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Any whumpers like the Panic attack trope?
Because I do!!
Here's 7 Panic attack moments from tv/movies.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
—Supergirl, "Ace Reporter"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chris Wood
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Katie McGrath || Supergirl S5 BTS
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Happy New Year!
Tumblr media
*not my gif
Pairing: heretic!Kai Parker x human!Reader
Warnings: SMUT (18+ only), oral sex (female receiving), fingering, and unprotected sex (He is a vampire. But you’re not. So be safe!)
Word count: 9853
Author’s note: Happy New Year!! It’s 2022!! Can we start the new year off with some romance and smut?
Description: Kai and Y/N are friends and are having fun at the Salvatore's mansion (New Year's Eve party) with the MF gang... and soon feelings are revealed.
Tumblr media
Y/N was walking down the street on her way to the Salvatore mansion to meet her friends. It had been a long time since she had visited Mystic Falls. She had been studying abroad and now she was finally back.
As she was fondly thinking about her reunion with her friends especially her best friend Caroline, she felt someone whisk her away to an alley. Vampire. Before she could react, he sank his fangs into her carotid artery causing her to scream. She was trying so hard and fiercely to fight the vampire off of her but it wasn’t enough. After all, she was just a human.
Suddenly, someone pushed the vampire off of her. He growled, purple / black veins flashing in his eyes. Her 'saviour' had the most beautiful eyes, deep blue-grey eyes and dark brown hair. He raised his hand and the vampire who was feeding on her a few seconds ago started choking.
She heard him say, "Leave now or lose your heart. Your choice.”
After the vampire ran off, her 'saviour' turned towards her who had dropped to the ground and was holding her hand on her neck trying to stop the bleeding. She looked shaken and her eyes were filled with tears, flinching a little when he took a step towards her. To her, he was a vampire but also had witch powers which was absurd and he was a stranger. Yes, he saved her. But still... she was afraid.
"It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you.", he said softly, kneeling down next to her biting his wrist. "This will help... heal the wound."
She looked into his eyes and all she saw was genuineness and wrapped her fingers around his wrist. He studied her face. Why wasn’t she completely freaked out about what had just happened?, he thought. He sat on the ground before her, taking a better look at the young girl. It appeared that she was around his age, her Y/H/C hair was pulled in a loose pony tail, her Y/E/C eyes staring back at his– and she was beautiful. They had met barely a few moments ago and she had already taken his breath away.
“Anyone else would’ve run away by now. So... why haven’t you?”, he quizzed, his eyes boring into hers.
"Let’s just say my friends are not exactly normal.“, she smiled and cleared her throat after a moment. "Thank you for saving me – um, sorry. I didn’t get your name?”
"Oh right. Sorry, manners. I’m Kai. Kai Parker.“, he said outstretching his hand. He expected her to run away but obviously the girl knew vampires and friends with some. Y/N smiled at him, shook his hand and for the first time in his life, Kai felt something spark inside his heart. And she felt the same spark within her too.
"I’m Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.”, she said, unable to look away. “So, you are Kai. It’s very nice to meet you.”
All her friends, especially Bonnie had warned her about Kai, filling her head with all the awful things he had done. But here she was... shaking hands with him and smiling at him. Kai had made mistakes, but Damon had done worse. Stefan had done worse. Most of her friends have – being vampires and all. Judging Kai by the worst mistakes he had done in his life but not judging her friends for theirs would make her a hypocrite. That wasn’t her.
Everyone deserved a chance, everyone had darkness and light inside. Her new friend seemed so friendly she couldn’t help but like him instantly — and had just saved her life when easily could’ve walked by and let her die. To her, Kai didn’t seem as dangerous as they had made him out to be.
"So you have heard of me.", he sighed, looking at the ground. "I take it you are friends with Damon... or Stefan?”
"Well kind of. But I'm especially friends with Caroline.“
He smiled and nodded. "The blonde. I know her... kind of."
She politely smiled back and suddenly noticed her bloody top and said, "I uh better go home and change.”
Y/N started to get up and almost immediately she stumbled a little. Kai got up quickly holding her steady so she wouldn’t fall. Their eyes met and a spark of electricity floated between them, waking up something inside of him he didn’t even know was there. He had no idea who this girl was, but already knew there was no way he’d ever let anything happen to her. Normally, he wouldn't even have cared and run towards the screams. But something in him told him to, that day.
"Are you feeling okay?", he asked concerned. "I will take you home... if you're okay with it, of course. Don’t worry, you don’t have to invite me in or anything. I just want to make sure 'whoever that was' won’t try and finish the job and that you won’t faint somewhere."
"I just feel a little light headed that’s all.", she smiled, unable to take her eyes away from him. Never before in her life she had someone’s eyes sparkle like this. "Wow..."
"No--nothing.”, she smiled, feeling her heart skip a beat. “Um may--maybe it’s a good idea that you walk me home.”
"You are not scared of me?“
"No.", she said. “I'm not.”
Kai couldn’t help but smile at her words. There wasn’t a hint of judgement or fear in her eyes and they were so warm, just like her smile. Barely a few minutes spent around her and for the first time in his life he didn’t feel as alone or empty as he always felt.
"So you know what I did? You know, my past... and the wedd--"
"Yep.", she said instantly, cutting him off. "I’m not judging. You had your reasons and my friends, well— they sorta provoked it in a way. I— ” she sighed. “Don’t tell them I said that. I’ll never hear the end of it.”
"I won't.", he said as they took a turn down the street. "Wow. This is different. I’ve never met someone – as understanding as you. Not judging- thats definitely a new one for me. Where have you been all my life?”
"Right under your nose.“, Y/N chuckled, unable to stop smiling. "Probably."
Kai laughed under his breath, listening to her heart beating strong and fast , skipping a beat every time their hands touched accidentally while they walked. He couldn’t help feel the electricity coursing through his veins , starting from the places where their hands touched, waking up every fibre in his body.
"So, if you know 'the goody two shoes gang', how come I haven’t seen you before?”, he wondered while they took another turn down the next block, making her laugh at the name.
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair, looking up at the sky and then at him with a smile on her face. Kai's heart did a flip almost making him stop in the middle of the street, trying to figure out what was happening.
"I was studying college abroad and now I'm... finally back. It's been a long time..."
Y/N stopped in front of one of the houses and Kai felt his heart sank. That was it? Why did it feel like they had been walking barely a few seconds when it had been minutes? He didn’t want to let go of her. It was weird considering the fact that he just met her. But he felt it. What he didn't know was she felt the same way.
"This is me.“, she sighed. "Thank you for um saving me and walking me home.”
"Yeah. Always.“, he smiled at her, scratching his forehead nervously. "I guess I’ll be seeing you around –", Kai said and started turning around when he heard her say,
"You are welcome to stop by and come in any time you want.“
"Y--you are inviting me in?” he asked surprised. Y/N nodded. “What would your friends say?”
She rolled her eyes and said, "I don't care what they would say or think."
"Your friends are going to freak out.”, he said amused.
She chuckled,"See you around, Malachai...”
Normally, he would not like anyone calling him Malachai. But when she said his name, he had to swallow the lump in his throat, his stomach tensing. What was it about this girl that had him feeling this way ? Warm, fuzzy, complete... "Yeah– see you around Y/N.“
Kai watched her walk inside the house unable to stop smiling. This girl was different, he could feel it. Could it be that he had finally found someone? A real friend, maybe more than a friend? He walked down the street trying to figure out what were all those emotions swirling in his heart and head in that moment. There were so many of them, he couldn’t separate them but knew all of them were connected to her.
She rested her back against the door looking around her living room, thinking about him and the feelings he made her feel.
And that was the start of their friendship.
When her eyes met Kai's at the New Year's Eve party in the Salvatore mansion, she raised her glass of bourbon to her lips, hiding behind it in an attempt to conceal her crush on him as she stared at him across the expanse of the crowd between her.
Forgetting to breathe through more amorous exchanges of evocative glances between her, Kai's eyes warmed her entire body. Heart skittering at his beautiful smile as he took a sip of his drink, Y/N's eyes glossed over as she melted into his deep blue eyes.
"I've always liked him. But I never really thought about it because he was with Elena.", someone was talking to her. "But then they broke up and all of these feelings started to flood back in."
She knew someone was talking to her. She knew that she should listen to them. But he looked so good. She watched him hold his drink in his hand, spiralling the glass around in his slender fingers decorated with rings. A blush flushed her cheeks as she admired the divine allure of his elegant fingers.
"Earth to Y/N!"
Finally, she averted her eyes from Kai and to the person who was talking to her. "Hm?"
"What?", Y/N asked.
"You weren't listening, were you?", she rolled her eyes.
"I was listening to you, Caroline."
"Really? Then, what was I talking about?"
"Um You were um--", she began to stutter. She tried so hard to remember it.
"Well, you were staring at a certain brunet since you came to this party.", she raised her brows.
Y/N shook her head sideways. "No no. I--I wasn't staring at K--Kai."
"I never said it was Kai.", she smirked.
Y/N's cheeks turned crimson and looked at the floor for a moment. She didn't know what to say. And her eyes searched the party for the exact brunet she was talking about but it was hard. There were so many boys in there who matched the brown haired description.
Then, her eyes instantly locked on the blue eyed heretic, noticing him standing quietly next to the Salvatore brothers with his eyes studying her. He smirked at her and winked, making her blush like crazy and her eyes dropping to the floor.
"Oh just get it out of your system and kiss. I can't stand the thought of an evening with the two of you and that tension.", Caroline said, suddenly.
"We're friends, Care. Why would I k--kiss him?", she chuckled awkwardly.
"Hmm...", she hummed.
God, I knew that sound. Nothing good ever came from that sound.
"Cute bracelet.", she complimented. "I've never seen it before."
My eyes instantly flicked down to my wrist.
"I heard your friends are arranging a Christmas Eve party.", he spoke into the phone, scrunching his brows.
"I know. But I told them that I'm not coming."
"Well, why not?"
"I told them I'm sick.", she answered him.
She heard his playful gasp, "Liar, liar, pants on fire."
She rolled her eyes, forgetting that they were talking over the phone and giggled. "Well, you know that I'm not a people person. But I'm gonna go to the New Year party though."
She heard him chuckle through the phone and she asked him. "So what about you? Are you going to the party?"
"No way. I mean, I was deciding whether to go or not. But then you just said that you're not going. Then why should I?"
"Kai, so you're not going because of me?", she asked.
"So what? It will be boring...", he said. "... without you."
She smiled through the phone and after a moment, whispered. "Come over."
"I said, 'Come over'... to my house. We'll celebrate Christmas eve together."
Kai's lips curled into a smile in response.
She quickly added, "Wait--sorry--wait, that came out wrong... I mean, not together like 'together', you know?", she fumbled. "I mean, we're both alone... So we can celebrate Christmas eve together, you know... as friends.", she cleared her throat. "So d--do you want to... come over?"
Kai knew she was blushing. It was so very amusing for him. He chuckled, "I'd love to."
And he could hear her relieved sigh through the phone.
"Great.", she said.
Time skip
A couple of beeps interrupted her thoughts when the kitchen timer ticked the last minute for the cookies baking in the oven. Y/N bent over to get the tray with freshly baked cookies out and almost dropped it all on the ground feeling someone poke her from the back. She glared at Kai, who was standing next to her, leaning against the counter with his hands folded on his chest, smirking.
"Damn it.", she muttered, feeling one of the mittens slip off her hand causing her to burn her fingers on the heated surface.
Kai pushed her out of the way, taking the tray out of the oven. He let it on the counter, closed the oven and took her hand in his. Y/N flinched for a second when his fingertips touched the burnt place. He closed his eyes and muttered something. And felt a warmth spread over through her hand from his hands. Then, he brought her hand to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the burnt place. "There... all better."
She smiled, trying to suppress a smile feeling the burn disappear.
Kai winked at her. “Gingerbread snowman, bear and reindeer shaped cookies! Yum.”
He reached towards the tray but she slapped his hand away before reaching towards the frosting. "We have to do the frosting."
He muttered an 'Ouch' and quickly snatched a cookie, taking a bite. "God, they taste amazing."
She punched him in his arm. "I told you 'We have to do the frosting'."
He frowned and took a step back, raising his hands in defence. “Maybe I should keep that present I got you for myself."
“Y--you got me a present?”, her lips twitched into a smile.
"Of course, I did."
"What did you get me?"
He rolled his eyes. "I'm not telling you. You will find your present tomorrow morning. But if you keep denying me cookies, you won't find it."
She sighed and muttered, "Okay, okay."
That day was filled with laughter and both of them were beyond happy. And the next morning, when she woke up, she expected him to be beside her, sleeping. But he wasn't there. When she came downstairs, she found him in her living room drinking hot cocoa.
She smiled and Kai, sensing a presence in the room turned towards her. "Merry Christmas!"
"Merry Christmas.", she giggled. "I thought you... left."
"I wanted to cook you the best Christmas breakfast and watch you open your present first thing in the morning.", he stated.
She nodded, smiling and went to the couch, sitting beside him. And behind his back, he produced a medium sized black box and handed it to her, placing it gently on her palms.
"Open it.", he grinned.
She slowly pried the lid open and marvelled at the gift. Inside the box on a velvet cushion, lay a silver charm bracelet and her hands flew up to cover her gaping mouth.
"Kai, it's so beautiful.", she said. "I--I just... Oh my God. Thank you."
His teeth sunk into his lip to control his grin. "May I?", he offered, taking the box from her hand.
She brought her hand up. Her skin tingled as his fingers brushed her skin before fastening the bracelet around her wrist.
He met her eyes as he smiled proudly and she was already looking at him with a glimmer in her eyes. Her lips coiled into a grin, a slight warmth flooding her cheeks as she admired the bracelet now around her wrist.
She embraced him in a tight hug. His arms wrapped around her instantly, holding her tightly towards him. Her eyes closed for a moment and she felt happiness like never before spread through her body.
She whispered in his ear, "Thank you."
She pulled away and suddenly remembered something, "Wait here."
"What?", he furrowed his brows.
She cheekily smiled in response and quickly ran to her bedroom, grabbing 'it' and returning. She was really excited as she handed him a small square box with a light blue bow.
"Aww you got me a present?"
She nodded eagerly, "Just open it already."
"O-okay", he chuckled and opened, his eyes widening as he saw what was inside. A ring.
He dramatically gasped, "At least take me out first. Then maybe after some dates, we will think about marriage."
Y/N rolled her eyes for a second, trying to suppress a smile. "So full of yourself. I'm not proposing you."
He laughed and she continued, "I was thinking of what to get you for Christmas. And suddenly, your fetish for rings came to my mind. So...", she chuckled, nervously. "... yeah. Do you l--like it?"
"Do I like it? I love it!", he said, making her smile and let out a relieved sigh.
She grabbed the box from his hands, taking the ring out and took hold his hand, their eyes meeting in an instant and she couldn’t help but notice how his eyes sparkled like she had never seen them before, making her heart skip a beat.
And she slipped the ring in his finger. It was a perfect fit.
She fondly thought of the memory and shook her head sideways, snapping away from it.
"Oh this?", Y/N's hand raised to the other, wearing the bracelet and fiddled with it. "Thanks. I um--"
Her heart was now racing through her throat as she tried to choke out a decent lie.
"Where did you get it? It's really beautiful.", she added with a quizzical stare.
"It's uh... um actually..", she began to stutter as Caroline's lips began to curve into a knowing smirk. "Oh, Care, I can't lie to you.", she let out a defeated sigh.
"I know, you can't.", she said proudly, crossing her arms, waiting for the real explanation.
"Kai gave it to me for Christmas.", she admitted.
"Oh my God.", she exclaimed. "Wait... you didn't come to the Christmas party since you were sick.."
She cocked her head, squinting her eyes at the human.
And then dramatically gasped, "You lied and ditched us so you can hang out with him! God, I'm hurt. I'm wounded."
"Caroline, Caroline, it was not like that. I mean, I did lie that I was sick. But I only lied because I am not exactly a social butterfly. I just decided to only come to the New Year party.", she muttered, guilty. "Kai and I were talking over the phone. And we were like, 'Since we're both alone, let's spend time together then and give each other gifts... on Christmas.", she rambled on.
"Trust me, it's not a big deal, Caroline.", she hushed. "Kai and I hang out all the time. We have movie nights every Saturday. And sometimes he stays over. And we--- I--- what? why are you looking at me like that?"
"You never told me this about this 'staying over' thing", she said with an accusing and amusing glare.
"Kai and I are friends. And friends... have sleepovers. That's how friendships work,... right?"
Y/N glared at her friend. "I swear nothing happened. You and I have sleepovers too. It was just like that."
"Mmm hmm", she hummed. "Wait..."
"What now?", she asked, exasperated.
"You don't have a spare bedroom. And I sleep in your bed whenever we have sleepovers. So I assume he sleeps on your couch?", she asked.
Her cheeks flushed and let her gaze drop to the floor. She felt her heart in her throat and was debating whether to lie or not inside her head. "Why do yo--you want t--to kn--know?", she stuttered. And her friend took that evasive reply as
"You guys sleep in the same bed.", she stated. "And you didn't tell me!", she gasped, her lips stretching into a grin like a Cheshire cat that Y/N only saw when she was gossiping.
"I'm telling you now. Besides, it does not mean anything.", she mumbled, eyes only managing to meet hers briefly.
She chuckled and then looked at me with a serious expression. "I know you like him. And I never thought I'd be... supporting him... but he changed. Like a LOT. I think it's certainly because of you... your friendship. You changed him for the better, and he wouldn't do that unless he had something to change for. It's in his eyes every time he is around you and even when he is not. I think you should tell him how you feel about him, you know."
"He's a good person, Care. I'm sure he would've came around without me", Y/N said causing the blonde vampire roll her eyes. Y/N took a deep breath and cleared her throat, "He'll never reciprocate my feelings. I'm human. He is a vampire... a heretic. I'm not--I’m not good enough for him. We literally met by... him saving me from a vampire. Argh, being a human sucks... Besides, even if I'm a supernatural, if he doesn't feel the same way, it would become awkward between us. I don't want to risk it and lose what we have."
Y/N wanted to change the subject... so bad. Who knows? Kai was a vampire too and can listen to the conversation. Little did she know, he already did.
"So Care, there's no boy news for you?", she asked, taking a sip of her drink and trying to change the subject which successfully worked.
"Well, that's what I was talking about when you were so busy staring a certain someone.", she answered, her eyes falling to her hands.
"I'm sorry. Okay? Now I'm listening. So tell me.", she demanded and reached up to whisper in her ear. "Who is the lucky one?"
Her light blue eyes flicked back to mine as she chewed her lip, her perfectly manicured fingers fidgeting. "If I tell you, you need to swear not to tell anyone.", she hushed.
"Of course.", she nodded. "So no one knows about this? Not even Elena or Bonnie?"
"No." A small sigh escaped her lips, eyes still bound to mine. "It's Stefan.", she whispered.
W o w
"Seriously?", she asked.
"Does he know?", she pressed.
"Of course not."
"You should tell him. He likes you too.", she told Caroline.
"Really? H--He told you?"
"No. But it's obvious he likes you. He is even looking at you right now.", she stated the obvious.
"Is my hair okay?", she asked causing Y/N to laugh.
"You look really beautiful, Care.", she assured her. "Maybe you can ask him to dance with you tonight. Trust me... He likes you."
Someone suddenly draped their forearm on Y/N's shoulders causing her to freeze. She turned her head towards the person and... of course it was Kai. He smiled at her, his eyes sparkling with mischief and something else she couldn't put her finger on. Lost for words, she blinked up into his beautiful eyes, her heartbeat racing.
He turned to Caroline the next second. "Talking about your crush on Steven, Clarice?"
"I'm Caroline.", she deadpanned. "And that's Stefan. Wait... yo--you know that?"
He hummed and nodded. "Of course. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that. I mean, it's really really obvious. I may be a sociopath... kind of, but still I understand these things."
Caroline's face turned crimson. And Y/N let out a giggle as his lips curled into a smile in response.
"Caroline, go on. Go dance with Stefan.", she encouraged.
"Ok.", she sighed and made her way through the party's crowd across the room towards Stefan.
"Good luck!", Y/N shouted.
Drawing her eyes away from Caroline, she let her gaze drift up to meet Kai's. He let his hand drop to his side and stood in front of her. His lips curved into a grin as he studied her.
"What?", she asked.
"Nothing.", he smiled, with a little shake of his head. "You look... stunning."
Surprised, she felt her cheeks flush and her lips tug into a little smile. "You don't look too bad yourself.", she complimented.
The corners of his lips tugged up in response. And she took a gulp of her drink.
His eyes flicked to her drink and then back at her. "I bet you've been drinking that same glass since you arrived."
She took a step towards him. A playful smile spread on her face and she trailed her fingers across his chest. "None of your business."
He muttered an 'Ouch' and held his chest. "You wound me, Y/L/N."
She chuckled and he said, "Come with me. I'll teach you how to drink."
"No buts.", he said, taking a step towards her until their bodies almost pressed against each other and keeping a finger to her lips. "I said, come with me. You are missing out on the fun part of life."
She rolled her eyes, "Fine, Malachai."
He smirked at her, placing his hand on her back pushing her through the crowd towards the couch. His name sounded different when she said it, he almost liked it.
Kai told her to sit on the couch. And asked her, "So do you have any preferences?"
She opened her mouth to say something but he cut off. "Ah ah... Forget I asked you that. You will probably say something which is--"
"Actually I was going to say tequila before you rudely interrupted me.", she smirked.
"Oh you do not want to see me on tequila--"
"Come on, Malachai... You are missing out on the fun part of life.", she repeated the words he told her making him run his tongue across his teeth. "Let's do tequila shots."
"Okay. You're so on.", he replied.
As Kai went off and brought it, giving it to her, she quickly poured the liquid in the small glasses almost filling them completely. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, his eyes glinting with amusement.
"On three?", she asked.
"Okay. One , two- "
Y/N looked into his eyes for a few seconds before drinking it in one gulp, throwing her head back before he had finished saying three. For a few seconds she closed her eyes, pressing her lips together while the alcohol burned its way down her throat.
When her eyes opened, Kai was looking at her with wide curious eyes and smile on his face. "How do you feel?"
"Like I... need more."
Y/N laughed along with him, tapping her hands on the table, motioning for him to get the next round ready. They went about eight rounds before he grabbed the bottle from her hands.
"Alright, now you have learnt how to drink. I'm very impressed. But, you are cut off."
She pouted her lips, looking at him with puppy dog eyes. "Come on... Kai. Please."
"No no.", he said holding the bottle over his head so she couldn't get it. Not that it stopped her. She kept trying to take it, their bodies kept pressing together. It felt as if electricity was floating between them, the feeling woke every fibre in his body and he found himself wanting to kiss her.
"I said no.", he told her again. And she groaned in protest but gave up, slumping back to the couch and crossing her arms.
"Dance with me.", he suddenly said. "Come on."
"What?", She was really surprised. But she let out a little groan, reluctantly shifting her eyes around the room and looking at the dense group of people who were drunkenly dancing to the thumping music.
"Can't you dance with someone else?", she asked. "I don't dance. I've never... danced actually."
"Really? You've never danced before?"
She nodded slowly.
"Well this dance will be your first.", he stated and intertwined his hand with hers. "I want to dance with you. One dance. That's all I ask."
"Just one.", she let out a defeated sigh and he quickly pulled her up. "How is it that you always get what you want?"
He smirked in victory and started tugging her towards the centre of the living room with a small laugh, tightly squeezing her palm. Y/N always believed in him, saw the good in him and always defended him. Yet he wasn't sure he deserved it or her.
When they finally became merged into the melee of movement, he pulled her close to him with a wide grin as she rolled her eyes. But she couldn't deny how good it felt.
Her movements were reluctant at first. She seemed adamant, she wanted to move as little as possible just to prove a point. But after a couple of minutes, he caught her lips starting to curve. Her body became more relaxed, and she let herself move with him as he guided their movements to the tempo of the music.
She let out a little gasp when his hands tightly gripped her waist, and spun her around, so his chest was pressed into her back. He made sure she was pressed right into his crotch, so every moment she made brushed against him.
She wasn't exactly drunk, but she certainly was not sober in the slightest. At this stage, she'd considered herself to be ‘tipsy’. The music had started to become less annoyingly loud and her confidence level boosted up a bit and she couldn't think straight. Sinking her teeth into her lower lip, she grabbed onto his hands, guiding them slowly up her swaying body. Then he pressed his lips into her ear, letting his hot breaths kiss her skin.
"You have no idea how beautiful you are right now.", he breathed.
Her lips were working their way into a smile when he shifted his lips to her neck. He pressed a row of soft and needy kisses into her skin, making her feel like she was in heaven.
What was happening? A breathy moan pushed through her lips as her head started to tilt back, nudging into his shoulder.
For a while they danced like that until another song started to play. A slow song. Kai thought she would pull away since it had been 'just one' dance, instead she spun around and hooked her hands around his neck, pulling him closer and resting her forehead against his unable to make herself let go off of him and they continued dancing, laughing and having fun.
"See, this isn't so bad.", he chuckled, tightening his grin around her waist.
She hummed. "It's not... awful."
A smile spread across his face and he felt his heart skip a beat. He loved seeing her smile, hearing her laugh– it always made him happy beyond compare which was a really nice thing considering everything he had been through in his life. There had been so much pain and darkness until she had shown up. Now there were more than one flickers of light. All because of her. And after hearing the conversation between her and Caroline, he was not going to let go of her.
Their bodies were so close, they could feel each other's heart beats and their lips almost touched as he spoke. "For someone who has never danced before, you are quite amazing at it."
She laughed and he couldn't help but laugh with her.
It was always like this- Her smile always made him smile, her laugh always made him laugh and feel things he hadn't felt before in his life. Ever since meeting her something inside him had stirred and kept stirring the longer they spent together. Even more in the following minutes while they danced holding each other close, gazing into the other’s eyes. Somehow the world around them always disappeared and it was just them. Even if there was a crowd of people around them.
Everything was perfect, more than perfect actually.
Her heart was pounding so fast that each pulse roared through her ears, and without thinking, she grabbed onto his shirt in one swift motion, she pulled him in, smashing her lips into his.
The taste of liquor was prominent on both of their lips. She could feel him kiss back, his hands tightening around her hips. She began deepening the kiss, allowing for his tongue to travel her mouth. She was kissing her best friend and he was kissing her back with just as much passion. What was wrong with her? A part of her was telling her to stop, but she couldn't.
She could feel his smirk against her lips. And with every second their kiss grew more heated and his hands grasped more desperately at her body. The hungry movements of his soft and supple lips were rough, but his hands were rougher, and every harsh grab and tug at her body ignited an intense fire over her skin. So intense that she became devoured by the heat.
Within a few minutes, she had completely forgotten that they were surrounded by people.
His lips gently pulled away from hers, her eyes opening after a moment. His teeth slowly pressed into his kiss-swollen lower lip as he reached up and used his thumb to trace her mouth, before dragging it slowly down her bottom lip.
"I'm pretty sure there is nobody upstairs. I think it's time to take this elsewhere.", he whispered. "What do you say?"
Her heart rate immediately spiked. And she wasn't in control of her actions when she nodded. She was under his spell... figuratively of course.
The upper floor were off limits for everyone. So no one should be there. Damon was definitely going to be mad as hell if he found out. But Kai didn't care. And she didn't too.
He grabbed onto her hand and started pulling her towards the stairs. Both of them started tumbling up them as fast as they could. With a few more hurried steps, they finally made it to the top.
He stopped abruptly. Her heart jumped in her throat, wondering for a moment if he had changed his mind. When she turned to look at him though, his dark eyes poured over her, his lip pulled between his teeth. He looked like he wanted to take her right there. She squeezed her thighs, trying to ignore the part of her that reeled at the thought.
She felt his hands pulling her closer, her body beginning to melt into his. He slowly started guiding her backwards, keeping his consuming stare fixed on her the whole time. Then, with one soft push, she was pressed up against the wall.
He placed one hand on the wall beside her head with his eyes bound to her lips, whilst the fingertips of his other hand started to graze the skin at the hem of her dress.
His mouth slammed against hers, his tongue slipping between her lips. She moaned, grinding her hips against his the best she could. His hands wrapped around her hips and pulled her up his body. She wrapped her legs around him, sighing when he pushed her harder into the wall with his hips, pressing his hard length against her covered core and moaning into her mouth. His scent consumed her, lingering in her chest when he pulled back, his eyes consumed by darkness.
He kissed her again hard and pushed her towards a doorway. Her back slammed against a heavy wooden door. His hand grasped the handle as he continued to kiss her more and more desperately until the door finally shifted, and they stumbled clumsily into the room.
"What the fuck is happening?", an irritated voice asked from inside the room. "Not in this house. And definitely not in my room."
Heart rate soaring through the roof, Y/N quickly stumbled out of Kai's grip, opening her eyes and taking a look at their surroundings.
The two of them were in Damon's room. And Damon, Elena, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Enzo, Matt and Tyler stared back at them. Some in shock, others not so surprised. A few of them covering their mouths to hide their giggles... especially Caroline.
"I see you have followed my advice.", Caroline giggled.
Y/N let out heavy breaths as she palmed her hair away from her face and let her eyes shift over to Kai's. And for once, even he looked speechless.
"What... are you all doing in here?", she quizzed, trying to deflect back onto them.
"We were just planning to play Truth or Dare.", Elena piped in.
"Yes!", Caroline giggled, slightly slurring her words. "I texted you like a million times telling you to come up here but now I know what you were doing."
"Are you drunk?", Y/N asked, slightly slurring her own words.
"Seems you are too.", she let out a snicker.
"We drunk a lot.", Elena shrugged.
"A lot.", Bonnie emphasised.
"Great.", Kai mumbled. "Am I the only one who is pretty much sober?"
"I'm pretty much sober too because I can tolerate alcohol.", Damon groaned. "I guess, we're the only real vampires here."
Y/N let out a little chuckle.
"Now that you, I mean both of you are here... we can finally play.", Caroline grinned, excitedly. "Sit down."
Y/N gave a glance around the room, trying to figure out the best place to sit. Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie and Elena were sitting on Damon's bed. And Damon, Enzo, Tyler and Matt were sat in some chairs which had obviously been moved into the room.
"There's a chair over there.", Damon said, pointing to the other side of the room.
Kai quickly dragged the chair over, positioning it so everyone was practically sitting in a circle, and... sat on it.
"Malachai Parker... a real gentleman.", Y/N said, sarcasm laced in her voice.
He looked at her with a devilish spark his eyes. A split second later, he pulled her onto his lap with vampire speed and couldn't help but notice how her breath got caught in her throat. Her friends gave them the look, obviously wondering why they had kissed and what they were missing.
"What is up with you two?", wondered Tyler.
"Oh nothing.", she replied.
"You two seem to have gotten really close.", said Caroline, wiggling her eyebrows. "I want all the details."
"Caroline!", she exclaimed. "Just just.... okay? Please."
Kai chuckled and Y/N turned towards him, shooting him a warning look but just as she was about to say something Kai's fingertips glazed across her bare skin distracting her, sending shivers all through her body making her heart rate jump off the roof. He could feel her melting under his touch.
She shook her head sideways, shaking away her thoughts and cleared her throat. "So about this Truth or Dare... Let's start it!", she chuckled awkwardly.
"Who goes first?", asked Enzo.
"Well, since it was blondie's idea...", started Damon. "I think it should be her."
Caroline spun the bottle which ended up pointing at Damon. They all went around asking each other questions and playing dares, most of which were pretty silly or funny.
Y/N began sobering up as time went by and she slowly realised what happened downstairs... making her think of what would have happened if they didn't get interrupted. A part of her wanted Kai and another part of her was a bit afraid and nervous of what would happen next. She wondered, if that happened, will Kai want that to be a one time thing? or want something more... be in a relationship? She wanted the latter.
Kai’s hand wound around her lower waist innocently touching her down there as he pulled her towards him making her breath hitch and return back to reality... She locked eyes with him, the tension between them growing by the second. There were things he wanted to say to her, things she wanted to say to him, but couldn't. Not here.
Not a single time did the bottle pointed at Y/N who was so relieved until... it was Caroline's turn again.
She spun the bottle which ended up pointing at Y/N.
"Y/N–", smiled Caroline, "Truth or dare?"
"Why do you like him?"
"--Dare! Dare, Dare."
"No. You cannot do that. You chose Truth. You have to answer it.", she replied.
Everyone knew who Caroline was talking about. The room filled with giggles as Caroline wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Damon and Enzo gave a little snicker into their drinks as Elena laughed. Bonnie knew who was 'him' and she was the only one in the group who was still not warming up to Kai. So Y/N and Bonnie were not exactly talking and enjoying each others company like before.
"Who?", wondered Kai, but no one answered him.
"There is a lot more to him than meets the eye, Care. And I just love everything that he does. It's a bit hard to describe what I feel for him... but just... I really really like him and the way he is annoyingly perfect all the time."
"W o w ", Elena emphasised. "... finally."
Caroline grinned like a Cheshire cat and looking at Kai and then back at me. Kai looked like he was a deer caught in the headlights. Was she really talking about me?, he thought.
She finally said it out loud. It was relieving for her, truth be told. It felt good to express her emotions. But by the look on Kai's face, she knew that he knew.
Y/N glanced at him, then at Caroline for a split second and then around the room, feeling the walls start to close in a little on her. She suddenly got up from his lap and said, "I have to go."
"What?", Caroline furrowed her brows. "The New Year count-down is not--"
"It's just... I suddenly remembered that I have some work. And I have to go right now.", she cut her off.
"You can't go to your house alone in the middle of the night."
"I'll drive you home then.", Kai piped in.
"No! I mean, well, thank you. But I'll go by myself."
Before her friends could say anything or do, she stormed off. She went down the steps, weaving through all the drunken people.
Then suddenly someone's hand shot up to grip her wrist, making her turn around.
"Who did Clarice just asked you about?", he asked her softly.
"It does not matter.", she snapped at him. "And for the thousandth time, her name is Caroline... God, coming here was... a mistake. It was all a mistake.", she muttered under her breath, so quietly if he wasn't a vampire he would've missed it.
Kai grew silent, sadness written in his face. His lips pursed together. "So our kiss was... a mistake?"
She met his eyes and she hated seeing the look in his eyes. But why couldn't she just tell him the truth? She took a deep breath, clearing her throat, "Can we just forget whatever happened... today and go back to--"
"Being just friends?", he scoffed, finishing for her. "We can never be just friends after that... and after your little confession which I'm pretty sure was about me. Honestly, I don't see any problem here. You like me and if that isn't obvious, I like you! So what's stopping you?"
"But I can never be--"
"Stop right there. You are more than enough for me. I'm the one who is not good enough for you. Not the other way around.", he said. "This is just too much, I can't act like this anymore, like I don't... ", he trailed off, shaking his head. "Do I really have to spell it out for you?"
Her body flooded with heat, she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t talk. It was like she was paralysed. And seeing that she didn't reply, he continued.
"I cannot stop smiling when I look at you. I can't stop thinking about you...when I wake up, when I'm about to fall asleep... You are literally everywhere. I love you! Okay? I love you. Get that inside your head. Yes, you're human. But so what? I want you and only you. Always have and always will."
Words were flowing out of his mouth. And he couldn't stop, it felt so good to finally say what he wanted- whatever the response was going to be.
Her eyes pierced into his and she took a deep breath and he could hear her heartbeat getting faster. She pressed her lips against his, slowly at first while intensifying the kiss igniting a fire in the two of them. She let all of her emotions transfer to the kiss as Kai pulled her closer to him.
She backed him against the nearest wall and pressed her body firmly against his while his hands travelled up and down her back and lower. Her lips got more demanding with every second, craving more of him, same as he craved more of her. Neither of them appeared to care someone might see them, or maybe they just thought no one would notice them in the crowd.
He pushed her away ever so slightly, enough for his eyes to meet with hers and raised a brow, asking a silent question. And she whispered, "I love you too. I was just so... I guess the right word is 'insecure' and thought that--"
"I know.", he cut her off, resting his forehead against hers. "I heard your conversation with Caroline."
"Wait a second.", she playfully gasped. "You told her name right."
He rolled his eyes, suppressing a chuckle.
She laughed in response and shut her eyes as he pressed his warm soft lips against hers again into a fervent kiss. He switched the roles and backed her against the wall. His supple lips moved against hers, sucking on her bottom lip as he explored her mouth. His tongue lapped gently against hers as it entered her mouth. She brought her hands up to grip his wrists that held her face and braced her entire body to support her weakening knees. She moved to spread her hands across his on her face, revering the contours of his fingers.
Severing the kiss with a smack, Kai playfully pecked Y/N's lips before pressing their foreheads together again with a sweet smile. Comforted by the warmth of his hands, she nuzzled into it, as her eyes sparked in the haze of the kiss.
"So what now?", she softly asked.
"Your choice. I don't want to push you into something you don't want to do. So do you want to just make out or...", he trailed off, taking a deep breath. "... do you want more? I am more than fine with both options."
"More?", she wondered, feeling a little lightheaded. Kai tilted his head and gave her the look. "O--Oh."
One of his hands slid down and wrapped around her hips, fire flaring everywhere he touched, "What will it be, princess?"
Her breath hitched, a wave of emotion flooding her chest at the way he's looking at her. "As amazing as making out sounds,...", she trailed off.
"I want more. I want... you. All of you." She gripped his wrist along her face and squeezed them, and he brought his lips back to hers in another slow and sensuous kiss that desperately dripped with fever.
"Follow me.", he said, pulling away and taking her hand.
He guided her upstairs again hurriedly making her laugh under her breath. The further they went, the more her excitement grew. He continued straight ahead down the hall for a few metres before turning right. He opened one of the doors, pulling her after him and locking the door behind her.
"Damon will definitely kill both of us. He said and I quote 'Not in this house'", she whispered.
He rolled his eyes and groaned, "Please don't ruin the moment by talking about him."
She chuckled and didn't stop him. He went behind her, snaking her arms around her, smiling into kisses on the side of her neck.
He unzipped her dress and let it fall from her shoulders as heat radiated from her body. His hand ran along her skin and he tilted her head to lay more inviting kisses along her neck.
He came to stand in front of her and then bit down his lip, connecting his ocean eyes with mine. She grabbed his face and pulled him back into a desperate kiss. Their hands craved each other's bodies as they clawed at each other's skin with touches.
Kai soon had her pinned to the wall again, with his hands laced in her hair. His lips slowly moved to her ear where he began teasing her with small pecks, causing a soft moan to escape her mouth as euphoria tingled down her spine. Her hands drew his body closer to hers than he already was, yearning to feel the intoxicating burn of his skin lighting fire to hers.
She kicked her shoes off from her feet as she began pushing their intertwined bodies towards the bed. As they drew nearer, she unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off of his shoulders and let it drop to the floor. And then with a little help from him, his pants soon laid on a heap on the floor as well.
He lowered himself to his knees, his eyes meeting hers and asking a silent permission. She nodded and his hands slipped up the back of her legs before he finally reached the lace of her underwear. His fingers gently gripped the waistband and he slid them down her legs, where her feet shuffled to kick them away once they hit the floor.
Keeping his eyes fixed on hers, he placed a kiss above her belly button and slowly stood up. He pulled her into a kiss. With their lips tangled, his hands softly slipped to her back and his fingers easily undid the clasp of her bra.
Her final piece of clothing joined the rest on the floor and she quickly helped Kai wiggle free from his boxers, allowing their unclothed bodies to melt into one another's.
Just the feeling of his bare skin on hers was enough to light a fire in the pit of her stomach, every nerve in her body now pleading to be pleasured.
As she grabbed desperate fistfuls of his hair to pull him even closer to her, his hands began to drift down her front, and as her body begged for him, his fingers disappeared between her thighs.
She let out a gasp when he pushed his fingers past her folds and into her entrance. With every thrust and curl of his digits, her moans were harder to stifle. Her lips were still locked onto his, her satisfied groans laced between each kiss. Eventually her legs began to shake so violently, that she found herself biting down on his lower lip, just trying to stop herself from screaming.
Her orgasm washed over her, her body shaking. If it wasn't for Kai's hold on her still, she'd be on the floor.
He gently led her to lay on the bed. He tilted her chin up to meet his lips in a chaste kiss. He spread his hand across the side of her face, holding her cheek and embedding this moment into his memory.
He pulled away and laid next to her, bringing her up to his lap in a flash, a gasp leaving her lips.
"Sit on my face.", he demanded.
She widened her eyes and hesitated, but obeyed. He held her hips to his face and kissed the inside of her thigh much too lightly. His hands stroked her thighs, his hot skin soothing against hers. He planted another gentle kiss on her other thigh. Her breath ragged as she felt his lips closer to where she wanted him most. He sucked in a breath, blowing air against her. She throbbed as he finally let his tongue lick a strip directly to her core and planting stars behind her eyes.
"Fuck.", he moaned, more to himself than her, his muscled arms wrapping around her thighs. "You taste so good."
Y/N's hand shot to his dark hair and she gripped the headboard in front of her. Her mouth hang open, her soft moans filling the air. Her heart was racing as if it might leap out of her chest.
"Oh Kai.", she hummed.
All she needed to see was Kai's big blue eyes looking up at her and watching her fall apart. It turned her on even more to see him watching her and how he effected her. His hands were holding her firmly and there was no way she could get away if she wanted to.
Her cheeks turned red and her back arched, trying her best to grind herself into his mouth. But his tight grip barely allowed it. He was beginning to throb for her and it made his stomach turn in knots to find out what it would be like to actually have her.
Kai could barely stand the ache in his lower abdomen and the throbbing in his length anymore which resulted in a throaty groan that sent vibrations right into her. His eyes stayed latched on hers, dark and determined. And he flicked her clit with his tongue a few more times and she screamed his name, tugging harshly on his silky hair, and fell- quite possibly in more than one way- over the edge, an earth shattering orgasm tearing through her entire body... again.
Her body trembled in his arms, his mouth still latched to her, sucking and licking until she comes down from her high. She lifted herself off and rolled off of him, sinking back into the comforter, entirely spent and limbs heavy.
But Kai had other plans. "Tired so soon?", he grinned.
He flipped her over onto her stomach, propping her ass into the air. She pushed back at him when he pressed the head of his length into her entrance. She gasped and felt herself stretching and he groaned loudly. "Fuck."
His hands squeezed her hips and kept her in place. He lightly tapped her hip, signalling for her to move against him when he gave the first heavy and unexpected thrust. She squeaked and quickly covered her mouth.
There was no way she'd be able to last long at all with how he was taking a toll on her body. He thrusted in and out and tears swelled in her eyes as pleasure flowed through her veins.
Heat spread from the inside of her legs to the rest of her body, igniting her nerves like a bonfire. Pleasure smashed into her like a tidal wave. Her legs shook, causing Kai to hold her hips tightly.
In vampire speed, he switched to another position, sitting down as he slammed her back down on his shaft. She was on his lap, her back was against his chest. And he wrapped his muscular arms around her waist, kissing her neck and guiding her in bouncing up and down on him.
The crowd downstairs roared as the countdown to midnight began.
She held his hands as he flicked his thumbs over her nipples with his other hand. She snaked one of her hands back around his head, tugging on his hair. Her eyes rolled and she was exhausted but really he was doing all of the work. He whispered into her ear, "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this... for you."
"K--Kai.", she moaned when she felt him stiffen and twitch deep inside of her. Kai moaned after every thrust of her hips and she was surprised he could be so vocal. "Oh god.", she tilted her head back, nudging into his shoulder.
Her whole body splintered when he emptied himself into her, meeting her release with his with a shuddered breath. The room was filled with panting and strings of moans.
"Oh--", she moaned. She couldn't even scream his name- God, she certainly tried though- the white, hot pleasure coursing through her veins, stirring a new life into her bones, only allowed her to whisper it, mouth it over and over again as he collapsed on the bed, bringing her down with him. Kai held her in his arms, just slowing his breathing and she was trying to do the same.
She rolled off of him, and she hissed as he slid out of her, swallowing the last wave of electricity as she stretched her bones, delighting in the careful pop of her joints.
She was panting and her chest was heaving, her hand on her stomach. Her body still craved him, her skin aching to press against his in a way she had never experienced.
He sighed and wiped his hand over his sweaty forehead and turned towards her with a smile. He wasted no time scooping her up, wrapping an arm behind her knees and pooling her on his chest. His other hand glided up her spine, his fingers pressing hungrily into her flesh. Her thighs slip around his hips as she sank against his chest, her face finding the crook of his neck. His hands worked at the kinks in her shoulders and she shivered, her body starting to light up again.
"Happy New Year.", she said, smiling as she pressed her lips against his throat, squeezing her thighs as his fingers drew lower again, swiping over the dip at the base of her spine as he murmured back, softly, "Happy New Year."
He bowed his head down, meeting her eyes. "You know,... I like how I started this year. With you. Together."
She was unable to wipe her smile off of her face. "I like how I started this year too."
He kissed her, tugging at her bottom lip with his teeth and letting go. She moaned lightly and smiled up at him. And he whispered, "I love you."
"I love you.", she pressed her forehead against his and drowned herself in his love and care for the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
© 2022 socio-kai-path1972
Tumblr media
Taglist: @justathoughtfulangel @the-big-bad-klaus @stefans-wife @cqvenfilm
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Chris Wood being handsome as usual
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2.22 | 3.23 | 6.20
“too good at goodbyes”
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Jake Riley - Part 7/?
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kara & mon-el + kara's apartment
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A whump trope I quite enjoy for some reason (checking pupil dilation)
I like that dazed,half asleep look they always have. I find it very cute 😍
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In order
Being Charlie (2015)
The expanse 4x7
Prison break 1x17
Avatar (2009)
The Vampire Diaries 6x15
Criminal Minds 15x10
Kingdom 2x7
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—Supergirl, "Crossfire"
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Chris Wood
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Favorite shirtless tv shows part 35: Supergirl (featuring Chris Wood)
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Broke: Mon-El being Kara’s love interest 🤕
Woke: Mon-El being Kara’s supportive himbo wingman  😤
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In season 2, I had to eat ten pancakes at once. . .
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Kinktober Day 5 ━ Kai Parker | Daddy Kink
Tumblr media
[gif not mine]
Characters: Kai Parker X F!Reader
Warning: Pure Smut, Daddy Kink, Fingering, Begging,
"Daddy!" You gasp out, his fingers pushing in and out of you quickly, you already coming down from two orgasms. He fell his teeth graze against your clit, making you buck your hips up against him.
"Yes baby?"He says, scissoring your tight hole open.
"N-No-No more... Please..." You beg, only making him smirk.
"That's not how this works baby..." He says, sliding another finger into your puff folds. He moves his fingers in and out quickly, loving the whimpers that fall from your mouth.
"Daddy- P-Please-" You beg, trying to close your legs. He uses his free hands to keep your legs spreed, as he goes even faster with his three fingers, making her quickly reach another orgasm.
The 10th of the night.
And he wasn't stopping anytime soon.
No matter how much you begged or pleaded.
No matter what tears fell from your face.
He wasn't stopping until he wanted to.
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HIMBO Magazine: Talent Scouting
HIMBO Magazine: The Gay Man’s Guide to Modern Fashion & Lifestyle™
Despite the exaggerated name, HIMBO has provided joy, hope, and wisdom to countless gay men across the United States. It’s finger remained on the pulse of the latest queer trends, making it a must-have for the social homosexual. For many up-and-coming gay men, a job at HIMBO would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, job openings at HIMBO are few and extremely selective. For the lucky few that do get them, though, it often ends up being an offer too good to refuse.
Tumblr media
Christian Le Maître, HIMBO’s CEO and Editor-in-Chief, is a large part of why that is. As a policy, he selects, contacts, and interviews all potential employees himself, to ensure that only the best men would join his team... and of course, to make sure only the best would service him. “Mr. M”, as the office called him, was a very fair and generous employer: he offers fantastic salaries and benefits. One of the most important benefits, however, was a secret one: a total rewrite to ensure you’ll be the perfect fit for HIMBO’s elite. You might become a little devoted to your boss, but with Mr. M that was not a bad thing at all.
Currently, Christian is in the market for a new Personal Assistant. A few of his boys would soon be promoted to the house-husbands of Manhattan’s elite. Before he let them go, he needed to bring in someone new to fill their role. And also, if he was being honest, he was ready to spice up his selection of boys a bit.
After weeks of studying the area surrounding the office, Christian had found the perfect candidate: A slacker barista at a local café. Absolutely gorgeous, but content to smoke all day and let life pass him by slowly. It’s such a waste, Christian thought to himself, that body could be put to such better use. If there was anyone to fix that, it was Christian Le Maître.
As for how he would get this young man to join his ranks, that would be a bit more tricky. Usually he would get the fresh meat to come into his office, where they would be fully subject to his... influence. But this man would not accept a job if it came running towards him, so he would need to use a different approach. An email, imbued with special properties that would slowly but persistently bring him around to Mr. M’s way of thinking.
Christian began to type up the email. In his special way, Christian already knew the boy’s email address, as well as a whole host of other information about him. As he composed the invitation to HIMBO, Christian let his persuasion flow into the words...
Tumblr media
Mark Matthews had two items on his to-do list for the day. After clocking out of his (four hour) shift at the Pink Elephant Café, he had done #1, and as he headed towards the riverside with a joint in his pocket, he was getting ready to complete #2. Mark had never understood the pressure to aim high: if we’re all just evolved monkeys, why not stick to the natural urge to have a good time? He had always done the bare minimum to get by, relying on his natural charm and good looks to do the rest. Though his friend group had never stayed consistent, and he had never been in a relationship with a woman that lasted longer than a weekend, Mark felt that he was at just the right place in his life.
On his way to the beach, his phone vibrated. He could tell from sound it was the email jingle (aka the “ignore” jingle), but as the phone vibrated in his pocket, it sent an unexpected wave of pleasure through his thigh. Mark gasped as the euphoria shot through his system, but quickly pulled himself together before anyone on the street noticed. He then immediately pulled his phone out of his pocket, filled with the sudden desire to see what had caused the feeling.
SUBJECT: Congratulations
A dull life is a life wasted
And that’s no fun at all.
Respect yourself and those above you
That’s how you’ll stand tall.
When you learn professionalism
And learn to know your place
You’ll suit up like the big boys do
And that’s when HIMBO awaits.
- Christian Le Maître HIMBO Offices, 1544 ________ Street
...What the fuck? This was understandably Mark’s first reaction. This went beyond regular spam, it was just weird. Wasn’t HIMBO that gay guy magazine, why were the emailing him? And why did it rhyme? Do gay people really like poetry that much? Whatever it was, Mark quickly deleted it and went on his way to the shore.
But even as he walked, the words in the email were starting to scratch at the back of his head. A dull life is a life wasted. Was that about him? It couldn’t be... was he wasting his life? He had never thought so before, but he suddenly found that question eating away at him. He had his routine down pretty well, but could he do better? Did he respect himself? 
…What was he thinking? Of course he did. Some junk email was not going to ruin his day.
Mark finally sat down at his favorite bench and lit up. As he watched people go by on the street, he found himself looking at the hot women less than usual. Instead, it was the businessmen that caught his eye today. The big boys, as the e-mail had weirdly called them. For the first time, he found himself wondering how it felt to be them. As they went to and from their offices. They were doing things with their lives. Professional. Could that be him some day?
Mark rode out the rest of his high and eventually made his way home, but even as he unwound in the evening, he still pondered the possibility of living the corporate life. Finding his place in the hierarchy of corporate America. The thought had once disgusted him, but now he didn’t know how he felt. And that scared him.
The Next Day...
Mark had an 11:45 alarm set for his 12 PM shift at the Pink Elephant. It had been a long time since he had clocked in at the actual start of his shift. How he remained employed was anyones guess.
Today however, Mark found himself up and ready at 10 AM. It had been a long time since he had been up this early, but some force inside him felt the urgent need to go to work. I mean, if he was on time for work, then he certainly wasn’t a waste. Mark walked over to his dresser. He was preparing to get out something casual, a band shirt and ripped jeans like usual. But as he looked at his options he felt another stirring. You’ll suit up like the big boys do. Mark didn’t own anything close to a suit, but he had a few bits and pieces for formal occasions. If he really wanted to stick it to upper management and show he wasn’t some dull slacker, he could blow them away with a keen outfit selection. Something that said “success”, like the men in suits he had seen the other day. He fished around until he found some of the few “nice” pieces of clothes he owned: a cardigan, some tan chinos, and leather shoes. Paired with a (clean) t-shirt, Mark thought it gave him a look that said business without being too serious.
Mark walked into the bathroom and finished up by styling his hair. After he was done, he looked at himself in the mirror.
Tumblr media
... Not too bad! Definitely way dressier than he would ever normally go, but enough to surprise his managers. With an hour to spare, Mark left his apartment and showed up to work at 11:30, half an hour before the start of his shift.
Inside, his coworker Audrey and his manager Todd were already there.
“Do my eyes deceive me? Is Mark… early for once?” Todd sarcastically asked.
“And what are you wearing? Where’s the Tommy Bahama shit?”
Mark got ready to snap back at them, but something held him back. Instead, he just politely responded “Felt like getting a head start on today”, slipped an apron over his head, and went to his station.
Audrey and Todd glanced at each other, both sketched out at Mark’s sudden change of attitude. But when you make minimum wage at a café, there’s only so much you’re willing to care about, so they dropped the issue fairly quickly. At least he wasn’t dragging his ass for once.
On the contrary, Mark was having what was possibly the most productive work day of his life. Gone was his normal slow pace and unapproachable attitude. Mark was serving every customer in expert time, and doing it with a friendly smile. There was a rush of energy inside him, a desire to show that he could do his job well if he felt like it. It seemed like the outfit switch up was giving him a new perspective for the day.
Mark took customers orders, restocked the food shelves, organized the store room, and much much more. He did it all in rotation. He lost track of time as he let his work absorb him.
It wasn’t until he was in the midst of mopping the floor that he thought to check the time. The nearest clock said 6:30. He usually clocked out at 4.
“Oh god! I’ve been here two hours over time?!” Mark exclaimed with disbelief.
Todd snorted from behind the counter. “I mean, I wasn’t gonna stop you from cleaning the bathrooms. And you did some good work. I’m liking this new Mark.”
“A guy changes his pants and suddenly he’s a different person. You’re lucky I lost track of time.” Mark took off his apron and prepared to throw it at Todd for that last remark, but hung it on a hook instead. As he headed towards the shops exit, Mark shouted over his shoulder “I better get extra pay for this.”
He couldn’t believe he had lost track of time for that long. And he wasn’t even doing anything fun, he was just cleaning up the store. That was the worst part of it: how earnestly he had given help to the job that didn’t give a shit about him. What had come over him? Is this what those businessmen are like? … Is that what he could be like?
These thoughts weighed on Mark’s mind for the remainder of his walk home. When he got back to his house, he threw the cardigan and chinos on his bed, leaving him in a t shirt and boxers. Mark walked to the mirror and took a long look at himself. This was who he really was, right? A casual guy who didn’t care about his appearance or making people happy. That dress-up good worker stuff was a nice change of pace for a day, but that’s all it was.
Mark chuckled. Yeah, that was right. He didn’t need this people pleasing businessman bullshit. Honestly, he might skip work tomorrow and get high in the park. Keep Todd from getting too attached to this new hard worker Mark. And besides, he had basically done two days worth of work today, why not take a day off-
Hiss phone buzzed with the same orgasmic tone as yesterday. Even from across the room he felt his legs quiver as his whole body was flooded with pleasure. It had to be the same people as yesterday. He went over and picked up his phone. Maybe this email would help him figure out what had happened. You know, so he would know what to ignore going forward.
FROM: [email protected] SUBJECT: Imagine working at HIMBO - Christian Le Maître HIMBO Offices, 1544 ________ Street
ATTACHMENT: The HIMBO Professional.pdf
Against his better judgement, Mark opened the PDF. As soon as he did, his phone must have glitched and set itself to max brightness, because the whole screen flashed with bright white light that was painful to look at. Mark recoiled as his eyes were assaulted by the bright phone and dropped it in the process. He rubbed his eyes and blinked several times as his vision readjusted, but even after a few minutes had passed things still looked blurry.
Something inside Mark told him how to solve this problem. Instinctively, he reached over to his bedside table and put on his glasses. He blinked a few more times, and could see perfectly again.
Tumblr media
For a brief moment he felt confused, like he shouldn’t be wearing glasses. But this feeling quickly passed and was replaced with another feeling - no, an understanding - that this was definitely right. He needed his glasses to see, always had. He glanced over to see his reflection in the mirror. Honestly, how could those jerks at work ever say he didn’t take his job seriously. With these horn-rimmed bad boys on, honestly he could be wearing nothing else and still look like a professional.
A professional?
Why the fuck am I so concerned about being a “professional”?
Being professional disgusted him.  And yet, even as he tried to vehemently disagree with the word, it stuck to his brain like glue. Like “PROFESSIONAL” was seared across his forehead in big letters. He went from disgust to fear at his seeming inability to focus on anything other than this one single word. How could he get this to go awa-
The PDF!
That was it! The PDF was titled “The HIMBO Professional”. He was probably just trying to remember what he had been doing before he dropped his phone. Shaking his head, Mark returned to the document.
“A HIMBO Professional is a hard worker
A HIMBO Professional is a good boy
A HIMBO Professional obeys the boss
A HIMBO Professional dresses his body well
A HIMBO Professional feeds his body
A HIMBO Professional is a good boy
A HIMBO Professional is you”
Interspersed throughout these sentences were photos of immaculately suited businessmen, slicked beacons of proper masculinity. Without realizing what was happening, Mark was entranced by the document and stared at the images and words for hours on end. They permeated his mind, absorbed him. The glory of being a HIMBO Professional. The joy of being a good boy. It flooded him. He couldn’t pay attention to anything else but the words.
The hours passed late into the night, and Mark kept thinking about what he read. Putting his phone down, trying to go to bed, and picking it back up to read all over again. His mind could not think about anything else. And as he finally hazily passed into sleep, the thoughts followed him into his dreams, as he pictured himself being serviced by businessmen. They dressed him up in their suits and forced him to strip it all off as they stood over him. He bent down on all fours, as felt pure ecstasy as the men filled him with loads of obedience, punctuality, submission, diligence, ravenous desire, over and over, and over, ravishing his subconscious.
Respect yourself and those above you
Learn to know your place
You’ll suit up like the big boys do
And that’s when HIMBO awaits
The contents of the email hazily echoed through his mind as this scene played out, only stopped by the ring of Mark’s alarm at 8AM, as he realized it was
The Next Day...
But even as Mark got up and prepared for the day, he still felt the PDF and his dream occupying his mind. He kept thinking about that true calling. He couldn’t stop comparing his own life to those of the businessmen he saw, and the concerning thing was he didn’t know who he felt sorry for any more. Mark absentmindedly got ready as these questions continued to clash in his head. When he had his work clothes on he turned around to check his hair.
And was greeted in the mirror by a total stranger.
Tumblr media
Mark’s usual surf-stoner wardrobe was gone entirely. He had on a button down office shirt with a bright plaid pattern, fully buttoned including the cuffs. It was tucked into a perfectly pressed pair of navy slacks, with a smooth leather belt holding everything together. Instead of sneakers on his feet he had... were those loafers?? And of course, his glasses perched on his face, along with his hair combed into a nice neat cut. He could even feel a slight touch of pomade running through it.
I look like a… corporate dork! This was the first thing that came to Mark’s mind as he viewed himself in the mirror. Where did he even get these clothes?? He didn’t own anything like this. Even worse was how his posture had subtly shifted to match the look: Mark stood straight as a board, with his chest pushed out, derrière turned up, and hands clasped behind his back to accentuate the best features of the office outfit.
He shook his head in horror, and yet at the same time, Mark had a feeling that this was very very right. Look at the way this shirt fit him. He looked professional, and it made him... handsome was the word that popped in his mind. Why did he feel this way? Why did he feel so good dressed like this?
He remembered the address at the bottom of the email. HIMBO offices. No matter what was happening to him, they were the common factor. Forget the café today, Mark needed to find out who had been sending him these emails, and get some closure to this whole ordeal.
Mark reached the office building reading “HIMBO”, and inside he was pointed to the appropriate floor by a helpful directory. As he got off the elevator he looked at the occupants of the office. All men, some of them in eccentric fashion and costumes, but a lot more in suits and ties. They were like the office workers he had seen on the streets, but more... refined. As if they had taken the traditional corporate uniform and perfected it to accentuate a clean, crisp man. Mark’s eyes lingered on several of these men as he approached the front desk, where he was greeted by a twinkish receptionist. He was also suited in a brown and pink number, with a touch more flamboyance than the others. He looked at Mark with familiarity, as if he already knew who Mark was.
“Welcome to HIMBO! How can I help you, dear?” The receptionist asked.
“I- uh, uh...” Mark found himself suddenly lost for words. The fact that he had not only seen all these perfectly suited men, but was lingering in their presence, overwhelmed him. Even in his dorky corporate best, compared to everyone else Mark felt underdressed and... inferior?
The secretary only laughed as Mark stuttered “At a loss for words, huh? I don’t blame you. All these studs walking around here leave me breathless half the time too. Luckily I have the best view in the office.” The secretary giggled and winked as he said this. “Now I think I know who you’re here to see. Mr. M told me he was expecting an out of office hire to show up soon.”
Mark stood with his mouth open in confusion. Was he talking about the guy who signed the emails?
Taking this as enough of a response, the receptionist stood up “Here, follow me. I know the guy that can help you out.” He walked around the desk, took the dazed Mark by the hand, and led him down the hallway.
Eventually they came to a large oak door. The receptionist knocked three times, and was greeted with a deep voice saying “Let him in”.
The receptionist turned to Mark and said, “He’s ready for you! I think he’ll have the answer to all your questions. Just head on in.”
The receptionist gave Mark an encouraging pat on the back. Mark opened the door and entered the room, unsure of what he even wanted to say any more. Seeing the office had completely thrown Mark off his game. He had been expecting a way out of this mess, but now he couldn’t tell if he wanted to leave or be pulled in the deep end.
When he entered the room, he found clarity in the form of a gorgeous suited man.
Tumblr media
Everything Mark admired and envied about the businessmen he had been ogling the last few days was perfectly wrapped up in the man standing before him. He was tall, broad, handsome as all hell. He exuded power and charisma. And as he stared at Mark, Mark felt like a worm writhing in his superior presence.
“Mark, it’s lovely to finally meet you! I’m Christian Le Maître. I believe you’ve been getting my emails?” that gorgeous baritone rang out again.
“I uh, nice to meet you too…” Mark could not think of a proper response. The sight of this man was overwhelming him and making him reevaluate his life all at once. That was an effect that Mr. M had on people. From an outsider’s point of view, Mark was staring dumbfounded at the man before him, lost in a trance of his presence.
Tumblr media
“I’m sure you’ve been feeling strange these last few days, Mark. And I’m here to tell you that your worries will soon be over. I spotted you a few days ago and I immediately knew that you have a lot of great qualities. Handsome, charming, I bet any girl would kill to have you.”
Mark slowly nodded. Once upon a time this had been true, though he hadn’t thought much about women at all these last few days.
“But I could also tell you were missing something in life. Running around, doing drugs and slacking off. It breaks my heart to see it. Because all that great potential in you was going to waste. What you need is a strong male figure in your life.”
Mark’s nodding was slowly getting more intense. Upon hearing the words strong male figure he could feel himself getting excited. For some reason this was exactly what he wanted
All at once, Mark understood. There had always been an emptiness in his life. The only way for him to be happy was by making other people happy... The only way for him to be happy was by making Christian Le Maître happy.
The reason he felt inferior is because he was inferior. He was obsessed with the corporate men around him not because he wanted to be them, but because he realized he never could be them. They had a power and a confidence he could only dream of. Mark realized his place was one of subservience. Subservience to strong, suited men. Subservience to the men of HIMBO. Subservience to Mr. M.
“Lucky for you, I’m in need of a new personal assistant. Someone to wait on me hand and foot all day, do all my tasks. Keep me happy.”
Slowly the fog surrounding Mark’s mind cleared away, and with it went all of his old persona. What was left behind was a brand new Mark. A very different one, but one that felt like he was seeing things clearly for the first time ever.
“Oh yes sir! I’d love to join your team! You’re the only boss I could ever ask for!” Mark ran over and kneeled in front of Christian, begging with clasped hands before him. “It would be an honor to work at HIMBO.”
Christian chuckled, and Mark was filled with a feeling of euphoria knowing that he had made Christian Le Maître, the greatest man on earth, laugh like this. All he wanted to do was make Christian happy.
“Well I’m glad to hear that Mark! That’s the kind of enthusiasm I’m looking for at HIMBO. I can see you’ve already taken a lot of my emails’ suggestions to heart, but I can still think of a few more changes to make you the perfect PA. And I think it would be best…” Christian paused. He looked down at Mark, noticing his kneeled position, “… If you got a taste of what you’d be working with.”
Without a second thought, Mark opened his mouth and bared his tongue. He was ready to do anything for Christian, it was his one purpose in life.
The powerful man smiled and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his mighty member (My god! It was the biggest Mark had ever seen!) and Mark quickly went to work pleasuring him. Despite being straight until about 5 minutes ago, Mark did this masterfully, as if his mouth was perfectly suited for Mr. M’s python. As Mark worked, Christian filled him up with massive load after massive load, and with each one Mark changed more and more into the perfect assistant for Christian. His teeth became pristinely white and shiny, as if they were coated in Vaseline. His hair gelled up higher into a permanent quiffed side part. His posture became rigid and obedient at all times. A plaid bow tie slid around his neck into a perfectly done bow, his shirt lightened to a light blue plaid pattern (a voice in Mark’s brain told him that he always color coordinated his outfits, as Mr. M liked him when he looked put-together. Pastels were his favorite), and a cardigan slipped over the top of the ensemble. His already muscular body filled out more underneath the chaste getup, with his buttocks significantly expanding and pushing his slacks to their limit. Within them, the two pillows contained an insatiable hole, always quivering for one man’s cock.
As Mark finished satisfying his new boss and master, he stood up, completely changed mentally as well as physically. He retained his buff bimbo body, but it was completely trapped underneath the wardrobe and mind of a wimpy subservient bottom. He could barely get a sentence out without slipping “sir” somewhere in it.
He was no longer Mark Matthews, he was Marcus Meekerson, the devoted Personal Assistant of Christian Le Maître, always ready to assist him in whatever way he needed.
Tumblr media
Mr. M chuckled again, and this time Marcus nearly came in his pants listening to the sound of his boss happy (though he knew he could not come without Mr. M’s permission).
“Marcus, I have to say I am beyond happy with your work. Now I know this is sudden, but I hope you don’t mind if I ask you to move into my residence full time. I would greatly appreciate having access to your services around the clock. I have the perfect quarters set up for you to live in.”
Marcus bounced on his toes at this offer, “Sir, this is the best news I could ever hope for! It would be an honor to live in your abode. How lucky am I to have the best boss ever!”
“I’m mighty pleased to hear that, Marcus”
Tumblr media
“No problem, Mr. Le Maître! You know I’d do anything for you!” Marcus burst out in the brightest, most earnest smile he had ever made. No longer would he worry about having no direction in life, he had found somebody to take care of all those decisions for him. What he dressed, what he ate, everything about his life would be under Christian’s control now, a figurative lock and key. Not a single thought ran through Marcus’ head, and he truly liked it that way. Things were simpler now, they were better. Marcus had found his purpose.
He could finally say he was truly happy.
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leavingubehind · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’re right. I am a liar, alright? I’m the black sheep. You know, the defective twin that nobody wanted.
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chrisxwood · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jake Riley - 2/?
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socio-kai-path1972 · 7 months ago
Hi! Could you please write a Kai Parker x heretic!reader imagine where they live together as... friends but secretly have feelings for each other. And one day, when the reader is out, she meets Joshua Parker (I hate that guy! What kind of a father calls his own son an abomination for being a siphoner?) and he threatens her and attacks her with vervain bullets. She escapes and Kai takes care of the wounds when she comes home and soon... feelings are revealed??
Isn't that obvious?
Tumblr media
*not my gif
Pairing: Kai Parker x heretic!reader
Warnings: make out scene, little bit violence, few swear words
Word count: 5487
Author's note: Great request, btw. I love it. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this.
Description: Kai and the reader live together as friends but secretly have feelings for each other. One day, Kai's father kidnaps her...
Tumblr media
Kai's POV
I was on the bed... wide awake, drunk on silence. For hours it had seeped into my pores, dowsing my mind in its thick toxicity. There was a tenseness to my muscles that made me more like a mannequin on this soft mattress than a person of flesh and bone. I wanted so much to melt onto the soft foam, wrapped in eiderdown, and drift into the world of dreams.
How can I drift off to some peaceful slumber when all it does is unlock the doors my demons hide behind?
In the few hours I had been in bed, I must have woken up at least five times. Not for that long each time, but enough to break my sleep into un-refreshing chunks. With every disturbance, there was a new nightmare.
I wanted so much to not to think at all. I wanted to be absorbed into the darkness that the night promised me hours ago. I wanted to be waking refreshed to streaming white daylight, unaware of the hours between then and now.
But, I couldn't. Every night for me since The Merge was a battle of sleeplessness, a torment that must be endured rather than a rest to be savoured.
I sighed and lifted myself off the bed and my eyes darted to the alarm clock on the bedside table. It was 3.00 am.
I slowly open the door and go to the kitchen for a glass of water as my throat was a bit dry and sore. After drinking a glass of water, I was about to return to my room.
But, right now, I needed something to make me calm and happy and she was only a few moments away.
My feet started moving towards her room and my hand hovered over her doorknob for a few seconds, debating whether I should enter her room or not. But before I could talk myself out of it, my hands twisted the knob, and I sneaked inside.
Y/N was sleeping peacefully, one hand hanging out the edge of the bed. I took a few steps, trying to be very quiet and sat on her bed. This had become a thing now... me sneaking into her bedroom to watch her sleep. I mean, she doesn't know, obviously. If she comes to know, she'd probably scream and yell at me to get out or at least to knock the next time. I know it's a bit weird. But, lately nightmares had tormented me and there was only one thing that made me feel better and calm.... her.
I loved watching her sleep. I don't really understand why.
Every time, I am near her, I get this weird, warm, fuzzy feeling and over protective instincts.
I often wonder if I am just as important to her as she is to me.
Feelings were a new thing to me but I knew one thing for sure - I'd never let anyone hurt her. I mean, I know she's perfectly capable of protecting herself...you know, being a vampire/siphoner hybrid and all. But anyway, just saying...
By the way, isn't that cool?
There is some magnetic pull pulling me towards her. Y/N has always been nicer to me than the... others. I mean, she has also let me move into her home.
"What is it about you?", I whispered, brushing her cheek with my hand. She stirred in her sleep, mumbling something I couldn't understand. I suppressed a smile, her nose wrinkling in her sleep. "Boop", I booped her nose smiling.
I brushed her hair away from her face and just focused on her breathing, my mind and heart starting to magically calm down.
Then I turned my gaze to the wall, just thinking.
Kai had sneaked into my bedroom... again. He probably thinks that I don't know about that. I don't really know why he does this...
I know a sane person would probably scream and yell at him to get out or at least to knock the next time. But I couldn't.
I wanted him to come. My curiosity got the best of me, deciding to talk to him.
"You know I'm awake, right?", I said, smiling, my eyes still closed.
I opened my eyes slowly, meeting his startled ones.
I sighed and continue, "Is this the 9th time you sneaked into my room or 8th?", I pretend to think.
"How? Well, I'm a vampire. So...", I chuckled. "Plus... I'm always alert. I mean, we live in Mystic Falls. We never know who or what will try to break in, right?"
He chuckled and quickly he snapped out of it, and looks at me with a... serious and nervous expression.
"Nothing", he says. "I'm just... sorry. I shouldn't have...", he trailed off and got up.
My hand immediately shot up to grip his wrist, making him stop and raising his brows at my immediate reaction. "You know you can tell me anything right?", I said, softly. "That's what best friends are for."
"We are best friends?", Kai asked.
"Of course we are.", I nodded, smiling.
"I like the sound of that." he smiled.
I knew something is clearly bothering him... I knew some parts of his past... well most parts. But some were still a mystery to me but I din't want to pry. If he wants me to know, he'll tell me.
"You can stay here...", I trailed off, propping myself on my elbows. "...if you want, that is."
He looked at me, shocked, and studied me for a moment. I smiled as I budged over slightly, softly tapping the empty space next to me on the bed with my fingers. "Come on. I don't mind.”
He let out a sigh and slowly made way to the opposite side of the bed, pinching the duvet and lifting it up slowly.
He slipped into the bed and we just laid together in a comfortable silence for a few moments until I shifted to face him, causing him to turn his head towards me. And that's when I saw... the dark circles rimming his eyes, a layer of sweat glazing his forehead and his eyes red as if he'd been crying. My eyes burned into him, waiting for answers he wasn't willing to give.
"What's wrong?", you asked, knowing Kai wasn't going to speak up without a push.
"I couldn't sleep, that's all.", he replied with a small smile.
He was laying on his side, making sure to leave plenty of room for me.
I sighed and shuffled close to him, pressing my head against his arm which was lying loosely across the bed. I knew he wasn't telling me something. Keeping to himself. But it was okay. I wanted to be there for him. That's all I wanted to then.
That night was filled with cuddling and light snores. Days passed and Kai still creeped into my bed every night and now it felt as if I couldn't sleep without him by my side.
As of what I'm doing right now...
Now, we were in The Grill waiting for our lunch.
"Why are they taking so lonnnggg?", he whined. "I'm starving."
I laughed- I couldn't help it, I never giggle this much but around him, it's impossible to not. "You sound like a child, you know."
He squinted his eyes at me, glaring playfully.
"Just wait for a few more minutes.", I said, smiling.
He tilted his head, his eyes skimming over my face in a way that made my cheeks warm.
"I think...", he started. "you should smile more often."
I chuckled, trying to ignore the way he leant towards me slightly and how it made my blood pump harder.
After a while, I cleared my throat, "I'm going to the loo. Back in a tick."
He nodded and slumped back into his chair.
I went to the restroom. I thought about... everything. And I came to the conclusion that I definitely had feelings for Kai. When he laughs, I can't help but laugh with him. And I absolutely love the feeling I get when I see him smile. His gaze, listening to his smooth voice and honeyed laugh, was enough to have me completely spellbound. But the main question was, Does he have feelings for me?
When I returned, I saw a girl looking to be in her twenties, sitting on my chair. She was leaning in onto the table with a smile, talking with Kai. She touched his hand and his hand jerked away.
I narrowed my eyes at her. What the hell does she think she's doing? My hands clenched into fists at my sides, itching to go there and shove the girl away from him.
Kai looked uncomfortable. She bit her lip, tossing her hair over her shoulder, and was still talking to him.
He was looking at the surroundings, clearly not paying her attention. And that's when his eyes landed on me, his eyes lighting up with a smile as I walked towards them.
"Sorry.", I blurt out, unable to restrain myself to the irritating overly flirty girl. "You're on my seat. So if you wouldn't mind.", I sarcastically smiled and made a shoo gesture with a wave of my hand.
Kai sank his teeth into his bottom lip, suppressing an amused grin as he looked between her and I. She blinked, looking vaguely annoyed as she glanced at me and back at Kai, "Is she your girlfriend?"
He smiled and didn't say anything but didn't deny it. She scoffed and I put a hand on her shoulder compelling her, "Leave before I rip your throat out.", I said, menacingly.
She got up and without another word, walked away, her long hair swishing behind her. I stared after her and sat down before turning to Kai, who was barely containing the grin on his lips.
"What?", I asked, exasperated.
He hummed and said, "Nothing.", poking my cheek with his finger.
I glared at him. And Kai licked his lips, amusement glinting in his blue eyes as he leaned in onto the table, closer to mine, his breath fanning my face as he studied my face.
I sighed. "Whatever you want to say, just say it.", I said, annoyed.
"You were jealooooous.", he sang, booping my nose. "Weren't you?"
"No.", I said, immediately. "I wasn't jealous. Why--Why would I be jealous? I was just--just annoyed that she was umm sitting on my seat and--stop smiling at me like that. Why the hell would I be jealous?!"
He tilted his face, his dark gaze pinning me on the spot, rendering me incapable of moving away from the alluring siphoner. Not that I want to.
He chuckled as his fingers slid slowly across the table, his pinky skimming my hand. He slipped his fingers between mine and my breath got caught in my throat, the feeling of our hands fitting so perfectly together overwhelming me.
"Oh, you totally were.", he said.
"You looked uncomfortable. So I helped you. I wasn't--"
"Before you deny it again,...", he cut me off. "Trust me, you don't need to be."
He squeezed my hand tighter, his legs tangling with mine under the booth. His lips parted, his tongue darting out and wetting his lips. My heart hammered in her chest as I watched. What is happening?
"See, I kind of have a thing for Y/H/C haired girls.", he said, smirking.
My body flooded with heat, thousands of questions were swarming in my head. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't talk. It was like I was paralysed. Does that mean he has feelings for me? Does he know that I have feelings for him?
But before I could manage a response, the waiter arrived, setting down a large pizza, that we ordered and Kai broke his eye contact with me
"Finally.", Kai groaned, "I thought I would die of old age."
The waiter said something which made Kai roll his eyes. I couldn't understand what the waiter said. My whole attention was on him. And only him. And in that moment, I wanted to tell him that I like him...as in more than a friend. Either I’d get rejected or I’d get what I had wanted for the past few weeks- to be with him.
"Earth to Y/N.", Kai said, making me snap away from the daze he always puts me in.
I blinked my eyes once or twice, "Hm?"
"God, I thought vampires have super hearing or something. But I guess not. The pizza has arrived.", he said. "Wait..."
Tumblr media
*not my gif
I rolled my eyes, "What now?"
"Were you admiring me?"
I gave him a scoff as I started slowly shaking my head at him. "No. No, I wasn't."
"Right.", he winked at me.
I rolled my eyes as I reclined back slightly in my seat.
Then Kai began wolfing the pizza down unfathomably quickly and went back to rambling on... which to be honest, I loved.
After a few moments of eating, talking about everything and anything and... of course, a few flirty comments from Kai, his phone suddenly rang, and he straightened up a little bit, and struggled to pick his phone from his jeans pocket causing him to say, "Why are jeans so tight when phones are so big?", he groaned, making me giggle.
He scrunched his brows, looking at the caller ID. "It's Damon."
I frowned, wondering why he was calling.
He decided to take the call. "Hello?"
I exhaled quietly, turning away from him. I didn't really care about why Damon wanted to speak with Kai. So I didn't use my vamp-hearing.
After a few minutes, he ended his phone call and looked at me, "I have to go to the Salvatore Boarding House."
"Why?", I furrowed my brows. "Is something the matter?"
"Well, I mean, I'm going to help them to get Bonnie out of the 1994 Prison World.", he said, making me raise my brows. "It seems like today is her... birthday."
"Ok.", I said. I didn't question him further. "Do you need my help?"
"No, no.", he said, shaking his head. "It's fine. I can do it... you know, being the Coven Leader and all."
I chuckled, and nodded. "If you change your mind, give me a call."
He nodded, smiling and got up, taking a moment to stare at me in the intense way he does that makes my heart involuntarily beat slightly faster. "I guess, I'll see you in our apartment then."
"Bye.", I smiled.
He went off and I sighed, taking a sip of my water and placed the glass back on the table. I took my phone out and scrolled through Instagram.
"I see, my son is quite taken with you.", I heard an unfamiliar voice say in front of me.
I looked up from my phone, glancing at the source and find a man looking to be in his fifties or sixties sitting on the seat, Kai was previously seated on.
"I'm sorry." I lift an eyebrow. "Do I know you?"
"No.", he replied. "But I know you."
My eyebrows knitted together. Then my mind registered what he first said. "You're Kai's father. The former Gemini Coven Leader. I've heard so much about you.", I fake smiled.
"You must be Y/N."
"What are you doing here?", I asked, sternly.
"I just wanted to talk.", he said. "Do you know your... friend's past?"
I squinted my eyes at him. "He's my best friend. So yes, I know."
"Kai destroyed my family... my happiness."
"I'm aware of that. And the point is?"
He scoffed. "He doesn't deserve happiness."
I frowned. "If you're saying this so that I'll leave him, it's not going to happen. Not now. Not ever. As I said, he is my best friend."
He looked at me with a smile free of kindness and warmth and nodded to himself. "I didn't want to do this. But you leave me no choice."
Before I could react, he murmured, "Ad somnum." And I quickly lose my grip on consciousness.
*Time skip*
As I slowly returned to consciousness, I half-expected to find myself back in my bedroom, wrapped in Kai's arms.
But when I moved to stretch my aching limbs, they only make it a few inches before they were abruptly halted by some sort of restraint. I gradually became aware of a clinking sound when I tried to move again and the cold feeling of metal around my wrists.
My eyes snapped open and I felt rusted manacles closed around my wrists, behind the chair I was tied on. Panic rushed through me, the adrenaline waking me up fully. It took me a moment to remember what had happened before I blacked out.
"Hello, Miss Y/L/N."
Whipping my head in the direction the voice had come from, my eyes locked on the infamous Joshua Parker.
"Joshua.", my voice came out stern as he took his time strolling towards me. "What the fuck do you want?"
I trailed my confident gaze away from his approaching figure and scanned my surroundings. It looked unfamiliar. I had no idea where I was.
I yanked at my chains with my vampire strength. I furrowed my brows when it didn't work. I muttered, "Fractos." to break the chain. But that it didn't work too...
"Magic won't work as long as you're tied in those chains. I spelled it.", he said, calmly. "And vampiric strength won't work too since it is also magic."
I clenched my jaw as I met his dark stare as he neared, his hands clasped behind his back.
"Why am I here?", I demanded.
He smiled, leaning down to be in eye level with me and I instinctively leaned away from him. "I wanted to refresh your memory."
"Yeah?", I chuckled. "And what's that?"
"Kai killed his own family."
"You tortured him his whole life.", I retorted. "You isolated him, made him feel like he didn't belong. You acted like it was his fault that he was born a siphoner and lashed out when he couldn't change it. I mean, seriously?", I scoffed. "Instead of trying to fix what's wrong with Kai, did you ever think what's wrong with the person who raised him?"
He narrowed his eyes at me before shaking his head. "You don't understand.", he stated.
Kai wasn't born with a desire to kill. He just wanted to be the Coven Leader; he and Jo were always destined to merge and he spent his life in anticipation of the big event. But the Coven put it in the chosen twins' minds that the Merge was what they were meant to do.
Yet Kai was told all his life by his father that he was a defected twin. An error in the batch of Geminis. He was pushed away, shamed for what he was. The Merge was all he had.
When he realized Luke and Liv were being groomed as his and Jo's replacements for the very event he spent his life preparing for, he snapped.
"Do you have any idea what it's like to come home and find four of your children dead, another stabbed in the abdomen with a hunting knife, the other two running for their lives? Kai did this. That's who your friend really is - a monster.", he said , his voice was full of hatred but also pain. "He never should’ve found his way out of the Prison World."
"You were the reason your family died.", I said. "Not Kai."
"Fine then.", he shrugged. "Blame me for Malachai's actions, if that makes you feel better about being around a monster like him. At first, I thought I could change your mind about him. But now I can tell you're long past the point of convincing."
"Why the fuck did you bring me here? I didn't--"
"Do anything?", he finished. "As I said before, Malachai is quite taken with you."
He took out a gun from behind, making me raise a brow. "I didn't take you as a guy who uses guns."
He chuckled. And crouched to my eye level again. "Kai took away my happiness. So, I'm going to take away... his."
At that, he pointed the gun at my right thigh and shot. I screamed, the high-pitched wail echoing as pure agony takes over me. The bastard used wooden bullets soaked in vervain. But I didn't cry. I refused to cry.
He sighed and raised a palm over my leg. And muttered a spell. A sickening snap filled my ears as my right knee broke. And I screamed again.
"I'll rip your heart out!", I grit my teeth and growled, as I quickly let blood flow to my face and expose my reddened eyes and sharp fangs. He seemed to be unfazed by that.
And then I came to realize of the power I have. I am not just a vampire. I'm also a siphoner. A siphoner siphons magic from magical objects. Thus, I can siphon the chains. I internally smiled and when I touched the chains which was behind me, starting to siphon, I instantly felt a surge of power transferring to me.
He continued his... torture as I steadily siphoned the magic. He kept his gun on my chest, pointing at my heart. "Any last words?"
I siphoned all of the magic from those chains. I locked eyes with him, "You forgot something about me."
He furrowed his brows, looking at me confused as I leaned closer to his face. "I am like your son."
With that, I yanked the chains, breaking it. I vamp-sped him to the wall, and my eyes transfixed on his neck, sinking my fangs into his neck.
He was about to mutter a spell. But, balancing my weight on my left foot, I cut him off by threw my fist out in a curved punch at his temple.
Before I was about to snap his neck, he muttered, "Invisique."
He vanished into thin air. And I listened for his heartbeat using my vamp-hearing. But he was nowhere to be found.
My chest heaved as I took long deep breaths. And I went out but every step I took, pain shot up through me because of the bullets still inside. And one of the bullets were a bit closer to my heart.
I looked like a mess, messed up hair, blood on my face, clothes, everywhere, chest heaving, limping heavily as I moved. People were not really on the streets since it was night. So... lucky me.
I went to my apartment, twisting my key in the lock and opening it. I walked inside and Kai wasn't in the living room, thank God.
I opened the drawers in the kitchen, searching for a knife to take out the bullets easily. That's when I heard the door of the bedroom opening, behind me.
"What have you been doing?", Kai asked. "I called you a lot of times. For a second, I thought something...happened to you."
I was facing away from him. So he couldn't see my face. "Battery died. And um I went shopping."
"You didn't buy anything?"
"I didn't really like anything enough to buy it."
"Oh.", he said, and I heard his footsteps coming closer. I searched for a knife as he sat on the barstool. "What're you searching for?"
"Um... I--I--", I began to stutter as I couldn't think of anything to say.
He got up and came closer and I felt his fingers roughly grab my jaw. He swiftly twisted my face towards him, and his eyes met me. "What the hell happened to you?"
Kai's POV
There was sweat on her forehead and her hand held onto her chest. She was covered in blood and looked as if she might faint at any moment which got me really worried and scared. She was a hybrid and there were very few things that can cause her to look like this- a werewolf bite or a piece of wood stuck inside her body.
She managed a weak smile, "Oh nothing."
I let out a scoff, shaking my head sideways.
"I got hungry suddenly and then I guess I messed with the wrong person. He shot at me with wooden bullets...", she said as I helped her onto the couch and quickly went to the kitchen. "You should see what I did to him..."
I sat on the edge of the couch next to her. She turned towards me, and I knew she was lying to me. I wanted to question her, prompt her to tell me the truth but there were more important things to do first like taking those bullets out.
"Did you get the bullets out?", I asked her.
She shook her head no, "That's what I was about to do before you...", she trailed off.
I sighed, helping her take off her jacket. I looked at her, silently asking her to take her shirt off. She was a bit reluctant but did it anyway. She was in her bra and bullet wounds were in her chest and stomach.
"Do you really expect me to believe that reason you just told me?", I asked in a low voice, digging my fingers into the open wound searching for the bullet in her chest.
She winced in pain, closing her eyes for a moment. I was leaning in closer to her, trying to see where the bullet had gone. My eyes met hers for a moment and she was already looking at me.
"Kai, ca--reful.", she struggled to speak. "It's getting clo--ser to my h-heart."
I got frustrated, afraid that I was gonna lose her. "I am trying or do you think I want you to die?", I said, feeling my fingers wrap around the piece of wood. A moment later, I pulled it out, feeling victorious and relieved.
"There are some in my right leg.", she said.
I got up from the couch, kneeling in front of her. I tentatively reached towards the waistband of her pants. "May I?"
She took a deep breath in, then nodded. I pulled the pants down, leaving her in only her undergarments and examined the wounds. She sighed and I did the same thing I did with the first bullet, successfully taking everything out.
"Thank you... for taking the bullets out.", she said, not taking her eyes off me as I dipped the towel, twisting it dry and started wiping away blood from her face.
"That's what best friends are for.", I said, repeating the same words she used that night. She chuckled.
"Stay still. As hot as you look covered in blood, I miss your pretty face."
She smiled as I dipped the towel into the bloody water again starting to clean the blood off her neck. "You think I look hot covered in blood?", she asked, teasingly.
I rolled my eyes and gave her a glance but didn't reply as I started to clean the blood off her chest, stomach and leg, right where the bullets had been. "Now tell me the truth.", I broke the silence. "What happened?"
She was staring at me, appearing to be undergoing some kind of internal battle whether she should tell me or not. It took me off guard when the words left her lips, "Your father."
He became still. "Tell me everything.", he said, looking intensely into my eyes with an unreadable expression on his face.
*Time skip*
"Are you okay?", I finally blurt out after telling him what had happened as he paced back and forth in the living room, fuming.
"Let's see.", he said, his tone dripping sarcasm. "My father kidnapped you and tried to kill you. So, no, Y/N.", he faced me, swiftly walking closer. "I'm not okay."
He pinned me with a hard stare and I was unnerved by the intensity. A frown settled on my face and I pursed my lips, tilting my head at him in confusion.
"Are you mad?"
He barks out an empty laugh. "Of course, I'm mad.", he clenched his jaw and exhaled sharply. "I'm mad at my father. I'm mad at... myself."
My eyebrows knitted together and I got up from the couch still in my undergarments but not really caring about that, moving closer to stand in front of him. He started to turn away from me but I quickly reached up to grab his face.
"You shouldn't be blaming yourself for any of this, Kai.", I told him, seriously and he scoffed. "No, listen to me. It's not your fau--"
"Don't.", he pulled away from me. "Don't say 'Oh, it's not your fault, Kai' because it is, Y/N. You can try and act like this is all fine but it's not even close to that and yet you haven't so much as yelled at me."
"You want me to yell at you?", I blinked, feeling more lost than ever. "Why would I yell at you?"
Kai exhaled sharply. "I am the whole reason you got kidnapped in the first place. I came into your life. I moved in to your apartment. And now everything's just--", he dragged his hands over his face roughly. "Fucked up because of me."
His words caused me to scoff loudly and he looked up, arching an eyebrow. The fact that he thinks that Joshua's horrific actions are his fault is just insane. The only person I resent in this moment is Joshua Parker, one hundred percent Joshua but Kai? Not even a little.
"You didn't force me to let you move in or something.", I reminded. "I chose to because I wanted to. I wanted to be your friend. I wanted to be around you. Okay? This was my choice. And I don't regret it. Not even a little bit."
"I shouldn't have said yes when you asked me to move in.", he replied flatly. "I shouldn't have let myself get... close to you."
I sighed, slowly reaching for his hand and laced my fingers through his, "I don't blame you for anything that happened today. So, you shouldn't blame yourself either."
He was silent for a moment and he muttered, "I'm sorry."
I furrowed my brows, "Sorry for what?"
"I'm sorry for... everything. I'm sorry for dragging you into all of this. You almost died today. I'm sorry, Y/N. Okay? I'm sorry."
Kai let out a long breath, casting a slightly nervous glance over my face.
"You don't have to feel sorry for anything.", I murmured as his stare softened. "You didn't drag me into the mess. And yes, I almost died today. But so what? I'm here now. That's what matters."
I caressed the side of his face, his skin soft under my touch and sighed. "I've been wanting to tell you something, a long time now...", I trailed off.
He furrowed his brows and asked me softly, "What?"
I took a deep breath and leaned in. I could hear his heartbeat getting faster. I pressed my lips against his, slowly at first while intensifying the kiss igniting a fire in both of us. I let all my emotions transfer to the kiss. His hands gripped my waist, his cold rings sending shivers down my spine and pulled my torso flush against his, as I curled my hands in his hair.
Kai walked forward without breaking the kiss, propelling my own feet backward blindly until I fell on the couch with him on top. I wanted him more than anything else in the world. His hands were on my waist, moving down my hip and back up. One hand slid down to the back of my thigh and he hitched my leg up suddenly, emitting a small gasp from my lips. He took the opportunity to roll his tongue over mine, while wrapping my leg around his waist.
"Breath pause...", Kai said suddenly, pulling away from the kiss. I looked at him, a bit disappointed and nervous as to what he'd say.
He smiled at me, looking into my eyes. "I want to hear you say it."
"Isn't that obvious?"
"Just say it.", he whispered, his tone soft and eyes glimmering. I was silent for a second before releasing what it was he was referring to.
"I love you, Malachai Parker.", I said, smiling. "I love you with everything that I have..."
"I love you too, Y/N Y/L/N."
My lips instantly curled, my eyes sparkling. I pressed my lips on his briefly, leaning in to whisper in his ear. "So... can we get back to it now?"
I locked eyes with him. He didn't say a word and a devilish spark formed in his eyes. He pushed me back on to the couch and we picked up where we left off.
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