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aido-mitarashi · 2 days ago
Winter Wonderland Prompt list by@outlawnina
RE Cast building gingerbread houses
Rebecca (what a perfectionist!)
Tumblr media
Chris (he will do anything but building)
Tumblr media
Carlos (child mode activated! He will definitely sing the JP theme!! XD and build more than just a house!)
Tumblr media
Piers (he is surprisingly good at it)
Tumblr media
Jill and Claire (a perfect team!)
Tumblr media
Leon (he will eat the building materials instead of actually building a house out of it)
Tumblr media
Barry (he will just eat and lets somebody else build it for him or just buy... And then ear it)
Tumblr media
Piers, Chris and Carlos building gingerbread houses together. It will make a lot of chaos.
Tumblr media
My dear @sebbytheraccoon I need your assistance again~ i would love to see your ideas!
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leon-scott-kennedy · a day ago
Leon: You high-fived me for banging your brother but won't let me back into your house because I ate your pumpkin pie? Priorities, Claire.
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crowspots · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Leon doodles. I’ll be honest, drawing is too slow to keep up with my brain, so most of the stuff I’ve been doing lately is written. All I have to show for the last month is a bunch of scribbles and 45k+ words of garbage that will never see the light of day lmao
The T-Shirt meme is from here (i think)
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resileon · a day ago
will you please write some headcanons for RE boys where their S/O rides their thighs?
Hell yeah, I can!! I wasn't sure exactly which ones you wanted so I wrote Leon, Ethan, and Chris! These are gender-neutral since there wasn't one specified! I hope you enjoy~
Would encourage it. In fact, it's one of his favourite things to be subjected to.
He'd lift his partner onto his lap, kissing them at the same time with a level of desperation and passion that makes it easy to get caught up in the moment. His hands would wander down to squeeze at his lover's ass and try to coax them to rock their hips.
He wouldn't outright tell them what he's trying to have them do, even when they part for air- his nonverbal cues are more than enough though.
He likes to watch the way his partner's face contorts with bliss as they use him to pleasure themselves. The moans spilling straight into his ear are heavenly.
Admittedly, seeing his partner so worked up easily arouses him almost as much as they are. Not to mention the immense pleasure he derives from knowing his partner is so turned on by him that he doesn't even really need to work to get them so undone.
He likes to leave hickeys as his partner grinds against him.
He'd compliment his S/O the entire time. Leon would be sure to tell them how good they look riding him and how lovely their voice is as they sing for him.
It's not all innocent though; there's tons of straight up dirty talk mixed in. He'd comment on the mess they're making of his leg, and how they must be so desperate for him.
Depending on the sexual dynamic he has with his S/O, he'd bring up some kinks as well. He'd give praise, tell them just how good they are- or alternatively, he may teasingly degrade them about how they're acting like a slut.
In the end he doesn't let his partner finish. As soon as they're begging to be allowed/making it obvious they're about to cum, Leon's hands would fall on their waist and grab firmly to still them. It's selfish to expect all the fun, isn't it?
After practically being teased for so long (regardless of the way he loves it so much), Leon's libido reaches its peak. He wastes no time in lifting them up once more, this time easing them down to ride him instead of just his thigh.
He enjoys it purely because of how much they enjoy it- he's a people pleaser after all.
Ethan's extremely submissive, and even if he is taking the lead for once, he's really just going off muscle memory when it comes to what his S/O enjoys. With something like this though, it's expected they'd take the reins to initiate it.
He likes being pushed around a bit, walked backward to the bed and forced down onto it just so they can straddle him. The idea of being used in a sense like this is honestly arousing to him, just as is seeing his partner so confident and dominant.
He'd be happy to sit back and offer praise, even reach down to offer a bit more direct stimulation when they begin to get close.
He'd tell his S/O how good they look, offering a sweet sort of dirty talk. If they have any orders for things that'd make the experience more enjoyable for them, he's more then ready to comply. They just need to say the word and it's theirs.
If they're dirty talking to him, he'd be uncomfortably hard even if they hadn't really gave him much proper stimulation. At that point he'd ask—trying his best not to sound too needy, which doesn't work out for him—for them to touch him, or hell, even just bring their knee a bit closer to the crux of his thighs so he can grind against it as they do the same (depending on his mindset and how far they take things, he could finish from just that and maybe a minute or so of stroking once he gets really close).
Though ideally to Ethan they'd both climax together, he would actively encourage his S/O to finish even without him. He doesn't really mind if he's not directly in on the action in the end if his partner enjoys themselves. As long as they return the favour somehow afterward to satisfy his own growing need as well, he's a happy camper.
Much like Leon, Chris uses it as an opportunity to flex his dominance a bit. Though the difference is that thigh riding would be something his S/O initiates first, not him- he just is easily able to take advantage of the situation.
Chris usually is extremely in control, both in his daily life and within the bedroom; there's give and take of course, he'll always entertain and respect his partner's wants, but the typical dynamic contains him calling most of the shots.
During foreplay is the one time where he's not really working toward a specific end goal though aside from building pleasure and tension- there's no plan. That makes it the best time for his S/O to steer things in the direction they want. All it takes is some heated kissing and them crawling into his lap for him to part his legs for ease of access.
His hands would plant firm on his S/O's hips at first, but eventually they'd begin to wander- grabbing their ass, moving beneath any clothing if they still have some on, one working its way up to card through their hair.
Really, the act does very little for Chris, but knowing how much his partner enjoys it makes him be attentive. He'll do whatever he can to help further build his partner's arousal and in turn assist in getting them into the proper headspace for what's to come.
Chris would, however, always enjoy the way his S/O moans for him. He enjoys hearing his name fall from their lips alongside nonsensical strings of light profanity and comments on how bad they need him.
Most of Chris' enjoyment in the matter admittedly comes from making his partner beg for him once they start to become desperate for more. He'd reach a hand down to lazily stroke himself, almost tauntingly while asking them just how bad they want it. If they refuse to play along he'll still their hips with his free hand and ask again.
After getting what he wants he'd flip their positions so he's on top, fucking them hard into the mattress to make them finish multiple times- the first time because they were already close from foreplay and the second time being so they could both get off together.
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thatgoblin · 2 days ago
Winter Wonderland Collab Part 1
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader joins a commune. Not a cult. They're pretty sure at least.
Warnings: Hot and heavy making out in a kitchen. Hugging. Cows. Cowboy Chris and Carlos, handle with care. VERY HOT.
Tumblr media
It almost seemed too good to be true. The fact that this small place existed at all was astounding, let alone that it was functioning and actually growing. Well, not growing very fast, but still accepting people into it.
You were at a point in your life where things were not okay. Your job was cutting back hours, your rent was going up, you and your friends were constantly on opposite schedules, you and your family didn’t talk much and drifted apart, and your love life was a bleak, desolate wasteland. In a desperate attempt to keep your sanity, or just get rid of it all together, you applied to live at a commune in upstate Wyoming.
It wasn’t just any commune either, it was specifically a BDSM community where you would work, eat, sleep, and be sexually active with the other members. When you first saw the commune by chance on a blog, you were sure it was a cult. It had to be. The idea, however, tugged at your mind enough that you began to look into it. Taking the virtual tour, you were surprised to find that it didn’t look like the communes you were used to seeing.
The houses were decently sized and looked like log cabins that would be found in resorts. There was electricity, heating, cooling, hot water that was running, full working kitchens, even guaranteed private bedrooms. You figured the last one was added as someone had asked. The word Commune didn’t exactly scream ‘I am my own person.’ after all. There was also a garden, cattle to work that were sold to provide the basic necessities, people were allowed jobs outside of the commune too. The more you read the more you wanted to be there. Just to have a community of people to be friends with and not worry about making rent or bills.
You held off though because of the BDSM aspect. While you were familiar with it, through porn online, reading about it in fiction, and doing some solo kinks, you were worried they wouldn’t let you in because you were too fresh for it. Hell, the most kinky thing you had ever done before was masturbate while your hands were tied and you were tape gagged. Without anyone else there, you were worried things could get sticky in a bad way.
There was also the fact that the blog had said there were only Alphas and Betas so far. If there had been a few Omegas that would have been nice. Not that you were even an Omega. You hadn’t even presented as anything. You were past that usual age that would tell your secondary gender, but nothing happened. The doctors weren’t sure what to do or say as it wasn’t unheard of, but it was uncommon. Sometimes you just didn’t present. Slotted in with Betas, though you didn’t exactly fit in with them, it was the best they could come up with. So, while it was stated in the medical files of your lack of presenting, your license and ID papers were all stamped with Beta.
You were sure that was part of why you hadn’t had a long term partner or anyone romantically interested in you. Maybe this place would have someone who you could connect with.
The longer you waited, the more the commune stayed on your mind. After a bit of liquid courage after a rough day at work where you were given the hours of another person who was laid off, you sent an email.
Subject: Questions of interest about your commune.
Dear Director of Stars Commune,
I recently came across your commune online and I am very interested. I have a few questions before I decide to apply for residence there.
I would be moving there from another state, would I be able to receive assistance in that? I do not have much and if need be I can sell a few things such as my sofa and bed if those things are already there.
While I have little experience with ranch/farm work, I am currently a baker and can offer my services that way till a job outside of the commune is available. I am willing to learn how to do the jobs needed though, but I wanted to see if you have need for a cook/baker first.
While I am familiar with BDSM and the etiquette as well as the kink community, I have not personally participated in any activities relating to that. Either there was no one in my area or my partner did not care for those. Would that keep me from being considered at all?
For my final question, would I be able to apply even though I have not presented a second gender? I have medical records stating this as well as legally being a Beta, but physically I am not. Would that be an issue?
If I have any other questions, I will reach out again. Till then have a good day/evening.
Thank you for your time.
It was a few days later when you heard back from the ‘director’ of the commune.
SUBJECT: Answer to your questions about our commune
Dear YN,
Thank you for your interest in our commune! I will happily answer your questions for you.
We can provide assistance in moving should you be accepted. Take stock of what you have and we can provide a list of what items we already have. Anything used by the household such as the sofa, kitchenware, TV, etc. are welcome to come as we are always looking to furnish another home as our commune is growing. You can either bring your own bed/mattress if you wish as well as dressers, vanities, anything from your bedroom/bathroom or we can provide them if need be.
Everyone with any skills is able to apply. As of right now, we would love to have a cook/baker. We eat together as a community during the big meals of the day, but do not limit food intake so if you were to bake a treat and want to share or keep to yourself, that is okay. If you were to be a cook for the commune, you would be in charge of everyone's dietary needs and restrictions. You would not be expected to create a separate dish for everyone, but if someone is not able to have a certain food or does not eat a certain food you would be asked to accommodate them.
Anyone who has any knowledge of BDSM and is seriously interested in the lifestyle are able to apply. We do not discriminate on kinks or boundaries, all that we ask is that you be open with others and respect their boundaries and kinks. If you do not end up wanting to continue with that part after a certain period of time, you are welcome to stay so long as you are respectful of others.
Unless stated so, there will be no activities out in the open. They are to be kept in the houses to make everyone comfortable. PDA is allowed, but within reason for boundaries.
Anyone of any presenting gender is welcome. It does not matter if you are an Omega who does not have heat or an Alpha who does not have knots or even someone who has not presented, you are welcome to apply as that is not a deciding factor of applicants.
If you have any other questions, feel free to email or call us. We look forward to your application!
Director Redfield
Well, now there was no reason to not apply.
It took nearly two weeks for you to complete the form, as it was quite extensive. Ranging from your name and date of birth to your medical history and work history, not to mention you had to get an STD test that was clear before submitting everything. After that, all you could do was wait. It was almost a month later when rent was due and your paycheck was dwindling that you received the official letter in the mail.
‘Congratulations! Your application to Stars Commune has been accepted!’
A whirlwind of emotions rushed through you at the news. Excited and nervous and scared were the main ones, but there was also relief. You weren’t going to be homeless or fired or alone. Once the arrangements were made, you sold the majority of your big items and kitchenware to make moving so much easier. Granted you didn’t have a lot, it at least paid for you to break the lease on your apartment. Everything packed up in your car without help, so you set out for the commune and your new life.
When you arrived, Leon, the Assistant Director of the commune and Beta, welcomed you to show you around. If the rest of the people at the commune were half as good looking as Leon, you were counting yourself lucky. The man looked like he belonged in a magazine as a model with those high cheekbones and pouty lips in a tailored vest and slacks with a lavender button up. It made you a bit self conscious in your less than stellar hand me downs and thrift shop finds, but you remembered that everyone had to agree to let you in before you were approved. So everyone had seen you and wanted you, which was something you couldn’t quite wrap your brain around, but then again it was a BDSM commune.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Leon,” he said with a soft smile, shaking your hand before pulling you in for a hug. “I hope the drive was okay.” The scent of jasmine washed over you, making you practically melt against the man. He was scenting you, which was normal with packs and with you not really making a distinct one it wasn’t surprising. Not to mention he was warm in the chilly air and while the car was heated, this was a different warmth. It was assurance and welcoming, making you nuzzle against his chest. Gods, how long was it since someone, anyone, had let you do that?
“It was good. Had a nice playlist and fantastic scenery,” you said, smiling as you pulled back. The drive had been a long one, but the closer you got to the commune the more you were gifted with the bright colors of late fall turning into winter. You knew the North could have wicked snow storms and were glad to get there before you had to drive in any of it.
With both of you in the car, Leon directed you on where to go. You would be on your own in a smaller house till others came or another house was built. Currently there were seven people including you that lived there and there was already a full house of four and one of three. That didn’t bother you, it would give you time and space to get adjusted to everyone around you.
Leon helped you unpack the car as well as giving you a small welcome package of food for the house. There was also a special mobile phone that would always have service out there. You had realized as you got closer to your new home that your signal would cut in and out. There was wifi at the commune too so that would help, but should the internet go or someone else isn’t on the wifi but out with the cattle, you would always be able to reach someone. It was one of those ‘this could be a cult or remote living’ checkboxes that you had.
After making sure that you knew where everything was before giving you a tour of the place on foot as well as introducing you to everyone. There was Claire and Sheva who were working the garden as you stopped to say hello. Both were strong and rather muscular in their arms, making you swallow hard at the intrusive thought of one of them choking you out. The women were gorgeous and you were ready to let them sit on your face if they asked.
They were also both sweet and very warm to you, too.
“If you need anything let us know, we’re here for you,” Claire, a Beta, said with a smile as she gave you a hug, marking you with a smokey floral scent. Sheva, another Beta, followed suit, with a burnt redwood smell. Everyone seemed to be rather floral or natury smelling as well as using their own scent without blockers. You were so used to your nose being blind to other people that having them so pungent and sharp was making you dizzy a bit.
Then there was Jill and Helena who were getting ready to head to work at a bar nearby. Both of them were bartenders and worked at night so they were the night owls of the group. You were sure you’d be right there with them after getting used to the schedule. Even as a baker, getting up so early most days, you always had a hard time sleeping and the thought of company with two ladies there were beautiful who cuddled with you in the middle was a good one.
Another quick set of scenting had you covered in spiced orange from Helan, an Alpha, as she nuzzled into your hair while letting you press your cheek to her chest. Jill, another Alpha, held you a bit tighter than the others did as you wriggled against her to bury your face near her armpit to get every bit of that pine and sugared cranberries smell in your head.
“Don’t let Leon think he’s in charge!” Helena called from the driver’s seat. “He only likes to think he is! Also he’s the town’s gossip so don’t tell him shit!” Leon could only grumble as you giggled.
Lastly were Carlos and Chris who were coming back in from checking the cattle. The two men were. . . Well, when you first saw them, you wondered if there were giants there. While most everyone you had met were average height, save for the anime man Leon, Chris and Carlos looked like their biceps were the size of your head! Something about the two large men clicked in your head and you were instantly bashful around them. Whether it was the fact that they were rugged and large or the fact that Chris, THE Alpha was the Director of the commune and everything as a whole and Carlos, the last Alpha, was in charge of the day to day work to make sure it got done.
Two men in power that were able to split you in two with just one of their cocks had you almost unable to make coherent sentences. They were not even 20 feet away and you could already smell their scents. It made your gut twist with arousal as you fidgeted with your coat cuffs.
“There’s our newest member!” You looked up to see Chris walking over, a friendly smile on his face as Carlos walked next to him, running a hand through his dark locks. “I’m Chris and this is Carlos.” Carlos was the first to hug you, rubbing his sweaty body on you to over take the others’ scents with his sandalwood and chamomile that had you so relaxed and leaning into him with a purr. Fuck, you were drunk on these people from just a hug, they were going to destroy you if they offered more than that.
Chris was the final one and it was THICK. It almost felt like you’d been punched in the face with this smokey musk that layered itself over you. Your breath was slow and deep as you let your eyes close a moment as you listened to his heart beat against his chest. Letting a few moments pass, you both pulled away to continue the conversation.
“Hello,” you said, giving a small wave to them both. “It’s nice to meet you both.”
“It’s nice to meet you too. Leon’s isn’t telling you everything about everyone, is he?” Carlos asked with a chuckle. There was a glint in his eyes, something that you couldn’t quite figure out, but it was there. Was he picking up on your nerves? The thought of him using it against you, leaning over you to trap you between his arms while you tried to escape-
“Why does everyone think I gossip!?” Leon cried, breaking you from your thoughts.
“Because you do,” Chris said with a snicker, turning to you. “If you have a secret, don’t tell Leon. He’s like one of those old ladies on the phone talking about everyone and everything he sees outside his window.”
“Oh, oh we’re going with that attitude today, huh?” Leon huffed, crossing his arms over his chest as he gave Chris a dirty look.
“I would try to apologize, but you know it’s true,” Chris said, reaching out to pull Leon close. He gave the other a peck on the lips as Leon muttered under his breath.
“They bicker a lot, but it’s never anything too bad,” Carlos said, making you jump at him suddenly being so close. “You get used to it. It’s like watching an old married couple really. It’s cute and sweet.”
“That’s good to know,” you said with a small nod as Chris kept trying to get Leon to hug him as the brunette was refusingly on principle alone.
“Also, if you want some company later we can hang out. It’s Wednesday so it’s pretty quiet and I figured that you might not want to be alone in the great wilderness your first time here,” he said, smiling at you with a wink.
He did have a point. You were alone in a new place where the nearest town is nearly half an hour away. The commune was literally in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a forest and fields with wild animals like bears, wolves, cougars, and other creatures you’d rather not run into. Flashes of the TV show ‘I Survived’ where a woman was nearly killed by a bear that broke into her house had you quickly accepting the offer. You weren’t from the same area and were used to constantly being around people, so to suddenly be very alone was scary.
“Yeah, I’d like that a lot actually. Thanks,” you said, nodding as Chris finally got Leon to hug him.
It was another few minutes before you were back to the tour and the two other men were back to work. Leon showed you where the barn was that held the cattle during the winter months as well as the barn for the horses and another barn for a few tractors and work trucks as well as a mechanic shop that was set up in it. Everything made them self reliant so they didn’t have to rely on others outside of the commune too much. It was another checkbox for ‘cult or remote living.’ The area was very isolated and help from a company could take days. Having everything you need on hand was just smart.
“Finally, here is the main building where we eat and have game nights and such. We’ll do group activities every so often, you’re not required to join in if you’re not comfortable which includes just watching or staying in your own place. Back here is the kitchen,” he said, showing you where you would be working mainly.
It wasn’t what you thought it would be, which was most second hand items that needed to be cleaned or thrown out. No, everything was new and shiny. The kitchen was well lit and tiled with drain holes to make cleaning so much easier and while the appliances weren’t industrial, they were big enough and new enough that you could easily cook for ten or more people without an issue. The fridge itself was large and held more than necessary along with a large deep freeze that had shelving. It was like a baker’s dream come true! The mixers were bigger than most residential kitchens and the amount of dried goods in the huge pantry had your head already coming up with dishes to serve.
“This. . . This kitchen is amazing,” you said, grinning at Leon. “My old job didn’t even have this much stuff in it and we were a commercial place.”
“Well, I’m glad you like it. Honestly none of us are great cooks. We usually stick to simple things like spaghetti and meatballs because it’s something that we know,” Leon said, hopping up onto the counter to sit. “So, you like Carlos and Chris, don’t you?” The smile on his face was not a comforting one. Everyone had warned me, but still, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
“I mean, I didn’t know who would be here and I was hoping for the best, but they’re. . .I don’t know, just different,” you said, hopping up next to him. “Like, they are huge men and I like that but they are also so intimidating. I bet they’re actually big teddy bears, but they also give off that vibe of. . . I can’t put my finger on it. It’s so intense and dominating that it makes me want them to chase me and pin me down. If that makes any sense at all. Not to mention their scents are just nice.”
“Ah, yes. I know exactly what you mean. That’s Primal Play and they are both into it. Primal Play isn’t just chasing either, it’s reacting with instinct. You growl and bite and struggle and scratch, but you don’t want to get away. Kind of like when a heat or rut hits, so to speak. I know you don’t have either, but when one of the Alphas has a rut you might need to help out but you’ll be asked first. Which reminds me, this is for you,” Leon said with a hum, pulling out a set of folded papers from inside his jacket. “It’s the list of everyone’s kinks. Starting out can be daunting on your own with no clue as to who likes what, so we did the work of telling you what everyone is into and open to as well as vice versa.”
Taking the papers, you looked them over. There wasn’t a complete match up on your kinds, but for the most part you would find something with the others. Considering you were still learning and just found out you had a ‘Primal’ Kink, things were subject to change. While you didn’t have as many kinks to start off with as the others did, the ones you did have were shared with almost everyone. That was a relief, knowing that you had people who shared the same likes as you and who would be able to teach you more about it.
“Also, Claire is Chris’ sister so they will not be doing anything together. They do share partners, but not at the same time,” Leon said. Picturing them standing next to one another you could see the similarities. They must have been close and trusted one another if they were both there. It was a type of bond that you craved. Someone to be close to and trust completely. “But back to Carlos-”
Oh no.
“How do you feel about having a little training session?”
“Training session?” You asked, your brows raising as Leon’s smirk widened.
“Yeah,” he said. “Your application said you were new to actually participating in scenes, so training would be a good thing. That way you could get a better understanding of how kinks work and what is expected during scenes.” Sliding from the counter, he gave you a wicked grin as he bracketed you in with his arms as his hands pinned yours to the counter top, keeping you in place as he leaned close to your face.
His breath was hot and had hints of mint and maybe chocolate as it invaded your nostrils. Clearing your throat a bit, you couldn’t help leaning back till your head hit the cabinet. It was only a few inches, but Leon pushed in closer still. His hips forced your legs apart to let him in. All you could do was squeak as he nuzzled in close. Leon was in control and you were okay with that. There was nothing you could really do, but you also trusted him to stop if you asked him to. Afterall, if they vetted you so thoroughly then everyone else had to have gone through the same process. Though, you didn’t want him to stop.
“We’ll start with lesson one,” he mumbled against your neck as his scruff dug into your skin.
“Yes?” You breathed, feeling him grind against you with a growing bulge.
“No masturbation or sex unless one of the others gives permission or offers,” Leon groaned with a soft chuckle. “It’s a simple one to start with. No asking for orgasms or touches, no whining or complaining either. That’s for the first few days. No one will do anything to you while you work, so no worries about being teased or taunted or harassed while in the kitchen. We do have limits and the kitchen can be a ~very~ dangerous place.” The moan you let out surprised you as he pressed into your wet groin. The very blatant bulge was growing against you and as much as you wanted to beg for him to take you, you couldn’t. The training was something you wanted, it would help you figure out dynamics with everyone and while you had a tendency to be a bit of a brat in some cases, it was too early for that.
You’d test the waters later as right then you wanted to be good so you could cum.
“Yes, Sir,” you whimpered as his teeth nipped at your jaw, your legs aching from tensing and holding back from wrapping around his waist.
“Good Kitten,” he hummed, pulling back to look at your face. “Now, I know we made a mess just now, so why don’t you clean up here then go back to your place and change. Remember, no touching unless it’s to clean up.” You nodded, biting your lip before he reached up to pull it free. “Don’t bite those lips, now. That’s my job.” In either an act of mercy to give some relief or his own weakness, Leon pressed his lips firmly to yours before invading your mouth with his tongue when you let out a shocked gasp. His hands let you go as one grabbed your hip to pull you flush to him and the other buried itself in your hair to keep you where he wanted. Leon thrust against you, grunting as he worked himself and you up.
Worried that you didn’t have permission, you kept your hands at your sides as you kissed him back before he suddenly pulled away. Both of you were panting and close to the edge, but that wicked smile told you that it was going to be a while before you were gifted that release.
“I better get back to work. Those papers aren’t going to put themselves in a spreadsheet,” he said with a chuckle. One last kiss to the tip of your nose and he untangled himself from you. “Do you need help finding your way home?” He asked, moving to the sink to check himself in the mirror and adjust himself in his pants. Pressing your cool hands to your flushed cheeks you shook your head before speaking up.
“Uh, no, I’ve got it,” you said, taking a deep breath before sliding off the counter.
“Good, everyone’s phone number is on the papers I gave you. You can call any of us on the property and get a hold of us,” Leon said. “Welcome home, Kitten.” He gave you a wink and finger guns before leaving you alone.
Taking a moment, you looked around your new work area as your brain caught up to the situation. While you had soaked through your bottoms, you still needed to get things ready for dinner. Well, prepped before cleaning yourself up. This was something you could do.
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outlawnina · 20 hours ago
Winter Wonderland Prompts ❄️ Day 8: Decorating the Christmas Tree
pairing: Chris Redfield x Reader
warnings: a little bit of angst but LOTS of fluff!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chris wasn’t a fan of the holidays or Christmas. He wasn’t the type to be a full on grinch about it of course, but this time of year was rooted in bad memories for him. Often times he’d get reclusive once the holly-jolly holiday music started plaguing malls. He’d avoid it as best as he could, and play it off with ‘lots of work to do’. But, deep down he just had a hard time missing his traditions with his family before his parents died.
He could remember being a child on Christmas morning in 1980, getting so excited about his toys. He was only a child then, and he was so innocent to the dangers that would plague his world. Losing his parents, his best friends - his teammates. When would it end? When could he just be happy?
It was late when Chris begins to drive home with a skimpy Christmas tree shoved in the back of his Jeep. He knew you loved Christmas and he admired how you went all out. In a way it almost reminded him of his mother, the way she loved to decorate and bake all season long. A smile comes upon his face as he remembers her; driving through the snowy roads before eventually coming back to your secluded home.
Immediately, Chris feels nervous - but the warm candlelight from the window and the smell of the fireplace going makes him excited and confident, to say the lease. He drags the pine tree in - an easy task considering his large stature - and opens the door, bringing it to the living room. He can smell gingerbread baking, and his mouth nearly waters as you come to approach him
“Baby!!” You shout, excited to see him, but frustrated at the fact that there’s pine needles all over the floor. “I missed you!”
Chris looks into your eyes, face flushed. How long had it been? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? It was nearly the middle of December now, and though Chris didn’t like to celebrate Christmas - he felt guilty for taking so long to get you your tree.
“Sorry, had an issue back at the base with some BOW nonsense. Nothing you have to concern yourself with though.” He smiles, and takes your hand. They’re softer compared to his, and warmer too. He didn’t realize how cold it was getting out here.
“I’m just glad to have you home.” You hum, resting on your heels before looking curiously at the tree. It was small but perfect! You couldn’t wait to decorate it with him! That had to be your favourite part of the holidays, truly.
Chris takes a few minutes to unwind and two of you chat. It’s small talk mostly. He doesn’t want to scare you of the horrors of his job, so he always keeps it vague. You’re so beautiful and innocent to him - he doesn’t want to taint you with the horrible things he’s seen. But that’s okay, you listen anyways and nod. Excited to hear him speak and have him here with you.
Clothes get changed and Chris gets to work putting them tree in the stand. It doesn’t take very long but by the time he’s done, you’re ready with the lights and tinsel. “I want to do a green theme this year.” You chuckle, holding up a sparkly-green garland. “The color reminds me of you, and I know it’s your favourite!”
Chris hums. It’s true.. he doesn’t like the holidays, but green is his favourite colour.
He helps you with the garland and the lights; reaching the top of the tree where you can’t reach just to make sure everything is perfect. When you start to grab the ornaments, he pauses to look down at you for a brief moment.
Your hair, your skin… the smile on your face, the outfit you were wearing… he could only wish to feel that joy about Christmas like you do. But that was besides the point. He loved you. He was tired of denying it, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you by his side; through thick and thin.
It’s unusual for him to be vulnerable like this; trusting someone so easy. But love makes you do stupid things, and now he couldn’t wait.
Humming to yourself as you place another ornament on the tree, you see Chris reach into his pocket. You pay no attention to it, he’s probably looking for keys or something, but when he places a pink ornament on the tree you can’t help but be curious.
“Pink? Why pink? We’re doing green silly, but I appreciate your enthusiasm! ” You inquire, laughing at him to get a better look at it and oh…
Tumblr media
You feel your heart stop for a moment, and your face lights up a bright red. Chris is looking down at your eyes, admiring the glow of the lights in them.
“Chris I-“ you stutter, looking over to him while frozen in place.
Was this real? Was he really asking you to marry him!?
“Y/N, I’ve loved you for a long time now.” He says, taking the ornament back off of the tree, he walks next to you and opens it up, revealing a diamond ring cushioned inbetween. “I don’t want to spend my life with anyone else - except you.”
Chris gets down on one knee and you gasp, covering your mouth as you look down at him; pure joy written on your face.
Oh my god. This is really happening!
“Will you marry m-“
He doesn’t even get to finish his sentence. In a split second you’re on him, wrapping your arms around your neck and crying into his neck. “Yes Chris! Yes a thousand times - YES! I love you so much!”
He wraps his arms around you, ornament still in hand as he smiles, excited to see you in the ring and start this new chapter in his life with you. “I love you too,” He knows it won’t be easy, but he will die to protect you. He won’t let anything happen to you.
Chris doesn’t like the holidays, but maybe now he might enjoy them just a little bit more with you by his side.
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sedrick-silver · 22 hours ago
it took me a while to make this but it was worth it jadkghldajgadg
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mangaart · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (バイオハザード アンブレラ・クロニクルズ) Prelude to Collapse
Akita Shoten's Weekly Shōnen Champion (2007)
Written by Masaru Miyazaki and illustrated by Naotsugu Matsueda
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entityuniverse · 8 hours ago
— Resident Evil ~ dating them headcanons
Warnings - none, just wholesome fluffiness if anything
Reader - gender neutral
Characters - Chris Redfield, Leon S Kennedy, Piers Nivans, Jake Muller, Albert Wesker
A / N - sorry this is short-ish and very shitty, just wanted my first post out :(
Tumblr media
— Chris Redfield —
Tumblr media
Over protective boyfriend, without a doubt
Always asking if you’re okay, he’s always worried
So scared anything will happen to you
Hates having to spend so much time away from you because of work
Makes it up to you as soon as he’s home
Brings you flowers and chocolates, probably a sweet card too
He will stand behind you and hug around your waist whenever you’re stood doing something
Resting his chin on your shoulder or placing kisses on the top of your head
Just adores being in your presence, regardless of what you are both doing
Loves having you straddling him while he works, and you just cuddle him, stroking his back or playing with his hair
He’s more on the romantic side but also doesn’t know what to do all the time, so he just sticks with the basics like dinner dates, film nights, or just cuddling all day in bed
Not the biggest into PDA as normally when he’s out, he’s working and he takes his job seriously
That doesn’t mean he won’t be kissing you or stealing you away occasionally just to have moments with you
The type of guy to bring you coffee in the morning, and definitely make you breakfast in bed, he just wants you to have something to eat
Definitely the type to drop everything and come running if you ever need him to
More into skinship and quality time than he leads on, he just wants to take in every part of you in fear of losing you, so he always wants you close and with him
— Leon S Kennedy —
Tumblr media
Kind of an awkward boyfriend, but in a cute way
Pretty wholesome all in all
Will probably hold your hand more than anything else, but he’ll subtly sneak his fingers between yours and not look at you
He’s protective, but not overbearingly so
Probably teaches you some self defence and how to use a weapon so he knows you can hold your own
Pretends that he doesn’t worry all that much but he still does, it’s in his nature
Loves phone calls with you, has them any chance he gets especially when he’s away
The type that doesn’t want to fall asleep before you while cuddling and says he’s not tired but then passes out 5 seconds later
He’d have probably attempted to cook for you a lot, he can cook simpler meals but sometimes just prefers to stick to takeouts then he can focus on other things for you - he’s never really had the time to learn to cook well
PDA is kind of foreign to him, but he might on the occasion wrap an arm around you while walking or let you link his arm
Not the type to be crazy romantic and over the top, but he’ll always show you he loves you, his love language is more words of affirmation than it is showing love with gestures
— Piers Nivans —
Tumblr media
Everyone knows he’s a puppy, just an absolute sweetheart
The most caring boyfriend you could ever ask for
This man will none stop check up on you, always making sure you’re okay
He’d be your best friend, too, like you could talk to him about anything and everything
Always takes care of you, especially if you’re feeling ill
He’ll do his best to cook for you but if he can’t, he’ll just order takeaway and spend the night cuddling up to you on the couch
Expect date nights, all the time!
He loves taking you out but he prefers spending nights in with cheesy movies and snack food, and he’ll most likely just talk through the entire movie
Absolutely adores skinship, he’ll be touching you whenever he can, and not even always in a sexual way, he just loves being close to you
He’s fine with PDA, actually expect it most the time, he loves walking around either holding your hand and having his arm around your waist
He constantly worries about you, and hates every single moment he’s away from you
He’ll apologise profusely once he’s back home, completely littering you with kisses and not letting you go for the entire day
Complete and hopeless romantic, just wants you to know you’re the most precious thing in the world to him
His way of showing love is everything from gifts, gestures, words of affirmation, skinship…the whole package really
— Jake Muller —
Tumblr media
Complete ass, but a loveable ass
He’s definitely stubborn as all hell, if you ever get into an argument don’t expect a proper apology
A massive flirt, not that he’s always good at it, he definitely isn’t subtle with it
Prepare for him to slap your ass at any given time, especially if you bend over in front of him
Loves spending time with you, loves any quality time even if it’s just chilling and watching tv together
Was super awkward with hugs at first but grew to love them and got better at giving / taking them, so now he’s always going to be hugging you when he can
It’s definitely going to be more like bear hugs, he’ll just smush you against his chest and not let you go
Expect him to prank you, mostly jumping out around corners and scaring you then running away giggling to himself
He isn’t as serious as he pretends to be, especially when he’s alone around you
Isn’t particularly overprotective but he makes sure everyone knows you’re together and that no one messes with you
Definitely teaches you how to take care of yourself, doesn’t go crazy with the self defence but he likes to know that you could hold your own
Sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm
Isn’t necessarily the biggest romantic, especially in the beginning, he just tries to play it cool
But as time goes on he doesn’t mind being more hopelessly in love with you, the head over heels type guy, guy that would protect you with his entire life type guy
He never breaks a promise he makes, no matter what, and he will never promise something he can’t keep
Probably wants a few dogs with you, and he probably nonchalantly asks you to move in with him after a few months for “convenience” sake more than anything else
— Albert Wesker —
Tumblr media
He’s kind of distant, wanting to take over the world and all
He’s definitely keeping his work as the number one spot in his life, but you’d be a close second
He probably wouldn’t be that most open with you for awhile, but eventually he’d divulge you a little more into his life
He’s needy for attention but would never admit it, he’d probably subtly touch you while passing by like his hand on your lower back
He savours every moment you’re together, even when not speaking, he just likes having your company
He’s always busy, and doesn’t necessarily feel bad about it, however he’d make it up to you occasionally with subtly sweet gestures
He probably wouldn’t give you presents directly, he’d just leave flowers or a small gift on the table with a note for you to wake up to on a morning
Might steal a kiss from you when you least expect it, then pretend nothing happened
He isn’t particularly romantic, but he’ll let you know you’re important to him, in his own ways
He does care for you, but he doesn’t want it to look like a weakness, so he doesn’t always show it the best
He does actually worry that something would happen to you because you’re dating someone like him
He’d actually remember all important dates like your birthday, your anniversary, the first time you met etc
He himself would either teach you to fight or he’d get someone else to teach you, just so he doesn’t have to take his attention away from work thinking if you’re okay or not
Again, he’ll show his love with occasional sweet gestures or words of affection
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aido-mitarashi · a day ago
Winter Wonderland Prompt list by @outlawnina
RE Cast watching holiday movies:
He would love to watch The Grinch. Its hilarious and it has a happy end. He will wear a grinch hoodie of course. For the feels.
Tumblr media
Home alone is his holiday movie to go. He likes the ideas Kevin comes up with to fight the bad guys. Has definitely tried some of this when drunk.
Tumblr media
The Nutcracker and the four Realms. Its a masterpiece. Classic Tschaikowsky plus new animation style and the best actors one can ask for! She will watch it endlessly. And every other nutcracker movie like Barbie and the Nutcracker.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He will only accept Die Hard as a holiday movie. Nothing else. Its tradition and Claire is annoyed by it. But its funny how he can recite every damn line.
Tumblr media
Nightmare before Christmas will be her favourite movie to watch. She thinks its great work and tries to find every detail in the background just to admire it.
Tumblr media
Gremlins. Because they are cute. And he has some plushies of them. Old but gold.
Tumblr media
Polar express. Classic. Pretty. Nice voice actors. He secretly wishes there is a real one and would love to take a ride on it. But... Meh. Zombies are the truth.
Tumblr media
@sebbytheraccoon it took me a while~ i hope you'll find some time to help me out~
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hidingoutbackstage · 2 days ago
Rose: Yeah I’m half trans on my dad’s side
Mia: ??? Honey your father was cisgender
Chris: She means me
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chris and jill are mlm wlw solidarity.
claire and leon are wlw mlm hostility.
chris would be there for jill when she needs it but claire would have leon at knifepoint for not answering her text within 10 minutes
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Chris: Two years ago, I married my best friend.
Chris: Wesker is still mad about it, but me and Jill were drunk and thought it was funny.
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mynameisjag · a day ago
"Chris...your contact are fucking weird..."
"I thought you wanted to get Claire's number, hers isn't that hard to figure out."
If Chris bothered to look over to where Jill was, he might see the glare she was giving him, he knew she was doing it but if he looked it would just give it credibility.
"Yeah, I figured hers out, I can guess who is probably Boyband Reject, Mr. Valentine, cute by the way, Jilly And Jam Sandwich, and Boulder Partner, so whose and I'm going to say this as you spelt it...Mi Moldi Pangoli?"
Oh, he forgot he did that, "That's Ethan."
"The hell is a Pangoli?"
"Its...its a play on pangolin...the little armored looking guys, like armadillos but cute."
"Umm," how was he supposed to explain seeing Ethan half transformed and looking like one of them with his claws clicked together as he was still mostly asleep and shuffling back and forth in front of the coffee pot.
Or that Chris himself thought it was cute despite the younger man having black scales that went up to his elbows plus red and yellow eyes staring up as Ethan asked him if he would please get the milk jug out, his claws couldn't grab it.
"Because...they are small and cute?"
Shit, wrong excuse!
There was a moment of silence and he just manages to glance up from what he was doing to see her grinning at
"So you think Ethan is small and cute? Tell me more."
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fat-zygerrian · 5 months ago
This game is super easy! Simply click a door and the character that pops up is your date 😘
🚪 🚪 🚪 🚪 🚪 🚪 🚪 🚪
Reblog and put in the tags who is taking you out!
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haileythesato · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My thoughts on Chris from Resident Evil Village.
(note: he gets wider in every panel as he should)
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