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Gone, but never forgotten. That’s what we’ve repeated to ourselves time and time again in the six years since the Mad Titan Thanos snapped his fingers ( an act we call the Cleanse ) and half the world dissolved into ash. It wasn’t until five long years later that a group of brave heroes reversed what he had done and restored the world to a shade closer to what it once had been. This was, of course, not without great costs having to be paid. When Thanos was finally vanquished for good two founding Avengers were laid to rest: Natalia Romanova, the Black Widow, and Anthony Edward Stark, aka Iron Man. News of their deaths were confirmed by a representative for the New Avengers the day following the New Avengers Facility battle against the Black Order that culminated in the largest hero team-up we’ve yet to see.

Natalia Romanova, more commonly known by the alias Natasha  Romanoff started her career in Russia’s infamous Red Room academy, which turns young girls into trained assassins. Romanoff’s ledger was made public in 2014 following the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the revelation that the Nazi organization H.Y.D.R.A. had been embedded in the agency for years. After being recruited to S.H.I.E.LD. by fellow Avenger Clint Barton ( Hawkeye ), Romanoff worked as an agent for years before becoming a founding member of the Avengers in 2012, where she continued to serve until 2016 when the Sokovian Accords were passed and stricter international restrictions were put in place. Although she originally sided with Stark and the government, following the Clash of the Avengers in Berlin Romanoff dropped off the map. She was spotted once in Russia before going on the run with the former Captain America, Steve Rogers, and his associate Sam Wilson ( the former Falcon who has recently taken up the Cap mantle – for more, on this please see Christine Everhart’s article on page 3 ). Despite two years as an international fugitive, Romanoff fought in the Battle of Wakanda against Thanos and acted as the representative to the public during the Cleanse. One of the more vocal Avengers dead set on righting Thanos’ wrong, a New Avengers spokesperson confirmed that Romanoff died on April 26th, 2023 securing the Soul Stone from a classified location alongside Barton. She was laid to rest in a private cemetery with the Romanoff Scholarship for at Risk Girls being created in her honor shortly afterwards.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark was always in the public eye due to his father, Howard Stark, being an inventor, scientist, engineer, businessman and movie director. The elder Stark created Stark Industries, which his son later inherited after his untimely passing. As an arms dealer Tony was taken hostage in Afghanistan in 2008 but freed himself by creating a suit of armor. Living with an arc reactor in his chest, Stark became the first superhero with a public identity as Iron Man and became a founding member of the Avengers. After nearly sacrificing himself in 2012′s Battle of New York, Stark remained active even though it was his actions that led to the creation of the villainous robot Ultron and the untimely destruction of a large part of the European nation, Sokovia in 2015. Many considered Stark’s actions to be an apparent disrespect to life and property and urged him make amends. As a result, Stark sided with the Sokovian Accords and urged other heroes to sign as well.  Because of this he and Steve Rogers had a falling out that lasted years as Rogers went on the run and Stark started the Stark Internship, whose inaugural recipient was high school student Peter Parker ( who was recently unmasked as Spider-man ). After going to space in 2018 to try and stop Thanos, Stark came home after briefly being presumed missing and largely vanished from the public eye. The failure of the Avengers to stop Thanos from the Cleanse was something not commented on by Stark, who chose to move Upstate with his wife, Stark Industries C.E.O. Pepper Potts, and their daughter, Morgan Stark. He came out of retirement to help retrieve the Stones and was the one to don a specially created Infinity Gauntlet to kill Thanos once and for all. Following his passing Stark was buried a few days after and the Stark Foundation for the Rehoming of those Disrupted by the Cleanse was created.

For the last year, the world mourned the losses of both Stark, Romanoff and other deceased heroes, such as the synthezoid known as the Vision who was killed by Thanos in 2018 when the Titan stole the Mind Stone from his forehead. Rumors began flying recently, however, when Avenger Wanda Maximoff ( the Scarlet Witch ) appeared to be spotted with a man who resembled the Vision. This set in motion what appears to be a new era in which what we lost has been returned to us. The New Avengers were able to confirm that it was, indeed, the Vision returned by means not yet confirmed. Mutants have been known for their resurrections as of late, but that seemed limited to their nation of Krakoa. It never seemed like something that we’d see in our world at large. Not until recently, that is.

On August 3rd, 2024, President Norman Osborn held a press conference that promised a sign of hope and change. Osborn’s Avengers, known as America’s Avengers, have been received with various degrees of public support. Along with him Osborn brought team member Star, who was recently revealed to be reporter Ripley Ryan. A controversial member, it has been revealed that Ryan possessed the Reality Stone from her home world of Earth-616 in her chest. “I don’t want to dip into the cliché and say that I live to serve,” she stated at the press conference. “but my goal is to be an Avenger for the people, and that means doing everything in my power to make the world a better place. Thankfully, I happen to have a lot of power.” This sentiment was echoed by Osborn, who pointed out that in the past the Avengers had failed as public servants and had instead caused more harm than good. He went on to add, “Instead of trying something futile like banning them once more, we’ve taken a new route. We’re leading by example, making good of our gifts. We’re making America a place you can feel safe and secure in. Consider this the first step.”

The ethics behind President Osborn’s following announcement have already been debated on popular social sites like Twitter as the public weighs on that which was once considered impossible: resurrection. That’s right, folks. You’re hearing it first here from the Daily Bugle that President Norman Osborn along with the help of Star has resurrected Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark. The two were present at the conference and expressed gratitude for their return but remained, for the most part, silent and let Osborn speak. A call to the New Avengers confirmed that they were unaware of the President’s plans or the return of their teammates. We have reached out to Stark’s widow, but so far Ms. Pott’s has been unreachable.

“The last thing we wanted to do was dishonor Stark and Romanoff’s respective sacrifices, but this was a wrong that we knew we could right. Under careful supervision Star was able to achieve a great feat and there’s no ulterior motive or fear that reality will crumble. We’ve  worked with multiversal experts to see what it’s possible to achieve. We also won’t be pushing Iron Man or Black Widow to join America’s Avengers. They’re welcome to rejoin their old team or retire and enjoy the world they helped save. This is the power that heroes who work in the best interest of the people possess. This is a world that we can live in, and America’s Avengers are dedicated to continuing this notion. We hope you accept this offering and remember that we live in a world of possibility.”

As soon as the dust clears the Bugle plans on reaching representatives for Romanoff and Stark to try and get individual statements. Osborn spokeswoman Lily Hollister, who handles statements for America’s Avengers, has promised that more details will soon be revealed and that an exclusive interview with Star will take place. In the meanwhile, sources have reported that Stark and Romanoff have been taken to the New Avengers Compound in Upstate New York to reacclimatize. The Bugle will continue to update the story as it unfolds, but in the meantime we wish the best to our fallen heroes and hope they’re happy to see the world they died to protect. If we live in a world where the dead walk again, what will we become when life is no longer fleeting?

— Ben Urich, Daily Bugle News Senior Reporter


Captain America. Thor. Captain America. Thor. The names are likely to be familiar to anyone who follows the Avengers, but lately things have become a bit convoluted. Following the final battle against Thanos on April 26th, 2023 our beloved Captain America, Steve Rogers, retired and passed the shield off to friend and former Falcon Sam Wilson. In the year since we’ve reported the trajectory of Wilson’s attempt to get his footing as the public pushed back with the unfortunately popular hashtag #NotmyCaptainAmerica. Some have accredited the hesitation to embrace Wilson as Captain American as a racist statement due to Wilson being an African-American man, while others attribute it to an inability to let go of the old and embrace something new. Rogers, meanwhile, has voiced his support for his friend but has remained out of the debate for the most part. Old rumors have placed Rogers and the deceased Romanoff in a romantic relationship, and his withdrawal from the spotlight could be a direct result of her death and the two years he spent on the run as an international fugitive. An issue some have had with Wilson is that appears to be too ‘bipartisan’ to be Captain America, and they prefer the United States Government’s option to #takebacktheshield: John Walker. Walker stated that he was flattered to be considered but doesn’t step on any toes. Still, if Rogers picked Wilson as a replacement he must see something in him that the rest of the us should believe in.

Similarly, there’s a new Thor in town. Although we love Thor Odinson whether he’s rocking long hair or short, he seemed to fall on hard times during the Cleanse and has only recently resurfaced as a hero. In the meanwhile a new blonde, helmeted, Mjölnir wielding Thor has made an appearance. Although dubbed the Mighty Thor by some, public reactions to a female Thor has been mixed as preciously repeated. Despite this she has served as a New Avengers as of late even though it appears that no one knows her true identity. When asked if she had any inclination of who it could be, Asgard’s current King, the Valkyrie, scoffed and stated, “No, but she’s worthy so that must mean something. Asgardia needs the help she can get, and we seem to have a preference for beautiful sparkly blondes.” It not the most illuminating statement, and while it may be concerning that their leader doesn’t even know the name of one of their champions the Asgardian’s need a break after all the sorrow they’ve faced between Thanos and the mutants during the Avengers v X-Men conflict of last year. As for our original Thor, he’s been spotted in both Norway where Asgardia is located and around New York with a very large axe. As it stands we’re not totally sure of the relationship between the two Thor’s and why they share a name, but it only seems like a matter of time before some answers come to light. Some wonder if Thor Odinson will try to take the throne back, especially as reports about the Valkyrie’s drink continue to pop up. Welcome to Earth, Asgardians. Hope you like speculations.

I’m sure everyone has their preference on which Avenger they prefer, but I personally am open to trying something new. After all, we as people aren’t stagnate beings. Some things change and people do as well. It’s natural to see mantle passed from one hero to another as time goes on. Hero work is, in a strange way, a job and sometimes positions need to be filled. Of course, time will only tell how well these new faces hold up against the daunting legacies of those who came before them. If it counts for anything, they have the good luck of this reporter.

— Christine Everhart, Daily Bugle News Senior Reporter


Despite the passing of Kamala’s Law within the last few months, underaged superhero activity has remained at an all time. The black-suited web crawler Spider-man was recently spotted with his team, the Champions, in Brooklyn despite the fact that their teammate, Ms. Marvel, remains at large for her part in a recent incident at Coles Academic High School that left civilians injured. Recently registered underaged heroes include Ghost Spider, the two children of Reed and Susan Richards ( Franklin and Valeria Richards ), Billy Kapplan ( Wiccan ) and Nadia Van Dyne ( the Wasp ). The majority of the public has so far responded positively to the idea of underaged heroes requiring some form of accountability but response from the heroes has been negative. 

Go away, Guardians of the Galaxy! Not really, but most are scratching their heads over the fact that the intergalactic team that consists of aliens, talking trees and raccoons are still residing on Earth a year after Thanos was defeated. Members Rocket Raccoon and Nebula acted as honorary Avengers to help reverse the Snap, and when the Cleanse was undone their teammates Drax the Destroy, Groot, Mantis and Peter Quill ( Star Lord ) were returned to life. They are joined by former Daughter of Thanos Gamora and seem quite comfortable on our planet. Maybe it’s just part of our apparent alien invasion as the Shi’ar, Skrull and Kree still have dignitaries present. Looks like Earth is getting a little crowded!

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I never really cared about Christine Everhart before tbh - I never flat out hated her but I definitely wasn’t fond of her character

But I’ve been watching Iron Man a lot recently and like. I honestly respect her now - she’s still not my favorite and isn’t the nicest, but she took a huge risk approaching Tony at his event to tell him about Galmira

She didn’t know how he would react - Tony could’ve easily gotten her kicked out and/or have gotten angry. But she took that chance to, what she believed, force him to accept responsibility of his company (ofc, he never knew about that until then - never knew what Obie was doing, but that’s another story)

And what if she’d approached Obadiah about it instead? He definitely would’ve reacted badly - he would’ve kept his cool in public, ofc, to keep the press on his side. But he would’ve gotten her killed to avoid her getting word out about what he was doing, or at the very least completely destroy her reputation and career

I honestly really respect her for that, even if I don’t care about her character overall

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For image description purposes: I marked “why not”, “would read a fic about it”, “I’m curious, can I know more” and “we need more of it”. I’d be curious about their possible dynamic, yup. But most of all, now I simply want an IM3 rewrite that manages to pull Christine into the plot. They could interact there, and I wouldn’t mind whether it was platonic or romantic (either way, bonus points if there’s antagonism LOL).

Full bingo transcription: NOTP, no thanks, wouldn’t read a fic about it, overrated, kinda leaves me indifferent; BROTP, dunno, no homo, meh, not really my thing; OT3, why not, would read a fic about it, underrated, I’m curious can I know more?; OTP, I SHIP IT, reads fic about it, CUTENESS OVERLOAD, we need more of it; the best OTP of all OTPs, hELL YES, soulmates, the sexiest pair, I WOULD DIE FOR IT OKAY.

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“titillating and fun kisses done whilst lying on something, normally a bed, for comfort. in these kisses one of the people involved with usually be lying on top of their partner to enhance the pleasure.”

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Closure Comes In Odd Forms

Tony isn’t really sure how long he was lying on his back, staring at the ceiling. It was probably a long time. If he asked FRIDAY, that would be confirmed. But he doesn’t feel like asking FRIDAY. Or like talking at all, really.

Stephen left him like this, processing. It feels weird, being dumped. It isn’t as if he wasn’t dumped before, he was just never dumped like this. It feels like the word “dumped” is literal. He was just thrown aside, like a piece of trash. Like he didn’t mean anything.

The thing is, Tony actually cares about Stephen. He was sort of crushing on him for at least two months. And just two hours ago, he thought this was finally when they got together. Because Stephen kissed him, Stephen let Tony lead him into Tony’s bed. But after they were done, Stephen told him it was great, but he really wants them to be professional, and to just stay friends. And then he walked out of the door, the minute Tony got out of his shock and mumbled “okay…”. 

It’s probably karma. Yeah, that’s what it is. He used to treat people exactly like this, so now this is his payback. 

With this realisation, Tony climbs out of the bed and puts on his underwear. 

Tony used to think when he first became a playboy, when he was in college, and experimented and just had fun, that everyone wanted stringless sex, and that even if they didn’t, if they wanted to have sex with him, they knew what they were getting. So what he was doing was okay, no harm done.

Tony understands now, that there sometimes was harm done. Out of all the things in his past he apologised for, that isn’t something he thought twice of. 

Maybe he should. 

Tony reached his living room, turned on the coffee machine. Strange always frowned at that coffee machine. Guess that won’t be a problem of a while, since Tony would be keen on avoiding him.

A part of Tony really wants to be angry with Strange, confront him, or give him the silent treatment. However, Tony loves his friendship with the sorcerer, and he knows guilt-tripping him about not having a relationship with Tony would effectively ruin that. So he’s just going to avoid him until his feelings go away.

Something else is bothering him, though. Like he has unfinished business. 


“Yes, boss?”

“Do you have a list of all my hookups? I’m pretty sure JARVIS used to keep track of it on a file somewhere.”

FRIDAY searched the servers for a while. “No, boss, surprisingly, there isn’t. However, there is a record of everyone who left and entered your Malibu mansion. Would that help?”

Tony cracked a small smile. His AIs were so smart sometimes. “That would be great. Thanks, FRI.”


Tony should have seen this coming. When he called Christine Everhart to apologize, he should have known that asking why he was apologizing now, and asking him how being rejected by Stephen felt like after explaining, was more than just being nice. He just thought he owed it to his exes to explain things to them, and with Christine he got so lost in it, that he forgot she was still a reporter that hated him.

So now he was staring at an article describing every emotion he has towards Stephen, that he wanted to hide from the world, and he’s praying the Earth will swallow him whole, and no one is even here. 

“FRIDAY, how long do I have to hide here until everyone forgets about it?”

“I’m estimating between two weeks to two months.”

“And what’s the chance Stephen doesn’t know about this?”

“Zero percent, because he’s knocking on your door.”

Tony startles and then starts mumbling “shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.” 

“What should I do, boss?” FRIDAY asks.

“Tell him to go away!”

“He’s threatening to use his portals.”

“Then tell him I specifically said “fuck off”!” 

“He’s saying he wants to talk about something urgent.” 

Tony sighs, “okay, well, different strategy. Silent treatment. Do not respond, FRI.”

Tony is not ready for this conversation. He’s terrified of it. He doesn’t want their friendship to be ruined like this. God, he should have skipped Christine! She didn’t deserve an apology. 

“Boss, Strange wants to tell you he is sorry.”

Something in Tony pauses at that. That means this isn’t nothing to him. That Tony isn’t nothing to him. And Tony doesn’t know why, but he can’t ignore that. 

“Boss, Strange is walking away.”

“Wait!” Tony shouts desperately, “tell him to come back. Open the door.” 

FRIDAY does as Tony says. Tony panics immediately. What if Strange just wanted to say he was sorry, but nothing else? What if he just wanted to tell Tony he was creepy or something like that? Or what if he wanted to call Tony out for telling the press they slept together? What if…

Strange shows up, and Tony waits anxiously for his move. 

“I didn’t mean what I said.”

Strange was always full of mystery, but this time, Tony is a whole different kind of surprised.  


Hesitantly, Strange walks closer to him, “I didn’t mean it. I don’t want us to just stay friends. I thought the sex was more than just good, I wanted it to be more. I’m sorry.”

Tony processes this for a second. “But… why did you say it, then?”

Strange smiles sadly, and approaches him so they are face to face, “I thought you weren’t as into me, as I was into you. I knew it would only end up in heartbreak, so I thought I would leave that time as what I felt like it was, a moment of weakness.”

“But why would you think that?” Tony cups Strange’s face, “it’s not true.”

“I know that now, but you just got out of a serious relationship and I thought about how we have a difficult relationship since Titan,” Strange put his own hand on top of the Tony’s hands that were cupping his face, “I realize I was wrong now.”

They ended up staring at each other’s eyes for a little while, not really talking. Until Tony leaned up and pressed a small kiss to Strange’s mouth. “So, what now?”

Strange kissed Tony again, this time longer, “now we go on a date.”

Tony grinned. 

“And you will promise to never tell the press about our love life again.”

Tony laughed, “I don’t know, I think it turned out okay.”

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So, apropos of absolutely nothing,

In the first Iron Man, when Everhart asks about the “Merchant of Death” thing, and Tony almost immediately says, “Lemme guess, Berkley?”…

Does the average MCU fan understand the implication of that response in relation to the question? Cause it seems like fandom as a whole has run with the the idea that the entire world thought of him that way pre Afghanistan, and that’s not what I took from the overall exchange.

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Everytime I rewatch Ironman, I weep for Christine Everhart’s potential. When she first meets Tony outside the Casino, she basically lays out the moral argument of the entire story and the future internal conflict for Tony’s character with that merchant of death question. Then after months of being fooled by Obi, she disillusions Tony with those photographs of Gulmira, prompting not only the confrontation with Obi in which he reveals his true self but also gives Tony the final push to finish the suit and go fly into the war zone for the first real Ironman moment. On top of that, she’s the one whose question derails Tony from the fake story and leads to the iconic ‘I am Ironman’ reveal.


Originally posted by leighannespinnocks

If you think about it, she’s a very important character in this story. She could have been a Lois Lane grade character but instead she’s constantly slut shamed and put down for a simple one night stand between two consenting adults. Imagine if we didn’t have the Madonna-whore catfight between her and Pepper the morning after or that time in IM2 when she’s asking Pepper a new CEO for a quote for a piece on powerful women and Pepper talks about the time she 'did a spread’ on Tony instead. Why do writers keep setting up these catty dynamics?

Christine deserved better.

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#askstrange If I remember currently and correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember reading an implication that Mark II hid his designation from the team for awhile. If so, how did the the team find out and how did they react?


Also, the semi-sympathetic portrayal of Christine here is very much a nod to @dixiehellcat​ and her wonderful Wordsmith verse.

Content Warning: Tony’s orientation is outed without his consent or (much) prior knowledge in this ficlet. Please read with caution or avoid if this is a triggering area for you.)

Ah, yes. I recall the revelation of Stark’s orientation being rather a scandal at the time. Let me show you…

Christine Everhart was not quite the last person Tony expected to see on an otherwise quiet Thursday morning, but she definitely cracked the top ten. SI’s above-board, weapons-free projects were all flourishing, and the Avengers’ last several missions had been flawless, beyond the reproach of even their most cynical critics.

Tony wouldn’t have counted her among that bunch anyway, though she definitely still took every opportunity she could to throw a curveball or two his way. Her last piece had been a thorough and thoughtful dissection of SI’s labour policies, and had ultimately argued that anyone employed by a business owned by an active Avenger deserved hazard pay. Pepper, it turned out, had agreed, and implemented the changes several weeks after the article came out. The two women had even had a one-on-one sit down which he was pretty sure had gone well. (He should really catch up with Pepper sometime soon…)

There was, in short, no reason he could think of for Everhart to burst into his office with a frantic air about her. The woman’s usually flawless hair was tied back in a perilously loose knot that threatened to fall apart any second; she was wearing make up that was smudged and was likely several days old, and instead of her carefully tailored suits she was in a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt that looked slightly too big to be her own. He might not have even recognized her if JARVIS hadn’t provided her name when she’d requested access to his personal floor. Before he could even muster a snarky greeting, she was rambling.

“Tony, I didn’t know they what I was looking for. Please, you have to believe me, I would never—”

“Woah, woah, Brown, take a breath and have a seat. You want a drink? Old fashioned, right?” She waved away the offer impatiently.

“Tony, I know that you’re classified as a True submissive. And in just a few hours, so will most of the world.”

That…that, Tony hadn’t been expecting. He’d lived this lie for so long and with such flawless execution that this particular option never even occurred to him anymore when people threatened to expose his secrets (which they did on practically a weekly basis, to be fair.) Ice-cold panic gripped him, the pressure so intense and sudden it felt like it had when he’d first woken up to find half of what had once been his chest cavity taken up by the arc reactor. (Invasive, his insides suddenly on display, he couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe…oh fuck, anything anything but this.)

“I didn’t know, Tony, I would never out someone on purpose. I was chasing down a lead about your college admissions paperwork; something seemed off, and I thought maybe your Father had, I don’t know, forged your test scores, maybe? Tried to make you seem smarter than you really were? By the time I realized what it was I was actually uncovering I stopped, I tried to convince my editor to just drop the story, but she just assigned the piece to a new writer and used everything I’d found. All our work is on a shared drive and I couldn’t remove it in time.”

It wasn’t actually the first time he’d had a reporter come to him like this, feeling the pangs of conscience and begging for forgiveness. In the past, he’d always been able to spin the situation to his advantage, leverage their humanity into something favourable for himself or the company down the line. Doing so now, promising Everhart an exclusive if they broke the news first, or maybe having her come out ahead of the story claiming she’d forged the proof she’d found…the options occurred to him, but it was like having the equivalent of an out-of-body experience in his brain. He registered these thoughts, knew they were the smart and practical things to do, but they felt distant and removed from the terror and utter fury that were dominating all of his more immediate mental processes.

“So what, did you come here to fucking gloat?” he spat. “Or did you want forgiveness, maybe? Want me to tell you it’s just fine you’re about to tear my life apart because you didn’t mean to? That would be a bit rich from the woman who wanted me tarred and feather for the mere act of producing and selling weapons just because I didn’t know how and under what conditions each and every one of them would be used. Well I’m not going to give you absolution, Brown. And your sanctimonious ass has no right coming in here and expecting it.”

“I know.” Pepper and Rhodey were two of the only people who knew that short, declarative statements were one of the only ways to cut through Tony’s rants when he really got going. He was so paranoid in the wake of the imminent threat of exposure that for a moment he wondered if Everhart had been spying somehow. Maybe she had sources closer to him than he even realized? (He’d conduct a hardline sweep of the Tower and every other building he had so much as stepped foot in the second she left.) “I just…I can only give you a couple hours head start, but I thought if there were people in your life who don’t know and who you you would prefer to hear it directly from you, I could at least give you the chance to tell them yourself. I really am sorry, Tony.”

He considered this proposal for all of two seconds after Everhart made a quiet exit. Rhodey and Pepper both knew—Rhodey because of Tony’s disastrous college years, and Pepper because Rhodey had pretty much forced Tony to confide in her once she’d been hired on as his assistant. (He was still pissed about that, but sometimes Tony really needed to kneel or be told he was good, and Pepper always seemed to know. It didn’t feel anything at all like when a Dom would do it, but it staved off the worst of the dep when it got really bad.) The team…if he went to them now, if he took Everhart’s advice and broke it to them personally, he could already predict what would happen. Steve would be quietly concerned, asking questions about Tony’s wellbeing and pretending his True Dom ass didn’t have a vested interest in the answers. Bruce, someone actually informed on the science, would back Steve up, making more pointed inquiries about his hormone levels and other indicators of dep that would be far harder to ignore. Natasha and Thor, though for different reasons, would both be silent in their support. Clint would make a perfectly inappropriate joke, and Coulson would promise any supports Tony needed through SHIELD or outside of it. They’d be kind and understanding and sympathetic and by the end of it Tony would feel so fucking small and worthless that he’d probably leave the damn country and never return.

No, he’d wait this one out in the shop with all the liquor in the Tower, every project he could get his hands on, and the loudest music that JARVIS would permit. 

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Uggggggh. I have no words to explain how much I hate it, so I’m going to be using a lot of caps xD.

Like. You can get Harley for Tony’s funeral (which is good by me, gave me a lot of feels, etc.), you put GENERAL FREAKING ROSS THERE (WHY?? In which world does that make sense?? THEY DESPISED EACH OTHER. WASN’T IT A ~PRIVATE FUNERAL??). but NOT CHRISTINE??

After she was instrumental to Tony’s origin story? She was the one who prompted him to put on the armour for his FIRST heroic arc, who goaded him with the pictures, who told him she had actually believed him in the conference (and here I make a pause for my random shippy feels because SHE BELIEVED HIM. MY HEART).

And frankly? The dismissal is 100% because she had sex with Tony, and that made them see her as shallow and unprofessional (because in their minds sleeping with him means she didn’t truly believe in her criticism of him which?? I disagree, and I don’t know how you can sit and watch the rest of the film and still believe that). And Iron Man 2 totally contributed to this by adding her in just for that bs “using Hammer as an in to get to Tony” bs. Like, IMO it was to interview him, period, but still. I really wish her role there had been bigger, that she’d gotten curious about something being off with Tony, etc. But I guess three whole female characters with influence on the plot were just Too Much for one movie RME.

It pisses me off because I love her role so much in Iron Man and, like I say, that bs reading can’t sustain itself with the rest of the film. Her immediate reaction when she woke up in Tony’s house was snooping around, obviously to get some info. And yes, she and Pepper took digs at each other. But her next appearances were a.) in the gala where, as I said, she’s who pushed Tony into his first act as an actual superhero, and b.) the conference at the end, where she, AGAIN, pushed him to step up as Iron Man (the novelization quote on this is great because Tony is thinking about his own speech about transparency etc., WHICH AGAIN, Christine has a hand in…). like. SHE KICK-STARTED THIS FRANCHISE IDEC.

I love the WHIH shorts simply because she’s there (they don’t have much else to offer outside a few funny moments, from what I recall lol), but they’re nowhere near enough. Like I said, I wish she had gotten a bigger part in IM2, and a part at all in IM3, because that would’ve tied it all up. But most of all? I wish she’d been in CACW. That film NEEDED a journalist, IMO, someone that could bring the civilian POV in as an objective a way as possible. Imagine how great she could’ve been there: once again being the one that prompted Tony into action, following their pattern; at the talks, maybe interacting with the rest of the Avengers (I would’ve loved a Christine vs Steve showdown, NEGL xD).

Basically, I think it’s very, very basic sexism (both for the sex and because some people probably just dislike she antagonized Tony at all, period. Whatever. She’s driven AND she’s bitchy, and I freaking love it!); fandom isn’t alone there, because like I say, IM2 contributed. But from what I’ve seen around fandom didn’t need the help, because they dismissed her since IM1 anyway ¬¬

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