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Without going into too much of a tl;dr length, Chris himself does want friends and family, but he feel like he doesn’t deserve either because he believes he’s not a good person or that he’s just incapable of being one even if he tried really hard to. Unlike Sonic who was forced into hiding until he met Tom, Chris’ loneliness is self-inflicted from self-destructive tendencies caused by a rock bottom self-esteem. He may not have to hide from everyone like Sonic did, but Chris genuinely believes he doesn’t deserve what Sonic also always wanted because in his mind who would ever want him unless an ulterior was at play.

That’s why when Tom and Maddie started including him in all of their family activities and getting all buddy-buddy with him, he knew Tom especially was suspicious of him, and it was just their way of keeping an eye on him like a hawk. It was just a matter of grinning and playing along as long enough Chris needed to.

Of course, Chris was surprised to learn that Sonic had not only become jealous of him but even feared Tom and Maddie may eventually replace him because he was a “normal” kid.

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Barker had Chris start out by basically dancing during the opening of the show, and appear in an act with an elephant performer named Vera. He pretty much told Chris to just look pretty and smile. It ends upsetting Chris. Not because he wanted to be in the limelight, but the way Barker worded made it sound like he was viewed as nothing more than a novelty to be gawked at. Basically, he felt objectified.

Barker eventually better explained to Chris why he gave him what he did to start out with, and how it had nothing to do with him being a human.

As soon as training and rehearsals began Chris literally felt why Barker had him start out with just dancing. With having less time to get up to speed with the choreography compared to all of the others, Chris was feeling sore at the end of day to put it in the simplest way possible.

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I could see it being a thing. They do have enough physical similarities. Or at the very least I can see their families knowing each other very well, considering Nelson is in the business of tech and the Duke of Soleanna was a scientist.

It kind of makes me wonder now how Sonic X could have went about adapting Sonic 06′s story, if the show went on long enough for the game’s release. With Sonic and his friends being from a different universe and all.

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I’m princess Elise of Solenna
I spent 10 years not crying
You’re just a spoiled rich na na
Both your parents are alive
Both mine aren’t
Don’t expect sympathy
Because I simply can’t

Don’t make me laugh, Elise
I actually tried to assist
You’re absolutely useless and kissed Sonic
Which is why people get so p*ssed
I actually helped find the emeralds
Although I might have issues
I wouldn’t risk destroying the world
If you blew out the candle earlier, you wouldn’t need the tissues

Why can’t you shup up and stop moaning
So people have less than you
Your parents work hard for you, so stop groaning
And you did stop Sonic from going home
That was a cruel and selfish thing to do
No wonder you’re alone

Don’t talk to me about selfish
After what you did
Ever heard of CPR?
Clearly you haven’t, stupid
You got kidnapped so many times
You stole princess Peach’s trademark
You’re utterly useless beyond all belief
Saying Sonic 06 is Satan is an accurate remark! 


I made this a while ago, so I apologise if it’s terrible. I hope everyone enjoys it. I was thinking about extending it in the future. Let me know what you think.

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This idea had crossed my mind before, but I was previously hesitant to try and bring it to fruition since I had never digitally drawn the likeness of a preexisting character before and wasn’t confident in my ability to make them look right, even by the very loose standards of this meme, and it took a prolonged period of extreme boredom, in which I haven’t been able to work on any videos due to long-term technical issues, to get me to go ahead and take a shot at it. Needless to say, it turned out looking considerably better than I’d anticipated and was very fun and cathartic to make; now that I know the ease of the drawing aspect involved, I may very well make more meme images of a similar technical nature to this going forward…

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Hello there! Yea, I’m a mismatch of a bunch of different fandoms.

I’ve been playing W101 since around the time it came out.

Jaden is forever my favorite protagonist in YuGiOh. It was originally Yuugi before I watched GX a few years back. After I finished it (I watched it all dubbed I think), I was astounded. Then I found out that there was a 4th season that was never dubbed and watched that and fell even more in love with Jaden. I honestly don’t think anything will be able to overcome my love for him.

I also grew up watching Sonic X, so it’s natural that I gravitated towards the series (hilariously enough, I didn’t know Sonic was a video game character as a kid). I love the series and enjoy rewatching it every now and then. My favorite Sonic character will always be Chris though.

And thank you!! I hope you have a nice day as well!

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Can’t really sign a contract and have it be valid when you don’t even legally exist in the universe you find yourself in, so no. Even then Chris could just easily say, “I’m a minor!”, to authorities to get himself out of it, because who is the regular uninformed Joe Schmoe going to believe. The seemingly innocent, wide-eyed “child”, or the big, towering wolf-dog with a history of conning others?

Funny I mentioned the whole “I’m a minor!” thing, because now I think of it that’s another thing that makes his contract Knuckles signed for that rundown house null and void. But this is Boom!Knuckles, so of course he wouldn’t have known not to pull that ace up his sleeve.


No, instead Barker and Chris used a sort of honor system. Barker uses Chris to obtain something he wants, and Chris uses Barker to get what he wants. Both sides win.

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Thinking about sonic X and how it would have GREAT if Chris became a villain

Like imagine it, rich brat saves a talking giant blue hedgehog from his pool and is like “Its so cool! Lemme keep him” and sonic sticks around him Until he finds his friends and then maybe Chris’ grandpa is like “bruh, sonic, y’all need to get out of here and sonic and co. Are like “GONE” and they do their own things

Christ reappears to take sonic from time to time and while he’s held hostage and taken to Chris’ school to get attention from his classmates, Sonic befriends them, namely Helen and she helps him escape

Then Helen because a much more reoccurring character while Chris is bitching and moaning about not having sonic

Hell, The scene at the end where Chris is shown to have spent the last 6 years creating a portal to Sonic’s world could be a villain stinger

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I understand that Sonic X had some major characterization problems, but I’m getting really tired of seeing miles-long discourse over if Chris/Amy should’ve been cut from the show.

Can we please agree that it just wasn’t handled well and stop arguing over which one is worse, when it really doesn’t matter?

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Well dear anon….

It’s Chris Thorndyke.

He’s hated by the entire fandom just for existing. He’s my favorite Sonic character, I grew up watching Sonic X and I became attached to him (I even rewatched the series and was just as fond of him as I was back then).

But imagine you’re me and you want to just scroll through the Sonic X or Chris’s tag for some cute fanart or some fan discussions, but what do you get instead? 

  • People constantly complaining over his inclusion and him “stealing” other people’s roles (they had no issue when Cream did the same but go off I guess)
  • People getting upset over him being emotionally attached to Sonic due to parental neglect and being fucking 12 at the beginning of the show
  • People wanting him dead and claiming it would’ve fixed the show
  • People wanting Sonic and his friends to beat the everloving fuck out of Chris
  • People rewriting Sonic X with their OCs filling Chris’s spot and saying it’s “better”

I could go on and on with how many people shit on this poor kid just for existing in a show that’s over 14 years old. Like….I just want to see nice art and stories with Chris being written like the nice, caring and fun character that he is and not see everyone demonize him. Is that too much to ask for?

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