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moticnsickness · a month ago
Misplaced Mistletoe
Tumblr media
summary:  It's Christmas time and Tony is acting suspiciously towards Ziva... McGee chooses to investigate.
rated T // 1.3k words // complete
tags: christmas + fluff + first kiss + tony is in love and also a fool
Tumblr media
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kirayamidemon · a month ago
oh shit my anniversary with twst n playing the game is coming up real soon i just realized LSDFSJSKJJS
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howdydowdy · a month ago
apparently kazuo ishiguro published a new novel in 2021 and a new collection of ken liu short stories came out in 2020 and no one told me. clearly there is a problem somewhere in my information pipeline.
#putting both of them on hold immediately #new ken liu stories you guys what the fuck!!!!! #books #to read #i am super far down on the list for the ishiguro novel but i should get the short story collection in not too long #i guess i could buy them? i hesitate to buy books i haven't read before mostly because the library due date #(though nominal since they did away with fees) #is what ensures i actually read the book and it doesn't collect dust forever #but if i'm really hyped to read the book then i might make an exception #maybe i will ask for them for christmas? #what other books came out recently that i need to know about?? i already have fonda lee's jade legacy on hold #idk if it has actually come out yet or not #i heard about janelle monae but GET THIS i had actually searched 'janelle monae' in my library catalog like...maybe 3 days ago? #to see if the short story collection had come out yet or if i could at least get a spot in line for the eventual hold list #but it was not in there yet :( #and then yesterday there was that article saying it's been completed! the timing #i did already read the carry on sequel that came out earlier this year #though again i had no idea about it until a friend was like hey i bought this and you can borrow it and read it first if you want #i was not paying attention because i was underwhelmed by the second book in that series #and also because i just have not been paying attention to book releases for the last two years apparently #same friend had to tell me about winterfell #i'm currently reading exit west and really love the writing style so i should look up the author's other stuff #and i'm reading the queen's thief series which i have mixed feelings about
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aceloha · 2 months ago
Hi ok I know this is really out of no where but it’s been eating me up and I know no one really cares but sorry I posted about omori. No one told me there was some controversy behind the creator and I only saw someone warn a bigger creator I follow that it isn’t something they should post after I was like 3/4ths into the game and thought they where just warning them cuz the game covered tough subjects but after my fixation died shortly after I looked it up and saw a bit of controversy that was being defended but I still decided to stay away but I’m admitting my fault for picking it back up for afew weeks after I moved. I can say that I was desperate for a distraction and splatoon wasn’t covering it all I want but I did try to convince myself the creator changed because of the whole charity stream. At the end of the day I ignored the red flags and I’m very sorry if I made yall uncomfortable. I don’t expect forgiveness and I understand, it wasn’t the smartest move in my half, but I am still sorry.
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sparklestheunicorn · 5 months ago
Reading twk and tqon were such different times in my life but they literally came out in the same year
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espytalks · 3 years ago
my brother is a friggin tech wizard.
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alex-likely6 · 3 years ago
Every time a new pack comes out for TS4 I get the urge to immediately buy it if I technically have the money
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kadssp · 15 days ago
HIII CONGRATS ON 100 FOLLOWERS!!! For the event, can I make a fic request please?? An sun x afab! reader where he makes reader play house with him? And he makes her be the wife and him the husband?? Fluff or smut please ty!
warnings: light breeding kink(even though poor Sun can’t give ya a kid ): ), afab! reader, praise, fingering(f!receiving), mommy is used like twice, light mentions of overstimulation, swearing, thigh riding, dry humping, minors dni
word count: 1.2k
Household activities
It had started as a little game for the kids that begged you two to join in. They wanted to be the children while you were the mother and Sun was the father.
Sun pleaded with you to try it out because it sounded fun and you’d be doing it together!
So you agreed the game went on even after the pizzaplex closed and the kids left, and you can’t say it wasn’t a bad decision as his fingers drag against that spot that has you seeing stars.
”S-Sun— haah, ‘on’t stop..!” Your breathing is uneven as his digits thrust in and out of your slick cunt at a fast pace.
”Does it feel nice? Does it, does it?!” He’s laughing like he just got the present he’s wanted all year for christmas. His fingers curling and scissoring just how you showed him earlier.
”Yes, yes! It’s mngh, feels good!” He giggles in response, thumb bumping against your clit as that coil tightens further in your stomach.
You were lucky it was past closing hours now, and only the rarely seen night guards would be out, not ever this close to the daycare though luckily for you.
”’t’s so close, Sunny please!“ You’re crying out, reaching up at him who let’s you pull him against your chest, he’s face engulfed in your breasts as he let’s out a soft ‘Oh’
”C’mon, you can do it for me! Go on, Sweetheart. Let go it’ll be so much fun yeah, yeah!!” And though he’s sound is muffled by your chest it gives you that small push you needed as you convulse under him, thighs trembling as he continues but he’s slowly pumping you with his fingers now.
He looks up at you who’s still panting and clinging to him for dear life.
”I have a new game we can play!” He says happily, clapping his hands together as he sits up and the sticking fluids clinging to his fingers don’t go unnoticed by you.
”Sun, ’m tired now.” You mumble to which his head frantically shakes side to side.
”N-no! No lights off, it’s not nap time for you yet! Can we play the game, can we please?” He whines and if he could pout he would as his head droops slightly waiting for a response.
You smile giving in to his wants, placing a hand on his face as you give a soft nod. “Just one game, Sunny.”
”Just one? Okay! Got it, got it!!” He exclaims with a cheer as he bounces where he sits, your legs hanging loosely around his sides as you look up at him.
”I know a game!” “What is it, Sun?” His movements halt and he stares at you in the quietness. Before he’s letting out another soft giggle as he pulls you to sit up.
”The game is called…” He draws out, sitting you on his thigh, the plush foaming under the pants feeling soft against your skin. “How many noises you’ll make!”
You’re thinking over his words, about to ask him about it before you’re being softly pulled against his thigh. The tingle of overstimulation in the back of your head as he grinds you back down on his leg and it has you mewling into his shoulder.
”Su— ah haa, Sunny what are you doing?” You moan, gripping his arms that keep your hips grinding against his leg, friction against your clit making your legs tense up as you taste your high on your tongue.
”Doesn’t it feel nice?“ He ignores your question prompting to just keep his demonstrations going as you whine and cling to him, a high pitched sound coming from your nails clawing against the metal of his arms.
”I just want to make my wife feel good! Doesn’t she feel good?“ Your face turns scarlet, head fuzzed over with the word that came from his voice box.
Wife, wife, wife. His wife, Sun’s wife.
You’re in a lust filled haze before you even realize it not knowing he was partially referring to the game, moving on your own and rolling your hips against his thigh that’s made of soft padding and foam.
You nod frantically, breathing erratic as he let’s you move, hands squeezing at the plush of your hips and thighs as he giggles and coos out praise that makes your pussy clench around nothing.
”I wanna have a kid with you.” He whimpers, almost a sad tone laced in his voice and you’re looking up at him with half lidded eyes and if he could he would‘ve came at the sight.
”You wanna?” You repeat, brain too dumb to process what he‘s truly saying as you hump his thigh like a bitch in heat. “Why don’t you, Sunny?”
He whines. Such a nice sound escaping him as his hands tighten their hold on your hips and he trembles slightly. You smile at him, small bit of confidence overtaking you as you wrap your arms around his neck.
”Go on, give me your kids Sunny.” And now you’re whining, voice going quiet when he starts bouncing his leg adding more pressure to your puffy clit. “I wanna have your kids.”
It sounds like he let’s out a sob at this, joyful, lustful, or sad you don’t know and you don’t pay much attention to it, too aware of the quickly approaching climax that’s just within your grasp.
”Oh, Sunshine, I want to!” He chokes out, your moans leading him to let out a quiet groan, he‘s starting to think he could combust at the sound of your voice. “Wanna make you a Mommy!”
You giggle at his words, the new title sounding nice to your ears as your legs squeeze his thigh. God you were so close.
”Sunny, ‘m close! t’s so close!” You’re choking on groans, pressing kisses against his face that’s getting warmer by the second.
”I’ll make you a Mommy one day, Sunshine! Promise, I promise!!” You don’t hear him though as your mouth opens in a silent scream and your body trembles, juices soaking his pants as your cunt spasms around nothing.
He pulls your head off his chest, nudging his face against yours as he repeats “I love you” between sounds similar to that of a kiss.
A hand goes up to your head, patting it softly before running his fingers through the strands and humming a child’s song as he slowly rocks your limp body in his hold side to side.
He giggles as you push yourself up, his head swaying with his body as he watches you.
”Whatcha doing now, Sunshine? Ready to continue playing our little game of wife and husband!”
You chuckle, he never gets tired like you do, sometimes he doesn’t realize you’re exhausted just like now.
You run your hands over the points around his smiling circular head, the metals flicking backwards upon being pushed before sticking back up again.
”Sure but, why don’t you, the husband, let the wife, me, sleep for a bit?“ He seems to glitch at the mention of ‘husband’ but nods enthusiastically before wrapping his arms back around your body, pulling you flush against his chest.
”Yes, yes, yes!! You need rest to continue the game. Sleep on me, your husband will protect you!” He giggles, your tired eyes finally closing as you release a sigh and relax in his comforting hold.
Sometimes his enthusiasm wasn’t bad, and how could you say no to a innocently put request to another round later? It was Sun who asked after all.
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kairakeiji · a month ago
Tumblr media
“you’re calling me earlier than usual.”
“i just missed you that’s all,” and you swear you can just picture the smile on iwaizumi’s lips.
“isn’t it like,” you pause checking the time.
“four pm?”
you blink, doing a double take at the clock on your living room wall, “yeah,” you mumble. “how'd you know?”
“lucky guess,” he laughs.
“sure it was,” you rolled your eyes. iwaizumi’s always been quite an observing individual when it came to you. it was how he took care of you. after all, whether it be making sure you ate or slept properly, he always wanted you to be taken care of, and having the time differences nailed down in his head just seemed to be a part of that.
it was almost christmas time and after some unfortunate complications, neither of you could travel for the holidays, with your new job and some school issues neither of you could make the flight to go see each other. long distance was always quite rough and while this revelation took a toll on both of you, you two approached it the same way you did with everything else in your relationship, together.
“oh that reminds me,” your eyes widen. “i’m gonna send out your christmas present tomorrow.”
“and will you maybe give me a hint on what you got me?“ he asks. “you always give good gifts.”
“i just give you what i think you need,” you laugh.
“and that’s exactly why you give me good gifts.”
you roll your eyes at his response, “that’s not gonna get me to tell you.”
“worth a shot,” he huffs.
“good gifts always come as a surprise,” you tease.
iwaizumi sighs, “and because of that you won’t tell?”
you shake your head despite the fact that he can’t even see you, “i have a damn good present for you this year, i’m not saying shit.”
“oh really?” he questions. “i think i actually have the better present this year.”
“no you don’t,” you counter.
and you swear you can just picture the smirk on his lips, “i’m pretty sure i do.”
“let me guess you won’t tell me what it is?”
“i’m not saying a word.” he replies, “after all good gifts come as a surprise.”
you sigh, “using my words against me.”
he laughs, “you’ll love it i promise.”
and with that the doorbell to your apartment rings.
“hang on someone’s here,” you told him walking towards the door rather hesitantly.
“are you expecting anyone?” he asks.
“i’m not,” you hum.
“is it a package maybe?”
“could be,” you answer, “i did order gifts for other people the other day, but i didn’t think they’d come so soon.”
“maybe it’s a present for you,” he laughs.
“a week before christmas?” you question. “that’s a bit early.”
“maybe it’s my present” he reasons. “i did already send it out.”
a gasp leaves your lips, “ooh then i’ll stay on the line with you and get your reaction!”
“you’ll love it,” he says proudly. “i put a lot of effort into it.”
“i don’t think you’ll love it as much as you love mine,” you laugh walking towards the door.
“actually,” iwaizumi responds as your hand reaches the doorknob. “i think you’ll like mine more.” and you swing open the door, eyes widening at the sight of iwaizumi standing in front of you. the phone is still up to his ear, there’s a suitcase in his hand and a smile on his lips.
your arms instantly wrap around him, both of you completely forgetting to hang up the phones. “i thought you weren’t able to come,” you responded.
“well i spoke with my professors,” he explained, grip on you slightly tightening. “and i fixed my whole school issues.”
“i’m glad,” you hummed as you pressed a kiss to his cheek before you pulled away and met his gaze.
the smile on his lips is infectious.
“so,” he starts, “did you like your present?”
and you can only smile.
“i loved it.”
Tumblr media
hey besties i’m pulling out the christmas stuff now bc i’m done with school woot woot
thanks for reading! reblogs are so so appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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jkeuphoriadreamland · a month ago
won’t you ride my sleigh tonight? ❅ dilf namjoon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❅ pairing: dilf namjoon x reader ❅ genre: one shot, smut, fluff, with a touch of Christmas cheer. ❅ summary: he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake...or bad if you know what’s good for you. ❅ warnings: smut 18+, this is exactly what you would expect it to be, mentions of hyperventilating, unprotected sex (established relationship), fingering, mentions of cum, slight dumbification, slight roleplay. ❅ a/n: just felt like cranking out a Christmas fic because why not? Happy holidays, babies! And thank you once again to the amazing @outromoni​ for looking out for me and making this incredible banner for me! She’s the absolute best!
Tumblr media
The entire house was dark except for some nightlights you had plugged in just in case one of the kids woke up in the middle of the night. The house was tidy, everyone was asleep, and you were finally able to rest yourself. All the presents were wrapped and placed under the tree for the next day, but you were sad to be spending this Christmas without Namjoon. He’d been traveling for some months now, and even though he promised to see you soon, the dates kept getting extended.
Shutting off the final light switch, you made your way upstairs and straight to bed. In the morning the kids would be so happy to open their gifts and you had a lot to get ready. Having a two and four year old wasn’t easy work. Once your head hit the pillow you were out for the count.
Some time deep into the night, you heard a sound downstairs. Checking the clock next to you, the time was four in the morning. “What in the world?” Tossing the blanket to the side, you thought that maybe the little ones had gotten up way earlier than you anticipated, so you quickly made it downstairs to catch them, only to be frozen in place at the sight of an intruder.
The trespasser looked extremely tall and large, and for some reason kept hovering around the tree. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening because Namjoon always made sure to have the best state of the art security system when it came to protecting his family. Looking around, you didn’t immediately see any weapons, not that you’d be able to take on the big, muscular—
Squinting, you noticed that not only was the criminal placing gifts under the tree, but they were also wearing a red suit. “Santa?” The name slipped past your lips accidentally due to the fact that the entire scene before you seemed so unreal. You were probably dreaming, but when the criminal started to turn around, your immediate reaction was to rush straight toward them.
With fists in the air, and the loudest roar you could produce, you charged blindly until you were met with a solid, muscular chest. Your wrists were suddenly locked and held high above you by the invader’s own hands, and when you looked up to meet the eyes of the one that may very well kill you this night, you almost passed out when you found the eyes of your lover instead.
“Who else would it be, baby?” he chuckles.
Your body suddenly melts into a puddle as all the stress of the night’s events drain you of your energy. Namjoon doesn’t let you fall too hard, his arms wrapping around you tightly and lifting you back up.
“Surprise?” He smirks, but it’s lopsided because he’s really not sure if you're happy to see him right now. He knew it would be a big surprise, but he wasn’t intending for you to come downstairs before he finished placing the gifts. His plan was to go to the baby’s room and place a gift at their feet hoping that maybe he could give them a Christmas surprise in case they woke up, and then find his way to your warm body in bed. But now everything was ruined and you were currently hyperventilating. Knowing how to calm you down, he quickly led you to the sofa and sat you down before gently moving your head between your legs.
“Breathe in, and out…that’s it, baby. You’re doing such a good job.”
After ten minutes you were finally able to sit up, but the worried look on his face made you feel terrible. “Joon, when…why…how?” You were still unable to speak as you wanted, but Namjoon could tell you were starting to take it all in.
“We finished early and I decided to surprise the kids with Santa, but it seems I surprised you instead.” His chest vibrated with a jolly laugh, but he kept it low knowing the children were still asleep. “You really are cute, though. Did you really think you could just kill Santa like that?”
“Don’t tease me! I really thought someone had broken in. I wasn’t expecting you for another few weeks.”
“Well, I missed you, baby. Come sit on Santa’s lap and tell me what you’d like for Christmas this year.”
The offer was incredibly tempting since it had been several months without his touch. Even though you’d just had the biggest scare of your life, your adrenaline was still pumping and now your body was hot all over.
“Okay, Santa.” You watch as his eyes widen in shock at your immediate reciprocation, and you smile in amusement. He really was all yours, and so incredibly gorgeous. Straddling him, you set your face inches from his own and sigh. “What I really, really want, is to ride my husband’s cock. I missed it so much, and now that I can feel his muscular thighs below me, I really want it even more. Can you make that happen, Santa?”
Namjoon swallowed and set his hands at your hips. Licking his lips, he tilted his head and huffed. “Is that what you want, angel? You want to ride my sleigh?”
You roll your eyes at his terrible joke, and he chuckles. You almost slap his chest for ruining the mood, but he shifts his hips and pushes them up allowing you to feel the hardness between his thighs. A tiny whimper escapes you and you almost feel embarrassed at how pathetic you already sounded.
“Mmm, I missed those, baby.”
His lips suddenly meet yours in a feverish kiss, the desperation and need to feel you all over consuming him. It had been far too long. Unable to wait, he immediately strips you of your nightgown happy to find you naked beneath it. He feels your hands sneak into his red jacket and he helps you by ripping it off before you even ask. Unable to wait any longer, he pulls his length out and fills you completely in one swift motion. You both pause and moan, the feeling just too overwhelming to contain. “Fuck, I missed you so much, angel.”
“I missed you, too, Santa.”
“Fuck Santa. I’m home now.”
He lifts you up with his dick still inside and walks over to the fireplace where the Christmas tree stands. “I wanted to give you my present, baby. Are you ready for it?”
You’re so lost as to what he means because right now wasn’t the time for gifts. He doesn’t say anything after, only holds your ass in his large hands so he can pump into you while standing. He only lasts for a moment, the sensation of finally being in your pussy too much to bear. He’s afraid he’ll cum all over himself and just the knowledge of your pussy wide and taking him deep like this had his cock rock hard. He pulls you away and then turns you so that you’re facing the mantle of the fireplace. The fire isn’t roaring at the moment, but there was no need as both of your body’s were producing enough heat to warm the entire room.
“Grab on.” Namjoon places your hands up so that you can grab the wood, and then slides his hard length back into your cunt with ease. You were so incredibly wet for him in mere minutes and his ego got a little bigger at the fact. “Hold tight, baby. Just like that.” He grabs your hips and tilts you forward a little so your back is arched just right. He’s quite tall, but he’s able to spread his legs a little in order to drill into you from behind. He enjoys how your ass bounces against his pelvis, the flesh jiggling in all the right places, driving him mad.
“Fuck…you’re so fucking sexy.”
You don’t respond to anything he’s saying, only allow your body to get manipulated every which way because the truth is, you want him to use you anyway he wants, and the faster he pounds his cock into you, the more incoherent you become.
He leans forward slightly and grabs your arms so that they are behind your back. He holds you in place, using this new position to fuck you deeper. You can’t help but fall forward slightly with the force of his thrusts, and Namjoon widens his stance. In this position he can see himself enter you, how your asshole responds by fluttering with every stroke he delivers.
“Are you ready for your present, baby?” His forehead is soaked in sweat and his leg muscles are burning, but none of that matters when all he needs to hear is a yes.
You’re being fucked dumb, the last thing Namjoon said completely missed by you. All you can repeat over and over is omg yes and please fuck me, because you didn’t want him to stop.
“What’s that, baby?”
“Yes! OH god yesssssss.”
“Merry. Fucking. Christmas.” He punctuates each word by thrusting hips and then cums deep inside of you. Before he goes completely limp, he reaches around and strokes your clit with skilled efficiency making you cum almost immediately. Your legs shake with the force of your orgasm, and Namjoon helps you ride it out. When you finally come back down, he pulls his cock out of you at an agonizingly slow pace, and it causes you to clench. His cum slips out with the action and he tuts in disappointment.
“Uh uh uh…you need to keep that inside of you. That’s no way to be thankful for your gift, baby.”
He presses his long middle finger into your pussy while you’re still bent forward and pushes his silky cum back inside of you. You mewl at the feeling, the sensitivity already making you dizzy.
“Keep it all in. Every single drop.”
You do your best to do as he says when he lifts you up and carries you back to the couch where he cradles you on his lap. The moment is perfect, the sun starting to rise as the lights from the Christmas tree light up the room. He felt amazing, warm and his smell brought you a sense of peace. When your head is finally back to earth, you reach up and kiss him sensually.
“I missed you so much, Joonie.”
“And I missed you.”
“What was all the Christmas present stuff you kept talking about?”
Namjoon smirks and then moves a hand down between your thighs and pushes a finger into you to make sure his gift remains where he put it. “We’ll find out in nine months.”
Tumblr media
| All works are ©jkeuphoriadreamland: Do not  upload, copy, translate, steal any of my works.
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har-rison-s · 28 days ago
a/n: ehhh just a little something i wrote. hope you guys enjoy. merry christmas & happy reading:)
my paypal (would be much appreciated since i’m saving up for uni next year :))
mcu masterlist
warnings: mentions of bruises, a bit short this one
Tumblr media
It was very unlike Peter to be late for anything, whether it's school, coming home, or whatever else. So with her usually worry about him as his best friend, plus the recent passing of uncle Ben, the argument she unexpectedly had with him at school, and the late-in-the-evening call from aunt May, she was properly anxious about what was going on with the boy.
Arguments were rare between the two, as well. Nonexistent, actually. And it wasn't really an argument. It was more of a... She doesn't know exactly how to put it. Peter just yelled at her to leave him alone, which she knows he didn't mean to do. He never yells, not even when he's angry or upset anyhow. He grows even more quiet when he's angry, more quiet than usual.
They've been best friends ever since she can remember, and so his yelling at her when she wanted to find out what's wrong and help him in any way that she could, really hurt her. And the feelings she's been harbouring towards him for a while - a year, maybe two, maybe more? - made the hurt even more prominent, and made it deeper. 
Safe to say, Peter's been behaving very unlike himself lately. And the women in his life just want to help, they just want to be there for him. When aunt May called her, Y/N hurried off to the Parker house. In her worry for both Peter and May. She doesn't want the woman, who she could call her own second mother or mother-in-law, all alone in the house and worried down to her very core. It doesn't matter that Y/N had that argument with Peter, it doesn't matter that he could still be angry at her for any reason. She has to be there for the both of them.
She'd spent around two hours at the house with May, just talking and helping her around the kitchen, when the front door finally opened. Y/N had gone upstairs to Peter's room, and May had let her, when, sitting on his bed and looking at the pictures glued to the walls around her, she heard commotion downstairs. 
A quiet conversation at first that rose in volume, and then footsteps coming up the stairs, skipping two steps as he always does, sounded through the house, and then the door of his bedroom swung open, showing Y/N no one other than the best friend that's recently become a stranger to her. She already freezes in place at the sight of him, but then her eyes are totally glued on the sight of his face. Partly hidden by the hood of his jacket, but she can still see the bruises. 
His reaction is nearly the same as her own. “Y/N's here.” He announces, supposedly to himself. “Why is she--” he takes a quick glance over his shoulder, but May isn't there to explain. He looks back at his best friend. Confusion about her being here, guilt for the interaction they had at school earlier today, and anxiety about what she could have found in his room while being there all shine starkly on his bruised face. “Why are you here?” Peter's voice is quiet. In his way, it's an apology for yelling before. He really didn't mean to yell at her. Peter closes the door behind him and lands his backpack on the floor next to his desk.
Y/N shyly draws her legs together and moves her hands around her knees, a clear sign of nervousness. “I came to be with aunt May,” she says, her voice cracking on the first few words. She didn't realise how dry her throat had gone, “and I was worried about you.” She also admits. Peter sighs quietly and feels tears gathering in his eyes for no apparent reason other than his frail state of emotions. “Peter, what... what happened to you?” She inquires in a whisper. Those bruises on his face look really tough. She wants to stand up and walk over to him, and look closer at the damage. But not until he lets her. Not until he's not mad or cross with her anymore. She needs to know that he isn't.
Peter shakes his head and avoids her eyes as he answers. “Got knocked down,” he says courtly, but his eyes and over-all facial expression beg to differ. Y/N's eyes fill with tears. She can see that he's lying to her. But why? If someone did this to him, why can't he tell her? Why does he have to lie about it?
“Peter, May says you've come home like this nearly every night,” she talks as carefully and gently as she can to avoid setting off the ticking time bomb that is her best friend. Turns out that when he's upset, he can be set off pretty easily. He's quiet until he's not. Y/N licks her lips as she watches the boy's face not move a nerve. Only his eyes fill with more and more tears, “will you just... just let me help you?” She sighs, shaking her head and still keeping her eyes on Peter. “Clean you up, at least.” She offers. 
Peter drops his head in his hands, frustrated with himself and the world around him. She wasn't supposed to see him like this. He wasn't supposed to be late, or as banged up as he is. He shouldn't have yelled at her in school. He wasn't supposed to be bitten by that damn stupid spider that made his whole body transform. None of this was supposed to happen. 
But he nods in agreement to her offer, head still in hands, not facing her. “First aid is in the sink cabinet, in the bathroom,” Peter tells her in a small voice that resembles a lost animal's moan. When he hears her get up from his bed and walk towards the bathroom, he takes his hands off his face and looks around. There's nothing particularly revealing laying around in his room, thank God. He'd be met with shock of such value that he's not able to really handle right now. 
Peter pulls of his jacket, as much as it hurts his sides to do so, and sighs. Just as he goes to lay down on his bed, Y/N pops out through the bathroom door. “Get in here,” she quietly asks of him, her eyes still full of worry and tears, though that sadness is half-gone. He's allowed her to help him, at least, “the lighting in your room is absolute shit.” She elaborates on her request and then disappears from the frame again. Peter shakes his head, getting himself together, trying to act as strong and 'normal' as he can. In front of her, at least. With the best intentions possible, he hopes she'll leave soon.
Peter sits on the counter next to his bathroom sink, his hurting back leaning against the wall behind him, and Y/N quietly gets to work. She decides to clean the bruises first, since that's quite the logical move to make. She takes one of the rare cotton pads in Peter's bathroom--she's surprised to even find them among his things--and wets it, then lightly dabs on the dirty spots on Peter's face, getting real close to it. She's surprised her heart isn't beating a million times per second right now, and she feels kind of proud of that fact, too. Peter's glad she can't hear his heart, because it certainly picked up its pace. 
Looking at her so close up, he begins going over his day and thinking about his last interaction with Y/N. As much as her touches on his skin are feather-light and filled with kindness, touching upon his sensitive areas is hurtful at times. He tries not to wince or hiss or groan, so as not to make her feel bad in any way about what she's doing. Instead, to bear with the pain, his eyes fill with more tears and he occasionally squeezes them shut. “I'm sorry,” Y/N tells him, seeing the discomfort this causes him. But Peter shakes his head.
“It's not your fault,” he tells her, “nothing's ever your fault, Y/N.” Peter adds then, making Y/N look him in the eyes. He certainly doesn't mean this small thing now, she knows that as well as he does. He watches her for a while as Y/N draws back, along with her hand, and watches him back while leaning against the wall beside his mirror. Though her eyes occasionally out of nervousness travel down to her hands or the objects around the two. The sink, the bloody cotton pad in her hand. Peter moves his head slightly out of anxiety, he tries to gather his wits and courage about him. “Not me yelling at you, not me... looking like this, not May... worrying about me.” He shakes his head. “It's all my fault.” Y/N looks up at him. The guilt in his brown eyes is starkly evident. You couldn't miss it. And she doesn't. She looks at that expression sadly. Peter's head rests limply against the wall as he still looks at her. Just the sight of him makes her cry, and she presses her lips together in a tight line to avoid doing that. “And I'm sorry.” Peter whispers, as it takes a lot in him to even say these few words that mean so much. They're heavy on his tongue, and tight around his throat. 
Y/N nods, inhales a deep, but narrow breath, and steps closer to Peter again. She avoids his eyes as she searches his first aid kit bag for plasters, all and any sizes. She's taken his words into account, now she just has to find something to say back. Thank you. I love you. No, he doesn't need that right now. “Thanks,” she finally manages to say to him, and she only gives him a momentary glance as she thanks him, focusing her eyes more on opening different plasters, “that really hurt me, you know.” She admits and sniffles. She was hoping it would be quiet, but alas sniffles are never so. Peter's lip trembles and he reaches his heavy arm out to her, resting his hand on her forearm gently. Y/N flicks her eyes from that gesture to Peter's brown orbs. She sighs. 
“I see that,” he tells her, “and I really am sorry.” He cannot stress it enough. “You did nothing wrong, I need you to know that.” Peter tells her, and adds the beginning of a smile at the end of his sentence. Y/N would have returned one, but her lips quite physically don't allow her to. She sighs again as she lifts up one of the plasters to put it on the cut on his cheek, which still seems to be bleeding slowly, but surely. Peter lets her, his hand remaining on her forearm. He watches her eyes and her face as they near him closer and closer, and his heart lurches in his chest. 
“Thanks, Pete,” she says quietly, “I just... wanted to help. Wanted to make you feel better, if I can.” She sniffles again. “I just don't know what's going on with you. But I also do know, and I can't imagine how hard it is for you.” Uncle Ben. Parents. Peter nods gently, but she stills him by a soft hold of his jaw to stop him from moving, so that she can put the plaster on correctly. Peter makes a subtle smile again and keeps looking at her. “Just wanna be there for you. Cause we're best friends.” Y/N shrugs, neating down the plaster's edges, and trying to do it as carefully as possible. “Missed you lately.” 
Peter smiles a bit wider. “I've missed you, too,” he confesses in a whisper, his hand tightening ever so slightly around her arm. It's not a bad grip in any way, it's comforting and close in its entirety. Y/N looks at him again, their faces close as ever.
“I know you probably won't believe me, but,” Y/N starts to say, “you don't have to do everything on your own. Whatever it is.” She says and adjusts some of the hair around his face. “Me and May are always here for you,” a smile creeps up onto her lips, “and yet you push us away... because you probably think you're strong enough to deal with everything alone. And maybe you are.” She shrugs. “But you don't always have to be strong. I don't feel like that's something only you have to come to terms with, but the rest of the male population, too.” She even utters a light chuckle. And Peter's eyes blaze brightly with love and adoration for her, for the way her mind works. Y/N pats Peter's cheek, and then keeps her hand there. “You can talk to me, Peter. Whatever about.” She whispers.
Peter nods at her words and draws her even closer to him. She doesn't say a word, too scared to ruin this sacred moment of intimacy between them, scared to cancel it or push Peter away by saying or doing something immediately. She just looks into his eyes. “I really don't deserve you,” he says. Y/N's heart does a flip inside her chest, it feels, but she also doesn't want to agree with Peter. Sometimes she feels like that about him, “you're way too good for me.” 
Y/N can only utter a faint chuckle as they look into each other's eyes. And before Peter can stop himself, or think about the consequences of what he's about to do, and how damaging they could be, he closes the few inch gap between them two and kisses her lips. 
It takes her by surprise, to say the least, but it's also something she's wished he would do for the longest time. And she's glad he's the one to do it, because she never would have had the guts to take the first step. It's her first ever kiss, as well, and she smiles widely into it because she's so happy Peter has that honour of giving her her first ever kiss. She wouldn't want anyone else in his place, she really wouldn't. 
“I love you, Peter,” she confesses before he sneaks in another kiss, and cautiously looks at him, fearing that she might have crossed a line perhaps. But it's clear by the wide smile on the boy's face, and that special glint in his eyes, that she hasn't.
“Thank God you do,” he tells her as his thumb caresses the skin of her arm, “cause I love you, too.” Peter kisses her again, his other hand reaching for her waist. It surprises her, but she lets him put his hand there. Because it feels nice. And because it's Peter. 
“I don't know anything about kissing, though,” she admits and searches his eyes for any sign of understanding. And there's so much of it. Peter nods and lays a kiss on her cheek that makes them warm up with a brightly pink shade. She looks shyly at him now. 
“That's okay,” he assures, “we can practice.” Peter links his other hand to her waist, now holding her between his legs, close to him as she's ever been. Y/N giggles, resting her forehead against Peter's shoulder, his words having made her even more shy and flustered than she was. Her heart flutters in her chest, and Peter smiles at her response. Her frame feels so right under his hold.
“Are you hurt anywhere else?” She gently asks then, pulling back and trying to examine his body for any more wounds without taking his clothes off. Peter shakes his head, but Y/N knows he's full of shit. How he winced slightly when he leaned against the wall just minutes ago told her a lot. 
“No, no, I'm fine now,” he argues, “you cured me, Y/N.” He gives her a sheepish smile. Y/N looks at him with disbelief. “Can I just kiss you again?” Peter pleads with his pretty eyes, and they really do a number on Y/N. But she shakes her head, though gets teasingly close to his lips again as she does so.
“Only if you tell me the truth, Pete,” she tells him, “I wanted to help you, so I will. Now, take off your shirt.” She pulls his hands off herself and crosses her arms over her chest.
“Oh--we're going past third base already, then?”
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blissfulparker · a month ago
Ma'am this hasn't left my mind since he said it but there is is some random interview from last year and tom says that when he was younger he used to open his Christmas presents on his partners bed with his brothers
But like imagine tom doing that with his own kids in the 🥺🥺🥺🥺
And shall this be the first holiday blurb😌
There was a weight on your chest. Not from your child, not from your sweet pup that laid at the end of the bed, no, From your husband.
A faint patter of feet went back and forth between the hall leading up to your door. Christmas got earlier every single year as the kids bolted in and jumped on the bed. Throwing wrapping paper all over the place and losing their toys in the sheets.
“If we lay very still, they will go away.” Tom mumbled against your chest as he took a deep breath. His eyes red and sleepy from the rough year he had. He had three weeks for Christmas and then he was off again for a new project.
“That is awful Tom, it’s Christmas.” You tease and poke his side making him groan.
“We spoil those kids, they can wait two more minutes for mummy and daddy to wake up.” He pressed a soft, lazy kiss to your collarbone as he moved off of you and stretched out his arms.
His arms find their way to wrap around you as he presses kisses all over your face. Scrunching your nose and trying to hide the smile, you playfully push him off as he finally says,
“Merry Christmas, darling.” He presses one last peck to your cheek before rolling over to get his glasses.
“Merry Christmas tom.” You reach for his hand to press a kiss over the ringed finger. He smiles, tempted to crawl on top of you and make his kids wait but instead he knows they will be pounding at the door once an ounce of sun shines through the windows.
“I’ll make the coffee, you grab the presents?” He offers and you nod as you roll yourself out of bed.
Tom swings open the bedroom door to find three kids waiting with large grins on their faces. All who looked almost identical to tom when it came to facial features, although your eldest son had your hair.
“Santa came last night! I saw him!” Only four, your daughter giggled as her dad picked her up and carried her to the living room.
“You did? I missed him this year, maybe next year huh?” He kissed her cheek and so the morning began.
Each kid brought their presents to their parents room and both you and Tom handed them one to open. Wrapping paper and new toys littered the room.
“We did pretty good this year huh?” He leans over on you and you hum as you watch your son try and figure out the remote control car, praying he doesn’t crash it into the vase in the corner of the room. The vase that already had to be replaced because Tom broke it last year with testing out ‘web kit’ he got your daughter.
“With presents or with kids? These kids better not ask for anything until at least March.” You tease as there were far too many toys.
“Kids. I meant kids.” He kissed your shoulder. “There’s still space for another stocking on the fireplace…” he grows as soft smirk and his hand teases at your side.
“I would like another dog. Or maybe a cat.” You joke and he rolls his eyes.
“You know what I mean.” He lets his hand rub over yours. He loves the kids, in a way, you gave him the best gift ever as you have never seen him happier than he is with the kids. Two girls and a boy.
Although while tom was getting ready to stop Harper, your youngest, from snapping off her new dolls head trying to change its clothes. You had the best present sitting in your bedside table, wrapped lazily in a plastic bag and Spider-Man wrapping paper. Next year you two would need a bigger bed to add a fourth member.
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Of Monsters and Men Regulus Black x fem!reader (fluff!)
Summary: I missed writing for him and didn’t know which troupe to choose so I’m doing ALL of them. I present to you - best friends to enemies to lovers with jealousy, insecurities and confessions during a heated argument.
[ tw: swearing, suggestive language, I tried ✨sexual tension✨ again. ] | masterlist
Tumblr media
The Gryffindor common room was alive with laughs like always, and Remus, James, Lily, Regulus and you were sitting near your usual spot near the fireplace. 
It was unusual for a Slytherin to be there, but unusual doesn't ever mean impossible.
“Y/N?” Sirius called, walking to them with a confused expression. He was holding your phone in his hands, which you remembered giving to him earlier that day so he could watch videos on how to ride a motorbike.
“Why’s your- uh, screen-” he handed the phone to you, which you took cautiously, because you were sure Regulus was suddenly looking calm. Way too calm, like a Slytherin after they got away with a perfect crime.
“Did he change the lockscreen again?” you asked, your voice tired. “What is it now?”
“A shirtless picture of a random man,” Sirius to the room. 
The culprit couldn’t keep it in. He burst out laughing, and got up from the couch meekly as you locked eyes with him.
“I’m going to kill you!” you yelled, then started chasing the younger Black brother around the room.
“Everyone else sees it too, right?” Marlene asked with a sigh, but she wasn't the only person who was getting tired of it.
"You mean how Y/N and my idiotic brother are both obliviously in love?" Sirius asked, rolling his eyes. 
Regulus's laughs almost scared the marauders. Whenever they saw him, he was usually grim. Last year, he made a friend, or specifically Y/N. 
You definitely made his days brighter and before they knew it, Regulus was sitting at the Gryffindor table for lunch, running around with you outside of classes, making jokes — it kind of made Sirius feel guilty in a way.
What if all his little brother needed was a friend? Couldn't he have tried to be nicer to him before? These questions plagued him, but at least it was better late than never. They still had lots of times to mend their relationship. He hoped so anyway. 
When Regulus ran past him with you on his tail, Sirius raised his hand into the air, making him halt. 
"Y/N," Sirius said, his tone bored. "Can you save the running for outside our dormitory? Where McGonagall wouldn’t see him? My brother isn't exactly allowed here, is he?"
"She can't help it mate," James smirked. "I was chasing Lily all through fourth year too. Not literally of course."
"No," Regulus laid across the free couch, his words dry, as if he have said it a thousand times before. "Y/N and I are just friends. You don't get it. That sounds like a you problem."
"Exactly," you agreed, sitting down beside him, cozying up by throwing an arm around his chest. 
James's mouth fell open. So did Sirius's. 
"It's like you can't see what you're doing," Marlene muttered under her breath, but Lily came to your defense, something you were grateful about.
"It's not our place to say that," she said, giving you an understanding smile. "If they say there's nothing going on, then there's nothing going on! It's not like last year when she—"
You closed your eyes, preparing yourself for what was about to come. In retrospect, Lily almost saying it was bad enough. Interrupting it with a Christmas song when it's not even December was just more suspicious. You quickly got up from the couch, thinking of more distractions.
"Last year she what?" Regulus asked curiously. 
"Last year when she secretly dated Remus," Lily finished, not knowing why you had interrupted her.
Remus looked away from the awkward scene in front of him, suddenly interested in the way wind was blowing past the leaves outside the window. You, on the other hand, was shrinking under Regulus's eyes.
If he was angry, hurt or annoyed, he usually hid it very well. It was one of the things he has learnt to do in life — to hide behind a wall of neutral calmness. He never shows emotions for too long.
Which is why you felt even more guilty, because there was a slideshow of expressions running past his face, far too fast, each deep, and all of them so clearly exposed to the world. 
Disbelief, surprise, anger, then betrayal. 
"It's getting late," Regulus said simply, then walked off.
"What just happened?" Remus asked, feeling bad himself, even though he didn't do anything wrong.
"I- uhm, I'll talk to you guys later," you said, throwing an apologetic smile towards your ex, then followed Regulus out of the dormitory.
He was certainly good at being quiet, which made you squint your eyes to see which way he had gone. You finally saw him walking left, towards the secret passage outside of Hogwarts. Groaning, you continued your pursuit.
The evening air was thick with typical Hogwarts fog and a fair few clouds. Even though it was dark, stars were only starting to peek from the curtained skies.
"Regulus, come on, wait!" you yelled, but he was ignoring you completely. Fastening your pace, you grabbed his hand, which finally made him stop.
He looked lost.
"Okay, what's going on?" you asked, not letting him go. "Don't tell me you hate Remus."
"You lied." His words were a tangled mess of emotions. 
"I don't know what you're—"
"Don't give me that. You lied. You remember it."
You didn't have anything to say to that. You just stared, wondering why you were even surprised that he remembered.
"You do remember it, don't you?" Regulus asked, taking a step forwards in anger. "That day I got a letter from my mother? You didn't care about the content but you made sure I was distracted the entire day. Astronomy tower, library, assignments? You stayed with me through all of it."
You looked away from him, rubbing your elbow up and down.
"I asked you whether there was something going on between Lupin and you," he continued, getting more frustrated by your silence. "Because I was so sure there was something familiar in the way he looked at you. You said no."
Hearing your sigh, he glared. “You lied to me, Y/N. You lied — can you fucking say something?”
“I don’t know what to say!” you yelled back, getting tired. “Yes, I was dating Remus then, but like Lily said, it was a secret so I kept it a goddamn secret!”
“Since when did you trust Lily more than me?”
“That’s not fair,” you shook your head wildly, taking a step back. “You don’t get to decide who I should confide in.”
He seemed even more confused by that. “Well sorry for thinking I was your best friend.”
“You are!”
“Then why did you lie?”
“Because I was confused, okay? I was fucking confused,” you screamed, making him catch off guard. “I liked Remus, I did. I don’t regret dating him either. But you never helped, Reg, you only made everything complicated.”
“What are you talking about? I didn’t even know you were dating him—”
“Maybe because I was in love with you!” You interrupted sharply. “I am in love with you, dummy!”
Regulus didn’t look surprised. In fact, he looked more tired. “Do you think that’s funny?”
“I’m not lying!”
He sighed and started walking back to the castle, trying to leave you alone. Only you followed him again, this time determined.
“Regulus, I’m not lying. I love you okay, I do? I fucking do, can you please look at me?”
“Then I guess you do have a type,” he said, his words cold.
“What's that supposed to mean?”
He stopped walking to turn to you. 
“You like the guys who are broken, utterly doomed and dangerous. I was nothing but a pity case for you. You didn’t see a friend in me, you saw someone you could fix to feel better about yourself. Of monsters and men, you choose the former.”
You blinked, wondering how he came to that conclusion. Then you remembered how he knew that Lupin was a werewolf. Anger surged through your veins.
“Remus is not a monster,” you snapped.
He smiled sadly. “Interesting how you thought to defend him first.”
That night, he couldn’t sleep. To be honest, he couldn’t sleep most of the nights, but he thought he was getting better. Not just his resting pattern, but he wanted to be better as a person. Yelling at someone for loving him was not what better looked like.
He sat up on the bed, rubbing his eyes. He had instinctively looked away to the left, because what lay straight ahead was a mirror. He hated it from the start of Hogwarts. He never wanted to see himself unless he had to.
His reflection only reminded him that he can’t change who he truly is.
Did he believe you loved him? Short answer, no. 
The only people he had in his life was his parents, who were supposed to love him but never did. And of course, his brother, but he didn’t hesitate to leave him, even if it was for a few months.
When everyone around him was leaving, was it really a surprising fact that he’s unsure whether anyone would ever stay?
He looked at the mirror. Guilt stared back, raw and unhelpful. Regulus decided the least he could do was apologize.
He trusted you. If he actually had a chance to hold you close, kiss your neck, whisper sweet nothings into your ears – if he had a chance to call you his, even if it was for a day – he’d take it. Fuck the consequences.
He’d watch his heart burn if it meant you were the one lighting the match.
The next day, he ran down the stairs a bit faster than he usually did, almost making him fall down.
“Where are you off to in such a hurry?” Sirius asked teasingly. “Is it the walk of shame I’m witnessing?”
“I just woke up dumbass,” he retorted. “Do you know where Y/N is?”
“You could ask a bit nicer—”
“Fine, she’s in her room.”
Regulus ran, knowing he had no plan or words, but he couldn’t just not do anything either.
Sneaking into the girls’ room was easy, he had done it before when he was planning pranks with you. Sneaking into your room without your permission was a bit creepy, but he had to move quick if he didn’t want to be seen.
With a gulp, he unlocked the door and closed it behind him. Fortunately, Lily and Marlene, two of the girls you share your room with, was nowhere to seen.
Unfortunately, neither were you.
He cursed under his breath and prepared to search for you somewhere else, but he noticed your phone near the bed. Suddenly, he had a corny plan.
What if he put a lockscreen which said “sorry” or something? Of course he’ll verbally tell you too, but a little surprise like that might make you smile. Or roll your eyes. Either way, he wanted to try it.
But when he took phone, he froze. The shirtless picture had obviously been removed last night. 
The homescreen now showed a picture of you and him, laughing at something in front of you. He remembered the shot being taken by Marlene weeks ago.
He smiled.
He put the phone back where it was, and was about to leave when the door to the bathroom opened.
“Holy fuck!” you jumped, tightening the towel around you. Regulus made a startled noise too, then like the gentlemen he was, covered his eyes with his hands.
“What are you doing?” he yelled.
“Me? What are you doing?” you asked, baffled.
“I was- here to see you!”
“You’re seeing a lot of me right now,” you joked, though your eyes remained guarded.
“My eyes are closed,” he said defensively, then turned around as if that'd convince you more.
You grabbed a shirt from Lily’s bed, then pulled it over you. It was a bit loose, but way better than having just a towel.
“Okay, now what do you want?” you asked, remembering last night’s events.
Regulus turned, then stared like he did the first time. He thought you looked absolutely stunning, but didn’t say it out loud for the sake of not getting punched.
“I, er, wanted to say I’m sorry,” he stammered the words out.
“I — don’t know, I thought you’ll kick me out by now.”
“You literally humiliated me,” you said, your voice rising. “Why should I forgive you after one apology?”
“Because maybe this was what I was warning you from the beginning,” he replied, though not unkindly. “I told you that I'm not a good friend. I never had practice. I can’t mess up anything with you, I love you too much for that.”
“As your best friend?” you asked, a bit warily.
“As someone who’s scared to be anything more,” he whispered, wishing he could disappear. His next words were wary too. “But I can try. If I mess that up too, I won’t have any more excuses.”
You hesitated. A part of you knew he’d never hurt you intentionally, but like he said, it was scary. How do you start dating someone you’re already so in love with? Wouldn’t that be harder?
Or maybe easier, you thought, giving in.
“Good thing you didn’t come ten minutes ago,” you said, trying a smile. “I was sleeping and it was hot last night so I was wearing less than this.” 
Regulus forgot to breath for a second – maybe it was the playfulness in your words, but your voice now alerted his senses to observe everything else about you.
The wet hair clinging onto you, the way Lily’s shirt looked so wrong but right, with just enough skin to tempt him. You were biting down your lips as you had done a thousand times before, a clear sign of nervousness, but all Regulus could see was the movement, so fluid and timid. He wondered, just for a second, how it would feel like to be one the biting down your lips. How you’d taste like. How you’d respond.
“You know,” you began again, when he didn’t say anything. “One day we fought and even after you apologized, I woke up with blue hair. Are you sure you’re not gonna do that to me again?”
“Believe me, there are a lot of things I want to do to you right now.”
You blinked. He quickly started stammering, mentally facepalming for not thinking his words through.
“That’s not what I meant—”
“Show me.”
His eyes widened. “What?”
You sat down on the bed, with a smile so daring that it was an invitation. Regulus was still standing, towering over you, with calmness spread across his face. He bent down a bit, then raised your head upwards, meeting the tip of his nails on your jawline.
“Are you sure?” he asked, his other hand already wandering around your neck.
“Yes.” You allowed yourself to fall back on the bed.
Regulus climbed over, his eyes now ablaze with amusement and desire. He could feel the beats of your heart, now pulsating ten fold. He brushed his lips against your neck, making you tighten your hold on the bedsheets.
“You know there are people out in the hall?”
“We’ll be quiet,” you promised. 
He met your eyes, as if you just said a joke.
“Wanna bet on that?” he asked softly, almost like it was a dare.
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marauders era taglist:  @magicalxdaydream​ @amber_nicole06 @rosaliedepp​ @sexysirius​ @wiselightfriendpalace​ @regulusblackswhorecrux​ @prongsphobic​ @greengarsstuff​ @crowdthena​ @wrathspoet​ @imabee-oralizard​ @comfort-reads​ @fictionalcomforts​ @onyourgoddamnleft​
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sohcah-toa · 2 months ago
Hey there!
First off, I really like your writing!
I was wondering if you could do a scenario where Xiao is like, really really jealous and as soon as they get home he slams his s/o (gn) on the wall or the entrance door itself and makes love to them like really roughly, claiming them.
Feel free to decline!
And I know you are a lot busy with the new series so I don't mind if it takes a while if you decide to do it! (≡^∇^≡)
Thank you!
of course! thank u so much! ♡ this was already finished a while ago but i decided to publish it a bit late so it could match with the christmas spirit at least a little bit!! ☺ hope u dont mind!
NSFW | 18+ | xiao x gn!reader | modern au
Tumblr media
Jealous Xiao | toa
Tumblr media
— ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚
"It's so cold, we better go quick!" You hold Xiao's hands tightly, leading the way. It was Christmas night, you both went to the biggest Christmas tree in the city.
Xiao stopped you "You really wanted their hot chocolate though" he pointed to the store, a sign that he doesn't want to go home yet.
You sighed, cold misty air came out of your mouth "Are you sure?"
He nodded, this time he was the one pulling you with a smile "Anything for you"
You followed his lead, your heart beating on your face. Xiao never fails to make you feel special even though you've been together for years. Xiao is usually quiet but when he's around you he's not afraid to talk about what he thinks.
You smile as you walk together, thinking how lucky you are to be with this man.
"I'll go order it for us" Xiao said, making you sit down "I know what you want so don't worry" he gave you a soft smile before heading to the cashier.
You stare at him while he fidgets, waiting for his turn to order. He was so cute so you giggle to yourself. Just then a man sat down in front of you.
"Hello, I would like to ask you something" he said, he had dark blue purple-ish hair, he kept staring at the group of people from the other side of the store, they were laughing.
"What is it?" You asked, looking over at Xiao but he was already ordering so he doesn't see you. You felt scared.
The man in front of you sighed "Can I have your number?" just then you felt a hand on your shoulder. It was Xiao, he sat down beside you.
"I'm Xiao" he said, glaring daggers at the man "The boyfriend" Xiao placed his arm above your shoulder.
"And I'm Scaramouche" the man smirked "The one who wants their number" the laughs of the people on the other side of the store went louder, they were staring at you.
"S-Sir, I'm kindly asking you to leave" You muttered, looking over at Xiao who you know was getting pissed off.
You held his hand from underneath the table. This was the first time someone came up to you and asked your number. You looked at the group of people the man was looking at earlier, they were still laughing.
"I don't care. I want your number" the man said nonchalantly, refusing to go. Xiao's grip on your hand from underneath tightened. He stood up, pulling your hand then simply walked away from there. Not even bothering to go get your orders.
"Xiao" You called up to him "Our cocoa?"
"Doesn't matter" he said coldly, not looking back at you as he keeps walking, pulling your hand tightly "Let's just go home"
You were both quiet on the walk home. Xiao was muttering something to himself but you can't hear it because he's walking faster than you plus you felt super cold so you couldn't focus at all.
You were at your doorstep when he suddenly pinned you on your door roughly, "I didn't like what happened earlier" he whispered, leaning closer. His breath felt warm on your face.
You were surprised by his actions but also turned on. Over the years you've been with him, he's never been this jealous. Probably because you both don't go out much, and nobody has ever done that to you.
"I-I didn't too" You averted your gaze, feeling anxious "I'm sorry"
"No, you shouldn't be" He whispered, holding your chin so you could look back to him "I just want the gentle look you gave him earlier to be just mine"
He leaned closer, your faces were centimeters away from each other. All the coldness you felt: gone. He kissed you softly, at first. It only took seconds for him to go rougher, pulling your waist closer to his. You moaned from under your breath.
He kissed you deeply, if there wasn't a door there you'd be moving back at a fast pace. He used his hand to pull you closer to him so he can deepen the kiss even further "I-I never felt this way"
You smiled gently at him "Don't worry, I won't go anywhere without you" this time you kissed him instead, catching him off guard. His hands started to carress your chest, making you moan a little "X-Xiao— it's cold"
He immediately opened the door. Exactly when the door closed from behind you, he started taking of your clothes: your coat and everything.
You ruffle his hair slightly while he knelt down to remove your underwear. Before removing it, he removed his coat and scarf.
A string of slick stretched as he pulls your underwear down "You're already so wet"
"T-That's because—!!" You didn't even get a chance to finish, he rubbed on your genitalia causing you to moan. He looked up at you, feeling pleased with himself. His hands stil lfelt a little cold which added to the pleasure. You squirm a little.
He stood up, still rubbing on it as he pulls himself closer to you so you could feel his erect cock. You start rubbing on his cock from outside of his pants. He grunted a little.
"Fuck, I can't take this anymore" He took all of his clothes off, you've never seen him this fast. He grabbed both your legs to carry you and then pinned you on the door behind "You're all mine" you feel his breath on your neck while he kisses it.
You let your legs hug his waist, his erect dick rubbing on your crotch. You grinded on him as he hungrily kisses on your neck and then to your chest. Your hand was on his shoulders for support. The door makes a slight sound everytime you both move.
He aggressively inserted his dick in you, not even bothering to go slowly. He immediately thrusted at a fast pace.
"X-Xiao— you're going too fast" You moaned, you didn't exactly dislike it, but it was far fron what you were used to.
"S-Sorry" he grunted but he didn't stop, instead he went even faster, your chest rubbing on his. You knew he still annoyed from earlier so you just let him. Your back arched from all the pleasure and you can't help but moan loudly. He was filling you up.
He let you down and then flipped you over, your butt rubbed on his cock which turned him on even more. He bent your back, your hands on the door to support you from falling. He immediately slams himself inside you causing you to scream. He's being so rough today.
He spanked your ass "Fuck" he muttered "Say you're mine"
You moaned while feeling your ass smack on his hips "I-I'm all yo—urs" he was pounding you hard. Your mouth watering from all the pleasure he's giving you. You feel his tip on your womb. He's just hitting all the right spots today "Shit, Xiao I'm cumming!!"
He flipped you again so you could face him, he inserted his dick as soon as you faced him then he kissed you. He sucked on your tongue, nothing like before. He sucked on your mouth while lifting your other leg up so he could go deeper.
His balls hitting your leg with every pound he does "Cum with me" he licked your neck. He went slower but his thrusts became deeper, if his balls could go inside you, he would do it but he didn't want to hurt you.
You screamed loudly "X-Xiao! I—I'm!" you shivered, your cum flowing on his still erect thick cock then to your own legs. He didn't stop thrusting. You felt so weak that you almost fell. Without him holding your other leg up, you would've fallen already.
"I'm going to cum inside you" He whispered, licking your neck "Shit" you were both moaning. Despite cumming, you still felt good, like you couldn't have enough of him.
He grunted, looking at his own dick going in and out of your hole, his head bent upwards "You feel so good" he clenched his teeth and his grip on your leg tighten, with a final thrust he let himself cum inside you. He pulled his dick out and both of your liquids dripped on the floor.
You hugged him to ease his mind "I told you, I'm all yours, alright?" you feel his dick on your stomach, it was still erect even though he just came, you knelt down and rubbed on it. You licked it slowly. His tip secreted cum so you swallow a little bit.
"O-Of course" he grunted, grabbing a handful of your hair. He still moved at a rough pace, he doesn't know why but he still feels super horny even after cumming so he let you suck him off.
His grunts became rougher, you feel the tip of his dick in your throat. You gagged, the sounds of your mouth as his dick goes in and out of it turned him on so he went faster. Your mouth felt so warm on his thick cock. Your saliva spreading and flowing everywhere. Your hand held his thighs, sometimes hoping he would stop but he wouldn't.
The coldness you felt earlier from the outside was nowhere to be felt now. You feel blazing hot, you were both sweating.
He held your head in place, you feel something hot and thick in your mouth. You swallowed it, you slowly back away and coughed a little.
"I-I'm sorry" he whispered as he helped you stand up. Your eyes were red and watery. He was so rough and aggressive today.
You both helped each other get dressed, he also handed you a cup so you could drink some water. You see him putting his coat on and his scarf. He also handed you yours.
"We're going back to get our cocoa" he smiled at you "I also ordered Almond Tofu and I really wanted it now so let's go"
Your eyes spakrled. It was nice to see him back to his usual self. He held out his hands and you took it. You both went back, holding each other's hands.
"What a loser" Signora laughed at Scaramouche "Couldn't even get their number"
Childe snickered "Yeah, that's why you're labeled as the little bitch"
"Guys guys" Dottore stopped them "It's tiny bitch" then they all laughed again, loudly
Scaramouche stormed off while screaming "Fuck you guys! I'm leaving!!"
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𝙘𝙝𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙢𝙖𝙨 𝙘𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙞𝙚𝙨
Tumblr media
Pairing: remus lupin x fem!reader
Requested: no
Word Count: 890
Warnings: mentions off food, pure fluff
Summary: baking christmas cookies with remus :)
blissember prompt: traditions
prompt list: “You’re going to make me burn the cookies.” “Step away from the cookies.”
[reblogs and comments are appreciated]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
traditions. the making of christmas cookies has always been an annual tradition for y/n. only now, she decided to share that tradition with her boyfriend, remus. the pair had only been dating for a little over five months, but the deep love and care they shared was something so much more powerful.
it was now the holiday season and with it being that time of year, brought a flurrying amount of stress upon the two. minds being filled with questions such as; “will they like this gift”, “is this too much/little”, etc. but today was different. today, the small flat they were renting out for the holidays, felt nothing short of relaxing. the ambiance is cool and calm, not a worry in sight. the time for y/n to bake her famous annual christmas cookies for all of her loved ones, with christmas being right around the corner, was imminent.
the sound of shuffling and the light flow of christmas music that was currently playing from the record player y/n had set up earlier, were the only sounds that could be heard at the time.
remus could be found in the sitting room, on the couch with a book in his hand. the book making him feel as though he was being transported to the setting of the book. his eyes reading each word that was in the book, the sounds of pans clacking together, forcing remus’ eyes off the intriguing book.
making his way towards the kitchen, he could hear her faintly hugging to the current song that was flowing out of the record player. she was in front of the counter, making the cookie dough to her famous holiday traditions. walking behind her, he wrapped his arms around her, burying his face into the crick of her neck, taking in her scent.
a small smile graced her lips at the presence of her boyfriend. The lycanthrope grasp comforting her - “what are you making?” his voice came out low and raspy.
“christmas cookies” she stated, “it’s a tradition of mine that I’ve been doing for a couple of years now, i always end up giving them to my friends and family”. his heart warmed at the explanation, he’s never met someone such a heart of gold before he met her.
“can i help?” he inquired. she paused for a second, it’s always just been her making them. his help would make the process a bit faster and it would be a nice activity for the couple to do. “yes, of course, you can, rem.” she answered. she felt him smile into her neck, making one fall upon her face as well.
the couple got to work, mixing the ingredients — which turned into a big mess as remus thought it would be funny to wipe flour and icing on my face.
finishing the final steps of the cookies, they placed them in the oven. they lay on the couch, limbs tangled together. the pair basking in the presence of each other, y/n listening to the calming sound of remus’ heart, christmas music lightly playing in the background — remus humming along slightly to the melodies.
the calming silence was interrupted by the ding of the oven. slowly, y/n attempted to release herself from remus’ grasp. the lycanthropes grasp didn’t let go, in fact, he secured his arms around her even tighter, as not to ruin the moment they had just been enduring in each other's presence.
“You’re going to make me burn the cookies.” she teased, remus laughing a bit before finally letting her go. y/n made her way towards the kitchen, putting on an oven mitt and grabbing the cookies out of the oven, leaving them on the counter to cook for a bit.
the rest of the night was filled with happiness and laughter as the pair decorated the cookies. y/n occasionally having to scold remus for putting something mildly inappropriate on the cookies that were meant to be given to james and sirius. the sandy-haired boy trying to get back at the two marauders for their latest prank that they pulled on him.
y/n noticed remus looking at the few cookies that were left on the tray, waiting to be decorated. not thinking much of it, she turned her attention back to the cookies that were currently being decorated in her hands. she could see a hand reach other to the cookie tray in her peripheral vision, knowing what the boy was doing immediately.
“Step away from the cookies.” she teasingly scolded. “you are not supposed to eat these, i’ll make you some just for you, i promise.” she giggled trying to pry the boys hand off of the cookie he was currently grasping.
“pinky promise?” he laughed lightly before sticking up his pinky. “yes i pinky promise, now get away from the cookies,” she said, wrapping her pinky in his own, sealing the promise.
she knew from that point on, she wouldn’t be continuing this tradition alone, and she was not complaining one bit.
🏷 taglist:
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Tumblr media
summary: Being in love is like watching a ballet performance: letting yourself be swept away by the magic of its art. But what happens when the love of your life is dancing in someone else’s arms?
pairing: older!h x ballerina!y/n
warnings: cheating, mentions of anxiety, anxious and intrusive thoughts, being in your head to escape from reality. kinda forbidden love and a lot of romantic, cliché falling in love stuff <3
word count: 7.6k
a/n (1): hello and welcome to coppélia!! i hope you like the chapter and this story i have so much love for. i can’t wait to know what you think!!
series masterpost | read on wattpad
Tumblr media
Paris, May 12th, 5:17 pm. A couple years ago.
“So, why little ballerina?” Y/N asked, taking off her scarf and adjusting herself under his arm that was hanging over behind her. Their legs were intertwined and one of his hands was patting her thigh, feeling under his palm the goosebumps the simple touch was causing on her skin. It was one of the couple’s “days off” during the Paris trip so they decided to spend the day walking around the city. Now, they were sitting at the grass field in Parc Monceau before heading to the Louvre.
“It’s an interesting story, actually.” Harry stuffed some of her hair behind her ear. “Uh, okay. When I was still a mini Harry I thought I was such an unlucky person. I mean, sad, but I had reasons to. Nothing seemed to work out fo’me! Then one day m’mom gave me this golden music box that had a little ballerina dancing to the low melody. She told me ‘carry this little ballerina with you and she’ll make you the happiest, luckiest person in the world’, at first I didn’t believe it but everything seemed to work out perfectly since I started carrying her with me, so I kept it. Now listen, ‘s the best part. Since I met you, I’ve never seen it again. I looked for it everywhere, but it seemed gone no matter how much effort I put into finding it. And I came to realize later… Having you makes me the happiest, luckiest person in the world. You, Y/N, are my little ballerina.”
Tumblr media
New York, Christmas Eve, 9:17 pm. Present Day.
“London? Like London, England? Oh darling this is so great! I still have some of those Twinings you brought from there when you came home!” The woman said giggling through the phone.
And they probably taste very good two years after, Y/N thought, adjusting the phone with her shoulder to hold it back up against her cheek, once both of her hands were too busy making buttercream for the only thing she could cook in twenty minutes: her not very classy strawberry cake. It wasn’t very Christmas but it was what she could do after a whole day stuck in the theater practicing the dance they would perform in London. Looking through the large kitchen windows, she watched the snow cover the buildings, the cars and the tiny people’s heads
If that was me drowning myself in snow right now… Do they live a normal life, maybe? Or do they also make insane hasty decisions that will affec-
“Y/N? Are you still there, honey?”
“Uh, yeah mom, I’m here. And yeah, thank you! To be honest, I’m a little bit afraid to go back there, you know? I haven’t talked to Evelyn since I got back home, don’t even know if she remembers me. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, I just got busy with a lot of stuff. Oh and, I’m going on Saturday.”
“SATURDAY?!” A loud noise was heard through the phone, the woman now talking in the back of the call. “I’m sorry, dear, I’m sorry. Yeah I’m talking to her, she’s going on saturday. Pretty early, right? Do you wanna? Oh, okay”
“Hi dear, I’m here. I’m sorry, almost drowned your dad with my coffee. He’s wishing a merry Christmas, gonna call you later. But hey, I bet she still remember and misses you! And Even will be there with you, right?”
Evan. Will he be there? Will he support your decision? Why didn’t you tell him earlier?
“Of course. I mean, yeah, of course he will. Uh, can I call you later? I need to finish baking the cake and he’s probably almost home. Merry Christmas, to you and dad. I love you”
“Oh, yeah. Okay, Merry Christmas for you both. And call me again before going to London, okay? I love you, honey.”
Finally, Y/N thought. A lot of things had been worrying her mind lately, intrusive thoughts roaming around making her even more stressed. Why does a decision I’m making for myself need to affect so many people? And why do I feel so uncomfortable about doing it just because of it?
At least he’s coming home and everything will get better. He’s coming home to me. He’s coming home to tell me I’m doing the best thing and we’ll be alright.
In anxious moments like that, the only thing able to bring peace to her mind was when she allowed her thoughts to wander in the memories of him. If there was one single day she hadn't thought about him she couldn’t tell. But he wasn’t here anymore. He wasn’t the one anymore. She left him behind with all the memories and the other flavors of Twinings she forgot to bring for her mom.
I still love him.
A knock on the door brought her back to reality. Y/N left the buttercream bowl on the marble counter and cleaned some of the flour that fell on her sage green t-shirt, opening the door to encounter a smiley look on her boyfriend’s face, who held a big package of food.
Y/N and Evan met a few months after she got back to New York, during auditions for a performance on Broadway. Later, he started dancing in the same ballet company of hers and they turned to be very close friends. Things were going friendly and with a blink of an eye Evan fell in love with her: the prettiest, most talented and kindest girl he has ever met. On the other hand, Y/N liked him too and thought it’d be okay to give a chance: he was cool, super kind and respectful and also very pretty. She felt like she had fallen in love with him before; the green-eyed tall boy with brown curls hanging on his forehead. And she did, actually.
But it wasn’t him.
“Hey baby, merry christmas! Here, gimme a kiss. Are you still cooking? I stopped by that vegan place and bought some pizza for us, so no need to work anymore. I know it’s not proper christmas food but you like it so I thought It’d be a good idea, hm?” The boy said, putting the pizza box on the counter and pulling Y/N into his arms, giving her some affection. “How was your day? They missed you at the studio.”
Escaping from his hold, the girl gave him a soft simile. “Merry Christmas to you too, babe. Uh, it was good, actually. I spent the whole day in the theater practicing Coppélia again with the new dancers and then headed back home one or two hours ago. Thank you for the pizza, I really appreciate it.”
“Let’s eat then, we can taste your cake later” The joke made an awkward smile pop up in Y/N’s face.
Tumblr media
After dinner, Evan lost himself in the Netflix catalog waiting for Y/N on the couch, he ended up choosing her favorite movie with the intention of making her the most comfortable for when the moment he had planned happened. When Y/N came back to the living room, Patrick Verona was trying to convince Kat Stratford to go out with him and how he could “bet she had thought about him naked”
“Evan?” she said, leaning her head up to catch his attention. “I’m still here, babe. Shot.” Y/N took some seconds to chew on the idea of how she’d tell him about London and how he’d process it. Maybe I’m just overthinking, she thought.
“Do you remember when we talked about that big new theater that opened in London last week? The company decided it’d be a good idea to make a new investment and now they’re sending some people to work there. You know, to perform the acts we’ve been practicing and some other stuff. It’s a very great thing for us, once the theater owners also own a very big company in the economic field or whatever, so everyone that’s like “special” will attend the performance, if you know what I mean.” Ok. Good girl. Keep going.
“Yeah, I remember that. That’s very good, actually. Hope they send the best people. Do you think the Queen will attend, too?” He said in an ironic way, kind of trying to alleviate to himself the fact that okay, he was good, but he probably wasn’t included in “the best people” since no one besides Y/N has spoken to him about it. “But why are we talking about it now? Do you know something I don’t, little spy?”
She dodged from his hold, adjusting herself to sit up straight and get the confidence to tell him. “Well, I do. I was going to tell you earlier but you were so busy with the studio and I didn’t want to bother you, I thought it’d be okay if I told you later.” A confused look popped up on Evan’s features, leaving Y/N’s imagination more anxious than before.
“Okay. The thing is, I talked to Gillian some days ago and she said I’d be kinda vital for them there. I think it’s ‘cause I’ve graduated in London and know how they work, dance and deal with everything. It’d be only a few months and you could come with me! That’s what I hoped for, actually. It’ll also be a huge step in my career, if we consider all the pros..” The elephant showed up in the room when the boy stood silent. Still trying to recollect herself, Y/N’s mind was a big mess of what if’s.
“Well. I think it’s great, honestly. And you should go, as you said it’ll be a huge move for you.“ Some weight left the girl’s chest, but it still wasn’t enough with the bothered look still stuck on his face.
“So why do you seem disappointed?” she asked in a lower tone.
“Uh? No no, baby, hey. I’d never be disappointed with you, never. I just need to get used to the idea. I’m sorry, I’d do anything to go to London with you, but the studio has been a mix of chaos and ruins since Jonah left and I need to take care of it before it all burns down, I really can’t. But I’m so proud of you and I really think you should go. And.. I may be only a little disappointed ‘cause it kinda gets between what I planned on doing tonight.”
Y/N got static. So he has news too? Lost in her head again, she didn’t even notice Evan getting up from the couch, going to their bedroom and coming back with a small, velvety red box on his hands. When the realization came to her, he was standing in front of her on one knee.
“Evan what are you- what is happening?”
“Well, that’s the thing I planned on doing tonight. I know now we have London in the middle of everything now but I think we can make it through.” With that said, he carefully opened the small box, the sparkly ring showing itself and mesmerizing the girl in front of him.
The ring, Y/N thought.
The one ring chosen for her and her only. With exquisite shiny pieces of white gold adorning the tiny silver halo that enveloped her finger and the elegant piece of emerald that graced even more it’s features. A ring made for her,
With all the love I have. Xx.
The card was tied to the box by a small satin ribbon. London’s cold wind dignified Y/N features, blowing the hair she decided to let down for such a special night. Strong arms wrapped around her middle to pull her closer, a warm chest surrounding her back. They were on the balcony of this huge mansion where some important company people were having a fancy ball to celebrate a new investment. Or something like this. She didn’t bother to pay attention to anything that wasn’t him.
“Why do I have the feeling I already know what it is?” She looked at him through the corner of her eye.
“‘Cause y’do, sweetheart.” The thick british accent sounding like a melody to her ears “It’s a present I chose just f’you. You chose it, to be honest. Don’t you think I didn’t notice how shiny your eyes were looking at it and don’t even think about not wanting it. It’s a piece of m’heart you can carry with yourself wherever you go. You already have m’whole heart, but this is… A little a reminder.'' The way he struggled to put it into words made Y/N chuckle with a full heart, changing her position and finding a passionate look on her man’s face. “Open, open! Can’t wait t’see what y’think, love.” Small kisses were spread all over her face, encouraging her to accept the present.
Shaking a little bit, Y/N’s delicate fingers held open the small box in front of both. Inside, was the prettiest ring she had ever seen, the special one she was admiring in the window of one of the Cartier stores when they were walking around in Paris. Her chest got warm and she could feel her heartbeats running with the gesture, knowing the meaning behind it would be engraved on her heart forever.
“H, oh my god! You didn’t have to, really. How am I supposed to give you a present now? I can’t even afford more than a Fleetwood Mac T-shirt someone made at home and sold on Etsy.”
“Wow, very specific. Smart, actually ‘cause I love Fleetwood Mac. Dunno what’s Etsy, tho. But hey, Y/N, look at me.” Harry captured her attention by holding her face with both hands, cold rings sending shivers on her cheeks. “As I said, baby. None of it, ’kay? You don’t need t’buy me presents or do anything else to “pay me” for anything. This is me showing how much I love you and how special you are f’me, just like when I love on you when we’re all alone and even more simple things, like when I tell you how perfect I think y’are. This is all true pet, directly from the bottom of m’heart. Now, gimme your finger.” He lifted her left hand and took the ring, driving it through her knuckles. “Look at you, angel. So, so precious. Do you like it?”
Y/N threw herself on him in a tight hug, wrapping her arms around his neck. Returning the embrace, Harry could smell the sweet green apple scent of her hair, “My girl”, he mumbled to himself, being more than aware that the girl in his arms had him wrapped around her finger.
“I love it, H. So much. It’s beautiful. The green of the stone reminds me of your eyes, never gonna take it off. Thank you, I love you.” She held their lips together quickly before looking at his eyes again, mentally comparing the beauty of it with the emerald. “I love you too, m’little ballerina. G’na explode m’heart someday. And ‘bout you never taking it off, I think we’ll need t’find another finger for it once I ask you t’marry me.” He was joking, of course.
Was he?
“Wow, are you already thinking about it?” Y/N also had a playful tone, giving him a surprised look when the two walked back to the main room, tangled up together. “Do you really think I wouldn’t be planning the rest of my life with you since the day I met you? Silly little thing.”
And just like that, the couple went back to the ball sharing laughs and affection, two hearts in one home full of love and a whole life to spend together.
“I asked your mom to help me buy a ring for you and she insisted that I had to propose with this one. She said you brought it with you when you came from England and that she didn’t know anything else in the world that could be more meaningful for you. So, what do you think?”
Evan’s tense voice took Y/N off of her fantasy, back to her apartment in New York, where he was holding one of her hands waiting for an answer.
Frozen and silent, Y/N was only capable of thinking about how yes, this was such a special moment. Probably the most special moment of her life.
But it wasn’t him.
London, January 3rd, 2:24pm. Present day.
Harry was having the worst headache he has ever had in his life. Not only did he have to solve what seemed like one million office’s problems, but he also had to show up to this ballet presentation in the new theater they bought to “increase the support to classical culture alongside new investors”. Bullshit, he thought. The only real reason they did such a move was because the high society attended the theater’s shows, which made true only the “new investors” part.
Oh and It was also his fiancé's birthday the next day.
Sinking into the comfy chair in his office, he looked through the large windows that provided a great view of the big London, the Christmas ornaments still entertaining the tiny people walking around Oxford Street.
How can this city be so big and full of people yet so empty? And why the hell did Tom send me so much paper? Couldn’t he stuff all that shit in the archive?
The best part of today is her. The one I’m coming home to show all my love and affection and tell her how much I missed her. The only one able to make any stress disappear simply with her presence. My balleri-
The beep-boop noise of the text distracted him from wandering away again.
Emma: Hello sir, wanna get lunch? It’s almost three and u still haven't eaten. And don’t lie to me, I know you.
Harry: Fine, I’ll take a break. Wanna go to that new cafe by the end of the street? I left the car keys on the kitchen counter.
Emma: I saw it, babe. I’m actually already in front of the building so if u don’t mind coming down… This officer is giving me weird looks, I think he discovered my F1 pilot disguise.
The last text was read when Harry was already at the elevator, dressing himself with his suit coat to face the cold of the city. As she said, Emma was waiting for him with their baby blue vintage Jaguar parked in front of the company’s building.
They met in one of Harry’s company's big parties in prol of the new project they were working on that would help society in some way. She was one of the journalists responsible for interviewing the company members, and by the time the girl saw the green irises staring at her, she knew it was meant for her to fall in love with him. As someone who was craving for some type of emotion again, Harry also got interested in the smart, talented girl right in front of him. He asked for her number the same night and after ten months of relationship he caught himself saying yes when the girl suggested “Why don’t we get married?.”
Why? There’s a lot of good enough why’s to explain how the only unquestionable answer was no. The best one was because he was probably losing his mind, but for him there was that one why. That one why walking around New York and dancing to crowds full of people enchanted by her talent.
Emma is here. But she isn’t her.
“Hey. C’mere.” Emma held Harry’s chin with her thumb, making him turn his face to give her lips a quick peck. “Are y’alright?”
“Hm? yeah, jus’ tired.”
“Oh.. okay. To the cafe, right? I saw on instagram they have those very french croissants full of chocolate, can’t wait to taste them!” Without saying a word, he nodded his head and turned to the window, closing his eyes to the sweet memories he and his girl once shared.
Tumblr media
The cafe was full of people, causing the couple to sit and wait for a bit. After ordering the so wanted chocolate croissants, Emma watched as Harry asked for a bottle of water and, noticing he was more self-isolated than usual, she started the conversation. “So, what do you have on your sleeve for me tomorrow?.” The redheaded girl took his hand and rubbed her thumb on its back, a way to ‘wake him up’. “I have tickets for this ballet performance at the office’s new theater, if you’re interested. Of course I bought you a better gift but I think they’re dancing Coppélia, isn’t it your favorite?”
Buy something for Emma. He added to his mental checklist.
“Coppélia, really? Of course I want to, I love it! It’s about a guy who falls in love with this girl he sees everyday on a balcony reading a book, even though he is already engaged to another woman. The girl ends up being a doll, so the love was nothing more than a figment of his imagination. It looks like a tragedy but it’s actually full of comedy, once you know the whole story. I think you’ll like it, too.” Harry gave her a shy smile, sipping on his water.
“We can grab dinner before and I’ll wear that pretty red dress I bought on Christmas, tell me if you want me to buy something for you to wear.” She said happily, too busy with a mouth full of croissants to pay attention to the fact that her fiancé wasn’t even there anymore, her words sweeping him away to another “moment”.
“And I can wear that pretty black dress I bought when we were in Paris.” Y/N fantasized, curling her fingers on his. Both were laying down on Harry’s bed in his warm apartment, foggy windows by the lovers’ wheezing protecting them from the outside’s cold breeze.
Minutes before, they were tangled up in the most intimate way, no space to hide feelings, hands all over each other and, for the record, sweat and release all over the place. Now, Harry had brought Y/N up to his chest, caressing the curve of her hip with the tip of his fingers. Her face was buried close to his neck, being able to feel his heartbeats with her hand that was on his chest due the proximity of their bodies.
“Don’t do it. If y’do, I’ll never let you wear anything else anymore. Have you ever seen yourself on it? A godsent angel, baby.” He said in a serious tone, letting his mind wander at the image of his love wearing the most beautiful piece of clothing he had ever seen; a long, velvety black dress that had the sleeve down her shoulders. Delicate seams drew a corset that made her breasts look even more beautiful. From the waist down, the fabric was loose and a slit showed the length of her right leg.
The love of my life, he thought.
“H? Earth calling Harry.” Y/N caught his attention back snapping her fingers in front of his face, making the man look down at her. “See? That’s what happens when you mention wearing that dress. Now c’mon, babygirl. Gonna clean y’up and drown on that warm bathtub with ya.”
London, January 4th, 7:41pm. Present day.
“Did y’get the tickets? We need to rush, the performance starts at eight, I think.”
“It does, and yeah, I have the tickets. You’re stunning, darling.” Harry offered his hand for Emma, who was wearing the said pretty red dress and going down her house’s front stairs, where she told him to go get her.
He was wearing a floral suit with the first buttons of his shirt opened, showing his haired chest where a cross chain was hanging. The withe-based tones of the fabric of his suit and the baby pink and green flowers printed on it highlighted the color of his eyes. Besides the good look he was presenting, Harry was as tired as the dancers that were performing there after a long week of practicing. If it wasn’t for Emma’s birthday and the office’s bla-bla-bla, he’d be happily deep in his sleep right above his bed right now.
Upon arriving at the theater, they got stuck greeting almost every investor present and talking about how the night performance would be important to increase the company’s project. After a lot of small talk and hand shaking, he grabbed Emma’s hand and guided her to their seats, both waiting for the show to start.
“Do you think the English Ballet is dancing here tonight?”
“I don’t know babe, honestly. I think half of the dancers are from the English Ballet but we made a deal with an american ballet company so some american dancers are probably here too.” He said looking around, not recognizing anyone besides the people he met earlier and some he’d seen in the netflix catalog. The theater was full of people, as he thought. Even some high society members could be recognized, actors and actresses and other companies owners here and there.
“Oh babe, look! Is that Phoebe Waller-Bridge?” Emma pointed excitedly, but it was too late before all the lights went down and the spotlight was directed to the stage. Harry, on the other hand, wasn’t paying enough attention to anything. He just wanted to head home and call the day off.
The moment the curtains opened, there was one single dancer on the stage, her costume was a bright red corset with a full white tulle that ended in the middle of her thighs. The girl was holding a book (representing the doll) and when the other dancers popped up to complete the scene, the show came to life. From where he was sitting, which was very far away from the stage, Harry could swear he somehow knew the girl representing Coppélia. She was a very good dancer, it was clear she knew what she was doing and that she did it with love. He couldn’t see her face at all, but he had only seen one person dancing in such a beautiful way in his life.
A fast flashback ran through his mind as he reminded himself he didn’t think hard enough about what he told Emma some minutes before.
“We made a deal with an american ballet company so some american dancers are probably here too.”
Restless on his seat, Harry was now completely awake and looking around for Tom, one of his work colleagues and also a CEO of the company. For his sake, the man was sitting right behind him. “Hey, Tom. Where’s the american ballet company dancing here tonight from?”
“Uh, America?” the man whispered back, confused.
“No shit, sherlock. I wanna know exactly which state they’re from. California?”
“Oh, okay. I’m almost sure they’re from New York. And New York City, I mean. They asked the show to be rescheduled for today, which is three weeks later than agreed ‘cause their best dancer had a performance on Broadway at Christmas or something like that. She’s playing the lead role tonight”
The best ballet dancer from New York City.
Harry turned around swiftly, attracting Emma’s gaze. “Eh, babe? Tom and I need to talk to this one important investor and he got some empty seats for us on the front row. Do you mind watching the rest of the show with his wife, Liz? I promise I’ll be back before it ends.” He said to his fiancé, giving her hand a little rub and no time to respond before carrying Tom with him, leaving the girls to be left holding the bag.
“Who’s so important y’made me leave Liz there? Is Princess Diana back t’life?” Tom asked with a frustrated tone, following Harry down the theater’s stairs.
“Do y’remember that ballerina I met some years ago?”
“And how could I forget? That girl had a tight hold on you, man. Wait, is she here tonight? Like, Dancing?”
“Yeah! Yeah, I think so. Look, right there in the middle. I can’t believe she’s here, good Lord. C’mon, hurry! We need to get closer”
Breathe, Harry.
Following Harry’s arm that was pointing to the dancer playing Coppélia, Tom let out a sarcastic laugh. “Oh, of course! The girl the married man fell in love with.” The whole sentence sounded rude, but Harry was too busy looking for an empty seat to care. When both got comfortable in their positions, he couldn’t give a shit about the things Tom was still complaining about. He couldn’t give a shit about anything else in the world. The only thing that mattered was the love of his life, right in front of him.
Harry was completely stunned by the girl’s moves. He was sure not only him, but no one who intended the theater that night had ever seen someone dancing so gracefully. The makeup that covered her features only highlighted the beauty of her face. The clothes were perfectly adorning her body, like they were made for her and her only. If he could, he’d save this moment forever: watching his angel dance in a loop like a tiny ballerina in a music box he’d carry with him in his heart.
Too lost in her sight, Harry didn’t notice the show had ended until the crowd’s applause invaded his ears and the heavy curtain was closed, leaving his girl nowhere to be seen. Everything was happening at a fast speed for him, the crowd’s clapping sounds resumed to a high-pitched noise inside his ear. He felt a firm hand tapping on his back and turned around to be caught up by a soft, yet somehow impatient look on his girlfriend’s face. “Tom said there’s an after party to honor the dancers. Do y’wanna go?” Emma asked, leaning closer so it’d be easier to be heard. Tom and Liz were already by the theater’s exit waiting for them.
To honor the dancers.
She’s gonna be there.
“Fine. Let’s grab your coat.”
Tumblr media
Arriving at the party, Y/N felt the knot on her belly getting sharper. The worst part is gone, she thought. Besides all the “calming down” exercises she did before the performance and her colleagues' support, she still carried with her the disobedient anxious thoughts that of course made an appearance that night. Since the moment she arrived at the airport, her routine has been a rush: her agenda full of nothing but leaving the hotel early in the morning, running to the studio and staying there to practice the dance for the rest of the day. During the breaks, she only had time to eat and briefly call her mom. Repeat.
Evan called her a few minutes before the performance, wishing good luck and “sending lots of love”, in his own words. She felt a tone of annoyance in his voice, but convinced herself he was happy for her, even down there knowing that he was the type of person to not show what he really felt.
The moment she said yes to his proposal felt like a heavy weight being left on her shoulders, which was the opposite of the expected, once she thought it’d ease the situation in some type of way. For him? Maybe. But most for her, who knew would have to content herself with the idea of not saying yes to him.
The good luck wishes soothed her a little, tho.
But UGH. It still wasn’t him. Shit.
Now, waiting for the rest of the crew in front of the huge mansion they would be celebrating, a sense of calmness reached her: she’d finally had some time of relaxation to compensate for the last two weeks. She was just staying there, feeling the wind chill her body, low sounds of the guests' strong english accent being heard in the background. Closing her eyes slowly, she let herself be present in the moment. Or almost.
He’d cover my shoulders with his coat against the cold and lead me into the hall, whispering sweet nothings in my ears and telling me how special tonight is. How lovely his ballerina performed.
Bringing her back to reality, she felt a fingertip tapping on her shoulder, opening her eyes to see Gabriel, a french dancer who represented Franz that night (and who she discovered later was such a good person to be around). “I’m sorry Y/N, didn’t mean to scare you. Is that everyone is already inside and they’re gonna start the party now, so Gillian asked me to come get you.” He said friendly, a small smile on his face. Y/N nodded her head quickly and followed him into the house entrance; huge wooden doors that lead to a also very big, vintage living room, very rich british people somewhere in the 1800’s style. “Wait here, Gillian wants to introduce you. Me and the crew are downstairs, come join us after”
Y/N found a sit at a small chair behind one of those “big ass flower jars” as she called it, using the time to look around the crowd. Unfortunately, there was not a single face she could recognize besides the crew’s and Gillian’s, who was coming up towards her. One more time, the buzz of people talking and the music went silent. Lost in her head, Y/N let that loneliness she’s been trying to avoid since the airplane parked take over her.
And that was when she spotted the green eyes staring back at her.
The only pair of eyes she’d look for in a crowd full of people.
Harry. Her Harry.
At first, Y/N had no words in her mouth to speak nor thoughts in her mind to think. The girl was pale, as if she had seen a ghost. The only thing her mind could partially process was how and why? again? here? tonight?
Unlike she imagined, Harry was completely different. His hair was shorter and he looked younger, as if time had passed backwards. By his side, was a beautiful red-headed girl, wearing a stunning red dress and holding on his forearm, talking to the man by Harry’s side. Staring back at her with a grin on his face, he looked full of devotion.
At that moment, there was no after party to be attended. No Emma nor Evan. No stress or anxiety making their minds a sea of intrusive thoughts where they would drown to the deep end.
Only the two, lost in the presence of the other.
Both kept eye contact until the attention was taken by Gillian, who welcomed Y/N. “And there she is, our beautiful Coppélia! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Miss Y/N, the most talented dancer you’ll see performing in a long, long time!”
A round of applause was dedicated for her as the girl walked down the stairs nervously, with a shy expression showering her delicate features. A slight makeup covered her face, very different from the one she used on stage. Her hair was down with large babyliss curls hanging from her head. Around her body was wrapped the prettiest black velvety dress someone could ever wear. Before anyone had the opportunity to hold her for a conversation, Y/N found a way to escape away to the hall of the big house, ending in an empty room by the end of it. She made herself comfortable in a small armchair that faced the outside porch, letting the tears fill her eyes. She felt that strange sensation of deja vu, like she’d been there before. Now, alone, she was giving space to the intrusive thoughts to run free through her mind.
Of course I came to this big ass city and from all the people I could meet again he is him. Really, universe? Evelyn? That guy who showed me where the ballet studio at uni?
Why is he here tonight? And who’s her? Are they together? And if he’s in love with her?
Am I so used to not having him anymore I thought he was just one of my mind’s creations and we’d never see eachother again?
And why am I so nervous if that’s exactly what I wanted for years?
Until the sound of the door opening cut the thin air in the room.
No word needed to be spoken. Only the presence of him sent the usual shivers down her spine, the knot in her belly harder than ever to support. Still, she felt the most safe she felt in a while. A kind of feeling only he could cause.
“She’s beautiful.” After a minute or so of silence, Y/N wiped one single tear that slipped down her cheek with her back still facing him.
“So is the ring on your finger.”
For how many times the memory of how his voice sounded was alone the only thing capable of calming me down during the hardest nights? The way he used speak in a low, raspy tone. Very slowly. For how many times have I dreamed about the times when he sang for me to sleep or whispered sweet nothings in my ear?
When Y/N turned around, Harry came face to face with his girl with red tired eyes, full of tears. Only the thought that he’d be the reason for it broke his heart in a million pieces.
“I missed you”
“You could’ve called”
“You could’ve stayed”
“You could be the one to put that ring on my finger”
With a lot of hurt in her voice, Y/N broke eye contact heading to the balcony, aware that he’d follow every step of hers. When the cold breeze hit her bare arms, every emotion on her body was also frozen. Feeling Harry’s presence behind her, she didn’t protest when his fingertips slightly rubbed her arms up and down, bringing her back to the moment. With his face close to her neck, he was able to feel the still sweet green apple scent of her hair, exactly how he remembered and adored so much.
“I did. And the worst decision I’ve ever made was not marrying you right there. Was letting y‘go. When reality hits us again and forces us to see that we no longer belong together, my whole world will come crashing down. But not now. Now, one more time alone in a cold empty balcony there’s only me and you. Not just here, but in the whole world.” Her arms were now held by his palms, her skin tingling under his touch and the hairs on the back of her neck raised by the feeling of his hot breath against her.
“We can’t”
“Shhh. I’m yours, Y/N.”
Harry’s arms wrapped around her middle, leading her bare back to the warmth of his chest. Through the thin material of his shirt, Y/N could feel the speed of his heartbeats, feeling like it would explode right behind her.
“I’ve always been and I’ll always be yours.”
She screwed her eyes shut and rested her head on his shoulder, letting his words guide her to their most intimate, vulnerable moment, not too long ago, not too different from how close to each other they were feeling now.
“Can I be honest?” Harry asked looking down, tracing the tips of his fingers up and down her arms. He was on his feet in front of Y/N, who was kneeling on the large bed. If they paid a little more attention, the couple would hear the sounds of the heartbeats inside their chests.
Y/N nodded her head slowly, keeping eye contact.
“I’ve never been so nervous in my whole life.”
“But.. You’ve done it before, right?”
“I did, but never with you. And you’re the only thing that matters t’me since the day I met you.”
“I’m being honest. Y’made a home f’yourself in m’heart and I’m more than happy to let you live here rent free forever. Y’can paint the walls, change the furniture, do whatever y’want. I’m yours, Y/N. I’ll always be.”
“Since the day you arrived, ‘til the day you left. No matter where or with whom I’ve been there wasn’t one single day I didn’t think about you, Y/N. About feeling your presence around me. About listening to your melodic voice showing the world how smart you are. About seeing you performing, oh God, how much I missed it. When you’re on stage, in your essence, doing what only you have the talent to do.”
Y/N turned around inside his hold, touching their foreheads to put an end to any space that separated them. Her hands were holding his face, his hands were embracing her waist, glued tight to each other.
“About that gaze in your pretty eyes when y’look at me. Can you open your eyes f’me? I miss you. Yeah, just like that, baby. Look at you, my pretty, wonderful angel. Can I feel you? Just one more time?”
Y/N carefully initiated a kiss, giving him only a peck, yet a too long one. A brief pause was made when they disconnected, Harry looked deep inside her eyes while holding for his life to the last piece of sanity he still had.
“Fuck it.”
Or yeah, fuck it.
Connecting their lips again, he made sure this time was intense, heated and full of passion. One of his hands was now holding the base of Y/N’s neck, putting pressure on the area to bring her closer, the other one trying to reach every single inch of her upper body, stopping at the small area above her ribcage, right under the curve of her breast. Using the weight of his body to keep her pinned against the little wall, Harry eased his tongue inside her mouth, caressing her own in slow, tempting circles, every move leaving his girl a whimpering mess under his touch.
“I missed you, H.” Y/N whispered taking a break from his mouth to catch her breath, rosy swollen lips still connected to his by a single string of saliva, the firm grip on her middle making her whole body shiver. She felt Harry’s body glued on hers, touching everywhere. “Missed you so much more, pet.” He said breathless, burying his face on her neck and trailing the line from her jawline to her collarbones with mouth-opened kisses. “Tastes to good, feels so good. Nothing will take me away from yo-“
A loud knock on the door ruined the two’s moment, leaving both static in fear. Still together, they waited for a sign of whoever disturbed.
“Harry? Are you there, babe?”
He screwed his eyes shut at the sound of Emma’s voice, his hands shifting downwards to hold Y/N’s that had fallen from his chest.
“Go.” the word could barely be heard, falling from the girl’s mouth as a very low whisper. Y/N’s face was directed to their feet so he couldn’t see the pool of tears drooling her eyes.
“I don’-“
“Harry, Go.” she moved her head, now looking directly up at the door. One single tear ran down her cheek when she met his gaze, both knew the situation could end up that way. He leaned down and gave her forehead a kiss, closing his eyes and whispering;
“I’ll come back to you, I promise. I love you, my little ballerina.”
Without opening her eyes, Y/N felt the coldness left by the absence of his body, the wind now touching her bare arms one more time.
I know.
When she heard the door closing and the steps down the hall, the girl gave up fighting with the tears, sinking down to the hard floor.
So he has, in fact, someone else. My Harry isn’t mine anymore. Of course he has, stupid dumb bitch.
And I need to get used to it. I need to get used to the fact that I also don’t belong to him anymore.
So why wasn't I strong enough to stop him? Why didn't I want him to stop?
That one time we came here together and left together. This time I came alone and here I am, alone.
After a long, cruel round of sobs, Y/N calmed down when she saw the moonlight gracing the stone of the ring on her finger.
“It’s a piece of m’heart you can carry with yourself wherever you go.”
Tumblr media
Y/N couldn't remember clearly how the night ended, the moment she walked back into the room and all the boring conversations she had with some guests now just a flashback in the back of her head.
The trip to the hotel went unnoticed while she slept in the passenger seat of Gillian's car. Avoiding her co-worker's questions with a simple "I miss New York," she struggled to stay awake until the two parted in the elevators. Not only tired, she was also sad and her social battery dead, craving a quick hot shower and a long night's sleep.
When she got to her floor, Y/N took some time looking for her keys as she walked towards her room, getting startled when she almost stepped on a small gift box left in front of the door. Weird, she thought. Besides the box, there was no letter or any indication of who left it there or if that was really for her, “after a day like this it better be a gift for me”, she murmured while opening the package. Discarding the lid, she felt her heart break into a thousand pieces and stick together again in a matter of seconds.
A small golden music box.
Tumblr media
a/n (2): if you’re still here, thank you so much for reading. this one is more like a introducing things chapter so i still have the great stuff for u!! like and reblog are very appreciated!! and if you feel comfortable to, please let me know your favorite parts. it makes me so happy knowing you found a small part that you think is special for some reason!!
next part: la sylphide (part two)
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anotherthatswhatshesaid · 28 days ago
Spoiled Rotten
Summary: Reader is self conscious and feeling out of place with how into the holidays their girlfriends are, only to realize that is the last thing they should be doing.
Authors note: This is a jumbled mess I know, but I wanted to give cute WandaNat/R content for christmas 🎄
Not my gif
Tumblr media
“What does that one say?” Wanda handed Natasha one of the boxes you had attempted to wrap last night.
“I think it says it’s for you?” Natasha held the gift out for Wanda.
“Okay, that one’s actually for you Natty” You said quickly interrupting the two. Your cheeks bright red from embarrassment. The 3 of you opted to spend Christmas alone with each other which made you realize you were ill prepared. Yes, you had gotten them plenty of gifts in advance, but you had never really learned how to wrap presents before... and you had awful handwriting.
A stark contrast to Natasha’s cute handwriting and Wanda’s creative use of wrapping paper to make odd or misleading shapes. It made you feel like a let down for how messy your gifts for them ended up.
While wrapping the presents seemed like it was off to a good start it didn’t take long before you had bandaids covering up paper cuts and sharpie on your left hand from where it smudged on accident.
‘Maybe it won’t be too bad’ you thought. ‘I’m probably not the only one that’s bad at christmasy stuff’ you assured yourself. You were dead wrong. The moment Natasha and Wanda had time to, they decorated their gigantic room to the brim with knick knacks and ornaments. Now you knew that Wanda had a sizable snow globe collection.
Natasha set time aside for you to both pick out stockings for this year as well as find the right tree. Once she picked one out, you had the job of loading it onto the car and tying it down (which Natasha ended up directing you how to do anyways). When you got it home Wanda had finished with the rest of the decorations and you couldn’t help but feel a bit out of place. You were always used to being helpful or having the answers, but when it came to holidays it just seemed to be everything you were bad at.
You wouldn’t dare tell your girlfriends that though. Not when they were enjoying the time so much. At first glance no one would’ve thought that they were into holidays as much as they were. Come to think of it- you never remembered seeing them this amped up for Christmas before. Probably just because they kept it to themselves in the past.
“Thank you baby! You know how much I love to get comfy” Natasha said as she set down the package she had just unwrapped. An extremely soft heated blanket. You smiled and lifted your arm over her shoulder when she snuggled into your side.
“Is this for me?” Wanda asked. You saw the wrapping paper and nodded immediately. Her eyes gleamed as she uncovered her gift. The box was a lot smaller than Nats, but the box itself felt heavier than she would’ve expected. A flowery aroma hit everyone’s nose as she opened the box. It contained some of her favorite candles, a few bath bombs, and some face masks that she had mentioned she wanted more of earlier that month.
“This is so sweet! Thank you darling” She plopped down on the other side of you and gave you a kiss, her smile staying planted on her face. You laced your fingers together and felt Nat start to sit up.
“Hold on, gotta take care of something really quick” She said as she left a small kiss on your forehead and walked out of the room. While you waited for her to come back Wanda convinced you to have a candy cane. Both of you had a habit of making the ends sharp and ended up having a small candy cane sword fight. That’s how you ended up on the floor, desperately trying to unstick the shattered pieces from the floor.
“Ewwwww I think it has Nat’s hair on it” Wanda grimaced as she pulled up the last piece.
“Where did Nat even go? It’s been like an hour” You commented and Wanda froze.
“Oh-uh... well... I don’t know?” She definitely knew.
“Wands- What’s going on?” You asked.
“Nothing. You sure that’s all the pieces?” yes you were a spy, but it didn’t take one to realize that Wanda was lying. And doing the absolute worst job at it. When the door to the room open and shut again you heard a sigh of relief from Wanda. Natasha set a large bag full of bright red tissue paper gently on the ground.
“One last present for you” She said. Her hand held out to help you up off of the ground. You went to pick it up, but you stopped when there was movement in the bag.
“Nat if that’s a bunch of spiders in a bag I’m going to scream and not in a happy fun way” You warned. Natasha smirked and you knew you wouldn’t get an answer out of her.
“Guess you’ll have to open it up and see if you’re right” She knew she was egging you on. Before you could move the tissue paper out of the way a small furry being jumped out of the bag.
“A PUPPY!?!” You said as you kneeled on the ground to pick it up.
“You’ve been talking about getting one for awhile and Wanda and I figured why not get one for you?” The small puppy started licking at your hand and sniffing around you.
“What’s his name?” You asked, looking up at Natasha.
“His name’s Goober, but his collar that I got him cut off the last bit and just says Goob” Wanda added with a laugh.
“Oh my god I love him!” You squealed and he chirped at the attention when you scratched behind his ear.
“I’m definitely going to have to step up my game next year” you joked.
“Baby, you don’t have to do a thing. We’re just glad you got us off our asses to actually try and celebrate christmas this year” Natasha said as she sat next to you to pet goob.
“Yeah, Natty only agreed to try after you told us that story about you and your uncle spending christmas together” Wanda said, joining you both on the floor.
“Wait what?” You asked.
“We’re only celebrating christmas because we want to spoil you” Natasha admitted.
“And we’ll celebrate it and spoil you every year from now on if you want us to” Wanda kissed your cheek. You nodded and leaned your head on Wanda’s shoulder while your right hand rested on Nats thigh.
“Thank you both for spoiling me rotten”
Teeny Tiny One Person Taglist
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itsapeterthing · 24 days ago
hii! so i love your writing and i was wondering if you could do a bucky x fem!reader where reader drags him to see rogers the musical? i’ve had this idea since the first episode of hawkeye and i can’t not imagine a grumpy bucky during the holidays 😭😭
Grump: The Musical || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x avenger!reader
a/n: thank you anon!! sorry this took a couple of days, i saw a broadway show on monday and i wanted to wait until afterwards to write this. hope you enjoy!
word count: 1.1k
warnings: none i think, grumpy fluff
masterlist || taglist
“Y’know,” Bucky said as the two of you turned the corner onto 44th street, freeing yourselves from the condensed crowd of tourists in Times Square. “Sometimes I miss the forties.”
Readjusting your scarf and pulling down your hat as the snow fell down around the both of you, you laughed.
“Yeah?” You asked. “Why’s that?”
“Because,” Bucky explained, reaching for your hand and interlocking your fingers. “Back then I could at least get around without someone shoving a stupid balloon or light up toy in my face in Times Square. And don’t get me started on that knockoff Captain America. If Steve saw that-”
“If Steve saw that he’d laugh and you know it.” You argued before pulling two tickets from your pocket as you came up on the desired theater Rogers: The Musical was playing at. “This on the other hand... this might piss Steve off.”
You had not stopped hearing about this godforsaken musical all day.
When you purchased the tickets, it wasn’t because you were particularly interested in seeing the show, or that you supported the idea of others capitalizing on your boyfriend, you and all of your friends’ experiences, but because you figured... simply... that it would be funny.
If they were going to do it anyway, why not go and have a good laugh?
You certainly earned it after the year you had.
You knew Bucky wouldn’t exactly be thrilled- especially not after he cursed out the show when an article announcing it’s release came out months ago- and when he opened the envelope on Christmas morning, he had exactly the reaction you were expecting:
A crystal clear picture of disgust drawn on his face with the two tickets dangling from his thumb and forefinger as if he were repulsed by even the thought of it in his hand.
Although he had managed to not talk about it, or rather, push it from his mind for his own sake for the past few days, when Bucky woke up this morning, you knew you were in for it as soon as he kissed you good morning and immediately begged you to change your mind about the show and let him burn the tickets in the fireplace.
And you, of course, said no, leading the both of you to where you were now, standing in line outside the theater, waiting to enter the show of a lifetime.
“Might?” Bucky chuckled sarcastically. “Steve wouldn’t even step foot in this line.”
“So why are you standing in this line?” You asked before turning to the usher and handing him your tickets.
“Because,” Bucky said. “As much as I hate this, I love you more.”
Although he rolled his eyes at the confession, you knew he meant it sincerely.
Taking back your tickets from the usher, you found Bucky’s hand once more as you stepped into the theater.
“I love you too, James.”
You always knew how to make him melt. As much as he hated everything about going to see this show- and it certainly was not a secret- you calling him by his first name always made it impossible for him to say no to you, and this time was no different.
As the two of you found your seats and the lights dimmed as the show began, Bucky found comfort in the feeling of your hand in his despite his earlier protests.
However, the peace did not last for long.
“Is that supposed to be me?” Bucky whispered to you as he pointed to the obvious caricature of himself on stage.
“How many Sergeant Barneses do you know, babe?” You whispered back.
Ignoring your attitude, Buck continued.
“I look nothing like that guy.”
“I wouldn’t complain that much.” You said nonchalantly. “He’s pretty good-looking.”
Hiding the smile on your face in the dark theater, you laughed as you heard your boyfriend shuffle in his seat to face you.
“This is so stupid.” Buck groaned, gesturing towards the stage. “I mean Jesus, doll... Sam and I are singing together.”
“It’s a duet, Buck.” You corrected him. “Maybe if the two of you sang out your feelings you wouldn’t argue as much.”
“In the middle of a fight?” Buck argued. “Maybe we should sing and dance next time Thanos-”
Before he could finish his sentence, he was cut off.
“Sir,” An usher whispered, leaning over your boyfriend. “I’m going to have to ask you to quiet down.”
As Bucky opened his mouth to argue back, the usher stepped away, forcing your boyfriend to sit back in his seat and face the stage, grumbling obscenities to himself.
As the show came to a close and the final number began to play that highlighted what followed for all of the characters after Steve Rogers disappeared, you grimaced as you watched your character faint and fall into Bucky’s character’s arms, singing about how such a “strong man” made her “weak in the knees”.
“What the hell is this?” You whispered. “I knocked you out the first time we met! I would never, ever-”
“What happened to it being ‘fun’, doll?” Bucky asked, a part of him glad that some part of this show managed to get to you. “I thought you liked it?”
Then, Bucky shut his mouth as you both watched in horror as Bucky 2.0 sang about how he could “kiss his past behind” before he dipped your character way too close to the floor and shoved his lips against her’s.
“Okay,” You said, eyebrows still raised. “You were right, Buck.”
“It’s horrible, right?” He asked.
“Awful.” You replied.
“Wanna get out of here?”
Turning back to your boyfriend, still completely and utterly grossed out by the scene you had just witnessed, you nodded and took his hand in yours as the two of you discreetly slipped out of the theater.
When you opened the doors of the theater, the cold of the snowy night blasted both you and your boyfriend in the face, but it was a welcome friend compared to whatever the two of you had just witnessed inside.
“That was..” Bucky began.
“Terrible.” You finished. “I’m sorry I made you sit through that.”
Rather than going on a rant about hating the show and how he told you that it would be horrible, your boyfriend only shrugged.
“S’alright, doll.” Bucky replied, stretching out his clothed vibranium arm to wrap around your shoulders. “Wanna get out of here? Get something to eat?”
Glancing up at your boyfriend as snowflakes landed in his hair, you smiled.
“I’d like that.” You said. “Also, you’re way hotter than the guy who played you.”
As you leaned your head into Bucky’s chest, allowing him to guide you down the block, you smiled when he laughed at your comment.
“You think so?” He asked.
Running your hand up and down his back, you laughed.
“I know so.”
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Sexiest Man Alive
Tumblr media
Pairings: Chris x Wife! Reader
Summary: You find out about Chris being named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, and reassure him they made the right choice. (Crappy summary, sorry!)
Warnings: FLUFF!!!!!!!!
Word Count: 2100
A/N: I DO NOT GIVE ANYONE PERMISSION TO COPY OR REPRODUCE MY WORK IN ANY WAY ON ANY WEBSITE! Reblogs are great! I do not own Chris (obviously) I don’t KNOW Chris or his family. This is purely a work of my imagination. ENJOY! 
@waywardodysseys @denisemarieangelina @nickysurfer28 @fluffymisha97 @crazylittlereader2474 @hockeychick10​ @kelbabyblue @jennmurawski13 @patzammit @arabescapr​ @ronniemikaelson @thevelvetseries @learning-howto-be-myselfx3​ @itsmycorneroftheinternet @memoriesat30 
“Chris, I’m home!” you announce, coming through the door, hands full of shopping bags.
You’d just spent the day with your mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, getting a head start on Christmas shopping. For once you wouldn’t be doing last minute shopping.
Dodger came bounding up to you, his tail wagging, happy to see you.
“Hey Bubba!” you said, setting all of the bags down so you could greet him. “Were you a good boy with Daddy today?”
He continued to wag his tail and barked in response.
“Where is Daddy?” you asked him, hanging up your coat and slipping your feet out of your shoes. It was then you heard the piano from the other room. Knowing immediately where Chris was.
You walked quietly to the sitting room where the piano was, not wanting to interrupt Chris. He had his back to you, his fingers gliding gracefully over the keys. You could see he had his phone set up to the side, recording himself playing, so you waited until he was done and had stopped the video before saying anything.
“You’re determined to break the internet today, Babe.” you informed him once he’d stopped playing. You walked over to where he was sitting at the piano.
“Hi, Sweetheart.” he remarked smiling, turning around on the bench so he was facing you. “What do you mean breaking the internet?”
“Everytime you post a video of you playing the piano, you practically break the internet.” you teased. “And you already posted that adorable picture of Dodger earlier this morning.”
“I can’t help it, I have a full camera roll of adorable Dodger content.” He defended himself, “We could post a family picture tonight and really go for broke.”
“We’ll see.” you hedged. Despite having been married for a year, you were still adjusting to life in the limelight. “I made a lot of progress on Christmas shopping today with your mom and sisters. I have to go get that stuff put away so it’s not in the entryway.”
“Did you have fun?” he asked. He loved the tight bond you’d already formed with his family. His family has always been extremely important to him and not many of his past girlfriends had ever even made an attempt to be close to them.
“I always have fun when I get to spend time with them. I love that I finally have sisters, instead of only brothers, and your mom is probably one of my favorite people on this planet!” You assured him, “And it never hurts that I always get new dirt on my husband whenever I spend time with them.”
“I don’t even want to know.” Chris sighed playfully, shaking his head, “But if it was Carly telling the story it was probably grossly exaggerated.”
“I got some great stories from your mom, actually.” you said, leaning down to drop a kiss on his pillowy soft lips. “I’m going to put stuff away and start dinner.”
“I can help with dinner.” he offered, getting up and following you to the kitchen.
“Chris, baby, I love you and there are many many things you’re amazing at,” you remarked as you turned around and faced him. You wrap your arms around his neck. “But cooking doesn’t happen to be one of them. Your pesto eggs are amazing, but we cannot live on eggs alone.”
“Ok, you’re probably not wrong.” He laughed, “But I’m not helpless either… I can chop vegetables or whatever you need me to do. I missed you today and want to spend time with my beautiful wife.”
“I missed you too.” you declared, pulling him down to capture his lips in a loving kiss. “Tell you what, you can start chopping the onion and garlic while I run the bags up to the guest room so they’re out of the way, then you can keep me company while I whip us up some dinner.”
“Deal!” he exclaimed before stealing another kiss then releasing you so he could grab an onion and the cutting board.
You picked up all of the bags and ran them upstairs to one of the guest rooms. Before you headed back downstairs, you popped into the master bedroom to quickly change into leggings and an oversized sweatshirt that you’d stolen from Chris’ side of the closet. Finally comfortable, you headed back downstairs where Chris was just about finished chopping the onion and was about to start mincing some garlic.
“So what did you do today?” you asked, pulling out the other ingredients you would need.
“I took Dodger for a walk then we watched some football.” he replied, finishing the garlic. He set the knife in the sink and washed his hands to get the onion and garlic off. “Megan called me, she needs me to fly to LA this week…”
“Isn’t the award thing for Scarlett in two weeks?” you questioned, curious as to why he’d have to fly out earlier.
“Yeah, I have to go do a photoshoot.” he answered. “Any chance you’re available to fly to LA with me?”
“Baby, I have to teach,” you laughed, “I don’t think my principal will appreciate me flying off to LA twice in one month.”
“I just hate being out there without you.” he pouted, “It’ll only be a couple of days… are you sure you can’t come?”
“I’m positive.” you said. “Besides, if it’s just a couple of days you’ll be back here before you know it. What’s the photoshoot for?”
“An interview with People Magazine.” he replied vaguely. You assumed it had something to do with one of his projects he’d completed or ASP.
“I can’t wait to see the new photos of my sexy husband.” you teased.
Chris woke you up early the next morning to say goodbye as he had to catch his flight to LA. You hated when he had to be gone but at least it was only a couple of days this time. When he went back out in a few weeks, you’d be with him.
You kept busy during the day at work and had agreed to help Carly on stuff for the fall play she was directing to keep you busy that night.
The next day Chris was due back late in the evening so after work you decided to pick up dinner rather than cook. As you were pulling up your drive, your phone pinged with a new message, followed by several other notifications immediately afterwards. You quickly parked in the garage and carried your stuff into the house, putting everything on the kitchen island before pulling your phone out to check the messages.
You had been tagged in several posts on Twitter and Instagram and had new text messages from friends. Clicking on the Twitter notifications you saw you’d been tagged in several articles about Chris.
You tapped the first one and a headline popped up “Chris Evans rumored to be this year’s People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive!”
You looked through the rest of the links you’d been tagged in seeing the same titles. Knowing Chris had gone to LA for a photoshoot and interview with People, you were assuming it was true. You smiled, setting your phone down and going to grab a beer from the fridge. Once you had your drink and the dinner you’d picked up, you made your way to the living room to watch a movie while you ate.
A few minutes into the movie your phone starts to ring. You paused the film and picked up your phone to see it was Carly calling.
“Hey, Carly!” you greeted your sister in law. “What’s up?”
“Hey! Did you know why Chris had to go to LA?” she asked. You could hear the amusement in her voice.
“He said it was a photoshoot for an interview with People.” you confirmed. “The punk said nothing about Sexiest Man Alive titles being up for grabs.”
“I guess Megan finally convinced him to accept it.” she replied. “He’s been nominated before and they wanted him, but he’s always turned it down. I wonder how Megan was able to finally convince him.”
“I’ll have to ask him when he gets home. He’s due back tonight.” You informed her, “I agree with the fans though, it’s about damn time.”
“You know we’re going to give him so much shit over this, right?” she asked, laughing.
“I would expect nothing less from siblings,” you confirmed. “But it’s a well earned title.”
The two of you chatted a little longer, making plans for a family dinner that weekend before you hung up and resumed watching your movie. Once it was over you put your empty take out containers in the trash, and dropped the empty beer bottle into the recycle bin before taking Dodger outside once more for the night.
Chris had sent you a text from the airport a few hours ago, letting you know he was boarding the plane to come home. It was a 6 hour flight, so you knew it would be late by the time he made it in. You climbed into bed and turned on the TV to a random show for background noise as you got comfortable in the bed.
Several hours later, Chris gently slides  into bed, careful not to wake you up. He carefully adjusts so he’s spooning you, his arm wrapped around you, and buried his face in your hair before falling into a deep and content sleep.
You slowly woke up the next morning, still wrapped in Chris’ embrace. You smiled, happy that he was home. You carefully flip yourself around, trying not to wake him up. You laid there facing him, your hand gently tracing up over his torso. You still sometimes had to pinch yourself to assure yourself you weren’t just dreaming. You just felt very lucky to be married to this man.
“It’s not nice to stare,” Chris murmured; his voice groggy from sleep. “Morning, Sweetheart.”
“Good morning, Sexy.” you said, smiling innocently when his eyes suddenly popped open.
“Ugh...” he groaned seeing your smile, knowing you knew about the reason for the interview and photoshoot.
“Why didn’t you tell me it was for the Sexiest Man Alive issue?” you asked. “Carly said you’ve turned it down before, is it something you got pushed into?”
“I just never wanted the pressure that went with it…” he remarked. “I mean it’s a lot, and then if you’re not the sexiest the next year it’s a huge fall, and … yeah, Megan made me accept this year.”
“Baby, I don’t need a magazine to tell me what I already know.” you informed him, snuggling up closer to him. “And you’ll never fall from being the sexiest man alive in my eyes. You’re sexy physically, there’s no doubt about that. You’re also incredibly sexy because you’re intelligent, passionate about life, unbelievably caring...honestly, this list is never ending. You are the complete package, my love. And that isn’t something that can be taken away. You are my forever sexiest man alive.”
“I love you so fucking much.” he said, pulling you even closer and capturing your lips with his own in a slow but deep kiss. “I don’t know what I did to get so lucky to find you but I’m damned sure won’t ever let you go.”
“I love you too, Chris.” You smiled lovingly, “I’m pretty damn lucky myself to get to spend the rest of my life with you.”
You stayed wrapped in his arms for a while longer before you had to get up to get ready for work. While you were in the shower and getting ready, Chris made you coffee and a plate of pesto eggs so you wouldn’t have to rush off without breakfast.
Before leaving the house, you grabbed the coffee he’d made for you to go and picked up your work bag.
“Oh yeah!” you said, remembering the plans you’d made with Carly. “We have dinner with your family this weekend. Fair warning, your siblings are definitely not going easy on you with this title.”
“Sweetheart!” he groaned. “Why did you agree to dinner this weekend? We could have let this blow over first!”
“I think Scott is planning on flying home too!” you added cheerfully, grabbing your keys. “Love you!”
“I knew this was a bad idea”, you heard him mumble to himself as you closed the door behind you. Laughing, you got into your car and headed to work. You hoped the rest of the week went by quickly. You were really looking forward to this family dinner.
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heyhihellowhatsup0 · 12 days ago
Not Another Christmas Without You (Tom Holland x Reader) Holiday Series - Epilgoue
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
Warnings: It’s pretty soft so maybe just some angst? And smut, obvi. Enemies/Ex Friends to lovers??
Word Count: 1981
Summary: You left the small town life behind to embrace the city life you dreamt about. But when a friend’s wedding invite arrives, your prior life comes rushing back in the form of an old best friend whom you left on a very bitter note. Tom used to mean everything to you…but can you repair what tore you both apart? Or will it just be another blue Christmas?
A/N:  Omg I loved this series so so much! And I thank you guys so much for reading my BS lmao. I have another series in the works because I have no life so I hope you guys are interested in that soon!! I love you guys and thank you again...it’s all your feedback and kind words that make me want to write this series....(Special thanks to @osterfield-holland-andcompany for being a major help and giving me many many ideas for this series and @lauras-collection for the .gif, banner and all of the help she’s been giving. Please give them both a follow!) Please reblog/send feedback as always because I love hearing what ya’ll think! Thank you xx -N
“Here you go, Mrs. H,” Tom smiled while he delivered the elderly woman her order to her home. He had spent about six hours polishing the chairs he had made her, exactly as she requested; and he was exhausted. It was worth finally seeing her happy with the final product, “I’m glad you like them,” he added, bringing the final chair into her home.
She placed a crisp bill into his pocket with a quiet thank you, “And no rush on those cabinet shelves. I know business really picked up for you,” she nodded pleasantly. He was sure she was made aware of all the buzz that was happening after you opened up an online shop for Tom to sell some simple creations. He was grateful for the extra business, but he was feeling exhausted the past few weeks. Not to mention, he felt like he had barely spoken to you at all recently.
“Actually, I’m thinking of taking a little vacation for a few weeks,” Tom said to her as she walked him towards the door, “I don’t even remember the last time I did,” he breathed out a small laugh.
“Well, I don't think anyone has seen you leave Yule Hollow in years so I think that’s a great idea,” she cheered towards him with a wide grin. Watching him head towards his truck, she waved him off, “You deserved it,” she noted before she closed her front door, saying goodbye to Tom for the afternoon.
Tom headed onto the main road, stopping at his shop to grab a few things before heading home. A vacation sounded good right about now, god knows he needed a break and maybe he would finally take the plunge and see what New York was all about. Only one thing sounded the most appealing to him about the city though.
Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he tapped on your name and brought it to his ear. He wanted to hear your voice. It had felt like a few weeks since he had but he knew it was only a few days or so. But the distance between you both was hard, and everything was feeling longer knowing he hadn’t seen you since Christmas. He understood a part of your job was traveling around the world but there was a small part of him that wished you didn’t have to.
“Sorry! I missed your calls earlier, I got detained at the airport…” your voice said with annoyance on the other end. Tom suddenly felt so relaxed when he heard you finally that he almost completely forgot why he came back to the shop, “Can you believe they actually called security because my carry-on had heels?!” you scoffed.
Tom chuckled with an eye roll, “Serves you right for acting like your the newest member on Sex and the City or whatever the hell it is,” he mocked as he headed into his office in the back of the store, “Didn’t you just get back from…Montreal? Where are you off to now?” he frowned to himself at the thought he may never see you again. Sometimes it was really hard for him to remain positive.
“Mykonos. And that was like…two weeks ago,” you corrected. He couldn’t keep up with you these days. When you weren’t traveling, you were locked away in your apartment writing your blog posts, or helping Tom with his online shop. He wasn’t sure if he should even bring up wanting to come to New York now, he wondered to himself, “I just landed for a meeting with this guy I keep blowing off. He sounded like he really needed to meet with me so I’m not sure when I’ll be back in New York,” he heard you sighing over the phone and he could tell you were frustrated as well.
Tom stared down at the blueprints on his desk that he was looking for. The house was taking a bit more time than he wanted it to, but it was worth it knowing it was going to be perfect. He had only hoped that one way or another, it would be filled with your laughs and memories with you.
Rolling up the blueprints, Tom tucked them underneath his arm as he headed back towards his truck to head home, “Should I be concerned you’re taking a meeting with some guy…?” Tom asked sarcastically, putting you on speaker before he headed down to check on the house.
Turning onto Berry Lane, Tom made a face as he noticed a car he didn’t recognize parked across the street from his house. He quickly shrugged it off as a neighbor while he continued to listen to you on the phone, “I suspect he should be really excited to see me. And by that, I mean horny as hell…” Tom frowned at your response, even if you were joking, “I just hope he has a place for me to stay because I didn’t even book a room,” you let out a playful sigh on the other line.
Tom stopped the truck in front of the house, shaking his head at his phone. He got out of the car quickly but stopped at the foot of the driveway as a smile pulled at his lips. His heart thudding out of his chest so loud, he swore he could hear it in his ears now. There was no way he was actually seeing what he was seeing right now.
 “I’m stepping into a meeting so I’ll call you back,” you hung up the phone with a cheeky grin as you remained sitting on top of your luggage in the middle of the driveway, “Love what you’ve done with the place,” you smirked as you nodded towards the construction taken place behind you.
“You-you're here?” Tom stammered with excitement, thinking it was almost too good to be true. His eyes widened as he saw you sitting there with jeans and a t-shirt but pulled it off so perfectly. It had felt like he had just seen you but at the same time, it felt like it was too long ago.
You nodded your head, finally getting up to meet Tom on the blacktop driveway, “I did tell you I was coming back, you know,” you narrowed your eyes on him knowingly as your hands wrapped around his neck, “Know of a place that can house me indefinitely?” you asked before bringing your lips to Tom’s.
 “Wait…” Tom pulled away from your kiss with surprise written all over his face. His heart started beating faster while his hands went down to your sides. He glanced at the large suitcase in the driveway and back to you, “...Indefinitely? You’re not going back to New York tomorrow?” He raised an eyebrow with a smile. He needed to make sure he was hearing correctly. 
“The funny thing about blogging,Tom... is you can do it pretty much anywhere and write about whatever the hell I want,” you reminded him as you ran your fingers through his curls. It had felt so good to be this close to him again, you had nearly forgotten just how soft his hair had felt between your fingers, “I’ve traveled to enough places now where I realized the thing I was desperately searching for was right here in Yule Hollow,” you smiled against his lips gingerly.
Tom captured your top lip with ease as he pulled you close, “God, I love you and missed you so much,” he said and he kissed you again. And again. His heart felt so full right now he never wanted this feeling to pass, “You came back,” he smiled into another kiss.
“I wasn’t going to spend another Christmas without you, Tom,” you told him while you pulled him closer, “Even if that’s like seven months from now,” you laughed.
The breeze from the afternoon rolled in between the two of you. Shivers went down your spine but you ignored them as Tom held you in his arms as you stood there on the front lawn of what would hopefully be the spot of your forever with Tom. It took you both long enough to get to this, you both knew you deserved a forever.
“You were the best Christmas gift I ever received, Y/N,” Tom whispered to you as he excitedly pulled the blueprints out of his truck to show you. Not wasting a single moment to share his version of forever with you.
Taglist: @giuls-394 @osterfield-holland-andcompany @missmultifandommess @hazmyheart @lauras-collection @iamapersonwholikesunicorns @detroitbydark @mcuassemble @blahhhhhhhaaa @lonikje @beiroviski @ruefulposts @nowayhomeparker @desir-ae @kayla-m1996 @worldoftom @asmilinghopelessromantic @itsjusttor @whatareyouhidingpeter @when-marvellous-things-happen @mannien @lilostif16  @astoldbydanid @honey-sea @fallingforfics @lulueliott24 @mikalakat @babebenhardy @coni-martina @captainemrys @mktravelbuggie @underoosmarvel @pluckypete @hollandfanficlove @lookalivefrosty @lightmelikeacigarette @msmarvel-19  @averyfosterthoughts @parker-holland-osterfield @thwip-it-real-good @shirukitsune @justanotherusername80 @dangerdolns @jwolfesblog @jjayyc  @ifilosemyselfagain @badassbabeparker @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @bookgirlunicorn @kfcyum @thenoddingbunny-blog @buzzbuzzitsmeagainbitch @herondale-snow-carstairs @marvelobsessedteenager @unlimitedd @dramaholic18 @softholand @panicattheeverywherekid @emotionally-unstable23 @quackeroos @unbelievableholland  @holyhumorliteraturelight @spideyyeet @katiekinzs @fanficparker @ifntelyinspirit @rubberducky-jrr @xguardgirlx   @xxpeachyxo @hazardosterfield @xstarbae @justanotherusername80  @spiderbibby @the-fandom-life-forever @azaraspirit @parachutepantswedgie-blog @decadentwastelandtrash @anythingthaticareabout @outshineallthestars @captainamirica @thehauntingofmymind @sinisterspidey @adayasgeorgia @obliviatevamps @damnrancidchicken @lolooo22 @cocoamoonmalfoy @spideyspeaches @peachitofu @quacksonholland @itscaminow @ohtobelovedbyyou @diffind0 @tomhollandsslut  @agustdowney  @youvebeenlizzed​ @spidey-sophie @pure-ghost @inlovewith3 @littlebookbengal​ @thsquad @cherrytholland @countingstarsmylove​ @tomshufflepuff​ @sippin-on-tea​ @obiwanownsmyass​ @tomsirishgirlx​ @imawhoreforu​ @allthisfortommy​ @hoodpankow​ @t-hollanderr​ @blahblahblah-boo​ @lharrietg​ @angie1djonasgg​  @thesadgirl5455​ @peterbparkersbae​ @queen-of-no1​ @annab-nana​ @ashpeace888 @minejungwoo​ @daydreamingchaos713​ @farfromtom​ @wildxwidow​ @hiraethenthusiast​ @i4maybank​ @asonofpeter​ @badass-yn​ @dancing-oceans​ @wanniiieeee​ @namoreno​ @ellesalazar​ @hogwartsmarvelmommy​ @jeyramarie​ @peterparkoure​ @haroldpotterson​ @hannah-24081 @takenbyheartstrings​
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