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What are your guys’ thoughts on Jesse Morrell? I’ve been looking at his blogs and watching his videos and I’m a little torn, I admire his boldness but he also comes across at times as very self congratulatory. His attitude of “OTHER people want praise and approval but I’M different from them I want to be hated like Jesus” which I think is,,, a little contradictory, not to mention that I personally don’t get a sense of mourning for sinners as much as he seems to enjoy standing above them. Plus he believes that a true Christian never sins once they are saved. I’m still a young Christian though so maybe I’m just overly sensitive to sterner preaching?

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Heyo! Just wanted to say I’m sorry for any hate that the Christian community has given you all. Christ never calls us to hate, but to love, and it saddens me seeing people doing the opposite of what Jesus calls us to do and claiming it’s in the name of Christianity. One of my close friends is a Satanist and she and I have always gotten along great, as well as had some excellent discussions. I wish more people would do the same. Wishing y’all health and happiness during these hard times! :)

Thank you @prot-life 🖤🖤

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Relax…and check this out..#shortvideo composed by using@teddyafromusic and some beautiful #images and pictures taken from old ethiopian orthodox churches.Paintings,icons,manuscripts,ancient bibles. Enjoy your day and the coming week by staying safe at home…Let s fight COVOID-19.
Pics taken in the north part of Ethiopia@Lalibela,@Bahir dar,@Axoum,@gonder.
#instatraveling (à EthiopiaTube)

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Pope Francis held Palm Sunday mass in a deserted church rather than outdoors before thousands of worshipers. He called on #Christians to help others during the #covid19 pandemic. “Feel called to put your lives on the line. Don’t be afraid to devote your life to God and others.”

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