wanting to take me inside before checking everything was ready. 
A few minutes went by, she came back and guided me out of the car to the entrance of a house.
"Okay, you ready babe?" She asked as we came to a stop. 
"I was born ready, sweetheart!" I smiled happily as she giggled, taking the blindfold off.
The room was dark for a second till the lights were turned on. All of my family and friends jumping up all at once, letting out an echoing 
"SURPRISE!". A huge smile grew on my face as I took in the scene before me.
I scanned the room, took in all of the decorations that were placed around as everyone crowded around me, giving lots of hugs and birthday wishes. 
After greeting everyone and chatting with them a little bit. I caught a glance at Y/N’s who was recording my reaction. 
She made her way towards me with a bright smile and I wrapped my arms around her, giving her a tight squeeze before letting go.
"Thank you so much, baby. This is so sweet and thoughtful." I said, looking down at her moving my arms down her waist.
"Anything for you, Chris. Now let's have some fun, birthday boy!" Y/N says with a smile. I smiled back and gave her a small peck on the lips before the party began.
Chris's birthday party went on for a couple of hours with a lot of laughter, love, dancing, and good conversation in a cheerful atmosphere. 
And After Chris had received lots of love from all of us and plenty of presents. 
It was time to sing happy birthday, the lights turned off once again and someone stepped out with a beautifully designed cake that had a lot of white candles. 
Everyone started to sing, sync and cheer once Chris made a wish and blew out the candles.
After eating cake and conversing some more, it was time to call it a night. 
You, Chris and Scott pitched in to help his mom clean up as everyone left, saying they'd see us very soon.
Heading out now since Mrs. Evans said you should get the kids home because they were all sleeping on the couch. 
Once you got home and got the kids bathed, in their PJs and the bed. You and Chris went to take a shower together and had a little special time in the shower. 
You and him couldn't get enough of each other, especially at the party, there was a lot of touching and smooching here and there.
"You like that, baby?" Chris asked as your nails scratched down his back as he continued to go faster and deeper.
"Yes, Chris. Oh, fuck right there. I'm so close, babe!" You said whimpering, trying your best to keep a grip on his shoulders. 
And re-secure your legs around his waist as he keeps hitting your g-spot over and over again.
"Me too, beautiful!" Chris says, low and gravelly, pulling you into a kiss. Almost audible over the slap of wet skin and the water all around you both.
"CHRIS!!" You moaned into the kiss, coming hard and needy. Chris quickly followed after a few more thrusts, spilling inside of you. 
As you still clung to him, hips eventually slowed before pulling away and setting you down on shaky legs.
When you both finished cleaning ourselves in the shower. 
You and Chris stepped out, dried each other off, and now you both were dressed and cuddling in the bed.
"Thanks again. This was the best birthday ever, babe. I love you" Chris whispered in your ear, kissing the top of your head. 
He began trailing his fingers up and down your spine which brought a smile on your face.
"You're welcome, baby. I love you too and I'm happy you had a great day." You said softly, moving up to gently kiss him.
You pulled away, beaming ear to ear gracefully into Chris's chest, glad that everything went great and that your hubby had a great 40th birthday.
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isimpoveryou · 9 days ago
chris evans x fem!reader
fc: son chaeyoung
request are closed
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram todays evening look
view all 88,839 comments
y/nfan19 she looks just like a dream the prettiest girl i've ever seen
chrisfan25 i understand why chris i completly do
chrisevans beautiful ❤
yourinstagram thank you love
y/nfan60 where are you going
yourinstagram i actually dont know...
chrisfan91 @randomuser i bet chris is proposing her
randomuser bet
chrisevans ✔︎
Tumblr media
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chrisevans i asked my girlfriend of 2 years to marry me and she said yes
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chrisfan60 @randomuser BITCH ASS GIVE ME MY 200
randomuser fuckkkk
brielarson congrats to you guyssss i hope my gift are arrived
yourinstagram they are thank youuu brie
chrisfan100 i just had a heart attack
yourdadsinstagram 💕💕
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram 15//10//2021
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yoursistersinstagram AHHHHHHH FACE TIME YOU FUCKER
yourinstagram good luck with that
yourbestfriendinstagram WHAT THE FAWK Y/N
yourinstagram suprise??
arianagrande CALL ME YOU ASS
emmawatson HE DID IT
anthonymackie evans finally had the balls to do it huh
chrisevans i do have the balls to do it
imsebastianstan and we have groupchat with proof
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vannybarber · 6 months ago
Summary: You just found out you're having twins....right before you give birth to them 🥴.
Tumblr media
Christopher Jamal x Black Reader
Warnings: cursing, FLUFF, implied smut, Chris getting violated ✋🏽, him violating you back because he keeps that same energy 💅🏾.
"So what you're saying is, there isn't one baby, there's two?" Chris asks the doctor, trying to process the information that was just given.
Very untimely, might you add.
"Uh, yes. According to what we've seen, the second baby was hidden behind the one you've seen on the ultrasound these past 9 months."
You could not believe it. As a matter of fact, you won't believe it. You look to your husband, who seemed to be just as out of it as you. You were having twins. 2 freaking babies.
"Oh hell no."
Everyone goes silent and turns their attention to you.
"See, we're not doing this. Nope."
"Well babe, we don't have a cho-"
"DON'T YOU THINK I SEE THAT CHRISTOPHER?" You yell, cutting him off. He presses his mouth in a small thin line and looks away. You would feel bad, but given the news, that was the least of your concerns.
"You know what? I need a drink. Someone get me some juice please. CAN I GET SOME JUICE, SOMEBODY?" Your mother hurriedly pours your apple juice, not wanting to hear your big mouth any longer.
You gulp down the liquid like it was a shot. You slam the cup on the little table connected to your bed and lean your head back into your infinite body of pillows which you annoyed the nurse for when you first got to the hospital.
"How in the world do you not see a full grown baby on the ultrasound?" You jerk your head up and look at the doctor like he was stupid.
"Mrs. Evans, this was an honest mistake. The nurse saw the ultrasound and so did I. This second baby hid themself pretty well."
"Well you know what? Since the baby wants to play hide and seek, they can stay in there. We'll have one baby and the other can stay for another 9 months. Since they want to be so funny." You were pissed and it showed, being you were spewing out ridiculous things.
"Chris this is all your fault." You look at him and roll your eyes in disgust.
"My fault? It takes two to tango, honey. I wasn't in that bed by myself."
"Well, I didn't make this baby alone. Excuse me- BABIES. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't have even gotten pregnant if it wasn't for your sperm. So now what?" You give him a look to try and top what you said.
"Hmmm. Last time I recall, you were the one begging me to give you a baby. Remember that sweetheart? 'Give me a baby, Chris! I want your baby inside me so bad!'"
He flails his hands around, mocking you.
"So I was generous enough to give you two." He crosses his arms, knowing you couldn't say anything else. "Where's my thank you?"
"I have absolutely no words." You look at your mom, who was watching the whole thing, embarrassed. "My daughter and son-in-law are freaks. Let me sit down." She sits on the couch in the corner and rubs her temples. Lisa just shakes her head, trying to contain her laughter.
"You know what Chris?" Your voice is shaky and tears legitimately start blurring the lower part of your vision, Chris' shirt and below in a salty, wavy sea.
"Baby, please don't cry. Oh gosh." He walks closer and rubs your forehead, grabbing your hand and rubbing it too.
"I don't wanna push out two babies." Now the tears were down your face, under your chin and in your mouth. You looked absolutely ridiculous. "Now we have to get double everything."
"I know baby, but it will be worth it in the end. I promise. I'll help set up everything. It'll be fine." You whip your head at him.
"Chris, it took us- well you- almost 2 weeks to put up the crib!" You wipe your tears and whine some more.
"Well, that's- that's true. But that isn't the point. We're in this thing together alright? I got you, sweetheart. Don't worry, I got you."
A few hours later of blood and screeching, not from you, but from your manchild of a husband because you were gripping the hell out of his hand, your two chunky wittle babies were born.
As soon as they both were out, your mom couldn't help but voice her thoughts.
"Damn, those are some big ass babies. Y/N, what were you eating?" You didn't take offense because you and your mom play like that.
"Let's just say 10x worse than my normal diet. But that explains me literally feeling my vagina tear while I was pushing."
Chris shudders at your words.
Holding them, you felt tired and proud all at the same time. They looked just like Chris. They both had dark red brownish hair. His genes were strong.
"I want to name the girl and you can name the boy."
"Whatever you want, pumpkin." Chris wasn't even paying attention because all his focus was on his baby girl. Your mom had your son and she was just as obsessed.
"Her name will be Nala Ariel Evans." It was from your favorite Disney movies, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.
"I love it!" Lisa was also a Disney fan.
"You have a name yet, Papa?" You turn admire the scene before you.
"And Christopher, I swear on everything, do NOT give my son some weird ass name like Trex or Bronson or Fletcher. Because we will have a problem."
"Well I was thinking Boston." His uneasy and nervous tone was clear. Everyone waiting for your reaction. You contemplated for a while.
"Fine. Only because it's your home." You smile when he pumps his fist slightly, making sure not to disturb Nala.
"I love you Christopher."
"I love you too, mama."
Help- Chris give me a kid. You don't even have to pay child support.
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mellowavengersstuff · 5 months ago
Hello!! Hope you’re taking requests cause I LOOKIVE your writing! If so, could I request for Chris Evans? He talks sternly or raises his voice at you in public and you feel embarrassed and tear up. A hapoy ending but everything very angsty💗
A/N: hiii nonny thanks so much for this request! It was a fun on to write especially since I got to put a bit of me in there as well. Hope u like what I did with it hehehe 💖
(sorry for the long wait exam season rlly sucks :/)
Warnings: good ol’ anxiety, chewing the inside one’s cheek in worry lol, bad words, being dismissed by someone u love, sadness, crying, anxiety attack, bit of a mean chris tbh.
Summary: a good relationship requires listening. Chris struggles to understand that concept.
Tumblr media
It’s so, incredibly loud.
You don’t know why you’ve never noticed it before now. The ground is shaking, air thrumming with the deep beating bass. Crowds mingle on the dance floor, sparkly 6-foot inch heels thrown off to the side, foregone by their equally sparkly owner. The lights are bright and flashing, illuminating perfect faces and perfect bodies and perfect people, all mingling together like one perfect organism, one which you are not part of.
You smile unsurely- more of a grimace really- at the drunk girl you’re perched on a bar stool with, who’s still yapping on about her boyfriend who is over in the corner talking with your boyfriend. The sea of sweaty bodies on the dance floor makes a sort of swift panic bubble up in your chest.
See, you’ve always been like this. Sure, you enjoy a good party, but sometimes its just too much. All the people – so many – who look and seem and are perfection. Glittery dresses and beautiful faces. Effortless glamour. It’s all seemed a tad unnecessary. You like the simple things in life. Clean white linen; the smell of a new notebook; quiet evenings on the porch with Chris. Not the shallow, perfect world of these bright high-end clubs, where you could buy a drink more expensive that a meal. Where you can only go so far into until it cracks, shatters to reveal an ugly world where people stare at you until your confidence melts away, and everyone is desperately rebuilding their fragile, perfect masks ready for the next time. Yourself included.
It’s so loud.
You pat the girl’s arm clumsily, stomach seizing up as you stumble off the bar stool, yelling at her that you’re off for now, take care. You’re not sure she heard you over the relentless thump of the music, or her fourth shot. Squeezing past sticky sweaty bodies, all moving to the same beat, losing themselves, drunk and mindless in the rhythm. You bite the insides of your cheeks hard and try to make yourself small as you squish past a particularly thick mob of dancers. Your breaths are fast, and shallow, eyes darting around wildly.
“Chris!” you shout as you shuffle over to him, heels in hand, thinking that it’s so relieving to see his face-
-the same face that is in a firm frown, gesturing at you to go the other way, then turning back to his friend with a quirk of the eyebrows.
You stop in your tracks for a minute. That – that can’t be right. Your breathing quickens and you’re chewing on your cheeks so hard they might be raw, teeth gnashing over skin. You step closer to him tentatively, looking at his broad back facing you.
“Chris” you say from behind him where his friend can’t see you, placing a hand on his shoulder. You can feel his muscles tense, and your eyes are starting to burn.
“Chris, can we go please? I don’t – uh, I don’t feel comfortable here.”
He doesn’t turn around. He is faced away from you listening to his friend talking, cold and unmoving, ignoring your pleas. Practically made of stone.
The tears are welling up faster, and your fist is clenching and God, it’s too much-
“Chris! Please, listen to me,” you half choke, ashamed because you don’t want to ruin this night for him, but you have to because –
-“I need you”
He whirls around then, just as his friend turns to ask for another round, scowl permanent on his face. Large and looming above you. Handsome face tarnished by something dark and cold in his eyes.
Voice sharp and icy: “Y/N, leave me alone. I need this night. Go deal with it yourself, You’re not a baby.”
You step back, betrayal written all over your face. It’s in the looseness of your jaw; your scrunched eyebrows; the salty tear tracks on our cheeks. The people closest in proximity to you are murmuring quietly, among their little circles. Of nothing good, you’re sure.
You’re not a baby.
“You know what, fuck you Chris,” You sob. You’re no longer trying to hide the trembling of your arms and legs and voice.
But he’s already turned around, lost in that hypnotising rhythm like everyone else.
You take the bus home.
It’s cold, and dreary and dark. The bus has that sort of lonely, dim glow that it has around midnight, when everything is supposed to be closed, and all that is here is this little, dimly lit bus, the bus driver and you. The silence is comforting, to say the least. The hum of the bus sending you asleep for a little while until the kind old man comes and taps your shoulder gently, “This is your stop, ma’am.” He must have taken pity on you, with your dishevelled hair and cheeks streaked with watery mascara, for he told you to keep the money when you first stumbled up the steps to the bus, post-crying hiccups prominent in your speech.
You fit the key in the keyhole of your apartment door, after a significant amount of struggle and collapse on your couch. The tremors in your hands don’t look like they’re going, and your small, breathless gulps draws your cat towards you, snuggling herself into your heaving chest.
You didn’t bother to turn your lights on. You just lay there, practically a dead weight. Curled into the couch with your hands grasping the pillows. Desperate for anything to ground you. The tear drops on the end of your nose fall into your cat’s fur.
Chris is ….
well, he’s........
It’s just-
He feels bad.
(That’s an understatement and he knows it.)
There’s a feeling in the pit of his stomach, heavy like a rock. Like dread, but somehow much worse. Like it’s weighing him down, that decision that he made. Like something has switched and he can’t change it back.
Like he made a terrible, terrible mistake.
In the midst of all the flashing lights and drinks and drugs and low, thumping music, he can’t help but clench his fists because he knows that what he did was wrong. In truth, he meant to snap. He meant to make you feel bad because he was angry and tired and so fucking frustrated – at the world, at the people who keep flashing cameras at him, at the guy opposite him who won’t stop talking about his fucking Harvard legacy who he still, for some insane reason wanted to seem cool in front of.
It’s still no excuse. He knows that.
When he whirled around in a tizzy, mind all clouded by the noise and the smells and the lights – he hadn’t seen your trembling lips. When he felt you tap his shoulder gingerly, he hadn’t noticed your cold and shaking fingers. When he stared at you long enough to spit those harsh words at you, he hadn’t stopped long enough to see your frown, your heaving shoulders, your teary eyes. All the things he had to notice, but he didn’t. All the things he was supposed to notice but couldn’t be bothered to pull his head out of his own ass long enough to take a look at you.
It’s still no excuse.
But he wants to go home.
With you.
When you wake up, faced smooshed on a cushion and remnants of makeup everywhere from your hairline to the pillow you were sleeping on, you see eleven miscalls and 14 texts from Chris.
I’m sorry
I’m so fucking sorry
Please, pick up the phone
R u ok?
R u home?
The messages carry on in that vein for a while, all pleads to call him, let him know you’re safe.
He didn’t seem to care so much last night, now did he?
So, you turn off your phone and lay back down again, with a heavy sigh. Hands clutching the pillow again at the thought of him.
You quickly find out that life without Chris feels lonely.
Not lonely in the way where you’re alone among a bunch of people, or the lonely that you find when you don’t have anyone to talk to, although you suppose it’s those as well. It’s the lonely that is the ache of being without someone you have loved for years. It’s the burning that you find with the space where his loving presence was supposed to be. It’s the sting of knowing that he’s not here for a reason. That maybe – just maybe – he shouldn’t be here.
You spend a lot of the next four days crying.
You try to continue life as normal. You’re not one to stop all of a sudden – it’s in your nature to keep moving. So, you do other things. You call a friend that you haven’t in a while. You go on walks. You bake a cake. You sit on the balcony and watch the sunset; just have you have done without fail for the past two years.
On the other side of Boston, Chris is doing the exact same thing. Watching the sunset on his porch and thinking of you. How you would cuddle up against him, sometimes wrapped in a fluffy blanket if the weather was nipping and cold. He remembers pouting at you in these occasions, exclaiming “hey, no blanket for lil’ old me?” It would always make you giggle, after entrapping him in the fluffy blanket with you. That’s why he did it.
Chris cries a lot as well.
He glances over nervously at his phone, lying nonchalantly on the table-top next to his coffee that you would always make perfectly.
(Even he can’t make his own coffee perfectly.)
((You haven’t answered your phone in three days. Is this really the best idea?)) Chris picks up the phone and presses on your contact.
Your cat jumps off the table in a sudden, swift moment. You are confused until you notice your phone buzzing, shaking the table top. You pick it up slowly, seeing Chris’s name flash up, decorated with an assortment of hearts which you have yet to remove. You grimace at the offending object.
…. should you give in?
…. doesn’t he deserve an opportunity to be heard?
…. don’t you deserve an opportunity to be apologised to?
The phone’s still buzzing.
So, you press the green button, almost reluctantly.
“Hello? Y-Y/N, is that you?”
You gulp. “Yeah. Hi Chris.”
His breath is shaky as it crackles over the phone. “I-uh-I was wondering if I could come talk to you. Over at yours. I wanna apologise, and I wanna do it right. Is-is that alright?”
You bite your lip, at look at the sun. It’s about halfway set now.
At your door, Chris looks small like he never has before. Not physically – he’s still buff. But he looks tired, and sad, and small in the sense that he looks like he’s lost, doesn’t know what to do.
“Come out on the porch,” you offer. “The sun’s setting.”
You lead him round to the back, on your balcony above Boston, where you both lean on the railing and are quiet for a little while, watching the little cars honk below you. Chris takes a deep breath and bites first.
“Y/N I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was so wrong. To have someone bite at me like that it public, while I’m having an anxiety attack? Probably my worst fear.” He chuckles dryly, eyes rimmed with red. “It’s ironic. I just – I was dumb - and then when I turned round and snapped at you, I couldn’t pull my head out of my own ass long enough to look at you and be attentive and be a good boyfriend. That was a choice I made. It was-god -such a bad one.”
His breaths are coming in short bursts now, hands gripping the railing so hard that his knuckles are turning white.
You look at him carefully, head tilted, your own tears beginning to prick your eyes. “You really scared me, Chris. I though you didn’t care. It was humiliating to be yelled at like that.”
There are tears trickling down his cheeks now, eyelashes dewy. Still, he doesn’t look down.
“I know. I’m sorry. I swear, I’ll do anything to make it up to you. I care, and I understand if you don’t want me back- “
You sight. “No. What you did was wrong. But I still love you. Nothing's going to change that.” You finish with a shaky whisper, reaching a hand up to brush his tears away. “But it’s gonna take a little while before I feel like I can trust you again, you know.”
“Yeah,” he smiles shakily. “That’s ok. Take as long as you need. I-I love you too.”
Then he engulfs you in his arms, just as dusk begins to fall. And although you are both shaky and crying and exhausted, there is no other place that you’d rather be. No other place which is like hugging just as the sun dips below the horizon.
No other place like home.
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lareinenoir · 14 days ago
|The Knots| pt II Chris Evans x Black! Reader
Tumblr media
“I love you.”
“Ok, what did you do?” You asked continuing to type across the keys of her laptop.
“I can’t just say I love you.” Said Chris laying across her feet, playing with the little fuzzies on the bottom of your socks.
“I already know you love me. At least you better.” You joked continuing to work, your eyes not leaving the screen. “So, what did you do? Put my lingerie in the dryer? Or lost one of my hair clips down the drain again?” You said as Chris went silent and you looked up, pushing your glasses on your nose. “Oh boy...” you sighed
“Baby before you get mad.” He said sitting up, grabbing your legs and putting them across his lap after putting your laptop on the nightstand. “Just hear me out.”
“Chris I don’t have time for this. What the hell is going on.” You say hating how he was beating around the bush. “Just tell me.” You shake your head, putting the hood of one of the hoodies you were wearing over your head.
“I love you.” He kept saying while kissing your hands. Traveling all the way up to your shoulder. It gave you chills as your back laid against the pillow and he licked the crook of your neck with his tongue. Your stomach lurched with chills of excitement as he kisses it gently, 
“Chris...” you moaned as he continued to kiss that single spot, over and over again. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you pulled his body on top of you. Letting out a slow breath as your eyes begin to close enjoying the warmth of his body. 
“I have to tell you something. It’s kinda may be really important.” He let on in between kisses as he tracked his kisses to the corner of your mouth.
“If you don’t tell me now, imma be real mad.” You sort of say in frustration as your core throbbed at his kisses. “Don’t tell me, never mind. I kinda just want to keep doing this...” you mutter leaning forward and nibbling at his ear.
“Promise you won’t get mad.” He asked as your legs hook around his torso. You were getting annoyed at that point. Chris knew how much you liked kisses along your body and how neck kisses could send you if you were really in the mood.
“Just say it, damnit...” you moan against his ear as his hands continue to rub your sides tenderly with slow movements.
“I may or may not have started a “controversial” debate about Channel 12 and the entire entertainment industry.” It was silent and she had looked down at him as his head rested on her stomach. “After we were done with your hair last night and we posted that picture on Instagram I went to Twitter and said ‘When does hair define how good a news anchor is. @channel12 @cartertherockman will you threaten termination to everyone whose hair is considered ‘untamed or just to people of color?” You didn’t speak again and just let out a long sigh as Chris started giving her his reasons. “I knew what I was doing and I did it because you may not be the first and I told you how I felt about it and I’m sorry babe, but it ain’t fair.” He said, “you deserve a lot better than that and I’ll be dammed if I sit by and let them get away with that.”
You were thinking to yourself and quite frankly you were really mad. Mostly because you were writing a resignation letter to your boss just a moment ago. Carter Rockman was the straw that broke the camel's back. You were tired of trying to find excuses to stay where you were, even though you loved being on the news. It was time to move on from Channel 12.
“Y/N...” Chris said and you rubbed your eyes and sighed.
“I don’t know if it’s the fresh-cut the lil line up you got going! But!” You exclaimed being really dramatic. “Christopher Robert Evans I like yo nerve.” You burst into laughter and cover your face as he chuckled nervously.
“Wait, what?” He asks between laughs very confused
“Baby, look.” You grab your laptop and show him the beginning paragraphs of your resignation letter. And it wasn’t a nice one. “I have literally been sitting here debating if I should send it or not. It’s kinda mean isn’t it?”
“Your short mini muffin head lookin’ ass can’t tell me what to do anymore because I quit!” He read your last statement dying of laughter. “Have a good day, sincerely Y/N Evans.” With his hand on his chest and his head bent back as he continued to laugh. “I don’t think you should send this.” 
“I really want to.” You replied “Really really bad.”
“You know I love your hair right?” He asked getting more serious. “We could go up there together. I could-“
“Baby, it’ll just make things worse. You don’t like too much paparazzi and the only camera I want to be in front of is that of Channel 12.”
“It’s kinda gone viral, now.” He said as you both looked at the retweets. “A million.”
“A million?”
“Well, a couple more than a million and a lot of retweets and emails and messages from people.” He went on. “I filtered out all the bad comments, but there are a lot of stories.”
He went on and you just watched him rant. Chris’ face scrunched in as he paced around the room. His eyes darting from you and to the laptop as he talked about your old job. Chris would make sarcastic comments and then go back to reading some of the sweet tweets.
“I love you, you know that?” You said
“I know you said you aren’t mad but is this going to hurt your rep-wait I’m sorry.” He stopped as he cupped your face in his large hands.
“I don’t care about that stuff, Chris.” you say as you sat crossed-legged and inhaled his natural body smell, kissing his palm.
“So can I send that email?” He asked and he laughed loudly. “Like I kinda really wanna send that email myself. Face to face. At your old job. Maybe a little P.S at the end and then I show up with my fist.” He laughed as you pulled him back onto the bed. His body not filling crushing you as he rolled over and you mounted his torso. “You know you don’t have to work, Y/N.”
“Yeah, I know.” You nodded as his hands gripped your waist and you rested your chin on your arms as you get him to inhale. “I went to school for this, babe. This is what I wanna do. I don’t think I’m going to send that email, though. It’s really mean.” You chuckle a little “and now thanks to you the whole world knows I’m Chris Evans’ wife-“
“I told you I could send it for you.” He replied
“I don’t wanna be the angry black woman. I want to just put this behind me. Help me look for another job?” You asked sitting up.
Chris just stared at you, his finger caressing your cheek. He had a little smile on his face and he nodded his head. “Whatever you need.” He muttered
You both looked over at your phone vibrating and it was an unknown caller. Chris picked it up and put it to his ear. “Hello?” He started. “No, this is her husband. Yeah she’s here. Regarding…” you narrowed your brows and he sat up on his elbows as you climbed off of him. “You’re on speaker.” He said putting the phone down.
“Mrs. Evans, I’m Katie Sanchez with Channel 12 News. How are you this evening?”
“I’m fine ma’am, you?” You respond
“Doing a lot better now that I’m talking to you.” She giggled “Anyway, I am the President of Channel 12 News and I wanted to offer you a sincere apology.”
She went on to say Carter Rockman was fired and they didn’t want him to continue to be a representation of the Channel. A part of you was happy that he was fired but then maybe it was because your husband went to his socials to vent about how unfair it is.
“We were hoping to give you his position. That is if accept our invitation to come back.”
“Can I think about it?” You said instantly. There was silence on the other end. “Ms. Sanchez, don’t take it as disrespectful or that I’m wasting your time, I would really just like some time. I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to undergo a form of racism in my line of work. And not to put a dent in your speech, but my termination went unnoticed for a while until my husband said something.” You said clearing your throat.
“Of course.” She responded, “How about an answer by the end of next week yes?”
“Yeah, that would be great.” You replied looking at Chris. “Have a nice day.” And then you hung up.
“Okay, so congratulations.” He said with a smile
“For what?”
“New job, babe? That’s exciting.” He said as you stood up and walked to the bathroom. Was it? “Y/N, what the matter? Surely you’re gonna take the job right.”
“No I’m not actually.” You shook your head and leaned on the sink as you stared at your face in the mirror. “I don’t even know why I said I was going to think about it. I’ve already made up my mind.”
“Ok.” He nodded folding his arms. “What’s really going on?” He asked folding his lips and tilting his head.
“In the eight years I’ve done journalism, I’ve had to report things like this. The white man attacking his black man. In the streets, at work, In public, online. I just never thought it would happen to me, ya know?” You shrug and sigh “I really wish you didn’t say anything.” You laughed
“So it my fault?” He questioned “Baby, I’m sorry-“
“No no no, that’s not what I’m saying at all.” You shake your head and look at the floor. “You do play a part in my decision though. If I’m going to do journalism I want it to be on my terms. I don’t want to have to be aware that I am black. Does that make sense?” You ask and he reached for your hand nodding. “I know I’m black, but to have someone tell you who your are…” you say looking back at the mirror and bringing your hand to his chest as you two neared one another. “I don’t know, I just don’t wanna go back there and have everyone look at me.”
“I understand.” He nods as he hugs your body. “I love you.” Said Chris in a low voice. “I really really love you, Y/N.” He said squeezing you closer “I am so sorry you had to go through that,” you felt your eyes water and a single tear slipped
“You’re so sweet. I love you too, Chris.” You smile looking up at him and kiss his chin.
Hey y’all! I know I’ve been MIA😬 but hopefully you don’t hate me to much now. Here’s what I promised months ago! Lmk in the comments and Reblog❤️
@hookedinto-fictionalworlds @heartislubbingdubbing @unicorniorosacomefrutillas @nayr9e @kybaeze @multifacetscorpio @naega-ooooooolf @schizonephilim @thatweirdwalangpake @grahoundart @kybaeza @nayrael @naega-ooooooolf @nirvanaslovechild @hisparadox @naughtybaroness30 @deansblackbeauty-deactivated202 @empressoftheundergroundsun @inlovewith3 @smartiedork @gerli49 @spookytyphoonbouquetsblog @angelicvixenn @wtfcantfindus @megapeacelovemusic-blog blog @iam-laiya @victoriastefanie04 @arabescapr @pm-my-hubbies @honeymarvel @yanniebunny5151 @queenshikongo3 @thatoneperson5000
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chrisevansszn · 7 months ago
Imagine having this....forever. 💛
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
...... take me in your arms pls
Tumblr media
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geminixevans · 4 months ago
Best Friend
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Black Reader
Words: 2,095
Summary: You and Chris have been friends for years. There was nothing that you didn’t know about each. Quarantine has a way of putting people together in so many ways. Let’s see what will transpire between you two.
Warnings: 18 + Minors DNI Fluff, a small pinch of angst, fingering, and squirting
A/N: Been in a little downward spiral and wanted a little fluff mixed with a small amount of smut. I hope you all enjoy it and if it helps you in any way then I will glad that it did. Happy reading!
I do not consent to my work being copied, plagiarized, or translated in any way >:P
There was nothing denying that Chris and you were best friends. You two met when you were at the small age of 4 years old when you both were on vacation with your families. You saw this rambunctious little kid that made and destroyed his sandcastle and lungs that were apparent as many times as he screamed.
You two hit it off, not leaving each other’s sight and it warmed your parents’ heart that they couldn’t tear you two away from each other if they tried. They exchanged information to always set up play dates, sleepovers, and invitations to birthday parties.
As you two grew older, schools were different but you still saw each other when the time permitted. Outsiders would think you two were a couple but there was never any romantic energy between you two. He was your person and you were his.
No matter the time of day you both made sure you were there for each other. You could have never been happier for him when he started his acting career, cheering from the tv or behind him when he would invite you out to premieres or watch parties.
He never forgot the bond that you two shared and he never made you forget how important you were to him. You both grew older with each year, separate romantic relationships, and milestones were always there. You never made it a secret if one of you didn’t like something or someone and gave advice when the other needed it. But somewhere down the line, small touches became more and alone time became thick with some questionable tension that neither of you dared to play with. It all came to a head when you both spent the time in quarantine.
You had just came home from the worst date ever and all you wanted to do was curl up with a pint of ice cream and watch movies until you passed out. As you walked through the door, Chris could see the look on your face that he hated and before he could launch in full attack mode, he knew that staying calm was for the best so that he could find out what was wrong with you. You closed the door quietly, pressing your hand against the wall as you slipped your heels off. There was no way you could walk past your best friend with that look on your face.
Wiggling your toes from the released tension of your shoes, you stalked over to the couch seated by Chris, plopping down as you laid your head in his lap. He looked down at you with those sincere eyes, searching for you to talk. But he knew that he had to ask before you even uttered a word. He laced his thick fingers in the sea of your thick curls, finding your scalp as he scratched lightly.
“Talk to me, angel…” That’s all he ever really needed to say. The tears that you forced not to fall automatically did once you heard his voice. It was always this way between you two. If one was feeling anyway, you could never hide it from each other. The tears slid down the sides of your face, dropping to his sweats as you began the story from the date from hell. From your date being a freaking predator to talking about your weight after you denied his strong advances, he left you at the table forcing you to pay for the entire date.
Chris never took too well with people shaming you because of your weight because he saw how beautiful you were. As the years went by, your beauty only captivated him more but he never did anything to jeopardize your friendship. He knew that you would never leave his side but he didn’t want to do anything to push that either. So he swallowed every romantic feeling that he had and watched as man after man proved to not be good enough for you. Little did he know, you were also doing the same thing.
“So… that was absolutely the date from hell, meatball. Dating has been such a bitch and I think it’s time to take a break.” You laid there in the comforts of his lap, looking up at his calm demeanor. Over the years you knew that he had a hot head and seeing you upset was one of his ultimate triggers as it was yours.
“That guy’s a fucking dumbass angel. He never would have lasted. The fuck does he get off talking to you like that? You are one of the most beautiful women inside and out and you only deserve the best. Fuck him.”
He exhaled as he looked over your face, wanting to do nothing more than to make you feel better. “Anything you want tonight and it’s yours. Movie night and takeout?” You looked up at him with the biggest doe eyes ever and he swears he melted right there.
Reaching your hands up in the grabby hands motion, he chuckled as he pulled you up until you were seated in his lap, “Movies, snuggles, and take out pretty please,” He could never deny your requests while you looked so adorable in his lap, wrapped snuggly around him. He loved feeling this close to you and would take this over any night out any day.
Chris took the liberty of ordering the food as you changed and got into your pajama shorts and wearing one of the many shirts that you would always steal from him. You sat on the couch as you heard the familiar jingle of Dodger’s collar, he hopped on the other side of you as you gave him some well-needed scratches as you scrolled through the tv finding a movie to watch. Being Chris’ best friend, you would think you would get tired of his movies. But deep down he was your ultimate comfort character when you felt down.
Opting for Mortal Kombat, you heard the bell ring as Chris shuffled to the door to grab the food from the delivery guy. You could smell the food from where you were seated, springing up to help with getting plates and cups. The food was dished out and you brought the drinks as Chris handled to food to the living room. You gave him some room to eat as you two began the movie, getting immersed in the gore and fighting.
When you both were done, you grabbed the blanket draped over the couch, seating yourself between the open space of Chris’s legs as you laid your head in the crook of his neck and covered you both with the fuzzy blanket. This was where you felt the most comfortable and there was no better feeling than this. He wrapped his arms around your middle, loving the plushness as he pulled you closed to him as the movie went on.
He loved the smell of the cocoa butter and vanilla on your skin. He buried his face in the crook of your neck as he inhaled your scent, his beard tickling you. The giggle escaping your mouth only spurred him on more as his fingers lightly squeezed your middle section. “You’re real touchy tonight meatball are you even paying attention to the movie?” You couldn’t deny that you loved the feeling of being close to him enthralled with those subtle touches.
He hummed against you as he slid a hand under your shirt, rubbing circles over your tummy loving how soft you felt. “You just smell so good angel, wanna stay here forever. Can I?” You nodded as the smile spread across your face, relaxing against him as he fell into his comfortable space. You kept your eyes on the movie, feeling his lips trace the length of your neck. They were slow and sweet and causing the heat to reach between your legs as your panties dampened from the act.
Part of you wanted to stop, but the other part just wanted to feel good for once and who better to fill that need than Chris. You leaned your head to the side, allowing him more access. He took the invite and made his kisses more audible, sucking in different spots until he found the one that caused a sweet moan to escape your lips.
He doubles down on his efforts to get more to come from you sliding both hands under your shirt to grasp at your full breasts. He traps one hardened nub between his fingers, twisting and pulling as he squeezes the other, sucking a bruise on your skin.
Your panties were completely drenched in surprise and desire, feeling the passion coming from every fiber of him. The movie all but background noise as your pretty moans fill the room as you back up against him feeling his hardness poke at the small of your back. You ground your plush cheeks over his length, pulling a grunt from his throat as he gripped your breasts in his hands. You gripped one hand sliding it past your tummy to let it land between your legs. He released his lips from you, feeling the heat coming from your clothed core.
“Tell me what you want angel. Say it and it’s yours.” He cupped your thighs with both hands spreading them wide as he rested them on his lap, bringing his hand back between your legs. He rubbed back and forth against the fabric of your shorts, you grinding back as you trapped your lips between your teeth, muffling your desperate sounds.
He slapped your covered center lightly bringing your attention back to his question, “not good enough baby, let me hear the words from that pretty mouth.” Chris cupped your covered mound making you whine from the sensation. You felt like you were going to combust at how much he was teasing you.
“Please touch me Chris, need to feel you please.” He knew he couldn’t deny you if he tried and with one quick motion, your shorts and panties were pushed to the side as he dipped his fingers into the wetness of your folds. You both let out a combined moan as he slid his fingers up and down your folds collecting your juices as her he brought them to your clit, smearing it over the bundle of nerves.
“Angel… Is this all for me?” You nodded at his question as he used his middle and index finger to make slow circles on your clit making you mewl at just how good he was making you feel. He slid down pushing one finger in slowly and then the other as he pumped slowly in your dripping hole. “Gonna make you feel so good, angel. You deserve it all.” He curled his fingers trying to find your sweet spot, hitting it when you arched up from the sudden contact. “There it is, hold onto me, baby.”
Chris pumped his fingers in and out of you as the squelching of your wetness and moans filled the room. He pressed his free hand at the bottom of your tummy, holding you in place as he filled your ear with filth as he kept hitting that sweet spot deep with you. “Been wanting to feel this pretty pussy wrapped around any part of me. Gonna make you mine and only mine. Hear me, angel? All mine.”
“Y-yours Chris… all yours…. Always been yours. Oh, fuck!.” You didn’t know that your orgasm could come so quickly. Your coil snapped violently as you began to see stars, feeling a gush coating your thighs as Chris kept pumping adding more sensation as he rubbed your clit in fast tight circles, causing your second orgasm to crash into the first one. You sang his name over and over as he rode your high with you. As you came down, he peppered kisses all over you as you relaxed against him.
“You did so good angel, so good.” He slid his fingers from inside you bringing them to his lips, groaning at your taste. “I think your new name is honey pot, you taste so good.” He dipped down to bring his lips to yours as you two shared your first kiss. Your tongues wrapping over the other as your tasted your sweetness. You pulled from each other, looking into each other’s eyes, knowing that the dynamic of your bond has changed. Chris kept his eyes directly onto yours as he pressed his lips back to yours, pulling away as the blues of his eyes turned dark.
“Bedroom now.”
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earthchica · a month ago
sweetheart ➝ part one
Chris Evans x Reader OFC! (Michaela Hayes)
Summary: in which Michaela unexpectedly falls for her friend, Chris despite being in a 'no strings attached' relationship with him.
Warning: SMUT ( rough sex 𐤟 choking 𐤟 fingering 𐤟 cursing )
Word Count: 1.6K
Note: Hey y’all, I’m back with another Chris Evans series. If you enjoyed this, like, comment and reblog 💗
WATTPAD LINK click here
Tumblr media
"Can I get another drink?" I asked the bartender, placing my empty glass down on the bar counter.
I was at a party with a few friends. At first, I didn't want to come, too lazy to get dressed up. 
Of course that was until my best friend, Rae, told me there'll be a few single guys there.
I've been searching for someone to have some fun with, cause lately, the idea of having a fuck buddy sounded more appealing.
Being single was amazing but it came with its pros and cons like I miss being physically intimate with someone.
Though, I don't miss being in relationships, constantly having my heartbroken, and being left disappointed.
Being in love was trash.
I was pulled out of my thoughts when someone called my name. I turned to see Rae in a dark red, lace romper.
"Have you found anyone that would spark your interest?" She asked excitedly, sitting next to me at the bar.
"Rae, you told me there'll be single men at this party, and I haven't seen one," I said, turning around on the stool to look at the party.
"Well if you weren't sitting here, avoiding everyone, you would know," She says, pointing to the group of attractive men, playing pool.
"Oh...okay," I said with a grin, checking some of them out.
"How about Max? I know you would love know" She says with a giggle.
"Yes, Max is fine as hell but...I think he has his eyes on someone else." I answered, pointing to the girl he kept checking out.
"Damn, about my cousin, Sam. He's a cool guy," She suggested. I looked him over and frowned.
"No offense to your cousin but I don't like the way his hair is growing in," I said honestly and she playfully hit me on my arm while laughing.
"You said I needed someone I can trust, I don't trust any of those guys," I said, turning back around, taking a sip of my wine.
Rae grew a smile and pointed to someone who just came through the entrance. 
"What about Chris?
"He's single, someone you can trust and is sexy as hell. Don't tell Jay I said that" She whispered with a giggle.
"No, that would be too weird, he's a friend," I said, shaking my head.
"How so? I bet if you asked him, he would say yes"
"What? No...I don't think you can just ask that - Hey, I'm sexually frustrated, can we fuck?" I said, rolling my eyes.
She gave me a knowing look and we both burst out laughing. 
"Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic but still"
"Michaela, you're my best friend and I love you but you need to stop being uptight and just go with the flow," Rae says honestly.
"Excuse me, I am not uptight," I said in a defensive tone, crossing my arms in front of my chest.
"Michaela, I've known you since we were kids. Do I need to share a few memories?" She asked, raising her eyebrow at me.
"No," I said, shaking my head annoyedly.
"Okay then, now come on." She says with a laugh, taking hold of my hand.
"Where are we going?" I asked, nervously.
"Going to have fun, something you need to do more" Rae answers, dragging me to the dance floor.
I took a deep breath, letting my whole body relax, and just went with the rhythm of the beat. 
I started moving my hips from side to side.
"Someone's watching you" She whispers in my ear and in the corner of my eye I saw him watching my every move.
Chris was watching like a lion that was about to take down his prey. There was a look in his eyes I have never seen before.
It kind of turned me on.
"Girl, I think this is a sign and you better take it," Rae says, moving towards her husband and starting dancing with him.
My favorite song, Naughty girl by Beyonce began to play and since he was watching, I might as well take a chance and give him a little show.
I'm feeling' kind of n-a-s-t-y I just might take you home with me
Baby the minute I feel your energy
Your vibe has just taken over me
I closed my eyes and had my hips swaying and my ass shaking. I grinned when I felt a hand on my lower back, knowing who it was.
"It took you long enough" I whispered, feeling every inch of his perfect body pressed up against my back.
His hands slid along the smooth fabric of my dress as we rocked together on the dance floor, matching each other's rhythm.
Start feelin' so crazy babe
Lately, I feel the funk coming over me
I don't know what's gotten into me
The rhythm's got me feelin' so crazy babe
"Fuck...I want you, Michaela." Chris whispers in my ear.
"What do you mean, you want me?" I asked, knowing exactly what he meant, but I needed to hear him say it.
"You know exactly what I mean! I'm sexually attracted to you, always have been" He says, turning my body to face him.
His blue eyes were dark and full of lust. "Maybe you can watch me how much you are," I said, biting my lip.
His lips come closer to my ears, feeling the warmth of his breath lingering on me.
"Only if you want me too" He whispers, and without thinking, I pull him down into a rough kiss, running my fingers through his short, brown hair.
His hands moved from my waist to my ass, giving it a little squeeze. He broke the kiss and stood his full height, loving the way he was towered over me.
"Let's get out of here," He says, not waiting for an answer. We said goodbye to everyone on our way out.
I moaned, feeling him leaving kisses on the back of my neck as we made it through my front door.
Chris picks me up, wraps my legs around his waist, and takes me to my bedroom with my directions.
He throws me on the bed roughly and begins to kiss and caress all over my body, leaving soft strokes through my panties.
I push him back a little bit to take off his shirt and throw it across the room then my hands went to the belt of his pants.
I fiddled with the belt for a few seconds until it finally unhooked, I could see and feel the bulge growing rapidly in his pants.
I slightly brush against his length, making him groan. I flipped him on his back and spring him free from his pants and underwater.
I couldn't help but let out a gasp, looking at his big, juicy erected dick. How the hell was that gonna fit inside of me?
"This is what you do to me," Chris says with a smirk, almost ripping my dress off of my body.
He cursed at the sight of my exposed boobs.
" bra, such a naughty girl," He says, flipping me on my back before taking my panties off.
His hands began to explore and attack my right breast while he rubbed the other one with his right hand.
He makes his way down to my pussy, giving me a few light circle strokes before inserting two fingers into my dripping core.
"Chris, please!" I moaned in pleasure, trying to push him away because the faster he thrust his fingers in and out of me.
The louder my voice became.
"Tell me what you want?" He asks, pressing his forehead against mine while still fingering the fuck out of me.
"I-I-want you to f-fuck me with your big fucking dick" I screamed through my orgasm and as I come down.
"Do you have a condom?" I asked, watching him licking his fingers clean and he nodded, going to get one.
He rolls the condom on his dick before coming back on the bed and spreading my legs open to position himself at my core.
"Ahh Fuck!" I gasped, feeling how huge he was. I placed my hand on his hip as he began to thrust in and out, holding my waist.
His thrusts became faster and rougher, looking down, admiring the way his dick moves in and out of me.
"Look at you taking my cock so well" I moaned at his words as he brought me up and went to lay on his back.
He starts pounding up into me with some unbelievable force, making me scream in pleasure. 
I threw my head back, trying to match his rhythm of thrust.
"Fuck Chris, your dick is so good, ahhh best dick I ever had!" I moaned, feeling my orgasm getting closer and closer.
"You like that huh, does it feel good?" Chris asks, grabbing my breast for a second, letting me bounce up and down his shaft.
"Yes, so good! It feels so good" I cried, kept going and going, feeling like I was gonna lose my damn mind.
He stopped me for a second and pulled out, changing the position with my face down and my ass up.
"Fucking take that shit!" Chris groans, smacking my ass over and over again while pounding into my pussy.
"CHRIS!" I cried, feeling myself about to cum. He brought me up and wrapped his hand around my throat while his other hand rubs my clit.
"Cum for me, sweetheart!" He says in my ear, and I screamed his name while cumming.
Chris pulls out, rips the condom off, and cum all over my ass. I fell on my stomach as a smirk gracing his features seeing his cum dripping down on my ass.
"Fuck, I love you!" Realizing what he said, he panicked but relaxed, seeing I was passed out asleep.
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allthingschrisjamal · a month ago
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers - Without CGI (seeing this feels so off to me 😭)
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isimpoveryou · 15 days ago
chris evans x reader
fc: charlie howard
are your request open? can you do a Chris Evans x reader? and the face claim is Charli Howard
AN: im just gonna shade my cousin in this fict
warning: english is not my first language
tw: ppl talking abt body image??
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram some picts for my new agency @musemodelsnyc
view all 20,780 comments
y/nfan279 y/n really said fuck model beauty standard
randomuser88 lmao why would anyone hire you as a model
musemodelsnyc well we do!
randomuser literally also why is chris dating her anyway
chrisevans as always beautiful
yourinstagram i love you so much
chrisfan278 can ppl stop talking abt her body!! shes literally perfect. all body's are beautiful btw, so stop being such an asshole to someone who is bigger. we are in the 21st century, so grow up.
yourinstagram im- crying rn
chrisevans ✔︎
Tumblr media
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chrisevans ❤
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chrisfan70 the prettiest girl i've ever seen
chrisfan11 we know that he is in love when he post something abt them
y/nfan270 beauty
randomuser i dont get why chris is dating her
chrisevans its because she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen and spread positivity to the world unlike you
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram the most frequent question ppl asked me is "how do you love your own body that easily?" for me its because for the scars and my squish body has all a meaning. my scars is something i went through and trying to hide it for a long time until i realized its ok to have scars and its normal to have so you dont need to waste your money on anything to get rid of it. for my body it wasnt really hard since i have always talk abt this in a interview. our body do things differently with literally everyone theres someone who eats a lot but never gets squish and theres someone who eats healthy but gets squish (theres also someone who between that). also try to dont compare your body and try to look at yourself in the mirror, literally just look at yourself and try to get all the good compliment out. thats pretty much all. thank you for asking me abt it too. just dm me if any of you struggle and i will help you.
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Tumblr media
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yourinstagram the first round and he lost to an 7 year old
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chrisfan278 he will be a great dad (i just know it)
chrisfan200 jsjsjsbwjdjd this is so cute
y/nfan901 pls someone get me like chris evans lawddd
yourinstagram asked scar jo
chrisevans hey i won the fourth round
yourinstagram which was the last one round
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40ssgtbarnes · a month ago
Tumblr media
just gonna leave this here
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softpeanutea · 10 days ago
Why do people still call Chris, Chris Jamal Evans? It's annoying
you're right! lets start calling him chris juan evans
Tumblr media
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marvelsblackchild · 5 months ago
𝐈𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐫 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐚 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧.
𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐱 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐟𝐞𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
        ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"Shit." You groaned, your arms giving out as your comb dropped to the floor. You were starting to regret training your arms today with Natasha because your head full of coils was all the workout you needed for the day. Grumbling in defeat, you sit on your bed, sprawling your aching body across your bedspread.
You'd been a part of the avengers for three years now. Ever since you went viral on social media for stopping a band of thieves— burning their faces with your bare hands. It took five minutes of convincing before you found yourself inside of avengers tower, making your way around.
Now here you were, three years later, struggling to put your hair in some damn plaits. "Alright, round two," you muttered. This hair was not going to get the best of you, again.
A small knock formed on your bedroom door, taking your attention away from your reflection in the mirror. "Hey," Steve smiled, his hands resting in his pockets as he leaned against your door frame.
"Hey," you smiled back, waving him in and motioning for him to take a seat in your hammock.
Steve couldn't help but stare.
He loved your hair and appreciated the time and creativity you put into it.
Those nights after missions where everyone sat around unwinding, and you disappeared—swearing you had a hair 'crisis to attend to.
He wished he could follow you those nights, watch what it took to style your hair.
And now he was finally getting front row tickets.
"What's going on, Stevie?" you asked, taking another swipe of grease to your scalp. The super soldiers piercing blue eyes watching your pattern intensely. He almost forgot to respond.
Liquid, grease, and of course, the hibiscus leave-in he enjoyed the smell of.
When you'd fly past him on missions—it's all he'd smell for the rest of the night.
"Stevie?" You smile softly, your arms shaking as you finish your first plait. His eyes fluttered from your workstation to your brown eyes as you looked back at him over your shoulders. "I...I'm just checking in on you. Doing my rounds." You chuckled, looking back at yourself in the mirror. "I guess you could say I'm great, besides this." You tug at your excess hair. "Good," Steve said, standing and making his way over to you. His larger frame suddenly crowding the mirror.
It was no secret that you and Steve had something.
Some would call it chemistry.
Whether it was on the field.
Or right now.
When his hands grazed over your exposed shoulders, sending shutters down your spine. His nose practically dug into your hair.
"Can I ask you something, doll?" Steve took a deep breath, inhaling your scent some more. "Hm?" you hummed making another part. Steve took the liberty of taking the comb from your hands. His fingertips grazing over yours as he did. "Can I help you braid your hair?." He said meekly, his voice had a nervous tremor. You snicker, looking him up and down. “Are you sure?” Steve beamed, shaking his head up and down vigorously. “Yes.”
Smiling, you took his hand. Placing him on your bed while you slipped between his legs on the floor. “Alright, now just as I did, make a part as straight and even as you can.” You instructed him.
Although Steve was a captain and was good with orders, he just couldn’t seem to get it right.
There was a lot of tugging.
And re-doing braids.
“Sorry, doll.”
“Okay, maybe I should—.”
“No, please let me try again.”
But eventually, he got the hang of it. And unknowingly you had fallen asleep in between the super soldiers' legs. Using the inside of his knee as a pillow.
You woke up to soft stroking on your cheek. “Doll, I’m all done. I think.” He snickered. Shifting awake you quickly ran to the mirror, a huge smile growing on your face. “Oh, Stevie. I love it.” You laughed, throwing your arms around his neck. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you in. “Not too bad for the first time, huh?”
You smirked, placing a kiss on his cheek. Watching the old man's face grow red. “No, not bad at all.” You giggled, turning your head from side to side, viewing the beautiful plaits he had done for you.
Every day after that Steve begged to do your hair or at least watch.
It got so bad you let him help you on wash day.
You could say Steve became your helper, taking the stress off your shoulders.
You’d be lying if you say you didn’t like it.
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